2018-08-08 Question Period

2018-08-08 Question Period

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Is, now time for oral, questions, I recognize the leader of official opposition. Speaker. My questions for the premier day. After day this, premier, is making decisions that make life harder, and more, expensive for, working families and for. The most vulnerable people, in our communities, slashing. The social assistance increase. And canceling. The basic, income pilot, doesn't, help. People. It keeps. Folks trapped, in poverty, why, is this premier cutting supports, that the most vulnerable. Families. Depend. Upon. All. Through you mr. speaker, it's. Funny how the leader of the Opposition, has, come down here day, after, day after, day. Talking. About the, wind liberal legacy, that, she propped it up for, 15, years. Three, hundred and forty billion dollars the, highest taxes, in Canada. The highest Hydra rates anywhere. In North America. Continues. Mr., speaker the leader of the Opposition continues, day, after, day telling. The people of Ontario, how. She wants, to have the highest carbon taxes, anywhere. In Canada the, highest gas prices anywhere, in Canada talk. About taking, care of the most needy that's. Not part, of what she, really believes in cheap, leads in raising, taxes, because, of people on social assistance mr.. Speaker. The. People on social, assistance they, actually, pay energy, cause I met. With Elsie yesterday, in Belleville, and on, her check thank. You thank. You. Supplementary. Well, Speaker I. Can. Tell you what's not funny, and that's the wrongheaded priorities. Of this. About. What this premiers, cuts mean to, the most vulnerable people. Across. Ontario. Cutting, Social Assistance and, canceling. Basic. Income, pilot, means, governments, article will, be forced, to go to food banks more people, will be at risk of homelessness, and, more people will struggle to survive, their. Transportation will come to order more people will struggle to survive in, dire poverty. As of, Monday. 15,000. People have signed a petition calling. On this premier, to reverse course, and save, the, basic, income pilot, project, like he promised to do during, the campaign speaker will this premier listen or will he continue to, hurt the lowest, income people, in, Ontario. Premium. Well. To. You mr. speaker I'll carry on about LC amid LC in Belleville, and. Elsie's. On social, assistance she. Told me her paycheck, and there, was $139. Energy, cost I told, her that we're gonna increase, her, payments, by 1.5. Percent, and. Then. And. Then I told the LLC what's, 12%, of $139. We. Came up with we came up with a figure that's actually higher than 1.5%. We. Came up with a figure that's higher than 1.5. Percent and, then LC LC. Had a car facade and guess, what, I told, Allison, come back her gas prices once we scrap, the cap and trade is. Going down ten cents, per liter. So. Once I explained, it that I'll see that, if. You add up everything that, the, cup thank. You thank. You. Restart. The clock final, supplementary, well speaker I'm incredibly, proud to welcome almost, 30 people from my city of Hamilton who are participating, in the basic income, pilot, project, and they're here with their families, friends, and local, advocates, and they're, here with one message for the premiere of this province slashing. Social assistance, and canceling basic income is absolutely. The wrong thing to do because. It hurts thousand. Community of Social Service and in. Fact it's it's bullying the most vulnerable returns. Talking. This premier look people in the eye and, rip, away the supports, that these folks need to get out of poverty and get their lives back on track. For. You mr. speaker, the leader of the Opposition, is using the same math as she, did during the election, you. Know stealing, the numbers of five billion dollars so let me tell the people on social assistance that. There's, gonna have they're, gonna have a 1.5. Percent increase and. My. Friends, do you know what they want more than anything they. Want a good-paying, job. What. We need up the economy further one, material. And. So less people are on social assistance because. In the last 15, years mr.. Speaker, people. On social, assistance has. Increased 55%. The. Basic, guaranteed, income program. That the leader of the Opposition, is talking about would. Cost the province, 17. Billion, dollars, but. I don't know leader of the Opposition, thinks money grows on trees down, here, thank. You thank you, thank. You Peter take, your seat please.

Restart. The clock next. Question, leader the official, opposition thank, you so much speaker my next question is also for. The premier whose. Government, last time they were in office reduced. Social, assistance, by almost twenty three percent driving. People into the deepest poverty that we've seen in this province over the last 15 years go, mythical, more. Speaker. So, today, we have somebody from Hamilton, named Tim with us and here's what basic, income means to Tim it means he can finally buy healthy, food he can finally afford to take the bus to, get to his doctor's appointments, he can finally save up first, and last month's rent so that he can actually find, housing that safe clean. And where he doesn't have to live in fear speaker, why, is this premier ripping. Basic, income away from tim and hundreds, of people like him. Through. You mr. speaker, we're. Gonna make Tim and people like to come, have a better life, because we're going to increase their assistance, by 1.5, percent, again. We're gonna lower Kim's, energy, costs by 12% and. If Tim drives, a car or any daughters friends. Prefer. Water they look under my friend, it's amazing, how their attitude, Elsie drove a car Elsie. Drove a car and a lot of people drive a car. Here we, do the opposition. To, have the highest gas prices in North America, let's not forget the leader of the Opposition sat, down here for years, and years propping. Up the, wind liberals propping. Up the high carbon, tax propping. Up high taxes, propping. Up high gas prices tax. Tax, tax. House will come to order. Start, the clock supplementary. Thank, You speaker well Tim is not alone every. One of the basic income participants. Here today has a story about how basic. Income has helped improve their, lives many of these stories are being published in news sources. Across the, province speaker, from the many communities, that have basic income programs. Or pilot programs running but, this premier doesn't want to hear those stories speaker, he refuses to expect that accept the fact rather that Income Security helps, families, out of poverty.

That's What Income Security does it helps, people get out of poverty it helps, them live healthier, lives it gives people hope hope, that, they can actually have a life that gets better that's what it does well, the premier admit that he shut down basic, income before seeing the results because he doesn't want to see that it actually works. Through. You mr. speaker do you know what helps people like Tim. People. Like Tim aren't allowed to have beer I'm sorry, I'm, sorry you're right okay. What helps people like Tim is a good paying job what. Helps people like Tim is, reducing, the. What. Hurts people, like Tim is getting the economy going, until, once he gets a job and he does have a car he'll, have ten cents a liter less when, he goes to the gas pump I would. Like to ask the leader of the Opposition through you mr. speaker. Where. Is she getting the 17 billion dollars, where. Is she getting the 17 I guess the same place they're, getting when, it comes to the highest carbon tax the highest gas prices the highest haider rates guess, what there's, only one person that pays the bills in Ontario, and that's the taxpayer we're gonna stick. Members, please take your seats. Start. The clock final supplementary, wellmaybe, information. To this premier, but some. Of the people on the, pilot project are actually recipients, of Ontario, Disability Support, Program, as well speaker, and I don't know whether they're. Going to be having. The opportunity to get the kind of jobs that Mister that. The premier is talking about but well he should also recognize that, is this pilot project speaker. Is about bringing, information, on which to make decisions and I guess he doesn't want the facts he doesn't want the information on which to make proper, decisions because, he's, got the wrong priorities, this premier has the wrong priorities, and we see it in, decision, after decision that, he is making he's choosing to put the health of students at risk just to please his radical social. Conservative, friends he's choosing to cut 330, million dollars, for Mental Health every year making waitlists, even longer and now he's choosing to slash the social assistance increase or, the basic income program, and take money away from the most vulnerable people in Ontario why, is the health and well-being of Ontarians, so incredibly. Low on this Premier's. Premium. Through, you mr. speaker again the leader of the Opposition, is. Too busy defending, the. Win liberals we, just had an election and, the, people spoke loud and clear here in Ontario, they're, tired of the policies, of the wind liberals they're. Tired of, the NDP propping. Them up for, the last 15, years they're. Tired of having, the largest debt sub national debt in the entire, world. They're, tired of paying twelve billion dollars a year and servicing, that debt mr.. Speaker, just imagine. How many people we could help if, we didn't have to pay twelve billion dollars a year and in, the deck my. Friends, we're. Gonna lower taxes. I know you don't like luring taxes. By. Ten cents a litre and we're, gonna create great, pain. The. House will come to order. The. House will come to order. The. House will come to order. Premier. Will come to order remember fanatical West will come to order remember, for Don Dali East will come to order. The. Member for Don Valley East will come to order. Restart. The clock next question leader, the opposition, very, much speaker. My. Next question is also for the premier the, premiers plan to rip up the sexual health curriculum puts, students, at risk, that's according to parents, educators. And dozens, of school boards across Ontario, and yesterday, nearly, 1,800. Health care professionals, called, on the premier to restore, the updated, health curriculum in its entirety anything. Less will put children, in harm's, way and deny. Kids, the information, they deserve about, consent. Cyberbullying. Gender, identity, and same-sex, families will. The premier finally, do the right thing listen, to health care professionals, and restore. The updated, health curriculum for, this September. Through. You mr. speaker, to the leader of the Opposition I know the leader of the Opposition, wants, to keep pounding away about. The sex head but. The leader of the Opposition, is forgetting about the most critical, thing in education, our half. Our students, are failing math. We're. Good we're gonna make sure, our. Students, aren't on the bottom tier and by the way Mr Speaker we. Have the lowest math scores in all of Canada. By. Dragging, students, back to the 1998. Curriculum, this premier is scrubbing. Same-sex. Families, gender. Identity, and consent. Out of our classrooms, and unfortunately, the, deputy premier is playing along with the Premier's dangerous, plan she, said that if kids want to talk about those issues, it won't happen in the classroom under.

The 1998. Curriculum, it should happen in private, behind, closed doors does, the premier agree with, his deputy premier that questions about same-sex families gender. Identity and consent, should be put back in the closet instead, of being welcomed in all of Ontario's, classroom. Education. Throughout. The opposition, I have, to tell you that we are going to be listening. This fall I can't, wait to go out and, embark. On the consultations. That not only will touch on sex ed but as the premier just said we're, going to be listening, and how we can move forward and proper. Students, up and prepare them for the realities, of today, and improve. Math. Scores, for example, it. To be absolutely, hanging. Their heads that, they do not agree with us that we need to improve math, sports in this province so, I can, water in, order to kick, off this damn, orientation. Where yes we will be respecting. Parents, and we'll be respecting, people who want to raise their voice to help us put our students back on boss to, a successful. Career because, we know over the last 15, years and went the opposite, direction. Restart. The clock. Next. Question. The. Member for our Kitchener, Conestoga. Mr.. Speaker. My. My, question is for the the Minister of Finance but we've before, asked my question I'd like to wish him a happy birthday today. It. Was it was truly heartening to see you the premier and our government house leader fulfilling, yet another election campaign, promise yesterday, this. Is truly a mark of a government for the people I know. That, is that, as you have travelled across the province over the past weeks and months months. You've been getting the same question, over and over again when. Are you bringing buck a beer back to Ontario. Mr.. Speaker can the minister please tell the House more about he more. About how he has been fulfilling this promise and saving, money for the beer consumers, of Ontario. Thank. You very much, premier and I want to thank my fellow North Bay aiight for the question, on. My plenty, ninth birthday. The. Promise. During the election, campaign we, would bring back buck, a beer, to Ontario, and starting, this Labor Day weekend, we're going to deliver buck, a beer - on Terry. It. Was truly a pleasure to be with the premier and the government, host leader in his writing yesterday to launch the Premier's buck a beer challenge, by, encouraging, competition, in, Ontario's, brewing. Industry opportunities. Will. Be created. For value-priced, the beer product. And in doing so to pour, money in the pockets, of consumers. Speaker. Starting, August, 27. Brewers, across Ontario, will have the, choice speaker, it's their choice to lower prices, to a dollar for, any beer under 5.6. Percent alcohol, volume. Mr., speaker back to the minister I would like to thank the minister his for his response it. Is encouraging, to hear that, not only will Bach a beer be in place for the Labor Day long weekend but. That it may create new business, opportunities, for Ontario, Brewers as well. Under.

Premier Ford Ontario, is certainly, open for business, it. Is hard to understand, how the previous Liberal, government, banned bucka beer to, the detriment, of our consumers. Choice and making. People pay more for their beer mr. speaker can the Minister please explain, how it got to this point and why, we need to bring baka beer back to Ontario. Let's. Review the actions, of the previous, government before. 2008. Bucka beer was popular, with both consumers. And Brewers. Speaker. It was a win-win. The Liberals then added, a layer of red, tape when they raised the minimum beer, price and made, bucket beer illegal. That was bad for fostering, competition bad. For the consumers, who had to pray pay, price a larger. Price but, as of August, 27th, Speaker Brewers, will now have, the choice to sell, beer for $1 again, this comes with no financial. Subsidy. Speaker and let me stress once again we, are doing this smartly, and responsibly. We will remain, unwavering. In, our commitment to, Road Safety and. Responsibility. Namiko we're going to trust consumers, to, make mature. And responsible decisions. But there is zero tolerance, for, those who do not. Start. The clock next question the member for Spadina fort York, Thank You mr. speaker my question is for the premier the, connection, between poverty, and gun violence is indisputable. Today, community, members and mothers of children injured. Or lost to gun violence came to Queen's Park to speak about how chronically. Low-income communities, suffer, from higher rates of violence and, homicide. They want the premier to take concrete steps towards, alleviating poverty. Beginning, by reversing, his cuts to social assistance, and his cancellation, of the basic income pilot, will. The premier distant to those families, who have first-hand lived experience, and reversed, his decisions. For. The member for his question and the linkage and the importance, it is for us to have a very serious conversation in, this province about poverty, one. In seven people live. In poverty in this province which is why we have decided to ensure. That we have a better system. Across, all ministries, to, support, those who are living in, vulnerable. Circumstances, for. 15 years we've had a patchwork disjointed. System, that wasn't lifting people up in fact it was trapping them further in it was. Poverty. What, we have said is we're gonna pause the liberal plan raise, rates, across the board and social assistance by 1.5, percent, and we will ethically and compassionately, with a lengthy runway lying, down the basic income program but let me be perfectly clear. We, take this issue very seriously we're, going to make life more affordable for all Ontarians. Including. Those who are in vulnerable circumstances and, they will always have a champion, in me. Restart. The pot supplementary, mr.. Speaker we can only begin to tackle gun violence once we've tackled poverty. As its root cause. In. Our communities, are living in poverty because of already, too low social assistance, rates that, keep them there the, people who came to, speak today at Queen's Park are, asking. For, respect for people, with living, and low incomes, they, want to be consult remulak um to artists leader, the opposition, will come to order they want to be consulted, a buster transportation, will come to order such, as the cut to social, assistance, and the, cut the cancellation, of the basic income program, will, the premier put a stop to his cuts until. He has properly, consulted. With those who are living in poverty in this province. Thank. You to the Honourable member for his question I don't agree with the premise we are raising rates by 1.5. Percent. Support. We, have said we will come back on November the 8th with a plan, after a hundred days of consultation, that's 93, days from, now we are making sure for the first time in 15, years that, the people who are responsible for basic income poverty. Reduction, ODSP. And Ontario Works are sitting, around the same table, for the first time in 58. We. Can lift them up get, them a job if they can and if they can't we provide them with the best supports, they possibly can we want to make life more affordable, for people they, want to continue with a broken system I'm not having any of that. We. Start the clock next question the member for Flamborough, Landon. Consumer, Services yesterday. Our government. For the people fulfilled. Yet another campaign, promise, announcing. That Bukka beer will again be a reality, in Ontario, promise. Made. Effective. August, 27th, Brewers right across Ontario, will have the opportunity. To sell beer. For, $1 if. They so choose mattress, Minister. I know you have, long supported Ontario's.

Growing, Industry, can, you speak about why the Premier's, challenge, is such, an important, step forward. Question. This morning you know yesterday. I was really pleased to have the premier and the finance minister, in my home riding, in Prince Edward County to make a very good news announcement, for the people of Ontario, you know yesterday the premier, put out the challenge, to every, brewer big, and small to, lower their, price of, a beer to, a dollar, nobody's. Being forced, mr. speaker, to lower their prices and I'm looking forward and I know the premiers looking forward to seeing which Brewers, take, the plunge here, on his challenge, it's. Our belief it's. Our belief with, our government the providing, choice in. Competition. Results. In benefits, for consumers people. Keeping more money in their pockets, you know we were elected on a plan to reduce red, tape we, were elected on a plan to put the people of Ontario first. We promise, to bring Bucks a bar in fact to Ontario, and mr. speaker I'm really happy to say we're lowering the cost of hydro we're lowering the cost of gas we're lowering. Start. The clock, supplementary. To. The minister not, more than a decade, ago baka beer was a huge, hit, in Ontario, including, in my hometown of, Hamilton. Consumers. And Brewers alike loved, it and loved it in Hamilton, but then the Liberals and, their friends, wanted, their cuts and, they, raised the, minimum beer, price in Ontario, it's too bad they created, another piece, of red, tape that actually, made Bukka, beer, illegal. Minister. Can you please tell the house how, bucket beer can be beneficial, once again for both Ontario. Beer drinkers, and, Ontario. Brewers. Mr.. Speaker you know it's been a busy, summer for the new government here in Ontario, we've accomplished, a lot already. Again we've lowered the price of electricity you. Know we've got kids back to school at York University of, this fall and we dealt with another campaign, promise yesterday. Making, sure that we can lower the class to beer to a buck a beer for the people of Ontario it was an honour yesterday, to have the premier and the member from Nipissing the birthday boy with, me in Prince Edward County yesterday, to announce that we're bringing back bukka beer, our. Government, encourages, Brewers to lower their prices to the newly, reduced, price floor through, the Premier's bucka beer challenge effective. August, 27th, I'm proud, to be a part of the government that's, taking steps to allow people to keep, more of their money that's, what we promised that they could do keep more of their money and we're delivering on that promise and we're going to do this on smartly. And responsibly. Mr. speaker our commitment, to Road Safety is unwavering, we, trust Ontario, beer drinkers and other consumers, to make smart mature at. Members, will take their seats. The, premiere will come to order, the. Premiere will come to order the leader of the Opposition will come to order I. Need. To be able to hear the questions and, the responses. Start. The clock member, for Temescal ming my. Question is to the premier. Yesterday's. Announcement, that the government will now be going into the beer subsidy, business just, shows how backwards this, government's, priorities, are, on. Carriages, on the order, Ontarians. Expect, their, government to get on with the hard work of making life, better for families, apologize, the members of the missing cochran the government side has to come to order I. Can't. Hear him. Remember, for the Miss Minh Cochran means making investments, in mental health services not slashing, him by 335, million a year that means fixing, our crumbling, schools not, cutting 100 million dollars for school repairs why is this government choosing to spend public, money to subsidize beer, corporations. While, slashing pant plants social assistance increases. For Ontario's, most vulnerable. Thank. You very much well. First. Of all there. Is no financial. Subsidy, I know. Yes, for an answer we, have told them that, the bukka beer is. A simple, change of the. Liberal. Law, that, increased. The the floor, price to a dollar 25 we are reducing the floor price and allowing. The beer companies, simply, to sell beer for a buck, speaker there's, no sub.

No Financial, subsidy, for, these governor, what. I can tell you speaker. Is that we're bringing real, relief, for families this, is yet another promise. That's made for the people this. Is one of the issues speaker. That I'll address in the supplementary. Thank, You supplementary. Remember freedom is queen speaker, in what. Alternate. Universe is. Providing. Free advertising. And premium, shelf space not, a subsidy. The. Only program. Once I'll come to order the. Only Brewers, produce. A dollar, beer will be large multinational. Corporations, who could lower quality, access your government, subsidies, that, was putting on terra's small and craft brewers at risk they, will now have to compete with cheap government. Subsidized, beer, why is this government spending, public money to, subsidize cheap, beer at the, expense, of Ontario's, craft brewers. Minister. Of Finance response. Speaker. I do not understand. Why. The member. Cannot. Appreciate, this, that. There is no subsidy. In this this, is lowering, the floor of the beer. Prices from a dollar 25 to a dollar they just will not take yes, for an answer speaker, they just will not take yes for an answer but what this government is also, doing speaker, is, lowering. The tap. Scrapping. Cap-and-trade, lowering. The corporate tax from eleven and a half to ten and a half lowering, middle-income. Income, tax taxes. Or by 20%, we're, cutting. Hydro. Rates by 12% speaker, these are all of, the issues that are meant, to bring real relief, and real prosperity, for, the position, more speaker this is a bond for the people if they don't want to what if the members, of the opposition, do not want to accept the fact I realize. The facts don't fit with this beautiful, narrative, speak. Restart. The clock the member for Don Valley East well thank you very much mr., speaker my question is to the premiere, recently. I had the opportunity to sit down with a group of young individuals, who were receiving support, from social services, and, I asked them a question if they could change anything, in relation to that program what would it be now remember clearly a young man saying to me that he wish he could just refer to his. Money he felt discouraged that if he boring earned anything, over 200 the government would take 50% of that money. So premier you decided, to cancel the planned earning exemption, increase, that would allow people on social assistance to, earn four hundred dollars rather, than the current two hundred dollars I believe, that one of the best ways to, get people back into the workforce is, to provide incentive, Primera, why did you decide to cancel a program, that, would help people get back into the workforce, great. Near their community and social services Ministry of Children community. And social service thank the Honourable member for his question, look, we chose. A path a week ago today to. Hit the pause button on, a. Disjointed. Patchwork, set of policies, by, the previous, administration he. Is a previous minister and he would know that what. We have said instead is we are going to put, forward a 1.5, percent across-the-board, increase. In social assistance, and for to. Come. Forward with a credible, plan with, all of the different people that were part of his former ministry and now part of mine so, that we can start to lift people up and we, can ensure that they take home more of their hard-earned money and that, that, we increase. Their ability to get jobs that's, what our plan is about that's, what we're going to do we're going to restore dignity in the system, we're going to restore confidence in the system phone to try and lift lift those 1 and 7 people that are living in poverty right now in the province of Ontario up.

Thank You. Supplementary. Premiere, this was another promise, made and another promise, broken by your minister when. You canceled, the basic income pilot, you sent a clear message to, Ontarians. You, sent a message that dug for it sorry the premier and the Conservatives. Are against, better health outcomes, getting. People back to work faster and helping people find homes mr.. Speaker instead, of that instead the government would rather use money to subsidize the Premier's very own, partisans. News Channel mr., speaker can the Minister explain why. Her party's. Minister. Government. Side will come to a. Stop. The clock. Restart. Member. Should put his question Thank. You mr. speaker Minister can, you explain why your party's talk is cheaper than your bucket beer. Response. Thank, you very much speaker, I find, it a bit rich that the member opposite, who used to be the minister of Community and Social Services when, sitting in this house today and asked a question on the basic England pilot project because I'll tell you what my ministry, told me yesterday, not, once did that member ask for a briefing on basic. Income. Billion. Dollars. The. Member for dawn dog. Come to order. The, government, side must come to order. The, frame here will come to order. The, member for Don Valley East. The, premiere will come to order. The, premier Woodcock door. The, member for Don Valley East will, withdraw. The. Member for dog Valley East is Warren. Next. Question. The. Member for Thornhill thank you very much mr.. Culture. Tourism and sport and I frequently, get letters and phone calls of my riding of Thornhill from seniors and when I first moved to Thornhill, 30 years ago it was mostly young families, but now we have so many great seniors, living in our writing and they're quite unaware of the initiatives, to, help them stay in shape and I. Think, that there's a lot more that we could do to help our seniors stay healthy votes physically, and mentally mr., speaker could the minister share with us what programs, are in place to, keep all the great seniors, in all of our ridings healthy, and engaged. Thank. You speaker too much call. Me thank you for the the, question, I'm, pleased to share an initiative that is led by my colleague the Minister of seniors affairs and accessibility, our. Government, has a number of initiatives and public, education efforts, to improve the quality of life for entero seniors, one. Of these is a province-wide, active. Living Fairs active. Living Fairs brings seniors and caregivers together, to, connect and learn key issues that affect their health and well-being. They, also share information about available supports, and programs fairs. Occur in senior centers and including. Rural, francophone. And indigenous, seniors this. Year 70. Active living fairs and six regional, workshops will, be delivered, through a partnership with the older, and ter adult, centers association of ontario, i encourage. You to visit Oh a CA. Org. To visit and find a senior's bear near you. And. I want to really thank the minister for all this information and I know many seniors am i riding at ranch anxious, to take part in many of the programs, like the active living fairs that were just described, however. I'm sure all members of the House would agree with me when I say that there's a lot more that we can do in order to support all the great seniors all across our, province of Ontario, could, the minister tell us what else is being done to promote activities, that help keep our seniors active, and reduce social isolation. Happy. To speaker, through the interior sport and Rec Fund we are supporting, 45 projects, through active for Life recreation, these. Programs, give seniors more opportunity, to stay fit and connected, in their communities, just, recently the Muskoka, lawn bowling club was awarded funding through this program to expand their lawn bowling program, for seniors another.

Program That promotes active living for seniors is the ontario seniors games the. Entero 55, plus games is a celebration, of active, living hosted. Throughout the year alternating. Between winter and summer, this, coming weekend. 1400. Participants, from across Ontario, will come to Mississauga, to participate, in the Interior 55, plus games I'd, like to wish all the competitors all the best of luck at the games this weekend these, are just a few examples of, some of the ways that our government, is encouraging active, healthy. Living for seniors across, Ontario. Hamilton. Mountain speaker, my question is for the minister of children, community, and social services, the, minister acts as if all that's needed for basic income pilot, participants is, to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and, they'll be set but. Many of those participants, were on long term disability I'm able. To work like other Ontarians. And that will still be true the, day after this minister ends the basic income pilot, the income security, roadmap, recommended, a five percent increase to ODSP, the, previous, government, committed to three percent but this government slashed, even that in half today. I will be tabeling, emotion, calling, on the government to reverse, this, wrongheaded. Will the minister do the right thing, support, my motion stop, the cuts to social, assistance, and reverse, the decision to cancel the basic, income pilot. Thanks, very much to the member for her question I'll, look forward to a seeing what the motion actually stands for but I guess I have to once again reject, the premise of the question because, we have not slashed anything we are coming, forward with a 1.5. Percent, across-the-board. Increase. September. 1st we've also said that we will compassionately. And a lengthy time frame will. Wind, down the basic income pilot project, but. I just wanted to point out that to begin with the basic income research. Project, is failing. And and it's plain and simple the Liberal government had, difficulty. Signing, people up for this approach now. A sizeable number over 25%, have. Either dropped out or we're failing to meet their obligations such as filing their, taxes, and it. Calls into question whether the 150. Million dollars being spent is, actually. Going to be with that research, and speaker where I come from Bonn 150, million dollars is a lot of money so what we want to do is in a hundred days 93, days come back with a plan that will lift more people up and support those who need it most. Supplementary. Speaker. David, Tchaikovsky, had been on disability benefits for 15 years due to mental illness where, he as he put it barely, survived then.

He Joined the basic, income pilot, David, was able to buy fresh fruit find, affordable housing and even, looking to start a co-op for people with disabilities, without, the, basic income those, basic, like, fresh fruit those, plans like, the coop are gone, replaced. With, a cut by, half of the scheduled, 3 percent, increase to disability. Benefits that David was barely surviving, on what, does the minister have to say to David. Thanks very much to the member opposite, would, like to say to David we want to hear him we want to hear his stories we want to see how we can best support, him when we come forward with our plan in 93. Days but I again, reject the premise there. Is no slash there is no cut it is at 1.5 percent increase across the board we, are hitting the pause button on a disjointed. Fragmented. Approach that, was taken by the previous, Liberal government and we're going to make sure that all of the various areas, within my ministry are talking, to one another for the first 15 years first. Time in 15 years so we can have better outcomes for people like David and my staff are in the galleries today if anyone that is on the basic income pilot project wants to speak with them we're, happy to do that we want to hear their stories but let me be perfectly clear, what the member opposite actually wants is a seventeen billion dollar program, that would increase, the HIV by. Seven, percent a 20 percent HST. In the province of Ontario would damage the people of this province thank. You. Next, question, remember from Mississauga, irin meal. Mr.. Speaker my, question is for the Attorney General last. Week the government announced, its intentions, to take the next step in its fight again as the federal government's plan to impose, an affordable, carbon, tax on the people of Ontario. Mr. Speaker I, can't, tell you how, pleased I was to, see Minister, and her colleagues stand. And announce, that the our government, will be seeking an opinion, from the Ontario Court of Appeal, on whether, or not the federal carbon tax is unconstitutional in. Whole or in part, I know. That. The people of my writing who have felt the burden of the liberal taxes for far too long that, this is a welcome news I also. Know, that the last month premier, announced it that one Terry will be supporting, Saskatchewan, Chesham of, the. Federal carbon tax in their own Court of Appeal mr., speaker through you to, the returns you can can, she tell us the house why Ontario, launching a separate charge and. Mr.. Speaker I'm happy, to answer the members question our government, was given a mandate by the people of Ontario to make life more. Challenging. The Trudeau Liberals Carpinteria, and we are using every tool available to, us to do so by, participating in, both our own Court of Appeal challenge, and supporting, Saskatchewan challenge we are working in tandem to, ensure that both challenges. Proceed efficiently, and affordably. While. Allowing, the courts to the ability to consider all arguments, regarding the ability of the federal carbon, tax as I said yesterday mr., speaker anywhere. The carbon tax is being challenged, we want to be part of that type. Our, aim is simple, mr. speaker but will mean a great deal for the people who have struggled under liberal taxes, for more than a decade we, want to see money put back in the pockets of taxpayers and, deliver, real tax relief for Ontario, families, and small businesses.

It's. Clear to me mr. speaker that the government, is taking its commitment, to the people of Ontario very, seriously I know. The, people of my writing will be pleased to know that their government is working hard on their behalf and I know that. They will be even, more pleased, when we win this and, will come to order mr., Speaker we know that the federal government, is already having, second thoughts about, their, carbon tax evidenced, by news reports last, week that they were scaling, back the scope of it this. Is certainly hearting news four provinces opposing. To this unaffordable, tax which, is why mr., speaker I'm wondering, if the, Minister can speak a bit about what, happens, if other provinces. Would, like to join our challenge, and what's our basis, is in, filing, it Thank You. Mr.. Speaker i think a member for the supplementary, question as the Attorney General I wouldn't bring forward a case that I didn't have confidence in. Serves. As an inspiration, to. Others who may also be questioning, questioning the validity of the Trudeau liberals carbon, tax in filing. Our challenge, mr. speaker, Ontario's. Position, is clear, this, is an, unconstitutional. Tax that will do nothing to drive up the goods the cost of goods and services that, Ontarians, rely, on every. Day and by, putting forward this challenge we are working hard to stand up for the people of Ontario and make life more affordable, in this, province again while, it is up to the courts to decide who. May participate in Ontario's, challenge, it is our commitment that, anywhere the federal carbon tax is being challenged, we want to be paid back. We. Start the clock the member for key wedding on. Speaker. Meegwetch Quebec initiative good dad my question is to the Minister of, Indigenous. Affairs. The people of Gracia narrows and Wahb us among first, peoples of this land have. Reached an agreement with, the, provincial government. 805. Million dollars was, put in trust to go toward cleaning, the river of. The mercury that has been poisoning the people in these, communities. The. Premier during. The campaign, said. That his government would clean up the river and the, land as quickly. As possible and, ensure. Everyone, gets. High-quality. Care, what. Has the government done, to. Fill this commitment thank. You. Thank. You mr. speaker and I thank the member for his, question every. Ontario, resident, deserves, to have access to safe clean drinking water we. Will work closely with those indigenous communities, Gracia narrows and Wahb seaman Bob seaman two communities, I'm intimately, familiar with and the, opportunity, to to, correct that wrong mr. speaker will also be working and challenging, our federal government partners. To, make sure that those two communities have safe drinking water the federal government must, step up to ensure this but, every Ontario, resident, can count on this government, to that commitment, mr., speaker as a member of provincial Parliament for grassy narrows and Bob. Seaman should. Know I've been involved in this file for a very long time mr. mr..

Speaker We, take it very seriously and we hope to protect, defend. Leader, the others will suffer a solution, for these two communities thank, you. Supplementary. Back. To the Minister. Of Internal Affairs. When. A promise is made to First Nations people the people of the first, peoples of this land it, has to be kept. When. What. Contact, has that premiere made with, the chief and Council of grassy, narrows in wassalamu. What. What. Can they expect to clean expect. The cleanup of the river in the land of the mercury contamination. World. The premiere as the New Democrats, had committed, had. Contribute. To mercury, treatment center for the people in these communities because. As. I previously stated were committed, to safe clean drinking water in. Those two communities, as we are for every community across Ontario. Mr. speaker we're also committed to ensuring that those two communities have, the same kind of economic opportunities moving, forward as other, communities, there's mining, exploration, activities, immediately, in the region mr. speaker and we know that we want those communities, to have increased, prosperity to, have access, to jobs mr. speaker to have access, to the kinds of things that many other Ontarians, have come to expect moving. Forward Mr Speaker I can assure this member I've met with senior officials in my department we've discussed, the opportunity, here to, correct, and fix that problem mr., speaker we're committed, to it for the benefit not only of those communities, but, the people in our vast and beautiful region, of Canora Rainy River Thank You mr. speaker. Speaker. My question is for the Minister of the Environment conservation. And parks, we. Heard over and over again on the campaign, trail for the last year, that businesses. And families. Did not want, the Liberals cap-and-trade. Scheme. The. Liberals said their cap-and-trade, scheme. Collected. Dollars, from Ontarians. That would spawn a new economy. Speaker. As our government winds down the cap-and-trade, program the, vice president, of corporate strategy of, Toyota, had. Some choice parting, words for the program, he. Said quote, if, you, build up. Consumer. Demand solely based on how many thousands. Of dollars the. Government can give you to encourage you to buy a car that to, me doesn't sound like a terribly, sustainable. Business. Model end quote. Speaker. We couldn't agree more with his assessment, can. The Minister of the Environment confirmed. To this house that the days of the cap-and-trade, scheme. Stifling. The businesses, of Ontario, is over. Through, you mr. speaker thank you to the member, for Durham. She puts a great deal of time and effort into supporting her constituents, and this is just one example as. Bill for is debated, in this in, this house this, week I'd also like to thank the members from Carlton Kitchener, Conestoga, Ottawa, and the PM and Mississauga. Maltin who are speaking on behalf of their constituents about, this job-killing bill we. Know now that the, cap-and-trade carbon, tax was a job killer and we know that, it did very little to affect greenhouse gas emissions, the, Auditor General had stated that it would cost Ontario, consumers, over 8 billion dollars and do very little to, to, assist in reducing emissions which is why I know that Ontarians. Support getting rid of this job-killing tax in. Addition to saving families money as. The member mentioned job. Creators are making it clear that it is good for them and that's good for their competition, good for jobs in Ontario and it's anticipated that the cancellation, of the. Cap-and-trade, carbon tax and our gas tax cut will, mean 14,000. New jobs for Ontario, this legislation, is great news for Ontario, and energy. Speaker. I thank the minister through you for his answer, still. To him we. Know that getting rid of the Liberals cap-and-trade, scheme is only part of the picture that's. Because, the, federal government still. Seems content with, charging, ahead with, their own plan to impose. Their, carbon, tax on the people of Ontario. Speaker. While the National Post proclaimed, the Liberals were in retreat over, their climate, plan and the Toronto Star wrote that Trudeau, and his ministers, are busy managing what looks like a big climb down the. Threat of the federal liberals carbon, tax is still very real. Speaker. Ontarians. Have not asked, us to get rid of the cap-and-trade, scheme only. To having carbon tax forced, on them by another level of government, can.

The Minister of the Environment tell, this legislature. What he's doing to ensure the people like you. Minister. Of the Environment Conservation. Mr.. Speaker through, you to the member last week. My, colleague the Attorney General announced, that we would be using the courts we. Have made it clear that this government will do everything in its power to to. Stop the Trudeau government. Carbon tax we, promised the people of Ontario we take immediate action on on cutting, gas prices, on helping job creators and that's what we're doing mr.. Speaker in today's National, Post a fine publication. The. President president fellow at the University of Calgary School, of Public Policy Jack, Vince wrote despite. The appeal among many policy, elites policy, elites mr. speaker for carbon taxation carbon, taxation. Does not satisfy the smell test for voters Mr. Speaker we know that we. Know that and we know that that, the voters have given us a strong mandate as a result of that so I repeat this government will do everything in its power to stop, the, Trudeau carbon tax we know it's not so hot we know it's not good for families, that's why we're fighting it. Vacancies. Restart. The clock the next question the member for Toronto Danforth, Thank You speakers speaker my question to the premier, did. The premier directly. Or indirectly. Attempt. To recruit or encourage, anyone, to run against Patrick brown for peel regional, chair prior, to cancelling. The election. Civil. Affairs premier. Minister admissible fares in home so. Very, much speaker, and through to the member again two. Days in a row and I'm very, disappointed in, this experience member, to the tone of his question, absolutely and the content, but, we made it very clear with the better, Norfolk Government Act that we were going to make some, changes we were going to make some changes. Yes. The question has to be about government policy. Relating, to government Falls. Thank. You speaker again. To the premier, work. Where there steps taken, before, he put this policy forward that. Would have shaped, that, election, did. He bring forward, the cancellation. Of the election because he did not like those who, were running. In it. We'll. Move on next. Question. My question, to the moon. Nor, development. Minds, and indigenous affairs materials. A leader in mineral exploration, and, production in, fact, Tron was a mining, finance capital, of the world with, 2017. Alone increasing, revenues of 8.5, billion, in new equity, capital for, mining according, to the Toronto Stock Exchange later, this week the minister will be attending the 2018 energy, and mines ministers, conference in, Iqaluit. Nunavut can, the minister explained how the mining industry will continue to attract investments, in Ontario and how the minister's conference will help highlight on trails leadership, in this crucial sector. Thank. You mr. speaker what a timely, and pertinent question, from a member for Rousseau and grand sound I'm, looking so forward to going up to Calloway to Watford finally. Perhaps, in the first time in a generation, celebrate. The Ontario, advantage, that we see just on the horizon. World. Leader in mineral mineral, exploration development. And production and, we seek to re-establish. Ontario's, energy. Advantage that once made us a proud economic, engine of this country, and support. Real mining, activity, mr. speaker he's, right Toronto. Is the undisputed, finance. Capital, of the world when it comes to mining nine point, nine billion dollars, worth of minerals 22. Percent of Canada's total mineral production. Occurs, right here in Ontario, currently. Ontario, expenditures. Are approximately, five hundred and twenty six million dollars, but, the confidence, from investors, in this government's, plan for Ontario, will see that rise to more than six hundred million dollars. Thank. You very much mr. speaker and thank you to the Minister for his leadership in this file further. To my last question mr. speaker the mining sector is also a significant, employer in our province this, government has committed to creating and protecting good jobs across Ontario, and sending, the message that our province is open for business by lowering taxes and cutting job-killing, red, tape considering.

That Around 25%. Of all mining jobs in Canada are based on material can the minister explain the leadership role the mining industry is playing and creating and protecting jobs in Ontario. The. Member can be assured that when I get up to a Cal out we're going to be talking, about creating, jobs in mining in Ontario's. Mining opportunity, and mr., speaker we're open for business mineral, production and exploration in, Ontario supports, more than 26,000. Direct jobs and 50,000. Indirect jobs 25 percent of mining jobs in Canada are right here in this beautiful province, and about two-thirds, of those jobs are in Northern, Ontario we, share a passion for the opportunity, for, indigenous. Communities, and municipalities. And the province, to benefit from this opportunity, mr. speaker in fairness, it's been a tough couple of weeks for the spend EP on this part for the mining sector mr. speaker hydro, one leadership, renewed, mr.. Speaker promise made. Carbon. Tax mr. speaker, promise, me. For. New York University, students back in school for a modern workforce to support mining. Promise made. The. House will come to order. There's. Still time on the clock the, house will come to order. Next. Question start the clock member for Essex Thank You speaker my question is for the premier speaker, the Toronto municipal, election isn't the Premier's first election interference, rodeo during, the election the provincial, election a tape came to light of the premier offering to buy, memberships in Etobicoke, Centre and promising. People that they wouldn't even have to show up and vote at. A nomination, meaning something, in direct violation, of PC party rules in a clear attempt. To circumvent his own, party's, democratic, rules the. Premier, promised, and investigation. Into allegations, of election fraud speaker has the investigation, been completed, and will the findings, be made public. I. Want. To thank the member for the question our. Priority, in this house is the better Local Government Act we made it very clear when I tabled, that bill how, we were going to make changes, to both the City of Toronto elections, and the regional elections, in in, Niagara. That's. York appeal. And and Muskoka, you know we we made it very clear during the campaign that we're going to reduce the size and the, cost of government we were going to make government work more, accountable, with more trust and that's exactly, the speaker exactly. What the better Local Government Act is doing we're going to continue to debate that bill we again encourage. The members. In the opposition benches to, talk. About making, government more effective and more efficient, rather than the drive-by smears. Supplementary. Thank. You speaker there are a hundred and twenty four ridings in Ontario, but, there's only one riding so far where the Premier, appears to be breaking the rules to interfere, in his party's, Democratic nomination. Process, speaker. Were, there any ridings, where the premier offered to pay for memberships. Or tried to manipulate the outcome of the, nomination, or was, Etobicoke. Centre did. A cope Etobicoke, Centre have, a special. Place in the Premier's heart. Again. Speaker, through, you to the member I'm going to speak about government. Policy. People. In the opposition benches. People, in the NDP, they, want to forget about the, referendum that took place on June 7th, yeah referendum. Where the people of Ontario gave, premier Doug Ford and our party, a clear, mandate to. There. Being no deferred votes. This. House that stands in recess until one o'clock.

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