2019 Honda Passport: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | More Than a Shortened Pilot?

2019 Honda Passport: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | More Than a Shortened Pilot?

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What's. Going on YouTube in a, time where brands, can't have enough crossovers, in their lineups, they, are rushing to fill every, possible, void for. Honda, that gap in the lineup was the two row midsize, crossover, so, like Chevy, they decided to bring back a classic crossover. Name to fill it. Of. Course we do an especially, thank our friends, at gates Honda, in Richmond Kentucky for. Giving us access to this brand new passport, before it's even technically gone on sale and if. You're in the market for any new Honda be sure to stop by their dealership, or visit, them via their website which we provided a link to in the video description. So. With the Refresh Murano edge and, the all-new blazer coming out at the same time let's. See if Honda has made a product that can beat them all. You. So. Starting things here with the outside styling, Honda, didn't go as Extreme as Chevy did when it relaunched, the Blazer, instead. They used the pilots design as the baseline, and then significantly. Spiced it up from there. Nearly. The entire front, end is made to be part of the grille which, creates a mask effect kind of like the Audi q8, the. Top part of the grille is finished, in a high-gloss black while. The lower parts, are all matte black to match with the rugged trim pieces that trace around the rest of the vehicle. This. Certainly makes it stand out a lot more than the pilot and you'll, find this on every trim. The. Headlights, however are exactly, the same as the pilot so, on this touring, as well as the elite they are fully LED. They. Have a look very similar, to the Acura jewel eye but. If you go for one of the lower two trims you will only have LED low beams. Finally. Honda has also included LED, fog lights on, all models I also. Do want to mention the ground clearance, since Honda is billing this as its most off-road, worthy SUV. With. All-wheel-drive it comes off the ground 8.1, inches, which is about an inch taller than the pilot. Moving. To the side this is where it has the most resemblance. To the pilot they, actually do share the same wheelbase but. The overhangs, have been shortened by six inches, and overall. It stands, more upright. There. Is no chrome trim anywhere, on the vehicle, including, in the back all. Trims, get this black accent, across the rear as well, as an aggressive lower bumper area with, dual chrome exhaust outlets. And. As. Far as the rear lighting most of the elements are LED, but, the turn signal, as well as the separated, reverse light are incandescent. But. Overall while the passport, does bear a lot of resemblance to, the pilot at first glance once. You start paying attention to all the details, you'll, see that it does have a more stylish, and rugged character. Now. Another big differentiator. From the pilot, are the wheels. Honda. Actually, gives you 20 inch alloys, on all models even the base trim and they, come in two different designs, we've. Got the solid spoke alloys finished, and pewter gray while.

The Elite has the same design but with a high gloss black finish, the. Other design is a split, five-spoke alloy for the other two trims and it, also can be finished in black or grey. Heading. Out to our mirrors there are power adjusting, on all models EXL. Adds heating, touring. Adds power folding, and the elite adds Auto Demi. But. Regardless, though they are always painted, black. Now. Changing subjects, here to safety, the passport, falls in the pilots footsteps, by giving you the entire Honda, sensing suite standard, on all trims. Included. Within that are automatic, emergency braking Lane. Keeping Assist adaptive, cruise. Control and, automatic, high-beam, headlights it. Is. Worth noting that many of the passports, rivals, make you choose high-end, trims to get these features. Finally. Wrapping up the exterior, all passports. Have 19 and a half gallon fuel tanks which, is good for 429, miles of range with front-wheel drive or, 410. With all-wheel drive and. Of. Course it does use regular, unleaded fuel. But, anyways that's it for the passports, new exterior, so, now let's go ahead and check out the cabin. So. On the new passport, Honda is nice enough to include standard, smart entry and then, one difference from the pilot is that you actually have the remote start system included, on all shrimps, even the base model. I'm gonna get inside the vehicle all you have to do is put your hand behind the door handle, and a sensor will lock it. All righty so checking out the cabin, of the all-new, Honda, Passport. As. You can tell right off the bat it's got a lot of similarities. To the pilot, just like on the exterior, now. As we talked about on the outside you, are missing the LX, and EX, trims and in their place you have a sport Trump versus, the pilot that. Does mean all that the base model come with leather seating but. On all of the trims you have the choice between a. Beige a grey or the black. And. Then turning over here to the door trim it is nicely appointed, you. Have nice leather trim across all of the armrests as well as a pattern material above, it the. Top part is soft touch and then you will find a nice piano accent. Additionally. You do have two person memory seating on the touring and elite trims and all. Models will find the, fully automatic front, to windows. Now, turning over here to the seats they are 10-way, power adjusting. On all but the base model, and you, do have to wave power lumbar support. And. Then as far as the seats themselves, they're, really nice-looking I don't know if you can tell or not but there's like little, diamond-shaped. Perforations, in the seating and then, the leather itself feels really really soft and supple. Now. To get inside the passport, is it's really super easy it's not a very, tall vehicle, but it is a little bit taller than the pilot however. We do have the accessory, running boards now. The really neat thing about them is they're actually made of metal. So. I've. Really not been any other car except the Raptor that has metal, running board so it's really neat. Now, like I already said it does have a lot of similarities, to the pilot, however. Once you start digging around you will find some subtle differences in the materials. Across. The upper portion of the dash we do have the same soft touch plastic, with a nice stitching detail, and that, does continue down here in the middle part as well, below. That you got some piano black trim that's continues, all through this center. Area and, then down here you have more of that piano black trim, however. One difference I did notice as this cover has, a different, texture versus, the pilot. But. As far as the actual build quality and stuff everything, fit together in that typical, really high quality Honda, way. Now. Start up the passport, you do have standard, push-button start. And. When. You press that you will see this 8 inch touch display, fire up on over the base sport where you're gonna have a smaller, 5 inch display.

Now, Unlike this screen every, version of the passport, does get the premium gauges. Which, consist of this a large 7-inch display and, then two smaller analog, gauges on the outside edges now. This has the same setup as we've seen on the updated, pilot and it, can show all types of different information including. For the passport, you've got this really nice gauge here that will show you the torque. Distribution, for the all-wheel drive system and then. You do have your traditional things like your phone navigation. And various. Other settings. Now. Coming back to the steering wheel we do have electric power steering and you. Will nicely find, a leather wrap steering wheel, on all models even, the base model with cloth seating. This. Is actually a little bit different than in the pilot, because, you do have this nice perforated. Area in the middle feels really nice in the hands. Now. As far as the buttons you've. Got your basic audio, phone and voice controls, and for the multifunction, display and then, on this side you will find the controls for the adaptive, cruise control as, well as some safety systems. Now, checking out the wipers they will be rain sensing on the elite trim, however. All the models do come with paddle shifters. Then. As far as the wheel itself it is manually, adjusting across all the trims and it, will be heated on the elite. But. Anyways moving on to a terior storage this is an area honda has always excelled, in and the passport, is no different. So. You'll see the continuation. Of the separated, armrest in the, passport just like in the pilot and, this allows you to keep all this area free so you can just come in and perhaps set a purse or grocery, bags or whatever right here on top of this. Once. You open it up you'll, see it's. Extremely, deep and extremely large you, could fit just about anything in here. And. You do have a 12-volt outlet as well as a USB port down there. Beyond. That you've got your two cupholders and. Then you got another big blank area here as well, as above it, and. This does also contain, another, charging, USB and another 12 volt outlet. Now. Unlike the pilot where the basic, models come with a traditional, shifter, and then the uplevel models come with the electronic, shifter, all, versions, of, the passport come with this electronic shifter since they all come with the 9 speed automatic transmission. Now. This is actually a really simple setup. To get used to you. Just press the D for Drive and you can press it once more to go into the sport mode where. You can control, the shifting manually with paddles. Then. For reverse you're just gonna pull back on this trigger. When. You do you will find a standard, backup camera pop up on all, passports. However. You will have to go up at least to the EXL, to get the dynamic, guidelines. As. Far as other features we, do have parking sensors on this, touring as well as the elite. But. All models come with the three different views. And. Then. On this model you will find that the Emir's tilt down when it reversed to help you see the parking lines better. As. Far as what's back here behind the shifter this, is your drive mode select controller. So, as you can see you've got normal. Mode snow. Mode mud, and sand, and that, of course is different from the pilot because this has that off-road, capability. And. Then. That last button there just turns on and off your auto start/stop, system. Now, moving on up here you will find three-stage heated, seats and these are standard on all but the base model, however. To get three-stage ventilation. You're gonna have to go for the top and elite trim. However. As far as the rest of the climate you will find a standard, three zone automatic climate control system, across all the shrimps. Of course this is very simple to use you do have nice physical, buttons and then, you can press, this rear button here and this is where you can control the back or they can control it with their own buttons back there. But. Anyways now that brings us up here to our audio system, so, on your base model, you're gonna come with a 152. Watt seven speaker sound system and then. When you go up to the touring or the elite you'll have this 550. Watt 10 speaker premium, audio system so. Let's go ahead and take a sample. Overall. I'm pretty impressed by the sound quality, of this system. But. Anyways now, that brings us to the hondalink system so let's go ahead and take a quick look, alright. So like I just said this is the brand-new hondalink, system, and. At the updated head unit that just debuted in the 2019, pilot. So. That does get you the updated graphics and the better performance, as, well as the really nice touch display.

Now. You do have these tiles, here that show you all the different things you can select, so. Starting out with the navigation we do have the Garmin based navigation system. As. You can see it is very, responsive, to your touch and you. Can toggle. Between 3d, and 2d views, as well and this, does come standard on, both the touring and elite trims. Now. Across the top you do have some shortcut buttons so you can quickly jump into things like phone so. In here you'll find your standard fare stuff including, all your contacts, which automatically, sync over. Now. Of course what you all are probably most concerned about is, Android, auto and apple carplay and they, do come standard, as long as you get this display, so, the smaller five inch display and the sport will not have them however. You know if you get the EXL, you won't have navigation, but you will still have the ability to navigate through these apps. As. Far as other things to point out you, do still have the things like the social playlists, and. Various. Family features that came out in the Odyssey, and are also on the pilot and. You will find your AT&T, Wi-Fi, hotspot, as well. Well. That's pretty much the main things I want to point out about the Honda link system but. Of course we do have a really detailed hondalink. Tech help video available if you want to learn more a links, of that video is provided in the description. Now. Moving on up honda nicely includes an auto dimming mirror with three Homelink Universal remotes. On all but the base model, and, another. Feature you'll find on all that the base model is, a smooth. Now. There is no pay or a Mac option like some of the rivals have however. It is nice that they give you this on most of the trims since, most rivals making extra foot. And. Then you do have one of these mirrors. So you can look at your rear passengers when you're having a conversation with them. But. Anyways the passports. Interior is just a really impressive place to be yes, it is a lot like the pilot, but the pilot has a very very spacious, comfortable. And versatile, cabin, and that very much carries over to this passport. But. Anyways now I'll go ahead and give it to Mason, to finish up the rest of the cabin. So. Checking out the rear seat of the all-new, 2019. Passport, you're gonna be pleasantly surprised, by how much space it has you'll. Find thirty nine point six inches of rear legroom and forty, point one inches of rear headroom which just place it around middle of the pack when it comes to its rivals like the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano. Now. Turning over here to the door trim it is really nicely appointed, so, you do have a leather wrapped armrest, with stitching going through there and it, is also padded above that, now. Additionally on our Touring model and the elite you will find these rear windows sun shades and of. Course your window is power, now. Down below that you do have some drawer storage and you will also find two bottle holders right here, now. In addition to that the rear seats of the passport can slide and recline so I have to do is locate this little lever and sign it back and forth and the. Seat itself is a really nice design so you have perforation, in the middle it's a really nice beautiful design, and it, is also a very comfortable, rear seat. To. Get in just use these standard running boards. Now, in the middle since this does carry a lot of features from the pilot, there are a lot of luxury features back here so. We do have standard, rear vents across all models and you, can also adjust your temperatures, and zones back here now. In addition to that on the two top trims you will find three-stage heated rear seats and down, below that you will find these household, style outlet and the, two charging USB ports on the EXL tram. Now. We do also have a nice center armrest and it does have leather wrapping and cupholders in the middle. And. Up. Top we do have some lighting a really, nice headliner, and an, assist grip and cup hub. Now. With the SI scooted all the way back since this is pretty big for the class I still, have about six inches of her leg room and, my feet can't easily slide up under the seat. But. Overall I'm extremely, impressed by the passport, through seat a lot, in the class don't carry as many features as this car has and overall. It's just very spacious and comfortable which, really carries over from the pilot. Now. These seats do fold 6040. Splints just draw this little handle and then hold right. Now, coming around to the trunk of the passport, it is power on the EXL trims and higher and hands-free.

On The touring and late so, just wave your foot under the bumper to open it. It. Opens right up. Now. Inside the trunk of the passport you will find a little bit larger space than you will in most of the rivals is, technical, rating is 41 cubic feet behind the second rough seats and expands. To 78, cubic feet if you fold them like I, said that does make it a little bit larger than the Nissan Murano and Ford, Edge, now. Coming over here to the side you, can't fold the seat by just pushing this button which is a nice touch. Anklet. And it does fold right down as you. Can see when you do fold the seats you have a completely flat loading floor which, is a really nice touch, now. Under the floor you do also have some more space so, I lift this up and you have about 2.1. Cubic feet under the floor which, is quite a bit of space and if, you further lift it up then you have a spare tire as well as a more more, space over on the left. And. To. Your left you do also have a 12-volt power outlet as was. Another little storage area so, the passport, really kills it in terms of storage space here in the rear areas. Passenger. Seat is that same nice design and it is also four-way, power adjusting, on the EXL trends and higher. Now. In front of the passenger I am impressed by the materials, since, you do have a stitch, soft touch dashboard, as well as some black piano trim, and. Down below that you have, a nice sized glovebox, however. It is not felt lined. Up. Top we do have a Sun Visor, does. Also detach and extend. But. Anyway guys that covers all the rear areas the all-new passport, so now let's go ahead and check out the powertrain and do a quick test drive. So. Of course as we've said numerous times during the review the passport, is related, to the pilot and that, does go for the powertrain as well so. You're gonna have the same 3.5. Liter naturally aspirated, v6 engine, making. The same 280, horsepower and, 262. Pound-feet, of torque. However. You do have a slight difference, in the transmission. And that's, that all versions of the passport come with the 9 speed automatic transmission. Whereas. On the lower terms of the pilot you have a six-speed automatic and you have to get the upper trims to get the nine speed. Front-wheel. Drive is standard equipment, for your lower 3 trims with optional, all-wheel-drive and then, on the top elite trim all-wheel drive is standard and. Then coming to your fuel economy you do have standard, auto start/stop, on the passport and, a. Fuel economy is pretty good comes, in at 20 City 25, highway 22, combined, with front-wheel drive and, that. Drops by one MPG. On each of those metrics, for with the all-wheel-drive system. Now. As far as how they compares two rivals that's exactly, the same as what you get in the Blazer and the Hyundai Santa Fe but a, little bit behind what, you get from the Nissan Murano or Ford, Edge. But. Anyways let's go ahead and, take. It for a quick test drive. All. Righty so first taking off in the brand new, passport. Initial. Impression of the acceleration, is definitely positive.

Definitely. Gets going good and it has a Thor, tative sound to it you know you've got the v6 some of the rivals, have gone to turbo for cylinders. But. My preference does lie with a naturally. Aspirated v6, just, because of having, that extra torque and, that sound - yeah and it's very a smooth, engine like when you accelerate it there I mean it was very. Smooth. And seamless acceleration. So, I'm noticing that the steering is it was very lightweight it, definitely reminds me of course of the pilot as you would expect. But. Of course you know in. This class of vehicle that is pretty much to be expected, all the rifles are like that and. I mean this is a you. Know a family vehicle it's, obviously. Not as family-oriented. As the pilot but it, still. Is a very comfortable, big SUV, and, it's, for its mission isn't really to be sporty. As, far as the behavior, of the 9-speed, automatic seems. To be very smooth. My. Past experience, with the pilot, you. Know they have of course they've reached you in the transmission, of 2019, on the pilot and, you. Know if this behaves just as smoothly as it does in the pilot. You. Don't really feel any shifting, out of a nine-speed you would expect, that you'd hear it shifting a lot and you. Know in, this car I just riding. Along here I can't really tell when it shifts or anything like that so that is a really, good transmission, it's the sign of a good transmission. Like, I was mentioning when. I was talking about the power train this. Class of vehicle really has a lot of diverse. Engine. And transmission offerings. But. What you're gonna give the passport, is definitely, one of the smoothest, options. Available you know versus, having a turbo four-cylinder, or. Some. Of the rivals have a CVT for, example, I definitely. Think that this is one of the best. You. Know options available because. It is that more traditional, route, where you've got the, powerful. Smooth. And refined v6, and, having. It paired with a traditional, automatic. Versus. A CVT, or something of that nature, and. It doesn't seem too underpowered, or anything at 280, horsepower it's, right in the middle of a lot of its rivals and it seems pretty powerful. As far as the ride quality is definitely. Seems. To be really smooth definitely. A comfort, oriented. For, sure but.

Not In a sloppy way I don't feel any type of like slop in the way that it handles or anything like that it's, just you, know definitely a, comfortable. Family vehicle. First inform. And. One last thing I will mention here is that. Versus, the pilot, we. Do have standard paddle shifters across all of the trims so, if you're into paddle, shifting your giant. Crossover that. You. Know but, it does have may have that option yeah it, has an option and this is the sporty-er version right. When. It comes to things like that I always say why not, you. Know give me the ability to, do. That if I want to. But. Overall. I'm, impressed by the way the passport, dries for sure this, is definitely a very smooth, and comfortable. Vehicle. And like we've already discussed, it. You. Know manages. To keep all the nice things about the pilot, but, then you've, got that extra, you. Know the extra good styling, and the you. Know ability ability. As. Well as a little bit of a sporty or attitude, right so. Definitely. Appreciate, it at Honda now gives you another. Option another. Basically. Size option. For those of you who, bring. This package, to be more appealing. So. With the all-new 2019, passport, you are gonna find that the pricing, is a little bit less than the pilot as expected and it's, also less than most of its rivals now. Honda does a little bit interesting, things with the trim levels it's not your typical Honda, setup so, the very space, model is going to be called the sport, so, it starts out at 30, 1990. Bucks for the sport model and then, the next rung up is the EXL which is thirty six thousand four hundred and ten and then. The next rung up is the Touring which is what we have here and that starts, at thirty nine thousand, two hundred and eighty bucks, now. It is worth noting on all of those models that I mentioned, that those do not come standard with the all-wheel-drive system so, that's an additional two thousand dollars however. On the elite model, it is, standard, and that starts at forty three thousand, six hundred eighty bucks. But. All told there is a one thousand forty five dollar destination, charge so this model as equipped rings in at forty two thousand, two hundred twenty five dollars right and that's with the optional. All-wheel drive system, however, of course like all Honda's yes there are no there's no additional options. You. Can add some different accessories, and shoes though. While, guys really enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth looks at, the 2019. Honda, passport, tour be. Sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons if you enjoyed watching and we'll, catch you next time as we say more of the latest automotive delicacies.

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Yep, buying mine 2 years from now. Takes a few years to work the bugs out.

That AC fan is a definitely louder than usual. All in all, this product definitely feels unfinished and rushed. Will wait for the next generation Passport, if Honda ever thinks to bring one. Otherwise, I see no reason getting this over the new Rav-4 or Forestor. Or even Santa Fe (which may be a bit less on power, but definitely feels well thought out and much better interior, not the space though)

I don't know why exactly, but this vehicle feels a little rushed. It's like Honda saying "mine too" in the latest off road capable above compact size SUVs segment like Murano, Edge, Blazer and the new Santa Fe. So Honda just decided to have a competitor of their own. This vehicle could definitely have had a different look than Pilot and a wider stance too. Don't know, I would most probably pass on this one, get the latest Rav-4 or the new Forester and wait for "an all new" Passport after 2-3 years.

This SUV would have been my favorite in this segment only if it was a bit more wider, like 3 or 3 and half inches wider. That would have made it roomier inside and much more stable and grounded during cornering, as one can already tell it tilts a bit too much when cornering even slightly sharp turns.

Also, cars (sedans) sit much lower. Taking or planning them for offroading is not a very wise idea neither very safe one. And, if these automakers provided with equal dynamics in their sedans, who would buy these SUVs then?

Why the hell no passport or pilot in Australia, what the hell is the deal Honda? Only cr v which is so bad for having the only SUV in Australia :/


That is one model that we are hoping to cover soon!

Sorry for your time but can your next review be a Mercedes - Benz C- Class?

We appreciate it!

Your Welcome! You deserve 50 million subscribers!

Awesome! Thanks!

I mean they've got the Honda Jet.

Lol that’s in the future lol

Wonderful job guys

Wow miss you guys I truly love watching your videos I love everything about how you explain everything and put the price it

Thank you, friend!

I'm not interesting in paying over 39 thousand dollars for the passport. The 2019 forester has more options under 35 thousand dollars with panoramic sunroof apple car and heated steering wheel,AWD.

The interior is lame. Specially the screen with a/c vents. I can picture only old people buying it. Good luck!!!!

I agreed with you You can get a lot with the 2019 forester . Passport interior is ugly. Front face is lame. Blazer is more aggressive and better looking

It’s weird to think that this is actually longer than my first generation Pilot which is only 188 inches with 3 usable rows. Cars have gotten so big over the last ten years

What about Honda TSA ?

For that price It’s way better a Honda Pilot. Btw I love my 2019 Honda Pilot

Just offer the V6 option for the CR-V and be done with it.

Why? The Pilot has a third row? This is for people that do not want a third row.

My friend was one of the first people to get one of these. A couple days after they arrived at dealerships. She traded in her grand Cherokee for a passport touring. She loves it.

thomas medeiros my friend traded in her grand Cherokee for this. She loved it. This does have torque vectoring AWD.

At 17:14 I can clearly see a third pedal, what's that for?

That's the for activated parking brake

Thanks. I thought the parking brake was set by a button on the center stack.

No body can buy .. Subaru Forester is better ..lesser price than yours..

No armrest, bye

Island Prince passport don’t have a base LX trim, it starts at sport. If you compare EX-L to EX-L, or Touring to Touring, or Elite to Elite, you will find that Passport is few thousands cheaper.

Retiredandlovinglife share your tricks about purchasing cars. I owned 2016 forester for 3 years and I traded it in with a 2018 forester with turbo and they are very comfortable cars no issues in 4 years. Passport is ok but I hate the interior style and they are pricey, go check it out. I would prefer the telluride but right now I drive a lot and I don’t need a V6 Enginee. Telluride reminds me to a Land Rover

where do you get 39k? don't you negotiate your car purchases? Bet you haven't drove the Forester back to back against the Pilot or Passport? Problem I'm having is the Passport vs the Telluride....you sure get a lot for your money with the Telluride. Sadly the AWD only works under 40 MPH, no matter what.

Retiredandlovinglife yes basically every car with sunroof will be noise specially in highways. I’m currently leasing a 2018 forester xt and I love the power with turbo. I’m considering to trade it in for 2019 forester cause the new style and redesign plus the apple car play and android auto. I test the 2019 rav4 and it was terrible the road noise ( I test it in the city I can imagine how terrible will sounds in highway) I would wait for the 2020 rav4 because has better quality interior. Toyota still using same quality interior since 2017. I would prefer 2019 forester touring over passport , blazer & rav4

you mean like a lot of road noise compared to the Pilot or Passport? Got to deal with the Forester CVT... and sluggish engine....takes forever to get up to speed. +Carlos auditts

you sure hit the nail on the head....Honda is the best looking of the bunch, but that display is pathetic. How cheap!

+Marc-André Moses "know"

Retiredandlovinglife Well I see you don’t love Canada

The US has been carrying you dudes for too long already.....we let you build all kind of cars ....and all you guys do is milk us.......now you want us to do your math?

rented two.....no thanks. Now the Telluride is a different story.+Gen McCardell

add in that horrible piano black trim. It screams CHEAP plastic. Shiny, will be so dirty and I don't want reflective surfaces that will blind me a few times when the sun hits it right. The fingerprints are going to be showing up all the time. MATTE please or some other soft touch plastice or even faux wood or something...hate the piano black and hate that intstrument cluster, especially digital MPG (heads up is fine, but give me nice analog gauge for RPM and MPG please.

Agree, I was disappointed given its slightly reduced size, I figured it'd get maybe 1 mpg better than Pilot, but it's actually worse. WTF? Maybe those huge, opposite of off-roading wheels. Less big/wide/heavy wheels for better ride comfort AND for better off-roading (less likely to bend a rim or puncture a tire going over rocky terrain).

@ovp66223 it absolutely is with the larger wheels. the kia niro hybrid has around an 8 mpg reduction on one of the higher-end trim levels due to larger wheels. crazy how something like that could do so much.

not a fan of that instrument cluster either...reminds me of Chevy's/Olds way back in the 80s with those stupid speedometers that were rectangular and not circular (and didn't read past 85 mph).

you mean like a lot of road noise compared to the Pilot or Passport? Got to deal with the Forester CVT... and sluggish engine....takes forever to get up to speed. @Carlos auditts

@Marc-André Moses "know"

@Car Confections My Pleasure........ Peace

rented two.....no thanks. Now the Telluride is a different story.@Gen McCardell

@Ayush Malpeddi Good morning. I havent experienced any problems so far. I bought on Dec 31 and have 800 miles so far. Gas could be a little better. I get a lot of compliments. I had 2011 kia Sorento and had no problems with that car so I don't anticipate any with this one. Im glad i didnt let these U-tubers negative comments discourage me from buying this car.

@Sunsaytions !! Congrats on the purchase! My parents plan to get one, so was wondering what problems u have so far?

@Sunsaytions !! I wish I had gotten the Ultimate too, but I was on a budget.

you mean like a lot of road noise compared to the Pilot or Passport? Got to deal with the Forester CVT... and sluggish engine....takes forever to get up to speed. @Joan auditts

ProVishGaming I like the tlx

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