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It's. A sign of Scott Ross you've never seen before I went to church but I stood in the parking lot and got high first he, and his wife never, looked back at 50 years of ministry, and marriage, I said, God he's not listening you. Have to speak to him and sticking. Together through, thick and, thin if anything, it was us against, the world on today's, 700. Club interactive. Well. Welcome to the show here's that from Graham with this week's top, 5 stories, from Studio. 5. At. Number, 5. University. Of Central Florida star. Linebacker Shekinah. Griffin, joins his twin brother Shakeel. With, his draft to the Seattle Seahawks and he, does it with only one hand the road here, some would say impossible, born. With a non fully formed left hand because of amniotic band syndrome, Griffin. Is elected to amputate, the hand at age 4 to ease his daily pain the first thing I thought growing, up what, people are gonna say how. He's gonna be the head of it as a little kid didn't need somebody giving me a chance to show them that I can now he's getting, that opportunity. She came hey. It's John Schneider calling buddy how you doing I. Can't. I can't breathe right now it's. A dream come true for us too. Have you miss. At. Number, four everyone. Wants to meet you when you're a superstar but Katy Perry wanted to meet the polls and she did. My. Darling, it's a great thing. The. Singer and her actual boyfriend Orlando. Bloom met Pope Francis, in Vatican City Saturday. Along with others. At. Number, three. Bieber. On drums, the popstar, continues. To share his faith with his more than 99. Million, Instagram followers, posting. This Instagram, photo of himself standing. Near a wooden cross it, came, during a trip to his Canadian, hometown Sunday. Visiting, his grandparents. And touring. A museum, about his life Justin. Also posted, this photo with. The caption running. From the devil like the. Beep also, has a link to this Hillsong, worship tune. On his page. Number. Two. Actor. Will Smith has attracted, more than 15, million followers on Instagram, in only four, months and in, a recent throwbackthursday post, he, used his skydiving. Trip to Dubai to, share a lesson about God and fear, so you fly and you go up to 14,000. Feet and the guy walks, you up and you're, looking, down, to. Death, they. Say on three. One. And. He pushes you on to because people grab, one drink. And you fall out at an airplane and. In. One, second. You realize, that, it's. The most blissful. Experience. Of your. Life you, realize, that the point of maximum. Danger is, the point of minimum fear. And, God. Placed, the, best things in life on, the other side, of fear. At. Number, one. This. Video of a high school kid singing in his school cafeteria.

Has Pulled more than a million views on YouTube, and earn. The young man a record, deal. Fresh. Out of high school kalantay. Gavin's, first album, the higher experience, is available, now studio. Five caught up with gallant egg at the Atlanta, stop on his tour so we sit here as a. Completed. Album is now been. Released from here, how are you feeling man I feel incredible man. Of extraordinary. Album. It, released, April 27. 2018. I'm just so great for the guy that, I'm able to bless the world with, and, literally when you hear it you're gonna hear my heart and just I'm, just blessed that the work is to experience the ministry of Coolatta Gavin's. Kalantay. I feel incredible. 19. In a record deal very nice going. To be the new stars and I rely I've. Loved him from the YouTube video, that actually. First. Posted, several years ago he's now since graduated, high school I loved, him then and have followed him and say okay something's got to happen and then he does get a record deal based on that YouTube clip, the, record, president. Saw it and pursued. Him and what I really respected about him Tucker's, parents as well is when, the record label approached him they initially said no he's. Not ready he's not ready and they said that he's not ready because he wasn't ready for ministry, and, he. Needed to get ready and prepare himself and truly, get his heart right with God what was he going to college, and so. I. Think right now he's gonna take a little break tour. With this album huh see how this goes but. You can find him on the, tour circuit his concert, is not like a typical concert, he spends a bulk of the time ministry, because it's filled with young people just like himself, and he's telling them you, don't have to do what the world tells you to do you can have fun you can be you be who God has created you to be and that who. Is that's, what we wants to be okay, beautiful story is it going to college I don't. Know if he's gonna college. He's. Got a see see how this record, record thing does. Because. I'm certainly gonna stay in touch with him after, that that meeting I really love him and his family beautiful, family alright we'll smooth skydiving. Talking about faith, I love. That line I remember. When he took, that trip and. He was being interviewed now about, it and talks about the fact that you know that, point of maximum, danger is. Also the, point of minimal fear when you cross to the other side and God, places the best things on the other side, of here how, many of us can say you know there things that God has called us to do, in our lives but. We're afraid, but. When you trust him and move past that fear boy aren't you glad Joshua. Moment yes indeed.

Indeed. Indeed all right Justin Bieber is he going in the ministry. You know. Pleased. With him he, is in the process of working another album and I will say this for him it is very, likely the album will come out at the end of this. Year or early next year and it. Will be an album, of. Worship. I would be very surprised, if that's not the case that's what all those around him are saying that he is still. Has the same team, around him but adding other voices in there and. They're. Helping to shape the music and you see him. Tweeting. Hillsong, following. Them being at their concerts, he's definitely influenced, by them and I will say that will his. Next album will certainly be an album of ministry to some degree to. Some degree to some degree because I'm sure he's got you know came. Out and said was gonna be a worse. But. I can't. Imagine him I want the worship album please his fans. I'm. A fan, I'd, be happy with it but I know they want to hear him sing about love and, romance too so people. Do that too indeed, indeed the ultimate worship. All right it is indeed Katy, Perry going to see the Pope this is a she going in the ministry I know I don't think so. But. A dream come true for her for. Her mom to be there with her she. Is their part of this, it's a human rights, and health initiative, that was happening, this weekend, and, she was. There in support of that but, she's long said she wanted to meet the Pope and, she got the opportunity, that, was good for me indeed. Alright Andy the, star, rising. Star in the NFL, Nikki Wow. Can. You I saw, him play and I it, was just so, inspiring. Indeed I mean here is busted, into the backfield pretty. Much on every play and being. Just a superstar, on defense, for, University. Of Central Florida and. Now. Going, to be is, so, he's gonna be with his brother he's going to be with his brother a for the Seattle, Seahawks, what, a nice, nice story and you know credit. To his dad because they're. Twins both. Love football and he. Always, made, them play together to challenge each other so that his, son. Who was missing a hand would not be, able to. To. Take. That as an obstacle to prevent him so his brother challenged, him and then, to now go and play with your brother his brother joined. The Seattle see how it's last year I think he was number three in the draft. Shiki, was number five in the draft and to go to your brother's team and to be able to play with him again it's certainly a dream come true for him yeah. I. Will, say this that win win when, they called his name it's. My understanding from, the stories that I've seen is that he. Was in the bathroom at the time he decided. Go take a break. So. I think it was a cousin or someone literally banging, down the door. But. It will be one to watch a deed and a great team Seattle, Seahawks. As well all right it'll. Be incredible to, see that on the field I'll say, yeah. Yeah, alright, well for all the latest entertainment. News check, out our forums weekly show studio five you can watch it online at, cbn.com, slash. Studio. Five and Ephraim we'll see you again next week see you next week well coming up the interviewer, becomes, the interviewee. Scot, Ross gets his turn in the hot seat and he, gets questioned about his life his, controversial. Marriage, and his, cancer, diagnosis. The. Big C is not, cancer. It's Christ the, Big C is not. Cancerous, across these, commitment, its covenant that's, what Trust comes in it's what face comes in and you, have to hold it that you, must that's why it's back to the word, God. And his wife nedra take a trip down memory lane when, we come back.

Well. Since the 1960s. Scot Ross has been a close friend of our family, and a vital part of the ministry, here at CBN well. Recently, he and his wife nedra. Sat down with Andrew Knox to talk about some of the challenges, they faced, over 50 years of marriage and to, share the secret of their, success. Nedra. And Scott congratulations. On over 50, years of marriage that's, awesome you thank, you you did it we did it, does. It really have a century, I'm. Exhausted. You did pretty well for yourself here Scott of course she's a lovely lady you met. She was a ronette, you, were captivated, right from the beginning right also. You might be at 16 before, all. Would be my baby so. And, she. She became my baby. When. She was a ronette, million. Selling records, and running, around the United States with the Beatles and the. Good in England and stones, too at the Beatles so a big party for all. This, stuff around nedra, but number, one she, wanted to be a wife, and a mother. And. A grandmother when, I was young yeah and a grandmother this. Was where her heart was so. Her heart is for God. The. Lord and her, husband, and her children she, hit the ground running as a mother so you get married and 50. Years ago an interracial, marriage, that. Must have been a really, tough start we, were talking about that last night because, of being in New York we. Did not have what was going on around the country because. It was New York and so, New York was. Just. Maybe. With. Segregation, and, stuff like that maybe behind the. The scene it wasn't up front later. On when we came to Virginia, here. Then, we saw what the. Things the, racial sides of things in Virginia. Just people wanting to know what was I and, I'd go what do you mean what. Am I you know we. Were doing some, TV, and to. Pat Robertson's, credit, I was. Really a constant. By some people. So-called. Christians, who. Wanted to know same thing where's she from, interracial, marriage, etc and. There. Were people who did not want to support, the fledgling, cbn. At that time, because. Of our marriage, but. Pat. Stood, with us and and.

Said You know they it's. Not the money is not the issue and, these. Two were married before God and, that's fat and. So. We had that kind of support you know did, these experiences, just bring you two closer together or did they create tension, with you if, anything, it was us against, the world we. Are who we are and. We're. Sticking together and. Actually. When, we started to pray, together. Was. On, our honeymoon. Which. We, really didn't know to do. That, so. Much we had come to the Lord and had a real experience. With Jesus, together together, what was that experience I was. From Scotland my, dad was in ministry I've given my life the road- five came. To America when I was 10. But. The. Challenges, of a new culture, and a. Number of other things I walked away from the Lord for a long time, someone's, in New York I I wasn't, really walking with the Lord so. I came back, to the Lord in a small church outside. Hagerstown. Maryland where. My mom lived where I'd lived and, I. Came. Down to visit her with. Nedra. And mom. Wanted me to go to church I. Went. To church but I stood in the parking lot got high first on grass, weed. Marijuana. It's. Illegal in California them, but anyway. We. There. There I got high and went to the church and. I. Always. Say this has sat in the way in the back for the Lord couldn't see us, but. In the middle of this church. Service. Someone. Had a word, there, were two people there that the Lord was calling. And say. You know come back to me I'll take your cares, or worries put. Them on me so a foundation, of your marriage has been praying, together. Absolutely. Every. Day right, every, day after we get married pastor. Vic gave, us a gift of a, small is, this this is it it's, called daily light, and look I mean it's kind of beat up you know 50. Years that's 50, years of reading, a needs, of. Any. Of you binding, people, out there for like to help. So. Every. Day from. Day one literally, on our honeymoon. We. Start reading this so, when we're together and, therefore separate, from each other then, I have one and he'll have another version, read. The word and. We'll. Ask each other what did you get out of that not, just to read it to read it but say what. Here is speaking to you so your marriage would not be what it is without God is the foundation no, no no way no way no way I see, myself, it's totally, as a daughter of the king. That's. How I see myself so. I left my mouth be that. The. Way I carry, myself be, that I'm a, daughter of the, king sometimes. It's hard to live with a princess, yeah well your father in law's God I mean take that one off. Thank. You God is there, I've told God I I told. God, on him I said, God he's not listening you, have to speak to him, and. What God, spoke to him. There. Are things, that would come that. Would want to tear us apart. Because. Of my. Opinion, his, opinion, of the. Way we were going how we were going to go but, we watched every. Time how. God caused. Us to bow our knees to each other and. To him first. There's a Bible verse don't. Let the Sun go down on your brothel don't let the Sun go down your anger. We. We really heared, to that, because. The issues have come up family. Issues they will they will come up money. The. Pressure of money the children, all. That stuff let's, not, go to sleep with, that kind of anger there were two instances that I think I remember, where. It. Was we. Were talking about separating, it, was that, in. That tenuous, situation very. Volatile, and. And. Made. It a decision. To, say we don't want to embarrass God we, don't want to embarrass Jesus. But. We can't do this so, then we would submit to the Lord carefully. And then, to each other forgive me you.

Forgive Me I forgive, you and, we. Know back to the word again praying so put and work, it through getting. Your own pride out of the way oh yeah, you, talk about people to use them sounds. Real spiritual, died itself, well. I mean you know Jesus. Said you want to follow me first. Thing you get to do is die. Simple. Deny. Yourself pick up, your cross daily, and follow that's. The prerequisite. And stage, four cancer back, here in my mouth and I've. Been through other bouts with cancer and. She. Was Florence, Nightingale plus, you know great. Nurse I don't. Remember a lot of it because I was out of it and I, didn't even know if it's gonna make it you know wasn't sure, about that but. She. Was there she slept in the hospital next, to me and all the time and I was totally. Dependent on. And. She was there, I told. Jesus guess, what, this. Florence, Nightingale is so. Tired I had, never been that tired in my life that I honestly. Said to God I have, 10 minutes for you that's, all I have left is 10, minutes and I, walked, from his side of the bed feeding. Him with tube in his, stomach -, coming around the bed and the Lord healed me and gave me strength like, I had been on vacation, I'm, coy how. Did this happen. You, know when, I just said and I had never said before I have 10 minutes that's, all I have people. Hear that word cancer they're terrified, right. Yeah and God spoken to you something about that word you know the big c is not, cancer. It's Christ the, Big C is not. Cancerous, the cross the big C is. Calvary. The, big C's commitment, it's covenant, so. It's not cancer. When, the Lord is talking to Jeremiah he said I took you into a desert and, we look at all the times that God was quiet you didn't answer that's where trust comes in that's where faith comes in, and you, have to hold to that you, must that's why it's back to the word one. Holds, up the other when the others down. That's. How it works so we've, been faithful, to each other because, of having, God, bigger. Than us, it's. Bigger than us. What. A wonderful, couple uncle, Scott nedra, they've, been part of my life since. I was 10 years old and it's. Amazing, to see how God has worked through them used. Them and. Been. With them even, through some, very difficult times stage. 4 cancer and, today Scott. Is. Absolutely. Free of any. Cancer, and it's wonderful, well. Up next meet a 10 year old who wants to be just like her cartoon, hero, watch, how superbook's, Joy teaches, this girl to befriend a child being bullied when. We come back. Enya. Is a young girl who lived living, in Albania, who has a role model she, wants to be loving and kind just, like the character, joy from CBN's, animated. Series Superbook, joy. Has made such a huge impact, on her that, her mother says it, has changed, her life. When. He was five or six years old I watched, took her book for the first time, ten-year-old. Iniya found a hero in her favorite, cartoon, series I am. Sinking all the time why, can't I become like joy she. Believes in God and she is good and kind I began. To believe and, I, started, to pray. This. Cartoon, changed, the life of my daughter the story of Esther when Juhi makes friends, with children that others, have rejected it, had, a strong impact on a mia. Joins, the carton, box with a girl named pony who, use a wheelchair, I thought, you joy can be so kind and brave so. Can I, so. Any of the friended a child at school who, had been bullied by classmates I. Found. Out that she was a nice person and. I realize that all people, need to be given a chance to come a Mia. Is one of the thousands, of children across Albania, whose lives have been changed through, CBN's, Superbook. Albanian. Missionary, Rachel, Pilar has witnessed, the influence. Of Superbook, firsthand. We. Love the show Superbook, in Albania, because wherever we go and this is true wherever, we go the. Kids have all know the song and it's the song of salvation. This. Cartoon, is very important, for our country because. So many children, are in families who don't know Jesus but. Now they know gizmo, Joey increase, and they, hear about God through them, now. I talk to my friends about Jesus, thank. You to everyone who made the wonderful, Superbook. You. Can be a part of it you can be a part of showing the stories, of the Bible to the children of, the world, Superbook.

Is Now in 43, different, languages, and it's. Amazing, what's happening, as it, goes out in hindi in, albanian. In. Turkish. In. Bahasa, Indonesian and, Tagalog, in. Mandarin. We're. Getting the stories, of the Bible to the children of, the world the. Surveys, are showing a hundred, and eighty million, people saw. The program just, last year, so it's. Wonderful, what's happening, you can be a part of it how join. The Superbook Club, for, a gift of $25. Or more and that gift goes into the, translation. Cost the, distribution, cost the, production, costs were in this final-season. Season. 5 the this year next year it, all goes into that and as, our gift to you when you give $25. Or more we'll send you three copies of the latest episode it's, the story of Joshua, and Caleb the. Spies who went into the Promised, Land and came back with a good report, if you want to be a part of it join with us. You.

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