30 Days at Lake Atitlán Guatemala - Everlanders see the World!

30 Days at Lake Atitlán Guatemala - Everlanders see the World!

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Welcome back, Everyone! In this video, we show you around Lago Atitlán in Guatemala! [Kara] So Lake Atitlán was pretty high up on our list of things we wanted to see and do, As I'm sure it is for many other travelers. [Jason] We’re staying at a place called Pasaj Cap Rentals, they primarily have beautiful, beautiful houses overlooking the lake, with infinity pools and gorgeous views of the volcanoes on the other side of the lake. But they also have provisions for a few Overland rigs like ours which has been really nice to have a base camp to hunker down while we explore the other Villages around the lake. So we’ve seen lots of warnings online and on iOverlander that the road down into San Marcos is very steep with lots of switchbacks and if you are a big heavy truck you can burn up your brakes coming down. So we took that advice to heart and put her in low range and just used the engine braking on the way down.

And we got down here without too many hassles. And then a few tight turns to get through some small towns to get to where we are now. You wouldn't want to be in anything bigger than us in my opinion to get through those towns with very tight corners and tight, narrow streets.

[Kara] So, as you’ve probably guessed from our long drought of videos, we have been busy, we have been filming all around the lake and we thought it would be better to do one all-encompassing video of the highlights that we’ve seen. [Jason] Yeah, We met a couple here named Jan and Bill. and they’ve been vacationing at Lake Atitlán for the last eight years.

Three or four months at a time, so they've had lots of time to tour around the lake and give us some really good suggestions on the sorts of things we might like to see. Also, they suggested that we get a private boat and take a chartered boat to some of the little Puebla’s that aren't normally served by the boat system around here And, they were big into hiking and they took us on some hikes through coffee plantations and to other little Pueblas in the area. The first thing on the list was our hike to Jaibalito, and the only way to get there is to take the little trail around the lake or to take a water taxi. The Water Taxi is the common way to get around the lake, it is about 10 quetzales to hop from town to town.

And if you want to go all the way across the lake it's 20 quetzales which is about $2.50 So when we did the hike we walked there and we boated back! But it's a gorgeous hike, right beside the lake. [Jason] We crossed paths with several of the local ladies wearing beautiful handmade gowns, hauling more wood that I would want to haul on my back. And then we stopped at a great restaurant.

Some fellow names Hans from Germany, he came here years ago and set up his little restaurant in the forests of Guatemala somewhere, so, that was a nice treat. So, Bill and Jan told us that it’s tradition to go to “church” on Sundays so we took a water taxi a few times to San Pedro. They've got a place called Smokin’ Joe's BBQ, it’s kind of an American Style BBQ joint that does Smoked Pulled Pork, Ribs, Chicken, Steak, and Hamburgers We did a members-only video on that if you’re interested, and a member, you can click up here, check that link out. [Kara] One of the most iconic things we wanted to see in Guatemala was the Semana Santa procession in Antigua. [Jason] Unfortunately, we had it on pretty good authority that due to Covid, it was canceled yet again this year. But we heard it might still be happening in some of these little Puebla’s around the lake, so we gave it a shot in San Juan, and lo and behold when we got there, they were just starting to lay these carpets out on the street.

[Singing in the Church] Semana Santa is the Easter Festival where the cobblestone streets are laid with carpets that adorn the processional route, and it begins at the church and passes through the main streets of the town. Residents begin early in the morning by laying out these beautiful carpets, usually made from pine needles, fruits, flowers, and other native plants to create a beautiful, fragrant carpet. In more recent times the carpets are made from dyed sawdust and templates made from thin wood or cardboard. [Kara] The carpet’s designs reflect the Mayan traditions, biblical symbolism, and scenes from nature.

And all the time the detail to attention and the work that goes into making the carpet is considered to be sacrificial, as once the procession passes it is all trampled and destroyed. [Jason] It seems to us that certain families are responsible for sections of the route as it passes in front of their house or business. The style or pattern of the carpet changes periodically every few hundred meters and we were very happy to be invited to participate in laying down a few sections of the carpet.

[Street Music Playing...] [Kara] Unfortunately, we are unable to see the procession in the evening because the last boat to Pasaj Cap leaves at 5 p.m. But we still got to be involved with putting it together and we still got to see it all happening so we're pretty happy with that! [Kara] Next, my most favorite thing, Coffee! [Jason] Bill and Jan Suggested a hike where we commission some Tuk Tuk’s to take us to the next town, where we would jump in the back of a pickup truck or Colectivo. And head up the mountain switchbacks to Santa Clara, and then hike along the Ridge, and then down the mountain through all the Coffee Plantations or Coffee Finca’s, Coffee Farms.

And we were very lucky because the coffee shrubs were all in bloom. Which is only a 3-day event, they are only blooming for three days. And it was a real treat, we got to taste the coffee cherries, and spit out the little beans inside. And from there we hiked all the way to the bottom to San Juan, where we had lunch at a little seafood place, but the video speaks for itself, Kara did a great job putting this together...

So let’s Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage. [Kara] Almost to the top! [Kara] There’s the view Right there! Whoo Hoo Beautiful, Beautiful… [Music] [Kara] Here you can see the coffee beans starting, and the whole field is flowings and it’s only going to have flowers for 3 days, and then it’s done for this year. [Jason] Do you want to try one? [Kara] Yeah, Sure! The Fruit is good! Cool! That’s Fun! [Kara] That ridge is where we came from, all the way down the mountain, all the way through the coffee fields, and we're back in town. [Kara] Alright, here we are in the town of San Juan, going to go look for some lunch! [Kara] All right if you can see, we started over there this morning and then Tuk Tuk and then took the truck up here, and then hiking up to there… [Kara and Abuda] Mixed, Shrimp, Fish, Oyster, Snail, Octopus, and Crab. [Kara] Oh, you have a whole fish-ish… Wow, with the head and everything! [Abuda] How does it taste? Like Mud? [Anna] Not very Tasty [Jason] How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 37? [Anna] 1 to 5? Ohhh What!! [Abuda] No, 1..5??

On a scale of 1 to 37, it’s what? [Anna] Oh, Ok 10,… 10 - 15! [Kara] Mixto Ceviche, that’s the Medium! [Jason] On a scale of 1 to 37, this spicy ceviche is… … is Spicy! [Laughter] 35 or 36 for sure!! [Kara] But clearly if we want to see the whole lake we are going to need to speed things up a little bit, so we had a young guy recommended to us that could take us around the whole lake. [Jason] Normally there are a bunch of little towns around the lake that don't have a “normal” boat schedule for the boats that go from town to town picking people up. They don't stop at the little towns and so we called him on WhatsApp and arranged for him to come the next morning and take us all around the lake.

We gave him an itinerary of all the highlights of places we wanted to see. And then we split the cost with Abuda and Anna, Our friends will see here shortly and then arranged for them to fix up the next morning. [Kara] Why so stressed? [Jason] Yeah, Annie, Why so stressed?? [Anna] We’ve never tried to fly the drone over water… [Jason] Do you want to smile and wave at the drone, like the Titanic girl? [♫ Copyright Dodging Music] [Kara] Our first stop was Santiago Atitlán which is directly across the lake from where we're staying and when we arrived at the dock we are met by Miguel who offered us a tour around the town at a price that we couldn't say no to. This is our guide for the day, Miguel, he's going to show us around Santiago Atitlán and we're going to go see a couple of cool things, Maximón? [Miguel] Maximón, The Viewpoint, The Peace Memorial of the Civil War, The Washing the Clothes, Laundry, and the Chruch. To finish the tour, possibly walking in the town for the market, possibly a small market today. Welcome to Santiago Thank you!! [Miguel] This is Volcán San Pedro Its height is 3020 meters above sea level.

The end of the lake is here in the bay, and it’s 18km from Panajachel to here. And the lake in total is 130 square kilometers. And there are different fish in the lake, today there are only 4. One is the Tigerfish, that’s an important fish, it’s a big fish.

Another is Mohara, It’s naturally [native] in the lake. And Tilapia. [Miguel] Oooo Ooooo OOooo totoo Oooo [???] [Kara] What is it?? Loch Ness Monster or Ogopogo? Every lake has one! [Jason] Every deep lake! [Miguel] This one is different colors of corn for the tortilla… [Miguel] This is an important to God in Santiago. The name is Maximón.

In Santigao his name is “Ri Laj Mam” This is the Grandfather, it’s for respect. For example, this family does not live in Santiago. Different families say in here. For one [prayer] ceremony, possibly for money, for love, for… I don’t know, for business, for health. For different petitions. [requests] [Miguel] How long are you staying at the Lake? Two Days, Three Days? [Kara] No, Maybe Two Months… [Miguel] TWO Months!!! Thank you so much, for the visit.

For visiting Santiago. I Love you Santiago. Thank you people so much for the visit.

I am Mike Tyson.[???] Goodbye Friends! [Jason] Okay, That was Santiago Atitlán, I hope you guys found it interesting. El Capitan is warm in the boat up. And now we head for the next town, the name of which I do not remember, but we will find it shortly... The next stop on our list was San Antonio Palopó, a town best known for its Blue Ceramics and its distinctive style of clothing Are you getting emotional? Are you Crying? [Kara] No, no….

Maybe a little… [♫ Music: Don’t take advice from me, don’t take advice from anyone] [Kara] This makes me nervous in here, With my backpack, I feel like I could take out a whole row [shelf]. So this place is known for it’s blue ceramics. [Jason] Do you need a coffee Cup? [Anna] An Espresso cup for you! Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, Careful! [Kara] Although we kind of have a Policy, “Nothing in the Truck that could break” [Anna] Yes, So do we! We have this. [Kara] I think these go with our “Truck Decore”… LOL We don’t have a decore… [♫ Music] [Jason] A Market… Oh Cool!!! Shrimp! [♫ Music: Don’t take advice from me, don’t take advice from anyone] [Jason] Going to see if we can get Kara some shirts… [Jason] Like these CareBear! [Jason] How much are these? [♫ Music: Don’t take advice from me, don’t take advice from anyone] [Kara] Next, we stopped at Santa Catarina Palopó for a quick little snack and tour the town which is known for its beautifully painted buildings.

[Kara] Santa Catarina, posiblemente some lunch? [Jason] Posiblemente! [Kara] Okay, Beautiful… The place looks great. Okay, Let’s See… Drinks Mmmmmm…. Salads And, suppers! Alright, Looking Good. [Kara] Some little Shrimpies… [Kara] Fried Bannanas? Or Plantains? [Abude] Uhhhh… “Platanos fritos” Okay! Looks Good! [Abude] Gebratene Bananen auf Deutsch! [Kara] Okay, we just had an awesome meal here now we're going to go explore the town.

And this town is known for its beautifully painted houses. [♫ Music: There's a reason that I like you, That I write you all these love songs] [♫ Music: that when I close my eyes, I get lonely when I can’t take my hand and reach you] [♫ Music: to remember how I found you. When you’re here, I’m stronger than I am.] [♫ Music: And I keep writing music, sometimes it makes me happy,] [♫ Music: sometimes it makes me mad, but I haven’t lost it yet.] [♫ Music: I feel it in my face, Yeah…] [♫ Music: I read it my mails, Yeah…] [♫ Music: I feel it in my face, Yeah…] [Jason] The next stop was Panajachel or Pana as the locals call it.

We wanted to the little Nature Preserve/Reserve there, and they have a butterfly exhibit/dome with the many different varieties of Butterflies in there as well as a monkey exhibit. So we wanted to check that out. But first, we had to get from the boat docks to the reserve. [Street Vendor] Hey Man, Do you want a hummingbird? [Jason] No, we have one like this already, we got it for a birthday gift… There are two [tuk tuks] over here!! We need two!! Okay, Where are you going? Reserva Atitlán! We can do 3 in the back and one in the front… How much? 10q per person! [♫ Heavy Metal Racing Music] [Kara] Whoo Hoo!!! Thank you! That was fast! [Jason] You need a Turbo though! [Driver] ROFL [Kara] Alright! We are at the Eco Park… Which one are you? The Yeti?? [Jason] yup, I’m the Yeti! Except he’s 8400km from here… [Kara] What!!! False Advertising… [Jason] It’s a long hike.

[Kara] Okay, we won’t do that today. Monkies, Butterflies, All sorts of gorgeous things… [Jason] SD Card number two!!! [Kara] So much happening today! It’s an exciting day… Okay, Into the butterfly dome! Okay, Go for it! [Jason] No letting out the butterflies! Oh Wow… [Kara] Hello little guys, how you doing? It definitely looks like eyeballs. Watch out for them on the ground! [Anna] It’s so nice! [Kara] What do you think? Do you think our viewers love to see butterflies? [Jason] I hope we can capture what we’re seeing. [Kara] If you haven’t seen our last butterfly video, go check it out! Oh Wow! This is a see-through butterfly, [Glass Wing Butterfly] That’s wild, you can see right through them! Incredible. To the Monkies! Oh, Man… This is shockingly bouncy!! [Jason] It’s nice to be able to see them in a semi-natural habitat and not in a glass box [Kara] We’re done at the eco-park and we’re just heading to Hotel Atitlán.

[Kara] Alright! This place is FANCY, guys… I don’t even know what to order… [Anna] Surf and Turf!!! [Kara] Wooh! That looks great! [Anna] We’re Surfn’ Turfn’ [Kara] Not me, I just want to be included, I just have fish tacos… [Jason] That is one of the best shrimp in recent history! [Anna] So definitely a 37/37, Right? Very Good!... 36 and a half!! [Kara] Woohh!! That’s the highest rating we’ve ever had! [Jason] Wait, I gave it a 37! [Kara] Well, from her… [Anna] Yeah, from me, you know, I was always rating under 30… Ha ha This is really good, really good… [Kara] Wow, that looks so good. [Jason] So as you can tell we kind of ran out of time in Pana, after the wildlife sanctuary we went to the Hotel Atitlán, where we had a beautiful supper… But after 10 hours of jumping from boat to boat and town to town capturing videos for you fine folks, we were just knackered, so it was time to head back… Speaking of fine folks, check out this list of “Fine Folks”. These are our YouTube channel members, their support allows us to sit in the truck and edit videos for hours and hours and hours on end. We realize that it's the support of those who "can" that make it possible for us to make videos for everybody who "can't". So thank you guys very much.

why don't the non-members amongst you pick one of these names and thank them down in the comments below. We sure appreciate you guys and thanks so much for watching full see you next time! Bye [Jason speaking over loudspeakers] Okay, just want to remind everyone to subscribe to Everlanders and leave a comment down below, tell me what you thought of the video. Thank You!

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