4 Reasons Why Road Bikes Are Better Than Gravel Bikes | The GCN Show Ep. 296

4 Reasons Why Road Bikes Are Better Than Gravel Bikes | The GCN Show Ep. 296

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From the 24 RS at the Nurburgring in Germany, welcome. To the gcn show hello, and welcome back to the gcn show brought to you by our friends at wiggle this, week we, book the trend and tell, you why we think that, road bikes are still, better than gravel bikes /. Do, you agree yeah we've also got two more doses of controversy, in cycling, short plus a hack. There's, genuinely, blown our minds I say. Our minds always, looking less enthusiastic, about the stone in the rear derailleur than I am but you just wait it's cracking. This. Week in the world of cycling we learned that some of the new climbs feature this year's well to espana our wheelies. Steep, this is pro cyclist even Garcia Cortinas, struggling. To keep his front wheel down. Eat your heart out SAG's yeah we also learned, that we, often, talk about the hazards of riding in Australia. Such as spiders. Snakes. File. Of scenes crocodiles draw white sharks drop bears Robert, yeah well. We, also learned that kangaroos. Are if not more. Dangerous than all of those things. Now. Seemingly, every, week this year has, seen a new, gravel, buy unleashed. Upon the world and most. Of the major manufacturers, have, brought out gravel bikes as well this year and, this is for good reason - because more. And more riders. Are waking up to the joys of riding, off-road, and without. Having to Don heavy body armor and ride big slow heavy mountain bikes yeah it's, not a lie to say the gravel bikes are, great, they're fun they're versatile, I, mean they can literally. Do almost anything, but. And it is big but our, road, bikes, still. Just. Better, well. Here are four reasons why they, might be right reason. One road, bikes are faster. Yeah, there's no denying it you know with narrower. Skinnier. Tires narrower. Handlebars, and more, aerodynamic frames. And, wheels available. You, can go much, faster on a road bike than a gravel equivalent, for the same effort yeah let's face it everyone. Loves, going fast the, sensation, of speed the actual, speed and, given, that road bikes are, faster. That, surely makes me look better it's a bit like putting a, 4x4. SUV, against. A mid-engine. Sports car, except. For, no more money I mean who, wouldn't want a mid-engine sports car for no more money when the winds in your hair yeah, it might be a little bit less practical, you, know you might not be able to put the dog in the boot but. Yeah. I mean I'm about that sports car every day of the week, when. You jump on a road bike after, you've. Been riding a gravel, buy you. Know the difference, in speed is, so tangible that what you struggle, to hold on such, as the acceleration. As it surges. Before. What I mean you'd be out about ten clubs, an hour faster. Just. Maybe. A slight exaggeration but. It yes. Since a road bike just makes me feel like I'm a better, cyclist.

Reason. At number two you, don't have to clean at your road bike as much because inevitably if, you ride a bike off-road, on gravel, then it's gonna get covered in way more dust, than it would if you're riding on road or mud, if your bridge yeah true, now admittedly, gravel, bikes aren't designed to cope with this they've got greater tire clearance they've got disc brakes but you, still have, to clean all the crap off whereas, if you ride your road bike in dry conditions. Barely, have to clean it at all so. We're told yeah well that's, basically the main reason why I haven't dipped my toe into. Cyclocross, who's got bothered with all the cleaning, okay bye you know I mean the fact that I would be totally rubbish at it has. Nothing to do with it now yeah now as a cross fan I do, have to say that I consider their cleaning like a worthwhile trade-off, where, the broken washing machines at the end of the year do annoy me slightly but. The fact is get. Black muddy and it is gonna wear out quicker, so if you've got a gravel bike and you, ride it off-road you, do have to look after it reason. Three they're. Lighter so. Gravel, bikes are designed to be strong rugged. Reliable. And durable. Much. Like Sai, consequently. Being lightweight is a secondary, priority and not the sort of first design, objective, no and that is a shame because the. Feeling of dancing. Up a climb on a lightweight bike was. Great in it yeah, I mean in, the UK I often, run a reliable. But heavy. Winter. Bike in the wetter colder. Months which are they all of them yeah, and, when. I put. My better bike when I take my better bike out and on on a nicer weather it. Just the sensation of being on that lighter bike it's not coming out of hibernation. It feels, amazing there, the way you're able to dance up climbs on the lighter it's. Just thought, he, just puts a smile on your face it does it once you've ridden a lightweight, bike heavy, bikes and gravel, bikes do you tend to be significantly, heavier they, just feel like a bit, of a burden then they holding, you back because. Let's. Say like a top-end robe right now is getting about seven kilos when, you factor in the gravel bikes heavier, frame heavier, tires at the very least you're looking at another kilo two kilos, potentially, on top yeah and that's before you've festooned. All your worldly, possessions to, every orifice and. Sort. Of nook and cranny on the frame, it's like riding a pack mule compared, to a thoroughbred, racehorse, I'm. Not I'm not totally, sure you have to put all your worldly possessions on, it just cause it's a gravel buy you do learn the rules tell other rules of gravel bike is it yeah totally, reason. Number four potentially, the most important. Reason, if not the most controversial, rope. Bikes just. Kind of look better, don't, they I mean the. Sleek, classic. Lines of, a road bike or maybe like the modern, cutting-edge, technological, lines. Of a cutting-edge race bike like your new track Madan oh yeah oh man I love that track with I just. Think yeah road, bikes they're, sleek they're, sharp. They're aggressive. Looking. And gravel bikes in comparison, just well.

They Look a bit slow, it's like a sort, of baggy pair, of y-fronts, compared. To a thong. Yeah. That's. A point I feel more comfortable about SUVs, in sports car than, your choice of underwear. Or Li but yeah okay um anyway. Those, are four reasons why we shouldn't forget why road bikes are flippin. Cool but, let, us know in the comments section whether you think that actually row points are still better or are you a committed, gravel, rider and if so why, are gravel, bike better I think this one could get pretty heated in fact we have a poll on, screen now very simple votes are road, bikes better than gravel wise yes or no yeah, how is your proper. Biking trip sir I stand last week ah, it. Was so cool yeah amazing. Absolutely. Brilliant yeah I'm gonna say flippin. Love gravel bikes they got, us to places that robots could never, have got it, was cool it did love it I was jealous that trip uh she can, only come. Grab, a Viking, knit next, time with, you next expedition. Pleasure. Ollie just don't pack too much stuff and, no. Thongs. You. May remember that last week we, launched, our amazing. Competition, so in the trip of a lifetime to Oman ride, the, oak route Oman and do it on your brand-new, 3t. Estrada bike, well that competition is still open so you still have a chance to enter but, we can now reveal the, route itself, yeah it sounds like an absolute, corporates, be honest the, first stage is 83. Kilometers long and includes. The, fearsome climb of Jebel Akhdar, which, average, is 10% for, 14. Kilometers. Sounds, Patel's format it doesn't it yes the. Tour, of Oman goes, up that one actually but it only goes halfway up, they. Can't do the whole thing pros, aren't good enough anyway. Day 2 145. Grams as long again in the hatch up mountains before the, final, day day three is a Time Trial through, the historic, Alhambra. Town and yeah. Sounds great Jen thoughts it does doesn't it you know who's excited for it as well who Emma's. Excited for it I'm, super, excited to be riding the oak root amount in March 2019. Just sounds like the most amazing, place to ride a bike firstly of course the winter weather is perfect. Secondly it's culturally, really, interesting but very welcoming, and very friendly and of course a man has huge mountains, and I really, like mountains I thought. I've got it stopped raining because well. He's not so much next year but you can't start too early can you so that's. Why riding. Up this hill again. Now. As well as that amazing, prize up for grabs from Oman, we've actually got an amazing prize with. The results, already for, you the shin door how're Ludvig, urban, bike with Brooks saddle, that we gave away just, in a week never. Told you who want it you ready for it the.

Winner Is, Dmitry. Cavour Dmitry. Clavor, congratulations. To you that is a bike so stylish it, made even down Lloyd look, cool when he rode it that is how cool, that bike is so. Yeah enjoy, it very much send us a photo as well. It's. Now time for cycling, shorts we. Begin cycling, shorts this week with some controversial, news, in Milan, as coffee. Change Starbucks, opens its first Italian. Branch yet controversial, perhaps, but, also apparently hugely popular, because people queued for hours around the block in order to get in we, will leave, the coffee debate, to one side though, and instead, steer, you to, this the, Bianchi, Starbucks. Reserve a, collaboration, between the legendary, Milan based bike brand Bianchi, and the. Coffee chain it is as, you can see a steel. And, yes. You guessed it gravel, bike and if, you want one you're gonna have to go the Starbucks. In a man we. Also had some bad news this week so, a study. That was published in, the Journal, of outdoor, recreation. And tourism schoolin, was, titled, the influence. Of tire, size on bicycle. Impacts, to soil and vegetation Crocket, how that is more interesting than it sounds only it's incredibly, interesting it, says that narrow, cyclocross. Tires apparently, caused more damage to, trails and fats and mountain by tires and apparently, even, more than hikers. Is. Quite interesting actually fair, enough and also. Slightly. Bad news indeed to, slightly. Take away from, the new positive drugs test that has just come out of the pro peloton, unfortunate. Constants in suzhou of bahrain mridu and I think report to say formally, of sky and high road before that, returned. A positive, for EPO in, an out of competition test, earlier. In the summer it's. Quite unsettled, me that one oh I'll be honest yeah yes. Constantine's fit sava is a rider from an older, generation but in, recent years he's not really done much and, I, just. Don't really understand, it but perhaps, someone who would understand it better is David Miller himself, a former doper, and in recent years a staunch, advocate, of anti, doping and he's just announced he's gonna be running for president of, the CPA, which, is the riders union yeah I think you do a really good job of that as well he is a super bright guy and also, currently, passionate, about racing, and rider welfare so if interesting see what happens partly.

Because It sounds a little bit like the election process is, something of a lottery and I'm basing this only on tweets I saw from Garant Thomas at the weekend but, if he was right, it sounds like riders, have to either be at the World Championships to vote in person or, from. Certain longer-established. Sake nations like France and, Italy in Spain a delegate. As she votes on their behalf and they don't really get a direct, say in it yeah she's really weird for their own union but okay, it's been strange but speaking of Guerin Thomas he just announced that he's extended, his contract a Team Sky by, three years yeah so I wonder if he'll win another grand tour it's, gonna, be difficult. Considering Chris Froome is still there and also talented. Riders like Egon Bernal coming up through the ranks as well yeah you, wonder whether he kind of put personal ambition to one side before, you sign that one but anyway time will tell and danci, interesting. Times, also told with, dimension, data's, hiring, policy, for this season as it became clear they've now signed all three. Of the riders from the podium of this is Amstell gold race following the news that, Enrico, gasparotto himself. Afford a winner actually of AppStore gold has now joined Michel vulgar and and Roman coins eager for, damage, indices 2019, roster, not a bad recruitment, policy that if it gets you riders of, that standard, yes we've said it before Michel valgrind is a super, talented baton, to, other super talents, Larry wall bass and corner, done yeah. We've been following them closely this week on social media as they completed, their hashtag no-go. Tour so, for those of you who are unaware both. Riders were, members of the now-defunct. Aqua-blue. Sport, team which, well, ended. About sadly this year hey well yeah just the other week in it there the rug was pulled out from under their feet literally, days it before their last race this season the Tour of Britain, but. Rather than sulk, they went out and went, backpacking instead, so they, went for one week racked up 50, hours, of saddle, time clocked, at 1001. 50 kilometers, and, boy accounts they're an absolute riot, some. Of the stuff that president social media was absolutely, genius including. Pictures, like this one from Connor this is the Elector Rosalind, which what. Kind of looks better than, many. Of the views they would have seen at a tour Britain not all but you know yes. Looks pretty nice I like this one from Larry. Wedding. Crashers yeah they were I can't tell if the groom is, happy or annoyed, by, that jest yeah I think something Meyer got lost in translation yeah, yeah that hunt yeah the hand gesture could. Go either way can it also. Some bad news actually for Larry and Connor as the finish cycling, resource a matted peor ally or however. You pronounce it and finished pointed. Out that unfortunately, their time's up, out do is they. Weren't good enough to break the top 200 of all time probably in fact not even top 1000, guttered, the pet that was to be faster though they were riding, fully laden. Bikes. Though I leave no bikes not gravel no gravel bikes yeah. It's a nice nice, sentiment, I think that. The life lesson, learned, here is that when life gives you lemons just. Go on a bike, packing, adventure yeah. And also make sure you have a catchy hashtag, on social, media so April concede it we, also learned, the sad news that double, Olympic champion, Christina, Vogel has been left paralyzed, following, a training crash, in June, of this year, yeah a hugely, decorated. Cyclist, Vogel, won the team sprint gold in 2012. And individual, sprint gold in 2016. And always here G Siena would like to wish the very best for, her recovery and every, habilitation. Tech. Of the week now but before, we head over to John, in the workshop we've got some new tech of our own right, here it's from physique but. Unfortunately all I can tell you is that you're gonna find out what is inside this box on Monday. I told me that I can't wait that long I'm gonna have a look now. Over. To you John cheers, lads well this week we've got cracking. Content, for you as ever we've got some custom shoes we've got gold rollers, we've got two new bikes spotted, on social, media plus should. You be riding with a bike computer on your bike also don't, forget there's, a poor kid out there who now has to sleep on the sofa yep, that's right anyway, more on that this Thursday, on the gcn tech show is not to be missed. It's. Now time for, our weekly, inspiration. Where you submit inspirational. Cycling, photos for a chance to win 50, 75. Or, 100, pounds. In vouchers. From our friends at, wiggle, but I basically love this because we use get look at great photos, oh yeah.

Basically. Now. If you want to enter this competition see before start then, either. Submit. Your photos on instagram, with the hashtag, GCN. Inspiration. Or using. Our uploader. The link to which is in the description but in this video right then without. Further ado who has. Come third in this week's competition I'm so. In third place this week we've chosen, Johnson, underscore, WCC. On Instagram, he submitted, this, really cool picture, well. Riding. In, the rain yeah, taking, a Killington stage race in Vermont in the USA I take what I don't. Particularly. Like, riding. In the rain all that much but that has inspired me to do so that is a cool photo isn't it there's something about the big wide empty road the corner, the feeling of speed and that's great yeah and that's a sweeping Bend through there I mean I unfortunately. Have, to ride in the rain well, we have to ride around quite a bit wait, because were we but, that, makes it look great. Yeah it does funny that. Miraculous. Photograph, Matt right then in second, place we've, got this, one which, is something a little bit different perhaps it's just sent in by Ian, and it's, taken, at the Melbourne, Cricket Ground he's saying seventeen, degrees centigrade, for the start of spring heading, home like I normally do crossing the walkway of the train tracks and couldn't help but notice the stunning day Melbourne, turned on for us so. There we go then he says the bike is his runabout, pub bike me read hairier yeah this that's cool isn't it there's something about that shot not just the banging weather and the nice, sunset yeah I want it we. Picked this photo because, it's. Inspirational. It sums up what cycling, you know can be about for a lot of people it doesn't have to be up, a mountain, on an. Amazing, super. Race. Bike you know it's, that. Is an inspirational. Piece of cycling, and it's in a setting where a lot of people that is there riding yeah to my mind at that photo spells, out freedom. Annoying. The Braveheart kind of way right. Then the winner then the winner of a hundred pounds, of wiggle bouches is.

John, From. We. Don't know your surname john but, you might recognise the photo so this is from lost our sauce california. And that is calling it yeah is greats riding his argon eighteen galleon Pro and he's, just riding through the trees on a quiet training, ride but that. Photo I just love the tranquility. Of it and that, road just look saps the beautiful doesn't say where reminds me off I don't if you've seen this film but, place beyond the pines to the Ryan Gosling where, he's going through he's on a motorbike but it's not sort of like ghost engine like I haven't seen that but if if it looks like that photograph I'm gonna go check it out. It's. Now time for, hack. /watch. And, first. Up this week we have Nick. Perkins, who, well. This. Is pretty pretty impressive smashed. Out of the park Ollie this is what I was so excited about in the introduction to the show so basically the, horrible feeling when you snap your gear cable, and your, derailleur plunges, all the way down to 11th to Spokane, now we've got hacks. On GCN already about how you fix it involving, wrapping, your cable, around pull it through the other way but. Simply. Stick. A stone in it why. Didn't we think of that one okay is one of those things of how, is no one thought of this before well perhaps they have anyway nick has brought it to our attention so thanks for that well yeah not only that it's a it's a stone with. Two with, different dimensions so basically he can put it in one orientation to, put it in his 25, for climbing flip it and he can get it in a sixteen you should make these stones and sell them and. You, have them in their saddlebags permanently. Yeah. Amazing. Genius. There, we go anyway thank you very much for saying that well what were you saying how cool much I was a hack for me absolutely hat great a hack right him next. Up we have budget. This. Which, is well looks like a sort of empty. Pan. That's been bolted, on to the, to. The back of the bike to act as a chain capture. That looks nasty I'm not real I'm not a massive fan of change. Leaders at the best of times but, ever yeah anyone that was sent, in by. Gemma. Me at Cartier, so, I'm sorry Jeremy, yeah. Next. Up we've got this one from, morale. Cam. Dear which. Is when you go camping and you forget your umbrella holder. Well. I mean that does get you have a sticky situation doesn't it but that. So what I see oh yeah. Big sea person it that's a serious, saddle, to bar drop. Doing. Is saddles under his umbrella anyway I think it's that but it, is, a pod but I do like. That he's put one, hashtag and and, that hashtag is hashtag MacGyver. Anyway. Right next up we got this one sent, in from, saara from Greece, Val Germany, now, that is, another like. People. Carrier of a bike another. Breach, of the UK, Highway cope is okay cuz it's in Germany yeah maybe. It preaches that hardcase, what would you rank what it's also slightly scary, cuz it's kind of sprayed up like a ghost bride isn't it which. Which you know given that it looks like it's probably a death trap. Like, a bit low meaning there's, subtle, that rear, tire is a bit flat as well I've asked us a bunch for me well. Except is done with welding, by the look of it yeah. They've. Welded that by Oh someone's, get great lengths yeah to. The body alright budge sorry Sarah okay, anyway, this one I think we're gonna finish in our hiatus we spent in by Colin and this is actually a follow up isn't, it from a. Previous. Entry. For his custom. Wahoo. Mount, I believe and, now he's. 3d. Printed. For. The light mount yes oh I'm speechless, yeah moment, to, lights melted, it looks like a fighter plane doesn't it not a bike yeah ac great white is arrow and it's neat and it's, just it just looks very cool on the front of his sort of well, what is already a very neat cockpit, on the giant propel but rather.

Than Sort of festoon. Lights. To it in a sort of ungainly, fashion, with big sort of rubber straps and cable ties, he's just. Got a really neat narrow solution, there that's pretty. Cool news isn't it it's, one of my little pet hates is having a light mounted. Off-center. On my bike yeah, and given that my lights are mounted off-center, on on, anything I ride it's like, a pet hey through the entire winter top marks for symmetry. Baby, way gay volved, if you want to submit something. For, judgment, Franklin in hackle box, do, so either via the gcn upload link to which is a description beneath this video or using. The hashtag EGC and hack on social media. It's. Now time for the caption, competition, where you have a chance to win a Camelback, GCN, water bottle, oh yeah last week we had this picture of a very ripped. Looking, like sure - of the coffered esteem and the winning caption is it. Was sent in by Sean, s red. Lennick and. It was he's. Gonna take a lot of sunscreen to, cover this whole area. Yes. I love it just our level of humor, yeah rubbish. But anyway there we go good enough to. Stand out and get, yourself this. Camelback water bottle which we will send over to you so you get in touch with us on Facebook and let's. Know your address right. Then what about this week's caption, folks there for you to get your teeth stuck into well. It's a bizarre one isn't it yeah. Any other ways protesting, there uh. Not. Sure I got my thing I've got one got. It yeah. This. Is this Wells, has been well, our time absolutely dead, at the end of today's stage I. Said. It was Sarah that on it I was. Good well, no, I mean I mean. Thanks. Thanks, thanks, for trying tried really hard yeah well that's you've done your best and that's what counts ultimately. Reach, no. Seriously if you think you can be Ollie in there but. God I hope you can make, sure you stick your comment in the caption section down below we, will read them all and then pick out our favorite next week now, you know that was a good effort mate Thanks, I couldn't, have done better. Before. We get on to what is coming up on the channel of this week letters. As per tradition, that take a bit of time to go through one or two cracking.

Comments That you left I'm the last week's videos like this one which, Charles Meadows, wrote, underneath, your mega video actually about, whether you can fix carbon fiber frames, after, they broken and. He has said yes. Clearly ducks tape lots, of duct. What. Was any ducting used in any of the fixings, that's. By, categorically. No really, no no duct tape being, doesn't, have any duct tape they, must have done everyone's got a bit duct tape stashed away on things maybe not for fixing frames but you know yeah, well, possibly, pro outfit, clearly they're yeah it's you know alright I should miss me I only learned that he was duct tape last week I thought it was duct tape, fee for my life. Anyway. South. 1981. Pirlo. People switching off yeah I admit. That but this, guy new hot new stuff PhDs. Staff. 1981. Wrote. This comment, on. Oh it's on one of out these video wasn't it saying rumor has it that Chris dropped, 1.2. Kilograms off his, bike by, cutting, the size of, his, Travolta, hair. Well. It's, a fair point actually I think we should probably ask the man himself what does John Travolta think about that. Yeah. I thought we might have something interesting to say right. Lastly, sticking. With hair, Stefan. Harry's. Well. He said that psy is the lantern Rouge of the gcn, hair classification. Which, there's. No surprise, but, you. Know even, though I think although I expect, so your hair is great mate you're trying really, hard, and the. Question, is whether all my hair is better or worse than your caption, competition, effort which would. You not be so much for like that would it Reds that anyway there we go both, the points what is coming up on the channel this week what have you got to look forward to well, on Wednesday, how, to hide, on a ride. Yeah. Useful tactics. If you ride in a group better everyone, needs to know how to hide on those days well you haven't quite got it yes axe is great. Thursday. 5, carpark, tricks to impress your mates Friday. Is another ask GC, anything, Saturday. Why, do you need to, track stand. But. I tell you what don't. Real interesting one that one Sunday. Is, my. Own little kom, challenge, that I have set myself which. I'm exceedingly, nervous, about so, please everyone join, me in keeping your fingers firmly crossed all week that I'm nice to pull that one off monday. Is across the gcn racing new show and then Tuesday is. The gcn show where, we're. Gonna be announcement here mate yeah, oh yeah, we're going out to Italy, Chris. And James, already gone in fact emma is joining them soon after Oscars, going out then we're going out it's, gonna be good, but. Whilst. We're out there don't forget that loyalty is going still back here doing. All the Welters definitely yes so there's vote well two highlights each day on Facebook so you can catch the previous, day's that we've done already if you've not already seen, them and. There's, also going to be welter, content on the ground from Chris Opie who's gonna be there as, well yeah that's right, guys. And, speaking. Of the Vuelta well. The. Still chance to get hold of our Spanish, themed t-shirts. But they are limited edition so, if you want one head, over to the gcn shop that's right shopped on global cycling Network comm and unfortunately. That brings us towards, the end of the gcn show although one other point of business Ollie as we film this we, have just ticked over 1.5.

Million, Subscribers. Which is utterly amazing, and, so once it thank all of you for. Your continued, support 40, to you it means an absolute, world to us so yeah a genuine, heartfelt, thank-you from all of us here right. I suppose the. Only thing left to say then is if, you fancy another video right now then, you, could do far worse than check out Ollie's absolutely, bang it of my, jaw mate yeah whether, you can fix a carbon-fiber, frame that was just down there.

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Make sure you enter here for your chance to ride in Oman here: http://gcn.eu/WinOman and let us know here - are road bikes king?

Reason no. 5: they are called GRAVEL bikes. Joking aside, I’d definitely buy one, but I rather spend all my spare money on upgrading my road bike. Maybe one day in the far future. :) So yeah, road bikes are king.

I just got my Cannondale CAADX this year and am still getting the hang of it (bought it to potentially try cx racing), but in the short amount I have ridden it so far, I have to admit it's a lot of fun. It's not quite as gnarly as my MTB, but the versatile ability to go fast on pavement and then just hop up onto grass or a trail and keep chugging is pretty fun and helpful. That said, my SuperSix Evo road bike remains my primary ride. You can go faster (a lot faster), it does indeed look better, it is less heavy (see go faster), and for training by doing intervals or long rides where there's total ascent / elevation, there's really no way I'm getting on my gravel bike for that. Whatever comfort I gained would be destroyed by the weight, slowness, and general fatigue I'd have over a shorter period of time. So road bike for the win, but really everyone should try to have both. N+1.

Road bikes, going faster always. and sometimes out in the gravel

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It depends on the distance, 50 miles = road bike, 500 miles = grav

raxxaRn Same to me: road bike only when extra 0.621371 mph matters (Ollie would kill for that gain, I saw the video with such confession): it's for group rides on tarmac or when doing TT for fitness self-assessment (and for Strava too :) ). All other leisure rides - on a gravel bike with tires width ranged from 28 to 40 mm and even to 27.5x2.1 inches when terrain demands.


I've been running 28c GP 4000s II tires on my gravel bike all summer and im putting on 45c this winter. Last winter I was running 25c tires on my road bike which was horrible so really looking forward to this winter. I guess I'm using my gravel bike as a road bike more than actually going offroad, but since I bought my gravel i havnt touched my road bike. A bit sad tho.

Bunch of fairies - Ollie rides a gravel bike equivalent for 11 months of the year (winter bike) and only rolls out the road bike when the sun shines and the tarmac is super smooth. Gravel bikes put real smiles on faces

On a gravel bike I won't get run over by cars

#1 Road bikes are faster = I'm 50 and weigh 99.7 kilos. Faster? # 2 Don't have to clean it as often = some roadies clean their bikes after every ride no matter what (me too) # 3 Road bikes are lighter = yes by a whole what 2 to 4 kg (refer to #1 above ) I weigh 99.7 kg but you are right the bike is lighter. # 4 Road bikes look better = True stream lined and pretty. But for my rotund and generous self comfort is an absolute must. More upright seating position means much longer riding.

I just take my road bike or fs carbon mountainbike (that looks awesome too), no way in between for me

'In Oman it’s against the law to live together or share the same hotel room with someone of the opposite sex to whom you aren’t married or closely related.' - Oman sounds a ripper.

Road bikes are too limiting. When the winery where you start your ride at a big cycling event has a gravel parking lot and you need to walk your bike out to the pavement to start the ride, your bike sucks. The world is full of gravel patches, crumbling tarmac, and various general shortcuts--you need a bike that can go there.

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Have both: gravel and road. Gravel bike phenomena: it expands the areal of my cycling to make my rides longer and at the same time can cut corners to make my rides shorter. BTW, with both bikes in the low-mid-range of the upscaling scale, just the gravel bike gets complements from side viewers from all ages, including school students. The road one - "bike as usual".

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It depends on purpose. On smooth roads road bikes are still king, and they always will be! But for everything else...

What I hate is it seems that the gravel bike killed the traditional road touring bike, the trek 520 is I believe the sole survivor from a major company.

I never thought of my bike as a pair of boxers :) I love my gravel bike. The versatility it provides is what won me over. If I had the budget, I would have both but since that's not an option.. Gravel bike it is.thanks for an another great show guys.

I love this 2 guys! they're perfect together... Please keep making videos with this pair!?

The two counties I predominantly ride in, Cornwall and Gloucestershire, have had a lot of 'Road Dressing' this summer. Seriously considering getting a gravel bike to cope with these gnarly stone riddled new surfaces.

Hello, in my humble opinion i must say, i disagree :P i think the comparisons you are making are not the right ones, it feels you are comparing gravel riding to road riding instead of the 2 type of bikes. first thing i would clarify is that on each category you have a bike spectrum with different bike types, for example in the road bike category: road bikes endurance road bikes more agresive light or aero road bikes gravel bikes almost mountain-bike gravel bike race oriented (actually, almost normal road bike with greater tyre cleareance) gravel bike. to avoid making the mistake of comparing apples and oranges, i would compare the race oriented gravel bike to road bikes. because in the end if someone would be doubting on wich one to get, he will end up comparing those. 3. i am going to start with weight, if you compare a “road bike” oriented gravel bike (basically a road bike with discbrakes and greater tyre clearance 40-42mm) with a road bike of the same category/material/price range, they can weigh almost the same. the biggest difference would depend on the road bike brakes, rim brakes vs disk brakes, and thats another discussion for another time :P 1. Speed, the biggest difference here will come from the tyres and weight (for climbs and curvy roads where u accelerate and brake a lot ). 1. tyres can be the same, just put the same slick tyres you would have on your road bike on the gravel bike. 2. weight, can be quite close. 3. Aerodinamics will a role, if you have an aero bike you will have some marginal gains. i am going to quote you guys here on this as a source, both videos where you compare gravel bikes to road bike performance, and mid range vs full aero bike for aerodynamic gains comparison: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HmVQCAjBE0&frags=pl%2Cwn 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr7u9hgUKJs&frags=pl%2Cwn 2. Cleaning, you are comparing gravel riding to road riding, not the bikes. (aaaand it also contradicts almost every video Si posted where he says you should clean your road bike after every ride :P) 4. looks, indeed very important, is entirely personal though, and there are awesome looking road bikes as there are ugly ones, the same goes for gravel bikes. i don’t think it depends on the category. so if you have a race oriented gravel bike and set it up for road riding, you wouldn’t be at a “real” disadvantage. with the added bonus you have the option to set it up for gravel riding and be able to go places a normal road bike would struggle or simply not be as much fun. the tradeoff would probably be the minor aerodynamic gains from an aero bike vs the flexibility of the gravel bike. as a last note, i think the place you could find some real difference might be “how each bike feels”. Altough i also think you can probably just notice it jumping from a bike to another and you will simply get used to it :). (sorry for the Walloftxt :P )

Caption: I think I overdid it on the weight loss this year

Great, now I want to gravel bike. N+1 Thanks a lot.

Duck tape is correct actually. it was the original brand name. "duct" tape is the more generic term.

Caption: Some competitors go to great lengths to ensure they won't provide an adverse blood or urine test

Caption: This is how most of us started; pushing an old bone-shaker up a local hill

COMMENT: Killed It!

What this is a bike race? We’re here for the wheelchair skeleton!

CAPTION: OMG!........ Hasn't Matt Stephens aged since leaving GCN!

Roadies riddled with drugs since the 30's I have no respect for them, or thier ridiculous clothes

Re the pebble derailleur hack: rather than pounding in pitons, British rock climbers used to pocket pebbles of various sizes, slot them in cracks, wrap a sling around, and clip in for protection as they climbed. Easier on the rock if not the psyche!

Well I have only one bike... and it's a Ti gravel bike. I commute with it, I take it on all sorts of terrain I wouldn't take a road bike anywhere near, I go bike touring with it (fully laden with panniers, 26 kg or so), and I take it on club runs and don't feel at much of a disadvantage. If anything it gives me a convenient excuse when I'm not as fast as the others! Of course if a stack of cash fell on my lap I'd get an aero bike with deep section wheels and Di2 - but I wouldn't get rid of my Subaru Forester of a gravel bike

Great Show.. Ollie your a smooth orator, and Si, the futures is road bikes!

I love the steel gravel bike I commute on (and during the glorious summer I kept 'getting lost' on the way home). I love it's comfortable fat tyres and mudguards. And I love the fact that when I hop on the carbon at the weekend it's like I forgot to bring a bike at all for the 20 miles at least. But I now need a couple of other bikes - an aero, just cos.. And a gravel bike I'll keep sans mudguards and with knobblies for winter adventuring.

Caption: At least I'm not dead last!

Recently got a gravel bike - GT Grade Alloy and love it (my other bike is MTB) did my first 100km ride last week thru paved, gravel and dirt roads. Bike has 28mm tires but still felt very capable. Riding off road thru a forest or a field is so much nice than having cars whip by you every few seconds/minutes.

Kangaroos are dangerous? You obviously haven't met the magpies. Road bikes faster than gravel bikes? Not if you're on gravel!

Caption: Breaking News: Aleandro Valverde also wining a stage of the Vuelta 2093

Ahhh... I am now on a search thru my garage to find just the right size "item" to put in my saddle bag for the stone hack!

Road bikes are mainly used by sunday/holiday exhibitionist "don't want to get a dirt spot on my bike" sissy boys and girls that only ride their bike by daylight in excellent weather and road conditions. But even if you are only into that and nothing more (except organised road racing) you're always better of with a gravel, hybrid or even a carbon mountain bike. I frequently ride on sundays with a gravel bike among my road bikers fellow club members,speed 25/30 km an hour, and it is way more comfortable then with my road bike. I even go faster then most of them over unforeseen bad or broken up roads, cobble stones, don't have to slow down or get off when there is debris/small pebbles on the pavement, easier/faster around obstacles, through bad weather etc...

Ollie's use of simile is like Dan Lloyd's use of mineral water - they both need outside intervention to let them know when they have gone too far

Caption: I’m dying to get rid of this wheelsucker!

Did anyone else have the sour out of sync with the video????, so off putting trying to watch!

Ollie & Rich, there is both duct tape and Duck tape, they are basically the same type of tape however Duck tape is a very popular brand name for the tape from the USA. So in short Duck tape is the more general name for strong, water resistant tape in the USA and even the UK rather than the more generic name duct tape.

I have no idea why gravel has taken off. Why would I want my teeth rattled out (big tire dont do anything), constant punctures, covered in dirt/dust, no coffee shops along the way and all the wonderful things like touring and travelling to new places is just as easily done on a roady.

Caption competition: Some people just take fasted rides too far!

caption: old cyclists never die, they just get more airo

Boys that road bike discussion was horrible! Did your script writer call in sick this week?

Road bikes ftw duh. That being said I love ripping single track on my new Trek Checkpoint.

Caption: Richie Porte: is that me on stage 9?

Caption: Another pro cycling team trying to hide a doping skeleton in the closet

You chaps are hilarious. Such are great and entertaining show

Thats Oli's new bike ???wow

Caption: Can I get a TUE for this?!

Are you guys running out of content?

caption: La Vuelta 2077, Valverde is still there, sprinting on 2 wheels for the finish

MTB is for off road, road is for road, gravel is just for fun if you have extra money and extra space for one more bike or can afford just one bike. . Ride your gravel bike as a road bike and never wash it. I was my road bike twice a year. Spring and autumn.

Road bikes are better

Caption - I had to leave it all on the road to get through the cobbles, flares, crazy fans and tear gas

10:35 we're getting a Starbucks in Malta. hopefully the Govt here makes them pay their effing tax

You forgot: it's much more easier to change tubes in case of punctures on a road bike than on gravels !

So if you ride your road bike off-road, you don't have to clean it? Well, ok.

[Caption]. This guy has Basqued for too long.

Caption competition: Matt Stephens commentating: it looks like some Spanish competitor got their application for the Winter Olympics Skeleton completely wrong!

CAPTION: I thought Froome was at the Tour of Britain!!!

Caption: I told you I would reach the finish line even if it killed me

caption: - Valverde winning an uphill sprint stage at the 2045 Vuelta

Caption “I was told I could rest... why am I still doing stages!?”

On tarmac? Yes! Look at? Yes. If you want speed? Yes! Great show GCN!

Ollie Make and sell the stones. That was a good one. I almost fell out of my chair

THat trike wouldn't be against any uk cycling law's that boys a numpty it had lights a brake on each wheel and there's no restrictions on how wide officially

http://wfs.ksdot.org/arcgis_web_adaptor/rest/directories/arcgisoutput/County/quarterInch/MiamiCountyQt.pdf when your roads look like this and you want to explore your area. Buy a gravel bike.

Apologies straight away as it's my OCD kicking in but please get the TV behind Jon on the Tech set level next time. With the board behind having dots all over it it was very noticeable and upset me so much I totally missed what Jon had to say, unsure if this is good or bad but still.

Gravel bikes do both off road and on road, so better.

Depends who's wearing the baggy y-fronts and who's wearing the thong, surely? ... oops. I didn't just say or think that :-)

Caption: "Now to pick the bones out of that stage"

I wanted a gravel bike for ages. Tried one and it was useless over anything more than slightly bumpy terrain. Might as well just spend slightly more on a carbon MTB. Sacrifice a kilo or so, but get adjustable suspension and the speed difference is negligible.

You consider "not being able to go offroad" a plus? Seriously? Here i thought versitality is a HUGE plus for anyone not racing... Allso, lighter and faster are kind of the same deal if you think of it. Which leaves me wondering: DO roadbikes have anything actually going for them at all? If anything its a major pain in your rear area, to having to comply with arbitrary rules from pro cycling. No discbrakes in 2018? Really? I personally dont see anything they got going for them, outside of competing with the clock... (To some extend that allso applies to CX and Gravel bikes, where a descent XC bike, with droppers if you so prefer to, will most likely serve you better in the long run, over a variety of terrains. At least those "lines" dont sacrifice anything for the sake of using whatever the pro riders have to.) All in all: Weaksauce guys, dont make up nonsense to sweet talk horrendeously unpractical things.

"Eat your heart out sags" easily in the top one most cringe comments I've heard on GCN...

if was buying a €3000+ bike i would go for rim breaked, carbon frame, out and out road bike. Possibly etap or mechanical ultegra.

Never ridden a drop bar proper road bike. I have a flat bar road bike Giant Rapid and a few months a go got a drop bar gravel bike and I am in love with it. Cube nu road Pro. GCN's very own Ollie convinced me to buy when he wasn't yet with the best cycling content provider :) Deffo gonna get a proper road bike at some point

Point #1 yes. Road bikes are faster. That's good. They can catch up to me on my gravel bike after getting a flat tire from running over a sharp nano particle. Point #2 about not having to clean a road bike as often is certainly accurate. All I have to do is dust my roadie now and then because all it's done is collect dust since I brought my gravel bike home. I can ride the gravel bike anywhere, on any surface including asphalt. :) In all seriousness, I bought a Specialized Diverge this year and have since sold my road bike. I can ride the Diverge everywhere I could ride the road bike and don't have to worry about the surface. One of the popular ways to "fix" roads here is to oil and chip them. This is guaranteed to flatten tires on all road bikes. Not so on the gravel bike. I don't even notice these poor road surfaces anymore. If I want to pick up a bit of speed, I found a used second set of wheels for some slightly small, faster tires that I can easily swap to. Frankly, I haven't had much need but it's an option.

Caption: Dylan's stomach Teun-ed when he saw the frame being pushed up ahead of him.

caption: the vuelta is killing me

Road cyclist are petty, get the bike that you enjoy and ride the piss out of it

Caption: I know giving your team mate a push is against the rules, but I'm tired to my bones

This stage was the hardest; no bones about it.

Road bikes are so boring! No nature, just ugly roads!

Sagan: https://twitter.com/sergi_lopezegea/status/1039995572730642432

pmsl about Australia. There's also spooky rabbits and hares in regional towns. Watch out for the ones that have over-sized rotten teeth. They jump out from behind bushes and trees and zig zag across foot paths randomly. They look like they've stepped out of a horror film. Cool to see them on a cold, dark foggy winter's morning or night.Hehehehehe.

Loving the Sponge Bob music on hack/bodge. Caption; taking Mom to a bike race on a day trip from the Bates Motel.

Pure road bikes don't last long on my heavily cratered, deteriorating local roads. Wider tires, lower pressures, more sidewall to absorb the constant crashing bumps.

Caption: Despite his worst road rash ever, he did manage to finish the stage.

My mtb is faster than any road bike up till about 18mph, it’s set up with rock hard 2.2 inch tyres. Below 10 mph barely any effort is required to pedal as well. It handles better and is more comfortable and safe

Gravel bikes rock! I can go anywhere, do anything, and it’s made me a much stronger and better cyclist. I ride my perfectly fitted Specialized Diverge to triathlons carrying all of my tri gear on it. Then i strip the rack and panniers off and end up passing several athletes who are riding much more expensive and lightweight road bikes. I run races all the time and i flat out refuse to use a car to get to them. My diverge is my car. I use to it to ride to every triathlon or half marathon I race. I see many people putting their road bikes on their cars, which in my mind completely defeats the point of riding a bicycle in the first place. I use my diverge as a commuter to get to work because i can ride over train tracks with impunity and I can stop on a dime with my hydraulic disc brakes and wide wheels. I’ve run over beer bottles in the street, shattering them as my gravel bike tires laughed! Most importantly, there’s the money. I don’t have the money nor the space to have more then the 2 bike I already own. It took me 2 years to save up for my diverge. My diverge is now my primary mode of transportation and i’m happier and healthier then i’ve ever been in my entire life. If i would’ve bought a road bike, i wouldn’t have been able to take it on most of the rides that I take my diverge on, which means I wouldn’t be nearly as healthy or strong as i am now. And why would i possibly want a road bike? What good is riding a tiny bit faster when you’re unable to ride nearly as often?

Caption: vuelta a espana have found a dead ringer of tdf Did I the devil..

The important bit is wifey’s vs. a thong. Classic, Ollie!

Guys, this is the second week without extreme corner. I thought 'cross was coming..?

Caption: is this what Matt Lloyd looks like coming across the finish these days?

This was a subtle apologia of gravel bike isn't it ?

Caption: #AskGcnTraining - How thin is too thin for a cyclist?

Caption: After a 30 year wait He-Man finally defeats Skeletor.

Caption: Spanish cycling fans are so well behaved police deploy only skeleton staff.

Caption: "I knew climbers were skinny, but this went a bit too far..."

As I am getting back to cycling I've noticed that on the same descent I take returning home I'm about 5mi/hr slower on my gravel bicycle even though I'm heavier than before. It might be the wheel threads. My gravel bicycle is fun and safer. Today I was going up a bridge and someone disposed of a glass bottle on the bike path, I didn't see it since I was looking at the car's, my bicycle just crushed the bottle. If I would have been on my road bike I would have fallen for sure. I love my gravel bicycle

I am 51 years old, I don't really care about the speed, or the look. I ride for fun. I ride my bike mainly in the town where I live. It is great , won't replace it .

Caption: They told me I'll lose fat if I entered. It seems that I did.

Caption: Every gram counts when it comes to the mountain stages

I rode route 66 in the US following interstate 40. I would ride the frontage roads as much as possible in order to stay off the interstate. The frontage road would come to an end with a dirt trail head going further. I was on a road bike and tried to follow the trail, but my thin tires would bury in the loose dirt forcing me to go back onto the interstate. Fatter tires would have helped a lot..

I ride a gravel bike because it suits my needs. Half the roads around where I live are gravel. There is almost no avoiding it. Also I don't know what kind of speeds you are riding but I can average 19 miles an hour, sprint 30, and descend at 45. I don't call that slow. Though I do think a good road bike looks really nice and I wouldn't turn one down.

Dude, just name the mid engine by name. You can say it...Porsche.

My ideal gravel bike; a carbon road bike that can take up to 35mm wide tires with 30/34 minimum gears, oh and space for mudguards. In theory that's only a couple of km/hr slower than a road bike, and almost the same if you put higher pressure in the tires.

Caption: This is La Muerta a España, right?

Caption: These vuelta stage finishes are so exciting they give me a boner

Caption: The increasing operational cost of pro cycling is starting to bite, with some teams electing to send skeleton crews to this year's Vuelta.

I stopped watching @ 2:44.... snobbery, plain simple snobbery.

I think the only thing worse than Si's hair (and indeed Ollie's caption) is his posture. #SorrySi #drivesmecrazy

Reason #5 : you can wear pink bibshorts on a road bike without looking ridiculous. If you like pink, that is. Reason #6: riding on tarmac is undoubtedly easier, so you can beat all your strava friends in the monthly distance challenge, and who cares about having fun. Reason #7: when you ride gravel in my area you're constantly distracted by beautiful birds, magnificent landscapes and sometimes even surprise a deer. On a road bike, you can concentrate on being, you know... Fast. Yeah. Fast. Reason #8: with all that beauty around you when you ride gravel, you constantly have a smile on your face while riding, and that definitely doesn't look pro. Doesn't.

Gravel bike is the winter and commuting bike. The weight difference is noticable, and the tyres do drag. So the road is more fun on road. But, i can go places on the gravel bike that the road just cant handle, and thats a dofferent kind of fun!

Better add Australian Bush Turkey to list of Australian dangerous animals. One hit a bike rider on a descent recently and was put in a coma for over a week - rider and turkey!

Starbucks in Italy? Well, if you are into spending considerably more for worse coffee...

Caption: Seeking Justice on a Gavel Quad Bike

hardly ever pot holes on gravel roads, arguably more smoother especially with the right tires and barely any traffic and so many more roads to explore. If a car is coming up on you, you hear it well in advance and they are not trying to pass you at a fast speed.

Caption ......See... I told you he had a "bone"r

Caption.. But before the stage podium ceremony let's bring up the polish national hide and seek champion .........

the truth is that gravel bikes appeal to the majority of normal riders nothing to do with racers or being faster

its all marketing bs to sell bikes truth!!!!!

if you have a top end xc bike then you take out any gravel bike! depends on the trail!

They are so trying to keep wiggle down lol. So embarrassed

Agreed, I started with a MTB 29er and rode it on the road to find bikers flew by me with ease. So I bought a Gravel Cyclocross bike to find that it weighed only 2 kg less than my MTB and the input efforts were similar. Quickly turned in the Cyclocross bike (within a few days of purchasing) and exchange for an average but good Carbon Disc Trek Domane 700x28c bike. WOW, now only the road bike is used heavily, Roubaix type roads, no problem, it's designed for it.

Clearly road bikes are better because: * Real men only ride on real roads anyway * You have less chance to get distracted from riding by this pesky nature thing * Every trip can be an adventure since you never know if you end up getting stuck on a bad road

CAPTION: Who's older now Valverde... #GCNCaption

Isn't the winning picture a gravel bike on a gravel road? ;-)

Road bikes are obviously better at what they do. Gravel bikes are the better for the rider who wants more versatility and capability. Imagine being in your mid engine sports car and seeing a trail that you want to explore - you suddenly begin to wish you were in a Porsche Macan. You don't need a Land Rover Defender (MTB), just a little more capability to explore.

Just got a specialized diverge and I'm sold on the durabilty.i wouldn't want a road bike that I had to baby along the beaten path

Simple. own both.

Caption: when your a retired pro-cyclist but think you've still got what it takes.

Strange that u say road bikes are faster because of skinny tyres, but yet everyone is moving to 25m because it's faster than 23m

I don't mean to sound like a prick but I really don'tunderstand this European trend of comparing gravel bikes directly to road bikes only because they have drop bars. I take mine even to MTB trails and I absolutely do not a see a road bike as a comparable substitute. On the other hand, a gravel bike can be a substitute for a road bike, especially if you have a spare set of wheels. Slap on the thin slick tyres and you have yourself a road bike. Compare modern gravel bikes to some older XC bikes, and you'll notice that not only are they very similar in terms of geometry, but modern gravel bikes are often more capable for those XC disciplines, XCM especially. 622 rims took a very long time to penetrate the MTB market. 40-45mm premium tubeless tyres, disc brakes, soft seatposts, composite materials, clutch derailleurs and more. Drop bars improve ergonomics on those long rides and lack of suspension allows you to keep weight close to 10kg even with budget components and wide tyres. On some non-UCI XCM races, gravel bikes (when permitted) are becoming a rather common sight because they're perfectly suitable for the job. Some have even introduced a gravel category.

I added some dead weight for training! #captioncompetition

Caption: By Darwin, this course is taking years out of my life...

1,500,000 Subscribers, WOW! Now it even harder to win a GCN water bottle!

#caption : it's too fast for my flesh

Caption: "These climbs used to kill me, so it's nice to get the last laugh."

After Ollie's little comments about gravel bikes, he should experience a bikepacking adventure and be the designated pack mule for everyone. "Bottle, Ollie, one of those clear ones."

Gravel vs Road, hmmm they cover two different needs. But what I can said gravel & disc brakes awesone, road & disc brakes horrible.

Gravel bikes = touring bikes I've ridden one of them, that's why I have a road bike If I wanted to get muddy, I'd get a CX

Gravel bikes are a marketing term to sell rubbish cyclecross bikes to people whom are not competitive, there is nothing that a Gravel bike does that a CX bike or XC bike can not, there is absolutely no need for them

It really is like comparing a sports car to a big SUV. Different purpose and different advantages of each. For me, if I want to go off-road I’ll just hop on my mountain bike. If road, my road bike. I don’t commute so there’s really no reason I need one that can do both.

Road vs. Gravel why do I have to choose? How about one of each?! I already have 8 bikes, what is one more!

This is a 100% personal taste question. The better question is: What is better for YOU? That said, for me - Gravel > Road. I find a million times more smiles winding my way between road and off road than all on pavement rides. Gravel activates my inner child and a sense of fun and play. Meanwhile, pure road riding feels like *endurance athletics*, where a seemingly unavoidable aspect is hating everything and everyone, including yourself - not to mention much more chance of dealing with dangerous drivers. YMMV

10:34 proof that there are idiots in Italy as well as the rest of the world...the home of good coffee, and some absolute dog's p155 from Starbucks. PS: try paying some tax.

06:47 That Trek is gross

Hi guys I'd like some advice if that's OK. I have a Giant full E+1 pedal assisted bike. I hardly ever use the small chainring and tend to use the bike more on the road than off road. With the pedal assist the 28/38T chainrings seem a big overkill and I'd like a bigger chainring because I can get more speed and I'm always in the smallest cogs on my cassette and worn two out in a year. What is the biggest chainring I can run and what would be the best combination considering I've never been on the small chainring? I'd like to change the chainrings without changing anything else but I will be changing the cassette and chain at the same time

Millar is not anti-doping hes never spoke to the CIRC report, he's never stated the source of the doping products he used or whom assisted him or knew.. He's a hypocrite and a self promoting one at that. Tell me GCN what has Millar actually done towards cleaning up cycling which has not directly benefited him

Caption: Team BMC rider finds himself all a bone in first place.

Come on GCN, you gotta admit that was humerus.

Ollie is so freaking hilarious. He’s just one of those natural presenters. Great addition and very entertaining!

No matter what type of bike - Using a pressure washer to clean it is sacrilege !!!!!!!

i ride my aero road bike on mountain bike trails no problem... have ridden it and plenty of other bikes on fire roads all over. you don't need a special bike to do these things, you just need some handling skills.

Caption (too late no doubt): "But you said to shed as much weight as possible without losing the power suit, didn't you?"

Different bikes for different applications. This was stupid I'm not taking my non disc 6K road bike on a gravel road or trail.

The analogy stands, I'd MUCH rather have an SUV than a sports car, ergo I have a "gravel" bike. Every point that was made between a gravel bike and a road bike is exactly why I much rather have a gravel bike. To each their own, I enjoy both, but most fun is off-road for me.

great but video is too long

I thought it was Duck Tape too!

Road bikes are for open roads and long marathon rides. Gravel bikes are great for every road, every type of weather, every season; Easier to maneuver on the sidewalk, around tight corners, avoiding pedestrians, if I have to jump on or off curbs onto dirt, grass, rocks in a moment's notice... Great for the city, suburbs, prairies, forests, mountains...nothing more enjoyable.

roads are shit condition, cycle paths are gravel mostly, car divers are reckless.......

If it's any consolation to Ollie, Duck Tape is a brand of duct tape.

Caption: 30 years of hurt never stopped me dreaming.

I remember a test you did on the cobbles and the mountain bike was faster than the road bike.

Quit the kilometre crap... we don't use it here UK and don't know why cyclists use it when their cars (those who drive) don't

I'm thinking a steel road bike gets the job done better than the high end road bike or gravel bike. A steel bike that comes with 700x28/32c. My VaLite 1986 Fuji Allegro has 27 x 1 1/8 (28-630) and it's just surprising sweet on a gravel road, anything is blissful on freshly paved asphalt. You can run 700-32c on it just the same. Brakes ? Rarely use them, so how necessary is disc brakes unless the mud is caked on the rims. Dry gravel and there's no reason for disc brakes. How many times do you see gravel bikes in mud being carried instead of ridden thru it. 700x42c isn't any better than 700x32c if it's deep gravel or sloppy mud. Most people (99.9% of the cycling world) aren't turning or riding thru that without the tire slicing the terrain and just digging in. I really couldn't tell the difference between 26x1.75 vs 26x2.10 if the terrain is too loose or sloppy. So if I'm getting a gravel bike, I'm getting a gravel like the Salsa Vaya before a gravel racer like the Salsa Warbird. But why not get a Pure Fix road bike and get a steel mid weight road bike that is lighter than a gravel bike but a little heavier than a race road bike ? End of the day, the Pure road bike is affordably faster and is going to keep up with the gravel bike on crappier roads. The Pure comes with 700x28c, but can take 700x32c, has the modern 50/34 compact and can take up to a 10 spd cassette, even though it's a 2x8 crank & cassette. Just me, for an everyday bike that you intend to ride decades after buying new, steel is the only thing you really want, aluminum & carbon are for people that get free bikes from sponsors. I'd get aluminum before carbon as well.

Yeah!!! My buddy's pic of me was selected! It is funny that Jon said he was from Los Osos, ashamed of his Nipomo roots, haha. Thanks GCN, you guys are welcome to ride with us on the central coast anytime.

2 bloody idiots talking

I use a cyclocross carbon frame from Canyon infinite with 40c tubeless tires custom bike. It does feel less faster, but isn't, because of the tiers probably, but is damn comfortable. I don't use it out the road, I just like the tire clearance and disc brakes. Total to 8kg.

Sara's white people carrier had dual rear brakes!! How is that not a hack?

Enough of the silly exaggerating

If you're a roadie that wants a bit of off-road action complement your road quiver with a hard tail or full sus xc bike rather than a gravel ine. You can even wear your lycra.

The "Gravel bike" hack converted me to SS several years ago..... Derailleurs are sooooo finicky and problematic, especially in a CX race through a Muddy corn field....

Gravel bikes = B. S. marketing tool to sell more bikes. Gravel bikes have not been created out of need.... What's wrong with just creating more Cyclocross bikes? Still rocking my steel-framed Bianchi San Jose SS, weighing in at a "Heavy" 22 lbs. And don't even get me started on E-scooters, commonly known as E-bikes (ugh!)

Mtb or road bike. nothing in between. Like running shoes or hiking shoes. No one wants to hike or run with working shoes

Gravel bikes: faster and better on gravel, Road bikes: faster and better on the road...that should clear it up...

I don't even get the purpose of gravel bikes. Short of a cyclocross course there is nothing I have seen in a video that a gravel bike rider could do that I wouldn't do on my road bike. Every time I hit a gravel road I just keep going, but I think "this is what those of us who have ridden a long time will do. Only a new rider won't go on dirt with a road bike." In fact, when I moved to Vermont in 1990 I was excited to finally do some real mountain bike riding. The first guys I met up with took me on some gravel roads. The same ones I had already found and done on my road bike.

Even if it was meant to be tongue in cheek, road vs gravel bike was so f**king lame. A waste of bandwidth and that's 5 min of my life I'll never get back...nor the time to write this....hmmm. "Horses for courses" and just "ride your ride". Roadies are just arrogant assholes anyway....you like pointless generalizations, right?

Versatility!!! 80% of my riding is on gravel and hardpack. So 40c tires fit the bill. I occasionally put on 28c for riding Gran Fondos. Once a year I put on racks for a week-long tour.

I'll be the lonely idiot on a flat bar road bike :)

A CX bike is still the best

Sure, need for spped will always be a temptation but personally i love the gravel bikes. It's just a perfect combination of feelings.. like secure, comfort, versatile. It just works for me

Is it a struggle finding adult sized shirts for the presenters?

lol.. the sponsors got pissed that nobody buys road bikes anymore so they had to make this video

Still trying to find out why a gravel bike is any faster than say a hardtail with slicks or even a hybrid with a wider tire, some treads? Why the drop bars make it faster? I would think once you got very wide it wouldn't be any faster than a mountain bike or hybrid. The main difference seems to be the tires and too thin not trail worthy, too wide drag on the roads. Looking at giant toughroad gx and nobby tires must be slower than a hybrid on road, and something like a specialized diverge with thinner tires couldn't handle much more than fairly smooth hardpack. Wouldn't a hybrid beat the crap out of a knobby tire gravel bike on roads? I sure as hell wouldn't want drop bars on some of the downhills on even my xcountry trails.

OK gravel/cyclocross is more usable all around bike and if you need to go fast get an extra set of road wheels .its like l can use cooper S /golf GTI for everything l need to get around including gravel back roads and still offer enough for sportscar fun on back roads :)

I just ordered a gravel bike I used to do road bike racing a lot but since I have seen other's drive on gravel bike even though it's a bit of a speed compromise I really like the idea of it and I could still keep up with everyone. And if I really want to go faster I could always change the wheels/tires out for thinner/slicker one's.

*_Why this video is stupid ?_*

This is their excuse for using the same old bikes we keep seeing. These blokes are out the loop. Not everyone uses those skinny overpriced frail bikes. These dudes are basically gay fish that hate disc brakes.

The guy on the left looks a lot like the guy at Cycling Weekly...

Not everyone is into N+1. In fact we apartment dweller may have room for only 1+0 so the most versatile bike wins hands down and of course, that's the gravel bike with a 2nd set of road wheels and tires or perhaps just tires. Here's the kicker. A REALLY great gravel (all purpose?) bike with an extra wheel set will cost far less that 2 almost great bikes of any sort.

The arguments for road bikes over mountain bikes were really comparisons vs. mountain bikes.

I live in an amazingly bike-friendly city, but even still, the roads here make me worry for my roadbike-riding compatriots. I ride a big-box Hybrid bike, and say what you will about them, at least I can go over a pothole or even a smaller curb and not eat pavement. I would love to give a proper road bike a whirl around the block once, though, one that's actually sized close to what I'd need. The ones I've ridden where horribly uncomfortable.

5:15 What is considered heavy, over 18 Lb?

I personally think the best breed of bikes are the trek dual sport editions. They are extremely versatile. For example i hit trails that were not even mbt trails then hit the gravel to go to my farm and then i can go out and do 11 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes.

It's not a question of which is better. It's about where you like to ride. That is the question.

Maybe..do a 'why' gravel bikes are better than a road bike?

Look at the shitty welds on that Bianchi

In my area, the only people who ride road bikes regularly only do it on the weekends, in the wealthy suburbs, and generally speaking, in larger club rides. The people who actually commute to work or school on their bikes choose wider tires, more spokes, and rack mounts. Gravel bikes suit them perfectly, and offer them more modern componentry compared to their previous choices of heavy hybrids or upconverted vintege road bikes or MTBs. It's a market niche that I've been doing said upcoversions for for over a decade, only now they can buy them brand new with factory authorized service and warranties.

My favorite builds have been mid-to late 80s steel Schwinns meant for 27" tires, swapping in 700x32c wheels with longer reach brakes, and maybe 8 speed brifters. Any indexed 6 or 7 speed Shimano drivetrain will work with brifters and cassettes up to 8 speeds. Boom, "gravel bike" Second favorite are the old school MTB conversions, better for shorter riders. Just add drop bars and smoother tires, and boom, "gravel bike."

You make good points regarding applications, but upconverting an old steel road bike is something beyond the patience of hipsters who buy their look at the same mall where they sell gravel bikes. It's the same market niche: people who want an allrounder for the roads where they actually live, but like to ride fast on occasion.

ok... but Road Bikes Are NOT Better Than geared cruiser bikes... there, I have done it...

Road bike: Dress shoes | Gravel bike: Skateboarding shoes.

As someone coming from MTB world, gravel bikes have just all the advantages I was looking for :-)

30 Anos Esperando means Thirty Years Waiting with that skeleton pic at the bike race.

i found cheap old bikes like Trek 3700 work best on gravel

Well I ride a touring bike, but maybe I’m just weird...

Hey GCN! Ok I hear what you have said. I have a full suspension bike, and have been on the fence for either a gravel or road bike. Here is my question... Are there a road bikes out there 2014+ that have more room for tires and hopefully more than one bottle cage mount? Thanks for all your videos!

Hybrid with rigid forks make good gravel bikes

Really, they are essentially the exact same bikes with different tires and breaks :) I am running 25 wide tires on my road bike whats the difference? Neither Rim or Disk breaks can break if covered in snow. I break with my Feet like a BMX rider :) It's not the Bike mates, it's how you use it.

Holy noodle arms

You seem to have missed the point. The reason a gravel bike has compromised road performance and the qualities you subjectively view as worse compared to a road bike is to facilitate it's greater versatility (i.e: It's greater ability to go off road). In the old days, if you wanted a bike but didn't intend to ride it exclusively on the road, you bought a mountain bike (now referred to as a rigid mountain bike). The modern mountain bike has become more specialised and even the most road friendly category (the XC hard-tail) has arguably become less of an all-rounder than mountain bikes of old (taking into account the technology of the time). The gravel bike bridges the gap and is suitable for someone that doesn't intend to ride exclusively on the road but only requires light off road capabilities. When I was younger and relied on my bike for transport, a gravel bike would have been perfect for my usage. If I were to own one bike (I already own an XC bike) it would most likely be a gravel bike.

They're both great at what they're designed for. Imagine that!!

GCN marketing; Amazing & so smooth. You just got a free survey for your sponsors. Good on you.

l kind of have both ,l love the snap of my carbon and smooth of my steel bike .

Caption Competition: “You can’t call the police, just because Geraint is doing The Tour!”

Caption Competition: “Do you want me to phone Geraint and tell him The Tour is off?!”

Caption Competition: “Do you want to see my new saddle sore checking device?”

You pair made me laugh on road vs gravel lol .. I like love mountain bikes, but I'd rather have a gravel bike than a road bike any day .. I've watch ton vids on them both .. more fun on gravel bike plus they are fast and look Awesome... great show lads

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