2018 GW Commencement - Full Program

2018 GW Commencement - Full Program

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Friends. Family. Honored. Guests please. Welcome, the. George Washington, University Board. Of Trustees, chair. Nelson. A carbonyl, junior, president. Thomas. LeBlanc. Members. Of administration. And our. Very special awardees. And honorees. Escorted. By, the GW. Police, Department, honor guard. On behalf. Of my, colleagues, on stage, and my, colleagues, throughout, the university, I am. Delighted to, welcome all, of you to. Our annual commencement, in the hundred. And ninety seventh, year of the, George Washington. University. We. Will continue, our ceremony. With, the presentation. Of the colors by the, George, Washington. University, Naval. Reserve, Officer Training Corps, ceremonial. Color guard and, the. National anthem. Sung. By, Millicent. Scarlet, a professor. In the. Department of Music with. Those who are able please stand. And remove. Your hats. We, will remain standing. For the. Retiring, of the colors followed, by the invocation. From. Lindsay Marsh warned, of Grace, Covenant, Church. Right. Meaning. Whose. Broad, stripes and. Bright, stars. Please. Treat. Me. It was. Too. Oh. Good, morning GW, family, and friends, I'm dr. Lindsey marsh Warren and I will be delivering the invocation, this morning, I also. Mgw alum, from. Graduating. Undergrad, medical school as well as doing my residency training in the department, of anesthesiology at. The George Washington, Hospital so, I've been a part of the community for over 20 years and, I'm just excited to be with you all this morning let. Us pray Heavenly. Father. We. Honor and, acknowledge, you, in this moment you are so good God and we are so grateful for life health. And strength. And that you've allowed us to see this day commencement, 2018. For, the George Washington, University this. Is truly the day that you have made in this. Moment, I speak, a blessing over this nation this. Nation's, capital, this, commencement ceremony the. University, the leadership, the, faculty, and staff the, graduates. And all of the families, and ethnicities. Represented. Lord. Let your will be done and have your way Lord, today we are so grateful, for each graduate. Even. Though there, are so many sitting, here together, you. Know and see each one of them individually. There. Were of course difficult. Moments. But by your goodness and your amazing grace these, graduates. Have overcome, every. Obstacle. Lord. We invite, you into this moment Holy Spirit, have your way in this moment as we honor and, celebrate. The diligence, and the dedication. Of the class of 2018. Their, labor has not been in vain and today, they crossed the finish line only to embark, on a new journey lord. I ask bless the work of their hands, make, those crooked, places straight in, their lives and give, them discernment. To make wise decisions in. The days that lay ahead, god. I asked, give each graduate. And even. Each one of us attending. And even, under the sound of my voice the, desire, and, the. Discipline, to use our gifts, talents. Intellect. And influence. To, fulfill god-ordained. Purpose. Demonstrate. Love and challenge. Injustice, in our world and lord. I ask even as we depart from this place, after. Degrees, have been conferred, and. Tassels. Have been turned I pray. That we, will all remember the, blessing, of our, educational. Experience, at GW, for. To whom much is given much, is. Also. Required Lord, I pray these, things in your precious name the name above every name, amen. Please. Be, seated. Class. Of, 2018. I. Am. Delighted to open, this ceremony in, this one-of-a-kind, setting. The, National, Mall. To. Gather here. Between. The. Washington, Monument. Dedicated. To our University's, namesake. And the. United, States Capitol, building, is a. Fitting, tribute to. Your achievement, in completing, your studies at the, George Washington, University, in. Addition. To congratulating, the members of the class of 2018 I want.

To Give a special, recognition to, all. The family members who, join us today and have, been important, pillars, of support to, our students, I. Also. Want. To acknowledge the. Numerous, alumni, and, friends. Whose. Generosity. Funded. The scholarships. That I know were, critical, to so, many of you able, to it to being able to attend. I. Am. Now pleased, to invite, the president of the university to, join me at the, podium. Dr.. Thomas LeBlanc is concluding. His first year, as president of. The George Washington University. President. LeBlanc leads, a community, of faculty, students. And staff, that. Numbers more than. 34,000. People as. We. Approach our Bicentennial, president. LeBlanc has, been continuously. Emphasizing. That, contributions. That this university. Makes through, the students, it graduates. And the research, it conducts. Please. Join, me in welcoming. The. George Washington, University's, 17th. President, Thomas. LeBlanc. Chair. Carbonell, University. Trustees. Honorary. Degree recipients. University. Leaders. Distinguished. Faculty. Family. And friends good. Morning. Graduates. Let. Me begin by congratulating. You on your outstanding achievements. Today. From. The National Mall in the bright sunshine there. Are, 25,000. Graduates. Family. Faculty. Friends. To celebrate you, this. Is truly, an, only, at GW moment. So. Much so that, I feel compelled, to take a picture. One, more. If. You'd like a copy just text me. I'd. Like to thank our host the National Park Service, for its gracious, and generous, help, preparing. This incredible, setting. For today's ceremony. And. Now I'd like to continue, an important. Commencement. Tradition well. The parents the, families, and the friends of, the class of 2018. Please. Rise to, accept our congratulations and. Our, thanks. It. Is now my pleasure to, recognize the. Special guests, who, today will, receive the university's. Highest, honor. Can. Our honorary degree recipients. Please stand, when, called upon. Please. Join me in welcoming. President. Emeritus, of the George Washington University, and University, professor. Of English dr., Stephen Knapp. Three-time. Olympic. Medalist, and George, Washington, University, double. Alumna Elana. Meyers Taylor. And the. President, of the National, Academy of Sciences, and renowned. Geophysicist. Dr., Marcia McNutt I. Now. Have the honor of introducing. Nelson. A carbonelle junior chair. Of the University's, Board of Trustees, an, alumnus, of this University. Mr. carbonelle. Thank. You president, LeBlanc. Now. Before I begin my remarks some, of you may wonder, what. Does the board chair do at commencement. Well. The first thing I do is arrange the weather so. You're welcome. It's. Gonna rain tonight I believe. So. I am honored as the chair of the Board of Trustees to join, president, LeBlanc and my fellow trustees, many. Of whom are also alumni. And parents. Relatives. And friends of GW students, in welcome. All of you to this very significant, occasion as we celebrate the class of 2018, and, there. Are many achievements and accomplishments. First. Man asked the trustees who have joined us this morning to please rise and be recognized, by the audience. Trustees. We thank you for your leadership and service, to GW. We. Are all grateful for your commitment, I. Would. Also like to add to the president's, recognition, or of our distinguished, guests and offer, an additional welcome, to our honorary, degree recipients. President. Emeritus Stephen Knapp. Olympian. Elana, Meyers Taylor, and. Our. Commencement speaker dr. Marcia, McNutt. On, behalf of the Board of Trustees we. Appreciate, all of you being here on this momentous, occasion. It. Is a special homecoming for, President Emeritus Knapp. Our, 16th. President has. Returned to the institution, that he led for 10 years, during. That time he. Oversaw, the construction, of the science and engineering hall made. GW, a force, in urban, sustainability, and, completed. The 1 billion dollar making. History campaign, welcome. Back President Emeritus Knapp and congratulations.

On Your honorary degree. Today's. Commencement ceremony. Marks. A number of important, milestones. It. Is president LeBlanc's first commencement, on the National, Mall as president. Of the George Washington University, pretty. Cool huh. For. Our faculty and staff is that, an appreciate, it is an appreciation of, the effort that you have invested, in your students. For. The families, and friends joining, us today is a celebration of the love and care that you, provided to help our graduates, through, their journey at GW. Finally. For. You our graduates today represents. The culmination of. Years. Of hard work and harder, knowledge your, degree signals, that you have distinguished, yourselves, as scholars, and citizen, leaders these. Are important, titles that you will carry forward with you into the world, remember. Your, experiences. At the George Washington University have. Shaped who you are. At. President LeBlanc's inauguration. Ceremony, I called, on you, to consider the words of another, Nelson. Nelson. Mandela. Who. Said education is, the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world, we. Can change the world and make it a better place it. Is in your hands, to make a difference, today. The tumultuous world, in which we live needs more leaders like you. We. Need your hope. Optimism. And knowledge, to. Be the change in the world to change the world, make it a better place as you. Become alumni of the George Washington University it, is in all of your hands to make a difference. 33. Years ago I graduated from. GW, with a bachelor's, degree in, engineering. That's. All you got. Okay. All right okay well done. From. My own experience, I can tell you that the time I spent, here the. Education, I receive and the, friends I made have stayed with me and continued to enrich my life. GW. Prepared me well for opportunities. And challenges that I faced throughout my life I will. Forever be grateful and, loyal to the University. Becoming. An alumnus, of the George Washington University remains. One of my greatest honors, I am. Excited to welcome all of you as graduates of, one. Of the most respected and admired universities. In the world we. Are proud of you and I, know you. Will always be. Proud to say I, am. A graduate of the George Washington University. Congratulations. To all of you and raised high. It. Is now my pleasure to turn the program back to provost maltzman i. Would. Now like to recognize this. Year's recipients. Of the, George Washington Awards. This. Award, is conferred, for extraordinary. Contributions. To. The GW community. The. Students, staff. And faculty, who. Receive the GW, award have, each in their own way, shaped. Our University. Making. It the, outstanding, institution. It is today. It. Gives me great pleasure to, announce, this. Year's honorees, as, I. Call your name please rise. And, remain. Standing. Fiola. Sotka is a, candidate, today. For. A master, of Professional, Studies degree in, sustainable. Urban planning, from, the GW, College of Professional Studies. She. Has distinguished, herself as, a student, leader on sustainability, issues, bringing. Awareness, and education. On this. Critical, topic, to. The GW, community, she. Has also promoted human, rights and Reconciliation. In Kosovo. We, thank her for, her contributions. J. Andrew. Karl endure his, ik. Is. A. Candidate, for a bachelor's, degree in, business administration from. The GW, School of Business.

He. Has taken on many leadership, roles in the business school to the benefit, of his, peers, his. Work has, included launching. A professional, conference starting, a mentorship program and co-authoring. An undergraduate, oath of Honor, for, the Business School he. Most recently served, on the search committee for the new business school dean and we, are grateful for his efforts. Lisl. Riddle is an. Associate, professor of international. Business and international, affairs. She. Serves as a mentor, to the University's inaugural. Class of Posse. Scholars, working. With them on their academic. And professional, progress. At the University. She. Also organizes, the Posse plus retreat, an, annual, event that brings almost, a hundred students, staff, and faculty together. To, discuss, issues that, confront our, campus. And the nation. Lisl. Doesn't, expect accolades, for this work in fact she, takes on the extra, hours and then says thank, you to, us for, letting her, work, with, these wonderful students, I am. Honored to have her as a, colleague and a friend. Linda. Neely. Brown, is, the. Associate Director of colonial, central at GW. So. She could not be present today we, hope she's watching online as, we celebrate, her work. Linda. Is a mentor to staff drawing, upon her encyclopedic. Knowledge of, the university which, she has masked, amassed, over the course of thirty seven years of service, to GW. She. Has also served as part of the group that brought, the Yellow Ribbon Program to, the University. Perhaps. Most, importantly, she. Always serves students, and families, of the GW community with, deep care, and empathy. Thank. You Linda. Please. Join me in congratulating the winners of the GW, Awards. And. Thank. You for your service, to this university. Let. Me now introduce. Dr.. Vanessa Marie Perry. President. Of the, GW, Alumni, Association. Good. Morning, class of. 2018. My. Name is, Vanessa Perry, and I'm a 99 graduate, of the Milken Institute, School of, Public Health. And. I'm here to officially welcome, you to the, George Washington, University, Alumni. Association. We. Are thrilled to have you and, we, can't wait to see what you will accomplish. With. The capital behind us. In the monument, in front of us I am, reminded, of the historic, legacy of, GW. An. Institution. That stands, for the highest values, of intellectual. Pursuit, and, academic. Rigor. Last. Week you were students, and today. You are graduates. And alumni of. One, of the greatest institutions. On the planet. You. Have much to be proud of and, I. Want you to remember you're only at GW, moments. As one. That as many, that set you apart from the rest of your peers, for. Meeting heads of state. Entertainers. Political. Pundits. Olympic. Winning athletes, and, Prize. Winning authors. Remember. GW. Did that. Whether. It's when I'm here in Washington DC. Working. In New York or, traveling. The world I'm. Always, surrounded. By GW. Alumni. Let. Me acknowledge the, GW, alumni, among, us today. And show you that from now on you. Two will, be surrounded. By your GW, alumni, family. Can. All of us who earned a GW, degree prior to today please, stand and, be recognized. I'd. Like to also acknowledge, our, alumni, emeriti. Those. Who are a gret those, who graduated, from GW.

50 Or more years ago seated. In the front and. Gold. Caps and gowns please, join me in giving them a round of applause. One. Thing I know about our GW, alumni is that, we help each other out. GW. Grads support. Each other in career. In, friendship. And in, other ways big, and small the. Good, news is, that, because of you there. Are now more than two, thousand, two hundred and ninety thousand. Alumni living. In more than 150. Countries around, the world and, their. Strength, in numbers. That's. Two hundred and ninety thousand networking, opportunities, two. Hundred and ninety thousand, people ready. To help you out. But. It isn't a one-way street, it's. Up to all of us to give back to our University. It's. Up to all of us to, open doors for our GW, family, it's. Up to all of us to, help each other out and the. Options, to. Help each other out are, endless, you can, hire an intern. Donate. To a scholarship, fund, or. Attend. A career event for students. You. Can speak at your favorite, professors, class. Cheer. The loudest at a basketball, game. Or organize. A group of friends to attend a GW, reunion. Our. University. Is stronger, our. Future, is brighter and our. Alumni are better off when, we support, each other I look. Forward to helping you all out and I congratulate, you on this, monumental, day. It. Is now my pleasure to, introduce your student commencement speaker. Minou. Matthews. Meena. Was graduating, today with her Bachelor. Of Arts, and international, affairs from the GW, Elliott, School. Meenu. Has truly, made the most of her time at GW. And in, Washington, DC and I, can't wait to hear more from this inspiring, young woman, please. Welcome. Meena Matthews. Good. Morning. President. LeBlanc. Members. Of the Board of Trustees. Faculty. Parents. And fellow. Students. Thank. You for having me here today as. I. Stand here and look out onto the National, Mall I can't. Help but, think of my first time here. At. 10 years old on a family. Trip to DC I, stared. Wide-eyed. Through. The fence onto the White House lawn and announced. Very, loudly, to my parents, a phrase, that I'm sure many in the audience have. Already, heard. Mom. And dad I. Want. To be President, of the United, States. Exactly. Ten years later, during. My time at GW, I a. First-generation. American, a. Woman. Of color and. Now. An, intern, in the Obama, White, House. Walked. My parents, through, that very, same, fence and watched, as my family, walked through, the West Wing, for the first time in, that. Moment I remember. Thinking of how far I had come and, how, life had, truly, come full, circle, just. A few years ago I was, staring out onto, the same lawn that I was now standing. On my. Parents. Like. So many others, before them. Had. Given up everything. To, come to this country, from, India with. Dreams, of a, better future for, their children. That. Day I was. Reminded, how, powerful. Their. American. Dream that, they paved, for, me and my baby sister, really. Is. If. There's, one thing that I've learned during. My time at GW, it, is, that each of us has. The power to, cross. Those fences, walk. Across, lawns. And open. Doors that we never even, dreamed, we, could. Because. The classes, the.

Experiences. And the opportunities. The, GW. Has given us these past few, years have, equipped. Us with the courage, and the knowledge to, change the, world no. Matter who we are or, where. We come from. Looking. Around at, our graduating. Class I see, the future of America. I see. Soldiers who, will fight for our freedoms, overseas. Doctors. Who, will find a cure to cancer. Future. Ambassadors. And cabinet. Members who will change the course of history and. Educators. Who, will shape the lives of generations, to. Come I. See. Leaders, and adventurers. Who. Will make a difference, not. Just in Washington, but. In the world. But. Most importantly, I, see. Classmates. Turned. To, friends. Professors. Turned. To, mentors, and, people. Who. Have made a city that, once seemed so. Big, into. A home in. A. Few minutes we'll toss our caps and say, goodbye to our GW, experience, but, I know that, there is so much left, for, each and every, one of us to do, but. I hope that. As we stand here in reflection we. Take a moment to. Thank those who were on this road alongside. Us. Thank. You to those who, have helped us reach as high as we have, god, our. Friends. Our mentors. Thank. You to our professors, who. Have taught us more than, any textbook, ever could, they. Have taught us to be, leaders and global. Citizens. Thank. You to our staff members, who, work tirelessly in. Support. Of the student, experience, from. Our administrators. To. Those who, keep our campus safe. And clean. And, of. Course. Most. Importantly. Thank. You to our families, you. Have been there every. Step of, this journey and for, that reason this, accomplishment. Is as much yours, as it is ours. Thank. You because, each of you like. My own family. Would. Give up anything, for. This dream and. To. Us to. The class of. 2018. We. Did it and. This chapter comes. To a close I am so excited, to, see all the things that, we will continue to do and all, the barriers, that we will continue to break together, thank. You. Thank. You very much minou, your. Journey. Inspires. All, of us. President. LeBlanc will, now confer, the. Honorary degrees. The. Recipient. Of the first honorary, degree this morning, will be introduced, by, Katherine Chevalier, a candidate. Today. For. A Bachelor, of Arts degree from the Colombian College, of Arts, and Sciences. Originally. From Los Angeles California. Katherine. Is a political, science major with. A minor in theater. Following. Graduation she. Hopes to continue, studying political science and, civil. Rights law in, an effort to dedicate, her life to social. Justice and, equality. Doctor. Of Letters honoris, causa. Steven. Knapp served, as the 16th, president, of the George Washington University. Dr.. Knapp joined, George Washington. In 2007. From the Johns Hopkins University, where, he, served as Dean of Arts and Sciences, and later, provost after. More than 15, years as, a distinguished. Faculty, member, at the University, of California. Berkeley, a specialist. In Romanticism. Literary. Theatre and the, relation, of literature, to philosophy. He, earned a bachelor's, degree from, Yale University and. A, master's, degree and, a doctorate from. Cornell, University, in ten. Years of leadership at GW, dr.. Knapp spearheaded. The university's, growth as a world-class, research. Institution. Including. Overseeing. The planning, for science, and engineering hall, and, fostering. Interdisciplinary. Initiatives, that, have the potential to revolutionize. Our understanding of disease, and treatment. Dr.. Knapp championed, public, and community service, launching. Freshman, day of service now, a hallmark, of the undergraduate, student, experience. He. Led the university. To meet a challenge from, then first lady Michelle Obama to. Increase, service, hours and established. A dedicated Center, for, civic engagement and. Public service. Dr.. Knapp worked to expand, access to a George Washington University. Education. To. Students from all backgrounds and, to, ensure the success, of enrolled, students, through, adoption of a test optional, policy, and the expansion, of resources. And partnerships. Dedicated, to students, through. Dr. Knapp's leadership. And vision the. University, has become a hub for the Arts in Washington DC, with. The addition, of both the Corcoran School of the Arts and, Design and, the, George Washington, University Museum. And the textile, museum. He. Also set, the university, on a course to be a model, of urban sustainability, through. Efforts, such as the capital partnership, solar project, an innovative. Renewable, energy, initiative, to, harness solar, power.

Dr.. Knapp also, launched, the university's. Most ambitious, fundraising, campaign. Making, history, which. Raised more than 1 billion dollars to, support students, enhance. Academics. And break. New ground. Steven. That in, recognition. Of all the foregoing and by. Virtue of the authority granted. By, the Congress, of the United States of America, vested. In the board of trustees of the George Washington University I. Hereby. Confer, on you the degree, of Doctor, of Letters honoris. Causa, and declare. You fully entitled to, all its rights, honors. Privileges, and. Responsibilities. Thanks. Very much cat. Sure. Carbonelle. President. Leblanc provost, maltzman distinguished, colleagues, friends. And family members class. Of 2018. I'm. Deeply grateful to the faculty, and the board of trustees for this very special, honor this. Is the 11th time I've been on stage for. A GW commencement, but. The very first time I've been on the receiving rather. Than the giving end of the ceremony I have. To say it's a very humbling experience. When. I traveled over the course of a decade across, the country and around the world meeting. Alumni, parents and Friends of the University, the, question I was asked more often than any other was what. Had most surprised, and impressed me, about GW. Was. At the location, well. Really what institution. In the world can. Beat this as a location. For its commencement. Was. At the front row seat in the theater of history that we more. Than any other American University. Could, offer our students, the, opportunity for instance to hear directly from the, president of France on his, very first state, visit. Was. It the breadth and complexity, of a university, with, a dozen schools and a student body approaching, 30,000. Or. The, many remarkable. Ways in which our faculty members Mary. Theory. And practice. My. Answer, was, always the same and it still is what. Impressed me more. Than anything else was our, students. You've, heard a little bit about that for me new today, you'll understand, what I mean I know. My, wife Diane who's here along. With my daughter Sarah her husband Efrain and their, three young daughters would, agree and my, previous job as, the. Provost of another institution, I spent most of my time with, faculty and, enjoyable. As that can be distinguished. Colleagues. And it really can be enjoyable, I. Can't quite match the energy, and inspiration that a president, inevitably. Draws from the students who come year after year to this great University, in the, heart of the greatest capital city in the world and. Who come because they care about this nation and the, many other nations from which we draw them and because, they want to learn how to change, the world just. Last, week I had an opportunity for, students, all, women. As it happens who, had just finished or were just beginning projects. Applying what. They learned in the classroom to. Solving, real-world problems. And making, a difference in the lives of others one. Was a junior who had developed a program for addressing food waste in Washington. Schools and using, that opportunity to expose public, school students, to, the deep connections, between social. Environmental. And food. Justice, another. Who graduates, today with a master's, in public health had. Just returned from India. Where. She worked in a program to persuade young boys to support, the education of their, sisters, and their, female cousins, a third. Is studying the, resiliency, of international, students, in the, Alexandria schools right across the Potomac River. Students, who face the challenge of learning English and making their way in a new culture and the, fourth is developing, a database, a mapping. Project, and mobile application, to, help Native American, families, and tribal leaders address, the tragedy, of missing. And murdered indigenous women. In the, US and Canada I was. No longer surprised, to encounter such students, but, I was as moved and inspired, as, always I earnestly. Hope that all you were. Graduating, today whether. Or not you undertook, individual, projects, of that kind during. Your time at uw-whitewater. Our. Second, honorary, degree recipient. Will be introduced, by Lauren Bell. Lauren. Is a candidate, today for, her Bachelor, of Arts degree from the Columbian College, of Arts and Sciences. She. Is a double, major studying. Psychology and. Organizational, sciences. She. Has been a leader on our campus, community, involving. Herself in roles dedicated. To service, and mentorship, and she. Says that to her parents delight, she, graduates, having, accepted a full-time job as a digital strategist. Beginning, in June. I'm. Honored, to present you Elana Meyers Taylor, dr. public, service honoris, causa. A native. Of Georgia Elana, Meyers Taylor, grew, up a talented, athlete, the, daughter of one of the greatest running backs in u.s., Naval, Academy history.

She. Decided, she, wanted to be an Olympian at age 11, when, the Summer Games came, to her hometown of, Atlanta. In. 2003. Miss Meyers Taylor arrived. At the George Washington University as. An, undergraduate, student, and the, university's. First softball. Recruit, she. Was an exceptional student athlete, finishing. Her collegiate softball. Career as the, all-time, GW. Leader in nearly, every offensive, category, she. Was twice named Atlantic, ten student, athlete, of the year for softball. And honored. As an academic all-american. MS, Myers Taylor, is a two-time. Gwgw. Alumna, earning. First a bachelor's. Degree in, 2006. And, then, a master's, degree in, tourism, administration in. 2011. She was. The first softball, alumna, inducted, into the GW, Athletics, Hall of Fame and her, number 24, has been retired. MS. Myers Taylor turned to bobsled, in, 2007. At her, parents suggestion. After softball. Was cut as an Olympic sport she. Auditioned for, the national, bobsled team, and was, invited to join in. The 2010. Olympics. In Vancouver MS. Meyers Taylor earned her first Olympic medal. A bronze. Four. Years later in, 2014. She. Was on the Olympic podium again winning. Silver in Sochi. Earlier. This year Miss Meyers Taylor, became the first American. Woman to, win three Olympic, bobsled, medals earning. Another, silver. In Pyeongchang. In. Addition, to the Olympic medals she, has also won four World. Championships. In bobsled. Miss. Meyers Taylor has been an inspiration. To our student athletes, who, greatly appreciate, her visits to her alma mater and the opportunity. To learn from her her. Competitive, spirit, and persistence. Embodied. The Olympic, and the colonial spirit, a, lot. Of Myers Taylor, in recognition. Of all the foregoing and. By the virtue, of the authority granted. By, the Congress, of the United States of America, vested. In the board of trustees of the George Washington University I. Hereby. Confer on, you the degree, of Doctor, of Public Service honoris. Causa and declare. You fully entitled to, all its rights honors. Privileges. And. Responsibilities. Congratulations. I. Love. It, what. A gorgeous day everyone, couldn't, ask for better weather. Well. It's an absolute, honor to be here thank you thank you everyone I never. Would have thought I would be standing in front of all of you so. Students. Look to your left look, to your right and, you never know who. Will be in my shoes next, hopefully. All of you might. Make for a long ceremony though I. Can. Honestly say I, never, thought I'd be up here, but. It's a huge, honor to be here, graduating. From the School of Public Health. And. The School of Business. It's. An honor to share this day with you all I don't. Have a lot of time up here today but I wanted to share a quick story with, you and, unfortunately. Or, fortunately. As you'll find out it's. About a very bad day in. July. Of 2004. I had the opportunity, of a lifetime, it. Was the combination of, the MCATs, the SATs, the AC tees and maybe. Even the bar exam all rolled in one for the Olympics, I had. The opportunity to. Try out for the US Olympic softball team. The. Trial was held in, Oregon, so. I drove up to Oregon with my father to prepare for the tryout as. Nervous. As I was I, knew, this was going to be my shot I was. Trying out for the 2008, Olympic, team and this, was a last time, softball. Would be offered in the Olympics. So. I knew this, was my opportunity, I had. Dreamed, of, being an Olympics, me my entire life so.

I Wanted to take full advantage of it but. I was nervous and, as. Nervous as I was I, went. Into that tryout, and tried to give it all I've had. Moments. Before the tryout my father looked at me and, he, said I know you're nervous but, you're a better athlete than I ever was you can, do this just, believe in yourself and, go out there and play well with others. Unfortunately. As good. As this advice. Was I did, not play well with others. Ball. After ball, past. My bat ball. After ball I swung, and missed I. Struck. Out time after time again and as. Devastated, as I was I thought, my Olympic dreams were over I. Walked. Away from that tryout, with tears in my eyes I. Thought. My Olympic dreams has ended, as, ice. And the car that evening, tears. Streaming, down my face myself. Sobbing. Uncontrollably I, thought, it was over and. My father looked at me and said, everything. Happens, for a reason you. Don't know why this is happening right now but. Has happened for a reason and you'll come out of this you'll, bounce back even. Stronger. So. As Devastator, I, had a choice to make what. Would I do with this devastation. Oddly. Enough it. Was my mother who came, up with the next brilliant idea. My. Mother was, sitting down one day and watching television and. On. The television she, saw a young woman competing, in the sport of bobsled, she. Looked at the TV and said yeah. This, is something my baby could do. And. She put that idea in my head that, my Olympic dream was not over and it. Wasn't. Saw. On her advice. I googled. Bobsled. Thank goodness for Google and, found. The coach. Coach's. Email address, and quickly, send him a response and. A. Few short days after that I was headed to Lake Placid to New York where. I would find that, my Olympic dream wasn't over, and. With a lot of hard work determination, and. Yes. Some bad days I was, able to live the, dream of a lifetime. Now. I don't have time to share all the details but, I got very good at, pushing heavy things very, fast and running on ice.

I've. Since, then gone, around the world and lived my dreams I've met, some amazing people, including. My husband who, stands in the front row. And. I've, been blessed to wear the team u-s-a uniform, proudly. On my back and. Win a couple Olympic medals. I've. Often been asked. What, it feels like to stand on Olympic, podium and I could tell you it feels a lot like this, I'm. Extremely, honored, to be here today to share this moment with all of you but, if I can leave you with one piece of advice it's, this as. You. See here today we're. Really all not that different, I've. Sat in chairs just like you I've dreams, just. Like you have I don't. Know what your dream is and, I don't know what comes next for you but. I know that. All of you should continue to dream, one. Of the most valuable, lessons I've learned since I've graduated is that of perspective, it's. A lesson that I continue, to learn to this day and if, you've got parents in the audience they. Have tons of it and if, you're fortunate enough to have grandparents. In the audience they. Have stockpiles. Of it, so. I'll close with a question, take. A second, to think about your dreams whatever it may be, what. Are you gonna do when your bad day arrives, it. Will. What. Will you do when your bad day arrives, I'll. Offer you two, suggestions. First. Listen. To your mom and, number, two, keep. In mind that sometimes a, very bad day can be, the best thing that ever happened to you, congratulations. To. The class of 2018. Thank. You. Our. Final, honorary degree recipient. Will be introduced, by Michael, Ramirez. Michael. Is, originally, from Crofton, Maryland, he, is a candidate, today for a Bachelor, of accountancy, degree with, a minor in applied ethics from, the GW, School of Business, after. Interning, at the Department, of Homeland Security, Michael. We've going to work there full-time and, plans. To also attend GW, for, graduate, school in the fall. President. LeBlanc I'm, honored to present. To you Marcia McNutt doctor. Of public service honoris. Causa. Marcia. McNutt grew, up in Minnesota in a family, that valued, education. For girls and women. Encouraged. By her parents she excelled, academically. And graduated. As valedictorian, of, her high school class. Dr.. McNutt studied, physics at Colorado College and then. Earned a doctorate in, earth sciences, and geophysics. From, the Scripps Institution, of Oceanography, where. She pursued, her interest, in plate tectonics. And how. The earth behaves under. Stress. She. Began her academic. Career with, a professorship, at the Massachusetts. Institute for, technology, during. Her 15 year tenure at MIT she. Held, the position, of the EA Griswold. Professor. Of geophysics and, directed. The joint program in oceanography, applied, ocean, sciences, and engineering a, partnership. Between the University, and Woods. Hole Oceanographic, Institution. Dr.. McNutt left MIT, in 2000. To, lead the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Institute. Under. Her direction, the Institute, became a leader, in developing, biological. And chemical sensors. For, remote ocean, deployment, installed. The first deep sea cable, Observatory, in US waters and, advanced. The integration. Of artificial. Intelligence into. Autonomous, underwater vehicle. In, 2005. In recognition. Of her scholarship, she, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, in. 2009. Then, President, Obama appointed. Dr. McNutt, to, head the US Geological. Survey in, four. Years as director she. Oversaw, the agency's. Responses. To major disasters. Including. Devastating. Earthquakes, in Haiti and Japan. And the, Deepwater, Horizon oil. Spill in, the Gulf of Mexico. Dr.. McNutt was awarded, the US Coast Guard's meritorious. Service, medal for, her efforts. After. Three years as editor-in-chief of, the prestigious, science. Family, of journals, she, was elected, the president, of the National Academy of Sciences, she. Became the first woman to head one of the National Academies. Dr.. Mcnutt's many honors, include, membership, in the American Philosophical, Society. In the, American, Academy of Arts and Sciences, she. Also served, as president of the American Geophysical Union.

And Is a fellow of the American, Geophysical Union. The. Geological. Society of America the. American, Association for, the Advancement of, science and, the, International. Association, of, geodesy. Dr.. McNutt has dedicated herself, throughout. Her career to, furthering, inquiry. And scientific. Discovery, she. Is a role model for all aspiring, researchers. Marcia. McNutt in recognition. Of all the foregoing, and by, virtue of the authority granted, by the Congress, of the United States of America, vested. In the board of trustees of the George Washington University I. Hereby. Confer, on you the degree, of Doctor. Of Public Service honoris. Causa and declare. You fully entitled, to all its rights honors. Privileges, and. Responsibilities. Please. Join me in giving a warm GW, welcome, to our commencement speaker dr. Marcia, McNutt. Well. Good morning graduates. Parents. Family, friends faculty. And special. Guests. It. Is certainly. My honor to be here today given, the special, privilege, of being your commencement, speaker I. Was. Actually so. Thrilled, to be asked. To, speak to you all here today that. The first thing I did was I immediately told, my three daughters about. This and. Here. Was their response, if you can show it up on the jumbotron, now. I know it's really bright out there and you can't probably can't see what they said but. They, say we. Wanna Michelle encore. So. I tried, not to be too disappointed in, my daughter's, reaction, after. All we. All adore. The former first lady I. Mean. You, know duh, of course, so. I. Turned. To my faithful and trusted, canine buddies, and, confided. In them my excitement, and here. Was their response, now. For those of you who can't read what they said. It's, we, want ruffles, nap. Now. I thought even. You. But. You. Know I I don't know you, know adorable little, ruffles, very well and I'm sure he's probably a. Very, sweet, little guy but. My own dogs who. Live on our ranch in California don't. Always display, the best judgment. Especially. When it comes to personal hygiene, they, spend their days, jumping. Into skanky. Cattle, troughs and rolling. In pig, manure so. You. Know I I really, questioned. What kind, of advice. They. Would, pass. On to you so, I decided, it was best to go with the original plan to personal, deliver. This address rather, than cede, my spot, to ruffles. Now. Before, first lady Michelle Obama nearly. Everyone's, first choice I, will admit to give this on, court today before. She addressed GW, s graduating, class of 2010. She. Challenged. That class to. An amazing. 100. Thousand, hours, of community, service. Which. They, delivered. Yeah. Yay class of 2010. Now, I also, have a challenge, for you class of 2018, I. Challenge. You to, become beacons of hope I, challenge. You to become beacons of Hope in your careers, in your families, in your communities, and in, the world and, I. Want you to become beacons, of Hope at a time, when, many in the US and the rest of the world are losing. Hope. William. Barclay, who, was a 20th, century Scottish. Professor. Of divinity said. That there are two great. Days in a person's, life, the. Day we are born, and the. Day we discover. Why. The. Diploma that you, will be given, today from, this great University. Is a, powerful. Tool for, you. To discover, your why I want. You to find it and use. It to bring hope back into, this, world. So. Why am I here, enlisting. You into, an army, of hope. In. Late, 2016. Something. Unusual. And almost, unprecedented. Happened. In the United, States. Life. Expectancy. Of Americans, after. Decades, of gains, began. To decline, and, the. Main culprit. Was. Opioids. According. To statistics, from the Department of Health and Human Services. Every. Day. 116. People die from. Opioid, overdoses. Many. Being middle-aged, Americans. Otherwise. Being. In the prime of their lives. The. Opioid, epidemic, defies. Easy answers. But, experts, agree that, drug abuse, is on the rise and, it's, fueled, by an, epidemic. Of despair. So. What lies at the root of the, current malaise. And Pinker, a professor. Of psychology, at, Harvard and, popular, author. Included. A chapter on progressive. Phobia or fear, of progress, in, his recent, book entitled. Enlightenment. Now, Pinker. Argues that a consequence, of progressive. Phobia is the, belief that we need to return to the glory days of the past. Losing. Sight of the fact that America. And the rest of the world are and, continue, to be getting better when, viewed by, historical, standards, at.

A Macro, level Pinker, is right death. From Wars has been steadily decreasing, throughout. The world, most. Communicable, diseases, have, been brought under control through. Vaccines. Thanks. Public-health. Yeah. Widespread. Availability of, antibiotics. Has tamed bacterial. Infections. Globally. Today more. People actually die from overeating. Than. From starvation. We. Each have the knowledge of the world available at our fingertips from. Our cell phones thanks, School of Engineering. People. Have the prospect, of being able to live longer healthier. And more productively, than during any previous, time in human history. 100. Years ago farmers, were 30%, of, the, American workforce today. It's less than 2%. Advances. In agricultural. Science and technology, have, resulted, in, a migration, from rural America to, cities freeing. Up more citizens, to, be. Bobsledders. Or, artists. Or astronauts. Or poets, or whatever they want to be but. How do we inspire young. People to see those doors, that are opening, ahead, rather. Than the doors that are closing behind, especially. If, they are embedded. In a community, that. Is suffering, from, an epidemic, of despair. So. I'm arguing, today that hope is the best app is. The best antidote to that epidemic. Of despair, but. In order to give hope we first have to acknowledge that the concerns, about progress, and those, being left behind are, real. Data. Show that inequality. In America, has been growing steadily for. The last 35, years, far, too many individuals believe. That the American Dream is dying and that they see that hard work and perseverance. Is not, enough to rise up from, disadvantaged. Beginnings, so. How do we counteract, the bias of birth, well. Let me tell you about a woman I was pleased to meet at the, National Academy named. Frieda polly who, is the CEO and, founder of a small start-up, called, pi metrics, at a, time when too many experts, in AI and, neuroscience. Are using. Their skills to try to get people to click on an ad. She. Is instead, providing, hope for those who aspire, to the, American, Dream she. Applies to neuroscience gaming. And cutting-edge. Machine, learning and artificial, intelligence, to. Make hiring, decisions, the. Beauty of it is that it, eliminates the biros, bias, inherent in, hiring based, on the standard, resume, and, the. Result is that her clients, find, that her approach leads, to a high-performing. Workforce and, most, important, a workforce, that naturally. Mirrors, the, diversity, of America.

As An. Example one. Of her clients, hired into, a top paying job a new, employee whose, only prior experience. Had been as a stock, boy and, yet. That stock boy performed, as well or better on the neuroscience, gaming, as the, company's, top. Performers, the. Firm needed, to actually alter their. Reimbursement. Policy, to, compensate. That new, hire up front for moving expenses because. On a stock boys salary, he, couldn't afford the airfare, to take the job so. This is hope for anyone, for. All when all they're asking for is an even break, but. It's not just here in the u.s. that we need to provide an antidote, to despair. Enterprising. People are finding ways to bring hope directly, to those struggling, abroad, in their home nations, the. Six of kiva.org, a, pioneer. And microlending. Is now, the stuff of legend, founded. By Jessica. Jackley and Matt Flannery who. Heard a Business School lecture, on microfinance. And knew, right away it, was the answer to, improving. The lives of many hardworking entrepreneurs. They, had met while traveling in African India these. People didn't need donations, they, needed loans very. Small loans just, tens of dollars to grow their businesses. Jessica. And Matt answered, the call to action and now, have provided hope in the, form of more than 1 billion, dollars, to. Nearly 3 million borrowers in, 85. Countries around, the globe all, financed. Through crowdsourcing, with. No interest, the. Repayment, rate for these loans is an, astounding. 97%. This. Is hope not, a handout, it. Gives people the strength to lift themselves up, knowing. That tomorrow will, be a better day as. Another. Example, I remember many years ago standing. On a deck near my home in California, looking. Over the pastoral, Carmel, Valley there. To support some wildlife veterinarians. Who, were part of a Hail Mary to. Rescue African, animals, and sequester. Them away on private, ranches, where, they would be safe from civil war and poaching the. Pact with the landowners, and their children, and their grandchildren, was. Then it was finally, safe to move the animals, back to their homes the, descendants. Of those original refugees. Would. Be reintroduced. To their former, range, I wondered. At the time if I would ever leave live, to see their plan fulfilled, I learned. Last week that, in celebration. Of eight, years, of peace, the. Black rhino now, roams the, national, parks in Chad for. The first time in nearly, 50. Years. This. Animal. Is hope for. Reinvigorating. Tourism. Conservation. And prosperity. Following. Decades, of civil war and strife. Even. More amazing, is the kind of hope that is realized, from collective, action, when, citizens, feel empowered, to change the, course of their lives it is, the empowerment, from collective, action that keeps democracy. Strong we've. Seen so many examples of, collective, action in the last year, the, meat - movement, brought sexual, harassment. Out of the shadows, and into, the daylight. First. In the entertainment industry then, in the halls of Congress it's. Even spread to academia, as. The. Famed cultural. Anthropologist. Margaret Mead said, never. Doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens, can, change the world indeed. It. Is the only thing that, ever has. As I. See the me2 movement sweeping in, a cultural, and a change in cultural norms where, legal, recourse, had repeatedly. Failed I like, to think that Margaret. Mead is looking. Down and smiling. The. Reason, I became a scientist, is because, of the hope it brings for, a better tomorrow, I view. That science technology and innovation can, provide solutions to, the zero-sum game, in other, words one, person, getting ahead doesn't. Come at the expense of, someone, else losing, ground, when. Science, is applied with appropriate, care and forethought, for. Example, we can have healthier, oceans, more, fish in the sea and more, abundant caches, for fishermen, with less effort, the, so-called triple. Bottom, line if, we, use science to manage the oceans as a precious. Sustainable. Resource, rather, than as a one-time, race, to, grab that less fish in the sea a, few. Decades ago I met biologist. Robert Egan when, we were asked to be Co organizers. Meeting of early career researchers, teach. Told me about his work with stem cells a biological.

Cell That has not yet specialized. To become a muscle cell a skin, cell a liver, cell or whatever at that point, he was in an early phase of programming, these cells most, are most, often harvested, from umbilical, cords to turn them into whatever kind, of cell he wanted them to be to. Me it sounded. Like magic. Well. What was magic, then has, now progressed, to clinical, application. The, most common, being stem, cell therapy, for bone, marrow transplant. But, many other applications. Are now on the horizon, to, cure neuro generative, diseases, diabetes and. Heart disease for. People with debilitating and, chronic, conditions, research. Like this is a profound. Source of hope and I. Still think magic. Hope. Can come in the form of just, throwing someone a lifeline, I know, for a fact I would not be standing before you today had. It not been for the, hope that a professor handed, me many, years ago as the. Only woman among the first-year, graduate students, in geophysics, he, knew that the deck was stacked against. Me far. Too many women before me had failed because. Of the male, culture that. Was not welcoming. So. He sent me to Navy, SEAL. Team school my. First summer to. Learn explosives. Training. After. I graduated, first in the class upon. Returning, to, geophysics. I. Had. No problem, with the male culture. And, no. One messed with me. My. Prospects. For completing, a degree had. Suddenly improved. Markedly, and, I. Tried for the years after to. Repay, that favor, forward. With, my own students. And with, my daughters, and with, the other women I came into contact with the. Moral is hope. Is contagious. And it's, a good kind of contagion. So. Hope is actually, all around us but they're still not enough of it the, good news is that each, of you graduates, here today has. Just the skills you need to become, an agent of hope a recent. Report just, out from the National Academies, advocates, that citizens, of the 21st century, will, benefit, from an education. Integrating. The arts the. Humanities the. Sciences, and, the social sciences, the, type of education, provided, by George Washington University. Because. Hope is inspired. When, you can dream like the artists show, the heart of the humanist formulates. Solutions, with the inside, of a scientist, and executes. Projects, with the precision, of the engineer. I, heard. A former. Navy SEAL say, that, just the sound, of an, approaching helicopter. Would. Be enough to rally, the, vital sounds, of a, grievously, wounded comrade. Often. Enough for that soldier, to hang on until. The medics could treat his injuries, something. As simple as that, helicopter. Sound and he, lives to fight another day. Godspeed. To you class of 2018, I charge. You to, be that helicopter. Thank, You dr., McNutt your words give, us hope. Graduates. Commencement. Is a time to, celebrate your, accomplishments, it, is my hope that this is just one stage, in your, educational, journey as you. Live a life of inquiry. Discovery. And, service. President. LeBlanc I invite. You to join me at the podium to, offer your, charge to the graduating, class of, 2018.

I. Now. Have the honor of welcoming our new graduates to, the lifelong, and worldwide, community, of George, Washington, University, alumni now. Numbering, more than two hundred and ninety thousand. Class. Of 2018. You. Are an exceptional. Group of motivated. Hard-working. Individuals, during. Your time at GW, you, pursued, scholarship. With focus, learned. With wonder and debated. With respect. You. Collaborated. With one another and, with your faculty and staff mentors, you. Created, knowledge, and you used it to build bridges and cross, borders, you. Saw excellence. You, took risks, you. Chose to lead, today. I charge, you to keep alive that commitment, to leadership as you, pursue, whatever, it is that, makes you happy as the. Leaders of your generation. Remember, as, president, McConnell told you last month at the, end of the day you. Will be the one to decide I. Charge. You to always keep learning with. Open, eyes mind. And heart. Read. Study. And listen. First, then. Question, and debate. Accept. Other's differences, and show. Them your respect offer. Them, your empathy, I, think. You'll find that during a lifelong, journey of learning what. You discover, will change you I, charge. You to embrace that change in opinion, or in your life's path, while. Never forgetting where. You came from how. You got here, and those. Who supported, you along the way, class. Of 2018, I know that, through your many and varied, contributions. To society and, in service, to others you, will continue, to bring distinction. Not, only to yourselves, but. Also to your families, to. Your communities, around the world and beginning. Now to, your alma mater. Congratulations. Thank. You. Thank. You president. LeBlanc now. The. President, of the University will confer the associates. Bachelor's. Master's. Doctoral. And professional, degrees, I. Asked. The deans to, rise and, come forward in the. Order of the founding, of their schools. Graduates. As your. Dean announces. Degrees, from. Your college, or school, please. Rise, and, remain standing until. All. The degrees of the University are, called. For. Degrees in Columbia, College. Of Arts and Sciences, Dean, ban, Benton. President. Lee Nolin Dean. Vincent. It. Is with great pride that I. Present to, you today. Exceptional. Brilliant. Socially. Conscious, engaged. And incredibly, prepared candidates. For the degrees. With. The candidates, please rise. Associate. In arts. Associate. In fine arts. Bachelor. Of Arts. Bachelor. Of fine arts Bachelor. Of. Science. Master. Of Arts. Master. Of Fine Arts. Master. Of Forensic Sciences. Master. Of Philosophy. Master. Of psychology. Master. Of Public Administration. Master. Of Public Policy. Master. Of Science. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Doctor. Of psychology. These. Candidates, have completed all, requirements for the degrees indicated, and the, faculty asks that, the degrees be conferred. Four. Degrees in, the School of Medicine and, Health Sciences, Dean, Jeffrey Ackman. President. Of the blah-dee. Nachman I am. Delighted, to. Present these outstanding. Altruistic. Compassionate. Future. Leaders in medicine and healthcare the. Candidates, for the following degrees, with. The candidates, please rise. Associate. In science. Bachelor. Of Science, in Health Sciences. Master. Of Science in, health sciences. Doctor. Of medicine. Doctor. Of Occupational, Therapy. Doctor. Of Physical Therapy. These. Candidates, have completed all, requirements, for the degrees indicated. And the faculty asks, that these degrees be, conferred. For. The degrees in, the law school dean, blake, moran. President. Lawal dean, Marant. It. Is my pleasure to present these, extraordinary, candidates. For the following degrees, will the candidates, please rise. Master. Of studies in law. Master. Of Laws. Juris. Doctor. Doctor. Of juridical Sciences. These. Candidates, have completed all. Of the requirements, for the degrees indicated. And the, faculty, asks, that the degrees be, conferred. Four. Degrees in, the School of Engineering, and, Applied Science. Dean. David dahling. President. LeBlanc bean, darling, I'm, delighted, to present to you the, candidates, for the following degrees, with. The candidates, please rise. Bachelor. Of Arts. Bachelor. Of Science. Master. Science. Engineer. Applied. Scientist. Doctor. Of engineering, and engineering management. Doctor. Philosophy. And. Doctor. Science. These. Candidates. Have completed all. The requirements, for the degrees indicated. And the, faculty, asked, that the degrees be, conferred, thank. You. Four. Degrees in, the Graduate, School of Education and, human development Dean. Michael foyer. President. LeBlanc Dean, foyer it. Is a distinct. Honor to present to you the. Candidates. For. Degrees with, the following, titles would, the candidates, from the Graduate, School of Education and, human development please. Rise. Master. Of Arts in education and. Human development. Master. Of Arts in teaching. Master. Of education. Education. Specialist. Doctor, of Education and. Doctor. Of Philosophy. These.

Superb. Candidates. Have completed the, requirements for. Their degrees, and our. World-class, faculty. Asks. That the degrees, be conferred for. Degrees. In the School of Business. Dean, vivec. Chattering. President. LeBlanc Dean chattering. It. Is with great pleasure that I present the, entrepreneurs. And future, leaders of corporate, America. That. Have, all pledged, to, bring hope to all, of humanity. With. The candidates, for the following degrees, please rise. Bachelor. Of accountancy. Bachelor. Of Business, Administration. Bachelor. Of Science. Master. Of accountancy. Master. Of Business Administration. Master. Of Science and Business Analytics. Master. Of Science and finance. Master. Of Science and Information Systems Technology. Master. Of Science and project, management. Master. Of Science in government, contracts. Master. Of tourism, administration. And. Doctor, of Philosophy. These. Candidates. Have completed all, requirements, for the degrees indicated, and the, faculty asks, the degrees be conferred. For. Degrees, in the, Elliott, School of, International Affairs. Dean. Reuben. E Brigid e. President. Alone Dean. Biggity. Recalling. The spirit, of one of our founding, fathers Alexander, Hamilton, I am. Honored to present these, candidates, who just like their country, are young scrappy and hungry and, ready to take their shot to change the world. When. The candidates, for the following degrees please rise, The. Bachelor of Arts. Master. Of Arts. Master. Of international. Policy and practice. Master. Of International. Studies. These. Candidates, have completed all, requirements, for the degrees indicated. And the, Faculty, of the best, international, affairs, schools of the planet ask that, these degrees be conferred. Four. Degrees in, the Milken, Institute, School of, Public Health. The. Michael, and, Laurie. Milk and Dean of Public, Health Lynn. Goldman. President. LaVon being, Goldman I am. Delighted to present our, future. Public, health leaders will, make the. District of Columbia, the nation, in the world a healthier place for us all and our candidates for the following degrees, please. Rise. Bachelor. Of Science. Master. Of Science, master. Of Health Administration. Master. Of Public Health. Doctor. Of Philosophy and. Doctor of. Public Health, these. Candidates, have completed all. Requirements, for the degrees indicated. And the faculty asks that the degrees be conferred. Four. Degrees in, the College of Professional Studies, Dean. Christopher. Deering. Derry, I. Am. Pleased to present the. EE hard-working. And highly, professional, candidates. For degrees from the College of Professional Studies. But, the candidates, please rise for. The, Bachelor of Professional. Studies and the master. Of Professional, Studies. These. Candidates, have completed all, requirements, for the degrees indicated, in the Faculty ass but the degrees be, conferred. For. Degrees in the, School of Nursing, Dean. Pamela, Jeffries. Jeffries, I am proud to present the outstanding candidates. For the following degrees, with, the candidates, please rise, Bachelor. Of Science, in Nursing, Master. Of Science in Nursing and, Doctor. Of Nursing Practice. These. Candidates, have completed all, the requirements for the degrees indicate, indicated, and the stellar faculty asked, that the degrees be conferred.

President. LeBlanc before. You stand. The candidates for, associates. Bachelor's, master's. Doctoral. And professional degrees, of the, George Washington University. By. Virtue of the authority granted. By the Congress. Of the United States of, America. Vested. In the board of trustees of the George Washington University I. Hereby. Confer your, degrees and declare. You fully entitled, to, all their rights, honors. Privileges. And. Responsibilities. As. A. Symbol. Of your new status as university, graduates, you, may now move the tassels, on your caps, from, the right to, the left. Congratulations. To you all. Congratulations. Graduates. Please. Join, Milton. Scarlet in singing, your alma, mater the. Words are, on the back of your program, and please, remain, standing for the academic, recessional. Congratulations. To. The class of. 2018. Family. And friends. This, concludes, our ceremony. Thank. You for joining us today and, please. Travel. Safely.

2018-06-01 06:48

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