13 | MYANMAR TO UK on Motorcycles ( MOTOURLOGUE ) : Poland,Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

13 | MYANMAR TO UK on Motorcycles ( MOTOURLOGUE ) : Poland,Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

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Life is not just full of dream Men live to see their dreams come true To pursue a path which you passionate about, you need brave decision, diligence and commitment By enduring these hardship From Myanmar to England there are two young men who toured the world on bikes Warsaw is very pretty and the weather was really good and we walked a lot And we also saw skaters Yeah, as a sport activity movement, we saw people who skate in the evening They sket in group as in marathon here they skate to raise awareness And even police escorted there skaters from front and back with a band and you know, a band like entertainment with DJ with a truck at the front It's like Tazaungdine in our country we saw such thing in their country as well with many skaters We stayed there for like two days and we left for Wrocław After leaving Warsaw another destination to pass is Wrocław Wrocław is located at the western part of Poland by the bank of river Oder Follow us to see which cities of Poland we are going to pass Wrocław is a famous city Even though it might not be as famous as other cities but it is very beautiful and we also visitied old town market The paints are so beautiful they look so different from each other, but the diverse colors even among themselves is pretty eye-catching In the middle, there are restaurants and children are running around the fountain it is a very suitable public area for families which they have transformed for people to hang out When we searched for hotels since it is a big cities the hotels charges were pretty expensive One thing different in this country is that even though there are hotels running legally There are also service apartments which run in a different way When we searched through a small application we found that they even uploaded pics for the potential guests and we also found that the price was very low And we chose that room to stay And instantly, we received a message we had already made the payment with credit card as well And we recieved an instruction on how to receive the key and it was pretty long They told us what is the password for the entrance and in the box at your right side please pick your key etc. They made the instruction very systematic and According to that direction we took our phone as we were going through a maze In fact, there were many rooms like that and we saw greetings such as "Welcome Zom and Aung" Even though we stayed there we have never met the landlord everything was processed online we gained a lot of new experiences from this This is the apartment we are now staying in Wrocław We are now at 9th floor and preparing to go to downtown We just want to show you around these days, it is very interesting 500 kgs, so it can carry around 6 people Here we go again Wait, wait, wait Watch that door For our boxes we had regular communication with emails when we went to the address that they mentioned The address is wrong Now, we are at box manufacturing factory we were walking and the path ended here We couldn't find them with the address they gave us while we were finding it we arrived to the yatch spot by the river bank These boats are Optimist brands for 15-year-olds Same kind of boats we sail in Inya lake There are childeren sailing, since it is summer it's the time for sailing Now, we shall continue We found the raw material vendor of that business they gave us the new address We found that the address is in a resident neighborhood When we checked inside, it is the house we were looking for And they were surprised to see Myanmar people and he said he can install the boxes but it might take longer. We told him that we can help him We all took of our hooks and old boxes he admired after looking at our hooks saying ours were very sturdy and some things needed to be repaired After reparing it, we have spent like half a day We also talked to his mom and she also made us lunch It was a very rare of gestur in these areas. We were very grateful for that. They even offered us to stay for the night and rest between our trips even though it was dark, we continued After installing the boxes we drove during the night and since it is a European country, we can drive very safely during the night and we drove after dark since then And we stayed at a guesthouse we saw on our way Today we're going to Lithuania. Is that right? We are going to Lithuania Now, it's over 10 a.m. 10:20 a.m.

We are going to have to ride for like 7 hours And we hope the borders won't be very strict Are you ok? Are you ok? You haven't fully healed yet? It is in my foot Yeah, me too. But, mine healed. It happened when we stayed at a guesthouse In the morning, we found some insect bites. But, it only took like 2 days for me to heal It is getting dried up now Yeah, but yours is still red Since I have a fairer skin, it looks more obvious See? For us tanned-skin guys - If you laugh or smile We take records of it While he was singing But, when he started to sing or smile out of blue and we took out the camera and it stops haha He keeps on smiling Ok Now, we are going to arrange for the trip They have arrived Lithuania after leaving Poland They have crossed the capital Vilnius in Lithuania The population of Vilnius is over 500,000 and It is the biggest city in Lithuania Let's enjoy the view of Lithuania Lithuania has a lot of destinations to visit There are museums and museum-like buildings at the top of the mountain and churches and there is a very famous place called "Three Crosses" We have decided to go to that place But, we had to park somewhere else Other people had to park in other places too At first, we thought it was close But, then there were so many steps until the end of our sight And, we were like "Seems like we have no choice" we couldn't let things like not arriving a destination while we were at a particular country we even toured around the world, so, we climed. While we were back in the cities of Poland we saw chains like these Now, we saw them again on our way to the Three Crosses There are multiple chains on the key, like two or three Maybe this is a friendship chain For two chains, it might be couples There is also a big and a small one Maybe a couple with large age gap I don't know Anyway, it's interesting The creek is so clear and so beautiful And it's in downtown We will climb again Step by step Step by step Don't look up too much As our proverb says "A Lan(a traditional measurement) a day Bagan isn't moving anywhere" We are going to the Three Crosses a famous destination of the city That's why the residents here are in shape Ok 3,399 steps 3 flights We have climbed here from the bottom We are really tired to walk in these boots These weigh like 5kgs But, we really wanna see the Three Crosses It's been a while since the last time I've worked out and Riding a motorbike isn't exactly an exercise I need physical exercises Ok Let's climb We are here Huh? I thought it was going to be a big one See that? Ok, here 1916 This is the cross built in 1950 Now, we are at Vilnius city of Lithuania Three Crosses of Vilnius It is very famous. We have the record of the real ones. What we are seeing now is the new versions after old ones were ruined. Behind us, there is Vilnius, the city of Lithuania Even the roofs are similar, that was the place where we have been the castle and over there It's TV tower according to them All of those station can be seen It is pretty beautiful We had to climb very difficultly to here After crossing Lithuania another country is Latvia Riga, the capital of Latvia has over 600,000 population and It is the biggest city of Latvia and the capital Riga is located at the bay of Riga which is connected to the Daugavgrīvas delta and Baltic sea Let's tour around the delta city, Riga.

The countries around there are quite small These are connected quite close and We can even cross one country a day and Riga is also and old city The new city and old city are connected Our time there was quite brief and we were only going to spend one night We picked a spot near the old city and searched for a hostel as usual and it was quite late We had dinner after midnight And we rested We are now at the capital of Latvia and in the capital of Latvia Touring around the nightlife under the hostel You know what hostels are like. We have to share spaces for eating and accomodations. Even the local Europeans have to wear like this with jackets - We are like badasses At least he has some jacket on I am only wearing a t-shirt It is really cold It was pretty warm at first This is an American bar and different theme for each shop Aung Kyaw Win is even dressing up in American style With American cars Look at these exhausts They put beers on We have to walk because it's cold I still hope the bikes are left untouched They are playing guitars and Entertaining and this is the nightlife The nightlife of Riga This is the place where we both stayed at Latvia There is only one bed I told him to sleep under the bed and he said no. And he wouldn't let me sleep either What I would like to tell is that this fan This is from Pyay A gift from Nhot Hkan Mhyaw paratha shop It is really hot here now we even have to open the fans We are leaving it there so that other guests can use it Maybe we can put the Motourlogue sticker on Ok, now we are putting the sticker on On both side One side is ok Ok now It's time to leave now, we are going to have to ride like 4 hours the view is really beautiful We will be riding by the beach Ok, thank you - The next day, we were going to Estonia and We were getting out tickets checked and unloading our things The parking attendant was beside us and we were like "Wait" He knew as well because we have unloaded a lot He said sorry and took photos and give us the ticket to pay. We were going to pay for our packages so that we were trying to ask around and he explained they have to be paid outside even before coming in here But, we didn't understand their system that much And they gave us tickets while we were explaining We were fined 75 euros for that After that, we became more careful when we were going to park our bikes When we asked where we should pay the fine he told us to pay through the website and we decided to pay at the police station And we continued The final place to be crossed will be Estonia They have arrived the capital Tallinn of Estonia Tallinn has over 400,000 populations and the most populated city of Estonia Moreover, when it comes to finance, culture education, industry and research Tallin is the central city Let's see what kind of interesting things await in Tallinn Estonia is really beautiful with a seashore all along We couldn't help ourselves, but stopped and took photos I can't see anything I know nothing While I was riding maybe for half of a second I dozed off and dragged myself into another lance and he had to honk and alert me And I switched lance fortunately while the 10-wheel truck was heading towards me And we knew we definitely had to rest And we found a cafe at the closest place of the beach and we decided to eat fish From the outside, it looks like a simple grilled fish With potatoes, sauce and salad But, we can even say that it was the best meal we have ever had in the entire trip When we were on a trip, we didn't eat that much Because it is getting more and more expensive The change is subtle, but.. -In Mongolia, it is sufficient for us for 4-5 days with 100 dollars These regions have become very expensive and 100 dollars doesn't last that long And we had to spend sparingly We were already on our way and we cannot turn back now. And we tried not to enter into the cities as much as we can on our way because the traffic is congested We only entered if it was absolutely necessary and otherwise we didn't. We did not enter into the

inner roads, but on the outer circle roads. Ok, today is.. what day is it? 26th Friday We will re-enter Russia we will enter St.Petersburg

That was the guesthouse we stayed We planned to leave around 8:30-9a.m. But, Sai has lost his documents and he has been desperately searching for it He told that he gave it to me But, I couldn't find it anywhere Have you searched the both boxes? Luckily, it is sunny. But, we cannot assure that. There might be rain waiting for us in St.Petersburg In here with black bag and black box - Stop explaining, man And I have black shades on Today, we are crossing Russia border again so that we were searching for necessary documents and it happened when we couldn't find it We had to go through everything and now, we have found it According to our itinerary we should be heading to St.Petersburg and we were heading towards it for one and a half hour or two.

If we are going to Finland through St.Petersburg we won't have any times to explore in St.Petersburg And according to our schedule, we need to go to that side and we have decided to skip St.Petersburg And when I looked at the map There is a boat from Tullinn to Helsinki it is only going to take like 2 hours and we can buy the tickets online and if we buy within 24 hours we also have to go onboard instantly too And we decided not to ride for 8 hours and if we did, it is going to take 16hours for the round trip and 3 days if we calculate the lodging and we came back for that 2 hours trip and It took like 4 hours when we get back to Tullinn Now, we are at the Ferry terminal of Tullinn. We are.. We have decided to go by boat to Helsinki, Finland We have changed our route And the tickets have run out at the counters Sai is buying tickets since we can only buy it with credit cards Is there a message to you? I received it for myself With token number, I mean..

with your phone number? Here I got the ticket Ok We will be leaving at 10:30pm and it's going to take like 2 hours to get to the other side So, we have extra times since it is 4pm we will tour around and go to our bike for a while We will return to our bikes and I need to change it Ok, let's go Ok, now we are at a cruise service to go to Helsenki We have returned here as we have decided earlier ago Aung Kyaw Win is resisting the scorching heat of eastern Europe with leather pants Now, I'm in leather pants and boots Even though he loves those leather pants a lot now he has decided to discard it Now, he is taking back out from the bag and change it with jean pants It will only work that way Changing is not a problem putting back these things is We still have a little bit too much of things Putting back these things is like a bit.. In a slang, it is such a drag I'll hold this Maybe the knot is showing us the signals or something Even I am shocked by myself sometimes If I look it from afar I can't even tell what is that by the things I have loaded Its reflection is that bright He has took my plastic sheet to change pants It has become the NC-17 inappropriate for minor audience I'll only record from distance I'm also scared to get arrested by the police Like the incident the other day for urinating in public It was at 12a.m. on an express way, nobody's around. I feel so light and cool I am recording other things because I don't wants children to see it I can be Superman in that It is very interesting we are in their caravan I thought it was just a random pole at first but, it is charging in reality With wind power Explain where we are Port? Haha We are waiting for the ferry to go to Helsinki from Tullinn to Helsinki We will arrive over there in 12:30 a.m. So, 2 hours and a half Yeah, 30 minutes to disembark We made use of the time and toured around in Tullinn Even though it was 9:30-10p.m. The sunwas still out there.

I an starting to realize that the daytime had become longer even at 9:30-10p.m. at night There was still sunlight as if it is sunset and we crossed to Finland with a ferry and it was the first time riding a boat while riding a bike on a journey We didn't realize the boat to be that big It could even accommodate 10-wheel trucks and It is double-decked On these double decks there were like 8 more storeys for rooms for passengers bars and casinos And we rode into the boat parked at where they told us to we even met other bikers we had to left since they could not buy the tickets They were with easybikers So now we are going to go to Helsinki from Tullinn and we have to come to the gate that have been designated The gate no.5 might be for bicycles or other vehicles The rest are cars. Saloon cars and Large trucks I thought Aung Kyaw Win would stay over there he is still here It is a big change of plan we told that we were going to Russia and we are going to Finland instead We also found other bikes and we have to tie the bikes as they told us to prevent the bke from falling when the ship moves And they lock down the basement when the ship moves everyone has to go out including the people inside the cars and They can go up to the rooms and restaurants upstairs For those who have rented rooms they can rest there But, for us we were just writing while sitting in the restaurant It is the first time riding a boat while riding a motorbike to go to Finland

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