2018-07-31 Question Period

2018-07-31 Question Period

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Or all questions the leader of the official opposition. Thank. You speaker speaker, my first questions for the premier the, premier had an entire election, campaign. To look people in the eye and tell, them exactly what. He was going to do but, instead of being straight up with the people of Toronto. And, peel your Niagara. And Muskoka he, deliberately, kept, his plot from, millions, of voters why. Didn't the premier tell the people about this secret plan to rip up Toronto's, wards and camp camp, cancel. Regional. Elections. For. You mr. speaker we. Have big issues in this province, we. Need to fix health care, we. Need to create jobs, we. Need to lower Hydra, rates and lower taxes. But. Clearly, but, clearly the leader of the Opposition, doesn't. Care about these important, issues that matter to the people of Ontario. She. Only cares, about, protecting. A bunch of politicians jobs. This, is the second, day in a row the, leader of the opposition, stood up again, saving. Politicians. Jobs. Well. Our party's trying to save the taxpayers, money. I'm. Trying, to make a government work, for the people and. The, opposition is, trying to elect more politicians. That's, where. Their priorities, are I just. Wish you thank. You thank. You. You. Know people, see exactly. What this premiers doing they don't like it one bit speaker, he's stealing, power, away. From voters. Canceling. Elections. That, were already, underway. And, ripping. Up Toronto's, Ward's in the middle of a campaign. There was no, consultation. No. Fair process but. The premier, is barging, ahead anyways and inflicting. His own will on millions. Of people, millions, of voters speaker, why, is this premier treating the people of Ontario which, with such complete, and total, contempt. For. You mr. speaker as I was saying I wish, the leader of the Opposition, would, spend half the amount of time focusing. On, priorities. That, matter to the people of Ontario that. Matters, when it, comes to hospital wait times when. They open their hydro bill every single month and see. That they have the highest hydro, rates the, highest taxes. I can. Assure you mr. speaker the. People of Hamilton, did, not elect, the leader of the Opposition, to protect a bunch of politicians jobs, in Toronto. They. Elected, a leader in the opposition. Harbor, roads like, we're doing we're. Well on our way the Loring Hydra rates by 12% we're, well on our way reducing. Personal income tax by, 20%, we're. Well on our way to. Make sure we have a good governance, system, and we get the City of Toronto back, on track, please total, gridlock at, the city. We. Start the clock final, supplementary you, know the people of Ontario can, see right through the. Premier's bluster, speaker and they don't see a leader they see a bully, they see a man who is taking, petty vindictive, and. Mean-spirited. Retaliation. Against, millions, of voters, against, the city that rejected. Him and against, his own political, opponents.

Why, Is this premier, abusing. The powers of his office with, the most outrageous. Anti-democratic. Action, that Ontario, has seen in many many. Many, years. Training, through. You mr. speaker. Myself. And leader of the Opposition we. Differ on a few items leader. The opposition. Believes in. Big, government more. Politicians. More. Politicians. Higher. Taxes. High. Carbon, tax, high. Cap and trade we. Believe in luring getting, rid of the carbon tax getting, rid of cap and trade which. We're doing and did we. Believe in building transit for the great people of Toronto in the GTA. We. Believe in streamlining, the. Government. Streamlining. The government, making. Government work, for. The people. Not. The people working, for the government that's their philosophy, we're. Gonna focus on, running, inefficient. Government we're going to focus on respecting, the taxpayers, we're, going to focus on putting money back into the taxpayers, pocket. Members, of a conceit. We. Start the clock next question later the opposition Thank, You speaker my next question is also for the premier it's too bad he doesn't believe in democracy those. Power, to decide on how they are represented, who, they elect and. What. Toronto, City Council should. Look like, no. One else should have that decision speaker, no one else it should be up to the people of Toronto and that's, why council voted yesterday to oppose. The. Premier's plot to rip up war. The. Question is why exactly, is, it that this premier is trying to rig the election and, put, more power in his home ends. Only. When I'm ready for. You. Mr. speaker, again. This, is where we'd therefore a little bit we. Believe in streamlining, the government, we, believe, in democracy. Democracy. Is, doing what we said we're going to do we said we're going to reduce the size and cost of government and. That is exactly what, we're doing we're. Gonna make sure we're. Gonna make sure that we get the City of Toronto the, dysfunctional. City of Toronto back. On track here, my friends, I want. To congratulate I. Want. To congratulate. The. Councillors, that stood up 17. Of them for, respecting, the taxpayer. Justin, DG annal Frank the Giorgio Michael, Ford mark Grimes Michele, Holland, Steven. Holidays norm Kelly Giorgio, mam aleni Denzil minute-long francis. Done Giada Cesar Platts yo J Robinson David. Shiner and Michael, Thompson. Start. The clock supplementary, a little lesson in democracy that's, less than 50% speaker, that's, less than 50%. Wait. What this premier has has, not died I think acknowledged. Is what his decision, is all about his election rigging and anybody thinks, that he gets to decide how, to define a democracy, really, talks - speaks to the issue of his belief in in, being a dictator as, opposed to. Yeah. But I'm gonna again caution the members on intemperate, language is. It inflamed passions and makes it impossible to, have decorum in this house and, I'm going to ask the lead of the opposition to withdraw that comment ok, what, what. Withdraw. Speaker the, previous. -, one man to decide how, an entire city, should be governed it is not up to one man to decide what Toronto's, government, should look like it is not up to one man to, discard years and years of public consultation. And impose, his own hidden, agenda, on millions, of people what, is it about democracy. That this premier does not get. Through. You mr. speaker, I love, the fact that, politicians. And, the, ones that the leader of the Opposition, are trying to protect they're trying to protect their little fiefdom yep, I can. Tell you one I can tell you one thing did. Anyone in this room ever get consulted, when they want to increase the politicians. No, the answer is no. A. Perfect. Example of, how dysfunctional, the, city is, you. Watch it you watch it yesterday on the news you. Could see the dysfunction, down there we're, gonna make sure we run, the City of Toronto more. Efficiently, with, 25, councilors, as we have 25, mpg five MVPs, as. I said the other day the city of Los Angeles with, 4 million people have, 15.

Councilors. Imagine. Less politicians. Imagine. Respecting, the taxpayers. Imagine. Reducing. Taxes, I know, you. Don't believe in reducing, taxes, our, party, belief. Final. Supplementary, mr. speaker the Premier's assault on local, democracy is, all about helping him take revenge, on his political, opponents. And punish. The people of Toronto who, have rejected him, over, and over again yesterday, councilor, mammal Edie let the mask slip, speaker and revealed, that this plot is all, about purging, City Council, of progressive. Councilors, it's all about rigging, the election to increase, the premiers control, and, make sure that right-wing conservatives. Take over the city at least councillor, Mammal Edie had the guts to come clean speaker why doesn't the premier have the guts to do the same. Through. You mr. speaker, I'm looking out my list again and I'm, counting half. Half, the members. That. Are for reducing, counsel are, part of the Liberal Party. One. Of your own NDP, staunch, members, voting. Against. You, Leader of Opposition, it's. Very clear, it's very clear. Again. Sorry. Didn't up the premium that I would again remind all members of the house that you have to make your remarks through the chair premium. Mr.. Speaker it's very clear, this. Isn't about being, red. Orange. Or blue it's a boat, respecting. The taxpayer, it's, about making, sure, they've. Been down there for a number of years they, see nothing gets done yeah. Transit. Wasn't built under David no it wasn't built under Rob Ford wasn't both under John Tory it's, about time we stopped the gridlock in the, city and the GTA. We. Start the car next. Question, leader, in the opposition Thank. You speaker my next question is also for the premier instead. Of a premier who does rank for what for Ontario does what's right for Ontario we have a premier who's focused on settling scores with his own political opponents, the, people of Toronto have repeatedly, voted against this premier speaker so now he's, trying to punish them with a vindictive, vindictive.

And Mean-spirited attack, on our local democracy, how, can this premier be willing, to attack the principles, of our democracy the. Very principles. Of our democracy and. Rigged local, elections just to get political revenge on people. Remember. Leaving, the opposition again to withdraw. Speaker. Premier. Mr.. Speaker, I think. The leader of the Opposition, setting a new record for withdrawing, your comments. What, the leader of the opposition mr. speaker, should. Be focusing, on is why. She was elected, and the reason the leader opposition. Should, have been elected, is to respect the taxpayers, protect. The people in Hamilton, I can assure you mr. speaker, if I went up to him of into, Hamilton and Dornoch, into. The leaders. Opposition's. Area. And make, no mistake about it the leader of the Opposition one with large, vote I guarantee. You the doors I knock on do you want more politicians, in Toronto, the people in Hamilton, they would say absolutely, not. Or hybrids. That's, what the beep thank. You, thank. You. We. Start the Fox supplementary, I, invite. The premier to my riding. Hamilton. Do respect, and that is democracy, speaker. You. Know just a month into the office and this premier has revealed so, much about who he is he's, his, word is worthless his, contempt, for voters is on full display, he, has no respect, for municipal. Leaders he's, willing to trample, on our democracy, and he, has abused, his own office the office of the premier just, to take revenge on, his political opponents. Why, doesn't, this premier understand, the, difference, between being, a leader and being, a bully. To you mr. speaker, again. The leader of the Opposition should start focusing on, what matters to the people of Ontario to. Start focusing on, the, great people, of Hamilton. The hard-working people there. Five hundred six hundred people packed up, in Hamilton I'd, look forward to visiting the friend my friends in Hamilton, to, tell them what, the leader of the opposition believes and the leader of the Opposition. Believes. Believes. In higher government later. Government, higher taxes, higher fiber, rates I think. The leader of the Opposition, is worried about a couple things. Mike. Layton, and Joe Cressy. Order. The. House will come to order. There's. A member waiting to ask a question the house will come to order. The, member for a topical Center, Thank. You mr. speaker. My. Question, is for the minister of municipal affairs and housing it, is very disheartening to hear the kind of angry on parliamentary, language, coming from the opposition. That. We have heard yesterday as, they attacked our plan to create a smaller more effective, Toronto, City Council our.

Government. Is committed to working for the people and ensuring, that their own local governments. Represent. Their, views and work in an efficient, and effective manner. Despite. The official opposition's. Vicious. Name-calling, isn't. It true that our legislation. Actually, enhances, local democracy. The, house will come to order. The host will please come to her. The. House will come to order. Mr.. Municipal Affairs and housing. That. My bill is is near and dear to our heart our, proposed legislation, speaker, will not only solve, the problem, of a municipal, government that is completely. Tied. Up in gridlock it also addresses, the important, issue of voter, parody councilor. Justin, Dee Giano had, some excellent remarks on, the subject on Friday and I want to highlight by quoting him and saying quote the, writings do not belong, to the councilors, they, belong to Toronto, a. Massive. Improvement, over, a million Torontonians. Who will now have a fair vote because. Of the decision, made this morning that's, the quote response, speaker, if, this if, the opposition would stop with the attacks and the drive-by smears. And actually, look, at the legislation, they'd, see it's improving. Local government, thank. You. The. Member for Essex will come d'Or. Supplementary. Through. You Mr Speaker I would like to thank the Minister for that answer I find. It hard to believe that the opposition who, pretends, to be standing up for democracy wouldn't. Support a plan to move closer to voter parity, which, helps make sure that every voice is. Heard equally. And represented. As such at City Council. Up. To the NDP, they would encourage even more members, of council, under, the premise of good governance when, it's really just a matter of bloated, governance, one, of the original, options, suggested, was 48, wards, that's. 14, new councillors, 14, new speeches, over. 60, million in taxpayer. Money over. And above the existing council budget. Can. You to. The minister can you tell us why that just, won't work. Step. Thank, you speaker. And I want to again thank the the member. Well, I'd say, that just, like you don't put the Fox, in charge of the henhouse you, don't let it group the politicians, decide. How, many of them should keep their jobs. Proposed. In the better Local, Government Act is nothing. New, for two decades cutting, the size of Toronto Council and a half has, been discussed in fact there's, a 2014. Poll that found. 56%. In favor of reducing council from, 44. To, 22. Seats but, this never goes anywhere because. Councilors. Always. Vote to. Save themselves. You. Will have to explain why. They're champions, of big government instead. Of affording, the leaner more, effective, counsel, that were proposed. Members, will take their seats. Restart. The clock number. Four Toronto Danforth. Thank. You speakers speaking my question for the minister of Housing and municipal affairs during. The debate of a bill brought by the Liberals, a bill, that would establish that. The regional, chair position, for the region of York would, no longer be, appointed. But, elected. The, now minister, of housing municipal. Affairs said and I quote I, think. It speaks to the very core of our democracy I hope. That members will support, this legislation. Perhaps. We can expand, it at some point down the road for all regions. In the province of Ontario. My. Question, for the minister is simple what changed. Minister. Admissible Affairs and housing. Thank. You speaker through you to the member I want to thank you for the question, you, know what I think was. The biggest change for New Democrats, the, fact that we're on this side of the house. Place. During the election, that just passed debate. Where our premier, and the. Members on this side of the house talked, about committing, to, reducing, the size of government to. Respecting, the taxpayers, of this province our, government, for the people was, very clear, during the election, that we were going to make sure that a more effective, and a more efficient government at all levels was, paramount, in in.

Our Message to Ontarians. Again. Speaker it should come to no surprise to Ontarians, that members on that side of the house are going to stand up for big government bond, numbers on this side of the house are going to stand up. Start. The clock, supplementary. Thank. You speaker so. Principle means that, when, you have power it's, irrelevant right principle. Goes out the window my question, again for the minister. This. Makes it all the more likely, that the minister of municipal affairs who, will be forever, associated. With this anti-democratic. Legislation forever. Was. As in the dark as the rest of us when it was coming down the pike my. Question when was, the Minister made aware of the. Premier's unilateral. Decision, to, cut the number of councilors in Toronto when. Thank. You speaker and again thank you for the question, the, very, first, time I spoke, to our premier, after, he was selected leader, he came to my riding, and he, made it crystal, clear that, putting the taxpayers, dollars respect, speaker respect. For taxpayers, dollars, was, the number-one thing. Surprise. To Ontarians, that, New Democrats, continue to stand up for bigger government more, politicians. That's. Where they stand, we've. Made it very clear speak we made it very clear time, and time again effective. And efficient, government governor. A more streamlined, that can make those quick effective. Decisions, we're, going to choose that style of. We. Start the clock next question. The. Member for Mississauga, East cooks Vil. Thank. You mr. speaker, mr. speaker my question is to the Minister Minister, of Municipal, Affairs and, housing, some. Toronto city councillors, are calling, for a referendum on. Our, plan for a smaller, more. Cost-effective. Council. I know, you have said a 25, member, council, will, save, taxpayers. 25, million, dollars over, the four-year term. We. Also know that reducing. The size of council, is going, to ensure important. Decisions, on building. Transit and housing. Are made faster. This. Means that the people of Toronto will get the better local, government, they deserve but. I'm concerned, no, one is considering, what, a referendum, will. Actually, cost, Minister. For shall you provide the house with details. That's. People in our thank, the member, for Mississauga's, quit school for the question, it's. A great question. Absolutely. Right, speaker, through, you that we haven't, heard anything, about the cost of a referendum which, has to be part of the discussion, if you're going to respect taxpayers we.

Know That in 2012, city staff indicated, a special, referendum, was cost as much as, an, election or about. Seven, million, dollars. For. Comparison, in 2014, Toronto's, election, cost eight point three million, dollars here's, a question I'd like to ask taxpayers, would. They rather spend, seven, to eight million dollars, on a referendum, asking. If you should keep more politicians. Or would, you rather save. Twenty, five million and save, that money on politicians, you know something Speaker I know I think I know the answer. On, that day. Start. The clock supplementary, Thank. You mr., minister, for your response and for letting taxpayers, know the, truth about the cost of a referendum. Hearing. Those numbers, I'm sure taxpayers would, rather have, their, counselors, at City, Hall taking actions, to improve, life for every. Later, the opposition and the freedom here will come to order the. Leader of the Opposition, in the premier will come to order, the. Leader of the Opposition, in the premier will come to order. I. Was. Listening to. The, leader, in the opposition and the premier will come to order. Recess. I'm, going to recess, the house. For. Five. Members. Can take their seat. Before. We resume question, period I wish to explain. To the house what ik what just happens as far as I know remember for Mississauga East cooks Ville was in the midst of a supplementary, question I was listening. To it intently, apparently. Something may have been said which caused grave disorders, such that the speaker felt it was necessary to recess. The house I didn't. Hear it any of the comments that apparently were made or may or, may not have been made but I would ask members if there are any members that would like to withdraw. Any, on parliamentary comment, I would appreciate their, willingness. To do so. All. Right I would ask the house for order for the remainder of question three. Remember. For Mississauga. Thank. You minister for your response and for letting taxpayers, know the truth about the cost of a referendum, hearing. Those numbers, I'm sure taxpayers would, rather have their counselors, at City Hall taking actions, to improve, life for everyday residents, of Toronto, then wasting, time and money on a costly, referendum. Keeping. More politicians, on the payroll. Frankly. This debate is part of the reason we need these reforms, looking. Beyond the cost without, a referendum what gives you the confidence to, say our legislation, is something. The people support. Minister. Thank. You speaker and again through you I want to the. Mississauga's. Cooks ville for all, of your advocacy and all your efforts you're a real. Speaker. No, one has a better feel for the pulse of taxpayers, in this city or our, province, than Premier, Doug Ford. Voters. During the recent, provincial, election, that they want governments, at all levels and, I want to stress that at all levels, to work for, them to work for the people there, is no better referendum, speaker then, the election we just went through one. That sent us here with a majority, and a mandate, to reduce, the size and cost of government we, talked to tens of thousands, of people speaker, tens, of thousands of people who, wanted us to take action quick, action, after, the election, that's, what the better Local, Government Act does for, the people of Faro and for, the regions of north. We. Start the clock the member for University Rosedale my, questions for the premier why. Is the premium only interested, in proper, public consultation. When it serves these far-right, extremist. Friends who want to drag Ontario's. Health curriculum back, to 1998, the. Ministry, of government and consumer services, government. Serves thank, you a speaker, in my capacity is, a government, house leader, we. Will be standing. On standing order a 37. H we, will not be answering any questions, from the official opposition until. We get some kind of an apology from. The member opposite who made those comments, even more longer the answering questions. Today. Supplementary. Question. This. Premiere has rallied on and on about the significance, of public engagement, yet. He refuses, to let the people of Toronto make their own decision, about their government it's. Clear that his word means very little he. Wants it when he wants to rollback the Ontario, health education, curriculum, but, he skips it when the results could threaten his ego if.

Public Engagement. Is so important. To this premier, then why is he trampling, over the people of on Toronto, and forcing, this change on them with no input whatsoever. Members. Opposite, can continue, to ask questions of our government, but until we get some kind of formal apology, as is, our right understanding order, 37. H it says a Minister man his or her discretion declined. To answer questions, the government will not be answering any questions, from the official opposition here this morning there's a simple solution to this problem everybody. Makes mistakes mr. speaker all we're expecting, is an apology, for the member of this side of the house who asked a question earlier, in question period and we will not be answering any further questions, from the members of the official opposition until, that happens. Restart. The clock the member for Leon. Thank. You mr. speaker. Premier. Many, talk, of francophone, immigration, is essential, the. Vitality and, prosperity, of franco-ontarian. Is also, very important. That being said your government, is not working, in partnership, with Immigration, Canada, eliminated. The. Position, of Minister Franco he Francophonie. After, being told several, times that to invest more, infant, colony was. Not a priority. It's. Good at Putnam in this will. The premier explained to us in. Simple, terms what. His government, will do. To. Target this very important. Issue. Mr., Furr responsible. For immigration. Spine. I'll have my, colleague, administer, responsible, for francophone affairs to address you in the Supplemental. But Ontario has set a target a 5% francophone immigration and we've implemented a number of initiatives to increase the number of francophones, in the province including. The Ontario Express Entry french-speaking, skilled worker stream which is an immigration pathway for potential. French-speaking, immigrants, that have skills, to succeed in our labor market my, ministry, also funds a municipal francophone, immigration web portal, which is dedicated to profiling. Immigration, opportunities, in the provinces. Frankly phone communities but most of all Ontario will, continue to undertake a variety, of international outreach, and promotion initiatives. In order to reach the francophone audiences. Worldwide and I can speak on behalf of, this, government, that myself and the minister of francophone Affairs have spoken about this several, times since being elected as seat mates and, we intend, to undertake. More initiatives, throughout, the rest of the, world. Supplementary. Yes. Thank, you mr. speaker once. Again. There. Are many reasons to believe that this government, seems to be concrete, and, keep. Its. Francophonie. Implication. However, there is a question, regarding. The international, it's brought internationally. But all programs, that have been in existence, for, Francophonie my question is yes or no will. You keep our commitment. With the International. Francophonie. Organization, which could help. Towards. This 5% target, and will the new government, also. Commit. To keep the program to, have, information, a, francophone, information. Thank. You very much the. Minister responsible francophone. Affairs mr., responsible, for francophone care. Thank. You mr. speaker. The. Government, keeps. Its commitment, to towards, francophone immigration, as mentioned. The. Report by the francophone. Commissioner, different Services Commissioner told, us that there, is a decrease. In the francophone, Democrat. Demographic. And if we don't keep working at it it will keep decreasing our, government. Recognizes, that. What francophones, brings to this province and we want to keep it for future generations. And this is why as, minister. Responsible for francophone, affairs I will work. With, my co-worker, the minister responsible for immigration, to put in place strategies to, encourage, francophone.

Immigration, And. To. Help the, francophone, community, flourish. Next. Question the member from Mississauga centre. Iker. My, question is for the minister of children, community, and social services minister, I watched, with interest Ontario. Government's launch of human trafficking, Awareness Week I was, pleased to see that you took the time to record a video and speak, about your commitment to ending human trafficking it. Is also my understanding that, your ministry has launched a multi-platform, social, media campaign, to raise awareness of this, terrible crime I applaud, your stance and dedication, and stand, with you against, human trafficking Minister. Could, you tell this house about our government's commitment, to raising, awareness and combating, human trafficking, questions. Are. Also responsible, for women in this house I thank the member from Mississauga for her question, and for, her dedication to ending, human trafficking in. The province of Ontario, I would be remiss if I did not point out the excellent, work of my, colleague, and friend Minister. Of Labour who, has been. All. Of Canada Canada, in trying to end human trafficking human. Trafficking as, a result Ontario, has passed legislation because, of the end of the, Minister, of Labour to allow individuals, to apply for restraining orders against, human traffickers, it make it make it easier for victims of human trafficking to get compensation, from those who have trafficked, them and we, proclaimed, February, 22nd, of each year as human trafficking Awareness, Day and of course yesterday was. A day to remember the. World the world day against, trafficking, in persons so I appreciate. And, I'll have more to say in the supplemental but this is an important issue that every member of this assembly should stand. Thank. You very much for your answer back to the minister, I appreciate. Your focus and our party's long-standing, commitment to this issue yesterday. I saw your message on Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn I am, glad that we are reaching out to different audiences and on multiple platforms I, was, troubled to learn that, it is largely our neighbors, friends and family that are getting caught up in this terrible, crime and that girls as young as 13 are being abused, this way Minister. What is your plan in addition to the social media campaign to, create awareness with, different audiences and what is your ministry, doing to combat this crime. Minister. Again. Just to build, on the work that my colleague, Lorri Scott has done with the girl-next-door act, in, really taking this protection. Of women and women and girls out to the next level it's important to note that two-thirds, of police reported, cases of human, trafficking, in Canada take place in our province and they are literally, the girls next door women and girls are disproportionately. Representative, and victims. Of human trafficking and we're going to continue to work in my ministry with community organization. Police, forces, international. Partners and government ministries to, try and solve this crisis, through, human trafficking. It. Is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada but, provinces, are taking action and I will continue to work with my ministerial colleagues, in order to make sure that there is greater enforcement when, these issues arise thank you. Sentret. Mr.. Speaker through you to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and housing this, year for the first time ever the people of a Niagara were going to be able to elect their Niagara regional chair but, since the Primera started cooking up backroom, deals with his friends, to, meddle in municipal, elections he, has removed their democratic power as the. Minister should know people in Niagara have serious, concerns about, their, regional representatives. The, ombudsman and the Auditor General have both been involved with investigations. Of their activities, and another, complaint has been filed recently, now. More than ever Niagara, residents, are looking to bring more democracy, and accountability. To our Regional Council, will. The minister show some leadership reverse. His short-sighted, decision and, allow, the people of Niagara, to elect their regional chair. House. Leader Thank. You speaker and we. Will not be as I said earlier answering, any questions, from the official opposition until. We get an apology, on behalf of the, member of Mississauga. East cook's bill there. Was mockery, that, occurred, during Question. Period and, our right understanding order, 37, h's as a minister we may in our, discretion, declined. To answer any questions in this house we should be very proud of, the members from Mississauga, East Coast Ville he arrived here. We, arrived at the clock here. He arrived here, in Pakistan in. 2004. He, had a very very successful. Career, with, blackberry, and, in less than 15 years of living here in Ontario, he's a member of provincial Parliament at, Queen's, Park in our legislature.

He Deserves. We. Start the clock supplementary. Thank. You mr. speaker through you people in Niagara are outraged, by this decision, they're, tired of the lack of transparency, and accountability at, the nagger region the, action taken by this government is a slap in the face to, the people of Niagara. Just. In the last few weeks the. Niagara, Regional chair tried to influence an ombudsman, investigation. By. Using, outside counsel. Mr.. Speaker, cancelling. The election of the chair will only allow these problems, to persist, does. The Minister intend to prop up unelected. Unaccountable, politicians. Or will, he reverse this decision and, give the power back to the people to, elect their regional chair. Mr.. Speaker, again, I'll cite standing, order 37. H and, we will be refusing, to answer any questions from the official opposition until. They actually apologize. For what occurred here earlier, in question period it was completely, unacceptable. It was very audible, by members of the government and other, members, who are here at Queen's Park this morning to observe question, period and until, the member responsible. Apologizes. For mocking, I remember, from Mississauga, East cooks bill we won't be answering any questions, from the Official Opposition. We, start mr.. Speaker, take, a look at, this government, caucus, we have the member from Mississauga, east cook's ville who came from Pakistan we, have the first tamil member, elected, in this legislature. Corner. Gordon. Order. The. Member for Flamborough, blender. My. Question, is directed to the Minister of Tourism culture, and sport this. Weekend, athletes, coaches, and spectators, will experience. The Ontario, Summer Games in the, beautiful city of London Ontario in fact, my riding of Flamborough Glenbrook, will be sending athletes from ages, 12, to 18. Many. People in my riding are excited about this and they want to learn more about this unique program that is overseen by your ministry. Can, the Minister tell the House more about the Ontario, Games program. You. Are absolutely right the London 2018, Ontario, Summer Games is supported, by our government, through the game's Ontario, program, this, program supports events. Like the Interior Summer Games the Winter Games for youth and the Ontario 50-plus, summer and winter games for seniors as well, as the interior Paris sport games for, people with disabilities, the games run from August 2nd, through, to the 5th with over, 3,300.

Athletes, Coaches and officials, in, 21. Sports the, games are supported, by over, 800. Volunteers from. The local community, in the surrounding, area the games organizing, committee has spent 18, to 24 months to plan and deliver these, games these. Games are crucial, in developing, the talents of young athletes notable. Alumni of the games include, Diana Matheson, of the national women's soccer. Key team, and Aaron Brown a member of the men's relay team who, captured a bronze medal at the 2016. Olympic, Games in Rio. Mr., speaker and thank you to the Minister for the insight into this initiative, you know I'm really happy that. Our, government. For, the people is able. To make investments, in young athletes, and our communities, that will bring a positive change that, will be felt for years to come Minister. Can you elaborate, on how the games are benefits, to both our athletes. And to our communities. I wish, your, team. Members well but of course I'm cheering for all our materials, through. You mr. speaker thank you to the member for their insight into the games Ontario, program I'm glad, that we were able to shed some light on how important, this, program is, the, games are a valuable, motivator, to encourage young people to be active and competitive. In sports the games deliver a valuable experience developing, Ontario's. Athletes, this, year's Ontario, Summer Games are expected, to generate economic. Impact of six, million, dollars, in London, as, part of the Games legacy, ten new beach volleyball courts, will be added to the North, London Athletics, field these, additional, courts the interior, volleyball, Association. Will now be able to run beach volleyball programs, in the city this, is one of the many ways that our government, is supporting, local communities, and sport, increasing. Economic, activity, in our province I encourage. All members in the house to support their local participants. In the games in from, their riding in any way thank, you. Question. Number, McKenna's, my, question is to the premier does the premier believe he can cancel question period just because he doesn't like the questions. Thank. You speaker. In my, capacity as government. House leader I'm taking. This question, there. Was a, very, very, audible. Comment. That came from the member who just asked. That question during, question, period it was mocking, the member from Mississauga, east cook's ville if the member opposite, the house leader for the official opposition wants. Question, period to continue the honorable, thing to do would be to stand in his place and apologize. For making those comments, and. Start. The clock. Governor. Speaker. Many. Members, on this government side clearly. Heard, the mocking, remarks, that were made we, are a very proud, government. Caucus over here of our diversity a simple. Mistake, was. Made a mistake. Was made mr. speaker there's a simple solution to this stand, in your place in the supplementary, and apologize, to the member from Mississauga sports.

Before. I ask for the supplementary, I. Wished. To inform the house you can see that I'm wearing this earpiece I have the volume cranked, full blast because. Otherwise I can't hear the person who has the floor on many. Exchanges that's. Because of the loud voices. That. It, seems that everyone in the house is participating. I can't, hear everything that's said in the house government, host leader says there was an audible comment I did not hear. Supplementary. Member, for tonight's premiere. I'm, being accused of something and if people know me and heard me in this house for, 28, years and my constituents that, is not who I am and that's not what I say I don't. So. My question is back to the premiere does, a premier believe in parliamentary democracy. And the right of the opposition, to ask questions, of the government yes or no. Mr.. Speaker, as I mentioned off the top after. That mocking, remark was made in this legislature we'll be invoking standing. Order 37. H we, will not be answering, any questions, from the members of the official opposition until. The member opposite, apologizes. For those comments that was made, I can, tell you mr. speaker that one thing we do have on this, side of the house is respect. For this institution. We. Have respect. For this institution. We. Have respect. For all, members. We, have respect, for all members. Of this legislature. All. 101. P4 members, of this legislature. We, will not be mocking the members like the member of the official opposition did. Will cut, for the members of this legislature, it's all about, respect. And we saw a lack of respect, this morning during Question Period. Restart. The clock next question the member for Niagara. To. The Minister of Environment conservation. And parks during the summer months people, from my riding and many, other ridings across the province enjoy spending time camping, with friends or discovering new parts of Ontario while, taking the family on a road trip and these used to be relatively easy and more importantly, affordable, ways for, average, families to get a break without costing, them a fortune, unfortunately. Speaker instead of getting a break these trips are now leaving families, broke the soaring cost of fuel has families, looking to this government for relief this, past week the Minister of the Environment tabled, legislation, that will put an end to the cap-and-trade carbon, tax can, the Minister of the Environment please, explain to this house how our government's plan will make life more affordable for families across.

Mr.. Speaker through you to the member, and thank you to the member from Niagara, West for that, question and of course over 10 million people do visit Ontario's, parks during the during. The summer so it is a popular, pastime but it is a pastime, that requires people to drive their cars. Speaker. We've been clear that we are going to be staying true to the promise we made to the people of Ontario the. Cap-and-trade cancellation. Act will deliver real savings for families. $260. Per year every year it's, estimated the cost of gasoline will be reduced by 4.5. Cents per litre the cost of dido diesel by, 5.5, within, the year if this legislation, is passed mr.. Speaker on the other side we've asked the question before and of course they have other, things to worry about today but we've, asked the question, how high a carbon tax would they support the. Member from Ottawa senator says he wants the highest carbon tax in the world 35. Cents the member from Hamilton wetlands the, member from Hamilton West Ancaster. The. Member from Hamilton West Ancaster, calls, our policy of lower gas taxes. Reckless. Thank. You for your, illuminating. Response, Minister, the truth is we've seen this story play out before a Liberal prime minister paired with an NDP premier, it's truly, a dangerous combination, in British Columbia the federal liberal carbon plan paired, with the NDP's. Carbon. Tax has seen gas prices skyrocket, to more than $1 60 per litre in April this is the highest gas prices in, North America, and mr. speaker they, can say what they want but attacks his attacks his attacks, Ontario. Simply, cannot afford to pay for these liberal, policies, every, time the NDP, advocates, for higher gas prices they, demonstrate, just how, out, of touch they are with the realities, that families, in Ontario, face will, the Minister of the Environment, advise. This house as to the dangers of the NDP's carbon tax plan. Mr.. Speaker through you to the member the, people of Ontario can't, afford. Historically, high gas prices that's. Why we're proceeding with our plan that will reduce the price of fuel the, end of the carbon tax means relief for families, it remains relief for businesses and more, disposable income for households we, understand the realities, that families face when they wait in line sometimes, for hours to save a couple of cents at the pump it's, ironic mr., speaker that the member from Timmins in a, piece of his own legislation claims he wants to protect consumers from gouging, at the pumps and yet, his party sits idly by while this side and this government brings, forward legislation, that, will actually support families, and have real reductions, at the pumps the.

Era Of the carbon tax is over in Ontario, we will bring relief for family. Remember, Fitz misdemeanor car thank. You last week we said the premier is behaving as though he thought he. Was the king of Ontario. To. The premier, so, far he's ran bills through the house of the consultation, or committee hearings he's. Interfering in democratic, elections across. Ontario. Will. The premier do the right thing and respect. Ontario's, democracy, and democratic institutions. Thanks. Speaker. And thanks. To the member opposite for the question which we won't be answering here. This morning, we'll. Be invoking standing, order 37. H again which I will remind the members gives, the minister the opportunity, to decline to answer a question and the reason that we're doing that mr.. Speaker is because, a member of our government caucus. Who. We are very proud to have as, a member of our government caucus. From Mississauga, east cook's bill was, mocked during question period by a member of the official opposition. It. Was, disrespectful, to, state, say, the lease Mr, Speaker we, could. Resume, question, period and the NDP could, ask questions and get answers from, the government members if, they did the simple. Step. Of, standing, in their place and, apologizing. For the remark that was made during question. Period earlier when. You make a mistake. Apologize. Apologize. Again. To the premiere the, premieres canceled contracts. Cancelled. Due process, canceled. Consultation. Cancelled, cap and trade and now. He's canceling question period is, there premier for real or just trying to change the channel. Mr.. Speaker we could easily resume, question, period, and answer. The questions from the members of the official opposition if. The house leader on the opposite side would stand in his place and apologize, to, the member from, Mississauga, East Cookeville a member. Of. Our legislature. A member of our government clock, is a proud Pakistani. Canadian, who's been in this country for 15 years look, at the diversity of this, government, caucus, Mr Speaker we have the first Tamil Canadians, elected, to the legislature, the, first Korean, Canadian, MPP, the Minister for seniors, in this legislature, the first coptic, egyptian canadian. MPP, the member for Mississauga Erin Mills we're proud to have the. First Armenian, Canadian, MPP. Bakula, Vicki and from the other side as well we have two Persian Canadian, MVPs pre Chinese, Canadian MVPs, one Hindu Canadian, MPP for sick, Canadian, MPPs and three, Jewish, NPP's, Mr Speaker we are very proud of this Baucus. Restart. The clock next. Question the member for Oakville. Thank. You mr. speaker my question is for the Minister of Community Safety and, Correctional Services. I would like to begin by congratulating the, Minister for being tasked with the, crucial responsibilities, of being responsible, for overseeing the provinces, correctional, system including. Its many dedicated correctional. Officers and staff mr.. Speaker for the past 15 years our correctional, system its many dedicated and hardworking correctional. Staff were repeatedly, neglected, as a, member of this government for the people, I am honored to stand here today knowing that our government is committed, to fixing the crisis in our correctional system, caused, by the previous Liberal, government mr.. Speaker could the Minister please explain what he is doing to address the current crisis in the Ontario correctional, system. Mr.. Speaker and thank you for that question, to, our member from Oakville. Congratulations. On your election and, thanks, again for the question. Mr.. Speaker, the previous Liberal government left our correctional, services in, a crisis, I'm, proud to state here today that our government for the people will remain committed, to, our promise of hiring more correctional, probation. And parole, officers, to end the current crisis, in Corrections, this. Past Friday Mr Speaker I attended. The correctional, officer, and training, assessment. Graduation. In Hamilton, where, we graduated. More than. 182. Men. And women to, become correctional. Officers. And that. They are being deployed, as of. Monday this week, mr.. Speaker our frontline correctional. Workers know that they finally have a government, who will listen to them and. Liver on a promise, of ending the crisis, in Corrections. Thank. You mr. speaker again to the minister thank. You very much for your update and the work you're doing to address the crisis, in, Ontario's, correctional, system I am, proud to see our government working.

For The people respecting, our frontline workers, and acknowledging, the hard work the everyday they do every day mr.. Speaker it is also my understanding that the Minister participated, in a ride-along with members of the Hamilton police force this past weekend mr., speaker will the Minister please give an, update on the members of this legislature, on what he learned from this experience. Thank. You again for the question. This past Friday, Mr Speaker I, also participated. In a ride-along in Hamilton, with the, Hamilton, Police Crisis, Response Unit, which, consists, of the crisis, outreach and support team the, mobile rapid response team and the social navigator, program, these, teams of men and women work, together to ensure Public Safety through. Addressing the root causes of crime and by participating in crisis, prevention training. The. Mental, health training aspect of this union is just one of the many policing, innovations, here, in Ontario, being led by our police services, unlike. Those from, the Official Opposition Mr Speaker we will continue to respect our Parikh police and correctional, services and, remain, committed to providing, our first, responders, with the resources, they require to perform, their jobs the. Status quo failed mr. speaker and we're. The only party, in this house that, is prepared to do something about it we have made a promise and we intend, to keep it. Thank. You mr. speaker, and my question is for the premier so, far we've. Heard that the premier doesn't need to consult Ontarians. Because, he knows better, than them the. Consultations. With prisoners, consultations. Are at the heart of democracy, we, heard that the premier is cancelling, question, period, why. Does it feel like, the premier believes he. Want. A. Services. Thanks. Speaker. And I don't know about you but we're. Here in question period the only questions that we're not answering mr., speaker with all due respect to the member from Nickel Belt who, has. Had, her question, basically. Nolan. Made Nolan void by the fact that another member of her caucus, mocked. A member of our caucus earlier, during Question Period mr., speaker and there. Would be a simple resolution. To this standoff, mr. speaker, if the member responsible. Would stand in his place and simply apologize. To the member from Mississauga, east cook's ville he. Is a very, well-respected. Member. In. His community. A proud, Pakistani. Canadian, who arrived in Ontario, 14. Years ago to. Raise his, family. To. Make a living, he's. Been a contributing, member both. In the. Business world and here, in our legislature. And we are very proud of that. I'd. Like to go back to the premier speaker this. Premier makes, his decision, in backrooms. He, seems to think that, he knows more about Toronto. Democracy. Than the people of Toronto themselves. Now, he, is cancelling question period something. That goes back to. Confederation. Itself, order does, the premier believe than he is above, Ontario's. Democracy. Mr.. Speaker, it's. Amazing, to me to hear members on, the opposite side say, we're cancelling, question period when question, period has now gone on for, 59, minutes, and 30 seconds, mr., speaker what we're choosing not to do is respond, to questions from, the Official Opposition because. They, are mocking, a member, of our government caucus. A very proud Pakistani. Canadian, who represents, his community, extremely. Well. Any. Member. Of our, Ontario, population. No, matter where, they, came to Ontario, from has. The opportunity, to, represent their. Community in this legislature. Just as mr. Khalid Rashid. Order. Order. I. Recognize. The member for Kimmons on a plane well, I want to thank you very much mr. speaker I just want to say in. Regards to the Standing Orders it is clear according, to Standing Order, 23, H and I you can't, make allegations, against, another member which, they are doing now and imp use include, impute.

False And enough unev out motives, to another member and clearly that's what they're doing you. Know me I've been in this legislature, as long as you that's. Not who I am I understand. All about accents, just me Franco fun a few I am a francophone. And I, have an accent, and a. Lot of people of mock my accident House knows that and this, just is to me a very offensive thing for the government that tried to change channels on, question, period to answering questions about, something, I never did. To. Understanding, order 38 a the member for Leanne has given notice of her dissatisfaction, with. The answer to her question given. By the Minister, of children community safe community, and social services, concerning. Support for francophone, community, grants program this, manner will be debated today at 6 p.m.. Houses. In recess until three. O'clock this afternoon.

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