2019 Plans, 2018 Wrap Up, and What Viewers Would Like to See

2019 Plans, 2018 Wrap Up, and What Viewers Would Like to See

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Speaking. Of being on time. We. Are. Live. Shannon. We, are. So. We'll give. Some. Of our peeps, a moment, to, show. Up I'm sure it, is. New Year's Eve, sure. A lot of you guys have plans, we. Do as well, but. We're. Up here at the office getting. Some work done so. Again, we're, going over, he house we, got some work done all right. We're. Gonna talk about the quality, of the work this, moment, but we did get some work done. Sure. Did oh. Well, wait for. Some. People to show up and. If the shaft will oh oh. Hold on. Well. We don't like I don't I don't know why, it says. Stop. Streaming. But I like looking at YouTube, and well. There's someone watching I don't. See it's. Saying all flying, said I don't know. This. One's giving me one person watching and it, says elapsed time 110. Okay. Is it going. What. Is up with I don't. Know over here it's it's saying all flying on. Old. I mean OBS. Is saying that we're streaming but. For. Some reason is. That's. Weird, yeah. It's this live over here - but it's not like, none. Of the, chat and that stuff is showing up anyhow. We're. We're. Live mer, lived in and we're gonna give you guys a moment. To show, up and I, hadn't. Seen anything pop up in, the. Chat hmm. Which. Is, to be expected. Everybody's. Kind of out doing their thing. But. We are here. Mm-hmm. Startup. C oh. Well. What's. The little red button cuz it was red there for a while, that's, the streaming yo oh. Well. Now it's orange, star. Hi orange star hey what's up Lauren start. Thanks. Again for all the hot sauce that you've provided. I'm down, to the last bottle and if. You could let. Us know where I can actually buy some I'll, buy some this time. You. Know the weird thing is when, I, had. To go to the hospital. Shannon's. Father and. The. Doctor, there. At the time was like you. Have to lay, off the hot sauce for. A little bit I, was. Like what no, way, you. Think you're taking so many things away from me. Yeah. However, I'm. All better now and, hot. Sauce is definitely, something I'm back to eating I've been, hitting it quite as hard though but. Well. I'm not gonna drink this right now I'm gonna have that later on. I'm. Gonna have that later on since it is. New. Year's. You. Know. You. Know I. Stopped. Drinking I've, had. A, beer. Or two maybe, a couple two or three says. But. That was like a drink. A day type thing and that was it so, and, now I always feel we're going to need, to go to the liquor store yeah I've been doing pretty good on that he. Has been I never I've. Not. Wanted to completely, stop drinking but it's not gonna drink. More than one drink a day so yeah, his mom was looking at me going oh what. Shot I'm just saying I've since, uh. Suddenly. I've only had a couple two or three drinks since then so but. Yeah. What, what was she saying. Look. At me and as. I'm sitting there with. My vodka, tonic. She's. Like you know you're gonna be next I'll just like bring it. When it happens or. Whatever it goes it's kind of like that um comedian, his really, do. You want a diary do you want do. You want to don't you want to live forever and cuz, he was like really overweight and the guy's like not if I can't eat tacos ooh. Can't. Take everything from me a hot sauce come on. Like. They, told me I couldn't eat hot sauce as well and I just had to to, eat like a rabbit, and eat. I, don't. Know it just I was, super happy but there's certain, things in. Life that, just, sure. I could, do, it and and. Have. A pretty. Just, straightforward. Healthy. Lifestyle. But. Really, I mean I don't know just okay. Point. Is some, some things gotta have something. Yes. Yes. And Geneo he was a super grumpy about it and you would walk past me and I would have liked something any be like must be nice anyway. So my darling the dog would be pooping. Outside and, since I that, one week that I was having nothing but broth I was I was, like show off. With. Them on Christmas yeah, our New Year's Eve. What. We are doing or what what. We are doing with them oh it's, just like New Year's with us what are you thinking why.

Here Let me let me kick things on over real quick that. Way we're no longer on this. Screen. Waiting for people, to show. He. Said what he said you're I'm. A quitter I'm not. Really I mean, I am, it just depends, on what we're talking about here. Definitely. Shelled things back, quite a bit but, we we've, we're, in the office today and so. We. Wrapped things up around 6:00, we, don't have anywhere, to be until. Later. Tonight, so. Here. We are we we, had thought about doing the. The live show, on. Christmas. Eve but that just wasn't going to happen with everything we had to get ready for the kids and and. Whatnot by. The time everybody, was fed and all that knows well, after, seven no one has ever told me being Santa, was so hard, oh yeah, being Santa, is as. Definitely. A. Difficult. Day for. Sure. But. It. Was a lot of fun illustrate, Christmas. Is always stressful. Shannon. Is. You. Know the wants. To play Christmas music, all the time and, there's, a cheerful person. Around. Christmastime. And for me it's. It's. Like added stress, on top of the stress we, already had with getting. The automatic, in the shop and then, the. Trip. To the ER and all that and I was like man I just didn't, really. Really. Didn't would add too, much more put, too much more on, my plate personally. But. Well but it was fine I handled, all of Christmas, it. Was fun though it was I was all but very, Christmas we hope you guys had. A great Christmas as well it was it was very hard we went to Matt's. Family's, thing then we went to my family's, thing oh yeah well, the kids were like, zombies. By the end of the night but yeah we were all over, the place all. Over town thank you sorry. Oh I'm just saying we're all over town what were you thinking well no we to says. The. Best 2019. Ever thank you the same as well as say, to everybody, I hope no does a 19 is awesome. For everybody. It's, a year new beginnings, my resolution. Is I'm going to go to sleep more earlier. Oh. Man. That'll. Be the day I think. That would be a great resolution I'll I'll help you help you with that we we. Should both be getting, the sleep earlier. And, waking up low early which is why we have our shop, our set the ten o'clock. I'm. A night, owl no, no I'm not saying change the shop hours but all I'm saying is. We're. Just night Allison, and for. Me I don't. Generally. Sleep a full eight hours I'm. Lucky if I get six, just because, I'm. Just a person. It's constant that constantly likes to do things like I can't just lounge around I. Can't. Um yeah. Shannon, can she she, doesn't allow engine for me I'm. Lounging, and drinking for two and. Also I seem. To require lately. Ten hours best. That reminds, me so this this past weekend. Uproar. Came. To the shop we, had some screens for sale he actually grabbed, the the rest of the screens that we had and we're. Up, here with with Madison. He. Swung by he's a really really cool guy, Steven. Esteban. Esteban, is, Esteban, is his name yeah and he, brought, his, son and Maddie. And he just. Hit it way. The heck off he, ate all my cookies, that Maddie brought for me but, we're. Gonna have to I. I'm, sure he's, not watching tonight, but well we'll have to send him that video that she recorded with Maddie, the two of them together, playing. With the dog roars. No. No no Maddie made a video upward, my. Bro's son and her Elijah and Maddie. Doing, jingle, bells. He's. Like you know do, it like a big you know dance and stuff like this it, coresight.

Elijah He just keeps running through it like a. Screen. And that's funny because he he. Was in here, it, when, he was in a shop you know he was pretty quiet I guess you, know when he got outside and was alone, what. Madison there being kids he was he. Definitely was more. At. Least not around us just kind of being. A kid being. It being a little more can, all over the place type, of things. Yeah they had fun they played on my computer, probably downloaded something that's gonna kill it but, no. But, it was fun it was cool see it was cool meeting up for our, yeah. It sure was sure. Was it have we done shoutouts yet Shannon. To everybody, that's kind, of coming in I'd. Know. Okay. Yes sir orange star thanks, for tuning in. Yeah. We. Got the Waldo. Okay. And then Eddie jr., was what's going on good. To have you we're. Just hanging out for a little bit we're going to. Just. Kind of recap. 2018, and then. Talk. About some of our plans for, 2019. And then get. Y'all's feedback, as to I. Want, to get y'all's feedback personally. What. Y'all would like to see as far as videos. Content, well, in the future are going. Yeah. Sure let's see oh. Is. This what you're getting to do you want do, you want to read that Shannon orange, star once a 2019. YouTube hide-and-seek, championships, its shopping, home vs. Bigfoot. Hey. Speaking. Of orange, star. So. I did, a video when I was doing you, had to go back and take a look at that is it's, funny because it's very. Similar to the the Bigfoot. Footage. Where he's. It's just kind of the the side and shot and so. I was I was moving the compressor, on. The. The, dolly and Shannon. Walks by in the background as nighttime and, she walks by and. I think I put, your little quote up there at least tried don't, my best to remember exactly, what. It was and so I think you'll get a kick out of that and she. Annan Shannon's, there I mean you can't hardly see her because she's wearing all black, clothing and she's walking. By outside, she was getting something out of the car but. I thought that was pretty funny okay well anyway. And, go. Go so no. Stopping. To. See, me and just say you know horn star Bigfoot. Probably has more pictures, of me than I do so, this, is true and we're. Gonna talk about that here here, soon we're gonna we're gonna have a group, discussion. So. 2018. Pretty. Much. Yeah. Well, so so those, of you that have, been following the, channel watching our videos. 2018. Was a big, year for us it's been a great year we've. Done, that, the most sales, we've done ever, and, I attribute, that to, one. Chanin being. On board so, I'm grateful that Shannon. Has. Come. On board full-time. Also. So. We we've. Gone from our garage, to, shop and. That. In itself was pretty stressful no, not only that let's see, okay. Yeah I'm, thinking of when I stopped, working for a minute man took that part-time job but that was that, was 2017. So. We move out of, the out, of the garage that, was, a pretty, scary thing, get. In the shop and. We. As, I stayed and had our biggest year sales wise and then. Not. Only that we we saw the actual, benefit, of getting, a shop in. Clients. Actually being able to come, to our location. Versus. Them. There. Are a lot of people that were just uncomfortable. I'd, say majority, of them were okay with it, but. As far as. Our professional. Appearance, when it comes to having a shop and people actually being able to stop by well, I feel like I made a difference we lost. A client. That was gonna be pretty but. Could have been pretty good like potentially. Like they died. Yeah, and it, also really, helped in the fact that. We. Were come, we personally. We're comfortable putting our location, on the map, yeah. Yeah. Because. Otherwise everyone, was like, where. The hell are you. Yes. So the home business we didn't have the actual, physical location or, did. We I don't think we did I don't think we did we had a private but but, then, they.

Somehow, They still would find that dress and show up and then we're, kind of like oh it's a. Home, business and, there's people that have been turned off by that but now. That that. We yeah. Now, that we we do have the shop it's it's. More. Professional, feeling, we get, a lot. More done like our focus is more concentrated, on work and. It's. Just cool it's cool having a shop has it's been fun it's been neat. Like, decorating. This place coming. Up with how we're going to do the graphics, outside the door and all that and then just. Other things other. Things that kind of came along with with. Getting, the shop where to put things so it was fun planning. All that out and doing. That so we got new flooring. Yeah. That's, something that I haven't. Really shown I think I mentioned, it and, one. Of the vlogs about the the, automatic so, we we did get new. Flooring, it's. Just more professional, versus, the. Grow. Me old carpet, that, had a hole in it from where Matt. Would hold on. Machine. That, carpet was just nasty it, looked funky it had a lot of dirt. Just trapped into it and. We. Decided, to go ahead and one. Of the guys. We did some business for across, from us gave. Us a pretty good deal that. We, just decided to jump on and. So. Now we have faux wood flooring and Shannon's very happy about that she's always wanted. Wood. Flooring even though this is faux. Wood flooring I'm. Very happy with wood, flooring in our house that, is. Great for. Spills. Because. Shannon, does spill a lot kids, pick, up we got the, puppy now that's a something, else that's not even business-related, that's, more of a personal, thing however. We did get. Apollo. Really. That. The areas not the the greatest area, I mean. Someone was murdered like two doors down out, in the parking lot nothing. This was kind of scary. And. That. Was on a Saturday so we weren't here, but, we heard about it we heard, a lot about it so one, of the guys we were doing shirts for for. A funeral like. Oh. Yeah, his. He apparently. He was a good friend with the guy and he was like yeah I need, more, shirts and stuff and I was like is I have to refund you your money Matt's in the hospital. He's. In the hospital and I can't I, can't. Do, it oh. Speaking, of not. Being able to do. Things like for, instance we, we also got, panda. Into. The shop. As. A part-time, employee, so. That that has been another step even though right now it, is our slow, season and. We. Haven't we. Really haven't had them come in a whole. Lot if if, any that in the past month or so and. It's. Just because. I mean socialism, so we're, able to handle things fine, by, ourselves. But. We'll. Talk about. 2019. Future. Plans and I'm. Getting him more involved. We've. Got some comments, so for. Right now before I'm glues them humor rich. Ooh hates. Christmas. We've. Missed you too would you, yeah we've, missed you guys as well go ahead okay so sincere. Jamrock Eddie jr., Waldo. Imagination. Apparel Jurassic, Prince. Orange. Stop I'm missing anybody else. Matthew, grinder. Happy, New Year's to everybody, here that said, happy new years. And. Eddie. Jr., you, are quite, welcome we've, enjoyed, it and we, we, hope for good things to come in 2019. And keep on taking, you along for the ride and keep it keep. Just. Teaching, you more stuff at me tell more jokes well. Chani, I mean Shannon well, said I think that, I think. I. Think. I need to refer to that, more. Hey. Jason hey what's up Jason ends oh so. So, Jason. Ends. Up. For I had mentioned you quite a bit and. I. Yeah. Estaban, Steven and. I think, the, so he got he, actually got to meet Shannon obviously. Since he came in, and. With, funny thing is they. He. Took a picture of the screen that. Shannon, had signed and. The. Wooden ones I just gave to him because I mean most people. There's. Nothing wrong with wood. Wooden frames however, I. Probably. Couldn't. Sell. Those things really, so I just gave it to him, so. Finishing. Up the the wrapping, things up as, far as what's all gone on in 2018, obviously, we got the web, we, paid off a pretty big loan pretty. Quickly. Our. Rents, been paid up for. This entire year it's, paid, up until April, we. Have some more money stashed away we're gonna pay for another year in advance so that's. Cool as well. And, that will be for. 2019, but. Paid. Off that that big loan a lot. Quicker than we thought we would and then. We we got the automatic and, which now we have another. But. However. However. That. One will more. Than likely be paid off just as quick. So. It's, it's been quite. The year. And. We're. Grateful. For everything. 2018.

Has Brought us, the. Office. What's. That was that what you talking to uproar. About was, it he, was like you guys were practically, married already. Is. That what you're looking at me for I'm gonna turn a camera on you so. Which, is a nice, little segue, into. Looking. Forward to the. 2019. I I, would. Like to get you also you also feedback as, far, as, what. Videos and what kind of content, you, guys. Would like to see in. 2019. I'll still be doing the the. Screen, printing tutorials. I still have some that I need to upload, and that I have recorded I didn't got a chance that to, do that just yet, the. Ciss, install, and the waste tank and all that I'm going to upload that next. Year and. Next. Year means tomorrow, oh yeah. Which. Is funny. So. I'd, really like to get y'all's feedback if I don't, know perhaps are you wanting, to know more stuff, on the business in on the backend on. You. Know wanting, to see some more of this this automatic, in action, which I was recording. Some stuff and really. I'm still, figuring this thing out quite, a bit going from. A manual to automatic there, are some some. Learning curves and there's. Definitely, a learning curve that ran. In today, which. I will be uploading. That. And. Was. Really I was. Hoping I could get away with printing. Some. Youth. But. Actually there were toddler shirts. We. Were told they were going to be you they were sent in this is one of the reasons I hate people. Supplying. Their own shirts. Because. You know you can never figure out the right way to replace them. But. Yeah we were told they were youth and they. Ended up being two teas and three teas yeah, that's not youth that's a baby and toddler generally. We can fit the the, youth. Shirts, it starts becoming a problem when it's the extra, small the smalls went on just fine but those toddler, shirts man they just never, stretched, and. Printing. The shirts with them stretched. Obviously, it was like a circle, and so when you take it off it was now on oval so we're gonna replace. Those shirts that we. Botched up I think we'll just end up doing those manually, and. We. Have to order some youth platen, some sleeve plans as well it's. Something that, we. Had already kind of planned on doing anyways. Investing. For the future but. Yeah that's something we got to get. This, coming year and. So. We're going to do that as well today it was a little frustrating. Some. Shirts, and just ripped, a screen I, had. To adjust the flashbacks um I'll. Show you guys how to do that but, let. Us know either in, the, chat or. If. You're watching this later, what. Kind of content you would like to see in, 2019. I'm. Gonna try and mix things up a little bit I I am gonna do some more and graphic design tutorials, I've had some requests, for that. Show. You guys how to use. The software it's, something I wanted. To do this year was kind of do some classes, but I'm I'm not sure I'm. Gonna make it so much a class, thing as much, as it will be maybe. Some more advanced stuff. Either. Either, regarding. Screen purring or just graphic, design in general speaking, of. Software. I'm. Asking, this because I honestly don't know what's. Going on the beta thing, for accurate oh the. The beta thing was not accurate it. Separation. Studio and I, had got ahold of them a year ago and so we are a. Reseller. However. I, just, need to touch base with them again, because I, don't, think it's quite, ready yet is the, problem, oh okay. Well. We. Did we lost our fusion 180 speaking of things that happened this year we lost our fusion 180, ink lady that was always sending us free stuff oh that's, not fusion what ad let's not get it confused because.

My. 80 i retract. All of that hurt. Me that's one, stroke, one stroking, so if you guys happen to go buy some. One stroke skiing, just. Just drop her name let. Them know that you've, heard of them through us. Basically. What what that does is it anytime you guys order they end up kicking a gallon, over to us and so it just kind of helps our. Expenses. When it comes to ink that's another thing though that really blew up this year, in 2018. Though your affiliates, and yours. We. Yeah, and a big, shout-out to Jonathan. Over at cat. Spit productions, I really. Appreciate. The. Wanting. That the partner up with us, and. Allowing. Us the kind of rep, cat. Spit and. Essentially. Swinging, more business, his way and, also. You. Know he doesn't give us a little bit of a sales commission for swinging, business his way and that. That. Definitely, helps, fund. A our our, business, and our YouTube channel as well so. That's awesome and then also the. Started. Getting into the, Amazon. Affiliate. Links I mean there's not a whole lot I can toss up up there, Apple turned him down yeah. We. Just for. Whatever reason, apples a little harder to, become. An affiliate for but I mean it's not like we're pushing, Apple. Computers, a whole lot I mean I I prefer. Apple. Over PC, I say. That's just cuz of my my. Education, my background, yeah, that, was funny I was like I don't care whatever it's not like I'm gonna go round. Already. Did yeah he's haunting you. Okay. So the. De philia thing is also helped, us out as well so anytime you guys are, buying. Anything, that you. Know if you happen to see something that if we're saying, hey this is what we use and this is where you can get it I. Understand. If if, you. Have your screen printing vendors that you'd like to go through and that's cold but if. You're new and kind, of trying things out by. Using those links we do. Get. A, little. Bit of a sales commission, it's it's very. Small. But. These. Little things add up, and. It helps, us kind of reinvest. That back, into. Getting. Better equipment, and whatnot so we, make better quality videos. And but, let us let us know guys about about the content. What. What, you guys would like to see all, right Shannon, what do we got as far as comments. I have questions, what's going on you have a comment yeah that charities some W. Okay. It wouldn't it would help if I just stopped, rolling. Into thing yeah yeah, okay, I can't, sit still okay, so virtue bless. You. But. You. Once. You know poor guy we're, gonna get a garment, printer in, 2019. Jason was - nope well I'm still having worries about moving into a shop space. Orange. Star he just, he's a crap I just bought subsidy, a separation. Studio for today. Oh. Really. Oh. Version. We have I have, no idea my first. But. You just. Know, I don't think we're getting a garment printer in the next year. No. If you're talking about DTG. We're, not we're. Not going to get into, that this. Coming, year our. Goal is to pay, off the. Loan that we did take out for the automatic so when. We pay that off. What. We really, plan on doing, after that rather, than taking, loans out the growth of business, as it is make sure we have all of our, pricing. Right and we're. Putting away our profit. And, we, can just. Basically. Take, from the profit, side of. Our. Business, and buy. What we need. Okay really I mean I guess that's yeah that sounds. Pretty good to me it, always makes me nervous taking out those loans and then like it's really one click, and it all said you have played you have X amount of dollars in, your account I'm just like oh. That's. Awesome I think it's. Fun of course I'm more cautious than you which actually brings me to Jason's, thing. About. Moving into a shop space no shop. Space is great love, it love what it's done for the business love the mentality, change, that it has you know just. Necessitated. And. Basically. I'm beloved especially, now with the new floors and the fact that you know even if it's like you know crappy part of areas you know that, means that no one cares have we bring the dollar for, you today yeah. If. It wasn't it I don't think it really wouldn't matter all that much the automatic I'm still a little nervous about just because I'm, like. I was selling uproar. Saturday. My stress is your stress thing, right and so you get stressed about it I'm just like because. You. It's. Still learning, you tend to be very hyperbolic. When, you're, frustrated. Oh. My god that's actually. No but, the thing is in my head I'm like what if you actually really reads it so it, makes me a little nervous but, I know in, my eye, I know for a fact he's gonna get it down and, it's gonna things, are gonna start going smoothly, and.

This. Is the best time that we. Could have to start figuring that, out so no I I'm, not as nervous anymore, I'm a little, nervous just because. Mostly. I'm just nervous that Madol get stressed and upset and I like him being happy because you know I'm, always stressed, doesn't. Matter what. The, it's. Just I don't know like I always, feel like I need to be doing something you get stressed and my hair falls out okay. Partially. Bald during my divorce okay I think I'd rather my, hair fall I'll be honest. Yeah. Didn't, be stressed, I'd, rather my hair fall out because heart palpitation. Yeah well see that the thing with me when I get. I'm. Sorry, yes. Jesus. Nevermind. I forgot what I was even saying. Stress. Yeah. So, she, hadn't stresses, me out, I'm. Just messing with you anyhow, yeah my my, uh my, body handles stress all differently. Anyway. Anyways. Rich. Was. She. Working. Hard, you're making a lot of money it would be very inspiring. Yes. That's well I mean that's in goal for every business right but okay, so speaking, of making, a lot of money and Shannon, you're just gonna have to not. Piss on everybody, that wants to provide shirts, because, that's basically, contract. Printing. Well. You're you're like I hate it when they provide surfer, said that. Well. You know what not. On camera. Yes. Not like because you have have, I yes, I don't, know anyways that the point is we're, gonna have to get used to it because so one of the one of the goals one. Of the things that I plan. On doing and I. Don't think Shannon is gonna be very happy about this is, taking. On more. Contract, screen-printing. Which. Some of them will actually be, I. Mean, we've got some pricing, from. Some people and it's man. It's. We, just have to make sure we're it's efficient, as possible and. It. Will pay. Basically. What it's to. Me when it comes down to the contract screen-printing if they're providing, the the shirts the, the art that's ready they. Ship them to us they provide the shipping tag to the ship on wherever they go and we're just creating. The screens. Burning. Them and printing. As. Long as we end up becoming really. Efficient, and not. Only am I talking to them but I'm also talking to you Shannon but. Once. We get this automatic, down and, become super. Efficient, out in our shop then, as. Long as we're hitting, the mark where we're, making, how. Much we need to make per hour then, I think, we'll we'll be golden and we'll, be able to bring in more contract, screen printing which is why we got the the automatic, is. One, of the good things in and out quicker but. Also. I, I hate turning down those, opportunities, I kind of hate saying no to. Opportunities. That come up although sometimes you do have to know when to say no I didn't. Tell. Like. Josh, over at the. I'm. Not gonna throw the name out there but, they're. Wanting to send us a, bunch. Of work and I was like well I'll. Tell you what give me till January, to have an. Automatic. In the shop and then let's talk then. Let's. Talk to in and so we're going. To revisit that I'm not sure if that door is still open but we shall see. So. 2019. Definitely. Would like to take, on some more. Contract. Printing but also grow, the the. Direct. Clients. That we do work. With, it, would be awesome okay. Well inks ational, I've. Loved that I've given I'm getting that right now. Screen. Printing says he'll uh he. Loves, the hours, hour. S. Long. Design, from. Start to finish it okay good, yeah I've had a few people, let. Me know that so I'll be, sure to post more of that. Between. Themselves about. Separation. Studio, but ravit uproar, Happy New Year Happy New Year mark oh. So, speaking. Of. Orange. Star, does. Orange star correct I had bought theme. Let. Me go back and look at the chat yeah, you bought the separation for okay. Yeah and so one. Start did you buy the the. Full version, where it is. Essentially. A large amount, of money for the software let, us know in the chat because. I do believe that. The. Direction, that they're going now is it's, going to be a subscription-based. Type of, program. Towards where you pay I think, 50 or so bucks a month to use their their software and. You. Might be able to talk. With them and see if. When. They do release, the new version if there's any kind of maybe, credit, they can give you so you could download the new software, so. Maybe, you can work something out with them they're they're pretty nice people they're pretty easygoing so. I'm. Just like I'm looking through some of the comments.

Here And, our. Arses. Gross gross - what, was. He talking about wondering. It. Says message retract. Their name is just are just. Art how do you get, first. Okay. So David's. Saying I saw an upgrade price if you have version three. Are. They hard they're hard to get ahold of mmm. You know I I emailed. Them and, they. Had actually called I can't say they it. Was. Right. Away all that wasn't really. Waiting on anything, nothing, was kind. Of uh I, didn't. Need an immediate. Response Oh, Lauren. Starr says very well. That's no good. I'm. Not sure how I feel about that hmm, but. Anyways I'm, gonna get a hold of them. Here. In the near future and see. Where. They're at with everything and, tell. Them hey y'all need to to, get on. Replying. Back a lot quicker. Well. Surely. Say that one of our viewers, mentioned. That it was hard hard, for them to get hard. For him to get a hold of like you guys so I'll, see what they say, so. Pretty. Much everyone's just wishing everyone Happy New Year Waldo, still hung up on the dead guy and. Dead. Guy yeah. We're dead guy the one that you mess it mentioned in passing getting. Murdered oh yeah. That's. Yeah. It's crazy we. Let. Me just write right. Down from us so we try to forget about that yeah. The. Other shop. Down at least. Then he don't want no, they did take the other shop down at least to push, up. Yeah yeah so they're you. Know I had it's, weird because we didn't really want to say anything and we haven't brought it up. But. There. Was a. I'm not sure how legit this business, was. But. Just directly, across from us there. Was a, game. Home there. Was a game hall and there. Were constantly. Cars, coming. And going and. These. Businesses. Out here only have two two, and a half, parking. Spaces one of the parking, spaces is shared between, businesses. And. They. Would have. On. Any given day anywhere, from six to a dozen, plus cars using, up the spaces around here, and there's. Been times where we've come to. The shop on a Saturday, like later. Later, in the day and our spots, are just completely taken up and I've had to, to. Get out of the car like someone would just be sitting there and telling me like hey you got to move out of her spot this this, is our business and we need to get stuff done. But. That was very interesting cops, came and, management. Wasn't very happy happy, about it and and. They're. No longer around it, was really, interesting. But. Also kind, of made us a little uneasy. Just. Some of the the people that were kind of hanging around like. Some. People that I had told me there's pot. Pouring, out out their car not that I care that people smoke pot but I'm like man we got the kids and they're, sitting in our spot, I'm like y'all got to move man I gotta move I've, said I've, said like Matt, I'll be out at a job and I might here because I have to man the phones and the computers and emails and everything and I'm just like taking pictures from inside the, of that. I'm like oh yeah. There's. Like five cop cars there I'm just like this is classy. Not. Only that they they took pictures of the. License, plate of my car and then the guys next, door and so it was it, was strange, and then I felt, weird. Doing. The YouTube videos, because I would be out there in the shop I have the door open and. So. I kind of felt like a little on edge if I'm sitting there recording, myself facing. Towards, them or I just got the amaura on a stand you. Know there was they, had a full-time, security. Guard they they had someone. At the door and then they eventually hired, a security. Guard. With. The badge just kind of Manning. The place and so it was pretty. Weird. Anyhow. Two. Things, sure. Oren star says he now has two EPs and 800 printers and Waldo, said something very horrifying and, depressing. So I'm not going to actually announce it. You. Know feel free to try memory you're planning on doing this year like what are your yeah. Yeah. Let us know what, your goals are as well I know that. We. Got on and we're talking about everything. That we accomplished what are some of the things that you guys have, accomplished. In your shop. And then also. What. Are some, of your plans let us know in the chat, and if you're watching later, on let us know down in. The comments, what's you guys. What. Do you have accomplished, and and what. Your plans for 2019. Because. You might give us some ideas. I. Mean, you. Know there might be something, that you. Guys get into that we. Might be, interested in as well that you. Know I just think that even.

Though The the, basis, of our. Businesses. Screen-printing. Last. Year we, that's something else that we did is we started offering. Embroidery. And, promotional. Products, and that's also brought. Us I. Attribute. That to us, getting. More sales on that in because now people. Can come to us and get. Their. Embroidery. Done we, don't have we, don't do the embroidery in-house however. We. Have, come, up with a business, out model, in order for us to still. Give them really. Great pricing, and to, be able to make some money off of it and, kick. Some work over to our, people, guys. Look for any foot. In the door you can really. Just as long as you're working with them at some point in, some way you're. Going, they're gonna remember you and you're gonna be their point of contact after, that so you're, going to get more, business from them if you do like some of the little things just look for a foot in the door that's really, one. Of the biggest things I can emphasize just. No matter what as long, as you have like. Some. Type of contact with them you're way. More likely, to, be. Remembered then somebody, that they're going to have to find what. Are we talking about. I. Thought. That's what you're talking about I'm like okay, I was. Like that's nice, him that's nice very, very. Good are you, know. For oh I I I, didn't. Know if it was like something from the comments, but yeah. I mean as far as finding, someone, yeah, finding, someone is, I. Wouldn't say that it was, super. Difficult but, we did end up establishing. A. A. Good, relationship. With with, them and we went from. Them. Giving us just. Just. Like. Direct. Just as if, we were a client buying, their. Services, they they ended up giving us their contract. Pricing, so I was actually talking more about the clients. See. That's what I'm talking about I didn't know what you're talking about. Let. Me let me, turn. That find, like a way to promote anything. Like if you open, up to more. Varieties. Of what, you can provide, like. It even if it's like a small thing that's. When you get your foot in the door and they're more likely to remember you especially if you point out we also do these things because, a lot of times I will. Come to us for business cards or embroidery, or. Okay. So there, there goes the I. Was. Confused, because it, was just kind of like a general, general. I'm a bit of a totalization. So. I wasn't even quite sure what's your time. Anyhow. That's. Very, good very. Solid advice you know what Shannon. You know what I would like to see for for. 2019, and instead. Of because. I kind of feel like a lot, gets lost in translation with, people just looking, at my face is. Shannon. Behind the camera in being part of our. Live. Feeds. And I know we've gone over this over, and over and over but. I do think, that will be something that. Because. As far as people know. Out. There and I think one of the the reasons. T-shirt. Chick, is. Doing, really well is. Because she is a female. In the, screen printing industry. Generally. It's mostly guys and there's a lot of guys that have YouTube, channels and they post, up videos. And. I think, it seems a lot, less, intimidating, or.

Not. That it's like gender specific. To. See, a, woman's. Face the. Kind. Of being, part of the, brand or the brand itself. You. Know I think. That will open. Up, will. Definitely have. More viewers, female. Viewers, than the two. Or three that, we do have one of which is your mom the. Others probably t-shirt, chick and I know there's there's a hand. Handful. More. Ladies. Out there that they, do watch the channel and. Show. Us support, and I just think that if, you. Did a. Did. The live with. Me in front of the camera and then. Also, more. Cool with being shown, in the videos then, I. Just, think that could open up. More. Doors as far, as. Just, kind of, and. I think this is really, YouTube. Related, even. Though I know you don't want your face out there, but. Just think about it Shannon just. Think about it. There's. So many ladies. Out there that could just. Relate. To you. Being part of the business and then I mean they might not even know that because. For the most part like all the videos aside, from the life thing you know you just kind of. Hear. Your voice every once in a while and I think, it would be cool for you to show up on some, of the videos and maybe, even do, some videos on. What. You've learned and what you could, teach. People as well. And. Then and then this is one of the the reasons I'm like she. Gives me this long pause and, that's. Just this look in her face that. Uh you. Know it's it's, like radio. Shannon. The the DJ DJ, Shannon, I. Was. A DJ I know. I, never, show my face but okay I'll think about it your video. Good things about it but video a video DJ, anyways. I'm not trying to give you a hard time but I think, we should get over the fear of being on camera you're beautiful, I think you're a beautiful, woman I think you're amazing. And, I think. That, it would be great to have you, join. Me, it. Doesn't have to be everything do I still know where the crooked glasses not every, single thing I mean if you want to wear the crooked houses, that would be awesome. Because. The dog ate them and they. Don't have them half. Of them so I have to keep a beanie on to keep it in place no Shannon, that's not it, one you left them on the floor -, I stepped. On them three. You left them on the floor again for. The dog ate them. Have. Seen my iPad. The. Earliest viewers. There. We. Showed off the old iPad yeah but, I mean everybody's, got a broken. Tablet. Yeah, the thing was pretty horrid it, was pretty awful I once I'm glad you got a new one I once woke up to find that I had el, bote a hole into my iPad and I woke up going why am i bleeding and there could you actually still see the skin. Underneath it and I'm just like this really sucks and hurts, so. Not not to put you in it on the spot or anything like that but. Her I think. People. Such. As myself that know Shannon very well I. Were. Your friend saying Shannon, did or. It. Spilled red white and he, was just like Shannon. Did it and Tim's. Like she's, not even here. Like. I'm a scapegoat and, oh. And Emily says. Excuse. Her and her lumbering. Ways, there. We go and. That's, referring to you yeah yes. Anyhow. Okay, vibe she put me in heels it looks like a new barn and a little trying to walk well, it'd be great to get you on so we'll all I'm. Not gonna pick on you anymore about not being it's. Not necessarily, picking on you just it'd be great having you on however. So. Is there anything else you can think of Shannon, as far as. Things. You would like to see happen, in. 2019. I. Know. What she want to happen in 2019. Personal. No. Which, is wonderful, then, yes, yes okay, but business-wise. Business-wise. Honestly, I. I'd like to see it expand, to. The point that. Um. We're. Rude how do I put well that I. Want. To see somebody else working the machine a lot more just. So that you're not stressed, out and I, will, into it I look to have expanded, to the point that every now and then I'm going to need help. And. He you know how we're gonna end up doing that. Contract. Screen-printing, you're. So subtle I. I really think so oh well. I you're, the boss and I trust your judgment I feel like you're offended, because I'm like contract, screen-printing, contract. Screen printing is a dirty word around here. And it's just like no, no, contracts. By. The way that right there I. Sounded. Just like you there's like two there's two of you near. But. Now I mean there's been things that I've, looked and I'm constantly.

Researching. In, even watching, things. Videos, on YouTube or. Podcast. Interviews. Print. Ovilus got got a lot of good. Podcasts. And interviews. And I hear. Some of these these. Business, owners stories, like for instance I was watching, so I imagine, it was probably a conference, at ISS. I, think. It's read wall, screen. Printing but he started, out late. 90s, in his. Basement and. He. Was doing everything manually. He eventually started doing it full-time after, many. Years got into it because he was. Touring. Looking for a way to print, his March for his touring ban and. Kind. Of needed something, that was more I, guess. More staple II that more stable but he just needed to, make money and so continue, with this screen printing the, guy now. To this, day and he talked, about going, from, point. A to. Point B where he's at now as. He. Got in the contract. Screen printing and now, he has, I. Forget. How he has 15 autos a team, for each automatic. I think there's like three people per automatic. And he's he's got an HR person and all this stuff and. It's. All mainly. Due to. Contract. Screen printing and I. Think. Think we should dive, into it and see what. We think as far as the contracts screen-printing, goes this year I, mean. We're going to we'll just see how. That. That, will be a. Way. For us to. Stay. Busy and also. To. The. Have, the opportunity, to to hire some more people to help out because I know, it just as soon as like. If I get with Josh and. We. Start working together he's happy with our work and everything I mean. He basically would overload, us with work the, amount of stuff that he does would you stop playing with the dogs pause no. Hey. I'm playing with his Paul's what. So. Well, we'll let you guys know how that that unfolds, and everything dude, you're getting so big, David tackling called him it's, bad dog yeah, okay biggest. Head is down all, right so the Browns it up Eddie jr., says his wife has a big smile on her face listening, to Matt talk about Vijay Shan and Jesus Christ. I. Better not be the marriage proposal that happens what. Now what what about marriage proposal, it was like earlier when you were saying I was beautiful and a wonderful woman oh no. Hey. Shannon what would you think if I proposed to you on a live feed would that be weird. Would. That be would. That be. Would. That be a fun story that you were like proposed. To me or. Propose, me on my feet everybody, were there we had a big audience and everything all, right tell all your family to tune in. But. That would mean Shannon would have to be on camera. You're. Proposing. No. I would. Hope not you're holding the dog hey look. Apollo's. Got something, I think you need to see it on his ear Apollo go over there he. Doesn't go over to you. Apollo's, making, the decision. Hi. Sunny I. Am. So proposed, with a shirt instead of a ring Jesus, I don't, need a ring honestly, guys I've said. That before don't, really want to ring, anyways. So dude I'm. Getting, flustered. Okay. Guys well we're gonna get out of here we're gonna go have ourselves a little bit of fun this uh this. New Year's Eve we got some fireworks to explore, we're going do, you say to explode, yeah well. We're, gonna go explode, some fireworks, apparently, and. We. Again, we appreciate, all you, guys tuning, in anyone, that you. Guys that have just kind of been been, part of. The. YouTube channel, interacting, with so we really love. The community, that, that, is, the the screen printing community especially, the. YouTube. Community and. Those. Of you that. You. Know tune, in every single, show and leave, comments, check in with us there's. A lot of you that. We have made. Close. Personal, friends with and it's. It's been awesome and we. Look forward to the more of that in 2019. But. We're gonna get out of here for now and we'll see you guys next. Year. Shannon. Did you think of any any, fun, joke. That she wanted to close. Many random, facts, at the moment but I got. A joke, you. Got a joke what's. Green and says hey I'm talking from. Talking. Frog. Baba. So there's a. 2018. With more of a bang I think. Time just stood still. Time. Just stood still stood you know what, that's. Good enough. We. Were getting out of it. Was. Too late now you just. That's. Just that's it no. No. You didn't if you're having to sit there and think about one it's not a big deal anyways. We oh. Well. You got it yes okay, she's she's got one she's completely. Going to redeem herself and, then we're getting out of here what, kind of sneaker. Nice. Delivery. Okay. Happy. New years everybody and, we. Will see, you guys next year y'all, be safe outside. Keep. It clean Shannon, keep it clean we're getting out here guys what she always writes love you happy new year. Chandi, dropping the f-bomb.

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Happy New Year! 2018 was a great year and we look forward to what 2019 will bring. Let us know in the comments what videos you would like to see in 2019, or what you would like to see more of.

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