2008 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Power Stroke Diesel 200 At O'Reilly Raceway Park At Indianapolis

2008 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Power Stroke Diesel 200 At O'Reilly Raceway Park At Indianapolis

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Indianapolis. Is a sports town but racing, in the city transcends. Sports not, far from the Brickyard, a little, track rewards, those who are hard-headed the, hungrier, the, better. When. The gates open fans run to mark their territory on. A hillside overlooking, turn, one they aren't eager to see their favorites drivers like Matt Crafton and toddler, dine, they've won this year so has dying leah they're all chasing this guy Johnny Benson our current, points leader one. Of the most unique, venues, in all of NASCAR, O'Reilly, Raceway Park is special, because, of them, the race fans located. About 15, miles from downtown Indianapolis. It's the best little racing show at one of the best little tracks in the country, get, ready the setup is on. Hello. Everyone, and welcome to the setup I'm Krista voda and welcome, to what's becoming one of the biggest phenomenons. In all of racing, we're talking about the Truck Series and it's incredible, points battle both the series and that, points championship on, fire. We will get you caught up on the points picture as well as talk to some of our major players but, first let's get you caught up on the news things that have happened since, we last saw you beginning, with, our triple duty driver yes Kyle Busch back in the field he will race all three, series this weekend, all in the same city but he's going back and forth between two, different, tracks also we, kind of have a triple duty crew chief change going on three new crew chiefs on the pit box tonight Charlie, Wilson now, calling the shots for the four of Stacy Compton for, the 16, Brian Scott's new crew chief Dave McCarty. Is in, also, a new, name atop the 71, that is John. Wolf the new crew chief for the, 71, and, one final news nugget Austin, Dillon you may have heard that name before he's the grandson of Richard Childress and he possibly could, be in a truck coming up as soon as Nashville, that would be behind the wheel of the number 81 Randy, Moss Motorsports, machine that's the plan but right now he has not been approved, he is scheduled to test a truck at Chicago, and will wait approval, well. Last week with the Cup Series on vacation, all eyes, were on the Truck Series and we're not just talking about that new owner Randy, Moss know the spotlight, was bright and the boys and girls of this series responded. We are talking about. Passes. Ridiculous, wrecks and huge. Momentum, swings let's take a look back at what happened in Kentucky. That's two feet on the front row that are determined, to lead this first lap back here tear. Here. Comes Kyle Busch he slows down and, making its way on to pit road. Situation. For the, 51. Of Kyle Busch because, now he is caught a lap down. Something. Must be wrong with this 33, there's something obviously looks, like Ron's gonna make his way to pit road your point leader Ron Hornaday. Now on pit road. We've got problems with Chandler. Adjusted. Marks. Is, going to really, tighten, up after, this race I expected. Nothing less we notice things and the halfway point. Johnny. Benson looking, to find Victory, Lane for the second time in 2008. Johnny Benson. Johnny only, for some more soaked in victory lane right now than you is me your crew really did a sin but what was the difference tonight your first win of Kentucky, I ran good but it wasn't easy today though yeah Bay it looked easy but it was she's. A little slick off to her today. So. Here are our ford point standings, can you believe, this from top to bottom one through 10 just, 227, points, separate these names Ron Hornaday was our points leader heading into Kentucky, he has now slipped to third but only five behind Matt. Crafton only one behind our, points leader Johnny, Benson, I believe he is standing by with our Adam Alexander and, how hot is this guy Ben Krista two wins in the last three races in all, 277. Laps led in those, three events starting eight tonight how do you manage this short track JB well. Right now we're not sure it's pretty slick there practice, and you, know we just gotta, be. Conscious of what's going on what, you can do where you can pass you. Might be able to do it the old way you can run right next to the wall we're not not, all the way positive a lot of guys are trying to run the middle in lower, we've.

Tried To top we've tried to bottom we've tried to spot everywhere so really got thing Bheema for being onboard and Toyota, Certified Used Vehicles, Tundra trip, routes and the guys just we. Couldn't week out get me some decent a race list so we'll. See it's been. Pretty slick the point leader starting eighth tonight here at o RP right well, Matt Crafton just one point out an incredible points battle so far but a lot of racing to go and tonight at short track action how, do you approach this race tonight here at Indy just. Stay out of trouble and be there at the end that's what we've been set, our goals to be the season just running top five each and every week the, points will come and that's everybody's, making beat high up out of this points battle well which one around top five each and every week and I, mean this Johns Manville Menard, Chevy Silverado, has been good everywhere we've been on the short tracks the mile and half racetracks, and we. Weren't actually really happy, with the truck at, the end of practice so crew chief made a couple changes and, actually helped it a lot qualifying, I know we didn't qualify it real good but we're eleventh but I think we got a lot better race truck than we had during, practice so. Okay, we'll watch him run through the field Matt Crafton starting, a little bit outside of the top ten but looking, for a good run tonight here at Indy all. Right thanks ray yeah how close is this points battle I mean we can't make this up one through ten that's separation. 227. Points the closest, it's ever been at this point in the series in the, history of the series I mean that is how good it's going to be tonight the next chapter, so what will we see in the points picture and in tonight's race let's bring in the guys upstairs Rick Alan Phil Parsons Michael, Waltrip guys, where do we even begin well. I think we start at the top I mean Johnny Benson with a one-point lead over Matt Crafton right now only five points separate our top three, does. The top ten starts, point racing with 12 races to go here at Oh our feet there's no way Rick tonight is all about aggression. You know we talked to Kentucky, about the attitude, of the truck right front end down back in depth that helps you get around the track tonight, it's gonna be all about attitude again but not about the truck of the drivers yeah you're gonna push you're gonna shove and if you lose your temper you're gonna lose a lot of points it's all about being aggressive but then being mindful that if somebody strikes you might not ought to just strike back right away now we've got 200, laps here Phil are we, going to see a strategy, play out to win this race well I think we will I think these guys are going to try to get in their window, make, one pit stop and then let track position, dictate the rest of the race and the reason Michaels talking about that aggression and the attitude. Is because this is a very difficult race to pass on you, run right up against the wall we heard Johnny talk about it a little bit people try to run the bottom they try to run the middle but the groove is against the outside, wall and, to try to pass somebody you either have to knock them out of the way or do a slide, job or be a whole lot better than them if you come up on somebody he's just a little bit better than you you're not gonna pass them so that's why the tippers, are gonna flare passing, very difficult, here as a matter of fact no one outside the top five has, ever won this race in the 13-year, history, Chrissa.

All. Right thanks guys yes it's going to be good indeed, you are looking at some true heroes, here tonight these men and women have, just been sworn into the United, States Army they, will report to basic training and serve, immediately. Thank. You to. Each and every, one of you. More. From O'Reilly, Raceway Park here, on speed when we come back here's our racing heroes who will it be on top tonight in victory lane a young guy like Landon, Cassill seen there talking to Mike Skinner, the, answer is getting, close. Coming, up on the setup some, of the Truck Series teammates see how well they really know each other his, car's pretty messy that's messy. I mean I try to clean myself up I don't know why he would say that he's. Never seen my bedroom that's always clean we're, gearing up for tonight's short track showdown, with a recap, of the shortest tracks so far this season and the look back at Bill Davis racing top 10 day in Kentucky, all, this and more from Indy when the set up returns only. On speed. The. NASCAR, Craftsman Truck Series setup is, what you by craftsman, Craftsman. Tools are the official tools of NASCAR, craftsman. At Sears, and by, airing sales and lease ownership nobody. Beats errands nobody. Martinsville. Donny. Lia and Todd Bodine running out of time trying to wrestle away the lead from David Starr Bailey is right there there he goes contact. Side, by side. Down. The backstretch, as they come out of for toddy, Lee has the edge Johnny Lee awaited Mansfield. Lots. Of bumping and shoving going on I expect you're gonna see some desperate moves Hornaday, hates this part. They won, the very first race, at Memphis Motorsports, Park looking, to make it to which from this racetrack, Ron Hornaday scores, his second, victory at Memphis, and the 36th. Of his NASCAR Craftsman, Truck Series career. So. Far this year short tracks, have certainly not, been short, on excitement. The winners here at Martinsville Mansfield. And Memphis, now another, short track who will it be at the orc ORP, 200, laps from now we, will know that answer. Welcome. Back to the setup from ORP O'Reilly Raceway Park just outside of Indianapolis and check out the, setup of our setup right, over my shoulder you've, got the trucks behind us lined up on the grid over my right shoulder the fans that we showed you at the start of the show in turn 1 we are so close to the action if this race started right now just so you know I would, get hit with debris I just wanted you to know that hey it's not debris but momentum we want to talk about now heading into this race Bill, Davis racing their, drivers they have a huge bag of it here's why I look back at what they did in Kentucky. 6. Johnny, Benson Michael and Mike Skinner that is. Impression. Johnny Benson. Trying, to get a second, one of the season you. Know. JB got bias and who better father than your team you know with all that experience that our chart kind of came to life as soon as I got behind him everybody. For. Bill Davis racing. And. For Michael Annett a career best second a week ago pit strategy, played a big role on the intermediate, track you start 16th tonight so for, a young guy what's the biggest challenge on a short track compared to the intermediate, like a week ago you, know past is just gonna be really tough tonight but you know we'll use some more of that good strategy that Doug always comes up with and you know hopefully get some track position and, get, the pilot centers up front and Michael did tell me the truck much better in qualifying, trim than it was in race trim rather than, it was in qualifying, trim ray. Let's. Hear from Mike Skinner Mike talking. About coming, in here talking to Bobby East who's on the pole and we're, talking about what a great deal it's been for Bill Davis racing you guys had that great run in Kentucky, and you're on a run, of nine consecutive, top. Tens can you do it again tonight here at Indy well, I certainly hope so that's not a record that I was really. Shooting for a goal I'd like to be top fives kind of like last year but you. Know we got good stuff and Johnny's, team has just been on fire they're winning races and doing really really well and we, got to get this five Tundra. Back up back. Up more like it was last year and we're, just our, goal tonight this is the one place that you come it's like going to Bristol, you.

Take A top ten here and get the heck out of here if you can all right we wish you good luck with that Mike Skinner won here in 95, and 96, Krista, yeah. Ray I think Skinner's, summed it up best just get out of here if you can score a top ten that's how tough this track is well last week while Bill Davis racing was, celebrating, another power organizations. Remain racing left, Kentucky shaking, their heads the first time all year all three trucks were scored with, do, not finish did not finish his DNFs for all three germane trucks. Pretty. Good really. Is she was really running well then unfortunately it's gonna come to a premature end here tonight, we, were running really good but we, got taken out by somebody that wasn't running the best we've got problems with Chad, mccumby he gets into the wall and brings out of. Justin. Marks great. Night Justin, marks is having a great night. For. The damage. You'll. Just make a hard left I was I would suppose. And in this fortune for Tago dine a week go dropped him to sixth, in the standings starting. 14th, tonight and you know Todd a driver has never won this race starting. Outside the top five so what's the balance of patience, and aggression for you. More. Towards patience, for sure I RP, is such a tight race track real, flat corners, you. Can get in trouble in a hurry if you don't keep the patience so starting, this part back you know we're going to play a little pit, strategy, and see if that works and hopefully, we got a truck to win we changed some things before, qualifying and, was a little loose qualifying, but usually that translates. To having a good truck in a race so hope for this Lumber, Liquidators Tundra, would be good the onion looking for his first ever top five in a truck here at O'Reilly Raceway Park Krista that's. Right Adam Tabata, his best truck finished a sixth that came here last, year you heard at the top of the show Michael Waltrip talking about attitude, and aggression, this is a track where the driver who is more aggressive the more aggressive a driver can be with his truck the, better he will fare and it comes in a city where racing, is synonymous with breathing. This track drivers, will certainly be holding, their breath because their fate can, change in, an instant, more, from the four-stroke, diesel 200. Coming up. The. NASCAR, Craftsman Truck Series setup is brought to you by Papa, John's ordered. By text message or online, at papajohns.com, and. By, craftsman. Craftsman tools are the official tools of NASCAR craftsman. At Sears. Welcome, back to the setup from O'Reilly Raceway Park just, outside Indianapolis. You know Batman. Has Robin here. In Indianapolis, Marvin, Harrison, has Peyton, Manning or at least Colts, fans hope he will after Peyton's knee heals the bottom line everyone, needs teammates, recently, we sat down with some of the Truck Series dynamic.

Duo's To, find out how well they, really know each other. Welcome. To teammate. Trivia, on speed, now. Let's. Meet our teams. Teammates. Number one met back in 2002. Meet Brendan, Gaughan and Rick. Crawford, teammates. Number two are in their fourth year together meet. Mike Skinner and Johnny, Benson. Teammates. Number three have only known each other for six months meet, Erik Darnell and, Colin. Braun and, finally. Teammates. Number four have known each other for over a decade. Meet, Jack Sprague and Ron. Hornaday. Now. Let's, play teammate, trivia. First. Question, would. Your teammates, say he is clean, or Missy, he's. Clean dude clean, messy. Pretty. Messy my car's pretty messy that's a messy I mean, I try to clean myself up I don't know why he would say that I know he's anal about keeping things clean it'll. Get together and I gotta. Bring the pair of shoes you made me take my shoes off I said didn't like choose your cleaner my socks it's. Probably. Not. Healthy second, question what, is your teammates, favorite, food. Pasta. I know you thought of pasta this, sounds like you know we'll be married to the guy don't, even know I don't even care I'm, just wanting my teammate I don't know can, we eat he likes steak a lot, he likes Mexican I, would say one of the you know somewhere in there well probably both give, Rick a little bit of that Southern Fried Chicken he's probably pretty happy but. Lies. I would. Have said steak but I was being a smartass. Third. Question if. Your teammate, was an animal what, would he be he's. Tall and lanky and. Giraffe. Probably. Show dog I, don't. Know that seems to finish can, I love to say jackass I. Mean. A donkey let's just make it right any animal that was allowed to hang around Graceland, is probably a horse probably Priscilla Presley horse, no, I. Prefer, to be a you know a lap dog for a beautiful woman you know, and, she. Really taking care of me fourth. Question what. Is your teammates, favorite, TV show, South. Park for, Family Guy something like that The Simpsons or something goofy I don't know probably, not American, Idol something. With a lot of good-looking, young, hot women in a little Sanford, and Son or something we kind of be kind of rig style we'll, see I grew up in the integrand for there Oh Andy Griffith Show there your southern shows Andy Griffith Show. There's. A great, message, that comes. Out of Andy Griffith best. Question, what actor, would play your teammate, in a movie, damn. Horse mauled actors Burt, Reynolds Clint Eastwood in. Today's world it found be Adam Sandler I'd, like, to say Will Ferrell but he's too tall Will. Ferrell I think on that just because Eric's kind of a goofball a lot of times funny, guy I'm, Michael Cera. Johnny. Depp just. He's. Smooth bent. And smooth. And our final question what, three things would, your teammate take to a deserted, island boy, you for sure bring your guitar I, mean I am sure you'd bring that and you, know probably bring a woman to some sort and you. Know obviously is a, case, wine, food. Family. Jarett. All of, that definitely, is computer maybe. A chess. Set I don't. Really know what Callum likes I. Don't. Think he'd take any women with him. I'd. Say a blonde brunette in a redhead is probably all he'd need you know you think about it I need a set of golf clubs and. It's. Like no I, don't wanna play by myself or slot machine cuz I mean who you gonna holla to if you win the jackpot cuz ain't nobody gonna be she might as well carry three. Women. Now. That was really funny we learned a lot of things there we learned some of teammates really don't know anything about each other and quite. A few others were spot. On I don't know if I could answer some of the favorites, of Ray Dunlap and Adam Alexander but, I like to think I know you guys well right Adam I hope, so crystal we spend so much time together and how, about this guy Pittsboro. Indiana, is where he makes his home 15, minutes from here and he gets his first career Pole earlier, today and Bobby East what's the key, to taking advantage of this best ever, start in NASCAR well just keeping, it up front and keeping, some decent track position, in the top five and we, should be able to keep our nose clean keep the fenders on it all night and just. Stab my pit. Stop guys on the Saxbys Ford f1 team did a great job every single week so I want to thank them and we're just gonna go have, fun and try, to make a show of it six, career wins on this, track but never in a stock car style vehicle tonight he tries to get his first NASCAR win Bobby. East on the pole right well. Another guy that's got a win here at ORP is Kyle Busch he won here back in the Nationwide, Series in Oh four but Kyle, starting 12th tonight no one's ever won this race from further back than fifth can you do it from back here I don't.

Think We got the truck to do it man so I don't know we'll see we'll play around with it a little bit and hopefully. We didn't tighten it up too much I was talking to craft in there and he says you got to be looser during today and we, actually got it to where we weren't bad during the day I felt like we were still a little bit loose but it, goes tight off here so hopefully. We can take, some adjustment and play around with it and get better I have a feeling pit strategy, might play into that too with Richie waters at command you never know what this 51 trucks gonna do Kristen, absolutely. Ray I love his honesty the field should be excited, Kyle says he can't win we'll have to see things. Will certainly get tight tonight just like our points battle the racing begins here, at O RP, when we return. It. Is a big weekend of racing here and across town at the Brickyard if you can't find something to watch this weekend but we just cannot, help you meanwhile know here at O'Reilly Raceway Park some, great stories hometown, hero Bobby East on the pole the Ford Powerstroke, diesel 200. Starts now. And. Welcome. To the short track with the incredibly. Big feeling, as the fans continue. To file and they are ready for short track racing, at Indianapolis. Welcome, to the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Ford, Powerstroke, diesel 200. On speed. Gorgeous. Evening weather was going to be an issue earlier, today they but there was going to be thunderstorms there's, no precipitation, just. An over class overcast, sky, 78. Degrees perfect, conditions. For racing. Hello, everyone reg Allen Phil Parsons and Michael Waltrip with you now we come to a short track but what a big, event this, really is Phil it really was I came back, in, 1982. For the very first NASCAR race ever in this town and, I cannot tell you how huge it was we, had several events leading up to this race and everybody. Was so happy to be here for the Nationwide, race night Busch Series at the time never, been in Annapolis remember this is years before there was a Brickyard, 400 so, it was huge for NASCAR to be in Indianapolis and there was so much prestige and so many people wanted. To do well here because this was the mecca of motorsports, Indianapolis, and Michael you were fortunate enough to win here how did that feel. Well I passed Mark Martin and then Dale Earnhardt to win here at ORP and I promise, you guys I thought I was the greatest short track racer in the world that night so, much prestige, to win in Indy and that's what these guys are gonna be faced with tonight and that's why you're gonna see a lot of aggression you're gonna be see guys have running over each other in an Indy each other hopefully not over each other but that it takes that to win on a short track like you have here at ORP so hang, on there's gonna be a lot of action now we are gonna see passing well I mean Bobby East has won two silver, crown races here where he led every lap well, you. See that a lot track position is critical here that's why the guys are gonna probably do one pit stop as soon as they can get in their window but hey if you got a good truck you, can pass somebody you might have to hit them but, you're gonna pass yeah and there's gonna be guys running right out next to the fence Rick, and then there's gonna be guys tucked way down to the bottom you're gonna see a lot of passing no one's ever won starting, outside of the top five here at ORP I say, tonight, that changes, well let's get it underway let's go back trackside, for more of our free race ceremonies, setting our colors the US Army recruiting, battalion, Metro, North route, routing company. And, now to deliver our invocation Jim, laning, the NASCAR, Truck Series chaplain. Let's. Our. Father in Heaven we just want to thank you for. This night that we can enjoy Motorsports, here. At O'Reilly, Raceway Park, and, father, we just thank you for the blessing, that we have and, living in a free country to enjoy events, like this and father. I ask your blessing upon all those servicemen, that are protecting, us right now I pray. That you'll bless our country and right, now I pray that you'll bless this event so. Father we just pray for a good safe. Race, tonight in the name of Jesus, I pray amen. And. Now to sing the national anthem, please, welcome 10 year old AJ. Lee a. New. Speedy. What. So, proudly, we. Hail'd. At. The. Twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Dry. Lips, and bright. Stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. For.

The. Parts. With bust. Words. Again. Please. Dream. The. Bombers. Dinghy. Get. Through. The, night. That. Our flag was. Still there. Oh. Say. Does. That. Star-spangled. Banner. Yet. Or. The, land. And, every. Oh. Breath. Ten-year-old. AJ. Delivering, a spectacular national. Anthem, here and O'Reilly, Raceway Park. The. Flyover, taking place the fans already the teams are ready and, now it's time for the drivers, to strap in when we come back to green flag from. Indianapolis. The. NASCAR, Craftsman Truck Series is presented on speed by the strikingly, original, flex by Ford Drive, wine due, in part by MSD. Ignition your. Exclusive source for performance, electronics, and by, craftsman. Craftsman, tools of the official tools of NASCAR craftsman. At Sears. Welcome. Back at short track racing, from ORP, and Indianapolis, it's. Always door to door bumper to bumper move. Them out of the way to take, a position when. We come to short track racing, we want to take a look at our floor to track description, of this just, over just under seven tenths of a mile racetrack you see the corners are only Bank seven and a half degrees and the reason we run up high here it's Bank more at the top of the racetrack than it is at the bottom of racetrack they get more speed up there you can get down on the bottom but it's really hard to get that bite up off the corner Mikey all, those. Statistics. Their distances. And degrees, of banking they, they, don't begin to tell the story because, guys are gonna be way down on the bottom and way out next to the wall some, guy might wind up running ten or fifteen miles shorter, distance tonight, than others because of the diverse angles. You can drive these corners we, take a look now at our ford race analysis. As, you can see 34 trucks will start this race one, hundred and thirty 7.2. Miles 200, laps of person over a half a million dollars and the pit window if this race were to go green is 120, to 30 laps but they're gonna figure out how many caution, laps they're typically having this race if they get in our window 50 60 laps they may stop then and be done and we're gonna see guys take chances tonight fill they're gonna try to pit early and, get that track position and, get, their pitting done early, the five hundred and fifty six thousand dollars that means a lot but the most important, piece, of information on that sheet is the pit window how soon you can get the pit road get done with that and then get that track position and that will vary from, crew chief to crew chief when, he wants to bring his driver on to, pit road how early, and how often maybe once stop maybe two stops tonight the crowd.

Anticipating. The starting, of the engines, and low let's continue with that we go back trackside, for tonight's. Command, and. Now to get the most famous words in Motorsports is Todd cup and the Ford commercial, truck marketing. Manager. Gentlemen. Start. Your engines. We. Heard the engines roar the crowd roared at the same time they, are waiting, on the edge of their seats for the start of this one. Welcome. Back the Ford Powerstroke diesel. 200. From O'Reilly Raceway Park the, trucks about to roll out onto the race track we want to show you our starting, grid for tonight's, race navabi's became the second first-time pole winner of the 2008, season and, he has his choice of starting either on the inside or outside he, chose that the drivers meaning he will start on the outside of, row number one you'll be outside Jack, Sprague who will start on the inside we also want to shine a spotlight on, a few different drivers and this week we're gonna talk about guys who have had success this year right let's. Talk about young drivers, that are in the field here at ORP tonight Rick and all four of these guys have had their career best finishes, so, far in 2008. And you're talking about Bobby East on the pole tonight his best finish was a that Memphis but this is his home track he's from Indianapolis. He grew up racing here he's got six career wins on this particular, racetrack and back in 1995. When Mike Skinner won the first race here Bobby. East was nine and a half he's, a young man but lots and lots of talent, he'll lead the field to the green at. Shawn, Murphy knows a thing about success as well he's driving the o-7 the night starting in the 31st, position his career best finish came. On a short track earlier this year ninth at the Mansfield Motorsports, Park he's 22 years old and, in 2007. He won the AAS a late model Series challenge. Division, this one of the six plan starts for him in 2008, he, hopes to better that career best here, this evening Adam. I want to take a look at 19, year old Landon Cassill drive the go get to go daddy.com Chevrolet. For Randy Moss Motorsports, Lennon, got his best career finish in the Craftsman Truck Series it walked Milwaukee, a few races ago finishing, in third he also got his best finish in the Nationwide, Series last, week at st. Louis finishing, six drives for Jarrett Motorsports, on the grand national circuit, for the Nationwide circuit and he will be in the field tomorrow night we'll be doing double duty here hitting Annapolis, he will start it back in the 28th, position Mikey. Double. Duty I got a cat doing double duty for the first time Shelby Howard worries tonight in the trucks tomorrow night in the Nationwide so this is a big weekend, for Shelby first, of all he lives about 15 miles from here in Greenfield Indiana. And. By. The way it's his birthday getting. To race on your birthday how cool is that this team gets stronger and stronger every week bill don't be surprised to see him up his career-best finished, tonight, but. You talked about birthdays, we're gonna ride along with a few different drivers and one of those will be celebrating, a huge, birthday, tomorrow and, that is the driver of the number 14, Ford f-150. Rick, Crawford he turns 50, tomorrow and, so an early birthday present here. At ORP would obviously be grabbing. That trophy, we also ride along on the Lumber Liquidators, Toyota, Tundra of Todd Bodine he, will be carrying one of our cameras and starting in the 14th, spot and, then the other camera, is the team ASE, on board driven by Ted.

Screaming At number 59 a tough starting position for him all the way back in 32nd. So he will have his work cut out for him tonight let's. Go back down trackside, for thoughts before green with ray Dunlap well Rick the guys up in the booth we're all talking about when do you come down and when do you pit well if you're Rick Wrenn and Ron Hornaday running for a championship you might have to be a little bit conservative but, some other guys are going to try to come early, now fuel cans are going to be the secret tonight when can you fill that up and get in your window remember last year we had 22 gallon, fuel cans but we didn't have nearly as good gas mileage, tonight, expect 4.5. Miles to the gallon and that should put us at about a hundred and twenty laps that you can run under green and that is going to give these crew chiefs a lot to think about how many caution, laps do you need if you pit at lap 60, you gotta have at least 31, laps of, caution Adam. You. Know Jack Sprague has had plenty of issues in 2008. Ray but perhaps tonight is, the evening he turns things around he qualified, second, earlier today and he's, been amazing over, the years in a truck on short, tracks 106. Career starts 13. Times he's gone to Victory Lane some 79, times he's, finished in the top 10 but the most impressive stat, to of his, victories, right here at O'Reilly Raceway Park and, in all of his starts he's led 279. Laps here starting, on the front row we could see that deuce out front a good portion of tonight as well guys well. Thank you Ray and Adam, now we've got one one lap to go before we see the green flag do you think it's a smart. Idea for Bobby used to take the outside on the start of this race I think it definitely is but especially by virtue of the fact that he is the one that starts the race he's the guy that goes now, if if, the guy on the inside went. First, even though they swapped and let me know then it wouldn't be that smart because that guy would control it but the fact that Bobby East goes gets to go first and he can knows ahead of Jack Sprague getting in the corner then he's got the advantage. You. Can see the. Average starting position the winner is 2.3 and the post Center is won five times we talked earlier top five guys I've never wanted I want you just to forget all that Rick tonight, that changes women there's gonna be pit strategy, that's gonna put a twist, in the plot okay that's somebody you know it's not the top I've gone on record before saying, that the top five is not gonna win this race anybody in the top five, I'm, gonna stick with it there cut that's. I'm gonna go with that feel okay I like I like we're starting you got Jack Sprague and Ron Hornaday in the top five Eric Darnell well, we'll be here for a long time we'll find out how that works but let, the drivers, settle this as a matter of fact as they come out of turn number four, it's, time to go short track racing, from all our pee. We Bobby East could have started on the inside got the lead into turn one with that he jumped that started you know my body's not what a jump to start up I won the poll let me get let me win the race determines a crowd you can start on pit road with that job, today. With a great start as well he's able to get in front of his teammate so it's Ron Hornaday, just in front of Jack Sprague and then Shelby Howard trying to hold on to fourth but here comes Johnny Benson, too wide out of board room right now when the tires are brand new bats win these guys can, get enough grip baby to make some passes on the inside just keep an eye on Johnny down there in the inside well that's tough that's tough treading down there field no matter look.

That Three wide already, here on that - that's, patience right there that's patience we talked about attitudes, this could get really bad in a hurry. See. Matt Crafton he backs off he drops back behind Skinner but not for long he tries to bring it back up on the inside, as they go down the front stretch Mike. Right now Mike Skinner I'm on the bottom of the racetrack I'm doing all I can do and I've got Matt Crafton trying to get underneath me and run it into me on top of that and while that's happening Ron Hornaday is trying to take the lead away from Bobby East these are the first laps that Bobby East has ever led in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and Ron Hornaday is saying you've led enough I want the front. We, talk about aggression that guy right there ron hornaday he may be 50, years old but you don't get any more aggressive, than him no and he just wants to lay there - laughs all he got his mind and he's up there challenging, for the leaned early until, we see the distinct, - crews already rods. Dipping. Down to the bottom looks like he's got a faster, truck then, Bobby but he just can't feel the deal Bobby's right up there where he needs to be got a good run off turn four though good. Rise got the nose in front of that zero nine he. Starts to drift up the racetrack but right now it's going to be run Hornaday, and it will take the position away if they go down the backstretch he clears him that's the best words he can possibly hear from his spotter is clear. So. Hornaday, taking. Away the top spot he won't lead a lap here at ORP, Ron Hornaday is what at this racetrack twice, Bobby, East is number one a NASCAR, Craftsman, Truck Series race and Ron Hornaday is the most recent, winner here he won this race last year. You. Know Phil we talked before the great green flag I'm, saying someone in the top five won't win I think that's just because the strategy I think some guys are gonna try to get to pit road before, the leaders do and then stay out the rest today obviously, that, prediction depends. Heavily on when the cautions, fall and what kind of fuel mileage guys can get on this tight track but, darn. There's, gonna be a lot of stuff going between now and we decided with this sucker well most of this is settled down between, the three drivers that we're going through why but it looks like TJ Bell is gonna, try to replicate what, took place on lap 2 this, is the time of the race right here we're on lap number 7 they, need to chill out deep TJ, right there needs to follow these two guys it needs to follow Matt Crafton the Mike Skinner pick, them up one at a time don't make it three wide mr. lamb their race to try to get by those guys well TJ saw that craft and it went down on the bottom of Skinner and he said I looks pretty good I think I'll give that a try he, was up under craft and they're off turn two and their crafting is besides, get her off her tune this land I, would. Like to say it's been a team start, to this race but we have seen two and three wide racing we just haven't seen a lot of contact, but that's a good thing because we have to got to lap ten yeah we 100 lap race we definitely will, Ron. Hornaday now stretching, out his lead over Bobby East Jack Sprague Johnny Benson, and Shelby. Howard your top five from ORP, and, Indianapolis. Speed. Has two big nights you can't miss Wednesday night at 9:30 Eastern, Shreveport, hosts a little, gambling and a lot of fun on Pink's, all out takes then, Thursday night at 9:00 Eastern, are Florida's, drag racers, ready to go all out catch, Pink's all out, to big nights one place right, here on speed, well. Ron Hornaday, is still out front but that hasn't been the story since we went to commercial break yeah the two of Jack Sprague was really all over the 0 9 of Bobby East was, finally, finally, able to get by him just a couple moments ago right. Now Johnny Benson, is battling, 2:09 for the third position we talked, about bills how hard it is to pass what. Wouldn't when you get a little frustrated, you have to take matters into your own hands Michael didn't have time cleared but he. Moved up anyway but, Todd, in his defense right there backed off and he would have stayed in the throttle that would have turned that 22, around here's Jack Sprague trying to battle for that second position gave, Bobby a little bit of shot to let him know I'm there I'm gonna get to the inside but it still took him a number of laps to, get by this year now but finally has been able to do that now and the same exact thing has been going on with his 88 in this five they can't they can't work this out the 88 has been all the way up the side Skinner but he can't finish the deal he needs a little bit more room remember we're on lap number 19, this started, on lap 1 and.

As A matter of fact you had touched a little bit on Jack, Sprague and his aggression, NASCAR, is actually set Jack it's it's early in the race when calmed down a little bit here we got a lotta laps to go and Jack would have said bet can't talk down how much faster I am the Viscount has, to go you see that big gap in front of that 0-9 up to my teammate, I've got to go close that up and the worst the worst condition. In the whole world is what Matt's faced with here racing with Skinner he's faster, he's under him he can't finish the deal and if he slips at all he's gonna lose a spot to TJ Bell TJ, still at the hole that, Matt is leading, by trying to under scanner. See, that, Matt. Trying to hold that spot, TJ Bell trying to take it away from him Madame Alexander you. Guys talking about Jack Sprague in the word from NASCAR, and I think for the driver the to let it go. Because, he bump Bobby East drove by him and now all that separates, him from the lead is his teammate. And, right behind him now it's Johnny Benson, who's trying to go after Bobby he's Johnny started in the 8th position. In this truck the word early from JB loose. No, sight by the private. Bobby East has been on the radio asking. His father am I being smooth, enough is there anything I should do differently and. The spotter told him that Hornaday, and Sprague are running about a half of the lane. On the racetrack then, the zero nine so he's going to try to adjust that, but as Johnny Benson looks to the inside right now it's almost impossible Bobby. He's trying to protect his position but, I think his truck likes the high side of the racetrack better. Than where Hornaday, and Sprague running, well. Thank you Ray and Michael, we're seeing what you were talking about earlier you're gonna see guys try to go to the bottom of the racetrack to take that position and that's exactly what Johnny Benson's been doing he's been running very low and we watched the 0-9, moving. Up on the high side and here's another great bat no we talked about crafted, and Skinner from McArthur a same exact, scenario here. With Dennis Setzer on the impact Robert he's masterbuilt. That's my track position is so very important that's why he's got to try to switch things up on pit road qualified. Front we've got a decent truck, you can stay up front simply, because it's this hard to pass you, know this, 18 truck is a lot faster than the 14 he's just all over but he can't finish the deal Michael, I was talking to Jamie Jones a crew chief on the 11th of David, Starr they, qualified, back in a 23rd position as the voucher truck he said pretty good he said but we're gonna have to make something happen right, here pointed to pit road no I know it sounds crazy but they've talked about how hard these tires are could we see a one stop to tire, change.

I Think, I don't think that's crazy at all Rick because exactly, what Jamie Jones said he said we got to make it happen here their. Hands are tied as to what's going on with this racetrack they've got to switch things up on pit road and that's why. Whether, we see anything crazy or not all of the dibs on where the caution flag falls you know it didn't fall 70, 80 laps into the race first time you, know everybody's, coming to pit road and they'll be done right, now. That side-by-side. Racing continues, a couple veterans, battling, it door to door Crawford. On the outside, that's the Tahoe number, 18, dodge of Dennis Setzer finally. He makes the pass takes the position away from Crawford, took. Him 27. Laps Ville to make one pass to decide one spot, here's. This here's a 7 truck right here TJ Bell he's been battling with his 5 in the 88. But, since early on he was able to get by the 88 of. Matt Crafton. The. Nexus farm Crafton, really never got that far Pathan Skinner watch, him fill the hole Phil yeah, he said Mac if you're gonna go down on the bottom I'm gonna go where it's faster, up higher he was able to clear him and now he's been able to clear that 5 truck of Mike Skinner TJ, bell that with a great run. Jay. Bell moving to the front we've. Seen Michael and that makes some passes as well he's actually moved up six spots so he is also, a man on the move and the number 22, he's. Moved up into the top 10, Ron, Hornaday has a two point three, second, lead over his teammate Jack. Sprague Bobby East Johnny Benson and Shelby Howard continue, to hold on to top five spots. Sunday. NASCAR raceday rocks the Brickyard, to a John Jimmy, Kenny and Wendy, for live free race coverage for the Racing's, most storied, racetracks. NASCAR race day built by the Home Depot live coverage from Indianapolis. Begins, Sunday 11:00 Eastern. And this is the. Precursor, to the big race on Sunday, let's. Hear Craftsman, Truck Series this gets it all started, it sure does it kicks it off here in Indianapolis. Once. They throw it into gear here it's in tenth action all the way up to the checkered, flag the. Brickyard if you watch this gap here the whole front straightaway gap. Right now from Ron Hornaday back to his teammate Jack Sprague it's about, 3.1. Seconds, on. The stopwatch. Johnny. Benson right now about two seconds behind Jack Sprague running in the third spot. In. An opportunity. At an opportune place in time and Ron has been really smooth in, getting through that lapped traffic and separating. Himself further from Jack that. Doesn't always work that way some time to get boxed in but it's been relatively. Is we all get a spin a turn hey, Andy we've got a problem with TJ Bell in the seventh that brings out our first caution, as. TJ, Bell was one of the fastest, trucks on the racetrack up to this point TJ, had a great run going it was up to the 13th position we saw him passed Matt Crafton we saw him pass Mike Skinner he passed the 30 of Todd Bodine and, you also saw how hard it was for him to do those things and while he was sitting sideways at the bottom of the track all those trucks are driving by him went right by me that's why you can't afford to, have mistake at a track like this he had made it all the way up to, the 13th, spot that's. Where he was battling with Todd Bodine let's, take another look at why TJ.

Bell Got sideways he's. Sideways right there with Terry Cook looked like he might have tried to move up in front of Terry Cook and possibly didn't have him cleared we've seen that half a couple different times Michael, on that and Todd Bodine was one of those times we saw that there goes tied by Matt, Crafton by you see there's the damage right there that looks exactly like what happened he may have tried to pull up into. The outside line to try to get that angle going in the high side and the turn and wasn't quite clear we saw a Michael. Annett get away with that we saw TJ bell not get away with it Mario. Gosselin, receives. The Aaron's lucky dog and so he will grab a lap back here at ORP, when we come back the green flag back in the air. Under. The lights for the powerstroke the, Ford Powerstroke, diesel 200. From O'Reilly, Raceway Park, in Indianapolis, Indiana you see some trucks making, their way off the pit road let's go down to pit road to Ray Dunlap. So. I voted on came in on lap 40 he was loose in and tight in the middle they made a track bar adjustment foot, four tires on it but, they did say on the radio no way that they can make the distance from here so there will be another stop for the number 30 Adam and, for Mike Skinner he also came in at lap 44. Tires fuel, and some big-time adjustments, track bar and air pressure because the nose is, plowing tight, in will not turn that's, why they elected to bring Skinner down early, they hope this strategy, will play out as the race continues they to anticipate. Having to come back down the pit lane once more yeah. I think I think these guys are gonna monitor, how many caution laps we get from here we get if, we get 20 30 caution, laps in the next 50 laps they may say hey this may be worth a gamble but I think Ray's white right as of right now you, know there's no way they can make it with, conventional, wisdom that they don't give that many caution laps another, thing we need to look at Phil is we're going back these guys have had a chance to cool their tires a little bit most all the trucks in the top 10 or 20 ran their fastest, lap on flat five or six so it'll be interesting to see what. These tires recover, to can they go out, something near their fastest lap then they'll know these tires will hold up under, several restarts, that might dictate what their strategy. Is later as well. Green. Flag coming back out at alarm, P the top four teams stayed, on the racetrack. Another. Great start for ron hornaday which we expect. Well. You got it he just taken advantage of a great qualifying, effort. Craig. Johnny Benson and some of these guys even Bobby. He's back and forth they're, lovin life right now they got a good track position, and they're able to maintain up, front. Involving. East winning his first career poll now running in the fourth musician. After starting on the outside of row number one. He. Top out on the inside right in the middle of your screen for a moment now the right of you're screwed look, like Colin Braun was a little bit sideways up against the wall there's Todd right there remember, Todd came down pit road put four tires on. There's. Some of the trucks that did not come down pit road is that is that a plethora or a bad roll the gaggle right there would it be a plethora I think it's a gag there, there are that's three wide right there and it looks like they're saying about four wide looking, way down low, that's, Landon Cassill down in the apron of the racetrack down, below the yellow line I don't think you'd go for wide into our feet. For, a while you can probably. Not successfully, that's, what won the race last week at Kentucky yeah a guy with four wide late in the race and got the victory that someone thinks it'll make the difference between win in the room. Try. It here you know when we saw the race analysis, when, we saw that the person was about five hundred fifty thousand dollars these, guys the races first trophy out there yeah that's what they're racing for it's. Too wide here Terry Cook and Kyle Busch battling. Side-by-side, as Todd Bodine gets to the inside of that 88 of Matt Crafton look. At Todd down below the yellow line we've, tried to get by Matt Crafton and Terry cook takes, two spots away from those two drivers, the. Kyle Busch just showed Terry Cook that he wasn't gonna be crowded out of the way those guys I thought they were gonna wreck off I thought they're gonna wreck ever since we've restarted these, guys are going for it, with.

Those New tires stop in to the bottom of Kyle Busch he's, going to use those new tires that is a battle right there for the 11th position. But. I'm trying to take it away from Kyle, rowdy Busch. You. Know Todd right now is back up to only about three or four positions, behind where he was before the caution play come out so I think that was a great call right, there by Mike Hillman jr. to, bring top down pit row plus up right they look like they've improved that truck, he goes around the 51, what are they saying in the college. Well Kyle boots is not happy at all Michael he said you know in the qualifying. Show he told us that he's loose and tight and, every, sub part of the corner right now he's very tight off and, realizes he really doesn't advance through the field and he's so far tonight you, know it's amazing we talked about what an incredible, driver he is you know he won at, Californian, Atlanta and then from then it's been pretty dry for Kyle Busch actually, in the Craftsman Truck Series he. Has at worst winning, percentage, of all three of the upper NASCAR divisions, he's been better in, Sprint Cup and nationwide than, he has right here in trucks. Let's, talk about Michael Annett when you talk about average finish this kid's been impressive, started sixteenth tonight and fifty laps he finds himself running eighth but, I love his versatility, short, track at Milwaukee, actually a mild track he finished sixth in his debut 11th. On the short track at Memphis and he got his career best finish on the mile and a half last week at Kentucky, he's working on Rick Crawford for, his spot in the top seven here tonight this kid looks good and only his fourth career starting, guys he's done it at all different kinds, of racetracks. If you're an atom we see Michael Annett still trying to take away that position, from the veteran Rick, Crawford I'm. Going to I want to caution Michael, and Dad I'm watching come up on these guys just, a little bit of time or two these, veterans will let you get by with that once or twice but if they see it see it being a pattern of higher passive people they'll leave that life that left front fender in there he'll be in the outside like top o dine gave him a pass earlier, in this race here so Michael Annett needs to be aware. Of that he. Is able to pass the 14 of Rick Crawford cleanly. In. A pretty impressive run he's running a lot lower on the racetrack that we're seeing some of the trucks run there's. Kevin, wood right there the 21 remember we were talking about a gaggle or a plethora well, this is it back here look at these guys look at Landon Cassill he's against the grass down there on the bottom of the racetrack there's a 21 they make some contact, mark Mitchell's truck jumps up in the air that 15 mark. Mitchell said I'm going to be needing a little space here guys. Miss Kevin wood this is the. 13th of Shelby Howard on the outside of the 30 of Todd Bodine todd, bodine continuing. To run down on the bottom of the racetrack in continuing, to take spots Oy you know what I like right now by Topo Dean is he is in a position now where if, the caution were to come out now he can pit with these guys because he's no farther back than he was before know. That he has enough to stuff fuel to get to the end and that really be any worse for the situation so, great, call by Mike june to bring him in and he was the guy that came out first of those trucks that pitted on that caution and that might be where you'll see your two-tire, stop Rick they've been proof that truck comes to pit road gets, to tires enough gap he can jump up the lead.

Todd. Bodines got to get by this guy, though in the VFW, Chevrolet. Rick, Wrenn waiting to make those adjustments to, that trucks when they come on to pit road we'll, be back with more at, this. Thursday. Night catch all-new episodes, of. Wreck the accidents, keep piling up but O'Hare showing faces a blitz turning blizzard in an overturned, oil tanker that's ready to blow. Frack life in the cracks late Thursday night beginning at 10:00 Eastern exclusively on, speed that's. The fun show yeah, I saw him I saw him tow a semi. Out from under a bridge as it gotten wedged under there amazing stuff, at. A wet tea speaking of amazing Ron, Hornaday has been amazing, here at ort, once again he's, set sail in first the battle for second per second, has, been intense, right. Now Ron Hornaday, and Jack, Sprague and Johnny Benson the first three trucks are all running about, a second, slower than their fastest, laps on the racetrack which were set as we talked earlier in the first five or ten laps so these, tires are definitely slowing down when you get a number of consecutive laps and and the fastest, truck on the track over and over is toppled on with those fresher tires Mike. Hillman and those guys made some great adjustments to that truck and he's hauling. Johnny. Benson has been ahead of jock once and then jock took it back hitmen battling for second. All, over this racetrack Phil yeah there's Colin brown right there right of your screen that six truck he takes over that spot actually. That 59, of Ted Musgrave is down, the left right now, Colin. Brown, being. Shown right now in the 12th position, left. Side of your screen man it is heating, up this battle for second it's good luck this is the restock they just they, will not play. Nice, right now Jack Sprague in front of Johnny Benson but, Benson, wants that spot, I think it's beside him here good turn into turn three hook, in the bottom, way. Down on the bottom trying, to get a fight down there not, quite able to use as much throttle as Jack it is up off the top side of the racetrack. But. Johnny's shown incredible amount of patience here of Michael because after, doing this lap, after lap after lap they've been going at this for over 20 laps now it. Wears on your patience he knows he's faster than Jackie sent why, doesn't he let me go. Wait. A minute when you telling me that a racer is going to let you go when you think of Johnny Benson though, you think of the guy that's patient, but yeah last week in Kentucky he saw when he needed to jump don't jump for wide gravel even won the race right, now only, some. 67. Laps into the race he's got to be cool that's, what he's doing he's gonna complete this patch right here though he's, gonna move up the hill Jack's not gonna let him have it God is gonna try to jump on that throttle, he might have him now. He's. Gonna force it he's gonna take that extra foot he, got he got most of it then he then he took the last foot, he, felt, like Jack owed that to him so. He went ahead if, I get 90% please, give me the other 10% I deserve, it Johnny, Benson takes over a second, and upfront it is still Ron hornaday's, let 64. Of the 68, laps run ray Dunlap I read about this stack coming into the race tonight he had let. 561. Laps in o8 had those numbers you just put on there and that is domination, so far this year for, Ron Hornaday actually, only two races this season that. The 33, truck hasn't been up front Adam, Johnny, Benson riding, second he's not been real vocal on the radio I think he feels much better now that he's gotten around Jack Sprague the one thing he didn't say earlier will, not rotate, the center they hope to pick that up in their first pit stop of the night riding right behind him Jack Sprague during, the last caution he said free n tight center and loose off but he doesn't want any major adjustments. For the most part. Number. 99 team has made some big crude changes this week last, week Erik Darnell in the top five and then a little bit of problem on pit road that put him in the back of the pack where he got into a wreck and that was a big big problem now, for Bobby East he has been really, tight coming off of the corner and, they're gonna make a track bar adjustment whenever we get that first round of pit stops and, everybody should be very close to being in their window right, now. Race. Cracker right this race tonight has a real green flag feel to it mr., Parsons, they they spread out guys are battling side to side but it seemed to be getting a lot of respects, it's give and take a lot of people are giving each other a lot of room and it's ray said I think right now we're close enough but. Just about everybody, would be in their window and then after, we talk maybe it's the time for Todd Bodine who just took over that six spot from Dennis Setzer maybe it's time for him to do a little too tire stop and, get, that track position made, it get the lead on, the next round of pit stops and see feet that clean air will allow, him to keep that lead you talked about Dennis, Setzer let's hear more about him ray Dunlap well.

Guys Last week in Kentucky I said that Dennis Setzer may be a candidate, to go into Randy Moss motorsport, he came in the garage this weekend and said where'd you get that information I told, him where it came from and he says well right, now I am definitely looking at my options for next year but at this point we've had no discussions, about a contract, for me to drive the 81. Now we want to talk about the 34 todd bodine it's, hard to believe that Todd Bodine has never led a lap here in NASCAR, Craftsman Truck Series racing, but as you said Phil, I really believe, they're in good position, right now to. Come in for one more pit stop and get that good track position, maybe they'll come in for fuel only and no tires Adam, how, about Michael Annett started 16th, and this guy and only his fourth career start he's worked his way to eight on a very tough, short track he has been quiet on the radio I talked to his crew chief Doug, walk out earlier to dance and what's this kid to ride to work with and he said he, is a dream. Maintenance and there's another young kid behind a 19, year old Landon, Cassill. And everything, he's raised lately, back-to-back. Top tens in the Nationwide, Series and, they may have the strategy, that plays out tonight. Four tires and fuel so, they will have an option when the caution comes out to perhaps play some pitch strategy, and get that all-important. Track position, and the guy had the back end of the top ten Rick proper he started, tenth and needs to help the handling of his truck I talked to him earlier today, about racing, at O'Reilly Raceway. Because, he won here two years ago and I said he liked this place he said Adam I like you I can run good so far they've been pretty solid here tonight, well. Thank you Adam thanks ray and Adam for getting us through the top ten Rick Crawford obviously, waiting, for that next caution to come out so Cowboys Starling, can go to work on that truck get it just a little bit better so he can try to move up before the front just outside the top 10 it's the 13 of Shelby Howard, my. Kid you talked about he has a lot to race for it's his birthday right now to 23rd, birthday, he's, only from about 15, miles from here so I'm having a great run looking for another top 10 a lot of fans in the stands learning, learning, tonight what it takes to be successful in this track in this in. The upper, echelon of NASCAR, riding just outside the top ten what about DJ, he's spun out he's already back ahead of where spun out from yeah he's the guy that caused that caution flag and got a little bit of damage, to the right side of the truck hasn't seemed to slow us down you see his best finish is, 18th, looking, to better that tonight and I wouldn't doubt. Ron. Hornaday continues to. Put tracks or trucks, a lap down right now only 21. On the lead lap and well, that's Justin, marks just in front of the 33. Hornaday continues to, lead it all RP. Welcome. Back yellow, flag in the air for the second time tonight the Ford Powerstroke diesel 200. Slowed because. Of the 16, of Brian Scott getting turned around and turned up for four so. He goes sideways the, smoke rolls out the caution, flag comes out once again see Brian up on top of the racetrack gets a little nudge from Donnie, Lee in the 71, truck around he goes no contact, with the outside wall smokes, up the racetrack, bad. Break, for Mike Skinner he had just gone a lap down but right after that the 40 of Chad Chapman, went down to lap so, he will be our Aaron's lucky dog not, Mike Skinner, Chad Chaffin was outrunning Skinner and Skinner. And excuse me Hornaday was bearing, down to, put Kyle Busch a lap down a whole, bunch of guys in danger of going a lap down when the caution flew, let's. Go down to Adam Alexander for Johnny Benson loose, in loose in the center they're gonna make a track bar adjustment a little bit of air pressure for tires and fuel on what will likely be his only stop of the night Jack Sprague in as well as you see him in the middle of the triple box for Jack Sprague he, says all he.

Four. Tires fuel and air pressure adjustment Ray Dunlap it'll, be four tires on the BMW Chevrolet. And a lot of fuel ribbons, and make sure you pack it up but, they're not gonna make any chassis, adjustments, front tires down looks. Like Johnny Benson, maybe Hornaday, off the line Hornaday comes in first comes out to. Great. Battle off pit road, right there Johnny Benson had a head of steam that. Went off the pit road that right there could be the pass for the race you got that right Rick and you know do you understand what kind of restart we're getting ready to see yeah Hornaday is gonna say I know how important it is to get, that lead and I need to get it right now Johnny's, got it off pit road Hornaday. Is gonna be all about getting it back on the restart he's gonna want to take it right, away from. Johnny Benson, our. Aaron's lucky dog goes to Chad Chaffin he'll get a lap back as you had mentioned Ron. Hornaday had just passed him right before that. Caution flag fl

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