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Two. Hours on one board and see it. Happy. What day is Friday, Fred happy for Sunday's, are try to everyone, I have not started my blog kicking. Off my trip. With this Danielle and yeah although my break a little, bit later but we're going to Lisbon, Portugal follow the flying overnight sniper currently in New York and then we're going to Madrid, and Barcelona it's, gonna be so exciting so there's, a little intro. It's. Really good. What if I miss my gosh. Look. What Danielle just brought me just. Kidding I mean well yeah she did ring it to me but I'm, pay for it we, just got a little bite to eat left, all the meals on the plane so. Good. Also my hair once it gets all greasy, the middle parts not move I will say I, don't shower. Here's. Our personnel, room we. Have the. Bathroom, in here no, hair. Dryer that's. Good well closet, I'm, sure it's in yeah so, as I've been saying I'm gonna explain um if you guys have been watching my videos for about a year now then, you might remember last, June when I went to Greece for 17 days with, company EF ultimate break at the time it was called EF college break so same company they've just changed their names or they've changed her name so, currently. What, are you doing. She's. Filming herself, plugging. Her phone charger into an outlet so. It's so excited to go on another trip with him because that was actually my favorite trip I've ever been on ever also, have the playlist linked below of all of our Greece box if you want to see what, that shirt was like I don't think it's changed this. First itinerary, goes in the places you're seeing so, now I want another trip with them which I'm so excited about and basically if you're unfamiliar with them it is a group, tour company, for people between ages 18 and 28, or maybe 29 now and every year everyone is really cool and I made awesome friends on my trip last year and. They've, come to visit me in the high and is just awesome and high. So. If you guys won't learn more about this trip I'm on again we're going to Lisbon Portugal and then we're going to Madrid and they're going to Barcelona and it's an 11 day a total, trip so, if you want to learn more about that we'll have this trip links below and also if you ever booked one with them you can use the code Mori 100, I'm pretty sure that has never changed it never expires because it's been going since last year so you get $100 off the trip and, my, hair so greasy so next I'm one shower cuz that's necessary. I. Know it's nice out there we have about an hour and a half and then we have to regroup I'm gonna shower and I think we're doing a little like walking tour and then a little group mixer dinner thing I don't think it's dinner ace is just like drinks and appetizers but. The, weather is good it's not too hot feels good and yeah. That's, that this is my plane outfit if you're wondering just straight, up gray.

Dan, Nails out, she's. Got called out for napping already Hilton play our tour guides like you can't nap. It. Was funny his, name is Antonio and he's really funny I like him I miss Adam from our great trip Adam was a homey but I can already tell Antonia is gonna be a homey we're about to head out for a little walking tour of Lisbon so, I'm wearing this like all-white little pant white. All. Black, pants. And top thing so it looks kind of jumpsuit like with, this like oversized, jacket from Topshop, and in just brown sandals and, we're, gonna go walk. In. Lisbon on, the metro. Cool. Yeah. I'm, glad I brought jeans now because. In my head I was like always gonna be hi. Okay. So caution. If you come to Lisbon this. Law I'll show you in a second, it's, like literally. And I'm wearing these like sandals, or oculus earlier but it wasn't the same Mouse wearing pants now, I'm wearing sandals that have no grip I'm like right because I didn't yell just like prepared. We. Know that was another. One. Guys. Oh my gosh. Wrist. Wraps going on here. No-. There. Were no chairs in this whole place and we both we all three finessed shoes peeps. We're now back at our hotel, wrapping, up night 1 we had a yummy dinner at that market, and, it's, just been a great day and everyone on our tour is so nice so we're just interesting going in the first day because no one knows each other it's kind of like this on my Greece ship as well but everyone on this tour I'd, say there's like 20 some people on this tour and everyone, came alone except, for me and Danielle to each other and there's, like a couple here who knows each other so everyone, else came alone so if you're like wondering, if that's the thing happens and this happened and everyone's really cool because I feel like it takes a certain kind of person to want to go on a trip by themselves and, they're very social and it's just been a great time - everyone's so friendly and we made friends already just in the first day and I'm so excited for tomorrow and, I, think tomorrow we actually might be because, on Instagram I said to DM me if you guys live in Madrid Barcelona or Lisbon and I've been blown away with the line dozens, of people that I'm seeing me saying you live in Lisbon cuz Danielle and I just had no idea that we had dollars, to live in Lisbon so I think we might try do a little like, quick and formal meetup just like in some, like public.

Square Or something I don't really know just to get to meet you guys because. I, don't know when if, we'll ever be back so but. It's been such a wonderful day on, our little tour so far we, are gonna hit the hay and Portugal so like. I guess I just didn't know what Portugal looks like and I had really googled it but Portugal is so. Much prettier than I imagined, like it's just I feel like it's a very underrated place to travel to that I like didn't think up in our Tori ID Antonia is from Portugal originally and angry so it's, not what I have said that 45 times I'm just gonna pick this up tomorrow, and good, night good morning guys it is day 2 and Lisbon, Danielle and I are about to head out this is what I'm wearing today just, like this little loose. Topshop top, situation. That's tucked in Anita adjust. That a little bit but with these striped pants from urban and vans, because we learned yesterday not, to walk around and like slick sandals, so, we had to plan an outfit around that about to go get brunch at the place called nicolau that. A lot of you guys have recommended that we go to Danielle, how you feeling. Oh. I, know we were but like we can not complain about being tired literally whatsoever, today we slept so much right now in have. All the measures I've been unfortunately surprises, leaving you guys figure out. Grunts, you tired. We're. About to head to our meetup our breakfast so you'll mean that X are really really good Danielle tonight so, in Portugal. And Spain especially people out so late like our crew last night well took, a nap and then went out at like 1:00 a.m. it was like how the cultures here I'm, Danielle and I however are. Et. Real women so it seems so we did not do that Ava's jetlag because that's. Just hard well well rally at some way. We're, walking up to her meet up now I'm really nervous and excited also, we, said the fountain in the center and then we realized it was a statute of the center and there are in fact two mountain, steps where, I mean up says we don't know where to find people. So. Many more than I expected okay, so, I'm here what's your name hi, he means she's, so she was messaging me and saying that she was, on the bus and what's gonna be here ride it to you and I was like that's fine girl he also was expecting, five people to be here that, has not been the case we have a lot of so we're definitely still here and she took a two-hour bus yeah just to get here and I came up like out of breath like sweating.

So. Much I'm, so happy err and I did not expect like, five. People I'm not amazing. Brought. Us some pastries to try it's just so sweet it was it called oh. My gosh this is great it's gonna be a great post meetup sack, thank you so much. Guys. People just keep bringing us things it is so sweet I am and. She brought this beautiful flower and she gave Danielle a yellow one and it's the sweetest thing and her mom came a third hi, mom, we. Have made some more friends, say. Your names for everybody. Looks. So much like my. Friend Kiana at home they, like like different, but like so similar no so much fun and I'm getting like Portuguese heads and it's. Just meant a wonderful day for so. Many people to talk to every getting sprayed by the fountain kind, of nice this is getting a little warm but they were telling us about these what's, a Cornetto, is isis ice. Cubes and they have chocolate in the bottom so kind of like the ones given us i think but, she was telling us on it and they left and brought them back so i'm going to have a little snack here. I. Mean. I was such a success we met so many people we expected, it to be like ten people and it was like I would say like 30 ish. Thank, you so much to everyone who came and who waited around for a really long time so you're trying to talk to everyone for a long time it, went like, two and a half hours which is crazy so we really got to know a lot of you guys I learned so much about Lisbon and getting. Some public international drivers, it's just so cool so now we're, celebrating a little glass of wine and we're meeting up with our group in, about an hour and a half. But. Really the win. Searchable. And you guys read his letters and brought flowers and Mike brought us this pastry to ruin a driver but yeah and she's such a likes nice little treat this is so pretty they just turn these lights on the, night doesn't be so cute to party night when Danielle, is flying through these I'm. Not to the other room so yummy, thank you to you guys to private shows you guys what you found our group we're back with everybody everybody likes all night Danielle, and I just, power walks the fastest we ever have in our life you know we're gonna be like we've stopped at this church that's super pretty for. A little Instagram off with, all my ladies. Like. The Golden Gate Bridge all of them and. You. See that I. Think. We're in San Francisco. Stumbled. Upon this music festival, called. Out jazz it's. For easy here at nine but, this is so beautiful, with the water, everybody's, here in their winter coats they do it right we're all squatting. We. Look like we're having a little meeting there we're, all tired, is, this ours no bye, that's. The rest of our group going a different direction and, there's this year, throughout. This really pretty dinner place its. Outdoors but we have fire and we have blankets, it came up on a, Yelp list of best restaurants, in Lisbon this is what it's called if you're here it will let you know how it is it's such a yummy dinner now about to the met Rebecca no, good I'm, so good at the metro slash, just directions, I got it back to the Metro. You're. Now back in the room chillin. It's been quite, the day but Portugal, is so awesome today again was just like such a great day and like meeting you guys was definitely the highlight and. Tonight like that dinner place we went to was so good it was very yummy he told us. We. Do he told us if we go back tomorrow then we would get free wine it's actually really really good because typically like in Europe if you guys know like I guess didn't like Italy and Greece and, here too but like you walk around in there people at the front always have some was like the mitten he was like talking, to every person who was by trying to get them to go to your restaurant and typically that food is just like always overpriced and like not very good but this place was so good, so Yelp. Did me right on that one when I googled the best restaurants in Lisbon so it's been a wonderful day tomorrow.

We Signed up for an excursion. That, is what. Is it Sintra is someplace I need to do a little research tonight, but we have like a wine tasting thing and I was like all day little then we leave at 9:00 so you breakfast form and then we don't go back to like 5 or 6 so we'll, see you guys then and yeah. 3 2 1 bye good morning it is our final. Full day here in Portugal it's day 3 technically, it's about 8:40. And we, got up around 8 I've, been getting ready Danielle's down at breakfast, I'm too hungry mate it's super late we literally were at dinner still at midnight last night so I just don't get hungry immediately in the morning especially when I eat really late so, she's, down there I'm just taking my time getting ready I'm about to figure out my but, we have like a wine-tasting excursion. And now we're exploring and I just google pictures of what century looks like and it's beautiful, so I'm hoping that we get to see a lot quite, sleepy, it's my one designated, sleep shirt I packed for the soldier all right. We're. Now in a little town called Sentra about, three hours to explore, there's. A castle way, up on top of this mountain that you can't even see they keep her and. Tony our tour guide was like he wants to go out there we were like. We. Stopped at a local cafe Gunilla, coffee order, to snack, it's, all so pretty in, this little town just. Been doing some laughs old population, coming, through. Oh. My. Gosh pause straight. Oh my god alright. Hold on everyone we're experiencing problem going, to my winery first. We, see the line, it's. Clean. Okay. This. Is number four forgot, number three but this, one's don't really going. Maybe. Some time has passed I took. A little nap so about like an hour and a half I'd say then we woke up and Danielle, and I filmed a get ready with me that's gonna go up my main channel and then I think in another city we're gonna do one on her channel so make sure you check those out she's looking super cute for dinner all my really cute outfits or like dresses and way too cool for a dress so I'm just wearing like jeans. And this like black shirt it's the same thing I wear all day, because. Mmm. Cuz I'm cold or whatever I forgot that reason okay so I. Myself. Together I'm slowly coming back to life and we're gonna go get some food it's about eight o'clock right now and I'm starving. So it's gonna be yummy, a little dinner some of the other girls and then we got to come back and pack up tonight because tomorrow we leave at, 6, a.m. I know what's not saying yeah ok we want I, didn't say that all right getting, my things and, leaving bye. Strangers. Know pretty I'm glad I came over here because we haven't like seen. Any of this and this looks like a completely, different part look, like Lisbon, just like the, city. So. We all got supplying in little appetizers. And so the original plan was go to that first place to get appetizers, and then go get like a real dinner contemplated. Going back to the place we went last night cuz it was so good and the guy said if we came back me get free lines right we now know we're to go back and pack and shower so. Our real dinner is coming from not up the. Mix, because. It's right beside the entrance to the Metro dinner, I'm actually so excited now, and they have Kit Kat and flurries, all that potato wedges Oh, a. Great question. We're. Procrastinating, on packing and watching my next video, says there's. A dude. Cause my friend Davis. Infant, me infant. Way, for my voice guys just breathe result. All. Right people I'm signing off tonight we just packed up there's. My suitcase it's such an amazing time here in Lisbon kicking off this trip, and. Again all the information about the trip on home will be Italy flow and I will say this as well my other videos but tomorrow.

We Head to Madrid so I'm signing off this vlog make sure you stick around for my next ones that you see everything that goes on there were there for the same number of days as we're here so super. Excited and, oh, see all you guys in my next vlog.

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