2017-12-14 Question Period

2017-12-14 Question Period

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It's, time for a question period, the leader of Her Majesty. Mr.. Speaker, to, the premier, twas. The last question, period before Christmas. When, all through the, house, The. Ministers were, retiring, but. Scandals, they couldn't do without, they, see the waist highlighted, with the auditor with, care will, the premier omit her hydro, plan is, unfair. Start. The clock. Prettier. Well. Mr. speaker in. The spirit, of the question I want to wish everyone, in in, this house a very happy holiday at a Merry Christmas. This. Time of year whether, it's Hanukkah, whether it's Christmas. Celebration. Of Lights celebration. Of light in darkness is really important, and so I hope, everyone has an opportunity to spend some time with the people who, they love the most and now, in in, response, to, to. The verse. From across the way Mr Speaker I will just say I will just say that our. Plan. To. Help. People with their, electricity. Costs our plan, to, make, the system more fair for people in. Urban centers and in rural centers mr. sugar is. Just that, it is fair and it is meaning. That people are getting seeing an average of a 25%. Reduction in their hydro bill thank you. Thank. You mr. speaker back to the premier the, ministers have briefing, books reading, with dread while, visions of scandal, dance through their heads the. Premier envisions, ways the opposition, shall trap, why. Won't she close the education, skills gap. Speaker. The. In, terms of in terms of education, in this province you know we're today, we are we're. Celebrating. The. The, move towards. Recognizing. Supporting. Funding, the. Aboriginal, technical institutes Mr Speaker we. Have students. In in, this province who are enjoying. Free tuition we, are putting. Into our into. Our curriculum experience. Learning, and working with unions, and working with business. Mr. speaker working with corporations, to, provide learning. Opportunities for, young people we have put, in place more supports, for young, people to get, jobs and, support employers to hire young people so mr., speaker in fact, in, fact. Education. Is a priority, for this government it always has been sir and it is why Mr Speaker we see companies, coming, to this province. Because, of our highly skilled workforce. Final. Supplementary, I. Remember. Spray from their chairs to see what's the matter awaiting. To the chamber, they ran in a flash will the Treasury stop paying for partisan, ads with taxpayer, cash. Some. Critics here mr. speaker the. The. The verse from the other side. Mr.. Speaker as the as. The member, knows, this. Is the only province, in the country this is the only government, in Canada, that, has in, place, rules. Around. Advertising. Mr., speaker that we have put in place because. Because. Of egregious. Breaches. Of. Partisanship. In the past mr. speaker and so we're, very very. Committed. To that we have rules in place about partisan, advertising, mr. speaker and those will stay in place because we believe and we are the first government to put those in place and we believe that it's important, that the government advertising. Not be partisan that's why those rules are in place thank, you, no, question the member from Memphis ain't the premier speaker the. Families were nestled, ice-cold. In their beds while. 12%. More hydro, cuts danced, in their heads, they, prayed for relief from, cold and from cough can, you please premier, promise, you, won't cut their hydral off. Thank. You mr., speaker, in keeping with the Christmas theme it's only that party that's talking about coal which is something that Santa. Gets to. Mr. speaker and, it's that side that's getting all the pole this year mr. speaker, especially. When you look at our hydro, plan our. Hydro, plan gives, the 25, percent reduction on, all bills for families and as, many as a half a million small businesses, and farms mr. speaker and now in. Their their you, know people's, garnishee. Thank. You for the MPP, for adcast, who for that and the people's garnishee, there, now sneakily. Including. Our own platform in their bill mr. speaker so, what is it mr. speaker are they sticking with coal or they didn't want to stick with green mr. speaker on.

This Side of the house we're, sticking with green we, want to ensure that our system, is clean and reliable and three so, that we can continue to bleed breathe clean air not, coal mr. speaker like that they're putting in everyone stockings. You. See if this. Supplementary. Remember from Elgar in Middlesex money so, the Minister of Energy rises. To spin and Kewpie people. Are asking for relief we all hear the please but. Instead the minister rises and spins with a bluster, again. Will, they give 12 percent off bills is the question we must hear here. Thank, You mr.. Speaker we're, actually giving. 25%. Off mr., speaker that's, something, that they voted against, and so they can bluster, and moan all they would like mr. speaker, but we're making sure that we're helping families, in this province we're making sure that at the end of the year that people have seen a lower, hydro, bill mr. speaker not, unlike what they did mr. speaker where they vote against, it every single time they, vote against making sure that we have a clean system they vote against, voting that we give people a reduction, mr. speaker and when you look at their plan, even. Even. The independent, energy analysis, are saying all, of these new costs, will put pressure mr.. Speaker on making sure that we can continue to invest in hospitals, invest, in schools invest. In roads mr., speaker building this province, up is what we have been doing answer, and we mr. speaker we'll make sure that we can do this with a clean, reliable. And an affordable electricity, system. Final. Supplementary, a member from different, companies Energy, Environment and, the Minister of Finance even, infrastructure. Active, and the member from grant around, the caucus room they say will, you introduce long lasting energy relief, today. Thank. You much very, much mr. speaker, we, introduced, long. Lasting energy reductions, mr. speaker in July they're. Now talking about, doing something mr., speaker that will not reduce, anybody's, bills mr. speaker it's actually going to make it more difficult for people at, the end of the day when you're talking, about twelve billion, dollars in, cuts mr. speaker, twelve, billion dollars in cuts what aren't they going to cut what's programs, mr. speaker what it's talking about energy are. They going to cut the Ontario electricity, support program that, helps low-income individuals are, they going to cut the, first nation of delivery tax, up. It's. Enough. Wrap-up, please mr., speaker are they gonna cut the First Nations Delivery Tax Credit you know what mr. speaker we've seen this before just, like the Harris years mr. speaker they're gonna cut and slash everything that's what they're known for mr. spirit. New. Democrats, wishing, everyone the best of the holiday season in a Merry Christmas and urging. People to remember those in our communities, that are struggling Speaker, my questions for the premiere for more than a year I've been hearing the heartbreaking stories of Ontario families, who are being forced to receive. Their medical, care and public, hallways, and storage, closets, and shower rooms inside our overcrowded, hospitals and, for more than a year this premier has said everything is fine and she and her Health Minister have accused anyone criticizing, them of fear-mongering, but.

Just Yesterday the Ontario Hospital, Association said. That our hospital, system is, indeed, on the break brink of crisis, when. Will this premier finally admit that the hallway medicine crisis in Ontario, hospitals, isn't, fear-mongering, it's. What patients, across this, province, are experiencing. Each and every day, okay. Mr.. Speaker we have been very clear on this side of the house that we recognize, that there is more that needs to be done in health care consistently. Every year we have made changes we have increased, funding so, mr. speaker to suggest that somehow we've, been complacent, and we have not, recognized, that their challenges, is just not. The, case it's not true mr. speaker and we, have demonstrated, that, concern. By, in our last budget, increasing. Funding to hospitals, by five hundred million dollars mr. speaker we have demonstrated that, commitment, by in the, recent weeks working. To solve the problem, of the the. Surge of need because. Of the flu season mr. speaker, opening beds making. Sure that that capacity, is expanded, so on this side of the house Mr Speaker we are consistently, looking, for solutions, working, with organizations. Like the Ontario, Hospital, Association, after working with nurses working, with doctors mr. speaker to, suggest that we've been complacent is just, not accurate. Supplementary. Speakers, they haven't been complacent, they brought hallway. Medicine, to Ontario. Doctors. Nurses, patients and families have been pushing the premier and her minister to take action, on the overcrowding. Crisis. At every, opportunity, it's. Not a surge speaker. Beginning, in May. 2016. We, started, to release evidence, of severe overcrowding, in, hospitals. Such as Toronto sick kids London, Health Sciences Hamilton, health sciences the. Sumeria, hospital, Peterborough, hospital, Scarborough Ottawa, Hospital Thunder, bass hospital Sudbury's. Brantford, General Etobicoke. General and of course Brampton, Civic and many, many, more, after. More than a year of, hearing, just how bad this, crisis, is why, is, the premier still ignoring. It. Premier. Mr., speaker putting. 500, million dollars. Into the budget is not ignoring, the problem, we are absolutely, clear. Mr. speaker that there needs to be continued, support and increased, support for the health care system that's why a 3%. Increase to hospitals, across the board in the budget was, what, we put, forward mr. speaker so again to suggest, that we are not working to solve challenges to. Suggest mr. speaker that we don't recognize that, hospitals. Need support that, long-term, care needs support mr. speaker that homecare needs support that, mental, health needs support mr. speaker we have added, support, added, money in each one of those areas and we will continue to, do so mr. speaker we, recognize, that healthcare is, a cornerstone, of, how, we see, ourselves in, this province and how we see ourselves in this country our publicly, funded health care system is essential. And we will continue to support it we will continue, to increase support, as the needed. Speaker. This creamier shorted, the OHA, asked in the current budget by three hundred, million dollars, she's. In check, yesterday we released information showing, that st. Joe's hospital and, Hamilton reached the dangerously. High occupancy level. Of one, hundred, and thirty nine percent of, August. In August of this year the, hospital, has anywhere between five, and thirty, one people waiting. In the emergency room, every, day for, an inpatient bed the premiere solution, for st. Joe's hospital Hamilton.

24. Temporary. Beds, it would be laughable if it wasn't so terribly, wrong for patients, who need a proper, hospital. Bed not, a stretcher, against a wall without a call button without privacy, and without, the decency, the dignity, that people deserve in hospital, when will this love government. Actually, get it together, and start fixing the, problems, they created. Minister, of Health and long-term care. Mister of health long-term care. Well mr. Mr, Speaker I. Appreciate. The Christmas, and the holiday spirit from the PC party Mr Speaker I think it's important, that we recognize of, a, quality. To health care system we have in this province when we look at hospital. Mortality rates. When we look at cancer outcomes when. We look at avoidable, deaths. From, health outcomes, compared, to other provinces, compared, to other developed, countries, mr. speaker Ontario. Outperforms. All other. Provinces, and as close, to the top of the OECD. In fact we have the lowest rate of potential. Years of life lost, in Canada, we have the best five-year, survival rates for prostate, breast, colorectal, and. Lung, cancers, in Canada, are more concerning, rate for, these same, four cancers, is among the best in the world we, need to be proud of the outcomes, that we've achieved collecting. You as a province, in the society, that's, no, question Demeter, the third next question is also for the premier you know what we have in this province we have the lowest number, of beds, per, capita. In hospitals. We have the lowest funding. Per patient, in hospitals. In our country, that's what we have after, 14, years of liberal government between, April 2016. And April. 2017. We, should all remember the, branch and civic hospital treated. 4352. Patients. In the. Hallway, speaker, the facility, was overcrowded, the, day it opened, the Premier's complete, lack of understanding about, the needs of this fast-growing. Community, is absolutely, shocking. It mirrors her complete, lack of compassion, about the overcrowding. And hallway, medicine crisis that she created all across, Ontario, does this premiere really, not get a speaker, or is properly, funding hospitals, simply not, a priority. Term. Care well mr. speaker as we approach, this, holiday, season, I want to specifically. Recognize and, acknowledge our. Health care workers across. This province our healthcare planners. Our doctors, our nurses. The. Frontline, workers, the support, workers the administrators. The support workers that are doing an exceptional, job in, this health care system and that exceptional. Job mr. speaker is reflected. In the, results that we're seeing Mr. Speaker we have the, second-highest. Second-best, rate for access, to a family, doctor in, the province, we have the second-best survival. Rate for breast cancer in the entire, Oh, ECD. Mr. speaker we need to be proud, of that Mr Speaker we have the Fraser Institute reported. Just last week that, Ontario, has the best wait. Times in the entire country. Mr. speaker we have wait times that are four weeks better, than, the second-best. Province. That's thanks, to our heart, health. Workers, thank you for that investment. Yesterday, I visited the, hospital for sick kids right here in Toronto it's, a world-class, Hospital. An incredible. Provincial. Asset and the home to incredible, professionals, who provide the, life-saving care to. Tiny little babies but even at a prestigious, hospital, like sick kids they are struggling, with, overcrowding.

And With funding that just isn't keeping up when I was there talking, to moms and nurses and other health care providers, the neonatal. Intensive, care unit, was at. 114. Percent occupancy. Why, has this premiere driven. Ontario's, incredible. Hospitals, like, Sick Kids into. An underfunding. And overcrowding. Crisis, that's hurting patients, and Families, each and every day. Mr.. Speaker we we. Know that there is more work to be done that there are further investments. To be made that's why as the premier referenced, half a billion dollars, in this year's budget half, a billion dollars, in last year's budget an additional, hundred million, dollars this fall invested. Into our hospitals, resulting. In the creation of, 1200. New acute, care beds the equivalent. Of six community, hospitals, mr. speaker and other important, investments, like the hundred and twenty five individuals. Who know, who up until last week resided, in Toronto, and GTA hospitals, but didn't need to be there now they're in a rehabilitation. Environment. An environment which reactivates. Them at the Humber site of the the Finch side of the former Humber Hospital, mr. speaker these investments. That we're doing approximately. 600, of those. Rehabilitation. Investments, to make sure that we're investor, where our hospitals, their CEOs their, leadership and the Ontario Hospital, Association tells, us where we need to make those investments thank, you, final, supplementary. Speakers. Six sick kids hospital started, yesterday with. 337. Patients. But they're only funded. Budgeted. Funded, for. 288. Patients. That's what the overcrowding, crisis looks, like just, down the street from here there, are six babies. And. All and, all of those babies have families so six families, shove, together in, a single room nurses. Are almost tripping, over the, equipment, because, there isn't enough space and now and, there's also red, tape that's, taped around the. Babies areas, on the floor where, there should be walls, to. Prevent, the spread of infection, sick, kids is an incredible, hospital there is no doubt about it but it has been starved, starved, of operating, funding by this premier and for government and now the Premier's temporary, beds aren't. The real answer, because, sick kids hospital is, literally, so full courser run out of room when, will this premiere do the right thing, make sure hospitals, can, keep up with growth and fun to the capital, infrastructure, expansion. That kids sick kids hospital needs, right. Beautiful. Thank, You minister. Well I will agree with this one, point mr. speaker that SickKids is a, world-class, hospital. Mr Speaker we increased, their budget this, year alone by nine million dollars, we've added neonatal, intensive, care units, to, sick kids hospital this, year where we at we gave them a planning, grant mr. speaker so we could plan for future, capacity, that we could make those necessary, investments. So it can continue to deliver that high-quality world-class. Care, those are the investments, that we're making in, every hospital right across this province and I'll end by saying mr., speaker we value, and deeply, appreciate, the work of the Ontario Hospital. Association the. Leadership, across our hospitals, across our health care system, from the frontline. Worker to the CEO, and everybody, in between and, the volunteers, that make our health care system, great we've answered their investments. Their commitment, their passion, their compassion, especially, I think we remember at this time of year thank you, question. The number from them from everything Pembroke Thank. You speaker my question, is for the premier. Sadly. This Christmas, we have really bad news. Santa's. Elves and his reindeer can't, work all night through with. So little time and joyful. Children, at stake, will. You give Santa an exemption, to bill. 148. Sir Glaber well speaker, this is uh it's. Going to be a lot of very. Happy, families, this Christmas speaker. Because. Their mothers, and their fathers will, be earning. These. Are people that have been earning eleven dollars and sixty cents an hour trying, to raise families, trying, to buy, food. Speaker, try to buy Christmas presents trying, to buy a Christmas, tree speaker, all the normal things that we want for each and every one of our families, is, contained, and Bill 148. Everything. We try to do for the people we care about when we work and come home speaker, is in bill 148. And the, Grinch is across the aisle voted against. You, say to Chris. They. Can't supplementary. Remember, from Prince over Hastings speaker. Santa. Will know who's, been naughty and Knights. Birth. He. Has his list and, he's checking it twice, the.

Bad Ones get cool. But. I'm told last year he missed you but. This year he won't will. He get his call from a Vista. Speak. Of the ministry the, Minister of Energy mr., Banerjee, Thank. You mr.. Speaker you know it's beginning, to look a lot like Christmas everywhere. We go you know mr. speaker you look in in Ontario. You've got clean, air you've. Got clean. Electricity. You, know I can't make it rhyme mr. speaker I was trying I'm sorry I'm. Sorry that's all I had but, really at the end of the day mr. speaker, you know hydro one has been working hard in this province to be a better run company and, they're doing just that mr. speaker, winter disconnections, have ended you know mr. speaker they're actually going to continue to work hard to continue to be a better company and what, we've done through our Fair hydro plan is allow them to, actually give a reduction, to all of their customers in rural and northern parts of our province of anywhere, between 40, and 50, percent mr., speaker and on that that is good news mr. speaker because that is more money in the pockets of these people and like the Minister of Labour said earlier that they can do other things with that maybe buy more Christmas presents, for their kids mr. speaker. Thank. You speaker my question is to the premier, hydro. Bells have gone up 300%, under this Liberal government, and families, across northwestern. Ontario, are paying, the price for decades. Of hydro, privatisation. Under this government, and under, the Conservatives, before them now, we've learned that dryden regional hospitals, hydro, bills have increased, by a staggering, 44. Percent, in just five years. The. Hospital, is doing everything that it can to conserve energy they've, made significant. Investments, in retrofits. Their bills continue. To soar why. Is this, premier letting down to people of Northwestern, Ontario and, forcing. Our hospitals, to take money out of front-line, care just, to cover up their soaring, hydrobox. Thank. You mr. speaker we've actually worked. Hard with hydro one which is in that area mr. speaker to reduce bills for all residential, customers, between, 40, and 50, percent mr. speaker when I was in Atikokan early. On mr., speaker, that, agency. That entity. Said that the bills in that community, I've been reduced between, 34. And 40. Percent mr. speaker, so we're going to continue to work with these type of companies to bring forward this type of relief mr. speaker when it comes to hospitals, they have also been utilizing, many of the programs, that we have put in place working. With their ldcs and have, seen significant. Savings, mr. speaker that they are now able to then put back into care and many of these hospitals, mr. speaker are talking about the, the impact, that the electricity, has on their overall cost. Mr. speaker is only, one percent in Serbia so we've got programs in place that will continue to help these these, institutions. And the residents of the province thank you. Hospitals. And northern families, need a premier, who cares about making life more affordable, and stopping, the cuts to our frontline, health care but, this premier keeps letting northwestern.

Ontario, Down, dryden. Regional Hospital is suffering from sky-high hydro. Costs because of the privatization. Of our hydro system by liberals, and conservatives alike. Our, Hospital is not getting the relief that it needs so, they've come up with a capital, plan that would allow the hospital, to go off the grid yet. This government, refuses, to deliver the funding, they need to implement that plan why. Is this, premier, delivering, one disappointment. After another to, the people who need health care and who, also need to be able to pay their hydro bills all across, northwestern, Ontario. Again. Mr. speaker since, coming into office we've, increased hospital funding by 54%, allowing. Us to treat more patients and, provide better care and reduce, wait times to some of the shortest in the, country mr. speaker the reality, is that hospital sent 1.6. Percent on average of their total operating budgets on hydro, and also, Mr Speaker we just invested, 50, million dollars in over, a hundred hospitals. To make sure that they can help them retrofit, mr. speaker to even reduce their bills even more mr. speaker that means that well over 90 percent of the hospital, budgets go towards, the the. Rest mr. speaker hiring nurses and doctors keeping. Wait times low and ensuring, patients, have access to the high quality services, that they need mr. speaker when it comes to action, when. It comes to making sure that we're helping hospitals. We're helping individuals, we're helping families. Right across this processor we're doing it with health care and we're doing the same with electricity mr. speaker. Thank. You speaker my question is to the Minister of, Health and long-term care, our. Government, has made significant, investment, in the drug benefits, received by seniors, in recent, years and continues, to provide one. Of the most generous programs. For seniors in Canada, and the seniors of my right a of davin for our grateful, for this as. Part of the 2017. Budget our, government, is giving children and youth a better start in life by, moving to make prescription medications. Free I know, the minister at several times has spoken about how this step in providing, free access to prescription medications. For all Ontario's, children and youth is just the first step, towards, a full, provincial. Pharmacare, program, could, the Minister of how, the long-term care be, able to update the house on the status, of OHIP Plus ahead. Of its official launch, next month thank. You long-term. Care Thank, You mr. speaker and mr., speaker I have to say I am so, proud and so proud, of this, premier, for, her leadership. In. This province on this issue of pharmacare, and mr. speaker it is true we're only weeks, away from, the biggest, advancement. Of Medicare, in this province in generations. Mr. speaker there, are only a few short, weeks to go until. 4,400. Drugs become. Absolutely. Free for everyone, in Ontario, age 24. And under, through, OHIP, plus, and last, week we officially.

Launched, A new website. Where, people can, go and search for their medications, and see that they will be available free. Of charge it's, important, to stress that O'Hare, plus will cover every, single drug on Ontario's. Formulary, asthma. Inhalers, at the Pens diabetes. Test strips oral, contraceptives. Cancer. Drugs and drugs for diseases. Thank. You Minister I - I'm also proud, to be part of a team that has worked to make this historic, advancement, Medicare I want to thank you and our premier for your leadership your, leadership as we move to a full provincial. Pharmacare program, I have, no doubt that this new program, will improve access to prescription medications for. More than 4 million children and young people and will help many families to, afford the, medications, their children need to, stay healthy I know, that much of the focus when we look at prescription drugs, for youth will be focused on access, to antibiotics. Inhalers. And epi pens I think all of us in the legislature, can agree how important, that is but. There are often accessibility. Issues for medications, we do not often talk about would, the minister be able to inform the House about, the full scope of health. Options oh it plus will, offer. Thank. You Minister, Thank, You mr. speaker and the. The. Reality, of the Ontario drug formulary, is that it will offer, through, OHIP plus more independence. More opportunity. And more health, for our children and youth diabetes. Test strips and insulin, for low-income families struggling, to pay the bills every, week will save them thousands. Of dollars each year birth, control for the 22, year old young, woman at college pursuing. A degree, January. 1st is going to be a historic. Day for Ontario, not just for the 4 million, children and, youth will who will be receiving, those drugs, absolutely. Free of charge Mr, Speaker I want to say again just how proud I am of this premier, this team and this government for, the leadership, that has been demonstrated and, this is absolutely, a first, and a major leap, forward we. Are as 100%, committed to continue, working with the federal government for a national, pharmacare, program, so these benefits, can be extended to all Canadians. The. Questions a member from Leeds Grindle thank says, my. Question is true the Premier the. Voters, are skeptical. That is no lie but, we have to reflect and ask, ourselves why, from, this side of the aisle it's plain to see premier. Will you be accountable and signed the people's guarantee. You deserve economic development girls deserve, economic. Development, and growth Thank, You mr. speaker it, is the last question period, before Christmas, and, if I say I must say with much passion we. Will bring in a minimum, wage of $15. With. Or without your attention, we. Will lower energy, rates we, will create jobs as well this, Christmas will be great for Ontario, we're, working, to make things swell. Supplementary. The member from Rufio himself just. To the premier in, question period politicians. They go back and forth when, people want change for taxes and support for the north so, I'll ask again because no answer was found will, you sign the people's guarantee, when I sit down. Sort. Of Finance mr. speaker finance. The. Halls of legislature. Are haunted, by the ghost of Christmas past mr., speaker they bring to us today the likeness of the miser Ebenezer, Scrooge, from, across the aisle. They. Who have wanted to make cuts to our and support, our families, to deny the gifts, of our Christmas our of our provinces prosperity. To. Share for all and on this side of the aisle Mr Speaker we thank the premier, and the jolly red, grandmother's, of Ontario. Who. Like Santa Claus care. For all of our children. - suitcase. Order. Please. No. Questioning, them from Windsor West. Since. To the premier earlier, this week my, constituent.

Ida Harry shared, with me the heartbreaking, experiences. She has endured while trying to help get, help. For her 12 year old son who lives, and struggles. With serious mental health challenges. Ida's, son has been on waitlist, after waitlist. He, has waited for psychologists. Waited. For beds and support centers and waited. In hospitals. Ida, wrote to me and I quote our, children. Are victims of, the provinces, neglect, to provide adequate mental health care for, our youth, I implore. The province, and its officials, to do something, now before. It's too late, end quote, on, Tuesday my NDP, colleague, from Hamilton Mountain introduced, a motion that urges, the government to eliminate, mental health wait lists for children and youth will, the premier listen, to idle Mercer and the thousands, of families like her eliminate. The wait list and do something now before it's too late for Ida's, son and, others like him. Mr.. Children and youth services oh thank, you Thank You mr. speaker and I want to thank the member for the question I, want, everyone. Here in the legislature, and across, the province to know, that we're, working hard to transform a system, that's. Built for young, people to get the best possible services, necessary. We. Recognize. We need to do more as a government, as people of Ontario to deliver, better services, to young people and we've, been looking for ways to transform, the system the moving on mental health strategy that, we, put forward a few years ago we back that up initially, with a hundred million dollar investment has. Gone a long way but it's brought us to a point now where we. Do have lead agencies, across the province we're reorganizing. The way service. Delivery is being delivered, on the ground and then working with the Minister of Health to look for ways to further enhance youth, mental health here, in the province of Ontario because we want you to sort of get the service that they deserve when they need it. You. Speaker, on, back, to the premier on Tuesday, my colleague from Hamilton, Mountain also raised the issue of youth suicides, she, highlighted, that the majority of people, who are treated in emergency rooms. After a suicide, attempt, are not, getting, the follow-ups, with necessary, supports, this, certainly, has been the case with Ida and her son when, Ida son attempted, suicide, they went to the emergency room where, they waited for six hours before. Speaking, with a medical, student and a counselor, and after. That they, were sent, home, they. Have made numerous, trips. To the hospital but, have not received the support they need, speaker. Ida asked, me in her letter and I. Quote does my son need, to be on his deathbed to, get any help, speaker. Will the premier answer, that question, for Ida thank, you. Well Thank You mr. speaker, again, you know my. Heart goes out to all the families in Ontario that have young people that struggle with. Mental health over. The last you, know 20 years even in fact Minister speak over the last decade, what we've seen with mental health challenges, here, in the province of Ontario is a a huge, huge growth and we think that's, partially.

Because Of the stigma, stigma that's been removed from from, mental health and we've, been working hard as the government to to. Let people know that you know if they need services that they should go forward and and and get those services we have a hundred and thirty thousand, young people here in the province of Ontario that access services today we, know that more is needed and that's why we continue to invest mr.. Speaker we've invested, in. 272. School boards to bring in mental health leaders in all of our school boards across the province we've, provided funding, to Harris 770. Additional, mental, health workers across the province we'll, continue to do more to make sure young people get the help, that they deserve Thank You mr. speaker. Remember. From Trinity Spadina, Thank. You speaker good morning while the Conservatives, are entertaining, us with their newfound talent, I have a real policy, question for the minister of international trade, speaker. Attracting. International, investment, and helping, business, compete, on a global scale is part of Ontario's, plan to, create opportunity, and fairness for, workers, businesses. People, of this great province. The. House has seen the great work that the Ministry of international, trade has done so, far in promoting Ontario, globally, I know, that doing these trade missions business-to-business. Communication. Is integral, I also, know that there is time for, minister to speak to each business and learn about their global sorry. They've go internationally. Each. Interaction. Works to promote Ontario. As a great place to do business questions. And discovered. As, the. Trade mission to China, and Vietnam included it concluded last week could the minister share with us hi you know more, exciting, deals sign, Thank. You minister. Thank. You speaker one family member from China father for, asking, the question, pika. Entails plan to diversify tray is key to our continuous. Economic, role it's. Important to remember their trade does not only in morph goods services. Such. As health care education and, tourism a white, Oh to trade trade. Missions provide interior the unique opportunity, to soul case our province leading industry, in. This case tourism. As, a leader in global talent, with, a TDP equal way higher than any other g7, country. And at, the managing, small business tax, rate Ontario. Has, much to offer is. Why in partnership, with tourism. Toronto, my, charges as, the left at Toronto, to host their, 25th. Anniversary, Leadership. Conference in. Ontario, speaker. This. Is an incredible, opportunity for, Ontario, answer, and I would like I would be delighted but. The member from Burlington, could, speak more to, these Thank You speaker Thank You. Minister. For the response, and. Thanks. In part to the investment, that this government has made to our tourism industry the, sector has been a key economic driver, to, the province, I know, Ontario's. A Toronto has, competed in some of the biggest destination. In the world for my China, bit and it's, very exciting to to. Have being selected, and know many of them will be visiting my downtown, writing of China Spadina by, choosing Ontario, to host their 25th, anniversary leadership. Seminar ma, China is, giving, a nod to Toronto at the world-class City he, also further demonstrates, Ontario, is a competitive. Destination. For significant, conventions. National. International, conventions. Continue, to be major economic, driver in Ontario, and we, look forward to welcome, my China, in 2020. Speaker. Can the minister speak to the benefits, of this international, confidential, conference, will, provide Thank You Minister. Minister, responsible for tourism culture and sport tourism. Culture and sport thank you mr. speaker and thank you to the member for this excellent, question the new about my China 2020, is a direct result of our government strategic, framework for tourism I want, to thank mr. Chan and Joanne Valachi, and her team at tourism Toronto as without their excellent, collaboration and, efforts this would not have happened, we, know Speaker that tourism is a vital economic driver, for Ontario, supporting.

380,000. Jobs and, generating, over 32, billion dollars to our economy China. Is Ontario's, second largest contributor, of tourism spending with over half a billion dollars, coming from over 200,000, tourists so, attracting, international leadership events, like Amway China's, 25th, anniversary, leadership, seminar is great news it showcases. Ontario, as a world-class tourism, destination, while promoting investment, opportunities, and it will welcome over 10,000. Distributors, to Toronto, generating. An estimated, 80 million dollars in revenue and tourism, spending from Toronto to Niagara Falls speaker, delighted. To welcome and we try the 2022, Toronto, and thank, you excited about what this is gonna do for our economy. Wind, turbines still go up against. A towns we'll just. Like the grinch ignoring councils, this gives Liberals, a thrill they. Swear that the turbines, are all science-based, but. Will she admit real noise pollution proves, that's, just not the case. The. Session, before Christmas, and, I note with much joy the. Kids in our land will hat will enjoy plenty a toy our, unemployment, rate is the lowest in, years this, Christmas we may, even enjoy a few beers from. Grocery, stores nonetheless. And. So we wish you all the best of the season and hope, that next year the, opposition, will engage with more reasons. Thank. You very much speaker, wind. Turbines, must, go but. The Liberals ignore the. Demands of the people has, a loudly, implore. In the, alley of carnage, the, snow piles so, high, but. The need for a barrier, will, they always deny. Thank. You mr. speaker it's, still the session before Christmas, and it's, almost done, it's, nice to spend time in this house and even have fun we. May be opposed. To, many an issue but. When we leave this place rest, assured we will miss you. Let. Us focus, this. Session on those, that are in need and let, us work together so. Ontario, can still lead. Remember. From Niagara Falls Thank. You mr. speaker my question is to the premier. As. A premier, knows parliament. Oakes school the jewel of Niagara league's old town was, closed, now. The community is rallying together again, to save Parliament, oak this. Time they're fighting keep the school in the old town and turn, it into a community hub that, gets back to the residents, for generations, to come I fully. Support these, efforts, however. Tspn, has rejected an offer over, the asking price from the town to, buy the school which. Would keep it in community, hands the, town previously, gave this same building to the board for free. They.

Reject It to work done by the community to keep Parvin oak where it is and ensure. It. Gets back to the community, will. The premier intervene, today and ask the SPN, to reconsider, selling, parliament or civil, to the town so, it can, be used as a community, hub for, the town. Of Education, Thank You Speaker I want to thank the, member opposite, for his question I've been almost. In daily dialogue with him about this, particular, issue and I know that he is well aware that my. Ministry, and I are also, well aware of of, the conversations, that are happening between the, school board and in. The town I sent, a, letter in fact to the the school board expressing. The, desire for. For. For them to work together with the town and in the spirit of how, do we look, at the community. Needs. In this instance, and and, support, the notion of a community, hub our. Government, has has. A policy, a stated, policy we have funding behind it to support community, hubs across, this, province because, we know how, vital, these are work these, public. Locations. Are to communities, and and. In this instance we are encouraging, a school board to work together with the town, symetric. Again. Thank You mr. speaker and again to the premier. According. To the Education, Act the. Minister has the power to regulate, the, sale, or lease of school, sites, we. Know that Nagre no lake has already endured the closing, of Parliament, oak school, we. Have many community, organizations. That have come to the table and supported. This, including. The Lord Mayor Pat dart the, Town Council and all, of the residents, of Niagara in a lake given. That information, will. The premier, stand, with the town counts of Niagara no Lake and the community, and helps, help us say Parliament, nope so it will remain in the old, town for, years to come thank, you Thank. You mr. so. Mr. speaker I am, very supportive, of any solution, that allows. The. Use of this, property, for. Community, community. Use and and that's why we have a, stated, policy to support community, hubs and and. That's why in fact we've been working, together with, the. The. School board and the. To to. Really, encourage them to to talk together to, find, a solution that best, supports the, the local community, and that's exactly what is happening there. Is of course a process. For. The, disposition of properties my, understanding, is that the School Board has followed. That that, particular, process, but this is about what, is the best. Resolution. For, the local community, and that is what that's. What we are focused, on that's what we're working, to bring those two parties, together the school board and and. The town to, talk about how. Do we resolve this for the best use for the community and, we support that process then the member from New Jersey Shore, well. Thank you speaker my, question is to the Minister of Transportation, speaker. Keeping with the holiday spirit children, across, the province are very excited, about the next few days in the next few weeks time. Off from school presents. Under the trees they, have a lot to look forward to but speaker they're not the only ones who, are excited about the great things that are coming, commuters. Across the GTA will, soon be receiving a very early Christmas, present or, let's call it a sixth day of Hanukkah present, the. Present is a first edition as well speaker, it is unlike, anything the region has seen before, and the, best part speaker, after years of planning, and building we. Only have to wait a few more days so. Speaker what the minister please provide more information on what this present, is what makes, it so unique and why commuters. In the GTA can't, wait to open it on December 17th Thank You Minister of Transportation thank. You very much speaker, I want to begin of course by thanking the member from Beach's historic for being such a strong advocate, for transit, here in the GTA, that, number is absolutely, correct speaker, commuters. In this region will be receiving, one of the best Christmas, or holiday gifts I can think of that, a government can offer them speaker a new option for commuters, to, get from point A to point B speaker. This coming, Sunday December the 17th, the Toronto, York Spadina subway extension, will. See its first day of revenue, service in. Just three days that is speaker. We'll have the opportunity to hop on board the first new subway extension in, the GTA to open up in 15 years and, if this this of course speaker, will, be the first subway, to cross regional, boundaries by, hopping on board the line one extension commuters, will, be able to move between the four one six and the 905, for a single, fare speaker, and come, this January, thanks to this provincial government that, fare will be only a dollar fifty, if you're hopping on the street DC from go or the Union Pearson Express speaker, tomorrow will, be having a very exciting, celebration, with representatives.

From All levels of government to mark this wonderful, occasion. Well. Thank you speaker I want to thank them in the minister not only for his answer but for this great gift he's giving our government, is giving to the people of the GTA, speaker. I have no doubt that tomorrow will be an incredibly, exciting day and that's the first ride on Sunday morning that would be something for all of us to remember and. On this side of the house we know that the reasons to invest in transit are absolutely, clear it helps ease congestion it promotes a better quality of life reduces. Greenhouse gas, emissions, it gives, companies yet another good reason to invest in Ontario and it, saves commuters, money speaker. It is clear that the t y SS, e an, 870. Million, investment made by our government, will support all of these important, outcomes and that will make it money, that has been very well spent. Speaker I know this is just one of the very many transit, projects that are going on in Ontario. With, the submit astir please provide us with more information and greater details, on what else commuters, in the region can expect to see in the years to come and thanks, to our governments historic, thank you in transition. Thanks. Speaker and I thank the member for his follow up question of course he is right the, line one extension to York University in York Region is one part of the integrated transit, map that we are building speaker, we're, talking about go regional, Express rail we're talking about the Eglinton, crosstown the, Finch West LRT pure. Ontario, and Hamilton, LRT speaker, extending. GO train service, to Niagara speaker, extending. GO train service to Bowmanville, speaker. And doing so much more right, across this entire region but coming back coming. Back to the line one subway extension that opens up for service this Sunday Speaker the, first train, will, leave the 905, will leave the city of on at 7:50, 7 a.m. I'll be on that train with my daughters Talia and Grace and I strongly urge every, single member here regardless. Of where you live come, down to the GTA hop on that first train it truly is a day for transit, celebration, and. Marine. Thank. You mr. speaker, and this, is for the premiere, now. We may not be the North Pole but we are on the way there in no-man's land we, are not but, the Liberals just don't care a great, opportunity, exists. With many jobs for fire. Why. Do they refuse to develop, the Ring of Fire. Minister. Been Minister. Of Energy serve, energy q mr. speaker just just. Like how we, can rhyme off the reindeer, Mr Speaker I am very happy. To rhyme off all of the investments. That we make in Northern, Ontario mr., speaker and let alone, just. Let's talk about sue st. Marie so masseuse, a tree this year two million dollars for the Institute, of environment, education and, entrepreneurship. $750,000. For the Child and Family Center, at Sioux College, nine. Hundred thousand dollars for the waterfront, and Tennis Center mr. speaker I know HFC is supporting, the arc expansion. Of the hospice with a 1 million dollar investment mr., speaker, you know it just goes on and on mr., speaker and ensuring, the investments, that we're making in Northern Ontario all. The way from making sure were for laning highway 69, making. Our roads safer, mr. speaker with a hundred and seventy three million dollar an investment. In that mr., speaker we're more than happy to talk about Northern. Ontario because, it's this government, that's making investments. Speaker. Back to the premier now. Speaker, we had some fun today with our question, after, all everyone. Has had a very busy, session, so, I want, to end here with levity and with something light will, the premier join us wish, Happy Holidays Merry, Christmas and to all a good night. Thank. You. Thank, you mr. speaker, I do also, want to take the opportunity, to wish everyone a Happy Holidays a Merry, Christmas mr., speaker, and, celebration. Of life whatever you celebrate during, this season, Mr Speaker I also think, it's a good opportunity for us to to. Acknowledge, I think one MPP, who won't be back here come, next year which is the Cheri. DiNovo MPP. From Parkdale, High Park I want to thank you for your service. And, without with miss Butte mr. speaker. With. Sure we'll see you around this place in the very near future but, Merry, Christmas everyone have a great holiday season. Speaker. My question is to the Minister of, Natural Resources. Speaker. 16, months ago this Liberal government decided, to impose parking, fees for the use of kamoko Provincial, Park a park, that was free for Londoners, to use for decades and is much loved by the estimated. 100,000. People who used to visit each year one. Of my constituents. Bill Boswell, was recently. Informed by the park superintendent that, a total, of 67, thousand. Dollars has been collected, in parking. Fees, assuming. Two, people, per car with, each car paying for just one hour of parking, this translates.

Into. 25,000. Visitors over, 16, months a drop, in attendance, of more than 75. Percent speaker. Does the minister, think that. A paltry. 67. Thousand, dollars was worth depriving. Tens of thousands, of Londoners, including. Seniors, people struggling with mental health issues or others at lower fixed, incomes from the benefits, of using this, park. Matthew's. Washington Foster. Thank. You very much speaker, and thank you very much to the member, opposite, for that question today, speaker. I wanted, to really start out about how Ontario. Parks does, fund, its management, programs, and all, of the programs, that are offered by our, Ontario. Parks and there, are 340. Of them in the province of Ontario, not, always services, but, it's all funded through gate receipts mr., speaker, so, all of the programs, all, of the trails all. Of the, infrastructure. That the Ontario Parks, manages, all of the stuff and all of the facilities, that our, visitors. To our parks, enjoy. Are all, paid for through, the special purpose account, I know that, there, have been many users, in kamoko, Park and that, it, was unfortunate. That we. Needed to move forward with another, way of recouping some, of the services, to be paid for that part including. New washrooms, facilities, new, lighting new parking, lot facilities, that the users have been asking for thank you supplementary. Speakers. 75,000. Londoners, are no longer using. This park again. To the minister the, fees of. $5.25. An hour or. $14.50. A day were, imposed, without, any real, consultation. And with, paving. The, only, justification, since. The fees were introduced, in August, 2016. Thousands. Of Londoners, have signed, my petition calling, for the removal of the fees the, park is really only, accessible by car and the data confirms. That, the fees are creating. Huge barriers, to access, they are preventing, Londoners, from reaping, the benefits, of the enhanced, physical and mental, well-being that, comes with access to the natural environment speaker. Will the minister do the right thing and remove, the parking fees from, kabocha, Provincial, Park. Thank. You speaker and again what I would like to say to everybody in, this house is that all of the incredible services. That are in for Ontario, Parks, provide. For, the people. Of Ontario all, of this stuff that provides, the. Resources that, people enjoy when they visit the parks are paid for by a gate receipts and, it's also worth, noting to the member opposite, that, each Ontario. Provincial. Park has its own management, plan and that, management, plan is set in in. Progress, for many years so, I don't have the authority to do that it is the provincial parks, and their management staff that step forward but, what I can say to everybody, in this house is, that we have an incredible. Opportunity, in. Our province to, enjoy many, parks, some with services. Many. Visitors. Come to Ontario, specifically. To see the parks and I want to thank everybody that works in our Ontario. Thank. You we're pushing American Barry Thank. You speaker my question is for the Minister of Natural Resources and, forestry, on, Tuesday. New legislation. Was passed titled, the building, better communities and. Conserving. Watersheds, Act. 2017. As members, of the House know from debating, this legislation. This bill provides important, updates to our current land use planning system, as well, as our conservation. Authorities, giving, more opportunity. For Ontarians. To have their voices heard what. Some people might not know is just how important, our conservation. Authorities, are to us here in the province ninety, percent of Ontarians, live in a watershed managed. By conservation. Authority, therefore. My question, to the minister is can, you tell me what changes this legislation. Will bring to Ontario's, very important, conservation, authorities. And how these changes, will benefit, the people of Ontario, Jim. Minister. Now in person, Thank, You speaker and thank you dear very much to the hard-working member, from Barrie for, that question and thank, you again even me the opportunity. To talk about our great new legislation. That I'm very proud of I know, just, how important, this new Act is to so many communities, around Ontario, as, I see firsthand the great work, that the Grand, River Conservation Authority, does, in my own community of Grand River and Waterloo Region and Brantford. I might add Speaker by, modernizing, the conservation, authorities, Act we've delivered some real benefit, to the people of Ontario, benefits.

Like Stronger, oversight and accountability for. Conservation, authority decision-making. More. Clarity, and consistency in, the services, that conservation, authorities, provide, and increased, public engagement, and conservation, authorities, to ensure the people have a voice in their local conservation. Authorities, serve, these important. And changes, are necessary to ensure the environment, will be there, for years to come and merry, Christmas, to all and to all a, good break, thank, you. Thank. You mr. speaker and thank you to the Minister for that answer when changes, to the Ontario Municipal Board, were proposed, last year the, government held 12 town halls across the province to get feedback from the people of Ontario though. Through, those town halls we heard opinions from Windsor to Ottawa from, the GTA to Thunder, Bay and many, members held town halls in their own writings, people. Told us that too often the OMB doesn't, consider local perspectives. When it makes decisions, that, too many decisions went to the board and that the process was complicated. For community, groups we, heard that people want more say in how their communities, are developed, through, bill 139. The minister of municipal affairs, and the Attorney General proposed. Legislation, that would overhaul, the OMB and replace, it with the Local Planning Appeals, Tribunal bill. 139. Received, Royal Assent this, week my, question for the minister is first of bill 139. Respond, to the concerns we, heard during consultations. Thank you Minister. Municipal. Affairs. Wellif Erica the speaker thanks to the member for the question speaker. And. Years. Recently, passed, planning. Was not fine so. Our government decided, to table bill, 139. We. Consulted, we discussed, and we went to committee bill. 139. Artificially. Delayed what. A pity, but, persevere, we did knowing, what was at stake and progress. Although slow, indeed. We did make with. The help of M NRF and the AG, our. Ministry, was diligent the, results plain to see bill. 139. Has received, Royal Assent the. Will of the Opposition, tattered. And bent. Because. In the end it was planed for all to see respect. And deference for local decision making is the, right place to be thank you very much. Thank, you we do have a we. Do have a few points, of order that have been signified, and I'll get to those in a moment but first I would like to take a moment to introduce, a. Former, twin, Dean of the house the, member from Carleton, Granville, from the 31st, 32nd. 33rd, Carleton. From the 34, 35, 36, lineart. Carleton, from the 37, 38 and Carleton. Mississippi, Mills from the 39th, mr., norm. Thank. You also, in the house and had to leave was mr., Gerard Kennedy from York South in the 36th, and Park Delhi Park in the 37, and 38 part, of it. As. I sat in my chair to, hear members speak, I could. Tell that the spirit had taken the hold with a squeak. When. You awake from home, tomorrow, morning know. That you will have a smile, on your face, it'll be without a warning. And. To and, to ensure, and to ensure that I do get home with a smile my, wife is in the gallery Rosemarie. Like. To recognize, the, leader of the third party on a point of order Thank, You mr. speaker, it's actually. My privilege, to raise, on a port a point of order. Considering, that this is the last day, in the legislature, for the member, for, Parkdale High Park Cheri diNovo and as. Leader of Ontario's, NDP, I want, to just take a quick moment to thank sherry for all the work that she's done after many years of being a member, in this legislature, and I think we would all agree that, to. Her work particularly, on LGBTQ. Issues, would. Is. Unparalleled. In, any legislative. Chamber. Across our country I believe, that without, that work without sherry being here that work wouldn't have ever been done from. Toby's law right up until the, passing, of the trans day of remembrance just the other day her, work on first responders and, PTSD. Presumptive. Legislation, her. Work on anti-poverty. Issues and social justice it. Has been an amazing, amazing, journey, sherry, is a passionate. Committed, woman, who, really does care about the, well-being of, everyday. Folks and she has put her heart and soul into, her work here in the legislature, and I know that, her next journey at, at, the church where, she is going back to as she says her best love will.

Also Continue that amazing, work and passion so sherry on behalf of Ontario's, New Democrats, thank you so much for your service here in the legislature. The. Printer, on the same point of order point. Of order mr. speaker I just want to add my voice thanks. To Cheri diNovo for all the work that she has done for the people of Ontario and for the people of Parkdale High Park we. Can always, we could always count, on sherry to ask questions. To, raise issues that, were of serious. Importance, to the people of this province and, to, her community, and so we're very grateful to her for that and I will just say as a as, a fellow member of the United Church often. We are asked, within the United Church about how we are living our faith and I, just want to say, that Cheri diNovo without, bells. And whistles and without. Flaunting. Liturgy, lives, her faith she, she. Brings her, consciousness. Of poverty, and of the needs of people, to, this place she has always done that and I wish her all the very best in the next phase. Remember. From Nikki and Carlton on the same order, thank you very much speaker, to my dear friend Cheri diNovo, I'm really going to miss you we've been friends for the past ten years sort. Of an odd couple but, but. We we have had an enduring friendship, that I believe will last long past the, time you leave here and when. You go back to the cloth a lot of people probably don't know we were elected in a by-election in the same year I've got a bit more seniority, and starting, the show and the gray hair I have on my head but but. We've, we've developed a friendship and, we have a number of mutual friends and every. Every, session we would have an opportunity or every sitting they'd have an opportunity, to vote for dinner and put. Politics aside and just talk about some. Of the issues that deal. With our families and we also, had an opportunity to go to Taiwan together and it. Was a very, exciting, trip that the member took, with the member from room for nip is in Pembroke the member from Leeds and Grenville and the former members. From beaches beaches East York and I'm not sure what eternity, Spadina I believe and, that. Was there overseas.

That We put partisanship. Aside and. We were Ontarians, and Canadians, first and anybody that's ever taken a trip, like that with, their colleagues really. Seems to unite our core values, as Canadians, and we certainly got to share that now. I'm gonna tell a little bit of a tail at a school we. During. That trip we wrote a song and. We would sing it and so. Sherry decided, when, we got back from that trip, that it would be fun at the end of the year to invite me and Steve and John. To. The caucus. Party. At the end of the year for the New Democrats, and so. Sherry of course knows a lot of talented, musicians and, so. She told her caucus, that she had a band coming, and. Her caucus thought it was the Barenaked Ladies. And. I think they were shocked when they one-by-one. Came down the staircase and saw these three Tories, standing, in Cheri diNovo his living room to, sing a very, off-key, song but you know what John Jakob Oski knows 6,000. Songs right up here, so. It was it, was really good so we came down and we had this song and it. Was our group came back together again and it was the three of us as well as the three new democratic, and, we sang for. The, the the, caucus, and they, still laugh about it Terrace and I were talking about it last weekend I apologize for using the members name speaker but but. We came down and they, actually said we were better than the Barenaked Ladies and. We I can't tell you this song because, it was at the expense of the governing party. But. I don't think they'd be surprised but, I think I just wanted to say because one of the things that the premier talked about and the leader of the third party is the, humanity. Of this woman this this, wonderful MPP. Who, has right up until the last week that she served here, past a private member's bill that I was proud to co-sponsor and, so, to you my friend I look, forward to seeing you graced these halls as as. As, a clergy, person but, also as a friend to every member here and to that I want to conclude by wishing, her a Merry Christmas as well as all of my colleagues Thank You speaker. Minister. Of Energy on the point work Thank, You mr. speaker. My point of order is a little, less formal I need to correct my record earlier I said. Earlier. I said hospitals. Are receiving 50 million dollars in funding for energy retrofit, upgrades I should, have said mr. speaker the numbers actually 64, million and I also would like to introduce Jeremy Dunton from my constituency, office thank you. Really. Just take, this opportunity to introduce Priyanka. Nasta who is from my constituency, office here today. Communities. With. Community, Safety and Correctional Services. Thank. You mr. speaker. Just. Now I mentioned, the Planning, Council. And. I'd, like to recognize them Yvonne been mentioned, but, you weren't here thank, you for your good work. Thank. You very much speaker, delighted to introduce a couple of individuals, who work in my constituency, office Francesca, twos REO and Alessi, IRA Trudi who are in the West Gallery and I believe we're lost we are also joined by York University, student marzi, a goodie thank you very much for being here today from Rodolfo, speaker. I also want to welcome, and introduce very, hard-working staff. From my community office please welcome Jessica Dawson Terrell, in Robinson and Chantel Oh Bertie hey spike. Minor. Point of order something I've always wanted to do I'm out of water. Apologies. A good king rice let's hit their page and stand, by me.

Amen. Remember from the beaches each New York, Thank. You speaker I wanted to also welcome mr., Fisher he taught my chief of staff Dave Elmore and his son Clark and I wanted to welcome to Queens Park thank you. Burnett. This. Faker I just saw behind me my, constituency office who is here and they've been doing an excellent job Mississauga, so Brenda. Armstrong, heaven. Draper, and Lucas, Isles welcome, to Queens Park. We. Do have a vote and. We. We, don't want to keep the le

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