77 Reasons for Swiss Bank Account Opening

77 Reasons for Swiss Bank Account Opening

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77 Reasons for Swiss Bank Account Opening The world is becoming more insecure. People fear   -the effects of money printing, helicopter money,  inflation and political instability. The trust-   in the government vanished. They fear higher  taxes, confiscation, redistribution of assets-,   socialism, a girl named Greta, capital export  restrictions and other horror scenarios-.  

Smart investors have a plan B. They fear want  to be prepared for the worst case scenario. A   trustworthy- banking system in a secure country  has become more important than ever before. In   this video-, I show you how you can start  with  your plan B. I will give you 77 benefits,   reasons, advantages,- examples, facts and figures   for Swiss bank account opening. Start with your  plan B today. Stay tuned.- Hi, I am Enzo Caputo,   the international Swiss banking lawyer, the owner  of the boutique law firm Caputo & Partners AG and   the founder of swiss-banking-lawyers.com The world is becoming more insecure.

People fear the blog where successful business  people find tips and solutions how to better   protect their assets with Swiss banks and how  to pay less tax. -During the Covid-19 crisis,   Swiss banks collected record numbers of new  money coming from all over the world but   especially from the USA and Asia. Let’s analyse  the plan B of smart investors. Switzerland is the   safest place on earth for asset protection  and wealth creation. If your money is in a   secure private Swiss bank that means that your  wealth is out of your country of residence and   out of the influence of the legal system at home.  The best asset protection plan brings your assets   out from the influence of the authorities in your  home country to a secure banking jurisdiction like   Switzerland. Reduce the risk of confiscation of  your assets. Most countries are sinking deeper  

and deeper into insolvency. According to the  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in the USA   more than 500 banks collapsed since the financial  crisis 2008. Many lost their life savings. More   than 10 million people in the US lost their homes.  Watch out. Europe is not doing better than the in   the USA. Bail-in scenarios as we have seen in the  Cyprus crisis cannot be excluded anymore. What is   a bail-in scenario? It’s very simple. Instead  of giving your money back, you will receive  

the shares of your insolvent bank. This is a bad  deal. Spain has introduced bank deposit taxation.   Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Argentina  nationalized retirement savings. Severe   capital control measures in Iceland, Greece,  Turkey, Cyprus and Lebanon are just the   beginning. Some economists have described  Lebanon's financial system as a nationally  

regulated Ponzi scheme where new money is borrowed  to pay existing creditors. Since August 2019,   I am receiving calls every week from investors  having assets blocked in Lebanon. Since August   2019, sending money out of Lebanon is not possible  anymore. Nevertheless, we discovered a clever way   to help. Here is the trick. We invested the  money in shares and we transferred the shares   out of Lebanon to a Swiss bank. Unfortunately, our  trick has been discovered after 3 months and the   laws were changed. Today, there is no loophole,  trick or strategy for helping clients. If you  

think that such kind of confiscation measures  can’t happen in your country, think again.   You should start today working on your plan B.  It’s never too early to protect and secure your   assets. As you have learned of the Lebanese  example, the last will be bitten by the dogs.  

Bring a part of your money outside of your country  as long it is legal. Do it before capital export   restrictions are coming. History shows that  capital export restrictions are not announced   in advance. They will come overnight, from one  day to the other. Christine Lagarde, the head of   the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, said in  a statement: it’s fully legitimate and acceptable   to confiscate a part of the savings exceeding EUR  100’000 to help the budgets of the governments to   look good again. Watch out. This statement  is a red flag and not a joke. Transferring a   substantial part of your hard-earned assets out  of your country to Switzerland is a legitimate   defence reaction. It’s 100% legal as long as you  fulfil your reporting obligations for offshore  

bank accounts. Here is the truth. Having a Swiss  bank account is not illegal, hiding money is. If   you want to circumvent the reporting obligations  you have to go out of the banking system and   invest in physical gold in a private vault in  Switzerland. Physical gold is not reportable.   Switzerland is one of the best countries to open  offshore bank account. Please be informed that in  

Europe, we have only 3 countries without financial  budget problems. Here are the 3 countries,   Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway. All  other European countries run out of money.   Take your money out of your country before  your country will take your money out of you.   Since more than 200 years, Swiss banks are the  safest banks in the world. They are very solid   and very well-capitalized. Western banks are often  under-capitalized. Most of these banks only keep a   tiny bit of cash on hand to meet  customer withdrawal requests. That means,  

in the event of another Lehman Brothers crisis,  you will have trouble accessing your money.   There is no doubt. Switzerland is the best  jurisdiction for asset protection. We measured   all tier 1 capital ratios of all Swiss Private  Banks, one by one. The best and safest Swiss banks  

we suggest to our non-resident clients have the  highest tier 1 capital ratios on the planet. Since   200 years, Swiss banks have proven to be very  solid. They are the best-capitalized banks in the   world. They are the most responsible custodians of  your hard-earned savings. Let me tell you why. The   carefully composed selection of Swiss private  banks we are suggesting to our non-resident   clients are not involved in derivatives trading,  not involved in risky lending activities,   no investment banking, no trade finance, no  letters of credit, no bank guarantees. We prefer   banks focussed on wealth management, nothing else.  We don’t like banks gambling with the money of the   clients. Our partner banks have a tier-one capital  ratio in excess of 20%. Only the best capitalized  

Swiss banks are good enough for our clients.  After Covid-19 roughly 35% of all offshore assets   are managed by Swiss banks in Switzerland.  That’s one of the multiple reasons why today 35%   of all bankable offshore assets of the world are  kept with Swiss banks. The owners of 35% of all   such assets cannot be wrong. If you like this  information show it to us and give us a like,  

now. Press the like button now. If you like more  information about international asset protection   subscribe to our YouTube Channel now. Press the  subscribe button and ring the bell. By doing so,   you will never miss a new video. If you like  more information such like this subscribe to our  

YouTube channel now and ring the bell. By doing  so, you will be alerted. You will never miss a new   video. Stay with us. Since the Covid-19 crisis,  the new requests from the US are skyrocketing.   Smart US investors have a plan B. They  want to be prepared for difficult times.   They do not feel comfortable at home anymore.  The Legal Resource Network reports that  

15 million lawsuits are filed in the USA every  year. A foreign bank account in Switzerland   can help make you a less attractive target for  aggressive lawyers and greedy spouses. Swiss data   protection law and Swiss banking secrecy laws  will make access to your money very difficult   if not impossible. The Swiss banking secrecy laws  are not protecting tax evasion schemes anymore   but there is still full protection of privacy.  Swiss bank secrecy is still valid. Swiss bankers   risk a jail sentence up to 6 months if they  disclose bank account information of their clients   to third parties. Requests for international  legal assistance in tax matters are rejected   if there are no connections to additional  criminal activities. Swiss judges are aware  

of certain corrupt countries. They know  the methods of corrupt foreign authorities.   Officials of corrupt countries are frequently  abusing the requests for international legal   assistance for steeling the assets on Swiss  bank accounts. Successful business people   are victims. They try to steal money based on  fabricated criminal activities. In Switzerland,  

such abusive requests are rejected. There are  multiple other reasons for opening an offshore   bank account in Switzerland. One reason is  that you will make more money in Switzerland   with your portfolio. In Switzerland, you will  find the best asset managers in the world.   Our best in class asset managers outperform the  benchmark. You will pay less banking fees because   they have agreed a preferential treatment with the  banks. As their clients, you will benefit of an   institutional pricing. Check my other videos  about our best in class asset managers and  

other Swiss bank account advantages. Let’s talk  about currency diversification and investments.   Having bank accounts with multiple currencies is  a great way for diversifying risks, protecting   the purchasing power and internationalize your  savings. An offshore bank account commonly offers   an online platform with multiple currencies  and international investment opportunities.   Let me give you two other examples of asset  protection with multi-currency diversification   and wealth preservation. When the EUR has been  introduced, for 1 EUR you had to pay 1,72 CHF.   Today, the same 1 EUR cost 1.14 CHF only. The EUR  lost roughly 40% of his value against the CHF.  

By the way, the Swiss Franc is 40% backed with  gold. We have the same scenario with the USD. The   value of the USD came down substantially. When I  was a young man, for 1 USD you received 4.40 CHF.   Today, 1 USD cost less than 1 CHF. The Swiss  private banking industry is regulated by a   trustworthy banking system. Smart investors can  expand their portfolio with investments that are  

offered in Switzerland only. In Switzerland, you  can find a healthy investment climate so you can   get the most out of your wealth. I suggest to my  clients to engage an independent best in class   asset manager. According to our survey with 115  clients we discovered the following advantages.   The best service quality, best pricing and  the best possible performance can be achieved   by engaging an external asset manager. We are  in a position to demonstrate that you can make   much more money with our external asset managers.  External asset managers are outperforming banks   by far. It is very important to not  work with a monster bank offering just  

an anonymous call centre service. We have  dedicated advisers you can call at any time.   At any time means having calls outside of  the ordinary office hours in case of urgency.   If you do important payments you need professional  advice of somebody knowing your personal   situation. You have to pre-discuss the background  of your next transaction before the transaction   will take place. Otherwise, your account can be  frozen. The takeaway is to reject call centre   services and really ensure a high quality advice  by a dedicated professional. Dedicated advice   means the advice of a dedicated professional who  is aware of your business situation. Poor advice  

will cost you money for sure on the long run. A Swiss bank account opening means more income   from your wealth. A dedicated Swiss banker or  an independent asset manager has always access   to unique investment opportunities such as  exclusive club deals, successful hedge-funds,   IPOs, hot issues with limited subscription rights,  off-market real estate and other very confidential   off-market investment opportunities. Swiss asset  managers are very familiar with the international   diversification of investments. That’s one  of the main reasons why American clients   like Switzerland so much. Swiss asset  managers are more familiar with international   investments around the globe compared to US  asset managers focussed on US investments.  

Since the Covid-19 crisis, American investors are  opening Swiss bank accounts like crazy. Today, the   mobility of wealthy families is increasing. They  are increasing their mobility with an alternative   residence in a tax efficient jurisdiction or with  a second citizenship. It’s not a coincidence that   the biggest Citizenship by Investment and Golden  Visa provider is located in Zurich, Switzerland.   He’s name is Henley & Partners. Swiss banks  are hiring new staff to satisfy the increasing   demand of clients from the USA. Let me give you  another typical example. I know an independent  

Swiss asset manager with an SEC license managing  the funds for US celebrities at very competitive   terms and conditions. He makes between 6% and  9% performance per year for the last 12 years   with globally diversified investments. The funds  will be in your name with the best Swiss bank   account for foreigners. A proven best in class  Swiss asset manager will manage your assets in  

your bank based on a limited power of attorney.  We strongly recommend outsourcing asset management   services to one of our successful external asset  managers. You will pay less banking fees because   the external asset manager is in a position to  offer much better pricing. You will safe around   50% banking fees. You will spend much less money  if you will cooperate with one of our proven asset  

managers. Swiss banking means financial and  political stability, long-term growth and more   privacy. Opening a bank account in Switzerland is  not that easy anymore as it was in the old days.   Swiss banks like to work with somebody they trust.  We will introduce you a bank tailor-made to your   needs and expectations. We need a passport  copy and a short CV. You have to document   the origin of funds and explain the income  streams. Physical presence is not imperative.   Account opening can be done remotely with a video  conference call with the bank. We will guide you  

through the process. Please be advised that Swiss  banks will ask questions on the origin of funds.   This is a good sign. You have to be ready to  provide documents showing the origin of funds. If   you encounter an offshore bank taking your money  without asking questions on the origin of funds,   this bank is dangerous. Please go away  immediately. This is not a good bank.   Your money will disappear. Your money will end in  a jurisdiction you will have no chance to recover   one cent back. I had a German client who sent  untaxed money in the amount of 750’000 EUR to   an internet bank in the Comoros Islands. He lost  the full amount. The same fraudsters are setting  

up a new bank in the Republic of the Sahara.  Be very careful with banks in exotic locations.   If you have a doubt if the bank is legitimate  just give me a call. I will check it out for you   quickly. The Swiss bank account will be operative  within 1 to 2 weeks. We will help you to negotiate   fair terms and conditions. You should not pay more  than 1,2% of the asset under management per year   for 1 million EUR minimal amount of investment.  For more assets, you will pay less than 1%  

per year. With a Swiss bank account you can  ensure immediate access to medical care abroad.   If you have difficulties accessing medical care  at home, you may need medical care in Switzerland.   Switzerland is famous for medical care tourism.  In the worst-case scenario, this could mean the   difference between life and death. Let’s assume  you need medical care from a specialist abroad.   You would have transferred an important  sum of money outside your country to pay   for the treatment. In many countries, transferring  substantial amounts can be a big problem or,   if you are lucky, just time-consuming. Swiss banks  are familiar with transferring substantial amounts  

of money. In case your country has imposed capital  export restrictions over-night you are unable to   pay for the surgery. Last summer, I transferred  40’000 EUR from Italy to Switzerland. Just   accessing and speaking to the competent banker in  Italy was a nightmare. I made 20 phone calls and   the result was zero. For doing the transfer, I was  forced to engage an Italian lawyer with special   connections to the bank. At the end of the day,  the transfer has taken 5 weeks to be done. If you  

open an offshore bank account with a Swiss bank in  Switzerland you can pay your invoices immediately.   Where ever the destination of your payment may be,  payments from Swiss banks are accepted everywhere.   Swiss banking is highly respected around the  world. I had a client with his daughter having   a very rare illness. All his bank accounts  have been frozen in his country of residence   due to a pending tax investigation against  him. He was unable to pay because he had no  

Swiss bank account. He started negotiations with  the prosecutor in charge of the investigation.   The prosecutor told him that this is not his  problem. Not one cent has been made accessible.   Fortunately, he found 2 friends who supported him  paying the invoice. Without the generous support   of his 2 friends, the daughter would not be alive  today. Having the option to act immediately can be   very important. When it comes to international  confiscation or capital export restrictions,  

it’s much better to have your assets already  in Switzerland than being a minute too late.   If new capital control measures or confiscation of  savings are entering into force overnight, it will   be too late to transfer money. It will be too late  to protect your money. Start with your plan B.   Do it today. Just give me a call now. Asset  protection strategies must be implemented   before something bad happens. It is one of  the most common and underestimated mistakes.   Most of the people think that a situation  like that will never take place until they   will be confronted with the real world. Sometimes,  reality can be harder than fiction. Most investors  

recognize the importance of diversification of  their investments in different shares and bonds.   The majority of investors are not recognizing  the importance of diversification with offshore   banking jurisdictions and offshore bank accounts.  That’s a latent need. They are simply not aware   of this even more important risk-reducing  offshore strategy. It is quite frequent   that the counterparty of a unique investment  opportunity has his money in Switzerland.  

Therefore, the international transaction  will be easier for the buyer and the seller   if both accounts are in Switzerland. Let’s assume  you want to sell an important Picasso painting   made in the so-called blue period. In this case,  you need a Swiss bank account. It is very likely   that the buyer of the Picasso will do the payment  with his Swiss bank account. It is very likely  

that he will store the Picasso in Switzerland  in a private vault. Such transactions are much   easier with Swiss bank accounts. Swiss bankers are  very familiar with such transactions. Financial   kidnapping is one of the most important reasons to  open an offshore bank account with a Swiss bank.   Financial kidnapping is quite frequent  in South America and in the Middle East.   In South American countries, it can be very  dangerous to deposit money with a local bank.   Local bankers can cooperate with criminal elements  and put you and your family in danger. Swiss banks  

have many clients from South America because they  appreciate the strict Swiss privacy and Swiss bank   secrecy rules. Due to the Automatic Exchange of  Information with the Tax Agencies in South America   many South American clients of Swiss banks are  scared of financial kidnapping. Some of them   already relocated to more secure residential areas  to prevent financial kidnapping. We helped them to   solve their issue with financial kidnapping. Other  clients transferred their assets to countries   not being part of the AEOI like Georgia. There are  some excellent banks in Tbilisi, Georgia. Some of   them are listed on the London stock exchange. The  bankers in Georgia are more than happy to accept  

new clients in Tbilisi. Swiss bankers and asset  managers are educating local staff members to   increase their private banking skills in Georgia.  Some Swiss asset managers have transferred their   business to Tbilisi following the depository banks  of their clients. Choosing the right bank is an   important decision. The right jurisdiction depends  on many circumstances of the specific situation of  

the client. Therefore, tailor-made advice given  by a bank professional can be very important.  Having a plan B offers peace of mind. Having an  offshore bank account in Switzerland is like an   insurance policy. It gives you peace of mind  because you have a plan B in place. You are   prepared for unpleasant surprises. An offshore  bank account is 100% legal if you accomplish your  

tax filing obligations. We are experienced with  international tax reporting requirements in many   different taxation systems in many countries. The  good Swiss banks we suggest to our clients have   tax reporting forms ready. The forms are  made according to the specific needs of  

the tax agency in compliance with the rules  in the country of residence of the client.  Maximize your personal freedom and privacy.  Having an offshore bank account gives you   more options. More options mean more freedom and  more privacy. It will be tough for any government   to control your future plans. In case you want  to buy a second passport with the Citizenship by  

Investment program, you can use your new passport  and open a new offshore bank account with the new   passport. Such passport is known as the banking  passport. Many countries are offering Golden   Visa and Citizenship by Investment Programs.  In certain countries, it’s straightforward to   change your name. A new passport of a new country  can be used to open a new offshore bank account.   If you need more confidentiality to protect your  assets, we can help you with legal solutions to   protect your privacy. Obviously, every single  case is different and we are here to consider  

your specific situation on a case by case basis.  We know the countries offering such programs. An   offshore bank account in Switzerland with a second  passport legally obtained in combination with a   new residence can be the perfect combination  to maximize asset protection or to solve a   sophisticated tax problem with undeclared  assets making them tax-compliant. If you   like this information show it to us and give us  a like, now. Press the like button now. If you   like more information such like this subscribe  to our YouTube channel now and ring the bell.   Insider information just like this cannot be  found in universities, in libraries and not on   the internet. If you like information just like  this, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube  

Channel now and ring the bell. Click the subscribe  button and ring the bell. By doing so, you will   never miss a new video. If you want to start with  Swiss bank account opening call me now. We are   happy to start immediately with Swiss bank account  opening. We will introduce you to the best Swiss   bank for foreigners and a best in class asset  manager who will grow your portfolio step by step.  

We never lost a client. Our clients are happy  because they make money step by step, year by   year. If you have a very confidential question  you would like to discuss with me grab your mobile   phone now and dial +41 44 212 44 04. It's never  too early to protect and diversify your assets,   transferring a big part of your assets to  Switzerland. Bring your money out of your country  

before your country will take your money out of  you. Be rich and stay rich. Have a wonderful day.

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