7 days in Santorini (honeymoon vlog) | chris + brock

7 days in Santorini (honeymoon vlog) | chris + brock

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- To Kiki's Tavern we go! (greek music playing) It's so windy! (funky music playing) One last moment at the windmills. - Windmills and the beach. - It's madness! Woo! (gypsy jazz intro plays) - Video of Brock in a car in Santorini. Take #1. (laughs) - Video of Chris in the car in Santorini.

Take #1. (latin music playing) - [Chris] This is how we start Santorini. Oh wow! And an even better view, I got right here. - Oh lala! - [Chris] You look so good and handsome and, like a star. - Movie star? - [Chris] Movie star.

- Look at all that chili going on. - [Brock] It's not as hot as you! Are you lime bae? - I'm lime bae! - [Narrator] A few minutes later. - [Chris] We just got to our room and this is our view. Oh my God. Oh my God. - It is very bright out.

- [Chris] It is very bright. It's hot! Oh! - This is the life. - This is the life. This is pretty the life.

- It's so pretty! [Pop Music plays] - [Brock] Oh my goodness. (inaudible) (laughs) - [Chris] Oh my goodness. Lobster linguine. - [Brock] Oh, it's on you. (laughter) Is that a witch? (boys exhale) - We woke up on our first day in Santorini. Got a lot of sleep last night.

- And a lot of sun yesterday. - Several shades, different. - The bed was really, really comfortable. - Yeah. We needed that sleep. We were, I think, a little cranky from traveling yesterday, but.. - oh, we were? - Yeah, mostly you though.

- Mmm - Yeah. Mostly. - I wasn't cranky. - Mostly cranky. - I wasn't cranky at all.

(laughter) - Chris, the crank. - Good morning. - [Brock] Good morning Cute. - [Chris] Look how short these are. (whistle sounds) - [Narrator] We interrupt our program to bring you this important message. (funky music playing) - Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

- [Chris] Hey, that's not what I get. I need a little more, come on. Hey! (laughter) Look at that smile, it's a honeymoon smile. Thank you. - [Brock] You're welcome. It looks like you gotta clean those lenses, by the way.

- [Chris] Oh, I was wondering why it's so foggy. (Brock laughs) It's so hot outside. So we're having our lunch indoors.

But look at this view. I mean, honestly, I can't get over this Gosh! It's like, what is this? where are we? Here comes the bride... (pipe organ playing) ...all dressed in orange. (inaudible) Beautiful boy. - [Brock] Now, you've learned how to read.

- I've been reading this whole trip and my whole life. - [Brock] Reading me. - I don't read you. I'm just a kind and sweet to you. I love you! - [Brock] Oh, oh, oh I love you too! LOL. Lots of love.

- [Chris] Lots of love. - Brock in his natural habitat. - [Chris] The native species to rosé Brock! In his nature habitat in Santorini. - Do Miss Piggie. (Chris does Miss Piggie vocal impression) - [Chris] The native species are back.

- Too much. - [Chris] You look like you belong here. (laughter) - [Brock] It cuts you being a little water baby. (laughter) - Whoop! (boogaloo music plays) - [Chris] Someone got new sandals. - Me.

(Chris laughs) (Chris snaps kiss) - We're retracing our steps from nine years ago in Santorini. - We are at the Byzintine castle. - Of Oia - And it is crowded AF. - It is crowded. - You've got the goods. - I got the goods.

Hello! - [Brock] Hello. - [Chris] Hi, little precious. - [Brock] Oh, my gosh. - [Chris] Hi. - [Brock] Come over.

- [Chris] Hi, baby. You are a stunner. Look at you. Calypso, that's your name. This is your setting. You look so beautiful.

- [Brock] You look so cute out here. - The sunset's so pretty. I've only documented 500 sunsets this honeymoon.

- [Brock] Wow! - [Chris] I know. - [Brock] Oh, la la. Why not? Oh! - Oh! - [Brock] This is a very us moment. I feel lucky. (greek music playing) - Today is the day...

- ...that we're going on a boat. - Oh, yeah. (greek music continues) - [Chris] There he is. This is where you look natural. Native habitat. (Greek music continues) (indistinct) - Reapply, SPF, everyone. - [Brock] The vein.

- [Chris] The vein formed by the volcanic eruption. - You also have a big vein. - [Chris] I love him. He's refilling the film in my camera. He's got his hot speedo on, and he's just a joy.

Every single day. I wake up with him. (camera clicks) - Brock decided that because we're on a boat, I can't be restless, I'm just stuck here. (laughter) - You know you've been restless.

- I know I'm restless. I'm just going to relax today. Promise. (slow samba music playing) - I can't tie him down. I didn't bring my ropes.

(laughter) Your phone just died. - No. It just went... oh! - Oh, yes. Finally.

(boys laugh) (Greek music plays) - Woo! - [Chris] The center of Santorini, right there. (boys laugh) - We're at one of the two volcanic islands that were formed 800 years ago and 400 years ago, this one's 400 years old. (slowed down music plays) - [Chris] This is the second time on a YouTube vlog that we've had you, just bathing yourself, on camera. Rub-a-dub dub.

Oh, that was so good. - Merman - Merman! - Merman!! (Greek music continues) - [Chris] We're officially in the heart of the volcano. - Oh, ha ha! Oh, that's hot.

(house music playing) - [Chris] That's my signal. What are all those little doors? Where do they lead? - [Brock] Little ferries. - [Chris] Little fairies live there. That ring goes onto the necklace for protection. - One ring to rule them all. (Chris laughs) - My precious.

(Greek music continues) - [Brock] Oh! Oh, la la! - Woo! - [Brock] Oh! - Oh! - [Brock] Mars? - Mars? Are we on Mars? They just follow me wherever I go. They love me. Hello, little handball. Brock told me not to touch this one, but this one's needing love. A perfect little lunch. Greek salad, tzatziki.

- [Brock] Smoked eggplants. - [Chris] Smoked eggplants. Smoked Brock. - Filet of. - [Chris] Filet of. Handsome.

And then there's the boat waiting for us right now. - You're perfect. - You're perfect.

- So we're perfect together. - We're perfect together. - [Brock] Wow! - [Waitress] Calamari fried. Enjoy them.

Enjoy them. - [Chris] Thank you so much. - I'm gonna try an octopus. Ready? Mm, it's really good. They're really good. - [Brock] Good tentacle.

- Perfectly sliced. Oh, time went to lunch. (Brock sings melodic pattern) (Chris sings melodic pattern) - Whoop! (Greek music continues) - Cheers! - Cheers, my husband! This is the life! - This is the life. - I love Santorini. - Oh! We're gonna jump right off that.

Oh my God! I love being on the sea. - There's a lot of seamen. - I love semen.

- What? - Give me semen. (kisses clicking) - [Chris] Look at that. Oh. Stop Brock. Why do you always fart?

(Greek music continues) We made it back. - We survived. - [Chris] And this is Brock's adventure through a moody end here. - The life. - [Chris] His curly hair has only gotten curlier and cuter. We made it back! Let's go all the way up there.

(Greek music continues) (Hammond organ boogaloo music playing) - [Narrator] A little later. - Oh, it's been a day, but it's sunset. - I'll wash my hair for the first time in this trip.

- So, it's fluffy. But it's time for a sunset dinner. Whoo-hoo. Wow. It's so bouncy. Oh my God. It's full of secrets. I'm hungry though.

And it's beautiful out. I mean, it's beautiful out twenty-four-seven here. - We documented all twenty-four-seven. - Oh, shush. Oh, shush! You're going to love it when you're 80 and you can watch these over and over and over. - I'm not gonna be 80.

I'm just gonna be 30 forever. - Oh, that's a lie that he's telling, huh? - I had to stop for a quick little moment. (Brock growls) - Oh! (Boogaloo music plays) - [Chris] They even gave us a little rose.

- [Brock] Magic touch. - [Chris] Magic touch. Oh. - You said magic? - [Chris] Yeah, magic touch. - Romantic.

- [Chris] Oh, romantic touch. Well, magic too. Oh my Gosh. Cheers my babe.

- [Brock] Cheers. - [Chris] So fancy. - [Brock] Yeah, I just made these up.

Just me and the micro-wave. - [Chris] Even the easy-bake oven. Wow, that's some shrimp. Oh my God. (Boogaloo music continues) Looks so good.

(peaceful harp music plays) - [Chris] Another breakfasts in paradise. - Brock got a sausage, but it looks like hot-dogs. - Little wieners. (peaceful harp music continues) - [Chris] Another sunset with you. (Chris laughs) Oh, so good.

Hi, baby. You've missed us. Come on in. Come on. Calypso, you're back. A piece of pork. OK, there you go. You can ask for more later. We like it.

You can totally tell that there's smoke in the air from all the fires near Athens right now. It's crazy. (Chris makes impression of Miss Piggie) (Brock burrs) - [Chris] Stop. It's always a fart. Oh, is that my signal? (Chris laughs) (Gypsy jazz plays) - [Brock] Is that the real dessert? - [Chris] Are you ready for this? - [Brock] Hot caramel? This is dessert. Fries and champagne and a soft cookie. You put everything in it. - [Chris] Oh my God, Brock. What are you doing?

You wanna put these pretzels on, in it too? - [Brock] Well, now you've overdone it. (Chris and Brock laugh) That's the straw that broke the camel's back. - Cheers.

- [Chris] I love that so much. Goodbye. - [Brock] Goodbye.

(Chris laughs) (funky music playing) - [Narrator] A little longer than a few minutes later. - [Brock] Well, we finally did it. We reached peak basicness.

- [Chris] Is this peak basicness? - [Brock] I feel like it is. - [Chris] Or this is incredible. (Brock laughs) - [Brock] Potato, potato. The heart of the ocean. - My ocean.

Good morning. - Good morning. - This is how we do breakfast in Santorini.

(Brock laughs) - Cheers. It finally feels like honeymoon where we're just relaxing by the pool. I've been reading. Brock's been reading. Beautiful day. - [Brock] Pour up, pour up.

- [Chris] Pour up, pour up. - [Brock] Enjoy. - We love Coke Zero. Well, Diet Coke.

- [Brock] Yeah! - Diet Coke Zero. That's all we got. - We're so relaxed. - That's the truth. We've definitely been relaxing so hard the past three days. - And eating a lot.

- And eating a lot. I officially love Santorini twice, since this is our second time here, but... - ... love it twice. - Love it twice. It's been nice to just, like, actually have our honeymoon part and not do so many excursions liker we did in Mykonos.

- But wasn't that our honeymoon too? - That was our honeymoon too. That wasn't. - That didn't count. - That was our adventure honeymoon. - This is our sit-and-chill and checking on vlogs.

- And checking on vlogs. Well, that's about to be done. So we're going to go back to relaxing.

- [Brock] You ready? - I'm ready for dinner. We're gonna eat some more. - Eat more. - Eat more. - We're gonna go to Fira. - We are. To Argo.

- And, yum yum. - And we're going to have a sunset dinner. - And, yum. - And yum. - Every time we walk. (orchestral strings hit plays) - It's treacherous.

- [Brock] Keep your eyes on the road. This is our only exercise though. - Up and down the stairs. - [Brock] Mostly up. (boogaloo music plays) - [Chris] The most beautiful view always.

Cheers. - Cheers, my beautiful hub. - [Chris] They weren't kidding when they said it was like pizza. - [Brock] Looks just like her, doesn't it? - [Chris] It's so big Brock.

And now for the main event. The Greek plate for two. I'm just going to always pan up to. - What do you mean? (Chris giggles) - Oh, what are we looking at? And then, me. And, what are we looking at? And then, me. - [Chris] Oh! And then, you.

And then. And then, you. - [Brock] Hey, handsome. - Handsome. - [Brock] How are you? - I'm good. Look at the beautiful view.

(boogaloo music playing) - Uh-oh, we found a Sephora. - [Chris] So pretty. - [Brock] You are. - [Chris] You are. - [Narrator] The next day.

(bossa nova music playing) - [Chris] Hey. Woo. Oh my God. Is that a sea urchin? - [Brock] I don't know. It was on your foot, though. - [Chris] That's crazy. - [Brock] That's your brain. - [Chris] I can't believe that.

Brock was my trusty sea urchin spine getter outter. - [Brock] Little fixing of the hair. - [Chris] Shush. - [Brock] Little breakfast. (bossa-nova music continues) (Latin music plays) - I am supporting local business and going to a wine store to get some wine.

- [Narrator] A few moments later. - [Chris] We like this one. This one's really good. Success. (children cheering) The photographer his natural habitat.

Oh, the look of disgust he has. It wouldn't be us if we didn't order the same tacos. - [Brock] And the same burger. - [Chris] And the same burger, and Coke Zeros. Wish they were Diet Coke for like the fifth time. And so my new husband.

And so my new husband. I love you. I could get used to this.

I'm could get used to this. - I could get used to this. Forever. (blues music playing) - It's such a good burger. - [Brock] American. (Chris laughs) - [Narrator] We interrupt our program to bring you this important message.

- Are you ready for an inside look, inside our hotel room, Inside our hotel room inside Santorini. - Ah, come on in? - Ah, come on in? - Water's warm. (Greek music playing) - Hey.

- [Chris] Hey. Can I come in? - Come in. - [Brock] Don't mind my SPF Collection. - [Brock] Don't mind me. SPF Collection. - [Chris] Very important. - [Brock] Yeah.

- [Chris] Let me get on our bathroom. Over here is the shower situation. Pretty big. Oh, wow. What was that? Ah, a little window. (Chris laughs) Pretty cool room. I'm coming for you. I'm coming for you now.

Go, go, go, go. - [Narrator] Now back to your regularly scheduled program. - [Chris] Belly shirt. Sexy. It's our last night in Santorini. - It's our last night. We're gonna go have dinner at Thalami

where we had dinner in 2012 when we were here. (bossa-nova music plays) - First up, some tzatziki. - [Brock] If you want, tell. - [Chris] Or my tzatziki right there. - Tzatziki makes me freaky.

(Chris laughs) - [Chris] You've been waiting to say that. (Chris laughs) - [Chris] It's really good, huh? - [Brock] Hi. - Hi.

- [Brock] Can I see your nipple? - No, I can't show it in this establishment. - [Brock] You did have a very indecent exposure. - I did not. - [Brock] Let me see it.

Oh! Cheers to you, my beautiful husband. - Here's to my husband. - [Brock] To us. - To us. - It's time for the main event. - [Brock] All right, what's the verdict? - Too hot.

(Brock laughs) - We couldn't... (indistinct slowed down audio slurs) ... getting one more gyro. - Third one. - Third one for Santorini.

We made it back. - Yeah, this is my first love. - [Chris] Your first love? And then I'm your second love? - Who are you? (Chris laughs) - [Chris] To the sunset.

- [Brock] Last one. You're done now. - [Brock] You're dying out. No more for you.

- Mmm. To the sunset! The saddest of our life right now. Oh! It's a mess. It's a mess.

- [Brock] One last breakfast here. - One last time I'm going to do this. Oh, woo. - [Brock] No more pancakes after this.

It's your last one. Your final stack. - I'm gonna cry. (Greek music playing) - [Brock] It's a big bite. (blues music playing) - Wow. - Oh, our last time going up these stairs.

- This is what is like climb Everest, I believe. - Oh, a close second to Everest for sure. (Greek music continues) (plane engine sounding) - Here we go. - [Brock] Let's go. (Greek music continues) - [Chris] We just got into our hotel in Athens, and look how excited this boy is out here. - This is so cool.

- [Chris] Because... (Gypsy jazz playing)

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