2018-07-25 Question Period

2018-07-25 Question Period

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It is now time for oral questions, I. Recognize. The leader of the Opposition. Thank. You speaker before I bring. My comments, or my first question I think it's important that we acknowledge the, loss of a person who was educated in Windsor and played, a big role in the business community in the auto sector mr.. Marcio Marconi. Was. A you. Know a trailblazer, at Fiat Chrysler and. His, loss will I think impact many many workers and many many other business, people around, the world. My. First questions to the premier, yesterday. I asked, the premier if consent, would be included, in the curriculum of this fall but the premier refused to say yes he. Refused to say that consent would be taught in Ontario's, classrooms, and in, the year, 2018. That is a decision that fails, every, student, in Ontario. Think. That keeping his social conservative, friends happy is more, important, than keeping young people and young women safe. For. You mr. speaker, leader. Of the Opposition I'm, going to tell you who we're going to keep happy we're going to keep the parents happy. We're. Going to keep the parents happy because they weren't consulted only. 1600. People were consulted, around the province again, that's point zero zero one percent, of the, population. That, has not been, consulted, that were consulted, that have not been consulted. We're looking at my. Friend I know a little tongue twister there I agree at. The end of the day my friend 1600. People, out of 14 million people were consulted. What. We believe in reaching, out to the parents, I don't, know leader of the opposition, doesn't believe in consulting, with the parents they. Believe in the government making the decisions, Paul, tell you we're going to do the largest consultation. That province has ever seen in here we're going to criss cross his province, to 124. Ridings, and consult, with the people that. Matters, and that's the parents. Sorry. Two-part supplementary, speaker. Might I submit, that this premiere has no idea, what, I believe, nor is he an expert on, what we believe is New Democrats. The. Premier of gender identity, sexual orientation and. LGBTQ. Families. Would, be fully, included. In the curriculum of this fall but the premier failed, to say yes in fact, he said that's, not up to us to decide and in the year 2018. Speaker that, too is a decision, that, fails queer, young people in Ontario across. Our province why, does this premier think that keeping his social conservative, friends happy, is more, important, than keeping queer, youth safe. Well. Through you mr. speaker. Leader. Of the Opposition. This. Is about the curriculum, this. Is from a gentleman named mr. Chuck, meet Singh. Mr. Speaker I stand today once again to voice my concerns. My. Constituents. Around health curriculum in our schools when, it comes to proper, consultation, it is clear, the Liberal government has not learned from, previous mistakes. Consultation. Before announcing the curriculum was, disrespectful. To parents. And the mistake of the Liberal government, remember, that thank, you. Seneca. Park playing on supplemental. Stop. The. Order. Restart. The clock final. Supplementary, do you speaker and I think it's clear to everyone who is paying attention during, those days of the decision.

By The Liberals, to announce, the, curriculum, without a proper consultation in terms, of. The. Government members the police come to order leaders, the opposition, Asians, plan because they were worried about a Sudbury, by-election. Scandal, that was their, irresponsibility. And I think everybody, would agree but. This premier, in fact is, driven. By, insiders. And backroom. Deals instead, of moving Ontario. Forward, he, is denying the, realities, of, 2018. By failing to teach consent, cyber bullying gender. Identity, and sexual. Orientation and, he is doing it because Charles, McVie D and Tanya. Granick Allen told him to why, is this premier more concerned, about keeping Charles. And Tanya happy than idiot he is about. Keeping millions, of, young people safe. Mr.. Speaker I'm glad the leader of the opposition has acknowledged, there wasn't enough consultation. One. Of your own even agree they. Even agree that there wasn't proper consultation, with the parents and again I can assure you were going to consult with the parents. Right across his province, thank you. Restart, the clock next. Question, Thank You speaker my next questions also for the premier and it's it's unfortunate, that this. Conservative, government is making. Decisions based on their political best interests, just like the Liberal government did when it came to, making sure that the curriculum was well communicated, that, was the problem that happened, and that's what we're all paying the price for now, decision. After, decision with, this premier whoever is, being made as, a result of influence, from insiders, and we see it with sex ed and we see it with hydro as well the premier says that getting rid of the. CEO costs, we're going to be zero. Costs, absolutely zero costs, but we know that Mayo Schmidt will walk away with, at least nine, million, dollars, and ratepayers, could be on the hook for another. 103. Million dollars, if the deal with a Vista falls through, when will the premier release, the full details, and full, cost of his backroom, deal at hydro one. Through. You mr. speaker, leader, of the Opposition you have to get new material we're going over. We're. Gonna make sure that we see the taxpayers, of Ontario 790 million, dollars. $260, per family we, believe in putting money back into their pockets, Lord the hydrates lowering, taxes, creating, good-paying jobs, we're, gonna have this economy, booming in Ontario, and, we're gonna lower, the, hyper rates and again. I just want to remind you through, You mr. speaker leader, of the Opposition the. CEO had, zero servants. You. Start the clock supplementary, question, well. I guess the leader of our rather the Premier of Ontario has, a problem with numbers speaker, because the six million dollar man turned, into a nine million dollar man with, this premiers, backroom.

Deal And deals, like this will make it even less, affordable, for, the people of Ontario in, less than a month he turned the six million dollar man I. Apologize. The government side has to come to order I can't hear the leader the opposition, apologize. Leader, the opposition man, he, could end up costing Hydra, one ratepayers over a hundred million dollars and we have no idea what, other hidden, costs, are still buried, in the premier secret, backroom deal, and I will continue to ask those questions until, this, premiere. We believe see got such a great, deal with hydro one why, will he just, release it so that we can all judge speaker. Thank. You mr. speaker, I find, it very very rich not just rich but very rich she's, thought but the leader of the Opposition, is talking, about numbers. Not. To admonish the opposition, because I can't hear the premier. Please. Come to order I apologize, to the premium, leader. Of the Opposition, made a small little mistake on our budget to a tune of five billion dollars just a glance just just, a little little, glitch, my. Friends, when. It comes to when, it comes to adding up numbers again, that's a little rich on your behalf leader the opposition, through, you mr. speaker we're. Gonna make sure that. We scrapped, the Green Energy Act we're going to make sure that we lower arrival rate we're, gonna make sure that businesses are, competitive, because, mr. speaker when I travel around this province, I talked, to hundreds and hundreds of businesses, that we're, saying if we don't lower the hoggar rates of moving south of the border and if it was up to the leader in the opposition should have the highest, hydrate, in the world not, just in North America and drive, every single company. Out of Ontario. Speaker. I think the premier leads to look in the mirror around, who is going to be driving business, out of Ontario with the policy. The. Job of the premier, is to work for all Ontarians, but strapping. Sex IDI only. Works for radical, social, conservative. Scrapping, cap-and-trade, will, only work, for big, polluters, and cooking. Up a secret backroom deal, at hydro one only. Works for the nine million dollar man or, else the premier would be happy, to release the, details of, that deal speaker, so why is the premier being, driven by insiders, lobbyists. And backroom, deals when he should be working for all interior. For. You mr. speaker. Cap. And trade since. You brought that into the conversation, that, is the first step to lowering gas prices might, then say. We. Need to make sure that. Businesses, are competitive, and the climate we're facing today to compete, against, people around the world and we'll do that by lowering their taxes, cutting. Cutting. As much as we can of the, 380,000, regulations. Businesses. Face every single day here in this province. Lauren. Hydrates. Again, by 12%, we. Will be the envy of the world. Members, will take your seats next, question. The. Remember, for two Mississippi and Cochran we, my. Question is to the premiere on. Monday the Business Council can, to send a letter urging the government to reconsider, the, white pines Wynn project, termination, Act the, letter says and I quote, we. Believe this legislation if, enacted, will. Undermine, investor, confidence and set an unfortunate, precedent, for how the government intends to deal with, the private, sector end, of quote it goes on to say that this government's, actions, risk, jeopardizing Ontario's.

Reputation. For fair dealing, and respect. For the rule of law, WPD. Has already said they will be seeking a hundred million dollars from the province for breaking, the white pines. Contract. Why. Is this, government bent on burdening, Ontario families, with, that with yet another, multi-million. Dollar electricity. Boondoggle. What. This government what our government, is bent on doing is reducing hydro rates by 12%. Ensured. That the renewed leadership, of hydro one will, make responsible business. Decisions, moving forward mr., speaker we're, confident, that we've made good choices here, put the kind of legislation, in place mr. spiegle that will ensure, that moving. Forward Ontarians, will experience, a lower hydro. This. Conservative government talks about making Ontario open for business but, has it every turn shaking the business community truck. Business communities trust and dealing with the province in just. Six weeks this government's managed to cancel renewable energy contracts, that will likely cost Ontarians. Hundreds and billions of dollars in penalties and. They pushed out the board and CEO Hydra one which a banker quote in the Financial Post described. The act as an unprecedent, intrusion, into the cap private, capital markets and in our part of the world big. Employers, like Glencore, are expressing, serious concern, at both the unstability, of the practices, of this government does, this government conservative, government not understand, that, making ontario, open for business means. More than putting up a big neon sign on the border. Thank. You mr. speaker my own discussions. With people in Kenora Rainy River, throughout. The province, my colleagues, mr., speaker, expressed. Nothing but, extreme. Pleasure. With the renewed, leadership, process that we're undergoing with hydro one they're confident, that they'll make responsible, business decisions, the termination, of those contracts. Represents. The fact that these weren't just projects, that Ontario didn't need they're ones that their communities, didn't actually want, mr., speaker one it will not make apologies, for making good choices around, reloj a lowering hydro, rates and respecting.

Taxpayers, Dollars. Restart. The clock, next. Question the member for Mississauga East cooks bill mr., speaker. My. Question is for the minister of children, community, and social services, minister, I see from news reports that you attended, the emergency, federal, immigration committee, hearing, on the impact, of the, crossers, I, understand. That the bill created, through federal inaction. And lack, of follow-through has now reached, 200. Million, dollars. Minister. Can you please tell us how how this bill keeps adding up and whether, you have heard that the federal government. Thank, you very much to, the member I want to congratulate him on his election to this house I'd also think it's important to note he is the first Muslim, elected to our party and we are very hot. We. Start the poem may. Be biased as well speaker but I think that so far in question period that was the best question, and. It was the best question, because he, wants to demonstrate how, the members on this side of the house and in this government want, to stand up for, interion, yesterday. I had the opportunity to attend, the federal, immigration hearings, the emergency, hearings given the high, immigration, level, the high refugee, crossings, in, the province of Quebec they're having, an impact here in the province of Ontario the member asked me to, outline the cost we are now at over 200, million dollars and I can itemize it this way 90, million dollars is going towards, social, assistance. 74. Million dollars and growing in shelters in, Toronto, twelve million dollars in shelter costs in Ottawa three million dollars that I signed off on today for the Red Cross and 20 million dollars in education I think we need to pique make sure Thank. You. Minister. Thank you for that answer the bill seems to keep going up I wonder. If you would support a recorded, vote in this house that calls on the federal government, to, follow through on its decisions, and be, a standard, partner, that pays its bills, thank. You. From. The member and I certainly will be in support, of all, members of this legislature, standing, up for Ontario and asking, the federal government to commit to finding 200, million dollars worth of bills that have been piling up as a result of a crisis that was created by their own doing the federal government has sole jurisdiction over. Border, management and Canada's, refugee, and asylum programs including, who is eligible for a refugee, claim what we're simply saying is we want the federal government to support, us we want their 200, million dollars and I personally want every member of this legislature, to stand up for Ontarians. Questioning. The member for Kitchener Centre my. Question, is to the premier, earlier. This week following, an impromptu meeting, at City Hall on gun violence the premier said that the Conservative, government will. Take funding from mental health and addiction support and put, it into police and services, let. Me be clear, Ontario's. New Democrats, have been fighting for first responders to get the mental health and PTSD, supports, they need and, we support, the investment, mental. Health is an urgent, matter there. Are thousands, of young people that wait 18, long months for mental health services and Ontarians. Deserve, to know what this government's, mental health plan actually, is can. The premier explain how the money will be allocated to address Ontario's, mental health crisis. Thank. The member very much for the question the issue of people.

Waiting For long, periods of time to receive mental health services, and treatments and addiction services and treatments is it, as a serious problem with one that we promised, during the election campaign that we were going to address and we will address we are putting 1.9, billion dollars, into develop. Which will be matched by the federal, government, and certainly, we want to look at victims services, we want to look at first responders, but we also want to make sure that people get the help that they need the senseless, tragedy, that happened on the Danforth is sadly, an example, of the. Need to have the, programs and services available for, people that is what we promise to do and that's what we will deliver on. The. Conservative government has remained tight-lipped on exactly, how mental, health funding will be spent, siphoning. Off the money needed to address wait lists for mental health services isn't the answer and the, Prima should not get away with breaking a 1.9. Billion dollar promise, to fundamental, health and addictions, we, also learned, this morning that the premier has cut funding from, 2.1. Billion to 1.9. Billion over, ten years, mental. Health money that is going towards policing, should be in addition. To the original, 1.9, billion commitment, to, fund partnerships. Between police, officers and mental, health workers, like, what's been happening in Waterloo Region so my question, how. Will this government, ensure that reallocating. Mental health funding does, not exacerbate. The mental health crisis, here in Ontario. Our government, is presently working on developing, a comprehensive mental, health and addiction system which actually takes into account about, 12. Kahn saw its health and many others we, are not. Prepared. At this time to specifically, allocate, money but I can assure you that this is the biggest commitment, that, has ever been made in terms of mental health in this, province 3.8. Billion, dollars, is a lot. We. Start the clock next question, the member for Mississauga, center. Thank. You mr. speaker. We. Have trouble about. The shooting, I've done for you and we. Feel sad. For all the victims. It's. Honourable, and this reminds, me of a, violent, incident in Mississauga. Centre, during. My campaign this. Attack, at, the Bombay restaurant, a few, steps. From my office, this, incident. Hurted. Many people, but. They were fortunately. No dead. Statistics. Of their. Violence. Increases, in. Ontario. And internet, according, the. The. Police they were. 218. Shooting, in Ontario, and increase of. 71. Person, compared to massive, my question, to. The. Procurer. Can. She talk about the. Plan. To. Fight on violent, crimes in the Greater Toronto Area. Thank, You mr. speaker, I wish. To thank the member, for the. Question the, priority, is always to make sure that. The people are. Safe. Our. Government. Will work with. Government, the federal government the. Mayor the, Chief of Police to make sure to avoid another, strategy. During. Our meetings. With. The. Premier. Metal. L is, very. Important. That's. Why our government, will, invest will. Invest, 1. Billion, 900. 1. Billion not hundred million. Dollars, to support the, federal, government. Will. Invest the same we. Work with, the federal. Government, to make sure. That. That. The system can. Be used to, proceed. The, program, in interior. Messin. Thank. You. This. Summer, it was very hard there were many people industry to. Take advantage, of this summer. Safety. Is a priority. Residents. Are voluntary, you. Deserve. Safe. Streets, women. And, women. Of, the first. First. Respondents. Will. The District Attorney worked, with the first respondents to make sure that. Our streets are safe as. Much as possible. Mr..

Speaker The. Premier, as my ministry, as. To security. Other ministry. And correctional, services to. Work with different. Governments. Including. Police. Services. In. The next few, weeks we'll. Talk to experts to make sure that all programs and policies, funded. By the promise, to make sure their, safety, on the streets. And. To. To, make sure to control, violence. Cantillon, tell you the ministry, wants. To find a solution to. Eliminate, gun violence. And. To have stricter, rules at the federal, level, and. To improve. Measures. To, fight. Contraband. And, to make sure they are less guns, on, the streets. Pepitas, if your Thank, You mr. speaker my question is to the premier like, every community, in the province, Toronto. Is in the midst of an opioid overdose. Emergency. Today, there, are 18, supervised, injection sites, and overdose, prevention sites, in Ontario, half, of which are right here in Toronto and they are saving lives every day but. During the campaign, the premiere inexplicably. Said he was quote dead against, them yesterday, the Health Minister admitted that they have merit and she said the premier would listen to experts, will. The Premier himself. Stand. Up and confirm that he is no longer dead against, supervised. Injection, sites. And overdose. Prevention sites. Which, are saving, lives every day. Thank. You mr., speaker in through you mr. speaker to the member I'm sure you are aware of a subsequent statement that was made by premier flora wherein he said he was going to listen to the evidence, unsupervised. Injection, sites there, is lots of information that we have to gather yet, we are going to be speaking with Canadian, Mental Health Association. Children's. Mental health Ontario addictions. And mental health, Ontario to, understand, from them what the actual, statistics are to make sure that's, continued. Supervision. Supervised. Injection sites, are going to be of merit to people of Ontario that's, what we promise the people of Ontario wewe would do to, make sure that each and every, program that we provide is of, benefit, to the public.

The. Evidence is already overwhelmingly. Clear this, is a full-blown, public, health emergency. Last, year over 300 people, in Toronto from, across, socio-economic, classes. Alone. Died, from, an opioid overdose, and, 121. Percent increase, in just two years but, the fact is that all of these deaths are preventable and, thanks, to the incredible dedication of, frontline, harm, reduction workers. Lives are being saved every, day at, supervised. Injection and, overdose prevention sites, in this city and across Ontario, that's, the evidence will, the premier, commit. Today to fully. Supporting. Overdose, prevention sites, and supervised, injection sites, which, are saving, lives across. Ontario, thanks. To fighting, the ongoing opioid, crisis, and getting people with addictions, the, help that they absolutely need, we are listening to the people we are listening to the experts, on, the evidence available with respect to supervised injection sites, and we want to make sure that when we develop as we are working on right now our comprehensive, mental health and addiction system, that, we will get people with addictions, the help that they need with, supervised injection sites, perhaps, or, with other supports, that they need but we need to listen to the experts and hear what they have to say. We. Start the clock next, question the member for Don Valley East Thank, You mr. speaker my questions to the premier premier. What does systemic, racism mean, to you and do you believe it exists in Ontario. Greener. Minister. Community and safety services. I. Want. To assure the house that the anti-racism, Directorate. Is continuing, to fulfill, its mandate, before. The. Approach will, address systemic, racism by. Implementing, a strategic, plan this. Includes, implementation. Of an anti racism data standards, the. Collection, and analysis, of reliable, and usable data will help the government identify. Any, systemic. Barriers across. Sectors. And help, make evidence-based, decisions, to. Shape policies, programs and, services, ultimately. Improving, how the people, of Ontario are, served. We. Start the clock, supplementary, well thank you mr. speaker. My question back, to the premier, does. Will, they collect a disaggregated. Race-based data in the, justice system. Minister. As, I. Stated the. Collection. Of the. Data will, be on the, whole of government approach, so. The anti-racism, directorate. Will continue, its important, work and it, will be on an integrated approach across. Government, to identify initiatives. That, will remove systemic. Racism. You. Can restart the clock next. Question the. Member, for Flamborough, Glenbrook. My. Question, today is for the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. And I would first like to congratulate, the Minister for being tasked with this very crucial. Responsibility. Now, with the recent, indiscriminate, acts of violence that have taken place on the streets, of Toronto including. Those that, occurred most recently, on the Danforth I'm, proud. To see that our government, for. The people is, committed, to providing police. With the necessary tools, and resources to. Keep our community, safe. Mr.. Speaker with these recent, acts of, gun violence is there. A message that, this government would like to send to those who may feel like Ontario. Streets, are simply not safe. Thank. You mr., speaker, and I'd. Like to congratulate, the, member, from. Flamborough. Graham Brooke. I'd. Like to begin by repeating. That, our government, will not tolerate gun, violence, in our streets our, government. For the people will continue to ensure public, safety across this province Mr Speaker this. Government, is committed, it, is committed to, providing our Police Services, with. The necessary tools, and resources to perform their jobs safety, safely, and effectively in, Ontario, I'd. Like to add mr. speaker that last night my family and I visited, the Danforth community. Based. On my visit and speaking with local business owners and members, of the community as well as, the police services, that were present, I want, to assure all, Ontarians. That. The provinces, streets, are safe. My. Family, and I enjoyed a wonderful evening on the Danforth mr. Speaker I wanted, to show thank.

You Thank. You. Mr.. Speaker back to the minister. Minister. The, previous, Liberal. Government, failed, failed. To act to ensure that our first, responders were. Given the necessary tools and resources to, help protect, Ontario. Communities our. First, responders, are assets. To our communities, and they deserve to perform, those duties. Safely. And effectively. Day. In and day out. Mr.. Speaker, our government. Has remained committed to ensuring, public safety across this wonderful, province. With. Those recent, tragedy, had occurred on, the Danforth some. Ontarians, are really concerned, about gun, violence, on our streets, mr.. Speaker will, the Minister please, explain. To the members of this legislature. What, he will do about those who commit gun violence, in our, great, province. Once, again for the question and, what. I want to do is assure once. Again all Ontarians, that our streets are safe and that this government is committing, to supporting, Community Safety throughout, the province, with. My recent visit to the Danforth I was proud to walk through such an extraordinary, and vibrant, neighborhood. Talk. With local business, owners and members, of the local community Mr, Speaker I urge all those. In the Toronto area to visit the small businesses, in the Danforth as well, as the upcoming taste of the Danforth which. Is scheduled to begin August 10th, 2018. The, Danforth is an extraordinary, and, vibrant community and should continue to be enjoyed by all Ontarians, rest. Assured our government, is committed to supporting Public, Safety and providing. Our first responders, with the tools and resources they. Require to perform their job safely and effectively, once. Again thank you to the men and women who divided our cities, good safe. We. Start the clock next question remember for sucker Thank, You mr. speaker my questions for the premier I like. To start my question, by reading an email that i received from andrea who's a parent from my writing of Sudbury and I quote I'm, writing to you as a concerned parent of a transgender child my. 14 year old child has faced harassment and, bullying at school that was so extreme, that it became suicidal and, we had to home-school him. The. Recent announcement, of the Ontario government is reverting to the 20 year old sex education, curriculum is. Incredibly, troubling to me, school. Was already an unsafe space for my child and I, where we become, even less safe for him and other LGBTQ. 2 plus kids but. To curriculum does not reflect the realities, the. Old curriculum completely. Invalidates, their experiences, and even their existence. My. Question mr. speaker is well. The premier confirm for us here and for this family at home that, the curriculum being taught this year and every question for it will, include LGBTQ. 2 plus families gender, identity bullying, cyber, safety and consent. Long-term. Care oh I thank the member very much for the question and as we have indicated all along what we want to do is listen to parents such as the parents that you're speaking about to, make sure we hear from everyone's that we have a proper and and, consultation.

That Is completely inclusive that hears from everyone, we had only a very small sample, of parents, that participated. In the last so-called consultation. We want it to be a thorough consultation that, takes into account the, views of, everyone, in Ontario. Back. To the premier mr., speaker the. Parent Andrea wanted these words pass on to everyone here but, she actually asked, tied, to ask me only who's her first name for fear that using her full name would lead to further bullying, for her child. Discovered. Is dragging the curriculum back to 1998, and provided, a no appropriate, substitute. What. This government fails to understand, is, that an inclusive education. Is crucial to preparing, kids for their lives in and out of the classroom, is. Crucial, to affirming the lived experiences, of all children, and to, set them up with a confidence security deserve and. So I ask why. Does this government refuse, to confirm their support for including these life affirming and life-saving lessons, even. The light of demonstrated, threat to students well-being. The. Speaker that we are committed, to listening to all people. In Ontario with, respect to the issue of bullying that is not acceptable, at all we were working to fight that. Society. But I'm very, sad to hear that this lady, was not willing to provide her last name we want people to be able to speak up without fear we, want to hear from everyone regardless, of, their experience we want them to tell us what's happening, so that we can deal with it in developing. The comprehensive. Sex, ed and health education. Curriculum, that we need in Ontario, that's why we're starting this fall we've, already started our work the Minister of Education has, already started work we want to hear from everyone all parents. Restart. The clock next. Question the member for, Markham. Stouffville. Job. Creation and trade earlier. This week Minister, the OECD, the Organization for, Economic Cooperation and, Development you, should a very blunt warning, to Canada that it needed to address. The the issues. That the United States had brought forward in particularly, stressed tax, reform they, suggested, that if Canada, didn't do something about, addressing. The American changes. That, we risk being left behind so I wonder Minister if you could share. With the house what the government is doing to, to. Assess our tax system and to make Ontario truly open for business so that we can address these these, competitive, disadvantages. Head on. For. The question I think, the warning from the OECD, needs. To be. Heated. By the federal government as well their taxes are very high visa. Vie our competitors, in the United States and our competitors, around the world but, Ontario, as premier Ford said, during the campaign is, open for business mr., speaker and we're determined to become the economic engine of Canada once again we're, gonna do that by lowering high jewelry by some 12%, by cutting red tape there's, some, 360,000. Regulations. That get in the way of our job creators and creating jobs in this province we're not going to cut the red tape down the middle like previous governments, have done we're gonna cut it right across.

Attacks. That will kill would have killed thousands. And thousands of jobs that, tax is gone, I hope the federal government. Restart. The clock supplementary. Thank, You mr. speaker and thank you minister for that for, that answer I, know a minute hardly gives us enough time to really address what, fifteen years of liberal mismanagement, has done to this economy we've, seen the show again and again mr. speaker when the Ontario government a Conservative. Government Ontario. Lowers taxes, it's federal counterparts tend, to increase, taxes, thereby taking away those those, advantages mr. speaker so I wonder, if the Minister since you're doing such a great job in such a short period of time. Is. There more that we can expect over the next four years to get this economy moving so, that we can really be a government of people. Well. Speaker. Thank. You for the question we're both off script that's all I can tell you I. Forgot. It was a friendly question. Just. To continue we promised, during the campaign that we would lower corporate taxes, by a full 1% that hasn't been done in years in this province from 11.5%. To 10.5%, you, know one of the things we don't talk about as much and people maybe don't understand, but by putting more money in your pocket, by lowering gasoline by by, 10 cents a litre by getting hydro rates under, control, by lowering taxes, for lower. And middle-class families that, puts money in your pocket, that you can go out and buy, goods and services, services, and goods that are made in Ontario, and that's how we create jobs that's how its Conservatives create jobs we don't pick winners and losers like the Liberals did and we. We get it right we level the playing field with all of our businesses, to be competitive and that we create bar on the client. Barter. Restart. The clock remember, for sink Athens. Mr.. Speaker my, question is for the premier the. City of st. Catherine's, is facing, an urgent. Crisis, in affordable. Housing yes. Shelters. Are bursting at the seams, and, people are being forced out on the streets because of skyrocketing. Rents, ridiculous. Wait lists and low vacancies. The. Average wait time for a one-bedroom, for, a single, person between the age of 16, and 54, in st.. Catherine's, is, an astonishing, 13. Years, my. Speaker mr.. Speaker this. Is unacceptable, a safe. Affordable, home. Is a human's, right, will. This government, commit to fund the affordable, housing units that, st., Catherine's, desperately. Needs. Thank. You very much for the question, as, you've. Heard our premier, for throughout, the election this, campaign. Was for the people you are going to see genuine. Relief, for, families you're going to see prosperity. Return to, the province of Ontario you're going to see a problem. So. We are going to scrap the cap and trade and put, 260, dollars back in the pockets, of every family we, are going to lower gasoline, by 10 cents a litre speaker. The 20%. Tax cut for middle families, is under, way we've, got hydro rates that are being reduced 12%, speaker, we've got a great plan that's for the people that'll be real, relief, and put true relief for. Families in Ontario. Thank. You mr. speaker, this, government campaigned. On a promise to develop, affordable, housing, in the GTA let, me be clear the. Affordable, housing crisis, is not limited, to one, Toronto. And surrounding. Areas. People. Across this great abundant, province, are living, in fear, not. Knowing where they're going to sleep tonight or, tomorrow night I. Will.

Repeat Myself this, is unacceptable. When. Will the people of Ontario across. The GTA and, Beyond, see. Action, from this government on. Building. Affordable. Housing. Earlier. Speaker. This plan, from. Premier Ford and from our party is a plan that's for the people we, will bring genuine. Relief, for, the people of Ontario we. Have, support. For municipalities. That is under way we're, scrapping the craft of the Scott decree the cap-and-trade, tax that, is probably the most single, most important. Issue that's. Facing the, the. Pocketbooks. Of people today not only will it put 260, dollars back in the pockets, of families but, speaker it's going to create jobs and give people an, opportunity to find true employment. In the province Ontario, that many of them had lost out on because of the cap. And trade program that was put in place so, when you see that in. Addition to lower gassed at a lower price at the pump speaker, along, with smaller. Tax rates reduction, of the middle-class tax taxes. You're going to see absolute, true relief for the first time in, 15, years families. Were feeling, in their pocketbooks, they'll have real January. Remember. For Etobicoke, Centre. Mr.. Speaker my, question is to the Minister of, Tourism culture, and, sport each, September the world comes to Toronto for a celebration, of the best in Canadian, and international cinema. They, come to the Toronto International Film, Festival. Also, known as TIFF as. You know the lineup of films and programming, was released by the festival, yesterday, this. Was something that I was personally very excited about when I worked for the City of Toronto as. You know TIFF is one of the most important events that takes place each year here in the city of Toronto both, economically. And culturally, can. The minister provide, us with any information on the government's, commitment to tip and their, plans for the 2018. Festival. From. The Tobago Center I know that. You, understand, the value of it because frankly, Etobicoke, is a bit of a hub for our film industry here in Ontario, Tippie. Is one of the most prestigious, and respected film, festivals, in the world since. 1976. TIFF has featured, the best in international, and Canadian, films many, that are being screened for the first time this, year's lineup includes, 21, world, premieres, seven. International premieres. Eight North American, premieres and 11, Canadian, premieres our, government, is proud to support TIFF and other film festivals across the province, this festival has been an important, venue for Canadian filmmakers, and an important, driver for tourism in Ontario, and Atomics. Thank. You mr. speaker, back to the minister I am glad to hear that this government is taking the necessary steps, to ensure we, are bringing good jobs and more investment both, foreign, and domestic for the people of this province a strong.

Film Industry is not just good for business, and the people it employs it is good for communities, across Ontario I agree. That the Toronto International Film, Festival contributes. To building that strong industry can. The Minister outline how TIF continues, to be a major, tourism, driver, for the City of Toronto and the province of Ontario. Absolutely. A tourism driver also an economic, driver Ontario. Is one of the largest film, and television production. Centres in North America TIF highlights, Toronto's reputation, as a vital international, creative Center last, year TIF. Had over. 3,000, volunteers donate, almost, a hundred thousand. Hours to tip earning. It the nickname of the friendly festival, last, year film and tell the television. Production supported. By our province, and government contributed. 1.6. Billion dollars to the provincial economy the, seventh year in a row over the 1 billion dollar mark tip. Is another example to show that Ontario, it sells and hosting, internationally. Renowned events, attracts, tourism across, our province and show, the global film industry, that entero is open, for business. Thank. You mr. speaker my, question is to the premier mr.. Speaker this government, claims to be for the people well a major issue. But. In the quality, of care available to the people in Scarborough southwest one, constituents, mother fell four weeks ago she has dementia and has been in the hospital and then moved to a day program, ever since she, needs long-term care she. Now has to leave the temporary day. Program without hope. Of a long-term bed long-term. Care is at. A crisis. Point and now it's this government's, crisis, mr.. Speaker with this premier, promised, that there will be thousands, of long-term beds, while, not. Increasing, spending and without. Cutting a single frontline, job so. Can, he tell us when, when, this family in scarborough Southwest expect, relief, and how. Thank. You very much for the question we are certainly aware that there is a crisis, in long-term care across this province in your writing as many others across the province do, to 15 years of inaction by. The previous government that's, why one of our central campaign promises, was to build 15,000. More beds in five years. Commitments. To the people of Ontario and one that we plan, to, to. Continue with and make sure that we do it we did it and the previous government will do it again this time. Thank You mr. speaker, and I want to thank the Minister for her response but the problem, persists this government, seems to continue, campaigning, while. We need real action, New Democrats, have been calling, for a public inquiry into the tragic, long-term-care death in the wet Laufer case. That's to be extended, to look. Into, all the systemic, issues with long-term care in the province and as MPP, I see, these issues all the time another. Constituents, mother is currently in a nursing home in Scarborough they, describe a home full of vulnerable, people without. Relief from the heat as there, is no air-conditioning the. Home is privately, run by a u.s. giant private health provider, called Extendicare mr.. Speaker is this, the model that the premier is proposing for long-term care in this province more of the same and with, that premier tell the people of Scarborough, and of this province, when these 15,000. Care beds will be provided. We are working on the plan, for capacity. As we speak I have been speaking with the members of the Ministry of Health about this issue we are working on it now because we realized to provide 15000. Beds in five years is a big commitment and one has to be undertaken, immediately. So we are certainly doing that with, respect to your question about, the inquiry. That's going on it is proceeding, as you know and. We look forward to hearing the results of that in making whatever changes need, to be made as a result they can't comment any further on it because it is not appropriate in this, location, but, we are following it and we will make changes if they're necessary, based, on the recommendations, that are coming coming forward. My. Question, is to the government, health leader and Minister of government. And consumer, services speaker, our, government, brought the house back just 12 days after swearing-in. Of cabinet, because there were areas of public interest, that required, urgent. Action. The. People sent us here to get down to work and we've, done just that, can, the minister give, the house an update, on the. Progress we've, made on our urgent, priorities. Well. Thank you mr. speaker and thanks for the member for Brampton South and can I say that the people of Brampton, south made, the right decision. Take. A seat. Mr.. Speaker our government, was clear the people of Ontario couldn't. Afford to wait and that's why our government, under the leadership of premier. Ford acted. Immediately to, get down to business and brought in our urgent, priorities.

Act We, have hit the ground running, mr. speaker the people of Ontario spoke. They wanted us to clean up the hydro mess that's, what we're doing on this side of the house we needed to get the kids back in class and York University that's, what we're. Policy has been a mess in just a few minutes we'll be able to vote against, that and vote for this bill mr. speaker. We. Start the clock, supplementary. Back. To the minister, I thank, the Minister for the update, I. Would. Stop, the yeah. House, will come to order. Brought. A supplementary, question. I, also. Come to order. House will come to order. The. House will come to order. House. Will come to order. We're. A supplementary, question. Back. To the minister, I think the Minister for the update during. Debate we've seen members of the Opposition, defend, the policies, of the previous Liberal. Government, on hydro. And, that's after spending, 28. Days, telling. Ontarians. How awful, they are, speaker. Can the Minister, update update. The house on why bill 2 is so, necessary. Thank, You speaker, and thanks again to the member from Brampton South for a great question, you know it's shameful, that the opposition, would. Defend, the mess that the previous, Liberal, government, made of hydro, people. Of Ontario, deserve. Better and that's, what this government under the leadership of, premier Ford is going, to do that's why we recalled, the house early so we could get down to business and tackle, some of these issues including. Putting, nine white, elephants. On the south shore of Prince Edward County that's exactly, what the WPD. Project, would be and that's, exactly what the members, of the Official Opposition used. To rail about in this house day, after day they're, going to have the opportunity, to do something about it in just a couple of minutes time they, can vote you support the engine priorities, act in this legislature, I encourage. Them to do that look. After the Liberal hydro mess get the kids back in class and get on telly. Order. Order. Order. Restart. The clock, remember, for Niagara Center. Thank. You speaker my question is to the premier, the, NDP had been calling on the previous government for years to, commit to a firm timeline for. The expansion of GO train service, to Niagara Niagara was. Finally promised, year-round service, by, 2021, but. During the campaign, the premier put the entire expansion, into question. Saying, that he would have to review it that, would be taking transit in Agra, from bad to worse so. I asked will this government, commit here now to, the 2021, timeline, for, go train expansion, into Niagara. Thank, you very much speaker, and I thank the member from Agra for the question. Premier. Has made it clear we're. Going to expand go rail throughout this province, including. All-day. Two-way, service, to Bowmanville Kitchener. And the Grubb. It's. Clear and. We've made it clear the, premiere Ford will be known as the transit, premium. We. Recognize. The. Challenge, of moving people, in this, province is one, that hamstrings. Our economy, so. We're going to make sure that we move people more, efficiently, and we move Goods more, efficiently, one of the keys to an expanding, and a growing and a flourishing economy is, our ability to, move people long on, the daily commute, so. To. The member, you. Can relax, we. Are committed responding. Expanding. The goal to, Niagara you, can count. Speaker. Expanding, go train service would have a positive impact on the Nagre economy the, expansion, will inject. 195. And. The. Minister didn't answer the question we, asked when. The. Expansion will create, 2400. New permanent full-time, jobs as, well as another 1,200 full-time jobs, during construction it. Will connect all the people of Niagara with employment, opportunities, around, the GTA and it, will connect the residents, of the GTA to, the region's wineries, gaming. And horse-racing facilities, and of course our iconic Niagara, Falls so, I ask again will this government, commit today to the 2021. Timeline. For, expanding, GO train service, to Niagara. Well. Speaker, and I appreciate, the the members. Commitment. To this project, but. It is no greater than our commitment, here in the PC government under premium for. We. Were elected on a plan to change what was going wrong in Ontario, some, of our first acts to, get rid of the carbon tax to get rid of cap and trade to fix the mess at hydro, to.

Get The children, and the students, back to school at, New York University, so. One of the things we're, doing right with their first bill their bill to is, to get that done but, our commitment to expanding, transit, is as I said yesterday as. Ironclad. As the rail. So. We're working with our partners that go in Metrolinx, and reviewing. All of the plans and all of the schedules, so we have a comprehensive, on and a wholesome, approach to, developing, transit, here in the GTA and beyond, including. Tonight. Order. Remember. For king bond mr.. Speaker. Mr.. Speaker under the leadership of this premier, we are undertaking, on a bold plan to grow, our economy to, create good-paying jobs, and mr., speaker remember, who's the question referred, to Thank, You mr. speaker for the Minister of Finance. Mr.. Speaker under the leadership of this premier if I may begin, again, undertake. A bold plan to grow our economy create good-paying, jobs, and mr. speaker this is a plan to create hope, opportunity. Prosperity. For every, single Ontarian, in every single region of this province mr.. Speaker this plan our plan will grow our economy and put, our province, back on track and this is in sharp contrast to. A record under the former, new democratic, government under, Bob Bray and yes, mr. speaker they, can relish in the record of. 125. Thousand people out of work mr. speaker in 28. 28, percent, unemployment, rates mr., speaker the highest, marginal, personal. Tax rate in this, continent. I remember Cuba, ministers. Nets well. Thank you very much for the question. Speaker, this. Government, was elected, for. The people, and we will restore. Trust, in the people of Ontario. Previous. Under. The previous liberal, administration. Businesses. Had left. The province of Ontario, two, years ago there were 2,700, businesses, at left they were struggling and and many more were seriously, thinking about closing or relocating, a Doug Ford government, is committed, to making our business taxes, competitive, and reducing. Overall. Costs, for our innovators, here in Ontario, our, plan includes, reducing business. Taxes from eleven and a half to ten and a half percent lowering. Manufacturing. And processing rates by the same amount cutting, the small business, tax rate by, 8.75%. Lowering. Hydro, rates by 12%. Speaker. We are going to be open, for business promises. Made promises. That. Supplementary. Thank. You mr. speaker back to the Minister of Finance I want to thank him for his leadership and for his commitment to restoring, the spirit, of entrepreneurship, in this province Mr, Speaker we know that our plan will foster growth it will improve our competitiveness it will create value-added, jobs for our young people mr., speaker could the Minister of Finance outlined, why this, government, can never go back and why we must move this province, forward.

Well. Thank, you, speaker, it's, again it's all about restoring. Trust so the fact that this we have a bonus round question, here I do want to talk about Northern. Ontario and, the employment performance. Speaker we know that for 15 years, my, beloved Northern, Ontario has, been ignored by the previous, Liberal, government, since June of 2009. Northern Ontario has, experienced, the net loss of 2,000. Jobs this, government, respects, the north and will do everything, necessary to, make life affordable. And create, good jobs in, the north and across, Ontario, and that means reducing taxes. Reducing, Hydra rates and reducing red tape that, is stifling job. Creation. We've made very firm commitments. In the north speaker including, sharing, resource, development, that helped northern and indigenous, communities response, speaker. We're going to cut AV ation fuel tax bring back the passenger, rail service in the north and. We. Have a deferred vote on the motion for second reading a bill to enact respecting, hydro unlimited, the termination, of the white pines wind project, and the, labor disputes, between York University, and Canadian, Union Public, Employees, local 3. 9:03, calling. The members this will be a five-minute bail. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. Vast. The members to take their seats. I hate, to interrupt but, we're in a boat I would, ask the members to please take their seats. On, July the 19th, mister. Rickford moved second reading a bill to all. Those in favor will please rise one at a time and be recognized. By the clerk. Mr.. Smith may 20 miss tur Beth LaFave Beth conforms to fidelity mister Fadel mr. Forester for his Elliott Sally aster will sister Wilson miss maroney's Mulrooney mr. MacLeod was McLeod mystery, akka bust yeah come asking starter mr. Hardiman mr. DuBose mr. teabolo mr., barrister, Baron this is marked off smart Oh mr. macdonald macdo now mr. Bailey mr. Bailey's TRADOC mr. MacDonald miss fuller to his Fullerton miss Scott miss Scott miss dome Miss Jones mr. joe scarborough, north to chose scarborough north mr. Urich mr. York mr. Phillip mr. Phillips de leche mr. leche mr. Miller of Paris Thomas Cole come in little peristyle Muskoka, mr., ko mr. Koester, Gill mr. Gilles turkey turkey mr. Clapp mr. Cole and mr. mr., mr. Park, sister Parsons Skelly it's Kelly this is mark mrs. Martin mrs. Trant the fellow blues is attractive fellow boss mr. sarkari star carry mr. Ostrow roaster huh miss - miss - miss Park was Park mr., Nicholas - Nicholas miss Lucinda Baku send over mr. Romano Romano, mr. Harris mr. Harris miss Howe guard who's hogarth mrs. Carr AHA Leo's peril, mrs. feet this is feet mr. Cho Willowdale mr. Joe a little mr. downs - down miss can't his candor mr. Pachisia, mr. Puccini mr. kramm mr. Kramer mrs., why this is why this is tanga tanga miss Samar Samar mr., Machado mr. rich history, she mr., San mr. sandy mr. profit mr. Crawford mr. Smith peterborough quartz Smith Peterborough Corsa miss McKenna his mechanic was done was done law Mr Kenter pods mr. kind of happy mr. Vieau beacons but beacon mr. boma mr. boma was trying I'm just trying on mr., pans companion, mr. Johnny Gus mr. Tennyson mr. Robert mr. Oliver district rosette Oh mr. Kazan Oh mr. Baker mr. bat better.

All. Those opposed to the motion will please rise one at a time will be recognized, by the clerk we swore that it's horrible but I'm jelly man Joey mr. Chavez to town to see Brent descent missing, Brampton Sanders was de vente your answer should be song should be son was sadly sadly, miss, fight let's fight mr. Hatfield Rahab famous vegan was vegan miss Linda miss Linda tumamoc lost him in La Crosse gr, gr despair, approaches cappucci, mr. Matsumoto, Stern, digestion and Shama Shama Shama, Stiles, this time this is Miller Hamilton East only creature Miller Hamilton East Stoney Creek mr. Burt mr. Berger just a Steven mrs. Stevens mr. gates mr. gates miss French his French is Armstrong his arms twister sing breath Denise mr. Singh Granta nice mr. Carnahan's to Qurna Hanna mr., Hassan mr. Hassan miss burns wig out miss burns Magana mr. Arthur mr. Arthur Monsieur bookish, Eric Landis belt it's bad mr. Glover mr. Glover miss, Morris Morrison, mr. Rico svet mr. Berk oh sorry mr. Hardy mr. Hardy miss, Monte's Farrell his Monteith there mr. West mr. West mr. Fraser mr. Fraser Miz win his win mr. Coates off mr. coach ah miss hunter miss hunter without an alarm enamel alone mr. Schreiner mr. Schreiner adentro Andrew. The. Eyes are 69, the nays are 44 the eyes being 69, the knees being 44. Dated. July. 20:18. For. Third reading. This. House stands in recess until, 3:00, p.m. this afternoon.

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