2009 NEXTEL Cup Series - Pepsi 500 (Full race - Part 2)

2009 NEXTEL Cup Series - Pepsi 500 (Full race - Part 2)

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Denny. Hamlin's, spinning around contact. Chain reaction, on the restart, here and. Hamlin. Who was the leader, Montoya, behind, him Jimmie Johnson behind. Him and the damage, now on his Toyota, yeah he caught the end of that pit ball and it's made some, significant. Damage to the front end. And, what a bad break for Hamlin yeah. Mom's gonna break it no it's gonna be a good break for Tony Stewart now he does get that lap back, Montoya. Got a good run and he was being pushed by Jimmie Johnson, and looked, like his Hamlin tried to make, a block on those guys that there was some contact, in. The 48 and 42 were in contact, as, they came across a start/finish. Line on the restart. Go. Again what happened as Hamlin takes this car directly back to the garage area to get some repairs, here. They are coming down to coming across the water right side of your screen the 42, and 48. Montoya, was there yeah. He, was getting a good push from Jimmy see that's where the damage, comes from the end of that pit wall if he just slid. Just a little bit farther he'd have been okay. Our. Martin's vantage point looking down and you see the contact, there is hang on. If you're wanting to protect that inside why don't you you. Know get down there and start there he had his choice as to where the starts so I think. That right there was just a mistake by Denny Hamlin it's, a slight miscalculation yeah. There. There's. The impact, against, the end, of the pit wall. A pretty, significant, impact remember they even though on the restart they're still going well over 100 miles an hour I don't, man if he could've just gone just another foot or two he could have missed that and I had no damage at all, tough. Tough break for Hamlin he. Came in here sixth in the chase points, and is headed back to the garage area to make as many repairs, as they possibly, can he was the pole sitter today and had. Led four times for 21, laps. Not, been a good weekend for Denny Hamlin yesterday. In the nationwide, car he had climbed in as a substitute, driver for, Kyle Busch driving the 18 car, racing. Hard these guys trying to go for the win Greg. Biffle jumps up on the outside of the buck Brad, Keselowski and Denny Hamlin. Then he didn't see. And moments ago as the, race leader on, the restart, there's contact, in the 42 in the eleven and Hamlin goes sliding, across the grass and his. Unlucky, day again just catching you into the pit wall and. They've taken that car back to the garage to hurriedly. Try to make some repairs we'll see what Mike forward and the guys can do with, this 11 car, they're. Just going to try to minimize the damage on there's nothing to do but just try to get it back out they're. Going. To try to see this 42, car now he had a pretty significant. Contact. Now with that right front corner just, want to see if there's any damage to his car, looks. Pretty clean from this shot. He, hit that left rear pretty hard there of Hamlin's. So, caution, now for the fifth time of day involving, three of our chase and championship. Contender, Denny Hamlin's, car now in the, garage area welcome. Back to Auto Club Speedway it's, the fourth race in the chase and it has taken a bad turn for, Denny Hamlin as, you see his Fed Ex crew working, on his, car after damage to, the front end and the double-file, restarts. Always, dangerous, Denny what happened from your perspective, I just made a rookie, mistake it's just I thought I was clear with the 42 and he was getting a run and I think, the 48 was pushing him and just came, right across his nose I thought it was clear and just misjudged. It but I, gotta. Apologize the, team they, deserve. Better than that they got me out in front and just. Bad mistake. Disappointing. For Denny Hamlin his crew working feverishly to try to get this car back out there for as many points as possible here, but certainly, not the way they, wanted this day to go on. Vance. Thank you very honest, answer, by Denny Hamlin, apologizing.

To His team and admitting that it was as you said DJ just made a mistake yeah you gonna do that sometimes, I mean yeah, it's just gonna have as long as you're gonna drive race cars and put stuff up there and those, types of positions then, things are gonna happen and sometimes, you really have to know kind of who you're racing around well I'll tell you what if I'm gonna turn left in front of somebody. One. Of my toys would be the top of the list of people I wouldn't do it to because, he's not gonna back off I mean he is gonna stick it in there and if he's got you by quarter of an inch he's got you by quarter of an inch, we. Do see him Montoya, here he is the leader of the race and he has chosen that the inside line so, he's been paying attention to what the SA and early hand they. Can to pay attention what just happened. Jimmie, Johnson will start beside him on the outside London Mark Martin and Kevin Harvick behind, them, Denny Hamlin by the way had moved to within 74. Points, of the lead here in this championship chase we talked about how close the points were coming in and, now sitting back in the garage area he's going to lose at least three positions, if not more before, this day is done yeah and as Andy pointed out to a huge break for Tony Stewart he took that chance on that waiver round now, he's been able to get in and get tires and is back on the lead lap still. We're showing back in 22nd. Position. Now. For the restart here 57. Laps to go. Inside. Lane there's Martin, there's Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, trying to hang it up hi Montoya. Thou has the advantage off of turn one you. Can see the advantage for the inside lane is really, good getting down to the corner seems like if you can run that outside good on the first lap you can make up some ground coming off of to paint. Look at Harvick three wide, all. The way under the 24, car of Gordon, for position. Go. Are you going down on the gate in front of the racetrack, up. Front Jimmie Johnson, going to the high side and sales, by Montoya. Great. Action all around the back here that's the top two right there and. Then about 15 car, lengths back to Martin, Kurt, Busch in the 2 car now has gotten his car dialed and behind him at the 24, car. I've. Lost him Matt Kenseth they own the restart you see he got the lap the lucky dog back on lap 184. Got himself back on the lead lap and. He's running 11th right now you know he just sailed, around cars on the outside, up in 1 & 2 picked, up eight spot since the restart, Matt, Kenseth won, this race back in the spring from 24th, he's also won here in California, from 25th, at from 31st, no, one's been able to do it from further in the pack than this guy he, has a way of somehow, getting his car back, to the front. That's, amazing I mean he was just nowhere about. 20 laps ago. Comes. Gordon on the outside of Kurt Busch fourth. Position for, Gordon going by taking, it away. 9. Car kasey kahne and now the 17, trying, to make a move and that's for knife position, yeah they just split greg biffle and send him back see Jeff Burton in this mix too good run for him today and. Look at Matt Kenseth go I think that's just incredible. Jeff, Burton you can see him getting the wolf push to kasey kahne that sends him out in front through the center of the corner see if my kids make that bottom work and make the pass now here comes case came back on the outside. Gaggle. Of cars coming off the corner right here Oh planets, too really wide Biffle, in the Michael that bunch Truex on the bottom here on. The outside man what a great run he's having today. The. Prediction, was a racing, would be much much better than we've seen at California, Speedway because, of the cooler conditions and, the later star, the earlier start time later in the year and it has certainly been that and more great racing Marcus Ambrose, now underneath.

The 31, car for position that's for 11th, spot. The, 83, car Brian, Vickers back. In 30th, position with, more issues Jamie many. Issues his car was bouncing, a lot around like crazy and for good reason, this, right, rear shock, is broken the tower broke, it is out of his car that means there is no right rear shock in order to compensate he, came in three different times they put horse. He. Said he's missing the right rear shock I didn't know he, really is I mean that you can see right there she's holding the shock in the mound where you can see where it tore out of the frame that's. Gonna be her job obviously, you can't fix that come to the garage and weld a new mound on so they're just gonna make the best of it. Three. Wide here 33, couple, of teammates Boyer, Burton, and there goes Biffle, the three B's battling. For position there, and that is 13th, 14th, and 15th. It's, just wild, racing, right now you see whoever can get that run and make it happen. Looks. Like they're ten miles an hour faster all of a sudden 8:00 tonight flips out of your screen, Kasey Kahne and Dale Earnhardt jr. they, see gains come to life here his car hasn't been very good watched him a lot of the day this car just hasn't been all that good fact. They make some adjustments that are suiting him right now there's. Matt Kenseth still on the bottom making, his way forward. It's. Like junior struggling, right now trying, to make that High Line work. We. Have had 23. Lead changes, among nine different. Drivers Jimmie Johnson has led eight times for 87. Laps folks 50, laps to go here at California. ESPN's. Coverage of the NASCAR Sprint, Cup Series on, ABC, brought, you by Pepsi. Every. Generation, refreshes. The world learn, more at refresh everything dot-com, slash racing. Bank, of America the. Official Bank, of NASCAR. Good, year innovative. Technology, to help you get there, and nationwide, insurance, nationwide. Is on your side. Folks. We are setting, up for what could be a wild. Finish here in the Pepsi 500. At California. Why because. It no Jimmy Johnson as our leader Andy. Petree these guys got to make one more pit stop with roughly, 20 laps to go around around 20 to go they got to make a pit stop so it's gonna be interesting to see what, kind of strategies, they use if it is saying if it goes green all the way, south. Tony Stewart make a pissed off with 48. Laps to go that's that's. Still a little bit too far to try to make it unless he could really, throttle, it back and, kind of stretch it it'd, be almost impossible to make that many though. The, two car we talked about the Hal Kurt Busch and his team have kept battling last, week they came from 39 to finish 11th, today. From outside, the top 20 now to be shown in fifth position. They've. Done it was good pit work every time we put the top five pit crews pit. Stops up on them on, the screen and he has been at the top. And. It looks like maybe they've been kind, of tiptoed with their adjustments, but each one getting, a little bit better and his car seems to be the best right now that he's been throughout the race a, couple. Of Roush Fenway drivers. And. We, talked about the. Chronology of the 17, car coming from a lap down getting back on the lead lap and now Matt Kenseth, driving that car back toward the top 10 he wasn't it now being shown in the level spot Biffle, back in 12 Marcus Ambrose has driven his car into the top 10 having. A great race so far see, Kenseth, really, fighting his car right now looks like he's extremely, loose he was really fast when those tires were fresh it, seems to be going away from him a little bit as his Greg, Biffle a little bit.

Oh Sam. Hornish a minute ago I believe coming off a turn for. Watching. His he's trying he's racing, with David Reutimann right here oh yeah, Wow God, look at the smoke coming off the hog here man. That's. Cool. They, wasn't over yet then in turn two he was all the way up across the racetrack that's, not cool that smoke coming off the right rear reminded me of Dale Earnhardt when you step by splat tired he just smoked the right rear wouldn't he he could and I remember Darlington he can smoke that right rear all the way through the corner. Sam. Hornish who finished, fifth at Michigan, the sister track to this one another two-mile. D shaped oval trying to hold on and get a good finish here today being. Shown in 22nd. Position on the lead lap. Jimmie. Johnson, our leader 43. Laps to go trying. To do it two years in a row here at the home racetrack. Dave. Doc, you talked about that final pit stop communication. Between driver. And pit crew crucial, before they come in and the 48 team had an open radio channel, like a microphone, was, opening, and sticking, here in the pits it's made it difficult recently, and here was Chad's, words. To everybody in their pit box after a half of the last time, pit. Stop everybody that is not a part of the tape turns the radio off truck drivers is Ballack whoever I want everybody that's got a 48 radio on to, turn it off I just, take it back to the truck let's drop our the pit crew everybody. Alright. So non-essential. Personnel, turn, their radios, they believe, they have it corrected, why because. It hasn't happened since so that's good news for communication. As we get down to the end of this race I could say that is one of the most aggravating, things, that you can deal with during the race if you have a radio, that sometimes you can have up to 18 20 radios on your channel and if one of them hangs up if nobody, can talk to each other and it's very very frustrating, and as a driver you're hearing something you're not able to hear your spotter through, those times it's. Really distracting, in obviously, you can't have the communication, that you need but it's totally distracting, as a driver race you have that in your ear. Talked. About Tony Stewart in the efforts he had made this team had made they were back in 29th, position a lap down because of a speeding penalty exiting. Pit road got. The wave around got back on the lead lap and has now driven this number 14, car back, in the top 20 at 18th position. There's. Carl Edwards trying to take that 18 spot away that. Was Oh Carl earlier up in the top 10 running around, the eighth spot and looked like he was kind of they had things kind of figured out but he's certainly have fallen back since then. Well, this has been a team this year that's just been I little, bit off just a half of just, a half a tooth off somewhere yeah you know they said that they've wanted to make a big swing at things and I think the your, swing might have been a strike, you know swinging a Miss here well, really hasn't helped them at all. Vince, I, know. You can probably speak to this as a crew chief but it's going to be frustrating when they know what they're probably been, fighting, loose. Every. Single time Carl comes on the radio and almost, identical, feedback, but they can't get the car to grip that's, the been the issue loose, lack, of overall grip they've tweaked on it tweaked on it and tweaked on it and they just haven't been able to make any headway for, it on. What you can do during the race I mean you can't change Springs, you can't change sway bars you can't change shots the things that you would love to do you, can only turn the jack screws on the wedge and the track bar and change the air pressures, and sometimes.

It Just the car will not respond, to that. Let's, update Ryan, Newman's day in the 39, car there's a 39 right side of your screen Ryan being shown back, in the 16th, position, he. Had an issue early on with the right front tire brought out the caution flag yeah, he went down early but he's made a lot of headway back now, on the lead lap in 16th, spot. Still. Got some time to make up some more. The, top five cars right now are all chase contenders, Jimmie, Johnson, is our leader. 2.6. Second margin between Johnson and Juan Pablo Montoya in, second spot then Mark Martin is third Jeff Gordon fourth Kurt. Busch is fifth and. The. Car that's running back in sixth position is a local, boy from Bakersville California, we keep talking about what a great job, Casey Mears, has done here in, the last five or six races. Vince. Well. A Casey Mears says the car is just a little bit too free from the center off but it's not bad, and I'll tell you it with you up and down pit road you hear some of the comments from some. Of these guys so when you hear one actually, say it's not that generally. Means. He's had some good runs here but they just really haven't had the results, to show for it they really believes it today they, may finally get that. I mean. Eat right now he would equal his best finish of the year which was a sixth at Michigan, attract very similar, to this one. And here's the eleventh car after, a - some of the front sheet metal of Denny Hamlin coming. Back on the racetrack, Hamlin. Being shown now in 36. Position. Back. Up pointed is Jimmie Johnson, trying to hold on for the final 36, laps, here back. After this message and a word from, our ABC, station. Laps. Clicking away here at the Pepsi 500, in California, Jimmie Johnson, is our leader Juan Pablo Montoya his second Gordon Martin and Kurt Busch at top five and folks. A week ago it was the final, pit stop of the day at Kansas, Speedway that, determined, who was going to win this race win. That race and of course the money stop coming up here just a few laps from now what are they thinking about in the 48 pits. Well. Doc I was going to ask our expert crew chief what they might do because remember what bit chant announced last week middle. Of the race he gave his driver four tires but, cost him track position, and he apologized, to him on the radio and to the race he took two and got beat by the guys that took on four, tires Andy, what do you do, I'm gonna get four today, I'm gonna stop a little bit early get four tires if, it goes green I'm, not gonna run my tank completely out of fuel I'm gonna try to stop just a little bit early and then get, those four tires and try to force some other guys to get on pit road that's, what I'm doing if I'm watch at Canal.

Remember. This 48 team they've had some issues, not major issues, but some subtle, issues for some of their pit stops today which have costs and positions, on the, yellow flag pit stop but boy they've had a car that can overcome all of that I mean they have lost quite a few spots on pit road Jimmy, just goes back out on the racetrack and just gets them all back yeah nothing to keep things you said there Indy was forced the other guys hands every time we've seen green flag pit stops as soon as the leader starts coming in everybody, hits pit road because the new tires makes, so much of a difference for a number of laughs and you can't give up that time. Every. It's, 30 laps to go right now so you're looking at they can probably go another 10 maybe. A few, laps past that but, I would start thinking about coming down pit road in the next 3 2 or 3 laps. There's. Mark Martin coming by so Johnson Montoya, Gordon, Martin and Kurt Busch the top five are all chase, contenders mere six Kasey Kahne up in the seventh. Right. Now I'm thinking I'm on the box I'm thinking okay if I can't beat Jimmy any, other way I may not he sees faster than everybody but if I pit right now and, come down pit row get four tires I'm going to go out there and make up a lot of time and if it goes green I might have a shot of beating you some. Of the guys in the top five here top six that. One a gamble, this is their opportunity right, now. Would. It be Montoya, by, Jeff Gordon a teammate, could Martin do that. Right. Now Jimmie, Johnson, has taken the point's lead here. The. 83, car Brian Vickers we, told you that they had a shock issue. And. They. Were certainly having some problems they had to put rubbers in the right rear just to keep the car on the racetrack what's up exactly, what happens with her down to Tim brewer in our craftsman, tech garage thanks, Jerry this is the actual shock absorber, that came off the car but, in this area right here there's a couple of different ways of teams used for mounting the shock absorbers, this is mounted on a stud but, a lot of teams to actually, put a piece of tubing through.

This Particular, piece of tubing insert, the bolt over here and it's been a hex formation, where you don't have to hold it on that side you just simply put the shock absorber up there and both the thing up but, each, team has different methods of affixing the shock absorbers to the racecars thank. You Tim and of course if the mountain breaks in this DJ Danny were talking about the only options you got to take it to the garage and weld it but you don't have time to do that here on the right note and these it's, not running too bad they've kind of patched it up a little bit and run a pretty decent without that shot these guys were, able to get in a chase by changing, an axle on pit road in Atlanta, that quick, thinking they're changing, the axle without losing a lap is, what a lot of them to get in the chase by just nine points, over, Kyle Busch yeah but one thing they need to start focusing on is trying to eliminate the failures altogether not how, they react to. How, soon will Jimmy Johnson come they're all going to have to come if you heard Andy Petree say probably, in the next seven to nine laps will he come early will someone else come before he does. Here. Comes Gordon, Bryson. Montoya now from second. It's 2014 the fastest car on the racetrack here in the last five. Or six laps. Jeff. Gordon in the same card at finished second here back in February, side by side with Montoya. Every. Position, every, point very. Important, here in what has been the closest, chase in the. Six year history of the postseason, for NASCAR. Montoya. Just drives it right back vine coming up off the corner yes, getting too close into the race to give that spot away got. A racing hard. I think, I still think that Gordon's going to get Bob Montoya yeah this is where he's been better than Montoya, we've, watched him gain, that time he's able to really, get off this corner but with Montoya there he's not going to be able to use the whole racetrack, I thought he's going to use up a lot more that. Was really close but Montoya, is really good. There. It is that's Jeff Gordon's crew chief saying this time let's do it losing, time he's, gonna force some, of these other leaders to get on pit road. Dave's. Gonna force his teammate to get on pit road because he's not that far behind I mean they're four seconds, back of Jimmy Johnson, but these, tires can make a huge, difference so they're gonna have to get here quickly after then after a Jeff Gordon gets on pit road too. Jeff, driving it in the chorus turn three down, on the apron we'll see just how far he can drive it around before he has to split up to get him a pit road comes.

Pretty Good yeah it does a good job right here really good he's that first pit as they come off down. To 55, miles an hour Jamie. Jeff. Gordon made the call right now to come in. Fuel cars. Been good he hasn't said a word. Four. Tires for the 88, guys. Carl. Edwards almost, missed pit road he jammed, the brakes on and had a big plume of smoke behind his come from that 99 car yeah now he's he's in the pits and now Jimmie Johnson our leader is on pit road Vince, the, 99 of Carl Edwards had a bad entry, into his pit box last time costing, some positions much smoother, this time but they still are fighting a loose car, air pressure adjustment all, the way around and chassis as well Dave first, second, third all on pit road Jimmie Johnson taking, just the air pressure adjustment, Mark Martin wants no adjustments, to his race car Juan, Pablo Montoya needs, a slight adjustment his, car is loose on the gas. Martin, Martin leads third it stays Jimmy Johnson, Juan Pablo Montoya, Mark Martin going off pit road. Three. Very good pit stops by the first second and third place cars good effort, by Jimmie Johnson's, bunch when they had to get it done here is Greg Biffle in the pits. 16. Car started loose now it's starting to tighten up they're going to make a wedge adjustment and, air pressure this, team has been so solid on pit road hopefully, Greg Biffle can make up some time on the racetrack. Money, stop final, stop of the day here comes the two car of Kurt Busch let's, go back to Shannon. Still, a little bit concerned about making too many adjustments, this late in the game they, want to get it right for the short run of the short run but they're not going to make any changes to this two car just four tires for, Kurt Busch at a Tara because he's a little bit. Benign, car of Kasey Kahne they just keep coming back they won't go away get credit to drivers, Ben, and, the crew continues, to get it done. Air pressure adjustment here, four, tires for Kade still doesn't have enough grip is his comment. Cycling. Through Tony Stewart, will be shown as our leader he is yet to make his final stop. There's. The 14, car that has come from a lap down after a speeding, penalty the last time he was on pit road to. Now be the leader here, was just 20 laps to go next time.bye. Got. A little bite this strategy is staying out here any only. Way that it would pay off is if he had any outside, chance of making it all the way here and I don't think he can here. Comes Paul Menard. At Bryan MacRay they're the rear tire carrier we'll watch this pitched off from West Coast viewpoint. Yeah you can see right here they're the team working ball coming. Around to the left side got to grab that tire off the pit wall. A little hiccup there with tire changer. He, believed pit road in Tony Stewart's staying on the racetrack now. Yeah, he's, he's, about a second and a half off of. Jimmie. Johnson. They're. Still talking about stopping ya and they may up for just two tires or something here or or just possibly. Fuel only something. Like that just beyond the pit road the shortest amount of time and see if they can make up a little bit that way yeah it may not be a good strategy here because he's going to lose a lot of time and and he's going to be basically in the way of the cars that are running on four tires. I tell, you Stewart it looks like he stay out the lap 237, but the nd I agree with you everything he's done with it but Tony Stewart right now doesn't, look like that's gonna work for him if it does two tires he'll pick up a little bit of ground out there but still the pace is gonna be way off those guys with four tires it, looks like be like got Johnson, and Gordon to Montoya Martin, did the right thing, there's talked about three laps short like you guys were saying it, looks like death from being a winner in the race. What, Jimmy Johnson, rusty, trying to dodge he got right up behind that david gilliland subbing for Kyle Busch able to get by yeah. Exactly right rusty last week it was a different story for Tony. Stewart the two-tire call on the final pit stop which warning out lapsed Oh got him the victory at Kansas but a two-tire, stop here two, tires no match for four here at California. Yeah but Jimmy's had wolf trouble here plus Jeff Gordon did a great job on and off pit road when that stop whole sequence started he was four seconds back he's less than two seconds behind Jimmie Johnson right now, see. Now Carl Edwards passed and Tony Stewart now Johnny Stewart does have a 12-second. Lead gonna. Cost him about 30 to. 40 seconds, of track time to make that pit stop even, if he just gets fuel, 83.

Vickers In for his final stop. Keeping, it in there in the kal area must. Have been right there on the edge of running out. Inside. Of 20 laps to go tony stewart just trying to hang. On there to his final stop and as he said on the radio a minute ago to his crew chief Darian, Grubb make, it as short as we possibly, can. See, what they're going to do probably, a two-tire, stop and a can of fuel. It's gonna take about one full can to make it to the end. Pitting. Up at the for turn end of pit road II will come down and, have, to get down to 55, miles an hour and only have about two. Or three hundred yards to go. Down. To his final stop let's see what they do. Jamie. We're, losing just too much time on the racetrack to. Go with that strategy so they decide to come and get those four tires but. They did lose too much time I mean stayed out there they were losing a second, a lap and I think that that's going to call Spillman spots. On the racetrack cos we have caution, on the racetrack right, now debris, on the back straightaway, now with 15, laps to go and caution, being shown for the sixth, time today okay. It's gonna be interesting right here now Tony Stewart just made that pit stop, the. Obviously does not need to come in again. As, I look at the running order I see John Andretti up in the 8th spot he'd stayed out there he's been battling back and forth on the racetrack all day getting last back taking wave arounds but you know a nice job by he and his team well, underfunded, team but making. The right calls and having things kind of go their way. There's. Jimmie Johnson and there was caution, there was debris on the back straightaway so a, scarce. Observers. Saw that put it out for, the sixth time here, final. 15 laps that was the best case scenario for Tony Stewart to make that stop and then the caution come out. There's, the 34 cardinal chair we're just talking about john andretti he. Has not come on pit road for his final stop feet last pitted on lap 191. They. Just made strategy, work all day for them obviously hasn't had the fast car but they've stayed around there and been able to stay on the lead lap and doing things well and he's anybody got pit here well. Right. If doubt, it I don't think you're gonna see the leaders pit but some of the cars that are a, little. Bit back on the lead lap will come in. We. Do have 25, cars on the lead lap Elliott, Sadler right now in 25th, the last car on the lead lap. Right. Now Tony Stewart's in 20th spot. At. 44, car down there looking he's, the first car a lap down Allmendinger. And you. Look at Gordon Gordon wants to come down pit road it's. The tough spot it when used that leader once, again. Trying. To make that call those, guys hang you out there, we. Really don't see that happening. Look John Andretti did come on pit road dealer and our junior the ninth place Corey and Jami and.

Yell Earnhardt jr. back again, trying to get more tires there get a little bit fresh rubber they had nothing to lose there they've been top ten all day and they're going to make it four tires again this time Shannon, cars. Just a little bit tight for Greg Biffle they're, saying they were only going to make a two-tire. Change right. Now within 16 and that's exactly what a lot of guys. Carl. Edwards he's been loose all day but now he says it's too tight for the short run so they're making a wedge adjustment and four tires it's. Going to be his only chance if he's going to make any noise here at the finish they've got to get it right on this stop. So, some of these guys at the tail end of the lead lap coming, in for for fresh tires and what the double-file, restarts, in a super speedway like this these, guys can dig give these final laps and make up some ground see, the hood up on this one car don't know what. The issue is yeah. You're exactly right about that that allows these crew chiefs and drivers to take, some calculated. Risk and Gamble's here because of that double file restart you're not nearly as far back and it, will allow you to possibly. Make, something good happen and, the further back in the lineup the less you have to lose by making, that pit stop now if you're the leader that's, a big decision yeah. It is and of course jr. he was up in, the top ten whenever he made that decision to. Come down and get tires here but we've seen that new tires be extremely, fast, and. Make a real difference in speed Delrin, our junior was ninth when he came down pit road we'll see if he and then I remember he took four tires and as you heard Biffle only took two Jimmie Johnson will, get the bonus points for leading the most laps today. And. Let's update what was going on with the one car Benz, Martin. Truex Jr has had a pretty good run today but says that the, car was missing so they weren't 100% sure, whether it was electrical.

Or A fuel pump issue but. They, hope to have that taken care of they were up under the hood they'll give an update as Martin. Gets back up under power here gets out of the gas but they weren't 100% sure, what the issue. Well Vince I just heard that audio from, that engine and it's not electrical, that's a bad, sign right there that's something internal, I'm. Not going to be able to fix that. It. Sounds real, flat. Our, leader Jimmie, Johnson, then, that's beside, him is his teammate, Jeff Gordon listen to the 24 radio. Hey. You're better than anybody, you're better than if you're catch him you're leaving the 42 it's. Gonna be a shootout you're, the best ear made you know how to do it. Well, this is one of those times if the crew she's not just pumping, his driver I mean he wants to pump him up but he's telling the truth his car was faster, and I think that Jimmie, Johnson maybe played into Jeff Gordon's hand right here too we see him, choose that outside lane Jeff Gordon's car has been really good on the bottom of the racetrack. Right, behind it, I tell, you want to 0-7 car you can't say enough about what Casey Mears has done the entire RCR, organization. Another. California, boy nine drivers, here today that. Were born in the state of California, Casey Mears from Bakersfield. Is. Doing a heck of a job and, right behind him lining up is going to be his teammate to Kevin Harvick another solid run for him things. Are looking up for our CR and his group and just a little bit behind these a Tony Stewart that was a great break for him to have that caution come out right as he made that pit stop best case scenario for the 14 team all, right Jimmie Johnson, a leader what about Jeff Gordon as he got something, for his teammate Johnson, they think he does it right behind him is Montoya, he had some on that restart right there that was a great job by Jeff Gordon that's about the best you can do right there and not beat the leader to the line maybe, three wat here and just to say no Gordon's, able to take control, of this right now. The, 11, laps ago when they come by and Jeff Gordon takes, the lead Montoya, now battling, for a second spot, today Jeff Gordon's gonna be hard to beat look at this three four wide battle, we. Might now have seen our last caution here yes look. At lower your burden, downstairs and Gordon all the way down on the middle of that white line. That's where his cars been fast and he's not going to change that si Montoya slide viola get in front of Martin bushes in the wall Oh trouble, oh there's, kasey kahne across and he takes Biffle, with him.

Sliding. Down across the grass yard over 170. Miles an hour in the caution, waving again here, at California. Say. Business is picking up there as they get. Down to these final laps guys. Had on fresh tires some, had fresh tires others had older. Tires own trying, to make that work. And, aside from these to the guided hates to see the caution flag most, is Jeff Gordon who got that great restart, a moment ago against his teammate man he was on it I mean he didn't beat Jimmie Johnson back behind me it was just less than a foot but, then he would see the cellar all he did. And. Now what's he going to do is he gonna choose the inside on this restart I have to think so. I don't, understand huh it's got to keep picking me I really, disappointed, if he doesn't but you know these guys are the ones driving the cars we only look watch, from above here let's, show you these two chase, cars involving, this one top of your screen yeah, that was Kirk Busch getting into the low key scene getting extremely, loose and, he comes back and gets, into Kasey Kahne who. Greg. Biffle was just trying to miss all of that and got in the middle of it and, Kurt Busch drives away. He. Didn't mean to do that but he's the one that got loose and caused this. Motion, on your front outside outside outside. All. Right from Casey Kane's cameras, his beef one of the two in front of it. To. Get down he thinks it's okay. As Kurt came off the wall his Carter was still actually spinning the rear tires and, grooving. Right down into Kasey Kahne. Casey. Kahne was poised to have his third consecutive top-10, finish, in, the chase after having that D and F in New Hampshire for the engine failure. Now. From the Goodyear blimp high above watch the, action here at the bottom of your screen. Man, that's got, to be helpless feeling right there. Finish, watching this and looking, at the rundown, here Brian Newman who had trouble as he see this work going on Greg biffle's car but, he had that tire problem early in the race and was really battling his car he's up in the fifth spot now Tony. Stewart is in the top ten Stewart. Haas. Right. Ain't got a Fender brakes broke off sticking on a tire anything get out. It's. A hard it's a fire drill down there when you're trying to fix a wrecked car I mean you just try and do all you can do and try to stay on the lead lap just. Try to get, it where it'll roll Greg. Biffle coming off that third place finish at Kansas, he had gained a spot in the points up to eighth position. And that's what's left of the grass, on the front straightaway out of the front of the 16. Car Biffle. Damaged. On the 9 car a Dodge. Of kasey kahne front end damage right side damage. You. Need to get that right front fender clear. Still, amazing meat how tough this new car is I mean it can really take a beating see, that water coming out of the overflow, they're, trying to clean it you see the grill brush they're using try to get all that grass out of the grill that's, what's causing it to overheat right now. You, fool sister fireman for your tire just make sure that crush nails not get on the tire push, you forward do whatever you got to do there that's. Kenny Francis a crew chief correct you know this from top of the pit box. Around. Above EMC the 16 coming back in there repairs, on Greg biffle's car so you got both dependence, cutter there on pit, road, yeah pitbull still has a lot, of something rubbing there to see a lot of smoke coming from his car just going down pit road at 55, miles an hour they're going to use all the time they can the pace car is just now into turn three, middle, of three and four so they can still work for a little longer, spotters. One bad way to get ready here giving them all the information on where the pace car is and. Now the crew chief you can see the face color the left rear on it got left rear on it all right crank it back up crank it up. They. Will get the one to go the 20 car got the free pass by, the way Joey Logano he's, able to go around and get, back on the lead lap be 27, cars in the lead lap here with, less than ten laps to go let's get on top to the leader leaders.

Crew Chief Sunday and, as. He watches now to see where his teammate choose okay that, matters, because. Mark Martin was running fourth, and now, Chet. Chet, is talking to Jimmy right now, you'll. Have a teammate, behind you Chad instead of adversary. How important was that. Something to push like hell that's all the matters you know I mean we've got we've, had a great race car all day long I just couldn't be happier for, everybody. Over here Jimmie Johnson Foundation on the race car it had a great event this weekend in San Diego raised a lot of money for a lot of needed people so it's it's, awesome it's just it's great to be coming out here and leading, laps and running up front it's what it's all about these guys done a great job in the pits all day and it's, far, from over that's right exciting things yet to happen Jamie. Guys. Have enough to do it for eight laps on this final research. Everleigh, hasn't been as good as we needed all weekend long but hopefully, we've got it better here at the end pictures done a great job Jeff's done a great job we just went. Here to be great be great for the team great for me I I'd. Love to be good momentum building I guess, I was wishful thinking oh I said last restart who knows we could have a few like yesterday. While we could and guys soon we might mention the 19 and 43, Sadler and Sorenson, 12th and 13th so they've really moved up in there they are I've moved up in the standings you see Dale Earnhardt jr. who those four fresh tires you'll. Now be able to restart up there in 11th, position and, it's, I'm watching, the 24, car guys has chosen the. Outside, line I don't get that I really don't I mean we he's just just beat Jimmy on the inside after Jimmy, actually controls the start um, he could control the start and start on the inside to me I just don't understand why you would choose the outside yeah or watch the less I know know anyway. Let's see what happens maybe the work for Jeff Gordon, he's. A four-time champion, boy good start. He's got the start he's got a teammate, behind him Mark Martin and he will have it by a couple of car lengths look at the look at Kurt Busch on the bottom of the racetrack at hundred three. Wide. Montoya. Trying to hold the bottom Jimmie Johnson, takes a position Gore's, has got him by two car lengths. Never, three wide coming off, of turn two a moment ago David, Ragan made a great move, on the outside that ups board best, run he's had all year Carl. Edwards down on the bottom of the racetrack they're side-by-side for, position Montoya, and Martin now for third spot see. Some one of the cars smoking in that group there. Comes Jimmy now he's still working although they come to the inside of Jeff Gordon Kurt Busch smoking, lot he's got damage from that last incident. Jimmie. Johnson goes. By it takes, a position or does he as Jeff Gordon can try to get trouble. Sighs, went across the racetrack I, know. Marcus Ambrose is involved in that Ellie's live Reed. Sorenson. Allmendinger, is there the 31, of Jeff Burton who was having such a young run Dale Earnhardt jr. and. A lot of cars torn up here. These. Guys were four wide just going across the start/finish, line you had to think something that's going to hang. All. These cars that were running 10th. 11th, 12th there's, the 9 car kasey kahne again, involved. This. One's gonna be a lot harder to fix they, won't be involved anymore there's. Dale Earnhardt jr. had those fresh tires and was back in 11th. Position they're. Gonna red flag this race and stop him and turn forward because they've got just so much debris down. There on the racetrack see, jr. he was driving the wrong way.

See, Allmendinger out of his car. There's, the 19 of Elliott, sailor who had driven his way all the way up into 13th, position. Let's, show you, 47. Marcos Ambrose, he was on the inside he got it got right side damage he's trying to touch it. That's. Frankie ker he's saying don't touch the car because you cannot work on the car during red flag it stops everything. There's. The 83, car damage, on the front of another. Chase contender. Let's. Show you what happened and how this all unfolded. Entering. Turn one. You. Can see there at least for white here but it looks like first contact, look to me like it was Elliott Sadler in at the back of junior yes I wasn't safe. That's, what triggered everything but they. Were only asking for trouble at four we talked about how wide a racetrack this is but it, wasn't loud enough for that I'm an assistant you, know these guys are trying to get everything they can and trying to bump draft on this straightaway to they're just trying to push there and then probably just a little bit too much of a plow and you see read soldiers who are came off the ground, 47. Car back and forth bucking, like a Bronco and, left tires and right-side tires a really, bad wreck for Richard. Petty Motorsports. Park. They're all four, of them involved. Three. Of them piled up in a pile there for a while. From. Casey Cain's onboard, camera, now coming out of turn four down the straightaway, see there are already some rubbing going on Thurman out of turn four. As hard as they can right here at the end of the race. Michael. Waltrip drove right through the center of that. You see even Matt Kenseth got damaged cake cking got the back of the 31, of Jeff Burton, watch. Him for why there. Delta, parts and pieces flying off of them. Unfortunate. Were a lot of guys they were looking, at some, promising, days after may be struggling Elliott Sadler and Reed, Sorenson, and have, it all to go away kasey kahne had battled his way up from the top ten before the last one.

So. We go into the red flag with just five. Laps to go five in the distance from where the field is parked in turn four to the start/finish line from, the ESPN pit studio Allen. Bestwick Rusty Wallace Brad Daugherty getting set for what should be a crazy sprint, to the finish of what, has been a pretty Jimmie, Johnson, and Jeff Gordon with one Pablo Montoya nearby, how, about a big. Tip of the cap to David, Ragan, fifth car in line right now he's got to come from a long way back today to have a nice showing so far yes he has and also Casey Mears look at Casey he's up there's mixing it up with the boys today two good runs for those young men and hopefully, maybe we'll see one of those guys in victory lane here in about 15 minutes I wouldn't, surprise me at the top for all ended up in a smoking pile yeah. That's, a great shot guys for Tony Stewart to redeem himself after that pit road speeding penalty, he's already up to the sixth position right now he'll, be starting probably third row outside, he's got a shot to get some spots picked up Tony. Stewart hanging in there right now in sixth position hey it's Sunday night ABC's. Desperate Housewives all, new tonight everything, you expect from Desperate Housewives lovers. Liars and alibis yes sir, tonight an old flame comes back to temp Gabby in what could be the hottest episode, of, ABC's. Desperate, Housewives tonight. 9:00 Eastern and 8:00, central. We've. Got some desperate drivers, on, the track looking, for a win as they, formed, a field up and we get ready to go let's go back upstairs to dr. Jerry punch Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree, pull Oh seat belts tight gentlemen we will need Alan thank you very much and it is decision time for a Jimmie Johnson, and the guys the last time jimmie johnson restarted, on the outside, his, teammate, Jeff Gordon beat him on the inside what, does he take now on the restart, that's. A good question I've been long every time so yes. Mate what are you gonna do I would. Take the inside he got the lead last time by having the the inside there I know these. Guys obviously think there's something to keeping, that inside got pin down but I, haven't really seen that to work quite as much so it, will be interesting to see which line he chooses. Jeff, Gordon started on the outside last, time and it didn't work for him but when Jimmy Johnson, started on the outside it didn't work for him either, so. Let's see if we get if he takes the outside of the inside and Mark, Martin is back there hoping not I don't care which way you guys go I'm gonna try to get around both of you and win this thing I bet you Montoya, is gonna make it three wide somewhere, between one and two you can't make a mistake you're still twenty two cars on the lead lap here, so you got you, know you can't put, yourself in a position to either get a flat tire out of clothes racing, here or something like that so you know we've already seen one big wreck there you know that hole right there as we watched and watch that replay. Putting. Blame on somebody there we said Elliott Sadler ran into the back of the 88 and that appeared to be what happened but it was everybody, bumping, that's if you've ever heard to say hey that was just one of those racing accidents, I think that's exactly what it was inside, of ten laps here by trying to get everything we, may have an oval before this is over on. Pit road 229 car coming down there's Harvick, there's Kenseth, 98, Menard e18 of Gilman there's the. Damaged car of Biffle in it's. One to go. Matt, Kenseth on the lead lap Bing was being shown back in 15th, position he, had a little damage there from that dust-up. We see Harvick, now I elected get some tires. So, they will come around and take the green flag with three laps to go here in California. These. Guys getting fresh rubber just seven, points separating. Jimmie Johnson, right now our points leader and Mark, Martin in second spot in. Terms, of the point standings, and right, now they are going to start nose to tail with Johnson, the leader in Johnson, does take the inside, and. That could all change by, the time they get back around here.

Mark. Martin gets a good good start and can make it three wide or something and shift, Jimmie back a couple spots then he retakes the lead points. Across the top of your screen you see how close it is Montoya, there the, top five just, over a hundred points apart folks that is the tightest it has ever been in the six-year history of the, chase yeah Kurt Busch only 121. Back that's certainly not out of the. Chase whatsoever, looks. Like Jimmy took your advice Dale, he's. On the inside. I've, been wrong before but I didn't I just just, what, we've seen this inside just seems to be peaking he's going to control the start either way and I think these just give yourself a better chance from that inside position, Jimmie Johnson 1, & 2 four-time, winner a three-time, winner here Jeff Gordon a three-time, winner here who's it going to be teammates, side-by-side. Martin, behind a Montoya on, a mission, here they come it'll be three to go as the green flag waves, which, it got a good start and that's a really good start with Jeff board as. Good as you can time it. Tony, Stewart, trying to look to the outside falls, back in line behind Montoya, you look at Montoya going, hi now who can stay in the throttle off a turn - is going to be the most important thing Jimmy slides right up in front of. You. See a lot of heat on denim wanted to give me a good lap. Two. To go this time, Mark, Martin air battling with the 14, of Tony Stewart for position, that's four spot comes, Gordon trying to make the inside work off the turn for Jimmie, Johnson with a nice run off of that corner. Two. To go this time by. Jimmy, Johnson just pulling away now 10 car lengths over Jeff Gordon. Look. At Gordon motoring, back there coming out of turn 2 Kurt Busch still smoking, but going fast, trying. To finish it out. Mark, Martin has dropped back a couple of positions and trying to hang out into that four spot is here's Tony Stewart, in this come from a lap down battling, side-by-side. With Martin, 4/4. Oh. Man. Look at Stewart, it's, all in the wheel. Watch. Out. Seem. Really get loose come up out of there had to get out of the throttle a little being fall back in behind mark here comes Mon Toria now for second wide flag, final, lap here, in California. Side-by-side. Action, Gordon. And Montoya, second, position. Martin. Martin is driven now after, me underneath the 14, car here he comes, trying, to be a factor, here maybe to finish third or second, that's, thing he'll go to the high side here and see if you. Can get by Montoya. I'm. Tory is going to try to block but he, see. Gordon all the way on the apron, Jimmie, Johnson coming. Down on a turn four what.

A Job they have done again and for the second, year make it third here in a row in the fall Jimmie, Johnson wins, at California. And. Gordon. Finishes, second. Gordon. Montoya, Martin, and Stewart second, third fourth and fifth what, a job there's Rick Hendrick congratulating, Chad canals what. An effort there for Jimmie Johnson. Jimmy. Did a great job they met really good job Harvick, came back for a top-ten finish on the pit stop they, were still three and four wide coming to the checkered flag there, at the end of the race a lot. Of great racing today Jimmie. Johnson once again just too good. David. Ragan getting his second top ten finish of the year coming home in seventh, position. Fireworks. Going off behind the racetrack, we had fireworks on, the racetrack these final few laps let's go down to, the 48 pit Vince well, it took a while with several restarts, to get there chat but you held off the field there at the finish what, does this do for you guys in your Chase for another championship, obviously. It's monumental, you know to be, able to come out here and then run the way that we did and, I just I couldn't be happier you know jimmie johnson foundation on the globe chevrolet this weekend and they, did a fantastic job, on San, Diego this weekend and or this weekend raised a lot of money for a lot of needy people so it's great it's great to be able to come out here representing, in, front of Jimmy's hometown of El Cajon and it's, just it's awesome I just can't think everybody Hendrick Motorsports, enough they just you, guys build the best engines and the best chassis the best bodies out there and we, couldn't do without him Mark, Martin calls, Jimmie Johnson's Superman hard to argue with it today Alan. Big. Celebration, now for Jimmy Johnson you've heard, the words from him over his team radio about how thrilled he is to win this race you heard from. His crew, chief what it means and, and. Jimmy, Johnson is now the championship, leader. History. For, a fourth consecutive title, he leads Mark Martin by just, 12. Points though what. A tight championship, that is it. Really is and look Montoya, it's, another top-five, finish, that's four in a row Jeff Gordon best run of the season hopefully, we can keep this thing close going to next week might mix it up a little bit Jamie you got a little something they had on Jeff Gordon well he's climbing out of his car right now and a smile on his face valiant. Effort probably. The best the car had been there toward the end Jeff what was it like on those restarts, inside, outside, we, were just trying to make it interesting because, nobody. Else seems to be able to do that for the 48 and we certainly couldn't on that last run great, great, day for DuPont Pepsi Chevrolet you, know we we. Really fought hard all day and all weekend, to get ourselves in that position and. Had. A couple good restarts, but I, mean, they're in another category you, know and we got we got to find out what we're missing but, real proud of Steve and all the guys on this team they're. Great pit stops very solid effort come, home second, today is definitely, something we're very proud of in. Two more spots on the points he is now fifth Shannon, Juan, Pablo Montoya checking, out where he is in the points right now that, was some great racing at the end of that race what was it like for you out there today one it was fun you know I was actually very, pleased when that red flag came out because we managed to go down at all later I started, sure it was good all day we were really good when it was cloudy when, the Sun came out we started sliding too much and couldn't, really find the balance between how much great by one in the middle corner how much I wanted to put the power down I just couldn't there. Are the any cooldown it got a little better but it's too late for. Another top five for Juan Pablo Montoya and the 42 team Vince with. Mark Martin and Mark finishes, fourth today slips, out of the point's lead now 12 behind, Jimmie. Johnson and March. Is finishing up here mark what was the what was the difference between 1st and 4th today it was so small team well. We were real close. I'm, real proud of our Kellogg's, CARQUEST Chevrolet. And our, team and these guys are so awesome, they, brought me all week, in great, race car great. Job great adjustments. And, you. Know we made may, progress with the race car and there.

Was A time when when, we could go out front but you. Know we, were right there I'm I'm just proud I couldn't. Be more. Thrilled to be driving that five car Jamie. Tony. Stewart, what an eventful day for him ends, up bringing it at home fifth Tony what does this say about your team you guys overcame, being a lap down and still finished with as team never quits it never has and never will so, that's. That's, the attitude at Office Depot and old spice and everybody at US. Army and cope and stewart-haas. Racing, so you. Know it's just, a long day for sure I mean we got. A couple really lucky breaks that helped us there at the end getting us back on the lead lap and you know when we were in pit lane there and got the cautions that got, us a little bit track position back we had a good enough car to get back we just just. Fought we could not get going at the beginning of a run for anything it took us six or eight laps to get going every time all, right Tony Stewart remains fourth and points right now Allen. Thank, You Jamie a reminder, that the chaise moves across the country for next weekend's race which is on Saturday, night it's the NASCAR banking 500, only from Bank, of America ABC, 7 the eastern time next Saturday the very fast mile and a half track in Charlotte one of the drivers favorites certainly, provides a lot of great action we've seen over there over. The years and we look forward to that one next Saturday night at 7:00 Eastern here, on ABC. So. Jimmie Johnson has pulled into our transformers. Victory. Lane and the. Race winner about to celebrate with his team and share his thoughts with us. Jimmie. Unbuckling getting, done rusty you know what that feels like he's just taking it in right now I can't believe it he's so excited, he's got his Jimmie Johnson's, foundation on the side of the car makes him extra proud what. A fantastic, job this guy did I mean this worked the track perfectly, today moved. In at a points lead 12 point lead right now here he comes guys. Well. The colors are slightly different on the car in the drivers suit but, the black and white checkered flag once again ways for Jimmie Johnson third, year in a row at the fall race Jimmie and. A, big hug to the new guy I mean know you had some issues on pit road it was anything he had to do with but did that worry you early on Jimmie, you. Know it's such a long race in so much sheiks place that yeah. I knew I knew him on pit road we went some we'd lose some and I need that first stall down at the end was really the magic thing and then he had it working great for him but just, a solid day all along so proud of this the slowest team so. Thankful floats allow me to put the foundation on the side of the car and we. Had to store 27:12 riding with us today so it's nice to do that for them but man. Wow what an awesome car would an awesome day those, cautions, at the end really had me nervous and just, didn't know what to do on the restarts, 24. Get me on some of them the 42 is racy I knew, once we had three or four laps and gets shape but there at the end I really didn't have many laps I'm glad I got a good start got going you are the, championship, leader what do you think of that awesome it's what we want keep, chipping away at it obviously. A lot of racing left but we're. In good shape and my. Home state foundation on the side of the car fans, are going crazy can't thank them enough so, just really really happy about what's, going on guys are getting soaked over here on the side so and, we're glad that mr. Hendrick is here, he. Hasn't been in victory lane the, last few wins we've had so it's nice to have him here congratulations. Jimmie Johnson in victory lane. So. The Southern California native is now the all-time, leading winner at this tract in Southern California and, for the first time this season, Jimmie, Johnson takes, the championship. Lead and, now we move on to Charlotte, for the next race in the chase look forward to seeing you for that one next Saturday night thanks, for watching.

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