4 ICONIC HONG KONG STREET FOODS | Eating Food With Foodies On Friday Ep. 1

4 ICONIC HONG KONG STREET FOODS | Eating Food With Foodies On Friday Ep. 1

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Hello, everybody today I'm going to start a new series, on my channel and, it's, gonna be called. Getting. Food, with, foodies on Friday and yes that was heavily inspired, by comedians. In cars getting coffee and. I know it's not Friday today but I wanted to launch it today last week the, video wasn't ready on Friday and, I need to launch it now because, I'm gonna be backed up with videos but next, week it will be launched on Friday and, hopefully, every Friday after, that but, basically I thought, doing, something like this would be a great way to get. To know Hong Kong experience. The culture more and meet, some new people so, I hope, you enjoy the first episode and, let's, get eating I don't. Know why I wait I'm. Gonna see you guys in the next clip okay. As. A traveler, you can learn so much about, country, and its culture through, food not. Only the eating but the buying the, cooking and everything that goes with it this, series will follow my desire to better understand, the people culture, and traditions. Wherever, I may be in the world by eating I, want, to immerse myself in, the markets, dine with locals at small traditional shops, and learn, more about how the food is made but, there's just one thing I don't know exactly what's, in which, food that's, where the local food bloggers come in they're. Gonna tell us what to eat and where, to eat it. Today. We're eating Street food in Hong Kong this. Place is a paradise, for snackers, with an abundance, of cheap but delicious options Hong, Kongers take street food seriously it's, more, than just the food it's the crowds the noise the, mixture, of smells there's, so much to this experience, for. Today's episode I'm meeting up with kimchi and sham Shui PO. I, know. It's kinky she is a food, blogger and, youtuber here, in Hong Kong and, she's joining me today for my first episode for, this food, journey we're gonna go on she, is a local here so she's gonna she. Knows a lot about food basically, so when did you start food, blogging I was, to year to year and the coming weekend is two. Years anniversary. So. First we're gonna go and chai hung fun which, is am, I saying that right we're having fun Chung fun, fun. Fun, fun, fun, Qian, Qiang. Fun fun, yeah, showing, fun we're, trying to have fun today and that is one of my favorite, choked, fun is a rice noodle roll, made from a rice mixture that is poured on a special towel steamed. Rolled, then, cut you, can add different toppings and sauces, we. Set out to find a place that's famous for this popular dish have, you been to this place before yes. Famous. Yeah. Yes so, is this where the most street, food in Hong Kong is would, you say like. The most condensed, try, to Genosha uh-huh. Because. Many. They've, got a community. To get the shop get a shop and when. Is raising raising so right, is. Keep. The traditional. Okay. Yeah, yeah you, mean now, because of commercialization, all, the big chain restaurants such. As Cafe, de coral, or something is taking, over all the shops so, the small little local, like mom-and-pop, shops can't survive so, promote. Eats better it's better for rent so they can survive there I see. That's. That's too bad.

But. It's kind of like this all over the world. With. Occult. Hi-top, yet the guy from, the look of it it looks not that like. Fancy. Yeah, very very simple, not fancy which. I think it means it's gonna be good they don't need to rely on anything, else just the food in. So many years stay open so many is really, yeah and so the recipe stays, the same it's a traditional, recipe, okay I'm, sorry. We've, got the Cheung fun on top is this, is a spicy one and this is sweet, sauce sweet, sauce and then there's a peanut sauce and sesame, seeds yes okay. All. Right, it's a track and I'm hungry. It's, so nice it's so like soft, and delicate yeah. A really light flavor it mostly, just tastes like with the sauces, our. Flavor does but at. The same time it's kind of like dim sum very delicate, yes. Get. Up straight and easy to eat yeah, easy and quick convenient. Probably, filling because it's like a noodle this sesame is the horn. Of the. Office. Trevor okay cuz this different texture oh. Yeah. I like when they include different like it's. Like salty, but sweet but, pea nutty nutty. My mini case you have an extra yeah. So. Good some people like to the add the spicy source hold. On okay I'm gonna try the spicy have so, many tips. The only difference is I really like the fried one when. They have like it's, a little bit crunchy and, oily, I like them. Yes. I like the fried ones but. This is good for like a lighter, style. Chompin. With XO. Sauce you know what. So. Where we going next, we're, going to use a tofu, stinky. Tofu okay. Okay. Stinky. Tofu is a marinated, then fermented, tofu that has a really, strong smell to it it, can take several months to Fermin and there's a wide variety of flavors, available depending on the region you buy it from you'll. Definitely, know it's around you from the smell oh. It's. Just gonna get worse as they get closer to. And you can smell illustrate. So. Basically, you'll just wander, around and, when you smell it you're like oh it's there and you'll find your way just, from the smell. Follow. Your nose in it's, a restaurant I always go is the Chinese word literally. Translate. Just. Smelly tofu yes. Why. Do they they just call it that because of the smell they're really smelly but, it tastes good it, doesn't taste like the smell. This, is a sweets or designer Trentham, okay, and it is in different, type spicy. Source okay, and, it is. Mustard. Okay so, these three are the most popular for this dish okay, I'm gonna try it first with no sauce so I can really get, in the flavor. Don't. Smell it just taste it. You. Would rub it there you go, it. Smells so bad guys I've. Always. Like been around this I've smelt it I've lived in Hong Kong for four years before and I've never tried this just because the smell is so bad. It's. So good. What. The heck oh my. God I'm so surprised yeah. Okay. It's. Crispy, on the outside but, really, soft on the inside. It. Definitely, reminds. Me of cheese but, like when the cheese is fried, and kind of or, grilled and like crispy on the outside. Doesn't. Taste like cheese though it definitely tastes like tofu with a slightly. Salty. Flavor, to it maybe get a very special texture, yeah it's a special texture, and like flavor of tofu, wow. That's really good and you sit at some source it's different, I like it just like this yeah. Okay, which one would you recommend for, me. Sweets. Ours, just. Like this yes. It's, different. Totally. Yeah, totally. I'm a sauce person, I like all the sauces I, need. To have many different flavors. So, this place is your favorite place to get it I think it's better you like this one this malli is the. Most, smelling. All. The sauces. This, is my first time trying, the stinky tofu it was, surprisingly. A lot better tasting. Than it smells and I wasn't expecting, that and, I. Think I would rate that nine. Nice, I, liked, it. I think, it's peasant also they, have a one. Big, one, it's. More juicy, yes. Inside. The tofu. Texture. Is more fat, sounds and more juicy. I think. That sounds really good okay I changed mine I'm gonna go a 7.5. Next. We were off to eat will main which I see a lot here but I've never tried there's. A bunch of skewers, of all different meats seafoods.

And Organs, a lot of locals really love organs which I couldn't bring myself to try even today this. Spot is actually a lot, of people's favorite and it's, always super busy we, arrived early before even open but there was still a small line why. Is this place so, famous. I don't, know why has so many people cube. Or this one honestly. It tastes good really yes I try it before so you can there's different, it tastes different depending, on the shop a little. Bit different because sometimes, they would smell not good something, shop will make it so smelly in this not fresh I'm excited, I haven't, tried this before anywhere. Because. It's quite intimidating when you walk by and you see all these different things and, it. Looks yeah it's it looks a bit scary, and you, don't know what is why or what to order or, like, yeah or we can rent color yeah. For. You yeah yeah. I'm. So glad to walk, around with you because. In. Hong Kong you really can't judge a book by it's cover like, things, that don't look so appetizing or. Don't smell so appetizing they, they, kind of steer me away from it but I've learned today that you, just need to go and you need to try it because it's actually really tasty. So. If you wouldn't come from Oakland is something that's local. -. Thank you guys. Oh my goodness, the Hongkong could always use a resource. And. They. Are the same sauces. We. Took our food to a nearby park to, eat somewhere a little quieter. So. Which one you want to try which, one's your favorite out of these kidding. Really, yeah that song. How are you in there, I said, Turkey. Kitty kitty, okay go. For it. Good, like Dennis. Of some sound when you write. On it I don't, think that we're going for the squid. To. Take it. It's different Kaiser, hmm. I'll. Go you mean even this one it's like. It's. Like, because. Sometimes, squid, can be too chewy and it's hard to chew but, the texture is like the perfect amount of chewy, and like hardness. That you can get through it easily then it tastes fresh. Good. Is the pulp. And testa. In texture. Really. No jewsy with fresh, extra, yeah, I, expected. That this was fried, and very, straw, and like give a very strong fishy flavor it's, completely opposite, of what I thought, it, tastes fresh it tastes. Not. Not, heavy or oily, it isn't, oily at all and the sauce is really nice for every. Reader ruk. Mentioned. That don't, wear white gold, move, to its traitors. Yeah because you have to. Super. Super careful, so, what happened today. Then. We were on a two-woman mission, to find fish balls which. Are Hong Kong staple, pinky. Recommended, two main shops which, one do you recommend. A. Spicy. - spicy burner okay let's see. Oh he looks so colorful it smells so good yeah. Going. Wow. The, fishbowl is totally different than what I'm used to like you can get in a normal shop like 7-eleven or something it's. More like, spongy. I want to say squishy. And sponge ear. And the sauce is really delicious. Yeah. The. Sauce is get insider divisible exactly, both, of the insight is fish for taste and it's, inside spicy, cake yeah so. Good this. Is dangerous dangerous. Even, is this board I have so many different types and different tastes that is the sauce yeah it is blue so, it, a and other fish but it is much, more better how, you. Next time wear this. One. But. Little, spicy little spicy and big spicy this is your favorite the middle one and the first for texture is different. Really. Okay. Not. Sauce love the starts mm-hmm, sauce it's so amazing, yeah. Haha. So. This is your 10. And. That one's 8 yes, this Bunge this bird, yeah, I love this way I don't know they're pretty close I love this sauce, but. Something about that simple. Fish. Ball just relying on good texture, and simple sauce was a nice course you, have after case. It's. Got a squeaky outside and in other case. After. That we had a drink at a cafe, and then we headed to Kennedy town for last snack. What's. Your favorite, street food, Hong Kong Street food we, met she was like a second. Ago panda. To. My portal. I. Just gotta put this on. Dannan. Microphone. Check one two, one two. Gonna. Tell you what I'm gonna do we're, gonna eat Cheung, fun in, Kennedy. Town oh. It's. Here okay. This is the last place we're going to today this, place, is. Famous. For, a lot of local. University. Students would you say like yeah the younger, crowd is hip with the young kids. It's. You, famous. For a chunk fun right because they make it with egg. Many. Different, famous. Oh not. Just showing fun not just ransom, which are these most. Famous, people people, okay I'm excited for this because I love chunk fun I've never had it with egg or this style so it's gonna be very interesting to try and. No. One's gone. A. Whole family to, run this shop oh whoa it's a family.

Grandson. Wow. Oh, yeah. I can't. I'm you got on why, don't you do. It. With a wow. That. Looks so delicious you. Can enter Street stores. Huh. I'm. Gonna get a mixture of all the sauces, and the egg for all. Its. Stuck together. Is. It fried with, the egg right. Oh that's. A good yeah that's a good one. This. Zone. Mean. How. Sticky. Sticky yeah. Even. A transient detector detector is sticky this is so good and the yoke is like. All. Around it the egg yolk and, he's. Solve, in your mouth mmm. Okay. This is my favorite junk bond now it's. Really good. It. Has a little bit eight sores, on, it they, make it different mm-hmm. This place is my favorite I think. Too. Dangerous mmm-hmm. Good. Enough Travis oh I love children so much what's. Your favorite snack of today. This. Is more I knew that with the sauce, this. Sauce is incredible. Someone. I'm. Coming back here all the time now. It's. Closed at 4:00 a.m. so you can come literally. Yeah yeah in the middle of night. What's. The craziest. Food. You've ever tried, it. Means crazy. Good or bad. Fusion. Just. Like something really strange or. Weird yes, I'm I'm, taking, some video for my two. Anniversary, of. My channel, it's called this. Sec it's, read is, so, we. Give. Evening, but yes when, I was young. Bitter, yeah yeah this, is a turn is. It I. Like. It I like. It a lot engine, eight. Eight. Yeah. All. Right so we're all done, eating, for today this episode, is over yeah. You're really cool vo it was I had such a nice day I learned, a lot thank you so much pinky for showing me around and, I, will see you again on the future episode yes I will link all of her stuff below so you can go check it out when she tries a lot of interesting, food not only in Hong Kong but all over the world right you travel a lot yeah. Yeah, and, Korea, and Taiwan thanks, thank you guys for watching.

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Waaaaaaaaaaa Taylor, even when strolling along, you strutting the ranway-strut, COOL !! ME LIKES !!

I don’t fuck with stinky tofu

Secondly you have a lavaleer microphone! It worked well Taylor and team.

Agree with all the shakey camera comments and sometimes taylor isn't always completely in the shot (head cut off etc). Makes for an uncomfortable watch.

I am West Coast American and I have heard of Stinky Tofu ....

But where is the source of sweetness and spiciness located at?? :0

awww...I saw tsui wah...I'm currently eating a take away food from them....Try the restaurant dimdimsum it's popular...here in ferry st. man king / man wah area...yau ma tei...near Elements Kowloon Station

I really liked this's can't wait for the next episode and Kinki's English was really good and clear, she has nothing to worry about

Love the Video, thank you!

This was really interesting, Taylor! I love the idea of a recurring local food series. Any chance you might do a vegetarian or vegan version for one of these?

Yeah!! A new food series! She was so kind to help you along! I want to try the fish balls with the sauce. She makes it seem like it would taste Heavenly! Such a cool video Tay!!

where did u got ur yellow belt ?

One of your best videos... plz keep doing, about food and cultures xx

I love this new stree food series! Hopefully it'll get continued even tho your face broke out the next day

Hi Taylor, can u do a vegan food vid in HK? Thank you.

YEEESS i love your food videos the most so this is perfect

How about snake soup.,chicken feet

just loved this video ! This new serie is perfect ! :)

That Cheung fun place is seriously good!! I have to go there every single time I go HK!! Recommended!!

awesome ! thanks for showing foods from HK : )

I'm loving this, I hope you keep it up Taylor!! And the zooming in into the faces, beautiful

This was fantastic! I loved all of the facts popping up. The audio was amazing, and Kinki's English was great!

Honestly I couldn't go street food in China and witness all the horrid animal and insect foods out there. Some things eaten there are just gross and inhumane

We need more!!!

Kinki's English was fantastic! She has no need to be nervous ^_^ I'm really excited to see more food vlogs. I love food! Though I don't know if I could bring myself to try organs... lol

Love the idea, but the camera is so shakey, getting a headache waitching this!

maybe get a gimbal?

Taylor, cart noodles at Tung Tat food shop is also very nice!! ( I guess it's because of the soup base) If you can tolerate spicy food, I recommend you to try the curry soup base! Otherwise, satay soup base is also very delicious!!

Kinki giving you wrong information. The skewers u had at MongKok were not turkey kidney and pork intestine, instead of turkey gizzard and pork uterus. You should ask me to take you out

You always eat less thats your ....

I watch kinki video too... I am originally from hk... but now I am in Toronto

You girls ate enough food to keep me full for a week. Great video.

I love this!! Such a great combination

That was so fun!! I'm looking forward to more from this series!!

I really like these types of videos! I love seeing you explore Hong Kong

Hi I love this new food blogging in hong kong have been to hong kong 5 times and it's still like new keep going :))))

There's a guy names Mike Chen from Simply Dumpling that I would love to see you do a collaboration with next time he goes to China. He's an American but was born in Xian

Since I'm a long time fan AND a foodie, I love this! Plus , with all the regional specialties, I'm really looking forward to watching what you try next!

Lol love the smelly tofu taste test! I compare the experience to eating parmesan cheese. The smell of parmesan reminds me of vomit, but the taste is sooooo good!

did you eat the intestines and kidney? it's probably good for your skin :-) :-0

You're so beautiful sweetie

This is making me so hungryyy

Where can I get CHEE CHEUNG FUN IN LOS ANGELES !?!? Someone help a girl out ! Plz!


Your new food show is awesome! I love it! ❤️

Loving this series!! So interesting to see the local's perspective. Hope that in the future you'll have the guts to try innards; they're so super tasty (intestines are the best imo, followed by liver if it's cooked well)

This is officially one of my favourite videos on your channel!! As a foodie person myself (now on a diet) I'm living for you trying these foods that I hope to try as well one day. Im so excited for this series.

You can really tell how much work, effort, and thought you've put into this series in just the first episode!! Super excited for more!

Tell Kinki her English was so good and her pronunciations were awesome! I know a lot of Asian languages have less of the same sounds we do (Like Japanese doesn't have an "R" sound it's more of an "L") so she did really well, no need to be nervous to try out different languages!

OMG!! I really was anxious for something like this on your channel since you've lived in the most amazing places in the world cousines to try. Food was one of the greatest things, if not the best, that I tried in HK and the rest of China when I traveled. Greetings from Latinamerica!

That outfit tho yaas girl!

Tay, you should make your own song and put out a music video.

Chinese people, or Asian people in general, eat most of parts of animals. So sometimes for western people is kinda of scary, but once you taste them, it’s really another world! You can’t really get the difference between normal meat(?) and those one. They are cooked in so many different ways! Some of the animal parts can have beneficial effects for the body too! Can’t wait for the next episode!

please do not mix Hong Kong and mainland China - you won't see any scorpions on the stick or bugs being eaten there (unless there's some hipster weird place opened in HK recently) - I believe the images you have in your head are from Beijing etc. :-)

the way u guys eat fishball is too dangerous. I will never eat in that way. That's how my mum taught me. i eat it with the stick horizontally every single time

I can't find the exact location of Chan's Fishball on Google Maps :( Also maybe it would be nice to add the locations (just as you did on the video) in the description box :)

Please add where you guys roam around for the people who are planning to visit hongkong!!

Taylor are you not vegan anymore???

loved this too!!! ♥

In Malaysia we call this dish Chee Cheong Fun. It is similar, but still a little bit different. Street food in Malaysia is seriously delicious!

The food is the best!!!

You should try and eat some durian

I love how kinky says sauce just like source

Please please remember all the places. I'd love to visit Hong Kong soon!!!

7:36 For a moment I thought that the picture of the guy in the background with glasses was a real guy standing behind Taylor, excited to see her try the stinky tofu


we will have 1000000 subscribers in 2018!!!! For sure! Such great content!

Cheung fun cheung fun cheung fun........

I absolutely love the series!! What new Mic equipment do you use now?????? Love

love ya content but gal you need to start improving your chopstick skill.


I love this series already! Please look into finding a way to stabilize the camera, (my husband uses a glide cam, but that's very expensive, maybe there's a smaller cheaper option) it's a bit hard to follow and I have a headache at the time of watching this, but I kept watching because I love how you presented the food and how it all came together!

This series is awesome! I'm so excited for the next one, and I rarely get into Youtube series! I've got to say, watching the evolution of your channel since I've been a subscriber (2 or 3 years?) has been extraordinary. The style of your video is ever-changing, and you are constantly striving for better content and giving your subscribers what they want. I honestly feel like you're one of only a few Youtubers I watch who take their job as a vlogger seriously and aim for quality content. I love how seriously you take this as a career

Hong kong people

So I'm really late to watch this but just wanted to say I love this new series! Really interesting and I like the way you've put it together with the voice overs and all of it, really good and looking forward to more :) food videos are always interesting and I'm planning to travel to Hong Kong in the not so distant future so will definitely be taking note of the places you recommend.

she doesn't seem polite to that local food vlogger....why is taytay condescending as if she is her boss....

Well done Taylor. I am not a foodie per se, but I would be more than happy to show you some of my favourite restaurants and eats in Hong Kong.

Taylor on instagram or something you should make a list of all the foods with what they are (and their name) so when we visit HK we remember what to eat maybe also with the name of the place?

Yes I’m redoing my website so I’m planning to put photos and info there

I understand how Kinki feels when I speak English without practicing it for a long time...

Are you concern about fake food there such as rice, eggs, etc?

I love Kinki so much. She really knows so much local foods. Want to see her again for introduce the Hong Kong foods to another country! Nice job!

I really want to meet you in a person ❤️

Come visit Taiwan for some great food adventure!

Kinki your English was perfectly fine! You don't need to be nervous about it! I love how you describe the taste and texture of foods using your mouth as well as your hands and facial expressions! Great new series Taylor!

i'm so hungry:((((

Cheung fan? Nope * lmao hilarious! Love the whole video. It was very informative and entertaining.

I love this series, Taylor! I'll be checking in next Friday.

You should definitely do a video on Dim Sum!

im sensing she´s not gonna be vegan after this

she's vegan and eating squid? thats odd

Lol I love her accent "sweet saurce". かのよはかわいいです!

Nice video. I have to agree, the camera was a bit shaky, but it's getting better! Keep up the good work


Cheung Fun is one of my/the BEST Chinese street food! wow, it looks so yummy! I visited HK frequently...

yall acting like eating intestines is totally chill n normal. mean while the thought of that is on some fearfactor level ish. to me lol

You're so creative Taylor! Love it. My favourite street food is smelly tofu.

Is the cheongfun suitable for vegetarian?

Love your videos

It should be called Foodies Getting Fresh on Fridays xD

11:12 “you cant really judge a book by its cover “ LOOK AT THE GIRL JUDGING YOU BEHING YOU LMAO

hoisin sauce. if you go grocery shopping and see the sauce section, thats the sweet sauce

I don’t like this series. Do more DYI

I love how cute you both look.

I don’t really get why some people are so bothered by the camera work? I thought it was absolutely ok. Yes sometimes a bit shaky but is was like that before too, wasn’t it? I think it’s nice that you have someone who can help you with all of that. Soo I didn’t mind it at all but maybe just so your viewers give it a rest, maybe you should just look up some camera equipment for your assistant so it gets a little better with the shakiness? I no nothing at all about cameras though, just an idea. Anyway, I love the new series! ☺️

Your lips is sexy, want to oral!

Can someone please write the word that she said on the minute 3:23. I want to know what does it mean

Love the docu-style for these episodes! Great job Taylor!! Your narration is really great!!

For the skewers, the “turkey kidney” she was referring to is actually gizzard, and the “intestine” is actually pig uterus

thats the best look a mouth full of stinky tofu! :D did u learn how to read or speak cantonese while u lived there for 4 years?

ur a babe! i live in canada too! ontario! lets get a room.

Come to Taiwan and experience the real stinky tofu haha

u make me miss HK ;(((

Taylor is so sweet.

I love the new series! Love it to see different food in other countries!

I miss Hongkong!!

Rule no. 1 when you eat HK fish ball stick: you have to bend over while eating.


I believe that should be sesame sauce, not peanut sauce :D

Cheeszzeee XD

The Camera is not good

Kidney would be donated if you are a first timer trying stinky tofu and loving it.

kinky is so good especially saurce -:)

OMG this made me really hungry lol

I miss HK a lot!!!

I thought she was allergic to gluten (protein found in things like wheat, which includes regular soy sauces)? A lot of the dark sweet sauces and fish balls she ate kind of looked like it, so I was curious. Absolutely not here to throw any hate, just genuinely curious if she was the Youtuber that's allergic?

Take exit b3prince Edward walk to flower street check out the garden stores....they good

Mongkok polluted with rats

Fukn Chinese pigs

16:15 lol!!!!!!!! The Tai Mai Shu reference! She got that Goooohdiii free style haha

Taylor-Push the food up the skewer as you go. Never put sharp things down your throat! #SwordSwallower

You should go to Changsha if you like smelly tofu.

I wonder if the restaurant that does a lot of charity work would consider sponsoring the dog rescue?

I love the way she says 'sauce'. "Sohrrrce", omg.

You won't try ORGANS????? HA HA HA HA HA HA

Very impressive how you put that huge tofu in your mouth. I suspect that you can take very large things in your cunt and ass as well.

What happened to your brain? Did you suffer an injury or are you just naturally a moron? You think that texture and flavor is the same thing?

the secret is in the sores! put lots of sores on all the food!

Do a series of weird exotic food in hk!

Actually mongkok 肥姐 is rubblish. I recommend sham sui po 喜喜

welcome to HK

Okay but can we talk about how amazing this content is????


爽口 (song hau) at 12:38 is the cantonese phrase which is similar to "Al Dente". Something that isn't too mushy, too raw/ hard, or too chewy.

nice video~

Is Kinki... Kinky?

I thought she was vegan...

those skewers arent turkeys' kidney and pigs' intestine. To be correct, those should be turkeys' gizzard and pigs' oviduct (some part of the uterus is included)

I bet you taste good Taylor

Beautiful looking human being

i love that she puts anything in her mouth =D

In fact, that's not pig's intestines, that's female pig's oviduct.

Hmm Taylor baby has a deep throat . Tell me you didn’t get diarhea that night . The foods are tasty but I remind you girl don’t eat too much

New sub here..!you are the apple of eye..haha..i like your video thumbs up for you gorgeous!

Wow man as soon as I saw this right after found out Anothony Bourdains passed away on facebook feeds... RIP

cunt princess, speak cantonese

Great video. Strange cheung fun though! I like the restaurant ones with the prawns inside and the light soy sauce. It's just heaven!

It would be great if you added the locations of the places to the description box!!! So people who spend a lot of time in Hong kong could find these places again!!

Omg i used to go to that last restaurant for their cheung fun too when i was an exchange student at hku! Aww the mems

Talking about a food shop comes this bright comment - "They don't need to rely on anything else, just the food"

your beautifull


Taylor you looks so cute bending over to avoid the sauce dripping all over. I actual use my fingers to drags the fish ball up or eat it the opposite way but's that hard because the skewer gets thicker on the handle side.

Reminds me of spirited away lol

Street food doesn’t exist where I’m at, only overpriced food trucks. Honestly there’s so space or infrastructure for it like in Hong Kong. I’d be overwhelmed going there not knowing what stand to get food at lol

Brooo that shit looks good I want all of it

I really like this kind of video nice one Tay

people say don't go for street food in your first date cuz you gonna look so weird and wild

this programme about food and culture makes me think of Anthony Bourdain.

I watch a lot of travel and food shows....Keep up the awesome work. I really like your little thought comments, they make me giggle. Kinki's English is pretty good :) plus she's plain fun. I just watched No Reservations last night...I need to see the Hong Kong ep now. I would've tried a bit of the cow intestines...My local butcher uses pig intestines for breakfast sausages and they're incredibly good. I draw the line at bugs and some shellfish. Also I saw your video on Japan when I was doing a little research on it and I'm now saving to go with my mom (she's a fun travel buddy).

Love this!!! I'm Hong Kong!

What if the intestines are dogs or cats?

aaah! can't wait to see more from this series! Also, were they speaking cantonese during this video? I study mandarin and still have a hard time being able to hear the difference because I don't know if its just a different dialect or if its cantonese. LOL thank you for teaching me more about Hong Kong culture.

Great video! Kinki was an excellent guide, her English was great!

Welcome to Nanjing or dubai for trying sth nice...

♥️nice shirt...

Kinki shouldn't be nervous she did great!! Awesome video can't wait to see more!

The hk lady’s English is no bad. Happy to see her speaking English.

What's with all these rich kids making travel videos on street food.

Love your video so much♥ I can tell you really enjoy the food instead of just pretending. And you are so gorgeous too!!

why are you not vegan anymore?

This is an awesome series Taylor!!! Kinki is so adorable. And wow, that last rice noodle dish really got me (drooling). Want to go to Hong Kong so badly now!

The last restaurant in Kennedy Town, it’s my favorite.

I like the humor.

Eating food with foodies on friday ep. New from Taylor R

please stop eating garbage in hong kong ,

has MSG also , not good for heart !

I looove fried crispy rice noodles

I was so relieved at 15:48 that you have finally stopped poking the stick all the way into our throat, and ate it ‘horizontally ‘ omg...that was so dangerous ,girl :O I cringed every time and am thankful that you girls didn’t hurt yourself...Please always rmb to place the stick horizontally and just slide the fishball out to eat it >

Since this series is for Fridays, can I suggest this foodie https://www.instagram.com/fridaylahk/ thanks!

lol Kinki at 19:39 when she said that her english is getting bad and she has no brain AHAHAHA

The "sweet sauce" they had with the smelly tofu, is that similar to hoisin sauce?

Great video girls. Thanks a lot for sharing and friendly greetings from Slovenia :))

we need a local who speaks english, hei, im in hong kong now

What is Taylor's haircolor? I love it.

just come to india taylor, i am sure nothing like it.. and you can never like anything else but indian food!!

hi, I am a Hongkonger. I have watched your channel since you were in Japan. As I like Japan and want to learn them by practicing English.

These need WAY more views!

goin at hongkong this sept. i wanna taste all those food with source (sauce) hahhaa

Work company store building

Work company store

200 day kayo jan man stay

Stoooopid white gurl....is it called stinky tofu cause it stinks. Wow

Sooo excited for this series, I don't know a lot about the food culture there, so I am very much looking forward to more episodes.

I give this video a 10. ;)

I dont think the hk girl is good at Introduction, she even dont know the history and story of the shop she took to. Thats so boring. And even she is a food youtuber, cant believe. And her English is not that good. Cant explain the point normally.


In Houston we buy fermented tofu in small bottles at the Asian markets. The ones we buy are from Taiwan or Thailand. The taste is so good on rice, or noodles, or veggies. Never fried it.

Man I guess you didn't care whether the food were good for your health? I used to live in Hong Kong years ago but I never cared for the starch or sweet food. May be time had changed.

Hello! I love street foods and we will be in HK next week, I'd like to try all of those! Can you please tell the addresses of the stores?

I recently made a video of Hong Kong food with restaurant and food names. You can consider having a look and see if it's helpful :)

As a local HongKonger who lives in Shum Shui Po, I think Kinki did a great job recommending you to all the awesome hongkong style street food!

Still around?

Ehmm i wanna marry taylor

Taylor is so beautiful

I'm Hong konger she bring you to many famous restaurants in Shum Shui Po, hope you like Hong Kong

White girls are hottest in the world shame they goin extinct tho...white girls betrayin their own race..but thats the case of all girls in all races..at least we keep on bitches on line

i grew up eating curry fish balls and cheung fun (especially cheung fun from Macau, so Yummy) but i will definitely stay away from the stinky tofu.

Hi baby girl....I'm new to your channel. I love to travel with people. I am a 63 yr old grandmother. Disabled so I can't travel that's why I travel with others . I see a lot of places. So I will experience travel thru you. Thank you. Be Safe ,...have fun grandma

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