5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH - Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH - Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

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Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens we just arrived to Curitiba which is in the south of Brazil. In the state of paraná and in, this video we are gonna explore purity but we are going to especially eat. Some, of the southern Brazilian. Dishes, I'm gonna share all the, southern Brazilian. Food with you in this video. Give. Hey man how are you man I'm doing fine man I'm very excited, for hoodie teba what's the name of the dish that we're starting with first cotton, today on saturday, de anza yeah translates, exactly, to the meat of the Jaguar, exactly. Loving. The atmosphere, of this restaurant it's classic, the wooden tables, the bar the antiques. The, Brazilian. Flag hanging, from the rafter. From the roof yeah this is a cool spot this it just has like a classic. Just like heritage, feel tonight owner was just explaining, to us that this used to be a corner, like convenience, shop so. They would sell come, in here you could get your small groceries, and. Then eventually, it became a restaurant. But, the house the property itself dates back to 1953. Oh. That's. The meat. The. Meat is such, a fine, mince, that, it almost looks like a ball of like red pink dough but, that's actually the minced, beef. So. Then first he took that ball of meat he, flattened, it out he mixed, in all he sprinkled on some cognac then some olive oil salt. Some. Pepper some chilli powder, there. Were some other spices some green onions went on there and the, onions, and garlic, he just mixed, it perfectly, and evenly with the two spoons and served with bread and some mustards, to go along with it Oh God on the old Sun this is the Jaguar meat. Of. Course it's not really Jaguar it's minced beef you, know the history of how I got that new rough. Meat, right yeah so, when you, know the bad smell that comes out of the, Jaguar. Mouth after, you eat like, raw meat meat, breath so there's nothing relating to the Jaguar but because, of because. Actually, yes. Kind, of like. We'll. Have Jaguar breath. Yeah. Say. We go bred yes, all right butter. Use. The knife ok butter goes down first, you want a good fork full onto the bread. You. Can see all the spices you can see the oil picanha oh and, then the mustard oh. Thank. You you're welcome and that's black mustard yes, Cheers. Wow. Like. But. You immediately. Notices, how find them needed yes. That's not like a grind that's like a and. Just a grind but it's so fine it's like smooth it's, absolutely awesome mutates, the a, little. It's, not like very very spiced. But. It really focuses on the meat do. You taste that like hint of cognac I think yes, the green onions. This sweet paprika yes, the sweep-up really for onions like make it juicy I think exactly. And. Then I will add some of the hot, sauce. And another thing I love is just how you one. Bite that entire thing. It's. So like neutral, tasting actually like, the beat just has, like zero. Like. Overly. Meaty, irony. Taste to it at all. Oh man, as we're leaving the restaurant has filled, up its packs no that was, incredibly. Delicious, and, we only had one dish because we're gonna eat a lot more food today in this, southern Brazilian, food tour but. Success. From. Here we're going to the next restaurant which is walking distance and they are known for their beef ribs, and this entire region, the state of Brazil. Is known for their meat beef. Ribs coming up which is one of the greatest meat. Okay, I can't wait they serve pasta allow the Gaucho, castelao is like a big, rack, a huge, rack. Of beef, ribs, I'm already just loving, the atmosphere. Of this place its laid-back, there's, kind of like almost picnic, table style dining it's, busy, it's a family restaurant we're going back to the kitchen and the owner has said. We can go back and see them making the rib. Petty, or 30 years yes always, him at the barbecue and here comes another slab. I. Feel. And. You can even hear the crispness of the skin the skin is silly like crackling. Crunchy. Skin the, owner he's been making it for 30 years he has this really unique, slicing. System, it literally, is like a, woodworking.

Table Saw and he, just takes that entire rack and slices, it into pieces removes. The bone you can hear again the crispy, skin just just, like crackling. Under that saw and then just like slices. It up expertly, with, that table saw this is some more Brazilian, meat of your dreams we're, gonna order the whole thing which called the happiness, combo. We. Are in Brazil baby, let's eat some ribs. In. Tosa gonna party just brought over some of the side dishes the polenta there's some yuca which is tapioca. There's some salad. Potato. Salad, we made us like some pickled onions and lettuce. And some tomatoes and bread that's all gonna accompany the. Main meat this is the orange and I'm sorry I keep this too weak to drink with the orange. This is a local Brazilian, to that guarana is a fruit from the Amazon but this is the soda version of it. Yeah, it's almost like a cream soda but, like with that sour, yeah. Rudiness. It's. Good it's sweet it's sweet it is a soda and like I mean I would definitely prefer the real fruit but that's, interesting. And refreshing. I. Love. How they serve it on a chopping board it's, like chop it right on the, ribs are glistening, with fat and juices and you can see how crispy, that skin, is, unbelievable. All the side dishes yeah. Like this. Let's go through the whole thing again. Hope. Together the onions the onions look amazing, pickled, red, onions. Look. At that skin, and, if. You press it you can just you if you press it like that you can just see the juices actually like squirting. God. See man. Okay. I have to begin with that bite right. There with the skin with. The with. The fat, a wall. That. Is the first bite. Wow. That, is so, flavorful. It's, so smoky it's so tender, it's. So salty, oh. It. Is so good. Rulz juices. Juices. In your mouth a full Donna why, I can't wait to try this onion either it's. Like a pickled red. Onion. Just. Slightly been agreed very. Crisp, that's. Really wonderful because it breaks up like the fattiness of that meat serve it with some polenta, which. Is like a cornmeal. Cornmeal. Fritter. Oh excellent. It's like light it's, really crispy, and guidance. You get that like semolina. Like, graininess, on the inside with some yuca which is the these, are cassava. Very. Starchy plane. But, like it's a plainness that goes so well with everything I love it I love you guys just watch this the meat is so tender you don't even need a knife you're gonna just literally. Put your fork in and just twirl it's amazing. Do, I like your style, till, I get ahead of my stuff I watched. Him over there as she was blogging he just picked up the entire piece ha ha ha. That. Is the, way to do it and deliver like the laser mouth way that's. My nickname heal yourself. Very. Juicy you can just pour a bullet, apart just. Like some chili oil.

Let, Me add that half an onion, okay. A meat. Foundation bite there we go cheers, Cheers. Break, into the bread. Another. Thing absolutely. Awesome amazing. Food amazing beef ribs and I just love this restaurant the owner they. Like character, of this restaurant. Food. Is just insane, insanely. Good yeah. Kid a shoe stool if they smoke what you got at home. This, here's a legend. Oh. My. God. Opening, up owner. Did not charge us for that meal he's, he. Does, that with passion, with love water, restaurant, what a spot what, beef ribs that was that was incredible. Photo. Teba is located. On a high elevation plateau not too high elevation baha'i enough elevation, so the weather is cool the air is so fresh it's like 24. 23, degrees today yeah, it's beautiful weather. We. Drove over to for beans this is a coffee shop there a roast, coffee as well through one of the top Roasters, in Brazil, and we arrived here and they decided they're gonna they're gonna light up the roaster they're gonna fire up the roaster they're gonna roast some coffee fresh, for us and then we're gonna have some copies. Completely. Unplanned, copy, experience. The, owners are so nice we. Have the, Chemex going, with coffee brewing. Right. Here and then in the meantime who's preparing the green bean so she's gonna roast which keeps repeating the roaster. Over this. Acid. But not the sour and. Like sweet, honey that's, like drinking fruit juice it's, incredible. You. Gotta keep tabs on everything, to, roast perfect, copying now we're just learning, out on coffee right now yeah. Yeah. Pretty cool moment okay no. Distraction. So, he just opened up this fresh tub of coffee it, just smells so fruity, so it's like a it's, like a patch of flowers. Well, that. Is amazing. Slightly, bitter chocolatey, crunchy. And. Next up on this cuto teba food tour we've just arrived to a local, little. Hole-in-the-wall restaurant, that's. Famous for serving a sandwich, called that Lombardo they have a 5 kilo, Lambada. But after we had that lunch that those, beef ribs I don't know if we're up for a challenge for a 5 kilo sandwich, so we might just go with the regular size but this is the spot looks. Very cool. 5. Kilos. That's. 75, kilos. That's. A to 5 kilos. Thank. You Lester but the, other one is only 1.5, kilo, oh. Can. We see them make it okay, on second thought we Gil here mayor has made the executive decision that, we need to have the 5 kilo. I'm. Gonna do the 5, q50, man going. In we're going in we're not Anna Maria Braga. Moreno, an angelic Isaiah me, a lovely guy. What. Is it. We. Good. Ezreal, told my boyfriend. Gentlemen. Are the worst acetic you. Pile. Everything. Into the button starting with the hot dog then the burgers then, the chicken mixture than, that cheese mixture there's a white cheese there's a cheddar cheese, it, almost looks like a squeezable. Hot dog that just like goes on top of it then he puts, on some tomatoes to balance, out that protein, and. Then he adds on some fried eggs then, some lettuce I forgot a key ingredient half, a bucket of mayonnaise that goes under your fun. And. Then. He puts it like literally, into a pizza box this is not just like a food challenge this is just like a family. Saturday. Night dinner the whole family, can enjoy and he, just slices, it into like pie, slices, I. Enjoy. To be licking it. Look, at the cross-section. There's so much chicken and meat in there and cheese. Yes, like there has to be like a kilo cheese yeah it's, got to be like and, show kilos of chicken. There's. A hot dog protruding. Out of this piece. You. Have to actually like put, your palm underneath. You. Have to support it oh. It's. So hot oh I, lost him at the front oh wow, that's right. Why are you grab the top grab, the top it's flaming, hot I'm gonna have that piece of lettuce he's, that piece of lettuce to scrape out dump. It back in, the. Cheese the, chicken, the, the. Hot dog I have a protruding, hot dog the burgers the egg oh wow. Okay, cheers. Cheers. It's. Actually awesomely, good like just. Like so much cheese. He, really hates the hotdog you really taste the burger. Well. Mega-mega. Won by the ball I don't very. Good I think it's just stuck to my weak what. I do push. Don't, like plastic, bags, of cheese they're. Just like completely, melted, into everything. The. Shredded chicken has like a crusty, crunchy. Edge you. Get the saltiness, of the hotdog your, tape I know, there's burger in there but I haven't even tasted the burger yet the, egg is just like oozing around, and.

Then All of a sudden you hit like the refreshing, taste of the lettuce and the tomato to. Balance everything of course. You. Could imagine yourself just lounging, on the couch just finishing. An entire 5kg. Lombardo. Mumbai the home it's. Actually really good though very good let's explore the sauces I think I'm going with the mustard oh that. It's, like transparent, yellow up to you I don't know if that's mustard or not. Anything. Like a sweet mucker. There. Nevada. Well, thank you Oh awesome. That that. Is gonna be key that, is going to be a key bite right there and you can see in this bite there's, going to be all that chilli plus burger plus hot dogs plus, egg. So. Far in Brazil I've just been loving, the different chili sauces like, the actual, food, is not that spicy but they always have chili sauce which is just unbelievable. And this, is an amazing one the mix of chilies this, chili sauce oh no I lost it okay let me put, it back on there this chili sauce really makes it all. I'm. Moving in for my my, second piece here, Bato. For. This show this. Thing. Is Meg. Enormous, it's. Beyond huge. And. This is like it's, actually very very tasty the mix of meats the, saltiness, all, combined, with. Their chili sauce, this. Is like. This. Will make you just, stop for the rest of the evening what, a place this is like a community, hangout not only is this a restaurant yeah this is a community, hangout and. Man. I love. The people I love how. He was, I started. As a street food cart outside, of a speed bump and now, this is what he has turned. It into a restaurant we're, literally like the the. Five kilo. Family. Platter, Lambada, it's it's like it's just like flying out of the kitchen it's, making one after another after, another after another and, just like boxing, them and they're like going, out the door. Oh yeah. There's, one right there. One, more stop today to finish this food tour it's called uncle dog it's like a jump, it's a bit of a giant hot dog. Being. Able to stand here on the corner watching, them make it it is really cool they like packing, the ingredients and there's like a like a tomato. Tomatoes. And. Corn. And, the little crispy shoestring. Fries and he literally like folds, it in and packs it in with the spatula before flattening. It down it's, a lot of things going on in that hot dog that's for sure. He's. Using a trowel to make that to fit, everything in that bun and we're, gonna order one of the the Philadelphia, I think, it's one of their top sellers oh, my, make, up on what that's it oh yeah. Look at that cross section. The. Squeezable, cheese's are all in there the mayonnaise the, hotdog on both sides. Of the bread the. Little. Shushing cries and the tomato mixture. Pretty. Good, sweet. Morn the. Creamy, like. Liquid. Cheese. The. Crunch of those rising just the heat of it this is definitely a 2:00 a.m.. They're. So friendly they're, they're, having a good time out here making the tea Oh dogs making, the Philadelphia, yeah, what like I love the most about this is the atmosphere, and just hanging out with this crew of guys that they, are absolutely, awesome, and, just like having, so much fun it has been a very, interesting, a very unique, food day a delicious. Meaty. Food. Day I wanna say a huge thank you for watching this video and if you haven't seen all the videos in this entire, Brazil series I'm gonna be publishing a bunch of Brazil videos so I'll have the link all in the description box that you can check out this entire Brazil food and travel series and. I want to say again a big thank you for watching this video and also, Gil head of a I want to say a huge thank, you to get ahead of me. Rafaela. For, arranging. Everything there's. So much fun to hang out with and I'll have their links in the description box below he also made a video today and, yeah. Thanks again for watching good. Night from Curitiba. In paraná Brazil, see, you on the next video.

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Mark's vlogs are better than half the stuff on TV

hey mark, go to Belo Horizonte

My birth cityyyy~~




Wow, that is a whopper! Lol

Mark weins what is your favourite country you travelled to????

I hate eating raw meat

Is it healthy to eat raw meat?

Is there a chicken in this video? I keep hearing a chicken clucking

I love your videos, but in the background I keep hearing your kid. Don't get me wrong, i love to take my family everywhere, love to take my kids with me, your whole family has to take, the picture away from You? From tasting good food. ?

and im sitting here eating teddy bear biscuits

Hey Mark, while you are in that area, you could try and do the 'The street food of Antarctica' series too, i heard the penguin stalls are popular with their 10kg snoburgers ;) Nice Brazilian tour by the way!!!

OMG how is he able to eat so much food back to back, wish my stomach was that big

Wish I didn't have to google 5kg into lbs. 'Merica!


I remember eating five of them for a video once. *MY STOMACH HURT FOR DAYS*

I wonder if he ever gets sick or a stomach bug.

I am Brazilian, been to Curitiba but never had the Jaguar thing... ur face expression is pure joy! Keep it up!!!

Brasil has the best food of all the world.

Food looks soooooo good mannn I wish I could have it right right now sheesh

Worth the wait and lived up to the hype. The tacos were very good. Both the chicken and the steak tasted fantastic. You first pay for your order then you move down and tell the employees preparing the food, what you want on it including the type of tortilla. Little chaotic down at the pick up area but it is manageable. There is limited seating areas. You can take your food down to Chelsea local area where there are most tables and chairs.

O segundo do sanduíche e perto de casa

no hands on the ribs!!


Nice! welcome to Curitiba Mark

Larica tour em Curitiba

Go in Tocantins Mark. Search for Jalapao, i m wait you here, very fan the your channel.

Mark u r great food tourer , love ur passion for food and always love that sweet background voice of Mika.

T này ăn khỏe kinh

Kênh này lên quá nhanh,, mấy tháng mà tăng hàng triệu sup

That looks crazy lol but I would try it with my son lol itz_roslynworld on youtube

I love Brazil, and I do love all your videos, thanks for sharing

Can’t believe they fought a bouncer! Lmaooo https://youtu.be/smSTTXJT7E8

I’m fasting and now I’m hungry

16:50 for the sandwich

Hey Mark..I am so curious how you burn off thousands of calories taken in a single day..

Oh man, you didn't try the best rib of Curitiba hahah If you come back someday, you have to go to the Gato Preto (Black Cat). There! you will get the best rib in town without a shadow of a doubt.

It's a bandsaw mark. butchers, woodworkers, metalworkers all use them, why not a chef.

Que q ce ta fazendo no meu brasil? '-

Dakoag kaon nmo oi! pang hatag pud bai MARK..

Mark is so over the top keen/enthusiastic it's grating...reckon its an American thing

Damn it ..now so hard to tame the hunger watching this

Why does he suspiciously look like Rami Malek?

not a single vegetable was killed in the making of this video....

Mark q legal aqui no meu estado! Seja bem vindo!

Yummy Brazilian food!

Hot dog overdose

The meat made me gag

We are in brazil lets eat some ribs! hahahahahah

#31 on trending

Happy Birthday!

I love these Brazil series. I invited some friends over to watch with me. And we love when besides the food, you go sight seeing. You're awesome. You have a beautiful family and Micah is so cute.

Kid: Mom can we go to Brazil and get that big sandwich? Mom: No son, we have food at home Food at home: 3:14

Sorry I'm vegan.

Se ele conhecesse a mocofava com certeza falaria que é a melhor comida do brasil todos só experimentam a mesma coisa

Nem experimentou a melhor comida do Brasil a mocofava kkk

That 5KG sandwich is just beautiful

I watched your video eating sushi in Japan a few minutes ago and thought "how did you know this channel before?" So I went to look for the latest video and it's in my hometown CURITIBA, I lived my whole life in Curitiba and now I work in Paris, two years ago I did not return to my house, it gave me a lot of nostalgia, what a pleasure to have that little gift in my day! Thank you!

So U.S. is to hamburger, Mexico is to taco, Brazil is to ___ ?


was that cooked?

COULD YOU even WALK after eating some of that MEGA-SANDWICH? Do you ever get sick after putting so much food and so many different elements into your stomach, meal-after-meal-after-meal? You are a slim man! How do you take care of your health? This one is just ridiculous!!



play ping pong with his eyes

This is so much food! Crazy

My mouth is like the Niagara falls right now. Soooo jealous

Holy hell I deffo need to do a video like this for my vloggs!!!

I love you CHANNEL it's one of my favorites. Adoró tu canal es uno de mis favoritos me encantan tus reacciones al probar esas deliciosas comidas.❤


We need a video compilation, with all "Oh Wow" reactions. Hahaha

What a faggot

Hohohoho Hohohohoho

Aí sim hein, sem frescura mete a mão e come com gosto! Que delícia!

Mark is basically the hamburglar of chili peppers haha


if you could see my face when he said the owner didnt charge him for that sexy beef barbeque ribs meal !!! I was like WHATTTT!! In london that at least £60-100.

Top demais!

My town! ❤️

@8:09 it's sounding like food porn lol

I went to Costelão and asked for "a big rack, like I mean HUGE" just like you with your exact same facial expression... Long story short, it was a woman and I need bail...

real food humn sud eat

any one can subscribed me ps


The video is phenomenal, but...the host sounds like a pervert/axe murderer, tho...lol

head tilt!

I'm a picky eater but wish I was like you

Come to Iraq

The Brazil is one beutifol and god,very god...

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is that stomach or a big sack in that place

Gulherme ta mandando muito, levando o gringo pra comer podrão aushuashua... bom demais!!!!

Hey Mark! Are you still here in Curitiba? If yes can I meet you?

Not eaten for 22 hours. Watched this. Oh god. I'm STARVING.

Pass on the raw meat. All the rest looks DELICIOUS!

That looks really big but REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!

Amigo põe tradução pra pessoas que são de outros países saber o que você fala obg

Love your videos but I’ve always wanted to know, do you give tips to smaller street vendors/the places that offer you the meal for free?

wow...I felt so jealous of the monster sandwich

Mark, i just want to know, can you name which one of dishes that you ever try is your favorite untill now? That makes you always wanted to try again?? I'll be very happy if you mentioning it

Matt stonie needs to do this challenge..

12:34 that beauty of the roasted coffee. Wow! 23:09 that last bite from that guy. Wow!

Hey Mark! Love your show! Come Visit Moldova! I ll show you all! =)


My hometown!!! The squeezable white cheese is called queijo Catupiry ;)

Gonna add Brazil to my places to go

that face in every video

I’m from Curitiba and you should tried another dishes as well.. I hope can see it in the next video...

Stuffed Pizza!

Damn mark!! U can really eat without getting fat!!! Seems like u really do have high metobolismn..

welcome to Brazil Mark. Brazilian food is the best of the world....rsss

Is that raw meat your eating

Oh no ! At 7:49 they show the ribs ! I lost it. Now I'm looking for a cow critter to murder. Only thing better . . . might be "bacon" . Pork belles are "a thing". They are even traded on the stock-market. I'm wondering if they could make "cow-bellies" ? It would be like bacon, but be made of beef instead of pork. Ohhh the possibilities . . .. . . Yo waitress, gimme some more of that beef bacon . . . .

You deserve your own food channel!

What’s gonna be your itinerary in the Brazilian cities?? Would love to meet you and have some meal with you

Faz mais videos legendado brazil ama seu canal

Mark, I'm going to hunt you down and make you eat rice and patatoes like the rest of us poor folk. aaaahhhh . . .I attack! ! ! Fear the banana-split !

*whoever is reading this will travel the world soon* And will support my channel

Mark please come to Serbia

Wow. My daughter is going there in the fall as a student. Can't wait to visit her.

Brazil it’s a nice place

corta a unha seu nhaxa

Boca de lagarto tmjjj!!!!

You have to go to Haïti Mark

The raw meat with bread reminds me of Mettbrot in Germany. Except Mett in Germany is raw pork.

I'm hungry right now (

please come to Sao Paulo !!

1/4 Patty and 4 & 3/4 bun. Nice

Essa merda comem os brasileiros, assim ficam cheios de espinhas e gordos

Wish they would have cooked it

Love the content-- really individual pleasant and great deals to see!

finalmente você veio ao Brasil

Love'n your Brazilian tour so far

why does he always gota do the stupid overated expressions for

Go to São Paulo!!!

see this https://t.co/Gj5qn9ycXE

Lanchonete da lombada kkkkkkkkkkkk tmj

mork weens

https://youtu.be/6eVTPofPTqA subscribe to my channel...gr8 work mark

Hi Mark, where's your Wednesday's upload?

When will you come to the Caribbean

The sweet island of saint Lucia


Will we see the Wien Lean???

Mark! Me and my brother were just talking about your videos, if you want, come to Finland and we will try to host you as much as we can, The summertime vacation would be the best time of course; july; but... if you ever in here - we dont have so pet pet mak but we have some pure Finnish food for you!

Thanks for sharing it!

I really like your video and you can not admire all the dishes and make an assessment of the best and worst

Dude can you invite me in your food trip? I watch you everyday :D I am always drooling man.

O Brasil tem uma das maiores diversidade de comidas do mundo .

Micah is so handsome and well behaved ..he's growing so fast. Mark you're so blessed and well it's deserved ...

To me, it looks like meat tartare....then again, what great vid, but I wanna go vegetarian soon :)

Why don't you come in Bangladesh??

Brilliant video, too good Mark too good ☺

Girlish Mark. Silly fellow. Heard he's connected with drug trafficking out of Thailand, a major hub of international drug trade....if true I won't be shocked, His missionary dad is shady out converting Africans to the garbage of Christianity....

At 6:09 the dude with the blue looks like he's starving lol

Podia ter legenda em português

Mark, I love your videos. It makes me hungry and wanted to eat again and again. Please keep HEALTHY, coz you've been eating so many kind of foods. Waiting for your next video.

#48 on trending street

You have to go to Minas Gerais and Goiás, also Bahia and Pará, if you want to know more delicious food.

This guy is eating the best foods in the world meanwhile i'm over here eating totino's pizza rolls with ranch.

Ron Swanson approves and would like to eat all that meat

You should go to my home town Guatemala,Guatemala they have really good food there

Hi. Mark. Iam iranian. My name is babak 48 old ... oooohhh. I like you men .. you very nice .. when you com to iran ".? I can send you invitation ...

Furious pete would love to scold that damn sandwich rn, looks tasty

Obesity epidemic importing from north americas to the south

fact#1: BBAZIL is VERY cheap fact#2: i see brazilian people getting same fatty fast food nation as USA

I thought this was a Matthew Stonithan video just because the thumbnail.

Looks good. I'm plant based but wow.

I’m so jelly of the people who live in Brazil

Yes, it’s called Joel

I thought i made the right decision to have food when watching, but i was already full at the meat....then i saw the 5KG, omg yall got stomachs of steel

This made me think in the movie 7 sins of Brad Pitt, specifically the gluttony part.

dude, you re very weird, but the food is great

how to get that migrationology shirt of yours I just love it pleeeaassee??

how can i get that migrationology shirt of yours? pleeeaasee

I really enjoyed your Brazil tour a lot!!

Dem hot dogs look pretty good

o cara comeu mais pimenta em um único vídeo do que eu durante um ano inteiro, ce é louco KKKKK

Great content! Keep going! Love your videos so much! Actually fun! Love the way you edit!

Hi Dear i also jst love mark vedios its so nice to watch mark vedios...

Is that raw meat? I know way down in south in South Korea people eat raw meat prepared very similar to this.

Nice, em minha cidade, bem vindo

They love hot dogs.

Video nota 10....

Hello Mark Weins, do you have another account name Mark Abroad?

you should go to rio grande do sul to see where these real barbecue came from

Those chilitos, with the meat and onion! Super spicylicious. Mmmm!

No idea why they call it the Philadelphia. Because of the processed cheese I suppose.....so many cultures try to portray Philadelphia as always using processed cheese with “any kind” of meat. Truth is, most Philadelphians enjoy thinly sliced beef with “American cheese or Provolone Cheese with a little bit of ketchup. It’s true, many people do like ‘Cheez whiz’ on their cheese steaks , but there is much argument about it.

Somente no Brasil um prato de carne moída crua custa 53 reais...

13:12. I thought she had brought out a fresh roast for you to smoke out of a bowl.

The lizard mouth hmmm

Is the jaguar meat raw???

In the town I live in there is a Brazillian Churrascaria and most of the food there is regional from Curitiba I believe and now I really want to visit the Churrascaria. I've been watching your videos since the video where you feature Drew Binsky and your videos never ever disappoint. Cheers.

Same...time...sane time....juice....

Carne de onça looks so amazing... it looks like it's worth the trip alone.

hope its not actually a jaguar your eating

I was hoping to visit even one country, but unfortunately I do not have the possibilities

I love to watch ur videos :)

Mark you can’t miss pastel, tapioca, brigadeiro, pao de quejo, açai, and a lot more! Maaannn I have so much love for Brazilian food and I miss Brazil so much! Can’t wait to comeback....

Ala o gringo comendo o podrão kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

look free food amazing

I actually pose this

My city

Top Top Top . . . . Abração. . . . D G T u d o

Uncle dog is my favourite, Curitiba is the perfect city

meganormous :D

Nobody in Brazil eats lunch with his hands like that, we eat with a knife and fork, and if we eat with our hands, we hold the food with a napkin

bad actor overreacting to all the food

They are not known for their meats, the gauchos are from rio grande do sul, they are just passing the tradition, dont own it

Amo carne de onça

Esse ama pimenta em!

I can't stop myself from watching your videos even while fasting

why do i hear chicken throughout this video?

Sorry every single thing they put on that 5kg sanger looked plastic and fake, I doubt it tasted any good at all.

Go to Dominican republic

ele faz umas caras engraçadas ao comer

Carne crua? Sério? Nem sabia q comiam isso aqui no Brasil.

looked like you were really struggling to pull the meat apart


Umm 15 minutes

You should go easy with street food in Brazil and elsewhere. They lack hygiene and are badly or not properly preserved / maintained. Most of the time, they go without refrigeration and overall sanitary conditions are bad.

13:28 I'm wondering if Antony Bourdain was in that place. HIPSTER AND COFFES, PLEASE NO !

The ribs look delicious. Yum Yum.

Why.....905+ dislikes?

Do you ever eat anything you don't like or enjoy, and post it?

Your All foods make my mouth watered

I'm watching these video at 2 am it makes me so hungry


Glad to see your clip again, wish to see forever our dearest Mark Wien

come back in pakistan

It's delicious. Come to Curitiba to experience.

Obviously it is not already forbidden

Vem pro Brasil que te dou comida que jamais vai esquecer cool me

Believe me you Brazilian people is going to be the biggest casualty of global warming bcoz of your meat consumption

I think its time for Micah to start showing the kids plates. Daddy has to teach him the signature Mark Weins look when tasting.

Pls come bangladesh

O cara veio literalmente perto da minha casa kkk, moro perto deste costelão

Mark, missing those chaplis?

Jaguars breath

Mark you just made me hungry, good thing I am heading back to Brazil soon.

I would love to see you do a food challenge from start to finish mate (Hendrika)


Lá pro Sul é diferente mesmo, muito mais carne que os outros cantos do nosso país. Quem foi sabe. NURRRL

Feliz de ver o Mark no Brasil!

I love his fake laugh and it’s in every video that he ever made.

What do you mean by fake laugh

Raw meat is a hard no for me!

I need to go to Brazil at least once in my life!

10:19 When you're EATING in Brazil.. you do "BEEF pulls" INSTEAD of CHEESE pulls. #BEEFLOVERS

Anyone know what type of cheeses they would have used to squeeze onto the chicken?

The brazil is the second most delicious food

I'd like to see Matt Stonnie VS this sandwich!

Convida o Corbucci Eats'

*O gringo come 1 tonelada e mesmo assim é um **palito.Se** eu comer 1 cachorro-quente engordo 2 kilos.The gringo enjoys 1 ton and so is a toothpick. I'm eating 1 hot dog fat 2 kg*

Subbed after watching the Cambo vids on YT. My wife has been watching a long time. She likes Ying speaking Thai sometimes.

Get checked for parasites after that raw meat.

Yo is he eating raw meat lol

Mark could you go next to Albania

Melhor carne de onça

Always my mouth watery after seeing ur video

Looks crazy good


Dr Jason Fung would approve!

Quem tem paladar apurado, sim.

Aconselho você ir em um restaurante nos Eua e pedi um copo de suco vai pagar por volta de 25 reais a 30 dependendo da localidade. Pelo visto você deve conhecer nada do mundo rsss. E essa carne moída que você diz e algo muito preparada com vários ingredientes alem que o estabelecimento e um lugar de renome onde tem uma concentração de turista muito grande acha que iria ser preço daqueles botecos de rodoviária rsss.

i wanna go to Brazil and taste the food

Just sticking your unsanitary hand in coffee grounds that others are gonna consume....cool

Road to 5m my love

oh man beef ribs are too good


Ordem e progresso must be changed to Safadeza e corrupcao.

Mark Wiens put himself in a box. If he doesn't do his patented yummy-face no matter how bizarre the food is, someone is going to be offended. :)

If I ate like that I'd be as big as a side of a house!

After eating that u need to go the near hospital for heart attack... lol

It's so nice that you visited Curitiba! I hope you liked the city, and thanks for show me new places, because i never heard about those before.

no wonder plastic surgery is so popular there lol

Comendo assim...eh o dia inteiro cagando...kkkk


Parece Kiko do chaves kkk

Wait... isn't Mark Wiens the guy who travels for GOOD food? So who is this guy eating 5kg horseshit sandwiches? Is he the lovechild of Anthony Bourdain and Adam Richman?

ไม่เผ็ดไม่แดก so good

What a great trip to the Great country of Brazil!

@ It's funny how you always pronounce foreign names with a different voice. "PARANA" sounding Thai or something hahaha... :) Great vid. By the way I was in Zurich last week and visited Adler Chuchi to eat their cheese fondue, just because you went there too! Good stuff!

Mega Lombada!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Visit Alex De Souzaaaaaaa please

You came to Curitiba and eat too BAD!! Sorry for telling you that.

I think your buddy is falling into a food coma at 20.05. Iol!!!

Everything is so clean


Awesome city

It is not possible, to like EVERYTHING ... there has to be something that you do not like

No portão né? Acho q já comi ai uma vez, delicia hahaha

come here

This is not true!do you live in Brazil or travel to?


I swear Mark eats everything lol....legend .

Micah u r so cute u hair is so black I wish u we're so shy

O que mais me surpreendeu no Brasil é onde ele vai, tem brasileiros falando inglês, pode ser na barraquinha de cachorro quente de rua ou em restaurante de luxo. Mais um ponto positivo para nós, pois é muito difícil um americano falando português no país de origem para receber estrageiro.

Is realy everything that good?

You are my favourite!!!

Bearded guy who works at that hot dog business.. he's handsome and so chonky

Moro em curitiba e seja bem vindo!

Another absolutely wonderful video from Brazil! Love it!

I feel so poor and hungry

SO cool you are in my hometown, Mark!! I got to know your channel while cooking the thai chicken with holy basil. I hope Curitiba treated you well. When you come to Germany, don't hesitate in contacting me: frankonian and bavarian German foods are awesome! All the best!

jaguar meat in Poland is known as a TATAR !

Vocês comem sem frescura haha Sensacional!!

I've watched all the Brazil episodes and its a meat paradise hahaha I'm hungry

Nossa tou com fome agora. Kkkk mas estou com fome sempre kkkkk

Esse gringo é fodão na pimenta

Mark's stomach is made of steal lol!!!!

Não engorda de ruim! kkkkk


+Beck_nzr fruit does not compromise, it was not made by anyone ... I saw some videos of them, completely different food from one of the other botched places, no it is possible that he likes EVERYTHING ... from parents to another, there are differences of palates, it may be saltier or greasier than usual, but he does not make any criticism, everything is GREAT .... strange

Sonia Carvalho fruits, he doesn’t like fruits.

the way he gets excited like a child at 8:19

so does the locals speak english in brazil ?

Could your laugh be any more irritating

if he wasnt eatin id swear hes on coke

can u suprise ying for romantic dinner? hahaha

wow so delicious

hi mark ur video so amazing  I like it...


Is so funny the way he said Paraná

I cannot believe you were here, in Curitiba!!!!

It was a joke but I’m sure he doesn’t like everything like you said. I think he is just a good hearted person and doesn’t want to offend the culture and his viewers.

I guess that you might be latin so there's no problem about you at all cuz you all look the same. For us italians might be real problem there cuz we look different. Unless if I buy a 45.

Curitiba is a paradise for foodies. You can also imagine a sweet tour, a pub tour, food markets tour, hot dog tour, etc. For sweets, one of the ideas is Curitidoce, visiting sweet shops and tasting goodies. https://tiplr.com/south-america/brazil/do/curitidoce-perfect-tour-for-travelers-who-love-sweets/5ad9efd65dbc3f1400f88490

Is that save to eat raw meat. Parasites should be in it.Don't eat too much chilli Mark it burn your guts.

Happy to see you with all the Brazilian...they're all happy people

Em Curitiba eu comeria sem problemas.Lugar limpinho.

The Food looks good :))

Great video one question what about tipping?

Por que q deram carne de onça caralho? Poha esse animal esta com risco de extinção seus filhas da puta tem q fechar um estabelecimento de bosta desse Why don't you eat meat of your mother bitch?

Most times giant sandwiches have way too much bread because the bun is too thick. Not this time. I don't know about the hotdogs, but that is one fine looking sandwich.


Visit Colombia, Venezuela etc

Is he Chinese?

oh wuaow

Great video...amazing food....best regards from Indonesia...

@Beck_nzr fruit does not compromise, it was not made by anyone ... I saw some videos of them, completely different food from one of the other botched places, no it is possible that he likes EVERYTHING ... from parents to another, there are differences of palates, it may be saltier or greasier than usual, but he does not make any criticism, everything is GREAT .... strange

@Ana Mercedes Ana

Italiano D3 huh? Lol

Yeaaah bro, only 3 minutes and he finish this sandwich XD

Esses cara comendo é viciante Já assisti mais de 4 vídeos e não quero parar

Guaraná Cotuba é a melhor

a dog on a hot dog van, not a great marketing move

Hey everyone Im from california and Im doing a asssignment on Brazil their culture food and traditions so i need help does anyone wants to let us (my group) interview you? please reach out if interested in helping us thnks

من عربي هنا ولا انا بس?الفدیو حلو

Digestion power = Mark wiens

I'm enjoying your video. Keep it up!

Bruh those eggs are burnt àshell

You are the sweetest ! keep doing what you do ! i can see how much you enjoy it !

4k video! cool

So interesting video.. happy to watch your channel

I wish we actually had that sandwich in Philadelphia. Looks amazing


Não tem oque esse cara não goste ! kkkkkkkkkk

Does he really eat all that amount of food in one day? I wonder how?

I swear i seen one of the guys on the show " The Final Table " ?!

Tem que leva ele pra conhecê a pimenta no clear ele gosta bastante de pimenta ai ele vai gosta

Sim, incrível

Exatamente guria kkkkkkk e o mais legal é a naturalidade dele.

Ta querendo enganar quem!?


Hi Mark! I'm not sure if you know that, but I'll write it here for the sake of the viewers as well: "Costelão do Gaúcho" means Gaúcho's Ribs, and a "gaúcho" is someone born in the to the extreme south of Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul. For the sake of simplicity to explain it, we're a bit of a mix between the feel and garbs of cowboys on the outside with the chilly winters and somewhat reserved colors and culture of Europe (compared to other Brazilians that is, I personally think we are still very warm people). That cultural difference is mostly because contrary to other states the majority of people born here descends from Europeans, mostly Germans and Italians, so we look a bit different too. But we are very serious when it comes to food, eating is a very important time of the day for families in Brazil as you might have discovered hahaha! The gaúcho traditional clothing, the "pilcha", is considered formal clothing in Brazil. The method of cooking you call "Brazilian Barbecue" originates here as well. If at all possible, do consider coming to one of our traditional clubs (CTG - Clube de Tradições Gaúchas "Club of Gaucho's Traditions") to have some of our old style barbecues made exactly as it was centuries ago, and enjoy some of our music and dances performed as well. Lucky you, it's getting chilly here, and it's the best season for visiting the hills to enjoy the vales and treat yourself to some warm food. Do try a colonial style breakfast as well if you can! Our wines are very good too. Oh and we really *love* rock and roll so turn on the radio hahahaha. Wishing you a wonderful time.

That was the juiciest roast beef I've seen. This video makes me hungry again. A big thumbs up!

Lately so much new discovery, thank you mark for Exploring our country Pakistan and now Brazil! :)

I need the soundtrack to this episode

Esse gosta mesmo de pimenta hahaha todos os vídeos que eu vejo ele coloca pimenta

Welcome to Brasil Mark !

Christian Williams ....The temperature of the hot water to brew the coffee will kill any germs....... Knucklehead

Awesome videos Mark, next time you come to Kenya would love to meet you.

I need to go to Brazil cos you get amazing FREE meals like those ribs!!!!???

I m in love with ur videos sir . I m a big fan of urs . I got inspired by u . From india

*Lombada* the Forbidden Sandwich

It was better go to Osasco - SP than Curitiba. Curitiba is an ordinary place... my brazillian girl opinion

How do you stay so lean with this diet of wonderful food?

Love your videos. Chefs must love cooking for you as you show your appreciation in every bite that you take. Thank you God bless you

how on earth is Mark Wiens so skinny!

Esse cara vai sair do Brasil obeso

U have to eat the pork with the yuka

7:17 lil girl was like who tf is this

Hello Mark, I commented there on the 'Rio 4 fun' and as a resident of Curitiba I make an important observation that this "jaguar meat" you ate is not the real one. The original will not make brandy or any spice. In the original recipe goes only the meat seasoned with onion, parsley, chives and served over a black bread. Only! And a curiosity that this dish is considered cultural patrimony of the city. Pissed me off see that, served to you a disturbef version where they added a lot of crap. And please, do not put butter on the bread, but it's not your fault ... I pointed out to Guilherme the numerous places where to eat a "real jaguar meat" and other delicacies of the city and typical dishes of the region. But very nice to see the South of Brazil being presented. Come back often! And if you need a guide, I am at your disposal!

Those ribs make my mouth water and we ate pork ribs for supper tonight. I realize you're eating beef, but good ribs are good ribs.

That red raw meat stuff looks yummy.

Can you go to Guyana next pleaseeee it`s just on the top of Brazil

As a meat lover I think I should visit Brazil before I die

i like brazil

Ser humano maravilhoso !

Isnt Guarana cherry soda? I tried it out in SF , it was hella good

Esse trem é baum uai

Cant believe you were here in Curitiba and I lost the opportunity to meet you, Mark! Must say: Fantinato is amazing, but thats not the REAL carne de onça. This dish got famous a few years ago and now everyplace has its own recipe, but in the past (70s, 80s) it was only minced meat, cebolinha, Salt and olive oil. And please tell me that you had ROLLMOPS!!!

5kilo of mainly bread

Eu gosto desse gringo pq ele come com uma vontade e fala com respeito sobre o Brasil! Thanks Mark


Pqp esse lanche da Lombada é mto ruim, sacanagem levar o gringo pra uma azia braba kkk

Parece Julia Child tartar. Very fancyyyyyyy. French recipe(Im making her voice as I type)

That looks so awesome . I am hungry now :c

mark am an ethiopian i admire youre vedeos am now in bahrain please come bahrain

Raw meat

Youuu knoooooow DAS food!


We Brazilians love making giant versions of our snacks, 1kg Coxinhas, 5kg Sandwiches, 50cm pizzas ... basically I love to eat a lot!

The 8 kg sandwich with BBQ meat from the buffet restaurant in it would be a bomb.

of all the countries you visited which food you liked the most

seeyou soon brazil thankyou for this wonderful video mark .. I GOT A LOT OF IDEA ABOUT BRASIL NOW

That looks like a Giant Torta! So yummy!

just watching that humongous burger had induced a food coma on me.


I think Brasil is the country that most eat meet in the world, and is very cheap compairing to others countrys, you need to be careful to not have a eating meat coma kkk

go to the northeast man, the best food is in there

Shame on you Mark ...u r eating jaquar ...is there nothing left to eat that u fall soo much ... think if that jaquar get the chance to eat your son

My city

The first dish of uncooked meat appetizers, this is a Lebanese Arab dish called the raw meat

O mais foda de ver esse video e sabendo que vc mora em Curitiba e vc ja foi comer no lugar q ele comeu e ja passou nas mesmas ruas que ele

wow that sandwich looks so good

Mark love your overwhelming reactions You my friend are born to eat

Coloca o vídeo com legenda por favor

Mark wasn't too excited about the first dish... Raw Zebu.. & he seems to enjoy the other dishes .. only if they're smothered in chillies.. or chili sauce.... brazillian food must be very bland..

3:52 and 5:20 Same girl behind mark

vai nada, ele come durante o dia e geralmente nao é so um dia, e la nos eua fast food la sim todo mundo e gordo KKKK

is that raw mince beef?

How are you not fat?!?!?

Lol... this episode is hilarious example of..."when being a famous food vlogger for youtube goes wrong".. mark was completely stuffed...

Is its a raw meet?

Maybe I'm wrong but I think most Americans grow up eating whatever their moms cook which is probably 20-30 different things. I think most of us have a very limited view of food (at least I do) and it's sad really that we don't try new things more often. I know I have a taste in food that many find strange. I can't eat fat on my meat, I think it's gross. Texture plays a huge part in what I can eat. Some of the soups you eat that have a real mucus like texture just turn me off. Not many of the foods you try I look at and think.. "That looks good". The 5 kilo sandwich looked good & the hot dog sandwich looked good also. As A side note I went to Phoenix, AZ. and ate at Little Miss BBQ that you visited in one of your videos (where I saw it) and the food was AMAZING!

Ele é um poço sem fundo. E ainda magro... Aff kkk

Aqui comendo brócolis, cenouras com ovo e assistindo esse maldito vídeo

Nossa como eles comem pimentas

Esses kra n cala a boca

nada pq ele é magro de ruimo que ele come é uma barbaridade kkk

how did u eat so much dude. lol

Mark. Really eating Jaguar? It really is not cool. If you were to hunt it would be different but fomenting/encouraging the comercialization of animals in danger of extinction is quite stupid.

Tio Dog is very close to my house HAHA

Welcome to my city

I live 500m from Carivaldo, the 5kg sandwich and i went there twice only. hahahaha too much food, but it is really good! Fantinato and Costelão do Gaucho was really good choices as well! Classic food! Thanks for show our city to the world!

Brazilians see the limit and smile, Brazilians know no limits.

Mark when u gonna visit suriname?..we have awesome food to man..

kkkkkk Nayara, eu ri mas eu tô chorando. E comendo alface com ova e cenoura também!

gilerme rafaela is legend ❤from oz

Curitiba é uma cidade incrível, assim como todo o interior do Paraná. Difícil achar carne melhor do que nessa região/sul do Brasil. Vc entra numa churrascaria de vila e é sempre surpreendido. Aqui em Sp, tem local que cobra 3x mais e não entrega a mesma coisa. Só o lanche de 5kg de azia que não me deu apetite. Obs: 18:55 sacanagem essa mostarda fake aí.

23:59 quase 00:00 já jantei e deu fome Mano eu que moro no Brasil nunca comi essa comida kkkkk

Brazil is the most dangerous place in the world.

That saw is more like a band saw. :-)

Lol weird food.. not very appetizing, sorry

Hey mike ... why don’t you do a food series of Lebanon

Its not real jaguar meat, its just beef. The name ia because when you eat it raw you get the bad jaguar breath. He explained it in the video.

Its not real jaguar, its just beef... watch the video jeez..


Eu achava que geralmente a gente que sairia obesos do país dele kkkk

You have the ugliest eating face you and your friend with his laugh

I watch these kinds of videos because I never have food...



Before i saw this video i was a vegetarian...i was

Brazil has a very diverse culture and I hope to visit one day ! Greetings from Denmark !   : )

Mark tu come pra carai em mano kkkkkkkkkkk e com muita pimenta.

That hot dog looks A--mazing.. my vegan friends are missing out.

You should visit the smaller towns in parana, the food is great. I own homes in Faxinal pr and there are some great restaurants there


Lol dude you're soo cringy it's hard to watch

19:05 The guide buys him the chilli pickle. So nice & caring of him, knowing that Mark won't enjoy much without his chilli power

Meu Deus esse cara taca pimenta em TUDO

Mark, you rule.

nothing special,just Sauces and meat

Nobody else noticed that cute boy in the back 20:34

Só tomar um Epocler e fica tudo de boa KKKKK

Mark,you eat more but you still slim no fat!



The ribs are singing ‘You’re gonna love me’!

Because he ate chicken he has to laugh like one

olha a cara desse arrombado, ri de tudo, come um pedaço de bosta e acha fantastico, si fude

I want to go to Brazil

satisfação ter você em meu pais pena que não veio a São Paulo , Curitiba bela cidade .

I hate this mans fake reactions just hate it blocked .......gettttt losssssstttttt

I really want to try the onion, hahahahha

Ooooooooooohhhhhhh nice pick

Não tem nada que ele ache ruim hahahhahahahaha


É nois Curitiba eu moro

The raw minced meat dish was brought to Brazil by immigrants from Lebanon, in Lebanon the dish is called Kibbeh Nayyeh.

A animação desse cara faz tudo ficar muito legal rsrs ☺

The first meal , Isn't that remind you of Kitfo, the Ethiopian Dish same thin we just use Ethiopian spices

Pois é, deve ter um

he cant love without hot sauce i swear


Wow it all looked so good, but where do you out it all?? Lol lol love your viedos.


I wonder how much that huge sandwich was

Carne mesmo é do sul...

yummy delicious beef ribs

ShAme oN YOu mArK ...U R eAtINg JAquAr

Finalmente , falaram do sul. Brasil não é só Rio.

Curitiba is my city. You welcome!

Mark you are goals!!!!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel everyone

Engraçado é que ele come pra caramba e não enjoa kk

that raw meat looks disgusting dude.

has anyone else also noticed that Guilherme Boulous was speaking on tv as he spoke at the end of the video?

Vem pra BH

I wanna get paid to eat! im a perfect assistant mark lol


Just have to see it all again, now we know how a Sandwish looks like even here in Sweden :-)

@lyl wat hahahahaha amazing, here in Brazil we just love barbecue.. we call CHURRASCO

Omg it looked like they only ate 3 slices off that 5kg sandwich... i hope they didn't throw the rest away!

Hummm! Oh wow. It’s amazing!

Oh yeah

i dont eat raw meat!!

Mark you are the number one vlogger you are amazing

It's because you need to taste, it just seems awful, but the food here in Brazil is amazing!!


Esse cara curte uma

I do not think eating raw meat is a good idea

great video like the t shirt i travel for food but in brasil i would put i travel for girls lol where can i get a shirt like that

How the hell are you skinny?

Very nice but in Portuguese men must say Obrigado( because if you ask the verb who did say Obrigado? He said Obrigado and not she said Obrigada in the Portuguese language because is from the Latin of dialect dialects of north Galicia Spain Spain Iberian Peninsula that is Spain and Portugal and "The land of what became Brazil was first called Ilha de Vera Cruz ("Island of the True Cross") by the Portuguese captain Pedro Álvares Cabral, upon the Portuguese discovery of the land in 1500, probably in honor of the Feast of the Cross (May 3 on the liturgical calendar). This name is found in two letters, one written by Pêro Vaz de Caminha, another by Mestre João Faras, both written during Cabral's landing and dispatched to Lisbon by courier (either André Gonçalves or Gaspar de Lemos, chronicles conflict)" however, if you are men you must say Obrigado and if you are Female Obrigada. you should not use it is incorrect grammatical if you male but unfortunately many people that did go to a high school stealing make this grammatical mistake, therefore, I would like to apologize for my sincerity when you speak in this thermos is like you are an illiterate person ... Jose Soares ( Cabe Verde Islands Praia Island) Residence Bern Switzerland

carne d onça só é carne d onça se for ocm ovo cru

I have a protruding hot dog. lol.

Coooomo ele não engorda?! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ... To adorando conhecer esse canal!!

Acompanho seus videos e fico muito feliz em ver você aqui no Brasil

7:16 a guria moscando lá atrás KKKK

Cheers with food,wtf..

To assistindo na madrugada e tive de levantar pra comer cream cracker, mulher! Que tortura e sofrimento esse vídeo!

@Eliza Marciano né kkkk

Paraná meu estado que amo tanto..

A cara que ele faz quando está provando algo bom

Leviticus Chapter @ And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you: 11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination. 12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you. Isaiah Chapter 66: 15 For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. 16 For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many. 17 They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the LORD.

I'm totally with you on that...and I am from Brasil

Food will unite the world

Devia ter levado o gringo no batel grill Ia matar o cara de tanto comer

Alem da carne de onça , a feijoada tbm é um espetáculo à parte . A melhor que já comi em Curitiba Costelão do gaúcho e caríssimo, pois é por peso a costela e não por pessoa

Que linda minha cidade ❤️

O americano conhecendo o nosso dogão kkkkkk amo as reações dele , a comida brasileira é maravilhosa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


minha amada cidade! ❤

Every time I see you eat these wonderful food, and make that orgasmic face. It looks like you're in heaven, and you're taking me their to.

You don't actually buy it, you just ask it if they have it is like homemade pickled pepper

Cuidado com a hemorroidas mano, vc come mt pimenta kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Ele faz as comidas que já estamos acostumados e achamos normal parecerem ALTAMENTE INCRÍVEIS kkkk

Perché non mettere sottotitoli in italiano?

não é essa a origem sobre a carne de onça.

que nojo

Quem é de Curitiba igual eu da like?

Infelizmente, se você já for inscritor do canal, perceberá que ele faz essa cara sempre, toda vez que come, indistintamente kkkkkk Mas a comida ainda sim é boa mesmo, eu concordo contigo hahaha

Vai pra Bahia e prova o acaraje quente

tadinho de gorbucci kkkkkk esa cara com demais kkk like like

Eu moro em Curitiba queria ter te encontrado

Não mostrou nada de Curitiba mas ok

Curitiba ❤️

19:45 -"Amiga ele é lindo, tô apaixonada" -"Sério? Mas o que você viu nele?" -"Sei lá, o jeito que ele come... É diferente."

Esse cara está com fome mesmo saiu de um hambúrguer de 5kg e depois foi come um hot dog kkkkk.


cant belive he likes everything he eats...

Sabia nao, ele é baiano!!

Greetings from Paraná

Greetings from Rio!!

O carioca guia dele não deve gostar das comidas de São Paulo , pra levar ele pra Curitiba pra provar isso ...

como esse cara não engorda kkkkk

os vegano pira

Quer ficar pobre vem para o Brasil...tudo caro... o gringo deve ter falido

Só faltou comer o doce chamado BANOFEE que é típico de Curitiba

Não sei como eu vim parar aqui kkkkkkkkkkk, mas é legal quando uma pessoa se propõe a comer coisas diferentes da sua realidade e desfruta disso 100%. Um dos poucos vídeos que vi onde alguém come comida servida aqui (Brasil) de verdade e saboreia, porque normalmente o povo grava pra fazer palhaçadas e caretas.


Greetings from Porto Alegre.

Greetings from São Paulo!

a comida do rio grande do sul é muito melhor!!!! deixo essa dica ai

Melhor canal p conhecer comidas do mundo kkkk

You missed the barreado, a traditional food from Curitiba. Colonial coffee too.

Kiko Kiko ra ra ra

Ai come pimenta com força hem!! Se ta doido

O cara coloca pimenta até no lanche!?!?! Quem coloca pimenta no lanche

Planeta Terra Kkkk é pq ele queria conhecer mais de um lugar ne, ja tem mt gente q acha q Brasil se resume a RJ e SP

KKKKKKKKKKKK Foda demais ele comendo arroz feijao bife

This is a real hot dog!!! Curitiba is the best!!!

Why the hell you didn't come to São Paulo??????

Paraná god

Como esse cara é magro ? Kkkkkkkkk

Parece kiko

Parece italo do canal tá gravando kkkkkkk

Very Good!!!!!!

tem vídeos em sp ?


apaixonadíssima por essa tour e também pelo menino que aparece aos 20:21 minutos, socorro

Paraná has persons like poland

E foda ser pobre, o cara nem do Brasil é. E já comeu mais comidas do Brasil do quê eu

it's an honor to receive Mark here in our Parana, I love this guy, super humble and always loving food no matter how simple

@jeremy 77777 manjado está seu butico ... Inveja de Paulistano é foda ...

Sai fora fio SP e manjado

O dólar tá forte então pra ele foi barato demais.


Mike...have you ever gotten sick from eating all these types of exotic food: where and when?

E eu que moro em Curitiba e não conheço metade desses lugares. Agora tenho que conhecer.

Cola em Belém/PA

cadê o barreadoooo??? queria chamar ele pra comer na minha casa, que aí até se tiver ruim ele deve fazer essa cara de maravilhado

Insane burger

Esse cara é demais kkkkkk

Enquanto muitos brasileiros só falam mal do brasil ele curte e aproveita aquilo de há de melhor, sei que viajar e morar são coisas bem diferentes mais a gente deveria valorizar mais nossa cultura nossas raízes e tentar ser melhor sempre

Tô rachando o bico com essa discussão de vocês. kkkkkkk

São paulo nem comida típica tem KKKKKK

@Planeta Terra te amo

@seu madrogas forte abraço drogado !

@Planeta Terra coitado .. A verdade doeu foi kkk Sp nem comida tipica tem Terra lixo

@seu madrogas pra vcs que são tudo uns pé rapado é mesmo pois creio que vcs não tem 100 conto no bolso pra ir num restaurante aqui em samba .. aliás se tiver um emprego ... Forte abraço

Sp culinaria piada


Matheus Oliveira é porque as comidas que já estamos acostumados a comer SÃO ALTAMENTE INCRÍVEIS, meu amigo!

Ele tem cara de louco kkkk

Is that even cooked? Looks raw to me.

I Love Curitiba Eu moro em Curitiba e não conhecia O segundo Lugar kkkk

Geeeenteeee... Assisto todos os programas desse doido comendo pela Asia afora! Nao esperava velo aqui pelo Brazil zil zil... Sucesso! heheheh... So não entendi uma coisa, a carne tem nome de carne de onça mas, na verdade eh carne moída? Serio isso!? kkkk.. XZ

*O cara tem um orgasmo toda vez que come alguma coisa*

My city it’s the best. Curitiba/ Paraná

How are you skinny

19:44 quando você chega do rolê brocado de fome e ataca a geladeira escondido na madrugada kkkkkkkkkkk

Doce de mostarda HAHAHAH mal sabe que é a porra da mostarda cepera (low quality mustard)

Gente...esse gringo é um saco sem fundo

Deveria ter trazido para Balneário Camboriú, ele ia se apaixonar...

he is so skinny how can him eat all those foods

Mark engordou 10kg nesse dia.. certeza.

Johnny Webster What did you mean?


Calem-se todos, o Acre ganha de qualquer estado, ele tinha que vir pra cá pra ver os índios de Xapuri e Tarauacá

Povo tem uma inveja de SP.... Venham viver aqui .... Não vão se arrepender ...

@breaK, justamento pelos "argumentos de qualidade". kkkkk

@Ana Carolina Santos Moreira Pq? São debates válidos, com argumentos de qualidade e um assunto melhor ainda: Qual o melhor estado? Pq rir disso? Kk

Puts kk

OH MY!! I WANT SOME RIBS!! That looks really good!! Yum to all the ono grinds!!

Sério que ele comeu café? KKKKK

Man q café Nutella, ele tem q provar um café feito na roça isso sim

O canal "bom de garfo" fez um vídeo desse tbm.

Eu morava em Curitiba mas cê mudei pros EUA em. North Caroline city Charllote

7:38 music name ?

Salve salve .. acompanho suas viagens para comer.. Very Very good

going to Brazil in august and I am very excited to visit all these places

Q mentira, não tem como engorda apenas por assistir um vídeo

@Homão da porra na mesma noite ele só saiu da pizzaria e foi para o hot dog.

Mesmo horário?

Muito engraçado a cara dele quando ele come

i need that in my life ... i want to go to Brazil so bad now! meat heaven.

Venha para Mato Grosso do sul . ♥️

Deu muita vontade de comer aquele cachorro quente

@AnNa. Com hehehehehehehehe tenho muita vontade............o duro que e longe pakas.....

kkkkk Eu também quero comer o de 5 kg kkk

E grande dms ai..... sou de Ilhéus BA.... e queria ir para ai so para comer o lanche de 5 kg


In the beginning i was like ohhh no jaguarrr howww??? Why???? Please No...

OH WOW! Love that reaction everytime!


Corbucci Eats da deep wep

O corbucci eats podia ir aí

Aí só vai ter gosto de café genérico

CoMo q ele n morreu se em CUritibo ta menos e9d6f968tr6r6of7f7997r79 graus Piada alto qi so quem joga fortnite vai entender

O jeito desse cara é mt contagiante ele é apaixonante

Esse cara só é magro de ruim slk

All hes video of the Brazilian tour was only like 15% of Brazilian food. Waiting for the rest of the 85% to watch

Vc me lembra muito o Kiko meu amigo!

Keep having fun Mark, sweet n' salty.

Come to Paraguay please! and enjoy our vorí vorí, chipa guasu, pastel mandi'o and others paraguayan food :-)

Brasileiros:*mais um dia normal Esse cara: OLha QuE CaRne LINdA

Like beef pate

@mark wiens... Do you pay for these travels or do you work with sponsors...

ele faz uma cara de quando a pessoa sente o efeito da droga kkkk P.S. nunca usei drogas

Go for Porto Alegre.

Your videos are all amazing, but they make me a little bit worried about your health

Your expression sucks

Caralho eu já fui no fantinato


Hello I liked videos you very good

Daqui a pouco aparece a galera de Curitiba pra falar sobre o frio


Micah is getting so big!

16:52 video starts :p

Conhaque it not oil!!! it is alcohol beverage.

Mark, parabéns pelo vídeo. Sou de São Paulo, já fui a Curitiba porém não conhecia este bar. Enriquecedor.... Curto suas matérias. Viajo contigo.... abs

Is the meat at the beginning raw?


he adds peppers to literally every dish

Chega a rir sozinho.tambem lá fora não tem comida é só hambúrguer e batata frita.No Brasil tem variedade

Is thr any dish that is nt to mark's taste.. This guy praises every dish

I'm addicted to Mark's videos.

Looks awesome

Food channel


What I like about Mark is that he ain't scared of getting dirty eating that's a big props

Never went to Brazil but I know they have beautiful beaches, places ,girls and now I know there's some good food to ,respect Mark Wiens to make look good a lot of country we waiting here in Canada for you to taste the " poutine"

I need to visit Brazil the next time I go to Argentina.

great to watch to make you never want to eat again.

Ele com certeza deve ter o metabolismo bem rápido né...

Ma che schifezza è !?

My name is Ershad Sultany I make a Daily Vlog of my life! I enjoy travelling the world with friends, having fun and inspiring others!

O mais interessante é quando ele fecha os olhos após provar kkkkk

I’m living my life viciously though Mark Wiens! Love you bro.

My beautiful City !! And in my neighborhood !!! I really, really want to know you someday !!!! Please, come back soon to Curitiba !!!!!

How does that man mark stay so thin with all he eats?

i love the videos but the kid noise is so distracting !

Que pesado inclinándote cada vez que pruebas algo colega...

4.7million SUBS!Enough SAID!Well DONE!

Meat awesome I need

O troxa do lado dele só querendo saber de tirar foto.... Cara besta

Great, love your tour, wish I can join you one day

Where is michael?

cool content brow.. welcome to Brazil.. keep visiting us u r all very welcome!

Adoro o jeito q ele mostra o Brazil ♥️

Eu toda empolgada ahhh ele vai comer um cachorro quente tradicional cara do Brasil kkkk aí eles n fazem o cachorro quente com o molho de tomate

I'll pass on the raw ( Jaguar meat ) dish.

POW BRASIL TEM PASTEL COM CALDO DE CANA, SALGADOS ETC... OS CaRAS LEVA ELE PRA COMER SALSICHA pqp, Por ai fora vão dizer que somos comedor de SALSICHA q vergonha. Brasil tem muito mais do que SALSICHA...

so, what's with the hair nets when the people actually making the meals wear baseball caps?

Apaixonada por ele

THAT 5 kg big sandwich Will .be good with friends watching footballbgame

In France we got that FIRST rough meat,we call it Steak tartare

O cara comeu uma cebola e 3 pimentas inteira e faz uma cara de que delicia ! Kkkkkkk ta Loko

those videos are absolutely stunning

Hey mark ur t.shirt are so expensive in Pakistan...its 4382pkr here...do smthing plzz big fan of urs...and realy want that shirt

god bless brazil my fav football team; love from uk and Bangladesh

It has to do with kibe. It's raw kibe, Porque e como um quibe.

Swallow that dog down Mark..dont tarry.. goodnight

Down the hatch Mark! What da ya say..so good..gracias..

he is super nice and i love that he loves my country but i cant help but HATE his "wow" that he gives about every 2 seconds

I ain’t never seened no moore gooder san wich then this one hear!! An I nowed it must be reely yumie two!!!

Sou de Curitiba, e esse lugar onde eles comeram carne-de-onça é o pior de Curitiba, horrível!!! E nada a ver com a original, que não é essa mistura nojenta que o cara faz transformando a carne num mingau. Tenebroso... e paguei caro ainda.


Mark....do you know u have a plate for that piece of 5 kg monster...please...

Nobody in whole world understand meat like Brazilian do... Respect....



Tantos outros ponto em Cwb e regiao para ser mostrado como: Largo da Ordem (aos domingos) Regiao de santa felicidade Caminho do vinho em sao jose dos pinhais Morretes Antonina Ilha do Mel Todos esses locais listados tem uma mega culinaria, mas valeu e muito a divulgaçao do nosso estado e país.

Nunca vi um gringo gostar tanto de pimenta Parece baiano kkkkkkk


I enjoyed this video as I do all of your videos.

Love Brazilian food, great video Mark

Ribs look great, but that 5 kilo thing

nossa não conhecia o canal mais eu gostei desse cara super simpático e sem Mimi vou me escreve...

Am not realy a fun of raw meat

Mano,esse gringo come muita pimenta, pqp !!


Every foreign video that talks about Brazil, the comment fills these Retarded Brazilians

A culinária Brasileira é show.. acho que ele não sai mais do Brasil kkkk

Mark u fool u love and wow every food u eat..what u eat at house which your wife cooks if she does...

Kkkkk nossa comida é foda

Mark come come come to Georgia, start from Tbilisi, I promise you've never tried cuisine like this!!!!


o cara comeu ate semente de café puro uau esse ai sobrevive em qualquer lugar do mundo

Não dá pra acreditar que não apresentaram pastel pra ele.

Carne de onça? Fala sério.

Those Beef Ribs look so delicious and amazing.., I almost stopped watching

Does brasil have any cultural food? It seemed so Americanized.

Too many different kinds of meats in that sandwich wouldn't work for me, beef,chicken and sausages doesn't mix

I would faint before finishing one piece of that huge burger

Mark é incrível

Thank you Mark Wiens and God bless you for your wonderful work. I see the world throw your style of food and travel. That's a great job. Keep going and God bless you and your family

can he ever fast???

O cara veio pro Parana e não provou uma cuca ou cueca virada? esse n aproveitou certo

Mark, who do you give your uneaten food to? You never talk about that. It's important. What do you do with your uneaten food?

I enjoy the videos. But sometimes I am taken back because it seems Marks voice goes from baritone to falsetto out of the blue. It’s kind of weird.

U will be a giant animal in future

Mark Weins sure does know how to describe the delicious food

Man! If i knew you re here!!!!

Só de olhar eu já passei mal de tanta comida, e o cara lá de boa traçando tudo kkkkkkkkkkk

Hi Mark Wiens, tell us what is the most delicious food in Brazil, in your opinion and where was best received and treated ...

Que legal, ele ainda usa baleiro no estabelecimento. Do you like a pepper

hey love it or hate it...a choice...Loveliving...

I feel so honoured that you were in my home town visiting! I wish I was there to take you to some REAL background street food! No "carioca" knows the good spots! Hahaha

Esse lanche Lombada aqui em Maringá a gente chama de calota porque lembra a calota da Kombi.

I can’t wait to go to Brazil great food beautiful handsome man and a great friendly environment

Brazilian food looks so good

Esse sanduíche é realmente ridículo... Salsicha com hambúrguer. Pqp Sem graça a Vera... O gringo salva essas receitas toscas. No mais o programa dele é foda

A costela deu água na boca, agora esse super sanduíche, somente o peito de frango desfiado não é muito saboroso. Isso é uma subjetividade minha.

Not raw. I'd have to cook it.

Mark you are AMAZING, but the Brazilian guy that’s showing you Brazil is “bored” “not fun at all”, he keeps speaking behind the camera in português, interrupting what you are saying. I can understand all what he says because I can speak português, and he is so inconvenient. Anyway you are so amazing that’s all looks very good

Lol, Mark, you eat in one day more than I eat in a week!! But I love watching your videos!1

Cara seboso kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Curitiba minha cidade linda maravilhosa melhor cidade do Brasil.

Curitiba, agora sim uma cidades que não assusto como aquelas favelas do Rio de Janeiro.

Have u done touring of Australia

gringos, aprendam! maioria de nós brasileiros, odiamos samba! isso é só uma idiotice feita para ludibria-los, repito odiamos samba!

gringos, learn! Most of us Brazilians hate samba! this is just stupid to fool them, I repeat we hate samba!

Always looking forward to his *OH WOW*

It's not the full Curitiba experience if you don't go out drinking at night haha, great video.

Café nutella da porra

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