2019 Mazda CX-5 Turbo: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | A BMW for RAV4 Money!

2019 Mazda CX-5 Turbo: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | A BMW for RAV4 Money!

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What's. Going on people of YouTube. Now. Mazda a lot of times is the brand people forget about but. That certainly has never stopped them from making excellent, vehicles. The. Cx-5 is one of those vehicles, consistently. At the top of the class though, not by sales figures. Now. For 2019, Mazda, is moving things even further upscale, with the introduction, of two new luxury, trims and a much requested turbo. Engine, of. Course we do want to give a special thanks, to our friends, at Paul Miller Mazda, for, letting us check out an upper end cx-5, and if you're in the market for any new Mazda be, sure to stop by their dealership, or visit, them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description, so with, all that said let's see if Mazda has been able to take things to the next level. So. Starting out here on the outside there hasn't been a great deal of changes. That. Means the attractive, u-shaped, grille filled in with black mesh carries, over and it, is this way across all trims even the new signature, which does not get the metallic finish like in the mazda6. The. Lower piece of chrome frames in the standard LED headlights. Both. The low and high beams, are always, led as standard, equipment but. If you get the Grand Touring or up you get this fancier, adaptive, arrangement, with, the BMW like, ring daytime, running lights. Finally. GT, also, adds in the really discreet LED, fog lights the. Side. Profile, also looks pretty sleek and then. Moving around to the back it has a sporty, and athletic, looking rear, the. Taillights themselves, bear a lot of Miata influence, and. While every trim has this basic shape they're, not LED on the bottom two trims. All. Models, however do come with the dual chrome exhaust outlets. Overall. Mazda, did a great job with this exterior, making. It look classy while, still hinting, at its athleticism. Now. The Stynes not entirely carryover, from last year since these wheels are new to the lineup they. Are 19, inches with, a brilliant, silver finish on the Grand Touring trim and then, a dark silver finish on the signature. Now. For the lower trims, the touring used to also get 19-inch, wheels but. Now it will share at 17, ish wheels with the base model. Checking. Out the mirrors they continue, to be body colored and power adjusting, on all trims heated. On GTN, up and new. For 2019, power folding, on GT, Reserve and up, you'll. Also nicely find that blind spot monitoring, with rear cross-traffic alert, is standard, across the board. And. As. Far as all your other safety systems, most of them come on the touring, trim and up, the. Base model does have low speed emergency, braking while. The other trims, have full speed auto braking, with pedestrian detection. Lane. Keeping Assist auto high beam headlights and, radar, cruise control all. Those. Safety features contribute, to the cx-5, scoring, the highest possible. Rating of a top safety pick+, from. The Insurance, Institute for Highway Safety. Roof. Rails are available, as a factory accessory, on all trims and then. Finally coming down to the fuel tank it is either fourteen, point eight or fifteen, point three gallons. Now. I won't go through every possible combo. But, with the base engine and front-wheel drive you get 414. Miles of range and with. This all wheel drive turbo. 367. Miles of range. But. Anyways the bets it for the outside so, now let's check out all the new luxury features added, with the two new trims. So. On the cx-5 you will find Mazdas, advanced, keyless entry, standard. On all of at the very base sport model. As. You can see this is their regular key fob and then to get inside the vehicle itself you just press this button on, the door handle. We, also notice the new feature of power folding, mirrors this year and that's on Grand Touring reserved and signature. All righty so checking out the cabin, of the 2019. Cx-5. As. You can see it's still a really upscale place. Now. This car does have a lot of different color and material, selections, you can choose from so.

Starting On your base for it you've got cloth and only, black moving. Out to the Touring gets you leatherette in black, or silk. Going. Out to your Grand Touring or grants for your reserve gets you this real leather and that's, in either black or parchment. And then. Finally finishing up as your signature. You now have fine, nappa, leather and, that's in an exclusive can't or a brown color now. Turning, over here to your door trim it continues to be really upscale so. You have leather that goes all the way through here and even down here and then. All the rest of the materials, are soft touch and you do have a nice double stitching detail that runs across the top. On. Most models you do have a faux, wood accent, though on the sanctuary you do have genuine, wood. Coming. Down to the windows all four of them are one touch automatic. Now, turn to the seat this is an eight-way power justing. On the Grand Touring and up with. Two-way lumbar support, however. On the Touring, it is six way power and, six way manual, on the sport, and. Grand. Touring and up also get the two-person memory seating. Now. Checking out the actual leather itself, it, is really really high-quality even. Here on the GT reserve and, of course like I said if you go up to the signature, you're gonna have an even, better grade than nappa leather which, is basically unheard of in a, mainstream vehicle. So, this cabin, has always been a really upscale place since it was introduced, and this. Year it just gets even more upscale with the introduction, of the two new trims. Service. Cx-5, will come with the soft touch upper dashboard, and then, moving down here to the center on the Grand Touring enough you will have this leather red trim that runs through all of it. Moving. Down we have the faux wood trim which once again would be genuine, wood on the signature and then. All these lower areas are also soft, touch. Finally. Here at the bottom we do have a big, swath. Of leather with more stitching, on the GT and up and, everything. Here just fits together really really well and the materials, are definitely, the best in the class. Now. To start every cx-5, just press this button. When. You do you will see the 7, inch display fire, up across all trims. Now. One of the first things you're probably noticing are these brand-new digital gauges. This, is the same as you've seen maybe in the mazda6 and, you do have a 7-inch display here, in the middle that's fully reconfigurable. So you just press this button labeled, nfo on the steering wheel you, need to cycle through a bunch of different things including just, leaving it as fully. Speedometer. And. Then you go along with that on. Our Grand Touring Reserve and the San sure it's, pretty hard to see but we do have the head-up display. Right. Now we don't have any information displayed, but, it will display stuff like your navigation, instructions and it looks really nice once you're up and going. Now. Coming back here to the steering wheel of course we have electric power steering but one of the nice things that Mazda does is that they include the leather wrap steering wheel, even on the very base sport model. Does. Have a nice feel in the hands and then you've got your buttons like I said this is for your multifunction, display as well as your traditional phone, and audio controls, over.

Here We have our controls for the adaptive, cruise control. Mazda. Also includes rain sensing wipers on, most of the trims all but the base model and then. The steering wheel itself is manually, adjusting. We. Do also have steering wheel heating, and that comes on the Grand Touring Reserve and signature, alright. So moving on to the interior storage, portion, the, cx-5, definitely. Excels here. So. Starting out over here with your center console, as you can see you do have two different layers this top part is removable, and. Then dropping down here you have it's really deep and you have a nice felt lining at the bottom. Additionally. This is where you'll find two, of your charging USB ports the aux jack and the 12-volt, outlet. Directly. In front of that you've got your two cupholders. The. Thing I really like is this really, big bin up here in the front great for just setting your cellphone or something like that and. There. Is an additional, tool outlet. Now. Moving back to the shifter Mazda, has kept with a nice traditional. Leather wrap shift err so. Of course it's very easy to use all you have to do is move back for drive and, then you can bump over to the left to shift manually here though there are no paddle, shifters. When. We go into reverse you will find a standard backup camera across all of the trims, however. To get that new. 360-degree. Camera you're gonna have to go for the fully loaded signature. Trim I. Believe. We do have parking, sensors here on the GT Reserve but they still. Don't have any type of active trajectory, or anything like that. And, then back behind the shifter you do have an electronic, parking brake as well as an auto hold function and. Then you've got this really nice metal, toggle, to go between your normal, and sport, modes. Off, to the side here we've got your Mazda Kinect controller, this is what you use if you're moving above five miles an hour because the touch, display is, disabled. Anyways. That brings us over here to our audio, system so let's go ahead and sample, the upgraded, Bo system, that comes on Grand Touring and, up. Sound. Quality of this system, is excellent, I. Do. Also want to say that I really like this, outline. Speaker, up here it's really classy, looking. But, anyways moving on to your climate controls this, is the dual zone automatic setup, it comes on all but the base trim, now. It's very easy to use all your buttons are just located. Right here and one easy-to-use place, and. You. Know the knobs and stuff they have a really upscale, feel kind, of look like Audi if you ask me. Now. You. Have three-stage, heated seats on all but the base model, but, you won't find the three-stage ventilation, until you go up to the GT Reserve or the signature trim. But. Anyways that now brings us up here to our Mazda, Connect, system now with Android, auto and apple carplay so, let's go ahead and take a look, alrighty.

So Since Android, auto and apple carplay are the big news this year we're just gonna go ahead and start off there. You, plug your phone in you fear the USB, port to, the smart. USB. Port which is in the center console, and then, when you do that you have access to either Android auto or apricot apple carplay like I just said of, course, this is the same as it is in any other vehicle, so. You have all the same options, like. Your home screen as well. As your. Google. Navigation. So. You have Google Maps which, now. Has the satellite, view which makes it particularly cool so. You can, zoom. In and, basically. See right. On the street where we're at here and the dealership so you can very, detail and it's really cool system. Can. You just press this button to go back to your Mazda system. GT. And up you do have integrated. Navigation if, you don't want to use Google Maps or Apple maps this. Of course has less detail, but it is still nice to have. But. Anyways that's pretty much all I'm going to cover and of the Mazda Connect system however, we do have a detailed, technical video, available if you want to learn more about it a link. To that is provided, in the video description now. Moving. On up on the Grand Touring and up you will find an auto dimming mirror with built-in Homelink, Universal moves. And. Then. Also on the Grand Touring it up you'll find this power moonroof. Now. This is just your standard size moonroof, there's still no panoramic. One available like some of the rival hose offer, nevertheless. It, is still plenty big and you have a wintery. But, overall the. Cx-5, continues. To just have a really really impressive cabin. This. Is the most luxurious vehicle. In the class I have no doubt about that I've been in all the rivals and, considering. That this doesn't cost any more than those rivals, you're really getting a lot of luxury, bang for the buck its. Overall I'm very impressed. Anyways. Now go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will check out all the rear. Alright. So in the back of the 2019, Mazda cx-5 you're, going to find a class competitive, amount of space the. Technical, rating is thirty nine point six inches of rear legroom and thirty nine inches of rear headroom that. Does actually place it above the all-new 2019, rav4, but, it is still a little bit below the Honda CRV. Now. Heading over here to the door trim it is of course nicely appointed and typical Mazda fashioned so, you do have a leather armrest, with the stitching detail and is. Even stitch leather up on the very top portion, which is unheard, of in this class now down. Below that we do have an automatic. Window, and we, do also have bottle, storage. Another. Seat itself is also a beautiful design here in the rear so you do have color contrast, stitching and it is also perforated. Now, when the center monster does fix us up pretty good so we do have some rear vents on the touring models and above and you. Will notice that there's nothing else down here but that is because the rear seat heating controls, are in the armrest so when, we fold this down. You. Do have a nice little wrap armrest, and, also has some storage in there it's. Nicely felt lined and you do also have two smart charging USB ports, right here. Now. Like I mentioned before we do have the three-stage heated rear seats on, the GT Reserve and above or, they are optional on just the Grand Touring now. In addition to that we just we, do have some cup holders. And. Up, top, we do have some lighting it's, just your regular lighting, and. You do have a nice headliner, as well as an assist grip in cocoa. Now. Like I said the cx-5 comes, about middle of the pack when it comes to space so, behind Drew's position, I've about six inches of your life room and my feet can easily slide up under the seat.

Sliding. Over, even. With the seat all the way back I still, have a couple inches rear legroom. Overall. I am extremely. Impressed with the cx-5 your seat well. It is still lacking the panel roof it has all of the luxury amenities and, features you could ever want and Mazda, is really good about the finishing details like the leather stitching on the top of the door. Now, the rear seats do fold of course so, you can do it from up here by describing silicon. And. It does fall nice and flat. Now. You will notice that these were seats do fold 40/20/40. Split as opposed, to 60/40. And most of the rivals. Now, coming around to the tailgate, it does not have a hands-free function, but, it is power on the Grand Touring and above so just, find the button under the lid and it opens right up. Now, once inside the cx-5 your trunk you're going to find a below average amount, of space it, comes in at 31 cubic, feet behind the second row seats and it expands, to 60 cubic feet now. Like I said that is below most of the rivals however, for most of you guys you probably won't notice the difference, now. If you want to fold the seat backs from back here you can't also do that so, just reach up and then fold forward. Once. You do that gives you a nice flat loading floor and down. Below you, do have a spare tire. They're. Coming over here to the passenger seat it is nicely finished as well and it, is also six white-power adjusting, on the Grand Touring with premium package or Grand Touring the reserve and above. Now. In front of the passenger we do have really nice materials, so, you have that stitching detail as well some leather wrapping here you, do also have some wood trim and. Gumble of that you do have a nicely, sized and dampened glove box with, a really nice felt lining. And. Above that you, do have a Sun Visor with, a mere and light that. Does also detach and, extend. Does, have an extension. But. Anyway guys that sums up all I'm going to talk about for the rear areas so, now let's go ahead and get to the power train and see the real reason why you buy a grand touring reserve or signature. All. Righty so let's go ahead and talk about the power trains so. Of course probably, the biggest news of this, vehicle, is the new turbo, engine, which, we have here, in the Grand Touring reserve and also the signature, trim, this. New engine is a two and a half liter turbo, four-cylinder, makes. 250. Horsepower and, 310. Pound feet of torque. Now. For the rest of your trims on the lower end model you still get a two and a half liter four-cylinder. Just not turbocharged, and that. Continues, to make 187. Horsepower, and 186. Pounds of torque just like last year, now. Mazda has been promising, a diesel, engine for several years at this point but I mean that seems unlikely that it's ever gonna make it to our shores just, from emission, standards, and stuff like that. Your. Only transmission, continues to be a six-speed, automatic transmission, and. Your. Standard front-wheel drive optional. All-wheel drive on your sport through, Grand Touring and then the Grand Touring reserved and signature have standard, all-wheel drive. Another. Point to make is that your base engine has cylinders deactivation. This one does not and it's. Fuel economy is 28, combined, with front-wheel drive 26. Combined, with all-wheel drive, now. The turbo does give you a little bit of a penalty but it's only two MPG combined so, it brings it down to 24. Combined, 22, city 27, highway. But. Anyways that's, it for the powertrain information, so now let's go ahead and, take. It on a test drive I'm. Excited, to see how this car drives, with this new turbo engine. All right so first taking off in the turbo. Big. Difference, hahahaha. This has a lot of torque and you can feel it right from the start I. Think. This is just an excellent, excellent. Feeling. At turbo, so. Much torque and, just feels really, powerful. It's a very shocking almost, you. Know these compact, crossovers, are definitely. Not the most powerful types. Of vehicles. You. Kind of expect the same out of this but it just does not feel the same at all is like the CRV, or rav4. No. Yeah I mean I mean it's not even close those the. Mainstream, rivals, you, know they. Don't offer an engine, like this and that's a shame but. Compared. To at the base, motor and the CRV, and rav4, this is gonna be a huge difference huge. Difference. Then. It is nice that come to say them at the same price premium, as well right the prices really know more so you're not paying extra for, just, having the extra engine thrown in there. Now. Just cruising along here. It. Really is right it's very comfortably. Then. My seating position is good my visibility, is excellent. And. It's just really smooth cruising, along. And guys this steering is, excellent.

I Mean. Of. Course Mazda, is known for their steering, feel and in this car is no different, it's, a huge difference once again from what the rivals have. You. Know typically they're very known, and void a feeling you can't tell it's going on going, around a corner and this it's. So just. Feel so agile, and so responsive, you can feel it everything that's going on on the, road and, it's. Just a really welcome change from what you typically get. Now. There have been some revisions. For 2019, to, the cx-5, and the, biggest one is that it now has the G vectoring, plus system the. 2018 model, already had the G vectoring, system and basically what that system does is, it. Compensates. For like the body roll and stuff by. Modulating. The engine, and steering power, and. Basically. Now for 2019 it also uses the brakes which really just helps you have a a lot smoother, of a ride as well. As better handling. Yeah, guys the handeling handeling oh, my, gosh. You. Know we're we're. In a lot of different crossovers, and a lot of cars that are boring. You know and. This. Is a family vehicle this should be boring. But it's not boring I am. Really enjoying the. Way this drives just. The. Power and the handling, it just feels like I meant something much more expensive than, I am in. Really. This reminds me actually a lot of the Audi q5 that, we just drove a few days ago that's really a good thing to compare it to it has a seriously. It has a German, feel to it that. Most. The rivals just don't go for at all. I want. To talk about the six-speed. Automatic, transmission a, little bit, you. Know six speeds might. Seem like it's a little lower than maybe. Some of the competition, I have eight speeds. But. The, performance, of this transmission, has been a really good while driving it. Shifts. Are really smooth you almost can't feel them at all and, then. Honestly. There's. So much torque there's not a great deal of shifting going on you know if you want past like past this car right here you. Just put your foot down it really don't shift the gear. Necessarily. But you just have that instantaneous. Torque to just really push you back and get you past the car, so. You. Know that's very satisfactory. As well. Overall. I have to say I am, very impressed by, the way this vehicle, drives. Like. I said this, feels a lot like a German, luxury, vehicle, and, I. Mean, that's a really very, compliment. Because this is just a mainstream, vehicle this. As Mason, touched, on this. Doesn't cost, more than, the rivals you know nope. Even, at signature level, you're. Looking at about.

$40,000. And that is right. In the same price point that a lot of rivals, are at so. You. Know this really is just the, submits the, great engine submits, the, great value that this vehicle is because now you've got the power to go with the handling, and all, the luxury so just an excellent overall, package. Well. Guys we've enjoyed watching where the first in-depth, looks at, the 2019. Must, a cx-5. Grand, touring reserve, stay. Watching for quick overview the pricing, and don't forget to those like and subscribe buttons below. We'll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest parameter, galaxies.

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I always find your reviews designed for a potential buyer and very detailed. Always well presented. Thanks from this 71 year old.

You're very welcome! Glad to hear they're helpful for ya!

because subcompact SUVs suck

Rainy Sunday that started in the early 00’s when their automatics blew up on everything lmao, and apparently nothing’s changed

CX5 vs Base Acura RDX?

What's better Mazda CX-5 or Cx9 one of them is heavy but spacious any idea

mazdas all look the same and yet its not a bmw or mercedez.. its a good look but exploited too much for a mainstream brand

Is that looking at torque as well?

Based on all the opinions I've read, Mazda is known for its reliability. Personally I own a 2018 cx9 and haven't driven it enough to test that yet but it's doing well so far.

Going to get the 2019 CX-5 Signature in May.... any colour suggestions? I'm torn between the snowflake white pearl and machine grey... I would have considered black if it weren't for all the dings and scratches that would be made more visible :/

I think you're right about black. I have a black car and have those problems. I'm also usually not a fan of gray, but in this case Mazda makes a very nice looking hue! My personal favorites are Deep Crystal Blue and Soul Red. Good luck choosing!

This 2019 cx5 turbo is nice. Better then the crv touring 1.5 turbo. The engine is just way too small for a car that size.

I do not appreciate dealer plate frames or especially a dealer name applique. I would have them remove the applique. They are not paying my

Since when is $40 grand rav4 money?

+Car Confections I did. You can get a hybrid for under$29k

Check the RAV4 2019 prices

@nick michael lmao @Life Is Short also something to note is Passport has some pretty trash MPG (19/24) which is WORSE than pilot, mainly because of larger wheels and higher ground clearance

a lamborguini huracan smokes a cx-5 too lol!

I just bought a Mazda CX-5 2019 Sport AWD with the I Activesence package. Would it be possible if you did a review on it?

For the touring trim, its quite blacked out

Just bought a Signature at a little below dealer cost....the red one. I think they had too many on the lot and have to move them out.

Well, congrats! Sounds like you got a killer deal on an awesome CUV! It's our favorite in the segment!

My Kia Soul Exclaim came with Napa leather.

And as far as this engine goes, it's still too early to know for sure.

The engines themselves should be fine with regular maintenance. Almost all modern turbo engines are built to handle the boost. I would really just worry about the turbo itself wearing out over time. But you do have to be much more stringent on keeping the oil changed. I do fully understand your concern though.

I am no expert by any means but my feeling is that Mazda uses Turbo safely. That's a 2.5 L engine putting out 227 HP versus others using 1.5 L to deliver 190 HP or 2.0 L to push at 260 HP. But again, this is just an assumption. Only time will tell.

You guys are tops on YouTube...Because of your thorough video on the CX-3 I bought one and you guys were right 100%

Thank you so much! We really love to hear that!!

Is this the gas version with turbo?


Not everyone wants (or can afford) to spend 40K on an SUV. Most CX5 reviews I've seen are for the upper trim level turbo models. How about a good review and road test of a model with the normally aspirated 2.5 engine?

The Ford Escape has a 2 liter turbo

But can I fit 3 car seats across? Lol

Took ownership of a UK spec cx5 2.0 sport nav+ auto 165bhp in Snowflake white on 1/3/19. The good points: Extremely well put together cabin and quality trim, puts me in mind of BMW & Mercedes. Seat leather is of a good quality and seats are supportive and comfortable. Road noise is good for class and a lot better than the Honda CRV and Peugeot 3008. The Bose sound system is very good and has a large subwoofer in the floor lining of the boot. I also appreciate having a cd player, not everyone wants to buy down loads of an album they have probably bought umpteen times before! Cabin space is sufficient and rear leg room is fine for us (sub 6ft) The external styling is beautiful, not too in your face, I would describe it as classy and a cut above its competitors. Boot space is adequate but not class leading. MPG is around 35 with a mix of around town and a small amount of motorway. Bad points: 0-60mph is slooow, very under powered in my opinion, the car does not feel like a 2.0 the accelerator peddle takes some pushing down and nothing seems to happen. The auto gear box struggles to select the right gear if you try to pull away fast, 6 gears is just not enough which leads to a jerky change at times and holds on to the gear slightly too long. The satnav is poor with graphics that are basic and years out of date, honestly you can buy a plug in that gives better quality and features. One last gripe, the petrol engine noise can only be described as a whine, it reminds me of a fake electric engine noise. Overall I would give this car 6.5 out of 10. A lovely looking car, quality interior but the drive fails to deliver.

Such a shame, I love the exterior so much, but test driving I was not impressed. Quality of materials even on grand touring and signature looked and felt cheap, and the seats were rock hard

$40,000 Signature and only 6 speakers??? WTF! Can get better on any other SUV

40K??? 6 speakers??? What are you talking about??? My brother just bought the top trim 2019 CX-5 Signature. 10 speaker Bose system that sounds just fine and out the door for 36K. It buried every other vehicle in it's class in just about every department except interior cargo capacity and he looked at them all. It's direct competitors, in their top trim levels are just as pricey (or higher), with no option for an engine, let alone driving dynamic that won't put you to sleep on a drive around the block.

@Car Confections I did. You can get a hybrid for under$29k

@Car Confections Thanks a lot!

@Flash363 tnx

@Ivanov Preslav Could you provide a source please? I never heard of any such on Mazda owner forums. Besides, if you search for Toyota engine problems, there are several pages of complaints and news on engine recalls. That doesn't make Toyota unreliable. In fact Toyota is still ranked #1 by consumer reports.

@Ivanov Preslav Is that why Toyota is having Mazda build most of their Yaris models?

@Volatile Memory Good points. You're right, there's a premium, but not as much as MSRP would suggest. There's more markup built into the Lexus and the Mazda sells close to MSRP according to TrueCar There are of course things that work in Lexus' favor as well, such as better warranty, market leading reliability, owning a "luxury brand" instead of something that looks like every other $24k CX-5 on the road. Besides, the NX 300 has features the CX-5 doesn't have, but we'd be nit-picking what's important to the individual. Just out of curiosity, have you driven both cars? I haven't driven the CX-5 yet, but my co-worker told me it was very loud when he drove it.

@Bill I think CRV and Mazda Cx-5 are both pretty reliable. Not less than another. It's just Mazda Cx-5 looks sharper than CRV and less boring.

@Car Confections vs Subaru forrester?

@Car Confections ok we don't have to many around Memphis either!!!!

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