2019 Honda Civic Hatchback: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Winning Combo of Style & Space!

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Winning Combo of Style & Space!

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What's. Going on YouTube, now. In the world of cars you, are often left with the choice between style, and practicality, but, when the Civic hatchback came, around it, set out to combine the two, now. For 2019. Honda. Continues to refine the hatchback formula. With a few new features of. Course. We do an especially, think our friends, at gates Honda, in Richmond Kentucky for. Giving us access to this fully loaded Civic hatchback in the really nice looking sonic gray pearl color. So. With all that said let's see if this is the Civic to get. So. As far as the styling, is concerned, since, this is the third model year at the hatchback model, we have not quite reached a refresh like in the case of the sedan, this. Of course has always had more aggressive, styling than the sedan including. The fact that the grille is always, blacked out which, is something the sedan just now added, the, lower, fascia is also larger, and sporty, or looking though. The headlights do not change from the sedan. They. Are these premium, full LED lights on the top in sport touring only, while. The others come with halogen, bulbs instead and, then. Finally all about the base LX, have fog lights. As. Far. As the side profile, it is pretty similar to this sedan despite. Being four inches shorter, but. Around back the design is significantly. Different, it. Looks very sporty, with, not one but two standard, spoilers, and then, an aggressive, lower bumper with two center mounted exhaust pipes if you choose one of the sport trims. The. Only part of the looks that are like the sedan are the taillights, which, share the same boomerang, shape. But. Overall you can certainly say that the Civic hatch does, not let the extra practicality. Cramp its style. Now. Moving on to the wheels there are three varieties to, pick from, we. Have the most stylish ones the, 18 inch contrast, alloys that come on both this sport touring, and the cheaper. Sport walk both. Your e.x trends, share 17-inch, alloys, and the. Base LX has its own 16, inch alloys. And then. Heading up to the mirrors they are body-colored on all models and heated, on the e^x and above. If. You. Look over at the passenger, side you'll also notice the lane watch camera, which, I'll demo a little later on the inside. Speaking. Of Lane watch safety. Is where the biggest exterior, change occurs, since. Honda, sensing is now standard, on every model, this. Is a big change since this suite was previously, reserved for only the top-end model. So. Now Lane Keeping Assist adaptive, cruise, control collision mitigation braking and, auto high beam headlights come. On even the base LX. Finally. Ending here at the fuel tank every, hatch has a pretty small a 2.4, gallon tank. Thankfully. Though when combined with the excellent, fuel economy it is still good for 422. Miles of range on. The. Sport trims premium, fuel is recommended. To get a few extra horsepower, over, the other trims. But. Anyways that sums up the exterior, so, now let's go ahead and see what's changed inside, the cabin. So. On the civic acts you will find Honda smart entry system, on the e^x and up as. You can see it does come with their nice key fob as, well as a remote start system. And. Then we get inside the vehicle itself, all you gotta do it's reach behind the handle since there is a sensor. My. Policies for all this wind. Alright. So. Coming inside the cabinet, of the 2019. Honda, Civic hatchback. As. You can see it does keep basically. The same design as last year but there are a couple modifications which, I will point out as we go through the review now. As far as your color and material, combinations. Honda, keeps it pretty simple, so. On your LX, Sport and E X you'll have cloth seating and then. When you go up to the EXL or, this sport touring that's when you get the leather seating and. Then as far as your color options across all of the trims you've got the choice between black, or ivory. Now, turning over here to your door trim Honda just finish this very nicely you. Have a leather pad here for your arm to rest on as well as a nice leather read above it with. Some color contrast, stitching even the top part is padded, and. On most of the trims you'll find this fake carbon fiber trim which looks pretty nice.

As. Far as your windows they are one touch automatic for, the driver and the passenger. And. You will notice here on the sport touring as well as the regular sport you, do have the aluminum, pedals. As. Far as the seats these. Are 8 way power adjusting. That comes on the EXL, and the sport touring otherwise, it's 6 way manual. And. Then like I was saying this, is the leather seating you, do have really nice color contrast stitching. And. I particularly like this little insert here on the back and on the pad since, it basically mimics, the same design as the carbon fiber trim that's, on the dashboard, and the door trims it, just makes for a nice look. So, looking around the cabin like I said the design continues, to be pretty much the same, which. Does mean it has very high quality materials, for the class. So. The only thing that's hard up here on the dashboard is, a little area above the gauges. Here but as far as the rest of the dash it is all soft touch plastic. Driving. Down to the middle you've got some of this fake carbon fiber trim and. Then you get some more soft touch plastic, with a stitching, detail that runs through it. As. Far as your lower areas, these are hard touch but everything fits together extremely, well there's no panel gaps or anything like that and. You do have a nice. Leather strip through here which it makes for a really nice place to rest your arm I. Believe. Standard across all the models you do have push-button start. What. You're looking at here is our southern inch touch display, this, is not standard on all the models since your LX and your sport will come with a smaller five inch display, that's. A little bit different than how it's arranged, in the sedan. So. Like I already mentioned the Honda sensing suite, of safety, features is now standard, across all of the Civic, hatchbacks, um so. To go along with that that now means that all the civic hatchbacks, have these advanced, digital gauges here since. They do allow you to make adjustments to those safety systems, so. We can just scroll through various, different settings, all. The standard affair of information, you. Even have some cool things here, like our turbo boost just. Gives it a little extra sporty, touch since this is the sporty, or hatchback model. Going, back to the steering wheel it is electric power assistant, and. You will find this leather wrap steering wheel, nicely, included, on all, about the very base LX, model. As. Far as your buttons here you got your standard a fare of audio phone and voice controls, including, this button for your multifunction, display and, then on this side you got your controls for the standard adaptive, cruise control. Up. Top here you go find rain sensing wipers on, the sport touring as. Well as some paddle shifters that, comes on the sport and the sport touring trips. And, then as far as the wheel itself it's kind of hard to see but there is an adjustment down there for tilt and telescoping. And. Then heating is not available. Currently now, I did also mention this on the outside but I'll show you what it looks like here on the inside the, lane watch camera, so, basically whenever you use the right turn signal, you. Can see that that the camera, attached to the right mirror activates. And shows you your blind spot and gives you a little distance markers right there so you can kind of gauge the distance this. Is just a different, alternative. To blind spot marching basically, but it works pretty much the same. Now. Moving on to interior storage, the. Civic have continues, to be one of the best offerings, in the class. Now. Honda they've, this is a very innovative setup. Here basically. Each component.

Slides So you can slide this armrest back and forth you, can lift it up and. You've got two layers of slightly raised I have this small slide. Weight here and you've got your sliding cupholders. When. You move all of them out of the way you even have another cup holder down here in the bottom and you have all this storage back here. You. Also see you, have a USB, port down there in the bottom. Now. In addition to that you. Have another really large bin, right here and. Then, the coolest thing is you have this gigantic, Center. Pass-through, which is very very uncommon, for a vehicle in this class actually I think it might be the only vehicle in this class that's got this, and. In. There you got your charging USB port which, has a little adapter passes. The wire up here so it's more easily accessible. But. Overall this is probably, the best amount, of storage in the class. Honda. Has been able to give us that amount of storage despite. Still having a traditional shifter. So. It. Is very simple you're just going to pull back for drive you can't pull back once more to activate, the sport mode and. Then way if you have the sport or the sport touring that will allow you to start using the paddle shifters. Heading. Into reverse you will find a standard backup camera across all models. All. Of them are going to have these three different angles which is a nice touch but. You will have to go up for the e X or, up to get the dynamic, guidelines. And then back behind the shifter you, will find an electronic, parking brake and a brake whole future as well. As an additional, drive mode which is your econ mode for best, efficiency. Now, heading on up here to the climate, controls, this. Is an area that's seen, some, changes this year, so. It is dual zone automatic on, the e^x and up and single zone automatic on your other trims, that. Stays the same however, what you will notice is new for 2019, we now have some fan speed, buttons. This. Was something that we've complained about in the past used to have to click the climate button to get to the fan speeds. But, now we have the buttons here to adjust that so the only thing that's up here on the screen now, exclusively, is going to be your zone so the rest of it is represented, physically, right here.

And. On. The X and up you will also find three stage heated, seats. Now, as far as another, 2019. Change, we. Now have a volume knob that's, another complaint, that Honda, has addressed this year but. As far as the actual audio system, itself it is the same as last year so there's. Several different tiers, of audio systems I won't go through them all just add a text box in but. As far as this one we have the top end one as you would expect a 540. Watt 12, speaker premium, audio system so, let's go ahead and take a listen. Sound. Quality of this top-end system, is pretty good. But. Anyways that brings us here to our Honda link system, so. We'll go ahead and take a quick look almost. Put a whole bunch of time on it since this is the, same system as we've seen in Honda Civics for a while, we. Do remain on the older style Honda link system for 2019, so you'll notice we. Have the older, style graphics, but. As far as the actual functionality. It is pretty much the same as the new system, so we, just have several different pages we can flip through with different applications, on them. You. Will notice here on the sport touring we have the Garmin based navigation system. But. Of course if you go for a lower, trim level as. Long as it has the 7 inch display you. Will have what is this called the smartphone connection, which is both Android, auto and apple carplay, so. Of course that does allow you to use Google Earth, maps or, Apple, maps ways anything. You want to instead. So you don't really have to feel like you need to pay for the integrated navigation system. Anyways. That's the basic, information, about the Honda link system however. We do have a dedicated technical video if you want to learn more about the system a link, to that will be provided, in the video description. Now. Moving on up from there we do have an auto dimming mirror here on the sport touring as well as the EXL but, there are no Homelink, Universal remotes, on this. And. Then moving back here you will find this power, moonroof, it's actually standard, on the e^x and up, so. That's very nice feature to be included, since a lot of the rivals, make you pay extra for the moonroof even, on the higher-end trim, levels. But. Overall there's really nothing, to complain about with the cabin of the Civic it, continues, to be one of the best cabins, in the class and, it's, just really nice that Honda listens. To the complaints, even if they're small things and, they, each, year make little refinements, just to make this a better package. All. Righty so now we'll go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason who will finish up the rest of the cabin. All. Right so coming around to these Civic hatchback your seat you are gonna find a good amount of space at 36, inches of rear legroom and 37. Inches of rear headroom now. To put that in comparison to this sedan it is a little bit less though. But. Turning over to the door trim on this sport touring model it is really nicely appointed, so, we do have a leather padded armrest as well, as leather above that with stitching and you. Do have a power window it is not automatic, though now. Coming down you do have a bottle holder and the. Seat itself is of course a nice design and it is very soft. Now, here in the center of the Civic hatchback you, are not gonna find any vents or anything but, on this fully loaded sport touring model you will find two stage heated rear seats. Now. In addition to that you do also have a nice armrest, that folds down with cupholders inside. And. Up. Top you do have your lighting as was, a really premium feeling headliner and, a, SS trip. Now. As far as the rear legroom is concerned like I mentioned this is a little bit smaller than the Civic Sedan in. Behind wrists position I'm still not gonna have any issues though I still, have about six inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily set up under the seat and. Sliding. Over here with. The seat scooted all the way back I still have a couple inches of rear legroom which. Is very impressive. You're, coming around to the trunk of the Civic hatchback all you have to do to open it is locate this button under the lid and.

It Does open right up. Now. Once inside the trunk of the hatchback Civic, this, is actually my favorite part about the car because it adds a lot of functionality as well as good style, so, you will find 25, cubic feet behind the second row seats and if, you fold them you will have 46. Cubic feet which is obviously a vast improvement, over the regular civic sedan and you. Really aren't gonna have any trouble fitting anything back here I actually have a friend who hauls a lawnmower in the back of the Civic hatchback so, there is plenty of room for any and all of your needs now. It is finished. Very nicely back here you do have a a nice floor board and up. Underneath of the floor. You. Do have a spare tire as. Well. As a few cubbies off to the side. Now. In addition to that we do have a cargo cover as well which is a nice touch. And, coming, over to the passenger, seat it is four-way, power adjusting, on the sport touring model only. And. As far as the features in front of the passenger you have a nice glove, box it is not dampen though does, have plenty of room inside. And. Up. Top you do have a Sun Visor with, a mirror light it. Does also detach and extend. But. Anyway guys that sense of all of the rear areas of this car so now let's go ahead and get on the road and see how this Civic hatchback performs. All. Right so let's go ahead and talk a bit about the, power trains. So. For 2019, the, set up for the power trains continues to be a little bit different than in the sedan. So. You've got you still do have the same, engine, available, the 1.5. Liter turbo, four-cylinder. But. Unlike. The regular. Sedan, you don't have the base, 2-liter, engine so, it means even your LX and your, sport, they, also come, with the higher power turbo. Engine. So. That 1.5, liter turbo four-cylinder produces. 174. Horsepower, and 162. Pound-feet, of torque or. If you go for the sport, model or this sport, touring if the power gets bumped up to 180. Horsepower. In. Most cases it's going to be paired with a continuously, variable, transmission. But, if you go for the sport you actually do have an available 6-speed, manual and. One, change for 2019, is that the LX, is no longer available with, the six-speed manual. And. Then finally when it comes to fuel economy. It, does rate very well as you would expect, so. You rated, at 31 city 40, Highway 34. Combined, for all the trims except for your two sport trims those. Have larger wheels and so, therefore the mileage is reduced a bit 2:30, City 36. Highway 32, combined, if you. Go for the one trim that continues, to have the manual transmission, then. You get 33, combined. But. Anyways now let's go ahead and take this for a quick spin. All right so first taking off and getting up to speed and a 20-19 Civic hatchback. How. It feels pretty good this, is definitely better than what. I'd consider average, for the class on. In terms of power. It. Definitely, got no problem getting up to 55, just then and, a very reasonable amount of time especially like I said for, a vehicle in this class that usually not, gonna knock, your socks off. I don't, think I always noticed, as soon as I go behind the wheel of a civic is. Just. How great the steering is I mean. It. Is really it is definitely uncharacteristically. Good for the class this, is. Probably. The best steering setup in the class this and the Mazda 3 are. Definitely, the class leaders, in this respect I mean it's just it's, so fast responding. It's, got really, just a great heft to it you. Know this is a class where most of the cars, you. Know very light not. Particularly. Enthusiastic, vehicles. This here, really. Just feels sporty. You. Know exactly where the wheels are placed. Obviously. You guys can't say enough good things about the steering setup. And. Then just the overall really, agile. Feel of this car I mean it's really buttoned down. Of. Course as, many, of you know if you subscribe to CN n previous videos Mason has a 2018. Elantra, and. And. We, just recently had just a few days ago drove a 2020, Elantra. The. Elantra is more on the luxury, side of things. It's. A softer, riding, more comfort oriented. This. Here though especially, in the SPEA hatchback, which kind of amps up the sportiness they even just a little bit more than the sedan this. Is. Really. A. Very. Athletic feeling. Vehicle, like I said here this, is on. The sports side of things for sure. Yeah. And I do want to mention you know like. You type out from this from the Elantra, you. Sit a lot lower to the ground and this vehicle on you you almost feel like you're in like a little bit of a sports car here and. Like. He said you know you can go around these corners I'm, even drive pretty fast around these corners because this car is so agile and, button, down where, 99%. Of, this class you know like the Corolla and stuff you are definitely not going to be able to do that in this and.

Most In this class. Yeah. Like I said, you. Know going down a country road like this. And. A lot of vehicles in this class is not particularly, the in Detroit will experience, I mean. But. This is thoroughly enjoyable. I really, am enjoying this of course as, you know we are, in a lot of different types of cars. Including. Things that are a lot more powerful a lot more expensive, but. This is actually a very enjoyable, car, to drive it. Feels plenty, peppy and. Like I said the just, the agility, of it is. Just. Fantastic. Now, we have already kind of adjusted but indeed. The Civic, had just right a little bit harder, than what. I could say is average for the class so, it's something to keep in mind but. Like I said the. Really. The overall balance. Here I think is, a very good one because it's certainly not uncomfortable, or anything so it's not like here. Rock-hard. Suspension. They. Just tighten things up a little bit. Or. You can tell it just has a sporty, or 5-2, idioms, from the passenger, seat you can tell it like I said you sit lower. Then. You just you can feel that you can push, this car a little bit more than you would most in the class. Now. As far as the CVT, is concerned. It's. A very good one it's, definitely. Unobtrusive. Unobtrusive. And. Just. Cruising. Around, around. Town. When, you punch it it gives you the power, immediately. I definitely don't feel in a rubber band effect, or, any type of lagging, sensation. Which, is definitely good because we do have a CVT and a turbo so it's, a testament. To. How. Well both of those work in coordination with each other. We'd. Also have a sport mode available. In this car so we can just take. The gear lever and bring it back to the sport, see. If that makes any changes. Really, the main thing this is going to be doing is just, increasing the sensitivity, of the throttle. But, it does make you feel more, spunky. I'm not sure if it's emulating. Gears I guess it doesn't really look like it is no, it doesn't. Yeah it doesn't have a type, of simulating. Effect. Like some CDC's do but, you have powered shifters, here on the sport touring and sports, so we can. Kind. Of go through. Seven. Seven. Seven. Simulated. Gears. It's, very responsive, to that obviously. You know it is a simulation, but. Even. At that a lot of simulations. Are very unrealistic, they don't respond to the paddles very well but. This seems to be doing, that. Yeah when you do it start, stretching with the paddles they actually let you rub it out a little bit which is, certainly, fun. And, really all in all that's, best how's this the all-encompassing. Image. Of this car is, it's. Fun. And. You can't really say that about a lot of the cars in this class. They, have a tendency to go, towards the. More. Basic. Transportation. And, I think that's. What makes the sitting stand out and that's why the Civic always sells so well is, because. It makes us some fun in there this. Is an affordable vehicle. But. Honda. Is not making you sacrifice. Having. A little fun having, some having, some cool styling. To. Have that affordability, and, fuel, efficiency. So. They're really it's a it's a great overall package. Now. As far as the pricing, is concerned for the 2019, Honda, Civic hatchback you. Aren't gonna see very much of a price increase over, the regular sedan model so. For the very base LX model, that's going to start at twenty two thousand, three hundred and seventy dollars, now. If you want to move up to the sporty styling in the sport model that's, going to be twenty three thousand, and fifty dollars and that, is with the CVT transmission. Now. If you want to go one rung up to get more luxury that's the e X and that's going to be twenty three thousand seven fifty the. E XL is twenty six thousand, two hundred and fifty and finally. You have this model which is has all the luxury amenities as, well as the sport exterior, the sport touring and that's, going to come in at twenty eight thousand, seven, hundred fifty dollars now. As, you probably know Honda doesn't really do options, or anything so. All you have to do is add in the nine twenty destination, charge and this particular, model as equipped, is twenty nine thousand, six hundred and seventy dollars which. Is definitely on the higher end of the Civic spectrum, but. Definitely keep in mind how much space, you're getting in the Civic hatchback model, as was the, absolutely. Cool-looking, exterior, especially in this cool, paint color there's. Really not an option like it in this class and. It really is a very unique choice. Well. Guys we've enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2019. Honda, Civic hatchback sport, touring, place.

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No, my dealer had one EX in this color left on the lot luckily! They had one more in this color also but the sport trim

It’s all subjective of course, but I wished Honda toned down the style a tad. Too much going on for my taste. It’s a good looking car but those extra and unnecessary styling add ons makes the car too busy.

Good job with this video very in-depth. I think it we be a lot more visually pleasing if you each filmed one another while doing your talking points. For example, while showing the back seats and the legroom it would be much more pleasing to the eye if we could see what it looks like from the third-person perspective instead of the first-person perspective.

Thanks! We appreciate the feedback!

@Jet King I doubt it, with regular driving the CVT is just fine but I drive to hard that's why I bought the SI with a 6-speed manual.

Did they make any improvements to the 2019 CVT transmission?

I pick up my sonic gray hatchback tomorrow at lunch and I’m sooooo stokeddddd

Congrats! Definitely the best color!

@JOEL M take everything I said with a grain of salt. A Honda dealership person told me Honda changes generation per 5 to 6 years depending on the model. But he said the civic trims should be 2021, because the current platform is from 2016 and it just gets slightly refreshed and lifted per year with more features. I hope Honda adds gray interior and leather as well as ventilation seata for the higher trims. To be honest with you, I love the look of the Mazda 3 Hatchback. Overall it's a close 1st between both of these cars. Personally, the side and back profile of the Mazda is okay. The interior and informant center is such a plus as well as the interior. But fine and small details matter when I look for a car. That is my two cents

@Cody Buchanan thank goodness. I really like the overall design of the hatchback, and there's no denying the reliability of the Honda brand. My wife just felt there's too much going on that made the car look too juvenile. If what you said is true, then I bet she'll...we will...jump purchase the car.

Honda seems to be making cosmetic changes slightly in 2020. But in 2021, the next generation should be more smooth but keep the unique style.

@Car Confections Consider a Kia Stinger. Might be more expensive, but it's the most affordable and rewarded hatch sportback sedan.

Amen, thats why im going with this, the Toyata looks ridiculous(and other cars).

I'd agree with that but you have to admit the new Corolla Hatchback is VERY small inside.

Think next year once my credit is enough I’ll get one

If you already have low credit when you’re only 18 you really shouldn’t be buying a car, especially if you’re buying it with credit

This or the regular civic sport sedan?

i have until december to choose between civic hatcback, golf r , volester n,corolla hatcback what should i get? anybody can give their opinion

Looking forward to getting this car soon!

We are trying to get one on lease but for that colour it's extra money

What does pretty good mean for the sound system? Honda tends to not give their audio systems much thought

It is a nice way of saying that it's not impressive haha

@Héctor Dario Abarca TRIGGERED are we?

Exactly! What does a mechanic know about cars anyway? Stupid.

Basically guys that hang on Scotty's EVERY LAST WORD. Without forming their own opinion.

Does the 2019 still have oil dilution problems

When Honda is going to have the 8 inch Display???

Hands Lists them as Dual-Mode Paddle Shifters on the car stickers at the dealership

It’s not limited to sport mode

Andrew Yance yes

This bro, personally I really don’t dig the single stretched out exhaust tip on the sedan

SilktDarkKnight got the sedan for the technology aspect on the base models. Came with push start and Apple car play at a way cheaper cost and remote start which this doesn’t have.

That color is dope

Some colors disguise it like the sonic grey . red will really bring out its dramatic look.

What's the 0-60?

Nice vid now I have a new dream car

i have until december to choose between civic hatcback, golf , volester n,corolla hatcback what should i get? anybody can give their opinion

@Ibrahim 1999


Aidan Cyrenne lol he’s in for a rude awakening. It takes a long time to build it!

I love my 2019 civic ex hatchback. The only thing i don't like is when the car is idling and you step on the gas there is a delay before the car moves. I also have a 2015 civic lx and no delay on this one. Great car overall. I'm planning on ising these cars for at least 10 more years


Not lx model i think.

Chelsey Johnson ehh it’s going faster than I thought lol, 4 months already at 655 and now lower interest than my mom so doing pretty good I guess

@Stephanie Cruz found one and love it

Yup that’s a more accurate number; the most mile range I’ve ever gotten is 344

On highway at 65 mph without punching it i got 48 mpg.

CVT or 6-speed manual for Sport trims

Civic hatchback

Get the black,hides everything

Test drove this car and Color yesterday, got a lot of attention of the road

were those gun shots?? in the video when he goes into the interior?? lol

B Ye whoosh

Gunshots at 5:40

@DonGaming if not, just buy a used Honda or Toyota instead. Your car payment will be much lower and you can still find a decent car. Don't get caught up in a materialistic perspective, thinking you need to have something new all the time.

Will you review the 2020 Civic hatchback sport manual???

The "S" on the shifter doesn't mean "sport" mode "the "S" stands for "shift" mode

Says who, you?


Yeah it is, cuz I can't stand it. I even have the same color. It is sooo uncomfortable but I'm sure a young person would love it. Can't wait till May when my lease is up.

This is my dream affordable car!

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