58 pattern poncho camp out and grey squirrel patrol also featuring one of the first bivvy bags

58 pattern poncho camp out and grey squirrel patrol also featuring one of the first bivvy bags

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Hello. And welcome to finish day off I'm. Very glad you joined me I've. Got my hands on some vintage, military gear I'd like to show you. I've. Already done a bit of a gear drop. This. Is the 58 pattern, punch. Off, our. Slicker may be america's, mike corliss. Obviously, this was introduced sometime around nineteen fifty years this. This went with their their kit or webbing. Let. Me put it on a show you. So. This is what it looks like. Pretty. Good coverage just, let me take it off. This. Was used in the British and the Irish Army. Certainly. In the Irish Army up to perhaps 20 years ago this would have been in use. It's. A pretty simple item, basically. What it is is a good good-quality poly tarp that's what it looks like to me. With. A with a hole and a hood stitch done it's. Quite basic and I believe in the British Army but, I know for sure in the Irish Army this, was, all that was issued and the way of rain gear they, didn't issue rain, trousers, which, seems, crazy. So. This also doubled as a shelter or a tent you. Tie. Up the hood and you stretch it out I. Don't. Claim to be an expert on much of anything so. We're going to try and set this up and see how we get on ok, let's. Go set up camp. Ok. Guys we're going to set up camp here now. I got this equipment, from a good friend of mine who. Was in the Irish military. For. A good many years and. He told me how, to use these, and, where. They set up and. Generally pick simmer like this with some shelter from the trees and with. Plentiful trees to to. Rig their punches, from, okay. So I've put down a little, bit of spruce boughs. Just. To get us off the damp and for a little insulation. I'm. Going to put a sheet of black polythene, over this. And. I'm using the palette in because I have two punches one, of which I'm going to use as a ground sheet and I, don't want to get any sapper, or dork on this this doesn't belong to me so. I'm taking care of it. Okay. They're pretty tough and durable and. Pretty. Bomb-proof very, simple but bomb-proof. Okay. On my ground she's. Just. Going to put a kit matte. Now. This is the other piece of kit. The, bag is obviously a bit faded from the Sun. This. Is one of the very, first movie bags that came around, he. Told me this was used in the British Army as well it's. Not gore-tex, it's not breathable, it's. Simply waterproof, bag. And. I'm sure they were very happy to get these when they first came on scene. So. I'm quite interested to try this and see what it's like okay. Now. The weatherman says that make it 2-1, tonight - 1 Celsius. So, want to try off my own sleeping bag this is just a reasonably priced bag, cozy take 450, and. I want to see it's supposed to be. Good for up to minus 4 and I, want to see how this fares out so. Put this into the baby bag. Now. We set up our rain fly. And. For this my friend recommended, bungees, you. Said it's the best way to do it. Obviously. You need to tie up the hood with a piece of string. Okay. And we'll take out the sides I. Have. A stack of good quality 10 pegs but, you think I could find any of them so. I've made these are homemade ones some from some heavy wire I think it's bull wire they call it so. They should do fine. I'm. Gonna drop the feet a little lower. We. Raise the head a little. So. Guys. That's. Your basic, setup and this. Is exactly the place they were choose to camp and, he said the best setup and the only setup they used was, to keep it low to the ground as, low as they could as low, as they could possibly get it. As, I say it's not a huge tariff is not a huge shelter. At all it's, quite minimalistic. And. This is just. About barely enough cover. And. To finish off they would put their backpacker they, usually had a Bergen which would be bigger than this, they.

Put Their backpack to, cover up the opening at whatever, side they expected, the the worst of the rain or when to come from so. Goes. Something like that okay. So. That's camp set up guys. I've. Got a snack bag along and I've got some food for later. I'll. Leave it up there for safety maybe. Today. We're on grey squirrel patrol and, the, American grey squirrel is an, invasive species here I saw. One down here maybe 11 years ago but. I've not seen one since, but. I keep patrolling the area I keep an eye out for them and, I'm. Doing this to protect our native red squirrel, the. Greys have white, mouths basically, in England I don't, want that to happen here so. We're, going on grey square patrol okay. Let's. Go. Okay. My friends, I'm. In the natural wood now this. Is the best squirrel habitat around basically. Because we have bought. A gazillion his and trees and hazel, hazel trees grow his nuts. So. This is where most of our hunting will take place. We're. Just going to move and. Move. Quickly stuff, and look and then. We let Dyson use his nose Dyson. Is a pretty young dog his destin'd two years old and, he doesn't really know what he's at yet. But. It's all part of growing up. So, that's the plan it's. Highly unlikely we see agree I hope, to god we don't see one, it's. Also highly unlikely would see a native red they're. Very elusive even, though they are protected, and not hunted, they're, very very elusive, they run and hide the, minute to spot anything sometimes, you get one that'll stand and if so I'll give you a look I. Won't. Bore you too much with the hunting that's our plan okay see, you later. And. Back at the shelter it's, it's ace p.m., I haven't. Been hunting all this time I had to go home and sort a few things out. I've. Rearranged, the shelter, a little bit it, was very very low so I've brought it up a bit I think I was a bit over, optimistic. So. I've raised it up and we. Have some rain arriving so I need to get in fairly quickly I get back to you once I'm inside okay. It. Was a bit of a wriggling contest. We're. In the puncher and we're. Tucked up and we're ready for sleep, it's. Raining way of fairly steadily not too heavy but. Nice and steady. It's. It's plus two degrees at the moment, so. We'll see how tonight goes I don't, wanna shut off the camera and we'll see you later bye, bye. All. Right guys. It's. 4:46. I've. Come wide awake and I'm starving. I've. Got to head home, it's. Rained most of the night. Just. Showing you in here. We. Have. Quite. A good bit of condensation, here.

Especially Your own where my head. Was, not. Too bad farther, down not. Too bad a night it rained most of the night we stayed dry. There. Is a fair. Bit of condensation over, here Warsaw. What. What are very interested, in is. They're, going to pull the. I'm, going to pull the punch out of the way in a moment and what a very interest in finding out is how did the baby. Bag Pharaoh's, just. Give me a moment and I'll get the puncher out of the way and we look at that okay. So. This is the outside of the bag guys I don't, know if you can see but there is some moisture on it. Just. As what we had is really. Just. Condensation I would say building off from the poncho give. Me a moment and I'll open it and we'll see what it's like inside. Okay. So this is the inside of the bag guys I. Don't. Know how, this showing on camera. But. It's quite a nice few, droplets of moisture there. It's. Certainly not breathable, and moisture. Certainly does build up. Maybe. Maybe. Small obvious here. Quite. A bit of a moisture yeah, it certainly not breathable. Well. It's been a long wet night and the poncho, kept the rain off of us any, moisture has built up his conversation. From myself. So. That's the 58 pattern poncho, it's something I've been wanting to try out for a long long time I finally. Got my hands in one. It's. A bit smaller it's a bit minimalistic. I, certainly, would like something bigger. But. It did the trick and it did the trick for a hell, of a lot of guys keeping. Them out of the weather. Anyway. I'm, away home I want to get some breakfast, I. Hope, you enjoyed it guys and thanks very very much for watching bye bye.

2018-03-11 17:57

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Great video Vinnie. Had a similar poncho issued to me a few times when I was in the Marines. We were told it could be used as a tent in a pinch, kind of glad we never had to though. It is neat seeing how it would've went.

Hi Dude. Spare a thought for the poor guys in the Irish and British armies that often spent days living in those in very bad weather. I would not fancy it, I can tell you.

Thanks for the outing Vinnie. I have one of the Brit pattern 58 ponchos as well. Heavy duty. I also have a Brit desert basha and a knock off Aussie hootchie. They are much better than my poncho especially for hammock camping. We dont use the word slicker much anymore. Usually poncho or rain jacket. Funny how things change in a short span. All the best, John.

Mr L'Amours books were better than the films

vinniesdayoff When I was young Louis L'Amoure and Westerns were the thing and yes slicker was a common term. Im an older parent of young kids and getting them to watch a western isnt going to happen. Ahhh, memories....

Hi John, I got a basha too and I like it very much. I grew up reading Louis L'Amour and he always called them slickers if memory serves, that was probably why I threw that in. Thanks for watching.

Interesting video Vinnie. Good to see how the old kit works in the elements. We certainly have come a long way since then, the kit is so much better now. Thanks for sharing. Atb Shaun


Early nineties I believe but I couldn't pin point it to an exact date. Atb Shaun

Thanks Shaun, the basha was a big step forward. Do you happen to know when they were introduced?

We have both red and grey here Vinnie. We also have lots of marten and mink. I found a beautiful red on the road a couple a weeks ago. Hardly a mark on him.

vinniesdayoff I see the Greys regularly. Land is part of Charleville castle, and they don't allow any hunting or trapping, so the Greys are safe.

I would nail a grey to the barn door if I got half a chance Eddie. I had a red coming to my bird peanut feeder for a while. I have not seen him for a good while

You found the only problem with using the 58 poncho as a basha, too short/narrow.Usually, either your feet or your head ends up sticking out into the weather. We used to buddy up and try to find a spot where one side is closed off by a bank , rock wall or similar and then fit two together, that way you could gain a lot of extra width as well as length but you had to be lucky. The 58s were good for keeping the top of you dry, just had to use every chance to dry your feet on a rainy exercise. The modern kit is so much better than in the '70s and '80s. The bivvy bags would make a big difference in wet and windy weather, when the rain would drive in under a basha but they could leave you nearly as wet as not having one in some conditions with the condensation inside.

Hi Chris. I think it is just a bit too skimpy. I could well imagine everything being wet and damp after a few days living in ponchos. The experience made me respect the people that went through that. Thank you for watching.

The forest you set up camp in is a planted forest?? Another awesome video!!! Film more!

Thank you my complimentary friend!

vinniesdayoff perfect rows...better than no forest...Keep the great videos coming..

Thanks JH. It is a planted forest, that is generally where the soldiers would camp. Much of the forests in Ireland are commercial plantations unfortunately.

Thumbs up! Very nice minimalistic setup. And yeah man, the life is good ... sitting in the nature ... with a good companion on you side.

Thank you Tom, It keeps us sane, eh?

I havge a US military poncho Vietnam era but pretty much the same. That might be a little thicker. Perfectly fine coverage for a shelter indeed. I never tried in a small a frame like you did. I think I will try. Good fun out there with the pup. Thanks Vinnie.

Thank you very much for watching Rocky!

I hope there is a place in hell reserved for those imbeciles who think it's a good idea to introduce alien species where they don't belong at great harm to native species.

vinniesdayoff No problem. Ive watched murmerings go along a hiway In Western Missouri along grain fields literally for miles. Like watching schools of fish, beautiful but they are destructive.

Sorry John, I didn't spot that it was you talking

The strange thing is Ronnie, that their numbers have decreased greatly over here. When I was a kid they used to land in some huge beech trees nearby. They would come in vast numbers and I used to love seeing them as a small boy. If I see a hundred together these days I stop and look

Ronnie Durbin Id trade you every American gray squirrel for all of the English starlings that are here in the states. Someone thought it a good idea to release 19 or 18 in central park in new york in the late 1800s. They are coast to coast now. Murmerings can go for miles. They take cavity nest holes from native birds and are pretty destructive.

Fishers are impressive animals, I would like to see one in the wild

Sadly martens have been extirpated here on Cape Cod, but we have a healthy population of other predators (Red Fox, Coyote, Long-tailed Weasel, and many hawks and owls, and I recently caught a glimpse of what may have been a Fisher) to keep the squirrel and rabbit populations in check.

Hi Ronnie, good to hear from you! I would have to agree, some of our wildlife is holding it's own, but much of it is in trouble. Invasive species wreak havoc. Our squirrels are doing okay because the pine marten population is growing, and they can catch the heavier slower grey squirrels. Funny how things work out eh?

My brother uses a down sleeping bag, I use a 4 seasons poly bag, he gets on a lot better with bivy bags and condensation than I do, I don't think you could have done any better with that poncho, was a smart job. Did you get your eggs and toast?

That's my boy! When the anti tank crossbow didn't blow up in your face you will have no problems with a cardboard and gaffa aepoplane

It's my no.1 rule in life, don't ever get involved with helicopters in any way ever, most expensive way possible to kill yourself, had been thinking about a lawnmowers powered cardboard and gafa tape aeroplane though.

Yeah, this bag I have is very bulky, but it suits for roughing about. They need to be washable but small is nice. Thanks for the kind comment and I wait with bated breath for the next mega conquering technological masterpiece. Maybe a helicopter made from a piece of wire and some washers!

Down sleeping bags are deer, i wouldn't be willing to spend £150 on a bag because i fish would rather have something that washes easily, but my brother used to do a lot of touring on a bicycle, its very delicate and absolutely rubbish if it does get wet but packs down very small and it keeps him warm, he's a bit skinny you know and gets cold quickly! As always, i hope you get some more days off soon as I always enjoy your videos!

Hi Turbo, the difference ye find with the sleeping bags is very interesting. I never heard anyone make that point before. If I had not nailed the poncho down tight the rain would have got me. I had copious eggs and slices of toast!

Great film Vinnie, the bivi was interesting to see, we've come a long way since! In the warmer months I use a poncho I think it works best as a lean to or pitch it in a diamond shape into the wind ,if you drape a scarf or something similar over your face if catches the condensation.i just put all my gear in a bin bag . Regards Mick

Someone is using their head anyway! Simple solutions always work best. The Americans spent a shed load of money developing a pen that would write in space. The Russians gave their astronauts a pencil!

Nice video ! The dog is a solid 8/10

They would have to love you a great deal Turbo!

He is always stealing the limelight! Never work with children or dogs! Thanks Edward.

Every man's dog is the best dog in the world! I've still not found a woman that loves me enough to lick my face.

I use and love both the Mil-tec copy of the American poncho and the West German poncho but Im a smaller fellow at 168cm. I usually pitch them in a sort of plowshare.

vinniesdayoff the plowshare does allow for more room inside and it does okay in the rain, the British basha is an awesome bullet proof peice of kit. I got to play with one a while back but dont own one myself. I do own and use the DD 3x3 tarp and that is an excellent shelter sheet that opens up a lot of options. Varusteleka actually sells a 2.5x2.5 DD tarp under their own brand that should be even better than the 3x3 for solo adventures.

I have been looking at Mil-tec videos and I saw from your comments you have been using it for a while J.C. Does the ploughshare work well with the rain?I got a basha a while back and I like it a lot.

As you opened the bivy, I was reminded of my days in the military. I recall a clammy sensation with some of our gear. I'm glad materials have improved somewhat over the years. Although some old school gear is still more superior to some of todays. Another great video Vinnie!

Thank you Johnny. I would say a few days in wet weather and everything would be very damp. Thank you for watching Johnny.

Great scenes

Truly fast my love!

I'm not much with social media. I hear that "liking" and "commenting" helps spread a video. So here you go. Thanks for the video.

Thanks Hoonozit. Don't worry too much about that, YouTube is only a hobby for me. I do enjoy chatting with people though. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for helping.

A good video and I like how you work. I will subscribe to your subcribe channel

Enjoyed the video and subscribed.

Thank you Jeff, I am honoured. Are you a military man?

Nice vid thank you i will be subscriber in your channel and if you want check and my channel and if you want be subscriber

If you look at the British 58 ponco you will notice 3 press studs together, these line up with 3 on the 58 pattern sleeping bag. This makes a makeshift bivibag.

Thanks Jeff, I did not know that. Unfortunately I don't have access to a 58 pattern sleeping bag. that was my first time using the 58 pattern poncho.

I really like the way you do things and the way you think. Keep doing what you do, man, we need more people like you in the world. Also I am a beginner knife maker and, as such, the main question I wish answered is:”will my knife do it’s job well?”. I am planning to make my first folder knife very soon, and if it’s ok to you, I really would like to send it to you for a real field test, and as a present for you to keep.

It’s very nice to hear that! A fellow kifemaker! I made 3 knives untill now, so yes, I am a very beginner too. Also I make little use of power tools and so it takes time to make 1, in the free time. I would be really pleased to post you one of my first folders, it would also help me a lot in understanding whats good and what has to be improved in my design, so that would be a do ut des. Let’s put it this way: if you like the knife you can definitely keep it, else you will post it back so I can make it better!

Thank you very much for the kind words Simone. I decided recently not to take gifts of knives as I felt I would be taking advantage of people, however I can see your reason. I am a VERY beginner knife maker ( I made one knife) and you do like to know if it will function well. If you would like to go ahead with your plan we will make arrangements. I will certainly post the knife back to you when I am finished if you would like that too.

Nice video man!!!

Thanks very much ripnlips. What an apt YouTube name you have!

Lovely video Vincent, please take me on a trip around someday. From your big sister

Good video pretty cool.I subbed in come check out my channel if you want. Until the next one atb Mickey

I need another video Vinnie

vinniesdayoff sweet love to see that put to work.. which Swiss Army knife?

I got the two blade Hayn' Helper. I'm still playing with it

vinniesdayoff oh no?? Lol I have allot of SAK'S.. there awesome but I prefer traditional folders... have you had the pleasure of using a GEC?

Hi JH. One coming very shortly. maybe in eight hours time. I turned to the dark side though. It's a Swiss army knife. Do not underestimate the POWER of the dark side!

I have a memory of putting another line on the hood then tying that to a branch above the shelter (if possible), that small amount of extra height inside the shelter might have made things more comfortable or it helped the rain run off the shelter better?? Can't quite remember! The greys are terrible in the UK, they eat nearly all the chestnuts before they're ripe and the hazelnuts not to mention what they did to the reds, you're right to not let them get a foot hold there.

Hi Jekel, I actually did that with the hood but did not show it. Condensation on the poncho was not that bad, but condensation in the bivvy was heavier, still it probably helped with warmth and the sleeping bag was not damp

Vinnie, I think you started a new fashion craze. Everyone is gonna want one this Christmas! : )

Much appreciated, amigo! I look forward to hearing some Irish tunes.

Hmmm Jim, don't know about that. Keep an eye on that mail box of yours. I finally got off my Irish ass and took care of business!

How does an American squirrel come to be in Britain and Ireland? I swear, We didn’t teach them to do this! Maybe squirrel see, squirrel do?

They were released in England in the 1870's by wealthy menagerie owners to the best of my knowledge and were released in Ireland around 1910 for the same reasons. Just a handful multiplied into a very large population. Or maybe they falsified their passports :-)

kukuri007 It's the fault of cheap internet flights and freeze dried peanuts!

I still have some 58 patt kit and was interested to see your findings. Certainly breathable fabrics such as Goretex are better and you certainly can see the advances made in keeping you dry. As always you show exactly how it is. Gladdened to see a fellow controller of the greys on patrol. We still have reds and in some area due to culling the greys the reds are picking up. Thanks again for sharing, is it a Beretta o/u your using ? All the best from Scotland. Garry

Thanks Garry. According to the boffins pine martens are increasing and this is beating back the greys big time. The grey squirrels are heavier and the martens can catch them. Even if they don't catch them they keep them so harassed that they don't thrive. Pine martens have certainly become more common locally. They are a protected species here. It is a Beretta ultralight o/u. I traded in a pedretti shotgun for it and I am still sorry I did it.

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