2017 - My Toughest Year On Youtube

2017 - My Toughest Year On Youtube

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20:17. What. A weird year but. It completely. All, over the place mixed bag of a year a youth it felt like it went on forever for. Me personally, not. The best year I'm just gonna go out and say it it's probably the worst year I've had on youtube since I've started making videos and, I'm, not saying that to exaggerate I'm not saying that to over blow it or anything like that it. Has been such. An emotional roller coaster of a year for, me personally if you had a great year I am more than happy for you I'm so glad that you had a good year and I hope 2018, is an even better year for you but, me personally I can't, end this, year without, shaking, some really weird feelings, without shaking, some really weird mentalities. And demons that are stuck inside my head so they just kind of need to get out there and leave. Them in 2017, and move on into 2018. But, let's. Let's go back through. The year and let's go over some of the good things that happened the first big thing that really happened this year for me was that I moved I'm, in a completely, brand new place I'm in my own house I was, able to move across. Across. The water it wasn't that far but, I still managed to move my entire life. From, one country to another country and that. Is so, huge for me the only other person in my life personally and closely, who had ever done that previously. It was my brother my oldest brother Malcolm who I loved, dearly and who was giving me so much great advice over this past year and it's just Oh since, I started YouTube he's been so encouraging but he. Was you know the person I knew who kind of did that and who and you on a personal, level who did that and it, seemed like the scariest thing ever to, do but I finally did it myself this year I I always wanted to move I wanted to go to a different place I did I didn't feel like I was gonna stay in Ireland forever and moving, was a really big deal for me so that's that's. Such a huge positive, part of my life in this, year another really great fantastic, thing that happened to me this year was, that I was asked to co-host the, d23, Disney. Thing, that was going on convention. Exhibition. They, did, a gaming. Site of stuff that they they do every year but this year was a pretty big one because we, got to show off the new spider-man, game we got to show off the new Star Wars Battlefront game, we all know that went afterwards but, and then we also got to show off Kingdom Hearts 3 which was a really.

Big Deal and it, was something that I was so excited to do and so excited to challenge, myself with because I've done some hosting gigs here and there but this is a really big one and there. Was a lot of pressure involved but it was such a nice challenge to, be able to get my teeth into and just sit. There until 2:00 a.m. in the morning, talking. To these people back and forth and how we could craft the show into a cool, thing and just giving in my own thoughts and receiving. Their feedback and everything it was a really cool experience and I'm really grateful, that I got to do it and I really want to do more stuff like that going forward, and. The fact that we got to like Kingdom Hearts 3 was by far the biggest thing going on me personally spider-man, was the biggest thing I love Kingdom Hearts as well but a new spider-man game made. By insomniac, is a really big deal so, getting, to do that was a really cool experience it was really good practice it was really good knowledge I'm just I'm so. Grateful for that opportunity I also got to go on tour twice, I got to go on my own personal tour for, like three shows just to test out and see how it's going and going into 2018, we're gonna rock, that baby hard and we're gonna really go full force at that and tour it around all over the place so keep an eye out for that but, getting to do that was a really cool experience because I again I was so outside my comfort zone I had, never done anything that I had like written material, for that we've worked on and had a structure, to and a theme to and all these different types of things there's a lot of pressure to just get up on stage on my own and carry, a whole show for. An hour and a half and it. Was obviously, a lot, easier to do because all of you guys were there some of you guys were there and, just. Knowing that you guys were out in the audience and you were there to see the jacksepticeye, show really. Eased my nerves but. I was still very scared to do it and I'm so glad that I did and I it's, again it's another challenge that I overcame, this year and I'm very glad I did and I it was such, good practice, because also right, after that I got, to go on the ready player three tour with the game grumps all around Europe and, very. Rarely do you ever get to tour Europe in general just as a facet. Of life but. Here I was doing it because I played video games in my bedroom one time and it, ballooned into this huge thing that I'm here now talking to this gigantic, community, of people and it. Just blew my mind I think it was when we got to Norway I was kind of just walking around the fort and we. Visited, a fort by the way I was. Just walking around I turned to the people I was like no weird that, we all just loved video games and we started making videos on them and, all of a sudden now we're touring you were up and we're here in Norway like I never thought I'd ever got to go to a place like Norway, ever and it. Was just such a surreal experience and, I'm so thankful to. Be. Able to do my own tour but to be able to do that tour with those guys as well I have. Grown so much because, of that I have gained so much knowledge and, so much experience going through those events that, I will likely never ever forget and I'm gonna be able to utilize them going, forward into the tour's next year and they.

Were Just such a cool experience to be able to do I'd be able to meet all you guys and be able to be part of something that, would meant so much to so many people. Blew. Me away and the last really cool thing that we got to do this year was, the charity stream that we did a couple of weeks back there, the, jacksepticeye. Holiday, special, I think, it was that the full title of it I think so we, did the charity stream for Save the Children and that was an uproarious. Success. That. Went so goddamn, well and I'm so pleased with that I'm so proud of it and so thankful for everyone who was involved in that I made a vlog talking about this already but I'm so thankful for everybody who was involved in that I'm so thankful for my friends who came out to be part of it and I'm just so proud that this thing that I had an idea for came, to fruition and, it went so so, well I I really, wanted this to do well and it blew away my expectations you guys were phenomenal thank you for, being a parent of that and for being part of such a memorable, thing and literally. Changing, so many children's, lives and going, forward I want to do more stuff like that as well but that. Really was a great rounding. Off to what was already some. Really cool experiences, that I had this year but, this. Has been the most trying. Year. That I've ever gone through. Why. The. Most trying year that I've ever gone through mental. Health wise there's, so. Many things that happen. This year and so many stuff so much stuff that goes on behind, the scenes and so much stuff that you don't get to see or I can't talk about or I wish, I could talk about but. For certain reasons here and there it's just it either won't go down well or it won't sound good or I, don't, know lots. Of different things that go on that just. Have really worn me down this year and I. Didn't even realize, that it was such a bad thing until. Recently. We're over, Christmas I decided. I was going to take some time off for Christmas I wanted to take time off for Christmas anyway just, because I don't, know it's Christmas time it's it's a time for just relax. Rest. And relaxation is, what I'm trying to say and I wanted to just take some time off for me and it was the first time that I'd been properly, alone, for. A really really long time and when it was by choice a lot of people said that it was really sad that I was home alone and that, I had nobody at Christmas, but I could have gone back to see some of my family I could have gone with her to see her family and everything but, I think I needed, some me time because. As I said so much went on this year that I feel I felt like that I needed to just sit. And think, I needed to be alone with my thoughts for, a little while and then planned on being, like a two-day thing I planned on just not, uploading, videos on either 24th, and 25th or the 25th and the 26th, and then. It. Wasn't until I actually got into taking some time off that, I realized, how much I really needed it that. I took some time off earlier, in the year to go on tour but, that wasn't really a break it was. Just it. Was still doing work. To a certain degree because you were still out performing, for people you were still out meeting a bunch of people and I didn't really get some time alone, to, myself and I, value. My a long time I hugely value being able to just sit and reflect. On my own thoughts and work some stuff out in my head when I was here alone and I, wasn't making videos I as. I. Said I didn't realize, how much I needed that until it actually happened, because. So. Much stuff had been going on this year and I don't think I realized how much it was wearing me down, until. I sat and, thought about until I just had nothing else to do to distract myself with because. Anyone. Who knows me knows that I'm a workaholic knows that I pour, my absolute, being. Into. The stuff that I do into, the YouTube, videos that I make and sure, a lot, of people would argue well they're just Let's Plays but you don't read how much effort. It takes to be able to do this twice a day every single day at the exact same time every, day to keep up that sort of schedule.

Because. While, you might love doing it and I do I love it dearly I absolutely, adore, doing, what I do it. Does take a toll on you after a while it's. Some, sort of mental exhaustion, some sort of. With. So many people talking to you all the time with so many people pulling out of you all the time in so many different directions and, if. Whenever. I'm making my videos they. Go up and then you guys obviously. Get to watch them and that's such a cool experience to be able to see the feedback from you guys immediately. Some of the best parts of doing YouTube, but. When the videos remain and when I stop recording them like, my day just an end there well. I afterwards. Any. Stuff that I'm trying to do with like Disney or make or any projects, that I'm doing with people in America that's when they wake up is, when I finish making my videos so then all it, is it still work hours like after, that that, you have to talk to people and you have to get into meetings you have to get into calls and you have to organize, all this stuff and go through emails and everything and. Believe. Me I know that these are the most first world problems, that a person can have. There, they're very good, problems to have in a way but. At the same time with so much of it going on all, the, time it. Did wear me down and, because each day whenever I woke up when. I had nothing else to do when I wasn't making videos or, when I because, normally when I wake up I just go straight into my work I go straight into making thumbnails or making videos or something but because I didn't. Have any of that to do my mind my mind just started racing and started, wandering and started doing all these different things that for. The first time I think ever it. Started, to scare me because. I. I. Started. To peruse over, all the things that had happened since, I started making. YouTube videos and, all the stuff that I have either, neglected. Or that I've turned down or that I feel like some. Opportunities, have passed and, that. I can't, do them again or. It's. Hard to put into words it. Was, hard to just get my head around it at all but, all this stuff just started to i sat, there and i was like wait what the fuck is going on why, am I thinking this way what's, what's happening and I. Got. Very very emotional for the first few days and I, kind of just sat in a slump and I, got to a point where I started to the thing I'm like man I'm like do I actually have, depression. At this point am I actually that, upset, am i dad lost. Am i that confused, about what's going on and. As. I said because I didn't have videos. Or anything to run away to and I didn't want to either because. It felt like something that I actually had to confront for the first time and throughout, the year I had kind of felt it I kind of felt like some. Of the stuff I was making, I, don't. Know I felt like I could have been trying a lot, more I felt. Like my. Mental health was just deteriorating. Over the year and, and. It's also because I always, try and say so positive, about everything I tried to stay so, upbeat I tried to say so I. Tried. To see the good in everything, and I tried to see the silver lining and all these things that are happening and, I. Don't. Know I think I was just putting too much pressure on myself to kind. Of do that and I. Wasn't giving myself any. Time to think or to breathe or to just, absorb. And, reflect on, what was going on and over like the course of the year I felt like it was getting worse and worse and then, I think when I actually took the time off and I didn't have anywhere else to run to because.

Normally I wake up and I do my videos immediately, and I just, get straight into work and I work all day. When. That didn't happen I started, to just feel so lost and my brain started to go into overdrive and started to think about all these different things and, that's the first time that that's ever happened to me normally. I know exactly where I am I know what's going on I know where to go I know what to work, towards, but, this time it's it was the first time it, actually started, to scare me because. I. Started. To doubt my own self-worth. I started, to doubt so many different things that were going on with me I started. To go, over situations that had happened during the year and started. Making, them all my own fault in, my head and how. To fix them and. Different. Things it was it was weird and I started to worry then that, I wasn't the same person anymore. This. Is stupid. Because. I've always tried to be upbeat, and positive and. Started, and tried to look at the best in absolutely, everything and try, to give. Off that energy to you guys and pass on that sort of positivity, and I, felt like this year I wasn't, trying my hardest to do that because. Different, things inside my head started to get me down. That's. Where this comes in that's, where let's make 2018. Amazing. Comes in because. I, am. So, fucking done feeling like that I'm so done, questioning. Myself I'm so done worrying, about so many different things because. All these things that I've turned down and all these things that I've not. Pursued, to the best of my abilities or I've kind of held myself back on I've. Just either, been worried about how people take it or I'm worried that I just don't deserve half the stuff that has come my way or all. This stupid. Nonsense. That. Doesn't really matter, at the end of the day that. In ten years time I'll, probably regret not doing them so, going. Forward into 2018. I am ready to kick the absolute, shit out, of this year I am. Ready taking. This like, time off has, completely, reinvigorated me, it's completely given. Me some. Sort of motivation and drive I think not having to do something for a little while has kind of, sparked. Some sort of passion back into me and, trying. To get over this stuff and I'm not of course I'm not fully over it you don't just get over stuff, like that and I'm definitely gonna seek some, sort of help for that stuff next year to try and get. My brain in some sort of working order but I felt, like it was such a good thing to take that time off now. Getting. Ready to go into next year because I feel like my brain is in a good place to, actually start working fully. Properly, and in a much more productive, and positive way again when so as I said at the start of this video so many great things happen to me this year and I, need to focus on those I need to going, into next year I really need to just focus on the good things that are happening make even greater things, happen not just for myself but for this channel and for this community I'm.

So. Motivated, to work so hard the hardest I am, I have, ever been willing to work doing. YouTube because this year has been such a wake-up, call, not. Not only like. For my complacency, with everything but, also just I feel, like I can do so much better going, forward and I will and YouTube this year just in general, has. Been a very weird place to be part of it's very dismal. It's varied hours it's a very sour atmosphere, going around in the platform now because of all the ad pocalypse, and D monetization, stuff and everything that's happening I'm, not going to get into that wholly, but. Everyone's, kind of just down and I kind of saps your creative, energy and everyone's just feeling the brunt of it at this point and. If. If you do YouTube and you do it long enough when you do it so regularly, it's it's very hard not to attach your own self-worth, to your channel because. At, least me personally, you put so much of yourself into what you do I put so much of my own personality, into the videos I make and then if YouTube turns around and it hammers, down in this video that. You've worked so hard on you've put so much energy into it it, is hard not to separate that and not to let it hit yourself personally. But. You can't let yourself feel that way because some of this stuff is just out of your control sometimes, these things happen and sometimes yeah so, it's not going to go the way you wanted to but, that's no reason to not still try your best there's. Still so many people out there who depend on you depend, on you and look up to you that, trying your best it's. Still gonna affect them greatly so, I, try, to remind myself all the time of you guys out there who watch this content, who watch this channel what's YouTube in general that. All. The stuff that's going on behind the scenes that it. Doesn't really affect you, all that much it, affects the youtubers, you're watching, but. At the end of the day I still want to try my best to make. You, proud and to make good content, for you and if, stuff like that does happen I'm gonna deal with it and we. Can talk about it when it does happen but, again, I'm not gonna let it stop me from trying my best going forward and I'm. Oh goddamn. Ready I'm so, pumped for, this year I have so many things in the works I keep saying that but I'm like, everything's, kind of in place now and we're ready to start getting moving on it the tour is one thing I have some other projects. That fucking. Really wish I could talk about but, I don't want to jinx them and I don't want to ruin, them either so I'm gonna I'm they're they're going to happen when they happen and I'm. Trying to make them the best that they possibly can, be and I think you guys are gonna be really impressed with them and you're really gonna like them as well but. My god I am going to give this, I'm, gonna give the. Fucking energy, of the Sun back, into the world this year I'm gonna, be such, a beacon, of positivity for, everybody out there involved. I'm gonna, try and motivate myself, motivate. You we're all gonna, make this a fantastic, year you out there as well all of us together are. Gonna make this such a good year this, is our year, this year is gonna be my fucking bitch I'm, gonna kick the shit out of everything that's happening this year and the most positive and most glorious, way possible, I'm gonna move forward into this year, leave all that sour garbage.

Behind Me and just make, this a fantastic year, for myself, and for everybody out there who is joining me on this journey as well who is part of this wonderful. Fantastic, community who has given me so much over, the years and I'm trying my best every, day to, give back and this. Year I'm sorry if I let you down in that regard I am, going to try so much harder next year so I got four pillars moving forward four, pillars that you need to remember going forward into 2018. We're going to focus on the good we're. Going to keep that that, mentality going that, the littlest good thing that happens to us we're gonna focus on that and let that be the spark inside us for this year we're going to keep our PMA we're, going to keep our positive, mental attitude going, forward this year sure, some stuff might get us down and it's okay to feel down you don't have to be a hundred percent happy all the time nobody, is nobody's, perfect. You're allowed feel sad but, just remember that, let's. Keep focusing on the good after, that that after we get sad that there is still some light left in the world that we can work towards also, self-care. That's. Something I've been neglecting from myself for so, so long and as. Evidence. From this vlog and this year and the break I just took it's, so, incredibly, important, you need to take care of yourself not. Only physically. Through, exercise. And eating well or any of that stuff but also in here this. Is probably, the most important, thing that you have which. Is your own mental, health and if, that starts to deteriorate everything. Else stems from that and that will deteriorate as well so you got to work on that whether, it's personally. What do you sit down and you work on yourself, and you find. Some sort of positive. Thing that you can work on even meditation. I think they all sound cliche, they all sound dumb but they work and if, you need to get professional help, then look into that as well because. And I'm gonna be doing that this year I'm definitely, gonna start going to see a therapist, this year just because I think it's important to be able to do it's. Better to be able to figure, out how to overcome hard obstacles, when they happen with the tools necessary. Rather. Than having the higher things happen and then trying to unravel it afterwards, because, that is such a harder battle to overcome and maybe. You're there already it's still worth seeking because. Just like just. Like you clean your house just. As, they say in Rick and Morty just like you wipe your ass, looking. After your own mental health is such. A good. Cleaning, mental. Process, to do so take care of yourselves out there in every, way shape and form and the last thing that's on my list to keep focusing on this year is working. Hard working more working, in such a productive, way I'm. Not gonna so, many times I'm like, there's, deadlines coming up or there's a convention coming up or there's, all these things that I want to do but I'm so worried about my schedule or something. Everything's. Everything's. Off the table this year or everything's, to play for I'm just gonna work so, super, hard in the. Most productive way that I can in the best way that makes the most amount a sense for me so. There, you have it that's, that's 2017. Over and done with, let's. Make 2018. Amazing, let's make it a fantastic year, I'm sorry that this video is so goddamn long but I had a lot to get off my mind and I have a lot that I just want to leave behind and. Let's move forward into the new year and let's. Rock it okay. Let's anyway, thank you guys so, much for watching this video and happy, New Year and I. Forget, what the rest of my outro is right now but punch that like button in the face like, you. Boys and, if. I go wrong. Shh. Thank, you guys I will see all you dudes. A, lot. Of persons no TRO, but, yeah, 2018.

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"If you do YouTube and you do it long enough and you do it so regularly. It's hard not to attach your own self worth to your channel" - Yep, I started feeling this myself in September and I stomped on that feeling and reminded myself that I'm doing this for fun.

Hey dont worry about it, take a breath.

OHANA means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.  And the Jacksepticeye community is the biggest family.

So so so important! Thank you so much for doing what you do and what you plan to do. Not only for YouTube and your fans, but for yourself! Keep on keeping on! You are loved!

And here's the revel...

I lost my new and supportive family to a idiotic choice by me to see my shit mum again because she guilt me and i lost my adoptive family... Luckily my friend is letting me move in with him and his family in 2 weeks. 2017 sucked for me if it was your year then i hope 2018 will be better for you and me lets stay strong

Thanks bud. Needed to hear this today

Sean it’s not stupid. I am the same way and I think the best thing for you right now is to just relax and realize how many people look up to you and love you and would never think otherwise you helped me Get through a hard time and now I think your viewers like me should help you and never ever think you’re not worth something because you’ve helped me so much more than you can imagine you help me fin get through a hard time and now I think your viewers like me should help you and never ever think you’re not worth something because you’ve helped me so much more than you can imagine you help me Not commit suicide and I am grateful and I just wanted to say these things hoping you’ll see them even though you’ve never seen my other comments from what I know but we all love you

Sean, if you need a break, take it. Honestly, I'm just speaking for myself, but you are so important. You're so amazing and you're keeping so many people from slipping into depression, including me and some of my friends. If you became depressed or mentally unstable, I honestly don't know what I'd do. You're literally keeping me alive and SO many others, but you need to take care of yourself too. We love you Sean. We're here whenever you need to talk, even if you're just venting into a camera. Make 2018 better and keep yourself going. We all love you, just keep going.

I tell my parents that Sean is my life. They asked why I love him so much. I showed them this video. Yeah. They understand now.

I have never come across such a hard working and genuine youtuber. You can tell from his content that he gives it his all and he really is thankful for his subscribers. He never takes us for granted. I wish him all the best for 2018 and the years after. I love and appreciate him so much.

please take care we love you no matter what, you're an amazing person and you've been doing so much for my own mental health and others own mental healths, yours is as important

What a Video!!!

Jack I no, We love you and none of this is stupid.A lot of people including me have felt what you've felt and it broke my heart seeing you cry because you are my role model.You are such a special and amazing person and never ever let anyone tell you diffrent.

2017 was my toughest year for my life. I hate 2017. Comment if you hate 2017.

Jack you're an absolute sweetheart. Don't over-do it, nothing is more important than your health. Keep doing what makes YOU happy!

We all love you jack

Were sorry 4 putting so much pressure on you Even if you don't think you have put the effect in making ur vids We do and on the behalf of all of us a huge thanks jack

You are burnin out! You need to tone it down.

This resonates with me so much and the bravery you've shown is incredible. Depression is so hard to put into words, it's easy to blame yourself for the feelings you have or feel guilty because there's people out there with "worse" problems, but believe me speaking up is the best thing you could have done and do not sweep it under the carpet now, don't ignore it. I wish you all the best, from someone who is going through something very similar, I understand. I've sung professionally for 10 years, I was told I was special and I believed I was going to achieve so much. Things haven't turned out that way and I've ended up quitting the one thing I loved because of the pressure to succeed, the judgements people made of me, etc. It's hard, I miss being confident and believing in myself but I'm working on it. Look after yourself, take as long as you need and come back stronger, that's what I'm hoping to do.

Ah fuck, now I'm crying.

This was sad but so healthy though. It’s so great to run through the problems and the great things and how they affected you and then set out ways for things to get better. I think we all will learn a lot from that!

Sean reduce the amount of videos you are making, it’ll make it easier on you and it’ll help keep your mental health healthy, we will all love you the same keep going Sean

Worst year of my life jack

Sounds you shouldn't work as hard as before to me, just saying.

I live in norway Come to trondheim

on your proper tour will you come to Australia ?? please im a big fan and it would be awesome to come out to see you!!!!

When you watch the video Until the end It will get so emotionally Happy For Jack So lets this year for jack the Best OK EVERYONE WITH ME!!!!! THIS SEPTA That was a phrase fform sparta

I get that you want to work even harder. I did that after getting released from the hospital I was admitted to bc of burn-out/depression. But I realized that working even harder won't make up for the time "you lost" while taking time off to focus on yourself. If you work even harder, burn-out's gonna hit you even harder bc you're just repeating the same old mistake over and over again. I know you love us, your fans, but we'll be fine no matter what you do. If you only want to upload one video a day or a video every other day, we'll be fine. Please don't burn yourself out, you're human too and deserve to take time off, to take care of yourself. We love you, thank you for everything you're doing for us.

We Will just leave the bad stuff of 2017 *in* 2017. We wont give them life in 2018!

It feels good to just sit down and be depressed and think about life when you're always being positive and optimistic the majority of the time. To think about things that you've never really been 'allowed' to think about. After that, you tend to go back into the optimistic person you always are, except feeling so much better and refreshed. It's nice.

Thank you, Sean, for being you. You always give so much for this community, and if you ever need us, we are here for you. *gives you a virtual hug.* We care about you, man. (Wow...I sound really cheesy...sorry about that. Heh =_=; ) Anyway, thank you so much.. ^_^


I don't usually comment on videos in general... But I just wanted to say that, even though nobody's gonna read this, I almost cried watching this video. It felt way too... I don't know, "real" ? I really know what you're saying, Jack, and what you went through, and I know perfectly how hard it is. This comment will get lost in the sea, I guess, but I really need to say it : if I watch your videos everyday, it's not only because you're a good youtuber, but more importantly because you're a good person. I hope you'll find peace for your mind. Even you, person who reads this comment ! (even though nobody's reading it XD)

Thank you

I HATED 2017 so much bad stuff has happened on YouTube and me

having moments of self-doubt is normal. just remember where you came from. 2018 is a game changer for me as well.

Nothing happened to me except getting an eating Disorder and depression. No biggie

For the longest time I believed that my optimism and positivity were some of my best traits, so when I’d get sad or have negative thoughts I’d start verbally beating myself down in my thoughts and ignoring it as well because it terrified me that I would lose my best personality traits and then I would just be a useless burden after. I had to accept that being down once in a while is absolutely human and it’s not spreading negativity if you tell others about your issues and thoughts, it’s opening up which will bring friends closer. If you bottle it all up and pretend the negativity doesn’t exist it doesn’t go away, it builds up until the dam bursts - so please take care of yourself more, practice some self love and don’t be hard on yourself when you’re not being productive. we’re human, not productivity machines. hope 2018 is better for all of us!

Take a break Sean, whenever you need it. We all will understand. Your human you need to be a human and take a break. Your so amazing in everything you do, even if you made one video a year we would watch it a hundred times because we know that it could have taken everything in you to make it. Take a break, figure everything out and then jump back in, don’t let life become a routine take a breather to gather yourself and then figure out what’s happening. We love you no matter what!!! Stay strong!!!! Take this year by storm and win we’re with you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

All the love from the east coast of Australia my dear friend! Keep it going. You deserve all that you have! Heres to an amazing year :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's going to try to make 2018 an amazing year.

Hello Jack. I’m a graduate student and I’m writing a thesis on Mental Health! You’re video is amazing and inspiring. I hate to ask, but would it be okay to possibly use your video for my thesis? I believe it will add depth and show another side of mental health with an actual person. You can always say no and I will respect your wishes. Thank you so much for the constant support you show your fans. As a fan, we love you!


Jack I see many rainbows in your future

Can someone pleases explain to me what the story is with him and Felix?

Don't worry jack i had a shit year too

Jack you look so depressed and sad I want to wish you a new year and more time to yourself jack we are here for you... : )

Your videos have moved me in ways you couldn’t imagine. You helped me with getting through my mental illnesses with your positivity and love and I don’t know how to thank you. I wish you the best in 2018. You deserve it

Jack I am a 46 year old man who watches you with my 14 year old daughter when I have access to her. I now watch you by myself when I feel depressed or alone as you always make me smile. So I just wish you the best in 2018 and I agree focus on the new and let the past drift away. Thank you mate for helping me through my hard times and I wish I could shout you a beer or two to show my appreciation. Your a champion mate thank you.

You should play more horror games

I’ve always looked up to you for the past 2-3 years of YouTube and find you as the most amazing and understanding person on YouTube that I’ve known by far. Most my friends don’t understand why I enjoy watching your videos calling me “childish” or “inappropriate” because I enjoy watching them. Your are the funniest, understanding, kindest and most energetic guy that I’ve ever seen. I enjoy every video and always happy to see your face filled with energy and I’m like “yeah that’s the guy I’m looking for” I enjoy watching you Sean, and I know you didn’t have the best year and its totally fine, we have our days and moments in life. Believe me I’ve had years that weren’t the greatest but yeah 2017 was merely weird to me from going to 8 grade to high school. Anyway you deserve to relax and clear stuff that’s on your mind, and enjoy what you do. It’s great to make all these decisions that you plan to do and I’ll support you all the way!! I’ll be there to help you make 2018 an amazing year. Don’t let doubt cloud your mind and don’t keep things inside you cause we’re all here tho for Sean no matter what situation your in all of us are with you. I don’t know if you’ll see this comment knowing that thousands of people comment here, so I just wanted to get this out since I was watching this video and felt touch by it. Anyway I’m glad your on YouTube because you inspire me and I look up to you!

Same here jack

2017 sucked. That’s not what matters though. We are all moving forward best we can. Sean, this was brave. I hope you can continue moving forward but not just for your fans and your channel, but yourself. It’s easy to ignore all of this and just focus on the content but this was so goddamn brave. Thank you Sean. This inspired me in so many ways. Don’t over work yourself buddy. :)

Sean good luck in 2018

2017 was such a bad year for me as well. I want you to know that we are fine with you taking time off, because you’re our absolute rock! Just do what you love, and kick the shit out of everything like a boss. You worked hard. c: You did well.

For real you can only be an angel, hope you have the best year ever and so do we all! And yeah let's kick the shit out of 2018!

Ugh Sean, I know you wanna kick the fuck out of the year, but please, for the love of God, take time for yourself every now and then. Don't overwork yourself. Overworking yourself is a straight-away into that spiral of not thinking about your own well-being and whatnot. Just please keep that in mind, Sean. You are an amazing person and bless you for being the way you are.

pause at 2:08 Jack looks drunk and tired XD

Try not to fuck it up in 2018 *Logan Paul releases a video laughing at a dead body in the suicide forest*


your hair!! it is black i love green

Nope horrible and depressing year for me :(

I think this is one of my favorite videos you’ve done. Although I wanted to be able and reach out when you said it’s stupid! It’s not stupid and I think you sharing this could help a lot of people.

Man u you are a grate person and me and my little bother watch every video u expire me and him to do grate things i hope you see this bud happy new year. Man

He makes me happy

Jack just know that u are my favorite YouTuber and u are my favorite part of my day and I just wanted u to know that and I'm happy for you and that u believe that and that u know u can make that happen but know that we all believe that u can take a break and relax and u are an inspiration to the world. The Amazing thing about u as a YouTuber is that u are always positive and u don't get in any beef with other YouTubers that's why I love your channel so much you are so awesome and super funny u make me laugh every time I watch u thank u so much for being u.

Feels my dude. Always impressed by your ability to stay positive

Let’s make JACKSEPTICEYE GREAT AGAIN (lol you are already great) love from everyone

Jack, from time to time you mention how your videos help people, often times I think it’s silly but don’t discredit those people, in this video you’ve helped me, thank you so much for your personal sacrifice because you help, I know my struggle and pain may be completely different from yours but to see the light that you project helps me lift my head High, my head was not a safe place either for the most part of 2017 which also made me cling to the things that keep me sane, I was scared to see how 2018 will go, but seeing how you can get up from the floor of wallow gives me so much strength, Thank you Sean Jack And to whomever reads my proclamation -Jack (my real name)

Idk if you’re even gonna see this but, working hard is important but working smart is even more important. I don’t fully understand what it means quite yet but I do understand it a bit. My band director tells us this constantly and I feel like it’s a very important thing for everyone to know. You can work your butt off but if you don’t work smart you won’t get anywhere. I’m still learning about life and how things work but aren’t we all? All I’m saying is that while working hard is important, don’t forget to step back to see what is best for you and others around you. Work smart!!

U got this jack have a good 2018

You got this Sean

Jack honey, you've worked hard for everything you have. Never feel bad about putting time aside for yourself, you can always do that and we will all till be here for you. I've been watcing you for almost 3 years now, which definatley isnt a long as some other people, but you've still helped me out so much. You were one of my only reasons to be alive back a year ago. Please take care of yourself jack, your channel is still amazing, everyone has bad days, weeks and even months. But we'll all understand hun :)

one step at a time, it will b ok .

awwww dude, if you need to just stop for a while and work out your own head then just do it, take a break, work out what you need to then go again...we'll be here, we can wait for you to sort out the background stuff

Even after all the hard times, you still come out positive. Love you so much man ^-^

Personally i have had a bad 2017 but hopefully 2018 begins with a bang and stays that way through the year. Keep up the great videos mate!!

jack, please dont forget that you come before us. if you need to step back and cut down on videos, or even stop all together, we understand. i think all of us would rather see you happy than making youtube videos and being miserable

We are all here for you whenever I feel personally that Sean ( spelling...) is some one who listens a lot to other people but never really talks about how he feels whether it be good or bad ( idk it’s just what I feel) so I am very happy you are talking about your feelings You are an amazing person I wish the best year ever

you got through this year still kicking, so kudos to that. to be able to face the fact that you’re struggling and to talk about it and try to get help is incredibly brave. none of the problems you discussed are dumb or stupid, they and your feelings are valid. we will all understand and support you through whatever you need to do to help yourself, even if that involves less videos this year or more breaks to avoid placing too much pressure on yourself or to always stay positive. we’re here to all be with you and each other and work towards making 2018 all about positive mental attitude

Awesome self reflection man! 2017 was a hard time for me too and i had to finally realize I wasn't happy about many things in my life. I plan on taking things (music, fitness, YouTube) more seriously this year!

Thanks for telling about going through last year, hope you have a great year for 2018

F*ck yeah Sean, let's kick 2018 right up the a-hole!!!


One more thing, please tour Canada sometime (Edmonton, Alberta). My son would lose his mind!!!

We love you so much Jack!! You are worth everything to some of your fans. You are an amazing person and you are so positive for us. We only see how you are positive but at the end of the day you are still a human being and have problems like all of us so negative feeling are inevitable sometimes. We believe in you and you will succeed in anything you put your mind to! Live well this year!!

Dude, please take a vacation. For your health. You need the time to be human, and reconnect. That is to say, don't worry about the videos for a week.

Yeah 2017 is also the year that you really changed for me, i don't Know how i can put into words how and why you've changed it's just i used to sit here at 8pm and 9pm waiting to watch your videos and i always enjoyed them so much and you've changed i Often still watch your old videos and i enjoy them so much i just wish that it could be like that again, not that it have anything to say to that it Know that it might not have to do anything with this video but yeah i just wanted to throw that out there and i just hope i can get back into you this year

wow, I'm so sorry and believe me when I say I know what your going thru. I hope you have an amazing 2018! Love yourself and be positive Sean!

I've seen this example in a video about emotional stress and it really struck me: if you lift a glass of water, it's not a big deal, right? If you hold the same glass for a very long time, it doesn't matter if a glass of water is a light burden, your arm will still hurt. It's not the size of the burden but how much and for how long you can endure it, sometimes we just have to remember to put the glass down to rest. So Sean, and everyone, don't feel ashamed to stop sometimes, relax and charge up for the next step

Take some time to yourself, Jack. :D We're here for you.

Jack, no matter what you do, we'll be happy and proud for you. And we all know with your attitude, this year will be the best year ever!! And thank you Jack, you saved me!

You're such a relatable YouTuber/let's player and it's nice that you take time out just talk to us like we're your friends in vlogs. Hopefully 2018 is a better year for you!


you like boy cock jack sorry but you do jk i didnt watch the video

Can I just say

Can you give my a shout out

I'll always remember the four pillars , especially making 2018 my bi**

But JJJJJACCCKKKKK. I wont be as smart as those watching rick and mortyyy halp me/

We are with you Jack you are our inspiration just like we are yours Thank you Sean

Thank you for letting out your problems with us Sean, you seem like a very intresting person to have a long chat with wish i could meet you. I feel like there is so few people who wants to focus on the positive side of things nowadays. It is great to see that there is still a few ones left that want to focus on positive side and spreading positive energy. Thank you

Jack it's ok. We are here for you. We are your family. We are not here to criticize you. It's ok if you want to take a break for some time. We want quality not quantity jack. So plzz don't be so hard on yourself and be easy

Youtube isn't hard lol I can throw a top notch thumbnail in 10 minutes or less and throw a top notch edited video together in less then 3 hours

I'm super late to this and you may never see this but I'm so proud of you Jack. Your videos have been a light for me in recent years and I think the recent break did you good. Your smile is back. Mental health is so important and I'm glad you're talking about it. For you (or anyone reading this) you're right: self care is so important. But it can take many forms. Sometimes it's making an important phone call, or finally getting up and showering. Sometimes it's pampering yourself and treating yourself gently. We all deserve this. And Jack, I'm gonna make a suggestion you might not like. Consider taking days off again in the future. Work hard, sure, but your mental health is the most important thing. Don't burn yourself out. What you were doing is called ruminating and I often get stuck in it when I have nothing else to distract me- it's why your videos are a godsend. You have so many, and you're always putting out new content. Consider taking a break every once in a while. We love you and support you

You are one of the hardest working youtubers. Just look at the schedule. I'm pretty sure your subscibers are well deserved.

Rip agp

Sean , 2017 has been a bad year for many people including me... If you need a break you take that break and we will all understand you. 2017 was hard but it's over now. Let's all make a new beginning including you Sean , a new year , a new 2018!

I did not mean to post that...

Sean, 21

You are doing well Jack by thinking a bit on what is going on in life but one thing you shouldn't do is ask yourself if you have a depression. I know for a fact that you DO NOT have a depression. I know that your life might be repeating a lot of stuff in your life but if it's what you like than just get up and say "FUCK YOU WORLD". I will always love you Jack for all the work that you do and I want to follow your footsteps no matter what

Dude you will always be Jacksepticeye the best and funniest legendary youtuber. I know this isn't close to yhe problems that you are stating nut I have the problems that you are listing because of school. Be strong remind yourself that everything can be fixed. Do not lose hope in all of the Bullshit that the world spiys at you. Stay you Sean the bouncing baby boy I know

*virtual hug*

Jack, you concerning me a little... not to say bad, I really like your hope for next year, but pls don’t forget that you need a source of energy :) Pls, make time for an hour walk each day (preferably in the sun), so not at night Sound too easy and stupid and I don’t know if you do, but I find it a waste of time It’s clear that you overdose your brain with work and always try to GIVE energy do, skipping the parts where you GET energy from. The daylight can give lots of energy, so walk and let your mind wander like a jackseptic bouncing ball! ^>^

Why did u dye ur hair

Jack is the definition of humble.

It's one o'clock in the u.s

Waiit.... Pewds number 1 hater is malcolm

Hey I’ve not seen my dad for 8 months, this has been the most dogshit year of me life

It is ok jack

Jack if you saw this it would make my day. This video heavily inspired me and made me laugh, and just made me happy in general. I'm motivated and even though its 3am and cold as fuck for the next few days, I'm gonna try and do my best this year. I'm gonna try and get up earlier then fucking 5pm lmao and punch the day in the face LIKE A BOSS. And I'm gonna try and learn more, and i'll put up positive notes everywhere. Moral of the story: This video is awesome and I'm ready to kick the shit out of 2018 just like you! LET'S DO THIS!!! LET THIS YEAR BE KNOWN AS THE POSITIVITY EPIDEMIC!!!

Sean, your feelings and self care are in no way stupid but in fact the MOST IMPORTANT so please take the time to rest and love yourself! We will still be here! You have given a lot of care and advice to fans through your videos and it's amazing how far you can reach even through a video! Your attitude is a blessing and we hope you take care!!! :)

#letsmake2018amazing !!!!

Sean, even if you felt you couldn't give your very best to us, know this; for many, many people (myself included) you helped us through our own self doubt, even into self hate, and a lot of people would have been lost without your help. Personally, I know my story is no worse than the next, and I haven't gone through what someone else has, but I, for many deep, horrible reasons, I was ready for death and still am, and I can't afford help, so for me you are my help, and I couldn't get through 2017 without you. Thank you, Sean, for everything.

Hell, you've got 17,000,000+ people you're supporting and every one of them are supporting you too, weather or not you know or realize it, you're a hero Sean. Happy New Years, man!

I’m really glad you took some time off. I love you Sean, i hope you feel better. We’ll be here for you whenever you need us, I’m sorry things get so hard sometimes, just know that 2018 is going to be a much better year, and you can get through this.

we love you Jack*

Jack works so hard every day to make us happy but he works so hard that he barley has time to relax and not think about anything or worrying about videos if wants a break he should get a break because he really deserves it I love Jack we are always here for you we support you every step the way we love you

I want you to know, Jack, that you deserve every single good thing that has come/will continue to come into your life. You are a friggin' AMAZING human being. I can't believe how humble you've been through your youtube careeer, and I applaud you for being a positive role model for many of your young viewers. I think it was a great idea to take some time for yourself and think things through. Everyone needs time to reflect on tough situations, etc. and doing so will help you face more tough situations in the future. We're all here for you. Thank you for pouring your heart out to us. You will never know how much it means to everyone that watches your videos.

Sean we all understand please if you need to take time for yourself do it please I hate seeing you like this

I love ya Jack and no matter wut I'll watch ur vids

Jack, me and you both. But good thing your here. If you weren't here then I would still be sad. You've helped me so much and I want to personally thank you because you help all of you're friends and you've helped me SOOO much and I think your the best person ever and thank you so much for helping me :)

Jack you need to change the mentality of working for us to working for yourself


You were the best part of dxp

Jack, truly, thank you for making this video. Its helped me put perspective on myself. You by far the best youtuber ive ever come across, and i so glad i did. Look forward to your future videos.

Just upload once a fucking day jack

Sean, you make videos twice a day every day and I’m sure that is tough. Your core fans are with you and if you need more time off is 2018 it is fine. You help so many people and are a superhero behind the screen. Let’s punch 2018 in the face!

Awesome hair

2017 it was the hardest year I've felt like I'm depressed and I'm just why am I doing this but I hope 2018 will be amazing! In glad I get to spend this year with Jack and everyone

Also wonderful advise and reminder. Thank you.

We love you Jack! Mental health is so hard to overcome... you’re so strong but don’t forget to care for yourself!


that double fisting comment was not supposed to be as dirty as it ended up sounding... dammit

Your character is so fantastic and selfless, it broke my heart to see the tears fall from your eyes :( I am proud of the journey you’ve taken - know that you can never let us down! I am excited for your 2018, but feel entitled to a break every once in awhile, we love ya lots mister man!

I know what you are/ we’re feeling because that is exactly what I’m going through now. While I was watching the video I was crying because it feels like you get me... when no one else does... you are there, you are there for me and everyone else on this channel... thank you so much Sean...

I'm having one of the worst times of my life and I have been severely depressed because so much is going wrong that I cannot do anything about, so thank you, Jack. I appreciate you breaking down the pillars, too. I'll keep them in mind.

Jack your allowed to feel emotions, you have your own mind don’t worry about what we say or do or think you are amazing and you’ve changed a lot of lives don’t worry your doing great don’t give up you take breaks when ever you want no ones controlling you. you do what ever you want to do and it’s ok.

I stray away from your channel sometimes because not every video interests me which hopefully is understandable but I still would like to share how much I appreciate your genuine attitude. I recently (a few months ago) started going to therapy and it's helped me so much, I reccommend! I'll vow with you to kick 2018's ass! Here we go!

hey Sean, I started watching you around last October and I absolutely love you and your videos and 2017 has been a completely shitty year for me because I'm 14 and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety this year and I have hated my self and hurt my self mentally and physically but you are the reason that I am still here because you motivate me to be more positive and you can make me smile even when I am crying my eyes out because I think I'm not good enough. but this year I'm done with it so I'm working on myself and I'm going to try to think more positively about my physical appearance and my ability to do things. anyway I'm rambling but I want to make the world better I love making people happy and I'm ready for 2018 and I believe that we can change the world because you have changed mine and I want to help others feel that same happiness. now let kick the shit out of this year and show it whos boss. P.S: happy new year

Jack, whether or not you feel like you have to, please please please take care of yourself. While you spoke in this video, I heard a lot of my own doubts come out of you, and I want you to know that you have to seek your own health above all others. You are the most important to you, so please take off time. We all care about you so much, you are worth so much to us, and please don't force yourself into anything. Ok that's all thanks for reading :)

Jack, you're an amazing person, especially for making this type of video. You laid your soul bare and it says something about where your head is at. I love your videos and I see all the energy you pour into each one. Don't worry Jack, you have 17 million people who all support and care about your well being. If you ever feel down just reach out and you'll find 17 million people who will jump for the chance to help you. Love ya man! :)

Your mental health is more important than anything, like -luckily- everyone says in the comments :) I hope the community sends you enough positive energy to feel a little less pressure, and that therapy can help you get through this. The best wishes to you Séan

I know I’m late but Sean I feel you should know that everyone here fucking LOVES you, I think for some people your the center of their universe! You’ve helped so many people through their problems you forgot and doubted your own... Nobody would hate you if you took a break here and there to recollect yourself and take a break. I cried when you cried and I feel terrible for what you went through no one should ever doubt their self worth I’ve never been where you have but you fucking go and make 2018 an amazing year! And take breaks when you need to because everyone needs a break every now then Jack I love you! We ALL love you and never forget it.

Me just realizing he lived in Ireland

"Take care of yourself kid, 'cause someone really cares about you." :) ♡

Jack we all love you you have immense self worth you provide joy to so many people who are sad before your videos and they have problems in their lives but after they watch your videos they become happy for at least a while we all love you you are so awesone..!

im sorry i called you jack instead of sean

My husband died, so yeah, I think I had a worse year than you.

I'm glad you were able to take the time off. There will always be regrets, because you just can't do everything. I only found your channel over the last few months, when you said you weren't your best, but I've found it to be so uplifting and just, nice, to be able to watch when I have the time. They've made me happy.

I pledge to take your three goals for 2018 as well. I think they are perfect.

Jack, I know how you're feeling. I was diagnosed with depression a few years ago (its hereditary). I have those thoughts almost everyday and have to take medication. you should take a brake from youtube to have fun, and if it gets worse then you should see i doctor. I have faith in you.

Jack, unlike other big youtubers, he gives a shit, he gives a shit about is, his "fans friends followers subscribers" What I mean is that Jack cares more about me that my own parents, Jack gives a fuck about us, I know it's not a cliché way of saying and sorry But Jack/Sean or however you want to call him, is more like a father than most actual parents Thank you Jack/Sean for just being you, being awesome, Thank you from the deepest part of my blacked out heart, thank you you so much Let's all make 2017 jealous of 2018

I'm halfway through and crying oh my god... This is so relatable and that's why it's sad.. And seeing Jackaboy sad and crying oh my god it breaks my heart


Happy new year. I watch YouTubers and there are lots of people I like but you are my favorite because you are very funny and you seem like a real person that I can relate to and you couldn’t ever disappoint me.

Im sorry i havent been paying attention what country did he move too?

2017 was a shit year for almost everyone. Let's try to make 2018 a lot better. Hope everyone has an amazing year

"THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE MY BITCH!!!" - Jacksepticeye 2017... Or is it 2018?? WHAT IS THIS

I'm glad to know 2017 wasn't just a hard year for me but for others as well..I thought I was alone but this video opened my eyes.Depression was kicking a lot people's asses and negativity went like wildfire

I'm not crying! Your crying! *Sniffle* Fucking asshole.... We all love you Jack!

We are here. NO MATTER WHAT! Love you Séan. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jack, I'm sure you already know how much we all love you. It's okay to feel down like that and it's also okay to strive to better it! I know you love to work but try not to burn yourself out too much : ) we all know you enjoy spreading positivity-- but i hope you know that even when you're not pushing it, you're still helping everyone to be happier. Good luck in 2018, Sean!

We love you so much Jack. Thank you for this - it's so incredibly helpful for me to see how someone can get through this kind of thing because it's something that has made my life very very hard for a long time now. It's obviously heartbreaking to see it happening to you too but I will live by your resolutions this year. We can do this, together. ❤

I hated 2017 I hope u had a better 2017 than I did and have a better 2018 than 2017

The only way you could let us down, is by not taking care of yourself. Please remember to take a break now and then, you will not be able to do anything if you fall ill. I hope that everything turns out alright for you soon! And lastly, thank you for making me smile when I have a bad time.

2017 vas a nutcracker for me. Has anyone seen the news this year. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

We need some merch with the Jacksepticeye logo going "FOCUS ON THE GOOD" or "MAKE 2018 AMAZING"

Well said. I'm 43, my 10 son who's 10, shared some of your videos with me. I am so glad that there are channels like yours out there. You have brought much laughter to our home, thank you. Keep following your heart and you need never worry about your path, you are genuine and compassionate and will always shine wherever you go. Your family of 17million is loyal for good reason. P.s. Love your outtro, hope it never changes!

We all love you Sean. We truly do. Take care, and we're here for you! ^_^

Wow, what a transparent and honest reveal of your life and heart. One thing I have appreciated about you for the last few years is that you can be trusted to be an honest person. You let us see the man underneath the character. Getting burned out is a very REAL THING, no matter what your life is like. May God give you the strength and peace you need deep inside yourself, and also the healing you need. You have a fanbase, and many of us love you, man.

Jack thank you thank you you are such a friendly amazing person not any adjective can describe how great you are when i watched this i got emotinal cause its like im listening to a friend and just love to reach through screen and hug im sure we all would HERES TO AN AMAZING 2017!

I really love how honest you are with us. There are a lot of Youtubers out there which I feel like say empty words, but when I watch your videos I can literally feel your heart with every word you say! I think you should take some you time more often if you really need it because all of your true fans would and will understand. Thanks for helping me trough the hardest of days I really hope 2018 will be a good year for you and your family! Much love ~ a fan

Keep reading to see in off-topic Close-up look: Jack has dark green in his hair now...

"I could've gone with her to see her family." Some of the viewers who aren't caught up must be wondering who in the actual hell he's talking about.

Just realized Sean is real life All Might

I know I'm like 4 days late on commenting, but Jack... Why did you hide something like this from us? It hurts me to see that you had those demons, and you've also managed to hide them from all 17 million of us, it really hurts me. I watched this the hour it came out, it was a few hours before new years here in LA, and when you said you might have depression, I didn't give a shit about anything, not even the wine I can drink when new years came. I just sat there and I cried. You his it from us for so fucking long, and we didn't have a clue. I should have seen SOMETHING, I've had those demons for three fucking years, but I didn't have a clue. I don't care if this gets lost in the sea of comments, I just want to put this out there. I'm sorry that us people who deal with those demons on a day to day basis didn't see what was happening behind the scenes, and we weren't here for you, and I wish that we were, and I can't speak for all of us, but I'm sure some of us feel the same way. Please just tell me that you're going to be alright, I don't want you to hurt yourself or for these constant voices to hurt you. I might sound Obsessive or creepy, but I just want you do be okay, and I hate that I didn't see that you weren't.

Oh my god I wrote an essay. But at least it's its for a good reason, and Séan, please take time off whenever you need it, because we all want you to get better.

Q do you swear any more?

I know exactly how you felt Sean and I want you to know that I’m so sorry that happened to you and the reason why I know how you felt because I had a lot of stuff going on my life at the time but you were the only person I could get me through it and thank you so much for that you’ve helped me so much and I hope you have a better 2018 -Cleo

Hey Sean I know exactly how you felt and I’m so sorry that happened to you and I hope you never feel that way again and you will have a better year I know it

I fucking love you man. Please notice that you dont HAVE to be super positive ALL THE TIME. You are human, you feel emotions. Man we're all going through stuff and so are you. I dont think you let any of us down. I love you so much man.

can i hire jack to come to my house and get my life on track because i need some fucking help

I fucking hate Logan Paul now.

Please do a tour in buffalo or Jamestown New York or Erie Pennsylvania

I'm from Norway :D

Love you so much buddy.

I sorry to hear about your year, and I hope 2018 treats you well!

I have been a LONG time viewer of you and this channel. Never have I commented. I did not feel like I needed to because I enjoy pretty much everything you put out. Its fun, light, and entertaining. I know this video is not new but I just watched it and I wanted to say something even if you dont see it. You are a human, like all of us. I have been through severe anxiety and depression and it is scary because you dont know what is happening to you. I do not know your mental state I do not know you personally but I know what you put out on social media. When your brain races that can be anxiety and it doesnt even have to be triggered by something. It can just happen. Especially if you havent given yourself time to think. You seem like a fantastic person who cares about your fans and the way you come off. Those two things alone show what type of person you are. Thats why you are so successful. You care. I guess my point is that you are not alone at all with the situation you were describing. Just remember that. It will always lighten the load on your brain. Also never feel like you have to do something just because it will make other people happy. Do what makes you happy. Some people may not understand but thats not your issue. I hope this rambling helped in some way. I guess I just know where you are coming from and related to it. Humanity is what makes life woth living. Knowing that all of us are not perfect but we can strive to be the best that we can be. Thats all that counts. also sorry this is a novel.

Jack/Sean, it's okay man, you moved away from your homeland, it's not wrong to have some of those feelings of being overwhelmed when a big change happens; you'll bounce back when things begin to settle a bit!

I had an awful year too don't worry, my demons are still there and probably will never leave the burning hell that is my head

2017 was a shit year for me too mentally your not alone

We can all blame EA for how crappy 2017 was, you gotta make micro transactions to make it “better”

I think you should take more time for yourself. We're still going to be here. Not everyone needs constant simulation, constant video's. Ask yourself where you want to be; ask yourself if you will regret decisions made now, at a later time in your life. You'll always be growing, which doesn't stop you from being you.

I think I know exactly how you feel. I've been going through this mental overdrive shit for 3 years now and I quit college because of it 3 times, I can't stay focused, I get extremely anxious about the littlest of things and it just paralyzes me. And just like you, now I'm trying to see 2018 as a new start. I'm hoping I can get myself to calm down, be more disciplined and work towards my goals. I hope you have a wonderful year and everything will fall back into place.

We sometimes forget that it is ok not to feel ok.. we are not superhumans. We are human and you are so reflective, i deeply respect that. Thank you for opening up and please don't be so hard on yourself. You make so many people happy, but keep in mind to make yourself happy as well. I wish you all the best and awesomeness in 2018 :)

JOIN THE BROLEGION!! oh, btw Jack do the best a gr8 man can n plan ahead

Nope i lost someone 5 days in to the new year...

2018 will be your year jack!

It was tuff for me too

Oh Jack I just wanted to hug you so much when you were upset in this video. I have felt like this so much last year. I wish I could turn my mental attitude around like you have and look forward but I struggle. Thanks for helping me through my hard times I hope everything gets better for you.

I'm glad you're going forward with your own revitalized natural outlook on life, Sean, but just be cautious in your pursuit of making 2018 the best it can be that you don't over-exert yourself to an even higher degree than the previous year. Best wishes from Canada!

Sean, we care for you and love you and want the best for you. Don't allow regrets to get you down, it's in the past. The best you can do is work towards doing something that's maybe second best or something that will also make you look at it and say, "Wow. We did that and it was great." You are allowed to feel sad and allowed to take time to think and rework the way you want to do things.

i almost cried seeing jack destroyed like that i feel so selfish and sorry for him

I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him it would be ok.


2017 is a year where a lot of great important stuff changed in me. My life's still shit and I also still have depression, but I became an even better person. I have to say that it's possibly one of the best years I've experienced, perhaps THE best so far. It sucks it was so bad for you and others, and hope they and you feel even better soon.

Jack don't kill ur self ye r having why to much negativity ur teetering on the brink of death and it's starting to scare me

He isn't going to kill himself and he is better now... Did you even watch the video?

Please please PLEASE take a week off again sometime this year. Go on a vacation. Sit on a beach and sleep for a week in the caribbean or something. Most people have built in paid vacation time at their jobs. The fact that you've been going at this pace for like 5 years or something is insane. You've more than earned time in a hammock drinking something out of a coconut. It sounds weird, but as someone with depression I find a change of scenery to be really useful for getting myself out of a funk. Sometimes it's as little as letting someone drag me out of the house to run errands with them, sometimes it's more like "I'm going to go spend a week in another country to regain my sense of awe with the world." And if you find yourself having trouble not working at ALL, make a travel vlog. Record as you go, have Robin edit it when you come home. You got this, dude. We're rooting for you.

I haven't watched your videos all of 2017. Hearing your voice again was like saying hello to an old friend. Maybe that's why 2017 was awful for me - there wasn't enough boss in it!


It's not stupid, Jack. It's not. It's not true that you don't deserve what you have and .. well none of it's true. But that's the beast that is a mental illness. I hope you're doing better and that if you're not feeling good, that you go to a professional. Depression is the flu of mental illness. It can happen to ANYBODY with no apparent reason and the effects of it are so variable from one person to the next. Stay strong love.

I think it was a weird year for everybody my bro

You deserve to take breaks they’re good for your mental health! So when you feel that there is too much pressure take a break; we all love you and want you to be happy and not stress so much

Jack, Please take a break for your own health. We all love you and we want you to be happy. Take a week, take a month to yourself. Travel. Recover and we will see you when you get back! :)

I noticed that this wasn't a stereotypical sad video. No sad music, no sigh at the beginning of the video, no hand reaching out to turn off the camera. Good job, dude.

Jack to be honest 2017 sucked for me too. In the end 2017 was shit hole but 2018 has no WILL GET better

I'm sorry jack I feel the same way stay strong jack WE ALL LOVE YOU

awww jack..... jack youre making me cry too *huge hug* i love you as a person so much. You can be honest, you can be real and i love that about you. Take breaks, you need it dude, we as viewers can take it. We love you Jack!! Mental health things like depression, anxiety, those sort of things i completely understand and and feel for you. They completely wear ya down and change your life in such a scary way, give you irrational fears. But we are here for you and we love you so much!! I love you so much Jack!!!! EDIT: #LetsMake2017AMAZING !!!!!

This hit amazingly close to home...

Hey Jack, I think trying to always be positive can actually be self-destructing. As silly as it may sounds, having some time when you're just sad is actually good because you can analyse what's wrong in your life and because, let's face it, being always happy positive is not natural so it tends to absorb so much effort. I didn't experience that as much as you, but one silly example is that over the past 3 years, I've been living alone so I was able to have some "sad moments" (or sometimes even days) without having to smile or laugh or show to people that everything was ok. But this year I live with 6 other roommates and it's different, I feel like a pressure like I need to always be ok. I mean yes I can have bad moments in front of them but sometimes I have some "periods" when I'm just feeling kind of down (without being depressed), when I just want to stop talking to people and have time for myself to think. I think this is a very important thing to do. Clearly you should be less addicted to your work, otherwise it will consume you. You really should take some real vacation (like at least a month break) to really find yourself again!

Spead the message like a virus over the web! #letsmake2018amazing

Jack you probably won’t see this but if you do please acknowledge this. If you need a break just do it...for the community and the fans just try to relax for a while to recoup. And just remember the fans love ya❤️❤️❤️

"MY AD-REVENUE!" -Everyone

“Let’s make 2018 AMAZING” LOL take a break man cuz my 2018 won’t be AMAZING unless u do.

U sound like sayori

So proud of you! I'm glad you made this video, and glad that you're confronting this and not just continuing to ignore it and let it fester. In this time of people doing shitty stuff and just general bad stuff going on it's nice to have such a good role model. You're really an inspiration to me, and this only reconfirms all of this for me. Make sure to look after yourself, Sean, we all love you and support you in everything ❤❤

Does he talk about how he stabbed PewDiePie in the back? All in the name of his master ? Disney ?

4 of my family members died and my friends dad

Dude.. Sean, seeing you this broken down destroys me, all of us. We care for you so much. You don’t need to drain yourself for us. Take. Time. Off. You need it. We love you man. Slow down. Refocus yourself. We’ll still be here when you get back.

We are all proud of you no matter what Jack! Really glad you got a chance to wind down and have time to realize things. To also come back stronger for this year, can't wait to see how you do this year!!

Jack we are all here for you. If you have to take time off go for it, everyone will understand! We love you Jack!

Who is.... her

2017 was tough for a lot of us. 2018 will be better, we all just have to stay strong!!!!

Dude... I tried at life because of you. And shit worked out. Way better than I expected. I entered and won a huge writing competition. I'm facebook friends with Brandon Sanderson. I'm meeting David Farland tomorrow, (if my heart doesn't explode tonight from all of my happiness, and nervousness, and utter disbelief.) I blame a lot of it on you. You gave me courage. I wish I could send it back to you when you need it, but this is the best I can do. Thank you.

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Dealing with that kind of stuff is really really hard. I'm now hella stoked for this year.

The description of your depression when you finally took a break makes a lot of sense. It’s something anyone who’s had to deal with for example a loved one dying of cancer. You busy yourself with making everything the best it can be for that person and your family and even after the persons pasted you’ve all the paper work and money and funeral to contend with, and this coulda been something you’ve lived with for years. Yet once they’ve finally passed and all is said and done, not by the way when you’re at the funeral cause you’re still on at this point, you don’t wanna make it worse for others....but after. When you’re alone in the house and it’s quiet and there’s no one else to worry about upsetting....that’s when it hits. That’s when you allow yourself the feelings you’ve pushed aside all that time.

Jack. You are so amazing and strong. When you aren't feeling so strong we will be here. We love you so much. Gentle Hugs Sweet Man.

Jack, don’t EVER feel bad for taking a break. You deserve that break! You are an amazing person. And one of my childhood role models. You can take a week long break as far as I’m concerned. You are one of the most happiest youtuber I’ve seen. Take a break. You deserve it. With love Tristan


happy 2018 jack and hope its a better year for you!

How can 1000 people dislike this video?

2017 was strange I miss the good old days

Bye guys.....2017.....wwwwwwwwooooooooooooosssssssshhhhhhh....2018...oh hi guys!

Pinn mine

I feel bad for you jack

I wish the famine killed your people all those years ago

dye your hair again plz it seems so weird that you have brown hair again

poor jakie

Thanks for cheering me up

Easily one of the best YouTubers ever. His hard-work, positivity, and attitude have made me look back on 2017 and realise that even if bad things went down, I only went up. Jack, I know you may never see this, but for 5 years, I have been right here with you. Thank you. For making me happy, for making me realise the positivity in myself. For giving me the strength to ask a beautiful girl out, and to be (hopefully) celebrating our two month anniversary tomorrow. For giving me the dedication to change my grades so that all I see is optimism, And for creating such a beautiful end, to such a demanding year. You deserve, all of this, all of us, and all the best. Now, it's two o'clock in the fucking morning and I've got a plane to get on at 3pm so I need sleep. But I love you, and I hope that one day we could have a good conversation, and talk about the positivity in which we hold. Happy New Year, Jackaboy

On behalf of myself and my kiddos that all enjoy your content, please please please take care of yourself, no matter what changes to the channel or content or upload schedule that brings, we will still be here! Really proud of you for posting this talky vlog

Sean- all of your subscribers are subscribers for a reason. We love you. We think you’re amazing and the most positive wonderful being in the world. You’ve helped me get through depression, you make me laugh all the time. You make me smile every day despite being so depressed everyday you were the one that helped me through. Thank you so much Sean. Mental health is important- and your brain is worth everything. If you need a break- please just go. It would be heartbreaking to see you cry again... thank you so much again Sean, you’re the best. I love the crap out of you

I saw you guys at Manchester on the ready player 3 tour Sean and was amazed for a number of reasons. You and the grumps have such an awesome community and the show was so much fun. What impressed me most was how you managed to do such a high quality show and still keep up with your videos. It begged the question, "i wonder how much PROPER downtime sean acutally gets?" This video addresses exactly that. I suppose what im trying to say is i greatly admire the fact that no amount of fame or fortune has taken away your human side and you are not afraid to show it. Respect

Good on you for seeking help too, thank you. We all love you! Take good care of yourself, please please please.

It's Not Stupid at all.........just honest and open

Sean,you care about us so much and we’re people that you don’t even know personally and we all appreciate you and what you do and how hard you work to entertain us at home and your so good at what you do on YouTube and your such a nice person and frankly I can appreciate you always being so positive and upbeat Thanks Sean!


OMG I love u Jack you are the best

You've honestly never let me down, everything you've put into this channel is amazing and I'm proud to be a part of this community! You're always so thoughtful and considerate with your words, some may say you ramble but I find it comforting. I always want to explain myself and my thoughts to people because I dont because I worry what others will think. But then I see your videos and how much heart you put into them and it's nice to see someone be so honest and kind with their viewers. I'm going to be trying to make my 2018 better than my 2017 too and I cant wait to see and support you with whatever you do Jack

This is why I like this guy

Jack it's ok when ever u need a break just take one we understand

SEAN, I usually don't comment often on YouTube. I started following you because you were doing vive videos and I was debating buying one (I did). I have been struggling with depression. So I understand what you mean. I have an extremely demanding job and on my way to work I listen to you. Not because of the games you play. 1000s of people play games on YouTube.. it's your attitude. It's contagious. I can count on you for a few laughs in the morning and an upbeat , positive attitude. Thank you for being who you are. You've even inspired me to get involved with film and streaming. It's a stress outlet. Keep the positive mind set and stay the course. You have 17 MILLION people that love you on top of your family and friends. And always know that you'll come out a better man at the end of this. "High Fives all around!!!!" ✋

The Chance of you seeing this is slim but you have a massive fanbase behind you and if you need a break, take it. If anyone gives you crap for it they dont truly appreciate you as a person, not a youtuber, a person . Because thats what you are a human. Everyone needs a break and if you dont take one it will lead to a dangerous spiral which i fell down myself once. So please take a break and dont fall down the slope i did into depression . We love You Seàn

Jack can u send me a friend request on ps4 please because you and me can play on watch dogs 2. my gamertag is hero008brine

This year was a sh*t storm for everyone, but we just need to move on from it

It's not stupid! Thank you for always trying to be your best!

I’m always really depressed but watching your videos have cheered me up since I was in grade 6. So as long as you make this a good year for you, I’ll join you.

Hopefully 2018 is gonna be better smh idk now with the Logan Paul situation

Sean, if you need to rest, take some time off! please. We know how hard you work. two videos a day! There's a reason I watch you. But we want you to REST. we want you to work. sometimes I forget how hard it is to upload everyday, with no break to think. Take time off! Take the weekends off or something, because you need it. your fans would not like it if something went wrong. We need you, but please, we need you healthy more.

The good thing in 2017 was a restart before the end of the year

2017 was a bad year for me to man, so no worries ;w; I had four or five mild seizures, I was sick all year and never found out why until the end of it, I was badly sun burned, I had to have surgery and multiple doctor visits to so many different doctors... I want to say the worst thing for me though was that my Grandfather died october 17th, just four days after I seen him last because of oxygen deficiency.. I mean that's what he wanted, I'm happy that he was surrounded by people he loved when he passed, I'm happy all of our family had gone down to see him the four or so days before he passed.. but I'm mad at myself, because I'm overly quiet, like many people on my grandfather's side, my dad, him himself.. and when he tried to talk to me that last day I wouldn't talk to him, partly because he was really quiet and I couldn't hear him from where I was forced to sit, partly because I felt like if I had it'd have been the last time I did and.. Also because I didn't really know what to say, I only said I'd see him the next week, I didn't even say I loved him and I should have... His celebration of life made it even worse though, because he had a relatively large amount of money to his name.. my dad is a horribly greedy and cruel person, the whole celebration all he did was smile and laugh, it wasn't a happy smile, it was more of a "I got what I wanted" smile, which pissed me off horribly and it still does even now, all these months later.. Idk man, 2017 was just a horrible year. I just have to keep saying that dying is what he wanted, he chose that.. he could have gotten help and lived longer but he didn't want it, because he was suffering a lot and making his wife suffer... He didn't want that anymore.

I think I may have some more issues too

You should of had Pewdiepie’s back you whiny little bitch

Xylea Escalante but he is a whiny little bitch

Jacob Obie Shut up


13:45 he has to cover his face, stop the camera and stop crying. I feel so bad that such a hard working, funny, intelligent, and kind human being would have to go through this. He has affected so many peoples lives in such a good way that we all are thankful for. Jack, know we love you and we will support you through both the good times and the hard times. I personally have been bullied lately at school and felt bad about myself every day, questioning why I was here on earth, if I was worth it, if I was skinny enough. I cried myself to sleep every night. With your videos I have been way happier. You have helped me so much and it sucks that you don’t know how much you really mean to your whole fan base. We love you jack!!! You probably won’t see this but if you do, I would recommend looking at all of these comments when you are sad because they all are thanking you. Excellent work this year, Sean. We love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Please Jack, keep taking breaks for yourself. We love you and we will always keep supporting you.

I think we all need a group hug

Not everyone can be happy-go-lucky

This is so emotional. You can take a longer break, we love you and we want what's best for you. Take breaks whenever you want

I believe in you, just like you believed in Steve. Also you should take a break! 2018 can wait. Just take some time to yourself

You got to flow with the chaos and depression I do it it works

i have no words other than i love you. i love you so so much. you are one of the strongest, purest, and most wholesome people i have ever known and i’m so grateful we all have you to look up to and remind us that there is always a good person (you) out there who cares about each and all of our existences. you are a hero jack. you are someone i will always love and appreciate. thank you so much, thank you for everything, especially this video. 2018 is gonna be a good year. i love you.

2017 sucked for me. I hope 2018 will be better..

Same 2017 was classified as the worst year of all during the 2000

We all support you fully and think you are an incredible person. Everyone has hardships in life, what can seperate you from other people is how you respond. I understand how hard you work and appreciate it dearly and I'm sure most of the community can relate.

Thank you so much for sharing this personal stuff with us Sean. I'm more than ready for 2018! LET'S DO THIS!

We love you all the same Sean and I have a rough year and I feel like the same. It has been hard

Sean I wasn’t paying attention and I looked back in time to see you crying. Then I almost started crying

You’re truly amazing. You work hard and you put yourself through so much, you deserve to take any time you need to feel bette about anything that you do. You deserve it and I truly hope 2018 is 50x a better year for you and everyone ❤️

I had to move away from my friends... for the second time. I have no friends this year.

For those demon's inside your head

here, hold my hand, Jack. I know things are going to be ok for you very soon, so I'm not going to be like "oh that's terrible, i hope you'll be ok". you will. so don't worry. and take care of yourself. high five! we all love you and will continue to support you forever!

Get an exocism

"Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water. Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes. Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it, another day. And you can make it one more. You're doing just fine." -Charlotte Eriksson

i loved when it was st. patricks day then i said in the comments that my name is patrick too so i hope you are gonna drink something even if you don,t like it and then i looked on youtube the next day or night then you made the quiz with st.patrick loved it nice xD

I have anxiety and depression and have considered suicide many times haha

Aw Jack, you could never disappoint us. Self care is so so so important and I'm so glad that you're starting to apply that to your life!!!!

this is nut stupid.this is hard. the only reason im not locet in my room is becaus i feel like i need to work harder im im scool and i get 5 and 5+ ( that is the next best grade) but i always feel like its not good enough

I was so sad in 2017 because i was being bullied again and i felt like everything and one was against me. But im going to beat the shit out 2018 i dont care nothing will stop me because last year i was suffering from depression but i dont have it anymore. And i am so happy 2018 is here and im so happy now so im going shove all energy to 2018 and im going to avoid any saddness! Thanks jack

Are jack and pewds still Friends?

I’ve experienced that same type of mind wandering and almost depression before. There’s always light at the end of what seems like a nearly endless tunnel, but there is always light. Just know that we are all here for you, Jack!

you went up 4 million sub beside that i feel bad for you

Thanks for taking the time to share this with us! We love you!

#let's make 2018 amezing

Seans Ramblings of Truth!! Seriously you are an amazing person, you are such a down to earth person I'm glad YouTube hasn't eaten you up and changed you ❤

good on ya mate

Much love and respect to you. Take time for you when you need it and when you want it. We are patient and we will wait you are number 1 priority.

If he had kids I feel bad for them...... Because this guy would never let them quit on anything. great guy keep make sure you don't just forget take care of yourself

same! 2017 was horrible for me. I'm not gonna sit here and list them but damn I am so happy it's 2018 but I'm walking into a new year, nervous. I'm scared to become depressed or suicidal because of everything that happened that really affected me. This is possibly my safe place. It's the one place I can cry without feeling shy. Ik across the screen, your there for me Jack. So I just want to thank u so much for helping me thru 2017 Jack, we, and I, love you

2017 is when my GF broke up with me...

I had the worst year

I've discovered so much negativity in my psyche this past year, but thank God, I'm moving past it. I pray the same thing will happen to you, Jack.

To be honest, Sean, i think you should start making 1 video a DAY, if not, 1 every TWO days. Im afraid doing to much might be to hard on you. i watch all your vids and from this vid know that youtube is hard on you, so im thinking doing less vids a day would be very helpful. Hope you consider this. Thank You!


I don't feel like you have to post every single goddamn day. You should seriously do videos every other day if you really care that much for your mental health. Recording and just sitting at your desk would make me depressed. I would hate it. You need to get out there! :D But if you really need to upload twice every day, do it as you wish.

Jack, I know you played Doki Doki Literature Club. Hell I watched you play it. I can see what’s going on. DONT PULL A SAYORI! YOU MEAN THE ABSOLUTE WORLD TO ME.

It brings tears to my eyes to see jack on the brink of crying. Jack's the last person you would think to be depressed.

Soft bean

Jack.. you’re always amazing you’ve always touched my heart and I know I don’t like a lot or comment much but you always make me smile and make me feel better.. this year I enlist in the military and got injured and sent home and as much as I wanted to be a marine it crushed everything in me and I didn’t know what to do or where my life was going but you’re video made me smile and laugh and you lightened my heart and the load I was baring.. I’m so proud you and how much you’ve grown over the few years I’ve watched you thank you for letting us be with you on your journey this far ❤️

You do not have to be this 'beacon of positivity' to make us proud, we want you to be you, nothing more and nothing less.

Jack, as someone who struggles with depression and social anxiety, the worst thing you can do is run from it. If you need to take more time off to figure you life out or to de-stress then do that. Not a single one of us is going to judge you for it. Everyone feels like this. Even people who try to stay positive. Positivity isn't something that necessarily means that you are its okay to not always be positive. Don't destroy yourself for us or this channel. The community is always going to be here, we will understand if you want to take some time off. Or if you just need to vent sometimes. The healthiest thing you can do is to think about yourself sometimes. I'm glad that the time off you took helped you but don't forget to just take a second and breath (so to speak) Thank you for talking with us

This man right here could probably do anything at all, saying whatever he wanted, and I would love the video with all my heart. There are so many things I could say about how great of a person Sean is but there aren't enough letters in the alphabet to complete the words needed. This sounds like complete flattery but I can't begin to describe what every video he's ever posted has kept me going one more day. There are times where I can't get out of the bed or even raise my head out of my pillows and I just think back on videos where Sean's played games like The Static Speaks My Name and what he says at the end of them, and I'm able to get up and in the least take a shower. The words needed to describe how he's saved my life don't exist. We all love you with all of our hearts Sean, and we can't wait to see the good fortune 2018 brings you

Eso Jack entramos con todo este 2018!!

Sean: Some inner demons... Me: ANTI.NO.STOP

You are such a blessing to so many people. Your positivity inspires millions daily and we are so beyond proud of you. I know for a fact 2018 is gonna be the best year yet. We love you Jack!!!

Don't be too hard on ur self everyone feels bad about themselves or when they shouldn't u deserve everything because ur the one who started this and kept it going not many people can do that feel good

I suffered through 2017 but there were a lot of nice things that happened, that was the year I got with my girlfriend. LGBTQ+ pride! uwu

Jack you don't have to feel this way. Think about everyone you helped like me. You saved me from depression. I used to want to kill myself before I watched your videos. I don't want you to feel or think like that. We love you Jack


Take a break once a month Jack. You deserve it.

Thank you so much for everything. Opening up and sharing has made me realize that I need to stop pushing everything wrong aside, and I need to confront it, or nothing is going to get better. I'm not sure exactly how to do it, but i'm going to try. Thank you for everything and I hope everything turns out okay.

I think it’s inspiring that he’s literally crying at one point but then almost immediately go to saying he’s ready to kick the shit out of 2018

Jack your feelings aren't stupid you can't control them we all have them. You should let yourself let them out. We all love you

O lord I feel guilty, we’re workin jack to death! We must allow him to take as many breaks as he wants, like the Christmas one, so he isn’t stressed! No more stress! No more stress! No more stress! Ok, I’m done. Jack! if you see this, hi, and you don’t have to work your anus off for us. Just go at yo own pace. K bye bye now.

I now know why his hair is no longer green. The stress has killed his hair! Nuuuuuuu! *red alert* ☠️

You are such a bright light of loving positivity. Please take care of your health and rest as well. Don't pressure yourself in any way. We are grateful for all you do. Needing breathes or times to vent is so important. You are sooooo mature and special and it's totally ok if you ever take vacations or want a brief respite. Take care dude

People forget that mental strain can be more exhausting for your body then physical strain. Your brain is like a muscle and you can't keep working it constantly. It is very important to take some time for yourself to just sit and let your mind process. That is the thing, people don't realize until they actually stop. Especially when you are in constant hyper drive like you have been. Also you say you want to kick 2018 and that this time off helped, but you NEED to take some time to sit and think on a consistent basis! Like I said you don't notice this until you STOP.

Are you and Felix still friends?


You are inspiration Jack


Seán we love you

Whenever Jack cries I cry. I just feel so close to him even though I've never met him. I wish I could dry his tears. We're here for you Jackaboy, we love you!

2016: Hi *is shit* 2017: Hello *traumatizes everyone* 2018: H- Me: BEGONE THOT

[Jack when I saw you crying I started crying because I don't want to see you sad and everything you were saying that was happening to me and it was the worst year 2017 but you make me happy and I know when you make everyone happy you make me happy too and if it's happened again tell us ok were here for you] ~All of us love you jack so don't let anyone put you down and everyone else too ok~ ~We are here together all of us~

Did this vid make anyone cry

I feel this way almost everyday of my life but you have helped me so much. You make it woolen feel so good and you aren’t even thinking about yourself which is amazing so please take as many days that you need whenever you feel like it because you are amazing and you deserve so much so thank you Jack please destroy 2018 LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!

In minute 18 legit made me smile so much. I haven't smiled so happily at a YouTube in eight months. I love you sean

That feeling when you overthought and went into overdrive during your Xmas break, that’s how I feel for most of my waking life. That drive and work ethic you have to move towards something and know where you are and what you’re doing, that’s what I lack. Approaching university and applications and eventually leaving to live my own life, my mental health is not good. I haven’t watched your videos in a long time but I decided to watch this, and you’re still the very emphatic, smart person I remember who is so in touch with themselves and, as cheesy as it sounds, just humanity in general. It’s wonderful and I wish you all the best. I hope I can also work on myself and my own mental health. A wonderful new year to Jack, and all.

Why'd u dyed your hair back

*collab with pewds*

We all know how u feel so just hang in there and believe in your new year

Please let me echo the encouragement and support of others, have a great 2018!

This is why I love watching Sean’s videos. The fact that he acts so happy always cheers me up, but it’s nice to see him like this too. To see that he is human, that he isn’t perfect and has flaws, too. Sean is an extraordinary person, and I wish him the best for 2018 and everything past it. He shouldn’t pressure himself to keep up with this crazy schedule; two videos a day, every day, at the same time each day. It’s okay to deviate from this schedule from time to time, or maybe even do away with it in general. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this, but to everyone that does and doesn’t read this, I hope you have a wonderful year. And to Sean, take care of yourself, and be the best that you can be without pushing yourself over your limit. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2018!!!

Don't be upset Jack!!! You are one of the few people I was able to turn to, to watch while I was going through postpartum depression. You should always take time for yourself and not let the thoughts get to you! Thank you for all you do Jack

It seems a huge number of YouTubers are needing breaks after working really, really hard. The year of burnouts. Very interesting.

You just gotta remember that after all the fans and viewers are gone, It will just be you and your close ones. Fame never lasts forever.

I loved it good luck 2018

2017 was such a shitty year cuz my depression got realy bad i was suicidle for a bit other kids was being even worse in school i hate my school and i hate this year i dont care if i am told its edgy saying hate cuz its a strong word but its true on how this year was for me

We love you. Stay strong. Your heart and kindness means the world to all of us. You deserve so much! ❤️

Maybe you should take a day off every week? I know how you feel when you say you were without motivation. Hell, I can't find a reason to get out of bed in the morning or to smile most of the time. You make so many people happy and honestly you've saved me a few times. No one is going to be angry with you if you take time to yourself. 17 Million people send their love and best wishes. You will never be able to let us down even if you try to.  :)  Thanks for everything, Sean.

None of what you just said Sean is stupid. Stay strong, we will always be here for you because even though we never met or never spoke, your fans Sean really do care for you as much as you care about us! That is why don't be afraid to take time off once in a while. We will understand! All together, you and your fans (including me) will make this the best year ever!!! :D

If you still need to celebrate New-Year Happy,new year then

Not his year was the worst my uncle died on christmas

Because I live in the Netherlands adi is 2018 here

Is it still 2017 with you there?

youtube notified me this video right now, why 6 days later? It doesn't make sense, cuz it's the second time I received this notification

I hope you have a good new year and if you see this comment in 2018 hope you have a good rest of your year

I wish you all the luck jack! ❤️

I’m sorry I unsubscribed to your Channel

Wow, I put off watching this and..... this is kind of a time I had where I was in a similar state of mind. It might have to do with video games but I feel it is more on the level of giving it your all, which I was doing before I stopped to think like you Jack. If you stop and think and analyze instead of just keep pushing and pushing further, this can happen. This reminds me of an idea to have some sort of journal that you should write in from time to time to do this thinking then, than working for a long time and then take a break.

It's good to take a break and it's ok to break down because it's a good way the release the pressure , yes you love what you do but I can see how draining it could be doing what you do. I will share with you something Bruce Lee said that I say when I am having a hard time"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own." You are them same awesome person,we love you and anyone can benefit from therapy

I’m confused when he said we all know how that went with the game (I don’t know what happend)

Sean take time off like a week even if you want! Now we understand we are going to help you all the way

2017 was the worst year of my life.

This is so relatable 2017 was such an emotional rollercoaster Stay strong

Sean, take more breaks like this during the year and even longer ones. Being burnt out is no fun as you've experienced it yourself recently. If you don't upload or work for a period of time just to take some me-time, rest assured that it's not gonna make us think less of you or be disappointed or unsubscribe. You can influence a lot of people and I think making sure that everyone knows that stepping back from a stressful situation and taking care of yourself is not shameful in any way. Self-care is important, so don't neglect it everyone.

Take a break man... Don't turn into PewDiePie, ur the only good one left

Whats wrong with pewdiepie?

Thank you so much, Jack. And stay strong ❤

2017 wasn't a good year for me either my mum had nasty knee injury and my dad has heart problems and I had a operation anyway you need to rake a break relax go on a holiday we all love you just don't worry your awesome 17'555'890 People love you #Make2018Awesome thanks for reading ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Negativity gets the best of us sometimes, but it never lasts. A positive experience will come again. I am a lot like you. I will hold things in and act as if nothing is wrong, or people will see me as such a happy person. However, we are all human and we all experience the same feelings. It's very important that you can identify this, and want to make a change. It's just a bump in the road, and you have gotten over it, Sean. You are strong, positive, kind, an amazing role model, and I can go on. We love you, and we are always here for you. Let's make 2018 the best it could ever be.

A little close there Jack

You should take time for yourself whenever you need we want you to be happy Sean we care so much about ❤️❤️

hey jack sorry for the spelling for the start but ill go on now I been watching you for a long time everyday and I must say this is the most emotional I have ever seen you and it actually made me tear not gona lie but as u sed its ok to be sad from time to time its only human but just remember how brilliant u actually are just playing games and shouting a lot (ovs more but u get it) you have help me personally more than anyone could understand your like that golden spud in a dingy field off carrots making all the grumpy farmers smile when u pop up plz keep it up shaun your the best of the best of the bosses

Dont force positivity dude, just be you

Stay strong jack we love you so much

Jack, you’re only human. You are not a machine and you are doing amazing already in 2018, the charity live stream tomorrow and everything you’re doing to shed light. I’ve been in the same spot. My mental health is like that too. Just remember to stop and take a breather once and a while. You got this dude.

It was a hard year for me because my family dog died and my grandpa died

2017 was the worst year for your Youtube career.For me,its the worst year of my life

Aww, seeing you emotional makes me sad.

This year is gonna be my f*****g bitch!....In the most positive and most glorious way possible! LOL! That's why you're awesome Jack! Yes! Lets make 2018 our year! Much love dude!

Jack we love you man, stay strong, we, your family, your subscribers, we all care for you so much! we wouldnt be here if we didnt care!


I don't usually comment on videos in general but I have to this time. This video made me cry. Literally.. Not to sound like a jerk but I wasn't crying because of jack, but because of myself... I'm so sorry to hear that last year was so hard for you, in fact it was very hard for myself and I think a lot of other people as well. But the reason I cried was probably the emotional wave you gave me, making me rethink 2017 and leave it all behind and focus on the 2018 and going into it the right way. I want to make it awesome as well, changing my life for the better, the hype is real! And I want to THANK you SO much for it! I don't think anyone or you (Jack) of all people will be actually reading this comment but I really feel so much better after watching this and I'm sincerely grateful for all the positivity and great vibes and energy for the new year! Let's all make 2018 AMAZING !!

You're a good man Jack, You were there when I needed you and I got your back in 2018 mate.

jacksepticeye i have depression and know exactly where your coming from, all i will say look into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. It is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression but is also used to treat other mental health problems. ,,, it works wonders for me XD

*HUGS*, maybe take more breaks this year? before it gets too much again

I say this from all of us we love you and we will always love you no matter what you do.if you need a break it's ok because we all know when you come back you'll kick ass one video at a time.

Half way through the video, with tears in my eyes I wish I could just hug you Seán. (and I almost never want to hug someone)

Stay positive have a happy 2018

Jack...you are enough! You don't need to make us proud,we are already proud of the wonderful person you are.I think I know how you feel and that's why I encourage you to take your time to feel these emotions.Just remember to value yourself a little more! :-) Sorry I am a little late to comment,but I was really moved by all you said.Stay true to yourself!

Can you name your new house Artstotska and given little plaque on the wall? Then you will have a glory greatest house.

My brain does that quite a bit. I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself!

If you break a leg, you go to a doctor. If you break a tooth, you go to the dentist. If something is wrong with your eyes, you go to a ophthalmologist... And if something is wrong with your mental health, you go to a psychiatrist/psychologist depending on whats wrong with you. But people don't. People are fine going to the dentist - it's a good thing, and visible! People can see your teeth, and that's why it's a "normal thing". If you break a leg, you obviously do something about it, and it's not a problem. But saying that you're seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist... Oh hell no! That's bad! People shouldn't know! Or we simply don't go there, because we won't admit to ourselves that something is wrong inside our head! And that's why so many people have mental issues, that just gets worse and worse, until one day you either have a mental breakdown or worst case, take your own life.. No matter if it's depression, anxiety or any other mental disorder, It shouldn't be a taboo to talk about mental illness. It shouldn't be a problem to admit that you have a mental issue, and that you need time off to deal with it, or take medication or therapy. It shouldn't be seen as a bad thing that you're going weekly or monthly to a psychologist. But unfortunately it is.. So yeah! Good thing you're gonna do something about it, before it's too late! And hopefully more people will do the same!

2017 has been one of the worst years for me. I lost 2 of my German Shepherds and my grandmother :(

Jack I'm not sure if you'll ever see this but.. I'm glad that you are finding yourself again and I'm glad you are feeling a little better and I hope that 2018 will be a much better year for You! You are the whole reason I started my channel and you keep me motivated to be who I want to be and do what I want to do!! Thanks for everything jack!! You're amazing

At one point, I really just wanted to reach through the screen, gather you in my grandma arms and give you a hug. But then I kept watching and realized you don't need a hug because YOU GOT THIS!

I️ love how jacks commehg section has and always hopefully will be fully positive. I’ve been scrolling and found almost nothing negative

This video made me so proud of you! In this year, don't forgwt to take some time off to heal, and so you can keep moving forward. Thank you for all you do Jack

Jack/Sean, I don't personally know you and I've only watched several of your let's play playlists, but it's painful to see such a positive, upbeat, and genuine person be affected by something unfortunate. I guess it affects me quite a bit because I know exactly what you mean with invalidating your own accomplishments and putting a lot of blame on yourself for everything. Our own thoughts can be our own worst enemies, and it's frustrating when people would advise you to "just stop thinking that way." I hope this year and the coming years become better for you esp mental health-wise, and that you don't enter into a lot of that black hole cycle. Also, please remember that you're allowed to take a break, Jack. Go on vacation or trips so you can take care of yourself. :)

Jack your still the best and i appreciate ALL the work you put into your videos to make me and everyone happy. Watching this video made me cry but it inspired me so much thank you jack and don’t worry we’re all here for you❤️

I hope 2018 is a better year for all of us youtubers.

Please also take more time for yourself in 2018 too!

Even if you do or you don't have depression (let's hope you don't), I want you to be happy. I hate watching you be sad (sorry). I watched a part of the video 5 times and cried. 2017 sounds like your mind took a year for the worst apparently, which is covering things that may not even be your fault. Let's leave all your sadness and bad things behind and give 2018 a chance to be better. You look and sound like you need it. *LET'S MAKE 2018 AMAZING!!*

I hope this helped you out a little bit


Sean, man, if you need a break, then you take a break. 2017 hasn't been a good year for me either. I've had so much going on and past demons from every year since my birth plaguing my mind, and I know how hard it is. If it's taking a toll on you, we support you. You've gotten me through heard times, brought a smile to my face when every ounce of my happiness was gone. You deserve the same. You deserve so much. If you need more than a week, then you do, and that's fine. It's you were talking about, Sean we're talking about. Not Jack. We support you Jack. Don't think you have to put your mental state aside for us. Take a break. You deserve it.

Dude.... I never cried for a video on youtube, especially not for a "let's player", but you're much more than that. You need some time off, we will keep loving you more and more even if you take a break. This video made me really sad because you keep giving away so much positivity, you don't keep any for yourself. Just try and stay happy, you're the best for me and so many other people you deserve better than this. Thanks

The minute I heard him talking about this, saying he uploaded TWICE a fucking day just made me realize how much work he puts into his content

Part of me agrees with everything that he said towards the end about taking care of yourself, but the other part of me 99% of the time...just doesn't know how to do that. I don't know how to do that. Or how to find that light in life. Almost every light that I've held onto has been blown out.

2016 and 2017 were the most painful years for me personally.

"It wasn't that far..." I've only ever moved two towns over

It’s so sad to see you feel this way, and I hope for you to feel so much better extremely soon. Also it may have felt a shit year but because of how awesome you are at your job, you may have felt the quality be very average but to us, yes, it may feel different, but it is still very entertaining and inspiring. Hope you smash 2018 like a boss, make it a good one jack. I know it will be

Damn, since 30,000 subscribers you've changed

It’s weird I had a hunch that something might have been up with you dude and you need a break there is no way we deserve someone like you xx

Honestly , I had a bad year, my cat died and I really loved her , I cried so badly, best friend moved to another school.But, I hope Sean has a great year

I feel bad for jack for having a bad year he should deserve a great year for being a great youtuber I make these comments cause I feel like jack can make a difference with me and other peoples lives one time I watched a video called a normal lost phone the speech on the second video on the series at the end of the video... his speech made me cry cause its all true jack is the best cause he is a wild spin of feelings and he can make diffrences with people on some videos all his vidios are great.

jack is great and kind

I would tell him to stay strong but he is strongness himself.


This video is so incredibly relatable.

Have an amazing 2018, love your positivity. You are a good role model

IT'S NOT STUPID. We love you Sean. Make sure to take time to care for yourself and your mental health. I hope 2018 is a much better year for you

Personally, I stopped watching you for a long time. I stayed subscribed, but stopped watching. The way you handle things sometimes puts me off. I won't go into detail. I don't think of you as a bad person, but you fail to see the bigger picture sometimes. You're a pretty cool guy and a lovable optimist. I hope 2018 is a much better year for you.

Your the best you tuber ever I will stick with you till the end. keep the videos coming. We support you.keep up the good work!

For so long I thought he was saying “I will see so your nudes in the next video”

You should tour Pennsylvania (Somewhere near Bloomsburg or Berwick) :-)


i am so touched ;3

Hearing you say this genuinely pains me man, you're such an amazing guy! If it wasn't for you these past few weeks I don't know if I would be here, you and PewDiePie have kept me from slipping into some bad states, I really hope you see this because you really can't fathom how much you help people like myself. We love you man!!

He's going to do something insane for the 20mil video

I feel bad because this was the best year of my life and everyone in the comments had such a shit year.

hey sean. i haven't watched your vids in a while & I'm sorry about that. this has opened my eyes so much. you deserve to be happy, you do. you deserve it so much. and it may just seem like we're just 10 year old fans who just like your content, but hey, we're here for you okay? and i'm 13 haha. on behalf of all of us, please take a break whenever you need. your fans will be okay & patient because we're fans of you, not just your content!! ~positive vibes~ :)

I'm proud you were able to make a video about this, and you are able to reach out for help! :D

Depression is something that we all deal with in some shape or form. It's how people deal with it that shows us how strong these people are. Most people get pulled into a dark pit, of which they can't get out, and thus struggle to fight depression. At that moment in time, you're fighting against a huge, immovable object. That's what I admire about you Jack. You took the toll, broke and got up even stronger. Never doubt your own strength and capacities. Millions and millions of people love you and your content to bits, and to see the creator of this content being so immensely strong gives all of us strength and power to move on. Never stop being you!

2017 was probably the worst year for me, too. Let's all leave it all behind and start over. Let's all be better.

Just, please don't overwork yourself.

I'm getting a Sayori feeling from jack.... let's not look down that path please

We all love u jack, im sorry your going through something like this, i hope u get past this

Jack, you sound overwhelmed. Try not to pressure yourself too much. I’ve been feeling similar things too because some major things had changed in my life. I felt lost and directionless when before I had a set plan. I feel a little better now because I took time to step back and reevaluate my life and my goals. Also, I’ve been looking into finding a therapist. I think mental health should be checked yearly (or more depending on needs) like annual physicals and etc. it’s important to take care of yourself. On another note, try to get outside and in the sun more often. I’m one of those people who get more gloomy and sad during big winter months because of the lack of sunlight lol. It makes me feel a little better. Maybe it’ll work a little for you too. I hope we both find lots of positivity this year and I hope everyone has an amazing 2018!!!

Jack you made me cry. You are one of the few youtubers that has actually recognized how important mental health and just health in general is. Your videos show how much of a great person you are and how you deeply care about not only the people around you and the community that you have made but also how much you care about yourself . Self care is so important and as someone who tends to forget about basic care for myself, I want to say thank you. This year so far hasn't been awful but it hasn't been great for me either. I have been on Christmas break from school and in the past two weeks I have just felt so Mentally and emotionally drained. My anxiety that causes me to become shaking has become such a regular thing and the confusion of where I want to head in life has really hit me hard, but this video really helped me, so thank you. I guess it's just one of those things where seeing someone that is looked up to by some many people struggle with similar things that you are struggling with, and then seeing them smile and laugh and say that they want to make this year 100 times better just really helps me and probably alot more people see the brighter side to things. Hope your 2018 is going well so far!

Please take care of yourself, the most important person in your life is you, if you need a break, take a break, I’m glad you told us and that you’re going to get help with these internal struggles this year, we appreciate you sean

Thanks Sean. You clarified something that has been bugging me. Thinks seem clearer now. Thank you

Jack, you are a wonderful person. We all go through times of self doubt, but what really matters is what you do about it! I think self reflection is absolutely essential to better yourself and remain healthy and happy! You are awesome!!

I understand what you mean. I’m more or less addicted to going on walks. I listen to music and reflect on my life and without them I get so lost. I feel like it’s normal to need some time to just process what’s happening around you sometimes. And it doesn’t have to be negative, it’s important to enjoy and process the positive as well. And if it isn’t going on walks then it can be something else. Hope this is a vetter year for you

Jack, I can feel your pain, hugs from south america

Sorry I'm a few days late on this, but I know how you feel Jack. I myself had such a shitty year in 2017. I did try my hardest to make 2017 a better year than the abomination that was 2016, but it just ended up being as bad, if not worse than 2016. And I have proof as a result: 1. Late Winter deaths to start off the year. Near the end of January, John Hurt died of cancer. I've never seen the guy before, but he did the voice of Hazel from Watership Down, which is my favorite movie of all time. Without John Hurt, Hazel would've felt the same in the movie as he is now. Hurt was like a (somewhat) childhood icon just for Hazel and Watership Down alone. And a month later, my granddad died. I don't exactly remember how he died, but really was a more tragic and personal moment of the year. My grandma refuses to move on from it, and there's so much dread and misery in my family that it's comical. It's bad enough that 2016 killed off David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Richard Adams, etc., but this really was a frustrating way to start off the year. 2. Terrible Movies being shit out all year. Just like 2016, so many god awful, fucking terrible movies are being shoved into theaters as Hollywood masturbates over them and takes pride into seeing us suffer. I'm not joking when I say that I ended up seeing more bad movies than good ones. I had to suffer through The Great Wall, A Ghost Story, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Valerian, A Dog's Purpose, The Emoji Movie, King Arthur, and so much more. As of now, the only movies from 2017 that I actually did enjoy are Kong: Skull Island, The Zookeeper's Wife, War for the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk and My Little Pony: The Movie. I have yet to see every movie from 2017, but there were a shit ton of horrible pieces of trash that don't deserve to exist, let alone make money at the box office. Some of them like Daddy's Home 2 or Bad Moms 2, that I don't wanna bother watching. It doesn't help that 2018 is also destined to be a shit year for movies. 3. School. Just School. I know this may sound a bit cliche to some people, but High School is such a disgraceful pain in the ass that it's just disgusting. My Math teacher sucks at his job, the kids in school are either annoying, a jackass, or just too boring to talk to. Not to mention that the Middle School kids constantly scream at the top of their lungs every chance they get. Math class is a waste of time as my Math teacher does little to nothing. All the other classes are just 'eh'. With 2018 relating to this, it gave me some good news and some bad news. The good news is that this is my very last year for school and when the school year ends, I won't have to put up from the previously mentioned problems. The bad news is that I still have to put up with 6 months of torture. I don't have a lot of other reasons on the top of my head as to why I had such a piss poor year in 2017. But once School is done in the start of summer, I'm absolutely gonna kick the rest of 2018's ass and try to make it worth my time. And to everyone else who had a horrible year, I'd strongly advise you do the same thing and make 2018 worth it.

When you start a new year, there is lots of additional stress added on, as you may not have got some thing off your mind Jack. Personally some very dark thoughts have gone through my mind this year, many emotional struggles or psychological issues. Then you have the fear, anxiety and worries that the problems in your life are still in the back of your mind. But jack, you are a inspirational person to me, amongst millions of others who watch you, you have shared your emotions with us and you have updated us with extremely personal issues in your life, which I immensely respect, you show people that YouTube's connect with your fans. Then we have the part of everyone that you can't talk about, crying in front of your audience is what shows what a amazing person you are, everyone needs time to their selves, and then you have the fact that you tirelessly overwork yourself and you give your heart and soul into your fans. Everyone has hard times, almost every youtuber sticks on a fake face or image to hide their emotions, you however help us with our issues and then we watch your videos as we love you dearly Shaun, and you always have our love, care and support. And you clearly show who you are, I cannot emphasise more how important that is, you show us your emotions instead of pretending to be somebody you are not, and that is why you, a Irish man with passion, devotion and dedication have become what you have today, sadness cannot be averted, its what makes you human. Goodbye Shaun remember all these comments, they show us why you are who you are, when you are lost in though it opens new doors for you, you are worth so much as you have improved so many lives, you can't do everything at once, and you are a person who may doubt yourself, but you can't believe that you are not worth anything as these comments show that's wrong, your emotions show that's wrong, you prove that wrong. People are not as open as you are and you should feel as important as we see you, even if you don't see this comment at the very least it will add to the pile. Stay you Jack We will love you all the same We love you for who you are Have a great year my friend

Why did I get a notification saying this was just uploaded 5 minutes ago...?

18:10 I felt like he is SonGoku gathering the energy from everybody on earth

Do you remember Pewdiepie had a contract with Disney, then moved to his own office, and had a lot of projects, then had a mental breakdown, and then happened, what happened? Yeah, me too. I don't want to "jinx" anything, just saying

Sean I think it needs to calm down. two videos a day is a bit to mutch Maby try one video a day is good or even one every two days is fine

Hey Jack just out of idle curiosity where did you buy your acoustic panels/soundproofing panels from?.

how many spacific subs does he have i know he has 17 M

We love you so much Jack! I’m sorry 2017 was so pressured and, like you said, let’s make 2018 Amazing! I am so proud to even be a subscriber of yours and you inspire us every day. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us! (And please remember to think about yourself too)

WHO THE FUCK IS CUTTING ONIONS AGAIN Btw I’m sorry sorry for you jack but you deserve everything good

We need to get Sean 18 mil subs ASAP for 2018

2017 was a brutal year from start to finish, and i was so happy to see the back of it. It was a real shame as there were some good parts in it but sadly they were very overshadowed by all the negatives. I found your videos helped me cope through some of the worst times, and i would like to thank you for that because it means a lot. Let's bury 2017 in the past where it belongs, and beat the shit out of 2018 LIKE A BOSS!!!

I know how you feel I have felt with mental health my self and I had stopped everything in my life and had a break and things got better so Jack take time all your suns would understand but ur such a positive lad you will get through it

Don't worry it will get better I can't wait till you get 18m it will happen soon I have been watching since 2m

Dear Sean... Thank you for speaking up about this. What I've always noticed is that you have a tendency of downplaying and not acknowledging the emotions you feel, and I really don't think you deserve that - no one deserves that. We are all capable of feeling bad and feeling down, and though some are in a supposedly bigger problem than you it isn't a competition - we can all feel shitty, no matter how supposedly successful we are and no matter how free of problems our lives might have been beforehand. Mental illness and sucky situations hit us all in this rollercoaster that is life. Allow yourself to feel bad, as you say the rest of us should. Stay positive, but acknowledge negatives. Take care of yourself, cause that's how you can accomplish the most. Don't do it all for us, cause you deserve it as well, and I am sure the most of us will be happy to see you happy - and those that don't agree with that don't matter. Again, thanks for speaking up, when big personalities such as you speak out you validate all of us who struggle, even if you claim what you face is 'minor'. Take care of yourself. And same goes to you out there reading this comment. Take care of yourself and love yourself.

What happened to you and Pewdiepie?

2018 is the year we work on ourselves and make the best out of it!

My god Jack >.< Your voice got a bit shakey just talking about some of it. I hope so much that you'll be okay going forward. I really do!

not trying to be a hater. because i am still a fan. i see through this video that you see the effort being dropped in another comment is said things got stale. lets just hope this year they are not and hopefully i will become a daily watcher again.

Massive Respect jack :)

I love you so. Much and respect you beyond anything else but time or the new year doesn't make your mental health all better you do. You can change how you feel not time

Hey Jack I just watched this and if you need to talk im here!!! If you need to take a break from YouTube for a while then you should be able to do that. I hope things get better for you!!!

i have had depression the most of my life. i don't right know, but i know it can come back when ever. but i know where my struggles lay, and i think, form what you are saying, you struggle are kinder the same. you need to be the best that you can, and you are never really sure you are there 100% even 110%, but in the same time you tell people around you that its okay to be human. you need to tell youself that too.. thats how i hold my depression away.. reminding myself that, im just a human, and its okay nit do be perfect every single time! and i thing for you as a youtube, this is so much more important to tell youself. coz you have so many people looking up too you, like you are some super human, so when you tell us that you are just a human, and we shouldn't se you as more, tell that youself too. you are just a human, let youself be, just a human! have a nice 2018!

it took a while for me to see this...... dont be scared to show us this part of you, it might not be as profitable but a great deal of this fanbase will always be here for you sean :) *stay strong*

Don't worry jack we all still love you. I really want to give you a hug

Thank u for ur honesty and inspiration

This hit so hard. I WAS CRYING WITH YOU AGGH. I can relate to these feelings so much, you're not alone feeling like this Jack. I still get scared when I'm alone with my thoughts but I found more constructive ways instead of distracting ways to deal with it. MAKE 2018 AMAZING GUYS! WE CAN DO IT!

It’s okay to cry. You are stronger than most of us. Even you... especially you need to take 5

1000 dislikes? Starting to think the thumbs down sign is the like button in other cultures

I love you so much like not weirdly but like a sibling...also you can do this I know you can. As someone who knows exactly how you feel YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. I suffered from the same thing you described my 7th and 8th grade in middle school, only I was disassociating a lot. Kinda like how you were describing not feeling yourself except for me it was like I was cut off from my emotions and I felt so tired of getting up at the same time to do the same thing (school) for who knows how much longer. Getting back on track it didn't go away soon and I didn't realize what I was expierincing wasn't normal but I began to notice it was like I had two personas to keep up one for school and my friends and regular old me. I still 'laughed and had fun' with my friends however the joy began to dull a lot quicker and I honestly missed a lot of family tome (as I am still learning about...I missed a lot of movie times that I can never get back) because I just shut myself away. My grades began to drop and seeing how my family's broke a scholarship is the only way I'm getting into college. I should have been worried but I wasn't and that scared me more than anything except I didn't really feel scared just that I wasn't supposed to be feeling well...nothing. Sorry to quote Dean from Supernatural but honestly I never related more to him when he said,"I dont care any more and you know what I dont care that i don't care" because that is exactly how I felt except it wasn't freeing or wanted because it made me feel like a robot. And yeah I could sit here and tell you that despite all that I'm fine but I would be lying and you deserve better than that it's been 3 1/2 years and honestly I'm still a little messed up not nearly as much as I was before but there are times life gets so much its like I'm so stressed I'm calm because I feel nothing (I can control it better), I still don't feel like I get the same amount of joy from doing things that used to make me super happy, and no I don't want pity that is NOT what this is about this is not for me though it might help this is to let Sean know that if I could get through that I have faith that you will prevail this and I can tell you. That you're already taking the proper steps to get you back on track and for that I am so so very proud of you.

I wanna give you a hug

we need more humble people like this on this community. Too much ego everywhere and me me me. Whe did youtube become about narcissists?

fuck yes jack, i moved my parents this last year. I literally still can't believe I did that.

Blessings to you Jack.

It's okay jack, we've got your back. Lets make this the best year ever!

Who would dislike this?!??!?!?

I feel you... 2017 began perfectly. I was so happy at the start...Met the best girl ever. Got an "job" education, i do not know how you call it in english. I'm from germany. My girlfriend got pregnant... Her medics turned down the effect of the birth control pills. After we realised it and told this our families, everything went wrong. She lost the child in the 10th week. It was and even is really hard for me to understand that... It really killed me, my life was not the best, got mobbed and whatever, but this was the worst thing that has ever happened to me... After we lost the child, I also lost my education and I do not find a new place, where I can start a new education... not even a place where I can continue the education. I do have running costs and was not even able to pay them in January... I hope that it will get better, cause I am sometimes scared of my own thoughts... I wish you the best, Sean! I follow you for a really long time and I do watch your Vids, when I feel down! You are such an awesome dude! Thank you for filling my life with your content! I am so sorry for my english, if it is bad. :)

awww poor Jack. We all love you. take your time.

2017 was the worst

I tell everyone that you are the best person on YouTube, because I think you are. We have a common resolution of going to a therapist, and I think it's going to be good. Happy new year and remember to take time off now and then.

You have made my day for almost three years, you make me smile. You make me happy, for THREE years you have made my days better.....

Love from the land of pewdsss

"I am going to make this year my bitch, I am going to kick the shit out of every I do this year, in the most positive way possible" - jacksepticeye 2017

the way he was sighing and stumbling over his words man he seems so exhausted

Sounds like you need to stop making 2 videos per day. There is only so much time to do everything you want to.

Jack, Sean whatever you want to be called if you ever look at this take a quick scroll down these comments and look, look really hard you have one of the kindest most supportive gatherings on this site so never ever ever forget if you ever want to take a break or do anything we understand and we will always support you no matter what. ~your the best

You are such a wonderful man Jack. yes im a bit late on the draw with this video but oh my god, a good set of morales and a beautiful set of BABY BLUES *FLASHING BABY BLUES* =). anyways back to the topic at hand hold on let me get my roasting hand ready 5 4 3 2 1 fuck depression, fuck korea, fuck child poverty, fuck donald J tramp i mean trump and most of all FUCK LOGAN PAUL. anyways jack just keep doing what your doing you dont have to make anybody proud just keep doin what ya doing jack

Same 2017 was awful for me

How the dislikes

Jack,you just explained what I have felt for the past year,but I could never explain it , and to think you didn’t relise how you felt because of work is stupid,you should take a lot more breaks to reflect on your life and thoughts every once and a while before they all build up,if you keep on letting it build up you will most likely self harm and have suicidal thoughts and I know that’s sounds extreme but it’s not and it’s very easy to happen so please,do not let this happen to you as it has happened to me

Pls don't cry Jack it was a tough year for me to

Definitely make 2018 your year, and kick the shit out of it. But it sounds like you've learned an important lesson from this year that you should take with you. It's important to take care of yourself as well, instead of just pushing yourself harder and harder. I think you've realized that, which is a fantastic thing. Take breaks when you need to. Get the help you need. Learn to lean on the ones you love the most and that love you the most back. That will be part of making 2018 great. Working hard, but not too hard that you completely burn yourself out, and taking care of yourself. Your fans can survive on one video a day or a few days you take off to unwind and take a vacation. Fucking take care of yourself and the awesomeness will follow quickly. And always remember to leave time to spend with your partner.

Great video Jack. Talking about these issues is never easy. Respect to you pal

You are a good guy! Hope that you are doing better now and that you keep your focus on the positive!

oh yes that is right... this was why i've been watching you for 4 years now because you are a nice human person!

I mentioned this to another YouTuber (I'm not naming names, he's just been in a similar situation as you and many others) The behind the scenes bit is...a LOT more work than people realize. They know, they just don't KNOW. I told him it was like my "12 Days of Cookiemas" where I made over thirty kinds of goodies. Countless hours, pounds of flour, butter, sugar, dozens of eggs, etc. People on the receiving end have NO idea. It's a labor of love. Not that cookies and candies are anything like what you do but it's the same principle. Takes breaks when you need them. Don't burn yourself out.

As much I absolutely look up to you Sean for your unbelievable work ethic and what you've contributed to the community, I think you and other Youtubers need to slow down! The expectation that you and other Youtube personalities need to do daily uploads seems like a profoundly unhealthy precedent. How can you possibly live a balanced existence if you spend 10-12(or more?) hours a day every day of the year working on this? Is workaholism worth it? That's just my opinion and you'll obviously do what you want in the end, but I'd much rather you upload way less and have more time for other essential parts of your life than upload every day and risk massive emotional and mental fatigue. Either way, all the best to you in 2018.

You won't.see this, but you are the best Sean! You got me through my depression throughout high-school and now I have gone far! I seaked medical help a couple years ago and feel much better; I'm happy, I have fun, I love college, etc. I was going through almost the same thing as you but for over 10 years of my life and tried to kill myself multiple times as well, but I was able to get through it just like you will be able to!

I’ve only just now gotten around to seeing this because of how busy I’ve been and I’m just in tears. Jack I feel the same as you, within my friend group I am the therapist, I am the one people come to when they feel like their world is ending. I mean, I’ve talked two of my friends out of suicide. And being the only person who’s able to see the good in the world and sometimes be admonished by those who dont is absolutely exhausting... not to mention I have to add on top of that school work and my own demons and sleep deprivation from taking care of other people, I’ve just run out of gas and I’ve tumbled into 2018 with no hope... no spark... and looking at my upcoming schedule, I don’t think I’m going to make it past February. But... I’m going to try. If Jacksepticeye, one of my greatest inspirations, has hope after having 2017 kick the shit out of him, then I can have hope too. If Sean can still see the good in the world, so can I. I’m going to write those four pillars down and remind myself of them every morning, because every morning is a new start :). Thank you Sean, for everything you do. Thank you for being my friend on the other side of the screen

Love to you Jack. Stay healthy, mental health is as important as physical health

Jack... *It was bad for all youtubers ... and for me the worst one was 2016*

are you with me?

Jack you really are inspiring. Take care of yourself we love you!

well.... 2017 was almost the worst year of my life my oldest brother died of cancer in march and we were robbed on easter.... BUT I KNOW WE CAN TURN IT AROUND THIS YEAR...MAKE IT THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This makes me want to tackle you in a hug.

...I wish we could give jack a nice big group hug...

Jack , please take some more time off. You need and deserve it , please. I care and I think you need at least a month or two of just not making videos

We love you, Jack! It's always okay to take time off for your mental health. I'm so glad you did and you're feeling positive for this year. We're here for you!

Sean, you are an amazing guy. You are always positive and always optimistic, and it used to make me feel sick. After watching you for fully about a year I have noticed that I've become more positive. I am coming back and watching this after watching some of the charity live stream. You are a light, Sean, and I don't know where I would be without you. I've never met you but you feel like a friend, a friend who is always there no matter what happens and always giving me a hug. It used to be that I was never happy, but your videos make me happy. Whenever you need to take time off, or not upload as many videos, we would understand. You have such life, and seeing your smile always make us, makes me, smile. It's an amazing thing you do for us, and I'm so glad that you are willing to talk about this and admit that maybe some help is sometimes needed. I absolutely love what you do, and so does everyone who watches your channel. You can make 2018 your year, LIKE A BOSS!! Love you, and everything you do. Keep being you, and change only for the better.

2017 has also been a tough year for me.. im badly depressed and i have really bad anxiety, i feel worthless and im lost and i dont know what to do

Yeah my mind went off the rails this year too Sean. ♡

Im a 2015 and 2016 jack fan

Jack you are awesome and you deserve all happiness that comes your way. *Sending virtual hugs*

this guy looks like little finger

i know i’m late but i had a horrible 2017 too

Jack is the best

From one content creator to another, I can relate 100% to this. This path we’ve chosen is by no means easy. Just wanted to leave you a note, albeit late, that you are appreciated and a positive force in our YouTube community. Can’t wait to see where 2018 takes you! Happy New Year!

holy shit me and jack had a shit year of 2017 :P

Dude you are a human being! I’m so proud you done all those things and that you are so strong! Hang in there!

God, I admire the shit out of you, as I'm sure a lot of people here do. This really resonated with me because I also had a rather dark holiday and it's just so hard to not wonder if all the bad things that go one are because of things you didn't do. I've really struggled with that recently. And 2017 was shitty in a lot of ways, but I also had so many good things happen that probably saved my life. I'm so happy you are comfortable enough to share such vulnerable parts of yourself on this platform, it is incredibly appreciated. Happy 2018

Jack, I'm here to say to you, don't get disillusioned. Have you ever listened to the album Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd? If not, I would recommend it, the band wrote it at a very similar point in their rise to fame that you're at right now. You have it all. You have like the fifth biggest channel on YouTube, you've moved to a new country, you're traveling the globe. I'm sure the big question on your mind is, "what now?" Now that you're here, what's the next step? Don't forget why you started making videos and even more importantly, don't forget why you get up and put one foot in front of the next. Any reason you can find is reason enough. Life is always gonna come knocking so this time get up early and take the door off its hinges. I think this video is very human and very very personal, and it's extremely brave of you to talk about these kinds of things to literally millions of people. We all appreciate you greatly. It's been a wonderful ride and I hope you're happy when you finally decide to get off.

Sean the camera is the perfect distance from your face.

2017 was the dumpster fire that wasn't put out after 2016

Jack, you don't know how much you mean to me. My life runs on your smile, and when you asked yourself, "Do I have depression?" I started sobbing.

Someone get me a tish

Ok Sean I’ve been watching you for almost 5 years now and I have to say it’s been a wild ride. I have never commented on a video of yours before but now I feel I should. So where do I start, well I love you I always thought you were original in your content that I committed entire weeks just chilling, sharing the laughter and tears for all these years. Well anyways how you said you try to runaway from your problems and act like everything is ok I do the same thing where I try to shed the light in the darkest of scenarios. And boy does it wear me out. I don’t want to make this to long so that is what I want to say for watching you evolve from 5 years ago.

it sounds like you're spreading yourself too thin. Don't beat yourself up over missed opportunities. Make sure to give yourself regular breaks throughout the year. 2017 sucked for me, I came dangerously close to killing myself and not having regular access to my medication terrifies me. I wish I had a fraction of your energy and positivity. My goal this year is just survive and be kinder to myself Be kind to yourself too....

My toughest year on Youtube.....with a fucking million views! Yeah, his toughest year.

I had a fucking terrible year that literally made me want to kill myself and I’m not dramatizing

Please stay strong, not just for all of us, but for yourself. As someone who suffers from depression, I know that overwhelming feeling. You are so precious to so many people, don't let anything bring you down! You've made me laugh when I've been in the darkest moments of my life. If you ever need anything or just people to talk to, we are here. We will listen. Ever since I started watching your videos you've held a special place in my heart, and I'm sure many can say the same. I know you're probably not going to see this, but I wanted to say it in the hopes that you do. Because I want you to know how amazing you really are. You are a beautiful human being, and I wish I could do more to help you. You've never let me down, not once. Every video, I've liked. Look at how many people comment and watch your stuff! That's my proof that people love you. Work on you. That's the most important thing Jack, because in the wise words of Rupaul, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else" We are family :)

Awh stay strong!!! Were all here for you jack!!! Seriously you could take a year off and we would support you. Please if you need that just say. We are all here.

Hey Jack! :) Wish I could give you a big warm hug... So I'm going to settle for a cyber hug ;). I think those that lean towards depression instead of egotism have a heart that is too soft and caring to become more prideful. You have a very kind nature and I like that about you. Don't think for a second you don't deserve this community's devotion. Don't underestimate your worth.

Love how greatful and humble jack is. No matter what, he will always remain in my heart :) I’m so amazed how amazingly nice he is. Keep at it Shane :)

im gonna make this year my B I T C H

Jack/Sean: In all of the 3 years I've been subscribed to you, you have been an inspiration. The consistent quality of content you have produced (let alone the twice-a-day-every-day pace of it) is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Your personality is upbeat and positive, more so than any personality I've ever encountered. The community your channel has brought forth has reflected that. Those accomplishments and that regimen will inevitably take a toll on even the strongest among us. There is no shame in that. You mentioned that you would seek help in the future, but I will propose that if you feel these dark thoughts again, you need to not be afraid to disrupt your upload pace in order to seek needed help. We, your community, will be here to support you the whole way. If you need the help, not a single one of us will look down on you for taking a day, two days, a week, or even a month or more to ensure your mental state is healthy. Probably the worst thing you can do for yourself and your community is to work yourself into another slump, or worse. This kind of stress takes a toll, as evidenced by the thoughts that crept up when you no longer had work to keep them occupied. Again, you continue to be an inspiration to all of us. Please don't be afraid to take more time for yourself.

Just wanted to drop by and say we love you! Here's to making 2018 amazing!

I’ve just started watching your channel this week, and this video hit hard. Not just because it’s relatable, but because you put yourself out there in such a vulnerable way that makes it so genuine and real. 2018 is going to be your year and you’re gonna kick some major butt! Thanks for being such an inspiration and thank you for being human. :)

Yep 2017 was tough but for me it still feels like its always monday.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY AND JACKSEPTIEYE hope that this year 2018 is going to be better for you JACKSEPTIEYE love you and keep up the good work

Absolutely excellent self reflection. You're the man, Jack

here for you, jack. Take time off whenever you need it, your wellbeing is the single most important thing.

Thank you for your encouragement words Jack! I'll try to put more efforts in my work and stay healthy in mind and body in 2018.. :) :)

Will Antispeticeye come back in 2018?

Stay strong Jackie

Its amazing how he’s able to stay this strong. I keep having negative thoughts and Jack’s vids are helping me immensely. Im able to look at the world in a better way and Im happier than before because of Jack. Jack explaining he was in a situation like mine before and why he didnt tell us made me cry like a baby. This dude is doing so much for this community its amazing. Thank you so much Jack. Thank you for being you and your PMA. :)

No one's going to read this, but I need to rant: 2017 was also not a great year for me. I ended 2016 with intense guilt of a shitty thing that I did, and a hardened heart after I asked someone out only to be completely rejected after she said yes. Not the best start to the year. Then once school started one of my friends slowly, but obviously, started to act differently. She became quieter, more sensitive, withdrawn... but most noticeably she refused to eat. At around the same time I developed a massive crush on a boy in my grade. I tried to keep my friend happy, and myself, but that wasn't happening for either of us. I also made friends with a lovely guy on the internet, but as we grew closer he opened up more and I discovered how truly unhappy he was. So I found myself talking often to two people I care a lot about who needed someone to talk to. My friend grew more insecure and sensitive about food and self-image/worth. She drew nooses, wrote depressing poems, and hid in the bathrooms for most of our breaks at school. My internet pal grew more lonely, and miserable. He showered me in his insecure thoughts, and stabbed me with his damaged soul. I listened to both of them. I never had to say anything. I just had to listen. My internet friend got himself help and looked at life through a positive mindset to keep pushing through. My friend got worse because I was afraid that if I got her help, she would leave me. Never again will I put another friend's needs after mine like that. Eventually I warned her mother, and she got her help. It damaged our relationship, but she was diagnosed with anorexia and anxiety, and her family are trying to look after her. She still has a very long way to go, but she's in the right direction. This entire year I've listened to those who've felt like they had no one to talk to. But most of the time, I didn't have someone to talk to. I've felt so alone. But one thing I'm proud of is that I told the guy I liked the truth, and he gave me mixed signals and played with my heart. I was destroyed by what he did to me. I felt worse about myself, I felt isolated, I felt empty. He was someone I deeply cared about, and he even knew I liked him months before I told him, but he never asked me out. I should have realized that if he really cared or wanted me, he would've gone for it. But he didn't. He liked the idea of me, and once he told me that he must have realized that he actually didn't care. I started the year heart broken, and ended the year heart-broken. I felt so hopeless about finding love, and soon believed that there isn't someone for everyone. I was in a very dark place. I contemplated suicide, I committed acts of self-harm, I stopped caring about the world. I did get out of that headspace, but I can't say I'm glad I didn't hurt myself further. I still struggle with bouts of anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I still feel worthless and alone, and I am trying to get the courage to ask for help. I hope to one day read back on this and be able to update how happy and fulfilled I am. No one is alone in what they feel. We all get those lonely, debilitating thoughts. But we are never truly alone in what we experience. I know there are people out there who've watched their friends become shells of who they used to be because of mental illness. I know people have been attracted to scumbags who hurt them. I know I'm not alone. Neither are you.

It was quite a mix with bad and a good year but more in the good side but when the 2nd week of October came it started to get worst but i predicted this I'd gonna be a bad year because 3 worst events happened

Thank you Sean.

Jack. Don't force yourself Your kingdom is still gonna be with you If Youre gonna drown your emotions It's really Hurtful

Lots of things have started to affect me negatively *cough* I can name one... TRUMP WON

hey Jack, you should do a Youtubers point of view of making videos. I think that will give all of us an idea of what you go through to make videos everyday.

Oh boi. Voices in the back of your own head saying you're worthless. I know how that feels :/

i know what you mean jack, 2017 was horseshite and i got depressed aswell and everytime my mind comes across the bad things and try my hardest to convince myself everything is going to be ok and i understand it can be hard sometimes butjust remember there are people that love you so think how lucky you are to have all of this. i dont know about other people but ye sure es feck motivated me through the year and all of us can make 2018 eat shite and keep a positive attitude!

I have a really amazing 2017 I love that year am happy to start new year for 2018 I wish jack a happy new year I hope you have a amazing 2018

you work really hard thank you jack , sean thanks .

Oh my god i just want to give you a hug!

2017 was the wrost Year in my life

you are awesome don't stop macing videos

I feel the same. 2017 was progressive, but I'm pretty damn sure I could've been classed as depressed within the most part of it. It has been a very 'adult' year.. I had a lot of growing up to do, very fast


But the channel does prevail!


Just because your problems aren’t as huge as some others doesn’t mean your problems are invalid. Some things that may seem insignificant or small to another may be the biggest deal. I’m so fucking proud to be a fan of you. You deserve what you have and so much more. Thank you for trying to staying positive for us and send great messages, we love you

Hope you find a happier place for your mentality *internet hug* from us to you ❤️

So sorry to see u sad Sean but glad u could share ur feelings and emotions in the video and show u have ur down days as well as many positive up days. Sadly 2017 was a bad year for me it really kept kicking me when I was down, started in June I lost my brother who was only 27, then in September our dog that my hubby and I had since a pup he died at 16 years old, then October my hubby's dad passed to cancer and a stroke, then as if that wasnt bad enough I was let go from my job I adored just after xmas. So yegh 2017 sucked ass for me, but im going into 2018 (still heartbroken at losses weve suffered) but hoping it will be a better year. Thanks Sean ur videos kept me sane in some very dark times these last few months, keep being u coz ur awesome. Much love L xx

You’re one of my favorite youtubers man. Move forward and keep doing what your doing . Don’t over work yourself rest and just live it up . I come to your videos for happiness for a laugh I’ve watched your videos for the longest time and I’m glad you’re still doing it! You’re awesome man!

Honestly I didn’t have the best year either and have been suffering from anxiety for around two years now. It affects me on an everyday basis and makes it impossible to get anything done including things I love like meeting friends. And seeing someone else go through that even if it wasn’t the same way made me feel like I’m not alone. And seeing you trying to deal with it with so much positivity inspired me to go at this year in the same way even if it has already started. I’m ready for a do-over. So thank you. And just as you’ve done for me, I want to remind you that a huge part of this community will always be there for you and will understand if you can’t always upload. We don’t just care about the videos you put out. We care about the person behind them too. You probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say that. Have an amazing 2018 to anyone who read this.

YouTube demonetizing all the shit

Don’t worry jack, we love you

i know how you feel. i constantly had stuff happen and i got super depressed. LIKE ALOT. My friends, my crush, my family, non of them know how i felt so i made a video. i took it down but it felt good to tell someone. Jack please trust me if this happens again make a video if you want to. It make you feel better

Bless you, Jack. You're one of the nicest, most positive, most genuine people on YouTube. And yet you beat yourself up, almost as if you've committed some heinous crime that you need to repent. And posting this video is such a great thing. I'm sure it's helped many people. Just ... could you take it easy on yourself & not push yourself so hard? ☺

Please don’t keep it all in and talk with someone about it ,, please take your time whenever you feel like it

Sweet green boy I was keeping this video for when i felt at my lowest and i’m glad i did bc this was the windchange i needed ❤️ love you jack!!! You never let us down, you’re the place we can come home to whenever we need it. You’ve fostered the kindest community on the internet and we couldn’t ask for a better leader. Here’s to 2018!!!

I'm glad to hear you mention looking after yourself Sean! Also, please don't overwork yourself o O Good luck on finding a therapist that works for you, and please don't work yourself into exhaustion.

Yea... 2017 was quite a weird one. I moved half way across the us. I had to leave all my friends and family, put I kept y chin up, and you make sure to do that too !! ☺

Love you sean ❤ you always make everyone happy. Make sure you can make you happy too

Amazing video, thank you for making it! I'm also here with this wave of conviction and resolution.

Oh man, I relate to this SO MUCH.

You truly are so blessed, Jack. I may only know what you present on screen, but I truly do wish I could do what you do. You got your one in a million man, run with it!

Play roblox and minecraft

can I just say this was so emotional but so motivating I feel like everyone has a feeling about this year we are gonna kick 2018's butt!

Hopefully 2018 will be a better year.

You are one of, if not, the greatest youtuber I’ve watched in a very long time. Never doubt yourself. You do more than you think you do. Maybe you didn’t realize I’d yet, but you’ve already lightened up that beacon of yours! And, trust me, it won’t stop shining!

When Jack cries in a video : Me : WE MUST P R O T E C C

Jack u r amazing and u will always be amazing don't put yourself down stay positive love u lots!!!

It's ok Sean were all here for you together

Jack, youre great dont worry and seek help if you need it

*rolling down the comments* Me : I love this family ;v;

Thank you so much jack, for always staying real with us! I'm happy you have refound your spark after your break. And i'm happy you're willing to try to work harder. I do hope you dont push yourself overboard tho, know that we as your fans will always stay behind you. And i think i can say for the most of us: we wont get angry if you need to take a regulated break once in a while, to keep yourself (mentaly and phisically) healty. I hope you wont feel like you haven't done enough in 2018, cause you're already doing so much! let's punch 2018 in the face! it'll be a great year! :)

There is no way in hell that anyone will see this comment nor will in a thousand years will jack see it but, You should take more breaks as you are still human and you can push your self to hard, just take your time, pause every once in while so you can recharge yourself and come back even stronger, as it is very unhealthy to push yourself every day doing something over and over again with out a short break here and there.

Love ya, the best 2018 to you. You're the best!

Don't cry Sean! Take care of yourself. We love you

It is not stupid Sean. I hope you can start feeling better soon. From a fan point of view with what I've seen you have done an amazing job. You kick the shit outta 2018!!!! You are amazing. Thanks for everything you've been doing.

It’s ok Jack your still the same person and you all ways will be. #letsmake2018Amazing

Honestly for me, 2017 felt like a year of Judgement Day or a war. I don't mean to be over exaggerating or anything like that. This now may not be the best year (or just for me), but I just hope that this year wouldn't be much of a disaster as it was last year.

You are great guy Jack!! You shouldn't questioning yourself. I hope 2018 will be great for you and all of us. * let's make 2018 amazing * :)

Jack what county are you from

Take more breaks, not so you can relax, but time where you can do things amazing,

You're great! keep up the good work! really like your content!

You were in Norway?! Dammit. Would have loved to see that, have followed you long before you got famous. What fort though? We kinda have quite a few. I literally live on an artifical island with a fort on it.

I just started out 2018 with a bang, giving a professional level performance with the regional band!! I feel fuckin great, and I have an audition coming up too!! I'm gonna fuckin kick ass because I've worked hard and i'm working harder. this is my year. and it's your year too sean!!!!! thank you for doing what you need to do for yourself. thank you for taking time off, and recognizing when you need to seek help. it's not easy, so thank you for setting such an example.

This whole video gives me strength for this year. I'm a little late to this video and that's cause of my new job(one of many things stressing me to hell) but I'm glad I watched it. Thank you Sean for all the videos and shared moments on social media. These videos help me with so much, even with little stuff like having background noise while cooking. The little moments on social media help me smile and laugh when I feel like shit. Thank you so much. I kinda get what you feel like when you say you feel lost. Not exactly the same way cause we're definitely in different scenarios, but I get it in a way. 2017 was a fucking nightmare for me. Some of the worst shit to ever happen to me happened in 2017. I'd been seeing a therapist for almost 4 years and suddenly I couldn't. I got hit with some new adult things and my healthcare doesn't properly cover that. Now I can't see a therapist without paying a ridiculous amount. This hit HARD! I fell into such a heavy slump cause I couldn't talk to someone about issues that she was helping with. I wasn't comfortable enough to talk to others about many of the subjects. It was slowly killing me. One problem these was sticking out more so than others was coming out fully to my family. I'm a trans-male, I identify as male. I had come out to my family but only really to my sister and mom. But in 2017 I came out to my whole family. Which I still feel was a horrible mistake. They were NOT accepting. So much so that they would attack me everytime I tried to correct pronouns or introduce myself as "Adair"(preferred name). And when I tried talking to them about it they would ignore me or we'd get into intense arguments. At one point one of these arguments pushed me off the edge. I made a suicide threat and my dad ended up calling the police. I was taken to a behavioral health facility and stayed there for about a week and a half. Wow, that's scary. But honestly that was one of the best things to happen to though. I met wonderful people there, other people who were just trying to recover and understand their own depression and anxiety. I could actually recover enough to get a hold on myself. After getting out I ended up staying with a friend for about a month. I got space from my family and could genuinely see that I wasn't caring for myself. I was sacrificing everything, including my own mental health, for my family. The same family that won't even try to accept me as I am. I cried a lot for that whole month. I still cry a lot now. But I'm getting better. Despite being back home I'm doing better(kinda). I have the strength to fight my family's hate and know that my own mental health isn't worth making them happy. It's hard keeping that strength up but I'm so glad I'm not doing it alone. I've surrounded myself with good friends(even though that's only about 3 people, but it ain't the quantity it's the quality) and focus on things that make me happy. I watch your And other YouTubers' videos to help with getting past certain emotions that I can't linger on. I make sure to make time to draw to get out the issues I can't put in words or just to relax. My job does take up a lot of my time. I work in a warehouse and it's a crazy demanding job. I'm exhausted 90% of the time. But the pay is incredible. I'm keep my strength to do this job to save up enough to move out and get a car. I know my mental health will be So much better once I'm out of the house. I don't have to come home to constant criticism. I WILL get there. 2018 I'm getting a car. I've saved up a lot already and plan to get a car so at least if I need it I can get some space from people for a short bit. I still am fighting my depression and will be for probably my whole life, But the fight is getting easier thanks to me understanding that I NEED to practice self care. And like you said, it's more important than anything else. And even though I can't see a therapist, I haven't forgot the progress and systems we made to help me. I'm not willing to go back to how I was before. It's still hard to talk about that part of my life but it's over now. I'm moving on. And like I said at the beginning, watching this gives me strength. Seeing that there's someone else in the same boat. So yeah! Let's kick 2018's ass! Let's walk into it with heads held high! We're gonna be here for each other when we hit the dirt! And motivate each other when we can't motivate ourselves! I'm ready to fight any bullshit that 2018 will throw at me! So hell yeah! Let's fucking do it! Let's go 2018! I'm ready! EDIT: tried to make this more readable and added some stuff.

If making videos is too hard on you everyday and you are having a hard time, its called a job, man. A lot of us have job or school and its hard. But it is expected when you have so many people to rely on you to brighten their day. Stay strong

I am the same bro, we love you jack, it’s ok man, i fight depression too, I’m determined to make my 2018, I’m gonna tweet you something that means a lot to me bc you’ve helped me so much

I really want to affirm you for being self-aware. You are human and you are enough. You can cope the way you’d like and allow yourself to feel. From what I see, you are learning to live alongside the tougher emotions. Thank you for motivating me on my YouTube journey. I hope for 2018 you find content and work that makes your heart flutter. Also, that you have a nice rest-work balance.


Who da fuc disliked this video

We are #teamPMA together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Jack!

Jack/Sean you are an amazing person and you have helped me and so many others in so many different ways you helped us in our darkest times well mine at least you are the light in my darkness you mean the world to me even if I don’t know you in real life I feel you have been my friend for years even though you have no idea who I am but I consider you my friend and an amazing icon you are amazing and loving and I just love you so much I hope you have a great year

thank you for this. i watched this on 31st december, i was feeling so down as i was thinking what have i done this year to be worth celebrating? I keep comparing myself to others its just ...tiring. so thank you. I need to try my best this year and gonna kick 2018 ass so much!

Me too jack me too.


Sean, you don't have to upload 2 vids a day, you could even do 1, and if you feel up for it get videos ready for later days so you can have little rests or something.

We are always here for you, no one is perfect don’t doubt yourself.

Jack your amazing just the way you are don't let yourself feel like your less than yourself

I saw his hair. I thought he was having a phase

The one thousand people who disliked this video were just tired and missed the like button for you ❤️

⚠️WARNING⚠️You will cry if you really love Jacksepticeye in this video❣️cuz I did

you can take time off whenever you need. we completely understand and we’re so blessed you already post and devote yourself as much as you do. we love you!! take care of yourself because that’s what matters most. we’re here for you Sean

Hmm 2018 is hoping to be a good year let's see the things that already happened: 1: Family member died 2: I got mono 3:Logan Paul incident Yeah 2018 is going good.... Totally but other than that I wish everyone a good year :p

Thank you, Jack.

Sean, please don’t overwork yourself or push yourself too hard this year. When you need to take a break to find that balance between work and rest again, take that break! We will all still be here and will all be happy to know that you are taking care of yourself.

Jack, can you pls be my therapist?

Your amazing love that u did self reflection loved the xmas stream was so much fun and vlog u did and gingerbread house as well tat was to fun glad u enjoyed the tour you defs need take few days off we can wait for videos xxxx your videos and u and just how u are videos make me smile and Laugh your just pure amazing xxx

2017 was a shit year *wink wink terrorists and shit*

I wish I could do something to help you, the same way you help us go through bad moments, I feel so helpless now :(

"Im gonna put the energy of the sun back into the world" Solar panel jack 2018

Maybe you should do one video a day dude

Don’t ever doubt yourself, feel motivated and encouraged to cheer yourself up. Be happy you are still alive today, not letting God take your life. You are the best, Jack. Don’t stop being the best.

Holy crap I didn't expect to cry during this

I'm not crying, your crying! (grabs Kleenex when Jack talks about his toughest diffucilties). love the updates! keep checking in with yourself/family/friends and us :) we all care about you! On to; the NEXT VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Let's face it, this year was a billy year

You are an amazing person. Don't let yourself or anybody else try to tell you you aren't. Now I know that is WAY easier said than done, but it's always worth it to try. What your message is, your goal, is SO inspiring, and what it says about you as a person is that you actually CARE about not just your community, but EVERYBODY. Even if you can't succeed in making everybody happy, you can at least make a huge impact on those who you can help. You inspire kids like me to be better people! It's not easy trying to stay happy for others. I am super happy to know that you have planned to seek help for your thoughts. It's a pretty tough thing to do. I've avoided seeing a therapist for so long because I am afraid that seeing a therapist will only solidify that something is wrong with me. I know you can push through this rough patch. Just know that this community is full of wonderful people who think the same way of you as I do, and who will always support you. You can do this! We believe in you!

Sean, you're so hard on yourself. The stuff and the work that you put into what you do is UNIMAGINABLY difficult. Most of us don't know what the actual fuck to do when it comes to making videos. You need to give yourself a break. Not only from work, but from yourself. Being someone who sees the light in similar ways as you, and someone who suffers from depression, have figured out that no matter what shit show you're going through, you gotta look forward. You're an AMAZING HUMAN BEING AND SUCH A LIFE SAVER. We love you Jackaboy

We are always here for you Jack! Even if you think you didn't try your hardest, you made so many people happy! Everyone's day was a little brighter because of you! Remember that.

Yeah 2017 sucked for me too. Me and my dad went though hell and back for most if 2017. Hopefully 2018 will kick ass

I recently moved from the states to Spain. I know how you feel

This is our year, going to working on growing my youtube channel, keep up the good work.

keep liking this if you support jack. keep doing you bro

As someone who tried to kill myself in 2017 I completely understand where you are coming from. The reason we fall so low is so we can learn to rise up. Don’t get caught up over these meaningless thoughts like I did. It always gets better.

We’re all here for you!!!

I love how jack is so humble and how he continues to think he isn't working hard enough even when it is clear to everyone who watches that he is trying so hard. Even though his content is amazing and I love watching it everyday jack honestly deserves what ever time off he needs. Jack don't get yourself down because no matter what you will always have some true subscribers dare i say friends who will always have your back even though you don't know everyone personally. Your total openness is just completely inspiring. I'm lucky that my friend showed me one of your videos a few years back because without it you would not have touched me nor so many others. Just like you went through a rough year we were all there with you. We all took this journey together. Jack just think about it just by playing video games and recording a few youtube videos you have changes millions of lives for the better. You are one of if not the best youtubers on the sight just because of videos like this. Thank you.

I cried when he cried I think he should do what he wants and relax I had a bad year too #positivementalattitude #letsmake2017great @jackseptieye

Love the open and honest sharing! Wishing you well!

sean i am so so proud of you (:

Sean, you are more than enough. God bless you, brother.

Crying is always the hardest thing for me to do. I could be alone or in front of a million people but crying hurts my heart. I know that feeling you are showing when you kept wiping your eyes. You need to give yourself room to breathe so you can let that passion for working burn. Flames need air to breathe just like passion and creativity.

Don t make me cry jack

Jack a boy we all love you. If you ever need a break tell us and take it. We are hear for you. Also around the same time I said the same. I got tired of feeling angry the way I have been for so long. So I decided to try to be the person I want to be. So I have been trying to look more girly and learn to be fine with myself and my life. I even started to lose weight. Already lost 100 pounds. SO LETS MAKE 2018 AMAZING LIKE A BOSS! AND high fives all around. “Whoops” “whoops” And I see you in the next video!

Everyone here is more than supportive Jack/Sean, take a break if you need to work on making you happy you always make all of us feel better, you helped me through one of the worst spots of my life and it's silly but idk where I would be right now without you i love you....no homo

WTH DO YOU MEAN LET US DOWN!!! Sean you could never. We all support you and we don't care whatever you may do. You're amazing, you're a FLIPPING BEACON OF LIGHT WITH THE ENERGY OF THE SUN!!! We all love you Sean, just keep doing you Sean, and don't stop, because you are amazing, and I'm sure 2018 will make sure that this is the best year for you. :)

we all love you

Dear Sean, I know completely how you feel. I am always that guy that acts super happy in school, and i hate seeing people down. But when i get home, every, single, day, i just sit in my chair and think about what i could have done better and doubting who i am and just crying about how i feel. I have even started loosing friends and my girlfriend because of just how i feel so, depressed. I always watched you at the end of the day, but i just stopped everything during winter brake. I didn't do my assigned homework, i broke up with my girlfriend, i even just felt. Pointless. And i feel like if i didn't have suck good motivating friends, i probably would have killed myself. But now i am starting to understand why it is so good to self motivate myself. And this video definitly helped a ton. And i am just so thankful for you. -James Conover

this year was shit online

Jack... what you've described is pretty much exactly how I've been feeling for most of 2017. It was hands down, the worst year of my life. Self-harm and depression. My parents think it's stress. Maybe it is, but it doesn't feel like it. Either way, after talking to my parents, I realized that I was on my own in this. They're not going to let me see a therapist because of the social stigma. ANYWAY, you've always been an inspiration for us, Jack. You NEVER let us down. If there's anything I have to thank 2017 for, it's for making me hard as stone. I'll never be weaker than this. And I'm going to make 2018 my bitch :) Thank you so much.

I wish I could give you a hug through the screen

I cried , seeing other people cry makes me cry. xp

1000 cried so much it hit the dislike button

I know I'm late, and I hope Jack still sees this. Ever since I began watching jack, I know a lot of people will agree that it's always been amazing that jack has stayed so upbeat in this world. And for Sean, not jack, but Sean. Just know we're all only human. And those feelings come naturally and we all get down. And the fact that you take those feelings to do good and continue putting out good in the world, just goes to show that you as a person, not a YouTuber, but a person, are an amazing person who truly deserves all the success that's came your way. From your compassion and your drive to work hard and do good, the community and I all wish you the best 2018 you can have. And thank you for everything you have done. ❤️


Sean, don't you dare say that it's stupid! Because it's not. None of this is stupid and you shouldn't think that it is. Stuff like this happens and we can a hundred percent surely understand that sometimes humans emotions are the scariest things ever! Take your time healing and remember that we are here for you just how you are always here for us even if you are in a way worse place than usual.

That's the spirit Sean make 2018 amazing if anyone can do it I believe you can, you pour so much yourself and positivity into your videos to make your viewer's days better and I thank you for that as you have cheered me up on bad days but like you said never forget to look after yourself to, I hope you have a amazing 2018. P.s. This video has also motivated me to do better and keep a positive outlook when things get tough so thank you again Sean :)

As someone who struggles with depression I have a little advise. Dont ignore it, deal with it, alone or with someone. The more you ignore it, the more it bites you.. Let it kick you in the ass, its ok. You just have to figure out how to punch back.


Once I saw jacks tears go down I broke down


Don't over do it remember you are human take more time for yourself. Don't tear yourself apart or else you'll feel less. Stay positive and keep up the good work. Your one of my favorite youtubers. Also you should colaberate with other youtubers more that's all ways cool when you do.

I love you Sean! As someone who has struggled with clinical depression for years, for me, having low self worth, everyday anxiety, fear, sadness, misery, etc, is normal for me. I can't imagine what it's like to be happy everyday. Please take care of yourself so it doesn't get worse.

haven't watched you properly in about 1 - 2 years and sadly i dont really enjoy your content anymore due to me just changing and growing but i still believe you are one of the most genuine and real creators on the platform fucking kick ass in 2018 bro

I got recommended your "I got a shout out from pewdiepie" and was like. Why is he so excited about a guy who hates pie yelling at him? I don't do the internet very well.

I’m a new subscriber and I totally can relate to a lot of what u said. I see a therapist and it is so helpful. Looking forward to 2018 and ur content and if u need to take a break every now and then do it ur audience will understand and be here for u on the flip side.

The views are 1,300,031... weird.

Hey Jack? Love you k? x

Kill yourself. Your opinions do not matter and you cannot begin to understand the depression you have given me! It might just be anger, but I hope you’re felling, just a little bit, what I’m feeling. I will never watch your videos again. Good bye.

i need to do some soul searching too, i also need to stop being distracted by all these other games and focus on 1-3 games

you make my daughter happy

Go get 'em Jackaboy! :) I think you're gonna have a really great year :) X

Do not give 100% of yourself to us. You need some percentage to live your life - including alone time. Cut yourself some slack. It's okay to not be positive all the time. It's okay to be lost, and scared. Sometimes you need it, to better see the good, or what is going on. We are always changing. If you don't allow yourself time for reflection, you won't be able to accept the changes as they came, and it'll come as a shock when you finally do have time to reflect. Please take care of yourself.

Jack you are really amazing. I don't watch your videos anymore. I want to. But at one point in your channel it felt very structured and set up. Some of your spark went away with certain games and you didn't seem as well "happy" with some of the stuff you did. I would love to know you in person because you seem like the nicest and most amazing friend. Now you could be terrible. But I believe that you are absolutely amazing. I don't know if you have started this or if you made a video adressing this. But. I think you need to be you. What you want to do. I know its a little cliche but PewDiePie has even done it. I'm not saying you need to aspire to be him. I'm saying that I think you should express yourself like you did in this video. If you don't want to play a game. Then don't. If you don't even want to make a video. Then don't. All the subscribers will understand. Or at least the people who actually understand you are you. I'm not other people. I'd just love to have all your feelings. You and your personality all let out and don't keep them in. I want you to suceed so much. I may not watch you again. I may barely watch you. But honestly. I will always remember when you played this game where you were in a theater with pewds. And then Next Car Game which later turned into something else. I loved everything you used to do. You will be in my heart and part of me forever. Because it's amazing what happens over time. I remember that your signature intro actuallu came from Next Car Game I believe. You get a like. And you'll always have a subscribe from me. Do you Jack. I hope one day I can come back to this channel and watch you again. For now. You'll be apart of my life and I don't know if I'll ever forget you.

Let's make 2018 amazing!!!

You always cheer me up when I am sad and I am so happy you want to have a better year. Imight be a youtuber and if we am please follow me. My name will be arrow master. You are the best youtuber ever and I love watching your vids. But just please stop swearing so I can watch you more often. Please:'(

I really wish I could come out like this. I always feel like this, but never feel like I can ever express it. Also, if you need to talk to us about ANYTHING, no matter how big or small it seems to be, we will listen!

Dude u look like Ali A

It hurts to see how worn out and overwhelmed the year made you feel. Just know this community is more human than any one I've ever been a part of, so we understand if you EVER have to take a break. We have all been through stress, working until we're unable to function, so don't feel like we won't understand. Just breathe, and give yourself a break. You always keep us so positive, so let us return the favor! We all love and care about what you do for us. I hope this year is sooo much better for you! God bless! ❤❤❤

Ugh this hits home hard! 2017 was really hard for me too and the world it seems! So much tragedy happened in 2017 and its hard not to focus on that (especially when depression is involved like I have) but I'm focused on 2018 being more meaningful and positive

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. It got to a point where I tried to end my own life because I could not deal with this constant feeling weighing me down making me feel worthless and a failure. Then I started watching your videos and I can honestly say that you have saved my life. You made me see the good side of things and everytime I click on one of your videos I don't feel so alone. I love this community and you are definitely the most inspirational YouTuber that I have, personally, watched. I am glad that you took a break because everyone needs one sometimes. It is good to take care of yourself and your needs too which is one thing that I have been lacking. Just I want to thank you. Even though I do not personally know you and I never will and idk if you will ever see this. But to anyone that is suffering from any mental illness just know that you are never alone. I am always here for anyone that needs to talk. My main mission is to help anyone feel better and smile because your smile is beautiful :) If I can just put a smile on one persons face then I have done my job. I am always here for anyone. And Jack, thank you so much for just being you and for putting a smile on my face everyday. We appreciate all that you do and if you ever need to take a break just know that we will be here when you get back :) That is what makes our community so great. I am going to go now. I punch all of your videos like buttons LIKE A BOSS! High fives all around! Thank you everyone that took the time to read this and I will see all you dudes in the next comment!

his grandma died in 2017. miss u grandma

Love you Jack. ❤

Make this year lit guys! Love y'all ❤❤

Awe Jack! I just wanna give you a big hug! You've been so amazing to all of us from the start. I'm glad you were able to face your demons head on and find some clarity. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself. Sending love and hugs from Boston, MA, USA!!

when I don't get my alone time, I crack up.  it's great you took that time. take more if you ever need it!

Omg I swear I’ve been watching you for years and seeing you grow so much as a person and as a channel… it’s amazing seeing you still being the same ol honest adorable you

i lost some of my best friends this year, and these weren't just, you know, friends, no these were friends i've known since i was three and five, and life has been hard all my life with my depression and my mother physically and verbally also with people making fun of my actual name, but in 2017 life the people that kept me going and now i am slowing back down my friends i have left are getting new friends and forgetting me so i..i think i am rambling now but you get it i have a hard life and as most of us 2017 was an emotional roller coster also today is my bday!!! (December 31st)ALSO this is why he is my fav youtuber he is expessive and knows the way and i can understand how he feels soo ya

You help me cope my mental health issues almost everyday and I am so thankful for it. I love you man, you're going to handle your depression, I am with you. Kick the bad stuff out and make more room for POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE

Your the best Jack. Keep up the great work!

You cried on my birthday, that makes it even more sad. I know the feeling thou... I love ya Sean be happy, your the best!!!!!

Man this in a way through my own life clicks with this. Lets kick the shit out if this year Everyone

Ps I hope you don't mind but im going to watch this a bit more to keep reminding myself to stick to helping myself out

Right on man thank you!

PMA PMA PMA!!!!!!!! just watched this and blown away keep up the great work Jack focus on Yourself and Unplug and Breath!!!!

I literally started bawling my eyes out midway thru and I just wanted to jump thru my screen and give jack the biggest hug ever.

we're going to kick the 2018 in the ass. goddamn sure.

I know I'm late seeing this video but I just wanted to say that jack u are amazing u make people laugh all the time and if u ever have any problems please just talk to someone about them and of course all your fans will always be there for you please take care of yourself and I wish you all the best for the rest of 2018.

Hay jack. Can U watch some videos about Australia and give us your thoughts on Australia, the people, the animals and the music

I will do better at youtube ans less skul

Will jack ever come back to irelabd

Hey everyone I'm looking for subscribers thanks...

I'm glad you took time for yourself. I'm sad you don't see your own self worth. Your kindness, positivity, and genuine/humble quality is what makes you so very special. Of course you deserve every good thing you get. There are not enough people like you in this world. 2017 was my hardest year as well, and I hope that our 2018 is infinitely better. We'll all make it better.

I wonder whats up with the dislike

whitch ireland the province or the litterler country

sounds like you need some psychedelic help.

We're all so proud of you jack!! Don't give up :)

My dude that’s called a panic-attack

I get this so much. 2017 was super depressing for me. I felt just absolutely horrible the whole year. I started crying a lot during classes and I just started going just comepletly into myself. I didn't really talk to anyone. I didn't understand anything happening in my life anymore. I even wanted to just quit school and be homeschooled. But I never even had the courage to ask my mom about it. So I had to go to school and deal with it. In the beginning I was still super depressed and felt horrible. But then I started to try to get better. I found some friends who just liked me for me and I stuck with them. I started just being a happy person overall. I looked at the better of things and I overcame my depression. I now just try to help other people that I think might be feeling sad. My friends anytime they miss school I ask if they're okay and if something happened. I try to be there for them no matter what. I don't ever want them to go through the same mental state that I did. I care for them and I now will be there for them no matter what. If you are feeling depressed and don't know what life is anymore then please try to find people who like you for you. Try to look at the better of things and eventually it will influence you and your life. You'll start being a happier person and that will make your life so much better. Other people will like you more and you'll start seeing how many people truly care about you. You were blinded by your sadness before and you missed all the good things in life. But now you can just be happy and have fun with life. It took me about a year to finally see that. Just try to not go back into your sadness anymore. Things will get better. Once you've hit rock bottom there's no where else to go but up. I hope this comment helps someone, somewhere. Try not to hold yourself in a pit of despair. You'll miss the great things in life happening to you and all around you.

Wow I didn't realize I'd written so much

Dude stop worrying about what people might say about what u do just do u and take a break every once in a while.

I know how you had it

If you have read Fear Of Flying, you know there are people who never wipe their ass.

Yes, Jack, it's all scary. You know what the scariest thing is? This is the third generation that is facing nuclear extermination. It started when the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then it happened in 1961 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Now it's happening again with Trump v. Kim. Personally, I suspect the subliminal knowledge of global incineration wears and weighs on everyone. It's like a sub audible wavelength that makes us all feel like day old bread. People were happier even during the Depression and Prohibition than they are now.

Wasn't 2017 the year that Aileen Wuornos said was going to be the start of WWIII and the end of humanity?

I like ur new hair boih

Jack I think you really care about your fans unlike other youtubers just wanting views/likes not meantioning any names

I was feeling a little down but this video really helped me get my shit together to an extent but still made me not want to rather be dead

Jaaaaaaaack! U didn’t let us down! If there’s things going on in ur life, take a break, don’t worry about us, please, don’t stress ur self out, do whatever u have to do to keep ur self happy, please, don’t worry about us, do whatever u have to do

Watching this video really made me reflect on this year and on myself and how I need to come into 2018 with a positive mental attitude. Thanks for this video Jack here's to 2018 I hope you kick it up this ass and send it to the moon

i never met a child who got saved by the money donated to "charity"... they just steal the money with lies.

thank you!

You won't see this and I'll keep it brief but, thank you. Thank you for talking to me (us), thank you for being real, and thank you for changing my mind. . . . . . .

hey jack this video made me think about an article i read online about Robin Williams... its called LBD, i dont know if you'll even see this or read the article but it moved me and made me think about the way i see the world and hearing you talk like this made me flashback to that artlcle... maybe give it a search. hope all is well with you take care

*tries to subtly wipe away her tears* SOMEONE GIVE THIS MAN A COOKIE. AND A HUG.

Don’t you dare over work yourself Jack!

Do i like or dislike ? As in like if you sympathise with him but could be i enjoy your pain Or dislike if i dont enjoy your pain

Can someone please explain to me why this video has 1000 dislikes?

jack it's gonna be ok :) we can get through it together all of us are here ^^

I will find the people who disliked this and give them a huge hug. They need it.

When Sean cries I cry

This year was crazy 2017 was mixed bag

Maybe the hair, maybe character change, maybe the hat. I have watched every single episode of happy wheels and Life is strange, Resident Evil, shadow of colossus, etc. Then you changed and I unsubscribed. Now it seems you have gone back to your old thing so I am resubscribed, I hope that I can love your content like before. p.s. can we get the hat back pls.

This is a month late so I doubt you'll see this and I know you've heard what I'm about to say but for the love of fettuccine alfredo, TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Take some breaks and relax every now and then. We can be patient and wait. You know we're here for you. :) Also, try not to stress to much about being positive. I know you're all 'PMA', but like you said yourself, you can't be positive 100% of the time. It's draining. Like a lot. So just be you and be comfortable. Well, this has went on long enough. Take care. :)

2017 was such a tough and down heartening year for so many. Personally I'm finally starting to get the help I need in terms of my mental health. I may have one of the 209 Personality Disorders. So Jack, honestly know you are never truly alone. Even if you are physically alone at home. We're here for you. But can I suggest you start keeping a journal. So any niggling thoughts roaming around in your head, write them down. It does help. Any mental health professional would recommend exactly that. We're here for you Jack.

the realest youtuber i've seen. Rated Jack for you to open up about all these issues. wish the best for you in 2018 and keep your head up

I would recommend seeing a therapist Jack, I know that sounds extreme but I actually coincidentally have had a similar revelation just this last week and you need an expert to help you sort out your thoughts rather then push them away.

Well, Jack you should stop uploading for some stuff because you are taking stuff really to far, So take a rest ;)

I love how even though he mentioned so much depressing shit he still managed to throw in a Rick and Morty reference XD

I'm watching the newer version of beauty and the beast with my nieces and I started crying when watching this and one of my nieces came over, she grabbed hand and said "Niki, its ok to cry but seriously, this is a kids show, grow up!" (She's only 5) and I laughed so hard and she looked so confused XD Something to hopefully put a smile on your face :D

Is jack and pewds still friends?

HOLY SHIT TIFFANY LIKED THIS p.s: Tiffany is iHasCupquake.

Wow, I liked you before Jack because of your positive energy. I'd watch your gaming videos now and then. But seeing you being so honest here and humble has just gained you a new sub.

Why the *JACK* Did anyone even dislike this?!

Why woes 2017 your tufest year on YouTube?

Vid was uploaded on the same day as Logan Paul's god awful suicide vlog

Jack just fucking quit it we all love you and you make us so happy now let us make you feel better guys do anything you can to make him feel better

Its OK buddy 2017 was hard for everyone One way or another

2014 lasted forever

My sister almost died in 2017

It's called burn out my friend. Been there done that. YOU need to have a WORK / LIFESTYLE BALANCE. Get yourself managed by a health care professional need be, BUT set a strict timetable upon yourself. Exercise, work Monday to Friday and FORCE YOURSELF to take two days off per week to enjoy other things in life. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE MY FRIEND, AND YOU ARE DEAD A FUCKING LONG TIME. Get that balance and you'll be ok. Peace.

Right before 2017 i just kinda stopped watching jack after 3-4 years of watching almost everything he uploaded, im trying to get back to it now, i guess this is a good video to start with, but HE MOVED TO A NEW COUNTRY? where does he live now?!? I never heard!

it's like a big punch to my heart when i realize that all the time i've been enjoying his videos and seeing him trying to hard for us, trying to be happy and upbeat and smile all the time, he's been beating himself up and exhausting himself to the point of tearing himself apart. it's like he was shining for everyone while forcing himself in the dark the whole time. i mean i _know_ that things arent always the way they seem. i know he isnt happy 24/7, but seeing him smile and laugh so easily it's easy to take it for granted. it's sad that he's been caring for everyonr and forgetting to care for himself. seeing him start to cry, trying to hold it back and looking so frustrated in the video *_broke_* my heart. i dont wanna talk or relate about my issues because i wanna just focus on him. God, an amazing and intelligent person like him doubting his self worth? that's just so heartbreaking. i'm so glad he's seeking help, i'm so glad he's talking about it and is going through it so maturely. this is why he is my favourite youtuber. and i really really wish and hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that this man gets all the good things he deserve, and i hope he's happy.

I stepped away from my prior position a couple years ago to kickstart a new interest, since I became disenchanted with the job I was at. So I seriously put time into my video game coding, which I hadn't done for years. Unfortunately, money ran out, so now I need to find a position. But at this point I'm thinking I should have tried to attend some game coder groups and done some real research on a company that I might have tried to become a part of. But I was also dealing with other things and I was dealing with a lot of formative field experiences that kept my enthusiasm down. I'm frankly disappointed that nothing more came of it and I didn't make anything more of it in the time I had. But there's always what's next, and we'll see what that is.

Sean it sounds like you have some unaddressed issues that you might not even be sure of there source. It sounds like you're diving into your work to keep them from surfacing and you intend to keep focusing on the positive and not addressing them. I'd suggest talking to a professional (and not your public). Hope you resolve these things, all the best buddy.

Could you hire someone to deal with your correspondence? Lighten the load?

Its stupid because hes saying he could try better in his videos when all his videos are the best fucking shit in youtube. Dont let it get to you jack. Hope 2018 will treat ya well

It's mad to think that you have over three times as many people subscribed to you than the population of your home country?!

Sean, listen. Thoughts can be terrifying. And, mental illness is no joke. Please, if you truly feel you need it, get help.? Talk to someone. We all love you, and we want you to be ok. We will not fault you for talking to someone. You can't fix everything. It is not stupid. We are here to love and support you. You have come so far. And that's because you worked hard. You deserve the following you've earned. You're amazing. Get yourself right before you worry about us. Love from the U.S.

This is so sad to hear. I heard so many youtubers talk like this too about 2017 and it breaks my heart. I feel like a lot of people had shitty 2017, me included and I wish everyone much better 2018!! We can make it awesome!!

poor jack don't cry its okay :)

Positive mental attitude remember that jack.

Ihascukequake liked this video???!?!?

You have done so well jack! You have come so far over these past few years! Keep doing what you do best. You never fail to make your viewers happy. Well done!

jack pls play roblox

Lets all kick 2018 in the ass with Sean, together

I wish there was a love button in addition to a like button, because you need all of the love you can get. You are not alone Jack, I know exactly what it’s like to be depressed. Be strong, and lean on those who love you.

you deserve time off Jack. Never feel like you have to do something... you deserve whatever you do.

I find it interesting that 2015 was your best year on YouTube yet, yet that was the worst year of my life due to mental health issues among other stuff, whereas 2017 felt like I was getting my life back on track, but it was a really tough year for you. I hope 2018's kind to both of us, Jack.

I don’t know if I should like or dislike or nothing. I’m so confused on what to do

I too moved to a different country last year, Jack. I moved from the US to the UK. Maybe I’ll run into you sometime! Probably not lol. I hope 2018 will be a good one for you. Edit: Posted this before watching the whole vid. You went to Norway. I’m moving there this year. Yeah. Lots of moving.. because my husband is getting his PhD. Anyway, just was thinking how your traveling experience might not be very relatable for some but I was relating so hard throughout this video *hugs* Thank you for sharing. It can be really cathartic to just talk about your feelings. Again, I hope you have a great year

Wow... I never thought of it this way... Don't over work yourself bro. If people make you produce videos they're not your true fans... Your true fans care about you, not your videos. Don't push yourself too hard, you don't need to, in the end it's just you tube man. We will be waiting for you. You don't need to push yourself to a mental breakdown for your fans... Don't hurt yourself just because you know you can do it... Basically what i'm trying to say is... it's not worth hurting yourself man.

Jack please don’t cry your no.1 fan is here for you I’ve been a sub since 500k and I will watch your videos even if it’s 4am in the night I would sit and stare into my screen also if my eyes hurt AF because I’m tired I will still watch your videos and give you up-cheering feedback and you were always there for me when I was down so now I will be here for you and I won’t get mad if you miss your upload schedule because I know that there will always be fantastic videos and that’s what kept me from crying myself to sleep every night

Jack is this why you have those be more positive on your whiteboard

I seriously lost t during this video. I couldn't handle it when Jack was saying these things. Jack, please just know we will always be here for you. We may not be able to say the right things sometimes, but you must know that your never alone. I barely know what to say myself.... Just please know we care about you.

Omg... I don't think I've ever seen Sean cry... I mean he didn't exactly cry... But I've never seen this in him where he just gets so teary-eyed in the middle of his video... I feel so bad for him...

Hi Sean. 2017 wasn’t the best year for me either. I mean I stopped watching your videos for God’s sake! Now I’ve realised I’m not happy not seeing you everyday, you are the most positive impact in my day. I had panic attacks like everyday thinking negative thoughts but when I was obsessed with you I was not having any panic attacks and I’ve realised that you are my idol and help me so much. Thank you Sean, honestly I love you ❤️

Also, I believe that you should ,if you need to, take a weeks break. Just relax. Whenever you feel down we will understand because you are so committed thanks again xx

I’m kinda late on commenting on this video, but I feel like I need to say something. I don’t expect many to see this comment, nor does it truest matter because I’m just saying it to have it out in the universe. Losing a step is okay when you have so many people watching you. The pressure can exaggerate your own problems. We love you so much Sean!! I have bipolar disorder and have been through so much and your videos made it so much easier for me to claw my way out of that feeling. So even if you never see this I just wanted to show you some semblance of what it was like when you helped me. I subscribed to you last year but I’ve been watching since the beginning. Thanks for all that you do. Hope to see you at PAX 2018!!

I remember when i woke up one day checked your channel it was 2016 9mil ...1 month after 11mil 1 year later 17MILLION

I fuckin love you jack. You've motivated me so much to want to start my own YouTube channel. It's called The PMA Channel, just for you jack. I wanna spread PMA around the world just for you jack. For this community. Everyone deserves to be happy and share happiness with the world.

You just motivated me. I'm always let down because of the world's perspective of me. I'm silly like a nine year old at times, but I have a sense of humor like an adult. I'm creating my own YouTube channel but there is obsticles on the way but after I turn 13 on the 25th of March, I'm going to rule my YouTube channel. By me saying I'm silly like a nine year old its because at my school I made up a "religion" that speculates Lightning McQueen as god. The religion is called Kachowlism

I like how in games jack uses silly words and when he talks directly to the viewer he uses complex words

Dear jack I just wanted to let you know my story I really hope you can see this. A lot af stuff changed my dads gf Wich I have been living with for about three years now really started to effect my life verry badly I started holding back A lot of my emotions and after school I would just go in my room and do nothing but wach you tube. And when I could not hold back my emotions any more I had anger and painc attacks. And just fell in to about 4 weeks of depressionthen I found you and you made me happy and made me laugh and you helped me out of this hole I was in you made me have a stronger connection with my friends you inspired me to start my own you tube I wanted to thank you.

Who the fuck disliked this video!

Watching this made me cry with you Sean, I could feel your pain and I just wanted to hug you and say that everything's gonna be okay. I'm going on this ride with you Sean, I know how you feel and I'm still feeling this way. I want to try and start pma, it's 11:25 rn in the UK so you're gonna be asleep. XD I hope you see this comment an I wish you all the positive vibes and I wish you nothing but happiness. Sean, you make me smile no matter how negative I feel. I wish I could just hug you....

If you feeling upset I will have your back :)

His accent is so rad haha

Thank you so much for being open about your experience. I've dealt with anxiety and depression all my life, and for a very long time, I thought I had to deal with it alone. I kept getting told that if I wasn't happy, it was because I wasn't trying hard enough to think positively. So, I put on a happy face and struggled through work and college with nobody around me knowing that I was having suicidal thoughts every day and was running myself into the ground. After graduating, I finally had a breakdown that forced me to stop, but being cooped up at home with nothing to distract me only made things worse. When the people around me convinced me to get help, I ended up really wishing I had done it sooner. I had been led to believe that getting medication and therapy would mean I was weak, but now I know it's one of the bravest things a person can do. I'm really proud of you for seeking that help, Jack, and for being open about needing it. I hope that if there's anyone still in this thread reading comments who is living with these feelings, they'll ask for help sooner rather than later, because I can say from experience that it's not worth it to wait til you hit rock bottom. Your four pillars for 2018 are super important ideas, especially self-care, because that's something that can be really hard to make time for. Thank you for all you do, for working so hard, and for using your influence to make positive changes in the world. As you've said, “You're not really going to change the world at large, but you don't have to, as long as you change someone's world.” I think you've changed a lot of worlds with this channel.

Your putting too much pressure on yourself. You never disappoint but don’t worry if you do, you’re human. If it stops being fun give it a break.

2016 - 2017 WORST YEARS EVER

to be honest im not gonna lie i started crying in the middle of it but this is so true because its happened to me its not until u lose someone in your family till u start to understand how valuable life is and how memorable and how fragile life can be u know and what u have to do is u make the best out of life and try to make the most memorable moments in life and be by your family's side by the entire way and jack i understand i have been in your place but u just have to be ready for what life throws at u OK there is a lot of people out there that need u by there side and when u think u need a break from your life and your family don't ok we all love you jack and i want u to know that OK :]

Sean, you and i are similar in many ways... but 2017 sucked for both of us... however your life is incredibly important to me and everyone here. believe me, taking time to yourself is good for you. don’t dedicate 100% of your time to work or to us. take some time to yourself and relax. we understand that. but demons plague us in different ways or forms. whether it be hateful people on the internet or people in general, stay strong! your positivity, negativity, and honesty helped me slay some of the demons who have plagued me. so lets make 2018 an amazing year and take time to yourself. we care about you from the bottom of our hearts. you and i arent much different but at the same time we are incredibly different. but you know what? those demons that plague you? envision them as a like button... and PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE! LIKE A TRUE BOSS! you are a role model and an inspiration for me... thank you for your time

Don’t kys plz

well that didnt start well


Thank you for being so honest. I understand how mental health struggles are too. I have started seeing a counselor and it’s really helped. Do what you must for yourself Jack.

So I’m not normally a ‘comment’ kinda viewer, and I only got around to watching this video now, and I doubt you as a creator will see this comment but I’m sure a lot of the community will see and appreciate this at least. Thank you. For being open and honest about these kinds of things. I’m 20 years old and I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since I was 13, and Borderline Personality Disorder since I was 16. It’s hard to deal with and the most important thing you can do is save some time for yourself. I recently decided to take time away from university to focus on my health, and now I’m back living at home with my parents because they’re a force of positivity in my life. You are also a force of positivity in my life. Whenever I feel sad, or alone, or like I want to do something bad, I watch one of your videos. You make me feel better about myself, and about the world. You help people more than you know, and you deserve to help yourself. So yeah, that was mushy, conquer this year LIKE A BOSS!

Let 2018 be a year for you, Jack.

How very brave of you to make this video, to let everybody see what normally people would cover up. I think that after we lost Robin Williams people began to understand being funny, upbeat and happy is a tough job, a lot of times people use it to hide Some really hard things they are dealing with. But I think for somebody like you, who is brave enough to stand in front of everybody and say I have trouble too, makes it easier for everybody else to realize that it’s not just them.... it’s not something wrong with me/them, that anybody could be feeling the same things they do. I think it’s extremely important that people also understand that taking time for themselves is not selfish, it’s self-care, you realize that and now you’re going to deal with that and I applaud you for letting us in on it. I believe this video probably helped many people, probably more than you think, I know it helped me.

Usually your words inspire me. In any other case, I'd be with you. Unfortunately, I'll be saying goodbye to a few of my family before the year is through. I wish I could heal the world. No avoiding it, this year is going to chew me up and spit me out, crippled and broken. I hope you guys have better lives on the horizon. I'll be back on board maybe around 2020...

Sean, I know you wanna make us happy but if it's affecting you this much then you need to stop. We are happy knowing that you are in a good mind set and that you are happy and healthy. Did you really take as much time as you needed to fully just be mentally healthy? You shouldn't do it if it feels like a chore Sean. If you feel the need to take a longer break then please do because when you get back, we will still be here stronger than ever. Please just take care of yourself and know that you do whatever you need to, to be happy again. WE LOVE YOU SEAN

Sean, this is such a powerful video and I feel like it speakS to me personally. I've been where you were (are) twice but I ended up locking myself away from work, family, friends, etc. for months not just a few days. You don't know me from Adam but if you ever need to rant, swear, shout or just talk to someone, by all means contact me. You've not let anyone down this year, or ever, with regards to your channel, the quality of your videos or our community in general. Having such a PMA is AWESOME and having plans and goals to aim for is a great way to deal with stuff but PLEASE don't run yourself into the ground just to try to keep us lot happy. You have sooooo many videos out there now there's no chance everyone has seen all of them so there's always something for us to watch. If you need to take a break, fucking take it man. We want you to keep going for years (yeah, I know that's probably a scary thought) not burn yourself out and have to stop. If you have to loosen your schedule, so be it, your true and loyal subscribers will understand. We're here for you bro, you're the BOSS and we need that BOSSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

Jack, this is not stupid, your feelings are valid, and I'm sure that there are countless people here to support you!! I know It's February as I'm commenting this, but I admire your positivity for the new year, I'm glad you are okay mentally, and I think that you are such a strong person by taking this situation by the balls and turning it in your favor! I love and support you Sean! Love from California

As Jack started to cry I cried too. Jack please don't stress yourself. All of us are here for you. You are one of the best people I know. You have great friends to help you.

This is about 2 months late, but if you see this. It perfectly normal, its called the quarterlife crisis, we all get that and its not quite as well know. It happens in the mid to late 20s, there is a lot of pressure to substantiate your place in the world. But remeber there are no rules, life is about experiencing and trying to enjoy the journey. You have done more than most, keep up the great work :D

It's ok Sean.. You have your family, friends and community to help you get through this stuff and we will always give you help and support you when you need it! :) #PMA

I want to hug him and wipe away his tears.

Oh, Sean


Fucking gay

I know people say "Be positive,be happy"....But sometimes it's okay to not feel okay and to cry.It's not a bad or shameful thing...it means your human and you have emotions.I know it's hard to say what you're feeling and to not think about doubt in your own self or to cure depression...but you made the right choice by moving forward...not just you trying to be positive and happy but by trying to make other people be positive and believing in yourself and in them...people are lucky to know and have you as a friend or youtuber but to have as a brother and a son...you have a good heart there's no need to shut the light cause we all believe in you and I believe in you.

Every time I feel depressed and miserable, I watch this. Even if it doesn’t make me happy, I’m glad that at least someone is happy. I’m so glad that you’re ok.

Always remember that you are just a human being Sean =) Taking time for yourself is important for everyone. You can't go 24/7 on 100% and expect yourself not to get burnt. Some people might expect you to upload videos everyday, but I believe that most of your subscribers are normally thinking beings who realize that you need some life and time for yourself too. People may see being a YouTuber as a dream job, and I believe that it is your hobby and all that ... but as in all jobs, you need some days off. I think that you have a lot to be proud of so, please, stay positive and make 2018 amazing mainly for yourself! We're here for you =))

I started crying this video because I don't want you to force yourself so hard pushing yourself to so much work can lead to bad things my dad had a heart attack from working so hard when I was 7 I'm 13 soon to be 14 please *If you feel you're working too hard and need a break PLEASE TAKE A BREAK don't push yourself I don't want you to have a heart attack from working too hard like my dad did WE ALL LOVE YOU JACK WE WON'T BE MAD AT YOU IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED A BREAK* also please don't feel depressed if you do please don't start to cut and be scuicidal like I am it's really hard to get out of that mind space I'm trying everyday

The stuff you described is kind of part of my daily life,it’s so bad to see others suffering

To be honest, the fact that you can have this kind of video and still at the end of it still say that you're so fucking pumped to kick 2018 in the ass - that proves that you haven't changed. You've grown, but you haven't changed.

You are an amazing person and all these things that get you down, ignore them! Just continue to be you cause you are fantastic and you make such a difference to so many people

God damn right! Thank you Sean! I know. A little bit late but you gave me back my motivation in the last 22 minutes. :D I got a call a few days ago that I won't be able to end my apprenticeship which I started 2016. I worked very hard in and for that so a thought the world is going to end. Now I am not thinking that any longer and your video up there gave me the last hit to do something that the world is NOT ending for me. :D Sounds weird I know. Probably not the best english. xD But I tried it. Greets from Germany! o/

I saw this video just in the right time, thank you Jack. We are all gonna make this year the best!

3 months into 2018 and everything is better for a very large number of people. To be honest for me 2017 wasn't good, in fact it was really terrible. But we're past that, learning from our mistakes and heading forward; stronger and ready to make 2018 the year of positive mental attitude. We all (hopefully everyone) genuinely feel that you've spread so much joy and you still continue to; you truly are very inspiring Sean and the whole Jacksepticeye community loves you for who you are and what you do :D Every morning I wake up and tell myself "keep a positive mental attitude, like jackaboy always says", and automatically I feel better about doing anything, even following my daily routine. Thank you Sean for not only making my days better but making it better for everyone. #PMA2018

Hey man you change my year I started to go high school As year watching out for some hater I love you jack

Jack, i wish you the best. I have to go through many things this year and i have gone through many things last year - like my mother's cancer. Your video helped me to get pumped and confident about my abilities to work hard and achieve things this year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You know, it's really rare to find someone like you. You try so hard to make everyone happy, and despite the many personal setbacks you have, you strive to be better, to be a good influence, and to get back on your feet as quickly and healthily as possible. You take your challenges, and you make such a great effort to push yourself back, sustain the positive mentality, and encourage others to do the same. You're not just an optimist; you're strong, and an inspiration. And as much as you encourage us to have positive mental attitude and self-care I think I speak for the fans who care about you and your well-being when I say that you're amazing, and you should breaks and spend some time with your wife and family when you think you need it. Stay strong and positive, Jack. Your channel has always been amazing and so are you.

Your cute...........sorry

But I think you're great

I feel so bad for you I'm sorry you're going through so many stress

I had a terrible year in 2017 :/

Hey jack you take as much time off as you need to. #positivementalattitude

Seeing his video as well as Smooth Mcgroove's video today it's really powerful to see the impact that the work that the successful creators are putting in. So glad to see you sticking with your passions through it all. We love you Jack!

Herecastle ya your right

Jesus Pacheco Arent we all?


Without You I would still have suicide thouts

No jack

It's ok jack we are there for you

6:21 subtitles: Why (Don't cry Jakaboy) me: *already has tear streaks on my face*

I’m in the doubting self worth situation. I know I’m worth something and am loved but whatever is trying to tear me down is working hard:p I think I have PPD honestly:( any tips for helping a positive mental image? :)

The only good things about 2017 for me: I started watching you and I started testosterone. The rest of it? Pretty shit and I'm trying to keep with the PMA mentality for 2018

Jack you are an awesome person, I think its incredible how you can see the good in everything like you do and you never fail to make me feel better when I'm feeling down. We as a community care about you and your well being so much, never be afraid to take time off when you need it. We aren't going anywhere. I can see how much pressure is put on you, especially when I read some of the comments but we are all here for you, we all support you. I hope you do see this, just to hear again from another loyal subscriber that we care about you and while we might not know everything going on in your life we are here for you jackaboy.

Hey jacksepticeye do you wants.crash bandicoot or Crash nitro kart

I thought this video was so fucking inspiring! You're so human in this video, yet you careen in such a way that makes me realize I'm not alone with my feelings, of not only being sad, but of wanting to be upbeat and happy and how I don't mean to invalidate others' feelings either when I do that too but maaaaaaan life is beautiful when you're not idle and when you create things from yourself out into this world! Here's to 2018 with you, my dude

Hey, I know it's already a few months into 2018, but I have something to say. You are an amazing person and I know what it's like to put on a fake smile everyday. I'm proud of you. I know that I'll probably never get to see you face to face, that there will always be a screen that I'm seeing you through, but you're an amazing person Sean.

Help, Lord in the one and only “Jesus Christ.” Our world has gone through so much suffering with school shootings, wildfires, North Korean threats, Donald Trump Struggling to try and make America Great....We are blind, we are shaking, we are “Satan’s” victims, I’ve prayed to you everyday and not much has happened, but God I pray to you soul with all your might...(I’m crying now...my face hurts.) Please give us our moment to reflect on ourself, our lives, our sickness and in heath. We are truly sorry for our sins. We tremble in fear. I ask your for our mercy in our years of Exodus...I Love You, we need your help...On The Wings Of Doves...I lift this prayer to you...Amen....

the four pillars of 2018 1. focus on the good! 2. positive mental attitude (and it's okay to be sad)! 3. self-care! 4. work hard!

came back to watch this again- I just noticed Seán was crying and that definitely set me off. if he cries I cry. but gotta keep a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!

Sean your heath matters a lot more to use then your videos 2018 will be amazing and you should feel free to take breaks at anytime you want you are the most positive, outgoing and amazing person I know of and I love your videos dont let anything keep you down and if you can't take it anymore take a second and breath you never will disappoint us and I know that for a fact and so does the 18 million other people on this channel. -Nova

Jack-I wanna leave behind and jump into the new year 2017) jack you the man........like....a .......boss.......we all love you jack


My mom's aunt died aswell

My grandad died in 2017

Positive Mental Attitude :)

*hug* I have been going through mild depression for a few years now and I have been taking some medication to help me feel better and work to get in a better mind. I know how hard things can be and how down you can feel about seemingly small things. Watching your videos always put a smile on my face and give me something to look forward to when I get home from work ♡ *hug*

Macdaragh Coneys that must suck, sorry for your loss

Banana Bear I hope Jake and Logan Paul fall on kitchen knives


Let's start by shooting Jake and Logan Paul

i know im a little late to the party im a new viewer but i absolutely love you and thank you for making this vid, i can relate so much to this video. Lets kick 2018s ass!

I wish we could switch brains for a second Jack, so you could truly realize how amazing you are and how much you are important. I literally dedicated an entire year of AP Art this year to creating pieces about how internet is a good thing. People like you are the highlight. Thank you so much.

"You're gonna make me cry, when you give me those ocean eyes"

I know how that feels. But you're not "worth less". You were literally the only one that helped me. I was about to commit suicide. I've been with you for years. I just wanna say thank you. And I'm sorry for your mental health

Jack you don’t have to apologize for being emotional. It’s okay to cry. Showing how you feel is a good thing. It’s not stupid. You’re amazing

HOLY SHIT JACK NO HUGS. HUGS OH MY GOD We love you so much. You don't have to force yourself to be positive all the time. Many people look up to you for that trait but we also know you're human, you need to take a break, you need to reflect and take care of yourself and think about your own health. You're such a giving person, but we don't want to drain your batteries so that there's no energy left for you. I'm glad you took that time off. You don't need to put so much pressure on yourself for other's sake. Do what will make you happy.

we Love you jack no matter what .❤️ No matter what happens

I really wanna give Jack a hug...

Pls stay strong Sean when I first saw this video I felt so helpless just seeing you in tears not being able to hug you and tell you that it's going to be ok but we all know that we can't reach through a phone screen but we can reach through the comments you make us happy and saved our lives and gave us great advice so many times let us return the favor and give you advice: just be yourself and don't change who you are for ANYONE or ANYTHING pls stay strong and no matter what you do or where you go in life we are always right behind you thxs for listening even though you will never see this I really hope that I can meet you one day and tell you you will be ok and to just talk to you

You have done so much for people all around the world just remember that.

its not stupid

This is why I hate youtube.

Its 2018 now but I agree with u I lost my Grandpa in 2017... And now in 2018 I lost my dog I had for 12 years... I feel like 2017 was the tip of the ice berg and its gonna keep dropping. So we get It Sean!!!!

2017 my shitiest year on youtube

Don't worry we are here for you it was a bad year for me to I know I am late

Sean, I had no idea your year was like this. 2017 was pretty brutal for me too. I almost lost my main drawing program and almost couldn't post art anymore so I understand the fear of possibly losing your creative platform. 2017 was the year of battle but also the year of victory because we survived it. Now, 2018 will be the year of prosperity, we just need to keep faith in The Lord. =3

Please try to think positively Do not think you're guilty of anything you did not

I was told that I should comment this... My 2017 was terrible as well, it completely tore me down and for the first 2 months of this year I was complacent and depressed. Until I found this video. This video helped me go forward into this year and I am so much happy her now. Even though I missed the green hair era my hair is now green in name if the inspirational Sean... That's all. Thank you Sean

Don’t cry Jackaboy :(


I know this is super late considering the upload date and the date of my comment and maybe you might not see this but it;s not stupid, I have quite often felt like you have and it can be hard to think otherwise sometimes but it does get better, you're never alone Jack, you have us here if you ever need us (well i'm mainly talking for myself there i guess XD) You're always worth everything that you have because it's obvious at least to me that you put your soul into everything that you do, so you do deserve it! And i've only just watched this because ive only recently gotten to watch your videos and im going through your whole catalogue and loving every damn bit of it! I hope that your 2018 has been better for you personally and sorry for the whole essay here but I felt like it was needed

I'm pretty bad at saying meaningful, sweet things but I just wanted to say that whatever anyone is going through, there is always someone out there for you that can help you, if you do want someone to talk to, talk to your parents or your friends or anyone you want. I've had a pretty good life so far and I am extremely greatful so I honestly can't even imangine what it must be like for someone who has been through alot and/or has depression or anything like that. I know it feels like your worthless and your falling into a deep dark pit and you can't escape but there is always a light at the end. Anyway, 2017 overall was a pretty terrible year and so far, 2018 has been amazing. Keep up the PMA! :D Sorry if that was too long

I just really want to give him a hug. It probably wouldn’t help to make him feel any better, but I just want to give him a hug.

sorry that im late but jack we love you as both sean and jack i cant wait to see what you do love ya

I just watch this today I just wanted to say that we love u Sean. U mean a lot and like A LOT LOT to me. When I saw u cry in the video,I cried too. Its just so relatable to me. I watch u 2 years now and I always see u happy and that makes me so happy. Seeing u happy cure my sadness everyday. When I was 5 years old,my parents abuse me until I'm 11 years old,which is now, and I selfharm myself. I cut myself with a scissors and now a knife. Everyday,every night, I cry in my bedroom because of my parents. Especially my mother. My mother....... Hurts me. She use big words that are so bad that my heart just stop pumping. I've been depressed for 6 years now. But when I saw u in YouTube, my heart starts beating again. Its like I have hope to get my sadness out of my way and focus on PMA. When I first watch your videos, I'm like "who the hell is he?" So I searched your channel and subscribe u. I watch a lot of your videos and it makes me so happy. Seeing u so happy makes me so happy. Seeing u sad just makes me wanna cry because it hurts when my favorite YouTubers cry. U are one of my favorite youtubers. My one wish is go to America or Europe,live there and meet u and other youtubers. And my other main wish is to become a YouTuber. I know its hard to be a youtuber but I know it for us watching u. U put a lot of effort and hard work in those videos just for us. U inspire me that one day, I will reach or achive my goal/wish/dream of being a youtuber like u. So thank u so much for everything. It really means a lot to me that u make videos and makes us all smile and laugh. U bright up my world. Whenever I'm feeling down,I just watch your videos and it cheers me up. So thank u again and someday I will save enough money to come and see u. Thank u.


I really hate to see you cry and disbelieve in your self your an amazing person if you ever some time to yourself it's ok we all understand

Everyone needs a vacation at some point, and you Sean are no different, we love you and we love your videos, but you must rest at some point in danger of over working. bear hug to you sean.

Jack it’s not stupid jack we love you so fucking much, we r all here for you. Ik u may never see this ever. You deserve everything that u get bc ur a very amazing person, stop pressuring yourself, you have everyone to support you. All we care about is that ur ok, all the time. PMA :)

Holy shit...we're witnessing an extremely upbeat, energetic, optimistic, and bubbly person almost break down emotionally in front of us...this is odd jarring to say the least... I mean, we've seen him break down, well up, or be down in other videos before in the past like Walking Dead Season 1, That Dragon Cancer, Presentable Liberty and other games...but not this hard to the point of questioning your own self-worth, having life and a whole year hammer you down mentally and emotionally over and over, feeling like you're undeserving of the things you've accomplished or earned, and feeling creatively and physically worn out and drained...this is jarring to say the least.

Sean: "I try to see the good in everything" Me: I don't, I want to see the world for what it is. Its a terrible place full of horrible people. trust no one, and you will probably survive.(probably, because even if your the nicest most helpful person on the planet, you may still die a horrible death and live an awful life)

Can anyone tell me why there are dislikes!

Talk to us where your family

Stay strong Jack there will always be people that don't like you, so try to keep yourself from being one of them!

"You're allowed feel sad" *to

That's what the positive mental attitude was Jesus christ, jack Give this ball of sunshine a year long hug

This was an absolutely amazing video. We all love you Jack, you honestly are an inspiration to your whole community and you're an outstanding person. You're so real! I know I'm late to watching this video, but I really do genuinely appreciate you and everything you do and stand for. When you started crying in this video, it set me off too... All of those things you were talking about, being lost, depressed, all of that... I've felt that and I'm sure a lot of people here can also empathise with you. Again, we love you so much. You mean a lot to all of us and I'm sure that anyone here will agree with me on that

We’ll always be here for you Sean, you are a really amazing person and have helped me to see the good in everything. I’m glad you made this video, as it’s showing that we are all human and have our ups and downs

I'm just finally watching this now, but thank you for sharing so much! I can relate in my own life. I hope this year goes much better and you can stay true to yourself and who you want to be! At one point I noticed you looked like you were wearing your self out and was concerned. When you care about what you do so much and when you have such a platform, it is easy to over work yourself and get burred. Give yourself time once in awhile. We love you and want you to be your awesome self!!!

Hope you have a BEST year

Jack your a strong person your always there for one another

Dear Sean, I watched this video once when it first came out and again just now. First thing is, i want you to just look and see how much everyone loves you. Don’t even doubt your self worth and never, ever, let it get into your head. I have to admit, 2018 has been rough so far but I’m learning that there are people that care about you so much. People that you thought hated you turn into best friends. And this goes to you directly: You don’t have 18 million fans, you have 18 million incredible followers who will love you until the end.

Jack I hope that 2018 is not a pile of poo we hear for you

* whoopish*✋✋✋

I'm sorry, and I hope I'm not alone to say that to you

idk why but it makes me happy that this vid was made on my bday :)

2017 was the last year of being a grade schooler and the year when my dad had a heart surgery.


Both you and DanTDM have 18M subs!

This is so inspirational. You are great Jack, don't deny it.

Seán u believe that we can make 2018 amazin I’ve been we’re u are well similar since u don’t have a YouTube channel but I believe that we can make 2018 the best year u ever had remembered Positive Mental Attitude

just remember your amazing and u make everyone so happy and smash thro 2018 your the best sean just remember that ; D your so amazing and I think I'm gonna send u a poster of a baby trio soon

I feel bad for not watching this sooner. Hang in there Sean, even though it’s already 2018, we are all here for you. And as you said, Let’s make 2018 AMAZING!!!

I know that I am late to this and Sean may never see this but I'll post it any. Sean, I'm not going to say that I understand how you feel because I have not been through the same experiences. But what I will say is that you're not alone, and that goes for everyone in this absolutely fantastic community. I myself had ups and downs, hell I became a father at 22 to a baby boy back in May. I moved out of home and in with my fiancee of 4 years. But this year had what I believe to be more downs than up. I almost dropped out of Engineering despite being near the end of my degree, I dealt with post-natal depression that crippled my bond with my fiancee and son for the first 6 months and suffered a severe mental breakdown of cataclysmic proportions where I had to be taken to hospital. I struggled in my relationships with friends, work, my family and even my partner. This has all taken its toll on me. We all go through difficult and trying times, and in those darkest moments is where you have to really dig deep and step up. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel because it'll be worth it at the end. As I write this, I am so mentally exhausted and stressed but I feel the need to vent. Everyone please look after yourselves and remember this community will be here, we all support each other. And Sean, if by some miracle you read this, know that your Positive Mental Attitude and bubbly personality help us in our trying times. Look after yourself, keep doing what you're doing and one day I hope to meet you face-to-face and shake your hand.

I'll be honest I sobbed that someone like Jack would have to question his own self worth. He is probably one of the most hard working, dedicated YouTuber I have ever come across and he deserves to know that. (I know I'm a bit late, I am so sorry, I can never keep up) I've questioned my own self worth and it is a horrible thing to do and I hope Jack knows he is not alone

I love you Jack

This is where when the balance of you and your shadow self are not in sinc, where your doubts. Come to the front, it's where Antisepticeye comes in, his doubts , thinking he is weak, and many other areas not mentioned I am sure. Pushing the bad away can help but excepting it and talking with your shadow self can be a part towards balance. Therapits help but, a inner journey talking with your shadow self can br a big help. There are meditation ceremonies, I did one it changed how I think of myself.

Jack I have depression and I know how you feel I used to be a positive little butterfly and now I am a depressed Little Rock of nothingness and I know how you feel but don’t listen to your head your head is lying ok.I don’t want you to give up because at night when I’m sad and need a little cheer up I go to YouTube and watch the videos that made me laugh before and watch them.Don’t feel sad you are one of the only things that can make me happy in my sad boring useless life so don’t give up don’t stop going you can do this

Honestly, 2018 is already shit.

this is one of my favourite videos

I know I'm late, but 2017 was the worst year of my life. I fell into a deep depression for 5 months. Many of my online friends grew apart from me, and as a socially awkward 16 year old, they were some of my only friends. I stopped existing for a while so 2017 was mostly a blur. I hated 2017 so much that I actually cried when it ended, and I looked back on the year and saw how shit my mental state was at the time. I just needed to get this off my chest, thank you if you got this far, and I hope your year was better than mine. Also, I undertook a challenge towards the end that I called the"12 Days Of Christmas" where I would make the amount of videos within that day, as it's corresponding day of Christmas. Towards the end of it I was so overworked in combination with school, that I contemplated suicide. I couldn't give up because of my pride, and I realized how hard it can be when you have nothing to stop you. I had no one to tell me to stop, so I felt like I was obligated to do a stupid challenge for 5 fucking people that barely even watch my videos. It was so depressing to look at these videos, and see that I did all that work and nearly died, for nothing.

I’m balling my flipping eyes out rn... you are my idle... I look up to u cuz I’m depressed want to be all pumped and happy... I can’t tho.. but you make everything better... watching at least 1 of your videos per day actually lifts me up... you give me joy u make me FEEL happy... which is a really good feeling... you are AMAZING!! Don’t ever doubt yourself Sean... your amazing! I’m still crying lol.. but yeah thanks :)

I had a bad 2017 too :/

Sean, how you feel is how I've been feeling lately. I almost started crying again because of how relatable this is. You are probably one of the most real and relatable Youtuber out there that I've seen. We will always love you bro, and we will always be there for you!

*Rewatches on bus and balls eyes out* my friends are watching me rn crying on the FLIPPING BUS OMFG hElP

I know you won't see this but, I recently got a tattoo of a butterfly with the semicolon as the body as a survivor of suicidal thoughts and mental health issues... Losing 3 kids tore my world apart and left me longing death... But we are stronger than the trials of life... I love you, and you have been one of the things that helped me smile... I would fall asleep listening to your videos and voice to have something else to think about for rest... PMA baby

I'm watching this again to reinforce the message of it, something we so often forget. “It’s okay to feel sad.” Sometimes we need a reminder that everyone gets sad, even someone who may act as a positive force of nature like Jack does. And that’s okay. No one’s feelings are invalid, and we should use those moments to rise up again stronger than ever.

Love you jack pleas don’t cry...

Yeah isn’t it crazy it’s 2018 and it seems like this year has gone by so fast! Unlike 2017 witch seemed to be the worst and longest year of my life it’s really crazy how years seem to be so different

Holy shit...we're witnessing an extremely upbeat, energetic, optimistic, and bubbly person almost break down emotionally in front of us...this is bizarre... I mean, we've seen him break down, well up, or be down in other videos before in the past like Walking Dead Season 1, That Dragon Cancer, Presentable Liberty and other games...but not this hard to the point of questioning your own self-worth, having life and a whole year hammer you down mentally and emotionally over and over, feeling like you're undeserving of the things you've accomplished or earned, and feeling creatively and physically worn out and drained.

This is exactly how I've felt for 2 months now. I tried to take a break but I can't. I'm forced to go to school, I'm forced to talk to people. I never get a break. I'm waiting for summer vacation with hope.

Sean I don't care if you take breaks, so in my opinion you should take as many breaks as possible i'm here for you, we're all here for you we will understand if you take a break we all love you, please do not pressure yourself so hard in work.

Jack,Well done for this. Well done for everything you have done. Thank you for everything you have done! Don’t doubt your self worth or your content because I think I speak for all of us when I say that your videos and just you as a person make all of ours day everyday, and you are so fantastic with everything. I know where you’re coming from (history with mental health issues and depression), but believe me it will get so much better this year, so,so,so much better. We love you so much and you always do your best, so as long as you keep doing that we won’t doubt you or unsubscribe or stop liking videos or anything like that. We will keep loving you just as much as we always have done and don’t forget that. I know you’re strong enough to do this, and if you ever feel like you can’t, go onto twitter or YouTube or instagram and look at all of the comments and pictures. Look at all 18+million of us and think ‘I started this. I started this community playing video games in my bedroom with a sheet behind me as a background.’ Remember how far you’ve come and think about how far you can and will go. We love you so much jack, and we are all so immensely proud of what you’ve done and achieved. Love,You’re loyal family ❤️

2017 was shit

So far 2018 has been a pretty tough time also (・。・)

We want the old jacksepticeye 2014 jacksepticeye

Jack I love you and don't want you to feel that way because it sucks and I know that it completely sucks.

this helped me alot, I am dealing with some stuff right now, and this kinda just distracted my mind, i..... I have depression, and this helped me deal with it in a different way thank you sean we love you so much❤

Hi Jack. I know I'm late, but I really appreciate this video. I'm sorry that you feel this way Jack and I just want you to know that watching your videos makes me feel so much better. I am kind of heartless, I didn't cry because of The fault in our stars or The boy in the striped pyjamas. But this video made me cry, I'm sitting on my couch with my family and I'm crying. I hope you're doing better, I really do and just know that you help so many people with just uploading and talking to a camera and know that whenever you need a break you can take it. You deserve every positive thing you have. Every subscriber and every like. I really don't get why people would dislike this and just know this, even though I don't know you, please stay the way you are. You're amazing and don't let anyone change that. Sorry for this long comment and thank you for uploading this. I hope that everything is going better.


Awww(am crying now

did you just said "depression?" pls dont kill urself whatsoever

When I go back and watch all of these videos and the older videos, it makes me want to kick myself for not watching you sooner. I'm so glad I found your channel when I did. Whenever I'm feeling depressed or upset or I don't want to think about anything bad, I just put on your videos and I feel better. I'm so proud of you and everyone in this community is so proud of you. Keep up that PMA

It’s May 2018 and his PMA has changed him so much in the best possible way. Proud of him ❤️❤️

Don´t worry!, 2017 wasn´t the greatest year for me, specially because on November I almost loose my foot (infection), but now that it is 2018 that just left me with a scar and I´m now happy because I also subscribed to you! =D

Awwwww...jack, don't cry, your gunna make me cry!

At the and of the video you say you wanna work harder to "make 2018 amazing" but you really should take more brakes if you need to. even if that means that you are not uploading new videos for a view days . Dont get me wrong i think its awsome that you upload 2 videos a day (and i have absolutly no clue how much work that is) But weekends and hollidays were invented for a reason so you should really take some time every now and than to rest and recharge. I only just discoverd you on youtube a view week ago (about 4 months after this video was uploaded) and i've loved every video i've watched so far. but they only will stay this good if you keef having fun making them. So please be carefull with the working hard dont overwork yourself and keep having fun in the proces. Wish you all the best in the rest of 2018 and "lets make it amazing"

I hugged my phone so hard when I saw him cry.because I'm doing the same thing this year but a guess my comment was a bit late

i know this isnt the start of the year ...well according to the calender we follw around here its the years 2nd month BUT i have been feeling down lately and i have been trying to get over that feeling...it just amazes me the amt of affect you have on people and on me ...this actually sums up what i want to do sooo THANK YOU ever sooo much for giving me this boost that i needed and the hope... as well....you are such a inspiration....i've always been a pessimist.....and your opitism inspires me soo much...soo from now on wards i hope i can do this and thank you for being my inspiration and a beacon of hope

The gamer M Lover it may be hard to watch, but I believe crying can be very therapeutical, it is also a reminder for all of us viewers to check our expectations towards Jacksepiceye. Dear Jack, pace yourself and breathe. Care for yourself, love yourself, say how others can help. My son diggs your videos. How can I assist?

I feel terrible for not watching this sooner, I don’t know if you’ll see this comment but I’m very sorry Sean and this video hit me hard because I’ve lost my mother to cancer last year during my senior year of high school and a month before graduation and I’ve also doubted my self to keep going but don’t give up, I feel you and like you said you have to look at the positives in life and you’re 100% right. Take more breaks if you need them because you are important and you are top priority. Keep fighting and keep your head up because something good will come along the way. You have come along way and went through a lot. And thank you because you put a positive influence on my life to not give up and to think positive to beat the negatives. But thank you Sean, may the best happen for your endeavors.

I want to kill your grandpa

Don't work to hard jack we want u as energetic happy like you

DARK THEMES AHEAD! IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO DARK THEMES AND DEADLY THEMES! PROCEED ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK! So, I used to have depression around about Christmas time. I am NOT self diagnosing, this was told to me by a doctor. So I had thoughts of suicide. I had set up a noose in my bedroom and was ready to kill myself. I wanted to end my life while watching a let’s play of my favorite youtuber. Why? I have no idea. I was about to get my neck around it and I saw jack’s smile. I started to lower down away from the noose. I took it down. I keep it in my closet all ready to go just in case. I watch jacksepticeye every single day of my life. I haven’t put it up since. So Sean, if you are watching, know you are not alone. Keep doing what you do. Take break if you need them. Just know, you are not alone. So keep doing what you are doing because you are obviously doing everything right. So do it, and do it LIKE A BOSS. Thank you and thank everyone in the comments for taking your time to read my story, and PLEASE, keep your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), and just stay, well positive. THANK YOU

Its alright. Theres always gonna be people there for you! Including ALLLLL of your subscribers. 2017 was a verrrryyyy SUCKKKKYYY year for me. Ya’ll wanna hear a story? A lot of people are going threw that phase in there life. But im just one of those people that really didnt. And I got bullied for it, because I guess of how childish I was being?

Your the reason why I felt lile youtube was a good place to come to. I'm glad I did, thank you

Aw don't cry. I know how you feel. For years I tried to stay positive to my depressed friends, I didn't realize it dragged me down until it was too late. So I have had similar thoughts and my mind is almost always racing and it can be scary and even frustrating espesially when you can't sleep because of it. You are not alone and I think this year will be amazing! Do not lay too much pressure on yourself and it will all be alright. And you never let us down, Jack.

2018 has so far been the worst year of my life. I'm not gonna go into detail but a lot has happened this year( even before all this I had rapidly deteriorating mental health already) I have no motivation and nothing to be happy about, and I'm so lonely. Recently I have contemplated suicide multiple times and I honestly just feel like I have nothing left. Had to come back and watch this video just to give me some hope for the future. Positive Mental Attitude! We love you jack ❤

You could NEVER let us down!!!!!!!!! Worry about you. You have NINETEEN FREAKING MILLION PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT YOU. Take your days off. We won't mind if you don't upload for a few days, so long as you take care of yourself!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Stay strong, Jackaboy, it’s okay to get emotional, we won’t think of you as weak, useless, or pointless, we think of you as brave for healing up, and being able to show your emotions and let them out, and we will always love you for who you are.

Aww. Buddy, it's okay. I know how you feel. I once felt lost too. I had felt like I was working myself too much, because I wasn't having time to give myself some thought.

Dont. We love you jack! I know I'm late but something in my head tells me this is still in you. So, just love you, and we'll love you! You can't be loved by someone else until you learn to love yourself. That's what I tell myself when I'm down. Please do so too

Jack I felt the same way last year were my mental health was concerned


I know this is super late and you may not see this but please know that all your fans are here for u and also its gonna sound dumb maybe but i want to say i really understand where you are coming from and i wish u the best 2018 ever. Just dont forget to stop sometimes and take a time for yourself because u spend so much of your life making us all laugh and smile and feel uplifted so as your youtube family we will always be there to support u but also accept and be mindful of the times u need for yourself. ❤️

I'm a big fan of you

Was the knife not long enough?

Sean my grandma always told me I'd you have a guy full you gotta puke. I know how you feel. I was the nice guy and I was being pushed around and I doubted myself and I had nobody and my mind wondered. So I actually had a mental breakdown. I may be only 12 but im a big fan. And this is happening in 2018 for me.ask my family I had a meltdown and if anyone needs anyone to talk to I've always been here

Btw I meant gut

"All of us together" - that's the one line in this video that really stood out to me - like we're all in this together, as a family

Jack feel free to talk to us when you feel sad. Not with video’s. Just talk to us because you know we will always have your back. Jack we love you please go on with what you do because we all need each other. P.M.A for live!

Sean you can notice a huge difference in your personality in “Home Sweet Home” it broke my heart seeing you like that I’m glad now that your doing more and better stuff including tours and PMA

Take a break more often jack we will be here when you get back

Tour? You have a band or something?

2016 was terrible 2017 wasn’t much better My seventh grade year sucked. Reset for 2018 let’s get back on track

Jack, if you ever need a break from Youtube, take one! Us fans will understand, after all you are only human! Another thing is you don't always have to positive, it is okay if you aren't positive. Jack, your mental health is more important than your channel.

I come back to this video when I need someone to remind me to do my best and work hard for stuff that I want to achieve and this video always helps me and make me smile (and cry lol) but yeah thank you Jack, keep the hard work (but also take a break if you need to) keep that PMA, I can't wait for greater things to come cause the year isn't over yet. And once more, thank you man you don't know how much you mean to me, LOVE YOU (:

Thanks for telling us Jackie. I know it's been months since this. As you said, you're not alone too, we're here.

Even on my worst days if I’m having trouble sleeping I go and play this video from start to finish and cuddle my little Sam as I start to fall asleep. Just the sound of his loving, caring voice and knowing he understands what it’s like to have a shitty day or a shit mental attitude just makes me feel a lot better. Thank you Jack for helping so many people like me out of the dark. (And yes I know you won’t see this cause this video is old but still I felt like saying something)❤️

Megan Norman so is 2018 a bad year?

Devon Shaw ah I see

Michl&Arska I don't have unlimited. Although the mood of the year has gone up, it still sucks cuz my dad had a stroke and can't really do anything. He's going to work in a year and a half, which isn't that long if you think about it, and maybe after that we might be able to afford internet. He only needs one day of paid work and in a year and a half the VA will be able to record his one day of paid work. He worked at UP and he needs 120 months of paid work to be able to get some money from them. It's kinda complicated. He's okay, nothing major, just his right side is paralyzed. Other than all of this, life is just peachy.

Devon Shaw I dont have wifi too I use data but that being said this isnt that bad of a year. Atleast for me.

Michl&Arska shit goes on, lost internet. I know, it's the most first world problem there is but I can't watch the people that make me happy anymore. Makes me feel like shit all the time. I'm using data if you're wondering how I'm responding.

Devon Shaw why

Wolfx87 I meant to say

Wolfx81 I feel the same


2018 has been a shit year for me

I know exactly what that feels like. 100%.

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