22 - The Sociology of Dominion

22 - The Sociology of Dominion

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Welcome. To helping towards I on the podcast where we limp like Jacob to the promised land and talk about life the universe and everything along, the way I'm, Emily. Maxim here regarding her and Brian broom today. We're going to talk about the sociology. Of Dominion, but. First we're going to introduce ourselves, please. State, your name and. The. Movie. That you think is the best in the Star Wars franchise and, the movie that you think is the worst in the Star Wars franchise, let's. Go make, enemies already. Yes. This, is going to be a very divisive. Any. Way you slice it so. I figured, we'd you, know get it all out in, the first minute or two o, Brien's. Deep in thought so I'm. And. The best obviously, was the first which. Is number, four, for, children. A new pope, and. The. Worst. I the. One. That I don't even remember where, are we in the series that we finished the series, so. We've had we've had the original trilogy we've had the prequel, trilogy, and, we've, had the sequel trilogy and. The, sequel trilogy just, released its third okay. I'm now remembering, it I'm remembering how it ends so the. Two before the final, one either, one of them is the worst now. The science. Was so bad in, the first in the new trilogy. But. It's a science fiction movie do you go wars. For like accurate, science, I've never. There's. Only so, much suspension. Of disbelief that. I can manage, at a time of galaxy, far far away with aliens that, speak English sure but. Banking. Against, non-existent. Air I can give you that but. Light. Beams that travel faster, than light across. A, galaxy. And everyone on every planet can see them know that lost me completely, so anyway. All right right oh. Okay. So this, one will definitely earn me at, least Greg's disdain, but, it was Brian broom and. Well. He might not sustain. Me for one of my options I can never narrow it down anymore but my my two favorite. Star, Wars films are the, Empire Strikes Back which, will garner, no disdain. From everyone anyone, everyone, loves this movie and the. Last Jedi. Brady's. Number eight yes. That. Was the one I watched in theaters and thought to myself I am never coming to see another Star Wars movie is that. Where we meet ready for the first time that, is the is her, second second one. This. Will also garner, agent for, me I specifically. Really enjoyed Luke's and Rays, storyline. Together, in that movie the. Exchanges. Between the. The, holy, trilogy. So. To speak. I. Purposely. Avoided the other word that begins with the T and involves three. Right. Triad. Yes the other triad of, Luke. And Ray and kylo. Ren slash Ben I really. Enjoyed the writing between, them and Luke's. Story in particular spoke, to me in a. In a way that I appreciate, it and I know that not a lot of people felt that way but I I, still, look. At the backlash it received and wonder why I. Enjoyed. The movie so those. Are those. And as, far as the worst one I I don't, think you can go. Worse. Than. Attack. Of the Clones. Was. That's--and dialogue. I. Hate's and its course, and irritating. Yes, I've. Just put, those so out of my mind and I can't even evaluate, them anymore there. There are some times I forget. That they exist and then I am reminded of them and I I hate.

Whoever Reminded. Me of them, so I feel, that a, movie. That I have that responds to is my my least favorite of the Star Wars films, except. When Weird Al is singing about. Oh yeah. That's. True. That's. The only good thing to come out of that movie. Alright, for. People who don't like. Star Wars we're wasting their time. So. The sociology. Of Dominion when, we Emily, did you answer did. I miss it you didn't answer I, thought. I got away with it. So. I think the best Star Wars movie so actually. The way I was originally, going to frame the question was what, is the best Star Wars movie and why is it the Empire Strikes Back. Star. Wars movie although I did, ponder. For a moment whether I would choose the original Star Wars instead. Because it's. Just such, a straight-up. Good movie it's just fun and, the, worst I do agree. Is probably. Attack of the Clones mm-hmm, yeah, I'm glad we have that this much common ground. So. The, question, that we're kind of trying. To approach, is how, do. Religion, and society relate. Or how, how. Do adherents, of religion, advance, that. Religion, within the context, of society, and Greg. You break it down into pretty much three options, what. Are there, by no means original, with me so kudos. To the, people who use them the first I. Speak. They. Speak we all speak of a, power. Religion, where. The emphasis is upon. Consolidating. All forms, of power we, generally think of politics first but it would include, educational. Establishments. Economic, power. Medium power whatever if. You want to make a good society you need power and you need to force, society. To conform, to your vision or goals by. Acquiring, as many, bastions. And powers you possibly can. Secondly. The, religion. Of escape or retreat. Society. It's, toast, it's gonna burn let's get out of here whether. You're a gnostic, or, a monastic. Or, someone, waiting. Desperately for the rapture which should have come last Tuesday and for some reason didn't so, you're willing to let society go and it has no. Obvious place in your religious, escape. My. Contention, tonight, will be that Christianity, is neither of those, that. Christianity, does influence. Society. Necessarily. But. It. Does, so in. A more indirect fashion it is not the global Christians, to seize all of the seats of power and. So, oddly, enough humanists.

Can Kind of back down a little bit we're not out to grab everything that's second, we. Have any, and here's the reason we have lives they. Don't work to do we have stuff going on our. Families, our callings, our churches are, more important, than trying to save the world by some kind of political takeover. And that's very hard for the world to get because. If they had all the power or the door open to all the power they would walk to the door and take it because then they could do good and. We're. Kind. Of a mind of thumb. What. It's probably not mine to take yet because I'm probably not mature enough and, and. To do, you really trust me with all that power and should I trust me and, should I trust you, and is. Oh wait, I smell. Breakfast, burning I'll get back to you because. Oh and Johnny just threw, up on the dog, we have things. Real. Practical. Everyday stuff, things, to do and. Taking over the world as a. Primary. Schema. Goal is it isn't there so. Not to say questions don't get political, at times we certainly do but. When. We get, too focused on that, we tend to lose. Sight of Jesus and we tend to lose sight of the gospel. Jesus. Sent us to preach the kingdom to be sure but it's a kingdom that comes, with. Repentance and regeneration, in the sanctifying, power of. The, Holy Spirit based, on Jesus death and resurrection and, that's. Constantly, what we're holding, before a, watching. World or what, we should be man, we're as tempted as anybody else to. Tevere. Either, after, the reins of power or, to run away from responsibilities. But. When we're at our best and. Consistently. As God works in us over. Months. And years and decades we. Tend to settle down to the same old same old we, can look really boring to the world maybe that's why they never portray, us in their TV shows. Charles. Dickens as a character, in his novel, Bleak House named, mrs., jalebi oh, yes. My, favorite Dickensian. Character, she's. A, crusader. For. Her cause this. Is the. Victorian, era and, everyone's. Very concerned about, the. Heathen in Africa, who need to be saved, and, get, the missionary, barrel sent to them and all that, and. Pants. On yeah and, mrs., jelly B Dickens. Describes her, as having, these huge, hoop, skirts, that. Just knock over everything, around her and, it's. Kind of a picture of her, view, of the world that. Her, view is so out there that, she can't even keep track of the things around her she's got these children, that are just kind of hanging around like, attached, to her pocket, or just you. Know shriveled, and neglected, children that. Are just totally lost because she's out there campaigning, to save the heathen and to feed the heathen when she's not even feeding her own children and. I. Always think that's a, the. Picture in my mind of this religion, of power that, we're gonna go out and save the world but we haven't even tended, to our own responsibilities. I. Read. Bleak House not long ago my wife had read it and said how good was and she left. It out on the coffee, table one night like 3:00 in the morning when I couldn't Levi wondered out there and huh, I was I was gonna read this, this'll, put me to sleep I'm sure it didn't I'm, saying. This it's a fantastic, book and I'm despite. Its thickness I got to the end pretty quickly you don't even like Dickens, do you. Tale. Of Two Cities Christmas. Carol some. Of the others but that. That almost convinced, me they almost he persuaded, me to be fix it Dickens again but. Yeah there's, a good example of, what, happens when Christians. Stray. Into, this idea of we can save the world by social or political action, or economic, action now, is it bad to collect, money for the he that no it's not there. Are better ways to do within what she was doing mmm-hmm. And the more that we've come to understand, economics. We've, learned let's, not send the healing blankets so that now we put them out of the business of making like it's the one thing they actually could do and make money at let's. Let's. Give. Them no. Interest loan so they can obtain. Sewing, machines and can make better blankets. You. Know we're beginning to figure it out little by little and there's. A place for the community of the saints of there reaches worldwide, but. Sometimes, we do have we in the past have had the, arrogance, to think well. We need to make them, all like the United States or like England, or whatever rather. Than really coming to understand, what their needs are and how we can, best minister.

To Them not, necessarily. Is a superior culture but, more. Centrally, his brothers and sisters of Christ, so. That's a practical. Thing on, the inside go. Ahead right. Just. Taking. One thing that you said about instead. Of sending them blankets, which. They can make themselves, that. Kind of attitude, where you you basically view, yourself as, this, more. Enlightened. Culture, who, has to give these things to. People in order for them to even have them is. Going. Back to our discussion, a little bit on Darwinian. ISM it's, these. People can't help themselves we. Have to give them these things instead. Of actually. Talking to them human beings who are capable of doing that, stuff on their own and. Finding. Out what can't they do on their own they don't know how to make sewing machines okay well we can buy a sewing machine I don't know how to make a sewing machine that. I. Have some extra money and so does my friend and together we can we, can arrange this in the Masami machine which exactly, they can then do something with because, they're not stupid people and they can figure out how to use it just fine thank you essentially. You need to treat them like people, who are capable of learning, more. Than you know, because. Otherwise. You, are treating them as less than yeah. How, about there have you read the book when helping hurts. I. Have, not read it but I have, heard the principles. From. One, of the OPC missionaries, in Africa. Do. You know the authors, I do not remember their names but number, of my students have used it for their term. Papers and such yeah so. You have a very well rounded. Lots. Of papers about it yeah but man large my kids have enjoyed it and they I think it's been eye-opening. To. See that maybe the way that, feeding. Our own need to be involved, may, not be the most helpful thing, to. Other cultures, in a given time it's. Great that kids, can go on short-term missions and get this exposure, to different cultures and people sometimes, but. What if we send them down to build houses. And in fact they really don't. Need those houses, and. They. Have to but, we've imposed on them and they're too, polite to say. We. Don't need you go away and so they now are stuck. Feeding. The kids and housing the kids and, keeping the kids entertained. Whereas. The kids really are probably doing a whole lot and, there's money that could have been spent to the professionals. Who actually understand, the situation, and know better where it might, have gone so you end up having to balance, the. Claims that yes we want our young people to be involved in missions is this. The best way do, we really imagine. Do we really understand. The practically economic, concerns. That. Are going on here and. There's, one but, to start. One. Of the problems. I've heard specifically, about short-term missions is that. What. They end up practically, becoming is just a church funded vacation.

There's. The danger and. I wouldn't, want, to paint with too broad a brush I don't know it. Can happen I'm sure, but. I've also seen kids come back excited, about about. Missionary, work and and again that's great. But. Might there have been a better way and a cheaper, way to have done that or, a. Deeper, way they got that got rather than sending twenty kids that. Sent the two that were really dedicated, yeah. Something, as simple as, and you will earn the, money to go yourself you will not ask people to give it to you that. Might separate. Some. From others of, course the private, reply to that is but they won't know until they've actually gone so we're gonna give them an hour and five minute at. Least consult on the other end and see if. They really want a bunch of kids crashing, with them I mean, if a. Church. In Peru. Sent. A letter to, your, consistory. Spiritual Council session whatever you call them and. Said we're going to be sending fifty kids to you to. Help, you. Refurbish. Your parsonage. You. May thank us and feed, the kids and, find. Things for them to do like the keys your Bible schools I, think. We would say what. Well. Hold, it can we talk about this what. Would you get her dates. But. We do that to say. Latin American church was on a regular basis. Maybe. We need to stop enough maybe people are doing that maybe the the. Counter wave has had enough influence, to churches to realize yeah, we should do that maybe they are but. In. My younger years I know that this this was a real kind, of thing that people have, not thought through and, so when. Helping hurts did. I'm sure, the name of the author's will be in the show notes they. Will indeed. The let. Me give you having. Grown up in the late, 70s, and 80s let. Me give you my, own, experiences. Of the. Religion, of retreat we've been talking about power religion. In. 1976. How Lindsay will the bestseller. Called Allegra in Planet Earth and in. There I will, not say he argued, but more like strongly, hinted. That. Since, Israel, was reborn as a nation in. 1948. And. That. The. Fig tree in. Scripture, is a symbol of Israel and that Jesus spoke of a fig tree budding. And shooting forth its branches named. His Olivet discourse in, Matthew 24.

And Said. About the same time that this generation, will not pass away to all people filled but. Jesus meant. Was. That, Israel's. Going to be reborn, and the generation, that sees that, will. Not pass until, this Great Tribulation is done so. Here's. The math a, generation. Of Scripture and then Lindsay. Says it about like this in his book Scripture, or, a generation, in Scripture is about 40 years he's right so. 48. Plus, 40 1988. Subtract. 7 for, the Great Tribulation. Jesus. Was supposed to have come in 1981. Now, he doesn't quite, say, that. For. One thing he was expecting, it might even be earlier. But. A lot of people could read between the lines a, lot of people began to speak of the budding fig tree without. Any clear idea of where it came from or how poor. The hermeneutics, are that give you that and. There, was a lot, of insistence, and I was in. College about, this time finishing. Yeah. I just finished high school I was going into college, there. Were a lot of young people who. Were absolutely convinced, that Jesus. Was coming back in their lifetimes, and, probably. Before the 1980s. Were, done I don't know how many would have held. At Jesus, to a 1981. Or 1982, age. But. The closer we got to that the more excitement. There was there was one guy who wrote. A pamphlet that circulated, everywhere 88, reasons that Jesus is coming back at 1988. When. Jesus did not come back he'll agree wrote the pamphlet 89, reasons Jesus is coming back in May. Is. Number 89, it wasn't 1988. I. Feel. Like that nice to just be updated, every year yeah, it. Wasn't that year year. But. The, the mindset. In it and and, Lindsey says. This in the great great, planet Earth we ought to be living like people who don't plan to be around much longer, now. He he. Checks himself by, saying I don't mean anyone should quit college or give up their job or anything whoa. How. Why not you what. Did you mean and what do you think people are going to do maybe. They're not gonna give up their job because Jesus may not be coming back for a couple years but. There were a lot of people who seriously decided, that college was, not important, there's no point in having children. Marriage. Couldn't. Wait I mean Jesus from red this. Was one generation. Probably the most, important. Since, 1843. Or so that. Obviously, believed it was not going to die Jesus. Was coming back it was a fact. And anybody. Who questioned, that was probably a liberal, that's. How strong it was and.

The. Attempt. To alter, our influence. Culture. Liberal. Influences, in church and, state weren't there and the goal was to. Witness, to everybody as fast as you could, because. The last person, who comes to Christ may, be the last person who comes to Christ that. Last Soul was saved and the rapture comes and we're all out of here, it. Was it was a mindset, that people who didn't live through it may. Have trouble appreciating. A generation. With no future, beyond, heaven itself. And. There's so there's a lot, of elements of Gnosticism. And neoplatonism, there but, it was all done in the name of Jesus so here's another direction, that Christianity. Can. Be steered, into if, we're not careful, eschatology. It, seems does, matter. I. Think. Some other tracks. Of this phenomenon. Are. Less eschatological. We. Can, look at monasticism. The. Benedict. Option that's. The book that came out recently. Advocating. For some measure. Of withdrawal, from society for. Christians I think. That's mainly a Catholic, one. I'm. Afraid. The. Author of Benedict, I don't think he's a Catholic. Rock. Dry rot Oh actually the, name sound. May, he may be. Roger. The, Catholic guys whatever, I know. It was not pointed, to me by. A Roman Catholic, Dorothy. Yeah it. Was someone who was a white Protestant, who. Pointed, it out to me and said here's, something to consider, no. Thank you. We've. Been following the life of Abraham, and, I would like to at this point. Draw. Attention again. To Abraham, a lot we talked about this last time in terms of hospitality, like could just step back a little a, little, more and see, what. Kind of man Abraham was he's the father of the faithful the father of all who believe three. Great religions claim. Him as their, father, on. One level or another but. You know when you look at Abraham it's hard to figure out at first glance at least by the world standards why he was so great, he. Left, civilization. And went in the middle of nowhere. He. Had. A large, cattle. Ranch sheep, herd, concern, going on so. That was good he employed. Around. 3,000, people give or take, he. Made alliances with, other sheep, thumbs nearby. That. At times became, defensive, alliances. But probably, initially, were simply for the purposes, of trade, he. Must have been a great businessman because he got these complete pagans, not only to trust, him and respect, him but even to make a league with him which, means he was also doing some evangelism, on the side because, in order to see. League you had to swear. Got. Everybody recognizing. Abraham, wouldn't swear by anybody good job but Yahweh, man. We know that everywhere Abraham went he he. Built altars and he worshiped God publicly, cult upon the name of the Lord and. Apparently. Led prayers in public and spoke. Of the promises, because he had gathered Souls in Iran and he had. Convinced, some of his, servants, to become Lord slaves to join the vision. But. Beyond that so. He worshiped and. He was a good family men by and large except for that thing with Hagar, and. It, was a good businessman. Once, he did something really. Significant. As the world records such, things his, nephew, lot became.

A More, captive, and he gathered together his sheep friends and went after the. Retreating armies. Outpaced. Them attacked. Them by night with his home. Borne servants, and. Took. All her stuff gathered, them a symptom running away and got everything back that's it he. Did not pursue he did not turn it into any. Kind of, political, move, or military. Presence he, was going after a, lot, his family he got them he came back that, was that and, then he went back to sheep and cattle. Cincinnatus. Yeah. Except. The difference is, that, Cincinnatus, moved, in terms of the Roman polis. The city-state, he. Was faithful to that identity, Abraham. Was looking for, a city that didn't exist yet his. Vision, was beyond. The, temple horizons. To. Something only faith can apprehend he saw the City of God he saw the New Jerusalem that's. What motivated, him and, mostly. What he did as far as scripture emphasizes, anything is he waited a long time for it. That's. What scripture really underlines, yeah. He looked for a city which has foundations whose, builder and maker is God you, don't really get that by reading Genesis, directly, you have to read between the lines and understand the promise, he. Was waiting for a seed and concrete, me for him that me up a baby, and. He waited a long long time to have that baby and then God said sacrifice the baby by that it was no car babies young men, so. We look at that and we say. This. Is the father of all believe this is the man who's gonna change the world by. Doing his job and, performing. Weekly worship being. Their dad and wife or husband, sorry husband. To his wife and. Making some friends. There. Are a lot of people who who think Christianity ought, to be more than that we. Ought to take a more active lead, in society, and social issues in politics, we, need to press the presence, of Christ, by. Compelling. People or. At, least strongly encouraging. Them to. Adopt God's law now, people. Auto obey God's law because, Jesus, is God and Jesus owns everything but. There's a difference between recognizing. That and calling people to kiss the sunless to be angry and saying. If I just get into positions of power I can make it happen, the. Eye I think is the thing that's scary and, followed by the make, it happen part we. Can't serve God Daniel. And Joseph didn't they rose to great heights of power in their respective empires. But. That's, not, how, Abram, lived yeah. And we have law lot, went. To Sodom it was a, cultural.

Center Social center political, center and he. Earned. A place in the city gate or some kind of city official of some sort, and. If, people had asked who's the greatest share well they were both wealthy, businessman. But. Abraham, seems to have ostracized, himself, and probably a lot of occasion would say no. Brother Abraham what's with this. Your. Here's this society. And we're in the the, Evan flow of everything that's going on every day the culture, the the social issues the politics, the the. Relations, with other towns you're, out there in the middle of nowhere you're having no influence. And. Yet not lost everything you, need for became the father of all who believe, so. As and. Then we can look beyond that and maybe a little bit too to. Isaac after that happened, Jacob. After that as to how they, lived, out this promise but, the writer of Hebrews sums it up very simply they, dwelt in tabernae, house, looking. For a heavenly City they. Had no fixed city here, and yes. Each of them in you changed the world and. That's. The. Escape religion, doesn't care about changing, the world the Dominion religionists, of to that flabbergasted. Scratches his head what, are you doing that can never accomplish anything. History. Seems to have proven, wrong he just takes a long time and. This this, idea - of if, I. Can, get into the, right position of, authority I, can, help, make. God's plan a reality and I'll be just this there's a wonderful useful, tool for him it's. Really. The height of hubris, you. Know there's there's a difference, between let's. Think of Daniel here. Daniel. And, his friends they're about seventeen, when. They're going, through Babylon you, and. They're they're forced, to make a decision, eat the Kings meat have table fellowship with the king or. Not. And. They, act very humbly, they. Don't come up and say hey guy. Don't you know we're got special people we're. We're, God's elect. We're, the royal seed you, need to treat us better we have a destiny, don't you dare try to shove that stuff down our face we're. Apart. Weird. And, so they went and said. Can. We not eat that no, you have to because it might be my head if you don't look good can. We make a deal. They. Were willing to think, okay I bleed I think we shouldn't do this, but. We're under the judgment of God right now our nation's, under the judgment of God what. If God has already deserted, us to the point where this, is all that's left and so. Rather than insist, rather than start a food strike. Let's. Give God a chance to, show his hand and they. Ask politely. If, they could have a short trial to not eat the food and God honored them that, was that was really great but. Considerate, to the to, the man who's responsible for yeah. But, it could have got him killed in the name of Messiah they. Chose not to do that they should they tried to choose another they did choose another route and God honored them but, in the next, one the next chapter, Nebuchadnezzar, the King has a dream, we've. Already been told at the tail end of the first chapter that Daniel had skilled in visions and dreams and. So, here's a king who has a dream, and none, of the. Priests. And the magician's, the cousins astrologers, can interpret, it. Here's. Daniel sitting, there with his friends saying huh a king.

Has A dream, and he calls. All his wise men and they can't interpret, it, guys. Haven't. We heard this story before someplace. Well. Yeah you don't think your Joseph do you i. Joe. No. Daniel. I've. Got the skills and dream interpreting. 15. Interpretation. But. That does that mean that that that God's gonna honor this. They. Stepped out in faith and Daniel. Went before Nebuchadnezzar again humbly, making, the appeal. That. With time. They. Could beseech the God of heaven they operate, in the faith and today if this is the voice of God okay. Here's the logic this is the voice of God, we've. Seen the patter before is there anybody else around here not that we know of, so. Let. Us make ourselves available, we. We. Have skills. In this direction and, it, may be that God will honor them but. They didn't just sit back and wait for God to pop it in their hands they diligently, spent, all night in a prayer meeting beseeching, the God of heaven and, God honored them you can think also of Esther. I. Haven't. Been called in to see my husband in a long time I know he's the king but I can't, really help you because, what. If you're here for such a time as this. Fine. That's. I'll, fast, and I'll go into my day I die yeah. Hmm, okay not. Not a lot of assurance, that there was no prophet, that told her. Is what you have to do and. Then Nehemiah cut. Bearer to the king. Be. Sad in the King's presence to, get his attention, that's a risky one that could be automatic execution. Did. He have a promise, no but. Again like Esther they can look around say is there anyone else well God might raise someone else up yes. He might. What. Will God say to you though if you didn't try and you had the, opportunity and, so. While we need most, certainly, to avoid the universities I'm the only one who can fix this I've got them the ministry, I've got the book I've got the tape I've, got the gifts I've got the charisma I can, fix the American, scene right now we and, we especially with this little ministry going, you. Need to be very serious and say no we're. Not that. But. If, God gives us openings, I think we're gonna walk through the door, not. Knowing what's gonna be on the other side but maybe on the other side is a lot of people laughing at us and putting meters ok. Or screaming, for heads or screaming, for our heads or you. Know we. Don't gallows, next to their house for us yeah, we have. This on tape. Responsible. We have evidence, thank. You for making it for us welcome. One, thing I do want to point out too is that, though. The details, for Esther, might. Make. It so, that it turned out this way what we don't see Esther, do as a faithful. Jew is. Immediately. Trying to institute, Torah. Worship yeah. She. She. Makes really. No attempt, to change, the system. She. May have, evangelized. Her husband I mean I would expect her to honestly.

But. There's. No power grab moment, for her no no, and that's an excellent, point that there's a dictation, when writers called with the dominion Tramp. Grabbing. Too soon for the robes of power before we, have gone through the process considered. The consequences and. Matured ourselves so that we actually can handle the power, daniel. And joseph, served their way to, the top, so one step at a time, Joseph. Started. In a prison Daniel. Started as a slave. Was. Put through a heavy brainwashing. Course, and. God slowly, in his time raised, them up to positions of great power and then when they got there as you say they didn't, try. To impose, God's law on everybody, - Daniel. Offered Nebuchadnezzar, some really, strong moral, advice from the Torah and. Break off your wickedness. By, doing, justice and showing mercy, to the poor and. And there may have been some more specifics, we haven't been told about I'm, sure Daniel was of some help with that Buchan desert took Jerusalem. It. Would be like Nebuchadnezzar saying, well I got him Daniel, what do you want me to do with him I have. A plan. But. Daniel, doesn't try, to, to. Overturn the system had he done that all. Those people conspired, against him during the reign of Darius, would, have had something to work with, but. He faithfully. Well. He was faithful to the. Man in power and. Both. Nebuchadnezzar. I'm Cyrus later, on we're. Still carrying on wars of aggression all, over the place when, Daniel, was having, to deal with the monies and the treasures that were coming in from that and, he was having to faithfully manage that and. That. Would be difficult for a lot of us as Christians and, there there are the perfectionist, among us who say no, he should absolutely refuse or he. Should take control and, start. Manipulating the, system so that in in, his. Case he simply, was. Faithful, to his job, while. Never, deviating. From his primary loyalty, to God he. Was willing to die. Where. The issues were black and white and but. In other issues he was willing to be the servant to the pagan trying. To do what was best for his pagan Lord I, know. I, know, a gentleman, who serves in, in about the White House right now and. I. Know that, he has been able to do a great many things, that. Have benefited, the church greatly. But. There are limits to what he can do into what he can say he the to, some degree has the president's, here and more, of a point the president can say hey, make this happen and he makes it happen but, very. Often these are things, that are benefiting, the church benefiting, the pro-life movement. Benefiting. Freedom but there nothing she hear about, because. Her president is really good at being. Loud and noisy in some areas while very stealthily, doing other things that we talk about, probably. Talking this much if. You're listening my friend no I did not use your name. I'm. Reminded of a couple things if I can jump in you. Talked about seizing. Seizing, the reins or, seizing the power before your time and I'm, reminded of The Magician's, Nephew, the. First, not. Chronologically. Chronologically. First, but not written first write, the, first. In a singular sense of the, Narnia stories, where, Aslan. Sends, this boy Diggory to go and retrieve a, piece of fruit from a walled garden with, a gate. That. Was just an availed, reference, to August Augustine sorry, I. Thought it was a Gustin but. So degree the, young, boy gets to the garden and sees, as Lance, fo the, witch, sitting. On top of the wall eating a piece of fruit and she's like it's really tasty you should have some and. What. CS, Lewis is doing is drawing the contrast between, jumping. Over the wall to get it and just eating it right there and, opening.

The Gate waiting for the gates to be open waiting for the moment to seize the fruit waiting, to take the fruit back to. Aslan, and. Giving. It up knowing, well, backstory. Lots, of facts story you should just a. Few back. Stories, the temptation, as he can save his mom right. The fruit is, the Fountain of Youth yeah. I will civil say this dying mom and so the temptation is but you can use this thing to do great good to save someone you have a real. Commitment, to a god-ordained commitment, to, and. To life and. How. What, an ungrateful child you would be if you didn't, as opposed to who, knows what as someone support doesn't matter what's matters is your mom, he. Has to, submit to the due order he has to submit to Ashland's, command. Now and as a result, of all of this of course the mom eventually is saying but. Here's an assurance of that he has to walk. By faith and trust. That God knows what, he's about whether. It's, something we like, at the moment or not and. That that's a lot of what we're talking about the, and. We can we can draw back to paradise, we're. Adam who's supposed to be the image of God but it's something you grow, into. Maturing. As one, decision at a time you play self-will. Beneath. The will of God you refuse, the tree, where. As Adam was tempted to grab, for godhood by eating of the tree immediately no patience, no no. Discipline. No self-denial. Sometimes. Sometimes, the decisions, are not clear this is why we need wisdom, sometimes. Where, we we have to say there are our elders come to us and say Brian. We want you to be an elder. What. Do you say you say wow. That's great thank you for finally recognizing, my deep spiritual. If. You're reading the description, of what an elder is supposed to be like and the responsibility. That they have to do your thinking I don't want this job, that. Means, you're a good fit for it. No. I didn't, want the job either and I think if I could. Go back and do things differently I might do things differently, but. Happen but I refused, it many times before, then, because. Because I I can look at my spirituality - laughs well. And that that's part of the thing we're talking about taking. Up the reins of. You. Know various types of power before you're ready for it there's a reason they're called elders, they're supposed to have proven, in the faith. They. Have some kind of maturity, and. As. Our churches look for new mothers who have come to you and said have you reconsidered Church office, and I'm, ready for the well yeah you, know when I'm older, maybe I think. That's an appropriate response or, even, Wow yet I haven't asked every silly. But. What I wasn't ready for was, the water chance when I got the responses now I really haven't thought about it at all. Why. Not I'm. Not asking, you if you are, ready to be an elder tomorrow, I'm asking you, what. You think God's plans are for you and we, should all be looking whether. You're. Younger or like you Pope or you're a little bit older like me, we, still look to the end of our lives and say as. Far as I can see at that time what. Am I going to do with that time how am I going to grow what. Might I be ready for in five 10 20 30 years. We. Shouldn't. Assume we will always be as immature, as we are now we may never be able to most great amounts, of maturity. Certainly. We should never be content to be where we are now. Next. Week or next year or next decade. And. So in all of this we're that we're looking it. Was this. Religion. Of covenant face a Christian. Religion is, one of growing, sanctification, but. Sanctification comes, as we can hard things, and, learn. To trust God died to self and pick. Up daily, often, mundane, boring. Tedious. Responsibilities. How many times can you bowl the law and change the diapers doing the dishes and still. Come back tomorrow and say. I. Already. Failed that one. And. Also. To draw. To the other office which is that of the, diaconate, their. Job. As a as, am as a member, of the church leadership is to, see.

To The physical needs of the congregation it's. A. Complementary. Set, of tasks, that the church has to fulfill. Next. To the roles of eldership. So. The, the, diaconate has, these, steward. Lee roles, over the, physical. Needs of their, congregation. That. Is a it is a more. Obviously. Servant. Service-oriented. Task and. One. That is, also. Somewhat present in the life of the Eldar there, there, should be hospitality. On the part of the elder as as, much as there is acts. Of mercy on the part of the deacon but. These. Kinds of things are, not, what people immediately think of in in the secular world when it comes to authority and power. Servant. Yeah. I miss, among you as one who, serves. The. Gentiles. Exercise dominion. Over one another will not be so among you and I think sometimes people get this wrong oh you, mean if I serve long enough then, I get to be in charge of everybody. No. No. Leadership. Get, to be a better more, effective servant. Probably. With longer hours and more headaches or. But. This, is what Jesus, did for us and what Jesus still does for us he. Didn't sit down at his throne saying well I'm glad that's over and I don't have to worry about those people anymore, we. Are still his constant, concern he's constantly, praying for us. Interceding. Constantly. Hearing. Our prayers and regulating, every aspect, of our lives for. His glory, and our spiritual, good he didn't he, still serves us he. Hasn't stopped being, a certain king and. That's. One. Of the big things were trying to get across here when, grabbing. Power so you could be in charge and remake the world that's not Christianity, that's, not even what. Jesus did and he's gone, yes, he's remaking the world but he's doing it by his blood and resurrection, life not by eggs by, pressing. Upon a shear of power and. And. Unmasked, Authority. Mostly. It's. By the preaching of the gospel and, Dean's have love and kindness and there's a hymn that says something, like that now. With swords out caching lore role. Of stirring drums with deeds of love and mercy to heavenly comes of. Course it's more than just the axe it's the gospel preaching, of the word, but. Those. Practical. Acts of service, are. Key to, what Christianity isn't here we can footnote, and say see, previous, discussion. About hospitality, and, one reason of hospitality, is so important. To. Christianity. Being. Friends. Opening, our homes sharing. Our lives with people, it's. A hard thing and, I don't, profess to be great at but. It's something, we have to go on learning to do a go on being better and better about as we get older and older I was. Not raised in a church or a home or hospitality, was, a big deal like. To say I was largely, non-existent, in, many in many respects, so. In, that we, at least open our home you know once a week for Bible study and we have 15. Of 30 people that's, a start but, it's. Only a start there's, so much more. And. So we can hope that our children will do better than that and. There should be better still and, so little. By little and. This little, by little thing is it figures throughout scripture the. Power of religion wants everything. Fixed, now. Give. Me the power this, is the end justices, the inequalities.

Are. Unacceptable. And any, delay is compromised if you're not part of the immediate solution you're part of the immediate problem give me the power and I'll fix it and. You Christians are compromised just because you're, you keep saying well it will, get to it it'll happen eventually. On, the other hand the escape religion, is yeah. That's those are really horrible problems that we're out of here by. And. So we rely. Not on, status. Power not in revolution, ER or. Grabbing. For the robes or reins of power but. By living out our relationship, with Jesus, in a practical, real way with real things real world, jobs. And, ordinary. People, and. We change the world but. It does take a long time and, and. We. Have to be okay with that. But. We can't go the other treatments say no no the changing isn't important, just your walk with God well. If your walk with God isn't, coming. Out into your actions, there's something wrong with your walk with God and, we. Have to insist on that to go back to our previous discussions. Of the image of God and man and the whole concept of the New Jerusalem, God. Deliberately. Put us in relationships, with people in. Hard, relationships. With people so that we can grow so we can be challenged, though we can learn to, hope and to humble ourselves and, out. Of that process things. Happen, things. Like marriages. And babies, and schools, and hospitals, and, paintings. And music, and good beer and wine and, pizza. Never. Forget the pizza. Yeah. Our friend Maggie. The, artist who us I cover. Art has. A saying. From. The Polish she has a Polish, grandmother who, would say Poe Maluku, and I've probably totally, mispronounced. It but it means inch by inch and, so, it's kind of one of her motto is inch. By inch should we get there and with. That I think we have to transition to recommendations, because. We're out of time so Greg. Do you have a recommendation at. Hand. Brian. Do you have I. Have. A list that I started keeping for. You and. This is one that I've actually. Thought of recommending. For like the past three episodes, and every single time something, else happened that week that was like I have to share this instead so. This.

Week I am recommending. Cast-iron. Pans, and oh, yeah pencils. Of that kind because they are amazing. And I will never cook a steak on anything else ever again. Okay. Well. You, know what, we. Just were forced to get a new frying pan because we were using our old one at super high temperatures, only appropriate for. Cast iron. So. We have now, become. More conscientious, about using, our cast iron skillet. So you're we've, adopted your recommendation, before you even made it. But. I'm going to go I'm going to change. Things up and record the recipe, oh yeah. It's it's, asparagus. Jane. Like asparagus look, I do not I just like asparagus. It. Depends, on the day. Try. This if. You take your asparagus and you all know how to do that you break it in the right spot and throw away the hard woody stems and then. You chop it up and, about you know think. An. Inch, yeah I'm looking at my finger where it bends. Somewhere. They're a little less than it you chop it up and. You. Mix, some butter, and, some, olive, oils a little bit at the bottom of a skillet you get it begin to get it hot you. Put in your spare igus and then. You. Scrunch. What's the word looking, my daughter all. Right another garlic, press. The garlic you press thing compress some garlic into it garlic, as I was good and, then, lemon. Juice. Really. Important, lemon juice and you can even throw in some lumens, you can also at this point also throw in some mushrooms, if you don't mind mushrooms mushroom slices that is and then. The, thing that really sets it off red. Pepper flakes, don't. Sprinkle, them in liberally, and then. Depending on how softer, you need personally, for the asparagus to be my wife likes it very crispy to. Me that's not cooked. Family. Discussion. There okay. Cook it as much as you need to cook it and. The. Taste is wonderful, and I think even people who don't generally, like asparagus, by the time you're done with the limit the garlic, and the red pepper flakes. Doesn't. Know it's asparagus anymore, it's, just great and how does this, you, saute, it whether it's saute okay, you know you. Butter and. Olive oil, now. Where, this really came from is this was a recipe for shrimp. You. Put fresh shrimp in you just you know flip it a couple of times and pull it out but. As I was doing I said well, I have this asparagus what happens, if and it worked great so there's. My recommendation. A recipe, for. People, who want to plant, any way to use asparagus, emily, find. A way to like, asparagus at all. I found. It so good and I don't like asparagus or, mushroom so you know it sounded good when I think, oh yeah. Those asparagus, in the mushroom. My, recommendation. Is the. Bullet Journal actually. I'm going to nestle, that inside of a larger recommendation. For the blog website, redeeming. Productivity. Which. Is kind of a, Christian. Productivity. Blog as you, might have guessed from the title, but.

I Actually wrote, up a summary, of how I use the bullet journal system for. Productivity I don't. Know I guess it's real, real, nerdy you know sometimes, when it's like oh yes this is the system that I use to organize my life and get everything done, but. The, bullet journal is the single, most helpful. Tool that I've been able to use in the last five years, to. Help me be more faithful in each of my callings. Helps. Me not forget things that I'm supposed to do helps. Me to remember who I need to reach out to I live. A long distance from a lot of my friends so I have. A little list of like oh when was the last time I talked to so-and-so I should call them and. It's just a wonderful tool it's very flexible. For a lot of needs so I'll put my link to the explanation, in the show notes there's. Also a book called, the bullet journal system by writer Carol which. I will link as well. Where. You're discern oh goggles as you. But. The system I have found to be a great, blessing so, the bullet journal I may, have a couple recommendations that require the discerner goggles. Yeah. I. Think for everyone listening the assumption, here is that you're always where you're just sort of goggles, and that just, because we think something's cool doesn't, mean we don't know, the problems with it it's, just that we think. That. We are wise enough to, avoid, them but you can point it out to us if now if you even mentioned this you're at league with the devil you can. You could tell us in an email. In. Our email INBOX but, you can reach halting, towards ion at gmail.com. You, can also visit our website if, you like how's, that very transition, anchor. FM, / halting toward Zion you. Can like our Facebook page we, post, our episodes, there weekly and all of our show notes are there you, can send us a message there if you want as well that, works just as well as the email address, you. Can support us if you like by buying, books through our Amazon links in the show notes or, by, giving us a one-time gift through, PayPal, PayPal, dot me slash vaulting, toward Zion, recurring. Monthly gift if you would like, to do that you can, find that button on our home page talk. To me on Goodreads send me all kinds of good book recommendations. I think. That's it thanks for being here guys I really appreciate. This time I really, enjoy, talking with you. Thanks. Also to David our producer and my lawfully-wedded husband, thank. You so much for listening see you next week.

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