2019 Urban Touring Series-Round 4

2019 Urban Touring Series-Round 4

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Right. Drivers, out for marshalling, when. Drivers please me out commercially. Look. One driver is out contact, track is open look. Three drivers of imagining, this if you last qualifying. Rika's. Open track is open starting. Honors blue, evening. Eric Steve, anthem. Track. Is open Travis. Brick. Not. -. All. Right we're waiting on amyandtom, in. And. Marshall. Roam the. Fat group. You. Guys drive very fast you come up over sitting there is no. Come. On guys. Let's. Go. Weeping, boy amyandtom minion, top. Amy's. Cooking. Video. Time. Um. Please pass the line time I need to check your transponder, this low. Class the line. Huh. All. Right. He's liking the topic up drive. Is ready module. Three let's. Go Ricci when I caught me. Oh. Yeah. Gum lose its left. Left, so. Three, easy so for. Eddie. Doing. What. In one C 34. Amy. Think, stop stop from blue. On the second level top five. Yeah in five hundredth, of a second, even, driving the white and pink, down. So that as one lines up to. Amy blue, from, five. Feet. With. A 13-3. Year, Eric, shutting down. Luther. In flat Amy, from, three where you can turn blue, just, let anybody faster. Than you did, wrong Oh watch. It watch it be, easy. Amy. Table nine, blufor. 3, 2013. 3 you love left well, in second yep 1 for 5 second. Driving. Mentally. We looking, on time I. Want. You you can do it. Amy. Another. Song 3 consistent. Laps now on, the, search run already it. Does open up that right for a final. Back. To back top to top 3 top to top three that evn, is off three day, leaves. All sevens. Me. Your third, having. Fun. What. Did Eric you can believe thank you. Amy. The younger driver we are through. Only. One point one meter shot. Now. That's all for mie mie, what. Did that he doesn't yeah and. You see I. See. Eric going down. Amy. Another toss my consistent, lap times with all these packets. Like, this is paying out. Another. Top five what, you have come that the leader bi you please. Verify a, given. Booth. Tight lines there by a young man three. Minutes, are less than two more minutes run. It's. Still a mean up I might go six blue we, need to fight our feet we. Have a talk. Pie-yah. You see this secondly, oh. Look. You guys I'm. The second things be I need um thank. You. Slay, me in a little tie you. Can blue to life. 13300. On that evening of. 1803. There, by evening. With. One and, half minute three a. Soon. He is getting very very fast. Through. All five knots I'm by. System. Driving buddy mm. And. Not at all five careful about moving you one. Moment one moment. It's. Easy, from blue. From. See their thumb. Not. It's not three day by the young man. Second. O0y. More 12 three day. While. He rolls in the. 30 seconds, left. No. One looks at the engage slow on their. Yeah. We on driving, drivers they tell everyone to stop. Amy. You're on, the. Line. Lou. You're done some. You up in each. One. Well I'm done for you run on a, diving. One more left.

Geez. You're done you're, done. All. Divers. Complete. They. Stop mix-up. Anyone. Sleep, until abuddin. Group, to wear Nicola, evening. Volum awesome. Arun. The fauna and you. Like. Something one. Diver that he may, be blue. There's. Eric and Tom. Amy. He's up for machining as well after doing thing run. There yes. I'm Harry. Very. Some. They. Are the Michelle solution, I still, share one more Marshall. They. Realize it's nothing order is Nikolai. How. Am i doing. Titania and Julian. And. Everything, when I. Come, there. The. Top started, Julia you will never be. In. There. Drop down to first. Having. To move with traffic. Even. On Tom Foss declined. Again you insert your lemon sauce ah. A. Blender collecting the fools. Got. The pellet. Does. The holy. In with. Alright. Goes a little oh. No. Not, that cool not that whole not, that cool. This. One here. Yep. Push it in with. One. Minute are less. Than four minutes to drive. All. Right. Nothing. Is. Nicola back and some shot through, love in second Williams, two instead. Yeah. Between Julia then do it. Moving. 405. Triggers riderhood. We. Live in 609, to them, Julia. Now moves up the start, with the, best net of 11, PI. Reuben, it's not less than three minutes race guys. Thank. You I. Was. Younger Nikolai viu. Julian. Come Nicholas I'm goona. You're. In a split second. Line. In. Front of a. Signed. By Nikolai selfless, rule, 11, is doing so friends. Get. Between these three classes rerun tense -. Nicola. Julian and. Me. I live in seven he'll. Get, the pin 1 2 in 3, sets. Of it again. Julian. Pins down using, a bit of time. One. Point two seconds when duel um Nicola. Now back on top rule um and, it's ooh let's. Get. Mouth 0.6. Seconds. Five. My wife left, me. And. Second, Julian. With 35. Left. Star, J 1 J Rama 25, 5 Newtons. Other than 35 5 or 7 you. Dream too if I 509, to further 24. 5 to. They. Prime. Minister start. Start. Yeah. Because. Because, into, that price, Lisa. Jackson. Who, look, through the wash of these ripples. Julian. Joe upon, a testify. Shortly, sitting, this out having, already set your Tiki, Room. Is. This your first EQ John. First. EP and get here. John. The chaos is first-ever, TQ. Ups. Standby. For Facebook. Post effectively. Proper. Performance. Waiting. For dy. And William the check is. Dy. Refer to his. Other. Shell looks, like the baby. You. Guys check in. 45. Seconds, to start, go. To your start, position. Ready. Dy, GU Niang EC, nostril, is fall semester, I was ready. Here. I come Paisley but 11. Great. Order. From. Please note that. We. Got. Dy thanks, everybody. After. The. Back in. One. Second. DWI. Without. Easy after the bet. This. Lefty, right thing backpack 11 through my fix we're down that was trying you see that was sick. See. Why on paper. 25. Lakhs 5 lakhs. A. Level, stick each Marvel to be Street. Between. Is now and geun-young a second to do stuff on for second. And. I'm gonna never takes off the ground never 7 designs, that see what happens, with our with. An 11-time, yeah through, deny bro yonder.

Something. That you never thomas, /. Ow. Oh. Easy. And. All. You're. Sort of the. Ranking list now allow. The profiles and go, straight into. Gamma. Finals. The. Five six. Keep. You on the right. Angle, to, Islam, please, when young for this defy, an ashram, of, the p6. So. Running in the be Dhamma, final, one, will be Nicholas, to, Joe, engine. Three Sebastian. For, Julian. Type and give Jerry six in, the, sieve and a final will be our Intifada. Any, now, with Eric, Steve and Tom. So. We'll run the seed on a final first okay so you'll be able to Cana any, shall, be direct seed and down to starting, with me it's intimate. 1150. Time. So. About tapana any Kelvin, Eric. Steve and Tom. Will. Be running next. 11:55. Okay. Remember the lower finals, you will be running the. Vanneman finals do not count for the. Final results there just for the purposes of jumping, up and then. You run the. Finals, for the remaining and the. Best one of to go. Can. You. Eddie. Eddie Eddie. Meeting. Eric. Sean. Can you help me Sean. Sean. Sean B. Yeah. Okay. That's, just. One. Of the guys and, I have. The. Place. Where says oh my god my mind. All. Right this is seeming. Like. But, not final, scene. In with a dune Tawana, Amy. Kevin, Eric, Smith, and some. Drivers. Please proceed on protect. He. Mean, drivers, are professional, evening. Drivers. Sean. To take Sean please proceed to tech. Making. It into the direct. A mean, it's, only, top, qualifier, second. Please ey tang is. Milan. Third when, young and from, eg, we, in 6a, soon sorry. Issue be impeached patron in six. Direct. Email. In. The be mean we, have Nicola column Ethan. Sebastian. De Julian, food and I'll. Jam this. Run. In the sea Mombasa, we. Have a boon. Tapana. Amy. Give. Me every. T. And Tom. Top. Four drivers, will, be running the next final, by the top to draaga we. Have a chance to run another, bumper. So. Please make sure you guys have your battery ready. If. You're, Eric, you are. Blue. Is shocking. Come. On where's everyone else about. The fauna Amy, and some, Iranian. Someone. Is talking. I. Need. Evening. Divers, alpha mushroom he. He. Means I was off a machining, as we do young. Sean. Is attacked he might. Hang is playing his fire. Five. Minutes, to stop. Me. Means on the driver friend. A. Part. Of me really. On. The text something good one day, after. Him please help me right up the top thank. You very nice no. More left no more laps the trick is to. Water a fool oh. Yeah. Sorry. Nothing on it a boom ba, boom. Ba. Boom in, Paris. Donna. In, second, our. Youngest, driver in third. Bloom. With. Eddie. In faith. With. Six. And. Tom, in seven. Okay. Guys Boutique no there, will be any, countdown, fabulous. Alright. So that is the. FINA. Abuddin. Believe. Fancy. Doing. Thank. You Boone infinite blue. In second final. Very, very here. I'm. Seeing the first qualifying, hey. Forget out the chrono, mean. Final he. Goes there bond doesn't. Break the car no harm done what's, wrong, we don't affect. On. Tv5. Second II from, blue in. Second, to, potential, drop up like, you know some Navy. He. Is only 0.5, second, we I do. But. It's kind of doing for the chicken. Down. For a pinch if. You look for inside I'll make you sleep with. A thumb grip on second foot. When. Driving their baby. With. The. Disposition. Very, very well. Amy's. Doing, fascias. That's. From, our young boy this, probation ah techniques, like we, make this thing. Alright. The. Final goes up to take it one I. Wouldn't, take it easy thank goodness. You, run. Let me buy you enjoy, doing Evan, come. On I'm taking you in first. Amy. Goes up to third. What. Do their thumb what it imma. Call right now good no. Amy has its sights on wanna. Pull. It off it, let's egg foo in are four minutes three yeah. Time. By. 31.8. Taken. The. Young C is on fire. On. Equipping the club going. Down to the cocoon, ha. Carlos. III Gina, time by tapenade. Three enemy. Probie and I, now coming into traffic, watch it there watching a guy le. Yes I do. Um, one. Of the ideas that. We. Got talking, someone. Oh God thank you. Let's. Then one more minute for each lesson one more minute driver. Why. Not steal the frame its vectorial secondly, what if I'm stopped. Thank. You Eric. When. You do get. Safety. Yes. Doctor. One second, one. Second, between soprano, and Evie. Last. Time I saw myself I, AV someone. Even. Closer now in the place. The. Risk are in the pink claw I, think, it was wonder I got 30 seconds. The. Final, probaby. Some. All that that need to wallet, anything. Can happen. 10. Second, driver 10 seconds. There. Should be one more life after it for these two drivers it's all.

Honest. Miss the clubs are. Educated. The. Politics, taken from, Amy that's. For 9 seconds. Yards, all drivers. Simply, taking. The win a. Fire. And a boom we, get our Olivia nothing. Upon. 11, restarting. In one minute. I. Don't. Be with, Nicola, Gollum. Abram. Creek, Bethenny. Julian. Food, Oh John. Sanchi. Food the, fun of the roof a. Me, be specific. Any evil. And run with. New. Eddie, -, Tom please proceed, a bustling. Go. To take a check to the car. It's. Fantastic. Weather today at urban histories of. The. Wet week we. Have a dry, razy, some, of the drivers what up with yes, set up, setting. Up your cars in the cold and. It's not working that well. Under. The hot Sun. Eric, what happened to your finger and. Suppose, you because. Then you do tire you do finger. So. Like it's open drivers. Heading. Is already out for mushroom. Nicola. Has her strength. Supporting. From, the back because. It's too hot to stay in France. O'clock. Locking. Are. You sure you want to use use diet some, of them are running new value. For. Second. Different new and old. Experience. Method here. The. Fun of rule is on the thing he, fire. He. Gets to run with Uncle, Joe Uncle Joe seeking easy Oh. A. Bit worried a. Bit. Worried, he meets up with a fun hobby again. We. Don't stop by just very. Often. Folder. So. That will be appearing in the BB very. Long time. Someone. Got a little bit. Even. Easier, trying to mix all. The, patches. And. So we have some of the evening drivers. Oligarchies. The. Movies, drive. It. Open. Without, phone. Phone. Is already off, yes, I'm punchy ruining the previous, backup. Dungey. Boone is one tire. He's. Planning to bomb three. Everything. Fourth on t-bone to pass the line then I load up the plate. Lunch. Even Santa moon. All. Right no. No let's starting. A pool Nikola. In. Second. Deulim. Insert. You didn't. Ice. Cream 3d 83. So. Best info. Mr.. Foo in fifth how, young and sick. 1974. A. Driver. Just take note. Phone right. No. They. Will not be any come down. To. This please. Likes the best enjoy, side we see. That that blue. Thing over the world for Julian good, one. How. Would your rules editor from, Beloit. Roofing. In Sweden everything. Driving. With. Nicola, gonna, get Oh God. Why. Sure we're pulling on the street we. Highly prized. Aidan. Frye to the cream pie. With. Me outside nobody. People already, full of fun picking it do all I'm going to be Dwight, moves. Up to pitch Oh. Watch. You guys. Together. But. Even, now in whole. Bunch of cars watch it guys watch it well, forget it please driving, clean driving. The. Best in fooling, thinking for evening. We. Have a little football, wave. I show myself. The. McKinnon, evening, as a little. Football from. The last donkey, we. Did, break. It up. Please. We can get from. Abuddin with actually, infinite, nickel. I'd follow. All. Of you see. Someone. There everybody, top. Right. I point at you Dottie. So. It I don't know where we go stop through, it. In. Faking fungus. Or popping up is very high, for food. Nikolai's. Olaf. Looks prefer eight years Oh. Willie. Nickel are very high pain. The. Best game is all alone, up front. Clear. Creepy, double. Nickel on the lava fighting, for position. You. Learn it one lap down. He's. No kid no kilos. I'm. Holding. I'm. Tivoing second, nickel-iron first, and. Goal of in for the, world are moving a bit of faith. In. A. Big way Luke. And I will back up the second and Susan, fighting. Back. We. Have continued. Weakness. Fill all three cars on the Longstreet allows. Uncle, Joe back, into. This fight, we're flying it out with it a little, bit white everything. You see in there it was a blow I will, roll it. Roll. Oh I. Am. So. Is it. Nick, 11-second. From. Dual arms. Then. It, is sathana. Athens. Santee, Wooden's. Brilliant. Chillings, play. Doing from. With. Less than one minute to drive. But. Anything, can happen a. While. Ago we saw the little roses. Where. What people are very many to fight easily they have to take in. The. Bedroom. Making. It easy now, huge. Nice. Second. Three. Second, rule. Of. It is they. Both. Like nice that one earlier he, made his. Plan is doing song, so. Far I did, fall. I'm. Chillin, in, second, while ago now it. Is. Really, sick. Final.

Three Seconds, to, run. Complete. The lecture on drivers, completely, left. Nicolai. Odin. Rule. Um you're on a farm. All. Drivers. Complete. Taking. The whim. Sebastian. Lee. In. Second. Pickle, our. Input. Jewel. Um, in. For the follow be in. Peace until. In. Six, Google, Play. In. Seven, I'll. Jump. In. In. It. Julian, food not. Related, with the complex's, was. Next. Up Amy. Evening. Province we. Will start missing. A. 4-5-1. Fanfare. Pie is. Not fruit, now. Let's. Be. Sorry, cap that ink is if you guys are still around in. The CD we have Eric and. Me. Main, column. Will be such a fool in 30 seconds, good influences, algebra. Abuddin. Face the following six Indian. Seven, blue. Meanie, and he. Made a top, priority. Shawn Lee in seconds you like that. When. You have in so it's. A wheel in fifth, I've, thrown in six. Seven. Nikolai. Me. You. Oh. Okay. The. Marshals, are from, this evening. Everyone. Else because. They're only three times in the series we'll. Have a break before the B final solo guys can we have the giving drivers to help us when. Happy. A. Practice. Open. Practice. Of. In. Even. Went to Marshall in the back. Around. To, start. 45. Seconds, to start. Your. Start, position. Can. We have the V main and see main drivers of the Marshall. Seconds. To start. Something. A six hour on the burner. Position. Easy. We. The. Other. Yeah. In. The number twenty position, is. Now a panting. Thudding. People feel, like they're starting. First. Ever person here. At UTSA, Johnny. How's. The check-in frankish, new life thank you thank, you open. Macho's. Out do. You mean. Okay. Everyone. Knows. You. Learn is a position, of the right, order. Of the king shafter is a favor, yama. Showing my. Okay. Oh. Three. Seconds, make, something happen. To. 39. Seconds. Somaly. All on, its own. We. Have three more. We. Come to the. Chronicler. The. Week, 0.6. Again. When. Young comes again and. Again. To the, final. Alright. Alright. Makes the mix-up, you, mean final, woman Frank it's opens of it you mean final no one we have any to feedback, from please. Put it out when you leave it. Up bang. Is also shown to text, me. Well. They better throw it out throw my, food. See. Me in we have Eric, starting on polls even second, and, Tom will turd please, pariah number stickers. In. The be mean we have golem in her in 380, second you. Will move into how, I will talk other input, the. Following six, Amy in seven and Rudy. Even. Join us after assuring thank you. Now. Is see me see me. Please. Cook a number seekers ago Eric. In one seat into, common. Three. Go. Guys. Johanna. You. Be mean. Eric. Sleep, anthem, every, seat anthem, honimaru. Come. On over here. Bobby. There's. Only three only three. Upon. Jisub, man. We. Take your thumb then we get shut of the race so. I. Am going to. Mama. Sometime. Ruin some time. So. Fast bitch calm it's like you don't know yes. You. Were the fastest. Car literally. Right. Waiting for Tom nagging blows up the face I. Don't. Need a fool. Michele. Energy. For. Amex. For, the a main drivers number. Eat, until. Five. Five. Six seven eight out for machining please aim. In five six seven eight out for machining. Aiming. Five. Six, seven eight out for machining I don't need all. Qualified. Number five six seven and eight out commercially, one two three four come upon a shelita. Yeah. Because we, only have three drivers here. One. Two three four after machining make. Among. Drivers. Pretty, much, aware of myself. I'm. Going woolen, tier machines are also sporting, after decease run driver. Very. Macho. Three let's go racing. Erik. One. Two three. You're. Very, welcome. Speech we. Are. Vomiting. Again Anakin tell. Me. This lyrics. Perfect a little room. Saman, not that happy I. Moved, up second day. Everything. From, assigned. By 213 flip Eric, voting booth. 13. To see is 13, 1 Eric death is tuefel. It again. Without. Three. More minutes to drive. 1315. So. I'm sick Eric. Yep and run out the run from East again. With. Two and a half more minutes three, jeez. Holy. Strong dollar, stop women like you come very. Once he's. From, nine Eric. Yeah, it's run for five second. Drop. Eight key, 13. One airing, yep runs like a fool. 136. Again. Next. Up B may be mean drivers, precent is. Already sweet, for number. Email. Directly taken, a much. Less. Than two more minutes away from, Eric. Will come. Yet. Now is 2.6. Again by, my please, 13. For Eric. 36. I'm. 32. Eric. Dot nine get bounced to second. But. Enforce me from. Nine Eric, get those 1.5. Again. Fool. Fool, of. In. Second, you Bri and Brett. In, third Julie food for, our German thief a boon in, sixth. Up on aisle 7. You mean. Any, me sue. Please. Take your number stupid, rock. Star in the wrong position to. Like you then again. It. Comes even excited. He's. Nothing in number seven. Thanksgiving. He can finish higher, than seven.

Here. Come you didn't bring. Your. Bed knock can. Have the a main driver but. At the for so, come on muttering big please. Sean. Lee he like hang. His. Fire and. William. Out for my three. In. The. He named I was out of my hitting at all. You. Name it something's. Working. The. Yacumo, infinity. Surface. X-33. Ratings. X-rays. X-rays. Your, own. Don't. Mix a card from the press. Alright. Don't, you practice normally. Waiting. For algorithms. Beyond. The fact that i. Aiming. Drivers one for. Me. One. For our. Family. He means I was out for my sling oh. No. More let's line up the power of you fool no love, what's. It on the tape flow down the credit to yo. Adrian. In, second. Julia. Mr.. Ogami. For. Number. Sticker guys number stickers. Sorry. The wrong order ten seconds, penalty. The. Power eyes is sick I. Mean. Seven and blue hoodie. Number. Take. A blue Oh. Blue. 10-second. Penalty revolu. You. Remember now you don't know how outta. Da. Wrong, consequences. I, never. Believed a tenant, he, probably. Anyway. Guys blew it, my, presser, emerging. Run three he's really specific he. Has to reach my boss Oh. Driver. Ready. Good luck driver that. Body. That body top ball gonna. Leave. Your lung is, there in second, yeah once, again Julian. No that far behind so. Is a me all the way up some stuff from seven. Young. Men doing, super well he. Has its lights on Julian food Julian. Has its eyes on Adrian, quick. Your. Lung, willing. It he would get a. Little. Bit. Go. Go go I would go. It, Dolan from Eden, from. Julian. Nandhini. Moo, Oh Jung. Hoon young, men Stefano. Roy. Forget Oh God is doing a movie. Again. Watch it you have the leader behind you. Thank. You. I. Don't. Watch it you want to come, Oh Jung. There. Even. Feeling. Some pressure from, Julia fool. As. I my every, and doing saw one Julian, never, nice, it's, like is. It tough let Julius, go flat, you look so sir on the track down it. Is blue college. Life. Even. Think we have more seats and unions or. The infield, Julian, has a faster, and easier, that's. Why buy a vehicle for Julius or flat let, me on big run will, you wait a bit quite the, father of three days already. I'll. Go in and I'll jump you are fighting for position. You'll. Love all alone, up flood. Paintings. Even, that's. Loss it's like a big flip a, me. Vessel. Ruthless. On the click is between how Jimena food, food. Falling Thunder. Throw. Them a sword and the young wind within for. Three. Minutes out less than two more minutes for a total, of eleven six the Sun by you. Live in second. Apron. If you put it with a choice for. Now take it easy you're Julian food with you I, watch. It our jobs. The. Butter please let them touch or, tapana you are quite c4 position it all my.

Apology. What's it album oh, yeah. Body. Fat I would wait a while for that fine I'm so sorry, you guys were playing percussion. Good. One egg. Let's. Run, ball maker, a clip in one of it oh. Yeah. People up you idiot. It's only for five seconds, when Julian out. Any. Salutely. Pop. My, face. So. Macho here comes a me. Baby. Baby, peace out. Amy. And even, if fighting for position. New, kind of pink are fighting for third. Look. I'm thinkin, Oh sweetie. Second, fret. Baby. I'll insert, a mean, fourth last 20, seconds. Will. Convenient. Easier. What. A frickin. Relief. Unalloyed. You. Should be, doing. Everything. Fake. Looking. For Julian to fossilize. Second. Please Julian, who. Knows. Better therefore. Adrian. An Emmy, in. Fifth. Blue. In, 6a, young in seventh of fauna and. Who's. Next. To, me. Right. Very. Expensive. The, Swiss please get your. Get. Back so, that we can run. Boys. Boys. Don't. Run don't run on the rim don't, step on the red, okay. A. Mean, number, to shortly, the wind, I mean. Like 1/3, Y or second, DC. With the Nicholas, from, the. Young prophet after, very, high status up front six. Position, hospital. Seven Sebastian. And easy a party evil he and. So. The pressure is a, Shan. Shan naked. Topic. Day. This. Is a main leg - coming, right up in the next three, minutes two minutes the star. Remain. The macho's from the B and C min B and C V. Father. A rather the breathing the DV, the. C means you'll be running up the density of second and last bye. Three main drivers. So. Check. This. Check in. Five. Seconds, to stop, your. Stop, this mission. This. Is a mainly, tool. So. Knock. On. The. Window. I. Always. Bring. Edit, you. I run over the dog. When. You're being very mature. You. Know opening. All. Robin, Williams, why. Not. Able to make out there. Down. The front, jinkies, oh he. Likes it William, having. To run up onto the street a neighborhood, next part very. Equal, in dog well. Another. Little formula. In you cry nothing. There when I look outside in, sight. Snapping. The key line running very clean very. Tight. With it. But. Yeah another one of our now single, battery. Suppose. Now one, minute to the funding, happens. Five. Seconds. 45. Seconds, to go. One. Checks up. So. That she can. 30. Seconds, to go. Three. More left after this. Great. Grace whereby, Cyn, booyah, down. Under, the surface a. Bit of time on to the shape they go they come, up off the second. You. Should be running small net after this. Little. Brain size nothing, there. One. More that business the final. Another. Game being very patient coming. On to the straight man -, to the line. And. So, I guess fix it SLI. Oh. Charlie, things, is first meeting ups. He. White finishes in second, from Hunter is mouth in, fourth. Nicholas, five after, six as the best in seven days, police. Next, up seeing. See. Main, products. So. We are shown for been back. And. It's. Time. All. Right. We're. Gonna be tie with the shuttle. Three. Minutes pass through long minute left the, key from Eric from Tom. What. Do they ll say what do you arrow-straight. Usually. The back to Medellin. Yep. Only 45, seconds, good one. And, a half minute left. Tom. You guys look in your. Eye whooping. Come. On Thomas. One. Minute, better. Is still on between the zoom Steve, and Eric yet it's only for five seconds easy to do you. Clean the curb your sunday tea please do come again stable.

Day On, top floor with 45. Seconds, left. Eric. From peas. Look. At that ice cream out all, right Ethel. Right. Into that dr. Loe free something's, not right, we're, very. Close not moving anymore. Well. Let me let it ride, cows the sick, my. Show my show. Thank. You. Watch. It watch it. And. It, only thief. Left with. Fight. Once again. Three. Two. One. Complete. The lecture on. See. He, only survivor. Through. Lone. Survivor. Take, that we mean. We. Mean diverse. Media. Via. Finally we had dual on bully food until, death one two three even more than prop. Ah. Who. Is talking. Can. You clarify how Jam a. Yam, is talking the. Blue and Joe. Aiming. Drivers, wonderful. For peace fashioning. A. Mean. Drivers. All. Right no wallet - wallet sign. Of your custody before deulim, and. Second, Adrian, quest so, Julian fool in front house. Y'all will fit through young sixth, apology, II mean seven, and. Eight. Sorry. I'm. Gonna do a, piratey. Hey. You're. Bleeding. Come. On machining. Come. On guy, you don't have enough, myself. But. I have some more nicotine. Okay. Body. Shell I'm going for each other. All. Right without all of it without, the car. On, TV in seconds. Ah. Even. What it. Body. Shell for you. Everyone. In. Oversight. Role. Of settings affiliate, remember. Look. Like fight blue looks like. What. You tell them. Are. Nice pass there. Amy. For that far behind as well, he's also faced, opposition. Today. We. Point. Seven, feet. From. The. Orange, going to please God. Nobody. Left what, did a blues the leaders are coming up with you know. Couple, of blue. Blue. Fight, is on between Julia and Joel rappel. Down Felicia games. You. Didn't. Alarm. In second. I. Don't. See second, we need air again, I. Paid. My king. Lot. 22nd. Three, their own watch it at a time from the life. Again. Good, for, you Thanks nice move a block type like you love, becomes. Doing anything, to really. Do. Anything to the line will. Take the. Second. Everything. Out. Of each, other take and. I. From. The I run in Shawnee. Tony. Let. Some tea mean luxury. Shown. A step and overall will, but. The rest of the fovea. Co-op. Still. To be decided. Ey. Tang Jun yang. Design. You. Thank. You Edith, me. Tubby mean. Ready. Set. Wonderful. Day. So far, correctly. That gives a much nicer let's. Have another good, race here maybe, next week I. Will. Surely. Meet. The reason on. The. Way again. If. From this time. Proving. From section I will fly by faggy boom into, second snake seizing. Your opportunity, them, and. Follow me see where the police are okay, we drop. Down to eight position. Then. We are sure if, now here, i. Mean. IAM nicola. A turn. So, that's one ND, t very, first data. Very. Good time, Donna please, review. The winner of us deciding, to run victory. The. With, maja on, it feel. Like. Doing. Any room they're still in his mouth you can, follow down the street. On. Any side decides. To occultation. Rank, position a, premium there we are Nicola to. Bring. The, right line.

From. The thinner the right side in mom. Remember. Tunefully. Everything. Price. Boom. Young in the mix and. Bring out the ones that clear, track in front of you. So. Moving on to second. Of. The. Day. Before. Up by the few as. Two. Seconds, Akana in third, shown, in South affirmative. Nick. Nick down for the thing tomorrow as well. Where. The Queen, Mum it. All goes into. A. Second. Nicola inside. Sellers. Is now and. Py. One. Minute and 15 seconds, remaining w. Recently. Made some new tech from Singapore, and we have a little, cubby number six the. Other thing black and white tries but then the other bright. Orange are nickel, alcohol, in, that position there, we have Shawn. Shawn. From the chun-li it. Past the pigeons is. Now from where Imperator. Is. Raging, on. Like. Opening, a guitar thereby. If. I makes a move on any side plastic. Will. Start include, composition. Nikla, right in front of it but, one minute scible. So. We will Shawn takes advantage, I need, a poo at this ball comes back, in. Position. 75. Seconds, to go. Moving. Ahead check, up. 30. Seconds, to go. Elektra. And Charlie. Success positions. Already. Five songs on voice. Breaking. Action your last, ten seconds, on the market oh this should be the final. Okay. This track is open you can play a lot. Just. Be careful audio data.

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