2004 Nextel Cup Qualifying @ Loudon

2004 Nextel Cup Qualifying @ Loudon

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About as funny as it can be hee, hee hee ha ha ho. H is the letter that we love so, now. Please please, please let us remember that H in my context, today stands for helicopter. And that's my next report will be about and you don't have to look it up because. Track. While Matt Corral's, the driver whose second, fastest so far Martin, Truex junior second. Fastest in practice second. That's, all you had, yeah. The, car was really it was really good I think we could do one more time we could go faster obviously but everybody could say just. Real you know real proud just to be a part of this team, so. It's a great team obviously, you know they led two points in a run second, and just forgot, like me a rookie to come in here and work, with it with a team like this is just, a dream come true. I'm, just glad I can help you know juniors. Hopefully. He's in their watch and a little, bit better for next week but it's. Gonna you know just, do the best we can so we did today had fun you know there was no pressure and I'm. Having a lot of fun doing it so I wish, my Busch car ran that good but I will work on it for tomorrow we give you a good natsu describe, that fast laughs, it. Was it, was decent it wasn't as good as. We, tried a few things and. And the track got away from was therapy in a practice so Tony. Jr. and me, got together and he doesn't you know done some things that uh that, really made the car work a lot better and if we could do just a little bit more what we did we've we've probably been really, good but I'm, really, I'm ecstatic with that lap so uh I don't, know we'll just see what happens tomorrow happy hour and I have some more fun practice, car getting going faster the entire team is static with that performance currently second, they. Should be our staff yeah exactly. Scott. Wimmer is twenty eight fastest, out of 33 and Kasey Kahne is with Marty as he gets set to go yeah another young man with a great shot the pole third fastest, in practice do, you have a shot at winning the fat spot today Kasey I think, we have a really good car dodge dealer aw dodge is fast so see, what happened the no Ryan still has to go and Jimmy put down and good laps, hopefully. Okay, we. Had a crash on. Kyle. Busch who does not have a provision to fall back on, in. This limited, effort, out of the Hendrick R&D shop and, now he's got a very wrinkled up race car and.

We Just talked to and asked him was he gonna go for it or you, know just try to get a top-15 run. That's it. That was coming to the, green. Has, chased it. It. May not catch up for one I know they won't. I could, show you what happened. What. Happened as he exited, turned for coming down for the green flag boy. A little. Bit loose. He, was on the gas to what I'd saving it yeah and she didn't, catch it he. Was on the gas. There's, a Greg still, going he's still waving that green flag oh if, he just kept it from rolling to Clarke well never mind he was ever in the car anyway. Just, well, right when you jump on the throttle broke. Loose. And then, broke and then broke, traction. So. His. Qualifying, has started, never a good sound. And. So, Kyle is, back, in the garage area. And. We. Were talking with Kasey came when things, went wrong for Kyle Marty want to continue. Marty. I'm here. Why thank, you I will. Continue talking, with Kasey Kahne who has a good shot to win the pole now Tony Stewart said that you guys have exchanged, voicemails, do you plan on talking with him this evening yeah. I'd imagine we will sometime this weekend I mean where you got a our. Coaches are pretty close together so we run into each other but he. Tried calling me I tried calling him back and we just haven't we haven't talked to yet if, you guys you, put something like that behind you immediately, or do you let it worry you at all no. I don't let it worry me at all I think you. Know hopefully all that's behind us and we, don't have to have, any more than problems this year so we can you know try to keep this car up front Allen. Kasey. Kahne who, was third fastest, in practice, Ryan, Newman still to come as well over. Under the red flag here in New Hampshire International Speedway after, Kyle Busch crashed coming to the green flag for his qualifying, attend. Cleanup. Complete back under the green in New Hampshire that's ken schrader on the tracks coming, to TNT a man, who lived life on the edge the TNT, original Evel Knievel, next, Friday at 8 p.m. TNT. Original, movie. Followed. By on. Saturday, night Robbie, Knievel, with, a jump on the former USS, Intrepid live, from New York on TNT, Wally you're gonna be part of that telecast I am that's gonna be cool you're gonna give them the green flag or I'm gonna get the green flag on now I'm gonna be there with my mic and it's, gonna be fun I'm gonna be there all week watching, them build the ramps and what.

All They have to do there's a lot to it they don't just set up it ramp, and go there's a lot to it so they're. All we carry. Errs are I mean they're big but to get up to speed to jump what he's gonna jump in the land and stop it's all about the ramp and it's all about the stop. Not. Have much room to stop 130. Hundred 40 feet if he doesn't stop he going and he goes in the water yeah. I. Don't know what it is but it's a long way from the top of a aircraft, carrier, to the water. Hey pretty good laughter straighter he's an 11th best check, it out twenty nine twenty. It's. A good lap for Kenny very good laugh couple, times about pole winner here in New Hampshire so good. One there for Schrader he, likes his place and he eating he goes good here. And. By the way Robbie can't even we'll be here tomorrow yes. Robbie will be here tomorrow as our guest as my wally world, passenger. So. You'll take him for a ride in the stock car here tomorrow that will see on Sunday, I wonder if we can talk him, into giving you a ride on the motorcycle I'm, sure, he would do it but I don't think I'm gonna group get, on the back of that motorcycle long. Here's. Jeff Burton green flag a. Four. Hampshire, International Speedway. Just. 25th best in practice, and. That's about where he is currently but. Over. The years this 99, car. Jeff, he, started in front and one he started second in one one year he also started, way back through the back of the pack in one one year. Visual. All right so far he's 20 first, 36. Cars have attempted qualify, and Burton, is 21st. With another left to go he, lost a lot of time right in the right before the center there. Today's chase right now puts him in about 17, 18 now, it's taking a drop now a little trouble get through the center of 3 & 4. As fast as that thing spins that tells you just how close these times are together, talking. Hundreds, and thousands, of a second can swing you four in five positions. And. Jeff ends up 20th out of 36. And we have nine, cars to go David. What, he got for us H stands for helicopter, H stands for Harvick, and right now we're going to talk about the, in-car, camera. Helicopters. That work, in conjunction with our production crew another, part of the aerial show if you will at every Speedway these, guys over here Trent, and Cody are working on the emmy-award-winning, BST, team they are installing, three, in-car cameras, on Kevin Harvick's car right now there will be 10 cars in the race carrying, cameras and they'll, send their signals 2500, feet up in the air to, one of our choppers it gets the signal and using a repeater sends it back down to the BST truck who then sent it over to our production crew and we, get the signal and put it on the air pretty cool how all that works now that chopper will stay up in the air all day long except to refuel when he comes down we've got it back up that's the chopper that also has a repeater but it also gives you the aerial, views and sometimes, the replays, of incidents, from up on high so, we've got our own choppers, working in the airspace around here they're also hearing from the guys at ETA they're aware of what the information is being passed along to all the chopper pilots out there and it's just another part of the aviation here at the speedway and, it's how we get an in-car, signal, back, to the folks at home now. Like, to know who actually fought that up a helot using a helicopter basically. As a satellite to get pictures on a racecars I think that technology from, Australia, back in the late 70s, it's, pretty hard. Here's. Brendan gaughan. 24th. Fastest, on the first of his two laps in the 77. To. Make his NASCAR Nextel Cup, Series debut, here at. The truck races, here in his past that qualifying. A fourth and second and a pair of fifth place finishes, he's usually a pretty good qualifier, sure, is right now twenty-fourth best. Did. He pick it up on the second lap yeah. -. A second faster and guess what he picked up one spot up to 20 seconds. Brendan's. Teammate Ryan Newman still to come the. Fastest, car in practice from earlier today it's been a long wait on the bun hole for Jimmie Johnson C, Newman's team gathering, around crew. Chief Matt Borland, there with the radio. Headset. Senator. The picture. Here's. A a bullet. That Jimmie Johnson, has got to die, I think. Ryan Newman is probably the biggest gun, is probably a, 45. This will not be a 22, but it's. Kasey. Kahne has been very, solid in bud pole qualifying this, year he's got four. Positions. Las Vegas Darlington, California. Sure. A little bit faster than he practicing, practice that a a, 90. Right, now the PO is at 85 so. Good yeah he looked good through there. Kaycee, looking, for his first NASCAR Nextel Cup Series start, here at New Hampshire. Base. Jay says he's. A little, bit Austin, not too good. His, first lap tracking, his second. Right now it's green green green she comes over the second quarter but just barely just.

Barely. Now she. Slower, than Jimmie. Johnson speed. And right, in the, center it just. Can't get after the fall too. Much to make up. He's gonna be more than time. For. Kasey kahne so Jimmie Johnson dodges that one. And. Now we are down to seven. Cars to go. And. We check in with Marty Snider and. I don't care where Ricky Craven practices, on the sheet he's, always a trap for the pole here at New Hampshire good to be home Ricky yeah. It's always nice to be home, I'm. Really looking forward to this qualifying, run I'm I'm. Optimistic I feel good about the car and. As. You said a moment ago you know it's always nice to get home, announcement. Today that you will not be back on the 32 car next year Ricky yeah, we made that announcement and, you know Cal and I worked hard on that and, it. Was the right decision you know but. It's been a really good three and a half years and I appreciate. What Cal's done for me I really, appreciate what this team's done for me and, it's. It's. Not over we got another, another, half of racing and I'm really looking forward to it 18. Races to go Ricky Craven will still be in the 32 car this year but next year will not be back in this ride all. Right here's a guy with a new crew chief. Like. I've explained and the team parted company after, the Chicagoland. Race team. President JD Gibbs saying this is the chemistry, issue David was, and. When the car stepped up to take the, Gucci position, and. First. Lap for Bobby's got to put him 15th out of 39, at, a twenty, nine two six three practice. Earlier, today for the eighteen he was thirty seconds. We've actually run much. Faster well. About a tenth of a second faster in. Qualifying, that he did in front. And. Thirty-eight so looks like his. Car will be loaded up and taken back Concord, North Carolina to, the Hendrick. Motorsports, shops Bobby, second lap a little slower so it is going to be 15th out of 39 for, Bobby Labonte, and we've. Got six cars to go and butthole qualifying, from New Hampshire. TNT. With coverage a bud pole qualifying from. New Hampshire this could be a good one it's Dave Blaney in the a34, Richard Childress Racing, he.

Run A 29, flat in practice. Right. Now that would put him in 6th position if, he could just duplicated. I. Am. T pace chase down to about a third of a second slower then, be. Turned in by Jimmie Johnson. See. Where he ranks here. Teeth break. 13:29. Tu-104. Dave on the first lap the, waters moves back. All, the cars pretty much today have been dumping. A lot of water well. They pretty, much taped up solid on everybody. Completely. Closed, the front off and, it is a pretty muggy day for. Northern, New England, best. Qualifying, effort, in. Four races in this part was a 20, so. It looks like he's gonna best that today is he bumps up to 11. 29:14. One for seven for Blaney that, will bump Todd Bodine in the 98 car out. Of the top 38, and, Kevin. LePage is, now the car on the bubble five cars to go Dave. You've, been flying around here all day what do you got for us one last time Allen I want to talk about one last helicopter what, helicopter. Do you think has top priority overall, in the airspace on a race weekend I would say the medical thank. You very much Wally that's absolutely, true it is one helicopter we haven't talked about yet but it's always at the track to, help, in any case where the guys are seriously, injured and the facilities, here at the track are, not what they need to get things done in minutes they are moved to a specialized, area with specialized people if that is necessary and it is one more way that the, airspace is taken care of around here if that happens, they clear everybody, out commercial, non-commercial anybody. Who's leaving coming, or whatever and they make sure they get the drivers out of here whoever to, the facilities. That they, that, is the end of our discussion on helicopters. And aviation. Aircraft. All, right there and we've learned, the words to the 8th song from Sesame Street and this. Is her, chair meeting decided when he got here that he will put Ted Christopher in this car and, see, if Ted picking up speed that's what I thought he was going to do, let's. See. And at a 110. Is in 36, positions so far. NASCAR, modified, a regional. Champion, a very, successful, in the NASCAR Busch North, Series as well never, had some drives for Michael Waltrip a few years ago at. A NASCAR Busch Series. Wit himself quite well also he, picked it up a little bit did he know slowed down a bit on that second lap so his first lap will be the lap but.

It's In the field for now, 36. Fastest. Christopher. Out. Of Plainville, Connecticut, is, his hometown. And. We'll see if he's able to hang, on to that spot qualified, in, the field I probably, get a prison when I look back at the rest of the field. Teddy, might be in big trouble we got Ricky, Craven, Rusty Wallace Scott Riggs and that. Far the Rocket Man Ryan, Newman so, how do you think Jimmie Johnson feels, I mean you better get moving before BB, went out there ran Brandon, put. Up a lap that sits on the pole then you have to wait for about. I think, he just knows it's going to have, he's. Not playing on the pole position he's not you. Know practice, names except. The speech or anything like that no. Just not his speech to give. And being. Anxious. Tell. Of it but he knows the number so, but. You know I think it's an advantage at this place it always is going late loose. Therefore the hometown hero Ricky, Craven. Spend. A good chunk o frog formative, years of his racing career in Concord, New Hampshire which, is the city. Nearest, where we are in Loudon we're, not to throw that laugh away. Whose 18th purchased. And he is a two-time bought poll winner here, at this racetrack. Thirty first best that's, good. Looking. Good, alright table, page has been bought three silvers, been. Shepherd is. Now thirty head Christopher 37th. All right here we go it's much better Kent takes, chases, show this house settled so far. The altar comes up on the scoreboard by, listening. Good, job break that thing buddy good job, very. Good job almost a flat, 2907. Guy he doesn't get around this place, well. The scoreboard only runs seven places deep here so. It. Didn't, get the crowd response I was figuring on there. We. Noticed that didn't it yes we did and. Now there are three drivers, left. To go here's Rusty Wallace. One the, first NASCAR, Nextel Cup Series race here. Let. Me see. Let. Me see what, you say. Thank, you. Have to change it then Rusty. Wallace in practice, earlier today, was, 26th. He. Is qualified, 11, from last two times. This, slip coming down for the green yeah okay, so. How do oldies tip that badly and, still being twelfths qualities coming down it probably hurt him some but it's.

Not A bad laugh. And. Fastest, for Rusty's 49. Get a little bit loose there. Ginty. Phase chase was green till. He just walks. It he got a bit loose and they would view them for direction but. Loses. Five spots in her first bit, there six, cover. And put Rusty Wallace up, the seventh, spot. Zero. Five one for. The 1989, champion. Some Morgan Shepherd is now 39th, out of the field teddy Christopher, the car on the bubble and. Two cars to go. Ricky. One the second your. Work. And still. He, lurks. Yeah. Somehow. I'm. Ryan Newman I mean his qualifying record here in New Hampshire's, is unbelievable. He's got. Where's. It here two polls in three tries he's, run four races here qualifying, was rained out for one of them so in three tries to polls pretty, good. That's an average you taking me to get it right now. Scott, rakes. What. This this car has been the. Last month then. Got so much better yeah I I, talked to Scott about that this morning he said you know you have to understand not, only did we have a rookie driver we had a rookie crew chief brought. His NASCAR Busch Series crew, chief with him he said it just took us some time to figure this all out but, they're, getting much better they're much more confident. What to do to the car to make it to. Adjust it the way they want it you. Know change a results, in reaction, B he said they didn't have that but those probably season where they've kind of gotten that down now that's, a second second, half you're going to these places for the second time while not here most. Everywhere from now on. Will. Be going here twice new second half it's a good run to first lap he's 14th. Said. What'd you do last weekend on your summer break he said shorts. And flip-flops played. With my son I said, that was a good plan, second. Lap he slowed down just a little bit so the first lap is the 114th. Best at twenty nine one, five one teddy, bears in the box back into provisional, and Kyle Petty is on the bubble and here, he comes some roll please. Jimmie. Johnson was, just, about halfway food. And. Now, the. Forty-fifth. It's. On the tray. In practice, a 28. 6 7 8 fast. Time right now is a 28. Hugs, it away and. Ron, you don't have to do that as fast as it'll go it still be on the cold. Ryan Newman six. Restarts. He, got loose in the corner. We've the tires off alright get everything back under control, any doubts right away. Hey. Now that confidence, going back down there you're gonna hear it's working on him right now is, he gonna drive it down in the corner as deeply as he did. All right here we go. Was thirty-eighth, by the way will slide. Still, green. We may go on the red now yeah, well, look at it just right very close. Jimmy. Oh. Sorry. Jimmy I think. It's. Here he comes. It's. Like it's in. The. News to his driver and. The. Last man to go has won the bug hole today here in New Hampshire Ryan. Newman. Sorry. Jimmy. We recap things here from Ryan Newman and give you the starting lineup for Sunday's race when we come back. NASCAR. Qualifying, for New Hampshire International Speedway on TNT, is brought to you by lamisil, 80 there's, no better way to cure athlete's foot by. Wendy's, new homestyle, chicken strips, salad a sensational, salad that really satisfies Wendy's, it's better here and, by Miller High Life to live simply proudly, boldly manly this, is, the highlight. Body. Snyder has Ryan. Newman as the, rain begins to fall Alain and leave a Dorian, Newman to make it at least exciting, boy you really got loose on that first lap Ryan yeah I guess rain man's back huh I guess so yeah, we I messed up the first lap and just so all those. I. Guess. The key word for, today was potential, we're talking about earlier but so we had the potential to get back and get, it together and we did and it's, gonna thank everybody back in the shop the engine company and abrade. All it's all Mobil 1 and Sony how do you recompose, yourself, when you and you know you just mess up the first lap and you've got to hit the second lap perfect I hadn't.

Messed Up all day as, far as getting up that high and just got a little loose and once I got the right front tire up there it's really hard to get it back and once. I did I clean the tires off on the back straightaway in three three and four and finally. Got it together for our last lap but just enough to beat him he mentions the rain man it rained here when he have win his first ever NASCAR. Cup. Race and raining, again as we speak right now Allen all. Right Marty huh Brian Newman with his fourth bud poll of 2004, his third here at New Hampshire in just. Four tries, at. His 22nd. Career pole in 90. 9 starts. That's incredible, and, the starting lineup for Sunday's Siemens 300, Jimmy Johnson will. Be alongside Ryan Newman on the front row Martin Truex Jr inside, row 2 subbing for Dale jr. Ricky, Craven the hometown hero with, Tony Stewart in row five good, run for Ward Burton with a new crew chief, Elliott. Sadler back, in the seventh, row the first port looks like and. Schrader row nine with Joe Nemechek. Jeff, Gordon did, not win five polls in a row instead he, will start 24th. Cherish. Former winner here Mark Martin, Jeff burden former winner here both of them rose 13, and 14 that's, four cars in a row to put, in Jeff Gordon in that group that yeah, potential, winners here on Sunday. And. The final drivers to, get in on time Matt Kenseth, coming from deep in the field nothing terribly unusual there, he'll. Be up around the front somewhere by the time the checkered flag waves and, Scott. Wimmer 38th position last one on time rest of them in on provisional, starting spots or other methods, of entry for the NASCAR rule book and. Hermie. Sadler with. The 43rd, and final, starting spot, Kyle. Busch Kevin LePage failed to qualify and, that's it tomorrow on TNT. NASCAR. Nextel Cup happy hour at noon Eastern followed by NASCAR Busch Series racing. Then Sunday it's 1:30, Eastern Time Discover, card countdown, to green kicks us off followed. By the 300, from here in New Hampshire, Ryan. Newman your pot poll winner today.

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