2017/2018 Mazda CX-5 Models Comparison

2017/2018 Mazda CX-5 Models Comparison

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Hello. Everyone my name is Ryan gaulden from Santana's Mazda located, here in Edmonton Alberta in, Canada today, I'll be showing you all all-wheel, drive. Six-five. Available, in the Canadian market starting. From the GX GS, and obviously. The GT. Let's. Go start with this vehicle here now this is a GX, all-wheel. Drive in titanium, flash color this. Is the GS this. Is the entry-level GS, this. Is on a deep crystal, blue mica color. Pearl. White this, is a GS with the comfort package this. One here is a GS, with. The comfort and I active sense package. This. Is the machine grey color going. Up the ladder the GT, this is the new soul red metallic color. And then. Obviously the, GT tech in, jet, black mica. College. Now. All this colors here are very very popular the. Most popular color that we sell is either. The red or the. White and sometimes, more of the gray as well now, let's go start, on the. GX now, as you can tell the, GX, the GS is look. Very, very similar there's, not much difference they have the same designer, headlights, they, have the same design grille and also. Same exact, outer rims exact. Same thing goes to the back they're very very similar only. Keep a very keen eye will notice the differences, between, the two first. Thing you will notice outside, as, the. Absence, of the smart city brake system. Up there as you can see there's no sir. Right. Behind the rearview mirror on, all. GSS, and obviously. The GT will. Have the camera up there. Now, let's go start with a g GX, now, all mazda cx5 comes standard with. LED. Headlights, the GT has a different, set of headlights, there's. No fog lights on this. This. Comes standard with a 17, inch alloy rims. It's. Dark alloy. But. The, price of this car is 30000. To. 95. At. The back like, I mentioned, to you guys they, look very very similar to. Through all the, GX and GS lineup. The. Main differences, between a GX and GS GS, are. Mainly the, features inside of eco. To. Begin with being. This is an entry level vehicle. This will sell this will have the cloth, interior. With, six-way manual adjustable, seat. However. On the interior layout of all the six five they're very very similar I, still. Get the seven-inch, Massa, connect system, push-button, start right, down there the. Mazda mzd. Connect the sport mode 6-speed, automatic transmission and. The. Back camera. Which. Sorry. There's a lot near here but the, it is a fish, eye lens it's a hard eight degree so you can see the far left and far right, if. You're backing up the. Interior of the vehicle very very. Similar. Well. She will be showing on this video. This. Video comes standard with a lot of things obviously the. Match the very, renowned, and matters, that want a lot of words about this the G vector system, and it's a system that, eliminates understeer. Understeer. Especially. This is a front-wheel-drive, biased, order system. You. Do get the. Bluetooth hands-free system the. Cruise control. That. The commenter and obviously, I check computer down up there. Do. You do get this very beautiful three-dimensional. Air, vents that Massa designed, specifically. For the cx-5. I'll. Show you one also different, on the at the back before I go I'll show you this now. On the GS, and GT, package. They. Have Auto leveling, headlight the G X has a manual, one. It's. All still awesome, because not a lot of entry-level. SUVs. At this price range has, LED, headlights now, being this is a GX this, doesn't come with a power tailgate and. It. Does not have the, full ash the pull-up latch there but, it is still a, 60/40. Sorry, a. 40/20/40. Split rear. Seats. Means. That, you could easily fall that down and voila, now. Let's, quickly move, to the GS now this the GS comes with. A lot, of, extras.

$40,000. More. Keep. In mind this is a convenient, vehicle so this is a Canadian price vehicle. Like I mentioned to you a while ago there's not much difference from the outside, so let's quickly jump in inside, to see the differences on the vehicle actually I forgot this, one here all. GS, is in above vehicle comes standard with, first-ever. Wiper the ISTEP it on a Mazda vehicle, which, is perfect, on the, Canadian weather especially in Alberta which snow. Can be really really tough to deal with now. On a GS, package, your there's. A pretty, bit big, departure, from the entire front of GX mgs you, do get the leather line. Stuff. Here for the door a piano. Glass kind, of black finish you do get the six way power adjustable seat, with manual lumbar support, the, leatherette, where, the sweat inserts, in there it's actually I love this combination. The reason being is that when it gets really, really cold this, part has underneath, that has a heating, element so, by that side hits up a laughs a lot faster, now let's go quickly jumping inside. Now. The key differences between the two cars, are. The following. You. Do get standard blind spot system, your acrostic traffic alert, smart. City brake support which, I mentioned on the earlier, part, of this video you. Do get the, heated. Steering wheel it is leather wrapped, give. You the mind the heated steering wheel only works on a nine and three position, you, do get like you do get the heated seats for, for the front. Not. Much difference, in the dash but, this comes standard with automatic, headlights. On. And off rain, sensing wipers. Back. Now. Be because, this is a GS package, it will come with a power tailgate, which. Is. Very. Beneficial to. A lot of consumers, out there. It's. Very quick and, this. Is also highly adjustable so. In case you are smaller. Or average or taller you can adjust it depending, on your height now, you do have the pullout here so, you can easily fold on the seats same. Thing is that every. Single match the six five no for 2017. Moving up to an 18 as well later. On in part of this video I'll show the differences between 17 18 there's not much but they're, very vital, now. Like. I said every, six five will have the 40/20/40. Split and. Few. Things with mazzard did I'm pretty sure all the cx-5 has this, compared. To the previous generation from, the 2013, or twenty sixteen point five six five they added leather, on the, wheel well but then it was just plastic, this, just proves it mass is actually focusing, and driver. Comfort and quietness of the cabin and small. Luxury details they actually put a leather latch another. Flap there whatever, it's called so, you can either open that up let's. Close this up now. Onam honor right here will be moving on the, GS, comfort. Package now, what does the GS comfort package have you. Do have advanced keyless entry, we do get it oh. You. Do get the air. Vent at the back and. The. Power sunroof. So, right there did you get that. Comfort for the passengers, at the back, and. Obviously, the. Sunroof, now the interior of the GS. And. GS, standard, package and the GS comfort package and cure it's, very very similar there's not much departure, between the V cocks I will obviously be an exception off the, sunroof and I don't, want to forget about this a lot, of people love this specially clamps that I have that, has kids wife. Husband. Or anyone that they drive in the family, or their friends it. Has different taste on temperature. When it's one one, is one cold one it's one hot so, this has a standard, dual climate control, the, comfort package is a $1,500. Canadian, dollars option. Now. Since. There's not much difference between a GS and the GS, offer package let's quickly chop on a GS with. The comfort ni active sized package, now. This. Is a only, distinctive, way you can find a difference, between G. Access GS, and the GS comfort package to the GSI acuteness package, and that, is on the grill you will, notice that on, all the gloss of the because that I mentioned it's. Just normal on, the, GS with my active sense package you will have this plastic part here now what's. The difference between that know, what that has it houses the radar for, your radar cruise control and, others if acknowledged is equipped, with this vehicle it's quite a lot. So. It next year has not much difference only that. Emblem. Inside. Only. Thing that's different I wish I'll be putting out let's, go jump in now. You. Look at extra bottom there which, is the lane departure link.

Eating Assist system. Now. On this one you, do get a color. Display up there now this will house you, obviously. Your inner cruise control lane departure warning. This. Will also show you your blind spot system, all, those safety features. This. Pretty much came. From. Exactly, from the Mazda, mx-5 RF. From, the CX 9 its exact same thing as you see in there an. Interior, like. I mentioned it's very very, similar now the biggest departure, you will see between, the packages, in terms of interior design it's, obviously, the GT now. Let's go quickly jump on the GT. Now, similar, to the similar, to the cx-9 I was surprised and we, are surprised that we saw a lot of GT is compared to the other two levels on, that regard. Let's, go to people jump in on be on, the. Speed of four six five GT, to. Begin when we do get the LED signature headlights, the, LED, fog lights are standard. Grating. About 2017, is that the sole right crystal micro Sol, red collar is now available, across the board the previous generation, did not come standard with that. You. Do also get the 19 inch alloy rims. This, says a different definitely. Different look on the vehicle with those beautiful rims, also, it's different on the, rear, side of the vehicle is your, signature LED. Taillamps. Also. Other, thing is that on a GT, that this Cadillac finished. From the B did a sip tea peeler and over, over here it's, just the, plastic, pillar, on the other trim levels. Let's. Go jump in inside now, first thing you guys will notice is that the GT will come standard, with a full leather, interior. With. As. They call the Japanese, stitching. Now. The GT, comes a lot of features on the vehicle to begin whether you do get the post or the system, there's. This, time of this. Time they have a fully dedicated subwoofer, which, is located in the donut of this. Vehicle, you still get the automatic headlights, however. The only difference between this. And other trim levels is that it is adaptive, so, what that means is that when you're turning your steering wheel either, right. Or left. It, will the headlight will turn up to a maximum of 15, degrees, being. This is a GT as well this will come standard, with navigation. System. And. Also. Key detail that it's different between the other trim levels is this. Aluminum. With kind, of design of a would actually. Research on how this was made and Mazda. Dedicated. A lot of hours, just to master, this craft and it, definitely sets a different tone and interior, of this GT, it, gives you more of a luxury feel, without, the presence of a full wood or ugly. Ugly fake, wood interior. You. Do all six five I'm pretty sure that GX doesn't come with this correct me if I'm wrong. They. Will have all the speakers in there but unless GT because it comes with with, the boss other system, shows, expose. Between. The GS I active, sense package, or GS comfort package in GT there's, not much difference many, differences, are mainly because of the seats the polar system the rims le hella some other stuff. To. Get this. Garage. Door opening with auto dimming feature and. At. The back Oh something. Is very important, about, the GTE is this. For. The passengers, at the back you, do have. Heated. Seats something. That forgot to point out a while I got the other trim levels energy, asses, and above, trim level will come standard. With two, USB, ports to, charge, even, a, tablet. Or an iPad or anything like that because it says there, 2.1. Amps. Now. The heated seats going back to the heated seats it's only for the outer board, seats the middle does not come come, with that. Also. Inside, you could take to continue the fashion of what they have in the seats they have the same stitching, on, the door. Here. Also, the same. Aluminum. Design. That's. Such a soothing feeling I like that feeling alright, let's, go quickly jump on, the, GT, tech package now, this is a full pledge high-end. Cx-5. This, is a rod at $38,000. Marker, around the thirty-ninth reading electric collar, that, you're looking at the, red is $450, more than above. Its MSRP, the, white is $200, more and this, gray one is $300. More above MSRP, now. The. Difference between the GT and GT tech is the exact same thing as I pointed out between the difference between that, car and this, car and that, is the grill, as. Where the reader is. And. If, you're outside you, also see this big gaping hole it's. Nothing wrong with a card it's just where the heads-up amazingamazing. Hazardous, place is house. And.

Xterra. Shared, vehicle, from, the rear end between, a G T. And a GT tech package they're very very similar not much it's different now, the, reason, why I purposely, brought this vehicle here is to show you the difference, on the leather seats, now, this you, can only get this white leather interior, on the, GT package you. Can get any other colors, on, that. Other, trip levels like a GTX or GS, now. As. Interior. Very very similar I won't be running through with that to, you guys but. The only thing. That I'll point out a few things I'll point out is the, heads-up display I'm, not sure if my camera can justify, how clear that is. But. It's I have. 26-6, with. A GT tech package and have power, pedals heads-up, display this. Is a lot a lot a, lot better. On that. And that's, just that's. Just an understatement. Also, because this is GT tech you will have the reader cruise control, no, great. Thing about this cx-5. Specially 17 is that the radar cruise control has. A full, stop and go feature. The. Reason why I love this white leather interior is that just. Look at this it, shows. The. Detail, on, this. Vehicle very well now, you know you'll notice that on some massive video stuff, a lot of other reviewers, out there show. Its, they always show the white leather chair because come, on it, is a pretty. Amazing to look at now. That's like I mention to you guys I will talk to you about the difference between a 1780, now, there's not much difference there won't be a difference, on the outside of the vehicle they will exactly, the same, but. For a lot of tech savvy buyers out there the. One two six five but, doesn't want to break the bank on a 2018. Model, 20:18. Cx-5. GX, will come standard, with a lot of safety features which, are the following it, will have the smart city brake support system. Advanced. Blind spot system, rear cross traffic alert automatic. Headlights, rain sensing wipers and. Like. The 2018 CX 9 it, will have a. Package. Called eye active sense package, which is very similar to the GS up there for. The GS mg TC x5 it will come with a new 2.5. S forcing. Their sky active engine with cylinder. Deactivation because. I've done, a lot of research about this about, that engine and it's actually, the first and the first ever 4-cylinder. Vehicle that, comes with cylinder. Deactivation the, reason why manufacturers, can't, replicate, that, is because, the. Balance on on the cylinder part NASA like. Who they are they're very smart were able do, you deal with them. Also. What's new for the seven-four, between eighteen and between, seventeen eighteen is that, you, will have a new color but I know they sort of offer in the u.s. I know, that this color was offered also in the previous generation cx-5, which, is the eternal blue mica and. Also. On the, GS package, you can get. A. Suck. Beige leather interior. Which. Is pretty awesome so which means that in case you want a vibrant white leather interior you, don't have to jump to the GT you can just get the, GS package, which, is pretty awesome. Thank. You for watching my video I hope this video gave you a lot of information between, the different packages I know the shopping for a 6'5.

It's. Relatively. Difficult because my car's not as not. As there's a lot of information out there at, least I hope that this video can, give, you a small bit of formation, about, the cx-5 if you have any other questions, about this, about, this vehicle or the other feature beat up because. We're gonna get the, coming future please, let me know you, can contact, me personally. At, seven, eight zero nine nine, five four, eight three three again. That is seven eight zero, 9 9 5 4 3 3 thank, you so much for watching this video and, hope. I hope hope, you're having a great day guys and keep, in mind subscribe, I'm gonna make a lot more of this videos in, the coming future especially, the 6 9 6 3. The. Master 3 and I, can't, wait for this the upcoming Matt. 2018. Matter 6 with a 2.5, turbo, so, again thank you for watching and have an amazing day guys bye bye.

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