2018-10-02 Question Period

2018-10-02 Question Period

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It. Is now time for oral, questions, I recognize, the leader of the official opposition Thank. You speaker. For. My first questions for the premier in the premiers briefing, on the NAFTA renegotiation. Yesterday, was, the updated, on the status of, the u.s. steel and aluminum tariffs that are still being applied to Canadian, goods. Green. Here, for. You mr., speaker before I answer. The question, and leader opposition, first. I want. To congratulate, congratulate. Dr.. Donna Strickland. Dr.. Donna Strickland, has, just been awarded the, 2018. Nobel. Peace Prize. For Physics. Mr.. Speaker she's the first Canadian, woman ever, to receive this award and, the, first woman in 55. Years she. Teaches at the University, of Waterloo and she's, from Guelph Ontario so. Dr., Donna Strickland, congratulations. Through. You mr. speaker, we want to make sure the world knows that Ontario. Is open, for business that's, why. That. Is why our government the. PC government, stood, shoulder to shoulder, with. The federal government, when it came to negotiations. We're, calling on the Trudeau government, to, use federal funds to compensate, around, Ontario, dairy farmers, we. Need to support our dairy farmers, we. Need to support our farmers, our steel and aluminum workers and make, sure they aren't being used as bargaining chips. I'm. Asking, the leader of the Opposition, in her caucus, to. Stand with us as we stood side by side, with the federal government, stand. With us to support, the farmers, the, steel workers the aluminum workers to, make sure they, are compensated. By the Trudeau. Start. The clock supplementary. Tariffs. Have been in place since June, and they're having a devastating effect not, just on, the steel industry but, on the entire manufacturing. Sector speaker in the people who rely on that sector for, good jobs they're, worried about the future, across, the border in Quebec, the provincial government didn't delay they stepped, up in June with direct, vent financial, aid to, companies, affected by the tariffs. When, will the premier take similar action here. Three. Mr. speaker our number. One priority was. To make sure we, got the deal done that. Was critical and I congratulate the federal government for getting the job done. But. Keep in mind nearly. Nine million, Americans, jobs. Depend, on the Canadian, Canadian, and US trade. Investments. But, even more importantly, there's, 389. Billion. Dollars, of, trade, going. Back and forth just between Ontario. And the US. But almost equally, there. Is a billion, jobs I've done a million jobs I wish there was a billion jobs a million, jobs at stake right here. In Ontario, and again. Again. I'm asking. The. Leader of the Opposition, in the caucus the whole NDP, caucus to. Stand, with us support. The farmers, support. The aluminum, and steel workers, and we. Can support them. Start. The clock final supplementary, speaker. People worried, about losing their shift or, losing, a job don't want to hear politicians, passing. The buck when, their jobs are at risk and they're worried about the, future in, the province, of Quebec the, government, stepped, up they, stepped up with direct financial. Aid money, for training for steel for, aluminium and for, the agricultural. Sector so my question, to our premier. In this province is, is this, premier, willing to step up with provincial assistance. Through. You mr. speaker the leader of the Opposition. We're, still waiting for the federal government to, give us some numbers we're, going to be meeting with the agriculture, industry this. Afternoon. Looking. Forward to speaking to them and then later on we're, in the week we're gonna be meeting the steel and aluminium, industry I asked. The Prime Minister directly, yesterday, on the phone, where's. The, money, yeah where's the money we're waiting for to. Support the. Ceilin aluminium, workers and I. Didn't get a straight answer I'm, looking forward to that straight answer but, I can assure all. The. Agriculture, industry I can assure the, steel aluminium, workers. That, were standing, behind them, unlike. The NDP, that I didn't see one of them stand up to, support, any of those industries I will.

Assure That they. Will have a close, ally, and a friend with. A PC, government. Order. Start. The clock next question it's. Not so but nonetheless speaker. The truth. Is that in Quebec they had a premiere that did step up didn't wait around stepped, up and tried. To. The premiere those speaker because we are joined today by farmers. Here. In our legislature, and for those farmers who have relied on supply, management, to ensure they can earn a living and pay, the bills while, they do the hard work of feeding, our families, the renegotiated. NAFTA, is devastating. News what. Details does the premier have about the federal compensation that. Will be offered. To. You mr. speaker again. If the leader of the Opposition actually stood shoulder, to shoulder with. The PC government, as we did with, the Liberal government we, might be able to work a lot better we. We. Need to stand as a United, team here in Ontario. We. Need to protect the jobs go. Close to the million jobs that all these industries, create. Day in and day out, again. I'm, asking the NDP. To. Put their partisanship, to the side just, once, just. Once. Instead. With us and as for the Premier of Quebec I spoke, to the new premier, come back last night. What. A great. What. A great job he's gonna do and he's looking forward to working with Ontario, because, he's fiscally, responsible. Just, like, the. And, start the clock again supplementary. Well. Speaker the fact is that many farm families, believe that the federal, compensation won't, be enough and they're asking, serious, questions speaker. Serious. Questions, about whether, they, can keep going as the, system that made their farm sustainable, is chipped, away is. The premier prepared to provide additional assistance and, programs. From the province to ensure that farms, are sustainable. In the, long term. For. You, mr. speaker the. Leader of the Opposition. Right. It never ends fear, mongering, the, leader of the Opposition, doesn't have a clue what it is because. She. Doesn't know I don't, know because it wasn't told to us yesterday when, we were on the call matter, of fact no, province, knows what. They have in hand but I can reassure again. The, farmers, you have an ally you have a friend, we, look forward to sitting down with you this afternoon, but, once we do find out that number I can assure you we're, gonna support them like they've never seen before.

Start. The clock again final, supplementary, sure. They're a little bit concerned speakers seeing how I'm seeing as how the government, didn't step up to help the steel and aluminum. Industries. But farm families, are wondering wondering, whether they should actually continue in farming or pack it in people, are looking for solutions not politicians, passing, the buck back and forth across the. Table this is a chance for the premier to show, leadership. In, the job that he actually holds not. Waiting for the federal government but show some leadership in, the job that he holds in, other provinces for energy leaders have, stepped up to the plate will. We see that leadership, from this premier. Premier. Yeah. Through, you mr. speaker I find, it's so ironic listening. The leader to the opposition, when, I was in Hamilton, over at the fosco right, down the street where the leader lives I heard. How we helped them we got rid of the cap-and-trade in the carbon. They sense a leader I spoke. To the frontline, workers, and they loved, it that I showed up maybe that leader in the opposition, to pay him a visit once, in a while in her own backyard. Once, again I'm gonna remind the house that personal. Attacks of any sort do not elevate, the debate. Next, question, leader. The opposition start the clock next, question is also for, the premier the, opioid, crisis, is killing people on a daily basis families. With loved ones caught. In addiction, know that overdose prevention, sites, save lives the. Minister of Health had promised, that the premier would make a decision about proceeding. With overdose prevention sites, by, the end of last week instead, we, see more delay and more, excuses, and tragically, more, preventable, deaths when. Will this premiere stop dithering and make a decision. Speaker. I appreciate the question from the member opposite, but, let me be perfectly clear the Minister of Health has received, an extension on three, pause sites they, received that extension. From the federal government, but this government and I want to be very clear we, are committed, to getting people struggling with addiction the, help that they need that's why this government will be making an unprecedented, three, point, eight billion. And. Anybody that followed, this is party, in the last several years knows, that we have been a leader in, the fight against, opioids, in this province calling for a task force that the previous government took, nine months if you want to talk about delay it was the previous liberal, administration that. Didn't get the job done, we were leaders on Vanden the pill press and that's something that we've talked about we've talked about NICs law making sure that there's more awareness and. Greater advertising. Against, the opioid crisis, so I'll stand here on behalf of the Minister of Health and tell them that we're ready and committed to. Start. The clock next question or, rather. Thank. You speaker what, the minister failed to talk. About is the 330 million dollar cut in mental, health and addictions, finances. Look. Every, single. Day, that, this this decision, is delayed it means more people are dying and when people are no, longer alive. They cannot seek treatment speaker, the, evidence, is overwhelming. These, sites, are saving. Lives what. Evidence is the, premier waiting for. Sir. I entirely, reject, the premise, of the leader the official opposition's. Question. This government, is going to bring in an unprecedented, level, of funding for mental health addictions. And supportive housing to, the tune of. 3.8. Billion. Both. Myself and the Minister of Health have been consistently. Meeting, and touring across the province to those who are affected but I say again Speaker, we have hit, the pause button on three injection, sites the federal government hasn't allowed that extension and we are committed on this side of the house and by the way on that side of the house and ensuring, that we have the proper course, for those people who are struggling with mental health and addictions including in the.

Next, Question the member for Hastings Lennox, and Addington. My. Question, today is for the minister of economic develop a job creation, and trade, yesterday. The United States Canada, Mexico agreed. To a new trade, agreement called the u.s.. MCA, the. New agreement included, major major concessions, from Canada's agricultural, industry on class seven milk, increased. Access to Ontario's, dairy. Chicken and egg market, one. Thing is clear mr. speaker, Ontario. Dairy chicken and egg farmers are the ones that are on the hook for this federal government negotiation, position, so. Then the Minister please inform this legislature, today of. What our government for the people is, doing to stand up for this very very critical, part of materials agricultural, industry. For. The for, the question. For. Months now Ontario. Has been working, with federal government, going. Down to Washington and standing. Up for Ontario workers Ontario farmers steel workers aluminum. Workers and we, were disappointed, yesterday that, the federal government everyone's knowing that dairies been on the table for a while didn't. Have any details, of compensation, package ready it's. Unacceptable, was one of my colleagues just said it, was shocking, and it's, also shocking that they left the steel and aluminum tariffs on, the table mr. speaker, because while. There might have a new NAFTA here the. U.s. still has the ability to put tariffs on anything they want in the future therefore. Making the new NAFTA practically. Useless so. It's, stealing loom today it could be something else in the future depending. On what the flavor of the month is down, there so, we call upon the federal government, to, come, forward immediately with the details in the conversation, to our dairy industry, we need to make dairy poultry and eggs whole again we, need to save the 3600, family, farms, that, are active, in the dairy industry in Ontario and that's what we're gonna do mr. speaker we're going to stand up for Ontario fire. Supplementary. Start, the clock. Thank. You so time to be your response. In your affirmative, action on this file. It's. A relief to hear that really, our government, continues to do its part to defend this important, part of agricultural. Community, and the, many many families that depend on this this, just not an industry this is a group of families, across this province and, we're, aware of course as well as the minister testified, at the US Department, of Commerce public, hearings on, section, 32 which the investigations. Of imports, on autos and auto parts and despite, reaching an agreement in principle the, other day, discussions. Around steel, and aluminum have been inconclusive, we have heard that. 25%. Tariffs, on steel and, 10%. Tariffs, on aluminum still remain, in place so, to the Minister please inform this legislature. Of our government's, position on these tariffs, that continue, to internationally, penalize Ontario's, industry. My. Colleagues an excellent question as, I said in. The first part of my answer while. The threat of tariffs remains. After. You can you can drive a Mack truck through, it. You. Know they solved, for a time being the threat. Of auto tariffs, and auto. Parts tariffs and then, they say to us on the phone the premier yesterday that, 232. Section, 332 tariffs, on aluminum steel and God knows what else in the future are. Separate issues well they're not separate issues the, technical, briefing that at 1 o'clock said, they, had tried to discuss that at the table but were rejected the, u.s. didn't want to they want to keep hanging this over, our heads well if they keep hanging this over our heads thousands. And thousands of people on this side of the border will be affected their jobs could be affected and millions, on the other side of the border and so we're asking the NDP today to stand with us to, stop putting. Down the police and stand, up for workers. Once, again. Once. Again I'll remind members that. These kinds of personal attacks lead, to. Degenerative. Degeneration. Of the debate we don't want to go there like we did last week. House. Will come to order. Order. Order. Start. The clock next question number, four - Miska Ming Cochran Thank You speaker my question is to the Minister of, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, all. Farmers, are impacted, by trade deals. Then. Do NAFTA agreement will, have a major impact on, dairy and poultry sectors, and everywhere, else involved, in the industry including the processors, and. Agricole. It was signed by the federal government but, agriculture, is one of the sectors it has federal provincial responsibilities. Under. The deal for dairy class. Seven of milk was eliminated, the, classes, are regulated. Provincially. Under the milk Act that's not a federal, issue and the.

Elimination Of, class seven could have a much bigger, destabilizing. Impact than. The loss of market access which should be compensated but, the. Destabilization. Will, have could. Permanently. Damage supply. Management what, is the provincial government, going to do to, stabilize. The. Industry, because, of the elimination of class, seven which is a provincial, responsibility. Well. Thank you very much mr. speaker and I thank the member for the question I, know many Ontarians, including, our agriculture, communities, are concerned, about what the new us, MCA, deal, could, mean for industries, that, rely on, trade, we're. Still reviewing what the impact of these changes will, be including, the class southern, however it's clear that the concessions, made in the new agreement will hurt our supply manies sector particularly. The dairy. We. Have reached out to our stakeholders and are committed to continue work with them as we determine the details of the impact of this, new deal we're. Calling on the Trudeau. Government, to use federal funds to compensate, dairy farmers, this new deal cannot. Leave our farmers, behind. Farming. Jobs and farming families, must never be used as bargaining chips. From. Day one we have offered full support, for our farmers, our Premier and our Minister of, development, job creation and trade traveled to Washington. To raise the concerns, and make sure our farmers. Are top of mind we. Will continue, to stand but thank. You thank. You supplementary. The. Long term stability, of, our dairy farm families relies. On the, stability, of our milk classification. Process the, elimination. Of Class seven, destabilizes. That process, the, clock the, classification. System is a provincial. Responsibility this. Isn't about federal, compensation, which, is a totally, separate issue this, is about the provincial, responsibility, to. Maintain the, stability of, the system on which farmers, and ontario. Consumers. And Canadian, consumers have, relied, on for, over 50, years again. To the minister what, action. Is the government, going to take to, stabilize, the milk classes, so, Supply Management, can continue, to exist. Minister. Well. Thank you I thank you very much mr. speaker and again thank the member for the question in, it as I said we are continuing. To review the impact of this new deal in its entirety, and its impact, on our dairy industry, that includes, class 7 the. The issues, in that deal are. Negotiated. By the federal government, and the responsibility. To look after that is the, responsibility. Of the federal government, and so that's why we need to make sure we reviewed, the process. And then, make sure the federal government deals. With the financial, assistance, to, our farmers, in a way that, deals with all the impacts, they have to. This negotiation. Thank. You mr. speaker my, question is for the Attorney General, yesterday. An article, in the Toronto Sun reported, that over the last five years gun. Violence and murders, have spiked across the Greater, Toronto Area, the. Article, stated that shootings. Are up more than 130. Percent from. Just a few years ago and with, three months remaining in 2018. The city is expected, to smash as all-time, record. High of 89, homicides. Set back in 1991. The. Article, also found that not since. 2007. Has. Toronto. Seen so, many killings, in a single, year mr.. Speaker the people of my writing and all, throughout the GTA are, understandably. Concerned about, the levels, of violence. Experienced. In our city this year question, could the Minister please share with us the work this government, is currently, doing, to stop, gun violence in Toronto. Speaker. I'd like to thank the Mississauga, smell for that. No. One should have to live in fear of gun violence and our hearts go out to the, many people across, the city and this province, who have been affected by violent, gun, crime which, is why in August our government, announced, that it is taking action to protect families, by, investing, 25, million dollars in new funding over, four years in initiatives. Aimed at fighting gang and gun violence this, includes investing, over seven million dollars over the next four years in a brand new intensive.

Firearm, Bail support, team which, will support existing, justice resources the, team will consist of five crowns and five, case management coordinators, who will work with police to develop local expertise, and compile. Information to. Ensure that the strongest, possible, evidence is placed before the courts when the crown is seeking detention, for serious firearm, charges having. Generated, crowns to focus on firearm bales will help people keep people who present a danger to the public off our, streets mr. speaker, I'm happy to report that as of yesterday the, team is up and running. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank the Attorney General for that update. I agree. That it's important, that people feel, safe in their communities, and I'm, glad that our government, is taking action to ensure that, is the case there. Have been too, many tragic. Headlines, over the past year and I, look forward to the success, of this initiative as, well as all efforts. Aimed at curbing, gun violence, mr.. Speaker the Attorney Journal has given us good news with. The announcement, that our legal SWAT, teams are now, in place and I'm, hoping, that she can provide further, information on, how, they will assist in keeping violence, off our streets thank, you. I'm. Very happy to provide further information to the member and to his constituents, on August, 4th I stood with the premier and the Minister of Community, Safety and Correctional Services. To announce this initiative and yesterday. I met with the team and I can tell you that they're enthusiastic about. Getting to work and putting, a dent in gun violence experienced. In this city this year it was, our aim to have this team up and running in six to eight weeks and mr., speaker yesterday was their first day on the job they're stationed, at courthouses across. The city and moving, where they need to go on a daily basis they're working with the police to ensure that the best possible evidence is before the courts during, a bail hearing it's. An innovative, approach that, will deliver real results to, tackle gun crimes in the city. Next question, remember for Toronto Danforth Thank You speaker my question to the Minister of the Environment. Ontario. Is facing, potential, for, many billions, of dollars of damages, and potential. Loss of life from climate change-related extreme. Weather events, in the years to come, cap, and trade funds were raised. To, reduce, emissions, from. Greenhouse, sources. The, projects, were meant to help corner, Ontarians. For the future what. When the government wound down cap and trade they, cancelled many initiatives that would have helped reduce emissions. Including. Hundreds. Of millions of dollars for. Hospital, school, and social housing upgrades, it was not necessary. To cancel, those initiatives, so. Can the government inform, the house as to what they, will be using the cap and trade funds for if not for reducing emissions. Mr.. Speaker through you the member and thank you for the thank, him for the question he's. Quite, right that this this government, did make a clear commitment the election that it would wind down the cap-and-trade program one. Of the first actions this government was to do that and as a result we're putting $260. Back in the pockets of a tariff and. He. Raises the question about cap and trade funds some, of the cap and trade funds that were going to be spent for example, were on an electric, truck company that's backed by Warren Buffett and Chinese. Billionaires, we decided, those weren't good things to spend money on that Ontario taxpayers, were subsidized the monies, that have been raised have, been raised under a charge that, was appropriately, for greenhouse, gas reduction the funds that were raised for that will be used either to fight greenhouse gas reductions, or for the wind-down of that fund as I've said before thank, you. Supplementary. Thank. You speaker the minister, says, the funds meant, to be spent to reduce emissions will, be spent for that purpose that's what he says then, why did, the government cut funding, for schools and hospitals, when, those projects, would have cut emissions. Mr.. Speaker I I don't know, entirely, what funds the members, talking about but let's, say what we did which was responsible, or, responsible.

Responsible. Thing to do mr. speaker when. We cancelled. The cap-and-trade program because. It was ineffective was, to cut the funding. Remove. The dollars that were being spent that were raised by that order it was the only responsible, thing that her from Waterloo come to order the premier come to order. The. Only responsible, thing that the government could do at the end of that peer Condor. Committed. To the orderly wind down of the cap-and-trade program and this fall we'll talk about a mate in Ontario solution, a solution that doesn't take money out of Ontarians pocket produces, greenhouse gas. Next. Question the member for Dawn Dolly ease well, thank you mr. speaker my question is to the premier bill, 148. Brought in fair and important changes to the Employment, Standards Act, for, workers in this province. Mr.. Government side come to order. Mr. Speaker I think it's reasonable that workers, be given fair notice or compensation, when. Their employer, cancels, their shift it, allows employees, to have some stability in their schedule, if they're going to school if, they're, ensuring, that they to ensure that they have adequate childcare, and, if they're working a second, job the, mr. speaker we've heard from the premier or, we've, heard from this government that they're considering, rolling back these changes, in addition to cancelling of $15. Minimum wage does. The premier believe that it's fair that work, can be done and work. Can be cancelled only hours before a shift with no compensation, and, my, question, to the speaker my, question through you mr. speaker to the premier will he commit today to not, rolling back this important, aspect within the legislation. Premier. Through. You mr. speaker when. I traveled across his province and talked to thousands, and thousands, of people I found. Out very very, quickly the. Number-one issue. Number, two was. Bill 148. That. You're part of destroyed, this province, and put us in Norfolk. Thanks. We're. Going to make sure we tell the world Ontario. Is open, for business. We're. Going to make sure we protect the frontline workers, because, 60,000. People lost their jobs under. Bill, 148. Supplementary. So. There's going to be certain aspects, that we disagree with 148. Certain, aspects of the bill but, let's let me try order, a guide to the - mr. speaker. Primera. It. Has a date dinner up with the member government, side has to come to order the member has a right to place his question. Again. I apologize the memory mr., speaker so I'm going to ask a very simple question to the Primera. 1.6. Million, Ontarians, do, not have sick days in the legislation, it guarantees two days to on Terrance mr., speaker this is not about this, is this is about decency, for, employees, employees, that work hard to support support, businesses, here in the province of Ontario, and I think when we when those people go out that 1.6. Million Ontarians go, out and support businesses, the businesses should. Support the people that support those businesses does. The premier believe that, two sick days is too much for people of in Ontario, he, says he stands up for the little guy he says he stands up for the people of Ontario two, sick days his decency. Mr Speaker. Boehner. Through. You mr. speaker into the member of Don Valley ease again. When I Criss crosses, province and I talk to the people that earn minimum wage the ones that. Even were able to keep their job I go, into a little home hard work rather. Than at least seven, employees they. Cut three employees, because, of the 140s, I'm doing their people the people on minimum, wage we're. Actually going to give them a tax credit. We're. Gonna create more job that, we didn't hire more, people, unlike, the Liberals that destroyed. This problem. Next. Question the member for Peterborough Court, mr.. Speaker will not remember, from Nipissing, my question is to the Minister of, many things including. Children. Community and social services more, than 34,000. Illegal border crossers if it entered our country since 2017. Overloading. Our Housing and social assistance systems. So, much so that, the federal government, is forced, to put them in hotels across the GTA, today. We. Learned that there stays being extended, by four weeks while they wait for their silent, claims to be heard meanwhile.

The Federal Minister responsible. Has, tried to tell us that the overwhelming. Majority, have. Left, Canada. Pure. Fiction. Costs. Are piling, up with the Minister please tell us how Ontario, will handle the, growing financial, burden to services, such as, education. Order. And. Start the clock responds, the minister of children community and social services speaker, my my greatest appreciation to the member opposite, who I've been speaking with on immigration refugee issues, for, the past week I want, to be very clear, and I hope the federal liberals are listening that, the, federal government, has sole jurisdiction. Over. Border. Management, in this, country. On. Canada's asylum, and refugee. Programs, including. Who is eligible to make a refugee, claim the federal, government's, failed policies. At the border, in Quebec have allowed people to enter this country, illegally, and then, seek asylum without, following the proper. Processes, this, government, the board government, has called on the federal government, to actively, manage the influx of illegal border, crossers and to provide full, compensation. To. The province of Ontario, at the tune of, 200, million, dollars. And those, concerns. That the federal government has a plan to deal with this and there has been no indication that the federal government will pay for it. Stop. Lament Creek Thank. You speaker and thank you to Minister for a detailed, answer I understand, the cost Ontario faces, the, minister has been perfectly, clear in this house, some. Would say crystal clear with, the federal ad hoc committee, on my, migration. With, the Minister of Immigration on. The 200 million dollars that's odes ontario mr., speaker the, stack of bills is mounting. The, ministry, for children, community. And social services still needs to pay for its priorities, programs. For autistic children funding, for the Children's Aid Society youth. And, care custody. And so much more does. The minister believe that the cost for illegal border crossings, are increasing. And in. Light of the state of the deficit, and the results from the line-by-line audit. Do these escalating, costs concern the Minister. Sense. Of costs that we're starting to see as a result of, kids going back to school in September but let me be clear the, federal government. Should be compensating. Ontario. 474, million dollars, and growing in temporary, housing in the City of Toronto 11. Million dollars and growing in the City of Ottawa offer temporary shelters, three million dollars has been given to the Red Cross 20.

Million Dollars for primary, and secondary education specific. Spaces. And 19, million dollars and growing on the social assistance rates and my my our government, isn't the only ones that are concerned there's a new government elected, in Quebec that is in line with where we're at and telling, the federal government that they have to pay their bills and we, also have all premiers, across, this great country that, have lined up shoulder, to shoulder with, our premier, in saying, that the federal government should fully compensate, the cost of the province and that's not it we also have fun. MP, that says the only fair, thing for everybody to do is process, and click quickly, and I think that's where the government's weakness is that's John McCain. Start. The clock remember for Davenport Thank. You mr. speaker my question is to the Minister of Education it's. Now October and, students have been taught and archaic, curriculum, for, one month now a curriculum. That does not address the current realities. That Ontario, students, are facing, teachers. Students. Concerned, parents, to, name a few, have literally, stood on the lawns of Queens Park speaking, out against, this sex, ed curriculum roll, back but it is painfully, clear that, this government has not been listening to them and then last Friday the government, quietly. Released a. Predetermined. Form online that appears to be this government's, version of the largest, consultation. In Ontario's, history and then, the, minister said the government will only be promoting, the consultations. Within, their regions, so, which, is it will we be seeing consultations. In every writing in the province or will, the government only, be picking and choosing which. Voices they feel like hearing. Speaker, and I can tell you we are very assertively, addressing. The, archaic, math, curriculum. That's out there. From. Math. Was not cutting, it and our consultation. Is going to be very comprehensive, starting. Off with, hearing, from parents hearing from teachers hearing. From businesses, how we can be better equipped, our students. To be competitive in today's, global, economy I can, tell you that, meant that people attending, our guests today in the members gallery will, be applauding, us for taking, a look at staff, science. Technology. Engineering and. Mathematics will unlock everything, that the agri-food, and, the business of food, in particular, need to, be competitive in today's global, economy both, are moving forward and I invite, every, single member in this husband, to participate, and read, your mail you, receive, information. Foreigner. Order. Order. Start. The clock supplementary, about. Any information about this on Friday mr., speaker or actually the school, boards right the public didn't find out anything but, mr. speaker back to the Minister of Education that. Was an incredible, non-answer I suspect, that perhaps she's feeling a little ashamed looking, up at all of these students, who are here today. Consultations. Do not mean, much unless those. Most, impacted are, invited. To the table Minister, students. And teachers, must, be consulted, indigenous. Youth must be consulted queer, and trans you differently-abled. You, they must be consulted and the list goes on it. Is, irresponsible. Of, this, government, to make decisions without listening, to those who are going to be the most impacted, mr., speaker why is this government trying to handpick who, will be involved in the sex ed consultations.

And What are you so very afraid of hearing. Mr.. Speaker and, I would suggest to everyone, in the House today watching. This, is a lesson and not what. To do this is a lesson on how not. To stand. Up and be poor. Opposition. We, need, to have an opposition that stands with us I invited. The member from Davenport, to, stand with us. Because. She was absolutely. Incorrect. In saying that, the members have not received information, I can confirm a hundred, percent that everybody. Received, information about, this consultation on Friday we're, very proud, to, be, working. On an, initiative that's going to invite. Business. Invite everyone parents, teachers. Everyone it's boards, turf or Davenport because every single person who wants ice, their voice about stem ever about job, skills, about. That's. My house. Thank. You. Next, question, the member for Flamborough, land, broker. My. Question, is to the Minister of, Finance Minister. When I listened to your speech on the findings, of the independent financial. Commission of inquiry like. Most Ontarians. I was truly shocked to hear the reality, of the provinces, financial, situation, clearly. Our, government, needs to take action not. Only do we need to fix the financial problems. That we have inherited from the previous government. But. We must also determine how. The situation. Was ever allowed, to get this bad that's. Why I am encouraged, that the motion to form a select committee on financial. Transparency, was. Passed this morning could. The minister please reiterate the, importance, of the Select Committee on financial. Transparency that. Is being formed. Minister. Annette thank, you a speaker, thank you to remember from Flamborough, grant Glenbrook, this, morning we took the next step in restoring, accountability. And Trust in government the, formation, of the Select, Committee on financial. Transparency. Solidifies. Our, government's, commitment, to restoring, the public's, faith we.

Must Remember we are in unprecedented. Time. In, history, the. Public's, trust has. Been shattered, the. Previous government's accounting, scheme, was, deliberately. Designed, to, keep the true cost, of the Liberals spending. Off the, books this, is simply, unacceptable. The. Select Committee on financial. Trends, transparency. Is a, necessity, they. Will find up speaker find, out speaker who came up with this scheme, where's. The money supplementary. Mr. speaker back. To the minister, you know I am really encouraged, that we are taking action to restore, accountability. And Trust and I'm confident, that the Select Committee on financial transparency, will. Discover, where, these schemes, came from and hold, those, responsible. To account, however. Over the past week many of our critics have claimed that the Select Committee isn't, necessary, the. Naysayers, and critics have shrugged, off its importance, but. There is a larger, principle, at play here and that is accountability. It's. Unfortunate. Some people simply don't recognize, the. Importance, of seeking, accountability. Could. The minister please inform the house why restoring. Accountability. And Trust is, so, important. For our governments, you're here, Minister. Thank, you speaker and thank you to the member the importance, of restoring. Accountability. And Trust cannot. Be, understated. Remember. It, was the Auditor, General, who, used words and I'm going to quote her like. Concealed. Bogus. Deceptive. And unreliable, she, used those words to describe liberal. Documents, tabled. Right, here in this legislature, the. Auditor, General, also issued. This, warning to the people of Ontario again. I quote when. Governments, pass legislation to. Make their own accounting. Rules that, serve to obfuscate, the impact. Of their, financial, decision. Their financial. Statements become. Unreliable. That. Is why. Accountability. And Trust, need, to, be restored, it, was absent. In the previous, government, speaker we can calculate the cost of the deficit, but we cannot calculate the, cost of the trust, deficit. Start. The clock, remember for Hamilton West and cast redundants Hugh mr. speaker, my, question this morning is for the Minister for seniors and accessibility.

This, Government, recently made a decision to, ignore the concerns, of both investors. Investment. Regulators, and seniors, advocate, groups such, as a Canadian Association of, Retired Persons who, call for the, banning, of deferred, deferred. Sales charges, on mutual, funds mr.. Speaker people across our province, struggle. To save and put a little money aside for their retirement, and these deferred, charges, are an unnecessary and, extra, burden, on these people so, why is this government ignoring, the voices of seniors and people who, are saving for their retirement. Thank. You I. Like to refer that question to the Minister, of Finance Thank. You Minister finance. Thank. You speaker. Our. Government. Is absolutely. Committed. To making Ontario. A competitive. Place a place that we can invest, in grow. And create, jobs and. We want the world speaker, to know that Ontario, is open. For, business, we. Will continue. To, work with other provinces. Other territories. And other stakeholders. To, explore, potential, alternatives. Outside. Of the measures, of the Ontario security. Commission, that, what they are proposing is, one thing we will continue, to work with our partners, to look for other, proposals. We. Want the market speaker, to be a fair, place, for, investors. Thank you. Complementary, the mr. speaker back to the Minister for seniors, and accessibility, mr.. Speaker if this government won't listen to our own seniors. And groups, like harp who say that deferred, sales, charges, mean, Ontarians. Will not be able to say invest. Or fund, their retirements, effectively, will. They listen to Investment, regulators, such as the Canadian Securities, Commission and, the Ontario Securities Commission who, study these charges, and they have long described, these fees as bad, for investors, or is this really about making conservative. Lobbyists, happy. Spots. Minister. Thank, you very much speaker, but. I won't thank the member for the insult, to to. Our party, whatsoever. I do, find those types of comments are not helpful in. This legislature. She's. Not only impugning, motive she doesn't have her facts, right speaker, the. Members should understand. What, the deferred, Commission's, the, embedded commissions were all about she, may want to study, what, happened, in the UK with embedded, commissions and how this did, not work speaker. She, may she, may need to do. A little bit of studying of other embedded, commissions and the damage. That had caused elsewhere throughout the world and begin. To understand, that we're trying to consult, with the, other provinces. The other territories. And other stakeholders. To make sure that our marketplace, is a, fair, player investor. Speaker, we've got the people of, all, of the people in mind as we continue to look for a better a better, way. Till. Next question, remember. For Scarborough, Agincourt. A, speaker. My. Question today is for the Minister of Community, Safety and Correctional Services. Speaker. Ontario's. Dedicated, correctional, officers, and the staff have faced a significant. Amount of work-related. Stress. Due to the previous, Liberal. Government's, neglect, and their. Failure, to act in providing, these men and woman with the tools they need to perform their duties, safely. And effectively. After. 15 years of mismanagement, by the previous, Liberal, government, our, dedicated, correctional. Officers. And staff were, ignored, for too long, speaker. The safety of our hard-working and, dedicated correctional. Officers, can no no. Longer be ignored to. The minister, can, you please update the members of this legislature, on what you are doing to enhance security, and improve safety in Ontario's, correctional, system. Thank. You. Mr.. Speaker and thank, you to the member for Scarborough Agincourt, for the question, mr.. Speaker this past Friday, I was proud to stand alongside the, Minister of Natural Resources and, forestry, and the, member from Chatham, Kent Leamington. To announce our government's, new. Plan to enhance safety, and security, at Elgin, Middlesex. Detention. Center mr., speaker as the, member stated, the previous Liberal government, failed to act and Leopard correctional, officers, and staff, in, harm's, way for over 15, years, prior.

To This announcement I visited, the city of London and heard, firsthand, the challenges that. Frontline officers and, staff are, encountering. At algún Middlesex, detention, centre as well, as the challenges, being faced by police, and community. Members in the city response, our, government, is listening and remains committed to providing our hard-working and dedicated correctional. Officers, and staff the necessary, tools and resources they. Need to do their jobs properly. The. Speaker I want to thank the Minister for his response, I am, proud to stand here today knowing. That our government, for the people is, taking the safety and the security of our correctional. Officers, and staff. Seriously. Speaker. Our. Hard-working and dedicated correctional. Staff deserve, better after. 15, long years of mismanagement, and neglect, by the previous, Liberal. Government. A speaker. Can. The Minister please explain, what, actions, he is taking, to address the safety of our, neighborhoods. And security. Of the provinces, hard-working, and dedicated, correctional. Officers, and staff. Thank, You mr. speaker and I thank the member for that question in response, to the recent inmate. Overdoses. At egg Alvin Middlesex, Detention, Center our, government, introduced, enhance, safety. And security, measures, to, ensure that our correctional officers, and staff can, perform, their duties safely, and effectively. Mr.. Speaker as of yesterday staff. At MDC. Will, have access to a dedicated k-9. Unit, additional. Correctional, officers, enhanced. Body scanner, training, and new, drug detection kits. To, quickly identify whether. A found, substance. Is contraband. In, addition, mr. speaker, our government is piloting, a dedicated. Hospital. Escort, team for, inmate, health care needs our. Government, also plans, on hiring. More healthcare, staff to support inmate. Care, enhancing. Staff training, to recognize the signs of potential overdoses. Response, I've private, in an ion scanner that. Can identify trace, elements, of drugs on items that through our facilities, Mr, Speaker we are using evidence-based. Of thank. You. Thank. You mr. speaker my, question is for the minister of government, and consumer services. Now. That John Tavares is on the Leafs roster, we. All know, thank. You. We. All know there will be a Stanley, Cup parade here in Toronto next year. But. But. There, is a but after, reading, ongoing. Investigative. Reports, that, have shocked sports, and music fans not. Only in Canada but the United States as well it's, clear, that most hockey fans in my riding, won't be able to afford Maple Leaf tickets. This. Is because, of unethical. Ticket. Scalping, practices. That. Have been not only tolerated. But, enabled, by Ticketmaster. What. Is the minister doing about these unethical. And unfair sales, practices. Thanks. Very much for the member opposite for the question finally, we, found something that we can agree on with the NDP I. Couldn't. Be happier, I couldn't be happier that John, Tavares, is a member of the buds here in Toronto this year. I. Can. Tell you that what was happening. Previously. With the Liberal government on, the ticket sale issue, wasn't. Actually. Helping, those who wanted, to attend sporting, events, and concerts and. Other big events that were happening this. First came to light actually mr. speaker when the unfortunate, diagnosis. Of Gore Downey of The Tragically Hip. Occurred. And, the government made some changes to the ticket speculation, Act during, that summer I can tell you that our government is committed, to, working with the minister the Attorney General, our bar attorney general here in, Ontario, and making sure that we bring in some, legislation, that has some teeth so we can keep ticket prices low for those who want to attend these events.

One. Of the berries one, of the very first things this government, did when an assumed office was to block legislation that. Would have stopped scalpers, from selling tickets for more than 50% of the face value I don't, remember the premier telling anyone before, the election he would do this why. Was it suddenly the government's, top priority after. The election, to help Ticketmaster, in the scalpers, while hurting music fans and hockey, fans. Speaker. I should, acknowledge as, well it this, is the first crashing, from, my critic and I appreciate, the, question in the legislature. Here, this, morning but but I should say that. You. Know what the Liberals used to do when they were the government of Ontario, was they would bring in pieces. Of legislation and. Then actually. We're. Just all about fluff, they, made you feel like the government was actually doing something, when. Legislation. Didn't do anything, to. Attack the problem at hand and, that was ensuring that ticket prices, remained affordable, for the average person across the province what, we've done is we pause the implementation. Until we can actually bring, in legislation, that's. Going to take these scalpers, off the streets that's going to take these scalpers, off line it's not just simply putting it down on a piece of paper on you're gonna bring in legislation, you know you actually have to have legislation that's, enforceable, we're bringing in meaningful, legislation for. The people of Ontario. Order. Order. Start. The clock next question remember for Niagara West. Tourism. Culture and sport speaker this past Monday, the the Minister for tourism culture and sport visited, the Niagara region and engaged, with stakeholders, on red tape reduction in, tourism the, wine culinary. And Agri, tourism industries, are growing, a key component of tourism, in Ontario. Adding, good jobs to our economy, especially in the Niagara region I'm proud to call home so, could the Minister please explain to the house what steps our premier and government are taking, to making sure that on Niagara and Ontario, is finally open for business. Thank. You for the question, and thank, you for, participating. In, the roundtable yesterday was very valuable because, there is no doubt that, our Niagara, region is a success, story we, have something. But. We need to do better as a government, and part, of the round tables goal was, to listen to those stakeholders. Listen, to those agribusinesses. Listening to those tourism, operators, and find, out where, the regulations, are in the red tape that are blocking their ability, to expand, we, want to make sure that Ontario, is open for business and yesterday. Was a first good step towards, that goal. My. Riding we're very pleased to see the minister down in Niagara and they're pleased that steps are being taken by, our government, to address the unfair regulatory, burdens, that have been plaguing tourism.

And Business in Agra for far too long I'm. Confident, in our government, in our premier to make it easier for businesses to thrive and, succeed in the Niagara region something. That the former Liberal government, failed, to do with, the minister please elaborate, to the house on what is being done to attract tourism, and increase, business to both Niagara, and Ontario, as a whole. As. You know. Really. Showed how, we, need to work together we. Have impacts. And and regulations. That that. All of our caucus and cabinet colleagues have to deal with whether, it's Municipal, Affairs and housing whether, it's infrastructure, finance, all. Of us need to work together to make sure that the regulations, that are are in place are protecting, our people in our business but also that the regulations, make sense and it was it was enlightening, and very, helpful, to have those stakeholders. Share very specific, examples, of how we can do better and I can assure the member that with his help and with our our, government, open for business we will do that. Thank. You speaker my questions to the Minister of the Environment conservation. In parks speakers, sunrise place nonprofit. Housing co-op is a vibrant, 58, unit seniors building in my riding sunrise. Has to replace their make up air unit, which brings in fresh air from outside it. Would improve air quality and, reduce energy the cost of replacement is a hundred and five thousand, dollars, sunrise. Applied for the green on social, housing grant and was successful. Unfortunately. As of July 9th this brand has now been cancelled and with it the money for sunrise does this government want seniors in Oshawa to be able to breathe easily and will this government reinstate the grant to cover the cost of the air quality unit. Mr.. Speaker through you to the member and I I appreciate, the question. As I've said before in this in, this legislature, when. Our government was elected on the basis of getting rid of the cap-and-trade program responsibly. We also needed, to wind down the. Program. That, the costs. Of the various items that were being paid for by that program and so very early we, announced to transfer, partners that we would be doing that it's being wound down in a very orderly fashion, we're, working with the various organizations. That were transfer partners in some cases because the contracts have been signed programs. Are going forward in the cases where they're not the responsible, thing because the program has been ended it's not to not, proceed with that program this, is because we believe that affordability, is a critical issue we believe that putting 260, dollars back in the pockets of every family, is an important item we believe that reducing gas prices, and natural gas prices are the priority, and and. That is the approach we've taken. Supplementary. Thank. You and again to the Minister one of the Premier's first priorities, was to cancel support, for green initiatives, improvements, and repairs across, our communities, this government cancelled the green on social, housing, grant and so now sunrise. Place seniors, co-op has, had to cancel their plans to install this necessary. Air quality, unit this, government cut this grant and seems proud of that decision, but, our seniors need to live in helpful. Environments. Sunrise. Reached out directly to the premiers office and has heard nothing, back so I'll ask the minister today for, them will, this government, work with sunrise to ensure they can move ahead with, their building improvement, plans. Then, through, you to the member, with. The end of cap-and-trade, also, came the end of that program this is a government that is enormous ly sensitive, to seniors and all, all of our citizens, in the Durham Region that's, one of the reasons that we did, not proceed with the NDP's plan to close the Pickering nuclear power plant which would.

This. The. People of Ontario can count on, this government to respect seniors, to respect all taxpayers to. Behave responsibly with our finances and obviously to balance the needs of a healthy environment as well. Thank. You, that. Concludes the time we have this morning for question period I want to recognize the Minister missable Affairs and housing on a point of order Thank You speaker point of order I want to introduce to, you and through you two members of the Legislative, Assembly a very, special, guest in the public gallery my, daughter Caitlin, Clarke. Once. Again the minister I. Also. Have another, introduction, today. We. Have the father of, page. Captain, Victoria. McLeod, Varner, in the public gallery I know her mother gets lots of opportunities. To speak but I wanted, to introduce her father Joe, Varner welcome. This. House stands in recess until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon.

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