2018 Undergraduate Convocation

2018 Undergraduate Convocation

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My, name is, dr. lauth Wong president. Of San Francisco, State University I, have. The distinct, honor and pleasure of. Welcoming, you, to, our campus. Those. Of you in academic, regalia may actually remove, your hats confused, tubes also. For everyone's, convenience we. Ask that. You please turn, on your cell phones before. We begin tonight's celebration I, would, like to take the moment to thank our San Francisco State, University orchestra. Student, musicians, for, that beautiful. Welcome. To our 2018. All University. Undergraduate, Honors, Convocation. Tonight. We celebrate the, scholarly, success. And special, achievements. Of, our most talented most. Determined. And most accomplished. San Francisco, State students. We. Share the stage with more, than 100, of them this evening, all. Of these students, have met the highest standards, during their years, here. Rising. To the challenges, put to them by our exceptional, faculty, they. Have enriched our lives for. Education. As it is, distinctly. A two-way, process and. We trust that we have been rich their lives as well. We. Want our honor students, to know that their achievements, have been recognized, and we have gathered, here this, evening to honor, them, for their, exemplary, work. We. Trust they are leaving with an education. That, has prepared, them to. Own their own mind, live. A meaningful, life and contribute. To their communities. Attending. San Francisco, State is more than, an education, it's. An experience, a true. Preparation. For living, a life of principle, and value. In a chaotic, time. Representatives. Of our university, community are, here to join us in this convocation. You will. Meet many of them as the evening proceeds, but I would like to introduce some, of them now and, will, the following individuals please. Stand, as I introduce them. Lowell. Ho vice. President, for student affairs and, enrollment management. Lori, beth Wayne, Dean, of undergraduate, education and. Planning. Deborah. Masters, University. Library. Alona, Vandergriff. Foreign. Languages, and literature, professor. At, University Women's Association Board, member whose. Members, are this, evenings official, greeters. And the, host of our reception. At the Student, Center, later this evening, our. Two stage marshals, John, Carlos, Correia. Associate. Professor. Of American, Indian studies and, William.

Christmas, Professor. Of English language and, literature I. Would. Also like to recognize, our two, faculty, marshals. Dorothy's. Tsuruta, professor, of Africana, Studies and, Kimberly. A tenant, professor. San. Francisco State welcomes, some of the most talented, students, in the. World we. Introduce, those talented, students, to, one of the world's finest, faculties, who, come to San Francisco stage. Out, of a desire to make a real, difference in, the lives of, students, through, their teaching, scholarly. Activities, and, community, service. That. Interplay, between student. And faculty affects. Our future, in our relationships. With, each other to. Affirm that relationship. Each year the, chair of the Academic, Senate is asked to address our honorees, and our guests. Dr.. Nancy gerber came to the big area in, 1993. To, do a postdoctoral, fellowship, in, pharmaceutical. Chemistry, and. Later joined San Francisco, State as a faculty member in. 1996. She is. A professor, of chemistry and biochemistry, in the College of Science and Engineering and. Has, led the faculty of San Francisco, State his past year, as chair, of the Academic, Senate for. Two, decades dr., Gerber has served San Francisco, State as a highly, respected, teacher and. An accomplished, scholar, her. Research has included, scores, of students, especially. Especially. Over, 30 undergraduate. And graduate. Students, whose, work has resulted in more than 20, peer-reviewed, publications. And book, chapters. More. Recently, she. Has been focused, on understanding. The use of undergraduate. Students, as, peer left instructors. In, developing, labs and, demonstrations. For general chemistry that. Can increase, students knowledge and, engagement, in. Their, chemistry, courses. Dr.. Gerber is a first-grade teacher and, scholar but. She also lends. Talents to making the community, around her a better place in. Short, she. Is a great citizen of, this great University. And I, am now pleased to present dr., Nancy Gerber for her comments, this, evening. Thank. You very much president Wong for those wonderful. Words and. Welcome, to all of you and congratulations, to our graduates so. The title of my speech today, is the hitchhiker's guide to life, after college so before, I begin it seems reasonable to ask for, a show of hands although I'm not going to be able to see all of you out there but. On the platform may be who in the audience has. Heard of Hitchhiker's, Guide to the galaxy, books or movies. Okay. All right so we're working with us somewhat, unenlightened crowd that's okay we're here to learn I can handle that so, for, those of you who haven't had the pleasure Hitchhiker's. Guide to the galaxy, refers to a couple of different things so first, off it is a fairly, odd five, book, science, fiction, trilogy, so. Again graduates. What's. Wrong with that statement. Hopefully. You noticed something odd, in. Fact the final book is labeled the fifth book in the increasingly, inaccurately. Named Hitchhiker's, trilogy, it's, a very irreverent book as you can see at, any, rate reading, Hitchhiker's, Guide to the galaxy, gave me one of my first indications. That I might actually want to be a scientist, at, the time I read the first book way, back, in the 70s, I was a high school music, and theater geek and I was convinced, that that's what I was going to do in college I would, have been on the floor laughing if you had told me at the time that I might eventually teach, or even tolerate, for that matter the field of chemistry, but. Science fiction fascinated, me be, it The Hitchhiker's Guide Ray, Bradbury, Star, Trek or cosmos, so the clues were there. Secondly. Hitchhiker's. Guide to the galaxy, is a fictional. Electronic. Guide that. Serves as and I quote the standard, repository, for all knowledge, and wisdom in, this, is kind of a Wikipedia, for the galaxy, long, before, Wikipedia was a thing it should. Be noted that a lengthy, entry about Earth has been cut down by the guides editors, to summarize us Earthlings. As mostly. Harmless. And, if, any of you are journalism. Majors that might be something you might want to pay attention to, the. Guide deems, a towel to, be the most massively. Useful thing, that a hitchhiker can have the. Guides cover, also contains, the eminently, useful advice. Of don't.

Panic. I've. Been using that tonight by the way even. If you haven't heard of Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy, you might have heard of Elon Musk who recently sent, his Tesla Roadster, worth several hundred thousand, dollars into. Space with a copy of the guide a towel, and the words don't panic, on the dashboard display, so. It has infiltrated our, culture, in the. First book of the series are, somewhat. Fearful hero, Arthur, Dent finds, out that his best friend is from another planet and has, come to warn him that Earth is scheduled, for demolition to. Make way for an intergalactic bypass. Kind of like a freeway to. Escape they hitch catch a ride or hitchhike on one of the ships that's targeting, earth for destruction thus. Begins an adventure in which Arthur Hicks hitchhikes. Around the galaxy, with, a copy of Hitchhiker's, Guide to the galaxy, and his trusty towel in, the, course of his travels, the answer to the ultimate question, is revealed what. Is the meaning of life the universe, and everything. Spoiler. Alert the answer is 42. Now. I don't expect most or, even some or. Perhaps any of you to go hitchhiking, around the galaxy, seeking the meaning of life the universe and everything assuming. That you don't trust the answer to be 42, but. I do think that there are some things to be learned in our third dense journey and perhaps mine. Sometimes. We get so stuck in a place that is comfortable and safe. That, we forget that there's a world out there that offers unimaginable. Adventures, and, opportunities. For us to grow as Arthur. Dent travels the galaxy, he morphs from a fearful Englishman. Living, in a quiet village in the countryside never, going more than a kilometer or so from his to. Someone very comfortable, in his own skin and ready, and willing to take on challenges, that were unimaginable to, him at the start of his adventure, now. In his case he had a fairly compelling reason, to leave the safety of his home because. It was being demolished but. For the rest of us sometimes, the drive for Chanute to try new adventures has, to come from within so. As I look back at my own path over the years I realized that too often I left myself on autopilot, never. Questioning, the direction, that I was heading or making any attempt to change it it, took, outside advance to get me moving in a different direction a poor. Performance, a failing, grade in a required class a major, I disliked, with few opportunities, without an advanced degree a marriage, that necessitated, moving to a new city if, there's, one thing that I wish I had done differently it would, have been to take a moment to look around and really. Assess my situation, was, I happy doing what I was doing if. I look forward, five years from now where, would I be if I followed my current path and was, that really where I wanted to be if. Not could I find the courage, to make change I've been. Told over the years that it's the things that you don't do that you regret and I can attest this, is largely true as I. Look back to my younger self I passed over several opportunities because. The timing wasn't perfect, and I thought the opportunity, would be there in the future but. More times than not it wasn't I can. Also attest to the fact that you, students, will change. From, the person you are today your. Interests, abilities, passions. Will transform, in completely. Unexpected. Ways and you have to learn to go with that but. The more you question, yourself and, the more you get out in the world and seek out new adventures. And challenges the, more you will grow as a person and find. Out what you were truly meant to be and that person. Will change over the years so. My advice to you is to be open to, and prepared, for change bring. A towel and don't, panic. Thank. You for listening and congratulations. I. Jumped. Ahead and and there my advice was not taken all right and now it, is my pleasure to introduce the provost and vice, president for, academic affairs, jennifer. Summit. Thank. You Senate. Chair Gerber for reminding, our graduates. And all of us to live adventurously. And graduates. Now you can truly say that in college, you learned the secret to life the universe and, everything. Tonight. We, celebrate students. For their outstanding achievements. At San Francisco, State, first. We'll honor those students, who were inducted, as members, of Phi Beta Kappa. Next. We recognize, a hundred, and eleven undergraduate. Students who are graduating, in the top one, and a half percent of, the students, from their academic colleges. Most. Of them will graduate, magna. Laude or summa. Laude. Following. Them we, recognize, 61. Undergraduates. Who have been selected, by their academic departments.

And Programs to, receive special, recognition for, excellence, in their fields, among. Them our six students, who have been chosen to represent all, of the, graduating, seniors in their respective colleges because. Of their outstanding academic. Achievements. And other, significant. Accomplishments. That you'll hear about tonight. These. Six students, seated, here, in the front row will, receive the symbolic, investiture, of the hood at our commencement ceremonies. Tomorrow. This. Year marks the 42nd. Anniversary of, the first installation, of, our Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Members at San Francisco, State the. President, of the University, chapter is dr., masahiko, Minami, who is in the audience tonight. Dr.. Minami will you please stand so we can thank you. Phi. Beta Kappa the, oldest, honorary, Society, in the United States, recognizes. Students, who have successfully demonstrated. Breadth, and depth, of study in the sciences, the humanities and. The behavioral, and Social Sciences, the. National Society. Of Phi Beta Kappa established. The Omicron, of skala for Nia at San Francisco, State University, forty-two. Years ago in, 1976. Since. Then only nine hundred and fifty San Francisco, State University students. Have met the requirements, to be elected, to Phi Beta Kappa out of a pool of more, than a hundred and ninety four thousand. Graduating. Students, I'm, proud. To, introduce the Phi Beta Kappa members. Who were able to join us here tonight, they, were initiated. In the end of the Omicron, Chapter of California. In an earlier ceremony. I ask that each student, please stand, as I call your name and remain standing, until all members, are named when, we can applaud you they. Are, Hillary. Mary, muffin. Alexandra. Marie. Conrad. Shareen. Serene. Jafari. And. Sami, honk, to Quogue. Please. Join me in congratulating, these, students for their outstanding academic. Achievement. You. May be seated, I. Would. Now like to introduce the associate, dean of the College of Business EMU. Wong who, will present the faculty representatives, and. Students, accorded, high academic honors, from, the College of Business. Thank. You Provost Amit I would. Like to introduce the, chairs and faculty members, representing. The academic, departments, in the College of Business and asked them to remain, standing and here, all faculty, members have been introduced. They, are Teresa, Hammond, accounting. Rex. Joan decision, sciences. Cure. Economist. Economics. Usual. Finance. Alvo. Information. Systems. Roman. Simeon international. Business nara. Young management. Foolin. Ho marketing. Please. Be seated. As. I. Introduce the honor students, from the College of Business I would, ask each students. Please stand and, remain, standing until, all, of the, students, from the category, have, been presented, please. Hold your applause until all. The students, have been caught, these. Are the students, graduating, in the top one, and a half percent of the College, of Business in, accounting. Zachary, wise assist. Eric. Party and. A. Chin. Kimberly, Joan. Megan. Elizabeth, watchin you. Tongue Li Jing. Is whoa Bonnie. Lee Yi, in. Economics. Major. Cyrus, Persia. Ryan in. Finance. Lana, Salim Tabitha. Kathleen. Fair, high. In Huang, Christine. Marie Johnson. In. General, business Chloe's. Path, in. Labor. And employment. Studies, Alyssa, pokrovsky. In. Management. Jake Van Voorhis, in, marketing. Russell. Lawrence Fernando. Teyana. Coast, with, Chelsea. Cheng please. Join me in congratulating our, honor. You. May be seated, I. Would. Now like to present those, students, who have been selected, by, their departments for, their special recognition. Megan. Elizabeth Larkin, accounting. Who. Are you in decision. Sciences. Major. Cyrus economics. Hygiene. Huang Finance, Jing, hua my, hospitality. And tourism management. Nadine. No may, be body. Information. Systems. Kona. Melissa, Hawaii. International. Business. Unleash. Apocrypha, key labor, and employment studies. Jake. Van were his management. Chelsea, chain marketing. Please. Join me in congratulating, our, monastery. You. May be seated. As. Far. As some is mentioned, each of the college's selects. One, student, who received the hood tonight on behalf. Of all his graduates. I am, very pleased to introduce this, year's hood, recipient from. The College of Business meghan, elizabeth Lockean. Megan. Is a lifelong, Franciscan. Who has always had, a passion, for working with numbers, she. Pursued, a major in accounting as, a way to enhance her knowledge and apply, her skills, towards, helping. Companies operate. In a financially, sustainable way, during. Her freshman year, Larkin joined the Volunteer, Income Tax Assistance, Vita. Program. A nationally. Recognized, IRS. Program. That provides, free tax, return, preparation, to. Low-income elderly. Limited-english-proficient. And, disabled. Individuals, during. Her sophomore year she, became the youngest supervisor.

In The Vita program. What. She valued most about, this experience, was, helping, those from. Underserved. Communities. Who came to her with no initial, understanding of, how, to file, their taxes, many. Of the individuals, us sisters were working, as independent. Contractors, for, real-time ridesharing, business. And unaware. Of the additional. Tax complications. In this economy. Larkin. Helped explain the concepts, and implications. So they could better plan for their future, following. Her junior year she interned. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, in. Their industry, tax practice, team she. Was offered a full-time position, at the end of her internship, at PricewaterhouseCoopers. And. Will, begin in January following. The completion of her, CPA exam. This, summer she. Who she, will be joining. A labor capital strategies. Internship, program, at Georgetown. University in. This, position, launching, will help the private, equity investment. Team identify. Prospective, investments. And repair. The relevant, accounting. Megan. Thank, you for being a change agent in, helping our underserved, communities. Congratulations. And we look forward to your successful, future. It. Is now my pleasure to, introduce Dean, Nancy, Robinson, who will present the faculty, representative. And the students, from the Graduate, College of Education. Thank. You. The. Graduate College of Education is. Pleased, to introduce our. Department. Chair and faculty, representative, and I'll. Call their names please stand and, we'll. Applaud, you after. You stand up. Dr.. Laura Epstein. Department. Chair and, Marsha. Raji Oh faculty, representative, in the, Department, of communicative, disorders. Thank. You, the. Graduate College of Education prepares. Professional, educators, across the full spectrum of. Undergraduate. Credential, certificate, masters, and Education, doctorate programs. While. Teacher preparation is at the heart of the college we offer programs in, many areas including speech-language. Pathology. Administrators. And education, leaders. Tonight. We're featuring the, Bachelor, of Sciences, and communicative. Disorders, our only undergraduate, major in the college. This. Major prepares, and provides, the foundation, to enter graduate study and careers in speech-language, pathology, and audiology and. Many. Other careers, in education, and Human Services. I'm. Pleased, to introduce the. Students, who. Is grad a student, who is among the students graduating, with high academic honors, Laura, Shea. Congratulations. Laura. Now. I'd like to present, the. Student who has been selected as our departmental. Honoree. Catherine. Morland. Congratulations. Captain. And. Now. I'm proud to introduce, Olivia. Paige Connor. Miss. Connor is the undergraduate, hood, recipient, for the Graduate College of Education and, as. A high school student at Monterey Peninsula College olivia, Connors passions, were music, theater. Language, and education she. Considered many majors, but. After observing a speech pathologist in, action, Connor. Realized, she'd stumbled, on something special an opportunity, to use her passions, to help people. She. Transferred, to San Francisco, State University always. Her dream and, declared. Her major as communicative, disorders, and immersed.

Herself In this in speech-language pathology. As an. Active leader Connor, joined the campus chapter, of the national student speech language and Hearing, Association and, became an officer in. Her junior year she worked as an aide as a speech and language private, practice, and later. Served as a clinical, assistant in the San Francisco States communicative, disorders, clinic. Her. Interest in aphasia, motivated. Her to join the gray matter laboratory. At San Francisco, State where she continues, to work. Connor. Works with spanish-english. Bilingual clients. With aphasia and contributes, to ongoing research studies, a highlight. Of her senior year was serving as a mentor for fellow students, and sharing her passion for the major in. Addition to her extensive, and academic, involvement and achievements, Connor. Was also a self-supporting. Student working in the same supervisor, job, at a major corporation, during the four years of her bachelor's, program. After. Graduation, she'll, spend a year as an English conversation assistant. In Spain. She. Then plans to continue her education at, the graduate level and, looks forward to using her work to. Create a speech therapy program integrating, music and theatre arts. Congratulations. Olivia on your commitment, to academic, excellence and, service to your community, we, wish. You much success in your. Education. I'm. Pleased and reduce my colleague, Amy Tsuyoshi Dean, of the College of ethnic studies who, will now present the faculty representatives and. Honor students, from the College of ethnic studies. Thank. You Dean Robinson. Good. Evening everyone. The. Department, chairs and faculty from, the College of ethnic studies in, attendance, tonight are, Dorothea, Sarita africana. Studies, Don. ELISA Fisher, africana, studies. Robert. Collins American. Indian studies. Russell. Jung Asian, American Studies, Katinka. Martinez, latina/latino. Studies. Eric. Pido Asian, American Studies, Jason. Ferrera race. And resistance studies John. Carlos Padilla American. Indian studies, in. Katriona Doretta, Esquivel, associate. Dean. The. High academic honors, student, for the College of ethnic studies is. Justin. Shell Meyer africana, studies. The. Following students, are our departmental. Honorees. Justin. Shell Meyer Africana, Studies. Krystal. Roth cepa's, American. Indian studies. Amy. Leigh, Asian. American Studies. Kimberly. Matta latina/latino. Studies. Please. Give these students a round of applause. It. Is my honor to now introduce this, year its hood, recipient, for the college of ethnic studies Arianna. Quetzal, vargas. She. Is graduating with a Bachelor, of Arts in latina/latino. Studies in. The College of ethnic studies and a Bachelor, of Science in health education, College. Of Health and Social Sciences. Arianna. Vargas, is recognized, for her outstanding, leadership and, academic achievement, during, her years as a double, major in latina. Latino Studies, and health. Education, with. A minor in education. She's. Extremely bright and also, a hard-working. Student who, sets a high bar through, her example of community, engaged, scholarship and activism. Vargas. Entered, San Francisco State University as, a freshman, and gracefully. Carried over her activist, and advocacy, work from, high school into, the larger, context, of the university, she's. Established herself as a vocal, advocate for, youth focusing. On the rights and needs of underrepresented youth of color and issues. Of public health in underserved. Communities. Her. Many achievements add up to a pattern of leadership and advocacy for. Progressive, change and, community, empowerment that. Reflects the core values, of the college of ethnic studies. Her. Association. With the College of ethnic studies began, at the tender age of 2 when, her mother, Venezia, margarita. Was, a dasu Studies, major in occasionally. Attended, class with her baby in tow. Vargas. Learned from an early age that education, is. Empowering as. Evidenced, by our impressive practice, of community. Empowerment through, education. Congratulations. Arianna on an outstanding. Academic feat, of graduating. With two majors, and a minor. We. Commend you for your advocacy work in support, of our youth in underserved communities that exemplify, the important, role epic, studies serves, at our University. I. Would. Like now to introduce, Dean, Alvin, Alvarez who, will present the faculty representatives. In. Honor students, from, the College of Health and Social Sciences. Good. Evening and welcome Thank. You Dean Tsuyoshi. The. Department, chairs and faculty representatives. Here tonight representing, the College of Health and Social Sciences, are and please stand as we recognize you soy. And park chair, child, and adolescent, development. Sharia. Taylor, family, interiors, nutrition, and apparel. Mary. Beth love chair, health, education. Anthony. Mayo, kinesiology. Larry. Vitaliy School, of Nursing.

Eric. Roseguard, chair, recreation. Parks and Tourism. Jocelyn. Hermosa School of Social Work and Marla. Ramirez, sociology. And sexuality studies. Could, you please give them a round of applause. The. Following students, from the College of Health and Social Sciences are among those graduating. With high academic honors, in child. And adolescent, development, Regina, Meyers, in. Criminal. Justice, Daisy, Rojas. Also. In criminal justice, you're Lanie Cristobal. Valencia, I. Think. You have fans out there, in. Health education, Luciana. Silva. And. Mimi. Tan in. Kinesiology. Ashley. Chan. Corona. Huang. Lucky. Low. Dureena. Meadow, Nova. EEMA. Claire, see khatma league. And. In. Nursing Kayla, Nicole voice. Melissa. Garza. Wannsee. Leigh. Jonathan. Lee, and. Nicole. Ramirez. Please. Join me in honoring our graduates. Thank. You, our. Students, here tonight who, are given, special recognition by. Their departments. Specifically. Our Lucia. Alvarez, child. And adolescent, development. Rachel. Elizabeth bisetta. Public, affairs and civic engagement criminal. Justice. Savannah. Sterling. Oke family, interiors, nutrition, and apparel. Mimi. Tan, health. Education. Inna. Claire, Sika Mele. Kinesiology. Z. June's Steffi. Liang School, of Nursing. Christina. Navarro, recreation. Parks and Tourism. Justin. Gleason, Social, Work and. Emmeline. Esquivel. Sociology. And sexuality studies, please, join me in applauding. Thank. You. I'm. Pleased to introduce this, year's hood recipient for the College of Health and Social Sciences Lucia. Alvarez. Now. Let me tell you a little bit about her which. She received, she is receiving her bachelor's degree, in child and adolescent, development but, her story goes back to when she was a computer engineer in, her native Nicaragua. Lucia. Immigrated. To the United States in, 2006. With their 11 year old son and became, a substitute, teacher in a bilingual classroom. There. She found a passion, for teaching and she said I fell, in love with children. Immediately and that's why I started, this new career. Albertus. Is graduating, from San Francisco, State with, a bachelor's, degree in child and adolescent, development with, an emphasis on, early childhood education. At. The same time she's worked full-time as, a lead teacher with, the Institute for human and Social development's. East, Palo Alto Head, Start program. At. San Francisco, State she served as a leader and a mentor in the cad path program. For. Action, research proposal, focused, on housing insecurity in young children and she. Sees early childhood education. As something that has effects that reach far, far outside, of the classroom. She. Says my passion is giving back to the community, and as a teacher I can. Support, other people who, struggle, and help them improve their lives. With. Her degree she hopes to eventually move on to leadership, roles in education. But, always with a focus, on advocacy for, low-income families. Lucia. Thank, you for incorporating, your, work that. Passion, of the need to serve the greater good your. Desire to help our society is applauded, and we. Wish you much success in all the future holds, for you congratulations. I'm. Now pleased to introduce my. Friend and colleague Dean, Andrew, Harris who will present the faculty representatives, and. Honor students, from, the College of Liberal and creative arts Dean, Harris. Thank. You Dean Alvarez, I am, so proud to introduce the department, chairs and faculty members, representing. The academic departments, and programs for, the College of Liberal, and creative arts they. Are, and. I think this is the point where I tell you not to applaud until I'm done. Cristina. Wrote a low American, Studies. Meredith. Reifschneider, anthropology. Mario. LaPlante art. Lena. Jane broadcast, and electronic communication, arts. Julian. Huckster cinema. Jerry. And Merrigan, Communication. Studies, Dane. Johnson comparative. In world literature, Roy. Convoy, creative, writing, utan. Wong dance. Mary. Hugh liqu school of design. Honest. Asia smirnova English language and literature, Trevor. Gets history. Tania, Augsburg, humanities. Mahmoud. Mancha Puri international. Relations. Denise. Wagner, journalism. Mariana. Ferreira liberal studies, Mitra. ära Modern, Languages, and literature's. Christine, Brandis, music. Hasta. Spain's daughter philosophy. Marcela. Garcia, custon own political, science. Todd. Roman theater, arts and, Julie. Hua Women. And Gender Studies please. Join me in acknowledging this. Array of, talented, faculty. These. Are the students from the College of Liberal and creative arts, accorded, with high academic honors, in. Anthropology. Leah. Colby, weighed. In.

Cinema. Rahil. Ali, Mohammed, Deborah. Campus. Sania. Fear, Sava. Rachel. Roy young Kim. Jonathan. Roland. Hola. Solaire. Kings. 'soon. Catalan. Steph, and Barbara. Ting. In. Communication. Studies, Hilary, Mary Buffum, and. Hiroyuki. Nakayama. In. Comparative. And world literature. KC, lydic. In. Creative, writing Cory. Hartwig, and. Samantha. Masters. In. Drama. Savannah. Benedetti. And. Hilary. Mary Buffum. In. English. Laura, Hannibal. Tiffany. Shay. Thank. You for that and. Madeline. Kaylee, Aislin Thompson. In. History. Johnny. Chao. In. International. Relations, Shireen. Jefferey, please. Join me in congratulating, these, outstanding students. You. May be seated. The. Following students, have been selected by their departments and, programs to, receive special recognition for, excellence in their respective fields again. Kindly. Withhold, your applause until I name all the students in this category. Hamed. Eggball. Anthropology. Because. Sis. Saniya, fear, Sava cinema. Alexandra. Murray Conrad, classics. Katherine. Rivers communication. Studies, Casey. Lydic commit comparative, and world literature. Cory. Hartwig, creative, writing. Cassidy. Rose friend, dance. Oscar. Reverse, Rodriguez. School, of Design. Madeline. Kaley, Aislin Thompson, English. Language and literature. Samantha. Masters, history. Sofia. Maria, della Lewis Wenzel, humanities. Shireen. Jefferey international. Relations. Sheba. Ban diba Liberal. Studies. Liao. Jus Modern. Languages, and literature's Chinese. Casey. Lydic Modern, Language and literature's, French. Jeremy. Hebert Modern, Language and literature's, Japanese. Ashley. Feld Modern, Languages and literature's Spanish. Christopher. Canfield, music. Hillary. Mary, Buffum, theater, arts and. Tony. EB woman and Gender Studies please. Join me in congratulating, applause. I am, honored and privileged, to introduce the undergraduate hood recipient for, the College of Liberal and creative arts Tony, Eadie. Tonie. EB returned to school to earn a college degree 23. Years after she completed high school in. Between high school and college EB. Became enmeshed in sex, trafficking and suffered, repeated physical and sexual abuse, she. Was addicted to drugs which led to repeated run-ins, with the criminal justice system. Eventually. She was referred to a program, for survivors of sexual violence, that helped her heal and gave, her a fresh start since. Then she's, used her personal experience, to inspire and advocate for other survivors, of sexual violence, with, a particular focus on the, LGBTQ. Community. EB. Came to SF State because she wanted to earn a degree in a field that will complement, her life experience, woman, and gender studies for. The past seven years she. Has counseled clients, at San Francisco safehouse a transitional. Housing facility, for homeless women who, are leaving sex Frette trafficking, and other sexually, exploited, of situations, the. Very same program, from, which she sought help 10, years before. She. Currently works full time as an outreach and training manager. Majoring. In women and gender studies quote. Was definitely, one of the best decisions I ever made she, said I had. Written that she hopes, to continue on to graduate school in social, work but, I can now say that she, will be continuing, on to graduate school and social work to better serve women some communities, in our own ms tope MSW. Program in the fall. Tony. We, commend you on all you have had to overcome to be here in this moment celebrate. It you have richly earned it congratulations. And. Now to present the faculty representatives, representatives. And to honor outstanding students. From the College of Science and Engineering I yield the podium, to, dean Carmen Domingo. Thank. You Dean Harris. The. Chairs and faculty from, the College of, Science and Engineering here. Tonight are tau, hey from, mathematics. Gretchen. Laboon. Biology. Serkan. Hostin mathematics. How. You, computer. Science. Christa. Vixy. Chemistry. And biochemistry. Dave. Dempsey. Earth, and climate sciences. Hal. Yang. Engineering. Nancy. Wilkinson, and geography. And environment. Jingdong. Lee, mathematics. Ron. Marr ski physics, and astronomy and. Zen. A mellow, psychology. Thank. You. The. Students, accorded, high academic honors, from. The college of science and engineering are, in, biochemistry.

By, My hand, Tao. In. Biology. Joannie. Says, l'm in. Biology. With. A concentration in. Physiology. Alex. Young. In. Chemistry. Sami. Han, to clock, in. Computer. Science. Lazzari. Nan. Mandar. In. Earth, and climate sciences. Juliana, Matranga. In. Physics. Noah. Scandrick. In. Psychology. Julie. Chandler. Sarah. Abigail, Heller. Playing. Yang. Yu and, Gabriela. Parisi. Thank. You. Congratulation. The. Following, students, have been selected for. Special recognition, as. Department, honorees. Joni. Says, low biology. By. My, hon, cow, chemistry. And biochemistry. Giuliana. Manga. Earth, and climate sciences. Monique. Avila. Engineering. Rowena. Forest, geography. And environment. And. Christine. Lucia, alar mathematics. Brandon. Gun. Physics. And astronomy. Julie. Chandler. Psychology. Congratulations. I. Am. Very pleased, to introduce Christine. Listeria. Alarm. The. Undergraduate, hood recipient for, the college of science and engineering. Miss. Ella is receiving, her Bachelors, of Science in. Mathematics. No. No no wait wait wait there's more. Diane, christine lr was. Interested, in puzzles from, an early age that. Interest, in problem-solving, eventually, led her to mathematical. Research, miss. Alaric completed, her bachelor's degree in, mathematics. Advanced study in fall, 2017. After. Only seven, semesters, less. Than four years. While. At San Francisco, State she, worked on mathematics. Research with Professor, of mathematics, feted, eco Arbela and also. Conducted, two summers, of research, through the National, Science Foundation's. Research, experience. For undergraduates. Program. At Iowa. State University and, also. At the mathematical. Sciences Research Institute at UC, Berkeley she has. Written two publications, based, on her work as, a. Woman, in a field dominated by, men she, also found a home in mathematics. Toss a group. Of women. On campus and, other gender, minorities, in the field of mathematics. There. Aren't a lot of people this is her quote there aren't a lot of people like me and mathematics, research alar, said she. Drew inspiration from, that, group and other programs, that brought together students. Of color in mathematics. And she, hopes that she'll be able to create similar. Programs, in careers, as a mathematician. Miss. Olara has been admitted to a ph.d, program in, pure. Mathematics at. UC, Santa Barbara where. She plans to study algebra, and, combinatorics. Christine. We. Honor you. And are proud you, chose to major in mathematics. We. Wish you endless, success, in all your future pursuits. Congratulations. It. Is now my pleasure to, welcome president. Wong back to the podium for, tonight's, closing, remarks. Thank. You Dean Domingo, I would. Like to pause and, acknowledge, our Dean's let's, give each of our remarkable, Dean's a round of applause for. Their. Outstanding support. And service to our students, staff faculty, and, the University. Tonight. We. Have seen what makes San Francisco, state's such an extraordinary, University. We. Are a public university where. Our students, establish a, higher, education. Legacy, for. Their families, and generations to, follow and we're, developing the, skills and talents. Of our students, builds. A legacy, of success for, our state our nation, and our world our. Students. Are, as talented and, as exciting, a group as you will find anywhere. At. Any, university. In this, country and, their, varied, backgrounds. And. I feel proud to ad-lib and, say anywhere, on this, planet. In. Their. Varied backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Enhance, their excellence, this. Honors, Convocation. Offers. An exceptional, opportunity, to. Make a large university, just, a little, bit smaller and a little more personal. We've. Heard a rich array of individual. Stories, tonight, as our Hood recipients, were introduced. If. We had the same opportunity. To, learn about each student on this stage we. Would truly be awed by, their courage, intellectual. Breadth. Accomplishments. Resilience. And person. Perseverance. And. I want to ask if. You would raise your hand if you are the first person in your family to, get a college degree. This. Has been a proud, evening, of celebration and, recognition of, our young scholars, let. Me ask you once again to celebrate these outstanding, students, soon-to-be, graduates who. Have made this such an inspiring, evening. And. Now I'd like to ask our, students.

To Stand if you would. Just. For a moment. And. I have a reason, for asking these, students, to stand and the reason is all of you in the audience, we. All stand to applaud you the unsung, heroes, of our honor students, parents. Friends relatives. Children. And, mentors, who have supported our students, through this stage of their lives, thank, you for your investment and that, has nurtured these scholars, as, you have heard many of our honors, students, would, not have been successful without. Your, support. Therefore. It seems only appropriate for. All of us here. On the stage our, honor students, and our faculty seated, in the audience to. Salute all of you families. And friends, who have guided and encouraged. These students, throughout the years and will, our honorees, and faculty, please, join me in giving round, of applause for our audience. You. Can be seated, take. This. Evening, celebration. Does not end with this ceremony. Thanks. To the University Women's, Association we've, sponsored our first Honors Convocation. Forty-one. Years ago, and has, participated, every. Year since we. Are all invited to a, reception, in Jack Adams hall at, the Cesar Chavez Student, Center and I look forward to seeing all of you there I now. Ask that our guests remain seated until our, honor students, and faculty, have, left the theater, students. Are reminded to stop by in Knuth, hall to. Pick up their award certificates. Before. Going. To the party. Our. 2018. Honors, Convocation has. Come to a close. As. You are honored graduates are soon, to leave us know that you go with our love and our confidence. Wherever. The next step in your lives takes you you will forever be part of the gaiter family, at, San Francisco, State Alumni, and it, has been our pleasure and certainly, my, pleasure to, prepare, you for what lies ahead. With. The members of the platform party the, honorees, and our University faculty, please. Rise. And. With. The platform party please, join me in exiting, the stage. You.

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