2018 Triumph Tiger 800 XRt 4k (EN/DE Subs)

2018 Triumph Tiger 800 XRt    4k  (EN/DE Subs)

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Hi guys nothing, to prove here today. Is a beautiful day because, any day one can be out and about on two wheels is. A gorgeous. Wonderful, day today. As you can see I ride, the try of Tiger, 800 back. In 1936. Was the first year that triumphs, attached that. Tiger name to. A model, so. It's. The oldest adventure, but, yet it's not the king of the adventure group the Tigers we. All know who that is the. GS is, but. In. 2018. Triumph. Said hey, let's. See if we can try to usurp in, that throne they. Have put, in over. 200. Updates, refinements. Changes, to, this bike. 100. Of which are just in the engine alone. Lighter. Crank spins, up easier shorter, first, gear. And, if you get this model the X R T, the, arrow can, comes stock, right from the factory and sound. Is good I love it I like that triumph, good sound. But. Now, let's. See if these changes, are enough to. Get. Triumph up there to. Where it can, hit. With the middle way the other middle weights in this group. When. The 800, was launched in 2010. Till. Now they've. Had over 68,000. In sales which, is not, bad not, bad at all that's good, triumph. Wants more trying. To force more sales in this middleweight, category, and this is proof. Who. Gets the benefit of riders. So. Let's. Go over some of these refinements, changes, etc I hope you stick around and, enjoy the ride. Alright, guys you know I like to do a ride buying on my video so let's take a look this. Is shot in 60 frames slowed. Way down to 24, frames, this. Is so that you can see what I look like on the bike I'm 5 foot 10 about a hundred and seventy six centimeters, 82. Kilos, 180. Pounds. Actually. The. Ergonomics. Are almost perfect, for my height. Also. You can get different seat heights with this this is the 830. Millimeter, which should be perfect I can, flat foot it I have, a 32 inch inseam so if you guys are wondering if, you have a 32, inch inseam the. 830, millimeter, perfect, this. Will go all the way down to eight hundred and ten. Millimeters. This seat. It's. Adjustable and if you get the the, XR, x model. With the low version, it'll go all the way down to 760. To, 780. Millimeters. That's pretty pretty low so it'll accommodate you shorter, riders also which. Is great, thanks. For doing that triumph. Okay. Guys it's, my favorite part of the video when we get up close and personal with this bike with the hand held on the gimm bow so. Let's start out with the most important. Thing over, 100, updates to this motor, well. Lets me get around to that side and let's switch over to the handheld. There. We go as I step back nice, shot, of the bike coming. In here to the motor yeah, this, is where. They did, 100 updates, they. Shortened, first gear a little bit and. Also made the crank lighter so it spins up quicker and yes I did notice that difference. I did, notice that on this model a very good job with that nothing but thumbs up for me the. Motor updates, here triumph, and this, is the original, 675. Motor, and it's just bored and stroked that's what they did with this and. I, do like the. Aluminum. Protection. Here and also. They're, the radiator, guard there and there that's nice with this XR. T model and one, thing I want to point out is yeah, if you get the XR t comes with this. Sound. Is excellent. Here let's go ahead and start her up I need. I have to set the gimbal down in order to start it up because with, triumph you know you have to pull in the clutch so. Let's turn the ignition on. Give. It a second just to. For. The display to come on pull. In the clutch. Should. Start. Let's. Listen, to this. For. An 800cc, motor that sounds pretty good well it's a triple, now. It's got that traditional. Wine. You're, in stereo, hear the whine of a motor at. The base of the exhaust. Sounds. Good trying good job with that alright. Let's crank her down there, and. There. We go alright good. Sound triumph I like it whatever. It is you did to that good. They. The triple whine, if you guys like that and. It's still there, with. More exhaust. Note, it sounds really good okay let's continue on in here, now. Let's get over to the front suspension these. Are your 42 43, millimeters show us fully, adjustable. There and on the other side 2 4 preload. Rebound. And dampening and. 180. Millimeters, have traveled down here and, we. Have three hundred and five millimeter. Floating. Discs dual and, yes. You, can see there Brembos. Two, piston, though see if you look at the other side oops, I hit the back you, can see there that there's. No that. It's not four Pistons those are empty so they have two Pistons. Brembos. There I end, and also, it's not a mono block they're floating. But. It's. So they're not as strong and, you don't get as much grip. Strength, if you will, with. The brakes when, they're when they're floating like this but you I liked, the feedback, you.

Get A little more feedback than, with a monobloc, Brembo. Mono. Meaning one solid, piece these. Are - these are floating so I did. Like the feedback you gave me with, the front brake, here. On this bike now. The rear again, Showa, and I thought. It was funny if, you look right into there, right, here. You. Can see how they've extended. That out so that you can get in there with a screwdriver to adjust the, preload, on the rear, that's. Funny, and, on the rear the Nissan 255. Disc. Millimeter. Disc and a single. Piston the Sun floating, in the rear now, why did they go from Brembos, in the front and this one in the rear I don't know yeah, and this model the XR. T. Comes, with a center stand as you can see there. Okay. Let's go back to the tires it's, -. I was gonna say let's go back to the front but the rear is is a. 150. 17. And the. Front is a 19-inch. But. It's. Only a 100 millimeter, wide tire not on 110 not a 120, it's, a 100. You'll notice that a lot of adventures, are still 110 and, if. They go, bigger. Like. To a 21-inch, and say, like the 850, GS. It'll. Be it'll be a, 90. Wide so, this it seems, like triumph was compromising. Here and trying to hit the middle road not going all the way down to a 90 and not go up to a 110, so they stuck it at a at. A 100. Millimeter wide front 19-inch, front tire so. And I, did notice. In. On. The right up here that you can, ride this bike aggressively. On the street I did appreciate that. Good job triumph. Stock. All. LEDs. Front, and back, oh and. And before I talk about the windshield, look at this beak you'll, notice that on the X, C. X. And, the XC, a it's. A longer beak and more suspension, travel here it's the shorter beak I like. This shorter, beak --that triumph did here with this I just wanted to point it out and, also, new for 2018, the new wind, diffusers. Here, on this side it helps deflect more wind and I. Do like, this windscreen, here you, can see right in there there's, there's, five positions. It's in the lowest one two three four five all, you do is pull it out and pull up and now it's sitting in the top you can do this on the fly on the road I love that good job triumph, so, if you want it in the middle there you just pull out push, down done, good.

Job Triumph, on the on the simple, windscreen. It's. Like the Super Duke GT, perfectly. Simple, don't. Have to do anything you can do it with one hand I love that. And. You guys know I like to do a flyover from, the rear so that you can see the size of, this bike and how big it is it's. Only a triple. But. It, does look a little wide. But it's, not too bad for an 800, as we. Come over I, love the detailing, here, that they're doing with this seat for example, here. Look. At this this metallic this metallic flaking, here, in the tank and yes. Raised, numbers. There love, and the raised lettering, they're, beautiful. Triumph yeah that's a sticker there but you know. And. You see it here but. I don't. It's. It's all open in here I don't. Know why they did that they kind of its, kind of almost an unfinished, look, I still. Like it but. For. The money that you're paying to. Get into this model you're talking 14 grand that's a lot of money. Let's. Go over here, totally. Adjustable, clutch, and, brake. Levers. Then. We have our daytime, running lights and nighttime. Cruise. Heated. Grips. Here's, your heated seats there. And then. You push to pass high lows and, so on. Then. You have your left right turn signals, and then horn and then I'm going to talk about this in a minute your this, is your your five position joystick, and also this, is how you get into your maps we'll. Do that in a second let's go over to the other side okay. Killswitch start. Four-way. Emergencies, and also. Again, for the menu we'll talk about that well let's just do it now let's just get right into it I'm only going to spend about 30 seconds, on the displays. So. Let's have it come up here, only. A couple of things I like you can change that there are three skin options, on here I'm on number two skin option, so. All I'm doing is moving with my thumb here and then I'll select it number one and it changes to there and. I can head down to number two and then here's option number three, it. Then I press in and then they're on, my number three I think I like number two the best there will stick there. Then. You can press the M button here. This is your engine mapping so, as soon as you press it there you can see that they come up here that, you can change in between your five mapping, modes here your sport. Streets. Rain, off-road. Etc, I'm just going to leave it on sport. I liked, it it was good then. You can change over here. Push. This and you can see that it changes then. You can get into your menu options to where you can do your riding, modes you. Can also do user configurable, motor. Your, setup board computers, display set up how you want to see things and so on then you just press it again and, you come back out and. Then you can see here I'm on sport time, temp, fuel. And. So on there. Now that's, all I'm gonna do. In. The past I spent way too much time on. The, displace. The. Mirrors, worked. Great, not vibey, nothing, very. Good job with the mirrors triumph i. 80%. Of the mirror is actually usable. The rest used to see a little bit in. Your shoulders just and close in but especially this, down part, here where it comes down you can really see behind you but that's really nice and up here i like. That design good mirrors triumph. Okay. That's. The walk around and. Some. Of the other, numbers. This, is a. 202. Kilo, dry, so, you put gas in it you're pushing your just over 216, kilos of weight. Which. Is good. Job triumph, their. Weight. Is everything to me two thumbs up on the, weight and the seat heights and the ergonomics. Good, job I. Can't. Say good job enough triumph, 216. Kilos yeah you're beating everybody in this category. Now. With that weight or almost everybody okay, but but. Your, premium, lines like your 1090. Near to 750. And 850 GS is. This. Is lower, than, that was good, job triumph like it appreciate, it. Because I'm all about weight especially, when you say adventure, and off-road as, soon as or sport. Bike though those are the two, major. Criticisms. I have with, adventure, bikes and sport bikes are, weight if. You can produce a, bike. And compete with your competitors, and make a lighter bike even. If it's just five or ten kilos it matters. So. Good, job triumph. Can't. Say that enough all right now. Let's. Get on the on the road and I'll spend, a kilometer or two to going down to trail talking. About the three pillars of. Motorcycling. That I said the powertrain the chasse and economics. Alright. Let me get around and gear up. Okay. Guys. I'm. All geared up now let's get on down the road, even.

The Cows, like. This bike, triumph. You did such a wonderful job. It's. Cow approved. Look. At these guys this is hilarious, I have, gathered, an audience I parked the bike here, none of the cows were there now. Look they, have all gathered around and said hey look. At the cool Triumph, Tiger. That's. Funny. Okay. That's. On this is on ignition, is on. Let's. Go on down the trail and. Here, we go let's, start er up. That's that, triple. Sign their wine and, the cows even love it see Oh. Alright let's go. This, is very. Comfortable on the trail. Economically. Speaking duck. Branch. This. Is very nice triumph, good job. And. Fighting, this I don't. Have to stand up for. Them. If, I had to stand up I really have to duck the branches. But. As fathers trail-riding good job triumph. Even. With these these. Tigers that I could bend, over in a corner this. Is great. So, as, far as about. The powertrain good. Job triumph. Okay, let's talk about. Chasse. On, the trail there it was good a thump up there on the trail although this is this, is the Exile, version, so it's more towards a street and, as far as adventure. Bikes go in this category the middleweight, adventure. Yeah. Did. Performance, in a corner two thumbs up, could chop triumph. So. The, brakes, excellent. Feedback excellent. Feedback I have, to give a little more pressure. I cannot, complain about the feedback and that's again. It's an adventure bike, yeah. I'm too fingering, it no problem, and, it's, still not. And the rear brakes, there. We go, maybe, I. The engine mapping on this bike is. Second-to-none. Guys, a. Good. Job Frank. So, economically. Speaking. No. Complaints, whatsoever, trying. A good job. Everything. Is square that the handlebars got moved back ten millimeters, the. Riding. Position are straight, up straight. Up. And. The. Footpegs are right underneath your, seat. And. With, the. The. Seat. Heights, it. Doesn't matter I'll tell you are all short you are you can you can increase, or decrease that. Footpeg distance, from the seat no problem.

So, Two. Thumbs up on the ergonomics. Good. Job Joe. Okay. Guys let's pull. Over and, let's, do a conclusion. Here let's. Stop by the river and my favorite, spot be careful. With the wet leaves. All. Right guys. After. Riding this bike all day it's. Warmed up I took my thermals, off it's, great, outside. It's beautiful day, and it's a beautiful day to be on the new 800, triumph, I really enjoyed riding this bike on the street, the. Performance, in the corners was. Against. If I compared to the other competition it's. Great. Just. Missing, the download torque that's my only criticism on, this bike is the low down torque but. That's always been the issue with this 675. Motor that's, where they took the 800, from is. It's, a street motor, so. You're gonna miss that, low down torque but. If you voice like the triples and you like to wind it up and who love to hear that Aero exhaust, sound, which, I do I do love that. Then. It's a great bike for you if. You if you are a triple fan and if you have the. Older 800. Version yeah. Say. Is it worth upgrading hell. Yes it's. Worth upgrading to, this. Now. I like, this bike I, didn't. The, old one I shouldn't say I didn't like it I just I wouldn't, buy it. It was lackluster. Although. It, did great for sales for triumph from, 2010, to now over, 68, almost 70,000. Sales that's pretty good for the 800. But. Now. Good. Job triumph with that with the 200. Upgrades. Or refinements. To, this. To. The motor to the sound to the spinning, up quicker to the longer first gear to, the windscreen to the TFT, to. All the, amenities, good. Job triumph to the air diffuser. Very, good if. I was, looking for a pure, adventure, bike for, pure Street. I would seriously consider this bike no problem and that's why I'm giving you two thumbs up triumph, two. Thumbs up. Although. If you're used to a parallel, twin or the v-twin. You're. Gonna miss that download torque. Those. Download torque numbers and. If your five ten fifteen, millimeters, torque less in. Those rpm, ranges you feel it I'm, just being honest and you guys know I am. Very critical and if, I find a problem I tell. You guys if I, like it I tell you guys I like this bike just.

Try And give us more torque down low that's all especially. If you're gonna call it an adventure bike, because. When I did take it down the trail and I wanted to grunt grunt grunt I had to wind it up a little higher than I wanted to and. So that's my only complaint. Alright. Guys I. Hope. You've enjoyed the review and as. Always guys ride, safe and ride, like there's nothing to prove Cheers.

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Hi thanks for another great honest review: it’s appreciated; so if i understand well : Triumph Tiger 800 XR...XRT are great motorcycles, but you still prefer the BMW F750GS. So you would buy the F750GS full equip instead of this Tiger 800 XRT. Am i right? Thanks; Live long, Ride Safe & Prosper

NothingToProve : thanks a lot for taking the time & words needed to answer & explain well; it’s very appreciated; cheers from Montreal.

Hi Trekky, well, that is not just a yes or no question, there are some considerations before one can come to a conclusion. If I am going to do any off-road, the it's no question, the 750GS is the better choice, suspension and low down torque, but if no off-road then it is a very hard question to answer, since they are both, in my humble opinion, equal on the street, with each having their own pluses and minuses, it would come down to a decision of the heart and not the logical mind. As so often is the reason buying one bike over the other. The XRt really shines on the street with that triple wine and exhaust sound and the chassis so stable and solid int he corners, I believe it is a little better than the 750GS, but just by a hair and only when you push it to track day levels that you notice the difference. If the XRt had more torque and that torque were to be lower in the rev range, then it would be hands down the XRt but it's not, hence the difficult decision. I guess I'd buy the 1090, LOL! STILL! Untill the 790 Adventure comes out next year...hehe.

Nice Review. Been checking out this bike but never saw the rt model with that skid plate and engine guard. Did you add that?

Hi Philip, thank you! Both pieces come with the XRt model. So no, they were not added, it came like that from the factory, along with the Arrow Silencer. The XRt is the highest spec"d model you can get. Cheers from Germany!

I test drove an XRt here in the U.S. Its a beautiful machine. It doesn't have those parts as stock items. And the Triumph website we access here doesn't show them either. They only appear on the XCa model. Regardless its an awesome motorcycle and plan to purchase one.

Yea, they do that, different options for different countries. :(

Recently bought a XRt in Texas. Came with the skid plate and I purchased the engine guard and fuel tank guard separate. The XCa only comes with the lower guard in the US. All dealerships can provide this.

+Philip Russo its not stock in Sweden too. And the Arrow silenser its not stock to,,

Hi , nice review. What do you think about multistrada vs tiger 800 xrt? I have no plan to ride off road. Txx.

wow I discovered your channel today and suprised how high quality your videos are. You definetely deserve millions of subscribers.

Thank you Dogu!

Nothingtoprove has a very generous dealer for the XRT to include Arrow can, Alloy sump guard and Engine bars unless the specification varies from country to country. A good honest review, however.

Hi there, a good honest review. I test rode this in August and found it a great bike. Like you said it is light and a lower ride all pluses in my book too!! The only downsides for me was the screen and the heat coming from the engine burning the bum!! Will be having another test ride in August next year as the bike I have will be going back as the finance is up!just subbed you. Keep up the great reviews atb Colin

Have one xrt whit stock exhaust,,and it sound exaktly the same,,

Very nice review! How do you compare this "middle weight" ADV to the 1250gs or KTM 1290 SAS for commuting and city traffic? Someone that will use a bike for everyday riding and also for travel on weekends and holiday, which class is the best?

+NothingToProve The ktm 790 is very light but the thing is that even the normal version runs on 21" front wheel, which will compromise road performance in twisties! Maybe they will do a more road focus variant one day. The bmw 850 is the same problem and it's heavy, the 700 will have an average performance.. On paper the weight difference is noticeable but everyone says that once we get the bike moving it disappears. I just don't want to feel like I have to struggle with a monster everyday I go to work, don't want it to be tiring after some couple of days. I want a flickable ADV bike ( I know I am asking too much and It's always a compromise..) I do care about the price, they are all very expensive but if I buy something and I feel is worth it I will be satisfied, I love motorcycles. Thank you for your feedback, it's important to get it from someone that has more experience than me and had ridden all those bikes!

and forgot the BMW F 750/850 GS...too.

Hi Rodrigo, hmm...it really depends on you, do you want that extra weight or not? Wet weights(gas tank full) = 250kg, vs. 238kg vs. 218kg. or even the 790 Adventure @ around 203kg. So the big ADV, 250kg vs. 238kg or the middle weights ADV 218kg vs. 203kg. Probably the best compromise is the middle weight ADV. especially if you are doing commuting. But if you don't mind the weight and the price, the 1250GS would do everything you want and do it well. But for most people, price does matter (me included) and the weight does too, and power is not everything, and for these 3 things, commuting, trips, and off-road, I'd look at the middle weights: 800 Tiger or 790 Adv.

+NothingToProve Amazing bike the SDR, great taste!That's one of my dream bikes. The thing is that I can only have one bike. Now I drive a supermoto everyday which is perfect for that job. However the lack of wind protection, comfort and luggage make it not suitable for travel, a thing that I would like to do more often and cover big distances. I would do 90% of pavement (everyday commute and most weekend rides) and maybe 10% offroad, when I have the chance. But I still want to have that capability on my future ADV bike, freedom of riding a bike for me cannot end where the road ends. So I am towards a 19 inch front wheel and enough ground clearance. That's why I ask your opinion about the tiger 800 vs the big 1200's category (r1250gs and ktm 1290 SAS, the two rivals for me). If you have some extra advice for me it would be great! And thank you for your patience asking my comments! Cheers

Hi Rodrigo, thank you! Size is one of those things that one can get used to, but every day, day in and day out commuting is where size starts to wear on one and that is where the middle weight bikes will be easier over time. At least that is how I feel about it, I commute on a KTM 1290 SDR, so it's not so big but I know guys that do commute on big ADV bikes, rain or shine...so it's really a matter that is up to the individual, do you want to handle a big bike everyday or not. I personally do not want to do that every day...so I don't. The 800 Tiger is a good light weight bike but in the new KTM 790 Adventure will be out next month and I will be doing a review on it, very soon. That bike is even lighter, probably some where around 185kg, so wait for that before you pull the trigger on buying the a bike.

Cows were smiling since this Tiger aint gonna eat them for lunch ! - great review again - i actually went to Triump dealer and Sit on this and also RS - Now have to decide -

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