Корсика - Франция | Жизнь других | 23.05.2021

Корсика - Франция | Жизнь других | 23.05.2021

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At my wedding, they made more than 10 dishes out of it. And I love to cook porridge out of it. This is the best food for the Christmas table. I just love to fry it and eat it while watching the movie. I’m making ice cream out of it, and it’s popping up in my cafe.

I can make anything out of it. Because every mistress of our country can make about 100 chestnut dishes. You are very welcome to Corsica. This is The Life of Others. New York London Venice Amsterdam Tokyo Singapore Zheneva Rio de Janeiro Havana Paris The Life of Others Zhanna Badoeva We know all about Corsica from textbooks on geography and history. Because it is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and this is the birthplace of Napoleon.

What do we know about the modern life of the Corsicans? What they are,... how they live? So today we'll clarify it all. The birthplace of Napoleon and the island of beauty.

Those are the words that come to mind most often when you hear about Corsica. This is one of the 18 regions of France which has its own special status. More than 300,000 people live here in different villages and towns.

If I were born here, then, probably, like Evelyn I'd live in Pigna in the building of the 9th century. And in my spare time, I would play at a local improvised theater. Or probably like the Petrucciani family, I'd live in one of the oldest and the most beautiful villages of Corsica, in Sant'Antonio. I'd have my own olive grove, near which, we would gather with the family for fun feasts. But most likely, like Jerome Poggi, I would be the owner of one of the popular fish restaurant, where I'd cook by myself everything I manage to catch in the sea in the morning. The Corsicans are real fans of their island.

They adore their culture, and their language. And even when they are goin' for shopping, they'd prefer to buy goods of Corsican production comparing to foreign ones. Marie Astrid, nursery director I always pay attention to where this or that stuff is made. Sometimes I go to local farmers to buy locally produced food on purpose.

Eric Beretti, Headmaster I really like local products, though sometimes I have to buy imported goods as well. Because we simply do not produce some necessary goods and stuffs. Margo Luciani, owner of the cafe We, like many Corsicans, are even more eager to buy everything local.

Because we need to support the economy of our island. Due to the fact that Corsicans not only actively support their economy, but also pay their taxes properly, deliveries in public clinics are absolutely free. Now I’m in a place where I have various exercise machines, massage tables, various devices to restore the body and beauty of a woman, and it’s all free. This is because in Corsica, not only childbirth is free, but the recovery after childbirth in such chambers is also free. Natalie Ribière, rehabilitation therapist I think the Corsicans are very lucky.

In addition to childbirth, they are prepared for childbirth free of charge at various courses, then they help to recover and bring your body back into shape. Internal muscle recovery is the most popular procedure among women. And it is not only unusually called, but the process itself is very original.

In order for women to have a lot of excitement about this procedure, we turned it into a computer game called Penguin Shooting. The device is connected to the woman and she performs the necessary movements by shooting a penguin which you can observe on the monitor. That's not a rehabilitation center, but a real computer club.

Here I'd love to quote my favorite expression. By the way, insurance covers 20 sessions of such a procedure. Vanessa Milone, patient Within 5-6 procedures, the result and ease are felt. After giving birth, all my friends and acquaintances take care about their health. Natalie Ribière, rehabilitation therapist The state considers this process to be very important. If we do not help young girls, the state will spend far more money for their treatment in their old age .

Unfortunately, Corsica is now closed to tourists. But if you want to go to the sea, you can fly to Croatia, to the city of Istra or Split. All the information is written down here. There is no quarantine in Split. Bars and restaurants are open.

With the help of the Aviasales application, you can track the countries you can already fly on a trip. You can also find out what restrictions related to Covid apply there. All information in the application is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And that's pretty convenient! Young mothers do not spend much time with their children. So only the child turns two and a half years old, the maternity leave ends. Many of them return back to work, and the children are sent to kindergarten.

This is what a bedroom for babies looks like. Babies two and a half months old can already be brought to kindergarten. But the interesting thing is, it says on the door that it’s babies bedroom both in French and Corsican.

All so that a two-and-a-half-month-old doesn’t accidentally get his bedroom mixed up. Marie Astrid, nursery director It is not at all an easy matter to enroll your child in kindergarten, so many women queue up even in the early stages of pregnancy. Everything in order to somehow move on in the queue, until the moment the child is born. Look at the thread in your sweatshirt?! How come! Here we are. The kindergarten group includes children of both 2 years and 6 months. All of them play together and they are all good friends, look.

These boys are drinking water, and this baby boy is just observing. When they grow up, they'll consider you to be an adult already, you know. So here it is. When kids are listening to me, I should not stop talking then.

It's amazing, really amazing, my friends. There are 20 kids in in here, and all of them are of different ages. Just imagine, they are altogether down here in one room. Marie Astrid, nursery director Public kindergartens work from 7:45 am till 6 pm.

We keep track of what time the child was brought to the kindergarten and what time he was taken back home. The day-care allowance is hourly. The payment of kindergarten depends on the material conditions of the family. The minimum cost of a child’s stay in a kindergarten is 40 to 60 cents.

And the maximum is 4 euros per hour. Lunch included. Do you like this one? I see. And this as well? Here you go, cutie. This is a juice made of apples, and raspberries.

My friends loves this one. Here you go. Ooops. Let me grab a napkin.

Sorry. No worries. It's okey. It was a puree. This is a yogurt as well. And some fish with veggies for lunch. And that's it.

Both small and adult Corsicans love to eat that much. I want to point out that Corsican cuisine has something to surprise us with. I think a lot of people associate chestnuts with spring? Heat, flowering trees. And for Corsicans, they are associated with food because they make a lot of chestnut dishes here.. Evelyn, retired Chestnut flour, not wheat flour, is the most important product in Corsica.

Margo Luciani, owner of the cafe We love chestnut porridge. It is always present at our Christmas dinner. Vanessa Milone, patient Even a traditional wedding dinner can include 22 different dishes that use chestnuts as their main ingredient. Margot took it a step further and made Chestnut Flour ice cream. While my portion of the local delicacy is being prepared, I decided to chat with an enterprising girl. I see you have ice cream with fruit and pistachio and chocolate, as far as I’m concerned.

But locals love exactly chestnut ice cream, right? Margo Luciani, owner of the cafe They just adore it, Zhanna. It happens that we sell up to 600 liters of ice cream daily. to be honest, I've tried ice cream with sundaes, chocolate, nuts and even pickles once in Venice...

but I've never tasted chestnut ice cream in my life. Where do you get the chestnut powder or do you make it yourself? Chestnuts are a national treasure of Corsica. Every day, thousands of housewives prepare homemade food from them.

Chestnut flour can be bought everywhere. You are very young and you already have your own ice cream business. Is it difficult to launch your own business in Corsica? Well, this is the oldest cafe in our city. Almost 100 years ago, my grandmother opened it. Parents used to work here. And now it's my turn.

So it turns out that you are the heiress of the ice cream business, almost like the Snow Queen. Well, I'm so much eager to try it. It's ready.

Hopefully, you love it. I hope so as well. By the way, it costs 2,5 euros per scoop. Chestnut ice cream is sprinkled with more chestnuts in sugar on top.

It's not too sweetened, even with some sourness. And pretty rich, I'd say. But it tastes pretty unusual.

Quite good. Tourists as well as elementary school students who often run into the cafe after school are the main visitors here. Every local goes to school at the age of 6.

The first five years, schoolchildren study for 4 days only. On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday they have a day off. Eric Beretti, Headmaster Education in Corsica is free. Parents pay 2 - 2.5 euros per day for lunches. Children do not change clothes here because there are not even changing rooms in schools.

There are hangers near each classroom where the children actually leave their clothes. And then a woman comes and hangs up all the clothes. Just like that. Eric Beretti, Headmaster iIn high school, studying becomes much more difficult. The school day lasts from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Sara Pasqualini, schoolgirl We have a very difficult training schedule.

That's why every local student skipped class at least once. Although points are then taken-off for it then. This is what the real High school students are.

I always liked to sit at the last desk when I was in school. Everyone loved it because it is more convenient to cheat there. And just do nothing, you know while the teacher was explaining something near the dashboard. And here in Corsica, the teacher's desk is at the end of the classroom at the last desk. Therefore, if students need to write a test, then it is better to sit at the first desk. Eric Beretti, Headmaster Despite the fact that in Corsica French is the official language, in each school, students study Corsican for at least 3 hours per week.

Even more, some schools teach half of the subjects in French and half in Corsican. it is very important for us that the younger generation knows the Corsican language and therefore we want to preserve it. It is also very important for the government of the island that everyone can get a higher education. Luana Gilles, student If you come from a poor family or your parents earn little or your home is far from the university where you dream to study, you will study for free and receive a scholarship of 450 euros per month.

But if none of the above points have nothing to do with you, then a year of study will cost 300 euros. But this scholarship will not last long because each student needs to eat and pay for living. That is why many students work part-time in bars, restaurants, cinemas, or in the laboratory of the Pascal Paul University of Corsica, where sea reptiles and endangered fish species are bred. Here we came to feed the fish.

Louise Béraud, student Here we have octopuses, mussels, shrimp, little fish. And we’re going to feed the fish with all of it, right? Right you are. That's the perfect choice for me, I'd love to mention here. And they are so huge here.

Let's get it started. I took a small mussel. Shall I throw it? Here it is. Oh my. They are like animals! That's right. I'm in my fourth year now. What course are you taking now? Silvia Agostini, teacher   This laboratory is located at the university.

80% of funding comes from European partners and 20% is paid by the state. I tear this shrimp from my heart. How come? I haven't had my dinner yet. Please forgive me here. How old are they? - They are around 10-15 y.o.

Louise Béraud, student The oldest fish we had was 30 years old. At 10-15 years old, they are already so big and what will they do with them later? So what you gonna do with it later on? Once a year and at the end of the spring, they lay their caviar and continue their breed. We try to make sure that they live as best they can. I believe you here, as you I see, you clean mussels for them, and when I come I have to do it myself.

Silvia Agostini, teacher We are trying to keep the fish population in our sea. We also breed oysters that help cleanse the seabed in our port. We must not only use natural resources but also help nature to preserve what it has given us. After graduation, many Corsicans find jobs.

  Future teachers will earn between 1,000 euros, doctors to 4,000, kindergarten teachers from 1,500 to 2,500, and all of that, after tax, of course.   If, in many cities, young people move to the capital and the big cities for better lives and promising jobs, The Corsicans are not in a hurry to do it, because there is work everywhere. Besides, parents are always there.

Anyway, youngsters from the small village of San Antonino think so. Do many of you stay in your village, your region, or do you want to study and go somewhere into a big city to live? Serena Soavi We all study in big cities, but then we still return to our native lands. What are the prospects here? What can you do here? Luca Rezzi Many guys become sailors or are engaged in agriculture.

 Some have successful family businesses and work with their parents. What's your occupation, girls? Well, I work in a neighboring city with a secretary in the office. To feel the whole atmosphere of Corsica, I advise you to stay at the Best Western Santa Maria hotel.   Here you will find cozy rooms with magnificent views and a private beach.

The convenient location of the hotel and caring staff will make your stay as pleasant as possible. Margo Luciani, owner of the cafe In Corsica, parents and children are very attached to each other, so they often all live either together or in neighboring houses. Even if you leave to study in another city, you one always wanna get back home to your family.

How do you young people meet here? Probably, in such a big companies? We all study in the same schools and universities, and there we get to know each other. We live in a small region, so if we don’t know anyone, we make a couple of phone calls and learn the whole story of a man’s life. I've been to Iceland once, and this is a small country as well, they get many relatives among themselves and in order to find it out, they check it on the Internet.

Just in case. God forbid not to start meeting with their relatives. In principle, your region is quite small as well. Mostly you know each other. So how do you solve this issue? We see relatives often, so we know first cousins and even second cousins. Previously, young Corsicans used to go to neighboring cities to disco,   went to bars, dance and sing, met, fell in love ... in general, lived a full life.

But everything has changed now. The pandemic has affected people all over the world, right? Someone was able to keep their business, and someone lost it. I want to clarify the way it happened here in Corsica. Jean Timur Keriakoff, owner of a night club Before the pandemic, we had visitors every day. Many celebrities such as Rihanna used to drop by.

But last year, instead of four months, we worked for four days only. Our usual earnings of 450 thousand euros per season were replaced by aid from the state in the amount of 25 thousand euros. Despite the difficulties and restrictions, Jean does not even think to sell his club, because he devoted his whole life to this place.  To have at least some opportunity to earn money, you need to forget about dancing,  parties and fun until the morning, you have to launch a restaurant instead. Margo Luciani, owner of the cafe While we were closed, the state paid us one and a half thousand euros a month.

Jean Paul Ion, attorney Despite the fact that the state returned 20% of the declared income,  the Corsican businessmen lost at least 50% of their profits. And some even closed. So we have to focus on new realities. Jérôme also had to clear some of the tables in his restaurant on the bay to maintain social distance. but there are no fewer visitors, and sometimes there is even a small queue. Therefore, until crowds of people arrived, I decided to drop by a restaurant famous throughout Corsica to try the local soup. Jerome, did you make this soup in 15 minutes only? _ Right.

There is a lobster, some potatoes, and some fish ... Jerome Poggi, restaurant owner The composition of this soup depends on the catch and everything that I caught today is what I cooked. Apparently the fishing was successful once my plate turned out to be a piece of lobster.

While we are chatting, it will cool down completely. So let's me try it now. It's my soup. You fly away. It's so good. The soup is very light and even the seasoning is soft. While travelling around, talking to people, and I’ve been told that, as a rule, locals at home eat more meat than fish.

Despite the fact that Corsica is surrounded by the sea, locals eat meat more often than fish. After all, many men cannot imagine their life without hunting. Marco Petrucci, businessman Personally, I go hunting twice a month with my sons or relatives. Jean Paul Ion, attorney Almost every house in Corsica has a gun, because the love of hunting is inherent in the DNA of the Corsicans.

  Jerome Poggi, restaurant owner   Now hunting is a hobby and earlier it was a vital necessity. Corsica was often conquered, and the locals hid in the mountains, and food was obtained in every possible way. Local men are not only good hunters but also excellent singers. Raphael Quilici, pepper Corsican singing is well known not only on the island but throughout France, in many cities and villages.

In many cities and villages there are brotherhoods that perform in temples during services.  Every man from the age of 16 can become a member of the fraternity.   The number of places is not limited and it does not matter who you are: plumbers or a lawyer, the main thing is that a person has a musical ear. It is prestigious and honorable to be a member of the fraternity. Another feature of the island is its nature. Three million tourists come to see all this beauty every year and the local people make good money on them.

Almost half of the Corsicans work in the tourism industry, and 32-year-old Roman is one of them.   From the end of April until October, all 56 rooms of his hotel are booked. Is it difficult to open a hotel in Corsica? Roman Franchise, hotel owner Now you can do it, but with great difficulty, because land and real estate cost mad money.

I was lucky because this hotel was built by my father. You are so young and you are already the owner of the hotel. Do you have any real estate? This hotel, as well as a luxury villa, is managed by my sister and I, but we are planning to build a residence in the near future. Are you married? No, I'm not.

But I would not really like to talk about my personal life. Nobody likes to talk about their personal life, but attention, I will speak up. He is 32 years old, he is the heir to the family business, the owner of several villas, again, 32 y.o., an unmarried bachelor. That wasn't on purpose you know.

Jean Paul Ion, attorney Locals are in no hurry to be joined by the sacred bonds of marriage because they are afraid that it will not be the one and only one and will have to file for divorce. And divorce in Corsica is a lottery. Someone makes it in a month, but someone divides the property for years and is left with nothing. Tell me about the Corsican girls. Roman Franchise, hotel owner They are temperamental, beautiful and unpredictable, because southerners are always hot-tempered.

 Is 32 a good age to get married or are all your friends already married? Zhanna, it's not about age, it's about chemistry. The main thing is not the age you will marry, but who you marry. There is no point in waiting if you met your person.

I want to emphasize once again that he is young and unmarried and smart, to sum it up. Meeting the love of your life is half the trouble, but getting in a corsica from one city to another without a car is the way more difficult. Sara Pasqualini, schoolgirl Local residents are looking forward to when they turn 18 to get a license to drive a car to go wherever they want.

Evelyn, retired In Corsica, everyone, young and old, drives. A car is the most important and essential purchase for every Corsican. There is also public transport on the island, which is the famous Corsican tram. This is a mixture of a classic train and a tourist attraction that passes the most beautiful sections of the island, which are inaccessible by other means of transport and that is why everyone loves it.

I also decided to use this train to get to one of the most beautiful villages in France. On Sunday morning, except for me and the conductor, there was no one else on this train. What's goin on? Why are we all alone here? Is it a usual case or nay? Jean François Bartoli, conductor Usually there are thousands of tourists on Corsica at this time, but due to the pandemic, there’s no one here now. I understand, usually there is a full carload of people here.

We usually attach a few additional carriages to the train due to the fact that there are a lot of people who want to. We got such a beautiful landscape that everyone enjoys it like a rides. It feels like we are now riding a VIP train, there are private planes and we have our own private train.

Usually you control that each person has a ticket, but what if suddenly a person travels without a ticket? If a person does not have a ticket, then he can pay by card or cash right in the carriage. If a person refuses to do this, I will drop him off at the nearest station. Depending on the distance, the ticket costs 2, 4 or 6 euros. In order to get off at the required stop, you need to warn the conductor in advance and then he will stop the train with a special key. Please tell me how often the carriage and train break down? This train does not break down because it is regularly checked and repaired.

But because of the sudden onslaught of a cow, sometimes there are serious accidents. I’ve been working here for 40 years and I’m retiring next year. I love my job, as I can meet interesting people here. It turns out that all passengers who regularly ride this train are your friends, right? This is true, but this is only possible in Corsica, because in Paris, for example, you would never make it.

You have a rather interesting job because you constantly communicate with different people, just like me. While we were talking, the train arrived at the station I needed and I went on to explore this beautiful island... Now I have arrived in the village of Sant'Antonino and I am very interested to know how ordinary people live in the village.

Sant'Antonino is known to be one of the most beautiful villages in France. About 100 people live here, and since I was here, I decided to visit a family of local entrepreneurs. Bonjour Catherine! - Hello, Zhanna! Catherine Emmanueli Petrucci Now on people greet like that only. Come in! I came in to check the way you live. Is it your family here? They are part of my family, but they are no longer alive.

In Corsica, photographs are often displayed at the entrance to the house as a sign of respect for the departed. You come home and immediately at the entrance you are greeted by all the departed relatives. What's next? You are welcome to get in, Zhanna. It's so nice and cozy. From a small hallway, we immediately find ourselves in our modest living room. Here we are watching movies, reading or just get together.

I came to see a typical village house. Is it the one? Yes, such a house is typical for us because we have large families, which means you need a lot of space. This family has three children and already has grandchildren. This house has three floors and occupies 300 square meters. On the first floor there is a guest room and a huge collection of vinyl records, on the second floor there is also a living room and a kitchen, and on the third floor there are bedrooms for the owners and their children. This house is big so they pay about 700 euros per month for the utilities.

You have a very beautiful terrace and it is a pity that it is raining. Is there a pool? Yes, we very often relax by the pool. What do you do to afford all of this? Firstly, the mayor's office of our city sold communal lands to local residents at 20 euros per square meter in order to motivate local residents not to move away. And second of all, you just have to diligently and thoroughly.

It is expensive, beautiful and available for locals only. And where is the husband and where are all the inhabitants of this beautiful house? He, together with our whole family, is waiting for us in our olive grove, we have summer residences there. There is even an olive tree that is two thousand years old.

Therefore, I invite you to join us. - I came to see the village house. I saw it, and was shocked. I am now going to the summer residence. Let'go, Katrin.

After talking a little with Katrin and other local women, it seemed to me that they were not in charge of everything. The question of who is the boss in the house is relevant always and everywhere. Here, in Corsica, the debate on this topic does not subside, and to this day a woman really occupies a special place in every family, unlike men. Vanessa Milone Women have time to work and work at home and raise children.

Marie Astrid, nursery director Could there be any other questions? Perhaps before there was a total matriarchy, but now it seems to me all are equal. Well, since I was at the table and with men and women I will ask them this question personally. Tell me now that you are all at the table, who is the head of the family in Corsica: a man or a woman? Marco Petrucci, businessman Man is a boss, of course. I was told all the time that the woman is in charge of the family here, and how she says it will be so.

Is it true? Francois Turchi It seems to me that there is complete harmony in our families. And it seems that the man is a boss , but on the other hand, this is a woman. We are responsible for wealth and well-being, they are responsible for the home and the upbringing of children, complete equality. I tell my husband exactly the same thing, that we have equal rights, but I decide everything. Elen Emanuelli Every woman has to let a man know he’s in charge but do things her own way. Right you are! We often say about women and about Corsica: subdued, but not subordinated.

Right you are! Such a feast is the most popular entertainment in the Corsican villages. Everyone eats meat, drinks and dances until the morning. Evelyn, retired Our favorite dish is Figadel sausages, cooked over the fire with scrambled eggs and a slice of Corsican cheese. Until it came to dancing and fun, I decided to ask a few more questions. Corsicans can be called happy people, or do you swear about the government, neighbors, relatives, when you get together? You better ask him.

I see, he is the main on here. We are happy when our culture, our traditions, our Corsican language are not bothered. Otherwise we become very unhappy. Is it safe here? I haven't seen the police here at all.

Well, you don't see the cops because they have nothing to do here. Compared to Continental France, there are no bandits, no seizure, no aggression. We live in peace. I think you've noticed how most Corsicans separate themselves from mainland France.

Despite the fact that for several centuries Corsica has been part of this state, the locals do not like being called French. Here what they say about this. Marie Astrid, nursery director There's nothing to say here. Eric Beretti, Headmaster We have a different culture and our own wonderful language. We are proud of our history and take care of our nature. Raphael Quilici, pepper We are more like Italians than Frenchmen.

Jean Timur Keriakoff, night club owner Your entire broadcast is not enough for me to list all our differences.   Retired Evelyn once lived and worked in Paris, but then realized that she wanted to get back home to her native Corsica. Evelyn, retired I will not say anything bad about Paris, it is beautiful in its own way, it has its own charming rhythm and lifestyle, but this is not compared to Corsica.

  Evelyn now lives in the small town of Pigna. She has many hobbies: she writes books, plays in an improvisational theater and is currently learning a new play.  Evelyn invited me to visit and I was happy to come because she lives in a very beautiful and old house. This house was built in the 9th century and people live here everywhere.

And my friend lives here too. This is a small and cozy kitchen here. There are even ancient stones preserved here and I am scared to imagine that the house was built in the ninth century. It is clear that now there are all communications here, both water and gas, and they made all the repairs themselves. I have a feeling that I got into a time machine.

Let's see what's next. Evelyn's house is spread over three floors and has an area of 103 square meters. Electricity and water costs 120 euros per month. But despite the fact that the house is old, it costs crazy money. If in large Corsican cities real estate costs from 2,000 euros per square meter, then here prices range from 5 to 10,000 euros! Can you imagine? Evelyn, retired The prices are so high here because there are a lot of people who want to buy real estate. And there's not much of real estate left here. You have very beautiful house, but whom you live in it with? I used to live here with my children, but they have already grown up and left.

My daughter is studying in Paris and my sons now live and work in Africa. Is it difficult for you alone to live in such a large house to maintain and clean it? I find it difficult to clean it because sometimes I spend the whole day cleaning. иногда уходит целый день а еще больше удовольствия  делать в нем ремонт дом каменный материал и стоит Renovations are even more expensive here, because the house is made of stone, materials are expensive, workers cannot drive up here by car, so they want fabulous money for their work afterwards.

Please tell me how people live here in retirement? What do they do and how their life goes? Everyone lives differently and I am generally considered a young pensioner. I worked as a teacher at school, so I could retire earlier at 55 and I gladly took this opportunity. Jean Paul Ion, attorney Understanding our pension system is not for the faint of heart. As each profession has its own retirement age.

I am a lawyer and I know that my retirement age is 67 years. Soon very soon everyone will be retiring at this age. Are the payments that are in Corsica enough for pensioners to live and not deny themselves anything, at least the most necessary stuff? Evelyn, senior The minimum pension is 900 euros, since I worked in a state institution, I get about 2000.

I have enough money, but I don’t need much, I don’t buy anything new for the house recently. Everything of mine with a story. I repair and store them carefully. I feel it, you know.

It is all alive and he is all breathing, here I don't even want to change anything, I like everything. And this also speaks of good taste and love to life.   Tell me are all retired people like you happy and beautiful? Everyone lives differently and has their own destiny. But I can tell you one thing, there are no strangers here.  Corsica is one big family where everyone helps each other, and if someone in need gives them a helping hand. Everyone will help here, because everything is nearby.

The main thing is that there are people nearby who will always help, either children or friends, neighbors, the main thing is that there are close people in spirit. Even when life comes to an end, the Corsican prefers to be with his family. Almost every family has its own crypt, it is either bought or built. And the most interesting thing is that even if there are no relatives left and no one to take care of the crypt, they just cannot demolish it because it is private property.

Tumaju di Grisoni Buying a plot and constructing a crypt cost 10-15 thousand euros and by law is considered to be exactly the same as a house. The funeral process itself costs 3,000 euros and many Corsicans spend their lives buying special insurance and saving money for their funeral.  Looking at the Corsicans, you begin to understand that for complete happiness, you just need to be kind to others, take care of what nature has given, love the place where you live and appreciate every moment spent with your loved ones and the most dear people.

  The inhabitants of Corsica combine the French zest for life and the Italian temperament. They can cook a thousand and one chestnut dishes and family is very important to them and they love their native Corsica madly because here is the most beautiful nature, friendly people, delicious food, safe environment, no aggression, there is everything you need for life, this is a paradise island.   I just couldn't live anywhere else. You can run away from yourself, you can change cities, you can change countries, you can be someone you’re not and live the lives of others, but it’s better to accept who you are and spend your life making your life better and better every day.

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