2004 Truck Series - Cherios 200 at Richmond (Full Race)

2004 Truck Series - Cherios 200 at Richmond (Full Race)

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Because, I. Because, it scares me when that dustox. We'll, stop. Oh yeah. What. Laughs. Suckers. Yeah. I. Said. We're, under the lights for race 18, at Richmond, International Raceway. And. Speed channels conference the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series pre-race, show is, presented by craftsman. Beautiful. Evening for racing those. Of you that are tuning in after the IROC race great. Race there we're gonna continue it on with the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Sun, has gone down 82. Degrees now they practiced, in a very warm condition. Today and in, the point standings after. 17, races Jimmy, Spencer broke back into the top five and Todd Bodine made it back into the top 10 the top three in the standings are seperated by just, 257. Points, Bristol. Was an equalizer, for the truck championship. Welcome. To the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Cheerios. Betty Crocker 200. On, Speed, Channel. And hello, everyone i'm eric gallant alongside of Phil Parsons and Michael Waltrip now we've, had 17 races thus far in the season eight races remain Dennis, Setzer looked as though he was going to run away with this Phil is that changing now well, Rick Dennis Setzer has lost 84, points in the last two races he still has a pretty good lead 143. Points but Ted Musgrave, his closest pursuer qualified. Third for this race Dennis qualified, 20th, the difference between third and twenty is 62, points Dennis, Setzer does not want to lose another 62, points he didn't have very good practices, today he salvaged, a 20th place qualifying effort but his crew chief and crew have to make the right adjustments to, his truck to get that thing up front while Dennis Setzer looking for his first ever championship, one, driver we thought that was going to be in this field for sure, was one of 45 drivers, trying to make it that's Tony Stewart a two-time, winner here Michael, had it's Tony Stewart, not, make this field are you asking me that because I missed the Busch race last vehicles already to take that person I've won 10 or 11 Busch races that just tells you the intense, competition you're, faced with when, you're an interloper, a cat that comes in and just tries to run an event here and there you're not seated in the points your job of qualifying, is so difficult let me remind you Rick there were 24, previous. Winners in the field trying, to make the field here tonight 20, of them 21, of them qualified I got all mixed up on my numbers last week and Bristol I think I got this straight this week Tony Stewart not only is one to truck races here three, Cup races, that he's won at this track and he couldn't qualify that's, what you got to understand at home folks this deal is so intensely, competitive one. Slip and you're out and, it's amazing the quality, I mean we're talking about the hottest driver in all of NASCAR right now Tony Stewart leading the points Series in the cup and doesn't. Make this field I mean I think that was the biggest surprise when, we had another former champion, Mike Bliss also, tried to qualify for this race and didn't make it and so, is, it, the track is it the level, of competition that has taken us to this point it's just the competition, and the rules the way they're constructed they're constructed, to benefit the guys that race every week the way it should be and you got to race your tail off or qualify your tail off to get in under the rules NASCAR's, done a great job of, letting, people, not just slide into the field let's, go down trackside for tonight ladies and gentlemen, with those most famous words in, motorsports your grand marshal Aaron, Crocker. And. Gentlemen, start. Your engines. Aaron, Crocker giving, me. Drivers. Start your engines command Aaron Crocker will be driving full-time, next year in the Busch Series with. The sponsorship, materials, Betty Crocker and she is our grand marshal for tonight's, race. Who will win tonight at Richmond under the lights. Mike. Skinner our most recent winner we. Have had 12, different winners already could, we have a record number in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series this, season 14.

S The number they're shooting for we've. Had 12 up to this point eight. Races, remain in the NASCAR Craftsman, Truck Series season. Beautiful. Evening for racing again under the lights NASCAR, Craftsman, Truck Series board. On short tracks and we are on a short track here in Richmond one of the absolute, greatest short tracks in all of America, you see three quarters of a mile it's got 14 degree banks in the corners the front stretch is a constant, turn a gradual. Turn at eight degrees, what makes this track so much fun feel for a driver is there's options out there you go in the corner if he's low you can go high and, the grip is just consistent. All the way across the groove so uh these guys will be searching out a place to go where the others aren't right away, forty five trucks qualified, there's only 36, starting positions, and so nine had to go home see 200 laps the first is a little bit over $400,000. In the pit window is about 115. To 125, laps let's take a look at our Domino starting, grid on the pole for the first time this year but the fifth time in his career David, Stark takes the track record, away from Jamie McMurray he said it a year ago but it was slaughtered. Today, most of the drivers in the garage Aaron crew said Mike Skinner is the truck to beat he was very very quick and practiced as he mentioned earlier got upset for the pole but he's got a great race truck I think it'll be interesting to follow how clay Rogers does tonight bill we saw him at Charlotte debut with a great run this is a short track he, should he's used to these tracks he'll be tough tonight I believe there's Johnny Sauter inside the road number seventh row, number seven had a second-place, finish at IRP last year in a truck same, truck. Bobby, Hamilton Timothy, Peters running the exact, same time, in their qualifying effort Pao Bush uncharacteristically. Back a little ways in the starting lineup be interesting, to watch what his progression is new tonight, Jared. Johnson Jimmie Johnson's, brothers gonna make his first ever truck Sioux start he starts outside throw number 16, so I had mentioned 45, trucks, tried to qualify take, a look at the name of stars, that, missed the field tonight we had Artie documented. Tony Stewart, how about the, O six, of Mike, Bliss 2002. Champion, of this series these guys don't get to be a part of the domino starting, on, it's, exactly like former race winner Andy Houston also, unfortunately, not able to make the reads embrace, and Bobby's attempted. To run his first race did not quite make gonna, ride along with a few different trucks ken Schrader will be piling me Federated, Auto Parts Chevrolet. He starts in the 36th. Position, there's a nice way of saying last there's. Jimmy Spencer the team ASE, dodge starting. 26, Jimmy always, runs well at this racetrack two wins in a Busch Series here this cat I think will be fun to watch tonight to feel he's a little bit down and out his season kind of went in the wrong direction he'll, be a good truck to watch tonight and start right in the middle of the field Johnny Benson getting his season. Turned back in the right direction he'll, start 10th tonight in the number 23 Toyota. Kevin.

Harvick Had such a great race here a few years ago with Jack Sprague into finishing second in that race driving. The 47, truck he's not in his own truck he's in the all-star truck out of Morgan dollar starting, fifth David. Starr has the prime. Spots and I he'll start on the pole again first, time this year but his fifth career pull now if David Starr is able to win this race from the pole he will win his team $8,000. We've already given away to, two different drivers this year this, craftsman win from the pole award $50,000. Being made available to. The drivers this season let's, go down for final, thoughts before the race starts with Wendy Venturini one, of the guys to watch on my end at pit road is Jack Sprague now it's gonna be hard to find his truck because it's a blue paint scheme tonight and his, crew, chief Chris Showalter, you look right behind me you'll see them on the ground Brian Farid is stretching, him out that's because crew chief Chris, Showalter is going over the wall for the first time since, earlier, this season because there's a replacement, on the over the wall cream grape. Hey Wendy David Starr has the very first pit stall available, but it's actually pit stall number three, here's, number two and number one they're not being used but when David Starr pulls out he's got to go all the way down where you see the orange cone and the orange mark on the end of the racetrack it's about 90, feet past the pit stall number one guys David. Starr Mike Skinner back up. With the Cheerios, Betty Crocker 200. Situation, we dis aughtta man to give the bottom through the rectum. But when you're up for this first life as Michael mentioned you got options here wherever you want to run as Mike Skinner grabs, a leap from the outside well he one practice, bill and I was up here a couple of weeks ago and Mike was here testing way, the fastest, truck at the test and I think that we're seeing here is something everybody in this field kind of suspected, that he would driveway just like he did in Frisco the interesting question to be answered he did not run a whole lotta laps and. Those part tires do you know he walked one down at Bristol, well that problem, reoccur here tonight. Grow, trouble Lobos, getting spun around Terry cook out in the back of the 16, of Jack Sprague. They're. Stacking up behind Jack a little bit we're gonna make it but you know, anytime you have a situation, about. Chuck's back it starts to get a little tense guys running over you it may have happened to Rick Crawford because when I glanced up and saw that Rick Crawford was also way up high out of the groove into the loose marbles remember, this is a one day show for the Craftsman, Truck Series, we. Started practice, earlier this morning at 11 o'clock we had two practices, that was under the heat they qualified, at five o'clock to, got up to almost 90, degrees as, we see Rick Crawford off the pace now sparks coming out looks and so he might have a front flat right front that's where sure what it looks like got a good new spots are literally trucking, in Virginia, on here what a horrible break, Burton. Rick Crawford. The. Trucks always very competitive, this is not a death death. Penalty, point now Phil with the free pass there's a real chance that he can get this tire change only, go down one lap he's down one right now if, he goes down too. To make that up, it's. Me difficult, because he's just about to go two laps down he's got to go about two-thirds, of the way down pit road Mike Skinner comes off turn number four and he already puts Rick Crawford two laps down we're looking at Terry cook right now moments.

Ago We talked about he and Jack Sprague getting, involved and that was early on in this race almost lap, number two when, the contact, was already made between those two drivers they drove down and turn number three and it looked like Terry made a little bit of contact, with a left rear corner of Jack Sprague he got shank very very loose up out of the groove and, unfortunately. Jack lost a few positions over it Jack's, falling off the pace as well yeah. Look at his left front wheel Rick, his, uh it's. His broker is glowing already won only four or five laps then let's see if we can see what vital. This. Is what we were talking about Terry drives in there makes a little bit of contact, just this light a spin it doesn't take much but he didn't get into his tire I'm, just having a little bit of trouble figuring out what's wrong with exceed that see, on the roller right there on the, right left front tire how. How. Hot that is already that's unusual, feeling early runs seven laps, Wendy. What's going on with Jack. There. His brakes are holed up on the 16 so he is just praying for caution at this point really. Almost kind. Debra. Renshaw gets spun around in the caution, flag will, fly. That. Will be a break for the port team truck of Rick Crawford he'll, get one of those two laps back right here's the. Free. Pass the, the it. Wasn't a death penalty leaves in two laps our Lee's don't get one back here now you can race and get the other one back as well. Let's. Take another look at how Debra Renshaw got spun around jack sprague the 16 trucks in the middle there Debra. Is. They make a slight, bit of contact, as they enter turn number one and Debra end up losing control, make some pretty good contact, with the outside of wall we left side it almost looked like Jack slid up into a little bit he was right able to get. Came, a truck with or so off of the truck on the low side and got into Deborah you can run three wide through these corners but you have to be pretty tight to do it and unfortunately look like maybe Jack moved up the racetrack a touch got, into her left rear corner. Unfortunate. For the number eight of Deborah Renshaw's, she will have to come down and. Survey. The damage on, the number eight and see if she can get back out and run this race we'll be back with more from Richmond then. At 4:30 p.m. pull those straps tight and flooring. Into, lap race for the poll live Bush will qualify it all starts tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. right, here on Speed. Channel. There's, Jack he's in the pits he had a brake calliper look like hung up on the left front teams, inside of the truck working on that we're, under caution. Now. When you say they're inside of the truck working on how are they working on a brake caliper that was caught up well as probably maybe the plunger, from the brake pedal to the master cylinder that maybe maybe got off out a little a little crevice, that it goes and it may have got out on the side so the brake may be applied, even though the pedals, not being pushed that may have be what happened that's. The area that it looks like they're working in do they have a brake bias as well inside of the truck most, of these trucks will have dual master, cylinders one for the front one for the rear and they will be able to just that Sun yacht but if they will not be able to just that out if that if the plunger rod got up on top of the edge of the of the plunger Jack. Had a strong run at Bristol it's been a tough season for him and this is just an example of that you know a great run last week couple weeks ago and now here he is gonna finish well. Back because he's already three or four laps down and they're not done working on yet let's, see if we can look at this replay bill and see what happens as they enter turn turn.

One. Here you can see Jack when they're coming into the corner he's right down next to the truck on the bottom see. But now there's a gap there's gonna be a little bit of a gap. Watch. Him come off the truck on the bottom just a little bit boy he didn't come up much no that's. Just there's, room for three trucks there but you got to all be cooperative, you don't need to be touching each other when you do that no definitely, not I don't see that that worked out too well for her at all tough break for differential. I. Don't. Think anything intentional, there it just shows you how close things, are here, at Richmond how quickly something that can ruin, your evening Mike. Skinner leads the field to the green flag we're, back, in Richmond, Jack Sprague is going back on the racetrack he, will find himself four. Laps down but he is making his way back on the racetrack and as, you mentioned Michael Rick Crawford was a beneficiary, of the free pass he was two laps down now he's only one lap down that. Saved his evening right there bill and early caution because now he can race the catheter one down when, they get a caution to be, the next free pass guy as well you stay two laps down there on a long green flag segment, comes a jerk in guys a lap down you're never gonna get your lap back right now he and Deborah Renshaw whose truck is crippled over the only two trucks one lap down so Rick, Crawford would love to see a caution play any time from now until, lapping. Begins. Mike. Skinner out in front of the field David Starr started on the pole but he. Wasn't even able to lead the first lap of Mike Skinner beat him down the backstretch, and took over the top spot from, lap number one and so Mike Skinner has been the only driver could lead lap so far as were on lap 17, of 200, great side-by-side, battle there there's Matt craft on the 82 and the inside top, boat on the 30 on the outside you know this is the first race last year than Todd Bodine ran, with a Jermaine Arnold. Motorsports, team which is now just four main racing, he finished fourth in his very first start, with this race team in he's already won, what two races with this race team since then.

Another, Problem, for proper. Another. Flat right front tire as he goes down towards turn number one I just. Made something right in there either a brake, brake. Hose as dragging, into the tire something's rubbing the inside of that tire I would guess and causing that problem it's within, five laps both times he lost his tire yeah, I would think that there will have to spend enough time to look at that and see what the problem is there's obviously, something rubbing. As you mentioned, whether. It's a tie rod or a ball joint or the shop or something's rubbing that talked about you would think that would have shown up in practice yeah, that's right and when he came in they lifted the hood on that and looked, inside it looked as though to check to see if any damage was done, but. Again two, laps later and he's got another right, front. Flat tire battle. For fifth position, Terry cook just in front of Brandon when Brandon. Went. With a very solid. Qualifying, effort today starting, seven. Hanuman. Pressed with the way these trucks look under light are a. Very. Impressive Terry, cook has moved, his way up great. What's going on with Jerry well. Rick I just want to let you know that all of the crew on the Power Stroke diesel Ford, by international, group are going to donate their, money they make for going over the wall tonight for the hurricane relief and they have made, a challenge, to all the other teams here in the NASCAR Craftsman, Truck Series they, said to everybody hey whoa forty-three Johnny solder lots of smoke out there but just to finish up Carrie Cooke's crew said will, donate the money and hope everybody else does yellow flag is out they bring out the caution and that is probably Timothy. Peters gets spun around in three and four and definitely, could be from fluid out of that 43, because he started smoking on the backstretch, quite a bit of smoke but his engine was still running that, doesn't mean he wasn't pouring some oil out somewhere. Tough. Break for Timothy Peters had a very, very good truck and practice, will. Check out what took place with, Timothy Peter getting spun around when we come back, after. 22, rate or 22, laps it's Mike Skinner out in front of David Starr Ted Musgrave Harvick and good, putter, looked. As though was putting. Some fluid down on the track I think without a doubt we're going to see him see it start smoking just a slightest bit here but as we mentioned before the, truck was still running so he undoubtedly had a no line or something that came loose Michael figis he's back on the race track. I've gotten hit or something but there must be 20 trucks that drive through the old when they didn't spin out so you got. Let's see if we can see ya Timmy get it right there didn't have anything do with the oil, turned. And gone yeah just got into him I didn't think that everybody, can get through there and all of a sudden you. Know it gets one gossip on out. Timothy. Gets spun around Johnny. Solder gets the smoke, fixed. From his truck he makes it back out on the track we'll be back with more racing, after, these messages. In. Celebration, of the 10th anniversary of the truck series we present the toughest NASCAR, Craftsman, Truck Series moments, made, possible, by craftsman, the official tools of NASCAR. Moment. Eight is a past, Greg, Biffle was on his way to his first championship, when, teammate, Mike Bliss passed him during the last race of the season it dropped Biffle, back far enough that Jack Sprague, actually, claimed his second, championship in the Truck Series, Biffle. Won nine races in 1999. And the following year claimed the title for Roush Racing while, finding Victory Lane five, more, times in his career. What, we had there was the failure to communicate. Teammates. Aren't supposed to do that no we. Wouldn't see that these days would we feel no absolutely, I got teammates, pulling over to let the other one lead laps got. All kinds of strategy. Taking place is that coming from a teammate. Perspective, there Michael ray, absolutely, yeah. Hey Michael just wanted to tell you about the restart watch the number 75, you have to have a 128, third gear in these trucks but you can put whatever you want in four first well David Starr has not liked first gear it's been buzzing the tires on his Spears Chevrolet, so he's gonna restart, in second, this time alright let's see how that works out I don't think that's a bad plan I would assume restarted in second the first time anyway, yeah good information he stays right with Mike Skinner so apparently it worked for both Jack Sprague's not giving up any ground as he's on the inside and he's couple laps down.

He. Takes the second spot away from David Starr, yet. Issa but he's a couple laps down he's in he's, actually being shown four laps now he spent a lot of time on pit road trying to repair, the breaks and apparently it, looks like they are repaired. David Stalin will try to work, his way around not, only the 16 of Jack Sprague but he's got to get around Mike Skinner who at the beginning of this race it didn't look like anyone had anything like Skinner he had put a couple, truck length distance between himself, in the field and he's starting to do it again. You. Gotta watch it that, cat in the 65, clay Rogers is on the move he drove around the outside a rudiment, he drove around the outside of Benson and now he's in the top ten, racing, up to Robert Pressley let's see which way he goes Windy what's he saying about that truck it must be just failing perfect. Yeah Clay's been pretty happy on the radio I wanted to tell you guys we will see clay, Rogers in the Truck Series what, a few more races this year. The. Rest of the season, you know runs like this bill will be in any truck get, a he'll get a top night ride this is a fast, guy right now as, you're mentioned it was a great debut. At Charlotte, he finished in the top 15, and then he finished in the top ten in that same truck at Texas, there's. 5th and 6th Terry cook the top running Ford right now in fifth position Brandon Witt just behind him in sixth you. Know Brandon Witt came out of nowhere he finished in the top 10, for the first time in his career at Kentucky, finished 6th and then he comes right back to Memphis the very next race sits, on the pole and wins the race I just, have to be honest with you I didn't see that one coming, he hadn't showed the speed to, win, a race especially, not in the fashion he did send on the pole and leading, the thing and then getting the victory late when a little bump in with Ron Hornaday. This. Is another cat that's moved up through the field Phil we talked about him qualifying, 20th, he's already up to 13th, he's run down Reutimann, and Benson, rudiments starting to look around a little bit feel this is what I said earlier the drivers like about distraction you saw him down in one and three and four he was up top he shot down to the bottom and one and two that's how personal. This place is and that's why the drivers like it so much crowded. For those of the those, viewers that watch the IROC race that came out right before us we saw the finish, of that re side by side between Mark Martin and Kurt, Busch it. Was settled by two one, hundredths, of a second. New. Paint scheme from the number 46, of Dennis Setzer ray what's going on with that team well. Sets are not real happy with the truck so far tonight and early, on in the race he added a half around to the rear brake and he just didn't like the way it was getting into turn number one, or, getting into turn number three, he's trying the real low side of the racetrack he, says that's where it seems to be working best he had to make one pass on the high side and he said he just about wiped out so, watch for Dennis Setzer to run on the bottom of the racetrack, there's that battle for fifth position, Brandon Whitt trying to take it away from Terry cook they're side by side. Down into turn three the, preferred, line you, would think is the bottom that made you keep that going to wound up on the outside field most racetracks you, would feel like them the, preferred line is the bottom the ratio for here at Richmond especially, as it is you put a lot of rubber down on the bottom groove the outside groove has maybe a little bit more grip it's a little far go to put it around the race track but you get that good run off the corner like Terry just did but. He hasn't prevailed, yet Brandon keeps ticking the thing up under and Todd Bodines Lorcan trying to figure out which way he wants to go and now Clayton Rodgers, has joined the back of this pack he's right on the back of, Matt craft and into the top ten and, continuing.

To Impress and run well we'll see you we'll. See if these guys can sort this out he made his way around Robert rustling, in the Harris trucking dodge Roberts, currently be running, 10th plate now is up tonight. Back. In the top five Kevin, Harvick started in the fifth position. She. Was actually able to get by Ted Musgraves and, we've, got debris on the front stretch I don't know if that's a sign that had flown off of the, off. Of a billboard or something but. There's a sign on the front. And. The caution is going to come out as we just heard one of the drivers making that announcement. - or the spotters. Or. That was of the debris right there yeah somebody ran over and took. It away Cheerios, was gonna get a lot of good airtime, and that guy just wiped, it out. So. Debris coming out on lap 41, the free pass will go to, the 0-8. Again. That's Jarrett Johnson Jimmie Johnson's younger brother he actually got lapped on pit road on this most recent caution flag prior to this one. No, Jax fracture, would have liked to been, able to outrun. Skinner, there and got one of his four laps back to try to start whittling that deficit, away. We talked earlier if. You go that many laps day on this, early in the race it's hard to think you're ever gonna get enough free passes to get, back in the show so you know Jarrett got the free pass he's gonna be back on the lead lap and then it's gonna leave Johnny Sauter and Jack Sprague both four laps down and there would be battling, for that free pass, well. Speed Channel supports, the relief efforts along the Gulf Coast for those affected by Hurricane, Katrina for, those of you wanting to help out you can contact, the American Red Cross on, their website and redcross.org, or, by phone at. 845-729-8840. That. Was like. There's. Been cautions, before when, there were auto parts on the track right, Napa maybe so fun event but I don't that came unbolt it absolutely, you want to what I talked to David Starr I was like yeah, let's start. All. Right this son David. Starr Phil Parsons can you hear me. Great. Qualifying, run David you've hung in here right with that 5 truck that was so good and practice Mike Skinner how was he looked they. Would get it looks pretty strong tonight trying. To do everything I can to keep up with it but I definitely got a strong tug tonight, you're. Doing a great job you've got some awfully good drivers and trucks behind you've got Harvick and Musgrave Brendan what's got a good run you're, gonna keep that spirit truck up front. We've. Got a log in in some laps that keep it McCarty up fourth the chassis dua that making. Adjust with next pit stop and try to get to the end, all. Right keep wheeling that thing, like, good, dog do you. Right, what's going on with the guys up front well. Let's talk about Mike Skinner because he is gonna try to go to the high side of the racetrack and, basically he came on and said keep me abreast of what my lap times they're doing right here because I'm gonna try the high side and I want to see how it compared with what I was doing down at the bottom so watch for that five Toyota, Tundra to go up to the top lights. Are out on the pace truck this time, or. Next time by many. Guys will pull that truck down. Pit road it would be back in the hands of Mike Skinner he's. Fired I'm not gonna have any choice but to go to the outside because Frank is gonna root him up there he's gonna he's gonna want him to go down so I believe in those he's, obviously got the fastest, truck here he's leading the race and it appears to have the fastest truck he still wants to search for another groove and you know why I think he's doing that I think he's conscious of that right front tire he wants to say maybe if I don't make the corner so sharp slide up the hill a little bit it'll take care of that tire do.

We Continue you, can see on the hood of the number five and there's a few other trucks that also have stickers, on their, trucks that say, go to wwas. Car comm to help out with the hurricane, relief that. Will send, you to the American Red Cross so. Suffered. From the effects, of the Gulf Coast disaster, Buffy. And I cinema, check for 50 grand to, the Red Cross through. Our operation, marathon efforts and wish. To hone ask our communities really stepped up the guys last week winning races and giving money away that's right just, made by hearts a lot of money to believable, both Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch for giving, their, winnings. Away to, the disaster, follows along with their car owners that's correct, see. Ted Musgrave moved, to the outside of David Starr. Kevin. Hart has already gone by David, Starr to take over the second position and I love I love it when the track gets to being like this guys are just picking them off around the top going. Whether or not that was a little contact, right there David, Starr on the inside, of Ted monks that looked like Buster, had said hey I'm going by incidental, it's, a it's a day's work feel to hold these trucks down on the bottom and not flight up and get into the guy out there so anytime, you see a cat. Make the pass on the bottom you know he's put in a day's work saw a little more smoke coming out of the 43. Of Johnny solder one of that's more, problems, that could be some of the residual, oil that was there, was coming, out of that truck if I'm sure it coated everything underneath, that truck, Mike. Skinner out in front of the 47. That's Kevin Harvick tonight in that number 47, the kiss 47. Windy how's he doing we, saw it Mike Skinner pull away on that green flag Kevin. Harvick came over the radio and he said it takes me about that lasting, it going but then it gets really good in. Our main goss's truck I got to drive it thing last year and we've seen a lot of guys have, success, in that thing and it looks like Harvey's, gonna be gonna, be causing, Skinner, some stress here in a few laps pill, we saw Tony Stewart finished second in that truck for so long a body win in this very same truck and you can see right there Skinner, decided.

He He would finally try that higher group he watched Harvick, catching him like that so look at him sliding, up the hill taking, the groove away seeing what seeing. What Harvick stealing up there. By a veteran driver to see if he can find something better out there to, make his truck run faster see, onion in 30 trying. To get on the inside of Johnny solder now, why do you call him onion well that's his nickname by. The way have you seen him without a helmet Oh. Onion. It's. Making sense now I understand, I thought, maybe his breath stunk or something but it's, not that I know of look at this the gap has been closed, Mike Skinner hadn't been able to have. Any competition up, to this point Kevin Harvick has decided he will put the 47, right in the middle of the race, for the top spot the, Chevy rock-and-roll, 400, huiqian here at Richmond Harvick's, got kiss on, his truck so uh I know that, he wants to take kiss to Victory Lane that. Would definitely be a rock and roll weekend for Kevin Harvick what's, your favorite kiss song. Right. Now maybe kisses, version bath not Michaels. Rats. Going on with that band well I just want to let you know that I've, spent 25 years of my life rocking, to kiss and I've gone to their farewell tour seven, or eight times they never really know when they're gonna quit but what's cool about Kevin, Harvick is he's got a great helmet with, kiss on and we've got a spin on the racetrack the, number nine has gone around Justin Hobgood is number nine this week got. Spun around and bringing, out our fourth caution now of the night. It. Looks like Johnny Sauter will get the free pass he's, being shown three laps down right now Jack Sprague is four laps down Oh, solder. Gets one more caution here right quick he gets into one down and all the sudden he's back in the game and and we saw how that truck ran at IRP, member member last chance right a great second-place, finish really came down for the win side by side take. A look. Gasps. Down and not mostly kept it up low you can continue, on here and got. A good qualifying, run feel. A finish 12 on the top 10 D qualified they have a great run for Justin Hobgood his first ever career, truck starting a longtime. Competitor in the goodies - series, there's a bunch of those hop goods will will. Hop it was the spot their father right yeah, he. Was a there's a few of them winner yeah yeah, a lot of mom one one in the dash series take yep. Justin. Does a good job he's actually a fabricator. At Jermaine Motorsports, so he if he bruised up the rear rear end of that truck he someone's gonna have to fix it now let me ask your professional, opinion here fellas do we pan or do we stay out this.

Is Normally where we asked you your professional, opinion they're gonna pit is what I would I think they're gonna pin they're gonna make it a to pit stop race ah no, not that simple the. Leaders in second. Place stayed out, there. The sensor stays out. And. This would be somewhat, of a teammate situation. Because the 4746, Morgan dollar Chevrolet's right. Hey. Mike Skinner said on the radio it's Jeff Hensley's, Cole year I'm not sure if we should come in this early but, he also said, guys let's not get hung out on a long green flag run, because that's happen, short track races this year Hensley said come on in and we're gonna pick one more time tonight so we have to pit strategy, here for Skinner they get all the tires on. Ted. Musgraves, Mopar Dodge is also in one pit stall away from their Skinner game Skinner, is gone. He's. Gonna be very tight on the back of Ricky Craven but Musgrave, is back to the racetrack I. Think. I had to pit here right, what, do you I mean I think he wanted to come to the pit road here get you some gas now, you can go all the way past lap 175. These, guys that didn't pit Wendy are gonna have to look at coming in at another 50 laps or so. So. Staying out the 47. Of Kevin Harvick will, take over the top spot Mike Skinner was the only other one to lead this race. And, we're just underway, green, flag racing now as Kevin, Harvick out in front of the 46, of Venice sensor sensor. Our points leader and. The, caution does. Not come out the site looks, like the 47s, letting the 46, lead feel yeah that was a five-point deal right now him now he may just drive right back by the outside he does what about that with the 47 and the 46, of the only two trucks on the racetrack that have not pitted yet Wendy I missed. You guys on that caution there was no pit stops on my end up here crowd Kevin Harvick and his crew chief Randy, Goss decided, to stay out Kevin. Says the longer we go the better we get so. You, know they haven't lost any speed because Kevin Harvick's fastest, lap of the race was on lap 51, so he, actually ran as fast asleep Jim laughs of the race just before, the caution came out so he hadn't lost any speed yet he. Slipped he come off turn four and I thought the motor blew up he just put the brakes on on that thing and let his teammate grab five points, and that's a big deal you know in the when you're talking about a championship, round anyone. Know. Such a loss this championship a couple years ago by eight points. Johnny, Benson. Currently in the seventh position Johnny. Had a great run at Bristol he finished in the top five he finished fourth while, his teammate Mike Skinner was winning the race Timothy. Peters and Jimmy Spencer, battle. For fifth and six we saw Timothy, Peters, spin out earlier in the race he came to pit road at lap 23, and therefore. When the caution flew just now he, was all set, stayed out now, he has a great track position, Ted.

Musgrave And Brad Keselowski battling. For 11 Musgrave. You, would say has the preferred line on the bottom but we've seen passing on the tops of the track today that, must capers just fresh off the pit stop here there was a number of trucks that pitted back on lap number 43, this, last round of pit stops was, left on lap 59. Riding, along in the spears manufacturing. 75 of David Starr against, r1 the poll and, now David Starr has dropped back to the 13th, position after pit stop Kevin Harvick just ran his fastest, lap of the race on lap number 69, a twenty one point seven zero so I. Mean. When we get a shot of Harvick you got to see his line he, is way up high way up the racetrack running. He would have never dreamed of qualifying, up there but he ran his fastest lap of the race up there so that just tells you how you have to be you, have to adapt and adjust seven. Of the, top nine, trucks, right now every run their fastest, laps of the race within the last two laps, tracks. Getting cold, getting, past guys, got their trucks Han on the way they want them to theirs Skinner, early. In the race looked like he might drive off and legal but we certainly know. Now. Side-by-side. David Starr on the inside, of Brad Keselowski. Keselowski. Is a name that knows. How to win at this racetrack Bob, Keselowski, won this race the third year it was run here if dad's father did a terrific job he just spanked, him that night. And is Mopar Dodge. The, only, danger. Kevin harvick and Dennis Setzer right now the only two trucks that haven't pitted yet are in as if this racetrack goes green if a man has to make a green flag pit stop, then they would be in some serious trouble because the Alba suit it would lose at least one lap making, a green flag pit stop look at Skinner dive into the bottom underneath. Jimmy Spencer driving, back toward the front, you're. Right don't because these guys have spotted the rest of the field 58, laps on fuel so. There's, nothing that can happen good for those cuts if they have to stay out are they have to pit under green I, think. I think they are gonna try to make it a one-stop race, but they would love to see it, run till about lap nine near maybe even a hundred before the caution flag comes out then they're going to give a lot of track position up, if these other trucks have pitted back there but we know right now that everybody, on the racetrack will have to pit at least one more time or at least we think we don't we don't think anybody can run fodder in 40 laps I don't, see that happening and you're exactly right Phil and that's when the track position will change you know these guys that are leading if the caution happens, apply at lap 90 or 100 they'll get to pit road first so they'll get off pit road first and they'll be done pitting that was their strategy only. Thing that can bite them is if like we saw it Bristol did we ever think we would see some 100 laps or so runners, are great at Bristol and it bit a lot of people I repeat the same way, ray. What do you think about the fuel mileage situation.

They Definitely, cannot, go all the way everything, I've heard on the radio is 160. To 165 is, about where they'd be putting, them at about, five. Or six laps on, fuel here for the guys who just pitted here so nobody can make it the distance and you're right there, has a lot of people sweating down here in the 46 in worrying, about a long green flag run. These. Two veterans, have been battling it out for fifth, it's Kevin Harvick that's out in front of this field then it sets our points leader right. Now looking, to claim. His first championship, he runs second. It. Doesn't look like the 46, but it is that's Dennis Setzer, in the number 46. With a flat right front tire he, has not, he will not be able to come down pit road the first time by his he went by turn four it blew then now, he's going to make his way to pit road it's taking him a whole lap and so that tire is shredded, but. It's shredded, the truck that's the bad part you know you see all the damage it's done there there's a chance the way that thing was shooting, sparks out he's burned a swaybar arm off to fill there could be a lot more damage than just a flat tire when, they get this thing to the pit ray are they worried do they know what they got well. That's exactly it Michael the crew, chief Eric Phillips has said guys give me a real good look on the inside there of what we've got on the right front don't look that thing over they've, come down the coorg tear, off off the windshield and. Marty, Houston says. Give. Some sort of a signal here to the crew chief. I've. Got a tire on it we'll. Try to give you a record of what he saw right he's gonna stay on the lead lap pit road is closed right now he will obviously have to restart this race at, the very tail in the longest line but what a terrific. Break for him that the flight in fact he got a flat tire and the NASCAR threw the caution flag well and I think right now feel if you're Harvick you come to pit road there's a hundred and fifteen laps to go hundred and ten or fifteen when they go back green here he ran his fastest, lap of the race at lap 70, so he knows the tires will go to the end he gets his gas now he stays he keeps his track position, everything is gonna be wonderful in his world a guy that's got a tough call to make and I think that you'd, have to say Mike Wallace he started 30th he's driven to second use great pit strategy to get there they need to bring that truck to pit road right now with Harvick get his tires and be done and being on with pity exactly, if they do that here. Comes Harvick he's gonna make his way down pit road he is on the apron. Kevin. Harvick will make his way down, pit road again he, and Dennis Setzer, were the two that didn't, stop earlier. Wendy our. Leader Kevin, Harvick slows, it down 4,500, in second gear as the crew goes to work you'll see Scott punch on the front who came over from Jack Sprague's team no, adjustments, on the 47, truck but Randy Gossett, make sure you pack this thing boom we're gonna press away. So this is another great way to get track position they'll, say you're running 25th, or so and you got a decent truck hit, now not many of the leaders did so, you pit right now when they come to they're coming to pit road in 20 laps field don't, they will and and they're these guys that were in the back are gonna gain all that track position but fuel might not be the biggest issue it could be tires as we just saw with Dennis Setzer blowing the right front tire could. That be the end of his title, hem Pope's I don't. Last year Jeremy came here some 40 points out of the top ten won the race made the change great we. Go back to racing and while our points chase got a little tighter, since, the 46, of Dennis Setzer had problems, with his tire bringing, out our most recent caution. Mike. Wallace has got the lead in the number 12 Toyota Tundras, Darrell Waltrip Motorsports, Mike's. Done a nice job since, getting in that truck and right now he's got it to the front Jack is desperate, to get one of those laps back but my friends at hash sign has been able to hold them off I shoot a perfect job in that truck what's, going on with Mike Wallace Wendy. Broaden em tip pit road on lap 23, so they made adjustments on, Mike's truck now of course they can't go the rest of the way I just spoke to Glenn and he said they will come back down I wrote a lot around lap, 120. He's, gonna lose a lot of track position my, way. Let's not say that maybe that's not a smart he'll repaid. A great point we've seen a couple of tires that have had trouble is, that going to be something that reoccurs for, these guys like Kevin Harvick there's going to turn around a hundred and ten laps on his tires you think he's got a very very similar setup to what his teammate, Dennis Setzer had finished lost to tyranny laughs now he may just have simply run over something and if that's the case in the Kevin Harvick probably has nothing to worry about or anybody else in this field but you never know.

Jack Sprague on the high side of Jimmy Spencer, Sprague, again and that new paint job for this race who's. His band. That is you. County Blue, County what are they saying ray, what's 46. Going, down there well, Michael they're singing the blues for sure you can see right here is the sway bar arm that, connects to the race truck and holds on to the sway bar and you can see the damage where it has been ground off right here that's the part that they're trying to replace right now but they had to run to the truck to find a replacement crew. Chief Eric Phillips went to get one they didn't have the right size right here on their crash cart so they're trying to find the right part they've actually got it here to the truck now they'll, continue to work on it but Setzer has fallen all the way back to, 35th. In the running order big problems, coming out of turn number four Timothy, Peter gets into the wall a lot of damage front and rear of that Bailey's Dodge went. In with Brandon win together there and turn four. Big. Package shunt race in there what a horrible break as Ray was talking about with the 46, of Dennis Setzer later, coming in as, you mentioned he probably was crying the sway bar I'm off that's exactly, what ray showed us that have induced a lot of damage on Brendan woods 38 and that's what's so tough feel if Dennis blows that tire coming down the back straightaway are. Off - he slows it down and he gets to pit road here's the crash let's see what happens it looks like Timothy, Peters drove down a little bit on Brandon, Witt caused. Him to make contact Randall. Was in there are pretty good ways and they just ran out of racing room over there it looked like Timmy maybe pinched, him down a little bit and unfortunately. They made some contact, made Brandon. Ran into Timmy basically. And Timmy got the contact front and rear with the wall and and you know Dennis Dennis, blew the tire coming off four and you saw the shower, of smokes the sparks, flying out of that truck one in the front straightaway he he had to say to himself well that's not good and tried to slow that thing down but, it was probably too late. He, came to pit road absolutely, as soon as he could the first time he got to the instructor pit road, now. I like this strategy about Glynn Thunderbird Park here they pitted early now they're getting their last stopped out is that the case windy yeah. It looks like they do not want to wait till AB 120 they, brought Mike what Wallace down but it looks like it was going to be a quickie yellow so undecided. On the 12 they did bring him down but no adjustments, on this truck. You, can see that. The. Effort that the whole community is doing to raise money for the hurricane, victims ray, what. Has happened in the tempie Terry, Cook has come in with his fort, he has been running very loose, into the corners we, know a lot of these guys made adjustments on these trucks because they were afraid that this track was going to tighten up an awful lot tonight and Cooke said he is just way too loose no doubt about it, now David Starr has also come in in the number 75, Spears manufacturing. Chevrolet the last 10 stops they've gone down on the track bar for the number 75, because. He has been very free going into the corners so Starr came in and he, will go back out here at lap 96. Sixth. Caution of the night has come out at, Richmond, Cheerios. Betty Crocker 200, on Speed Channel. It's, a stretch bill I don't know where the instrumentation. Is to measure the downforce, of things from that little, exhibition there. But, we. Get. Because we care that's right that's right lights, are out on the pace truck as. They go down the backstretch or any kinds of brings that in and. Back, out in front of the field it's Mike Skinner now Skinner led the first 60. Some laps of this race. We, take a look at the points as they run right now Dennis, Setzer, came. Into this race with a hundred and forty three point lead he, has just a 33 point lead now over Ted Musgrave, we talked about the very top of the show he did not want to have another race, where he lost 50 or 60 points one fortunately it's going to be a whole lot more than that it appears as long as Ted Musgrave doesn't, have some trouble.

Side, By side and look at this. Look. At the travel the front, those. Guys are all over one another we're not we're just now halfway there. Me Spencer works to the inside of the lap truck of Jack Sprague. Remember. Jack's brake had trouble early on with his brakes and lost several laps on pit road he's still being shown four laps down right now he's not been able to get any, of those laps back that he lost, with his brake trouble he. Continued. To see the sparks, on. The 43, looks as though he. Is going to be black flagged by NASCAR he tried to pull up on the double up when, they went to the restart oh. He. Was getting his way back into this show to fill two. Laps down. Shaddup. It's a penalty. On the cost before this he pulled up to pit too early NASCAR, made him restart, from, the longest line Wendy, what's going on. Run. The truck series is upon me getting so competitive, that it's not even fun anymore and, when he had that problem the, loose lump at the beginning of the race and he went three laps down he told history one of the colic Quincy knew it was. He's, quitting - he's, gonna Park it right now he's already. Two laps down he's got another drive-through, penalty is gonna take it straight to the garage I guess, I take that a little bit differently I would think the better or, the bigger the competition. The more fun it would be especially. If he beat them all exactly. We've. Got some great side-by-side. Racing continuing. Here riding. Along with Federated, Auto Parts, 52. Of Ken Schrader. Kenny's. In 15th, right now he, lost an engine in practice he ended change, engines right before qualifying and, did a great job to, get in this field such a tough field to get into they were 20s. Michael mentioned 24, Truck, Series winners, attempting, to qualify for this field and 21, of them eight. Ray, what do you think's going on with this pit situation. I'll. Tell you Rick I'm a little bit confused down here because that one round of pit stops happen, on lap 59, we saw Skinner and Musgrave and those guys come in but, on this last time, it, was lap 96, and we saw David star and Terry cook and a few other trucks come to pit road. Because. We, know that, Skinner, and Musgrave and the other guys cannot make it to the end they have to pit one more time so, if you're David Starr Terry cook don't you stay out for the rest of the race we like, it right we like everybody that's pitted already get with, these tires and this type of competition, so many trucks on the lead lap you've, got a pit as soon as you can make it your truck will be fine to the end of the race that's what you have to do now, I say, that and, I I'm thinking about, it Charlotte, when we've questioned, everything that the race with everything Richie Waters did we questioned, and they end up winning the race right so don't think we know what we're talking about but, I think that it tilts your, odds and your a favor if you pitted, by, now and your and your step to go to the end of the race you could make it on fuel now ray just mentioned that there are some trucks, that cannot make it on fuel right all the trucks have pitted around lap 59.

I Don't think can make it the rest of the way so they will definitely have to beat a pit row together everybody, that pitted on lap 80 for the caution, before last and lap 95, I think can make it all the way yeah and then that's the beauty of it they're gonna just get automatic, free track position, as soon as the caution waves and if the caution doesn't wave if it's even better yet because they're going to the end people are going to pit under green so, no. Matter what whether it waves or not the guys that have pitted are the best shape. Nose. Detail now some. Of the field has decided that the best line to run is following, but we see here that's clay Rogers on the high side of the forty seventh of Kevin, Harvick he. Drove up there caught Hornaday, on the outside, and. And as soon as he he, did then, Oh what's. Wrong with rudiment slowing, out of turn two down the backstretch, but now they go again to speed why. Not got a pie he might have got up high into the loose stuff and had to slow down and get that truck gathered back up let's see if we can take a look and see, what happened to David Reutimann here, they enter duck turn when he entered it's very wide he got loose getting in the corner had to chase a truck up the hill now, he's in the loose stuff he's getting basically, get off the throttle get back out of the loose stuff then get back on the throttle now he's back up to speed. Out, in front it's Mike Skinner Skinner. Has led 76. Laps so far tonight, on, his way to possibly, back-to-back. Wins in, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Mike, Skinner out in front of the field but the real battle is for 3rd 4th and 5th. Kevin. Harvick woods to the inside of a 2 of Jimmy Spencer to take over the 3rd position. Kevin. Harvick, really. The, guy in. The. Cat park and in the bird seat no the camper. Tell. Me about that. I. I. Like what he's doing do you feel I sure do and he knows that his truck is very very fast with, a lot of laps on the tires he, probably will have to run about a modern. 15, laps some of those would be under, caution obviously. And he knows he's going to have a fast truck the racetracks get faster and faster and, he doesn't have to pit anymore. I like. We, know Mike Skinner later Ted, Musgrave currently, running second, will have to fit again. I think. We'd really have to keep an eye on the tire issue though with Kevin Harvick because his teammate, after. Just, over 80 laps your, right front tire but we don't know that he did run over something he, ran over something to cut the tire down which can't happen then, these. Tires are only about four thirty seconds, of an inch thick so it doesn't take much at all run, over something and cut a tire down and there's a bunch of cats on the track right now feel that have gone just about 80 laps on their tires and, we're not being a problem right now so over, the next ten or fifteen laps if we don't see any problems I know that we'll begin to let freakin those guys breathe a lot easier, remember. We saw Bristol, we saw Mike Skinner with the, first set of tires he took off they showed a little heat and the, ear and up running up two, thirds of the race without, any trouble at all and end up winning the race so tire, wear typically, gets better as the race wears on as you get more rubber down on the racetrack here comes Johnny Benson, look at the inside, of the team, ASE, number two of Jimmy Spencer. That's, Dennis Setzer in the left of your screen back, on the track but he's being shown 26. Laps down and so a very, very bad, point tonight for Dennis Setzer the problem right now is only one truck is really being shown out of the race and that was Johnny Sauter who he liked who are elected to park his truck so in another lap or so Dennis Setzer is gonna pass Johnny Sauter so he will gain three, points, as he does that but the rest of the trucks are still running Rick Crawford would be the next truck and he's 15, laps ahead of Dennis Setzer Dennis, Setzer's worst, finished so far this year was 33rd, at Martinsville.

Earlier This year the, past two races, though Dennis Setzer's had bad plates days. Races. And so this could be the third race in a row bad points, night within, a sensor Rick look how fast my god Kevin. Harvick was that time a full two miles an hour faster, than our leader Mike Skinner in, this race is beginning, to develop, that long green, flag run, feel right, here you know these guys are spread, out all the way around the track log, and lapse so this, thing is each lap goes bow get more and more interesting, when it comes time for some of these top trucks like Skinner to head to pit road and that's a little surprising and the fact there's so many trucks on the still on the racetrack 35, trucks still running. 35. Trucks, still running 26. On the lead lap Mike, Skinner, out in front by, about five truck, lengths over second. A night. At 5:30 feet alive always on, Speed, Channel to. Be Spencer the part of that he's. Currently running in the fourth position, and we see a little smoke out of the 23, of Johnny Benson looks, like he may have gotten on the brakes a little bit hard he, went into the corner just, just off puff, of smoke as he drove down in the corner and then it went away traders. In. Danger of going a lap down here that Skinner the leader he's driven to the back of Schrader traders, currently, in the 23rd, spot 22, guys on the lead lap Mike. Skinner. About to put Schrader, a lap down let's drop back through the field we'll start with the, 5 of Mike Skinner, well, guys Mike Skinner has now led the most laps of this race so he will get the extra 5 bonus points but here's what's been going on Jean need the crew chief for the one has been over to Jeff Hensley saying why don't you let us lead a lap we're going to gain a lot of points tonight on Setzer. So we'd like to lead a lap he, said he would let that happen, if Musgraves able to get up to his back bumper Skinner, says I don't mind letting Musgrave, lead a lap but I don't want to give up time to Kevin Harvick who's running in 3rd let's check on him Wendy. But. Never a win in the truck series here at Richmond, Kevin Harvick going for win here, at Richmond, Jimmy, Spencer you see is running in the fourth spot now he started, deep in the field he told me before the race that his truck was awful, and he hoped it was going to get better through the night now there a different strategy.

Anytime. Before lap, 167. Race Johnny, Benson pitted, on lap 43, and they took a little bit of wedge out but he is saying it, feels like something is dragging, and it, looks like we're gonna have a spinner a crash on the track yellow will be out and now we're gonna see those pit stops that everybody was looking for caution. Coming out this is the seventh, caution of the night that Steven oh seven, getting spun around Jack Bailey piloting that truck tonight. Looks. Like Kyle Busch the. Free. Pass that's right it is Kyle Busch, big. Look at how this caution came about oh he, got together with Mike Wallace on the 12th rope Mike was on the outside had given him plenty of room down on the bottom the racetrack, and, the 0-7, moved up the hill they made some contact, and around he went I. Was. So impressed, with that I rock racing songs, me. Started. Wait Kurt. Busch's have lay on the bottom of the racetrack and not slide, up and hit mark you know I've been so easy just to slip up and bump mark and drive away but he drove, that racecar so, perfectly, to run second. Well. We I'm, sorry brick this is gonna be the opportunity, for the leaders to come down pit road Mike Skinner Ted Musgrave we know they're gonna have to stop, I think, Kevin Harvick is gonna stay on the racetrack don't you Michael I think. He is but I don't know no. He's not Skinner and that Musgrave, comes down there'll. Be other trucks, that. Hit. It earlier that, will stay out I believe. Kevin. Harvick decides to come down pit road as well Wendy there. Was a last-minute call by Randy Goss say we're gonna stay out but when Mike Skinner decided, to come back down pit road Kevin Harvick decided, to come get four tires fuel, but, no adjustments, on his machine right Mike, Skinner is going to take four tires there was no debating about that they, said it's the only way to go to get to the end here at lap 142, they come to pit road the question to Musgrave, was any, chance we should take two and they said absolutely not. And win this race is with tires, and they hang, up on the. Bus. Goes back to the racetrack, now. Ray I just noticed that that rear tire changer was, looking, like he was reaching back to the wheel as the truck dropped and the wheels started to spin he pulled his hands back and looked like there, may have been a lug nut missing, on the one.

Let's. Take another look at that because he reached back just as they were dropping that truck it's gonna be a horrible break if that's the case. Looked. Like he hit that lug nut brick maybe, just got enough of that socket, on it to get it on the wheel doesn't, have to be tight it has to be on the wheel and maybe. He accomplished, that feel. What happened here we got what seven eight guys that stayed out and, the rest of them pitted. We'll. See how it shakes out the onion Todd Bodine out, in front of this field now Derek Cooke in second. No. One covers NASCAR like Speed Channel covers NASCAR, Monday first catch NASCAR, nation off track and in depth then it's an all new inside, Nextel. Cup, Davis bein in our own Michael Waltrip Ken Schrader and Brian Vickers on Tuesday, brand-new to speech he'll one, track, mind, drives, in poochie's reveal what it takes to be a champion Wednesday. An all-new series backseat, drivers who'll win the championship, on, Thursday, go deeper inside the action with a full hour of NASCAR, beyond the wheel and, Ralph Sheheen and Dale Jarrett break, down the stats and the facts and, show you how the chase the title is stacking, up the chase is on in, a NASCAR weekend cranks up with full coverage of all the action, live from the track beginning September 19th, Monday through, Sunday no one covers NASCAR, like speech channel covers, NASCAR. And, welcome back to the Cheerios Betty Crocker 200, on Speed Channel, is, Todd Bodine out in front of the field now. In. The number 30 you see the 17 of David Reutimann. He's, on the tail end of the lead topo, an eye as you mentioned is our leader you know Todd Bodine and and Mike Hillman had this same strategy at, Bristol, they pitted before, a lot of trucks stayed out that track position end up with a second place finish it worked at Bristol we'll see what's going to work here at Richmond, Reutimann's. Trying to get a lap back we saw him slip earlier, in the race and cost him. Little-ass now now he's gonna try to race him get that lap back, if I open there is a cost and he w

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Just an FYI man, this is the 2005 race.

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