2018/19 Caribbean Hurricane Season Is About to Begin! How Are The Ports?

2018/19 Caribbean Hurricane Season Is About to Begin! How Are The Ports?

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We're. Going live live live we're going live live, we're going laughs hey we're. Live everybody, how you doing what do you think of this traveling, with Bruce is out in the air welcome. To the show, got. One of my new t-shirts, on here today how about that the red bubble shipment. Arrived safe. And sound and good old crests, in, British Columbia, little. Tiny town of 5000, people in the interior British Columbia. Tracking. Number and everything it just they, I got an email this morning in my phone it just popped, in there said your your t-shirts, have been diverted I'm going delivered. No, knock on the door here well, I don't have at home mail, delivery it's just a block or so away here, and, it for the whole community in this area of town so what popped. Over there and sure enough there, was a package waiting for, me and I made a video of it today you guys can check it out the. Unveiling. The unboxing. The unpackaging. Of red, bubble, t-shirts, for traveling, with Bruce I ordered. Double extra-large, t-shirts. As you can tell look how baggy this is I love them nice and loose like this because. I find that when I like to wear t-shirts on. A cruise or, in Palm Desert I like, him loose I don't like a tight, fitting shirt because it's hot and could, be muggy could be very warm anyway, I just love this and I know that after a wash or two even though you're supposed to wash with cold water and I will. You. Know there's gonna be just you, know a little more shrinkage so I'm sure but still very happy. With the look of the shirts I'm very pleased they came in like a same very quickly I have, here the others. Here's. Another one that I brought in the, white one in the in the wave logo, that's kind of nice and. Then let's see here. Here. We go we've got the flag logo, right here. Traveling. With Bruce the flag logo, shirt, you know gonna gray and. Then here we got the, circular. Traveling. With Bruce logo on a green shirt nice. And, then. I've got. This, is the st. Thomas the photo that. I took from, the top of the of, the. Cable. Car ride and. Explore. The Seas there which is the ship jen and i were on and, the. Shirts themselves, there there, in in. My, case these are classic, t-shirts nothing, fancy, as far as material goes they're, made by Gildan here. In canada guild and they're, known for a good quality product very. Heavy very. Heavy shirts. Got an extra ring here of, a reinforcement, same. Along with seams here on see very. Nice these, are great shirts when I was in the Sports biz doing. My doing. My sports, logos. And, and that type of thing we, would offer. T-shirts. For sale of course from all the various sports teams and it was not uncommon for. National. Hockey League shirts to arrive at our store with this brand, of shirt to very good quality and, these. Shirts would retail for you. Know 25 30 bucks apiece with NHL, logos or whatever. Logos on them but very. Happy, the. Only thing is that the camera here on my on my computer. It's. More for a headshot so, that you see me talking, to you it's not designed for my, my. Merch if I actually did, this you just see the shirt all the time and then I you know you just see my chin wagging away here that might actually be a better look for the channel more than I think about it because the I wouldn't put you guys off with the ugly face that I have but, that way you could just you know see my hands and my, gestures, and I. Could. Show off the shirt all the time and you know not show off me but anyway. I have too much fun here today I just, glad that they're here I got I've got to order some more because I keep, coming up with new logos I got.

One Of my viewers helping, me with the logo design and they're just coming fast and furious I think we've added oh gosh. It's gotta be six new logo since these came out this was the newest logo when I ordered it so I can't, keep up with my own merch. And. Just so you know folks. Today. I got an email from RedBubble. Saying. Everything. All, coffee, mugs. Travel. Mugs and all. What. Do they call it home decoration. So that means the tote bags the. Pillows. Scarfs. Telephones. Of you-know-whats. McCall it's all. 25%. Off so, if you go to my store today and, order. Some merchandise, to. Help out my channel. You're, getting 25% off, the cost of all the everything but the clothing basically, so it's because every couple of days they, bring out a little special and if, you go to red bubble and keep an eye on me keep. An eye on my on, my, channel. There on. My store you'll find you. Know you'll find occasional, deals and today it's 25%, off coffee mugs travel mugs cellphone, holders and. All. Kinds, of other merch, so check it out if you can and. Yeah. You. Know I. Was. Just saying that 25%, I've just just, saying that purse anyway. There you go so fantastic, anyway thanks for all of you guys supporting. Me to date on the. Stores, success. I'm, hearing good reviews, from everybody. On on their merchandise I'm really happy about that of course and now, I got my own teas I start wearing him on the air and doing my videos so I'm excited about that the, channel. Yesterday. I was at 2030. Subscriptions. Were just three days ago we hit 2,000 subs right, now, 2048. We've got 48, more subs and two and a half days absolutely. Thanks, hostak, I. Did. Get a shout out from, the good folks at Lolita, Lucca they. They, were doing, in her live telecast, the other night and I popped, over and said hi because. They've been here to say hi occasion, and I, just say hi are you guys doing what's going on and they. Immediately put a shout out to, their viewers about hey you should check Bruce out on traveling, with prison I got, I think I got some of your subscribers are watching me as well so that fantastic, strengthen, numbers I love it and I, welcome any, creator, who's, out there wants to say hi to me please say, hi on-air I'm happy to give you a shout out have a problem, but I'd love that just. Reciprocate. Your way I'll be great I love to, trying. To figure a way to get. To do some interaction, and I'm kind of thinking that I'm what I want, to try is if, I can get a guest on my show. That'll, be on the telephone I'll, be talking to them live like I'm talking to myself here, and. Then I can just read questions, and comments from you guys for, the guests and that, might be one you know cheap way to do it it's, like a Larry King you know on the phone from PA we. Have you know something like that I don't, have any under numbering like that yeah I'm still trying to figure out some setups here I know on the software front I can set up a. Scenario, where you see me over, here on this side of the screen and then over a year there'll be another person, alive on the screen was a guest of mine and then they'll be in the middle that the dialogue, that we're sharing and I haven't. Figured that software out yet because I'm old. I'm.

Intimidated. By I. Just, when it says do this do that do this then do that then click here and then go to settings and properties and I just go ha ha I. Lose it it's. Kind of like too much ice cream you know an ice cream cone you try to eat an ice cream cone too fast to get the brain freeze I, get. The software freeze and it's just over, you. Just get, just one click you know works but, I go old school I'm thinking we'll just do what Larry King did you, said you know me, as a host then you get people on the phone you. Know I'll just try to handle it that way but I'm a one-man crew, so. Anyway. I'm. Working on it I don't, know if you guys noticed today but Jim Zim did a video today on the. Bliss. He's. In he's. In. Iraq. I, was in mazatlán, Mazatlan. Mexico he. Released, a video about the about. The Haven, the Haven Club and he, walked around the Haven with his camera and he was doing a voiceover and. All. Everybody, on shipping it was gone they're all in Mazatlan there's. Only a handful of people there so perfect time to film it and it. Looks really nice it looks. Really nice I'm. Sure a number of you folks who are thinking of booking the Haven, you're gonna like it. So that, looked pretty good I saw, that video today so I recommend you check that one out love, to get Jim zim on my show even, on a telephone call forward, we just I can just talk to him on the phone you'll hear his voice. Then we can ask him questions I'll ask him questions you guys ask questions I'll read them to him and that'd. Be great you know if he doesn't want to be on that on the air live that's cool just be on the phone and then, be like a phone call would be great anyway he's, on this he's on this trip right now so gotta, wait for Jim to get home and he's, got video when he gets home Oh has he got video about the Bliss he'll be releasing, videos like crazy for weeks which, is my future, I'll. Be doing, that too so. We'll see how that works out got, some news today about hurricane season that, starts next week so I've got some information there, and. Another. Thing I was going to mention them the, vision of the Seas that's the Royal Caribbean ship, that I talked about was, it yesterday that's. The ship that lost power in, the Mediterranean, night. Before last, perhaps. It. Was dead in the water for about ten minutes and they had to reboot their entire electronics. And mechanicals. And got everything up and running again and they worked. Their way into Santorini. Greece at, about seven knots an, hour and. Then they worked their way to Malta that's where they were today now. This is five o'clock Eastern Time it's now about 11:00 the, midnight-ish in, Mediterranean, so, they've already left, Malta. And are, headed now for Barcelona. I've, heard nothing. About. Any kind of delays for, this the next cruise that they're on once they get to Barcelona there'd, be a deep they'll be at sea tomorrow for Hulsey day tomorrow then. Barcelona, the next morning. Excuse me so that should be um, what's. Today this is now coming into Friday. This Thursday here Friday, is a seed a Saturday, they get the Barcelona, and then they're supposed to leave Barcelona, that that evening on their next cruise haven't, heard about a delay nothing. Like that so everything seems to be moving, forward, so. Perhaps the the issue is nothing nothing, serious. Let's. Hope so, we'll, see how that kind, of works out but I did see an article little news article today about Malta. How. The, Valletta. That, area they want to be come, much, busier than they are now right, now Malta handles, I think a 700,000. Up, cruise. Passengers a year and. There are a few ships where you can board a cruise. From, Malta, that, use Malta sort of a home port, and. Kind. Of interesting, to watch how Malta will go, forward I think they want to increase their business dramatically. And. Entice, more cruise lines to come on by for a visit and or try to get some ships to homeport out of Valletta will. Be seen to see how this sort of plays itself out I know that, that. Lisbon. Is just celebrating, the opening of a brand new terminal. For. Its cruise ship passengers, and. They're. There. I think, they just, spent. Twenty million dollars, on a brand new terminal there so. They've, got big plans to expand their home porting. Affairs. From, Lisbon Portugal so, this. Cruise business, it's an expanding, business it's a. Moneymaker. Home, porting, is what, it's about if your city can attract cruise ships to, base.

Themselves From, your, city jobs. And opportunity. Because you've got a feed. 4,000, people for a week to ten to twelve days from. Your home town that's a lot, of food. And services, and supplies to bring. To that cruise ship once, a week or every 10 days or 12 days over often these cruise ships come through if you can get several. Cruise ships using your port as a whole port, that. Builds. Up business, big-time because of course you have people coming into town to get onto the ship yeah, people leave, in town once they get off the ship and of course you as a home port or trying to convince these folks to come a few days early and stay a few days longer and, hang. Out with some of the hotels restaurants, bars and sites, and spend, money so. Yeah big business and you don't need to build any smokestacks. And factories, to house these folks it's a clean business. Get. Them in get them out the cabbies are happy the airlines are happy the bus lines are happy the tour operators, are happy you. Know it's it's, good stuff, let's. See who's here today anyone who's watching for the first time welcome to my channel welcome to my show if you've never been here before we talk about cruise ships cruise, ship vacations, if you haven't figured out already that's what I'm talking about cruise shipping, we. Love talking about going on holidays, say, hi to me tell me where you're watching me from what's your high temperature, today I'm. Kristan, British, Columbia, Canada three. Miles north of the Idaho border we've. Had absolutely gorgeous, weather this past week hitting, the high in the 80s today, I think we're going to be in the high 70s we, got a bit of an overcast situation, out here and I heard thunder about. 20 minutes ago for the first time a little rumble so, we might have on the left new Thunder shower coming through here today, being Thursday, I'm, on the air five o'clock Eastern where which is right now and I'm on tonight and 8 o'clock Eastern for, my second show tonight. We got trivia I got some trivia questions for you guys no cheating, no googling, one answer at a time and I'm, ready for you guys we'll have some fun tonight with some Thursday night primetime trivia, I'll. Be on tomorrow at 5 o'clock Eastern, and Saturday, at 2 o'clock Eastern, and I'm, taking sunday off so. Stop. On by and say hi and enjoy. The show today, I'm, gonna read right now who's here and say hi to those folks are saying how to meet Charles Jordan popped, in and said good. Evening Bruce it's 82 and partly cloudy here and I am a South Carolina Charles welcome back pal, Joseph, Hollifield hello Bruce it is 75 fahrenheit in cloudy and Bostic, North, Carolina. Welcome back Joseph to the show what do you think of this what do you think mighty I love. These a peter hekima hi Bruce 91 degrees and beautiful here in Tarpon Springs won't. Last much longer as, there's a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that, should make us lots, of rain over the holiday weekend and you guys don't need any more rain I think you've had enough, lately. But yeah it's that time of year and these systems are coming. Through and the hurricane, systems are starting up it's that time of season we. Gotta watch for that Peters also saying, hurricane, season started June first but we usually don't see too much as far as hurricanes till August, as that. Is the peak of the season cross, our fingers this year pamela jordan hi Bruce and everyone hi Pamela Peter hekima I want to know why you didn't, order t-shirts, for Jen Jen. Wanted to find out what the quality, of the material, was, so.

I'm The guinea pig she. Wants to see the quality of this now. She kind, of knows although. I think jen has an idea of. Probably. Ordering a. Little. Higher quality, material, than what I would wear I'm just, just. An old guy wearing, t-shirts you know I'm not anything particular about Finnick, Aniki but, I think Jan being you know the high-end model that she is you know the high-end, star. With. Millions of hundreds. Of millions of followers I'm sure ya, got a yeah, you know, gotta. Be finicky about that so we're, working on it. Let's, see here. Randy, Lucas popped in and says greetings Bruce and all from Paradise California, where it is a high of 75 degrees Congrats. Bruce on getting your much-much. Your merch delivered, it looks great Randy. For a big-ass RV, guy you know this, is a nice little shirt, to wear behind your big-ass RV steering wheel don't you think I love it, Tracy Dunlop hi Bruce and all 76, Fahrenheit 91 degrees humidity so still feel spot even though overcast and raining off and on today in Naples, CS every six Fahrenheit that's easy to take but 91. Degree relative. Humidity, ooh that's. Hot and sticky that's that, is miserable in. Ontario, where, I grew up as a kid where. We had basements, or even, here ya head for the basement the summer time certainly in the 60s before we had air conditioning as standard, fare we, all headed to the basement during the afternoons. To survive, it Jim. Thomas Hey Bruce love your shirt thanks Jim JC Dunlop t-shirt, looks great Bruce Thank You Tracy Gregory, Heartland ki Hey, Bruce nice, shirt man 88 and partly cloudy here into havoc Thank You Gregory Paul Louis hey Bruce and all 80 and sunny here in Virginia love the shirts I think's bald but as he Wagner, hi Bruce it's 84, and humid today and Chicagoland, that it's getting up there saw the in boxing, video or, the unboxing, video the shirts look great that was fun I do in that thing I want to do that with you guys so you can see what it looked like Thomas, Henry I have the, st. Thomas shirt and dolphin, with with, love Bruce. Fantastic. I got. Those I now have the propeller shirt I got the mash style, shirts. I've. Got the anchor. Twb. Sure man they just keep coming there it's incredible, I'm having, trouble keeping up i Gregor, Hartman sorry I missed last night's show I was at Game seven and it was an amazing, go cats go wow what a game the cats won six Game six Game seven, Tampa. Bay is out caps, are going to the finals, against, the Las. Vegas, Golden, Knights who woulda thought that possible, unbelievable. She loves to travel hi I was watching your t-shirt, video what. Do you think about that what do you think of these shirts I'm happy, happy happy West Morrison hi Bruce in night here in New Braunfels Texas, Sawyer. Unveiling, video very nice I hope to buy on something. Before my river cruise in November right answer, that's, great West Gregory, Hartman keep it rockin Bruce good on you man, Dave 96, and sunny here in Minnesota Dave are you new Dave I don't recall just, a Dave here before this. Could be the first time Dave saying hi to us if it is welcome. To the channel welcome to the show, glad, you're here if you've been here before and I've forgotten all about you because. I'm old. Glad. To have you buddy fantastic. 96, in Minnesota. That's. The hottest day of the year for you I think Wow. Tracy Dunlop thank you Bruce for the info on the last show of our girl care being Mariner of the Seas going out of Miami already. Planned and booked our annual girls weekend for September on this ship right on instead of the usual NCL sky yes. If you're gonna be on a three four-day, cruise. Out of, out, of Miami. Why. Go, on a on, a Norwegian. Sun. Or sky when, you can go on the Mariner of the Seas it's being rear NO right now Reed refurbished, it's, a thousand, 50, feet less huge it's.

Got Its own ice-skating rink in there um they're. Rented we're renovating and refurbishing it to the tune of about a 100 million bucks for a month right now that, ships gonna be fantastic when, it's done and it's a three four-day yeah deal Plus, unlike, Norwegian. Cruise lines they're. Offering, their cruises, out of Miami Fort Lauderdale and, and, also Port Canaveral with a mandatory. Drink. Deal, it's it's a it's a their booze cruises they're they're offering the booze, you. Know all you can drink card as part, of the cruise and it's, a mandatory $20, per night tipping charge no, discussion, on top of that by the way I forgot to mention that yesterday we're. With our CC L was Royal Caribbean you. Can book a three four-day cruise on Mariner of the Seas to the Bahamas which, includes coke okay. You. Don't have to buy a drink card as an automatic you can choose that if you want you don't have to so. The death forcing, you to buy that Norwegian, it's an automatic add-on that's why it's 200 something a night for, a 3-4 night cruise you're talking eight hundred dollars for a four cruise on a Norwegian. Cruise, ship that was built in 2000, when you can go on the Mariner of the seas with way. More amenities, for. Certainly, a lot less than that and you choose whether you want to do a drink package or not I I think that makes sense Tracy thank, you for your comment today that's great Debbie Emanuel nice shirt, video, looks, great on you Thank You Debbie, I'm glad you caught that I knew, you would catch that video. Zookeeper. Hi Bruce and all 84 fair net in the shade here and here. In the shade a very damn slight breeze still enjoyable we're expecting, a tropical storm this weekend not worried thumbs, up and nice merch Congrats, what. Do you see. Keeper, isn't this great stuff man I, gotta love these logos they're, just awesome I'm telling, it's fantastic, Debbie man you up sunshine. And a tea so far I think in Chico Gregory Hartman heavy rain all weekend, Betsy Layne in Hamilton, 29. Celsius and Hamilton we're getting up to 80 here in Hamilton, Thomas. Henry 86. In Richmond, Virginia again. Warmer, people, Nina Frank hi Bruce and all full, summer, in Sweden right now 30 degrees Celsius, hey Bruce nice t-shirt Thank, You Nina it's getting hot in Sweden, - fantastic. See keeper I for, one could live with. The idea of sealing on the new ijen bliss, yeah that sounds good bring it on but no Haven from there you know and it's, raining outside I, hear rain coming, down and yet it's sunny looking outside we, have a thundershower happening, right as we speak I don't. You'll hear that on this broadcast. If you can hear that so unless, they get lightning then you'll know. I. See keeper doesn't need the Haven but, he'll be happy being on the list you bet you I enjoy all the amenities without pain that topped all right here yeah my. Friend from Tokyo Tokyo is here. X.x. Alexis. Pugh ex la spooky. Good. Ronnie Bruce it'll be 27 today in Tokyo I managed to catch a live stream at least for a little while before I have to go and leave for work welcome. To the show I got your emails or your messages earlier today and welcome. Back Tommy, hello Bruce and seventeen and all 79, and partly cloudy in Jacksonville. Florida Thomas, Henry how about some polos. With callers would love though, yeah, I too would love those but they're not offered through red bubble there, may come a time though where they might do it the, trick of it is I think though Thomas, is uh you. Mean the. Costing, might be so high that that they might be they might have looked into it and they're just not able to find a decent price arm and that the markups. It, might take them to an astronomical. Level, and then they won't sell on a numerical. Volume. Basis I don't know we'll, have to see but I wouldn't, mind having some followers myself, even.

If They have like stitched, embroidered. Logos, I'd, really like that but, time. Will tell these, are early days, Wendy, Thompson hi, everyone I'm nice shirt Bruce sunny about 85, in bland Missouri last year we renewed, the passports. To get, get. To change the address on them soon then, we can go off on the cruise port once where we're. Moved can't wait to fantastic, Wendy days if you're cruising, days are coming see. The inside of the cruise ship again yes Joseph. Hollyfield t-shirts look awesome thanks Joseph, I need a Frank you, can go down one size I know but. I also winning fleece to be washed and then just see how they do and with the Costco ice cream I'm eating you, know I might all equal out you know cuz, now I got a little room for a biscuit or two just like miss like you know likes the steamer and I got some room for biscuit we, shall see. Seek. Deeper the propeller design looks great I may order myself a paper a paperweight for my desk, you. Know not. A bad idea, Bob. Hollis 84, and sunny in Atlanta, Richard, see like, the t-shirt Bruce a John B hi Bruce 74, in Potsdam, New York nice ad nice. And sunny. Alright on John be nice and sunny John B is different, from John, who. Was on earlier I've got a John and I got a John B welcome. To both of you if you're both brand new fantastic. A Peter hekima Thomas, yes polo shirts will be great with a small, logo, yeah something up here you know like a little embroidered thing up here would be kind of cool there, whichever say, something. To consider, I'm always. The scheming, but right now I'm just trying to get my, get. My early day act together and, put, out as many logos as possible, see what logos are selling which ones people ignore and it will kind of go from there and just keep and way what what hats you. Know it's, just no end to it just no end to it, love, to do fridge magnets, I'd love to do something like. Keychains. There's. Just you know there's a ton, of ways to play this so time. Will tell Joseph, Hollywood I have a question do you like Disney Cruise or have you ever been on it Joseph. I haven't personally been on Disney, however. Everything. I hear everything I see all the, comments I get here. Virtually. 100%, pure, satisfaction, about. Disney, except for the price. They're. Not cheap but we're, talking five or five and a half star quality. Line. Great. If you're going with children, absolutely. I, even, read a. An. Article, in The New York Times Travel, section, Oh month, ago now and, it was a an. Editor, a travel. Editor who went, on a I believe was a four or a five day, cruise, with. His, wife and 12. Year old I think it was 12 year old child young, young, lady they. Had a blast they loved, it and the thing that he wanted, to let everyone in on was. Just, because we were on a Disney cruise it wasn't. Just. Children's. Cruise only there. Was alone. Time for mom and dad because the, youngster, would. Be participating. In all of these events, and activities onboard the ship that were going on for youngsters, only, mom and dad not allowed and so, mom and dad would have their up their pool time, or, they would have Sun tanning time or they'd be in their balcony, room reading, a book on the balcony, time or whatever. Happens in balcony rooms when the kids aren't around, whatever. That is and. Then they had the the. Restaurants, in the evening they. Would they. Would wait for their main supper later. And they would go to a nicer. Restaurant, you. Know from mom and dad and they, loved it they really enjoyed it. But. It was pricey but. The the writer. Basically. Equated. The trip. As a, 5-star, Disney. Experience. Experiencing. The. Disneyland. Disneyworld, ambience. In, a five-star. Setting, and so thumbs, ups there, it's. It's a deal you you can look on vacations, to go calm, for the best deal if you want try to find a deal, it's, hard to come across a bargain. Deal on on, Disney, they're just they just aren't any they're at 102, 104, percent average, capacity for, a cruise ship they. They. Sell out all, the time I know that last year during. Hurricane, season, I, think. Disney had to cancel cruises, a new. New cruises, for, almost sent five or six days almost a week and that caused all kinds. Of heartache there were all kinds of adults. And children who. You. Know thousands of them who now couldn't go on a cruise because. The cruise was canceled and then those of course who were on the cruise, they're, on these ships, they, got the goal they got the standard ships a little longer because the ship couldn't come back to port because of the weather so. Some winners and losers. But. Yeah. They're a busy, now they've got four ships going right now they've, got, they. Got three or four on order coming, starting, in 2020 21 22 23 one a year each. Ship at full capacity, 4,000. Passengers per. Ship on order, being, built one. Right after the other after the other so, yeah Disney will be expanding, dramatically they'll, be going much, more global they, will not only be, out of Florida.

They'll. Be out of La probably not a ship permanently. Out of Los Angeles because. There's Disneyland, over there and you got 30 million Californians. Got a ton of options there, they're. Probably gonna a base the ship out of the Orient maybe, out, of Shanghai. Maybe out of Hong Kong maybe. Out of, somewhere. You know somewhere along because, somewhere. In Asia and then there's. Europe the European market, I think they'd like to have a ship out of Europe as well because Euro. Disney and you, know so they're, going they're, going out I don't think they're gonna stop at seven ships I think. They're gonna go in like 15 eventually, but yeah. Recommend, me it's a chance to go. Mr.. X from Tokyo, Joseph. I've been on several with them without small children our party it is really enjoyable they, have a lot to do for everyone everyone, you you can you can definitely join yourself that's a good comment see keeper a collared shirt with, an embroidered pocket would be awesome, right on see deeper we're, on the same page here, Sylvia. Is here, hi Bruce nice shirt, Sylvia, Greensboro North Carolina the, fellow who fell jumped from the carnival ship was, from Greensboro, North Carolina yeah, unfortunately things two years 50, years old 85. And sunny right now over there they. Gave up the search, coastguard. Then ship the ship went I know how many hours but the Coast Guard went 24, and no. Sign of this individual. Peter hekima Joseph. Disney. Is wonderful, first-class but. You have to be you have to like to be with a lot of kids but they do have sections just for adults right done all right there mr., X in Tokyo says go off to areas without, children allowed but all the staff there really good yes they are and the staff love their. Jobs I think very, happy folks on board Disney from. What I'm from what I gather these, comments, just verify what I was kind of speculating, on Richard C Bruce, any thoughts, on virgin, cruise lines and the new ships they are building yes I have thoughts, I. Have, interesting, thoughts or. Adult. Only Cruise. Line. Is what they want to go with I get it. I think. They want to go 18 and over maybe 25. And over but they definitely want to go you know let's say age. Of majority and, over, is. Their thought process, the. Ships are I, think. 24. 2500. Capacity. So. They're not like mega they're, not like the mega mega cruise ships they're going to be sort of like Holland America size princess. Size. That. Kind of thing. I've. Seen a lot of imagery I've, seen a lot of renderings, computer, renderings of the ships so far what they're doing what they're teasing they. Want to be I think a. Cruise. Line that is going to offer a lot of.

Activities. This. Is going to be an action-packed, kind, truce though they will have secluded, adult, areas at all areas secluded. Areas where you can you know it'll be quieter, and you can, unwind. And, not participate. In daily activities it's. Not like they're gonna have a, belly. Flop contest in, every pool on the ship every day that's, not their idea of activity, I think they're gonna do a lot of, medium-sized. Ports, because the ships aren't 6,000. People. Large, because. They're in the 2000, ranges they're gonna hit port cities, and port areas a little. Quieter, perhaps. They'll. Probably want to do a lot of eco. Eco. Tourism, there might be. There. Might be, Islands. Where they'll go scuba. Diving or. Snorkeling a. Lot of that there. Might be. Treks. Into, the rainforests. In some of the Central. America areas, I, think, it's gonna be interesting I really, do it's it's going to be different, than, the cookie cutter cruise. Formula. That everyone else not everyone else but a lot of those cruise lines are using of, course we love, the cookie cutter formula, I mean there's a reason 27. Million people aren't cruising we, love to eat too much we like to drink too much and we like the rest too much and gain too much weight love. To do but. If you're after that twenty to thirty five forty five-year-old crowd, has. A, big. Contingent. Of your your passengers. And then, you're gonna have the 50, 60 70, year olds kind of added in there you're. Gonna want to offer something for everyone and. Unlike. Say, Viking. Which, will have which does have cruise ships right, now with. Nine hundred and sixty-five, passengers, no one under 18 allowed, and a. Very calm. Serene. And, quiet. Atmosphere. Throughout. The whole ship I think. No. Virgins, gonna be far more active now, I, won't. Call them a booze cruise operator. I don't think that's what they're after either there. I don't think they're looking to to, make it so that you want to have that you have a hangover every day I think, they want to have a scenario, where you're, exhausted. At the end of the day and the, next you're gonna get a good night's sleep and the next we're, gonna have more fun and more activities, on shore and bicycle. Rentals. Zipline. Adventures. Or obstacle. Rope course adventures. Here and there, just. All kinds of activity, type of, destinations. And. Tours and that kind of thing so it's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out it won't be cheap they're, not going to be the cheapest crews either there, they're looking to go four and a half five star, so. They want to be kind of up there and you'll pay for the experience but. I think you're gonna get an experience, so I'm. Very open-minded about this Cruise Line. I think, they've ordered three ships if I've got my bearings, straight and I think they're talking seven, to eight hundred million per ship approximately, so. About a two billion dollar investment the. First ship is being built as we, speak, and. So. It'll be a scene to see when it comes out we're gonna hear nothing but more. Advanced press, more. PR, for. The, next year a year and a half before that first ship even launches, so, there's gonna be a lot of press about this Cruise Line and their affairs activities, and we'll learn a lot more going forward so yeah I'm kind of curious about what, virgin will end up doing. Silvia, a friend booked, is travel. To Jamaica last year and is trying to get travel insurance through. His insurance but they told him he booked, too early, and the only book a year in advance what does he do isn't that isn't that something I, guess, I suppose. You wait, the. You, know I was. Just talking to Jen. About this earlier today I was talking about Jamaica. That the. Island. Of Jamaica but country, of Jamaica. Has been on. State. Of emergency, for. I think five or six years is, still I think they're still curfews, in place, in the evenings because. The government just cannot, guarantee, the safety of its. Citizens and, any visitors, to Jamaica after. A certain time of, the day is. In the evenings, it's. Too unruly and the, police cannot protect, you and, so, getting, travel, insurance to, Jamaica might be a bit of an issue and the.

Reason The insurance, company is saying we, can't, give, you insurance until, least a year you know within a year is because, you want to keep an eye on things in, the meantime if Jimmy, key becomes very unstable, they. May pull all insurance. And not offer any or the, insurance they offer will be so expensive, that you may reconsider. The trip or not. Get it I don't know so, Soviet, that's my guess as to what's happening and why this is happening and I'm. Gonna I'm gonna have to say the only advice I can give. This individuals, just wait wait, for your wait for the you. Know and try to get travel insurance, closer. Into the trip and see what what it's about that's all I know well we'll just the renderings, I have, seen for the new virgin ships look very huge, like, oversized, yachts very, modern looking yes, Paul I agree, you know these, artist renderings are always you know they're perfect. Then. You see the actual thing, I. Saw. Rendering, a computer, rendering of the, two-story, room, that. Royal, Caribbean has, on the symphony of the Seas that's that family. Suite that, has that tubular, slide, from the second floor coming down to the living room and the. Imagery, of that room makes it look just massive. But in real life. What. I found was I saw a picture of that, room from, someone with a with a handheld, video, camera, might have been a cell phone and. The. Kid coming down the slide the, slide is three inches away from the glass window. The the. Ceiling to floor glass. Window, that that suite has the, slide comes right up to it and so. It's. A tight fit they, put that slide in and then they installed the window later I think to. Get that thing in there, so. When you see the real deal, you realize well, okay. It, kind, of looks like the are renditions, but the rendition sure, made it look luxurious and, open. Spaced, and so on yeah it'll. Be interesting Paul, when that ship you know comes. Out we'll, see what it really, does look like on board. But. There's, a lot of unique features, to it that I'm sure will appeal, to a certain demographic Scott, batchly hi everybody cloudy, today mnsure and I sure craze thanks Scott what do you say hey, and. See keeper I like. Quiet areas in the shade get a mild buzz going but I'm not a fan of hangovers, I got one once a heavy duty hangover. Never. Again. Once. Is it up I hear. You there, on. The t-shirts by the way just, just quickly mention that I did mention on the video this one here is designed, for a dark colored background. Shirt this logo but. This logo is available, for white, shirts. Or a very light-colored shirts, where, the twb would be in black said up in white and so. I've done that with a lumber, of my logos, if you go to the red bubble story you'll see that so, just look around and see what you think you may find that you like a.

The. Blue shirt with, the black lettering, twb. Versus, the white lettering, pick, the one you want it's up to you I make it as easy as possible and, enjoy. And. Thanks again for your support of my channel Richard see our February Princess, cruise cancelled and to make a stop for. Security, reasons last, year yes. This. Is not that uncommon. And. I. Give. I give Jamaica, kudos there they're attempting, as, best, they can to, to. Stabilize. Things, they. Are investing, heavily in port. Facilities, for. Cruise, ships they. Are investing, in security. Brand-new. Brand, new docks new, piers, security. Staff. Amenities. Tourism. Safety. Because. Their their strategy, is simple if they can get more cruise lines to make more stops, in Jamaica, and. Passengers. Come. Off the ships and do a tour and, enjoy, themselves they're, dropping cash there tons of it and you're. Employing Jamaicans, you're, employing Jamaicans, at the pier at the dock for. The Coast Guard for. You. Name it and now for the tourist side of things for the restaurants, the, transportation. Cab, drivers, bus drivers, and tour operators. You're. Creating, of an industry, and engine. Case if, they can get more people working, rather. Than, cry. Mning. That. Works out because people, who have steady jobs know, they have spent steady, paychecks. They can make plans. Like. Buy. Some furniture uh having. A second child. Buying. New whatever, getting, a new TV new clothing at a new car whatever, it is and, the. Country is trying to, economically. Improve. Itself, and building. Enhanced, port facilities, for cruise ships is a pretty smart move to make because it is. A fairly. Clean business when, you compare, it to say, oh I. Don't know. Creating. Factories. To make you. Know something. That belches, pollutants. Out of a smokestack I mean you, know if you can get employed thousands. And thousands, of Jamaicans in the, tourism sector, that's. Just a positive thing if he can calm the country down and get people employed more. Resorts. Will be built in Jamaica. Including, the all-inclusive and that, would be good for Jamaica and for tourists, because, there are a ton, of folks, down there who are ready to help us enjoy ourselves it's. A beautiful, place but, unfortunately. The population, is such that there are a high, number of Jamaicans, in dire straits, and that, is a country halfway, to the third world and the Western world and the country government. Leadership is, trying their darkness to get that country out of the third world area and more into the western side of things if possible. Dominica. Is doing it. St., quas done, it, of. Course there st. Thomas in Mar 10, you. Know all the other islands in the Caribbean that have desperately, shifted, you know quickly shift as hard as they can to serve as saying tourists, because. Tourists leave behind cash and they don't leave behind. You. Know a lot of toxic, chemicals. From. Paint, mixture, or anything else I mean it's it's a clean business comparatively, speaking. And so Jamaica. Is trying to try, to get there anyway. Cancellation. So do happen to steam you mean the shirt looks great love the colors thanks steamer I hope you checked out that video I made today Eleni, aha Lonnie. Is here I would say the insurance thing is because you can get a full refund still up to a certain time frame before the cruise good point, on that. Too you, know I can imagine that you bought insurance and, then all of a sudden there's, race. Riots, or something like why you want to cancel your trip you want to cancel everything and you cancel insurance and you walk away unscathed I, hear. You there let me also, I would think also with the insurance that if you're buying travel, insurance and your. Cruise is canceled six months before it even happens, the insurance companies kept, paying out all these dollars, on a cruise. That you know wasn't gonna happen, they. Don't want to get caught with that either they only want to pay out when it's an emergency, cancellation. Like a bad, weather or something. Mechanical. Or whatever, but yeah. There's all kinds of reasons here but. Good point there Steven beam greetings everyone as steamer, welcome Silvia, he is flying over and staying, on a resort. So. These flying Lee's flying into Jamaica staying at a resort trying to get insurance see there you go Richard, C steaming late to the party today actually think. Steamer kind of Rives at this time school. Just got out yeah. My. Class introduce. Us to your crazy five fifth. Graders, the. Folks that drive you to drink. Hey. Let's get those kids to buy some of these t-shirts and then all day long you'll be looking at these logos staring, back at you in the classroom that'll.

Drive You batty I think, so I'll Drive you nuts. Mister. X11 loud steamin you finish and get ready to head off. Fantastic. All right well my story today my news, today that that I kind, of was. I put some info, about, hurricane, season I thought, I would update everybody whoever's, watching live, and whoever. Follows my channel, later. On tonight some more next week the. Islands, and the areas of the Caribbean that were hit, heavily it I. Thought. An update everybody on how they're doing what's. Going on how. They've recovered how they're not recovering. The the the. Season. Starts on June the first that's in the next a week or so hurricane. Season officially begins. Until the end of November. Last. Year September, to October were, just, terrible months for, the Caribbean, and, here. Are some islands, and and how they're doing. I'm. And, Willa Anguilla. Still. Not back to 100%. Looking. To receive passengers, in December. Of this year they are not able to receive cruise ships even now may. Six, months later they. Still can't receive passengers, it's December. And that is assuming, they. Don't hit get, hit again this. Fall. If they don't. Get hit they'll. Continue to recover and rebuild and we'll be able to accept. Passengers, in December, Barbuda. Barbara. Had 1800 people living on the island. 95%, of the structures were heavily, damaged, or completely destroyed, the, government, basically. Government. Of Antigua. And Barbuda they, took all 1800, folks off the island, they could not guarantee their safety could, not give them the basics, of life water. Electricity. Food. Source and security. Could not offer it they, had to evacuate all 1800, folks off the island and then. Start to rebuild the island in. Sections. And it would be government buildings first, infrastructure. And so on all at the same time and then, private housing, the. 1,800, folks are, off they. Were off since November, of last year, they've. All been housed, in Antigua, except. For those of course who are now in work gangs working, on the island probably, being housed by contractors, in, temporary, housing and. They're. There looking to get all 1800 back the earliest, that they are expecting, any cruises, back, to Barbuda is this November, so, at least another five six months before the first, tourists. Will show up by, then a huge. Number of the 1800, will be back so it's a entire, year for. Some folks not, on their home island before, they can return to their Island it's it's, devastating, I am, certain, that the insurance claims are a nightmare, I'm. Sure there are disputes, between insurance, companies and property. Owners resorts. Getting, rebuilt, from scratch, it's. A major undertaking, it. Is a mess, and it takes, time it just does you, can't drive to Houston, and get get lumber, and bring it back you got a ship, at all in or flying in and that's, big money and that's that's.

The Issue of course and labor to build Cuba. They suffered flooding in, November. Coastal. Cities including, some in Havana that all, was. Looked, after within the first two weeks they, they had that Lake, fast. It's, back to normal since, December, Cuba, has been back to normal since December 2017. And they're, expanding, their cruise, itineraries, we keep talking about it here we, hear about it Carnival, Norwegian. Royal Caribbean they're, all increasing, their calls to the island as our, other lines and they'll, continue to do so so Cuba's open for business. But then again Cuba is susceptible. To. Hurricanes, like. Any Caribbean, area nation, and so. We. Have to watch it but in the case of Cuba the, size of the island and the number of folks who live there they. Do have the manpower and, resources to, rebuild, relatively. Fast and to. Get back up and running so that's. One thing Cuba does seem to have going for it we'll see how it goes this year Dominica. Dominica. Was heavily damaged, last November. They. Will receive, carnival. Shifts starting this, July, they'll, be finally, receiving carnival ships in July, Celebrity, Hall in America Princess Royal Caribbean Seabourn, have all indicated. That through the summer into the fall they, will be returning to, Dominica, as before. So it's coming back almost a year for Dominica Florida. Keys they were heavily damaged, as we know a. Number, of homes were totally, destroyed condo. Complexes, resorts, toll. Terrible damage in the keys. The. Keys as, far as cruising. Is concerned the, port facilities up and running they're, back as, you they expect a regular. Winter. Season this winter all, is, gonna be back to normal for the cruising, end of it for, property, owners it's. A one-off situation. Depends. On you, know whether it was a home that was damaged a condo complex, a resort, business, that. You, know some folks have started some, haven't even begun some have given up others, have already rebuilt so. The keys are a mixed, bag Puerto. Rico lots, of news on Puerto Rico as I've shared with you on numerous, occasions. Suffice. To say the. Power grid, is the big. Mystery. It's. The one that was in the worst shape before. The Hurricanes, came. The. The, Puerto Rican power grid was on duct. Tape being. Held together in patches and was. Very unreliable all hospitals. Government buildings, almost any resort, of renown, most.

Private, Condo complexes, especially, high-rise buildings, they all have, their own generator, system, because they can't count on their. Own national. Power grid for, reliable. Power the. Entire, system, was devastated. And destroyed to, a great extent it took months to get even 25% of the island back up into a power position, other, than those folks running generators, and of course right after the Hurricanes they, were running out of diesel to power the generators, it was just, terrible but, a lot of Puerto Rico as. A quite a number of spots, in Porto Rico have gone solar, they've. Decided to take the opportunity of a rebuild to install. Solar. Systems. And get. Off the darn grid and not even bother with it if at all possible or, really, reduce the reliance on the grid and, we've. Heard stories, from time to time where. People. Who are working on these power lines, and, power towers. And whatever and they, have accidents people getting killed trying, to repair this system, and. Then the, the the, power company gets, to the point where they're about to announce. 95%. Is back we're up and right and then the day after they have a an, accident. Or a power, surge and the entire grid, is off again and it takes too - - slowly. But surely get, each section, back up online again, and so, they're still struggling to this day. Puerto. Rico is with. Their power system, now the island, as far as infrastructure, goes roadways. Have been, generally. Repaired, but there are still sections, in the interior, that are a mess of, the dam that we were watching a huge water dam that was in, trouble I don't know what the status of that is, I'm sure it's being you know worked on I, know. They had the the. Marine Corps of Engineers looking at it trying. To figure out the extent of the damage I could. Go on and on about Puerto Rico for hours suffice. To say on the cruising end of things they're, up and running the, port has been running since last December true. Ships are coming in and coming out of there but. We had, heard for a few months after the hurricane the nightmare, stories, of, passengers. Not. Able to get in to get onto their cruise in time and not able to get out with. Their flights because of cancellations, and all. Kinds, of issues the. Airport. Was also being held together by duct tape it just goes on and on and on hopefully. They won't get hit this year and they can keep rebuilding all, this, winter and keep. Servicing, people and bring, in some cash flow because God, knows they need it so, Puerto Rico is quite a story st. Barths st.. Bart's got nailed, badly. That's the island that, Richard. Branson was on he is in his own estate, and he. Rode out the. Hurricanes, on his own property, he. Had to basically rebuild a big chunk of his own property, the, island, got devastated. Government, buildings badly, hit. But. So, far only. Small. Cruise, lines have returned, to st. Barths mainly. The boutique. Cruise lines those six star lines which. Are like the giant, yachts that hold, 200, 400 people at a time the. Large cruise ships have not returned to st. Barths they're not ready they're, still rebuilding gonna be a while yet st.. John's which is a u.s. Virgin Island territory.

This. Is an island that you can get to from. My beliefs st. Thomas by via a ferry or st. Maarten via ferry. They. Are, will, not be up and running fully. Until March, 2019. There. They're, not able to take day visitors, even, to this day, they. Have a national, park there and. They're. Just not ready they're still rebuilding a lot of infrastructure damages same r10 and saint-martin. Both. Halves, of the island badly, hit the, Dutch half the French, half, badly. Damaged, but they, were able to get cruise ships back, on the island in January. Or so, within. A month or two they opened their ports again they. Put in millions. Millions. And thousands. Of workers to get their Island up and running for cruise ships. We've. Had a number of folks on this channel tell us that they went to st. Maarten and they. Would tell us that the, ports fine. But. Walking, from the port to the beach downtown, they would still see destruction or. Block. Behind, the, main beach where, the secondary. Houses. Are apartment. Buildings were. The work were they yet where the locals live full-time. Devastation. Months. After, still. Tons. Of devastation, a lot, of rebuilding had to go on and it's still happening to this day so st. Maarten has recovered a lot but, not yet fully recovered because of the, absolute. Devastation, that they suffered same with Saint Thomas, the u.s. territory. The, island st. Thomas was also heavily damaged, but the ports are up and running again they, tried, to as quickly as possible get, the cruise ships back they got the, the. Cable car ride running again so, the folks can go up the cable car. And. Like. I say they want the business back badly. They need it and a, lot of dough went in there but, there is still a lot of private, damage. To be repaired. To. Be completed, and a number of resorts are still not open it'll take months yet it might take another six eight months for. A number of resorts to be back online, that's the st. Thomas tour to Tortola. Was. Damaged, last November but, there they're back on again they're up and running and turks and caicos they, were damaged, but they too are back up and running as well they were able to repair quickly and. These. Are only the the, islands, and areas of the Caribbean that had significant. Damage that I mentioned any island or territory I didn't manage it didn't mention there, probably okay I don't sink why I didn't mention it specifically, but Saint quoi had. Significant. Damage but. They got a lot of repairs done rather, quickly, and. Are, you know kind of backup I'm running so there's a brief. Recap there of the of the hurricane damage and what's been going on. Let's. See what's, going on Thomas Henry's wondering what time zone are you and steamer. Thomas. Henry, everyone's, saying goodbye to mr. X in Tokyo it's got to go steamer.

Laughs, Alone one of my kids the other day asked me if the cruise ship escape was going to pick pick. Me up here in Sandy Bay Saskatchewan, on the Churchill River yeah, no that's a big river out there why just ship them down through the north's and then come and pick you up which are running take. You under Ollie that'd be pretty pretty damn nice cruise rather, convenient, wouldn't you say man. I'd be something steamer. Mr.. X I have another 15 minutes for sign-off fantasticks Thomas Henry steaming. Could introduce a cruise, okay. Carolien. Circulate. I can't, pronounce that cruising's. Holidays, I'm, thinking, about going to port villa next year in June would you know if the weather would be okay, port port villa going. To port villa where is port villa please tell the cruising holidays where are, you welcome. To the show I see a little picture there your, avatar. Looks like Sydney's, Opera House if I could see that welcome. To the show, nice to have you here steaming bean we just Stu survived a fire thank God absolutely. Thomas Henry that, would make, a true, steamed, green I. Guess. Well. Like that's maybe not a natural, fire the three planes and a couple of helicopters, had, to fight that with, steaming beam but it's out thank goodness love to trouble my computer just shuts down then. I got to start all over again that is frustrating not. Good Thomas Henry must, have been the cat walking over the buttons there they, remember, they. Remember your Pussycats Debbie. Man you all happy to here safe from the fire bean. Ravens. Here hi how hi. Everybody. How's, everyone doing okay here thanks Ramon for coming back nice to see you again loves, to travel no cat she's not even in the room so it's not yeah, Steven bean who has given Bruce a Fonzie today who's given Bruce a thumbs up is the question how many begat four. Thumbs ups today I got 26 thumbs ups I'm, not so bad thank you everybody anybody can spare a thumbs ups today please shoot them over that would be terrific, s.

Q Is saying hi Bruce its excuse under B Ontario it's 17 Celsius sunny cool, breeze but nice here today how's everyone doing Tracy Dunlap, can't believe hurricane, season starts again in a few days and even here in Naples so, many blue tarps still on the roofs still. Working, on repairs, to our house - absolutely, these same time even. Bleeding twice plus 26, celcius in Sandy basis Gautreaux and that's getting nice and hot loves, to travel I still I still can't decide where and when to go on my cruise rayvon, how you been we're doing great Raymond, we're just talking about the hurricane season that starts next week talking, about cruises, out there all kinds of news steam, and being loves to travel when are you, looking. Like what. When, are you looking like summer maybe love's, travel I don't know I usually go around October can't decide, steamin, being lucky to go when cruising is cheap the steam you mean have you ever considered the summer to, cruise she says I usually go around October, 13 cuz that's, my birthday loves. To travel last June I took the Norway cruise steamer. I am Bermuda, bound on the escape July 15th, rayvon saying hi Thomas, Henry um st.. Thomas I was, there over Thanksgiving, last year, didn't. Even get to see the destruction, I did, assuming, and snorkeling. Tour the beaches were good right on, so, that was thanks to that was November. Very. Good to avoid that downtown area loves to travel I would love to do the Norway cruise again and Thomas. Hi rayvin where is home for you he's in the UK at Thomas, Henry cheers a Raymont. Jim. Thomas bin beam fire, didn't, burn your biscuits I hope. Biscuits. Are fine the. Biscuits are good all sheltered, all as well well. Not too bad not too bad there. Yeah. You know you've. Got to decide where to go on a cruise to go on an October cruise do you do whatever cruise you're gonna take a cruise in November. Caribbean. All these cruise ships are coming back on a repositioning, cruise from Europe back, to North America. And. Those first months, the November's, most. Of December, good, chunk of January the. Caribbean, is is priced. Right and this year we can add the symphony of the Seas more. Accommodation. More more. More. Space we, can add the Bliss we. Can add carnival horizon, these are cruise ships that are going to be, added, to the, Caribbean. Which. Means that you. Know thousands. Of rooms, available on, a weekly, basis, additionally, to. The season even if they take a two, thousand passenger. Ship and move it elsewhere but, they're bringing in a four thousand passenger, ship you're adding two thousand, rooms to the Caribbean, you. Multiply this out over a number of cruise lines and, the. Competition, will be a hot nanny to get you to commit. Studio. Vlog, Channel, Port Vila is in Vanuatu aa. Studio. You. Know studio port a channel I cannot give you a personal, opinion on port, villains that I haven't been there if. Anyone out there has by, all means let us know I would, recommend studio vlog if you're not familiar. With it yourself you. May want to just check our old youtube channel, here and see, if you can find some videos on port. Vila in, Vanuatu and find out if other cruisers have been there and when and. That'll give you a handle on what kind of weather to expect what the amenities are like what the port is like a lot.

Of Folks will post their own video I would love to a posted, one for you but I haven't been there so I can't can't help you there but. That's my that's my. You. Know that's my I thought right there Stephen bean I was cool too it, was cool to watch another channel live yesterday and Bruce pops. Up among the viewers. You're. Talking about Lolita. Loca, yeah I was I popped in there to say are those guys they've been here from time to time they watch me but, they need something they don't tell me they're watching they just kind of watching keep an eye on me and if, you're watching guys how are you it's great to have you back Thomas, Henry I have never, heard of any wet where is it Vanuatu is in the Pacific between. Australia. And Fiji, New. Caledonia, area and, it's. A beautiful area gorgeous and a. Lot of a lot of tourists from the Australia, area in New Zealand they will head up there for a bit of tropical. Holiday during, their winter time absolutely. Richer, see also in the winter you have all, the cruises from the west coast to, Hawaii and check, they'll have a flow they have great prices for a 15 day cruise must-do trip lots, of trouble when I go on a cruise I say to myself how can all, these people afford to come on the cruise laughs a lot yeah. You know you forget, or. 50 million Americans 35. Million, Canadians. 300. Million people from Europe there's, a billion right, there almost a billion oil not quite maybe 78 under Mille and. There's, this room for how many folks a week, on these cruises fifty, sixty thousand, the week 70,000 a week whatever the number is. Yeah, it's it the numbers are stunning they're absolutely stunning. Cruising, holidays Port Vila is in Vanuatu and I'm thinking, about flying there this time right on yeah. I would Chrissa qualities I would check. Out YouTube videos I would do a search on YouTube just you. Know Port Vila Vanuatu. And see. What pops up I think you'll find all kinds of videos about that, area and that, might give you a bunch of it you know intelligentsia you want to. Help you out figure out what's going on. Thomas. Henry. L2l. Loves to travel I wonder how much they spent in the casino, to, get comped cruises, yeah that's, right how much they what, they lost in the casino, to get comped cruises, yeah yeah I get, I, get, brochures, all the time from Princess they. Would love to have me come back to their casino as, I like, to play the slots of time to time I end up but, I only get room, credit so you know 200 bucks 300 bucks that kind of thing, and. It's. On a deal that they're offering me I can get a vacation to go deal that's so much cheaper forget, the cops you guys I'll just go what I want to go your. Comps are worthless to me they're, you. Know let's go give me a free cruise they're, not offering me a free cruise. Richard. See if you look at a cruise vacation. Is reasonable. Or 100. 200 hours per person per day including food it is a reasonable, vacation, a richer see I couldn't agree more, I totally, get you with that if you got five-star, accommodation. You, know on a haul in America ship a celebrity, ship, you're. In one of the brand-new Royal, Caribbean vessels. Or one of the giant. Norwegian. Cruises the new horizon. For Carnival. You, know if you can be in a balcony, room for a hundred, bucks a night or, less. For. A seven-day. Cruise, man. Per, person even. With tips and port charges, it doesn't, matter you, can't get that kind of a deal at a beachfront resort. Anywhere. In the United States, you're, not gonna get that in the Cayman Islands you're not gonna get that in Nassau Bahamas you're. Talking, to 300, a night for the room plus, the local taxes, then you gotta eat you might get breakfast thrown in but not the rest of it what, about renting, a car you gotta you, know you want to get around of Miami.

Or Orlando, or or tabla in Orlando is even beachfront. You know you want to be on the on the on the ocean oceanfront, something, you're gonna pay dearly through, serious. Money West Coast San. Diego beachfront, Los Angeles, in between the - up, - up, -. Oh. My, goodness just north of Los Angeles uh you, know Oxnard, and north of Oxnard, you, want to go up a beachfront oh you talk for honor tonight, serious. Money plus plus, you gotta eat one haven't you talked five six hundred a night a, cruise. Is, such a bargain compared. To this such a deal and the service and the shows and, the. The views, a, different. You

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