35. "So, you guys eat the beef?" Sailing in Lau Group of Islands, Fiji


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I. Hope. The hell is happening. Okay. Did you kill did you kill the back. Ow so, you. Guys see the beef. From. Silva, Fiji's, capital we. Sailed East to the law group of islands, where, our friends, from catamarans, met cozy suave and Invictus, were waiting for us in one of the most spectacular bays. Of the South Pacific. You. Fiji's. Bay of Islands is one of the world's most beautiful Anchorage's. In the remote log group of islands on the, northern, side of the now Beliveau, island insider. Lagoon protected, by a barrier reef are lava tunnels, and mushroom, rocks caves. And tidal pools, spectacular. Corals and marine life white. Sand beaches and turquoise waters. Tall. Coconut, palms and wild papayas. We. Explored, the bay with our kayak paddling, through the rock lava tunnels. There, was a small hidden cave in the rocks we could enter with our kayak at high tide the. Walls inside, the cave were covered, with graffiti. After. More than six, months we, were back in the warm tropical waters, of the coral reefs. While. We were admiring the little Nemo's and Dory's playing, hide and seek in the corals my, dad was chasing, a larger, parrotfish with his heart flew. I. Trained. Yeah, I'm happy turning. I'm, for, you I'm, okay. Okay. To. To give it to you on the beach that you can play with it Oh. In the evening, we made a fire on the beach with mattresses 100, victus like the good old times it's, great to have both friends, and share with them so many unforgettable. Moments. The, next day we decided to do something about this vertical, rocky shores right behind their boats, so, first recline, them. Well. Ramaiah. I. Live. In LA. Then. Jill attached, a rope from the top of the rocks to his boat and made a zipline. So. What's the thing you're holding. Finally. We jumped, and it, was really terrifying. Me. And my friend Sam were sure we were gonna die because, it was not a very safe activity. Not. Far from where the boats were anchored we found the saltwater swamp, landlocked, in one of the rocks and, went for a swim. The, water inside the swamp was murky with soft mud on the bottom hard. To swim through the mangrove roots. We. Didn't see much life here. But. Then completely. Unexpected. A bright, orange and blue nudibranch. Nudibranch. SAR sea slugs stunningly, beautiful, literally. These. Brightly colored creatures, are toxic, they, use chemical, weapons to, kill their prey and to take out other creatures, who threaten them the. Slugs eat deadly, chemicals, and stockpile, the most toxic compounds. For use on their enemies. On the, northeast side of a now Bolivar, is a golden, sand beach with palm trees and, beautiful shallow, corals. One. Day we've heard dogs barking, and saw a cow in the water and men with machetes, chasing, the cow my. Mom together with Steph Jill, and Sam from Afridi's wall jumped. In the dinghy and went to see what's happening. What. The hell is happening. You. Want to kill the cow there. Was many dogs. Ok. Did you kill video killed the cow. Here. And. The dog did you find the dogs. Eventually. The men killed the fugitive, cow after more than 12 hours of chasing, it all around the island but. They lost their dogs. No. No we. Just came today here ok, and then we heard the dogs. But, did this cow escape why, did you chase it all day. There. Is a farm but. The cow escaped. So. You. Guys eat the beef yes. The. Village, make. A make a call, yeah, wait for to. Fight, but on the other side on the other side of yeah. Right. Over to the beach and load, all our cows. Some. Beef okay. This. Afternoon. Okay. All. Right. This. Was probably one of the weirdest, experience we've ever had. Thank. You so much. With. The machete and. When. Did you start in the morning what time. They've. Been chasing the cows instead o clock in the morning and, it came, up 7:30.

In The evening so. We gave them some bread. What else it. We. Were trying to save the cow and, now we're so happy. Said. Okey dokey smokey why should I take what's wrong please, save the cow and then oh. Don't. Eat some meat my. That's. It I'm and. I'll just give you pleasure, oh. The. Men we helped to brought us a lot of meat and my mom cooked ragu for everyone. Boiling. The meat for a few hours, adding vegetables. It. Was delicious. We. Had ragu five times in the next couple of months. Well, this, was our great adventure, and Fiji's bay of islands hope, you enjoyed it we, surely did best. Times with awesome friends in an amazing, place and a runaway cow what. More can you want. You.

2018-03-31 06:49

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Написахте ли нещо на български в тайната пещера с графитите?

We are all Animals ! . peace and love .

Be kind to the Animals ! . peace and love .

Tripping BaLLS.......BRITCHES....

A great vid Maya. Well done!

Excellent vid ya'll.

So good to see you all again. You've got to meet my friend Harold if you go back to Vanuatu. He lives aboard Cassie in Port Vila. You guys would have a great time together.

What a magical place on the Earth ... those islands and caves are magnificent! And, Maya ... with your head-wrap and funky sunglasses, you’re definitely Ivo’s daughter alright ... a chip off the old block. You’re all looking so healthy and well ... and are obviously enjoying your adventures to the fullest. Thank you for taking us along ...

maya your dad is the man hha... that zipline looked awesome , and fresh beef mmmn cant ask for more... bless Fata Morgana

Awesome video. Great job. Travel safe and always be well. :-)) Blessings to you all.

We are all cosmopolitan ! .

Germans, French and Bulgarians travelling and living together in peace and harmony . A good example ! . We are all siblings ! . And we are 13.8 billion years old travelling together 92 billion light years across the cosmos . We are all connected/ENTANGLED.

Journey Of Man; A Genetic Odyssey ! . We are all came from san people of kalahari desert of Africa . Remember Remember ! .

We are on this earth for one reason and one reason alone !

The fish at 5:52 is amazing!

Yes, beautiful blue fish!

LOL, you harpooned a "sea" cow. Nice video as usual guys, thanks and best from HKG

haha :) This was so weird! We saw a cow swimming in the sea and started chasing it!

Yes , I have done my research . I have looked high and low and in depth , from the beginning to the end , and checked and rechecked all the evidence and my results are that . I am 100% certain , sure , positive . I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Marlena and Julie are ANGELS . I take my example from children ''PURE'' full of peace and love and empathy . That is before we brainwash and contaminate them with our education system , our religion , our culture , our nationality , our economy , our class system and our bigotry and our unconsciousness and ignorance , and we become unkind . Which only serve to divide us within and without , we must be integrated to make whole . If we remember our childhood , we will fill the earth with peace and love and kindness and unity . United we stand divided we fall . Remember Remember ! .

I agree with everything you said , Except I am optimist realist .

I feel good .

TheOnecosmos go ahead, tell us how you feel....

Everything is beautiful

Agree 100% . The two little ones are angels. Also, I agree about everything else you wrote. We love this world, but we treat it badly, we treat badly each other, to the point it's too late. What can we do to change all this madness? We can become an example and a few others might change their ways or believe in something they thought impossible- thanks to one person or one family. We are a bit pessimistic with the way the things are in the world right now and the direction we are headed as a people. But there is something we can do about it- show that alternatives are possible. We need a different way of becoming united, different education system and economy. Let's see what the future holds.

WOW ! . I do not know what we will do without you , a life line to distant shores , you are definitely addictive . Outstanding camera work and narration and good performance from the cast and the extras . And very good nature documentary within the human interaction context of loving relationships of people and environment . Maya and children are so brave . The children and the parents of the boat people are special , they are free and beautiful and full of peace and love . I wish I was there .

Thank you for being you . I am positive that whatever you guys do you will be successful , and I will support you all the way . All the best , peace and love .

Thank you once again for your kind words and wisdom- you DO see the world. We have some exciting plans to continue inspire people for a more minimalistic sustainable way of life and alternative travels even on land, so hopefully we will continue this adventure even without the boat. Planing a sort of an Intentional Community, but I will be writing an article on that when the time comes.

It seems like Maya grew up overnight.....she did another great job on her narration of this neat episode. Thanks to all three of you!

Thank you! Yes, Maya is growing up too fast lately- teenagerhood... Not a kid anymore :)

Nothing fake on your videos , awesome love it!!

Keeping it real :) Thanks!



Just riding in the Kayak being towed by the dingy is adventure enough for me haha ^_^

This was insane! Our Belgian friends are awesome and with them and the Germans we had the best adventures :)

Wonderful music! Thank you!

Thanks :)

bay of islands and snorkeling in the reef, i liked. good work.

Thanks.......enjoyed that.

Thank you!

Wow! Great video!

Thanks Maya ....


You have to be the most AWESOME family on the planet!

So ... you hunt ocean moose by chasing them out of the ocean up into the hills then harpoon them. I learned something today ... are ocean moose still considered seafood if you harpoon them on land ???

If you are pescetarian, yes, than you can spear an ocean moose and eat it like sushi, even if you spear it on land :) This was my favorite comment- made my day!

Nice to watch your adventures again, and nice to hear your lovely accent again Maya. Safe travelling and hopefully view you soon.

Hi guys.

Hi :)

great episode just found the channel but now we have some catching up to do.

A potential human beings ! .

Brilliantly colourful animals

Affective Empathy “Look upon every being from within that being,and you will look, not with desire,but with compassion.” Peace and Love .

There is no such thing as an ocean moose ! . They have never chased them out of the ocean up into the hills then harpooned them ! . They were trying to save the animal from the dogs , first natural humane human instinct . Are ocean moose still considered seafood if you harpoon them on land ? . What nonsense ! . That was a frightened domesticated animal , chased by pack of dogs and men intent of killing with primitive weapons and terrorizing the animal and causing pain and distress against the animal rights ! . Yes you have learned something today Peace and Love ! .

yes on the burger King LOL

This is a beautiful saying. We had compassion for the animal, but also we understand and respect the locals and their ways and needs. We find it more noble to raise, kill and prepare your food (like in these small poor communities in Fiji), than buy it from the supermarket, not knowing how it was raised and killed...

This video is not recommended for vegetarians... Yes, first instinct was- save the poor animal. Second instinct- eat some beef soup :)

Everything we do we do it to ourselves ! .That is The Law of Attraction ! . peace and love .

You are an outstanding example of cooperation and collaboration and off grid sustainable living with minimum ecological footprint . I know that you all have compassion , peaceful and loving nature Ivo, Mira and Maya . I have seeing you save the coconut crab with babies on board and trying to save the cow , and much more . And the fish that was caught killed compassionately and more goodness . From the 1st EP to 35th EP I have seeing nothing but love and respect for Nature from you all , and a humble , original genuine unpretentious life . And freedom to explore to know to understand and to become . To see the world ( And this is the inner calling to us all , and this is your channels attraction ) . Most certainly it is much more noble to hunt, raise, kill and prepare your food . But we all have to observe the universal animal rights as well as human rights and environmental rights whether we are poor or rich . In fact poor developing countries need to observe this rights much more than rich developed countries . Natural resources are the richness of the poor . Because developed countries do not respect these rights , only exploitation . They use and abuse them for their own benefit and they are hell bent on destroying the earth . Corporatocracy , Idiocracy and Psychopatocracy takes no prisoners ! . Ultimately everything we think , we say , we do , and we feel , we become that , that is the sum total of our life , and that is our personality that will endure forever ! . Peace And Love .

''Yes, first instinct was- save the poor animal. Second instinct- eat some beef soup'' . I am with you on this , there is nothing wrong , I agree with you , highly commendable . My criticism was not about this .

True , I understand , peace and love .

I enjoy your videos very much. Just curious, how come you don't have videos of the journey during the storms? How does the boat handle the big waves?

thank you for this question! We try to avoid storms by carefully studying the weather forecast. But sometimes we do get caught. So far, we have experienced 4-5 storms and the worst has always been at night, when we cannot film because of the complete darkness. I have only filmed the wind speed meter and the barometer dropping at night, while the waves outside are impossible to film in the dark. A few times when we had bad weather during the day, filming was the last thing on my mind, so we just had to deal with other things. not filming. The boat is pretty tough in big wind and waves, stays stable and is easy to heave-to. We have done it a few times.

Bula! Love your channel!! Maya you are so blessed,great parents + great life = amazing human!

Hey, thanks!

TheOnecosmos + I can't help but ask..... You know bushlizzard was only joking right?

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