2021 131' BAGLIETTO 40M SuperFast "PANAM" SUPERYACHT TOUR Custom Luxury High-Performance Yacht

2021 131' BAGLIETTO 40M SuperFast

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- Hi, guys. Happy Thanksgiving weekend from everyone here at NautiStyles. We have actually just celebrated our two-year anniversary since we started doing yacht walkthrough videos here on YouTube. We wanted to take a moment and say a huge thank you to all of you for your continued love and support that we have been receiving for the last two years from our amazing YouTube Nauti-family.

And a huge thank you to our NautiCrew of Patreons. You guys are amazing. So happy holidays, and we're looking forward to another year of being able to bring you some cool tours and unique content. Anyways, enjoy this very detailed tour of this one of a kind, custom, Italian, superfast superyacht.

(slick music) Welcome aboard of PANAM. She's a Baglietto 40 meter Superfast. And boy, she's gorgeous. Let's check her out.

Right, before you get any closer, this is probably one of the nicest passerelles I have personally seen on the superyacht, definitely this show. - [Rico] For sure, extremely stable. There's not much flex in this passerelle. It is a very heavy-duty passerelle. - It's extra wide, it feels like.

It just feels so solid. Really nice. - I really like this one too. - Her aft from here, you guys can really appreciate. - [Rico] Take a sneak peek into the beach club already. Are we gonna explore that later? - Yeah, come up. So when we say Superfast, we really mean it.

She can go 31 knots. - Wow. - And her cruising is 25. - [Rico] That is amazing.

And what gets this yacht up to speed, we will check out later when we do the engine room. - Sounds good. - [Rico] Look at the size of the capstans (chuckles) and the windshield, actually really like this wooden top and the curvature of it. It is just gorgeous. - The craftsmanship is really special. So Baglietto yachts has been around for a long time, since 1854.

It's one of the oldest shipyards in the world. What they do really well is find this fantastic combination between still keeping the traditional quality in everything that they're known for, and combining it with constantly pushing the envelope. I mean, this industry is so innovative, and they're constantly trying to stay ahead and actually doing it. It's really fascinating. - [Rico] Just wanna point out these design features overhead there, it looks really, really cool. This grilles has almost like an automotive feel to it, right? - Yeah, I think that was part of the inspiration.

- [Rico] So right here at the aft, we have a really large layout deck. - Kind of hard to miss. - [Rico] Yep. Yep. - It is massive, it is absolutely gorgeous.

The whole yacht just feels very like integrated design, all of it, it just flows one into another. - [Rico] Very much so. - Did a really good job.

- So Victoria and I got a little sneak peek before we started doing this video. - We had to, 'cause we weren't sure how we're gonna film this. - [Rico] And I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of sound on this yacht. I got to tell you guys, this is definitely my have to have on our next boat.

For example, down here, this big grille has a subwoofer housing in there, commercial subwoofer, part of a linary system, which we're gonna point out even more once we walk through. - So a huge, massive cockpit seating area here. - [Rico] Like a formal al fresco dining. - Hi. (laughs) - [Rico] Yeah, you're so far away, let me come over. - These are awesome.

Rico first was like, "Wait, is this a fire pit, 'cause that would be crazy?" But actually not, they're design features, and they're built for plants. - [Rico] Awesome. - So you can actually have some plants growing here. - Yeah. Yeah.

- Pretty cool. Well, down that way is our beach club, which we're gonna check out later. - [Rico] Let's point out, there's another subwoofer right here.

- [Victoria] Yeah, but how about these? - So here are the, well, mids and highs of the sound system. So it's a KRA company, not that I am affiliated with that brand at all. - No. - But it is a very high-end speaker company. - We're happy to feature a good company. (laughs) Rico literally walked up, there was music playing, we had to kill it because of YouTube copyrights issues, the sound was just so beautiful, evenly distributed, and he immediately went like, "The owner of this yacht must appreciate good sound."

- [Rico] Yeah. - And the person that was with us, she said like, "How did you know? He's all about that?" So it is absolutely state of the art sound system in here. We can not wait to show you guys as we keep going further. - [Rico] So let's keep going. Starboard side. - Okay, yeah, yeah. Sorry, starboard side. - Walk forward.

- Starboard side. - And we walk- - Keep me in check. - [Rico] We have a lot more to see. - Very aggressive design, right? Like she's fast and she screams it. You look at her and she just looks fast.

- Oh, yeah. - So she definitely lives up to this aggressive design that they have created. - [Rico] I love the teak features. - Check this out. They opened it up. So it actually gives it a little bit more light and brightness when you're walking through here and also when you're in a salon, so you're picking up some extra light.

- [Rico] Also unobstructed view- - Absolutely. - from the salon, see the water. - Sliding doors right here. - [Rico] Wow. - I'm going forward. (slick music) There's another sliding door right here.

- [Rico] Yeah, another entryway to the interior. - We're gonna go up to the bow. (slick music) This bow- - Wow! - screams Italian design to me, right? Fast Italian design. - It feels like

you're standing on a massive express cruiser. - Exactly, that's what I was thinking. It has this like slick, sexy, absolutely aggressive style design to it. It's so cool.

- [Rico] Wow. Very impressive. So really like the choice here that they went with the teak finish on the deck. It makes it very inviting. - I'll give you guys perspective of how big this is. And right here, we also have skylights- - Yeah. - one and two and they're pointing down to the master suite.

- [Rico] Oh, got it, okay. - All right, let's go forward to the, oh, there's another skylight right there. - [Rico] Yes, that is a skylight, which is right above the master bathroom. (slick music) - So we have our working foredeck here. Look at the traffic. - [Rico] Oh, yeah.

- [Victoria] A lot of really good looking tenders going by. All right, back to the tour. - [Rico] Back to the tour. So we have a SeaDoo Spark stored here on the foredeck. We have a launching davit system like a crane. Pretty good size. - This is not your tender.

This is your emergency raft. - [Rico] That's right. - And then here the usual suspects. - [Rico] Then of course, the proper working foredeck, our two windlasses, including our chain lockers and chain storage all the way forward.

Let me see if I can open this. There we go. Wow, that is very deep. That's actually super deep. So lots of storage, line storage, potential fender storage, and an access to your chain lockers right there for both sides. - You know me, I like to ring the bells, but on this yacht, it just feels inappropriate.

I can't do it. - I agree. - I really like how tall this is, obviously for a reason, this is a fast yacht. So you want to feel very safe and protected.

This is very, very tall. - For sure. - Look at that. - [Rico] Yeah, let's go back on the port side. - Okay, let's do it. (slick music) - [Rico] Beautiful tower, all in black, flat black, with our satellite communication domes on there, radars and all the other electronic equipment. - Come on down. - Oh, this is so cool,

you have the cutout. - It's very different. Very innovative. I've not been on a superyacht that looks anything like this.

- [Rico] So, welcome to the flybridge- - So, yeah, technically this is your sundeck. - to the sundeck, not flybrigde. - Flybridge, sundeck on the superyacht.

It's not really up, it's sunken in. You don't see that often. I mean, literally I've never seen anything like it. - [Rico] Well, and one reason for that, which I could see is since this yacht is so fast- - Correct. - you have a cruising speed of 25 knots, top speed of 31, if you're doing these kinds of speeds, it gets very breezy up here.

- Your hat blows off. - For sure. So having the little bit of protection of the pilothouse and the sunken part here, helps definitely staying out of the wind and still being able to enjoy being up here underway. - The skylights are integrated everywhere. There's one right here.

You could look at your radar domes. - Yeah. - This is cool and innovative. I haven't really seen that before. This here slides. - Oh, got it, okay. - You can actually

slide it over. And that's your bar area, so you can extend it out. And here we have, I'm assuming all our usual suspects, a drink fridge, I'm sure there's an ice maker up here. Perfect.

- Morphing around. - And then we keep going. - [Rico] Again, guys, subwoofer, smaller linary. - So I heard it's seven subwoofers. - [Rico] Seven here on the flybridge? I see another one over there. - That's what I heard. - [Rico] I think that's right.

- One, two, three, four, five, six, yes. - [Rico] It is a beautiful lounging area here, like a lounge nightclub setup. - Like a beach club. - [Rico] Beach club? - Yeah, like a beach lounge.

There is so much sitting space here. - [Rico] This is a full entertainment. - Humongous. - [Rico] Like sundeck. - It's really big. - For sure.

- And when you guys see that I'm only using the words huge, and massive, and big, give me some other words, put them down in the comments. What would you say? What would you call this vast area? Let me know. All right, let's keep going.

There's another skylight. - Another skylight. - Yeah. So this feature was really important to the owner. This was definitely, not the TV, what's behind it was really important. Check it out. - Let's show it. (slick music) So we have a pool.

- You guys, how cool is this? It's so beautiful. - [Rico] So obviously the water level is lowered right now. Normally the water level would be a lot higher. And then you see this jet mounted forward there. So you can actually use it for swimming.

- It creates a current to swim against. So you can actually like properly swim train in this pool. - [Rico] Absolutely. - And I like how tall this is. So I'm pretty sure they probably travel like this, maybe not 31 knots, but they can definitely slow cruise with this water being- - For sure. - Be enough water

to have like a plunge pool. More lounge and seating area. - Lots and lots- - Lots. - [Rico] of sun tanning area, lounge area. - This is very unusual and super unique feature. - [Rico] This is the grille we saw from down below, beautifully done, and of course more speakers underneath.

- (laughs) All right, Rico, tell them about the feature that you would go with, like bing, bing, bing, NBBL list. - [Rico] Big bench here in the back, which I really like. We haven't seen this on big boats before. - That's not it. That's nice, but that's not the feature. - [Rico] All right, I tried to distract you guys.

Okay, so we have the flag pole here on the stern, like every other boat has a flag pole, but this one has a unique flag pole. Can you guys see this grille here? You guessed it right. There is another speaker behind facing forward, really making sure that this entire sundeck is sound distributed perfectly. - Why waste a good pole, right? - Yeah. - If there's a pole there, you might as well put a speaker in it. - Might as well take advantage

of it. - Should we check out the pilothouse, the bridge? I have this burning suspicion that there's storage underneath a lot of this places. - Probably. - Yeah. I could see some stuff opening. Seems almost weird to look for storage on this yacht.

There's so much more to look for. (slick music) Okay. - Oh, I like how they continued on the teak floor when you walk in from the sundeck. - And how about all these carbon fiber details everywhere.

- [Rico] Oh, it's beautiful. - Carbon fiber table. - [Rico] Oh, it's a very neat table, isn't it? - Yeah. Yeah, definitely. - [Rico] Nice sitting area for the time you are being underway. - [Victoria] Well, I'm gonna stay here and you run through the helm.

- [Rico] Of course we have a proper captain's chair here. We have the steering wheel. (scoffs) In this case, it's a Rolls Royce steering wheel, (Victoria chuckles) because this yacht is outfitted with triple MTU V16 engines with jet drives. So we have our Rolls Royce jet control here. And then of course, multiple screens, which can be used all individually, whatever you want to put on them, you can put on them.

If it's the radar, if it's a surveillance camera, whatever it might be, then yes, we have one, two, three ignition keys and one, two, three RPMs readers- - What does that tell you? - instruments. So yes, we do have triple engines. Of course, again, all in threes here, the engine start/stop buttons. And then all the other equipment we used to see on a proper superyacht this size.

- [Victoria] So the gross tonnage for this yacht is just under 400 gross ton. - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - [Victoria] So that would be one of the requirements from the captain.

- Absolutely, yeah. You gotta have a ticket big enough. - [Victoria] And another requirement, which is quite unusual, is being able to fit into this extremely sporty chair. It's like a Cinderella shoe.

Is your ticket big enough? Can you fit in this chair? Oh really? Okay. Okay. - I'm gonna give it a try. - [Victoria] Oh, he fits. The ticket though, mmm. - I can make the chair work- - [Victoria] You better start working out.

- but the 200 ton ticket is not gonna cut it. - [Victoria] Get out. Ah, beautiful. All right, let's keep going. (gauge beeps) Ooh. What was that? - I don't know. - Didn't like you.

It didn't like you. (laughs) All right, we're going out and we're gonna go back down to the main deck. - [Rico] That's right.

(slick music) - Does this close? - [Rico] It's a door, so you can close it. - Oh, so you can close this up. Oh, that's cool.

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(water drips) (slick music) Oh, I just did this, but there was nothing to step over. - [Rico] No it's zero threshold. - Completely flush. And they continued this on, very interestingly, because this could actually be closed off. - [Rico] This is your direct connection, if you open this door, down to the beach club. - [Victoria] So you can close this up, this can stay private.

- [Rico] During the day, you're wet, you have wet feet and whatever, instead of going into the salon, you literally just close the curtain and create like a nice flow. - Nice entertaining. - [Rico] Yes. - Okay, let's talk about this interior design.

Baglietto- - Beautiful. - nailing it. I know the owner was extremely involved. These are his choices. This is stunning, and I am obsessed with this feature.

I think this is so unique. - [Rico] Living art piece. - Yeah, so it's moss. It's not live, so it doesn't need to be attended to.

It's good for a few years and then you can replace it. - [Rico] And we have a very large drop-down TV. - Yeah, it goes right in here. - [Rico] Yeah, it just tucks into the ceiling.

- This is so cool. - And again, not that I want to hammer on this, but these little guys here, are little ceiling speakers. - [Victoria] Not that you do, but you are. - [Rico] But, I am. And then we have everywhere, nicely tucked away, little speakers in the walls. I'm itching to hear the sound system.

- So this is kind of cool. You have a huge sliding door, but you also have these. - [Rico] Oh, that's gorgeous. - That you can create some privacy and just like an extra, there's no window here, it's just shade, but it's a really nice design. - [Rico] Yeah, it makes it also very three-dimensional. - Absolutely, yeah.

All right, now should we go- - All right, let's- keep going forward? - [Rico] keep going forward. - I mean, the windows we have to mention. I mean, it's just massive. - [Rico] Ceiling to floor windows. - Yeah, coming forward, we have a formal dining area here.

Good for, let's see if I can count today. - [Rico] 10. - 10.

Huge windows again, floor to ceiling, just gorgeous. This chandelier is off the chart. - [Rico] It's beautiful. - So we keep going forward. You have a day head here, good size. Beautiful.

Oh, look at this pedestal sink. - [Rico] And it's backlit. - Really cool. Keep going. - You have a very large sliding door. - [Victoria] Again.

- [Rico] Access to the exterior. - And, is there a pocket door here? - There is a pocket door, right here. - Yeah. So there's a pocket door that comes in here that you can create some privacy 'cause the owner's suite is forward. So there's a lot of automotive inspiration in the design features on this yacht.

Definitely it looks like a grille, right? You guys can pick it up and see if you pay attention. Now you will see more and more features that are all picked up from automotive industry. Owner's suite is this way. We'll see it later. First, we're gonna go check out the guest cabins.

- [Rico] So we got four guest cabins on board, plus the master or owner's cabin. - Correct. Which way do you want me to go? I'll go forward.

Okay, we'll go forward and we go port, Double cabins, beautiful, nice headroom. These two can be put together so you have a convertible possibility of having this as a queen-size bed. - Oh great. - You're just gotta move that to the other side. - Got it, yeah. - And that's that. You've got a TV here. These doors are serious.

Wow. - Yep. - Look at these. - [Rico] Of course. - Ah, those look really nice.

- [Rico] Yeah. - We have a wardrobe here. - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - Hanging locker and an en suite with your toilet, bidet, beautiful sink. This is really cool, but I'll be so scared that I lose like a ring or something in here.

Maybe you can pick it up and fish it out. And we have a shower. I'm just only going to go into one shower on this boat, okay? - Okay.

- There are a lot of showers. - [Rico] So a beautiful rain shower. - A good one person shower. - One person shower. I like these little integrated cutout storage facilities. - No sliding doors, Rico.

All real doors. - Nope, no sliding doors, proper doors. - Yeah, exactly. (slick music) So exact same mirror image here, same cabin.

Actually, no, wait. It's a little different, right? - On the- - The shower seems to be- - [Rico] The en suite is slightly differently laid out, right? - Just a little, but it's almost the same. About the same size. Very beautiful, you have your storage, you have your drawers here, Medicin cabinet.

- [Rico] I like the setup of the shower with the two glass walls actually. - Yeah, it looks very nice and open. This cabin has a Pullman berth, the other side didn't. - [Rico] So you have an extra optional here.

- [Victoria] Mm-hmm. Great for kids. - Walking aft. - [Victoria] Lucky kids. Walking aft, gonna go to the starboard side.

Is this a king-size bed? - [Rico] That's a king-size bed. - Wow! - So that's one of the two VIP cabins this vessel has. - Really like this layout of the en suite. - Mm-hmm. - It's my personal favorite. When you're at the sink, you can get ready. It's exposed to the cabin and then you have a closed in- - Oh, that's very nice.

- bidet and a toilet. Oh, there's like sliding doors that come like that. - Pocket door and a large shower. - Yeah, that's a really nice three-person shower. (chuckles) You want me to volunteer? Sure.

Yeah, that's a big shower. - Yep. - And we have all our storage, and storage here, yeah? - Yeah. - So equal cabin on this side. Looks exactly the same. I'll just pop into one of these because you guys wanted me to open stuff.

Oh, it's humongous. Check it out, yeah? - Yeah. Mm-hmm. - Okay. - [Rico] And then the same setup for the en suite. - And, yeah, exact same setup here. Yeah, really nice. - It's perfect.

Let's go check out the master. - Actually, there's something behind this glass door. - [Rico] That's a closet probably. Oh, probably linen closet.

- You think? - Mm-hmm. Oh, no. - Is it? - [Rico] It's not. - It's crew access. - It's a secret door. - Have a solid door here to create quietness and privacy.

- [Rico] So that's collaboratively designed with having the laundry right next to the guest cabins. - Yeah, super easy, you can just get all the sheets, towels off, the laundry's right here. You've got your washer and dryer. Tons of space here. Look at this watertight bulkhead here. - Wow. - Serious.

All right, now we're coming into the crew quarters, really quick, you guys know what it is at the boat shows. We gotta be quick here. We have a real chef's galley on our starboard side. - Oh, God. - So we have a cooktop here. Wait, no, there is a cooktop here and this is extra. - [Rico] And then of course like commercial grade vent.

- [Victoria] We have a big oven here. - Mm-hmm. - This is probably a fridge. Yes, fridge. - Immediate fridge. - Oh, it's good. - [Rico] And then commercial grade dishwasher. - These are for something here, so there's something underneath here.

It looks like a grill right here. Yeah, I mean, it's a real proper commercial galley that's able to feed the guests and the crew. Crew mess. So there's also like a little coffee nook and there's a little more space in the crew mess.

- Yeah. - The cabin's going this way. Okay, let's keep going. So from the crew mess, we have access to... (slick music) Aha, this is so cool. - So we got a little pantry galley. - Yeah, a pantry galley, not little actually.

- Oh, wow. - Really great size. - That's a really good size with a great sized (chuckles) wine cooler, actually. - (laughing) When I see this kind of wine coolers, I'm like, "Hmm, the owner's either gotta be Italian or French, or maybe American. (laughs) This is a great amount of space for crew. It's really nice to work in. - 100%.

- More storage here. And if we go around- - [Rico] And also for like when you do a formal dinner service. - Yeah, exactly. - You literally come in

from the galley, going through, you can prep things here before you finally bring it out. - We have some clients on board, but you guys, just as we pass by on my left side, that's going up back to the bridge where we were, access from the bridge. - That's right. So we're going straight into the master. - We're going straight

into the master, yes. - Yes. - Coming through. The watertight door here, I mean, side door here to come in into the galley. Look at this thing. How great is that? - [Rico] Oh, wow. - Now that is brilliant. - I feel like the crew

has a lot of spaces and storage here to be very well organized. - Yes, this is brilliant. - Right, so we walk through the dining room area again, just so you guys get your bearings, come around. There's different ways obviously to get, we could've came back up this staircase, and we'll walk into the master suite.

So this was created as a nanny cabin, but also good for overflow crew with overflow kids on board. All right, come on in. So it's very differently laid out. I really like it. - [Rico] It's beautiful.

Oh, wow. - All of this is wardrobe. (Rico laughing) I'm itching to open it- - This is a lot. - but I can't. I'm gonna respect the privacy. Okay, we're coming in into here. I like how they split this. They didn't put the bed in the middle.

They really kind of did it different, right? - Yeah. - Check this out. Wow. - [Rico] Lots and lots and lots of closet storage. - What am I gonna wear today? Look how gorgeous. - [Rico] Yeah, this is massive. - Ah, I love it.

This is cool. - Very cool. - Can we do this on the NBBL list? That's different. - [Rico] The folding doors? - Yeah, I mean, I don't know what put we're getting, but I would like this to be in. - Yeah, yeah. - 'Cause it really lets you see what you have and you have a good light there.

So we have a good size king-size bed. - So king-size bed, of course, yeah. - Beautiful windows, right? - And hidden TV. Of course we see it right now because it's on, but it's hidden behind a mirrored wall. Of course we have the speakers set up again. In this case, it's a full surround sound setup.

- [Victoria] Uh-huh. - [Rico] And look at the beam. - So the one thing here that's kind of missing, right? Is being able to have some cross breeze.

There's not like a balcony or drop-down balcony, right? - [Rico] Mm-hmm. - Wrong. (window whirring) - Oh, that is amazing. - Well, you get the idea. This whole thing opens up on both sides. So you can have this beautiful cross breeze, sound of the ocean, the whole nine yards.

- [Rico] Speaking of the... I can already hear the water sound. And of course, I mean, look out here. And this is a very large, very large openable window - Amazing. And you don't expect it at all. (window whirring) - [Rico] And it's hydraulic.

- And there's a key, so you can actually lock it up. Nobody can open it. - [Rico] Nobody can mess with it. - All right, now we keep going forward to the master en suite.

What do you think? - [Rico] You're in the sun. So we have a ginormous skylight. - Yeah, that we saw up there and there's obviously privacy there.

I'm pretty sure it's electric. They're just close up. - Yes. - So the way this is split up is the way I think if I was building and had this amount of room, that's what I would do, a shower. I don't even know how we rate it.

It's really, really large. - [Rico] Beautiful shower. - Yeah, I mean- - Very nice. - (indistinct) shower. With a good-sized porthole.

- Holy smokes. - [Rico] Ginormous, (scoffs) ginormous rainshower head. - Yes, really beautiful. We have a dual vanity setup, nice sinks.

And on this side we have a bidet and a toilet with a really nice view. (snickers) Not while you want it. Well, that way you have the view as well, because they did everything nice and open. You can see there's so much natural light in here. And you have a pocket door as well for privacy if you would like to do that. What else? - [Rico] Beach club, engine room. - Beach club, engine room.

Let's do it. (slick music) Keep going. (slick music continues) - [Rico] This is also a door or hatch, which can be closed underway. Once the platform is lifted up and you're underway, you would obviously close this and then you have a flat surface here. (slick music) So we have the big garage door here, which is normally sitting up here, closing the stern off. And then integrated into this garage door, we have a transformer ladder, which is your swim ladder in this case, pretty convenient with the handrails.

Very, very nice. Then we have a beach club with of course speakers. (laughing) - All right, if I keep coming forward here, it looks like there's plenty of storage for a beach club on each side. There's integrated TV right here. - [Rico] You got a beautiful transom shower, which is like a quick connect shower, but this one is especially beautiful.

It's completely carbon fiber. Of course some Seabobs, water toys. It's just a great layout for a beach club, I think. - All right, as we keep going, this gets just better and better, you guys, two massive drop-down balconies. - Oh, wow! - Absolutely massive.

So this one's closed so you can see how it is and this one is open. - [Rico] And this one is closed right now because we have a boat docked right next to us and there was not enough space to open it up. - Correct. Check this out.

Wow. I wouldn't mind just to put my feet in the water right now. That would be so nice.

- [Rico] Do you think it's warm? - It's probably warm, yeah. We've been here for almost a week and we haven't even had time to go for a swim, you guys. And our place is literally a block away from the beach. That is how much we've been filming. - [Rico] All right, keep walking forward. - So where's our tender?

- [Rico] Tender's in the garage. - Which is also a very cool, innovative design. - [Rico] So this is a jet tender, good sized jet tender, actually. We have a raised bulkhead here and of course a watertight door, which we can close. To launch the tender, there's not a conventional crane system in the ceiling.

They were trying to save as much weight as possible because it is a high-performance boat for the size. So this garage door, which we see all the way in the back there, gets opened up. The bottom part of the garage, which we can see slightly little bit there in the back, gets filled up with water. And then the tender gets just pivoted up and slid into the water and the same way it get retrieved.

So you don't need a crane. Next. - The elephant, engine room. - [Rico] Engine room. (chuckles) - All right. - So anyways, this is the staircase we actually saw earlier from the upstairs.

- Back to the salon. - Correct. - This leads us back to the salon.

- [Rico] One side goes to the salon, the other side goes to the side deck. Let's check out the engine room. - Where is that? - [Rico] Right next to you. - Oh, okay. - [Rico] Step over, step in.

- Wow, this is really tall bulkheads. Wow. - Yep. (slick music) Wow. - One, two and three.

- [Rico] Oh yeah. - Okay, it's my turn. - [Rico] Okay, you want to follow me. - [Victoria] Oh, I will follow you. - I mean, of course I'm not gonna go into every single detail.

There a lot of pumps, there a lot of pipes, there a lot of- - [Victoria] Some of this is above your pay grade too. You're not an engineer. - I'm not an engineer. I'm not an engineer, but just- - [Victoria] We're not gonna pretend we know things we don't know. - Let's just concentrate on the really cool wow factors.

- [Victoria] Exactly, let's go. - So we're gonna go around here. Just be careful. - [Victoria] Okay.

- Small thing here. - [Victoria] What is this thing? - That's part of the exhaust system. - [Victoria] This thing? Okay.

- All of this. - [Victoria] Got it. - So we have two V16, not two, we've got three V16 MTU main engines. Each has 2,600 horsepower and the engines are attached and hooked up to jet drives. - [Victoria] Look at this Puppies. - I mean, it's pretty impressive, I'd say.

- [Victoria] Didn't we tour a boat with three engines on our channel? - We did. I don't know which one it was. - MTUs as well. ARNO LEOPARD. - ARNO LEOPARD. - Yeah.

- ARNO LEOPARD, also with Royce Royce jet drives. That's right. Of course we have two large generators here.

And if we go around, I saw there was more technical area on the very outboard side. I mean, this is full industrial grade and size, have actually two water makers for redundancy. I mean, for the fact that there are three very large engines fit in here, it is a good access still to move around and do your maintenance, check on the engines. Make sure everything is good.

- [Victoria] But it must be so loud in here when they're on. - [Rico] Oh yeah. (slick music) - [Victoria] Oh wow.

- So I see- - What about this whole thing? You just walked through here. - I see batteries stored here. - What about this? - And then, here on the aft facing wall, it is a full blown commercial setup for breakers and switches, a whole electrical panel. - Okay. - Emergency exit

to get out of the engine room if you had to. - [Victoria] Escape hatch. - [Rico] Exactly. Very large hydraulic package.

- [Victoria] Oh, it seems like to be a lot of hydraulic things onboard, right? - Yes. - [Victoria] What do you think? Would be nice to take her for a spin, huh? - Will be really cool to take the boat out and actually see how she performs. So if someone does a proper temperature checks. - [Victoria] What do you test normally with it? Like what do they do? - [Rico] Engines. - Engines? - Yeah. Make sure the exhausts are not getting too hot or if you get contradicting readings on the instruments, you can go and double-check.

(slick music) - All right you guys, this completes our tour of this custom Baglietto 40 meter Superfast. I love saying it. What a great name. - Great name. - Named PANAM. Put down in the comments below what you thought about this yacht and what would you do if you had an opportunity to build something like this. As always, thank you so much for all your Comments and Likes.

If you're interested to learn more about Baglietto Shipyard, I will put some more information in the description section underneath the video. Check us out on Patreon. Check us out on Instagram. - Follow us on Instagram. Enjoy the Outtakes. (slick music) - We are still in France.

And what am I going to say? How am I going to do this? Since we started doing our yacht through, we started doing yacht... (sputtering) Yacht through, yacht walkthrough. It should come easy to me.

What's wrong with me? All right. (clearing throat) One more time. I'm also, I'm also able, I'm also (tongue trilling). Oh okay, I'm sorry.

- [Rico] So we have dining for 10 to 12 people easily. - Yeah, covered that already, but okay. - Yeah, I didn't hear that. You were too far away from me. So we have an emergency raft. - Yeah, so we got, I'm sorry. I get sidetracked with all this traffic.

Got our drink fridge. There's gotta be an ice maker. No, this might be a panel. Okay.

Strike it out. - Let's shower it. - Let's shower it? - Let's show it. - So is this NBBL now? - Yes. - Yeah? Okay. Good to know. - Yes.

- I hope it's not too expensive. - [Rico] I think it was because I touched the steering. (Victoria gasps) It moved a little. (Victoria laughs) - And this area can stay, I actually missed why it was closed off, you tell me. (Victoria laughing) - [Rico] You want to warn them. - You're gonna hide. (laughs)

- You guys okay? We're just going to do this and be out. Okay, cool, thank you. - [Rico] Thank you so much. - To the master suite. - Master en suite. - Master.

To the master en suite. Pick it up, pick up the paste. Pick up the paste. - [Rico] Not the paste, the pace. - The pace, the pace, pick up the pace.

If you have been watching our channel for a while or follow me on Instagram, you know that I am- Of course.

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