2019 BMW 3-Series: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Steering Its Way Around the Competition!

2019 BMW 3-Series: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Steering Its Way Around the Competition!

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What's. Going on YouTube. The. BMW, 3-series needs, no introduction, since, it is the world's, best-selling and, probably. Best-known luxury, sports sedan, so. When BMW redesigns. The three it is definitely, a big deal especially, to car enthusiasts, all over the world, but. Before we hop into it we, want to take a moment to specially, thank our new friends, at BMW Cincinnati. North for, letting us check out this fully loaded 330. I M Sport and of. Course if you're in the market for any BMW. Be sure to stop by their dealership, or visit, them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description so. With. All that said let's, go ahead and see if this is the best 3-series, ever. So. Getting started with the exterior, design as you'd, expect BMW, hasn't, reinvented, the wheel here but, it does still look noticeably, different. The. Biggest change to me is how much wider it looks thanks, mainly to the elongated, kidney, grille, now. The interesting thing about this grille is that it is almost completely sealed, off for aerodynamic. Purposes with. Your lower grille serving, as the main air intake. The. Headlights also serve to make the three look wider with, a new W shape design. They'll. Always be this shape but we do have the optional adaptive laser light system, on this one so that does change the design a bit. Now. There are a few other differences between the styling, groups so, the luxury model will get chrome on the grille and the M Sport gets a different lower fascia and these LED, fog lights. Moving. To the side BMW. Has kept the lovely, rear drive proportions. But, a smooth all the surfacing. It. Is actually, about three inches larger than last year though it does disguise that fact well. Additionally. On the M Sport they've taken off all the chrome pieces to, match with the aggressive, black diffuser, around, the standard, dual exhaust pipes. Now. As far as the rest of the rear design the M Sport does have its reflectors, in a different spot but, other than that everything, else is the same between the design groups including. The fully LED, taillights. So. Overall the new three does a great job of, both modernizing. The look and still, keeping the classic design cues that people will always expect. Now. Moving on to the wheels there are a ton, of different options. What. We have here are the standard, 19-inch, M sport wheels which, are a little bit larger than the 18-inch, alloys that come with a sport and luxury. M. Sport can also option, on a fully blacked out wheel and then, all three, trims can get the 19 inch grey contrast. Heading. On up to the mirrors they are surprisingly, heated, power folding and auto dimming on all models which is rare for the class but. You will need to add the convenience, package to get active blind spot monitoring. And. Now that brings us to all the other safety, systems, which, the three has all the latest and greatest. Every. Model comes standard with automatic, emergency braking with, pedestrian and. Cyclist, detection and, then. You can add Lane Keeping Assist and cross traffic alert with rear automatic, braking through, the drivers assistance, package. Finally. The most advanced systems, are part of the driving assistance, professional, package, which, gives you adaptive, cruise control with stop and go plus, the extended, traffic jam assistant, which, can completely take over driving on the highway when, the speed is under 37, miles per hour, these. Are some very advanced, systems, so it's nice that they made it to BMWs, mainstream, sedan. And. Lastly, here on the outside you have a 15.6. Gallon, fuel tank which. Is good for 437, miles of range in this all wheel drive model, and of. Course it does use premium unleaded fuel. But. Anyways BMW, has made even more changes to the inside, than, the outside so.

Let's Go ahead and check them out. So, on the 3-series if you choose the convenes you, will have the smart entry system, and then, we do have a beautiful, key fob with real metal trim and then here on this M Sport we've got these special M, patterns, as well. Additionally. You can't option on a remote start system via this key fob or, via the app. But. Anyways it's getting inside the vehicle is of course very simple all you have to do is reach behind the handle and there's a sensor to unlock it and when, you do you also see, the power folding mirrors come out. Alrighty. So checking out the cabin, of the all-new 3-series and. You can tell right off the bat it's picked up a lot of the characteristics. From, the latest, BMW design. Of. Course as typical, for BMW, you have a lot of different design choices you can make with this interior, so. Starting out with the base sport, model, that's, the only model it's gonna come standard with sense attack synthetic. Leather in black, or beige, however. If you go for the luxury or the M sport like this model you're gonna skip straight to the real burn Aska leather and that, will come in black can, be rub a mocha. Oyster. Or cognac, and, then. As far as your interior trims, all, models, have the choice of four different shrimp's, open, pore oak open. Pore maple brown. Ash or aluminum. However. On the Imps port we have the exclusive, aluminum. Tetra Co. What's, rank over here to the door trim it is nicely finished you. Have a soft touch material, for your armrest as well. As a nice leather material, with blue color contrast, stitching across the top, part. As. Far as the seating here you have two-person memory seating standard, across all models and all. Four of your windows are one touch automatic. With. The aims for you do of course have the special, sill as well, as the aluminum pedals. But. Turning over here to your seat every, three series will come standard, with this 14, way of power driver's, seat with. Four-way lumbar support. And you, even have power adjusting, side bolsters, that's. Definitely, handy. For a 3-series since this is your sports. Sedan of the lineup. Additionally. You do even have a manual. Thigh extension, as well. And. Then checking out the scene itself like I said this is real burn Aska leather it. Feels nice and you, really have a lovely, stitching. Design nice. Blue color contrast stitching as well as your in branding. There's. Like, I said first looking around the cabin, definitely makes a good first impression. You. Have a lot of the same design characteristics. As the more expensive, BMW models, and that does carry forward in the materials, as well. So. Across your upper - should you have a soft touch plastic, with some more of that blue color contrast, stitching.

And. Then dropping into the middle you've got some aluminum Tetragon. Trim as well as some brushed aluminum, which goes all around these vents. And. Then dropping down to the lower areas once, again you have more aluminum, Tetragon, and brushed. Aluminum, as well and everything does fit together really really tightly. Now. Of course as you would expect you do have standard push-button start. When. You press it you will notice the screen fire up now. This, is there's two different setups that you can have with this model. So. The standard setup is 8.8, inches, and that, comes with iDrive 6.0. However. If you go with the optional, premium, package, you, have this 10.2, 5 s inch screen and that comes with the newest, iDrive 7.0. But we'll get into that a little more later in the video. So. For the gauges here what you're looking at is the optional, twelve point three inch live cockpit. Pro setup it's. Just a full digital display. And it is reconfigurable. So. When you do things like change your drive modes for instance the, design changes, and you can also put in you, know like navigation, in the middle and whatnot. This. Is included with the bigger display, but otherwise you're gonna have a 5.7, inch one instead. In. Addition to that is also worth noting we have a head-up display, and that's included, in the Premium Package. Now. Coming back to the steering wheel we do have electric, power assisted steering and, here. On the m4 we've got this beautiful three spoke design of, course it is leather wrapped and you even have leather over here on the airbag cover. You. Do have real aluminum trim and you got your buttons for your cruise control and, over, here you got your standard a fare phone audio and voice commands. You. Will notice that every three series does come equipped with rain sensing wipers as well. As paddle. Shifters. Additionally. In the Premium Package we also have a heated, steering wheel though. The wheel itself is manually, tilt and telescoping. But. Anyways moving on to storage I'm actually quite impressed by how much BMW, has included, in a relatively, small vehicle. Now. Turning over here to your center console, when. We open up you'll notice there is actually a pretty significant, amount of space this, is definitely more than what you get in the audi a4 for, instance. And. Inside of here you will also notice a USB, type-c port. In. Addition to that storage we. Press this button here it releases, up, that. Cover so you can find your two cupholders as well as another nice storage bin which, doubles. As a wireless, phone charger. And. Within that you also have a traditional. USB, as well, as a 12-volt, outlet. Now. One of the reasons BMW, was able to give you so much storage is that they go for an electronic, shifter, so. This does operate the same as in all other BMWs, so you just press the little unlock, button on the side and then, you can pull back for Drive from. There you can't bump over here to the left to shift manually. Via. That or via these paddle, shifters. Therefore. Reverse all you have to do is go all up to the top. Now, when you put into reverse you will see a standard, backup camera appear on all models however. If you, go for the parking, assistance, package, you will get this 360. Degree setup, so. You can see you got both your traditional, view with trajectory, and parking sensors on the left side as well, as your 360 view on this side, additionally. You do have the. Autonomous. Parking, for both parallel and perpendicular spots.

And. You do have the neat backup. Assistant, which, basically can retrace, any type of route, that you've done forward. It can retrace it in Reverse. And. Then for parco if you just press the little Pete. Then, back behind the shifter you do also have an electronic parking brake as well as a brake hold, and. Right above that you do also have your three different drive modes. But. Anyways now that brings us up here to the audio system. So. Your standard system is a two hundred five watt 10 speaker audio system, however. We have the optional. 463. Watt 16, speaker, Harman, Kardon premium, audio system so. Let's go ahead and take a listen to that I do also want to mention that it does have gesture, controls, so, you can do things like draw a circle, to turn up the volume. Overall. This is definitely a great sounding, sound system. Anyways. Now that raises up here to our climate controls, you. Do have a standard, free zone automatic setup here on the 3-series it's. Very simple to use all you have to do is press up to activate, it and then, you'll notice that, you have the little display here to show your temperature, for both the driver and the passenger. You. Can also press this this, will bring up some extra settings that you can change over you know. Additionally. You'll, find three, stage heated, seats that come in the Premium Package or, as a standalone option however. It is worth noting, that you cannot, get, ventilated seats at this time. But, anyways now that brings us up here to our high drive 7.0. System, which, is all new so. Let's go ahead and take a quick look at that all, righty so checking, out the iDrive, 7.0. System this is all new so it does have some new features now, chiefly, among them when, I have already pointed out is that, this. Is now a touch display, so. I can come up here and. I can simply touch things I don't no longer have to live, exclusively. With. The control, knob but I do still have that if you don't want to put fingerprints, on it or whatnot, now.

What You're looking at right now is your home screen and. You can just click on these things to expand them so. As we go into our standard. Navigation system. As you see it is very detailed, and pinch-to-zoom, does work very nicely, as well all. Right you can simply change the settings over here as well or you can go to a split screen where, you keep the navigation, over here and, see. All your other functions, on this side. Hey, BMW. I'm. Cold. What. Temperature, should I set. 78. I'm. Setting, the temperature on the driver's, side to 78, degrees Fahrenheit. Last. Thing I'll click on is the applications. Now, you see there's nothing in here right now at this moment. But. I do want to say that this does come standard with, apple, carplay it's, wireless apple, carplay. So. That's free for one year you do have to pay a subscription after, that, I and. There is no Android, auto at this point. But. Anyways that basically sums up the main features, the iDrive 7 system however. We will make a more, detailed tech help video available for those of you who want to learn more a link, to that will be provided, in the video description. Now. Moving on up here you have a standard, auto dimming mirror with three Homelink Universal remotes. And. Then another nice standard feature is. Your. Power meter. As. You can see this is actually quite a bit larger than a traditional. Sized, moonroof not. Quite panoramic, but definitely larger, than you would expect, and. You do have a windscreen as well. But. Overall the cabin of the all-new 3-series is very impressive. Honestly. You've got a lot, of space and a lot of Technology, you. Crammed inside it what is a relatively, small vehicle. You, know this is one of BMWs, most affordable, vehicles yet. It has a lot, of similarities. To the flagship. X7, that we were just an earlier today. So. Overall fantastic, job. But, anyways now go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish up the rest of the cabin. All. Righty so checking out the rear seat of the all-new, 2019. BMW. 3-series you're, gonna find a class competitive, amount of space so. It's technically right at thirty five point two inches of rear legroom and thirty, seven point six inches of rear headroom which, is almost exactly the same as the mercedes-benz c-class, and Audi, a4. Now. Turning over here to the door trim BMW, doesn't mess around so, you have a really nice door trim with a padded, armrest as was, an area above it with stitched leather and the, blue color contrast, stitching, you. Also have a nice metal door handle and a fully automatic window, as well, as plenty of door storage.

Now. The seat itself is a really nice design so, you do have that same design as the front with a blue stitching, in the middle it's. Also very comfortable seat. Now, here in the middle BMW, does fix you up really nicely so, all three Series models will come standard, with these nice rear vents and their, own climate controls so. You do have free zone automatic climate control you, just push that button and if, you want to you can adjust your temperature back here as well. As your fan speeds. Now. In addition to that we do also have three-stage heated rear seats which, are an option and. Down. Below that we have two charging, USB ports as well as a 12-volt outlet. Now. We do also have a center armrest does. Fold down nicely as well. As some cup holders in the end. Up. Top we have some LED lighting does, gently fade it, nice. Headliner, in. A nice assistant. Now. Like I mentioned this is on par with most in the class so, behind your seating position, I have probably six inches of rear legroom and my, feet can't easily slide up under the seat and as, you can see there is some ambient lighting down there. Now. With the seats scooted all the way back it. Doesn't look like I'm gonna really be able to fit back here but. That's really kind of expected for the class. But. Overall I'm a really big fan of the 3-series rear seat it does, have quite a few luxury, features that some of the rivals do skimp on like the three zone climate and the, heated rear seats as well as the USB ports and like, I said it is on par with most in terms of space. Now, coming around to the trunk of the 3-series we, do have the power trunk, which is a standalone option so, just push the button to open. And. Inside. The trunk of the 3-series you're going to find one of its biggest feature. Upgrades over the last generation model, and that's, because it has 17, cubic feet of space like. I said that is a huge improvement over the last generation and it also puts it quite a bit above the Audi a4 and Mercedes c-class, now. In addition to that you, do also have 40/20/40. Split seats, so, I have to pull this lever and it will fold down, now. Off to the side we do have some nuts and they, are on both sides. Now, over here on the passenger, seat is of course that beautiful design you, even have some of that signature. In colors, here and it. Is also 14. Way power adjusting, just like the drivers and you, do have four-way power lumbar support. As well, as this manual thigh extension, and adjustable. Side bolsters, which is a really nice touch. Now. In front of the passenger the materials, are quite upscale so, you do have a padded dashboard, it's also more of this beautiful trim some, ambient lighting. And. Down below that you do have a really good sized glovebox and it does really nicely felt lined. Up. Top the Sun Visor is nicely sized it, does have an LED light and mirror and, it. Can also extend, into template. But. Anyway guys that sums up all the rear areas of the 3-series so. Now let's go ahead and check out that powertrain, and see the real reason why you buy a 3-series. Ernie. So let's go ahead and talk a bit about the power trains. Now. This car will come with two different powertrains, however. Right as a right now only the base power train in the 330i. Is, in production. So. That is your two litre turbocharged. 4-cylinder. Making 255. Horsepower and, 295, pound-feet. Of torque which. Is right in line with what the Mercedes. C-class and Audi a4, also, produce. Now. When the 340i does go into production a little later in the year that's, going to come with a. Turbocharged. Inline, 6 with. 382. Horsepower, and 369. Pound-feet, of torque. As. Far as the transmission you will always have an 8-speed, automatic and, that, can be paired with rear-wheel drive or, all-wheel drive, like in this model. As. Far as your 260 times your, 330, I is gonna come in at 5.6. Seconds, and. Then you don't have an official number for the 340, I yeah but BMW is estimating. 4.2. Seconds. Like. Quite fast well. And. We'll wrap things up here with the fuel economy so. Your 330, I rear-wheel, drive gets, 26, City 36. Highway 30, combined, and then. When you add all-wheel drive it goes to 25, City 34, highway, 28, combined, and. That does come in one mpg, better than any equivalent, Quattro, a4. But. Anyways now go ahead and take it for a quick test drive. So, first taking, off in, the, all-new. 3-series. Definitely. Feels strong off the line you know this is a, you. Know the basic engine but in, a similar way to like, the Audi a4 these, base engines, nowadays, are really quite powerful I mean they. Have a very distinct. Puffiness, to them they're, not like some lethargic. 4-cylinder. Or anything they, have a pep, enos to them so, despite some. Of their horsepower writings not being too impressive, you.

Definitely Still feel pretty pretty. Powerful. So. Harder stop-start system is just engaged there and it. Restarts, really quickly. W. Had taken a little bit of flack back. In the day for their auto start/stop systems being rough but they've definitely resolved, that here that that's very smooth, and I doubt you really notice it in everyday driving yeah. So. Cruising down the road here, the. Suspension. It's got a pleasant. Firmness, I, say, a pleasant, firm list because it it, doesn't let in a bunch of abrupt. You. Know painful, thrashing. Or anything like that but. You can't definitely tell that it is, one. Of your more tight, and taut suspension setups. In the, segment. Yeah. Definitely mercedes-benz, is, probably a lot more up. Softly. Sprung than this car that's, not that's, not a bad thing in regards, to either one of them is just two different missions. You know the 3-series is renowned for its driving dynamics, so. They had to keep that's, nice sporty, suspension and, it is worth noting that we do have the M Sport model, so. We have really big wheels, as. Well, as probably a few little sport, touches throughout to. Make it a little bit sport here. Now. Like I was mentioning the, m-sport, does actually have a little bit of a different, suspension. Setup than the regular model, so. It has a 25%. Greater. Rigidity than, last year's. BMW. 3-series so, it does have quite a bit of an upgrade in terms of that way and it, does have electronic, dampening as well. We. Can go ahead and try the sport. Mode and it will do, so try, the paddle, shifters out. I'm. Very impressed by this engine, it definitely has that peppy German feel. You, know the paddles were respond. Instantaneously. You. Know some of the rifles actually have a dual clutch like the in the audi a4, and, this is a traditional, automatic but I'd say it does respond, just. As well. It's. Also a really really smooth, transmission. When we were back in normal. Mode and it was doing all the shifting by itself, he definitely couldn't tell when it shifted gears. In. It. With, an 8-speed automatic it does shift quite frequently, so, that's a pretty good thing dude accomplished. And, we don't have any like real, back. Road type. Of roads. To drive on but going, around a couple of little corners you, can definitely tell like, I said not only how tight. The suspension, is but. Also. How well calibrated, the steering is it. Is. Really. Quick. Responding. And. Really, there's, just no numbness, or anything that a lot of more. Luxury, minded, vehicles. Can have, and. This Court does have a 50/50, weight distribution, a. Completely. Perfect 50/50. Weight distribution and. It also has a special dampening, suspicion. Suspension. That reduces. Body roll around corners, and you. Know you can definitely tell that BMW spent, a lot of time when. It came to the driving dynamics of this car because, that's what the 3-series is known for and. They, definitely do not disappoint, with this all new model. Overall.

The OL new 3-series really, is a great package overall, a lot, in the class you know they aren't. Too sporty or they're too luxury minded but the BMW, 3-series, really, hits, light, right in the middle between all of it so you have that sporty feel if you want to have that but. You also have the comfort, of driving. A BMW if. You, just want to be comfortable. So. As far as the pricing, is concerned for the 2019, 3-series it is, right in line with most of the rivals so, its base price for the 330i, rear-wheel. Drive is, forty thousand, two hundred and fifty bucks and. The. Trim level that that's called as the sport appearance, group and then, you can also upgrade to the luxury, for, forty two to fifty or the. In sport as we have here for forty five thousand, two hundred fifty bucks. Now. If you want to add the xDrive system as, probably, most of them will have in the colder climates that's, going to be an additional two thousand dollars on top of that and, the. 340, I that's coming later this year is going to have a starting price of fifty four thousand dollars for the rear-wheel drive model, and fifty. Six thousand for the all-wheel drive model but, lighter said is not in production yet. Now. As with any BMW, we do have quite a few options on top of that so, we have this beautiful blue, color for five hundred fifty bucks as was, this black leather for seventeen, hundred we. Also have the Premium Package which is a $2,800. Option, and, heated. And front, heated front and rear seats which is 350 bucks, now. We also have the executive package, for twenty one hundred dollars as well. As remote engine start which, is a new option becoming. Available on the BMW lineup for, three hundred in. Addition, to that we have the, $250. Power tailgate fully, power option. And an. Eight hundred and seventy five dollar Harman Kardon surround, sound system and then. You add in the. $995. Destination, charge and this. One total, as equipped is fifty seven thousand one hundred and seventy dollars. Well. Guys we've enjoyed watching winner the first in-depth looks at, the 2019. BMW. 3-series m-sport. Place. It those liking subscribe button if you haven't already and, we'll, catch you next time is this same for more of the latest automotive delicacies.

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