2001 MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400 @ Dover (First Cup race after 9/11)

2001 MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400 @ Dover (First Cup race after 9/11)

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For Joe Gibbs, Dale Earnhardt jr. finished third here in June he starts in Row 2 with Ricky Rudd who scored four times here at the Monster Mile on the inside of row three Ricky Craven started 13th in June finished, 4th on the outside, Kenny Wallace in the car that finished 2nd in June back, to report Jeremy Mayfield led, 80 laps last September, until the engine expired. Ron Hornaday the fastest, up the rip bestest, rookies, this race Row 5 Todd Bodine with three Busch Series wins here and Bill Elliott three, of his four top fives in, this, season have been in the last seven races Tony, Stewart won this race last fall, from the 27th, starting spot he'll go from row six with Stacy Compton. On. The inside of row seven guineas straighter, an, American, flag for car today and on the outside Kevin, Harvick, back. In row eight Rusty. Wallace has three wins here none on the concrete service and Joe Nemechek missed, the race in June because of injury brought, number nine Bobby Hamilton with a very good car in yesterday's final practice Casey, Atwood has a Busch Series win here back in 99, Elliott. Sadler was, the fastest, in final practice he, goes from row 10 with buckshot Jones who's, got his only Winston Cup top ten here at Dover back in 98 on the inside of row 11 Kyle Petty won the first race, in concrete, and Jeff Burton, 31st. On worst, last three DOMA races and there he is Jeff Gordon the points leader on the inside of road 12 this, is his first over started Kevin LePage on the outside row, 13, it's Ward Burton the southern 500 winner, he finished 14th, here in June sterling, marlin and his dodge he was the sixth place runner a couple of months ago they, told a 500, winner Michael Waltrip is in the next row with Robert Pressley in his Ford on. The inside of row 15, John, Andretti, and the Petty Enterprises Dodge. Mike. Skinner his career, winding down with Richard Childress home sitting on the inside of row 16 Hut, Stricklin and Hermes, chatter his second ever NASCAR. Winston Cup start on the outside Terry. Labonte, makes his, 700. NASCAR, Winston Cup start today he'll do it from row 17 alongside, Mike, Wallace in, the 18th roll Brett Bodine who ended a series leading 31, race streak without falling, out of an event at Richmond last time and he Houston his second-to-last ride in the McDonald's car, goes from 36th, place on this side of Road 19 Johnny Benson, tied his career best place second place year last September, and Mark Martin has won three times in September. Here Jimmy, Spencer on the inside of Road 20 Matt, Kenseth on the outside, and, bringing up the field couple, of guys who had very fast cars in final practice jerry, nadeau in row 21 and Kurt, Busch who is about the five fastest, in, the final practice you'll start in 43rd. Position. For. Drivers failed to qualify for today's, race, Leffler. Mast Hooper, and. Dave Marcus not, able to be in, the NBN a Cal Ripken jr. 400. Kenny. Schrader's is scheduled, to start today's, race in the 13th, position look, at that race car and that pretty that's. Beautiful let's try to talk to straighter, Kenny, Benny Parsons you got me. Multiple. Choice you're starting in 13th, a you're, going stay, where you are B you're going backwards C you're going forward what's the answer. The. Oriental car the, money reach lat Warren. The, bottle pretty quick BP you see a lot of cars trying to get on that bottom lane. Jarrett. Trying to get on the inside and, the car. Back in third spot here comes DJ on the bottom we've, been honoring the memory of Dale Earnhardt. Today we should take that time and remember, all with America's lost heroes. Leader. And. That's the one they all talked about in the garage here this. Some. Contact, only to 12 while Jeremy Mayfield, is 66, Todd, Bodine. That's, back for sixth place. Missy, Bobby Labonte had slipped back to fifth just in front of them. On board Kenny Wallace. It. Is currently in the 8th position. Started. Six he's packed up a couple of spots. Let's check in on Jeff Gordon started, in 23rd, position. Pick, up three spots he's in 20th Meaghan. 19th, as he goes around Kyle. Joe Nemechek the 33, car trying, to get bounding outside. I think, the thing Jeff wanted to see the most has happened that the field got single-file.

Quickly. He, certainly did not want to repeat of what happened here in June the crash and we see Hornaday. On the inside, of Kenny was taking. A spot away in this 14 car the last few races I asked those divers for it what's going on years and we finally, getting. It together, that's. 8th place now that for today's in. Xxx. Lures, in 13, the last 16, races think. VP talking to those guys they know they've got a good car that had good runs but they haven't been able to capitalize that they want to finish today they figure they finished, y'all have a top 10 car. Look. He's just driven away from Kenny Wallace, and closing, in on the Todd. Bodine. But. I see them coming. Todd did there you can afford to do when he have some space behind you, if those cars were notice to tell he could have lost separate spots right there but he had some room so he said take. So. Hornaday two sets on the line back to eighth and. We check on the interval from Dale Earnhardt jr., looking. Back to the second place scrap, the, teammates going at it. Goes. On the inside of Dale Jarrett takes that second spot away and, this morning on the 88 garb they work. The cars was supposed to be on the line at 11, o'clock at. 10:45. Nawal father they still had the Karl plates making, adjustments. Just, underway in the NBN a Cal Ripken jr. 400, over Dale, Earnhardt jr. leads you're, watching NASCAR on. NBC. Here, at Dover Downs International, Speedway Dale Earnhardt jr. is the leader Bobby, Labonte, has fallen back his. Teammate, Tony Stewart goes on the inside and takes, the seventh spot away he's lose another spot to the 66, of Todd Bodine Dave, burns what's going on down there according. To Bobby Labonte. Coming off of - in fact he radioed, in to his crew. Where's, Gordon he got through it. Clean. As a whistle looked like bill just lost a little bit there BP got a little bit sideways 1, & 2. Bobby, was in the wrong place at, the wrong time, yeah boy. 20, laps in her, body's got a very, messed, up race car. It'll, take a lot of work just to get this car back on the racetrack to make laps. Bobby. Had picked his way back up to sixth in the championship standings. He's. Just, 35. Points. From, Sterling, Marlin in twenty three ahead of Dale Earnhardt jr.. So. That's gonna cost him. Let's, mention the Kyle Petty has gone to the garage earlier and let's check out what happened to Bobby there. We see the 9 car of Elliott we see that big wiggle he has to go up the hill to make contact, the, body-slamming, gets the 18 and both cars. Almost. Like synchronized swimming. Although. This is not an Olympic, event here folks and, lever, see Jeff Gordon going right in between the two cars. The. Page gold. Car. Almost. Looked like Bill could have saved that but when he got into the 18 it he. He would okay, and then contact. There really broke him loose cuz I got up together. Up in the marbles there boy. Bobby was in a wrong spot just that that. And. He took the worst of it I believe now. The Bills Bills got some damage on the right rear and, the. Right front boy Bobby caught back and then just the car whipped around and caught the right front.

All Right Kenny Wallace in the middle. Cease, all lettuces, thank goodness it happened right. Mr. this focus listen. Did that hurt just here anyhow just. Hearing it hurts boat. Let's, go to Marty Snyder well. Alan there were a few pit stops among them Johnny Benson, who had already picked up ten spots in that short amount of time he started 37th. Was running 27th. When he came down pit road a little tight off they took one pound out of both left-side, tires which should loosen up just a little bit but they made tremendous, progress in that first run for Johnny Benson today, Byrnes and, Marty this is the biggest piece of bodywork. That came off of bill Elliott's car it's the rear bumper cover they. Got to the good stuff too that needed to come away the fenders and everything to try to repair it for Bill they. Think that the radiators, okay which is good news but that cars really banged up. And they have Kyle Petty has brought as sprint dodge back to the garage Kyle reports your car leaking. Fluid, as a terminal. Yeah. I, hope. It's turning, better than that it should be terminal anyhow. Ten. Laps that's, good, today. But you, know it's pretty frustrating cuz you had a pretty good car that that, would drive good and ridin good and you know it seems like we've been hit and miss this year we've been pretty good with the car we've missed it with the motor and now. We were pretty good when we've been pretty good with the engine we've missed it with the car so we'll, get over it eventually the. Last time a Dodge won here at Dover his, father the King Richard Petty took it to Victory Lane bill back in 1975. Well. Matt Ward Burton was on pit road and early stop for the caterpillar car his car just way too loose, all over the racetrack crew, chief Tommy Baldwin indicated, to us a wart came in poor tires tool made the chassis adjustment, sent him back out just missed a Lutz tire on, pit road and we know how narrow this pit road is and. We know what damaged, tires could do to the front of the cars just after Johnny Benson right Helen. That's from the race back in June when Benson, ran into a tire from another car wound. Up damaging, the nose of his car to the point the engine overheated and he was done for the day what's, the first caution here in Dover. Run it with five cards, give my those five he goes up to the top ten. Kevin. Harvick off the banking. Gordon. Try to get 12. Never, seen it, Jeff, Boyd right now is almost five seconds. Behind the, leader. And as he runs side by side you can see that, number getting, bigger and bigger. Watching. Gordon and thinking back to Bobby Labonte's accident, this, weekend NASCAR has mounted blackbox, flash reporters, to, get it yesterday into NASCAR. Cars today into Winston Cup cars, Gordon's, cars carrying, one Bobby, Labonte's cars carry one it's an experiment, to. See how, they'll. Fare throughout, the 400 mile distance, today while they got a test under adverse, conditions on, the body's car. Ricky. Craven the 32 car the time cried the leader of the race he ran so well here in June almost, one at one point time looked like he was going to win his, first Winston, Cup race and he would have thought it'd be exactly, the same. A different. Car, for. A new car brand new car because they felt like that in June the car was really good on long runs they, wanted to get make something, that was a little bit better and the short runs and would keep it there.

He's Very very good. Take. Advantage Crimmins, team has really been coming around lately he's got laps in three out of the last five, races. And. In June that's the line that Ricky Craven, let. Me come back there, if. There wasn't it was close. Contact, cravings gonna say okay ginger I get the message go ahead. Great, news of that high lane is like Greatland wait with the red flag in front of the bull at Dale jr. and that's. The line. Ricky, Craven makes so much of his time here. And, someone, now is telling the truth, breathing. Off to him gives lap times and he will be. Slide. Around, the speedway right now the spotter, is probably clicking, off some, lap times to him which is actually bad boy that boy used to be my spotter. And he's saying you're the fastest car or right here where you're running as a tenth of a second faster than, if you're running down low aerial. Views of doler courtesy, of the United States Army. Jr, have opened up to, second, advantage on third place Jeremy, Mayfield then, you've got Ron Hornaday and fourth and Ricky. Rudd in fifth. Now. Completed, 37. Of 400, laps. You're, watching NASCAR on, NBC. A Dale, Earnhardt, jr. back out in front, Cal Ripken jr., 400. Ricky, Craven now second Ron Hornaday has taken third away from Jeremy Mayfield let's look at the lead change junior, got that lead the old-fashioned, way he just knocked him out of the way to tell you what some left for the bumper cover. Push it. - saves, the, car Keynesian supposition. How much. So. Dale Tooting you're now out in front brave and now fighting with more today for second Rudd, has taken fourth away from Mayfield who's fallen back to fifth. Spent. A great racetrack for Dale Earnhardt jr. two, wins in that for NASCAR Busch Series events. And his worst Winston, Cup finish is sixteenth, in. Three, tries and we talked with Dale earlier, there again about why this racetrack, has been so good for it. The. Reason why I run so well here is that the tracks really forgiving, for a driver who may. Overdrive. The car a little bit or make, a lot of you know make a lot of mental errors and stuff like that so it's, got a lot of banking to save the car when you get out of control. Making safety car. Slow. It down corner. That's. Pretty candid, this he said I have intention don't drive the car and this right Brett won't let me do it. Jeff. Overdrive here. Yeah. You. Want here a couple times yeah I'm one of your couple times but. Going. Down in these corners you, really do have intensity, overdrive because. This is a racetrack you need to be aggressive go, over that line then, ruin. Your chances. Jr, is open up a 1.6. Second, lead on Ricky Craven check, the interval. There. It is and. Now Craven fights with Hornaday for the runner-up spot let's, check in on pit road with Dave burns, and. This weekend, Mike Beam makes his 500th. Career start. As a crew chief. Through those now have been with Ricky Cravens but his first win was. Right here with another guy Bill Elliott back in 1990.

He's, Going to come to a place that you know well in a place where you've won before but mike tells me he doesn't feel old enough to have started 500, races also, tells me right now their car is neutral, it's just not quite as quick as juniors. Fires. About a half a mile an hour slower than Dale Junior's. Racetrack has, always, been. Tough um going down the corner and the car slide, in the cross racetrack those front tires sliding, across the racetrack, have you seen Ricky Rudd trying to take that spot away from, one of them and one, of the things that the teams do, you try to help that car turn is, increase. The, camber, in the right front. Go. Inside that virtual, garage and show you exactly what we're talking about. There. To see the car, that's. Zero. Camber they leaned the coin that's negative camber and believe it or not that's, what makes the tire turn, better but, you see the contact, patch is so very, very, narrow when, you go on the court as opposed to the, tires boats come out so the contact, patch comes all the way across the tire unfortunately. The more you leave that tire in the, less it makes contact no way across the tire and you wear the inside, of the tire and sometimes, these, guys will really lay that tire in what happens, after, 70, 80 laps you wear that right front tire out you. Check. In on our championship, leader and he has moved into the top ten. Go. After Craven for second. And takes that spot away with these thank, you very much then you see out the window you see that big star on the hood of the 28 cars been, replaced this week with, an American, flag, part. Of engine the championship, leaders moved into the top ten there's Jeff Gordon, off to seventh, isn't. That amazing, he's. Not worried now. Started back in 23rd, can work on Dale Jarrett, caution. Trouble. In turn one Jeremy Mayfield lead to the wall what was that you were talking about a minute ago he's got a, right. Front tire looks. To me like his. Second. Caution 55. Laps in, you. See a little fire under the car it's, knocked the exhaust, system off the car those, are the tailpipes. Across, those. And, hope Jeremy is okay. Our. Target. Mayfield, running night at the time of the crash. You see the fluid running, across the racetrack. Water, oil. And finally, we see Jeremy started, to move inside the car the women that has. Been taken. Down. Now, that's good sign there. There, aren't many easy hits here at Dover, no. No and I'm sure all the cars here they come everyone, will be down pit road this time. Leaders, did not stop on the first caution most of the guys in the back half of the field did now they'll all come in stops. At lap 55 bill and, Ron. Hornaday will be one of the first to hit his stall just at the start/finish, line outstanding. Start for a Hornaday car, just a little bit Frank and I loosened it up with a chassis adjustment in, the left rear other than that it's poor tires until the wedge wrenches in and make the chassis adjustment. Tires into a ball head back out deeper, male, the leader is in Dale Earnhardt jr. he asked for just a slight air pressure adjustment the, car was just a little bit tight in the middle of the corner he's, very good at turns three and four and he said just make it a half pound adjustment, I don't want much he's, going to get beat out of Pittsburgh Ricky Rudd.

He Was bad loose they, made one and a half rounds in on the right rear wedge, and, they also went, one, pound of air pressure in the right front he said he wasn't concerned about the leader who he's only one-tenth off of on the stopwatch his biggest concern the 24, of Jeff Gordon. He was coming fast. Let's check the race off pit road. How they go to that all-important. Scoring stripe. Ricky rudd. To get out first. Never, see red go buy earn. Our junior. Why, Pig yep back to Dale Jarrett, and Tony Stewart. And. Rusty Wallace so, Gordon has moved up to the what, six position. Under, caution Jeremy, Mayfield has clover, and on the first lap after the restart, Dale Earnhardt jr. after. He asked. Him on the backstretch, run losing, to that second spot his teammate, Dale, Jarrett, in third Tony, Stewart, in court. Dale Jarrett moving up from six to third on the pit stops let's take a look at the read at the lead. Change just a minute ago on the restart. Ppl. I'm trying to figure out what happened it looks like yet maybe a little bit loose or something could that eighth really just shot off a turn to man either the Nate car got a terrific run off to or the 28 car had the squeeze out, of the flour, Dale, Earnhardt jr. leading, this race for the third kippered time of. The 66, laps that we've run he's been out front for 41, of them Ron, Hornaday under, Rusty Wallace. Place. Left, left. Side of rusty, Walters car. Three. Well three the trustee has a very. Salt, left her spring in that tooth guard. And probably a little bit down on the air pressures, right after the pit stops maybe they're not built up enough. Which. Hit. The track here it definitely moves the car it'll slide the car up the rape fact if you bottomed out. Kevin Harvick in the 29 running, a night spot that's Todd Bodine just behind him. Like special and that ken schrader. Championship. Leader Jeff Boyd of trouble. Brett. Bodine folks, you saw a miracle. You. Absolutely. Saw a mirror Euskara i saw a car spent at, dover and not hit the wall how can you do that we saw that yesterday the butcher's I don't know how they can do that I'm telling you some miracle. Third caution of the race. And. It's up at lap 70. Dale, Earnhardt jr. Ricky Rudd Dale Jarrett Tony Stewart an island. In the 24, pit prefab. Pieces, for the front nose, of Jeff Gordon's car they have several pieces the one they're looking for now obviously, for the left front Gordon. And Loomis have talked it over staying out for now NASCAR, it's all to advice 2014, of. Exactly what we heard. You can also see it going down. With. A championship. Of the season. See, the smoke just barely coming off that right, there. Hopefully. That will not cut the tire as we go along. Worse. It was just the last race that Jeff Gordon had problems, in Richmond. Virginia a couple of weeks ago he's, racing Sterling Marlin for a top five spot.

Some. Contact, to the left we're at, Jeff Gordon's night was. Ruined. He was able to get back on the racetrack. Sixth. Position tell, you what well that car does not look that bad right now he painted he's, hanging right in there and Harvick, hasn't gained anything. The problem, that Jeff Gordon has is. He's losing ground to the aid car, we. Saw just a moment ago he was seven seconds back he's now almost nine. Seconds. Back to deal, Jr so rusty, Wallace's, car is not very. Marcus. So, Gordon, running. Back in the night spot while Ricky rod runs in second place. Top, two in the championship. Of course but gaining those hundred points on Jeff Gordon. Weeks, ago. Also. We talked with apply for length earlier in the weekend about his meaning. To take advantage, of Gordon's problems, to have a shot at the championship. Well. We got to take advantage of the situation we haven't been able to do that over there over the season, jeff, has had some problems along the way and we've had some problems but on the days he's had his problems up until Richmond we haven't been able to capitalize and take, advantage of the big point swing like we did the other week at Richmond. And run his 222. Points behind. In today's race ten events to go. See right now he's gained a little bit of ground, his. Gait 27, points right now on Jeff. Gordon. But. This race were to go green flag for a couple hundred pounds Jeff, Gordon at lose I think more positions, because I think that defender, situation, would make his car get slower and slower as the run progresses. Seven. Seconds just a little bit ago and now it's over nine seconds. Of difference between Jeff. Gordon. And they on our junior, actually. That's the Ricky run it was seven seconds to Dale jr. so rut is almost a second behind Earnhardt, jr. so, Gordon's. Ten off the lead. Coming, up on the one quarter point of the NBA Cal Ripken jr. 404, watching NASCAR on NBC. And his team. Raise, funds almost. Kind of like a race Athan. Money per mile completed, juniors, even got a little, carrot out there to his race team as well and their pitstop reporters. If they can have a pit stop under 14, seconds, they will donate, 10 pounds. And, he's starting to lap cars that's Brett Bodine, 11. Car at, 37, spot body. Jr's like 79. Five laps so far. On board with the owner on June you will see down the straightaway that jr. will get up on or sixty miles. These guys usually turn somewhere between 8,500. And 9,000. Our pants. The racetrack. Yellow. Bubble tells you where he is on Speedway. You ran up on Mike Wallace a little faster than he was expected there. Thirty-six place car one lap down. And a lotta traffic ahead Jeff Gordon seventh, place he gets it from craven can't. Be that bad as far as performance with that wrinkled up left front fender. Well. Maybe. Craven is that bad at this point we'll have to wait and see. Well. Let's find out how Cravens car is Dave just. Like with Mike being the crew chief Allen and they're, a little loose in which. Was, what they were early, they've gone kind of back and forth but that right front fender. A. Little. Bit looser getting into the quarter. So. There you go Craven's damage. Incident is affecting him I don't. The, damage should have been to the right rear I don't know we. See that right rear is been on the car and that could be a problem. Kevin. Harvick working, on Rusty Wallace and here comes Kenny Wallace in the one. Using these terms folks, pushin. Loose, tight. Let's. Show you what we're talking about one side of virtual garage and show you loose. The. Car goes down in the corner, from, third line on the bottom of Speedway Cadillac here at Dover and the cars found all of a sudden the back end starts going out and. When the back end kicks out like that that's what we refer to as loose that's kind of exaggerated. But, I think you get the picture. Even, a car five degrees out of C, back, in the front end in the corner is going to feel mighty uncomfortable at, 140, miles an hour. Feels like how that looks. Flawless, on Kevin Harvick, this is 10th place. For. The Miller life cord and she, just battle going home. Of. Course Kenny Wallace continuing, to substitute, for Steve Park in that machine park.

Recovering, From his injuries at the Darlington NASCAR, Busch Series race, on Labor Day weekend his team giving an update earlier in the weekend here at Dover say Steve's. Recovering, just fine, the, only lingering, effects from his injury are a little bit of double vision and, the doctors say that will heal in time and he will be back in this race car at some point. How, much in the corners here BP that the, groove has moved up so much higher in just a hundred laps I mean they're almost up to the wall and. That's usually sound some cars that are not handling, very, well. This. Racetrack makes that so easy to see the. White concrete and the dark, rubber from the tires you, can see where they're running. You can adapt eight-track. As, a matter of fact when they first made this surface concrete they tried to change the name of it the the catchphrase. To white lightning. The Monster, Mile it feels like a monster. It's a great big thing Rhodri said to at the beginning of the program it's not just a nickname it's a reputation, burly. Pit stop for Joe Nemechek Babu. Kurt Busch in trouble, the. Engine has expired, we got reports earlier, that Kurt Busch was on seven, cylinders and, now he is on zero. Cautions. Out who's going to get a lap back they'll, juniors ease it off give it a lot of guys great buckshot. The last car to get a lap down tearing the body billow, it and buckshot, Jones. Fourth-generation pop, 117. And. Kurt Busch heading, toward the garage to join Kyle Petty Jeremy, Mayfield and, Bobby Labonte you know Kurt Busch was sharing a pit with, a 93, car up Dave Blaney when this race started, well. When a team fell out they, moved all their stuff, I'm. Sorry the drove car moved out they moved all their stuff up to his bit did, they don't work for dozens I don't think you did a pit stop in that pit stall that they move to well, look. At it this way their original pit stall was all the way down and turned four they moved halfway toward, the garage and now they can finish the other half. Now we see Kurt Busch just as he backs off. It seems like the Indians want the boat just when you kick off the game hey. Before you get to the corner. Leaders. Were last in at the 56th. Lap they'll stop now at lap 117. Big opportunity, for Jeff Gordon's, team to try and fix that fender ville and that's. One thing they've just finished talking about on the radio Jeff, is loose in tight off they want to make a small air pressure adjustment, but he said make sure you fix that left front. On that left front fender make, sure you get that fixed so let's see what they do he comes to his stop in front of his tip where they go around to the right side first and those. Right, side tires going on again the air pressure adjustment, for they, go to the left side, work. It on that fender. Pulled away from the tire they did say this caution was a huge break for them it should be a little longer stopped than usual for this team who give up a lot of position, but, dr. Gordon dives back out for the Sterling Road heads down, good, stop for those guys and, they dodged a big bullet man.

Great, Battle off pit road, by Tony Stewart, in the 80. Eight of Dillon or jr. Stewart's. Car bad lose they went down a half a pound on all four tires a, great stop by the Home Depot guys Dave. Matt the eight car of Dale Earnhardt jr. the crew may have not have gotten under 14, seconds for that $10,000. But they did make a slight air pressure adjustment, Junior, said he was a little bit free up against the wall and that he was a little bit tight from me over driving it into the corner, which of course they could not adjust for him hatch for the 28 car of Ricky Rudd they made a slight air pressure adjustment but, the car is still very very good. Dale. Earnhardt jr. leads off pit road, Tony. Stewart his second Ricky Rudd. Dale Jarrett comes out forth. Kenny, Wallace his team gets him hop 250. Let's check out the race off the pit lane to that all-important, scoring stripe. And. We see that junior goes by first great stop by Tony, in the team Wow. Almost. Gets beat by Tony Stewart. So. They're cleaning up the liquid from Kurt Busch's engine, failure we'll be back to Dover Downs in a minute. Dale. Earnhardt jr. leads Tony Stewart a second ricky rudd third Dale Jarrett fourth Kenny Wallace fifth then. You've got Bobby Hamilton, Rusty, Wallace Robert, Pressley Kevin Harvick and Ron Hornaday. Today. Tony, Stewart that 20 car, always. Runs, well here, at Dover, what, can he do with jr. and Victor, gonna find out the next few laps let's, mention the Jeff Gordon came off pit road after the extended stop back in 14th, place. Sheriff Williams race team. On your screens. The third second and third-place car. Right now Tom Stewart not able to do much with bailed, on our Junior. Let's, check up on Jeff Gordon try to fight his way back through the traffic after that what front fender got repaired. We, started 14th, he's up to 12th he's trying to take a weapon through our. Be free why dat dope now that wasn't gonna work and we're gonna back up on that look very smart. Looks. Like both on the backed off because the. Seventh rolls of contact. Totally. Benson is crashing, in the aftermath another, couple of cars involved. Fitz caution. A lot of damage to Ward Burton's car. That. I talked about earlier that 14 really. Needed they were trying to get a finish they had good race bars but, this is how its wound up. Jeff, Gordon racing Ron Hornaday. And, it didn't work out. Now, he had damage to the left, front fender I wonder if he has damage to the right front fender. Where. He made contact with Hornaday. I don't see. Too many marks, up there BP. No, no he got away fortunate. We'll, check out the replays as Ron Hornaday tries to fire his car up when we come back to Dover after this.

Cars On the lead lap at this point Dale Jarrett, getting. There. Just, behind them Kenny Wallace and Bobby Hamilton racing for fifth. Hamilton's, team kind of a little renewed vigor this weekend signed a new sponsorship, deal with Square D and Schneider Electric, to carry them through the next two seasons, I talked. With crew chief Jimmy Alex this morning and he said we, were nervous and, this has really given, us a, big. Bump up. It seems like it because this is the, best the 55, is party car has, run in, the past revelation. And he is. Where's, Bobby Hamilton and victory lane at Dover at Talladega. Earlier this season in mid-april but, his best finish since then, in, 17, races is. A 13th. Place at rich that a couple of weeks ago. Teammate. Joe Nemechek Gilbert's. Car is right, behind the Dunedin Nemechek had an unscheduled, pit, stop earlier, and lost a lap and he's now in 30, position, one lap down but seems. And now that Andy Petree has the, sponsorship, wrapped up the Bobby Hamilton's car next task for him is to find backing for Joe Nemechek for, next year. You know as a sideline, to what happened this past week, and. All the economic, uncertainties. That seem to be facing a lot of industries, in our country, extrinsic. Cup team owners now face even, more questions, and try to secure, those corporate sponsorships, for 2002. And down the road. All. Across the summer. The tragic. Events and the economic, uncertainty that that's brought about has, brought that issue even more to send team owners minds and. Talk with Andy earlier this weekend he said they are very close to securing a sponsorship, for, that Joe Nemechek car. 33. Far-right. Second. Place Ricky rod reel it in Tony Stewart there, he goes. That. Was so sweet. Second. Over a second, behind, the leader. It's. Amazing, have gone just a couple laps ago I thought really I saw, that battle between these 2018, I thought to myself the, 28 Holden they'll tear it up but not. The case after cup the lastest 28 car. Tony stewart has been. Perhaps the most dominant driver here at Dover over the last couple, of years, he. Scored two wins in the last four races here he's. Led, 631. Of 2 thousand, possible, laps. And, his career average finish at Dover his third fourth, second, first first and seventh or his career finishes, here. Later Dale Earnhardt jr. with Dave burns. She. Has a new friend riding with him this weekend uh volleyball Dave. The. Team thought he needed a buddy in there and. So today he was giving water temperatures, to his team they said it's about 220, guys I'm not sure that's so good remember when 210 was bad and then, one of the crew radioed back they said well Wilson. You know we had Wilson the car. Right. Hip and shirt off. And I guess now he believes his water temps are okay too. And you saw sitting beside of Wilson, on the floor fan of the car was.

His Water thermos. He, gets 13 to the house. And, they keep getting a dreadful daughter Wilson, looks just like al investigator, thinks. Oh I think he does. You. Look like. Castaway. Movie Wilson. I thought it was cool movie well Tom Hanks if you gonna say I look like Tom. But. You're about as old Tom as though Tom Hanks I hear you have a birthday coming up the, big, 505. Oh no that's four too many on, that first digit thank you. His. Way back up to the eighth, position, now. Over. Six seconds, behind. Jeff, born s this, interesting. Would be the way to describe his day so far huh. Dodged. The first one involved in the second one started. The third one the, three incidents, that he's been in. Check, and see how far Jeff Gordon is back there now a junior and. He see it's hanging at about six and a half seconds. Gordon, is not yet left today. Both. Ricky Rudd and Dale Jarrett of each led at least one lab to five bonus points toward, the championship. And we've just crossed the 150. Mile mark here. In the NBN a Cal Ripken jr. 400, at Dover. Trace favorites Ward Burton is back here in the garage ward, what happened, I'm, going to show him at some guys got to get in front of us and, have. I checked up and I didn't get slowed down. Today. But it was really exciting to see the, patrons. Of the embodied, rage made a lot of crab people to me from this this country, America, you talk about proud people this country they're also some proud people on this race team one crew member Sam, Parton took. A week's vacation he's, a Vietnam, veteran in a welder building was racing he, flew up to, New, York City, and helped, the relief effort, the crews trying to find anyone, still stranded inside the buildings of the World Trade Center helping, well depart, the debris trying to cut apart the debris hoping, to find some survivors, but. What an American a Vietnam vet to take his vacation who try to go and help someone, else. And I'm told Sam worked.

The Overnight shift. At the Trade Center. It's, best to do something. For someone else, all, right now we've got the leader, behind. Oh and he's going to go three wide off four oh and there's only two wide as, how, the drug squeeze in there between hermie, Sadler and the baby. A lap, down 29th, place. And. Burning, going to laps down he's back in 34th. Rudge. Kind of chipped away at this gap Earnhardt, jr. had been out in front of him by about twice that amount and he's chipped away and chipped away and chipped away. Sorry you say then he chipped away on it chipped away. Closer. Closer right. Grunts a lap. After lap that's the lap after lap there you go. I still, can't believe you said I was 15 I was told. Dale Earnhardt jr. has led 138. Of, the 164. Laps that have been run so far. Other. Lap leaders on the day Ricky Craven, Ricky Rudd Bobby, Labonte, and Dale Jarrett, and we go to Dave burns. Like. This set of tires that. Is his problem right now ricky rudd moving. Up is doing parade of the racetrack but he had trouble in the pits last time because. When he came in, they. Had already pulled the signboard up out of the way of Dale Earnhardt jr. who. New. Bright orange snake down on the pit to try to give Ricky Rudd a better, opportunity. They. Have something else waving. If mrs., Pitt stole that is if Dale jr. is still the leader. So, there you go you like we were asking what are we looking at this stripe for Dave with the explanation. Put. Some some. Very brightly colored, tape, on his rifle turn to Andy, Houston is crashed. Down. Into traffic, oh that's, not a cool scowl put it in here go. Cautions. Out. It's, like his tires are up on the right side anyway. Six, times the yellow flag waves today, not. Only is Rodney wise who's from Dover up on the starter stand for NASCAR and this young man spent. Here for about as long as I've been coming to Dover stands, right there below the starters stand for every practice every car, in qualifying every. Lap of both races and there's. A fine job of flagging the race. Let's, take a look at why he's waving his yellow flag now. Andy, Houston goes in the corner. Think. He got just a little bit too high he was trying to ride, that cushion that that, just. Trying to get the most grip he possibly good I think he got just a little bit too, high. Got, in the sand and around you a jet board no, don't tell you missed another one. Sure. Did. Tip. The side a lot of big. Sites. A relief today, time. To come to pit road for stops these, will be at lap 168. Last, time off of pit road it was Earnhardt. Jr. and Stewart with a great race off the pit lane let's see how it turns out this time built, okay, here's Jeff Gordon Lucky's gone the racetrack so far today despite the front-end damage he, growing radiodating about five six. Laps ago that the car the handle just went of her way really, sliding the rear end one, pound of air in the right rear other than that it's just four tires and fuel for the DuPont Chevrolet Dave, no. Major adjustments on the leader Dale Earnhardt jr. they're going to make a slight air pressure adjustment.

And They hope that the tires. Are going to be better than the last said they had on there is Ricky Rudd no changes, on him again. Just slight adjustments, and now we're going to try to beat Tony Stewart, out what, was it in the line. Stewart. Out, first. Ricky rudd had to jump, on the brakes for, not to hit Dale Earnhardt jr. getting out of bed laying there. Marty. Well. Sterling Marlins made some nice progress guys he is up to 11th on that last run first time we have heard that, name all day long a little bit tight on that last run for Sterling however half pound out of the right front great, progress for these guys to Matt Yocum Rondo, today had climbed as high as third Ron at the 24, get you. He. Must have if they got awful light the back end, the. Car was a little free for two laps but I mean we've been fighting to take the condition all day and there's no reason why that car come around coming off before but I, think. The seven car was slow and Jeff and I up and we were racing pretty hard and maybe he got frustrated because not, used to seeing that Conseco green car run good the last couple of races that we've been running good seven. Car got crash last week and we checked, up but we got took him out by somebody behind us and then this, week I mean, that. Was no it's not call for especially from the points champion guy. With leading these points in the Winston Cup but. It's, frustrating but I. Keep, saying we're coming back but these guys are building a heck of a car this good Seco Pontiac and we're, running good our pit stops are killing us we, running. Fifth they come out tenth or that that put us back there maybe we should have been running with you up at the time he's getting frustrated cuz his car whatever good sir, we've had some tough luck allen, ron. Hornaday behind, the wall let's check the race off of pit road and, note that Elliott Sadler, has, stayed on the track it is the new leader who's going to be the next man in line watch 28, right here there's, Tony Stewart, and her horse coming out same time Rick. You really had to jump on the brakes. I want, the Pennzoil team doing. A great job getting Kenny Wallace out last time they got him up from 11 to 50, we, need to check to see what Skinner did their fee only took right sides because, he's, sitting at 6:00 right now and. He was back around. 19th. Or 20th I believe so he was in nineteen Marty. Wally. If he had to bet what would you say I think yeah I would say the tires, yeah good. Bad I was gonna save you there Wally they have a very good car actually they've been pretty good all day long boys McGee the crew chief just told me we just need some track position if, we get up there I think, we can run with the leaders but two, tires a Dover is a risky, proposition at, best today, burns and Marty, jr. radio to his crew sorry guys that was my fault y'all had a good stop I just did not get out of the pit box on time and then he added I'm. Not a machine. Let's. Go to Bill well. Here's something unusual, Jeff Gordon came in sixth, or seventh, and right, now is 19. On the racetrack and here's the reason. Lose a lug nut on the right front so that slowed their pitstop down Jeff, called in asked. What happened they told them is that they did a little work on the front fender there so it took a little longer on the pit stall but they got the lug nuts back on and sent him back out and after they explained everything to Jeff he goes you imagine how could we be doing if I stopped running into things. And. Now he's set him back at harm's and set himself back in harm's way again man, yeah for.

Another Restart. Let's, mention the Elliott Sadler who stayed out on the track when the other leaders pitted has now come down pit road and so, it is Tony Stewart who goes to the replica, of the number fourteen Conseco, Winston, Cup Pontiac. Now we'll see how those two tires work with Skinner here beat beat probably. Okay at the start. Not working too good right names holding up Dale Jarrett big-time as, they all try to go around the seven car Mike Wallace. Remember. The Jeff Gordon is back in 18th place on this restart and here comes Junior. You. Know those guys they're out here. I told. Me this morning a car is. Oh. Tony. Spear of the truck he's got a little bit loose hit. That's, what we call arrow. Right underneath the tail and took a little air off the rear spoiler, also packed a little air beneath the rear bumper and, it makes the really powerless. Leave, a check at 33, car hanging in there with Tony Stewart, once. Again he is one. In high position. Back. On track 135. Laps down after the early accident, he was involved in, mark. Part is out and, in Houston's in the garage Johnny Benson Ron Hornaday. Kurt Busch Jeremy, Mayfield, Kyle. Petty, no. Further update yet on Mayfield, just joining us he was transported, to a local hospital after, lap 56 crash, in turn one for, x-rays, and, a cat stands. Stop. You screen now you saw the cars coming off turn four you saw Dale, Jarrett, get by Mike Skinner and. Take over the fifth position. Let's. Go back and look at this race for seventh with Rusty Wallace in the deuce and Kevin Harvick in the 29. We just mentioned that that Jeremy did walk away from his car but they suspect that he might have suffered a concussion that's, why they took. Do those x-rays. There goes a 29, Harvick, on the inside of rusty was. On the 40 car. And there's Kenny Schrader's the American flag running. In tenth position. And, again Jeff Gordon behind this hoping nothing happens, to these guys if they run side by side that he might run into. You see straightest are the 36, cars the, American flag that is all decal, the entire car is. A decal, and it took the guy the body. Shop guy back at the shop 13, hours all. Night and Wednesday night. Barbeque, Rusty Wallace through seven Sterling Marlin through, and parade here comes Ken Schrader's racing, for nine. Just, went straighter started, to drive in their rush about that two car back, down since the start of the race rusty really hasn't been able to keep that car down on the race hack he's been running in the middle of the racetrack from. The start of the race. He. Tries to get back down on the bottom getting off in water so a car won't push so bad coming off the light turn for factory. Trying to make a straighter shot. See. The race for position there, the lap car Hut Stricklin separating. Eight to nine. See, Casey Atwood back there behind Mike Wallace, in the seventh car. Or the 19 number number, 19 Dodge. She started an 18th place right now he's racing Jeff Gordon for a lot. Seven, car just in front of the Mike Wallace is in 30th, place the, second, car one. Put. Jeff back in the 11th spot remember he fell on. His pit stop due to the alum not falling off back to 18th place. Race, for position here at one of the night Kenny. Wallace off the pace from fifth spot. Narshall, spotter telling his own pit, road, and. Battle for the lead pretty, broad goes by junior, takes, it away. Second. Time today brothers, been out in front. We the first time today we've seen somebody. Good chance he, called walls to pit road they are gonna change four tires and.

See If maybe they had a tire out of round. Ricky, Rudd is the leader the, MBNA, Calvin, jr. 400, at Dover we're coming up on halfway, in the event on NBC. Dale, Jarrett and Kevin Harvick, excuse. Me make up the top five, and. Here we go for for its spot. Kevin, Harvick takes the spot away you. See the one car Kenny was back on the racetrack after. That unscheduled, stop. You, can look at the holes in the wheel easily. Tell they are out of round I talked to Walt Smith who, is the kitchen. Her entire Dale Earnhardt incorporated said, the Moose loves. That's, tough. 31st. Spot, two laps, down from. Fifth place on the lead lap and. All of a sudden the 88 car Dale Jarrett, seems like he is losing the handle car drifted. Back. Overtaking. Bill Elliott nine. Laps down after an Iraq accident, way. Back at lap 20. Brought, back to Jarrett. Eight. Seconds. Bob. Jeffrey the new popper spotter. For Dale Jarrett. And. We see the Jared losing. Ground every left, to. Run he's. Using a lot ray second, you watch them during the corner he is sliding. All the way up to the top of the racetrack it's, even worse down here turns three and four when he gets there really. Goes high. Jeff. Gordon briefly we saw there he's back in eighth place. What, Kenny, Wallace all those fresh tires is moving. He lost two laps right. Down. In there so, he's. Trying to make up as much as he can right now what. He needs is the race to sell there. Until. Everybody else has to make a pit stop yeah, and then as soon as they took that and, he gets back to the lead lap the caution flag come out leader, stopped at 168. Approximately. 90, to 100 laps between pit stops so, he needs it to stay green for another 70, laps. Looking back across to. Hamilton. And jerry, nadeau who, are racing for 14th, and 15th bill. Lost, about 10. On. The left front but they also. They. Took off of that. During. The pitstop had, a blister problem, on it. Very much one for Michael Waltrip thus far started 27. Sixteenth right now and remember you, spa party, just as you talked about to be spun out and crashed and turn to. Crew. Chief was talking to him on the radio. Kuchi. And the crew did not know what Slugger was talking to him on the radio as. He was spitting out and the crew did not know until just now that michael waltrip was into the wall but they had a great run going guys. Can, you believe I cannot, believe it. Leaders. Back to the caution Joe. Nemechek will, get a lap back and he might have been the fastest, car on the racetrack that. Last 2530. Laughs talk about Joe, Nemechek the, 33, car Kenny Wallace did not. Michael, spin again down there inside turn three into the grass trying to get it back around to pit road. I can't. Believe it it was similar to Andy, Houston yeah while we were looking at it let's see if we can see what happens here there. You see Michael just gets up high and just gets it looks like he gets that right rear and that and that slippery, stuff up there and gets. Her sideways. Evidently. There's grip right next, to the loose stuff and, they're, all going up there Dale Jarrett's been running up there so high trying, to find some grip but. His tires are up on the right side. Air, pressures, are up so just. Got. The slippery part. : Blaney almost, in the back of the 90s car. Barty. Sterling. Marlin will come down pit road here running fifth by far one of the fastest, cars on the racetrack that last one very impressive. They make one change, on, the chassis and that is it four tires and that one adjustment Seville ever. Sand wedge adjustment, on the right hand side for the DuPont Chevrolet four, tires and fuel remember, they had to look out. And. Tony Stewart already and he says his cars still lose kind of snap loose Oh Jeff Gooch Patterson, made, a wedge adjustment on, the left side today, now, complete from Ricky Rudd the leader no adjustments, the crew has already done here. Tries to beat him to the line with, only a change, of. With, a different spray to the tires to try to make the a car better. Jr. Dale Jarrett, Stewart. And, Harvick. The order they come off pit road Harvick. And and Tony, Stewart were awfully, close getting out of fence. Ricky, Rudd's team, keeping. The lead on their pit stop. Yes. Yes. Don't. Try, to do over third place behind, Ricky, Rudd and Dale Earnhardt jr., as we go back racing. Michael. Waltrip has taken his car to the garage Ward, Burton and Ron Hornaday have come back from the garage Ward. 75. Laps down for day 77 laps down. And also under the caution buckshot, Jones his car lost the flyer. Under. The hood had to get pushed back on the pit road and, take it back. To top three go around the racetrack. Jo Terrace car the last run did not handle well after. A few laps his car here. Very on the right side this, is where the crew have made some changes. Kenny. Wall was hanging in there, get up.

The. Yellow car there Kenny back in. Green. Flag pit stop because of the loose, lug nut survived 183. Caution. Came out, laps. Down. See, Jeff back, there, behind. The. In sixth, position. He's, jump some tall building today to get up to the sixth position. More than just missing the wreck on the backstretch at. 5:27. Idea, Ricky Craven got together wrinkled up the left front fender. And. He came down pit road they lost the lug nut flap 168. Pit stop dropped him back to 18th. And. Through it all, he's. Hanging in there here he is a sixth position. Looking down on Dover, from our US Army Skycam, at arming, of one there are 212, ways to be a soldier find, out more at goarmy.com/officer. It's like bark bark pull. It back out. Just to be joining the race 81, laps down. Mark, involved, in a big crash on the front straightaway, that also involved, Ron Hornaday Johnny Benson, Mort Burton that is about 130. Kevin harvick in his second NASCAR Winston Cup Series start here at Dover. Back. In June he. Had. An eighth place run. And he comes here this one having finished second, in two of the last three races in first of our incident. Kevin. Harvick has stepped in has the real deal, this. Year in master I went to cup race when he comes to. But, with. Very little experience. Which, always sleeps get better each and every race yep, Rookie of the Year standings, who leads Kurt Busch by 62. Points. Which is a pretty. Big margin. Check, out the telemetry on me. And see if he's. Over the 160, mile per hour down the straightaway. Well over 8,000, rpms. Higher, than the other cars and that will turn. Give you more, rpms. And the cars running on the very bottom the large the bigger you make the racetrack, with, the same gears another car the more kids you will turn. Ricky-rock. The leader thinks kind of settled in among the frontrunners, let's take you through the field and some stories on how people's races have progressed so far Dave burns down. On that last pit stop no changes, for Ricky Rudd according to crew chief Michael McSwain and might I say something I said earlier that is the same type of scenario they had a bridge from two weeks ago when they won minor, changes if any and for Dale Earnhardt jr. he said the car is rough. When I asked his car chief Tony Eury jr. to, tell me what that means he said basically here, at Dover they've had trouble when rubber builds up late in the race and there really isn't a great way to fix it so his car is now bouncing, through the turns before, that last pit stop they hope maybe a tire spring, rate change will help that and for Dale Jarrett, he was tight in the center of the corners but he mentioned that they took on air and they took air one, half pound out of the right front tire to try to help DJ.

Bitch Stop Tony Stewart. Kamath. Justin with air pressure with track bar with the wedge he, says the cars of people to three lapses like snapping, your fingers and, the car goes extremely, to the lose side. Kevin Harvick joked, around before the. They've. Adjusted with air pressure again, to bill talk, about as lucky as Jeff Gordon has been today somebody needs to remind him there is a casino here at Dover down he's. Hit a lot of things but he's missed the big one in Canton. Six-one. Makes, up for the. Running, strong the big question, is if he can't get out front how strong will he be chasing. Him on the track, Casey. Yeah. Since. Early Indianapolis. That they had problems there on, his last pit stop no change. Tires. Went out for, Phil. Sterling marlin is running eighth on the racetrack and that last pit stop he came down pit road running fifth they thought they had a good hit stop 16.4. But they lost him. Pit, road that came out seventh and now have, fallen back to eight. Because their. Run. Their, car starts loose gets, tight that is a very good condition for Sterling, Marlin he was very fast at the end of the last run behind, him on the track and night Jerry, Nadeau there had an outstanding, day. Very few changes on that car today the car very good on that last run. Either. To Matt Yocum. First off he went here he has made in the top ten. Fighting tight I talked, to Jeff thousand, the, engineer, on this team he says they pulled a spring, rubber out of the left rear and they went back to their original air, countries trying to fix this, tight condition, meanwhile I spoke to Frankie spider jeopardy. Pucci. To the tight side. Please. Salute the car of Ken Schrader as we ship car, trouble, Robert Presley's into the wall too. You know he really what didn't have a lot of damage in the rear of the car. Until he goes down and the. Bank of the street wake here's to the inside, and he hits the inside, wall, eighth. Caution of the race that were just past halfway. Kenny. Wallace going to get one of his two laps back from Ricky Rudd. Freshly. Started. 28 have been up into the top 10 earlier. Now. He's crashed and turn to Walley, if. I'm not mistaken this might be the same situation has, the last two, very. High on the racetrack at, the edge about. The debris and. You. Just looks like you cannot run up there and it looks like I'm not sure where this happen looks, like it happens, just past the middle. This, happens going in the corner sup yep.

Now. The worst of other cars around could. Have been contact, with Sun other cars he started down the corner file that one under inconclusive. And. The radiator is broken in the car as he was trying, to get the car unstuck, out of the grasses so a lot, of water. Leaders. Pitted a201 were at 2:27. Do they come in. Looks, like it looks like yes. Looks, like everybody. Well, that 201 never going to have to stop twice more anyway so. This time they can stop now and only stopped once Marty Serling. Is in running 8 Vinnie as we said he starts lose he gets tighter as the run goes along they will make a chassis adjustment and, a four-tire, stop to Bill ever Jeff, Gordon's car suddenly got very very loose track bar adjustment four tires and, fuel we. Go down the road to mak huge, patterson took around, a wedge out of the 20 car tony stewart he says his car really didn't feel much better today. No. Adjustments on the 28 earlier in the race the 28 crew put his car out front did they do it again they, kept him out front ROG crew having a better day on. You're, in Madhapur, they might have gotten that second, he might've, beaten the 8-car odd it was very very close I believe he did be paid look look it he did beat the, egg car fill her heart out let's. Check it out. Hi. There goes rut, and. Here. Comes. Carrot. And there goes the a car. Remember. That Dave Blaney of course got no tires on his pit stop Jimmy Spencer gun 2006. I. Don't. Know about that though tired he'll be payment. We'll see. All. Right now play nice right in front of Tony sturdy. Remember, flaming started way back in the, forty, second, position. Stewart. One time for three laps so far. Never see brainy. The garlic, lead Tony. Stewart, here comes Jimmy Spencer that, to carve out, in front of Ted, Monica now comes Jeff Gordon. The, Jeff Gordon goes gotta turn right. Looks. Like sound, like he was able to get back in and Robin pretty strong up in that corner. It's gotta be Gordon so weary he's dodged all of this difficulty, so far today and he. Knows at this racetrack, it, lurks every, corner every lap until the checkered flag everything. He's done so far today he's, got that much still ahead of it. And especially those two times. Jeff. Gordon came off the corner kinda like wings, behind wrong or today. This is 6th place and Harvick's. To get it. Spencer, to 7:48. The eleven of bread for mine is one lap down in 27. The, grip to keep his car on the bottom of the racetrack in. Three informants, car Smith when, he did that Jeff, Gordon tried. To drive on the inside did and off turn two. Casey. Applet next in line. Spencer for a spot. Okay this day could've gone. Anymore, opposite. The, day Jeff Gordon had here. That race where he led all but 19. Laps. Second. Place. Dale jr., the egg car trying, to take it away from Dale, Jarrett, in 88. Why get it done Jarrett. Street getting him off pit road just ahead of. Jr is laying so far. 154. Laps today he has been the dominant driver. Deleted lap three. He's, got a gun this time he takes his fun. Here's. A good look at it right, there. That's. A lot of. Dave. I. Just. Checked with his car cheap again Tony your junior he told me that would help the car as far as turning in. More downforce there but as long as it doesn't overheat. You, know we had a good close look on the front of that they've got all of the lower grille oh but he's walked off the take. You. Can see exactly there is no air at all zipping in in the bottom he's only dependent, on that top grill, for. Air and is. That enough to keep it cool I doubt it. You think Coulson's starting, to get hot in there I've got women starting to swim, Wilson. Knows all about air. Three Wilson, I think it's a. Said it look like me. Got. Me on that yes I did tell me Betty. 19. To 25 Casey Atwood where's, he running ninth position and, the 25, you've, been watching Laden he has been fast I had before. That last yellow was, picking him off past. About. Nate who started 41st. He's into the top ten. Sterling, Marlin gotta, beat you Jeff Burton. All these cars on the lead lap, that's. The many cautions, today it's kept a lot of guys in our. As fast as Dale Earnhardt jr. has been running. Only one time to begin an extended, green flag run where, he caught the tail end of the field and started to put guys a lap down. Our case yet would have parties behind Ricky. Rudd you. Seen whether the yellow, circle. With the green when you cease eight, and three seconds. Behind. And I've said the 25, car backed off dramatically, rusty, had the dark died to the insider look like to walk on the backup. To be back up speed again. Lap. After lap after lap a lot of times you hear drivers talk about when a car Wiggles, just, gets an uncomfortable. Feeling going to the corner they have to take a minute to regroup. Especially. If you don't know why it's happened if you're doing the same exact. Lap, after lap and also the car gets sideways you're. Not sure if you've got a tire going down or something broke so, you've got to kind of feel it out for a laugh or two because, you don't want to just.

Say Well it was nothing and then go burn on the next corner and really be a bum. Campeche, heartbeat, it again, yeah get. Some confidence back in that car when you go. Jeff. Burton started 22nd. Steadily. If not spectacularly. Lead lap and moving toward the front. Lady, restarted. Fourth after getting no tires on. That last stop Marty yeah. I think we may owe an apology to, duck Randolph his crew chief guys because we really questioned that move but I've. Been watching Blaney's lap times are actually pretty good now granted Tony Stewart is. Kevin harvick but his, lap times are a little bit better than Jimmy Spencer. It. Always has the driver because it driver I'm always gonna want tires but where, you're going to see it coming to play is about 20, or 30 laps before they have to make their next pit stop then we'll see how those tires will open up. 142. Laps to go in the end to get a Cal, Ripken, jr. for. In. Dover, in the NBN a Cal Ripken, jr. 400. Got. 263. Complete. 137. To go next weekend our coverage of the race for the championship moves, on to the new Kansas, Speedway Saturday. It's NASCAR Busch Series racing, at 2:00 Eastern Time, then, a week from today Sprint, PCS, presents, NASCAR, Winston Cup racing, at 12:30, Eastern from. Kansas City on, NBC. Dale Earnhardt jr. running 2.8, seconds, behind Ricky, Rudd in second. And that, Kenseth is on pit road for an unscheduled stop Marty and, it's been a dreadful day for Matt Kenseth the whole team. Better. Track but they've only had one top, ten in the last recent races they. Rather they're putting cold water in through. That little hose. Since as far they have really struggled all, weekend. That's, too bad. Man with his problems, Robert Pressley has just taken his car to the garage and it has been retired from the race damage, from that earlier accident that, came back out made some. Let's. Check in on Joe Nemechek Benny you talked about him. Is. That the result of not changing tires, you think I'll take a look at that right front tire. Dave blaney running, forth into. The wall cautions, out Matt. You should hear it go by. Sounded like he cut down a tire. And also an update on the 33 they have been loose all day Andy Petree says they continue to a judge it just doesn't get any better. Bet. That got every crew chiefs attention, I mean you, know you. Come in you get tires here at Dover because this place is so hard on the right front tire so. The, great run from. The. Forty, second starting spot up to four and ends begins. To turn one wall for Dave Blaney let's. Go back and take a look at what happened now. If you watch them go down turn one right, there the right front tire blows. And, this. Is what happens. And, he's so lucky that it happened on the straightaway rather, than about the time he got to the bottom of the wave day a Jeff Kinney. I'd, be nervous if I was anyone else I saw the 24th. Lot. Of damage on Blaney's car now. We'll see how many guys take just two now leaders. On to pit road.

132. Laps, to go as they come down. However. The. Words from Jeff Gordon who are getting it were cats it little, loose in and that's about the size of it so it's gonna be four tires fuel. No, changes, they clean the windshield stops, getting strong for the twenty four Dave, the, leader is in a little more deliberate, pit stop for the boys this time they. Thought they might have made a mistake last time on the car we're being very cautious, watching, Ricky around the track perhaps a lug nut th

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