3 DAY DUAL SURVIVAL as ancient Scottish Highlanders

3 DAY DUAL SURVIVAL as ancient Scottish Highlanders

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Folks over, here is for Navi go see and look at them float. My. Boat stuff to find everything isn't it cool in Scottish, Highland, doing, some conditional, stuff and this guy knows all about it, I've hit demands, on Billy Moore yeah, if he, submits adapting to it I feel like I'm gonna have a the funny looking guy and. We're going on to Highlander, survival, expeditions. Smooth, fix our take. Care of nature. So, funny thing a lanky, Dutchman. And a feeling more. Like you like it. Do. You like that the, freedom, blue. You. Can't do that Josie's. So. This clients cape is pretty often it's, gonna rain we'll. Put our beds, in, among, here so. That hopefully. That's, fallen. Tree will protect us from the worst of the weather I could. Do the beds the Byerly and you can do the carpets. These, are invasive so don't mind killing me. Stop. In, the fetal position. You, remember, that long I. Was thinking I would sleep in here because I'm small and I. Get the benefit of being on, the cover but I'll be further away from the fire what, do you think I sleep. There huh yeah I'll say I'll make I'll put more in the bed. Oh. Fighting. Would never fight. I'm just gonna wet. They're feeling Giuli. I know when you're a certain, that me first, of all what you're saying fish and. I mean, the second time I thought you're saying dick stick so you're filling up your skills going. Brokeback. Mountain. Offend. A few but they're just like we, didn't hear that's like you have life yeah partly, I yeah. They, have never had a. Oh. Yeah. Let's get the knife Royal man. Quick. Very. Smooth. So, I've got like it's, a cordage, pine, resin these. Wax candl your. Flint all your starfish stuff and then underneath that bit later is your charred material. Traditional. Highlander, market. Yeah, based, off some stuff, that I've seen this is some of my own interpretation. Of course enough. We. May get some fun. Makes, a mobile flavor. They're all bits and pieces immunity, oh. Thank. You, is, it hot. Whoosh. Crash knife. So, I'm gonna char. Some material from our fire kit. Got. Some bits of cloth some, punk woods, so. Debatable. Often. People would, have charred cloth I think. As cloth was, pretty. Valuable it, would definitely been the. Last use of it so after it, was someone's, clothes for years it. Would have been a cleaning, rag for years you know so at. The very end of his life then probably people would have charred the cloth and I. Got, a nice, bit of punk woods here I'm gonna try that a next. Way of lighting. The fire and get that going. So, I'm carving, on, what Greenwood. Actually. Pretty hard. It's. Juniper. Right. It. It's. Not lovely. My rations. Oh he, spins a man. And, this basically how they make goat milk. You. Cover it also go. More mushi and release more starch mushi. Mushi aids but you want I always said, that and then didn't assess, don't. Say mushi, man it doesn't, mean something hadn't, you happy you. Know what it means though. Oh it's. On a win man for the win nothing, beats um gotta, shorts. It's. Just the arch we have. Put. In a bit salt is orange, making, competitions. No, yeah, me but, that's like you want to do it mad phone to get like that to creaminess, then you would soak it overnight. Really. Done yet. That's. Fit to. Put the shell, up the Americas, things. So, only oats behind. Them is wrong with. Them, because. It's an onion some, cured meats. Some. Types of soft, cheeses and, a panic bread that was a simple bread dough let's hear carbohydrate, if you want to kill cheese and some, iron there then. Get. Get one year cows and make a small hole in. One of their arteries if you make a precise, enough hole then you can like. Plant. The skin again and, it stops it bleeding. So, you can just like use it as a fat but. Open up fill. Your bowl with buzz it is. Their video comment, on that again. I smell gala. Yeah. It's getting pretty chilly, the. Highlanders, didn't have a, tarp or something so. We. Better be shelling, here probably, gonna be on an elf parade okay. So, your feet are there and then you basically back, towards it.

And. What about my dirty. Shoes then maybe. Take them off you. Ever then becoming. An old man. Talking. Eh. You have enough to bring it, and. It will be your heads and then back again so, that yes I'm still here, oh man. I'm gonna quit. Working. Well. Folksy, well. So, the most typical. Motivational. Item, of the Highlanders, was their killjoy. So. Technically. Is precursor, to the kill people. So, if you look up to some of historical, sources this is the way that they say the goods on and. As. You're, going to see I don't think it's tickly realistic, for being, in it and wild and. That's why I have felt loose tonight. I've. Come. Up with a way for an easier way to put it all in your head site under, leg distance, and then we start. You're near they're gonna be done there, start. Rolling it up a little bit so the feeling more was. There. So every. Day hikes. My clothing they're. Sleeping, blanket, was, there on Iraq and it was a way of parent, equipment. Plus. Your body though, you can, get. These fits and. Turn. Them into big pocket. And, then at the back of the kill you have all the complete so, that was all the the pool to it so, now. Walk up here. Perfect. Here. You could so, we're like this if. It, was a whole take this. Is that this. Is where is the, modern kilt as a vault from. The. Feeling more famous, evil is back and. You can use it as an anorak you can play over your shoulders. Just, get. And the, traditional, will became. We defied a lot of the natural oils met Lionel in so it would be pretty water. When. The weather gets really bad yeah the. Way the I wear it. Show. Them you can grab the, present. Fits all. The back. Part of the feeling more bring. Around you tie, it in place and then you've got a really large pocket, at the back that. You can use to carry equipment. Okay. Yo, you. Need to go for a new day. Okay. Let's. Get some breakfast oh and George. Man. So. Much firewood lab man oh. This. Ever. Okay. So we've passed, this, plant. This is a really common plant in the highlands and. To. Our Thailand ancestors, they knew it as the Mohan this. Is that one it's small okay a bit bigger and I'll have a purple, flower it could be used as an antiseptic the, leaves that, was used to split milk it so you can make butter so, that's why it's called butter war in English they believed to have magical properties one. Of them was a love, potion so that you, could pick, the plant and put it under your tongue and then, kiss the person that you fancied, and it would make them love you forever. So, today's. A special, day in the Celtic, calendar and. Today is belting, first, to me which, means the goddess. Beach is finally, walking up and. Carioca, winter is gonna. Sleep again and. This. Was a big. Day for people. Living the highlands, few hundred years ago they, would have had celebrations. Done some rituals and it. Was the beginning of the, summer ritual, where the. Men. Of. The village would. Stay and the valleys over summer. To, look. After the crops and plant the crops and the. Women and children would, drive the, cattle up to, mountain. Grazing, areas like this and live. In small, dwellings, called shillings and. So. This was part of an agricultural system that went on for hundreds of years and. You. Can still see some of these shillings, life today and in this area that we've just come in you, can see these. Sort of small, circles, of rocks dotted, around this flat area.

Cheese. Making, butter. Butter. Today, it's it's. Very quiet never, a rainy and. A bit. Julie's. Got a bit tangled than his fili. You. Have to support the Highlander, news not laugh at them. How. You feeling jealous. I, have, full of oats you mentioned, the early in the day that it was such, a tough life it must have been for those Highlanders. Exactly. We. Were tired. And woman. Energy and late I really find a good shelter or. Just by this river under under an, old tree Mike, it was wee bit chilly. Is. That so yep, Wow, cool stuff. With. The expert, watching, huh. Cool. Okay. Fire, lighting me. Make. Me spin me huh. I. Have, so much cattail. In my touch, cattail. Really, oh. Yeah. Give me a bit of cattail, for tinder expander. Only. Thing is not ready it's my, energy. Okay. Last, time I did. This mmm-hmm, what's with one hand miss, Lee it's an awful. Job. No. Look, at this guy being struggling. Yesterday. Was smooth over here oh man. Look. At this mess I had, a much more energy, yesterday. I've. Never been, so. Excited for porridge. Double. The time to get this isn't. Necessary, I, have. To stay with that man it's the Highlander, newbie, ha ha ha ha it takes a practice match yes but we got our first. Batting anyway nice, rice it could be dropped here and, yeah, it's top of there for net. Anymore. Anymore. Or plaid, or played, flat, like our great kilt. No. No way I'm sitting, down for some food man. I'm. Laying down. No. Be lots of ticks oh. Here. Goes my comfort, the. Appreciation. Yeah, and ruined, it man. No. Thanks, ok, it. Was a nice walk down nice nice, Scotland, is nice. Still. We have a handful, today huh. Hmm. It's. Not like a, big, piece a piece. Is right. They're. Enough enough there's, a river, your. Fish. Bigger. The area to pitch no, not, today at least. But. Well with. Not having the energy not. Fishing and I have never gonna give you more energy. I. Recognize. Okay enough. Any. More firewood. So. Good. Huh. Hey guys enough here. This. Is my bed a pillow. A. Sheepskin. Blankets. And shirt. Firewood. The. Night. That's. Julie's, bed. Yeah. He's a beautiful evening right now hopefully. It stays like this otherwise. We are gonna, get wet. Good. Man cleaning, enjoy. The autumn on here for you. How. Far is he. We. Slept good. Enough in blue touch these, all right. I saw. One time you turned yourself all the way through, the fire with your, feet yeah, what. Those pretty cool clear. Did the, Starsky and I it did get much colder, with. A lot more wood in the fire than yesterday mmm. So. We've. Been hiking, through some pretty, desolate. Terrain, and there's, not much in the way of wild, edibles and we've. Just finished our alt rations, and, we still got a big hike ahead of us and, but.

Just Next, to where we've been camping we've found some little. Baby pig nuts Pig. Nuts poking. Up and the, Highlanders would have eaten these if they had to so I these are pretty young at the moment I could be wrong but the plant is smaller than, the tuber is bigger because that's where it's getting this energy from let's, try doing them up it's, a bit of a knack to this. Because. They're the roots that. Go down to the tuber are very delicate so, you have to be very careful. Still. Quite a lot of effort, smaller. Carbohydrate. White. Root tips deadly gets thinner and thinner. The. Deeper this Dan. Alright, so there's a small pig nut. Off. The skin let, me try to draw these before do this nope but. It's just gonna save the day in calories. If. You added up pen rainy calories, I just did to dig it up they, are very starchy. It's. Pretty sweet, hmm, but. Nutty sweet. Nut peanut. I think it tastes like hazelnut no. Well. Too shabby any. Night wait we should dig up another one. Was. A nice camping place after all yeah I was, students. In rainbow no more, Floyd man, with the rain in these things is. Gonna be a tough time up probably. Gonna get heavy. Yeah, man what an experience. Was this look. At the shoot I. Can. Talk on a sudra. Fie. Fie fie fie really, more feed me more or plaid or plane, or, great kill I would wear it again in Scotland lofty project, yeah man I love what you're doing all the history stuff and. Discard. This nature have really enjoyed it so folks go, check out from dahveed Oh see he does really cool historic, stuff in Scottish Highlands and survival, stuff yeah I saw a lady a video of you it was really dope restful. Peaceful atmosphere in, Scotland, he doing his Highlander, stuff you should definitely go check it out video here in the corner or there there I think there it will be folks. Oh I see you're subscribing, to from diadochi and of course this movie and like. A comment, then see, you later. Smooth. Fix, our. Nice. One bye.

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Dope Collaboration with Fandabi Dozi! Check out his cool channel with Highlander Survival & History: https://www.youtube.com/fadabidozi . He made a beautiful highlander overnighter video recently: https://youtu.be/EXZEIuR-D6w Worth checking out:) P.S. Unfortunately, still a little Smooth Gefixt upload break: preparing for the Summer season with Dylan & Jager!

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You are waring some fine looking ancient!!!!! Scottish Highland boot's how ancient wer they. 6 month's or maybe even 12 months

beautiful nature :)

So I noticed right after J started screaming “Ticks” you bother we’re suddenly wearing some sort of material between your socks and and your kilts ( some sort of trousers?) Two thoughts 1 I always like to bring some sort of lightweight full length pajama pants. Something that even if it gets completely wet will dry quickly and even if it’s insulated value isn’t high it creates a distinct barrier between the cold air and your body while being loose enough to create an air layer close to the skin that body heat can quickly warm up. Even back when I was in the army I always packed an old fitted sheet ( or a fitted sheet made from a flat sheet with the sides folded in six to ten inches and sewn to creat sidewalls) they were ideal for everything from warming body wraps to bug barriers to emergency bandaging material to even a simple bug layer to a ground bed of boughs, grasses, and leaves 2 can’t imagine what the survival procedure would have been had J actually been screaming “dicks” while presenting himself to all of nature

I really like your filming - even the way you follow his movements. Well done!

I don't know... that lanky Dutch guy really REALLY seems like he would fall into first crevasse or spring his ankle two steps in. Something is wrong about him.

Great video! Keep it up guys!

Love the traditional Highland walking boots you both have.

Good job on the leave no trace.

Like als je Nederlander bent Like

5 years;p

Got it, good show, thank you+Smooth Gefixt

It was more about the Highlander experience then the Survival;)

You might be right;)

Loved this video, the traditional dress and landscape were wonderful. Nice to hear you’re going to team up with Dylan again!

Did the high elevation impact on your oxygen intake/ energy levels as well?

20:10 ish...when he laughs "at you" he's being friendly, it's a sign of growing kinship. Less formal/reserved, more relaxed and fun :) (I'm an Australian with Scottish heritage.)

Great video. I love the drone shots. That landscape is incredible.

One beautiful country you have their a hike across it would be wonderful

If ah canny hear ye how can ye sleep with that racket?

My brain can't even process the 'awesomness' in this feature. I envy you both the cold. I would trade this despicable constant heat and torturous sunshine for a bitter chill any day.

Two fruits

С утреца вы выглядите как моя бабушка.

Зато яйца проветриваются!Классный поход,юбчонки и везде свои плюсы!

It’s how Scots make porridge.

Any mate of Dozi's is worth a sub . Subbed Mate !!

How do you remove ticks from the groin area?

nasty those blood sucking ticks,like most things in life, beauty comes with a price,like the ying to the yan,love being in nature,thanks for sharing brother, love the drone footage,stunning never STOP loving,,bobble,xxxxx

Love the video and especially the scenery. I've a question for the Scots laddies, as opposed to folks such as myself who proudly have the heritage. If a garment looks like a kilt and is worn as a kilt but it isn't tartan (plaid) what is it called? I contend that it is a skirt and the man who wears it becomes a crossdresser whether he intends to do so or not. The last bit was over the top but I don't see it as qualifying as kilt. What say you?

Cracking video what a stunning location Scotland is atvb jimmy

Stunning landscape and drone work. Between that and the history, subscribed!

Not to many ladie viewers here unfortunately;)

Didn't even give a nod to the selkie?...lol

Get Dave and Cody back !

scotland was covered with forest then it was destroyed to run grazing farm animals

Great video. You guys are good, looks like you guys had a good time. Just subscribed.

Got it, good show, thank you@Smooth Gefixt

@Smooth Gefixt You're very welcome, thank you too

ich liebe ein muschi

2 weks duo suvival

Gay boys.

Just found this video and subscribed. And will subscribe to Fandabi Dozi. Very nice! I'm from Kansas in US and this historical info as well as the scenery was fascinating.


this is great however traditional Scots would not be wearing work mans gloves! & whats with the leggings? My local Scots Mark would be rolling about laughing spilling his beer watching this. Well done for getting out there lads.

"I don't have the energy to fish" *starts chopping up an entire tree*

I liked it better when they produce fire on the primitive way.

Afther eating a handful of oats energy was popping again for an hour or two;)

I am a german, and I understood! ;-)

Hey dude nice video, are you going to Castlefest? Would be cool to meet u there

I get the feeling the dutch guy has a big swinging dick

SOOOTH gefixed jonge!!!!!

A kilt in the bush is the way to go!.. that's if you want a tick infested nut sack..


I agree, I would expect that charred punk wood would have been the main char method instead of cloth. They both work great though. Love this video guys, I don't know how I never saw this channel until now.

@Smooth Gefixt google it

No idea about that;)

Seeing you whittle on that wood towards yourself, made me feel really uneasy. Be careful, brother! Work with that knife going away from your body, please.

cool good stuff guy !

Which camera did you use

@The Wasatch Gear Review I've always just used my thumb against the back side of the blade. I don't carve too often, but I've never had to pull towards me. Especially on something as simple as a spoon.

In carving there are quite a few pull techniques that are necessary.

Just beautiful

Makes me want to visit Scotland again!

i bet theres allot of good active mushrooms there

I got the feeling that your from the Netherlands

Yo! Whats up? Are you still getting along?

In the middle of filming now. New uploads in few weeks

@Smooth Gefixt Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to hear if things were ok.

Pignut. Natures hidden gem.

Beautiful editing skills :)

Thank you for sharing these beautiful experiences with us. I can't imagine what a hard work it must be to record in those conditions and to edit the raw footage and transform it into a masterpiece like this. We appreciate your work and wish you the best. Stay safe please you scare me sometimes >.

Was that char cloth you used on your flint steel?

Nvrm you just answered that lol

I was waiting for you guys to pull out a 9 iron and start whackin round rocks into the distance lmao Bagger Vance come walkin up out of no where and for no reason make it just friggin down poor on you... Lmao

Only real men can wear kilts.

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Mushy (just spelt differently) means the female down under body part.

*I would never wear a Kelt for camping.* Imagine bugs and snakes crawling inside your Kelt and up the butt it goes even if you're wearing underwear.

Hi there im your new subscriber from indonesia

You know, they call it a kilt, because that's what happens to those who call it a skirt! LOL

Where you guys at?

Do you guys have mosquitoes?

Surely they survived off more than just porridge? Should've killed a bird or goat/sheep or some wild animal out there

since many of us run on 6 hours of sleep. what do you guys do when out and not filming or making shelters. we are so used to doing things, boredom can set in. read a book? wood carving?

Guys have you stopped making videos? I will unsubscribe if you have. Regards.

You might be missing out if you do so;) Sorry for the lack of uploads atm

Really cool video did you ever think about starting a bushcraft school?

all day to carve a ......stick

@Smooth Gefixt GLad to find out that You're ok , I was getting worried . Take Your time , Be Safe :)

such a brave hearts ......with ants crawling up the legs hi hi hi!!!!!

Please upload soon

Check out Fandabi Dozi, he does bushcraft & highlander schooling

Maybe Dylan;)

Where are the videos

We miss you guys,

Hey Julius ...I just want to say I miss you ... I literally have a crush on you

Hello again guys! It's been quite a while since I've been active here! Incredible how your channel has grown... I'm happy to see you continuing your amazing journeys! Spectacular video as always!

Just checking in to see if You guys are still alive :)

I miss Dylan. Dylan I love you man, can't wait to see you in the vids again!

we need new vids please

Wow, nice to see you watching small guys as well :D

They have each other’s hairy legs to stare at all day long with those sexy skirts!

Going to do any winter survival videos this year?

I wish I could come to Scotland and meet you seem like a cool guy

great to see this channel being collaborative with other channels, I would say its helped the content more because it's something different and for a viewer makes it more interesting

Just kidding lmao

Are they gay?

Something to get me through Droughtlander. Thanks.

Droughtlander, what about that?

23:08 I know he's just blowing on the tinder in order to get it lit, but is it just me or does it almost look like Julius is making out with the tinder? I about choked on my soda when I saw that and couldn't help but think that he was going to catch his hair on fire when it finally went. Lol.

It's still a kilt. Historically, plaids and solids were worn according to personal preference. It wasn't until the mid-nineteenth century that a specific pattern began being associated with each family.

2 Scots out in the night for a camp! How many thousands of times did this happen?

I love this video! So great and with the extra bonus of continuous water sounds!

Nice,you must be ironic about the water sound;)

@Smooth Gefixt "Droughtlander" is what Outlander book and tv show fans call the period between books and tv seasons. The Outlander books are the story of a highlander in the 1700s. Huge fan base.

That wood collection method is wrong; use wood that is dead and fallen if you must take wood from the land, be sustainable and "leave no trace" so far you've not done that. Tom you should know better man. That kilts too high man, on the knee. We're not in the 18th century we have lighters and matches now, it's okay to use them as it is a magnifying glass.

We only used dead wood actually, but wood from the ground is wet and not great for burning;) Leave no significant impact is the moto:) Cheers, Julius

beautiful film Julius! prachtig , prachtig!! the clothings, the landscape, the music, the historical atmosfeer, as a theatre designer i love it so much! well done guys!

Do you guys remember the camera tragedy? *Melt*

Damn I was hoping they didn’t have ticks in Scotland. That’s why I only camp in the winter lol plus it’s just...quieter if that makes any sense lol

Wooow just Wow you guys are amazing I feel entertained to the max, watching you! ceep it up!

Lots of ticks...no thanks. I'll wear pants and spray on the DEET. Otherwise looked like a good time.

Was wondering what the 18th cent. highlander used for suture material.

I love this kind of stuff! I just stumbled upon Fandabi's channel, and through him, your channel..subbed to both! Beautiful country, and very interesting to see how our ancestors lived as well. I will be enjoying myself as I go through your other videos and get caught up! Thank you very much!

I can't believe how well fandabi functions on so little food. I can do nothing all day and still need 20x that amount of food. I'm 6'2", 95kg (not fat)

Us too on the normal days;)

I dont get the tiny bushcraft axes. Atleast get the scandavian from gransfurs bruks..

In Schotland en geen moerassig gebied om te doorwaden?

That was really great to watch, is there a more beautiful place to walk than the hidden gems of Scotland, even the music is haunting and a touch of comedy with a great big lanky Dutchman with very strange legs.

awesome video..awesome landscape..thanx for taking us..

Julius on every trip: you're spilling some man!

hahaha thanks for that one! Cheers. Dylan

Such a beautiful place. thanks for doing this and sharing it with us

17 min in and all I have seen you eat is porrige. Is there nothing you can harvest from the country-side?

When you think about it, by taking what is needed you maintain nature and encourage new and healthy growth of plants and trees.. also what wasn’t covered was the toilet arrangements

Dylan is right dont say moshi it does mean something in German it’s a slang word for ladies bits.

Oh man, i love the musics!

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