2002 EA Sports 500 @ Talladega

2002 EA Sports 500 @ Talladega

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So. It's Tony Stewart's, burger points his accuser he's, averaging, 37. Place, finish last week's, winner Jeff Gordon on the outside, Jamie, McMurray his, NASCAR Winston, Cup debut in, sterling, Marlins car he starts in Row 3 with Rusty Wallace there's. Ryan Newman the insider rope for hottest. Driver so far in the second half Matt Kenseth on the outside for victories, this year couple of drivers each making their 52nd. Start at Talladega, filling in a drinky rod the veterans row row number five today and. On the inside of row six Kurt Busch on the outside is, Jo Jo let's try to talk to Dale. Jarrett. DJ. Benny Parsons you got me I got. You baby our. First of all how's the car I think. It's gonna be pretty good, seems. To be able, to draft up and hang on haven't. Had it out front that much in the draft but I think we'll be okay do. You have your strategy all lined up with a small gas, tank, we've, talked about a lot of different scenarios, for sure and, well. We've got some action going on before you ever get started here but, it's, going to be introduced see how it plays out we think we know what we want to do if we can just make all of that happen, then, we have a couple of guys get together coming, down for the signal one lap to go DJ. Yeah. Looks like Mark was trying to warm up his tires and maybe got a little loose and came over into the 48 so uh I don't know if there's any damage but we'll have to see what happens. Man. Is it's starting early DJ good luck, I didn't. Start early uh hopefully, that'll be as much action as you will have today yeah just a lot of passes all. Right man thanks. And, the, rest of the signing field for today's EA Sports 500. What was that all about the, 48 ride bump in when I looked up was pretty well damaged. Did, on I don't do about that a modern NASCAR's, radio I. Believe. The six team is asking permission to pass the pace car to try and come to pit road and check their car, permission. Being tonight of course you're never allowed to pass the pace car. Wow. That's weird that is we're in the top two guys in the championship, before we even get started and. As I said there is damage, I saw damage to the right front tire right. Front fender let's, see what do you tell what might have happened. We. See mark on the outside row. What in the world world I have no idea, he's. Talking like they the way he's talking to Ben lest his almost sudden they just locked up he was turning at the left and it would not turn back to the right he just locked up and. Then. That's talking about the air pressure being so low Matt, woman stand down there Fanny Chad Knaus was lobbying NASCAR, that they could bring the forty eight down the hold off throwing the green they, are not the. Way it says now they're not going to do that chad is still lobbying he, says that his spotter told him that but. There is damage to the right front fender.

Chad. Is still lobbying. And. Rick Hendrick is now coming into the mix helping to lobby on the 48 teams part and. Matt while that's going on there putting mark Barton's number up on the board he's being black flagged. Dave. What's up there. All. Right having. Some troubles with Dave's microphone, we'll get him fixed in a minute you see Mark Martin following, the pace car down pit road as the field comes to the green flag one. Championship, container intro. We start, and. He we hurt Ben let's say NASCAR's, post us we've got to come down and raise the hood they, do that. They. Do that as the field goes green 188. Laps to make up the distance in town, Jimmy Johnson and now Jeff Gordon lead, the field to turn one but I just think Jeff took a look that Fender when he pulled up next to Jimmy Johnson, did think was bad enough for Jimmie Johnson to come down pit lane and, we see mark Mart is rolling but he is completely, out of the trap that means he'll be about three. Seconds, so slower, than these cars. Take, a handle with if you got to the, 48, car. It, must be rappers. That is, unbelievable. So. The top two in the championship, in trouble already well it is pretty bad then yes it is we see the damage of that right front fender. Jeff. Gordon leads lap one Rusty Wallace to his outside they're, three-deep, right behind him. And. What will seem like an eternity Jimmy Johnson, finally comes to a stop you can see the right-front cosmetic. Damage scene. Pull, out that front valence beating it with a hammer as they lose more and more time Chad Knaus the crew chief underneath trying to beat out the front, valence, right underneath the Monte Carlo decal, changing. Right-side tires. Jimmy. Now is Farley down and away a tough break. Yeah. He's gonna go a lap down real quick. The, restricted engines take a long time to get up to speed and this pack is coming out in full steam why wouldn't you come in on the pace lap when they learn up to speed you wouldn't have lost as much ground.

Mark. Martin was black Pike had to come in and he's about a half lap behind with Jimmie Johnson. He's, going to get passed in probably, five or six laps. I mean he's coming off turn to it. Over, taking this lap but see they were just coming up the speed will mark a bitch so hit block no time where you say that, the. Only one thing while, under, the pace last check announced radio Jimmie Johnson said is it smoking when they took the green coming out of two he says is it smoking his radio is breaking up Chad could not take a chance that possibly, it was smoking, because it is a great distance from the front stretch to the back stretch Dave, Matt. Martin Martin radioed in before, the problem appeared on the pace lap that he had a steering situation. NASCAR. Required, them to pit because they wanted them to check the steering problem. Apparently, that was okay and when they also check for any damage on the six car that, to is okay. So. Mark Martin is running 42nd, on the. Backstretch the fields into turn one coming up on 43rd, place Jimmie, Johnson and, this, race is cutting bizarre right, from the get-go. Country. Radio communication. Pauses Jeff Gordon obviously saw that fender on his team I mean the car that he part owned and, knew it was going to be a problem, the Navy Jimmy did not get the message best thing Jimmy could do is try to tag on to Jeff Gordon here right, we. Try and stay up there and hope that you know somebody gives you the lap back at a caution yeah too late, goes. Now he's back about tenth spot. At, this point at this point now I would get out of the draft completely, and, just ride in the back in case something does happen you're. Not going to be in it try to dodge the wreck okay. So what we've been paying attention to what's. Been, going on with the championship, leaders the race leader's changed hands Jeff Gordon is shuffled back and Matt, Kenseth goes to the point that one of the five drivers he could win the million dollar bonus from. Winston today. Top, five finishers from the Richmond race second weekend of September, if one of them can win the race today they get a million dollar bonus in a fan gets a million dollars as well but.

Sure Didn't take jr. and Michael Waltrip long to get, to the front did it there they are in second, in the West, 3rd. His blood comes to the outside in that 28 car at. Union started 13th Michael started 15th they were nose to tail when the green flag dropped and. Avoid. They need to get in between that 8:15, because. Everybody, knows how strong they've been on the restrictor plate races so watch, the yellow line at the bottom of the track that's the outer bones line here at Talladega you, saw Jeff Gordon. So Jeffrey, run it down. And, Gordon had no choice but back off the throttle NASCAR, told the drivers in their TVs. Green, flag race, above, the yellow line on the track the quote. From race director David each one's. Judgment. You, go below the yellow line to improve your position you, will be black flagged and penalized. If. I ever have a look at the list yes. Top, five have lined up single file team. And, the reason a guy will go down. You, don't want to be put in the position to, be in the center because, a guy comes underneath you and makes that move all of a sudden you're in the middle and you're gonna lose a lot of positions. On board Ryan Newman. Got a father hear that. We Zemin's he ran up on the back of Tony Stewart's car. First. Six seven cars all in a single line but one behind that it, is, chaos. To check it out first 240 first. Three. Point three seconds. On, a track that it takes 50 some seconds to get around. Anything, could be normally let's say Charlotte next week. 18 seconds just many laps. Half of 30. 15, SEC's. Matt, Kenseth leads Dale Earnhardt jr. is second Michael, Waltrip third Jeff green 4th St fifth, some bizarre. With, the championship readers Jimmie Johnson, and Mark Martin already, running last after, starting first. Just. Joining us the start of this race already bizarre, the, field lined up according to owner points because qualifying, was rained out the top two in the championship, Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin are on the front row and watch Martin as he's weaving back and forth to clean his tires and all of a sudden the steering, locks up and he drives down right in the side of the right front fender of Jimmy Johnson's car I think he probably felt, something was wrong BP that's why he was squirming like that I think he probably, felt something back earlier. And started. Swinging, it around. Yeah. Here's what they said on the radio. And. You see mark about to be swallowed up by the pack as they're coming up, down in 42nd. Place Jimmie. Johnson who pitted on the first lap of the race is one lap down in 43rd, Dave. You heard Lord say in the radio that he might have gotten the left there actually, been speculated, he might have gotten the left front caught up underneath it do you have any idea what might have happened it, seemed like a mechanical, problem based, on looking, at the TV the monitor there the way we went across the racetrack I think, that there must have been a rock, that got up in there and locked. Up by the. Steering, as you try to turn it was. A wrench or a fastener, or some kind of gotten away whatever a mechanical, problem was its cleared itself out now he doesn't have a problem now but there was certainly problems beginning okay and right now mark has been seem debris on the racetrack tried, to call it in but it's not anything that nascar will throw the caution format. Dave, Chad Knaus still shaking his head in disbelief. Work. On the damage how bad is it's. Pretty substantially, you know anytime you get any type of damage to the Superspeedway, car that just kills the drag on the cars so the. Cars right and well right now with the drag will. Be fast enough to ever lead again I don't know I probably doubt, it you know I don't know I hate it something, apparently happened to the six car right. Now they've got him listed the same lamp is up or you, know he pitted before they took the green that supposed to be a one-lap penalty in, the same clamp is a slight I don't really understand, what's going on but you, know it's early on in the race there. We. Get up there and get a good solid top ten out of this come.

As Well because the one-lap penalty they. Told me if I would have pitted before the green flag that I would have gotten a one-lap penalty. Talladega. Is, the Bermuda Triangle which, the Cup stock car racing in the wild and wacky things happen and they've done again here today now. My. Understanding we want to check the NASCAR, and and, confirm. My, understanding is I think most everybody if you stop on the pace lap and kill the car it's. A lap penalty but I didn't realize that you could've stopped. If. It becomes an issue where you've got damage to the car I don't think they want a car out there that's got damage. Leading. The pack to the grave. Yeah, well if any we think of the same thing. Obviously. There's some confusion there somewhere. If you take fuel before the start that's a no-no yeah, I've never heard it said you can't pit before the start of the race. Because, e-ticket fuel than all the cars back from, 35th, on back we stopped every time on the one, to go and put some fuel in the car just so, they have it. Especially. Today yeah. Because it's gonna be. Today. Kenseth. Leads, Mark Martin now put one lap down see him running right behind his Roush teammate, Kenseth is, 17, more in the six. Dale. Earnhardt jr. now in that outside lane. Trying. To flex his muscles take, that bud Chevrolet, to, the front you notice he's been separated, from. His identical. Twin there the 15, car that's what they're gonna have to do. So shoot guards are when they get hooked up so they, need to keep those guys separated cut guys making up tarts, at the front where you got traitor up there. Mike, Skinner, this guy's started, way back in the field so your. Cars are working real well right now the. Draft the, by the way just to back up and quickly put the button on there Jimmie Johnson's day just, confirmed with NASCAR race control he could have pitted on the pace lap as long as he didn't take fuel and there would have been no penalty, that makes sense right because I know they wouldn't want a car out there that like I said it becomes a safety. Issue in that car handle on cam. And we're Mark Martin is concerned NASCAR asked him to pit because they didn't want to have a car out there starting the race that had a steering problem right Marty. Well. Believe it or not in Dale Earnhardt jr. is cause you ride looking out his bunker right now they debated, on changing, the engine in this car this morning yesterday, and Hank al-adel, jr. she felt like the engine was starting to lay down the. Engine that won the last two races here, is the backup engine it's on the truck they debated on the further to put it in or not they decided not to do that they felt like this was their best power plant and he continues, to try to get front to the front he's trying that outside groove and doing it with Tony Stewart pushing, you, know sometimes, BP on. The dyno on the racetrack or two different things looks to me like he's picking them up put them down pretty good right there talking, about the engine in the a car, he. Led that last lap was a matter of fact is that the first time he's had today yep first lap Junior's led today Jeff, Gordon led three Matt Kenseth 14 and now junior for one here's, all Devi race back eight drivers won their first NASCAR Winston Cup race at Talladega, only. Two ever. Picked up a second, career win. Davey, Allison ken schrader, you. Know one of the guys that that is first. And only career Winston couple in here. Matt. Kenseth Dale Earnhardt jr. racing, for the lead just, underway in the EA Sports 500. At Talladega you're, watching NASCAR on NBC. From. Talladega Alabama with. Five coverage of the EA Sports 500. For the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. Our. Little Debbie trivia question who is the last driver to win Talladega and with the wind take over the championship, lead, survey. Says I didn't, even know this one I had to look at the back of the car to get the answer Jeff. Gordon in July of 1996. Yes this race used to be run the last weekend in July and we, took we will be talking about it being hot today it, was not then.

Journey, May feel in the middle of it the 19, car and. Wallah I can't believe the line here. Now online, fill this one read this out folks, pay attention this now are, nbc.com, NBC. Sports.com poll, this is a Betty and Wally special, would you like to see a red, flag rule used to Talladega and Daytona that could set up a potential one lap sprint for the wind background. On this the red flag last week at Kansas and some of the other tracks the not red flag at Daytona, it sort of resulted in a one-lap, race to. The finish the drivers, very much against that on these restricted, tracks at Daytona and Talladega and. We had some on-air debate about whether the fans would be in favor of it or not. Tell. Us let the fans just tell us what you think. Talk about so much about the pit road and what's going to happen today if you want to look at a pit map for today's race you'd find out where your favorite drivers stop and they've got that. Boy I can't believe the lines as jr. he took, the lead on the outside, when he got in front I thought he would drive, back down to breakfast. We seen him run, around this racetrack in that High Line yeah, obviously he's got the car the, car handling. He's. Got longer than other guys they're hanging with him too. Working. For him you see that bump out of turn force what's tough to run that High Line to come out of or there's a pretty good cop. Monitoring. On Dale Junior's radio and he took the lead at once ago. Top. Is where it's at. Well, baby let me explain a little bit about two months ago Dale Earnhardt jr. had a friend give, him about 200, beta tapes those are pretty high quality videotape, of old races. He bought evade a machine put in his house he's been watching these old races, he said I'm around the top line let these old guys like they used, to do this is fun up here it's a little scary but I like it up here I. Don't. Know about that man oh man I've never seen him that high on this racetrack difference, was when you did it you didn't have a restrictor, plate yeah I was. Chasing that back end up there. You. Know jr. had a pretty. Good teacher. For this racetrack too not just us old video games but his, dad who won. I've. Had the same opportunity, everybody else as far as learning from you ladies guys racing against it for a long time and know, quite a bit about his style and probably picked. Up on a lot of things that he did but I think. He had a lot of confidence I guess. You. Know being. Kin to him that I had the ability. To. Secure. That out on the racetrack and, it.

Just Seems to. Have. An effect on the rest of the field I don't know if it was a lot of guys seem to want to work with. And when you get a lot of help out there it really makes you look good, that. Well these get a lot up right now but, Tony Stewart but I'm, not too sure that's enough because Jeremy, Mayfield's, taking that dodge up for the middle and just might take the lead. I mean we free, wide and I don't know how deep they are, some. Guys in there that have come from the back of the pack the gold car the inside Mike Skinner in the core he, started 37th. Yellow, car the M&Ms machine on the left ken Schrader 36. He, started back in 31st, place and. Bill that rookie Jamie McMurray he got shuffled back. And now he's moving back toward the front been. Running inside the top ten for the last few laps yes danger. The radio but getting fantastic, help, from his tea spotters, Lorin, Ranier and Timmy, make--can, make--can, Zahn the backstretch, Lauren, is on the front stretch he's their number one spotter the guy that usually spots, for Sterling Marlin as well so, not only is getting to know the crew and the other drivers, is also learning to new spotters, today at Talladega. And. You can tell you, can see just how important, spotters, would be to tell you to warn you that a car is trying to pass you on the inside then the car is trying to pass you on the outside. Look, at Brett Bodine that, Hooters car right behind the Citgo Jeff Burton car started. 41st. Last, time I was 12. This time. And, by the way watching, that 40 car on pit road Sterling, Marlin was discovered. Said it's very tough to stand, here and watch it could be difficult to race these events but if you're a Winston Cup driver at the last place you want to be is on the sidelines, that's where sterling is today and up for the season with a fractured. Vertebra in his neck especially in a place like here, bill because I mean sterling is one of the best guys in the draft is, that a lot of sense here boy. He, had a good shot at winning this race, hey we saw sterling, boss the piste with the cervical, collar on. Number, 2 c2. See, two is the same Bank Christopher Reeve broke, now that I understand, he, cut this, one so there's, no wonder, why he's standing there and not in the gym we played some might, have had a great chance to win the championship this year but in the end it's, not worth it. Hey, how about Jimmie Johnson. 48. Car has gotten in front of the pack he's on the tail end of the lead lap caution, comes out now and he can stay there back around to the yellow flag he's, right back in the thick of those things hardest, thing in Talladega or Daytona these, restricted, races is getting a lot back it can get one down. Although his, teammates. Watterson. Uh. You're. One of these guys I got a beat here. All. Right well that's interesting. And. We talked about at, the big crash and how this code is to avoid. If you haven't watched the Rachel Talalay before, you understand, gift, out Tuffy would be if something happens, up in front of these cars they make contact and, start screaming. You know I watched these races all the time and the phrase keeps popping into my head where'd he come from where'd he come from where we just talked about Ricky Craven dropping back he, just took the lead.

32. Car about. 15th or 16th just, a couple of laps ago. And, the. Tension. And the preparations, building, here on pit road Allen already closing in on the first set of stop remember, these teams are running a fuel-cell, today. To fuel. It depends on who you ask how much screw they actually. But when they come in you'll see all kinds of different strategies, probably. To tires and get as much fuel as you can in there a lot, of pressure on these guys on pit road today you're, gonna see a lot of chaos, getting to pit lane as well though because these guys are really going to be trying to get as much advantage as they can to, get to the start of pit lane and these parts just don't stop that will be big-oh. 3400. Pounds and. These, cars brake Dave, burns while they sand down there when BP we've been talking about running the High Line here but several crews of radio to their drivers start, working, your way to the bottom because, they don't want to surprise anybody, and try to come from a high lane, cut across to go to the pits that's, a big concern if these guys try to push it the rest. Run out of fuel in front of the pay. The. Leader or up forces started a further pack this, way you've got a clean pit lane and you know you get in and out without any problems how about a bill or he comes and. This will be the beginning of it so far I only see Craven off pit road open now he's got other help other drafting, partners coming in these guys have to pit in bunches this is going to be fuel only for Craven, some guys stopping earlier one, so they'll get a good gas mileage measurement. And the other thing is they don't want to be out front when it's really crowded Yvonne. Craig who's got his fuel, bill, turned to me that Mayfield who has been at the front of the pack today changes, to right-side tires, gets his car full of fuel no adjustments, to the Dodge. Craven's, guys yelling about. And, valiant, service already completed right-side, tires and then fill the Thor fuel the question, 13, or more the. Dodge is not being the fuel mileage the Chevrolets and Ford's own well that's going to be a big concern unless this caution flag mixes. Things up, all. Right cut some more drop it off to come to pit road as, Jeff Gordon comes back with the lead. If Jeff heard the Citgo car on, pit road Jamie. McMurray bill and, this, is his first pit stop as a Winston Cup driver going to change right-side, tires again it's probably just one count, of fuel although, some guys to really pack it are going to use a secondhand, not necessary, this time McMurray, practiced, pit stops yesterday, he stalls it has to get pushed down. That's. About two or three seconds, you just simply cannot. Afford to lose on pit road, that's the mistakes we talked about earlier you cannot make on this deal because if this does go green that's, a lot of space you're gonna have to it's going to be almost impossible make up see Todd Bodine and Jimmy Spencer also leaving pit road having just stopped who comes in this time. While. We watch these pit stops the ticker across the top of the screen the names you see now appearing in yellow will be those who have already made their stops in the cycle of green here's Matt Kenseth in and. It's were right-side, tires for Matt and a load of fuel a lot of concern for, spotters and crew chiefs and their drivers to get from the outside crew, on to pit road. He's got his fuel he's on his way. Six. Card mark Barton one lap down full. Of fuel right-side tires back, out. Martin, coming up on Matt Kenseth, there's Kurt Busch leaving pit road Scott. Wimmers been in Kevin Harvick. Paulus two tires and no changes for Kurt Busch pretty happy with the chassis they decided to make no chassis, changes on, the car and they. Have a car out of gas on the back French. Mike. Skinner has run, out of gas meantime, most of the guys who were frontrunners are coming in Gordon, is in Wallace. Stewart, Newman. Dave. Jeff Gordon radioed in we don't need to change a thing the car is great they will put two fresh right-side, tires on there and pack this fuel cell full of fuel twelve, and a half 13, gallons maybe a little bit more and they'll send Jeff on his way Matt the most important, guy on the 20s pit stop is Jeff huge hands in the gas head he's got a pack that fuel so full of fuel Stewart service, complete. The jr. Jeff Bourne revving the engine anticipates, them let that clutch out and leave in the pits and she still better be careful put right-side tires on thing he got the hot sticky ones on the left the cold ones on the right we. Used to break a lot of axles in the back. Well. That just took Skinner out of the race let's, just hang this yellow elliott, sadler stalled, on pit road had to be pushed pit. Stalls, down pit road here comes junior down pit road.

Junior. Michael Waltrip getting a couple more laps than everybody else make a note of that I'll see if junior changed his right size he did lock it up getting down in a pit lane you're. Gonna see him come by Dave Blaney's car being, pushed there Marty, Michael. Waltrip comes on to pit road he is very happy with the chassis Dale Earnhardt jr. at the very last stall on pit road, take doesn't take very long to get all the fuel in this 13 gallon fuel cell it'll be right-side tires for junior he was a little tight they decided to make no changes, for fuel. Riki, run also gets by Dale, Earnhardt jr.. And. Now they've got to blend in with the pack that's coming up on him there behind the start/finish, line. I'm dr. Mitchell Gilmore, the head engine man for Dylan art incorporated, to the owns the eight car the 15 car and. He. Said that's what they've been working on since Daytona fuel. Mileage. They've, been looking very hard trying, to get more fuel mileage whip, this restrictor-plate engines, jimmie johnson tank or just blew by those guys, that. Just came off pit road yeah. The, smaller fuel cells and the, produced gas tank capacity, was to create more green flag pit stops which break apart the field some and perhaps, eliminate, the chance of the big wreck we've just had the first green flag pit stop what. Do you think right, now the cars are thinned out exactly. See we don't have it big pack of cars we have come some cars to a blast but we, don't have the three or four wide I think right now it's working perfectly as I say to go three wide. They're, stressed out enough to stay that way I think they're still close enough for what they may accordion. And get right back together again. Just. Completed, the first 100, miles of, the EA Sports 500. The first set of pit stops have been cycled. Through and, Jeff Gordon has the race lead. Maybe not for long here comes Michael Waltrip. Kenny Johnson try to find a way to stay up there on the tail end of the lead lap but he couldn't put the Block on Mike. Where's pit summary. Tahoe. Ricky. Craven. Out. 17th. And. We heard almost guys yell instruments they have some kind of problem in Freeman's bit that cost him 16. Spots. The pack is drawing back together and he's right in the middle of it so he's still, light in contention. It hurt it nearly as bad as it would on another track like say Charlotte next week, NASCAR. On NBC, is coming to you from Sweet, Home Alabama, past. 100, miles in Talladega Alabama and, pretty fraught with tension right now man, it didn't take long after. The pit stops these cars are strung out single-file. Just double power. A few, laps later that big group the cars again. Bill. We talked about Ricky Craven losing some squats in that stop and we heard count a lot of hollering and yelling while you're recovering the stop what's the what's the post over there for what they were yelling about was to make sure they got tape off the front of the grill Craven, in traffic, was running a water temperature of 250, he, would back out of traffic get off the bumper of somebody to get some air into the. Front of that car get it down to about 2:30 so when he pitted they wanted to take tape off the grill they were just shouting instructions, to remind the crew. Man could, grab the tape off the front of the grill they, had plenty of time to do that because they had to get up you know a full load of 13 gallons of fuel in there the reason they lost all those spots basically is because they don't have a partner, they don't have a team car it really didn't have a plan for anybody else to draft up so. That hurt them getting back up to speed that's right he did stop by himself in there and he stopped the lappers so early with most cars so when he's on the racetrack good, point he was on the race track without any drafting, help which is about a second or two follow, up on Dale Earnhardt jr. pit stop over ready to go well you talked about how important, it is not to, slide the front tires if you're only changing - yeah watch watch here see him locking that right front tire up is is bad because that a flat spot the tire don't put it out of balance and we caught this on juniors radio when he came into the stop.

Slide, Open erodes. Front. Stable it looks the lmia below the yellow line. For. DJ you're never, locked out buddy. It's hard to tell sometimes you know it's the front but it's. Good that he caught it better. What. Are they saying down there gay here's, the problem this is the right front tire off Joe Nemechek scar, when they took it off air, pouring, out of here but he got this flat spot when he put the brakes on coming, on to pit road but the problem is you lock up both front tires and so, they replaced the right-side tires on that car the, left sides who knows what that left front looks like and Joe has recorded, a vibration, in the front of the car while. Exactly. What you were talking, about exactly, your whole point man. Yeah that that can cost you right there and it's just and, looking at the cars there's a lot of guys that are running different sized rotors, there's there's the speedway rotors which is a real narrow rotors, and then some intermediate. Track we're switching thicker rotors. Everybody's, trying a little bit different, dealer trying to not block this breaks up when they come down and, you see Nemechek there he's, in 37. Points. Draft, it if, you feel a vibration II, think you locked, up the tire BP. That doesn't get any better and then it wears on your mind it only gets worse at that point racially probably, that Nemechek it at twenty five o'clock failed, with the back of the line because you certainly don't want have a tire problem in front of these cars and. Here. We are again three, wide. Harvick. Up there now. See, michael waltrip inhaler. It, stops their drafting, here. Are the championship, standings as they run now. Of. Course this is going to change lap after lap. It's, gonna change after this lab was. Likely the big deal the fact that Mark Martin and James Johnson. Their problems on the pace laps and their way back in the field now, if you're not familiar with how the championship, system works the. Winner of the race gets 100, seconds. Five coins for a little ways then it's four points per position and so on so the second place gets 170, points third place 165. And so on, then. If you lead a lap I get five. Leave the most laps you get another five bonus points. Don't. Walk is, a forty third because. That only pays thirty four, points, and it's possible, for some guy, to get one eighty five. Having. Somebody like Alan even get, to explain, that mr., math, petition. Over here people if they wrote it on the screen now that you name of it. Then, an army goes in front of Kurt Busch just. Drive down the inside. Here's, our online, poll from the pre-race show which, track will have the biggest impact on the 2002, NASCAR, Winston Cup championship. You. Agree with the drivers right for him I agree with the majority as well. Phoenix, chefs 3%. If they're right or wrong. Got. The first two guys in points that are yeah. Having, some trouble, Jimmy, Johnson running for tea. Viii, last time across. Just one thing about the races here you could never say for sure where. He's running except, last time at the start/finish line any area of. Kevin harvick. Different, driver to leave the EA Sports 500. At Talladega you're. Watching NASCAR on, NBC. Hey baby. The. Graphic said last, time bike Raymond was an 11th spot there he is. Michael and jr. have gotten back together. Kurt. Busch is the leader Jeff, Burton is second. Michael waltrip heading the outside charge racing, him there. On board with their on aren't you the but Carla check of telemetry you'll. See the Dean long. For our rpm, pretty, steady. All way around the racetrack. Laney as. He drops off down in the corner sometimes it will go up a little bit Wow Wow, did you see that slide job to Kurt Busch what, was that all about. My. Job at Talladega, look like he got in the Euler stuff but he came up the racetrack so quickly. Michael. Waltrip the second 3d preferred. For today is in that 55, car in the center there he's in the substitutes, role of Parvati handling this week Marty. Jr. still having fun oh yeah. He's having a big time. Cannot see us telemetry was the water temperature, it was up to 240, a little while ago so you, notice he dropped back from his teammate. Racing. Again now they're up front in a three three car pack three car breakaway, I believe it is and, the. 15 in the eight together again. One in that 55, car. The. 55. Was. It. Laughter the 55. Make contact. About, 14 other cars involved. Because, this racetrack really. Is easy to. But mainly, what they're going through is, about as tough. Question, about the only thing maybe physically, be paying he to heat this, pretty warm out there today so the inside the cars are a little bit hot but yeah. You are. With, the inside move on Dale jr. prefer. And his brother Ward coming up behind him in the 22 car. Kurt Busch moved down to try to give some help to, Jeff Burton. You might have moved down and tells himself to lead yeah when you know you're looking you're looking at the mirror to see who's coming and if you see somebody coming you try to move, up the racetrack in front of them and hoping that they'll push you a little bit so you're.

Looking Through the mirror Oh. Bs car. LCVP, they're saying. A lot, of area to just rest here we go. Like you said physically, it's not so bad she's that you got no. Coming inside that car. By, these windows and nothing. Really comes inside the car so a lot of heat inside these race cars. Rush-hour. Traffic around, the city you tend to grip the steering wheel a little bit tighter what about here you gripped the wheel a little bit tighter than you minded another track, I think, so. 22. Going to the crime. At, 22, guard new crew chief is Frankie. Stoddard, who was the. Crew chief of an odd car. Dynamic. That is huh you, got somebody scrape the wall here. Ooh wow. That, was is that all about well like I said you're. Looking in the mirror for a guy that's coming up on in if you see a car coming up on you you walk you, drive, up the racetrack and, to get a push except, there, wasn't any room to drive up in front of Michael on that one. Got, to get them pretty good vendors are your friends here at Talladega and Michael, probably got the worst of it because the rear fenders aren't as important as the front ones well he's just a couple of laps away from another green flag pit stop. So let's take a break and, we'll come back in time for the stops Jeff, Burton leads nine different driver out in front of the EA Sports 500. Watching, NASCAR on NBC. Burton. Continues, to lead and we are closing, in on the second round of pit stops as, well. Laughs, 35, and basically, was out of fuel they, refueled, and gave him right side tires and sent him back out far asthma quite as good done this, as it was on the earlier. Rusty by taking two tires because Shiva takes any tires when he stops this time probably will take less because, that's time can be used while they're fueling the car let's move further down pit road today burns and Warburton. Took on right-side tires on his first stop he's very happy with this car not, the car that won the Daytona 500 of, course they take that away from you and put it in the Daytona USA attraction.

For A year, this is actually a backup, car to the one that ran here in April and. He likes it he's going to keep running it Marty. Dave. Michael waltrip team is a little bit concerned, about the left, my, classes, crew chief Slugger Labbe take a look at it with binoculars, he said it looked fine - not too much to worry about it. A little, bit of concern this, race is quickly turning into a fuel mileage race and longer it goes green the, more story the fuel mileage becomes, many, teams can last. Me too. Might, be able to stay out even longer than, that Matt. Jimmy Johnson runs back Fortin position although he's up in about this 6 to 12th place on, the racetrack trying. To stay close to the front so we can get a debris caution, or caution. For the big one he can try to get his lap back his. Car sent us Matt he set his powers back. And. Once. Again Ricky Craven, leads the parade on pit road again the second round of stops under, green, not expecting any chassis, adjustments, here two right-side tires. Packing, that fuel-cell, witches with as much gas as they can get in it about 13, gallons to 32 half maybe more he's on his way. Mel. Elliot's in a two-time talent, in the winner they made an air pressure adjustment. On, his first stop because the car was a little bit tight he says it feels like it just quit turning servers. Complete on Elliott. Was. Very very tight they made Joe made a wedge adjustment to, try to fix that put on two right side tires and then he stalled at trying to leave pit lane a lengthy, pit stop. That lap no, takers this time everybody comes past pit road well, I tell you what if this thing goes green, on, the way that he cut the fuel mileage rates those cars it just pitted cross, them off in trouble, Robby, Gordon up. 2/3. Takes, that dirt Bush. Riding. The rim. But, like, I said earlier you don't want to start getting down to that bottom groove because guys going to start petting me well you don't want to be on the high groove if you need to get the best. Expecting. The potential, for trouble with, guys starting, to show. In bunches, yeah a lot of hand motion here on wave. It to the guys behind you let them know that you're gonna come in and Pitt give me a little bit of room, cuz, I'm gonna be slowing down Kenny, Wallace. Back. On pit road. Trying. To get down to that 55. The rain. On, the racetrack, the. War rages, on. Bill. Ken. Schrader on pit road getting left-side tires and fuel he had complained about a vibration right, after his first pit stop no, problem since then though apparently it went away he's on his way we go today left-side, tires now for Joe Nemechek remember.

Ian Reported, there was that vibration. That he might have had from skidding the tires coming in and I'm gonna take a look real quick on, the left front just to see and he did not so. There was some sort of vibration, but it wasn't a huge flat spot like he had a right foot. Schrader's Jimmy Spencer Terry Labonte Johnny Benson and Joe Nemechek those, who stopped this time and, now Jeff Burton is. Out of line in coming to pit road. Four, or five others followed him in built, and. They told Jeff Burton that he had a parade of cars behind him including the 40 car which is pitted, directly behind him again that's the rookie Jamie McMurray for, Jeff Burton in his left side tires and fuel the mill going in the tire is going on McMurray, gets a fresh windshield, hit the checkmark Justin's, right side tires and fuel spins, the tires and, takes off down pit road Burton had a faster stop and Burton, got in pit lane excellent. He got in there really hard did not lock the front tires up especially the right front that's a good thing BP because they changed less home and, Jamie. McClure, at that time did, not stall. The engine as, he did the first time Matt Kenseth Scott, Wimmer and Brett Bodine following. McMurray and Burton off the pit lane. Looking, back who's going to come in this time. Most. Of the leaders stay out once more it's todd bodine and Dave Blaney coming in. And, dave burns is going to cover the todd bodine stop, if Todd Bodine can end up the leader at the end of the day Kurtz roots Mitch from Schmidt from what Dale Illinois will win a million, dollars on the Novo five challenge she's 80 years old guys I think she still knows how to cheer and, she's hoping that these two right-side tires will help Todd on that day. Matt his last stop the 77, team gave Dave Blaney, right-side. Tires this time around laughs. Here's. Robby Gordon looking for the lead on Kurt Busch and Dale Earnhardt jr. push it up through. Through these cars riding on board with Ryan Newman, he's also racing for million dollars and a million dollars for a fan so, is Dylan our Junior. Got. About eight cars breaking off to pit road built, Rusty. Wallace lead, to this parade Mark Martin follows him along with the 22 in the 14 in the 43, left, side tires for rusty this time and fuel going in did, not run out of fuel on this run, while that's waiting on the fuel waiting, and we go today, Warburg's still happy with his car right-side, tires again, for Ward Burton they took out right sides last time they repeat the process. I. See that time that the Sigma for Ward Burton ago was let in the Jack down normally. That is a signal for the driver to go when the jack goes down you go but I've noticed with all these guys just, changing two tires they're letting the car down and telling the driver hurt me when to leave when the gas tank is full. Most. Of the leaders stay. Out again except, the leader Busch. Is. In at lap 70, a, couple. Others following him in Marty he. Ran out front for most of that segment Allen e is very happy with the chassis of the car right now many, teams are considering, taking left side tires Kerch, team considered, that this time but they will go with right-side tires this time slides, in just a little bit as it comes down pit road get pretty good fuel mileage better than most of his teammates man, Marty. The 29 of Kevin Harvick they're going to take right-side, tires on this stop service. Complete he's full of fuel he's down in the way. Jerry. Nadeau and Kevin Harvick leaving. Behind Kurt Busch. Jr is the leader of the race, Jeff. Gordon, running second. Watching. Them come off turn four as this to lap they stop. Or Dale Jarrett, like. Can stretch that fuel like. I mean, this is turned into be a real, race. Marty. Dale. Jarrett comes down pit road Robby Gordon right in front of him Robby having a great run Dale Jarrett pretty happy with the chassis just a little bit tight for DJ this, morning finish gives us last week 39, they want to rebound from that it'll be right-side tires and an air pressure adjustment, for the 88 bunch. Junior. Stopped at lap 35, so he spent 37. Laps now. He, had to push his car back in the head, box before they could do anything to the car. Alright. Who's coming in looks, like gorg's coming in this time. Ryan. Newman Bobby. Labonte, Tony Stewart Dale jr. stays out. And, they're getting some fuel mileage in that eight car today. Jeff. Just radioed in it's still running it's still running so they were close on fuel robbing Robby Loomis awesome reminded him go slow on pit road Jeff one of the best at getting off and on pit road but he just wanted oh now it's start the, car stalls they spray ether try to get into the cowling.

Fire. He's gone man. They are still termina packet and ilse full of fuel day Tony Stewart left-side tires he eased in, to take care of those tires. Party. Quick, stop for the 12 bunch matter was right-side tires and no adjustments for Ryan Newman who, kept it up in the front of that pack for most of that run very, happy with his call right now. And it looks like finally. That the Dei cars, will come down pit road. Heard. The report from Marty earlier that the left front fender the. True didn't think was damaged, on Michael Waltrip's car from that encounter with Kurt Busch let's, see as they get a closer look at it now on this pit stop. Party. Here we come, or. Guys I tell you if this thing turns into a fuel mileage race this could be big because these cars are going further than anyone else there is a little bit of left front fender damage for Michael Waltrip it does bode in just two pin he should be able to tell that from the shot they're gonna pull it away it'll be obviously no changes for the car and then led most of that segment ran out front most of that segment he is very happy with that 15 car. Run. And. Cow, Benny. Save. Fat 28 car they got it going today they do have it going Betty they actually changed her right-side tires very quickly and then just waited a little bit longer for all of the fuel to get in the fuel cell I've heard a problem this weekend, is getting the fuel to go in all the way because there's not as much. The air out that's, been a problem they've been trying to fix by shaking the car or just waiting a little bit longer. Wow. Michael. Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt jr., raced off in pit road side-by-side, around, 1 & 2 as the faster, field came up on him and I thought jr. was going to get right in the middle of the suit there for a second. Yeah. I look to me like he was things. Will be welcome in the Russia. Luckily, his spotter told him just at the last instant to move down he did they're, able to get by. Marnie. Michael Waltrip's teams had a chance to get an up-close look at that fender - Gillis. Has Slugger Labbe he got a chance to look at the fender damage up close what do you think yeah, that's normal Dale Michael always seems to knock the left front fender when we come to these places he knows something about there we don't but. Trying to make it a fuel mileage race we're hoping a big one don't happen and everyone a dis pit on lap 74. It's good to go make it on one, more stop so open, up what's up boys will that damage hurt you slugger now, if it's been running good you know we went from the back to backed it up to the front so it's a normal deal for us all, right and that damage didn't make the car just a little bit tighter but again they didn't make no changes, on that stop and. Marty I think he meant two more stops I don't, believe he can run the rest of the way on one, more stop. Too much. Does your math agree with that. Even. On you you're gonna stop and pick up the pen and the paper and figure it out all right here's. The leader Kurt Busch Jeff, Burton his second Jerry Nadeau is up to third. 113. Laps to go were at 200, miles at Talladega, we're, having some fun. Alive. On NBC. Just past 200. Miles in the race and, 35. Cars in, the lead draft. Among. Those 35, most of the coca-cola. Kevin Harvick Dale Jarrett, Jeff Burton in the. By the launch of getting shuffled back just a little bit on that last pit stop saying for Bobby. Kyle, Petty's still right there in the middle of the pack also. They do have to come back in four. They have none scheduled stop something's, rotten up and about the in the top five easily in the top five and came, off turn four and dumped into the pits had to be a loose wheel they came back came back, the first place huh yep. Probably, the case but I'll bet we'll follow it up to be sure these, tire changers. They, do it fast but you got to be sure that the lug nuts are tight. Kurt, Busch is the leader, one. Of 10 to the drivers that out in front today. Second. Ward Burton third Rusty. Wallace fourth, Jamie. McMurray. The. Rookie in sterling, Marlins car running fifth he's getting challenged, from Dale Jarrett, and, they're three wide there's a little bit behind him. Ricky. Craven that type ride on the inside at 32 car.

Continuing. His great Runyon Saturday. Turned out to be a fuel mileage race, once. Again he's doing, we've. Got cameras, that are mounted low on top of the retaining wall in a couple of places were on the racetrack we called speed, shots. Expressed. Concern, that we had a bug on our back stretch speed, shot well it wasn't a bug watch this this, was lap one. Rocked. Something. Crack. Aye aye. Vote, you go out and change that out me yeah just check out their change it I'm. Sure they won't hit you you got 51. Seconds, but time they come back around yeah. Dale Jarrett trying to get it all aboard. Well what happened a dude he thought he had a right-side, tire going down so he came down the pit road he actually had a right, front fender rubbing, on it so, they came down pit road took the tires off pulled the fender out it wasn't going down but, it wasn't, down yet but it was probably going down with that vendor rub on it so how, to pull them in fix, it send them back out that hurts he's about to go a lap down. He's. In 35th, place and he's just in front of this pack of four bleep cars. We, talked about earlier one mistake on pit, road or whatever if, you have to come in or there's, any kind of problem. You're. Done here really that's like Mike Skinner the for car we saw him. Is run out of fuel on that first stop, he's a lap down and probably won't ever struggle. To try to get it back while. He can get it back, got, Arlo's improvers, in snoozers we could do this about five times all day and this thing it's shuffle back and forth you, can find yourself starting xxx running second, then, running 40th then running fifth then running night it just that's. How it is here at Talladega, okay. Let's go the other way and yeah, we got to go to the front row because Johnson and Marlin, Martin Martin on the first lap making, contact, and both cars had, to go the pits. Then Johnson has well 41, spots so far, Martin, Martin 36. First laughs it was the pace laps, yeah, I'm Angela. And we had the only, problem, of the day so far at 65 miles an hour yep. Manufactures. Championship, for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. Pretty. Tight. Ten, wins two nine four for Dover Chevrolet. Dodj not all that far behind. Rusty. Wallace and fourth spot, looking. Up the back up again. 38. Career races, at Talladega for rusty only. 11 top-10, finishes. Hey what points, is really tightened up now look at the top five and look at where us he is Wow, 20, points out in fifth spot. Right now obviously. Matt it's not going, to do that what's up no no it's Tyler Matt well, many things have gone from bad to worse for Elliott, Sadler now. It was reported he's got a broken shack, they're just gonna have to ride it out remember he finished second back in February, the Daytona 500 they're hoping for more of the same here, in the season's final plate race it's not going to happen today. A first place right now. That. Is too bad, easier. To tell you the guys that aren't on the lead lap, Kenny. Wallace is a lap down had to make an extra pit stop. Mark. Martin, Jimmie Johnson both, laps down remember the problems earlier on the pace laps we just talked about Mike, Mike Skinner Dave Blaney, while had hip problems and shook that out of fear. And jay sauter is, off the racetrack in the only one of the 43 starters not currently. Coming. Up on 250, miles of the halfway point of the EA Sports 500. At Talladega. 500. At Talladega caution-free, so far the, headline story of the day of collision, on the pace laps between. The front row starters Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson to talk to in the championship that have them both well back in the field Martin 37, conjunction.

42nd. Notre. Dame football next, Saturday, the undefeated. Irish on NBC. At 2:30 Eastern Time returning from South Bend to take on the University, of Pittsburgh Panthers, five. Straight wins have the Irish back up on college football's elite they continued, their return to glory that's Pitt next Saturday at 2:30 Eastern, here, on NBC I, tell you one thing the fighting hire his foot on that first quarter yesterday, against a tree did they. Soon rotted the ship. Kurt. Busch is the leader Jeff. Gordon is second Dale Earnhardt jr. is third you, see all the way back to Kyle Petty the 32nd, place car. While, it doesn't look like the small gas tanks little luck you spread these comics pass it it really hasn't although, we have dropped like, maybe. Ten guys due. To problems in the pits or getting on or. Off pit, lane out of that fit group, but. Still. Have a big group there got 33, cars in large, group that's what NASCAR I think was trying, to get away from they wanted five, or six ten, car groups yeah. Five six carbons you know you talk about hand signals when guys are getting it out here comes Jeff Gordon. Well. He got a great push from, Dale in r2 and, Michael, walked with the 15, car and just. Blew by. Jeff, Gordon winner of three of the last six, races on the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit fourth, in the championship. Just a hundred nine points, wide leader Jimmie Johnson, watch. Robby Gordon and Dale Earnhardt jr. here on this replay guys. Crowded. Crowded crowded. And. Don't, do that anymore. Vicky was saying have a nice day. Junior, in second. Last, lap I Robby Gordon had been shuffled back to 19th. Jeff. Gordon Dave Callen, I'm not sure how many laps the Jeff Gordon is going to leave because when you lead you don't get quite as good fuel mileage as if you follow, and Robbie Loomis is crew chief Radio doom just save us what you can we're a little close on fuel today remember. They stole it last time. A lot more fun tool either. Yeah I mean it. Really is a lot more fun you can plan all the strategy trying to win. Even, if you win it's boring, for 500, miles and you like to have fun while you're out there. But. Doing a little bit of going Friday party. Right sir. They're inside, of Rikki was, that Jeff Burton he's inside of. Well who's it going to be play so he's not inside. That's, tight. Right to come to halfway this time and Jeff. Gordon is the race leader of, the EA Sports 500. At Talladega you're, watching NASCAR on NBC. Getting. To see some separation now, at the head of the pack, well so much for that Allen yeah, you're coming to here and, I tell you what these last few left with with Jeff Gordon in front I have seen some of the fastest, speeds I've seen all day. No. Waltrip. In the 15 Bernard, to nearly eight corporate, teammates, a Dale Earnhardt incorporated. The, races at Daytona and Talladega in, the last two seasons now the head at 12 about 12 14 car, line they're going to be feeding if they would have stayed in line they would have broken away from that second, pack who, they just can't stand it they gotta have fun got that fun you gotta enjoy themself can I get out there and race and. Button. Doing sergeant. Kevin. Harvick three wide could have put Michael Waltrip in the box. Michael trying to squeeze into that low line in front of wart burger. You know I talked about dominance. Of the Daytona Talladega nations, by daily. The past two seasons seven. Races. They, have four wins for, second, place finishes, and a top two suite in three of those. 35% of, all the laps run. Bill. 32s, in the pits again and he's about to be on his way but he did sluggish. They only change laughs got. He's gone Matt.

Bill. Elliott's, in left-side tires they, are probably going to make it an extra stop in the competition, ago. Two labs every, run Rodney Rowe's fills, it full of fuel service, complete Pirelli. Yankin. 132, left and the DEA cars, so, far have, run 38. Laps, we. Stopped for five. That's a pit stop. Jeff. For, second place. And reading up there to mix ready, in a second. 33. Car Kenny Wallace Dave he, took on right-side tires the first time guys took on no tires no fresh, tires the last time and he'll take on left-side tires this time remember, last time he got a penalty it was from leaving the pit box while he was still fueling he crossed the line. Yeah. That was mentioned in the drivers increases in this morning that you have to disconnect, that fuel can before. You cross the front line of that hit this on the Gasman try to run with the car to, keep that thing plugged in for as long as possible, I did, not realize that was filming not. Have been killing that myself with, me taking equipment, out the pit box which. Is a penalty but, again they were especially warned, about that in the drivers meeting this morning. Twenty-eight. Car the championship, leaders starting today is in, and. He was a lone ranger out, there running by himself without anybody. They're gonna make a right-side, tire change on Jimmie Johnson. Today. Joe. Nemechek two right-side tires, full, of fuel. Maybe those two rick hendrick own cars can wake up together and try and. Maybe. Check comes down pit road Terry. The Kellogg's car is right behind him so. 200, cars made it sales of a better shot getting hooked up. I'm told that robotics. Call the car trying. The imitators, in front of him. That hasn't been done at Talladega Daytona bunch the last couple of years pretty. Impressive weather, get more pages on pit road yep a lot of business now Matt Kenseth, is here he's getting left-side tires and fuel still. Waiting on the fuel takes a little bit longer to put the fuel into the tires on Matt's on his way. Got a fly from here in Talladega to his native Wisconsin, head, for the Packers game Monday night doesn't. Get a chance to be that much during racing season. Oh. Jeff. Lauren got a slide wide, around some of the slower traffic. Kurt. Busch, moving. Through at the bottom, what.

How, Epidemic. Orton at the back completely, off to Tron because he's lost one two, three, four spots. Skinner's not on the lead lap seven, car of Casey, Atwood is not on the lead lap that's, what happened they came up on those cars so fast and they just kind of scattered, and. Lost a lot of momentum happened to get out of the gas there and he's still getting shuffled back on the outside. So, Kurt Busch is the new leader and we intercepted, this on his radio a little while ago about what, he's learning while leading this race. I. Told, you yesterday I need to work on when I'm in the lead I did, that today learned. A lot of things just the, 15. Use that knowledge later. Earlier. When he hit when he pinched. Michael Walter at least I, guess. That's what his dog. I wouldn't, be bragging about that yeah. Jamie. McMurry co2. Gas bill, had to run out he. Ran out and he's concerned because he's run out of fuel your tack doesn't, work so they told him guess you're best off pit road speed but don't go over it. Do. That I don't know first. Winston Cup race Rusty, Wallace pulling, out he got tires Jeff, burns out his way he got tires now, MacMurray's in his pit stall they spray a fluid, into, the intake, to try and help him get it started they're going to make a chassis adjustment fuel. Going in left side tires are on still, waiting to try and get it started will not start now they're gonna have to push it push it push it they got a long way to go here trying, to fire. You get another thing fired fast as those guys gonna run out of gas like that car get that. And there, again there's a guy that I didn't, back down probably. Going to lose a lap because of that and, if you're new to NASCAR, there are no speedometer zhivets, machines they judge their pit road speed limit by the tachometer, the, RPMs, that they're supposed to own that does the engine shut off and jamie mcmurray counter, break he had an early pit stop if he'd have to coast all the way down pit road. He, never guessed 55, miles per hour yeah you're, right.

Michael, Waltrip is now out in front. Versus second. He's, in third. -, forth kevin harvick this trip that's taught all the way down to the inside and, Harvick, you're looking at the bumper off. The. Skinner got back at fur these guys. We have one of our crew cams our pig crew camera that's mounted on the helmet of a guy on one, of Jamie McMurray's, team members during that last we're. Out of fuel stop with. The front tire changer play. Robinson. Place. Quit. A push. Point hutch. Thank. God. Nice. Job, take one think it's a good thing at now sure but the trainer's got these guys in shape they, push it a lot farther than I felt good. Matt Kenseth in the 17. Don't. Forget the ticker across the top the guys that have already stopped will be shown in yellow. Was what the guys who was interested relapse, ago, here's, Ward Burton in Dave Ward, Burton's going to get a chassis adjustment and left-side tires he has taken rights on the first two stops he needed to take. There. Barn John eggs ready there Frankie. Stoddard I hear on the radio Frankie. Yelling something go hard go hard. And ordinary, joins the hunt the Daytona 500, winner. Championship. Standings as they are on the track now. Tony. Stewart goes to the front I said. At the top of our broadcast I, couldn't wait to see what that looked like at the end of the day rusty, rusty made a pit stop Molly okay. All. Right tonight that, wasn't really fair to him then no it wasn't. Do-over. Where. Is rusty in the running order 18th. Place now. There. All he's not racing with Benson Johnny. Johnny. Is where's. John Johnny's in 21st, well okay is racing. Came, in by itself he. Was 56, when he came. Party. Will. Robby Gordon, Allah this all they had on, and it looks like his teammate Kevin Harvick might be out of fuel on the racetrack. That's, as far as we. All in Harvick is out in the worst possible place just, past pit road he's down inside turns one and two. Talk about that happy. Hour BP that's not where he want to run out of fuel at Talladega, I mean he'll be three laps now before this deal is over what if he makes it that's just gonna say this could bring out a caution everybody, that's on the edge of a pit stop here it's, going to be really, nervous yeah, is that I'll tell you what and he may not make that's a long way he's got. Ramon. But. If you need fuel you got to come in you know you can't take the chance on doing this yourself by, hoping you get a caution so Jeff Gordon is coming in. Dave. Burns and Jeff, Gordon is in he'll take on left-side tires this time because you took on rights two times in a row they're, going to make a chassis adjustment as, well for, Jeff haven't heard any report of what the car is doing what. He, won a chassis adjustment big, revs he's, out of here Marty Kurt, Busch's team Dave will take on left-side tires he was tight they, felt, that would make the car tighter so they take a half pound out of both left side tires Dale Jarrett in front of him is p

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