2008 ARCA ReMax 250 Talladega

2008 ARCA ReMax 250 Talladega

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Beat the rest all he has to do is keep it fun quit number two for stead house finally. The series, returns, to the super speedway of Talladega, with, only two races remaining, the beginning, of another race begins. The. Race for the 2008. ARCA championship. Tell. A nigga Superspeedway. Only two races remain, and we kick it off with the ARCA Remax, 250. From Talladega Alabama, round. Squatting the 2008. Season. Hello. Everyone, ken Schrader Phil Parsons I'm Rick Allen with you for this one the big one Talladega Superspeedway now, we have two competitors. That are really fighting it out here in the points championship with. Scott Speed and Ricky Stenhouse jr. yeah, and this is the race that they circled the beginning of the year they know they have to get through this race as a matter of fact Eddy sharp who, is a team owner for Scott's beat says I can't wait till next year when this race actually moves to the spring in, April because he doesn't want this race this close to the end when the championship, is at stake yeah, and there's so many people they're on different agendas, than our two points contenders, Oh most definitely we got guys working. To get that good point finish we got guys worried just about nothing but winning that race today you, know we got to two, wild-card, races Daytona the guys that made it through that now they got to worry about this one but boy a whole lot of. Today. A bunch of different agendas so we've got an interesting race for, you today but let's look back two weeks as to what has taken place in the ARCA Remax series two. Weeks ago Salem, Speedway it. Was Frank Kimmel who was, on his winning, ways as, he goes back to back happy, birthday dad Kimmel finding out of that race car with that, win another win for Frank Kimmel, set. Before in his career and then it was the rain-soaked, New Jersey, Motorsports, Park that road course that they went to and just, an Algar, ends up winning that one it was rain shortened, but now God will take it just the same take. A look at our point standings, after 19. Races Scott. Speed Ricky Stenhouse those, two are battling it out especially today, on this track, what. We really see interesting here what people notice in the ARCA series Scott, Speed moving up to cup and. And now Guardian scientist Velma driver for Penske very, impressive, last race obviously for just an out guy let's hear from our point leader he's with ray Dunlap. Well. It's been an exciting year for Scott Speed no doubt about that four wins this year Scott but on a chase for a championship, two races to go and one of those being Talladega, your thoughts I don't. Know I mean it's gonna be survival, at this point I mean if we can survive the next two races then, you know natural we're gonna finish around the top ten and that's good enough for the championship, so I think the, biggest thing we're trying to do is not do anything stupid and try to avoid getting. In someone else's accident, okay, good luck you today at sixty points separating, he and Ricky Stenhouse who's, with Jim. Ricky. Ricky. Charmichael, in the number 33 driving. For Kevin Harvick incorporated. Yes, that's right Ricky Carmichael, normally, seen. On two, wheels and when. He is on - he is, dominant. As a matter of fact his nickname, his, goat, greatest. Of all time, when, your fellow competitors, nickname, me dope that, that's pretty amazing. His, statistics are, amazing. He. Is put together a.

Hundred. And fifty, AMA, Motocross wins. Five. Times Supercross. Champ, ten time AMA, outdoor, champ and X. Games, gold medalist. And wind event or any caught up with it before you climb in the car, in. The ARCA Field today we have the nickname sliced, bread mister Showtime and now add goat, the greatest of all time Ricky Carmichael, the most successful, motocross, racer, and say you're gonna test your talent, with your first ARCA start right here at Talladega and, your first run for Kevin Harvick I know the test session you said you were anxious and a little bit sick to learn about drafting what have you learned and are you still anxious well, I'm definitely anxious you know we've done a little bit of drafting, and testing, and I have. A feeling it's not going to be the same as a drafting, that's what we're gonna do in the race so we're, here to learn into, a game, respect, and try to get things ready for next year so I'm. Looking forward to it very thankful for Kevin, Harvick incorporated giving. Me this chance and now we're gonna do the best we can do and like I said learn that's the main objective all right Ricky Carmichael. A great start for today's field and it might be the objective to learn but it's also the goal to get approved by NASCAR to race the 2009. Daytona, race in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. So, again a great story with Ricky Carmichael stepping. In he's trying to get NASCAR to approve him so that he can run Daytona next, year and kid, obviously you know a lot about this kid we've. Had the pleasure working with him this year and he's been phenomenal, to work with I mean he just got quite a feel for the car and he's he's learning, quick. And, so the. Cars are, now rolling around the racetrack all, the drivers obviously, strapped, in and ready to go, will, it be a young gun that wins today or will it be the veterans. The, ARCA Remax surge from Talladega is presented, by Remax, serving all your real estate needs above, the crowd. Brought. To you in part by Arkin, a ship get in get, on our, go racing calm. And. By the auto part experts, at autozone. Get, the zone auto, zone. Working, on pace laps for. The 43. Car filled a gorgeous. Afternoon in, Talladega, Alabama 80, degrees, a slight, breeze the. Sun beating, down on this racetrack and, it's. A very smooth, racetrack, Phil yeah Kenny you just got off this racetrack with your Sprint Cup car in practice how was the race track the tracks good now, we did only get about five laps of practice after, they had a multi-car, wreck down, between three and four and put down a ton. Of oil, dry so I don't think that'll be a problem but it, might be a little bit exciting for the first couple laps I know I was looking for it when I went through there it usually is anyway yeah usually it's exciting, anyway all in the track doesn't seem ever help our Remax starting, grid is going to roll across the top of the screen James butcher gets the Paul Tom Hessert the third will start on his outside making up a row number one I would guess that's the best seats in the house at least to start this race it'd be a real good place if I was once to start this race that second, row I think we had Eddie Mercer or Eddie Mercer is in the third row he's the third rowing where, is Eddie Mercer. The. Fifth. In that car you know it's a lot of cup connections, like, a lot of the cars in this race today it'll, be interesting to ride along with a few different cars today one of those being Brian Silas he'll start 35th, on the, field today, Matt. Carter is also gonna have an onboard he has the Stein seed, new, south lemonade, Ford out of Larry Clements tables Matt's, gonna start in the 15, spot in that 46, car. At nighttime, ARCA, champion. Frank Kimmel will also carry a camera for. Us in his Ford he, will be starting in the 33rd, spots, we'll be able to see how the veteran, does here at Talladega. Let's. Head back trackside. For a dub laughs well, thank you Rick you know when we start talking about drivers, that might have a shot at winning today you got to put Joey Logano on that list of course he won in his first ever started, at Rockingham and he's one of three drivers today driving for Venturini, Motorsports, and Bill, and Cathy Venturini, have been around this series for a long long time this team has 15, wins but, they have three opportunities of, winning today because they also have Mark Davis in the number eight car today and Brian Scott will be driving for this team also so those three drivers start, in the middle of the pack but I think they'll work together and I think there's a good shot that you'll see win number 16, today for, Venturini Motorsports, what do you think about that Wendy well, I think that would be good but I want to talk about Justin, Allgaier he moved from fifth and the points up to third with his win at New Jersey now this kid has one of every type of race track he's won at a short track at dirt track a road course now, he's been winless, at a Super Speedway though when we were at Daytona earlier this season he finished second so we know he's good at these super speedways he just needs to wrap up a win he's in a Dodge car, and he, does have a Penske, engine, under that hood of.

Course Jeff Justin, Allgaier would like to get a win before. He, heads over the NASCAR, Nationwide Series for, Penske Racing come, next season now of course he's won at a Speedway we, just need to get this Super, Speedway category, under his belt. Just, an Algar looking for maybe. A drafting, wind down and. It would be a big win at that he, has had quite the season, as you mentioned earlier Ken he been, called up to the big leagues I guess you would say yeah and a very very deserving, driver - he's done an excellent job the family-owned, operation. Is his mom and dad Mike. And Dorothy Algar just if, they put a lot of work into it I you. Know you told me a long time ago. That Justin Algar was one of the guys to watch and I bet you that was three or four years ago but when he would maybe had just made a handful, of ARCA starts yeah he's. Just done a he's done a real good job I know what kind of equipment is he's had his. Equipment was pretty rough at the start because it was some of our old stuff you know we run it a long time but, his equipments, got better and he'll. Go a long ways in this sport you want, to take a look at this race track 94. Laps, 250. Miles the pit window anywhere from 50, to 55. Laps. Which. Means that. They could make this race on one pit stop if the cautions, were to fall right some. Of the guys are talking about making one some of the other guys are talking about no way we're gonna try to make it on one we don't want to get caught in case, they have a long green flag run, and. Have to stop under green for fuel guys like Ricky Stenhouse jr. guys, like Scott Speed they don't want to chance it I only see that one stop going if. It ran green, up, until, that time that's. Probably. Not right well traditionally, we would think it's not going to happen. Tradition. That. Might be though that might be the word of the day here at Talladega Superspeedway. We'll. See how it works out james butcher again we'll bring the field to, the green, flag now, this is a little. Bit of an unconventional race, track of the fact that the start/finish, line is past the triable it's actually between the middle of the trial and turn, number one you see all the fans on their feet, waving. To the cars as they get ready to take. On this Super, Speedway Talladega, Superspeedway. And the. Green flag is, in the air. A lot. Of people. In. The middle front straight away and wound up didn't, know. Something happen at james Busher on the very start our Pro Center, James, butcher goes down below the yellow line he lets the field by him, obviously. An issue with that race car and. That will put Tom Hessert the third out in front of the line on the bottom of the racetrack. He's. Obviously still running, Kenny not. Quite up to speed yet though would. Almost make you think second gear wasn't there or something well, might be more net fill but. It's it's getting better. It looks like two. Three and four wide back behind this, front. String of cars, Tom. Hazard meanwhile is inherited, to lead and what a great qualified, pepper he had on, the outside of the front row there's some of that speedy Drive Kenny you were talking about multi, car incident, and Sprint Cup practice well, and a good good job by the 32, car James they're getting, out of the way knowing he had a problem that boy. If one car has problem that's the car you don't want to have a problem. The nice thing about this racetrack is you we saw him down below the yellow line. You, can keep them maintained, a pretty good speed down there Cosette that bottom, lane of that racetrack below the yellow, line is Bank pretty well thanks Jets get some Bank -, Brian. Silas with a pretty good view of the field in front of it. With 31st, where that's Frank Kimmel right in front of him our nine time, champion, Jeremy Clements the three car was outside of Franklin, that goes Jeremy on the outside he always runs, well when he runs he's out Cory Mac races doesn't, run a full schedule but when he comes to run he runs well. Out in front of the field that his Tom Hess was the third James butcher dropped all the way back to 19th. When he went across the start/finish. Line break that lap where we heard from our former champion, Frank, Kimmel told me before the race started, Rick that he is gonna have to be right in the middle of the draft he said there's no way that, his car is good enough to lead and if no one's up tight behind him he's not going to be very good either so he's hoping he can stay right in the middle of a pack they, just have not been able to get their arms around what's wrong with that 44, car and they're not exactly sure what to do about it during the race either he said pretty much when you come to Talladega you've got what you've got but he's hoping to be able in the middle of a mix down, to Jim Trudeau and.

Ray James, butcher did not want to be in the middle he wanted to be leading this race but out coming to the green he lost second, gear didn't say a whole lot until he was into turn three they said what do you have he said guys, you lost second here yeah. That's exactly what you speculated, Canyon that will that will continue, to plague him for, the rest of this race that's going to be a problem he has every restart. Hey coming out of the pit yeah coming out the pits and if he has a green flag pit stop that isn't yeah they're really gonna hurt him yeah. See, Joey Logano dip below that yellow line and the rule is you cannot advance your position below, the yellow line you can dip down there as long as you don't advance your position. The, only. We're, hearing that Brian's silent you see him right now coming towards pit road, hearing he has a flat, tire you. Can, actually hear, it. See, the smoke from the left side of that car left rear tire is flat on that number 11 North, tracks board that's that's flat enough that we could he's gonna be any debris now would be on pit road here's that three wide stuff we were looking for Kenny oh yeah we're gonna have it and we're gonna have it all day. After, shelter the 60 car ran in the back of Eddie Mercer for just for a second than Miccosukee, Chevrolet, and. Contact. You got Eddie a little bit a little bit squirrely. And. This is the big variable I think you've got guys running two and three wide in, this in this, draft, that have never been in a situation like this where there's 43. Cars running, together in a pack and Kenny there's nothing like it is there oh my gosh you know I've, had a lot of people ask me about somebody, going there for the first time and, they say is is he ready listen, no, he's not ready but I don't care what you run you're not ready when you come here the first time because you're gonna experience something that you haven't been around anywhere, and some of the guys that are here more than one time Katie they're not ready either no no. No. And so, Tom Hessert the third has continued, to lead her, since Jane butcher fell off the, pace when he didn't have second, gear Ricky. Stenhouse jr. and, Scott speed running, two and three, and that has been what, Scott Speed wants to do he wants to see that 99 at all times. Welcome. Back nose to tail upwards. Of 190. Miles an hour around Talladega, Superspeedway. Tom. Hessert the third out in front Ricky Stenhouse now, makes the move and he'll pull some people with him that's. Actually the 11, of Brian Salas remember he had that flat tire came out of the pits the top 14, cars right now running single, file and then business picks up there right behind them. I like, being in a single-file part not where that business picked us out apart lady. Mercer now has left that group and trying. To chase, down that lead pack of 14 cars but here's, where it gets interesting back, here two and three wide see. Patrick sheltra the 60 car right in the middle right there. Racetrack. Looks huge. I mean we've got them three wide and there's gaps in between the three wives oh yeah, five wide you know you can you can be in a five wide situation, here easy enough hopefully. You get out of it easy enough but yeah. There's a lot of room for error here but, once you, get turned around here you need a lot of room. See. Bobby Gerhart, losing, the tail end of that leave draft.

We, May eventually, bring, that second, pack up to that lead pack, guys. Like Brian Scott Joey Logano right in the middle of this lead pack running eighth and ninth Landon, Cassill another one young drivers up there in seventh Ricky Carmichael we talked about him earlier he's running fourth right now, he. Got in line and has stayed right there protected. The bottom and done a very good job. Wendy. What's the word on that 11. He. Started 35th, now he is one of our regulars. But it looks like he is run over a piece of debris by the way the damage is on this left rear tire this, beat goes all the way around you could see he must have run over something but extreme damage, on that car they were able to get the tires changed get back out there and we'll. Continue, on this race well we'll watch Brian Silas but in the meantime we got a lot of racing going on up front. Yeah, they're starting to spread out a bit now yeah. That's Landon Cassill on the outside. Looks. Like he has Joey Logano with him they. Look to be falling back now as those, two cars have jumped out of line, everybody. Hugging that yellow line but what a great job that tom has it 2/3 is doing. This. Is the Andy Belmont, Ford right here Andy had a great run last year with Dominick kosoul I think he finished in the top five that was Dominic's, the best finish of the season they. Brought a great, car back here. Well. That that. Team has a lot of great cars. They've. Been they've really stepped up their program last couple years now we've got a definite, three lanes here you see Landon Cassill Bobby, Gerhart, out on the outside, leading that pack Joey, Logano in the middle of that green car. Starting. To get some. Different lines we'll, see if that middle line is actually going to go it looks like it's moving, you. Know it'll move for a while and then it'll stall out you're not gonna you're not gonna outrun all those cars that are lined up on the bottom unless you've got a couple really rocket, sir. Definitely. Short way around this racetrack and you know that they, run a little bit different groove than we used to here Kenny used to you'd up that you would use the whole racetrack now, Oh. Brian. Scott look there's only fluid tire and. As soon as that happen, the field has to spread, behind it Brian. Silas involved, in those senses we. Tell the T number 11 yeah a lot of cars of all those aliens that, 12 cars involved, there's. Landon castles 88 Mark Davis the eight both. Involved in this incident. This, Kent Bullard the third right there lot, of damage to that Aaron's dream machine. Well. But we see him. You. Know you hate, to see the big wreck and you sure hate to see it when.

It Was a mechanic, or something you know I mean piece, of debris all of a sudden the tire gets cut, and everybody is wrecking. Ken. Buckler jumping on that guy had a little bit of a little bit of flame there you see him shaking his hands. They. Took his gloves off I don't know if I would have been, pulling my gloves off until I got out of that vehicle well. He was probably took, his gloves off to help himself get out you know you kind of know where the flames are. There's, Brian stylist, Michelle Rotella t-carr, he. Was involved even had. A flat tire earlier came back out on the racetrack and then was running with that lead pack trying, to be in a position to get the Aaron's lucky dog if, the costs were to come out and unfortunately he was involved in this huge. Accident. Evolved. In the wrong pack, at, the wrong time let's take another look, Brian Scott that white car about six seventh back he blows. A rear tire goes, up the racetrack catches, Kim Butler makes, hard hard contact Brian, Silas makes hard contact, the. Four if Taylor Mulsim also involved that red and white car down to the bottom of the racetrack AJ, Hendrickson the seven involved, Marc, Davis the eight. There's. Another you watch still watch the white car left of your screen, all. Of a sudden, that's. Right yes on a just. Barely. Got by as well as Joey Logano Ken Butler nowhere to go Eddie, Mercer drives, to bot on the racetrack. Brian. Salas Taylor Mulsim, makes him contact. Michael phelps in the 45 was involved. Tell, you what I really want to do I want to give an attaboy, to, a bunch of the guys that were behind the wreck a lot of them never, had a chance to miss nothing yeah. A lot of them checked up and. Didn't drive in there I mean it really did. A good job yeah yeah, all these guys really had nowhere to go no, no reaction, time anything, when, that tire went down. See, the fire there on Ken Butler's. Car. Aaron's. Dream machine a, lot. Of damage to that car there's. Another glance again it's the white 225. Yeah the right rear tire it goes Justin Allgaier just barely gets by Joey Logano barely, gets by. Hard. Hard contact with a lot of these cars. Right, along. Brian. Silas. Here's a contact, whatever monster, than hard hard contact for the outside wall.

Then. We heard Brian Silas get out of the gas he knew something was happening in front of him and, some, guys behind him didn't get out of the gas they probably through. There's. Matt Carter this is gonna be a good look and you see Matt already off slowing, down on the brakes. You. See the 90. Gabby. To Carla, Carla makes contact, with an O you see all the debris on the racetrack Matt, just slowing down picking his way through the debris as, best, he can and the cars and, no damage to that 46, hour good heads-up driving like you said Kenny right it's. Just a matter of who's. Behind you and how close they are because when you just check up here there's. Good if you just check up instantly, there's a good chance you're, gonna get punted I mean you know you got to have time to get your arm up and hopefully. Their spotters on top of it and they're driving far enough in that they, also see the activity, up there you got to look way. Up there because if 200 mile an hour we're traveling a football field a second right so you. Know when. You get there the, wreck still you headed there quick you get there you get there Rick just. An Algar on pit road now got the hood up on that race car. Looks like he might have caught a little debris in the front of that car Kenny I don't see. See. The debris right in the very front that. Would have probably had to been from the the actual carcass come and see the rubber on the hood yeah yeah so that would have been from the carcass coming, off they're, gonna put him back out on the racetrack quick, and probably bring him back down and. Put. Some bear bond on there let's, go back down pit road with Wendy venturi knee, the. 16, of justin allgaier of course a points racer in this event, and he does have a hole in that radiator, they are cheap trying to keep him on the lead lap though, so they came down pit road out of some water and Jim, Holman sent them back out they might, have to come back down pit road if you see him again but they are going to remain on the lead lap or try and do so to, get as many points as possible and not lose much ground. Which would be a big head of Justin, has to change its radiator. Yeah. Great battle for third in the points. That's. For sure anytime you have to go behind the wall of course there's gonna be a lot of cars I don't. Know which ones will, be behind the wall that he's already racing there's. A list of the cars. Involved in the crash I think. Probably some more cars then, that one said. Yeah that's a short list and unfortunately. List of a little bit longer than that. Aly, great. What's going on with Joey Logano. Just came down pit road at Interstate Batteries car, they wanted to pull a little bit of tape off of the front girl he said it was just a little bit overheating. In there cautious, because they want to be able to run the whole race here so pulled one, strip, off of the entire front on the lower edge of the grill, remember. It was his teammate the, 25, of Brian Scott that, the, right rear tire shredded. Almost. An explosion. There and he was right in line and so everyone, behind him had to. Check. Up and get out of the way and some, weren't, so fortunate we'll be back with more of the ARCA Remax 250. Right after this. Thursday. On an all-new wrecked it's back to school for Bill in the o'hare towing crews but in this class the assignments, are never easy and always dangerous. Cleanup. Continuing. Here at Talladega Superspeedway. It. Was triggered by a blown right rear tire and the number 25 of Brian Scott let's, look, back. Brian's. Gonna be in that white car right there right. Rear tire goes. Absolutely. Nowhere to go for all, these cars here a lot of guys did a nice job avoiding, this button for the unfortunate, several.

That Were caught up in it tough break this early that's. The 22 of. Third. And he gets caught up and the. Flames coming, out of that another, look at this. Hey he's nowhere to go amazing, justin allgaier just barely getting by as well as Joey Logano and. We. Know Justin Algar has damage, to the front, of. His race car he is right behind that 25, and, as, soon as the tires shred that run it hits the front end of his car and does damage to the front he. Does a nice job as soon as that happened, he turned his car to the right just. Enough room to get by Brian because he knew that Brian was coming up the hill right spin here at Talladega you're going up the bank towards, the outside wall Justin, knew that and, his Quick Reaction allowed, him to miss that. Brian. Silas, touched. By Eddie Mercer but that didn't turn him around then he made some contact, with Taylor malsum. Yeah, they're not sometimes. You get run into square in the back and, it doesn't mess you up wound, up getting messed up anyway but it wasn't because Eddie hit. So. A lot of cars messed up as, a part, or as, a result of what just took place again there's the 11 of Brian Silas. Well, he had a tire problem at the start of the race they're, putting two laps down and then someone else's tire problem. Had. A very tiring day yes, it, was a tiring, day for Brian Silas. But. It's over now so he'll. Have to watch this one from their. Pit road to the grand stands out. In front of the field it's still Tom Hessert the third after, James butcher had problems, with second gear at the start of this race Tom Hessert the third took, the lead and has never relinquished, it we've had three cars that have been busted for speeding on pit road exiting, pit row the 18, the, 48 and the 50 180 Mercer and the 51. Unfortunately. They will have to go to the back of the longest line which. Is basically going to be the lead lap line for. Our restart. Seen. A lot of cars stay out on the racetrack it, is early, in this one we've, only completed 17. Of the 94, laps. Welcome. Back the jet driers now on the racetrack blowing, off some of the debris and some of the speedy. Dry that they have put down after the big one happened, on lap 12 of this race for. More on what has taken place let's go back to pit road and when you venerina well, justin allgaier who's third in points coming into this event has been on pit road four or five times he's about to come back down for a sixth. Time and he does have a hole in the radiator radiator, with, a small leak now they put some stop leak in then they keep adding some water Jim, Poland, keeps, reminding, the crew nice smooth, movements, trying to take advantage of this along caution, that we have they, will come down this next, time around make, some final adjustments to, that radiator, try and get some more stop leak and some more water in there and hopefully, salvage. This race and be able to finish on the lead lap rate o nd I want to talk a little bit about Chrissy Wallace she came in here with her dad Mike's entire, Nationwide. Series team, Bruce, Cooke is calling the shots for tonight on the box and her dad Mike up top spotting, and he told her on the radio did a really good job you almost missed the entire thing but she got a little bit of damage on the left rear of that number 18 car so they came in she's had two pit stops to, try to repair that damage and, make sure the spoilers, in good shape they're, telling her the car is good to go she'll restart, 28th, Jim, and. Ray Bobby Gerhart started fourth where you would expect him on a Super Speedway in ARCA Remax series competition, but he was losing ground and Ashley was mid pack and the, team decided to bring him down pit road they determined. That the air box in the front of the car was, losing, air it was not sealed around the radiator so they thought maybe that was the issue so they came down changed. Left-side tires the first time down took, a look at the air box and top them off on fuel again his, crew chief and brother Billy yard said maybe just one more stop for rights and we're good to go let's go back to Wendy. And. The 51, is back down pit road again they too had, damage from that earlier, wreck and several. Times they've come down pit road lap 14 was one of the first times they took four tires fuel and now they just continue. To make adjustments on, the car pull the fenders, away and fix the damage that they have on the 51, a lot of guys just trying to salvage their race cars and get back out there and track, some laps. So. Again a tire blowing, up on the 25, of Brian, Scott is what started. This mess. Let's. Take another look at Brian Scott's, tire going down left, of your screen you see the tire go down slides. Up the racetrack catches. Kim Butler the third a lot. Of other cars involved, in this incident with absolutely, nowhere to go.

And. It wasn't so long ago as, a matter of fact within, the hour just. Before this there was a Sprint Cup practice that was taking place on the race track and a similar situation, happened you saw it here on speed, it. Was Dale Earnhardt jr. who had a right rear tire blowout. And, similar, circumstances. To the cars behind him. Hey wait look at that. See. David gilliland the 38 involve kasey kahne had to go to a backup car right there, okay, see just got a piece of that with the right front corner they were. Absolutely. No warning in a in a bad day for junior watch this now from this onboard camera. We. Heard that and that was from a different onboard. Camera that you heard that tire explode. There's. Dale Junior's Mountain. Dew number 88 right there. The, ARCA series with the Hoosier tires or the Nextel. Cup Series with the Goodyear tires, they're, all built out of rubber yeah you know I mean just like you know going down the interstate you can puncture. We're. Selling, the side by the Sprint Cup Series now, Kenny here Nextel was before yeah, I, didn't. Say Winston Cup so I thought I was doing real good. I've. Been here oh you're filling one more time around and we're gonna see the green flag to get back underway, we've completed, 22, of, the, 94. Laps, we. Talked a little bit about juniors, incident, he's had a tough weekend already at, trackside, live you can hear from Dale Earnhardt jr. and Jeff Gordon they will be the guests and, that will come, up after this ARCA race this evening. Until. Jr. had an inch and go earlier, this weekend, now the tire going so they're in a backup car with a backup motor. I'm. Sure they'll have all that whole story on trackside, live this. Evening Dale. Jr. in Bryan Silas need to go bond after, this, ray. Dunlap let's. Talk a little bit about the leader Tom Hessert, he is talking to his crew chief Dave line or on the radio and, said give me an idea what our new plan is see with all of these caution, laps it's actually extended, the window of what you could do on pit, road and what Dave told him he said we'd, like to come to pit road somewhere, after, lap 50, but, we can go from 50 to 60, now obviously they're not going to do that under green but, if we get a yellow in that area that's where they feel comfortable that. They'd be able to put right-side, tires on that number one car and make it to distance the rest of the race Jim and. Ray they've communicated has, race leader Tom hazards team with Ricky Stenhouse sitting, second in another Ford Hester, has asked and the team has asked when we pit can you come with us we want to pit together if possible if, it plays out that way the two leaders now playing together for, what could be a pit stop together. And. They would dearly love for that pit stop to come under caution they. Really don't want to have to stay out on this racetrack because we have some cars that just now pitted on lap 21 or 22 that, means they can go 20. Laps farther, than these guys can when they start coming down pit road so there's a there's, a huge window, Kenny where they're very vulnerable the, guys that have not been to pit road yet they'd love to see about 25. More laps on the yellow flag, we've. Got to pay attention to the 32, of james Busher on this restart, he's actually scored back in six, we don't believe he has second, gear green flag back in the air we're back underway. James, butcher was going to go to the inside. That's, a good better move from a guy that's the first time running a super speedway he moved over he knew he had a problem if he stayed on the outside a lot not only was he gonna mess everyone else up he could have caused another incident good move by James butcher. Tom, has sir Ricky Stenhouse jr. Scott, speed Ricky Carmichael Justin marks they're. Your top five and they've broken away now from the field but wait, a few seconds in the funeral catcher yeah. It looks like good time they were a little more spread out on the start so we, might get a couple packs, here we'll just have to see what happens but they stay in line this second, pack will run down that first pack if. You lead pack five cars running nose to tail in the next four cars. Boy. Ricky Carmichael, has done a nice job so, far right now he currently resides in the fourth spot, see. Him right this. Is a actually. A battle, there's James Bush of the 32 on the outside of the 46, of Matt Carter there's a team Glock number 37, add extra beam along. With Jeremy Clements that's mid, pack, but. Ricky Carmichael's, been in that lead draft Kenny since the drop of the green flag there. He is right there right behind Scott, speed right in front behind Justin, marks doing, a great job right down there Wendy, yeah. Ricky Carmichael, in his first race where Kevin Harvick incorporated now, Kevin Harvick said Ricky.

Knows How to race he just lead soup. Gain some experience get some laps learn about drafting and since, this race has started Ricky, Carmichael, has said I'm not going to be a hero here I'm just gonna try and get some experience stay in line until the end he, says the car sucks up a lot better than he thought it would and man, they are just buying some time right now Ricky Carmichael, racing. Out there like, a veteran, in the ARCA series ray, hey, Wendy Scott speed has a really good car that's obvious, and we can see he's running in third position on the racetrack right now but, they do have a small problem all of the tear offs have come off of his car so, there's a problem there that, his windshield is beginning to get pitted and a little bit marked up he said it's already, hard to see out of now, this isn't a really long race but that could be a problem later in the day here as the Sun begins to go down no tear-offs, for Scott Speed they're, a little concerned about that from the end of the race. I'd, have to say he was lucky wasn't racing 20 years ago wasn't he Phil we have one glass windshield, that's all yeah. And it's amazing how much sandblaster. The windshield would get ho yeah and you get towards the end of the race and then you know the Sun starts setting it was very very difficult to see out of these things we were a little bit spoiled now were these tear offs so much nicer no symbol. Showing us a shot back, behind him he's running 24. From this behind him he's at 24, of Mark Harmon. Mike, Harlin. Frank Kimmel's had a lot of success existing, I. Don't. Have much, success saying, this word, success but he's had a tremendous amount of success of this way start really in the entire ARCA, Remax series nine time champion, they, were talking, this morning that they didn't really feel like the car was very very fast I said well you've, got one of the best drivers one of the most experienced, drivers out here Frank, knows how to make his way to the front don't worry about a thing and Frank's just hanging. Around right now you see very very calm inside the the car right there and in a good spot, he's. He's gonna be just fine we're talking different ends of the spectrum there. With, Frank. And then, Chrissy Wallace is behind him as far as experience, Chris, he's done an, excellent job in the races she's been in and.

You Know run some truck races and that but, this is the first Super. Speedway race ray. Dunlap let, me add to kimmel story just a little bit guys you know what an effort it's been for this team to make it to all these races this year and of course Toledo the final, event on the schedule but I talked with Frank Kimmel earlier today and asked him if he knew anything more about the big picture for next year and he said there's three or four different companies that have been talking to him about a sponsorship, package but as of right now he's got nothing signed and he said if that doesn't, materialize, in, the next month or two. Very likely they will turn this team into a driver development deal, with, with one of the Cup teams possibly, because he said he's in a position where, they cannot run an entire season next year the way they did it piecemeal week to week in 2008. For. Ray we got a glimpse through the windshield, of that 44, Frank Kimmel how bad the Sun was already, over there and if Scott speeds windshield, is, already sandblasted, again he's running third right now so, you know that when she was continuing, to get sandblasted he may have a problem here unless the unlesss sun goes down far enough the Sun Goes Down Kenny, he's probably going to be okay if it gets down far enough but it's gonna get worse before it gets better, do, you see the, lead pack has been caught by that second, pack but. Still Todd hazard for third but, he's Stenhouse jr. Scott, speed Ricky Carmichael, and Justin, marks your top five. Action. Has slowed once again Justin, marks and the zero-one looks as though he may have blown a right front tire and got into the wall and, so the ARCA Remax 250. Under caution for the second time today, yeah, pretty hard contact with that Toyota. Construct. Court Oreo do you see him right now he's running in the fifth spot just riding along here you can see the thing turned hard right when that right front tire went down yeah it. Drops down like that it's the most sickening feeling because there's absolutely nothing. You can do as a driver except. Brace up and then, knowing. That when it does hit you gotta work, on keeping it up against the outside wall so you don't come back across the track in the traffic you, can see the debris on the windshield of the, 46, of Matt Carter. And. It you know when that tire goes down that thing drops over and you saw it took maybe a split second as we got leaders, on pit road Wendy. Coming. To pit road first will be Ricky Carmichael. They're going to take four tires fuel, and, just grab that tear off no adjustments. From what we had heard but Ricky had picked up a slight vibration right. Before that caution so we are gonna keep an eye but let's hope that that was the tires of these four fresh tires will. Be good for Ricky Carmichael let's. Head over to ray godspeed, on his way down pit road he's also going to get pit stop right here actually pulling away already good, pit stop for the Red Bull crew. Not. You, know we hurt Tom Hessert the third try, to make a deal with Ricky Stenhouse jr. as, far as when when, you come down we want you know to keep drafting, partners together, Tom hazard the third state on the racetrack, yeah. With with 31, laps completed.

I'm, Not sure, I quite, understand, that I know. That's. A long way into a run you know they may be on a one pit stop strategy and, they feel as though they're they're, gonna get another caution when they need to make their pit stop a little bit after halfway but I don't think I could have turned that down that opportunity, to get on pit road under caution here we, know we're over or at least halfway into the run Kenny yeah over, halfway so. Especially. With the fuel they've went so I mean the yellows, that we ran so I don't, know I kind, of questioned it but, you know sometimes a it's, the the move that you don't think it's gonna work their winds up but getting, you up front at the end of these races you know we used to doubt, Ritchie waters a lot you know Kyle Busch's crew chief of the truck series and just about every, time we said. He was making a mistake he end up winning the race so we stopped doing that certainly I was Ritchie there's, our Aaron's lucky dog right there there's 0-6. Tim. Mitchell will get a lot back he will be back on the lead lap and that will give us 29, cars, right now on, the lead lap. So. 29 on the lead lap that means 29. In the lead pack, when, we get the green to come back out Tom Hessert, continues, to lead at Talladega. Welcome, back ARCA Remax 250. Still under caution they're just getting that 0-1 of Justin marks up, on the tow truck, they'll. Take that back behind the wall a short. Night for Justin, marks. Let's. Head back to pit, road and Ray Dunlap well, thank you Rick I've caught my breath here I was a little out of position, there the two was not planning on coming in they said we're not pitting, on the radio then, all the sudden Patrick, Donohue made the decision, after seeing, Justin, marks hit the wall he said let's put right-side, tires on this thing and be careful. Be extra safe right now so I was running down pit road wasn't, actually in position to see that call but they did put right sides only, for, the number two for, Scott Speed Jim, and. It was a late call as well for Ricky Stenhouse to come down pit road it was a matter of if Tom hazard came or not that he decided to come anyway they, came down all they took on fuel and a man who climbed on top of the pit box about five laps before the caution came out Ricky Stenhouse is short track owner Tony Stewart Stewart, under this caution has gone through some fuel saving, techniques keep it a higher gear only, pop the gas when you have to under caution and on your pit stalls make sure you come in and hit that sign he's coaching his young driver here even if it's a Roush Fenway driver Tony Stewart wants Ricky Stenhouse jr. to, succeed he's on their box right now. Ricky. Stenhouse jr. drove, the use that car for well, Carl Edwards and then Tony Stewart. In. What a fine young man who knew he had a horrendous wreck, Kenny at, Eldora just a couple weeks ago we got the end over in up on top of the wall in to catch fence and really. Really looked like he was beat up but he's gonna come back strong here I didn't, see the wreck but I heard it was one of those big ones big big yeah. So it's good to have him here speaking. Of wrecks let's take another look at what. Has taken place at this racetrack. That's zero one losing the right front tire and hard. Right turn and into the wall. Speeds. Coverage of the ARCA re/max series from Talladega is brought to you in part by airing, everyone. It's a lucky dog and Aaron's. Migrate. Cliff's walk right in sit. Right down and. By touch of gray new touch of gray let you keep some gray hair touch, of gray the generation, had sworn it. Would never get old. They're, being told well, we're gonna go at least one. More time around before we see the green, light. Still on that pace car so shadows. Getting a little bit longer here there aren't lights at. Talladega Superspeedway so. We're, hearing a legato has come back down there we see them on pit road so. The 15 has made another stop, right online just, to pull the tear off off the windshield that's all they did there but Joey said on the radio I can hardly see, as we, go down the backstretch and enter turn number three so they pulled the tear. Off there so as you guys were saying number, of drivers not being able to see very well and that could be a big problem for Scott speed, you.

Know Guys I was looking at one of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck said we'll have here live on speed tomorrow, and he, had just run a little bit and not that much in traffic his tear offs blew off as well and, you wouldn't believe how bad that windchill had already been sandblasted, Kenny yeah it's just just. All the little stuff from the racetrack in the speedy, dry and all that when they have to put it down but that, stuff you running 200 mile an hour through the air and that comes off their tire it. Leaves a mark and again it's not a it's not glass anymore, you, know it's lexan, its lexan, it's a different compound, yeah it's just lot. Tougher. Than glass but, it's durable, but it's still well sandblast, just like a regular glass window, well, Wendy, been rainy, and. John Wes Townley is, up to second if you're wondering how that happened he started 16th, now he had, stayed, out when everyone came down pit road but it wasn't, on purpose, he, missed pit road and therefore missed his chance of coming down pit row now they haven't come back down, pit road so I'm thinking it might have been their strategy they're very happy with their race car John, Wes Townley of, course had an 11th place finish in Daytona, earlier in this season so he knows how to get around these super speedways hoping to get a top 10 if not a, win today right and. Fill you guys written the booth talking a little bit about wondering on the strategy, of the number one why didn't they pit that last time well Dave liner just said on the radio there, is no way that we can make the distance of this race until we get to lap 40, he said I had that circled, on my information. Down here so I had no intentions, of pitting before T but, right after we get past lap, 40 we can pit the very next time and be good to go on just, one stop. I think, the big question is can, they get to sixty right. Because. If they've got to go you. Know right now we've already completed 36, of the 94, laps but what if we've got a really, long green flag run, they'll, be coming down pit, road, under, the green yeah if we end and the, less cars that are out there the more chances that you're gonna have it long green runs yeah, we know guys right now can run you, know at least two probably laughs 85. Comfortably. On fuel, so that's a long time for from, 60 to 85 whatever, to be vulnerable but here's a guy right here that has been very impressive he, ran his first ever stock car race here, one, year ago qualified. Seventh finished, seventh for, Eddie sharp racing in Red Bull and he's. Got a bright bright future, last. Week at Lowe's Motor Speedway got, his first legitimate. Test, in a Sprint Cup car and see, Mike Skinner lose, a teammate, running, the 84, car, Scott was driving 82, red. Ferg Red Bull car here and hopefully. If everything goes well here tomorrow for, the 84. Car Sunday for the 84 car then Scott will make his Sprint Cup debut at, Lowe's Motor Speedway next. Week and that number 82 Red Bull car and they've also announced that he's gonna jump in that 84 kenny for. What five you know six of the last seven racers, or five of the last six races after he runs that 82 car there they're definitely grooming, him for next season. He's. Doing a fine job in, this series the ARCA Remax series, point, leader he's. Got a 50 point lead over Ricky. Stenhouse jr.. Welcome. Back here comes the field through the trial with a green flag about to go back in the air we've had two cautions Tom Hessert the Third Estate on the racetrack and has led every lap of, this race. Green. Back in the air we're on lap 39. And, now I think it's a time for any belmonts guys to. Really hold their breath they. Want to get to lap 40, then they feel like they would be able to stop and make it the rest of the way they. Need to run a couple apps and they need to catch a caution flag before they have to make that green flag pit stop, I think we have some guys that may, even attempt to go the rest, of the way from here we had five cars come down pit road to top off that time they may be looking at not stopping, anymore and one of those was a little. Bit of a Super Speedway expert. I mean, that Bobby Gerhart, Gerhart. Brought his number five on to pit road and topped. Off with fuel. Now. We see him working. Around the slower lap car the, 48, of Vince Stancil. There's. Bobby Gerhart, following the 16 of Justin Allgaier. In. Alghars, the story. From. Pit road is that they have a hole in the radiator now, they've been trying to fix that we'll. See if that is going to hold, out for the remainder of this race on the 16 of all guy yep. Bobby, Gerhart continues, to follow it Jim, and. Bobby Garrett did come down pit road to top off it is checked with his brother Billy I said after you took the for how much fuel did he get he said I think we have enough we may not have to stop he said I think we're pretty comfortable here we can't go the rest of the way. Now. That is huge there's three wide look at this, 33, of Ricky Carmichael on, the inside.

There's. A mimosa right there the Miccosukee, Chevrolet. That's Matt Carter's onboard led to the Stein seat onboard there's. Frank Kimball the 44, on the inside. The. 72, of John Jackson, now on the inside of the 51 Betty Mercer three. Wide right through the tri-oval Ricky. Stenhouse. Jr. now he was on the outside following, Matt Carter night he jumps all the way to the inside. Riding along with Frank gentle looking back. There's, Ricky karma or Ricky, Stenhouse jr. in, the 99. Scott. Speed our point leader right behind Ricky Stenhouse, jr.. Just. Keeping them inside we, think that's what any sharp told him before the race, keep that 99, in sight let's get to Toledo and let's win this championship, where. He's done a good job of that I don't think they've ever been separated by a car, having now, they have been nose to tail. This, race up to this point we've completed a 40 laps. That. Carter currently running a leopard and. See Justin out guard off to his back Eddie Mercer there the 51 going through the middle see a little bit of damage on that 51, car 480 Mercer. Got that earlier incident when Brian Scott blew that tire out. If. They were thinking 50, to 55, laps Phil and he said Senna might be able to go farther then we run all those yellows what, do you think is the maximum, number of laps for the number one car I think, maybe 60. 62, something, like that so I think he's definitely. Within about 20, laps kenny of, making a pit stop right. Hey, Ray Dunlap you've got a guy down there that I'm sure doesn't, want to be talking to you right now yeah he didn't want to make a pit stop in the garage Epstein Buescher and great, run you got the pole dad a fantastic. Car but it didn't last very long what happened, well don't, want to take the green flag for the initial start went, from second to third gear and lost there here and lost. A bunch of spots and. The next caution is trying to figure out what years we had all we had was fourth year so we, know whatever we came to Pitt we were. This. Is really unfortunate you know we had a really fast car. We're really fast leading in the draft yet. Yesterday. In practice and. Oh no shame, we didn't get to get out front and we'd and. Sorry. To see you in the garage named boots are done for the day and. We're just about to have I bought every car on the racetrack you seen Ricky Stenhouse, - jr. go to the outside, I look like xxx, Terry.

Jones Mother got a little bit of a nudge from the, 15 of Joey Logano but, we're just about to have every car on the racetrack just about in this lead draft. Yeah. It's let's. Go get stressful here in a minute Ricky Stenhouse jr., checked. Up and went out into, the second. Lane and. We. Haven't seen the to follow him so right now it looks like Ricky Stenhouse jr. is on his own out there until that second pack might be able to catch him up there in the second, way I don't, know if he just rolled up there or if he got knocked up there. Maybe, a little help but there was the chance that was behind him so what had been the two that would have moved him up and now we see Scott speed making the move trying. To go by Ricky Stenhouse jr., for. A championship, battle right there the two of Scott Speed the 99 of Ricky Stenhouse. Terry. Jones is gonna follow the two of Scott Speed Joey Logano the 15 Matt, Carter the 46, is behind Joey Logano now, Ricky, Stenhouse has a little help on the outside Jeremy, Clements the three cars behind him Justin, Allgaier Bobby. Gerhart, the. Lucas Oil number. Five. A, little. Help on the outside kidding, those are and, he's got he's got good help there those are good cars and some, experienced, drivers lined up behind him therefore maybe make something happen, you see Logano make the pass on the inside Terry. Jones yeah there's, hardly any room to get by on the inside everybody's riding along against. The yellow, line but somehow Joey Logano find a little fun a little bit of an opening and was able to get by that 30 of Terry Jones now, Joey Logano will tuck up behind the 2 of Scott speed. So, far it doesn't look like the outside line is the weight there's a place to be Kenny they're, not really advancing, very much no, no, it's well. You know the problem I got is that it's all good cars on the inside lane do so because, there's more cars on the inside lane plus the shorter distance it's. Gonna be extremely hard. We. See Ricky Stenhouse.

Jr. Up, in the. Second. Line and he's leading that pack. We. Got the 16 of Justin. Allgaier back, there the third car on the outside line. Jeremy. Clements into three. See. Ricky's still on the outside, there. Bill. Baird they're in fourth spot and Ricky Carmichael behind. Me I believe. They restarted, like 12th. And 13th or, 13th 14th right after this last. Yellow and they just stayed in line committed, to one another and then they've worked ourselves up to fourth and fifth yeah there were nine cars that stayed on the racetrack did not come down pit road, Joey Logano actually, went out into that second line now so he moved out from behind the two tried to make the pass on. Scott. Speed and now, he's looking for help we're. Seeing some guys get. Hit at the end of the straightaway get. Hit get like the the bump graph kind of gone wrong get. It good hit and actually they have to wind up in the second lane seen, that a couple times now. That, works good for a while. It. Doesn't look as though anyone wants to jump in behind that 15, right now you know we talked about Joey Logano, getting by the 30th, Terry Jones earlier we, talked about everyone, running against the yellow line there's Terry Jones right behind the, 51 of Eddie Mercer right on the bottom of the racetrack, when. Joey, Logano got by that car watch this not watch right of your screen. Joey's. On the inside there. He. Gets down on the bottom Terry. Jones forces, him down below the yellow line you're not supposed, to pass in advance. Your position below. The yellow line but to, me Kenny he was forced, down there by the 30 of Terry Jones yeah you're also not supposed to force anybody down too so that's, a pretty big judgment card I'm, glad I don't have to make that call, yeah. I would call Joey Logano innocent, right here you see he had to move down below that yellow line or, they would have made contact, with Terry Jones I'm not sure it shouldn't be a deal where the 30 in this, instance makes, you be the one penalized, for forcing him down below the. So, we're hearing from Marcus that he was forced, down Joey Logano was forced down below. The yellow line so they will not penalize him for making that pass. Remember. Guys now we're we've completed 47, this will complete 48, laps now in each one of these laps, Andy, Belmont, who owns its number one car is going to be pulling more hair out gray, desperately. Needs a caution flag now before, they get to around lap number 60 I'm gonna guess we've.

Passed The halfway point of, this race at Talladega, there. Are only. A race. And a half left so we have the rest. Of this race and Toledo in the 2008. Season, Scott. Speed and, Ricky. Stenhouse jr.. Coming. Into this race separated, just by 60, points, for the 2008. Championship. Now. The difference, between the two as, they're running on the track is 80 points. Scott Speed in front of Ricky Stenhouse jr. that. Sure could change in an instant. We, would guess that the. Guys that came on pit road the last time they'll have to come again you'll. See them on pit road one more time in this race guys like Scott Speed, Ricky. Stenhouse jr. but, right now Tom Hessert the third wondering can I stay out the rest of this race. Welcome. Back a short, day for the, ARCA re/max series debut. Of Ricky Carmichael you, can, see all the damage to the right rear corner, of that 33, car same thing that happened to Brian Scott earlier Dale, jr., earlier. This, just, exploded. There's Kevin Harvick he was on the backstretch watching, over there and back, there with all his friends yeah. I'm. Sure he's, pleased obviously this is not the outcome he wanted but he's got to be pleased with what he saw up to this point Ricky's goal today was to get approved by NASCAR to run a truck race at Daytona and, to get some experience I would have to give Ricky an A+ for the job that he did today you and I are gonna prove him right Kenny yeah so. When they ask it's, it's, been kid. Tested and Bill and Kenny approved. Take, a look at what happened for the 33. Right. Rear tire is gonna blow he's running sixth, right there, shelter. Did a great job avoiding, him a terrific. Job avoiding him there's Terry Jones and Jeremy. Clements making slight contact, on the inside of the racetrack there's enough there's Ricky Stenhouse. He's. Gonna vote I'll tell you Ricky did a great job you, see him he's driving that thing the whole way he's got the brakes locked up. Now. He lets go of the brakes or that thing straightens, out really did exactly, what you're. Supposed to do here's Matt Carter's on board you see all the debris this I'm sorry Frank Kimmel zomb ORD all the debris off of Ricky's car and again, keeps it out of the wall keeps it from taking. Somebody, else out of the racetrack nice job. It's. Like a hand grenade when it goes off it's amazing, yes. It's huge, blowing. Out the entire, right, rear side of that race car and now we. Would guess that Tom Hessert the third it's got to come on huge, a break though for Tom mentioned it's gonna be a break for those guys that topped off that may want to try to go the rest of the way because these caution, laps aren't gonna give them just a little bit more insurance so, they may be in good shape like a Bobby Gerhart, right may be in perfect shape here. We, would guess we're. Going to see the hard left turn by the one and on. To pit road they are coming the oh nine is gonna follow looks. As though the twenty also making his way Justin Lofton will follow them down on to pit road Justin's, third place car right now great job by him thus far. John. Wes Townley comes, to a stop it's going to be two tires only for this guy because, they want, to try keep, that track position this, is the first time John Wes Townley strays, to Talladega of course he tested, here this, hopefully will give him so momentum, as he runs the Nationwide, race next week he, runs away almost, stalls, it right boudreaux's. But paces the sponsor on this Ford Fusion Andy Belmont owns the team and they've got a problem on the right front they were not able to get the tire off for some reason it, was hung up or they didn't get the jack up high enough the fender, is too tight and they could not get the fight the, front tire off of there it's gonna be right side tires only for the one Jim, Bobby. Gerhart is down and away but he didn't go up actually, just came in for fuel they got the windshield wiped off clean for Bobby Gerhart they did admit, to themselves we had a bad calculation, on fuel mileage but, Bobby Gerhart came in 14th, he kind of drifted back to mid pack again no, adjustments, just fuel on Bobby Gerhart who I believe, now is set for the rest of the way officially, by his team, so.

Bill, Gerhart has said okay you're good this time for sure. We've. Completed 52, of the 94, laps so, 42. Remain, in this one really, everybody should be good on fuel everyone that stopped this time should, be good on fuel. Ricky, Stenhouse jr. the, 99 did not come to pit road. Ricky. Pitted back on lumpy flattened number 30 so I don't think, 64. Lives is an awful wrong way even though we've had some caution laps now he was not one of the guys that topped, off at the, tail end of the most recent caution prior to this one so they. May they may be just figuring I'm making a two-stop race I just. Have to see I mean you. Don't know what these things what to what everybody is thinking we, sure didn't know what the one car was thinking there for a longest time, John. Jackson actually in front of the field now in the 72, and it's Ricky Stenhouse jr. that, runs second. Thirty nine Mark. Thompson. Running. Third the Aaron's, lucky dog goes, to Benz Stancil in the number 48 he will get. A lap back, it's, one of the TRG cars. Has. A teammate, with Tim George jr. Ben been running the Camping. World East series on occasion you see he's got some damage to the right rear corner, of that, car he was involved in an incident when Brian Scott, blew. Out that right rear tire earlier, was. Early in the race and lap number 12 and so this was the third caution. As you, see the damage to the right rear of, that race car they've already put a new right-side, tire on now. That they're gonna work, it their way back into the. Garage area. Safety. Crews are gonna clean up the debris and this is why there is all the debris on the racetrack. Six. Car back the black number, 33. There goes the right-side tire. Sunday. It's your chance to give Jeff Gordon, a piece of your mind four-time, Cup champ Jeff Gordon joins Dave Despain on Windtunnel, set where. Do you agree disagree or just have an opinion it's, your turn to sound off on all the top stories and motorsports Windtunnel with Dave Despain live Sunday 9 p.m. Eastern, again Jeff Gordon is, going to be his guest is there any for

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There were some real tire problems in this race. Stenhouse, Carmichael, Marks and more all had prawblums with tyres. Stenhouse nearly flipped.

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