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Hey. Guys so we just got invited to an awesome event in Australia come, with me. Oh. My god, are. We interrupting a gang meeting oh boy. T-rex. Yeah. That's. So creepy. Hey. Guys we're here down under just south of Brisbane, with Ben Sam today and, we're, gonna be converting some cars to self-driving, this weekend so Ben flow so all, the way from Canada to participate in this event and make a video about it so Wayne, tell us a bit more about what, the event is and what we're gonna you. Got it well thanks for coming Jane great to have you here so, what. Would really like to see is is, everyone in the world build robots you know there's a lot, of talk about robots, coming to take, jobs and, we, think the solution to that is if is, if everyone makes a robot then everyone's, got a job right so that's what we're we're, grabbing a hold off so we've got some some cars here they're picked. Up for the the grand, sum of a few hundred dollars we got a few bits of mechanics together we, got about 10 people working on each car we got we. Got three, days and by the end of it they're all going to be self-driving. All. Right so these are these are all app tools, power. Tools equipment. Actuator. Is everything. You need to kind of automate, the systems of a car we've. Got we actually rip out the steering. Column put in a power, steering one from the records so, it's yeah, it's a complete conversion of the time and, the cause we got some the. Most serious equipments, and off the hits and that, kind of thing a few welders, as well so, this here is an, Nvidia Jetson, tx2, and what, this is is a. Really, kind of a common, platform for advanced. Sort of self-driving car artificial, intelligence type stops you know a hobbyist. Robotics, projects, yeah well. Makes them really cool is that the exact same type of technology and this goes inside a real Tesla the same kind of CUDA cores same kind of course so, we said it worked on these for a while and then Ken had the bright idea of doing some real cars and so, we just took the same sensors, off the top and then scaled up yeah awesome yeah. All, right so that's all the tech we're gonna be using yeah I guess go step away for us the teams to show off and start. Hacking that's, it awesome. Wait, your horse do it thanks. James. The general things to note is we've, done what we can to kind of help look after you but there are serious kind of safety implications of. What we're doing the, barriers, that you're standing next to are rated to 40 kilometres an hour they're. Not all filled so that's apparently. Going to be fixed in 20 minutes everything. That we do it's, gonna be BSD. Licensed, or Creative Commons as applicable, so. You're all free to do whatever you want with it that means anything that you bring here any code or diagrams, or stuff that you bring here that you develop, here is now, for everyone here to do and everyone else in the world to do whatever they want with safety is like the biggest concern. I have with all of you. Most. Of you probably from. What I could tell hadn't use many power tools before I know James has straps and rocket engines to his hands before and then he burned a face off the dummy so like I don't. Know if I trust in me. But. So I've got we've got gloves, we've got glass safety, glasses and got earplugs and you all should be wearing coloured Footwear at the whole time all, the fences are electrified, please, do not interact with the fences. All. The goats are. Horns. And they know how to use them the whole purpose of this event is to make sure that everyone.

In The world is ready, for robotics, so we want to make sure this event is a welcoming place for every. Person on planet Earth. Alright. So we got an awesome Mitsubishi, Colt. That we're going to be converting to self-driving and we've got an awesome team of nine people here. Control. Freaks hi, my name is Erin I'm the team leader for out anima still driving car this weekend I'm, a mechatronics, engineer and now I work in autonomous. Systems, yes. I wrote here at Brisbane Australia. Self-gravity. We don't have the seats it'd be a lot easier to work on it if there's a bit more room in there. Can. Your chair do this. It's. Even got the original repair, manual Wow what years this one I think this is an 84. Sometimes. Willie I'm a graduate student with csro, in Palma, and Brisbane with the project here I'll be giving the card ability, to control, the brakes and the steering at the gear shifts by residues, adding more bespoke that we, can control, myself. Os. At, the moon I'm a project engineer at Chalmers University and. Today. I'm working on the electronics. And integrating, all of our motors without. Alright. So we're just making the main 12 volt power line that goes from the battery in the car into. The backseat Morosi off for all electronics, we've. Got some battery lugs listen. So. Be measured, on the back. Of the car in, case the car goes rogue so, I'm gonna have to chase the car. And. Hit that back. Hi. I'm Becks, I originally studied robotics, and a, lot of the stuff I do nowadays in software so I'm looking, forward to getting more hands-on in, the electronics, and mechanical science stuff whether. Whether we cut these off and do our internals, they've got energy to Victor I only got little wrinkles yeah I'm some this little. Gate, my name's Thomas I'm a QUT, student, studying mechatronics and at the moment we're working on some of the mechanical aspects. In. The ice, and you put well yep that's, powering everything what what are the relays, there. Just for the ignition hey yeah thank you we only need one food mission is that right yeah and I think the power just go straight I'm tired I'm a student at UTS, and Sydney I've been on the Formula Student team there for three years now and today, I'm working on the electronics, then wearing. You see 19 Nelson Falls around now, I love to find something. Hey. I'm James Hobson and wait. Why, am I doing this interview the, oh switch works so, you. Just need to hook up to the Arduino and we've got an emergency off. So. What we're gonna do next is we're gonna be making a mounting point inside, the glove box for our main computer, we're gonna try and find a way to reroute, the air conditioning, fans into. The glove box so that we've got integrated cooling, so that we can have our computer. In its own self-contained unit, away, from all the other clutter and, hopefully. It'll have not fully there sorry, darling and look pretty nice and well. They. We, need the schematics verify, what they actually I think we when I was Jacko do you know I work.

As A machine learning engineer at pinch, in Fortitude Valley and, I. Mean it to basically. Learn. A lot from people have. A bit of fun making a self-driving, car and. Yeah. Just hopefully make, something that works. Delicious. Is a damn spider in there. I can't. Find now I, know. It's here, I don't. Like space my name is Riley Martin I'm a freshly, graduated high, school student, and now. A full-time worker as part of the hack Smith team I'm here to just. Participate in the event and be. As much of a help as I can and learn about the. Wonderful world of autonomous, cars and you. Know I'm excited to be out here. That. Makes no strikes. Hey all, right so we're about halfway through day one of the self-driving car build and it's going pretty good, I say mechanically. We're almost about 50% done. That's. How you dance yeah. Where are they so, about 50% done the mechanical, build now. To, actually steer the vehicle, in. Our remote-control Baja, build we have to use a windshield wiper motor coupled, to the steering column but. In this case what they did was they've actually gotten, us a whole bunch of new steering columns from, I believe Toyota, Corollas and Mazda 3 and, new steering columns are actually have power steering with, a motor built in now. The tricky part is it's, a different car company and this cars in. 1984. So, hopefully by the end of day today we'll have all the hardware stuff done all the actuators mounted, and tomorrow. Will just be a matter of bending, up the software and then taking, it for real. Driving. We don't need these anymore either. Hi. I'm John my, background is in research. Robotics, PhD, and machine learning and I'm here to help. Where I can on the, automotive, side but really to try and bring some computer, vision and some, of those stimulates. Approaches to our cool, car. The. Ability to pick up a piece of it just for a two-year-old, to do that. The. Lead robotics advisor this weekend is Peter Corke who's a distinguished, professor at the Queensland University of Technology and. His online or box classes have reached over 90,000. Students his, goal is to bring robotics education to the entire world so. We're on a YouTube channel called blacksmith and our, main goal is to inspire kids around the world into, STEM fields there is a market. Out there for, or. Need, out there for people to, to. Learn about these more advanced robotic concepts, you. Considered that for primary. School students and high school students, there's a time stuff. And. It's good and it. It, certainly is encouraging, and very motivating. But, to. My mind it's more, experimental. Than principal. When. You come to engineering, you can't just keep, backing to work so, if our viewers want, to learn a bit more about robotics where's the head they should go to robot. Academy and that's robot Academy dot ne T dot a you I'll. Have the links in the description below and maybe. Some videos linked in the card annotation. All. Right so it's day two now and the team pushed hard last night we got pretty much all the mechanical stuff done, all the linear actuators, are mounted, and there's just a little bit of wiring and testing, each component individually hopefully. In, maybe. An hour or two we'll actually be able to test the car in remote control mode once, we've tested all the systems like that we'll be able to start working on the self-driving AI. All, right since we're going for a Mad Max theme and we don't have the drawers anymore I'm just gonna remove these, sensors, here first. Turn the lights on when the doors are open and we don't want that because it's just my total battery especially, for do some testing about the engine running, the nice thing is the switch clearly. Is bronze the frame, literally. Yam, plug it, doesn't. Work. Secondly. Functions, that interact with each other you know that's all being soldiers but always. Be able to just. Its. Delay just in milliseconds, yes, yes. 3,000 you know. Anything. At the end. So. But at the moment on the card we have is just the Arduino that's, just bad yeah I'm the computer with the serial yeah. Yeah but the computer the serial what the necessary. Thing, all, right so to give our car a bit more range we're gonna actually try making our own omnidirectional. Antenna. To mount on top of the roof so we actually use Wi-Fi to control it up to hopefully, 2030. Meters or so whereas, right now we either, have to use the wired Xbox, controller which is only, 2. Meters long to, be running alongside the car which you can imagine might not be the most safest thing to do so let's, see what we knew this antenna.

All Right cigar makeshift, omnidirectional Wi-Fi. Antenna right here hooked up to a standard router and, now we're gonna test it out and see what kind of range we get so let's go take a walk that. Famously, can, you connect it first. All. Right. Dropping. Off. It's. Pretty far away. Can't. Even see it from here lower, that's up I'll be higher left. Left left left left left left left a bit just a bit more stop there we go before you right it. Doesn't. Seem like I'm pointing at it don't, usually either good. But. All. Right so the third and final day of the self-driving, car hackathon. And the. Teams are scrambling to get these things done almost. Everyone is up super late last night trying to work out some of the bugs in the code I think only one car has successfully, been driven in, remote-controlled. Mode I am self driving mode yet our team is almost ready right now we're just charging the battery and hopefully, we'll get down in the field and be able to test it remote-control, mode and then self-driving mode. Hi. Like. Yeah. Ah. Okay. Do you need anyone else with you. We, have everyone else back. Now. The plan was to also use a webcam to be able to do basic, obstacle, avoidance, unfortunately. We weren't able to get to that point in the competition now earlier on the weekend GPS data points were recorded along the inside and outside edge of the track which gives the car a digital boundary, that knows not to cross this. Event would not have been possible without all the generous sponsors, Telstra, provided us with high quality 4 GX internet and Nighthawk routers Telstra, kept the event online with the world's best 4 GX network the, motor traders Association, of Queensland, provide lots of equipment and advice for building the cars this, include tools and the Sun shelters neo, provides sponsorship, of food and drinks for all the volunteers and participants and, provided, guidance throughout the challenge we'd, also like to thank BAU raha lidar ethereal, capital and Blackbird, ventures coltec, provide mentoring and a presentation, on their work in RC and autonomous systems scouts, Australia, Queensland provide accommodation. For all participants through, loaning 15 tents trade, tools provided, a discount on all tools purchased, for the challenge and bonus, equipment, Woodstock. Provide the space and redbull, provided drinks to ensure we could work all night long and finally. We'd like to thank the queensland community especially Monica Bradley Tony wheeler and Kylie Hickling. We've. Got this amazing, trophy. So. There's clearly two, teams that are kind of you know grabbing, onto one of these wings and trying to tear it in half so. I think we'll have to figure, out you know what. Happens. You. Know. This. Is this is a month in the making this is not like a year or anything this is a fever dream and thanks for coming and being part of it we want to make this so much bigger we want to take us everywhere in the world we want you to turn into into. Monster, trucks and spaceship. Everything. Beyond that if you've got a completely. Dangerous. We. Had an awesome time in Australia, but it's time to go back to the cold all, in all it was an awesome event and everyone who participated, had an absolute blast now. This is just the first of many future events, so if you're interested in try and convert a car to self-driving, in 72 hours or less check, out three day robot comm, there's a link in the description below.

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Thank you for coming Hacksmith to the 3daychallenge. It was great having you down under! If anyone is interested in getting more information on the 3dayrobot challenge follow the link and send us a message on the website. http://www.3dayrobot.com Follow us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theroboticsclub.org/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therobotclub/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9PekbmMIjd2HwBuRXl8IA Twitter: https://twitter.com/theroboclub LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/13471422/

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