2019 Mazda 6 Turbo: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | So Much Luxury, So Much Torque!

2019 Mazda 6 Turbo: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | So Much Luxury, So Much Torque!

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What's. Going on YouTube. So, mid-size sedans are generally, becoming more and more stylish, as time goes on but honestly, Mazda has been in the game long before. The rivals Connor this. Is a car that still turns heads especially coming. Off the significant, refresh that it received just last year of. Course as always we want to give a special shout, out to our friends, at Paul, Miller Mazda, for, providing us with this beautiful, crystal, blue metallic Mazda, 6 and if. You're in the market for any new Mazda be, sure to stop by their dealership, or visit, them via their website which we provided a link to in the video description. So. What that stuff said let's, see if the 6 is still one of the best offerings, in the class. So. As always starting, off with the exterior styling, the mazda6, remains, a really, sharp looking sedan. Like. I already mentioned, it was refreshed, just last year so those updates, carry over like, the large mesh grille underscored. By thick chrome trim, this. Design does carry over across all the models except, on the high-end signature, which uses a gunmetal, grey finish instead. Matching. With the grille the headlights also have a premium, design and they are fully led across all the trims plus. If you go for the GT reserve or signature, you will also have auto dimming abilities, as. Far. As the back again, nothing significant. Has changed, but, you will notice that the font used for the badging, has been updated, to the latest version that, debuted, on the Mazda 3. Other. Than that all models will continue to have dual chrome exhaust outlets. And very, premium full LED taillights. But. Overall the Mazda 6 has always been a looker, and especially. After the Refresh last year it looks a whole lot more expensive than, it really is. Now. One of the other things that really make the design pop are these large wheels. They. Are 19-inch dark, finished alloys which, are surprisingly, standard, on all with the very base model. The. Sport instead comes, with gray 17-inch, alloys, and then, there is a little bit of differentiation, for the Grand Touring reserved and signature, which get a brighter silver, finish. Now, heading on up to the mirrors starting, on the Grand Touring level, you'll get heating and auto dimming abilities, however. Every, six has blind spot monitoring, with rear cross-traffic alert, and. Is. Speaking of the safety systems, this is the biggest change for 2019. The base, sport trend now includes, the entire eye active, safety sense package, meaning. That the whole lineup, now has standard, emergency braking with pedestrian detection. Adaptive. Cruise control Lane. Keeping Assist and auto high beam headlights, this. Makes it one of the few mid-size sedans that give you all the safety systems standard. Finally. Ending things at the fuel tank every, six has a 16 point four gallon fuel tank which, is good for ranges of 476. Miles, with the standard, engine and. 443. Miles with this turbo. Premium. Fuel is recommended, for the turbo but regular can be used if you're fine with a little power reduction. Well. That's it for the exterior, so, now let's check out the luxurious, cabin, and see if anything has changed in there. So. When every mazda6 besides, for your based or trim you're gonna have their smart entry system, with. Their typical smart. Entry key fob not the newest, version, that came out of the industry. As. Far as getting inside the vehicle there is not a sensor, behind the handle so you're just gonna press the button to unlock. All right so checking off the cabin, or the 2219, mazda6, but. Of course since this can't it just came off of a refresh you're not gonna see many changes but. It continues to have a very premium design. Now. As far as mid-size sedans go Mazda actually has an unusually, high number of interior, combinations. You can get this car in, so. Starting, with your base sport that's going to come with cloth seating in black or sand, colors and then, when you go up for the touring, or the Grand Touring which is what we have you're going to be upgraded, to this leatherette seating in those same two colors.

Now. When you go up to the Grand Touring reserve that's going to get you to real leather in, parchment, or black, and then. When you go up to the top in signature, that's going to give you further upgraded, napa leather which is very premium and, that's going to be in parchment or a special. Deep chestnut. Color. Now. Turning over here to your door trim it is very upscale across Holland the trims regardless, of which one you choose um, so you've got nice, leather trimming here on the armrest as well as above it with a beautiful color contrast, stitching it, is self touch along the top and then you have a faux a luminal, trim here on the Grand Touring. So. As the windows all four of them are one touch automatic. Heading, down here to your seat all but your base model are going to come with power seats. However, if you go for the Grand Touring or the Touring you're going to be missing the lumbar, support. And. Then like I was saying this is leatherette but. It's really really nice love the red it definitely does a convincing, job and. They give you an attractive stitching, design even here on you know one of the lower, level models. Like. I was saying the interior, of the mazda6 is mostly unchanged, which is a good thing because it has one of the most luxurious, cabins. In the class for sure it, is backed up are very nice materials, so you have soft touch plastic, across. All of your upper parts and then, as you move down you, have really, nice, leatherette, trim with stitching, all through here as well as through this entire, Center part definitely. Really classes. Things up a lot now, if you go for the signature, this would be switched out for a upscale, suede. And. Then even down here along your lower areas, you've got more of that leather red trim with the color contrast stitching, and everything. Fist together really really solidly, in that typical, Mazda way. Now. Across every trim you will find standard, push-button start. And. When you press it you will find this eight inch display fire up it, does work with both the controller and with, touch though. It is speed limited, to five miles per hour. All. Right now what we're looking at here are these standard, gauges these come on the vast majority of the trims however, the new digital gauges they come on the signature, only, unlike. In the mazda3 where it's actually standard, across the board but. Nevertheless these are nice-looking gauges, definitely have a sporty, look with your tachometer, center mounted speedometer, and then, over here you have a multi-function. Display which you can scroll through some, basic information, but. It definitely looks nice. In. Addition, to that you. Would have a head-up display, if you had the Grand Touring Reserve or, the santur obviously, we don't have it since this is the mid level Grand Touring. Now. Coming back to the steering of course it is electric power assistant and, Mazda has nicely included, this leather wrap steering wheel, across all the trims even the base model. As. Far as your buttons these are your standard audio phone, and voice buttons and. Then on this side you have your adaptive cruise control buttons. Another. Nice touch is rain sensing wipers are, standard on all that the very base models so that's definitely actually.

A Rare feature to even find in this class. Now, as far as the wheel itself it is manually, tilt and telescoping, and it will also be heated on the grand touring reserve and the signature. Now. Moving on to interior, storage the, mazda6 does fine for itself though it is a little bit smaller than the camry Natick or. Starting. Out with your center console, here you can just raise this up and as you can see you have a small, but nicely appointed storage. Bin, it is pretty deep and there is the felt lining down the bottom. Also. Inside you'll find two, of your USB ports, including the one where you plug in your phone for Android, auto or apple carplay and then, you also have a 12-volt outlet. Ivan. From that we have a sliding, little. Tray in here this, reveals your two cupholders and. Then. The very front you, have another pretty large bin definitely, a great place or stinking of fog. Now. Unlike some of the competition, Mazda has stuck with a traditional, shifter so it's very easy to use I'm just going to pull back for driving you can bump over here to the left is shift manually. Additionally. If you get one of the models, equipped with the turbo engine you will also find standard, paddle shifters. Putting, into reverse you will find a standard, backup camera, across the lineup, this. Does not have active, trajectory, however, if you go for the signature, trim you, now have the ability to get a 360. Degree, camera system which is a very nice touch for this class. And. Then back behind the shifter you will find your electronic. Parking brake as well as your brake hold feature and then. This really nice metal, toggle to go between your sport and your normal modes. Now. Next to that you've got some very out es clicking, controls, here so this is your Mazda Connect control knob which what. Like I already mentioned you use this when you're moving above 5 miles an hour to control the main display and you do have some shortcut buttons around it and, then. Next to it you have your audio control, now. On the Grand Touring and up you. Get the upgraded, Bose sound system it. Is 11, speakers, and. Then the base models, have 6 speakers so let's go ahead and sample, that Bose audio system. I. Have. To say I'm definitely very impressed, by the sound quality of this system. I'm, moving on up beyond that another kind of Audi s looking thing is your dual zone automatic climate control this is standard across the board and, you've got these really nice knobs, here to adjust the temperature as well, as physical, buttons for all the rest of the things you don't have to dig around in the display or anything like that. Additionally. On your touring, and up you're going to find three-stage heated seats and you, will find three stage ventilation, if you go for the GT reserve or the signature that's. A feature that's really uncommon. In the class. But. Anyways now that brings us up here to our Mazda Connect, system this, is the older style system but we'll go ahead and take a look all, righty so since Android, auto and apple carplay are the big news this year we're just gonna go ahead and start off there.

You, Plug your phone in you via the USB port, to the smart, USB. Port which is in the center console, and then, when you do that you have access to either Android auto or apricot apple carplay like I just said I do. Want to mention of course that this is a touchscreen. While. You are moving, at under five miles an hour you're allowed to touch this otherwise, you have to use the Mazda controller down here on the center console, and then, this is where you find your apps like your Android auto and apple carplay as well, as your Sirius, XM, travel link apps which. It gives you weather parking, and traffic. But. Anyways that's pretty much all I'm going to cover and of the Mazda Connect system however. We do have a detailed, tech video available if you want to learn more about it a link. To that is provided, in the video description. All. Right so moving on from that you will find an auto dimming mirror on the GT, and up, with. Your home link universal, remote however, it is worth noting, that if you go for the signature you're gonna have the fancy, or frameless, design. And then, I am surprised to say that all that the very base trim come with this power moonroof so. It's a very nice touch as you can see it as your standard size unit, now, and you do have a little wind buffer up there. But. All in all I have to say Mazda, is continuing, to kill it here in interior design. This, cabin, simply, just feels a class above it feels a lot more premium, than what you expect, for. A midsize, sedan and I especially like that Mazda brings the premium features and the upscale design down to the lower trims, so you don't have to spend a fortune to, have this upscale ambience. But. Anyways now I'll go ahead and, hand it off to my brother to finish up the rest of the cabin. All. Righty so coming around to the rear seat of the 2019. Mazda, 6 you, are gonna find a good amount of space for its class it's. Technically, rated a 39, inches of rear legroom and 37, inches of rear headroom which, does place it behind some of its main competitors like, the Honda Accord a Toyota Camry however, it is pretty class competitive, overall. Now. Turning over to the door trim it is a super, nice door trim especially, for this class of vehicle should, have a leather wrapped armrest, all the way through here with stitching and it has even leather wrapped above that and a soft touch material, on the upper portion now. You do have a nice door handle as well as a fully automatic window, and down, below that you have some bottle storage. Now. Let's see that self is of course a beautiful design this is really supple leather and you do have color, contrast, stitching going all the way through here. Now. Here in the center area you will find these standard vents across all but the very base model, and you, would also find heated, rear seats on the Grand Touring reserved and higher now. Coming. Over here to the central armrest does. Fold down nicely, you, have cupholders in the end as, well as a little storage cubby that also includes, two small charging USB ports, on the touring trims and higher. Now. Up top you do have some dome lighting as, well as.

A Nice headliner and it's a strip and cut hook. But. Overall like I was saying this is behind some of its major competitors in, terms of space but behind your seating position you are definitely not going to have any issues so I probably have about. Maybe. About a foot of space between my knees and the seat back and my feet can easily, slide up under the seat, now. You've been with this scooted all the way back I. Can. Still fit very comfortably back, here with several inches of legroom to spare. But. Overall this mazda6 is where seat is an awesome, place to spend time you, have every feature you could ever want back here it's very comfortable and it really just has a premium ambience. Now, coming around to the trunk all you have to do to open it is locate this little button under the lid and. It will open right up. Now. Once inside the mazda6 is trap you are gonna find fourteen point eight cubic feet of space which. Is once again behind major competitors, like the Camry and a cord however. It's still plenty of space for almost anybody's, needs so, you do have plenty of room back here as you can see we have a tripod as well as a camera bag and there is plenty of room to spare, now. It is also finished really nicely so we do have a carpeted floor board and if. You look on the floor you'll find a spare tire, and. Your cargo hinges are covered now in addition to that your seats do fold 60/40. Split. Let. Me over to your passenger, sees that same lovely design and on, this model it is manually, adjusting, but, if you opt for the GT Reserve or, the signature Transit is six way power. Now. In front of the passenger you, will find very abnormally, nice materials, for its class to, have a nice leather padded area, in front of it it's, a beautiful trim as was a pen a dashboard and down. Below that you will find a nicely sized glove box that, is dampened. We. End up top you have a Sun Visor at the mirror, and light and. It does also detach it, has an extension in the end. But. Anyway guys that sums of all the rear areas, of the mazda6. It's not so we get it on the road and see how that turbo engine performs. All. Right so let's go ahead and talk about the power trains. Now. Of course as you all know starting. Last year, they, added a turbo, engine much. Demanded, and that. Is in the majority of the trams actually, so on this Grand Touring gradually reserved and the signature, you're going to have the 2.5. Litre turbocharged. Four-cylinder. Engine oh and. It produces pretty good power at 250. Horsepower and, 310. Pound feet of torque so definitely a very torque, rich engine. Now. If you go for the lower to trim sport or touring, you're gonna have a two and a half liter four-cylinder. Engine just without the turbo I mean, that's gonna make 187. Horsepower and 186. Pound-feet of torque which, is pretty much class competitive. Regardless. Of what energy issues, you're only gonna have front-wheel drive for now so, if you want all-wheel drive you actually have to go down to the smaller Mazda, 3 since that now has the all-wheel drive system, and. We, have a six-speed, Automatic, transmission so. That's the only powertrain, changed for 2019, is that now the six-speed, manual transmission. That used to be in the sport, trim has, now been eliminated so now you go straight to the automatic, sport as the base model, lastly. As typical, for SKYACTIV, engines, fuel, economy is pretty good so. With your base engine you're gonna get 26, city 35, highway, 29 combined, and then. Going, up to this turbo model is gonna penalize you just a little bit 2:23, city 31, highway, 26.

Combined. Which. For, the turbo model actually compares favorably, to the Accord, turbo. But. Anyways, now. Let's go ahead and take this out on the road. All right so first accelerating. In the 2019. Mazda, 6 turbo. It's definitely impressive on the power front like I already, mentioned it's a very torque, rich engine, so you're really going to feel that power. You. Down. Low in the power band you're. Gonna get it right off the line and, the. Definitely, launches, with. Some pretty. Serious thrust. Yeah. Definitely, if. You. Don't think that the turbo engine is a benefit, you, you. Will want to get behind the wheel I know it's not a huge power increase, but the torque flight crew is mentioning is going, to make you definitely, feel that increase. Of. Course I'll go ahead and talk about the, handling. Since that's, my. Favorite thing about Mazdas, Mazda just does they. Just do their staring and handling just so well, you know it really adds. To the premium vibe because this is the type of handling. Setup that you expect in something, that's a lot more expensive and. You. Know here you are and just, a mainstream, vehicle and you've, got in. Addition to having the really nice cabin, you've got the upscale driving, as well to the handle you're just so precise. So, balanced. It. Just really has great feel. Yeah while this car definitely has, a lot, of power. You. Will definitely notice that increase over to something normal, and. Everyday. And. Just riding along here, I do want to mention, in. Addition to, this car having those. Awesome, driving dynamics, as Drew was talking about earlier this. Car has a absolutely. Fantastic. Ride quality. You. Know it really to go along with the, luxury. Ambience, of this car you, know inside, and out you, know it also rides, extremely. Luxuriously, you, know I mean when you hit up on that you really don't feel it in. These seats are extremely, comfortable and it's just a very hushed cabin you know it reminds me of a German luxury vehicle, and that's a great thing. Now. Let's talk about the transmission. Now. At six feet it is, down. On gears versus, the competition for, the most part. But. It is actually very smooth, it. Seems pretty responsive, as well you. Know in, this class you got choice, of several different types of transmissions, you know some of the competition, does have an 8-speed automatic however. A lot of the competition goes, with a continuously. Variable transmission. And. I. Would. Definitely prefer to, have this 6-speed Automatic transmission over. Continuously, variable transmission, get more of that traditional feel, it. Is more responsive. We. Do also have manual, shifting ability, and palette shifters which we'll try out in just a second. One. Two the manual mode. The paddles. It. Does a pretty good job it's, maybe. A little bit slower than the, best. Like. Most responsive, paddles but I, don't. See much of a penalty in terms of, you, know because this is as we discussed I mean the six-speed automatic makes it a little bit of an older transmission, so. When, you have some been older transmission, that, could be a concern that the, paddle. Response will be a little slower but I'm, not noticing anything that's going to bother you when you're cruising. Along. But. Overall I. Continue. To be really really impressed by the way that the mazda6 drives, you. Know this is a car that, really. Doesn't seem like you're sacrificing anything. You, know you, have a cabin, that stands out to the best and the segment it's a very upscale even here on this one that's only thirty thousand dollars that is you know considered pretty much middle range for a midsize sedan nowadays, so. We, have this really upscale cabin really, upscale vibe and then. We have driving, dynamics, which just a really. Uncommon for the class especially. When it comes to the steering I am. Just as, always incredibly, impressed by Mazdas commitment, to make.

Something Both. You, know drive and handle. Well you know it feels like it strikes a really. Fantastic. Combination. Of, both luxury, and. Really. Good driving, dynamics. So. Now let's go ahead and discuss the pricing, of this 2019, Mazda 6 now. You're going to find a little bit of a price increase on all of the trim levels this year and, that is most concerning, the Sport trim which is the base trim so. That starts at twenty three thousand eight hundred dollars for 2019 which, is up eight hundred and twenty five over last year mostly. To due to the new safety equipment, being standard, equipped equipment. Now and. If you want to go for the touring model which is an X ring up that's going to be twenty six for the. Grand Touring which, is what we have is twenty nine five the. Grand touring reserve is thirty two thousand, and then, finally you have the uber luxury signature. Trim and that's going to start at thirty five thousand, one hundred dollars now. Mazda doesn't really do options, or anything like that so, we do have just have the destination, charge for. Nine twenty and that, brings the total for this particular, model as equipped at thirty, thousand, four hundred and twenty dollars, which. I would definitely, like to mention is a value. For the segment this. Cabin, feels extremely, nice, and this. Is only thirty and a lot in the class can go all the way up to like forty thousand and you're really not sacrificing. And the turbo yeah exactly you have the turbo engine as well so this is kind of comparable, to like a v6, option and maybe a camera or something and that's going to bring you in at a lot steeper of a price point. Well. Guys we've enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2019. Bust a six Grand Tour please. Hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven't already and, we'll catch you next time is he seeing for more of the latest automotive. You.

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Seriously considered the Mazda6 (Signature) with the 2.5L turbo along with the Honda Accord 2.0L turbo and the Camry V6 (XSE) last year. As far as the highly subjective category of looks is concerned the Mazda topped the others for me, primarily as a result of its simpler, more elegant styling and relatively long distance from the A pillar to the front bumper. It's a design trick used for about a century to suggest potency and performance. And on that score Mazda does a better job than either Honda or Toyota. But the overall profile has its costs, as well. Specifically in terms of a more cramped cabin and less trunk space than either the Honda or the Toyota. And in a "family" sedan that's an issue. Further, if one requires a back seat for three passengers, especially kids who'll each demand access for their phones, Mazda's placement of two usb ports in the center armrest is a problem since the ports cannot be accessed with three passengers in the back seat. Be prepared for much whining or leaving someone at home. Overall, the interior features and materials in the Signature trim are impressive. But the sunroof is smaller than that in either the Accord or the Camry. The infotainment system is dated and the screen is smaller than the competition. And while the dial selector for command of the infotainment system reduces fingerprints, it's neither as intuitive nor as quick and accurate as a touch screen. Having owned 4 Mazdas over the years and having driven relatively large 4 cylinder turbos since the 1980's (both Saabs and Mazdas) I was expecting the kind of turbo "punch" that the Honda 2.0L turbo provides in acceleration and equal or better overall performance than the Camry NA V6. It's not there. The Mazda6 simply not as quick in terms of straight line acceleration as either of its main rivals. That's not to say it's unacceptable but the driving dynamics of the "6" reminded me of a diesel engine with a six speed transmission. Honda's de-tuned version of the Civic type R engine and its 10 speed transmission and the Camry V6 simply outperform the Mazda. That, of course, may not be the highest priority in a "family" sedan but it's noteworthy. Finally, the video references to price are somewhat misleading. It's complicated to compare mid-level trims of different vehicles when the features and options each manufacturer includes vary considerably. But top trims of the Accord and Mazda6 are virtually identical when comparably equipped. And the Camry is within a thousand dollars of each. MSRP's, of course, aren't necessarily reliable guides to real world prices reached via serious negotiations with a dealer but maintaining that either the Accord or the Camry is considerably more expensive when comparable trims are compared is likely untrue. All in all, I liked the Mazda6 very much. But on my personal scorecard it finished second to the Accord and ahead of the Camry. Having owned and having considerable affection for the Mazda brand I found that disappointing but both in terms of priorities for a "family" sedan and in terms of driving dynamics, I found the Honda to be just a little bit better. YMMV.

+Emilations I'd have to say on the whole it would be the Camry. The new generation Camry is much, much improved in terms of driving dynamics compared to previous generations but still a bit less focused on spirited driving. The Honda, however, has adjustable dampers that the Mazda and Camry both lack while the Mazda tries to strike a balance to live up to its reputation as driver focused. The differences among three are not night and day, however. If that feature is important to you, I'd recommend you find an appropriate stretch of road and take each for a test drive back to back.

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I disagree with this. My 2010 6s turns more heads stock than the ugly mug on this car lol

Just got my brand new 2018 Mazda 6 GT two weeks ago. Evertyhing is the same - only a few minor features. Got it $5 off MSRP! Really happy with the car.

Moe Anthony sorry... I meant $5,000.

Mitul Jariwala sorry $5,000 I meant... lol.

Car Confections yes... sorry $5,000. Lol.

I would go back to the dealer and ask for the remaining $4,995.

$5 or $5k?

Congrats man! It's such a great car and a great value! Hopefully you got a $5k discount and just 5 bucks

I like the look of the 2019 Mazda 6 Turbo Grand Touring, it might be your next car, @carconfections. Such an amazing review, Idk why I ever doubted Mazda.

Thank you! I am certainly going to consider it!

This is your car...just buy it already :)

It's certainly on this list...stay tuned for an extended test drive coming up

Needs a manual in this trim and I would buy.

Jesse James How are you going to play with your phone if you’re free hand is on the shifter?

Good video as always guys!

Better driving Dynamics this or the Stinger 2.0

This car is good for you...

Hmmm, my instincts tell me that this would be your perfect new car! Just saying

Your instincts are right, it checks a lot of the boxes!

Car Confections - How would you compare the interior noise levels and ride quality on lesser roads with potholes and bumps to the new 2019 Mazda 3? Thank you.

I honestly don't think I could tell much of a difference which is a testament to how much they improved the 3. It would be interesting to drive them back-to-back

@carconfections you should get this for your next cars!

You said you wanted a new car now you do

This could be a good contender for your next car!

Believe me, it is!

Great review guys, does this car have the annoying start stop system and if so can you disable it, I didn’t see a start/stop disable button, thanks

Thanks, Joey! It doesn't have auto start/stop so you don't have to worry about it at all

Compare this to the 2019 Camry XSE!!!!!

Justin Xu , looks are subjective. To me the Camry has too much going on. But if that's your thing that's fine. To each his own. Where you are wrong is when it comes to handling. With Mazdas new G-Vectoring Control the handling of the Mazda6 is class leading. Not just my biased opinion, since I own one, but the opinion of virtually every automotive journalist and YouTube reviewer. In fact, in every category of vehicle Mazda builds they are considered the class leader when it comes to handling. CR-V vs. RAV4 vs. CX-5....Mazda wins. Pilot vs. Highlander vs. CX-9...Mazda wins. Mazda's halo car is the MX-5 Miata, considered by many to be the best handling and most fun affordable car to drive. That philosophy trickles down into the rest of Mazda's line up. Toyota's halo car is the Corolla...a car intended to appeal to the untold millions of people across the world who are looking for a reliable way to get from point A to point B. That philosophy trickles down to the rest of their line up. They compensate by clothing their cars in what they perceive to by cutting edge and/or sporty styling. Most times they fail at that IMO. And any true car enthusiast sees thru their misguided intentions. Now Honda's problem is deciding which vehicle is their halo car. Some may say it's the Civic Type R, some the Acura NSX. I say it's the CR-V or the Accord. Years ago it was the S2000 and the Acura Integra, brilliantly engineered cars that Honda chose to axe even though they could have employed much of their handling prowess into the rest of their line up. But the bean counters won out and Honda became a company that forgot its mission and decided to compete with Toyota as a mass producer of reliable appliances. The once brilliant Civic became a schlub of a car like the Corolla. That is until 2016. It appears Honda is getting back to the company they once were...although they must have hired some designers away from Toyota or Hyundai. But the mechanicals are getting back to where they once were......now if they can just fix the oil dilution problem...

dan339g It doesn’t handle as well as the Camry, the Camry has more power and looks sleeker.

The comparison boils down to this: an overstyled but very reliable and efficient automotive appliance for the masses vs. a beautiful, thoughtfully engineered vehicle for owners whose number one criteria in owning a mid size car is that it has great driving dynamics...along with being reliable. Mazda caps it off by designing the car, both inside and out, with a cohesive and upscale design approach...not a mishmash of fake vents, scoops, corny quad exhausts and garish lipstick red interiors. The Mazda 6 is Jennifer Aniston and the Camry is the girl next door...with lipstick on...kinda cute and a reliable friend but not the girl you lust after. Once you test drive both, Jennifer...I mean the Mazda 6 is the clear winner. I just spent a month driving everything from a BMW 330i and 430 Grand Coupe to a Lexus ES350 to the Accord Touring but once I drove the Mazda 6 Signature I became an owner. It has the driving dynamics of the BMW, the luxury of the Lexus at the price of the Accord (and Camry). Well done Mazda! The Miata is not the only great car you build.

+Justin Xu Camry is a best seller exactly for the reasons you indicated...it is a reliable and dependable appliance that holds its value because the majority of drivers prioritize these qualities over the driving experience. If these also rank highly with you, then no doubt you will be very happy with a Camry. But, if you appreciate a more engaging driving experience in a midsize sedan that effectively balances practicality, sportiness and luxury, while maintaining a bit of "soul", minus the faux sport styling, then Mazda 6 is the winner.

Justin u stupid sheep .. go shit in your Camry ..Mazda is for enthusiasts and people who want thrill .. in short u don't deserve to drive a mazda

dan339g I don’t think so...why would the Camry be America’s best selling sedan for 16 years??? Reliability, dependable, and resale value. The Camry has panoramic sunroof, red leather seats, and a V6 which the Mazda doesn’t even offer.

Camry is a poser...Mazda is the real deal!

Great review guys. The Mazda 6 looks fabulous. Best looking saloon on sale in the UK. Keep up with the reviews. :-)

Thanks! Yes it is lovely!

I love the 2019 Mazda 6 with the Turbo engine, it’s very nice!! My brother had a Mazda 626 back in the day! Have y’all seen the Mercedes EQC, it’s Mercedes first Electric car, it’s very sexy I love it!!!

Mazda have a Auto dimming mirror in the side?

Yes for the driver only

This font same as 2019 mazda3

Andrew Langellier You’re fine

Chris Porsche 911 sorry I thought you said front lol

Andrew Langellier how is different

Font in the back is changed for 2019

Drew, this is the car you should get

Definitely one to consider...

Best car...

The backup camera is sooo bad..

why i feel it's so Noisy in the cabin guys? is it actually noisy in the cabin when u sit in the car?

We don't think it is the quietest in the class but during our drive we didn't notice anything that seemed abnormally loud

I have the mazda 6 2018 and i hate it. This is faaar from beeing a giod car.

What I am just try to say is I heard lots of people say that you can’t control the door locks from infotainment system in the Mazda 6 sport trim because it doesn’t support keyless entry (smart entry ) like the other trims , is that right?

It's a good looking car.

It's nice looking... but something is off. Millennia s was better looking. It need something to set it apart. Like a jag xf has it's own look.

Test drive the car ut not loud at all. Toyota camry is loud as hell

@Emilations I'd have to say on the whole it would be the Camry. The new generation Camry is much, much improved in terms of driving dynamics compared to previous generations but still a bit less focused on spirited driving. The Honda, however, has adjustable dampers that the Mazda and Camry both lack while the Mazda tries to strike a balance to live up to its reputation as driver focused. The differences among three are not night and day, however. If that feature is important to you, I'd recommend you find an appropriate stretch of road and take each for a test drive back to back.

There is no pop up screen... what are u talking about

@Devon Gee thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a pleasant weekend.

It has a manual shifter

@Justin Xu Camry is a best seller exactly for the reasons you indicated...it is a reliable and dependable appliance that holds its value because the majority of drivers prioritize these qualities over the driving experience. If these also rank highly with you, then no doubt you will be very happy with a Camry. But, if you appreciate a more engaging driving experience in a midsize sedan that effectively balances practicality, sportiness and luxury, while maintaining a bit of "soul", minus the faux sport styling, then Mazda 6 is the winner.

Blue colour medam

@maurice benton, there is no manual transmission available on the 2019 Mazda 6. Last year it was relegated to the bottom trim only and now it is dropped altogether. My comment refers to my wish to be able to get the Mazda 6 with the turbo engine and a manual transmission.

Good color

สวยงาม น่าใช้มากกก

Just honestly looking for other people's opinion on this. I understand the definition is lower with Mazda's camera, compared to other brands, but other than the "looks" on the screen, does it really affect functionality? I'm just trying to think of a real life situation here, and I can only see myself using the back up camera and thinking "oh! someone is standing right there, I better wait before moving", but I can hardly see myself thinking "man I wish I had 4k on this thing, I really want to know if that stain at the bottom of her shirt is mustard or heavy cream? Are her pants wrinkled?" All this to say, to me, as long as the camera allows you to see if someone or something is in the way when you're about to back out of a space, then it's good enough isn't it? Or is what others are going to think of your display important enough to worry about it?

Great car and now all they need is an AWD version of it lol

Disagree. I’m beginning to see them everywhere here in Vegas. I own one as well.

You said, M6 reminds you German vehicles? Common. You cannot be serious. Mazda doesn't offer even 10% of tech compared to BMW or MB. Not even talking about how badly all M6 are painted. When it comes to cabin noise, M6 leads. Try it on highway at 70 miles per hour. You will quickly change. Germans know how to build high quality and precision vehicles.

I like this Mazda 6 it looks really really good

What are you smoking? Those cars are over 50 grand US this thing maxes about around 35 grand US

@2WIREG Ah, gotcha. I didn't know about the lack of wagons in the US. I'm in Australia, so we get a bunch of wagons. Thank you for the information.

Wagons only offered in specific places in Europe. In north America nobody has made a wagon for us in decades.

@Stephen Hendricks my 2018 Mazda 6 came with apple car play and android auto

Reliable lol. Toyota and Mazda are on par https://www.chicagotribune.com/autos/sc-auto-tips-1101-consumer-reports-reliability-20181025-story.html

From what I have seen so far I really love the Mazda 6 I do not know what kind I want tho. This will be my next purchase hopefully by the end of the year toward the beginning

Lmao are you referring to a Mazda 6 from 2006? Someone upset that their BMW is a piece of shit and over paid for it? Omg Mazda doesnt have gimmick garbage like.BMW. I dont need to spend 10 minutes.in my.infotainment screen to turn my heated seats on. Hes talking quality you muppet You want to talk quality? Mazda is the most reliable brand out there https://www.chicagotribune.com/autos/sc-auto-tips-1101-consumer-reports-reliability-20181025-story.html German cars spend a lot of time in the shop.

I never liked red cars until I saw a red Mazda. Definitely a head turner.

2WIREG: Are you seriously comparing Mazda leasing prices to Toyota and Honda or Korean cars?

@Freemarkets1236 As my original post indicated, I was looking at the versions of each vehicle with more powerful engines. I haven't driven the non-turbo and 4 banger versions but I suspect that I'd opt for the Mazda6, as well. You'll be hurt somewhat in terms of resale value versus the Honda and even more so compared to the Camry but if you hold onto a car for five years or more those differences largely disappear. Furthermore, the Mazda has the cylinder de-activation feature that's pretty trick. Finally, in terms of looks I'd definitely put it at the top.

@Stephen Hendricks I'm in the process of buying between these three cars. I'm probably going with the Mazda 6 over the Accord since I don't want to gamble with the CVT and Turbo. I'll go with touring 6 which doesn't have a turbo. I know the Accord has an automatic version but the cost is much higher for that option. Camry is a close second but their new 8 speeds aren't fully matured yet.

This is exactly the car I got last year, 2018 Mazda 6 GT Crystal Blue and Black interior. I picked the GT over the Reserved and Signature. I happened to park my car a few times next to 2018 Camry and 2018 Accord and based on the exterior look alone, I received more compliments than Camry and Accord. Some say the front looks like Jaguar and from the side it looks like Tesla. I'm glad I decided to get this car. I will have this for the next two more years (leased).

IAN ANDRES what a steal

We are 24 hours from buying our new 6. Can’t wait to fully enjoy it.

What do you hate about it?

We looked at the Camry and it was my original first choice. But we had to go up so many trim levels to get the same options in a lower Mazda trim. So there was a big price difference. Also the Toyota dealer treated us poorly. But the biggest reason we didn’t get the Camry was the new 8 speed transmission appears to have some bugs still to be worked out. I didn’t want to take that risk.

@Freemarkets1236 it's to noisy. A lot of wind sound above 100 kmh. The car is without turbo and it feel heavy...realy heavy. This a realy realabile car but a very far from beeing a fun or good car for people who are looking for fun drive.

Which Camery XSE vs Mazda 6 2.5 turbo GT Touring ? Please chime in and why.

Almost perfect. Mazda needs to update the center console so I can actually rest my arm without blocking my cup holders and drive one handed. Would also like to see them update the rear exterior. It's a bit clustered. Probably will see this update just like we did with the new Mazda 3

IAN ANDRES any problems so far?

did that say 5year powertrain?


Dealer lied to me and said the ‘19s came equipped with awd

I purchased the 2018 touring. Love this car. Previous car was an accord which I also enjoyed.

how is it?

Additionally. This is the car that no one buys but most everyone loves. They sit on lots for longer than necessary cause the market for them is non existent practically Could be their affiliations with Ford cant be shaken

Reasons not to buy. Shit ac, stupid high depreciation, lack of dealers around. As much as Id like to get one, those negatives outweigh the beauty of the car. Mazda will always be a bit player in a shrinking sedan market. For me, the lack of air movement in the car with ac on will drive u nuts. It takes forever to cool interior. The vent seats help, but its easily 15-20 minutes of driving to get car to cool down. Unacceptable

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