2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid Drive Test Review

2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid Drive Test Review

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So. Here, we are guys with a new Toyota, Corolla. Tourer. Hybrid. This is the new, 2019. Model and we. Are right here to, make. Test. Drive and. I will be really really happy, to test drive this car for you also. If. You if you, wanna buy this car, you can come if you are in Switzerland you can come here at Auto Hogg a booth Dorf. And. They have a lot of cars here you can see also the hatchback the. Yaris. And all other. Cars. From. Toyota, so now let's make a test drive. And. You. Can also see, the new key here, this. Is a new key. You. Just have to have it with you because, the car you can lock and unlock just. From here as, you, see it's. Lock and just with. Your hand, put. The hand here and the. Car its unlock, so, pretty cool now, going inside the car guys. You, already see the car you. Just have to lift the key down here and it's. Everything, fine, now, you already, see the car because I made a review with, the car it is really. Beautiful you can check out my channel with, a review. With. The interior, exterior I, review. Every single things, in the car but today we, will make it and test-drive, with the car and. I will show you everything, I like, this seatbelt, it's. Really easy to pull quite. Interesting. And also we. Adjust, the seat we have here manual. Adjustable, seat you know under the seat just, pull. It and then it. Is in perfect. Position, the. Mirrors are good great visibility also. You adjust the. Mirrors. And then. You. Just have, to do nothing, let's. Check out the camera because. I want you to see very well here. When. I Drive so. I want. You to see everything, here. We have. The. Handbrake. Electric handbrake out of hold and the, stick automatic. Stick right here and driving, mode from, there now you just push the brake and just. Press the, start button and. Now you have the. New digital. Dashboard. From. Toyota, right here in the front, that's. That's quite that's. Quite amazing, the. Climatic. System right here but, I will turn it off I think you know it it's, very simple - to, open it just, press here you have dual chromatic. System. And. It's. Quite nice and you. Can also put it on the echo, but. I don't need it so I close it there, you have the nice navigation. System from. The new Corolla you can see it right here it's. Quite nice also, you can go into menu you, have different, settings here. Telephone. Audio. Application. Information. Here, you can change the setting from. The, car that's. Quite quite. Amazing. And, simple. To use it bluetooth. Map. And. It's. Quite cool so. That you can see everything, there now in the front there you can see all kind in the middle all, kinds of technologies, like emergency, brake keep the Lane Lane, Assist, the, blind spot that is there and the parking, sensors. Because. The car have, also the parking, sensors, here you can you, have the heated. Seat if you want to get. It your seat in here, as. You know it's, auto hold and. All. This. Option. Now. What. Can I show you more here, on the on the steering, wheel you have, the. Buttons for different settings, for example, the. Lane. Assist if you push it here you, can see there it's. Show, that, the Lane Assist it's working, also its, speed limit, reader up there, and also this is the front, front. Assist, from. The the car in the front and also, we have here the. Cruise. Control, so. That's, it guys also, a few. Few. Technologies. And, options here for example the. Parking sensors, if you push here the, parking sensor you can see there in. The front the. Cameras I will show you in the moment and, also the heated steering wheel. That. I push it now and I want to see how fast, this. Can go but now. Let's put it in. For. Example if you put it in reverse you can see here the back camera it's. Quite cool, it. Has also back camera, really, really, useful and if, we go now in B. Mode in. D mode so, we can drive a forward, and the, start the car it's now in AV, mode from, here from down here you can change different, settings for example now it's in sport mode from. From down here so, now you can see there sport. Mode, you. Can go a normal, mode or you can go in Eco mode so, now we. Start an eco mode and, let's.

See How. The car you also I don't know if you can see it in the, front we have head-up, display, that show you the. Speed limit, and. Different. Things. So. Guys now. We, are fully. Fully, in the easy. Mode. The. Cards it's actually, full. In. Economy. Mode so we start like even. Mode you can hear the the, electric, motor, right now. And now, the engine the. Petrol engine comes. In. The. Steering. Wheel it's already. Heated. And. You can hear the engine if. You accelerate a little bit. It's. Quite interesting. But. It's really, the the gearbox, it's working, really, nice. Really. Really, really nice I like. It I really. Really. Like it and. Also, you can see here when you go on the other other. Band. You can see you, have this Lane, Assist that. Tells you that you, are no longer on. The, lines and. It. Tells you. Now. The, steering wheel it's already, very very, hot, and I don't need it anymore. Also, the visibility, here is great the, position, of the seat it's nice. And, the, car a steering. Wheel it's very easy to use, it's. Super. Easy. Super. Light. It's. Very assisted, but. Maybe now if you go in the sport mode we can change the sport the, modes from here and. If. You go in sport mode now, the. Steering wheel the. Steering wheel it's the same it's. Nothing, change here. It's, nothing, changed it's the same, like. Before, the steering will just acceleration. It's a little a little bit. Stronger. So. It is. Accelerated. A little, bit stronger than, before. In. The sport mode, now. Going back in normal mode now we. Didn't, was in normal, mode until now. There. You go now normal, mode in the cart you, can. Hear the engine. You can hear he is a little, bit acceleration. And, the gear is changed, you can, hear a little bit the engine, a. Little bit high I don't know why they, change the gear a little bit too. High in my opinion, and you start, to hear a little bit the engine but yeah. That's, not a big problem the comfort, inside the car is the same it's really, nice it's. Really good. And. The. Car it's really responsive. The. Steering wheel it's, really. Nice and. Easy. Now. You can also see, the head-up, display I guess and you can see how much speed I have. And. The. Lane Assist right there. It's. Really, amazing it's really cool now. The Sun, is in front, and you cannot see maybe. The. Dashboard. Anymore but, now we are normal, mode and then, on. Change, it again in eco now, we drive in Eco mode. And the. Car regenerate, a little, bit if you can see there it's, also regenerate in the battery, a little bit when when. You break, when you decrease, the speed. Now. Let's, go so, I like it I really like it until now it's, easy to drive it's, even, if it's a big car the, car it's easy to drive and and. The. Handlings, are also great, for for. An estate, car for. A tour car now, come here a little bit and. Just want, to show you a little bit the car and the, exterior and now. How, how. The curves. Look. At this it's, really you can you can really really, feel. Now. Put. It in reverse go. In a little bit in Reverse and. See the camera, here also. And. Now in parking, that's. Really, really nice pretty. Easy to. Use it and let's go outside guys to show you around, the car a little bit. And. Until. Now the engine it's stopped and. Let's. Show you around the car it's. Really beautiful, my. Opinion, look fantastic. Really, nice rims, nice. Design, on the back of the car, quite. Beautiful, you. Can see here, the sensors, the, nice lines on the back like on the electric, cars doesn't, have the, exhaust pipe it's under the car. Also. These rims look very beautiful with this grey colour. So. It. Is a really really nice car it. Has a really. Beautiful design, exterior. Design it's, super. Beautiful and also, the daylight, if you can see it they, look amazing, and nice the front grille oh so nice. Maybe. The. Most beautiful, Toyota, I ever. See, let's. Make some picture. With. It. Okay. Very. Nice very. Nice guy very. Nice. Car I want to show you the trunk in a moment -. In. A moment I will show you the trunk. - I. Think. On. The sides here. So. Here, it is really. Beautiful. Okay. Now. Let's. Show you the Lanka guys and. I like this I also like this lines down here they, look fantastic the, way they made it they, made the car not so tall so it has a little, ground clearance for, a better aerodynamic. And for a better consumption. Also, these lines here are really beautiful. We. Have also automatic. Lift gate up here. It's. Quite, nice, and, useful. Also. Straightforward, you, can load your stuff here huge, space also. Night slit here, it's, looked so nice the packets look so nice and I like this line here, down here it's look fantastic. I don't, know I really, love this model I like. This this.

Design. Of the car and here you have a huge, space look. At this space guys huge. Space and also, a nice LED here. On the sides as. You can see, really. Beautiful. Quite. Amazing from, here you, can also, lift. The. Seat down and you. Have a huge space and also everything. It's flat, down. Here and you can load a lot of stuff really. Directly, flat and, also the car have if you can see there the. This this. Window. You, have beautiful. Beautiful view and. Amazing. Amazing. Space, in the car also, I showed you last time I have huge space on my legs huge. Space here. Yeah. And on my head as well I have a lot of space here. In the middle you have a little little. Step. There also. The air vents. Down, here the, light and, all, the stuff that you, need and also great quality, on the doors as, you know, here, leather, stitch. Is really. Beautiful, and. Simple. Design. Quite. Nice. Great. Job they. Did a great great job, with, this car it, is really, beautiful. Really. Beautiful car. My. Opinion, one of the most beautiful. Car, on. The market, beautiful. Tour the, new Corolla. Tourer. Hybrid. 2019. It's, right here and it's, fantastic, I'm really happy to see it also. You can see the sensors, on the side. And. Also full, LED, light there. We. Have the fog. Light down. Here, they. Are also LED. Light and, it's also. Also. Camera. From the lane assist and from the traffic. Speed, limit. Reader. It's, quite beautiful. Also the mirror it's. Big we have here blind spot, nice. Mirror and, also the hybrid. Logo. Down here. The. Wheels are fairly it comes with Fedeli and they, are I. Guess. 17, inch, wheels, this. Is from original. From. Toyota and, they look nice I'm, really, curious what you think about this car please. Subscrie. As. What-what-what-what. Your opinion about this, new. Corolla. So. Now. Let's drive back ties. Let's. Check the image. Because. I want you to see, very. Well. So. Let's. Go back, to. Start, arranging. It's also the. Same right before, I. Guess. A little bit down. Just. Like that. Because. So. That's, good, great. Let's go. Now. Here we have also. Armrests. You can adjust it pretty. Easy pretty, cool you, can let lift, their hand here, and also we have USB. Port, 12 volt port down there, really. Useful and really. Nice so. As I say before it's great visibility, from this car the. Seats are very very good and. Very. Comfortable. Now. Going. In, drive. Mode and, the, car let's. Drive now. Directly. In. Electric. Mode so you can hear the engine. I, mean. You cannot hear the engine. You. Can see so, so. Silent, in, the beginning, its start. And in silent, and it, can drive like that if. You. Not accelerate. You. Don't use, so much acceleration. The car will drive in every. Mode now. The engine. It. Start. And. You can hear it. As. You can see you can hear it for yourself how. The engine, accelerating, and change. The gear. And. I was expecting, to change a little bit faster, but. I guess. It's okay for. Me it's not a problem but it, is a little bit noise from the. From. The engine. But, now was okay now was a good. Now. Was. It better maybe, I don't know how to how. To use, it or maybe some option here that I, have to check it out. But. Maybe, normal, mode is, better. Or. Maybe the engine must be a little bit more, warmer. I don't know sure but, anyway. It's. Quite, simple, to use it and. Also you can, set. Up here. You, can set up the cruise, control for, example now. The. Limit, is at 60, and you accelerate, and the, car doesn't go more than 60, at, 60th, stop. Automatic, even, if you accelerate, more, than 60, I just. I just really liked the handling, of the car and the steering wheel it's really soft and easy, to use if you can see it's really easy to use it's not sporty. It's, really, soft and easy, and everybody can can, drive, this car even if it's a big car a torque, are really, big and a lot of space inside it's. Easy to drive and the steering wheel it's fantastically. Easy and the, handling, are great. And also. The suspension. Of. The, car are. Amazing. And, you don't, even feel, like you. You, take a bump or something, like. That on the street it's. Really great, I really. Does look at this it's. Really, sporty, you, feel like a sporty, car when you drive this it's. Really, sporty, and really nice it stay really great on the road. It's. One of the best car. Tourer. Car I Drive until. Now and it's also very. Very. Economical. Now. Let's. Go in the reverse and, try to park it back there in, his, place, where. It was before, so. Now, we have a camera there in the back it. Should be very. Very simple. We. Have also sensors. How.

The, Blind spot was was, started. Because. Of this tree here, and. I was done doesn't understand, what car comes from this side, yes, it's either, the other car and the. Blind, spot it's, starting. So. That. Was my review with, the new. With. The new. Hyundai. Corolla. Quite. Quite, nice I'm, really impressed and in my opinion it is, a great, car. Let's. Make a review, the the consumption, was. 55.4. I see, it now fast. Sorry. About my red face here. Because it's about 4 because. This is from, the camera so. Now. Take. Them and break. Good. So. My. Impression about the car the, car. Exterior. Design. It's amazing. Very beautiful, I love it interior. Also I love it the seat even the seat are not leather you can order it in leather the. Comfort in the car it's amazing. And, you have big space and also. The dashboard, is beautiful, leather great. Quality, soft material, even here, even here everywhere, the, head-up display, it's, amazing, it's beautiful it's, directly, on the wind windscreen. And you. Don't have something, that goes like, this like in a, Hyundai. For example. Here. We have nice nice quality, and also, everything, you need a light. Mirror. And. Stuff, the, steering with great quality, and it's really soft. Here. Also leather and soft materials nice, design, of great. Quality, you have all kind of adjustment. To the seat. Also. I like the steering wheel it's really, soft and. It's. Really comfortable, even, if for long roads the, car feel light. It doesn't feel heavy, even. It, was a big car also. The. Handling, the suspension. Are I mean. The suspension, not handling suspension. Are very good, we don't even feel the, bumps even if, the car it's really low and he has a better aerodynamic. And the. Handling are also great, you feel, in this car like you're driving a sport car or sometimes. Not. Exaggerating. But you. Really feel good and this. Car can do everything. It's practical, its, economical. You can even drive in an electric. Mode only, so. That's a great thing and. You. Can. Also choice the.

Sport. Mode like you see before and it's. Work great. So in my in my opinion the car is fantastic it, also have a, great, price, for what. You can do. And. If you are in Switzerland you can also come, here at I would argue boot door. And. You. Can test the car you. Can see it you can drive. It and you, can buy it from here they also have a lot of Toyotas. And. They. Are great they help, you they they, they help you with everything and they are very nice people so. That. Was my review with, a new Toyota. Corolla. Tourer. Hybrid. 2019. I. Hope. You enjoy my review and test. Drive. And please. Subscribe to my channel check, out my other videos, if you didn't see it this video. The car the video with this car. Review. With the interior/exterior you, can see there every, single detail about the car and. Yeah. Please like it subscribe share. It take care, drive. Safe and. Thank. You thank you for watching my channel guys, so. See you soon. You.

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Are there any USB ports for the rear seats? I didn't see any, when you sat in the back seats. I would expect at least 1 usb port around air vents for rear seats.

Hi Lukas, no USB port for rear seat. I was surprise to for 2019. Maybe it is an option but I don't think so. Only in front it is. Thanks for commenting and watching my channel.

I also like this car a lot. In fact so much that I’ve ordered a 2.0 TS. What makes the car so interesting to me is the full-hybrid option and the practicality of the wagon. I didn‘t like the look of the auris and was more appealed to this design. What I don‘t like is the tablet on the dash. The CVT has no gears and revvs up the rpm to stay there until the throttle is released. You should look up the tech it‘s really interesting.

Yes you are totally right. I will check it out, I guess Toyota has a great tech hybrid. They work years on it.

Really nice car

very nice car.

HI, it´s not possible that there are any "gear changes", because the car has only one gear. You sould not use "really" so often. ;) And it´s not a "Hyundai Corolla"! 22:33

Thanks for tips !!

Hi, what engine has this particular model with exhaust down? Is it 1.8 liter? What level of equipment is this in Siwss - TREND? My question is if this is 1.8 liter with electric trunk opener? Thank You for information.

1.8 l yes , not sure about version, you can check my other video where I make the interior review I think there I show more info in the video and there are also price with tech and info.

I have the hatch version in the US and I love it. However, if this Touring model was also available in the US, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'm surprised you don't get leather seats or a power adjustable driving seat, though.

Yes there is an option but are more expensive. By the way Drive it safe !!!

Bardzo dobry film:)

I really like the car especially the big trunk!

Me to !

@acelerados, este pode vir para o Brasil???


Sorry about this ...

+SDA Dan Cars tks!! It seems that it will not really come!!

Dont know sure

The sound of the direction indicator is pretty obtrusive and 11sec to 100km/h is not "really really" sporty...

Yes you are right Adam

amazing car

@SDA Dan Cars tks!! It seems that it will not really come!!

Maaaan. Omg. The car change the gear too high??

If anything it has infinite gears.

Great review very good car I have that model ordered in Ireland had a couple of drives in it it's such a nice car to drive as you said and very economical they really need to be Android auto and apple by now though, the only real disappointment.Keep up the good work.

Thanks for feedback and nice comment .

14:01 I saw no 'nice lady' on the side. And, I was so looking forward to seeing her. Especially, considering she is 'beautiful' and 'amazing'??

Hate easy stiring wheel... the Audi-VW style is the best... having a bit feeback.

Hate easy stiring wheel... the Audi-VW style is the best... having a bit feedback.

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