2006 Banquet 400 At Kansas

2006 Banquet 400 At  Kansas

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The. NASCAR chase for the Nextel Cup championship has. Come to the Kansas, Speedway in Kansas. City Kansas, today's. Race the banquet, 400. Packed, houses here let's take you trackside and join this afternoon's, pre-race, ceremonies. Ladies. And gentlemen please, rise and remove your hats as the, Cass County Civil. Air Patrol US. Air Force auxilary, presents. Our nation's colors. Please. Remain standing as Kansas, City Raceway, ministries. Offers. Col. Cochran, for, today's invocation. Let. Us pray. Father. God thank you for this special time in place may. The drivers, and crews pass through today's race safely, may. We all understand, how we can run life's race with, you as our friend, and father. Help. Us to know how, to join you for the journey in Jesus. Name. I pray amen. You. Know them for their hit song I loved their first please. Welcome Lofton, Creek Records recording artists heartland, as they perform, our national, anthem oh. Say. Can. You see. By. The dawn's. Early. Light. What. So proudly, we. Hail'd. At. The, twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes. And. Bright. Stars. Through. The perilous. All. The. Ramparts. We watched. Were. So. Gallantly. Streaming. See. There. Oh. The, Kansas, Speedway packed, with some of the greatest fans in all of NASCAR they've, come to see race number three in a chase for the Nextel, Cup the teams getting ready on pit road we, come back we'll have the command, and the starting, grid from Kansas. NBC. Sports and NASCAR, presented, round, three of the 2006. Chase for the Nextel, Cup today. It's the banquet 400. At the Kansas, Speedway. Hi, everybody Bill Weber along with Wally Dallenbach thanks, for having us in for the race our partner Benny Parsons had his final chemotherapy. Treatment on Wednesday, I talked to Benny this morning he's, at home resting up and he is fired up about joining us at Talladega, next Sunday BP we'll. See you then eight races to go in the chase for the Nextel Cup five of those races on a mile and a half track some. Tracks are similar some are different but if your intermediate, program is working today that's, good news it really is and an attract that's very similar to this racetrack is Chicago, and a couple guys we saw that bred very strong in Chicago, where Matt Kenseth, and Jeff Gordon have. This altercation they're late in the race but these guys both ran good there Jeff Gordon won but strong, programs, at, the Monahan that's what it's gonna take in these last few races Kansas. All Ken's I've also ran out of gas at the end of that race that could be a factor here now Kenseth and Harvick were both in the Busch race yesterday they're, both in the chase for the Nextel Cup they both ran well but the race came down to pit road you know we talked about it every single week you've got to be good on the racetrack but you've got to be good in the pits yesterday, Kent's had dominated the Busch race these, guys had a little bit of problem on the rear tire who was just enough for Harvick, to beat these guys off a pit road and that's.

All It took it's so hard to pass on these racetracks Kent's, if we can get by him it was very tight that race off of pit road but Harvick won that race, and held off Kenseth, for the win here yesterday well, see what happens today glad you're along for the ride let's, take you trackside here, at the Kansas Speedway and get the command, and. Now, race fans for the most famous words in Motorsports, please welcome George. Lopez, and, Jackie, joyner-kersee. Drivers. 43. Cars roar, to life in, Kansas City. 267. Laps 400. Miles, one. Winner when the chase continues, on NBC. This. Will high-definition, television, of NASCAR on NBC, take your NASCAR, experience. To another level with, Sony full HD 1080p. HD. Experience. Sunny, skies temperature. About 85, degrees here, in Kansas City as the cars roll off of pit road on to the Kansas Speedway Budweiser. The official beer of NASCAR is, the proud sponsor of the Budweiser pole, award given the fastest qualifier at each task for our Nextel Cup Series race, Budweiser, congratulate. Kasey Kahne for his fifth pole of 2006. His 11th career pole and, we'll see him and the Budweiser Shootout when we get to Daytona in, February. Starting. Grid for the banquet 400. There's Kasey on the pole and Scott Riggs qualified second, for, the second straight week he, gives to stay up there that right because last we gave it drop to the back of the pack was of an engine problem row two Jimmie, Johnson the chaser on the outside of tube Brian Vickers looking, for his first Cup win. AJ. Haley huddled one of the young guys up front along with Clint Bowyer both those guys looking, for a Nextel Cup win number one. Rushmore. The inside Kurt Busch grab the 2 car on the outside Matt, Kenseth. See. The guys in the chase for the Nextel Cup championship highlighted. In yellow like Jeff Burton who starts alongside Elliott, Sadler. Row, six jet boarding on the inside on the outside the. A card Dale Earnhardt jr. while, people are gonna watch a macro yeah both these guys Pro, 7 Kyle, Busch and Kevin, Harvick and two more of the chasers. Throw, eight on the inside Ryan, Newman I know these guys are looking for something to happen good for them and Bobby Labonte, on the outside drives in the kick ro9, Dave Blaney and former, Kansas, winner Joe Nemechek. Roast. Head Mark Martin sits. Six and the points right now the outside David, Gilliland John. Go. Ahead and take you through the rest of the starting grid, there's a Tony Stewart and Todd cleaver in row 11 you look at the stories of Wallace on the radio. I. Know these guys are checking their pit, road speed hey Kyle this is Wally up in the booth how about it. Pretty. Good your car you look like you had a pretty good Bush car you have today get pieces. Good today as it was yesterday I hope. So you know the Kellogg's Chevrolet boys, really worked their hearts out all year. Definitely. Need to try, to turn something around here today in Kansas but. Over. The week you know we had a pretty good car in practice the guys made some changes to it here this, morning and, I think they ready of course went the right direction though Leo we can get it today I know, it's been a tough over obviously a couple weeks here that's very tough for you guys but it doesn't almost take the pressure, off you know I mean all you get to outdo now for the rest of the years try to win races and not really worry about the championship I know you guys want it as bad as anybody else but is there a little bit of relief there you guys just can go out and run hard now, yeah. Definitely, I mean there's that. You know if you relieve the points. Championship. It'd be yours to lose but right, now we believe it's ours to win so we can go out there try. To win races and you, know prove, ourselves try to work our way back up the ladder here and do. It get out of it but you, know still plenty of racing left to go into season anything can happen, good. Luck Kyle we'll be watching all. Right Thank You Wally Kyle. Busch rolls, off. Lucky spot number 13, yesterday's, race was won on pit, road we could see that happen today it'll be a busy place final, stories from down there and here's Dave burns and bill as long as Jeff Gordon's brakes works it breaks work he should have no problem, entering the pits he's got an easy access the first stall off of pit four it's racing off of pit road where he has to be careful 42, other guys pulling out he has to watch house out for then he hopes the race goes on and on and on because his car works best when it's under green conditions, after 20 30 or even 40 laps, that'd be a best-case scenario for, Jeff Gordon Matt Dave, case it's, a good opportunity for Dale Earnhardt jr. to close that championship, gap which, is opened up to 102, markers, now junior feels like he's squandered, a couple good opportunities, in the first two races now, he wants to rebound, they brought their best piece, in their stable is performed, well this year scoring for the team's eight top five finishes including that good run at Chicago.

They Started 12 today and they're pitting a right across from the start/finish, line to Marty Jimmie, Johnson knows I think he hopes to win this championship in, 2006. Matt he has to make a run and it has to start now Johnson told me moments ago before he got in the car this 15. Just, really need a solid finish top tennis that would be nice, top five would be almost like a win for us but we want to regain the momentum and there's still time for us to win this championship there are five mile, and a half tracks left on the schedule before the end of the season that is where the 4018 is the best and this morning in the garage area everybody said the man to beat Jimmie Johnson Allen, who. Jeff Burton is the championship, leader entering this race after his win at Dover last. Sunday but barely only, by six points ahead of second place that's virtually nothing, Jeff hitting his second stall from the end of pit road kasey kahne between, he and the scoring line at pit exit Jeff's, team plans to use the same plan of attack they've been using all season, long race, hard but smart try and stay ahead of the track conditions that will change throughout the day with the adjustments, on their car and put themselves in position, at the end of the race to, have a chance to win Jeff Burton starts, bill. Thanks Allen you guys have a great day down there ten drivers in the chase 33, guys racing, hard just for the win including some young guys right up front we have four guys in the top six that, you, know are looking for their first win you've got Scott Riggs up there Brian Vickers JJ, Yeley clip boy they, all are trying to win the race not, getting the way the championship, contenders and Stewart touched on it last week it's. Very nerve-wracking. When you're out there racing and you're racing around the guys that are going for the championship because you don't want to screw up and hurt, your chances 15, drivers, in yesterday's, race are in today's. Race nine drivers, making their first Kansas, Nextel. Cup start round, three of the chase for the championship is. The, road to recovery for kasey kahne begins with five bonus points for eating the first battle. For second between Johnson and Riggs JJ, Yeley did not get a very good start, on that when. The green flag drops.

Actually. Though get to the bottom. There's Jeff Gordon, right behind Jeff Burton Dale Earnhardt jr. in the 8th Kyle Busch in the 5 Kevin, Harvick in the 29. Jimmy Johnson trying. To get second from Scott Riggs. And. Does. Clint, Boyer in the o7. Vickers. In that green bar the 25 and Matt Kenseth another, chaser right behind them in the 17. Let's, get our first update on car 17, from Dave and they're not sure they had the best race car today bill in fact right, before the green flag crew, chief Robbie Reiser. Today he said let's get it doing today guys. They. Think they have a top 10 car for sure and, if they can do that they are still in. The hunt for the change it probably, was really quiet, cautious, this morning in the garage wasn't, he and yeah exactly and they didn't want to over sell it to us he didn't want over we saw it to his guys and I think Matt himself, knows if they raise smart today they could win but I doubt an out speed they might. On board with Vickers there's, Matt in the 17 on the inside can. You see all already, these guys are moving all over the race guys first couple flap everybody, pretty much runs the bottom but, now right now these guys are starting to move up the racetrack saw, two good, crews, yesterday. In the Busch race as you, see the 25 car barriers he's moved up about half the lane, he's looking to work that high groove Matt what's he saying. Well. He's experimenting, a little bit over the first couple laps here he's tried the bottom now as you mentioned he's up top the car was loose but it was very strong in final, practice they feel like maybe this, is the day as he runs in that fourth spot of breaking through and scoring his first Nextel. Cup Series victory. Jimmy. Johnson on, the bumper of race leader kasey kahne very, fast, mile and a half track it really, is we saw the speech. There, earlier. I mean you're 190. Plus miles per hour going into these corners and it's a very fast racetrack, you carry a lot of speed down in the corner you don't use much brake he. Just roll off the throttle you're hard on the gas it. You're flying around this racetrack and he got 42 other guys doing the same thing around just so really. Got to be focused on, driving a racecar around this place Johnson, trying to get the lead Marty.

And, He told me a moment ago before he got in the car listen, today is just. I. Want, to get some bonus points I want to lead early in the race because I know that. We have a fast car my goal take, care of it early in the race because I'm fairly, confident, a car that can win this race and there's some good racing in the back of the bill - bill yeah, this is only back at, ninth, this. Is for ninth Gordon in the 24 Earnhardt. Jr. up high. 24. And, Jeff, told me moments before the race started, that they wanted to that the start, of the race wasn't that great for his cars actually the start of every run the first ten laps he told me I've got to be careful how I'm racing the other guys if they're definitely faster. I'll let them by if not I'll race them hard right now Jeff is move forward a couple of positions that's, good news man the one thing to a team feels like it stands out over the past couple races Dave is much, like the 31, team this year not able to put together the complete package then, feel like judging from their notes from final practice this is the best that they have been on intermediate tracks, all year long this, car very stout, here nearly going maybe. Jeff Burton story is a little bit like Jeff Courtney's but on a broader picture basis, Jeff Burton told me he, wasn't sure how this was going to be at the beginning of the race today but, they were really trying to anticipate having their car be the best at the end of the day the. Sun is out the track conditions will change through the day they are hoping that their car shines the most when it counts the most in, the final laps. Racing. Hard yeah they're gonna have pretty harlot to me that lap there looked like the 31 camper, was a little bit tight you can see it going to the corner it looked like that car huh we got trouble off. Robby. Gordon doesn't. Hit anything. Caution. Number one. Rafi Gordon with the spin off of turn four. Racing. Back to the caution when the yellow comes out the field is fronting. And. The yellow flag out for the first time this afternoon here Arkansas. Pick. This up a little bit already in progress. Just want more with Michael Waltrip. It's. A. Little bit. Be, the last time we see that today nice. Job by Michael driving. Through the smoke staying out of trouble early. At Kansas, Kasey, Kahne is the race leader you're watching the NASCAR chase for the championship on. NBC. The. Field. Under caution heading, to pit road ten. Laps into the race. Ryan. Hart jr. says the car loosened 1a2 stuck, in three and four Tony Eury jr. going. To make a small air pressure adjustment, in the right rear trying to help that Marty a little bit of a surprise these guys decided to pit two tires for Jimmie Johnson down, half, around the track bar Allen.

Just. Two tires for the leader Kasey Kahne the crew chief Kenny Francis explaining. The decision, to stop and pit said there had already been a one-second, fall up and left feet in those first ten laps tape Matt, Kenseth car a little loose in tight for the middle off wedge, adjustment two tires on the, right side changed. But. A lot happening on pit road Jamie McMurray was in the grass at the turn four end of pit road there's McMurray's, car and, there's another car nosed into the wall at the other end of pit row a Joe Nemechek. Was. Pointed, I mean it looked like he was pulling, in a garage. So the field heading to pit road early here at Kansas here's. Our crew camp. Dusty Stanley, we're found here. Field. About to get the green on the restart, Ryan. Newman is the race leader. We, did. I'm, surprised. He's. Gained I was not expecting, the, whole field practically, to come down pit lane and some guys paid a price for it because of all the traffic down there three, wide for the lead. Dropped. It to the inside key to the outside. Came working his favorite line up on top. Strong. In the early stages this race and what's the five bonus points for leading a lap he's got. Why all those guys came down pit road bill kenny, branches the team director for casey came. By one second, in those opening nine green flag laps of the race a figure, in, the. Back tires. By. The time you've gotten, a caution flag they'd be in a lot of trouble ie Ryan, Newman. All. These guys are ok they didn't. Hit anything. Long as they get through the get grass without damaging, their. Front. Valence, and stuff like that they go easy, you see Harvick's already on pit lane Denny, Hamlin's all so, the 11th car he, took a no doubt the evasive for that road to go down pit lane Gordon. Didn't do any damage there to the front, of the car. Well. As Alan was saying I mean, he was loose I mean he was loose we saw that when Alan was talking, and he just finished. It off right here right, he's running out of the field I mean look at all that smoke when you're a driver you cannot see anything and Gordon. Those guys just turn the car down left hard. To avoid that wreck because they couldn't see anything, looks like Burton might have gotten a piece of it here. From. The chopper upstairs. Tell, you what bird did a great job getting that car slowed down. And. You see Bullock Harvick, and Gordon just. Turned left, and, headed for the grass that was her safest, out, now. Watch this shot from. The 31 car this, is what it looks like when a car gets sideways at Freya. That's. It you, don't see much till it goes away. Here's, Harvick. Now. Harvick doesn't know where to go so he just cranks it to the lot. As. Does Gordon and just gets in the grass so that was the safest move to make. So. Jeff Gordon brings, his car to Steve Letarte & Company and and you know what what, those guys did I mean they pitched those cars down that pavement it still, hurt the tires even though they went through the grass you want to just be real careful make. Sure that you got good tires on the car I'm. Sure they're gonna do the same thing here Marty yeah, Kevin Harvick brings his car in Wally oddly enough this is the car they ran at Michigan same, thing happened to him early in the race I ran through the grass they damaged the valence, that time fix it still, finished 11th but there's no damage to the valence they, will change four tires he said he's a little bit too loose and, the. Water temperatures a little Hut too high so they're going to pull some tape off that'll help both, of those conditions they're gonna check over the car very thoroughly make sure everything's fine it, appears to be clean they set them back out with four fresh tires see that yellow strip, on the nose that's the valence that Marty is talking about that's the thing that you don't want to damage it's very very important.

Aerodynamics. On a mile 1/2 racetrack, Jeff, Gordon has just left his pit stall some, of the guys. Dodging, big-time trouble of Kansas. Less. Than half half, a lap from, going back to green an update on the 31 car of Jeff Burton from Allen yeah. Billy came on the radio after barely. Getting through that incident, told his team he didn't think he hit anything wrote, around for a second under the caution said, the tires felt okay like he didn't put any flak spots in them from skidding on them so they made the decision to stay out and keep their track position and then the crew chief Scott Miller said wow, what a great job you did. And. He did Jimmie. Johnson the race leader. Dale. Earnhardt jr.. And make your seem to get a good restart on that, that. One either neither did Boyer. The o7, part. Gotta. Be careful on the restarts, you can't let these guys before they get out too far. Real. Important, stay, right on the guy's bumper, greets, or it's in. Just. Brush the wall that's. Down the backstretch. Scott. Riggs in the 10 car looking to take, a spot, away from Kasey Kahne, their. Teammates Sorenson. Is crashed and turns three and four and, the caution is out. He, pitted twice under the last caution period. Marty, what's up hey, Bennett. And, obviously they hear him on the radio a lot of damage on the 41 car they're gonna have, to take it to the garage they had an excellent, car yesterday. And happy hour top five the entire day this, is an early and surprising. In for the 41 team. Go. Back and take a look, we. Saw them creeping down the backstretch and then it slides out from underneath yeah I'm sure the tire just blew there because, he really wasn't up to full speed. Although, the tires look like they're up sure, do. Well, the 41 of reed sorenson back, to the garage early, a Kansas, 19, laps are completed, and, Jimmie Johnson is the race leader. NBC's. Coverage of the banquet 400, is brought to you by Budweiser the official beer of NASCAR this. Is Budweiser this is beer by Bank of America experience. Higher standards, in checking only from Bank of America by. Team Chevy and the 2006. Monte Carlo SS now. With the legendary, small-block, v8, an American, Revolution, and by. Banquet. Dave. Burns. Reed. Sorenson now, who has been working around his, race car I think just tried to take his mind off of what. Happened out there already, agreed to talk to us and then he jump down to have a quick conversation with crew.

Chief Jimmy eledge and we're, gonna watch him do that the guys are working hard on the race car on the rear end of this car Reed, can, you tell us how the wreck started. Got. Loose in 1 & 2 and came. Around 2 3 about half speed and. It, started, doing the death level they're out of control so. Hopefully. We'll, find something wrong here with it but it's it's hurt pretty bad right now so we're just try to get it back out there and do best game, it must be very frustrating a lot of people the garage area talking about the 41 car and its speed today bill, you're. Right Dave very disappointing, for Jimmy Reed, the entire crew will, work on the try car, try and get him back out we're still under caution here at Kansas. Oh, yeah. Leading, the championship standings you missed that, your. Days off to a good, start now. We gave to Jeff Burton but take a look at this bill a half a lap and going green board, with Brian Vickers watch how long he's in here one. One thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand. Crower not nowhere to go and it comes out sees the 12 ported right Adam. There's, vicars. Brian currently 11. Started. The day from the fourth position, can't. Miss that paint job nope you can see that. Green car Garnier, Fructis. It's. Pretty cool looking at her products yeah. Jimmy Johnson the race leader. Johnson. Led only five laps in the last seven, races and, only 40. Since, the race at Charlotte, and May. Juniors. On the outside of heylia. Jr's, been getting some pretty good restarts, how these guys sleeping, on the restart, it's. The easiest, way to pass a car. Scott. Riggs looking, under his teammate. Break slow kasey, kahne hi briggs get second. Where, he started. Came, back to third and update from Alice. 50 or 60 consecutive, green flag laps his, car's got to be really, good right, now the back end just a little too light for his saw liking in the early run party an Allen ona the caution Scott Riggs his teammate, and the to talk together and said hey let's work together trying, to get to the front if we can for Riggs he was a little bit tight one. There one pit stop on lap nine they made an air pressure adjustment took, the two tires and obviously, he has a pretty good par they were a little worried about it early, here in the race didn't quite know what it would be. Five trying, to get inside his brother in the two. Kenseth. In the high group there. Your. Heart right along he takes the highlight, and Jeff Burton goes down the bottom of the racetrack in, front of that pencil also, in the High Line. Marty. Nomad, Billy. Jr. took advantage on the previous, restart, when the 25, of Vickers losses, momentum but he had to check up also. A great restart this last time now jr. now on the bottom before he was up the top still, can't quite get the race car where he needs it so he is searching a great, stop on pit road by the guys at twelve point six seconds.

Stop, But it takes a good 15, laps for. This car to really come in and start to show what it can do now I'll tell you what right now man it looks like he can run where he wants to run he just. Passed, Matt on the low side caught him on the high side so he, may be searching, but as far as pretty good right now. Rakes up, high. Trying to get the lead from Jimmie Johnson, and. Scott. Briggs leads at Kansas. Rick's. Still looking for his first victory in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series we asked him if he's racing for wins or respect. We've. Heard a lot of respect from all the guys I'm really I'm happy the way most, of the guys raced me out there everybody gives a lot of respect and it realizes, that we're coming, we've, came a long way we give the season as a branding team but. We need to win we need a victory I think, we're probably in a situation, right now that we're willing to take big chances to. Get ourselves into Victory Lane versus. Trying to be. You. Know a little timid about taking those risks we're willing to take some bigger risks right now missed. The Daytona 500 got, his first DNF, of, 2006. Last week at Dover drives, for Ray Evernham. It's got Johnson, on his bumper. Marty. Bill. Scott sled 91, laps this year 90 in, this car in one, race the coca-cola, 600, earlier, this year and I talked to Scott about on. The verge of winning he said you know I think we're close I think we're getting closer to being a top 10 team remember, we missed the Daytona 500 earlier, this year so, our goals have really been to stay in the top 20 in points, we've been able to do that now, we need to go prove that we can be a team the, next step in that getting, a win, okay. What some good racing going on right here this, guy's been running side, by side they've all been just about, every lane, you can think of that's Kyle Busch in the five car right now an eighth spot just, taking a spot away from Dave laning at 22, we've got Yalie their bottom, mark. Down the six car right there, so. Some pretty good racing going on right. And. Will that sorts, out, boy. Are on the move per second it's, gonna make a lot of fans happy. Aurilla cans is about 105. Miles from here to second, place for Clint Boyer. Yes. Bill employer, yes. He's going somewhere he is and he has about 400 friends and family here that's more people than you know with Ned Wally, hello. Wally get morning. Continuing. Our theme from yesterday but Boyer told me earlier. Hearing. From the family and friends but I did so much activities, with him this week that I was just ready to get in the race car, today and go race to race you know I entertained, people all weekend home it was fun when I was ready for today's race. We're, trying to hunt down the lead. And, I'll tell you if this could be a fun afternoon because, this has been some intense racing back here yeah this this has been really good at it was good to see them the track coming yesterday for the Busch race and now. These guys are all over the racetrack there's a 16 car, Greg, Biffle in. The 15th, spot he's trying to work his way through this got the 1, car mark 2x. Down on the bottom Tony Stewart 20. This, is all the top 1415, right here right, in front of them is Denny Hamlin one of the drivers in the chase for the championship the. Rookie with the big yellow stripe on his bumper without. A left Fed Ex machine. A little, bit loose there. Meanwhile. Back up front Clint. Bowyer's going to try and get the lead from Riggs this. Will, be big yes it will. And I think he will leave that lap making, complete the pass here but. The. Computer, agrees with you, again. An exist at Highline, unless. You can complete, the pass and get, in front of the guy getting off the corner it's really tough here because a guy that is a high groove on. The outside has. A lot of momentum now, you. See boy working on the bottom and he's digging he's digging his ticket it'll be a drag race down the straightaway, Boyer, did lead the last lap. Who. Had it while they come on quick I'm. Gonna say Boyer had that one to know ten rigs but, look here's, where he needs to complete the pass he needs to slide up and firm but he just, doesn't have the room so now the tenth car will have one better. Gonna. Pull just, a little bit forward down the straightaway. Now. He's gonna slide up now. I'll keep him. It's. Third place. We've. Got a three-car race. These. Guys are side by side. Going. After it, it's, KCK, quo. But. Kane lost the handle I mean there were three wide there Zakia. Jeff. Burton Jimmie Johnson three. Of the chasers. Merton, trying. To make the move didn't want to do it and turn for. Side. By side with Johnson. They're. In the 8 car he's. Coming pretty fast right, now run. Some. Very good laps. Afternoon. Racing, all over the place at the Kansas, Speedway and, right now a native.

Of Kansas clip, foyer is the race leader. Coverage. Of the banquet 400, is brought to you by Nextel. Only from Sprint get closer to the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, with, Nextel, by 4 full, moves by. The Home Depot NASCAR's, Home Improvement warehouse by. Aflac asked about it at work and by, Garnier, Fructis, style, unleash. Your style. So, today here in Kansas, City pack house when. Boyer is the race leader that, makes it loud let's. Go through the field starting, with Marty's. Hometown. Fans are happy to see that black oh seven far out front on a beautiful, Sunday afternoon here, Kansas, this cars finished 4th in Indiana State View and 3rd at California, Clint said nothing on this run together these happy loves, the car out front scott riggs having a very nice run said. He's sliding the nose of that tin car just a little bit from the middle of the corner off that means his car is tight he also runs that High Line which, they kind of set up for liked, it a little bit better yesterday in practice Allen, Kasey, Kahne started on hold that the first 11 laps of this race he's not running back in he. Took just two tires. Eleven pitstops Casey, had some problems last weekend over we documented earlier and, talked about racing under the pressure on the championship. You. Enjoy enjoy, a little pressure it's much better than on, the outside looking in and not, having any pressure at all at the end of the year so I really. Enjoy it I I don't think they care they they, perform under it so they must not care too much about pressure. Under. Pressure now having just been passed by Dale Earnhardt jr., he's got jet for $18 group up or now that Dan. Juniors moved up to that Richard, Petty line and definitely on the move mirroring, the lap times of the leader now, there are expectations coming, in about, halfway through a run this car would, really come to life and that's exactly, what, it's doing just a tick on the free side ap was, that Burton with the closed. Fifteen. He took just two tires on, his lap 11 pitstop he says his car lacking a little bit of grip, now as, he tries to take a spot away from Kasey khane party. Jimmie Johnson running in six trying to hang on a race car to a race car that's fairly loose lacking, some rear end grip but Jimmy knows like we talked about earlier. He's. 1.5. Mile tracks left for him in the chase and he likes these final eight racetracks in the chase. We've. Got a lot of good traffic up for us at the same time I think New Hampshire was gonna be a strong race for us and we just had some bad luck there Dover's, been a great track and, we got trapped to lap down with a hit, sequence thing so I really, feel that there, are a lot of good tracks coming for us this is going to be a great track for us to get some momentum rolling and, at. What we saw in New Hampshire from, a 48 car and hundred cars in general I think the one track was nervous about which was Phoenix I think we're in line. Now we're going to be competitive the Phoenix and really, have a good finish of the year Jimmy. Trying to rebuild some momentum here in Kansas and trying to get back around his teammate Kyle Busch Allen. In. 13th, position he, was one of the guys it took four tires on the earlier pit stop you see him fighting here with two Johnson, for, the seventh spot Jimmy. On Kyle rather saying his car the, back end wiggling, around a lot when he tries to run that High Line but he sure making a lot of time up there JJ. Yeley in the 18, car started the race in fifth position he took just right-side tires on his pit stop back at lap number 11, we talked about. Start earlier with Dale Earnhardt jr. cut by him he, said it wasn't him having a poor restart earn our jr. laid back and, got the jump on him you're not supposed to do that laying back thing. Bring em scars a be having a very good day now Tony Stewart started with 21st position was. To drop some air pressures on the next stops as the car is tight exactly. In the center of the corner he just cannot get the back end don, hook but he's having a very, solid, run starting, from the 21st position Allen solid.

Run For Denny Hamlin who took the green flag in, 25th, position took, four tires on his earlier pit stop he just called it his head. Anyway. They, told him ten met just, outside the top ten is the one of Martin Truex coming. Off a great, run at Dover his career best finish of six, needs, a long green flag run, for this car to, show what it can do that's exactly what he's getting now says the car is good especially on, exit, date Matt, mark Martin's car is coming around just a little bit for him early in the race his car was loose going into the corner they made a wedge adjustment took. On two right-side tires, he's moved forward since the last caution, flag the 16 of Greg Biffle forward. One position his car okay, right now not really operating, the way he'd like it to they, made an adjustment as well on that first pit stop took on two tires Matt the 42 of Casey Mears running. Just, inside, the top 15 says, absolutely, no, front grip at, all, I'm. The only one out here with that problem he's asking, they're telling him nope a lot of people are setting the track completely. Different, from how it was in final practice in the 66, of Jeff Green he's dealing with a combo, platter of issues the car. And tight trying, to figure out which is the biggest issue to fix first. Matt, Kenseth restarted, fourth in the fourth position can you believe it all the way back to 18 he, said I don't know what's going on with his car I can't drive it then he said well. That. Is a lot of problems, on a 17, car we talked about that not being sure they're gonna have to work very hard to, get that top 10 for, Matt Kenseth now now, Jeff Gordon. Has been charging. Forward since the last restart where he was 37. He is now all the way up to the 19th position so Jeff, going forward no real damage from that spin down into the grass cording to crew chief Steve, Letarte Marty Kevin, Harvick going backwards, Dave just a little bit restarted, 25th, back on lap 18 currently, he is a 19th. Position and our 29th position rather he said the car. That. Means he has pretty much no grip out there a completely. Different car back, in traffic for Kevin Harvick than it was up front, thank. You gentlemen 40, cars are on the lead lap Kenny. Wallace runs 40th. Where. Continues, to lead, this. Is for third. Kyle Busch trying to get it from Scott Riggs. It's, like Riggs Mabel off to handle there a little bit as we put. More more laps on these tires you, start seeing guys having trouble you start seeing guys moving forward. Earnhardt. Jr. up to second place now. You. Can see the names in yellow in the ticker are the guys and the chase for the championship but. Right now it's one of the guys not in the chase what are the young guys Wally talked about cliff Boyer from Kansas, is the race leader on NBC. Under. Caution at Kansas, for debris debris, on the backstretch the, field will be coming to pit road tonight at 8:00 Eastern on NBC Sunday, Night Football Allen, JA with a call a primetime, showdown, of two undefeated teams Seattle. Seahawks and the Chicago, Bears that's, tonight on, NBC, and it all starts with football night in America at, 7:00. Eastern Time. Pit. Road should be open this time and it will be a very, busy, place and we saw some issues earlier when they all came down pit road we'll see how it works out this time.

Dave. Burns mark. Martin's crew trying to do as little as possible on, this pit stop just a four-tire, change note, changes. To the chassis mark, tried to win two years in a row here in Kansas he's nearing the top ten. Tony, Eury jr. going to show up with the air pressures for Dale Earnhardt jr. slightly. Has just a slight tight, condition, now Newman, is 31st. He will be peeing, right in front of jr. but jr. has a 5-foot, gap because, of the camera has start/finish party lead if that boy is on the top of your screen the car just a little bit to lose the beginning of that run a pound in the left rear tire half, of him on the right rear tire for, Boyer Allen bottom. Left screen Kyle Busch pitting from third place his car lacking, some rear end grip on the car four-tire, change a track bar adjustment as well and the race off pit road. There is the next I'll race off of pit road. Dale Earnhardt jr.. Wins. That race, Nextel. Celebrating, speed teamwork, and getting things done instantly, good. Job by the eight crew get, nerd heart out there. Take. A look at it. We. Talked about yesterday. Pit, stops were huge so Harvick, won we'll see how they play out today at Kansas. Ford, is looking for the ultimate racing, fan to have the ultimate, fan experience at. Homestead-miami, Speedway log on to race to the dream.com for, your chance to win you'll. Get tickets to all three NASCAR championship races, in November be, the honorary starter for the four 300, Busch race in you get a pace car ride, and maybe, we'll hook you up with Wally I don't know it's race to the dream.com. For. A great experience when we all go to homestead. Dale. Earnhardt jr. is the race leader here's, the conversation between driver, and crew chief Tony Eury jr., the. Five car was behind you he was maybe, the best car right. Therefore, I just kind. Of look like Jewish driving moving, around a lot but I didn't want to interrupt you, while you're doing it whenever you want lap time is holid but. You're, doing real good we're right where Duvall gate. Earnhardt. Jr. then Kyle Busch Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Burton and Clint Bowyer Joe, Nemechek in, the zero-one car the lucky dog and some time to get a racetrack, a race car that you. Want to run one end right down on the white line and then the other end of the racetrack your better way up high that's. With juniors been doing. He hasn't tried to top down to one to two this is felt like his car was pretty decent down there where he was running. Towards bottom right where he's at. Not, a lot of lap traffic just have to clear Kenny Wallace in the 78. Bernhardt, has his five bonus points now. Teammates. Right behind him. The, Dei car. Guys, all running. The bottom right now, on the bottom for a couple, that front effort pissed off get. Their pressures, worked. Up and some heat in the tires his clipboard takes a spot away from his teammate. That, is the spot. Which. Is Burton back to fifth top, five now single, file led by Dale, Earnhardt jr. we saw yesterday how important, the, work on pit road is, to, being successful in the race for the guys at the shop the guys that work on the car in. The garage here are the over the wall guy eyes, for her heart Junior. I'm, Tony Eury jr. of Kannapolis North Carolina, Sean. Ward Hickory North Carolina DJ. Cot Ontario, New York Bryan, chase York, named Eric, wakeland flemeth Indiana Greg, Bourke are Sharon, Wyoming, Jeff, Clark Charlotte, North Carolina Greg. Boone, Mooresville North Carolina. Paul Smith New, Paltz New York. Pit. Crew for Earnhardt jr. he's. Out front. And, it seems like it takes a couple of laps and then they really, start racing back behind the leader yeah like I said it you've. Got to get some heat. These tires and get the tires up pressure wise because they're going out with low pressures, and then more heat you put the tires the pressures, gain and the cars get more stable, we. Got 38, going around coming out of four david gilliland the rookie for Robert Yates racing. They'll, take that right, here thanks cool thanks, cool. Washin. Is out. With. Caution, period of the day. Back. And take a look. Running around in traffic back there hard to tell what happened with that angle. Bored with kevin harvick. Let's. Get off the corner we've seen that a lot last, couple days so, second one Harvick's had the drive through today. Kenny. Wallace is the lucky dog Dale Earnhardt, jr. is the race leader under. Caution. It's. Been a fun, rodeo, here in Kansas so far today it's been a rodeo. Zone. In the zone drivers, at Kansas. Kurt. Busch, five. Polls this season, Kasey, Kahne with the five wins three, of those from the pole, Matt, Kenseth with a 13 top-five finishes our Auto Zone in the zone drivers, for, this season update on car eight from Matt Dale, Earnhardt jr. out leading laps for the first time in the 2006.

Chase But there was a lot of concern. Centering. Around the valence, of the eight car Junior asked. His team to take a look at it because he said he Center punched something, that, was about a four by four Steve, Mele a spotter got out binoculars, to the valence looks fine concern. Level now diminished. Here for Dale Earnhardt jr. and his team Marty and Matt there's very little concern for Jimmie Johnson kind, of laying. It out like we told you before the race started very patiently, no they have a very good race car Jimmy said the car is a little too loose right now can't, quite put all the will to it that he would like to that makes the car even, a little looser Alan Jeff, Burton running in fifth position and, kind of look like he was hanging. On in that first few, laps after, the last restart came, on the radio told his crew that he felt like his car was all over the place but his crew chief Scott Miller told him well give it a couple laps for the air pressures, to build up I think I heard sir Wally say something about that and they, expect the handling on that car to improve as that happens Thank. You Alan. You're, all over it. After, the big Seahawks Bears game tonight go to NBC sports.com and, check out the football not in america crew is they debate the hot topics of the week in an exclusive video roundtable. Discussion, only, at NBC. Sports.com. Field. Has gotten the one to go go green this time by Earnhardt, jr. the race leader than Kyle Busch Jimmie Johnson, and Clint Bowyer and Jeff Burton followed. By Kasey Kahne. Scott Riggs Tony Stewart, Martin Truex Jr in JJ, Yeley. Jeff. Gordon runs in the 14th spot an update from Dave Phil. You remember at the beginning of the race we talked to Jeff today wasn't too concerned about the motor issues that the five had in the in the 48. Had the week before talking, to the engine guys this week Scott maximum told me that they really haven't found anything in the five from last week that's one reason why they didn't change anything in the whole program they, looked in their microscopes, at their shop they sent stuff out so people could look with electron, microscopes, they ran some theories on their spin Tron's and purposely, broke parts but they really haven't found anything to point at from Kyle Busch's motor issue and until they do they're, not going to change anything they'll stick with what they got in Jeff hopes it'll be strong all day and Dave will be watching the Hendrick motors and the Childress, motors today as well don't you think why to provide a battle between the two and we don't know what happened actually I don't know what happened with the Childress motors last week Kevin Harvick said the garage area on Friday he does CAIR he just wants to get in the car and go back out and get the points back. Now Bush got a pretty good restart, right there don't. Know he's got enough to make a move getting off of turn two it's, got a little bit of juice coming off of two. Stendhal, take a lap or two before these guys start moving around again the, 9 car kasey kahne went to the top immediately. Imagine. That. See, if we can make it work right here this is where you get the gas right. You. Just get a lot of momentum getting off the corner when when you're up on the High Line. Allen. Hey. Here's something that Wally.

Might Be able to address from his driver's perspective kasey kahne came on the radio and, his. Team director Kenny Francis is the wind going to stay strong all day long he's the second of these top five drivers I've heard mention. The wind as affecting, the handling of their cars particularly. In turn three. Was. Really blowing pretty hard earlier, today and, it's. Gusting, pretty hard right now and you can feel that when you bring, the car down the corner you. Can feel it moving the car around and these. Cars are so aerodynamic. Sensitive. Anyway and you've got a big cross one like that you can feel it. We'll see if he stays on the high side here this case he came. I see, the guys go down on the bottom and he kind of runs and talked. Right in the center of the corner. When they run the bottom had a little bit. You're on the top see the run he gets he, pulled. Seven. Car. So the Highline is really the better line if you can stick. With them right you. Know in the entry, to the middle. Really. Strong look the run he's got right here. Beside. Them to probably make the pass here. Or at the high sighs obviously. What do you want to be cuz, it's really hard to pass a car even if your car's really good on the bottom. It's hard to make the pass when you've got somebody that's running the scooters at night on the high side. In the O seven. And the wind here is blowing, down the backstretch, so that we're really going to be hustling and. Then along. The front stretch you have a headwind, right. Data. On boyar for Marty and you guys talking about all the different lines and get Wiley Clint Boyer is committed, to the bottom that's where they made their car work yesterday in practice also. Yesterday and the Busch Series race they're convinced, that's the best way around this racetrack and the odd thing about the wind that affects you differently, in 3 & 4 than it does 1 & 2 o make your car maybe tied, in 1 & 2 and loosen 3 & 4. You. Know it's like Dover you know horse car worked, really good at the bottom and the. Longer, you get into a run that's, where the guys have worked on the bottom they start to shine because the guys start, pushing one more and they got to get off the gas war. So. If you know it's, a good balance right there but it's harder, to make your car work really good. For, the entire run. Kyle Busch trying to take the lead from Dale Earnhardt, jr.. Does it on the high side maybe. Yeah, pull. This off here now it's got a really good run and he does up. On the high side kind. Of took juniors lieing away going into turn one so that. Threw off juniors momentum, just a little bit just enough actually, for the five car to take that spot away. Kyle, Busch is the race leader, two tough weeks at the beginning of the chase ten, in the championship, standings but, first on the track to, a hundred. And. A city, on. The border, Zuri. In Kansas, and we're at the Kansas, Speedway for the banquet.

485. Laps are complete. Kyle Busch's the race leader time to sneak in our Singler race talk question which. Kansas, Missouri area, driver, will be the next to win a cup race the. Boat text the word race to 191, on your singular wireless phone you'll have a chance to win a first-class, trip, to. Miami. Jeff. Burton in that singular ride in the sixth spot. Report, from NASCAR. Master. Control is that they're checking the 32, car for. Smoke there's your race leader Kyle Busch. Earnhardt. Jr. 2nd Jimmie Johnson, third the names in yellow on the ticket pocket is green the 10 drivers in, the chase for the Nextel, Cup those, drivers having issues. Kevin, Harvick is back in the 22nd. Spot Matt, Kenseth restarted. 15th, on lap 73. In, 13. Laps later he's back in 26, Hey chopped about seven, or eight spots it seems like in the last couple of laps, so. These, guys got to be careful here that Oh. Really. Lose their and. That's different how, no. We. Talked about it yesterday. Bronze, a car loose. All. The time. But, he I mean you can only save it so many times but yeah great job so far I say that all the time and but. You're right once in awhile that wall, is gonna grab it 24s made a pretty good comeback, Dave. Well. Guys early in the chase jeff gordon was quoted as saying you know what all we have to do to win this thing is finish, 8.7. Every week right that's what the twenty did when they won their championship so. We asked yup again about, consistency, winning, the chase. It's. All about going out performing, those last ten races the most consistent, you possibly can that doesn't mean that we're going. We're, going out to win but, you know we know at the end of the day if we can pull off you, know a fifth. Or six or seven you know in do a weekend, we got because you know you're not gonna be able to do that week in and week out you're gonna there's, a Talladega there's just something somewhere along the way that that you're going to run into some kind of trouble whether it's handling problems a crash, an. Incident, and so you've got to have those. Those really. Strong finishes, to, make up for that if that does happen, averaging. Out to about eight point seven Wally right now he's ninth which is just a little more than.

Eight Point seven is that right. How about eight there you go little. Less than eight, point seven doing well right now City was a little bit tight off the corners early but the car coming around and now he's going by the 16. He. Spoke in the media center here on about. How hard, his team has worked they. Get his. Cars at these intermediate, mile and a half two mile tracks much, better they, learn some stuff from his teammates, but he couldn't drive cars with those setups so, they work to try and modify, things to. Make him more comfortable in the car for the way he drives in the style he uses. Work out this year you. Know he likes, to. The. Car into the turns and slowly get back in the gas some of these young guys really like to a car that they can jump back on the gas, yeah and it's totally. Different feels in a car I mean, you. Know and. I liked. The role theory. You know you can roll the, faster. You, have to have the car working so, good in order. To jump. On the throttle here in the corner yeah, the corner and that's something that you. Know it's it's, tricky because a car jumps out on you a lot more if you're jumping on the throttle, this is Earnhardt jr. trying to hold off Jimmie Johnson for a second update on. Well, some shocked looking, faces down in Dale Earnhardt jr. spit bill he just came on the radio and said the car is filling, up with smoke it's, leveled, off but, you may want to keep that in mind and may want to have somebody standing, by so, there was a lot of concern down here in the 8th hit for Dale Earnhardt jr. he's. Wondering what it could be electrical. Or engine, wise on. This race car. Well, we're taking a look at jr. right now and we. Don't see anything, that's very apparent but sometime you know when you're driving a racecar, your. Senses, are at their piece and you'll you can feel things see things smell things that you. Know just a slight, it. Could be just a little bit of an oil leak or something, just, burning on a wire or something you'll be able to smell it you all be able to you can also pick up something. From the guy that you're running in front of it so. Anything. That happens when you're like that you're a driver the, light, goes off and you immediately, tell your crew just so they're aware that, something's, going on and just be prepared be ready and. You had the similar. Situation. And happy hour here. On Saturday. We'll keep it on the egg car. See. What develops with junior Kyle. Busch going around Bill Elliott Elliott, a couple of laps down Kyle Busch in front of everybody in the banquet 400. At Kansas. Stay. Under green here at Kansas yesterday, the Busch Series, ran here and believe it or not kevin harvick driving a car for a Richard Childress one race six. Straight wins for Richard Childress Racing. Matt Kenseth was second Harvick, want to race off of pit road and now. Right, now Kenseth, is back in 23rd, and Harvick is back in 25th. Up. Front, it's the five car of Kyle Busch let's, go through the field here's our. He. Just came on history radio about five months ago told, his crew chief Alan, Gustafson the car was driving really, really, good his crew chief asked, anything we can change for you. Don't. Think I'd want you to. Dale, Earnhardt jr. told his team back on lab 99, no more smoke, but. He has lost seven tenths of a second to leader Kyle Busch the car he, says the air pressure change made it just way too tight, on this, run Marty Jimmie Johnson talked to you on their team radio, saying we need to figure out something because that 24, car is. Coming, quickly he said I need to turn a little bit better to run the top that's where all the grip is let's make an adjustment for that clip Boyer hasn't, said a word on, this radio the entire run all they're doing is giving them leaders lap times and the guys behind them lap times and that's it keeping it still on the bottom Allen Jeff, for a very solid fifth right now in the 31 car for Richard Childress Racing of course Burton took the Nextel Cup Series championship. Lead with his victory last Sunday, at Dover, so, Jeff now that you've got the point lead how, do you race to protect, it I. Think. We have to we have to avoid the bad day obviously you know that goes without saying but more. Importantly we have to continue, to improve we, have to continue, to to. Get better we, can't we're not we're, not good enough to think that we can just coast our way into this thing we've got to continue to try to improve and and.

Faster. And didn't do the right things Wilma. Has. Improved five spots from where he started in this race he took the green flag, he's. Running fifth date yesterday, during the Busch Series race Steve Letarte Jeff, Gordon's crew chief was interviewed, and he said we'd be good today on old tires if we got long runs when they've gotten that we, don't need the heat well it is hot today hotter than yesterday but. They're handling that very well at Jeff's driven all the way up to sixth place. Casey, can't let this race in the opening, laps he's falling back to seventh place now remember they took just two tires on, a stop at lap 11 Casey, came on the radio told his team he, didn't kill the two-tire stop bowling who worked for them we'll see if that plays in the strategy later in the game at big, orange running in the eighth position tony stewart battling, the same issue he has fought on the intermediate tracks all season, law in the car just, too tight when it tries to roll to the center of the corner a host, of changes on the last stop specifically. Track bar just to try to help this cars handling, Dave good, run for Greg Biffle started, the day 29th. He's up to the ninth position now, asked. About his car at the start of the last one he. Said well the take-off. Isn't too good we need to be a little bit looser at the start Greg, is a pilot so I guess he knows about taking, off Marty speaking. Of taking off his teammate Carl Edwards for the first time today in the top 10 finally, made it there I talked to him before the race if you know what. A car that can win this race unless we can make it better throughout the day they have done that a little bit too tight for Carl but that's why he's running the High Line Scott Riggs has fallen back team, is building a little more chemistry here in the second half of the season getting, into the corners a little bit. Off, the corners no front grip Matt hovering, just outside the top ten is Martin Truex Jr in the one car issues. At one end of the racetrack where, the car just wants to roll over on the right front in the center down and three and four a lot better though, Donna turns one and two a B Denny, Hamlin took the green flag in 25th, position he's running just outside the top ten now in the 13th, spot he, told his team that the car. Allons. Same issue for Kasey Mears in the 42 the, car still, too tight especially after the air pressure changed, they made in the last stop they're looking for around lap one 23 to 24, they try to adjust on this 42 car maybe change. A Yalie running in the 15th position start, the racing he told me before they started the race he didn't think his car was all that great in yesterday's, practice, but. Then today was another whole day with different track conditions, he's hanging on hoping for a top 10 finish, dropping. Back to I think the 19th position we, go to Mark Martin in the chase crew. Chief at ricin telling him go get him driver Mark's, response I can't get him when the car is pushing this bad you sense a desire in his voice the, car just not there right now another, car that's not there his Roush Racing teammate. 23rd. Place for Matt Kenseth right now very. Very loose race car for Matt that's bent the condition all weekend long he, radioed. His crew chief and said I, we had anything this, car to drive in our, camp, party. Boy, the chase started out late for Kevin Harvick with the win in New Hampshire but it has gone south both at Dover and here at Kansas so far 26.

Right Now for the 29, car Kevin said on the radio I don't know what we did to this car I cannot, drive it anywhere since I've been back in traffic the car has been extremely, tight Kevin. Money. And, you know it just goes, to show you know my heart that these drivers are you've, got to have the cars right I mean here you have guys like Matt Kenseth, and Kevin Harvick 23, 26 spot that, are struggle of cars hey, you've. Got to have the balance on these cars that's how competitive these fields are and that, goes back to some of what Mark Martin said last week. I'm gonna drive my heart out if I get the right equipment right I mean you're only as good as what you're driving and you know all these teams are very good they're building good race cars but, you've got to have good stuff you cannot, carry, a Nextel. Cup car these cars. Are too hard to drive when they're right but. Gave you a top 15, through the field there, are 30, cars on the lead lap NASCAR's. Asked, robby gordon to, pick up speed in the seven Kyle Busch still Visa Kansas. NBC's. Coverage of the banquet 400, is brought to you by UPS proud, sponsor, of Dale Jarrett's, 88 for go. Dale go buy, advance auto parts wiper, blades and now 25% off at Advance Auto Parts and we, install, them free by, all state official insurance, sponsor of NASCAR and, by. Wrangler. Kyle, Busch the race leader under, green and look at that there, we go he's gonna put a lap. Kevin. Harvick comes twenty nine going. A lap down. And. Not too much further up is Matt. Kenseth in the 17 car, about four or five cars about just. About three seconds. Hundred. 17, laps complete, Kyle Busch the race leader time, for the Cingular race talk, solution. How you voted. Which, Kansas, Missouri area, native driver, will be the. Next to win a cup race how to come out. All runs in the eighth spot. Or runs for it. And Jeff Burton in that singular ride is six its Kyle Busch Dale Earnhardt jr. Jimmie Johnson, Boyer and Jeff Gordon the top five. Strong. Comeback, for Jeff Gordon this afternoon. I guess. Went. Too long God look down he was like 25th, or 26th, I'm like what is wrong with that both he and Harvick, dodged the spin by Ryan Newman to hasn't. Worked out nearly, as well for Harvick back in the 26th, pot now the first car lap down.

Tony. Stewart around Sterling, Marlin. During. The seven spot. And Edwards is a car behind him right, there in the 99. Morrow. From Columbia, Missouri about, 140. Miles from here. See, the championship, standings as they run right now. Gordon. One point behind Burton. And, now everybody. Within the 200, point mark inside, of 190. Not. That far away from pit, stops out. Ellen's, obviously working on something. Understand. We've lost our mics. On pit road Harvick. Has gonna hit pit road. Most. Of these guys stopped, last after. The caution. On. Lap 59. So. Harvick had fallen off the lead lap is going to come and get fresh tires make, adjustments, to the car. Probably. Quite a few adjustments, has had his hands full. Though, the right side see the wrench is going in the back take. A wedge adjustment. There's, nothing like that thing was going in so it was probably loose. But this top. Driver that has struggled here this afternoon. Robbi risers said in the garage that his car wasn't be. That good Dave and. It's not they need a track bar and, an air pressure adjustment. Four, tires from, Matt Kenseth then he'll go back out there but he, definitely thinks it's something wrong with the car something they might not be able to adjust 16. Of bibble on pit road as well his, race car was very tight they'll make adjustments, to Greg's car. Was the 17 car Latino, 60. Car was tight they're gonna make a wedge adjustment while, they adjust that chassis form I mean Matt Kenseth's, car 17, Matt Kenseth very very loose. There's. The 10 of scott riggs Marty yeah. Bill, commercial breaks he said he's a little bit loose into, the corners but the problem is tight from the center of the off they're going to make an air pressure adjustment trying, to loosen it up just a little bit from the middle of corral Allen here. Comes Casey came bringing his car down pit road was running in seventh spot before the stop having, a lot of trouble getting the car to turn in the quarter like he wanted it to and, like it did earlier in, the race they're, going to take a rubber, on, the. Right rear side of the car make, an air pressure adjustment as, well he's all the way down in this first. You. See the crew watch out of the right rear. We're. In now the tire goes on Matt. There is a piece of debris on, the grill, screen, the lower broski know the eight so. You can see where there it's been a whole bunch you remember we told you earlier junior was concerned, that they're, gonna make an air pressure change in, the. The car was too tight on that run party. Matt Carlo been putting on a good show for the hometown fans dropping, up into the top 10 hits pit road running, seventh they're going to make an air pressure adjustment a little too tight at the end of that run they were a little concerned about the water temperature, at one point it was 240. So far a good stop going for the 9090 day Jeff, Gordon said I need to be. The. Leader Kyle Busch Pinson, via four-tire, change with, no adjustments, his car just, about perfect, through that one of the race th

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