3 Cypriots 1 Dutch City: Exploring Den Hague

3 Cypriots 1 Dutch City: Exploring Den Hague

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Intro music We are going to Den Hauge We missed our train Typical Cypriots, we are getting the next one The weather is amazing, of course we are gonna be late, like how can you not? How can you not and our train is here, so bye bye After taking the wrong tram and wandering through the streets, we were finally able to find our airbnb And the street was named Berkstraat So guys, we are almost there I accidentally f*cked up with the adress He made us go six stops the opposite way, just to remind us we had to go the other way Move! I was just trying to help them to explore the city We are going So we had a few meetings and now we are going to go for a walk and to get Milenay something special Hello again guys, so we are kinda lost I do not know what is happening, Milenay found something but I do not think that it is relevant to finding our house oh it is a car it's a car so not relevant to finding our house I am doing the navigation Anyways we were just exploring the city, the place we live. It's actually quite outside of the main city center so the scene is quite different. We are really close to the Scheveningen beach, tough there is still some distance in between. but yeah Good morning guys. It is f*cking 6 AM and we do not know where we are going and we are late for the sunrise. Berk it's 7 AM. It is f*cking 7 AM? I don't know I still feel like it's 6 Whatever. What I am trying to say that we are lost,

we don't know where we are going,we are missing the sunrise because it looks like it already rose. But we are gonna try our best. My hair looks really ugly and my hands are a bit shaky so I am just gonna stop for a moment So yeah, okay. I will keep you updated about the situation. Guys we are at the beach, b*tch. so here we are, there are people out here and it is f*cking 7 What time is it? (Laughter) Re it's like 9 no it's not 9, it's 8:01 in the morning It's pretty nice, we woke up really early, you can see Era's excitement It looks good actually Guys! Where shall we walk? Maybe there? Noo to the beach re. the view is better there, but okay.

(Singing) Finally guys. I want to say good morning because I usually start my day around this time. So technically we started our day now. We are getting some croissants from the bakery, maybe coffee as well, I don't now. and we need batteries for our camera.

Yeah, we failed with the Instax We wanted to take polaroid pictures at the beach but we did not have any battery in the camera, it sucked. But yeah, we are going there. We left Era at the apartment. She is preparing bowls for us. We will see her when we get back. But we are walking to the shopping street now.

See you later. Guys, for today we got our ice coffees and did our groceries. But it is so weird that there are so many weird street names here. Like we had Berkstraat, we had Populierstraat- (Car noise) And now, we see Fahrenheitstraat. Why is it like this?These streets are weird. Okay so, this is breakfast made by Era. It looks so nice, it's amazing We are getting ready because we are hungry as f*ck.Where is Era? I can't see Era

I am in my PJs so I will take a nap. It's gonna be a fun day. It will be.

So guys we are back again, we are going to Den Haag Centrum They are so tired of me filming everything. And Era just woke up so she might feel like a bad b*tch right now. I am a bad b*tch sorry. Also after we are going to the beach and we are getting food. Yeah we are getting Five Guys today,which is the whole highlight of the trip for me.

We are excited! So we just got our food, our snacks. Look at this beauty,amazing. We decided on returning back to the beach after the morning. We went around the city center We gonna swim! These crazy chicks, they are trying to swim.

I do not approve this decision but I will try anyways. And also fun fact: We just realized that liman as in- what is λιμάνι in English? Harbour In Turkish it's called "liman" , by putting and "i" in the end of the word, it became Greek by saying λιμάνι. So we are learning something else today, something new. I'm trying to convince him to swim. I feel like I am gonna get hypothermia.

You are not gonna, look at the sun! Yeah but the water... Re (In a Cypriot accent) : You are a Cypriot or not? You swim or not? Hade! So guys, we made it to the beach and this is- Omg it's so sunny It was such a struggle, we had to walk- According to Milenay it was 5 minutes. She said one minute and we walked another five. Okay guys, this is the worst moment of my life. It's not! It's f*cking 15 degrees and we are gonna swim.

I won't get in too much but- they convinced me, but I don't want to... Oh my gosh. I am scared. Oh my god, it's happening. Oh my god, it's cold as f*ck.

Oh my- (freezing effect) Guys it's cold I can't! duude what 's wrong with you Two things: It is freezing cold, as f*ck. second thing,Milenay is talking to a girl that speaks Turkish. What the hell?! In the sea! I am gonna go in again- It's f*cking hurts- How-Why are you going in later... I wanna put my face in I am not gonna swear.

Guys call me p*ssy but I cannot do it. I am sorry. I am sunbathing. We are sunbathing together. But someone stole my pillow! I- B*tch that's my bag. We are just enjoying the sun. It's getting cold though.

And somehow the sea is coming closer and I am getting scared. 'Cause it comes closer and closer everytime I look at it. Guys, we left the beach.

and we are going to get the tram. Omg Berk look how pretty-show them Can you see?It's like a cute marina. I appreciate you for showing this to our followers Omg that sounds so funny. and we are still with Elena Guys, we just realized something. In Den Hague, transportation, even uber is way cheaper than Amsterdam Or maybe even Maastricht. I do not what do you think about that.

In Maastricht we only use buses so I cannot compare And also we figured a new (common) word, in Greek and Turkish: "Hassiktir" "ασιχτίρ" yeah And "fellah" "Φελλάχης" Don't call anyone fellah, that's racist. I will not. But when we say it in Greek we mean something different soo And meanwhile we are passing through a Turkish cuisine restaurant called Cadde Marina. Why the hell there is a restaurant called Cadde Marina in the middle of Den Hague? Guys, I want you to meet someone. Elena! say hi. Hi! So we are making a vlog for our trip.

Milenay you looks so weird right now. We met her at the beach and we are going back home But we cannot find the way We realized that she can speak Turkish after speaking in English for half an hour. Interesting. Guys, we got Five Guys!! Also, I just wanna say something. Seriously for the record. The first day we got here, Berk took us 8 stops further Because I made them take the wrong metro lt was the opposite direction.

So intstead of going towards our destination- we went against it. Why the f*ck are you hugging?! Because we love each other. You know what's happening right now? the avondclock (curfew) is upon us. We have to run (hurry).

How many minutes do we have? 37 and the tram that we have to board is gonna come in 11 minutes meaning that we also have to walk for 600 meters more so it is like - 600 meters is like 30 minutes walk. no It's what guys don't know. They don't know how to measure or count. And no direction. But guys we got Five Guys! Yeyy

2021-06-26 13:14

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