2018 Opening University Convocation

2018 Opening University Convocation

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So. It is my very great honor to. Welcome you to the 2018, San Francisco State University convocation. Hey. We're all very excited about it. So. As you can see from the agenda the, event is jointly sponsored by the San Francisco State Academic Senate, and the Office of the President and I would like, to acknowledge that without the support. Of the president and the hard work of Alison Sanders the president's chief of staff we could not have broadened the scope of this event so I'm very grateful to, both of them for that support I'm personally. Very excited to play a part in opening, up the celebration to. The start of the new academic year, and opening, it up to all employees, at the, University, I think this is a recognition, of the role that faculty, staff, administrators. And student government plays. In the success of our students and our university so. I hoped you enjoy it I hope you enjoyed the reception, and walked away meeting, some new people and gaining, a better understanding, of the activities, and resources on, campus and if, you weren't able to snag a bag then, I'd say next year you know come a little earlier and hopefully we'll be able to do that again next year, now. One disadvantage, of, broadening the scope of the event is we're gonna have to where I run, a somewhat, tight ship to stay on time so. I've warned our speakers, that if they stray them too much over there a lot of time they should expect me to come up to the podium and thank them for their remarks, and I. Apologize. In advance for needing to do this I did leave the bail behind I'd originally thought I would ease about but I'm gonna, leave that level all. Right so one of the themes that you're gonna see throughout today is the introduction, of new faculty staff, and administrators, on our campus so I'm gonna start us off with some introductions of my own so. First off I'd like to introduce you to our new Senate office manager, marina Chavez, marina can you step out here for just, a second and if. We if we could give her a little round of applause. Maryna. Has been part of our has, been a part-time employee in her office for the last couple of years and I just could not be more excited to have her in the full-time position, so if you see yourself on the fifth floor of the admin building please stop by and introduce yourself, so, the next introductions, are of the 2018 Academic. Senate Executive, Committee so, these are a really dedicated group of faculty and staff who direct the senate and ensure, a culture of shared governance on our campus there. We go so we'll start and and right. Now I would ask that for all parts of this program if you could please hold your applause until we've had everyone, introduced. And that would be really helpful thank, you all. Right so the 2018 officers, of the Senate are myself, as chair vice chair tub Teddy Albin AK he's the director of forensics, and from the Department of Communication, Studies secretary. Kim Schwartz, she's director of the School of Theatre and dance and again our secretary, next, slide, the, standing committee chairs our academic, policies, committee, chair Jackson Wilson of recreations, parks and tourism curriculum. Review and approval committee chair Jeannie Stowers from public administration, she could not be with us today faculty.

Affairs Committee chair Jasper Rubin from urban planning and development. Student. Affairs committee. Chair Ellen Hynes from geography in the environment, and student. And. Issues, committee chair Tom Thomas who's the chair of management, so, our next slide we. Also have on executive, committee these SF, State representatives. To the statewide Academic Senate, Darlene. Email, and car from gerontology. Rob, Collins, who is not only chair, of the department of American Indian studies but vice chair of the statewide Academic, Senate so clearly. He does not have enough time on his hands and. A. Dipendra Sinha he's professor, mechanical, engineering and the latest statewide, senator, and the last but certainly not least we have Dylan Mooney who's IT staff, in the College of Health and Social Sciences and he's one of our at-large, members, of XCOM so, please join me in thanking them for their service. All. Right with. That it is now my great pleasure, to introduce dr. Leslie, Wong the president of San Francisco State University for. His opening remarks. Good. Morning everyone and welcome to, 2018-19. Before. We start, I think we should give dr.. Gerber her hand for her organizing. Part of this so thank. You. Many. Of the remarks, regarding. My, perception, of the year you'll. Hear at the end with, my comments but I really do expect this to be a banner year for, us in, many many different ways. I. Do want to take this, moment though to offer. The university's, condolences. To the family of dr. Don mob along. Passed. Away recently. Her. Good work not. Only in the history department but, in the community, and the surrounding area. With, her community, and without her and outside, her community, touched, so many people, I, really. Do think she will be missed and, I. Wanted, to express the university's, condolences. To her and. To her family, I believe. Her services, are today, in Stockton. It's, my honor also to introduce, some new senior, people and. Let me start with Phyllis, Carter, our new vice president for admin and Finance and the chief financial, officer. Welcome. Phyllis I also, want to introduce Stephanie. Shrieve Hawkins, I believe she's on my left somewhere, welcome. She. Is our new, athletic, director and, I. Want, to invite all of you to a flet ik events, to, cheer on our student, athletes, and last. I would like to introduce our permanent. Provost. And vice, president for, academic affairs. I've. Been teasing her all summer about losing, her middle, name interim. But. Again, she's made a big difference not only across the university, but within the. Strategic. Efforts, academic. Affairs and where, the college's, so with. All that aside I get, to introduce her as the, next part of the program, dr., summit. Thank, You president, Wong and thank you to to everybody, I also with, president Wong want to thank and really. Acknowledge, Senate chair Nancy Gerber, for, spearheading. Today's convocation, and, also, for the inclusive, cross campus vision. That drives it, so. Cross. Campus, now I wonder how we're doing the slides some. Do they are magically, happening, okay so, I'd, like the next slide please cross, campus I've been given five minutes and, so I'm gonna talk really fast, cross. Campus collaboration. Has played oh okay. That is actually not the slide that I want imagine. A, slide. Of the Student, Success and grad there we go and look what happens. So. The. Student success and graduation, initiative, has really relied on cross.

Campus. Collaboration. For, the nearly. Two years into. Its implementation. Our, student success plan, focuses. Its efforts on, six, major, areas, now, last year we achieved a, number of significant. Milestones. And I'll just cite three, number. One drawing from the foundations, of excellence, initiative, of, the preceding, year and I know that many of you played it played a role in that so, I'm pleased to share, the news that the Senate, last, year formed. An FYE, task, force to begin implementing. The, significant. Recommendations that, came out of that initiative. The. University, followed by appointing, two directors. Of the first year experience for. Academic, affairs professor. Grace you and Chris, Trudell from student, affairs and enrollment management, and, together they really embody the, cross campus collaboration. On which. This. Important. Initiative depends. We've. Also made major investments, in faculty, development with. A launch of the Center for equity, and excellence in, teaching, and learning and the appointment, of a me kill guard as its, inaugural. Faculty. Director, they've done remarkable. Work since. The winter, when they were formally, launched. Across. The colleges we've also invested. In advising. Improving, course availability. These are the two areas that students identify, as their greatest barriers. To, to. Graduation, now. As we continue, with. These, efforts I also, want, to share the news about, a new, planning. Effort that will be turning our attention to, this year, and this, is the academic. Master plan now, the university, has never had, an academic master plan and it's time to work, together and, to craft an affirmative, vision, and direction, for our academic. Identity, and. Future. This, effort began in the Senate last year when, the Senate passed a resolution. Supporting. The academic, master, plan, the, planning, process, will be co-led, by Nancy Gerber and me, it, relies, on your. Active, participation, and input for its success, so, I want to invite you to please come to the kickoff next, week this is going to be held August, 29th. Nine from. 9 to 10 with breakfast, at 8:30 in, Jack, Adams Hall. Now. It's, my pleasure to introduce six, new, leaders, in academic. Affairs starting. With EMU. Wong. Yet. Dr. Y mu Wong, he is the interim, dean in the College, of Business she's. Well known to San, Francisco, State as a faculty member. Chair and associate, dean, we'll be searching for the permanent, Dean in the year ahead. Next. Is Cynthia, grits ik dot dr., grits ik was hired as the new dean of the Graduate, College of, Education. Following. An extensive, search last year, she comes to us from, CSU, Long Beach where she served as associate, dean in the College, of Education.

Next. Is Amy Tsuyoshi dr., Tsuyoshi was appointed, in January as. The interim, dean in the College, of ethnic studies where. She'd previously, served as associate, dean and a longtime faculty, member will. Conduct a search for the permanent, Dean in the year ahead. Next. Is Alex, Wu who was appointed, interim, dean of the college of extended learning in, June he, comes to us from Humboldt, State where he served as associate, vice president for the College of extended learning and, global, engagement, he's. Agreed to serve in this role for two years after. Which we will search for the permanent, Dean in, 2019. 20. Next. Is dr.. Lori Beth way who, was hired as dean of undergraduate. Education, and academic, planning following. An internal search last, spring, she, previously served as, associate, dean in the same division. Finally. Dr., Sophie Chloe was, hired as Dean in the graduate division, following an internal, search last, spring, she. Previously, served as associate, dean in faculty, affairs and before, then in the College of Liberal and creative arts. We. Were asked to hold our applause but I think now we can I'd like you to join me in welcoming. Thank, you. Welcoming. These important. Six new leaders, I know their vision, and their energy, will, propel, our academic, mission in, the year ahead and, now. It's, my great pleasure, to introduce my, new colleague, on the president's, cabinet the, new vice president, of administration, finance, Phyllis. Carter. Thank. You vice president, summit and good morning to everyone I would, like to express my appreciation to Nancy, Garber and the Academic, Senate for granting me this opportunity to share with you the, goals and initiatives of, administration, and Finance in this upcoming academic. Year. First. Slide please, I'd. Like to present our leadership, team and administration, in finance we have two new additions, to our team, this year in, addition to myself. We. Have an Sharman who's going. To be returning to her role as senior, a VP of Human Resources. We. Have J or Endora our, a VP of business operations, and one. Of our two new additions, is Jeff Wilson he's our new a VP, of fiscal affairs.

He. Is joining us from Sonoma, State University jeff, has a CPA and he. Has. Previously, worked in the public accounting, profession, as well as the banking industry. Next. We have nish malik, who is our a vp of information technology, and cio, frank. Fasano is our AVP of facilities, and service, enterprises. Alaina. Stone is our executive director of budget administration, and operations. Jenny. Pitino is our executive, director of housing, dining and conference services, and. Gary Norden is our second, new addition, to our, administration. And finance team and he's our interim, director of audit, and advisory, services, gary. Was appointed to this role in 2017. But, he was already a member of the team since 2013. Previously. He worked as a. Audit. Director at alumni Rock School, District, and also, at the California, state government, gary. Is a certified, internal, auditor, next. We have Cesar Morphin who is our associate director of financial, management, so, if you can join me in welcoming our two new team members. Next. Slide please, we've, highlighted three. Major goals for our department this year our. Primary goal is to support sustainability. Of this university, this. Goal represents, how we plan to support the university's, financial, and operational health, we've, planned a balanced budget for the fiscal year 2018 19, we. Will be working collaboratively across. The organization, to improve processes, related. To aligning, the budget with the university's, upcoming, academic master plan as, well as existing, capital. Plan and strategic, plans in addition. Will be formalizing, how we engage. Different. Units. With budget resource allocation. We. Are currently leading, initiatives, and other ways to strengthen the university's, capacity, for growth by. Improving, administrative. Processes. Introducing. Operational. Efficiencies, and generating, cost savings. Transparency. Is our second, major goal we. Desire to expand the knowledge and understanding, of the university's, budget and the, budget planning process, we've planned for. University. Campus. Meetings, by hosting, campus, forums, and. Engaging. Different. Constituent, groups on campus so, please check our, administration. And Finance website for the actual dates and times for those budget forms. Our. Fiscal affairs team has planned training workshops, most. Recently, our Dean's and department chairs. Participated. In a fiscal training workshop in. The last month next. We endeavor to improve our customer service to the campus community and, one, of the ways we hope to do that is to develop key. Performance, indicators, where. You, the campus can hold us accountable to, how we're delivering service to you included. In that are going to be customer satisfaction. Surveys some. Of which have been implemented in some of our it's already, and our. Third major goal is engagement I personally, have began, a listening, tour around the campus community to hear the voices of, what. The needs are on campus, as well as expectations. Of our team we. Would be seeking to collaborate, and consult with the campus community on several of the initiatives, that. We're moving forward with we. Would be offering invitations. To coordinate, with us on the implementation of, other, initiatives, that are driven by the chancellor's. Office as well as campus, focused initiatives, my. Next slide please. I'd. Also like to share with you some of those major initiatives, that I just mentioned which. We believe will, strengthen. Our institutional. Capacity. To. Address. And to meet head-on our. Plans for improving. Our enrollment, for the campus community. Each. Project listed is grouped by the organization. That's responsible, for leading that initiative. As well as responsible, for delivering the expected, benefits, there. Are initiatives, that are going to be led by the chancellor's. Office then. There are initiatives that our campus, specific, to San Francisco, State University and.

Then Others, that are only. Impacting, the administration, and Finance Department, one. Or more of the listed projects, may have a director impact. Direct. Or indirect, impact on improving your. Work experience, and may generate cost savings, leading to a more operationally. Efficient, and financially. Healthy University, if, you'd, like to learn more about these projects, you can find them on the administration, and Finance work website, or you, can contact the, office of the vice president and, CFO for, more details, thank. You again for this opportunity to share our. Plans for this upcoming academic year and now, it is my pleasure to introduce the next speaker please. Welcome the vice president, of student affairs and enrollment management Lowell, ohanga. Thank. You VP Carter, aloha. Mai kakou just. Want to take a moment and send our thoughts and prayers to our friends, family and colleague who are in the islands of Hawaii as hurricane. Lain bears down on them fiercely today. So. I want to thank the Academic Senate and the Office of the president for hosting this so that we can come together in community, and recognize, the start of another year, so happy, new year I want. To begin by first introducing, two. New members to, the, executive, team for, student affairs and enrollment management, yes. Jimena. Harris has. Started, this, summer as our interim dean of students, we, are relaunching, our search to find, a permanent associate. Vice president for student life and dean of students but in the meantime she Mina has graciously agreed, to step up and serve in this important, role she's been at as a state for the last decade, and. In Prior roles was the assistant dean for Student, Conduct and also, the interim associate, dean for student. Support so Thank You shamina, our, next. Member newest, member has. Been here almost a year but was not here last year for convocation so, we're introducing him this year many, of you know already dr., Manuel Perez he, is the assistant vice president for, equity and community, inclusion and chief, diversity officer. He's been in that interim role for the last year, and will be conducting, a search in the spring to fill the position, on a permanent basis. He, joined SAE M last September, after serving eight years as, dean, of equity programs and pathways at, American, River College in, his hometown of Sacramento. I'm. Assuming, the slides are automatically, appearing, so I'm just forging, ahead okay, I. Appreciate. The opportunity to share some of the highlights obviously, we're all involved in so many things for the interest of time I wanted to highlight some, of the initiatives that I thought might be a particular, interest to the broader campus, community, the, cabinet area of Student Affairs and enrollment management is comprised of six divisions. And those six divisions together incorporate. 25, different programs and, offices so. From the division of Campus, Safety I know that the concern, about active, threat, is one that is on many of our minds it's difficult to not watch the news and not consider, that so, one area focus, this next year will be to continue, to augment and improve, our emergency, preparedness, response and, this. Will including, providing, more training, both in person and online in the coming academic year so if you'd like a workshop please contact a BP, and chief. Of police Jason, Wu the. Division, of enrollment management was. An integral, part of helping ensure that we reached our resident, FTE target, this past year so congratulations to, them in partnership. With academic, affairs and others they, will continue to co-lead efforts, in support of graduation, initiative, 2025. With, undergraduate, education, with, a special, emphasis on closing the educational, equity gap which is one of our goals they're, also going to continue, their work in process improvement to. Help ensure we can continue during meet, our resident, FTE targets, in the coming year the, division, of equity and community inclusion is brand-new they are just a year old their birthday, is this month they're, going to continue, their work in establishing.

Youth Centers to support our historically. Underserved, and underrepresented students. This, year they're gonna particularly, focus on the campus climate assessment, project which lanch launched, last spring and this, fall, would be a comprehensive. Quantitative. Survey to which all of you will receive an invitation to. Participate so, all staff faculty and students will be invited. Next. Is the division of International Education we. Are entering, year three of a three-year international, recruitment plan our goals. Are to also, really increase study abroad which is a high-impact, practice, evidence, continues to show that students who participate in study abroad are, retained and graduate at higher rates. So we're gonna really augment those efforts there. The. Division of Student Affairs is, taking, the lead in ensuring. That we respond, to our students, basic, needs inclusive. Of safety, at the most basic level as well, as mental health but, with a special, attention to housing, and food insecurity so, as we look at more data that shows this, is a real concern for our student research. Is also showing that students who are hungry and concerned, about where they're gonna stay, tonight are not gonna be as actively, engaged nor as successful, as students, so we do want to augment, our efforts here and. Then finally, the Division of Student Life formerly. Known as the offices of the Dean of Students, they're, going to focus on building a networked, web of support for our students, the, Dean on call initiative, pilot, program was launched, this past spring based. On our evaluation we're, going to continue and expand that and the goal there is to create a case management, system so. That students, who aren't distressed whose issues fall over more than one unit have a place to go and a person, will be making sure that, they're receiving all of assistance, that they need rather, than depart, because we fail to meet those gaps I, also. Want to share one highlight, from equity programs and compliance, I supervised, that office, in my capacity as your title 9 coordinator and, discrimination, harassment retaliation. Administrator. Although wise known as D HR and. In addition, to the many things that they're doing one area of focus is the, convening of a work group, students. Staff, faculty, and administrators, are on that membership, and they. Are going into their second semester of studying, the issue of bullying on campus. And the, charge of the work group is to deliver a set of recommended, policies, and procedures, for president Wong's consideration. At the end of this calendar year so definitely. Be on the lookout for consultation. On those documents, so I just want to say thank you and with, that I'd, like to introduce my.

Fellow Colleague, vice president for University, Advancement Robert. Nava thank. You. Thank. You VP Hong good morning, you. Know to our new, faculty and staff. When. A vassal fuerte, bienvenidos. You know a warm, embrace to our new faculty and, staff, and welcome, to campus, I'm, Robert Nava and I have the privilege. Of leading the University Advancement division. Here on campus and for, our colleagues, that are not familiar with. Advancement. Let me just take a moment and share, with you our focus. And mission but. Advancement, is was. Established, to support San, Francisco, State University's. Goals by. Enhancing, its institutional. Reputation. We. Have great faculty and great students, and part. Of our job is to tell that story about. This incredible, institution, we, also raised public awareness we, build goodwill, with. Constituents. Across, the, bay and across the country frankly, and then. Next thing we do is we, raise private funds, to support the faculty through, philanthropic supports. And. Finally. We provide service. To the, president the deans the academic, leadership in the Academic, Senate, we're. Comprised of seven, units. With. A professional, staff of 60 and these. Are amazing colleagues that I get to work with and we. Focus, in several. Areas I'd like to just point out quickly a few, of these units, that do such an important job we, have the office of development, the. Development office and the, fundraising, team work closely with the deans and the faculty to, raise philanthropic, support, for. The colleges, and for the other divisions. On campus, last, year thanks to the support, of our alumni and, and special. Friends of the University the, Development Office raised, almost, 19, million, dollars to support scholarships. Faculty. Support and other programmatic. Programs. We. Also are, engaged. In the third year of our very first comprehensive. Campaign but. I'm not going to say too much about it I'm going to leave that to our president, who will give you an date on the. Campaign, for San Francisco State, the, other unit, very important work is governmental. And community relations, we, have two great colleagues, that build relationships, in Sacramento, we, could say that our largest, donor is. Sacramento. Our legislators. Because most, of our operating budget comes, from Sacramento. And we've got to build and maintain those, relationships but. Also with the historic. Election, of London breed in this city we. Have a new opportunity to, build relationships. With the. County and city of San Francisco and, the surrounding, cities and our, staff and governmental, relations spend a lot of time strategizing. Building relationships, and telling. The San Francisco, State story. Advancement. Services, we have colleagues that are in, some ways behind, the scenes but, they are the energy that makes this, division, run, they, help process all the gifts that are generated, through philanthropic, supports. They do reports. To our donors, for stewardship, letting, them know that their, investment. In our students and faculty are having, the impact that they intended, and, we. Also have the San Francisco, State Foundation. Which, is a 501c3. Auxilary, the, foundation, is comprised of 32, members, half. Of those volunteers are, alumni the other half are very special, Friends of this University and the foundation, manages, the 92, million dollar endowment. With. A plan to, grow that to a hundred million by, December, of this year we're. Gonna increase that. Endowment. To. A hundred million by December, of this year faculty. Write that down and hold me accountable. This. Morning I'm delighted, to introduce, three. New colleagues. Who are joining. The advancement, team and, the. Very first one is alumni relations. Thank. You this. Is great I'm delighted, you know how, we engage our, constituents. In the alumni, are are, critical, we, have over.

300,000. Alumni. Across. The United States and internationally, last. Year we did a very. Extensive search, to, find a dynamic. Leader to, take us to that next level were delighted that Catelyn Trammell joined. San Francisco, State we, were fortunate, to recruit, her away from Barnard, College where. She was the executive director of alumni relations, at. Barnard and Catalan. Now joins us and will be leading or are. Both our alumni relations and building. Our Annual Giving Program, Catalan. Welcome, would you stand please. You. Know the university. Does. An amazing, events, every year like. This convocation but. We also do. Special. Events. For president. Wong and and and for the deans where we host international. Visitors. Elected. Officials. International. Government of government, officials and we're. Very fortunate that, we have a colleague, Nicole Lange who. Has been very, instrumental in helping us organize university. Events so, this year with the president, support in the cabinet we established, a new function, a new unit, within, advancement. Nicole. Will be leading our efforts. Both in university, events and, protocol. And nicole. Has been with the campus for three years we were fortunate, that we were able to recruit her away from, a business, organization where, she was doing great work here in the city she's. Also an alumna, of San, Francisco, State and, faculty. And staff for. Those of you that may know one, of Nicole's, projects, is also, organizing. Commencement. Every, year at AT&T, Park where. We where, we celebrate the, seven, eight thousand, graduates and there. Are 35,000. Family members and friends at AT&T Park it's, an inspirational. Event so, the Cole thank. You and would you stand no :. Our. Third colleague, marketing. And strategic communications. Faculty, we've. Got to tell the story of San Francisco, State much more effectively, this, is a great university, with a great history the, impact, that we have in the, Bay Area in California, and nationally is, really. Profound and we need to tell that story much. More strategically. So. We have a very, dynamic team, which. Oversees. Our marketing, efforts that, is developing. Our brand protecting. Our brand and telling, our story I'm, delighted that Mary Kenny, has. Stepped forward as our interim associate. Vice president, for, marketing and, strategic communications. Mary, would you please stand. To. Our faculty and, to, our staff I'm, going to close by inviting, you to please stop by our offices, we are located, on the first floor of the, administration building so.

The Development office governmental. Relations, marketing advancement. Services Alumni, Relations we're there and we're open please stop by and introduce. Yourselves tell us more about you. And let us tell you how we can support the good work of our faculty in, our academic leaders, and with. That I will conclude and, I will turn it over to my colleague, vice, president, Jason, forth Jason. Good. Morning everyone and thank you vice president, Nava I'm really delighted to be with you all today to share, some really exciting news it's not so often that, someone gets to share that there's construction underway, at SF State and. About. A hundred yards behind me there is an active demolition, going on right now which I'll talk a little bit about but, this is really going, to be such an exciting year for us all as we see some transformation, take place but. First what is University, Enterprises, it's the newest cabinet, division formed just, about a year ago now and it. Was really formed with the recognition that not enough is happening, to deliver the, places, and the spaces, that you all deserve and that, our students, deserve and thus. The places, for study for research, for scholarship. For, housing, we've, been relying on the state for so many years, to provide us with the resources, to, build buildings, and we're. Sick of waiting and will, continue to take money when it comes from the state of course. We'll. Gladly take it but. We also have to find new and entrepreneurial. Ways to do so and to address this need president. Wong created, the University Enterprises cabinet division which, marries together a couple of different efforts that the campus has had for many many years, but, by putting them together we're, hoping that some, magic is going to happen much like the slides, we. Are one of the things that is being married together is the University, Corporation, since. 1944. You Corp has been the campuses business partner as a, public, benefit. Corporation doing, a lot of work to support activities on campus including, one. Of the first large-scale, building. Projects, that we saw on. Campus, that delivered student housing the village was built by University Corporation well, over almost two actually, almost two decades ago now and so, with University, corporation's business acumen, and ability, to find unique. Financing, streams we're. Going to couple that with, the capital planning design and construction which, is the the, building entity, on this campus, and I'm, delighted to announce that one of the the key things that's come out of that so far through this partnership is five. Hundred and sixty units, excuse me five hundred and sixty beds or a hundred and seventy units of student housing that, will be open for occupancy, in October. 2020 excuse me september. 2024, the beginning of next of q-school years from now so, that's, an extraordinary achievement. So. With two years of construction on, that project we'll, have five, hundred and sixty more students, able to live on this campus they'll, be paying. A, very. Reasonable, rent the university, will collect ground rent to support our activities and, all this is being done without state, money even, without state bonds, and that's a very new approach to delivery. And something, as you all know and our students, desperately know, is that we need to provide more housing for, students faculty and staff and, as we create, five hundred and sixty beds of student housing were, able to free up units, that students, are currently in that, could be occupied by faculty, and staff so, this is it's. A step in the right direction we. Know it's not the the the. Only step it's just the first one so, I was sitting next to Dean Alvarez and he said to me that he loves the name University enterprises, and sometimes, when I mentioned, the name I get a. Question, of there's no that's not very descriptive, but, I love how Alvin views it as he, thinks of Star Trek when he thinks of our name and. Alvin. I'll take it cuz you know to boldly, go right, and we're I, love, that and I think we're I, think.

We Might even put the, enterprise. On our business, cards and Alvin, now we're joking that you know I said we have the you for USS. Enterprise, and I said maybe I'll borrow a couple of asses from HSS, because we could, then be USS, Enterprise. So our division, includes, the corporation, as I mentioned, CP. DC or capital, planning design and construction a. Real estate development, division a sustainability. And energy group and then of course the downtown campus operations. As. We were coming in this morning I had the pleasure of running into our longtime colleague from. Associated, Students Mata Kenyatta, and Mata, I asked him how long he's been on campus he said since 1980, and I was gonna say to him, gosh, Mata you must have seen a lot of change and then I realized no he hasn't right we haven't built a lot of buildings and. So. I'm. It's, really great, to be able to say that in this next year, he's gonna see three projects, that are all going to have started right so there's the, Holloway project, which I mentioned, there's the liberal and creative arts building which, will house Becka as well, as classrooms. And offices labs. Some, really exciting things a four-story, building just, just, behind me and which, will open in fall 2020, and then the, other one that I'm really excited to share is the, University Club and this. Is something that has been missing from this campus for over a decade now for. Those who have been around a little bit longer than a decade you'll remember that we used to have a university. Club that, stood where the library retrieval, system now stands, and it, was demolished. Demolished. To make way for an, expanded. Library and we. Are delighted. To be able to announce that a University Club will reopen this. Academic year at the end of this semester and it's, a fascinating, collaborative. Partnership, with the university Corporation, as. Well as the Academic, Senate the College of Business and the vista room all coming together to, find ways to bring our faculty, and staff an important, place to meet together to, eat to, meet with students when they wish to in the space as well it'll, also provide a really wonderful space, for our students who have an interest in hospitality management, to, get some experience, in a venue that's actually, providing, services, to our campus community so. With all of that I also offer an apology and, that is that construction is loud and dust. And, often. We see some rodents, who you, know come out of holes that we didn't know existed there's. Going to be some, noise that we know is disruptive, will, mitigate, that to the best that we are able but. Please view it as a sign of progress I certainly do thanks so much for your time. All. Right thank you very much I really enjoyed I hope you did as well hearing, what's going on in the various cabinet areas, so, now we're going to turn to, hearing, from our College Dean's and unit heads about. Some. Things that are going on in their units and as well as meet some of our new faculty hires, that hopefully, you'll see around campus, in the coming academic year so, a first, up I'm going to ask our brand. New athletic, director Stephanie. Shrieve Hawkins to come up and introduce some. Of what's going on in athletics. Thank. You dr.. Gerber and thank you for all your work and your assistants work on this this is incredible, I am very honored to be here in front of the faculty, I've been here for four. Months now and I. Would like to say welcome to you but I think I'm more of in the hello stage so, I want to say hello and I want to invite you all to my office, which is over in gym 102 just. To stop by and say hello so I can put a name with the face. The. Coaches, are we. Consider instructors, of the, body and you are all instructors. Of the mind and it's, incredible. When that combination comes, together how. Successful. Our student athletes can not only be on the court and on the field but. Also in. The classroom and, in their lives I. Believe I have a few slides here, but I wanted to talk, a little, bit about our accolades. And. Our. We're. Very honored, to have a high GPA, collectively, of. 3.15. For all of our student athletes it's. One of the top in the nation so.

That Just gives us more esteem. And more prowess. And to be proud of our student athletes and realize that we are. That. Were in fact an academic, institution that. Supports athletics. And not the other way around so and that's one huge reason, of why I chose to come here one of my first and actually, I don't know if I'm supposed to say this but I snuck, in a week early before a my higher so I could go to the athletic. Award ceremony, and I was just so, impressed and taken back by how, many amazing. Student, athletes we have here but also the faculty who support, those student athletes the. Student athletes would come up and introduce a, special faculty. Member that is the mentor to them and support, to them, their. Coaches were also, there so, it's just our. Student athletes are living, examples, of what. Can, happen and, the success that can happen when, you combine, the mind and body and what that can do in terms of confidence. Respect, for each other and then, moving on in life to be good citizens so. It's. Amazing to me it's why I am. In. My position it's why I love, to be in higher education in, athletics. But. I'm proud to be at a university where, the coaches and faculty are successful, in fostering, that environment, and, that. The student-athletes can balance their, goals of mind and body and then have the most positive. Outcomes, for their endeavors, we, hear a lot about what. They do on the fields and the awards that they get and we have many and I didn't want to touch on that today, I wanted to touch more on some. Of the accolades that we have nationally. You, know you, hear a lot about our track and field program and, how they were seventh in the nation and, they started us first in the nation and all these amazing amazing. Feats, that they were able to accomplish, but. They also happen, to be our. Top GPA. In our athletic department we. Also were. Recognized. With the u.s. track, and field cross countries, association, we had 25, student, athletes who were recognized, nationally, with that you have to have a 3.3 or higher in, order to achieve that and. Then our baseball program, so, they went on to be, the very very first time with, the California. Collegiate Athletic, Conference and, go to the championship. And and. It was the very first time ever but it was also the very first time that we had an all-american. An. Academic, all-american in, that sport as, well as, they, were recognized, nationally, for. For. The accolades, that they had with their combined, GPA, from. The from the baseball Coaches, Association so. It just goes to show that they. Go together right mind, and body and if you have that success and that support, that. You. Can achieve the, highest the. Highest accomplishments. So. I. Want to thank our coaches. For. Their part that they play we, have ten head coaches, and thirteen assistant. Coaches, who, work with these student athletes on a daily basis, to, instruct, them not only through their sport but through their academics, and through life and then, I would like to thank you all as faculty for, supporting, that endeavor and for, understanding the balance that the student-athletes, have and for. Having. High expectations for, them even though they do have that balance, so that's appreciated. And, then. Also moving, on though speaking of faculty, the, NCAA. Requires. That. In. Our membership, and for. Our charge that, we have a faculty, athletic, representative and, the.

Faculty Athletic, representative, is. An. NCAA private. Position, that provides checks, and balances, for the integrity of the department not, only from an eligibility, progress. Towards degree and all of that academic, honesty but. Also just to be a mentor, that, the student-athletes. Know and the coaches, know and they can go to and bounce things off of from an academic standpoint, and, from a life skills standpoint, so, we, are very honored, to have dr. Niccole bolter, from, the kinesiology, department she's. Been working, with Nicole you're here where are you stand, up please so, Nicole's in the back. And. I have a little biased against Nicole because I've known her when she was a student athlete she, was also on the search committee that hired me so we. Started, off on the right foot but, she's been a. Tremendous. Amount of support and. She. Serves on the executive, committee for our conference, and she's recognized. Nationally. So I can't thank her enough for her, guidance and her support, it, gives us that integrity, in that outside, person to check in with and then also have the connection, with the faculty, so. I'm indeed honored to be here my number, one goal is to. Build our athletic, community it's to build our student-athletes, community, and it's to be a part of the greater community on campus and, so, the more, that we can reach out to, each other and have, that symbiotic. Relationship. Between faculty and staff. Student. Athletes and those who support, the student athletes and all of the students here I believe, that we're just gonna be a much, better program so. I invite you all to come, out to our event I know many of you have all, faculty. And staff get in to our events for free with. Your ID card so please come and check it out we do have a website which. Is WWE. To. Skal, and you can read more about the academic accolades, and, the athletic accolades, and see the schedule and make. Sure that you stop by and, build. That relationship with, us and we will build that relationship with, you so I thank you for all that you do I think, our coaches, for being an integral, part of that instruction and. With. That go Gators. In, fact when. I say go you say Gators, Go. Go. I, love. It alright next I will introduce from. Our College of Business I have the pleasure of introducing our, interim, dean mu. Wong. Thank. You director sheriff Hawkins good, morning. Thank, you for coming to this convocation, in. The last year the College of Business has been putting in a lot of efforts, in building. A meaningful. And. Wonderful. Educational, environment, for our students, through the end we brought in several new staff and administrative, members, and I would like to introduce all, of them to you. Thank. You so, miss Cassie 14 marketing, specialist, and it's also a gator she earned her bachelor's degree in business administration at. San, Francisco, State University Cassie. I. Saw. Her earlier right there. Sandra. Hey now executive. Director. Of business development and, marketing Sandra. Came to us with a lot of corporate. And, educational. Institute, experience, so. Sandra. So. All, right so. Ashley. Wolf she's, administrative. Office coordinator, it's also a gator she earned an undergraduate, degree in labor and employment studies, so. Ashley. Next. Mr.. Frodo, Xavier, Garcia, he. Is his, responsibilities. In career services and program coordinator, and, Xavier. Is also a gator and in fact he is currently affect a master, students in counseling, so, Xavier, welcome. Thank. You so, know, aprox until the end. Next. Is Miss. Union ringly Operations. Coordinator and, she's also a gator and earned a bachelor's. Degree in business administration. Last. But not least is Denise Cline Richard our interim, associate, dean who. Is also a professor. In management but, some of you may know her better as the, director, of the center for ethical. And sustainable, business. So let's give them all. Next. The. College of Business is entering, another exciting, years, so I would like to highlight two events, that will be coming up for your attentions the, first one is the women's emerging, Leadership Forum which will be held on September, 21st. 2018. This, is our fifth year of hosting this event and we're very proud that we're, the organizer, of this event.

Next. Is, the. Innovation, and entrepreneurship, Fellows, Program this, program, is a platform, open to students, of all majors on. Campus its. Goal is helping, students grow innovation. And entrepreneurship. Skills and, mindset. Next. I would. Like to introduce our, new faculty members, at the College of Business and, I want to first thank all the departments, and all the hiring committees, who make this possible for, us. Professor. Robert, Bona of management. Earned his PhD from the University. Of Texas at San Antonio, his. Academic, interests, include micro, foundation, strategy. Management. Education, gender. And diversity, Robert, will be teaching strategic, management in fall 2008 in. Professor. Tinyint chain of information. Systems, received. His PhD at Claremont, Graduate University. His. Research, and teaching areas. Include, user, training. Technology. Enhanced. Collaborative. Learning and business. Intelligence, taiidan, also like board games and, chairs. Next. Purpose. A genome for dual of information. Systems earn, his doctoral degree, from Claremont, Graduate University. His. Academic, interests, include information, hearing. Human-computer. Interactions. And persuasive. Technology. Persuasive. Technology. Something. Interesting I need to take that class, and. He. Also likes practicing Brazilian. Jujitsu and hiking. Next. Professor. Why home of accounting. Received, her PhD from, Arizona, State University. Her. Academic, interests, are corporate, voluntary, disclosure. Financial. Reporting, and insider trading we. Will be teaching managerial, accounting, in fall 2000 akin. Next. Professor. Priyanka, Josie of management graduated. From the University, of Southern California. Her, teaching interests, are gender, and leadership, power, and Status and communications. And management, Priyanka. Will be teaching leadership and influence skills, in for 2018. Next. Professor. Town Yount, Ian Lee of accounting, earned, his PhD from McMaster. University, his. Academic, interest includes, cyber security, breach, and disclosure, information. Assurance, and, corporate, governance and social, responsibilities. Yesterday. We received a good news that how, young, Caine was.

Awarded, A discovery, grants, from the net Natural, Sciences, of Engineering. Research Council. Of Canada, congratulations. To yo t and what a way to start your new career here. Next. Professor. Joe in soft of accounting. Graduated, from the Aztec Business School her, academic interests, include anti corruption and fraud efforts. Dialogic. Accounting, and accountability. Gon, is also a very active, member of community, service. Next. Professor. Veronica, serveral of economics, earned her PhD from UCLA. Her. Academic, interest range from social. Networks, economics. Of higher education. To household. Decision-making. Veronica. Enjoys running n good, food. Next. Professor Tina Walker of management received, her PhD from, Claremont. Graduate University. Her. Academic, areas are leadership, perception attachment. Theory at work and mentoring, she, will be teaching organization, design and change in fall 2008, in. Next. Professor. Brian Young of Finance received. His PhD from UC, Irvine his. Research, and teaching interests, include, financial, institutions. Investment. Ma, a monetary, policy, Brian also enjoys tennis, hiking and spending, time, with his family and. I. Want to thank all of the new, faculty, members joining the College of Business. Now. I would like to introduce to, you my colleague dr., Cynthia, grizzly, Dean, of Graduate. College of Education. Good. Morning everyone and. Happy. New Year, I like, that and. Greetings. On behalf of the faculty, and staff in the Graduate College of Education, i'm. Cindy, groot sick and so glad to be the new dean of the graduate college of education this, year and. I. Want to begin by saying a big thank you to dr. nancy, robinson, who served for the last two years as, interim, dean. Of the graduate college of education and. Did such a great job of bringing this college, forward keeping, it together and really, setting a positive tone for the years to come so thank you to nancy. Robinson. The. Graduate college of education is, very focused on making sure every, child has an excellent teacher every, year and a, team of teachers every year who, loves them will help them learn and that, every school has. Every, family, has a school that welcomes, and supports, them valuing, their culture, their, language and individual, needs we. Prepare the whole school team teachers. Leaders. Specialists. Staff, our. Programs, develop, superintendent, data. And tech specialists. Instructional. Leaders to support strong, school districts, to that, end the Graduate College recommended. Four hundred and forty three credentials, last year in. 2017. 18 making, us one of the most significant, providers, of educators, in the region. So. I want to use my time today to briefly, highlight two, areas, in our College the undergraduate, teaching, pathways, and doctoral. Programs bookends. So. The Graduate College of Education under graduate pathways into teaching are very important, because in, California. Licensing. Is mostly a post baccalaureate effort, so, we have to make sure that anyone who wants to be an educator, knows, how to find us and get to our College and complete these programs, so. There, are approved subject matter programs, and many of the majors on this, campus, including. A brand new one the elementary, subject matter program, that was approved after extensive, collaboration, led by see Robinson, across three colleges, these. Allow students, to waive the, cset exam and complete. That subject matter requirement, by doing coursework, in the major which we think is a really strong pathway, so, thank you to everyone who's worked on those and I know in the sciences they're working on those right now we.

Have Minors, and education, and it's special education, to introduce undergraduates, to our credential, programs and to maybe spark some ideas about being educators, that they hadn't had before and I. Think even more to. Make sure that a broad. Group of people really understands, as much as possible about how teaching. And education, works. We. Have a bachelor's, degree in the Graduate College of Education the, communicative, disorders, bachelor's degree and a that, leads to a credential, and last, year we recommended. 32, new, speech and language pathology, teachers this is a high need area in California in our region so we're really proud to be turning. Out these new educators. The. I-best program which. Is the integrated, bilingual, educators, for social. Transformation is. Working. To create a very clear, pathway, from Liberal Studies and, Child, and Adolescent development into. Elementary teaching, this is part of a trend in California, to, develop four and five year integrated, programs, that. Start, early on with teacher preparation not waiting til the end of a person's, development, to build that but really to start early on and, then. Finally I want to just mention that our teach centers doors are always open to. Anyone who's interested in becoming an educator and a seeking advice and finding, out more so come on by anytime, to the teach Center, and. Next. On the other end of our education, spectrum the, Graduate College of Education has, two long-standing, doctoral. Programs and these. Are so important, in terms of developing leaders, in the region and built having them build networks, across their areas, that are super, important, for us student, success for faculty success and for education. In the region so. The joint PhD in special education has. Been around for 50, years it's celebrating, its 50th year this. Is a joint program with UC Berkeley that. Prepares faculty. For, special education fields, again another high-need area and California, and in fact in the nation we. Currently have 20 students enrolled in the program UC, Berkeley has others as well and, we see this as a very significant. Program that we have and then, we also have our education, doctorate, in education, leadership which is celebrating, its 10th full, years an independent, doctoral program was, one of the first round of doctoral programs that, started in the CSU ten years ago we. Have over 70 candidates, enrolled, in this program now and I met them last Saturday, at their orientation. What a dynamic, group so exciting, and encouraging to see them we, have it's a three-year cohorted. Program, structured. For working professionals, so if you know anyone or if any of you are interested I encourage you to check this out and we. See it as very significant, in terms of providing local leadership, for our districts, and for our community colleges, and even for our campus, so. Thank you I really look forward to this year ahead of working with my associate, dean dr. Rob Williams the. Department, chairs the faculty, and staff in the college and I can't wait to meet the students next week thanks. Again and let me introduce my, colleague dr. Alex. Alex. Morning. And I'm. Honored to join San, Francisco, State about two months ago and be part of colleges and learning and. College. Extended learning has long history in the CSU and I think in, the San Francisco stay, we. See ourselves to, be able to provide, the, student, who can join our campus, connected. Acts and teaching. Experience. We have in the faculty. To. Offer them a chance to. Recruit. Himself, and overcome. The challenge, and hopefully. They can. Reach. It a go and the career and and. Change your life so. We, are located, in the, downtown campus, is a 35, Market Street is in, Westfield. Shopping Mall, so. If you haven't been there we have a sixth floor I encourage, everybody, to seek. Us out we welcome, faculty staff. And. We. Would like to partner with you and to create opportunity, and the. Goal for this year really to reach our older academic college and hopefully, we can get. Some new that idea and make, things happen and.

Next. I would like to introduce some, our new Callie in the college and. The. First is our Scioscia ding ng, Lib shoes and, she. Is in charge of program, development and, the, faculty support she. Has, extensive. Knowledge internet. So created, of innovative. Program, the. Second is Judy Bryden and she, has been College for the last five years but now she is taking on director, special project, and in, charge, our. The. Conference, services and IT support, so help, us better utilize, our facility. The. Next one is Alec Chan and again. He, returned. To San Francisco's they would start a San Francisco, today about, ten years ago as our director recruitment. Partner relationship, and. He. Is in charge of our marketing. Communication. And, and recruitment, for both domestic international. The. Last one is the roach queen is it our director, of global engagement and. Again. She's in charge our international. Programming, for shorten and, also. Certificate, program for international. Student. So. I'd. Like, to talk. About some, of our priority, for year. 2018. And 19. We. Have a, lot of demand in terms of, regionally, and, both. In the state of California, and nationally. For. The people who will have who, need the four-year. College. Degree in order to enter workforce by, 2025. California. Alone we will have shortage about 1. Million four-year, graduate, graduate. Need, so. Hopefully San, Francisco, State will be the beacon and provide. Those opportunity. For. The for. Those student we're seeking the 4-year degree so we will like to partner, with college, develop, some online degree completion both in in. A bachelor at level and also professional, certificate, at. The same time our College really like. To create opportunity. For student, who, outside. The United States just like to experience, the San Francisco, State what we can offer short term and, between. Three months a master a year, so. We will launch the master San Francisco, State. University so, basic student can come here stay for. After 12 months and they can earn academic credit bring back to her home country or they. Really love us we hope they join us particularly, to the space I. Lassen. We will continue. Emphasize. Cosmic, training workshop, we currently provide, about. 30 customer training for international. Partner. And one is newest edition will, be Shanghai. Metro for city of Shanghai the largest, metro system, we, will train their, middle. Management, hopefully. Continues. Partnership, with them and. So. Again, I really. Like. To. Encourage the, faculty, as you know, seeking. Extended, learning out and see if you have any new idea doesn't matter how small, how crazy you know we would like to hear from you and. Now I have an honor to introduce my colleague cause, extended, the, ethnic study in, County. Amy sweet. Good. Morning everyone. We. Do not have any fat new faculty, hires in the College of ethnic studies this, year but, we will have two hires in the coming year which, were very excited about so, stay tuned. I'm. Standing, here today more, importantly, to invite all of you to our fiftieth anniversary events. The. Core theme. The. Core theme is ethnic, studies 50, years and beyond it. Encourages, us to remember the past engage. With the President and plan, for the future to advance, the College of ethnic studies and, invigorate. Movements, for racial and economic justice. We've. Created a coordinating, committee for a year of events commemorating. The, 50th anniversaries. Of, the BSU, and the TWU LF student-led. Strikes the. Longest such strike in the nation's history as well. As the birth of ethnic studies. This. Past spring we opened, invitations, to the larger University, and community to participate and, we'll be resending. Those invitations, out through several media sites including. Campus memo in the coming week the. 50th anniversary Coordinating. Committee will, both create, events. And serve, as a clearinghouse, for additional, events created, by Friends, of the college. Fall. Semester will primarily, focus, on social, movements historically. In housing, how they manifest now, in relationship, to ethnic studies. Spring. Semester, will focus on the history and trajectory, of the field of ethnic studies there. Is a 50th, anniversary, website, that, is accessible through, the college of ethnic studies main, webpage which.

Includes, A common, calendar, of events the. Number of events will grow as the Year continues. We. Invite you to hold November. 8th through the 10th November. 15th, through the 17th as. Well, as March 21, through the 23rd, for, major highlighted. Events, again. For, anyone who wishes to participate on, the committee or submit, an event please, go to our website or contact, our, office we. Look forward to seeing you at the 50th thank you. I'd. Like to now introduce the, Dean of the College of Health and Social Sciences Alvin. Alvarez. Good. Morning, I. Feel. A little nervous up here I feel Nancy Gerber's, eyes bearing, down upon me. And. So I would really I could use your help here please I, know you'll want to do this but please do not applaud, for my faculty, until I tell you to do so so help help help me out, the. College of Health and Social Sciences, is, a, college. Of healers, and change. Agents and hopefully. As I go through this list you will see how that is self evident but but but again don't applaud for them until I tell you, let's. Start off dr., Leah Vargas, Terrell joins us in the Department, of kinesiology within, expertise, and biomechanics, and human, movement, and you will see through her experience, on the, Brazilian, national volleyball, team, and her love of off-road, motorcycling. And skydiving, she is all about, movement. Dr.. Angelica, Camacho, will, be joining the School of Public Affairs and, civic engagement and, teaching, in the criminal justice program. It. Was the in Justice's present, in her community and her desire, to understand. And transform, them. That. Inspired. Her to pursue, her ethnic studies degree, her, current research is, on the Pelican Bay California prisoner. Hunger, strike. Dr.. Karina gallo also. Joins the School of Public Affairs and, civic engagement within, expertise. In historical. And international. Trends, in crime. And welfare policy, before. This she, was a social worker a policy, evaluator, a leader in the nonprofit community while, still making time for one, of her greatest joys in life salsa. Music and salsa, dancing. Dr.. Ivana Markova, is joy. I. Think. That was her chair I. Know. That was Connie. Is. Joining, the department of family interiors, nutrition, and imperil, but, she. Has been teaching with us for over 10 years and, is a master, teacher of courses. In textile, science research. Methods, and consumer. Behavior Ivana, welcome to the tenure-track. Dr.. Ricci Samanta. Is joining the School of Public Affairs and, civic engagement most, recently, from Purdue University, dr.. Samantha works in the areas of governance and collaboration. In regional, watershed, systems, urban. Governance and, community, resilience and for, fun she, loves photographing.

City Life and people and she'll have plenty of that in this city. Dr.. Paige Veeran, is a, welcome, addition to the Department of Recreation parks, and, tourism with, a research, interest, in consumer, behavior and, tourism. And a focus, on adventure, travel, and sustainable. Community, based tourism, areas. And being. The adventure, traveler, herself. She, proudly claims, that she has traveled to six out of the seven continents. And I think Antarctica. Is on next, on the bucket list. Dr.. Zubaydah Kumar comes to us most recently Wow okay. You're. Ken antsy is gonna kill me you need to stop back, dr.. Zubaydah Kumar comes to us most recently from UCSF. With, a background in nutrition from, Texas, A&M her. Most recent work is on the mediators, of cardiovascular. Disease, among, South Asians and like, any good dietitian. She is testing, out her green thumb this, year and planning. To grow a variety of herbs, and vegetables and. Last. But certainly not least dr., Andy, Yao joins, the Department of kinesiology, with. An expertise, in adapted. Physical education and, activity, and exercise. In sports psychology, his, research, is on the motivation, of physical. Activity, with individuals. With disabilities. Now. His prior faculty, position. Was in Arkadelphia. Arkansas. And he. Tells me he's very very, happy to be here I. Have. No idea where arkadelphia, is but, I do, believe him so. Please. Join me in giving a round of applause now you can do it. I'd. Like to welcome and invite to the stage my, dear friend and colleague Dean, Andrew, Harris of the College of Liberal and creative arts Andy. Thank. You Dean Alvarez and good morning. In. The, College of Liberal and creative arts the. College of ideas also known as the behemoth College and that monster. We. Have and, the. Place that I am so proud to call home we, have hired. A new development director Amanda, Todd I'm sorry cozy we took her away but Amanda is here somewhere I think. Amanda. Are you here here.

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