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She. Worked the streets and the, strip clubs getting, in cars with men that would abuse, me and beat me and break my jaw break my nose all, for the fix she craved I couldn't, go 15, minutes without having a needle in my arm or, smoking. Crack she, would finally set her free on, today's 700 club interactive. Well. Good morning and welcome to the show the Islamic, states attacks against, Christians, and Egypt continued, to escalate and, there appears to be no end in sight, you may remember the Palm Sunday church bombings, when Isis, claimed responsibility for. Killing over, 40, people in two, Coptic, Christian churches, on an Egyptian news network, a woman, whose husband was killed and one of those bombings was asked how she felt, about the terrorists, watch, how the news anchor reacts to what she says and we, apologize for the subtitles but we think you'll want to see this. Jennifer. Hannity Bob Suter where's, Allen I'm gonna die I might get a boulder up a nice time back in time over yeah yeah. Even in time of Ayub said then you're moving here boomers, Dana, best, another Clubman rabiner yeah. Hello. Santa or, a. Muslim. Arab inner Indian Asma hope we. Have, the fucker oh joy fucker. Oh if, a chorus at the end when, her mother fucker oh damn. Lunch at, the well, no no she had known for co-routine for, corona - Tamra does a harlot, what, up - I'm avoiding him some Hancock I mean about him some happens and then they let her totally a boob. Lady FEMA, Ken, MacLennan. Recorders at the Amen yeah, and, above the car Bo but man hakuna negombo said, the anaemic washy, correct about you. But. Mas. Mas. Wainman phrases. Ichabod. Massa. Mezzanine. Vieja, Melo, Carrera. Summa soika tier. Encrypted. Mystery, yaw. Shock - Rob Bella do al, Krypton. Mystery, yet, Hamel cool she a chinois, - when. We. Committed the same hell on duty. No. Adele, Koo you are a fool again - mater some Himba get. Much. Artistic. Then. Lower booyah well. I am a kid. In. SD, and, Dec meet the same hand. Haha, an. RTD. Dude. Veniat, mean well. I must admit that, engine, a. Lot. Huh mom mancine. Wow. Terri when you hear that news anchor, and almost disbelief saying these people are made of a different substance, that's you. Know Jesus called us to be salt and light and, that the world would recognize something. Different, because Jesus has changed us, yeah Wow I mean this, went out to an. Entire, region you know and I I think it it just does, give, pause and, call people to think, about. What's going on and God, bless the Christians. Who've endured this, we need to be praying for them and for their families, well. Here's something that hopefully is, a lighter, note that will bring a smile to your face just, when you think you've heard it all maybe. It won't bring a smile maybe, not, just when, you think you've heard it all people. Are now tying, the knot with, themselves. And there's, a word for this Salonga. Me for. Instance Erica Anderson she recently married, herself she. Describes this new relationship, trend, as woman's saying yes. To themselves, there she is walking to the aisle Erica. Said she was tired of people asking her why she was single and the ceremony was a way to show friends, and family that she didn't need a partner, she, was enough. Business. Minded, people are looking to capital, what's, become a global. Movement companies. Like Mary. Yourself, and I marry, me calm, offer consulting. Photography. And salami. Kits that include a. Ring, daily. Affirmation. Cards, and vows. Boy, that might be interesting to read huh. Just. Saying. I'm. Not saying the I. Read, a couple weeks ago actually that a woman hadn't married a train station. Free. Fare just. Saying she. Had actually married the train station, and. Well. Turns. Out that many Millennials, feel they haven't been adequately, prepared, for adults as we're saying yes saying. So. It says to women, in Portland, Maine who started, an adult. Things school, I love this one yeah actually this is students. Are learning old-fashioned. Skills like how to give a good handshake yep how to talk politely, on the phone how, to balance a checkbook or even, more basic what, is a cheque anyway nowadays that's, really true isn't that you don't think about that but the, school is so popular, more schools like this are sure to pop up around the country other, life skills they teach include, making eye contact, representing. Yourself and a job interview that's important, isn't it and they have special how-to classes, like. How to check your oil jumpstart. Your battery and change. A tire the list goes on how, to sew a button. Boil. An egg is. That really one. How. To fold a fitted sheet, remove. A stain from your shirt or wash, a load of clothes, well those would be very handy things to know those are all pretty, basic and you know let me just say in regard to boiling the egg. What. Could you possibly able to say that because.

If. You do it wrong I mean you know I'm telling, the truth here get, the shell off of it and show me because, I mean it can be like, one mic. So. I mean there's actually a lurching cuz Millennials get probably a bad rap for hey this would the world I'm growing up and is different than the other generations and, you. Know I don't care about that stuff but no they're saying let me learn these skill they're important on the other let, me say that. Millennials, have Google which we did so, on just sale oh yeah just how do I change his tire your video though, hopefully. Not on the road side well. Speaking of teaching Millennials, taught creel the host of wretched TV and radio network, isn't shy when it comes to sharing the gospel recently. He went to the University of Georgia to speak to college students, well Todd's set up a microphone for any students, who had a question watch, how he responds. To what young one woman asks, him God. Desires, to save you this day, so. Think about whether, or not what I'm saying to you is true, or not because, it's either true or its. False but it's not just my belief it's, one or the other is that fair mmm-hmm you're just patronizing me, now aren't you no any, quick you want to say anything before you scoot yeah, does that mean I can do whatever I want and, I'm. Forgiven yeah, that's a good question, I went. Let me let me answer it in a two, steps here number one is God, will forgive any sinner, because. Jesus, is divine. And, so his sacrifice. Can forgive any sin now, if you're saying, hmm. I can, go about sinning, all that I want to because I'm covered by that it, would be like a young, man a boy who goes out camping, with his father they. Set up camp on the shore of the beach and dad says son, whatever. You do I'm gonna take a nap don't, go into that that life that boat because. It's alligator infested water. Kid. Says okay dad dad. Falls asleep the kid starts looking at the paddle boat and he thinks I think I'm gonna give it a go he goes out in the middle of the lake all of a sudden a bunch of alligators, start swirling around he, gets a little panicked he gets rocked he tips over, and passes. Out the next thing you know he wakes up with his head on the sand looking up at the sky he, turns and looks over and his dad has, been clearly, mauled, by, alligators. And he immediately knows. Wow, I blew, it and my dad jumped in to rescue me he. Saved me from that, now. Imagine. If that young man then said thanks. Dad and then he went back out in the boat and did it again you would say he. Doesn't esteem, the sacrifice, of his father when you understand, that Jesus, actually, died for. You in a very nasty. Humiliating. Way you don't want to sin anymore, well.

Tod Reminding, us all not. To have the perspective of cheap grace, that we just take advantage of God's forgiveness as mercy as loving he did in a profound way and, sometimes, you know we do things that we don't see it this way but they are foolish. Putting. Ourselves in, harm's way, putting. Our souls in harm's way and I admire Todd for standing up there just AB fire, question, at me I'll handle it interesting, also to see how many young people were standing around listening, well you know God always says his. Word never returns, void so, go. Todd well. Still ahead he's won six Grammys, and sold 11, million, records. But he'll be the first to say he, couldn't do it alone, I'm. Honored. To be, surrounded by guys that will tell me the truth about myself, the good the bad and the ugly, TobyMac. Reveals, the richer path when, we come back. TobyMac. Is one of just a few Christian, artists whose topped the Billboard 200 charts, and along the way to becoming a music legend he helped jumpstart, the careers of others as well recently. We spoke with him backstage at one of his concerts and he, revealed that after 30 years in the industry his music, now carries, a brand new message. TobyMac, was just 19, when he came on the Christian music scene with a hip hop rock trio DC. Talked many, songs he wrote like Jesus Freak and love is a verb became, crossover, hits breaking, in a mainstream radio, with a bold Christian, message he. Has since become a solo artist and is on tour with his sixth album this, is not a test. I want. To be as, transparent as, I can be sometimes. I think people think that, you know when your music, is coming from a Christian perspective but. You're, supposed to have all the answers and, you're supposed to have it all together and, I think, that day is long behind us like I don't. Have it all together I don't have all the answers to. Say, okay.

I'm. Recovering, perfectionist I. Want. Things to be right and, sometimes I can drive people around me crazy and sometimes. It, gets better and sometimes. It doesn't, so. Now I kind, of have a couple rules that help me to not be a perfectionist one is does. The song make you feel something, if. The song makes you feel something. Then. It's good and the, second one is does, the song have a unique perspective. You. Can seem about loved a hundred times but is there a unique look on love this time, well. People leave talking, about that song talking, about the concept. After. Over 30 years of touring and working with artists like lecrae the Newsboys Jamie. Grace and others he's also learned the significance, of collaboration. It's. Easy for people to overlook. How. Much of a group effort putting, out a record is or writing a song can be I need Co writers and co, producers, and guys. That helped us put our show together and I definitely. Need a strong wife and I have that I'm thankful for her. And. I've just found it I'm not a one-man show there, are people that have strengths, that I don't have. And. With six Grammy Awards, and over eleven million units, in career sales it's, obviously, working I'm honored. To be surrounded, by guys that will tell me the truth about myself the. Good the bad and the ugly as a, leader of an organization, or a band or a tour you could totally you, know seclude, yourself and, stay away from people or. You can be in people's lives and let them be in your lives and that. Route that. Path is harder it's. Way harder but. It's richer. There's. No question, tobey's passionate, it's a trade he credits to his father who. Died in 2015. My. Dad. Was. A driven, man he. Definitely, taught me to. Push myself to be the best they could be keep. Your eye on what. You're. Trying to pursue lock, in and go hard, it's. Kind of how my dad raised me. While. Losing his dad was hard it was the three years Toby spent taking care of him that, changed his life. Dementia. And stuff is tough it's tough to watch. Just. To. See a man that. Did. Everything I needed for me all, of a sudden I'm meeting. His needs I. Learned. Really what love was, through caring for my dad, when. You're. In. The, trenches on behalf of someone else it's. The deepest love I'd. Never really been there and. I love my children I love. My wife, but. There's a deeper love when you're when. You are doing. Everything, for someone and they. Can't do it for themselves in, true. TobyMac fashion, that, experience, inspired, the lyrics to his latest song love. Feels like. It, also showed Toby what his life and music was about all along. God. Made me to serve, serving. Is the, ultimate calling, it's the most beautiful thing we can do. God. Breathes something through me to serve people, God. Breeds something through me in the form of a song to. Serve humankind. That's. What I love, about my job is the. Very people, that I, intended. For this song to strike to, to resonate, with them we're, singing this song together, that. Is such a fulfilling, moment, as an, artist, and then, you, use that moment not. To bring. It into you, but, to turn their eyes that can that's. Where I left. Interesting. You hear TobyMac talk about, the fact that you know he, didn't say this but we do live our Christian lives and we think we know love we think we know God's love and how we love each other but then as toby's experienced. Things, happen in our lives like with his father and we learn a whole, new depth, of love we didn't even know we could experience, and, and, that we probably. Wouldn't. Endure, well on our own or choose yeah, for. Sure choose, but life presents. Things, that, you know are. Meant to make us better, and stronger and deeper as as, you said and I you, know I don't know I think also so. Many people would have a hard time receiving. The kind of accolades, and the kind of. Just. Applause, that he gets and then, redirecting. It tobe max the soundtrack of my kids baseball season, every practice every game we're driving there and there and back it's TobyMac blaring, that's awesome, definitely, great message, isn't it yeah well coming up drug abuse drove her to sell her body I'm. After, time of, getting, in cars with men that would abuse, me and beat me and break my jaw break my nose I was so hopeless, but. Not anymore watch, this woman's amazing.

Journey From solitary, confinement, in a straitjacket. To earning, a PhD. Daaamn. Nitin was a drug, addict for 26. Years to, feed her habit she, sold her body Don, sank to the lowest, of the low, homeless. She lived in an abandoned, building with no electricity, and, no water, then. Through, the kindness, of strangers dawn. Found, her way out. As. A. Child Don Nitin, was the girl who felt like she never fit in I, always. Wanted. People to like me I, thought. That my, looks were the only thing, that I had going for me I had, very low, self-worth, very, low self-esteem. Her. Parents divorced when she was young, Don. Knew that they loved her but. With her mom working two jobs Don, was on her own much, at the time. There. Was an absence, of motivation. And, affection. I had. A void inside me to fit in I began, to look for that affection, in that love in all the wrong places. Don. Started, getting into fights and chasing boys at, 14. She met, her highschool sweetheart. And they, began using and. Selling. Drugs. Trying. To please people trying, to fit in wanting. People to like me, always, feeling like I was different but. When. I was doing drugs and selling drugs you know people liked me and they wanted to be around me because they wanted what I had. At. 17. Dawn married, and had a baby. Then. Just two years later her, husband, was killed in a car accident I was. Devastated I felt. Like that I, had. Lost the. Love of my life I was. Mad at God as, mad, at the world and my life, began to spiral out of control. My. Drug addiction got, a lot worse I just really didn't know how. To help. The pain that I was feeling at the time. In. The years that followed, dawn went through several marriages, she. Also started, working in strip clubs and, for escort, services. I. Would. Latch on to whoever, and whatever I could just to make me feel like somebody. Cared about me and, it just led me you know from her after hurt after hurt and just, you know time after, time of, getting. In cars with men that would abuse, me and beat me and break my jaw break my nose, I was, so hopeless. Over. The years dawn was in and out of jail often. Homeless, and always. Looking, for a fix my. Drug addiction had. Gotten so out of control that, I couldn't, go 15, minutes without having to need away my armor, smoking. Crack. She. Felt she was beyond even, God's help I. Had. Thought all through my life that, Jesus. Was like this Abraham, Lincoln, guy sitting, in this big chair with a list of things I did wrong I just, never felt like that. I could ever measure up to be somebody. That God, would love. But. Then at 40 years old after, 26, years of addiction she. Realized, God, was the only one who could help I. Was. Just crying out to God in the middle of the night living in an abandoned. House with no electricity and water God. Put it on my heart to go to a, church here, in Daytona and they, had a homeless outreach and, they gave me a shower. Clean. Clothes they've had me breakfast and they did a Bible study and when, the pastor, preached, his message change did an altar call I ran to the altar with, a crack I've been my hand and just.

Cried Out to God I'm, sick and tired of live in this life and. The. Pastor's wife came down and she prayed it for me I went, back to the street but something, had changed in me and you. Know I knew there was a glimmer of hope in my life that day but I didn't know how to keep it. Two. Weeks later Dawn was arrested, kicking. And screaming, as she was taken into jail she, was put in a straitjacket. And sent to solitary confinement. I. Knew. That I needed Jesus more, than I had ever needed him before in my life. He. Just poured his love you know in my broken places and I, began, to surrender, I began. To surrender my mind my. You, know my will and you, know my emotions to him I cried out and I said everything. That I am and everything I had I'll give to you I saw, him as a father, with, his arms, open wide and, he. Was running to me, and. Um as he held me and. He. Caressed me and he told me how much he loved me he, told me that was his favorite. When. Don was released, from solitary confinement. She began to study the Bible as. She served her one-year prison sentence. She grew in her faith and never, craved, drugs again. When. He gave me a new, perspective of. Life I, began. To have my eyes on him and. You. Know I knew that I had worse, because, he loved me after, her, release in 2007. Don enrolled, in Bible College and went, on to earn her PhD she. Has, rebuilt relationships. With all of her children as an. Evangelist, and counselor, she ministers, to women in prison. Therefore. If anyone behaved in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away and all things become new and that. Really changed my identity by, knowing, that you. Know even though I was once a prostitute, that he, had washed me clean I no, longer did I have to live that lifestyle, that my worth now was from him. And. The. Day that you feel the most worthless. The. Least, lovable. Incapable. Of having. Anyone. Care about you, God. Loves, you as much as. He did as you. Were being formed in your mother's womb as, when. You're following all the right paths, his. Love never changes. I love. When she said when, I saw, him he was running to me God's always running, to us he stands, he weights he runs his arms are open wide, and there's. Nothing, we can do to earn that you, know it's so hard to grasp that isn't it because in the world, no. One would love us like that, no one's capable. Of loving us like that we. Say so glibly, god, is love but we don't even really understand, the magnitude, of what we're saying, God. Loves. You he, loves me completely. And wholly, and, without. Holding, back anything and there's nothing, you can do to earn that or. To stop that. But. You can receive, it you see we have an enemy who prowls, around, like a hungry, lion, and he. Begins by telling us lies the life started, in Dawn's life when she was young she didn't, feel, wanted. She didn't feel that the kids really cared about her she didn't feel she had anything to offer and, we. Start acting, out of that we start, living. As though that's who we are we give, up our identity, our our. Relationship. With, God just to, have a little admiration. From the world a little acceptance. From the world when the truth is we've. Had all that, we need or could want all along, the way and yet. The. Creator, of the universe waits. Isn't. That astonishing, but. The one who created, the Sun and the moon and flung the Stars into, the heavens awaits, for you and for me and then comes. Running, toward us, saying. I'm over here I've been here all along let, me heal you let. Me love you let me hold you let me caress, you like she felt the caress of God in that prison cell.

That. Can be yours today you. Just say yes you. Just say yes I need, you God I don't want to be without you even. If I could I don't want to be without you I want everything, you have to offer and. Invite. Him into your life let him forgive your sin let him touch your heart let, him change you from the inside out, if, you'd like to pray with someone about a need in your life today our numbers toll-free it's on your screen they're. You.

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