قصص سفر غير عادي ! - سائح تيوب

قصص سفر غير عادي ! - سائح تيوب

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Something that accompanies you every time in your travel bag. grinded date. Peace be upon you, you are welcome, may God bless you, I am Abdullah Al-Alawi in a thousand steps A new episode in which we meet the guest and the dialogue takes us to stories and experiences that do not have One frame. For sure, every episode you will get out of it with different idea for our lives Thawab Al-Subaiy or tube tourist, as we know him. Thawab is an adventurous traveler, frankly one of the interesting things, he had documented every trip he had a lot of trips he did and countries visited, he has photos and videos documenting these experiences, so every thing he told me was documented with videos that he sent to me after the episode, This episode will watch many videos and you will travel with the stories of Thawab Al-Subaie and before To start this episode, I invite you for a golden opportunity, an opportunity to help me and help you before no help anyone. to open homes for people who really need it, homes to support their families and their children God willing, this charity will help the needy orphans and their families for the labor market Through their energies, they will depend on their slelf, God willing my contribution and yours at this charity, will really help them. and to become real on the ground

if you want to donate any amount you can, you will find the links in the description of this video and this WhatsApp number if you want to contact them , I will leave in the description a link with it you can donate with the provided shares as you are ordering from a website or from a store . Just choose the option and put my account You can pay by any means or if the amount they pay is less or more than the amounts You can contact them via WhatsApp and transfer them directly and in The site you can see all Official and documented for this association, may God accept, from us and from you good deeds But now we start with the Tube tourist, Abu Wasim, with a lot of trips come to you these questions The strangest situation and most beautiful trip, but I would like to start from the worst if you remember the worst trip you experienced, actually I did not have a bad trip , every country I visited I benefited from it and learned from it, but a bad trip, as a situation, I may say Bolivia, what happened? it is a beautiful country and we enjoyed it and its people are good, but there were two problems in one day, the first one my phone had been stolen And the second problem is that I fell on the path of death, My shoulder was dislocated, I went the path of death with bike and I fall , I mean, it was scary. until we arrived floor, as Circumstances were difficult for me, but the country is wonderful, as I consider it is not bad trip, but The circumstances made it a bad trip, but the country is beautiful, there are the salt desert desert, the way to death, the capital ,La Paz, which is the highest capital in the world, its people from The Andes are among the cultures of Latin America. The city which is crowded with people

And its geographical nature, there is no buses, or trains, and the means of transportation are Telecom cable car. Riyadh, I mean, the car will take two hours to arrive the end of Riyadh, but By the telecom cable car, it is the only mean of transportation. it is beautiful one, firstly thank goodness you're here, but you mean a bad trip only because these two problems, I expected that the worst trip will be related to a gang or SMTH like that because you go for little strange places, so did you experienced a life threating situation because of a dangerous country you visited it, I always repeat words in more than one occasion, any country You will visit , follow the tourist path in it, which means the tourist activitie s, the sights parks, Museums, I am talking for someone who is not usual traveler like us or adventurous people who wants to do that,you may have you family so you have to be in a secured certain path for tourism Tourism police, everything is monitored. When you look off the tourist path, you can introduce yourself The error occurred to me a lot, I mean, but it was in a way that he can see and see Like in Colombia in Brazil in a conversation with a taxi driver and from a neighborhood in the neighborhood of Tire Likewise, if someone says stop, I can't. I mean what you say, my influence does not cover this area Stop, I mean people, people you know are pictures, but in this region, there is no one in that And you can see them with the eyes, street marriage means gang members, and it is allowed Tourists come, send me pictures of mobile phones, pictures of messages, the tourist path gives you This experience, which you were the spirit of adventure, gives you a reward and a very well-being even the hotel A specific evaluation, transportation vehicles, tourist activities, buses, tourist police In Mexico, as well as the tourist path in Mexico, in every corner thrown The military is present, tourist security, tourist police, tourist experiences, attractions Beautiful, but Mexico sees the United States of Mexico, states in America from The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to the Caribbean Sea are large at more than 23 or 28 The state of Vaked and you go in the middle of the jungle, in the midst of its affairs, I understood for now very dangerous, but The tourist is safe from his grandfather, that is why I was with you, according to Putin. Which country can he visit only?

Follow the path of the cars, Abu Zainab, continue with you on driving, it ends with me, and they are people. People are more alike than different. They have more similarities than differences What do you always think about many things, but there is always a difference in what happens to people We find it justified, or we can learn from it in something that corrects our behavior and I think it is this I learned it in Remind you of the Danish meaning in the university at the university in the university in Denmark, but you finished the Great Mosque a year ago, so you want to go to a place with a specific budget from Mama we travel six months.

We were in particular for these youth hostels, an adventurous traveler from all countries of the world, so you know Groups and see the traveler like this once we came to a group of approximately four people Many people, one American, three me and one in restaurants in Costa Rica in A city named so on the Pacific Ocean. I mean, a marine city and fish, but in it, and so I wanted to ask you on the way In Jeddah and in Dammam, which means the whole fish in your home, the restaurant menu المطعم A little bit, it means flat, I mean, as you say, a quick look at the aluminum. I saw the prices like this. He said a little bit that they pulled us. My Irish body, I saw OK, I asked them, I saw that I was sitting at dinner, you can eat it 20 $30 menu, my budget is $10 for dinner. More than 10 dollars, I don't dine and I don't get enough pressure on myself on a specific budget Ten dollars each, but not impossible.

But when we sat with her, she said I have six months. I travel there, I have dinner for 10 dollars, tourist activities 10 dollars. Host housing for $10 per day, $50 for six months, six months for fuel, 50 A dollar a month, 1500 dollars, I talk to him, 5000 riyals, five in six months, for 30,000 If you travel for six months for 30,000 riyals, what were the tickets for travel and illness? Come on, I don't have the way to travel from my memory with their differences I took something beautiful from you and added a lot to you.

Learn about many cultures and many things and for a beautiful and fake amount. I am getting old and not Likewise, if we want to be present, when we go to her, there are many present. In the end, I almost went to Latin America 2019, two months and 13 days each straight month. Seven countries, two and a half months.

Words that end with 45 Saudi riyals, the entire two months of flying in the interview The documentary with Escobar's family in action, he studied the Spanish language for a month and a week in Medellin Colombia Medellin They call it or Medellin, of course, on a test account Renting, this is a beautiful method, and people are different. Learn from it and Haitham the sayings The land means that he whispers about experiments. If you have 1,000 riyals, you can settle on it Objects and you can buy in it bring the right purpose of the benefit from the experience I went Pray throughout your life to the extent that I invest in travel experiences, I mean A young man of average condition, to what extent do we need to say, I can put my money for it I'm traveling ok give me advice Dealer sites can be my first trip. It was a study trip. I advise everyone, especially people to me from Khaled Khaled, the Sunni has become the death of my heart, but Young people aged 18 19 transfer to me my graduation from high school or even in Fifi before If you travel to secondary school, serve someone for a month, learn the French language And Spanish, English is a Chinese language, it doesn't matter why, because the prices of the institutes are in Let me give you an average, for example, and I went to South Africa for a whole month, studying a language, housing fees With family, meals, reception, farewell, and study four days a week, five days per week and medical insurance at a cost of 5000 Saudi riyals.

All of this is a return ticket, and the chalet expenses, I said, reached 8000 riyals. My Love, you went to the English market in South Africa, South Africa, a country It is a beautiful and sweet tourist, and there are many places in every week Tourist office of the institute. How many weeks do you have, you have four, and you have an average of eight days? Tourist Ottoman and institutes arrange for you something cheap in agreement with tourist tours from Things with parks at the same time in Taif on the table in the classroom before one of Colombia I met one from China and one you know the new electricity in the same The time you learned it new, you return 8000 riyals, you learned about America, for example, fees Study language, housing and meals with psychology between us in South Africa It costs 12 riyals. The weather in Arar is the study of culture and language, and of tourism, and that this time is in New Zealand 2008 was a turning point at the end of a forced turning point that affected the The future of education at the same time influenced the future of tourism, the best Messi, God O Abu Seif Abu Seif, you mean the Spanish language is average in the Namar neighborhood, but a little bit A band with you is the experience of traveling to whomever is for the country and you are his language and his language as a result before and after that is the reason Learn the Spanish language Lunch is not, and eating and eating is the passport of the peoples, they are engaged by me now, before 10 You forgot an Arabic word, and you don't speak the Qassim or Al-Hasanin dialect. It's not too big

We use it for many needs. Learn something from its dialect and Islam is their right, but I control it Learning the language is a very important thing. Is it possible for Putin one day to be, by God, what? I know this thing only now, but I expect that you are now partially settling, but is it possible for me? One day, travel is a job. You are your job. You look forward to travel And cover and bring them, get money from here and continue, so I said, O traveler, all your life, I mean, someone Think crazy thought or what is so tiring Traveling in it is addictive. Words travel a lot and come back in your age.

I mean, something you did not enter to go out, you must say that sometimes this is what I imagine in front of a street And vaults like this in a room, you entered a bag with you, I mean, without a ticket to this village, you liked it It is enough for her to go to the second round after traveling, as well as a job, which I think will be Professionalism and success, as well as the prophet of the part, but I think that now it is worse in an arena, they were from Honor at the same time in the work of an institution to sleep in mathematics from companies in needs It would not have the function of transporting molecules, but if you calculate the year, how many days of it? Usually the year I was traveling how many days it takes two months and a half and a half intermittent three months Traveling. Abu Taym is one of the things that happened over the past year, that he had some moves Many of them are strange inside Saudi Arabia, in a feeling that I lost a great feeling Stability when you live many of your days as a traveling traveler. This feeling you miss or not Addiction to travel to travel can help me and sometimes in reverse, it is salvation. I would like to return But you want to, I need to receive, rest, and take a breath, so that you know yourself from your work and your work Your family is not much, it is yes, like the feeling that you do not travel sometimes, and your love is true Only one of the comments. If a day comes, you will be healthy, my brother, I swear to God Maintaining his habits, he still has the same dialect that he speaks in Saudi Arabia on the same day speak in it. sticking to these habits is for granted, something that will happen to you automatically or you are keen on and you focus on , let me say I asked this one a lot, the answer is why I have to change? I don't know what is the reason for the change? A person is an identity linked in his culture, in his country, in principles, in his morals In his upbringing and his nature he lived , Do not wear a dress, not yours Don't play a role is not yours when they say some one is sticking to it, do you know the meaning, it means that people l left it there are two and three people who still holding on it, I don't like to say holding on but it is saving and enhancing Because if you are not proud of your identity, no one will respect you, measure every thing like that Like my people say don't be Raven, imitating the pigeon's gait, losing his gait and The pigeon gait, this is a simple quote, but ok, I want to conclude to you, Abuwateen with Quick five questions and you have answer quickly, a belief you had that changed while travelling You don't travel alone, now I travel alone.

Something that accompanies you every time in your travel bag. grinded dates. Those who don't it, what is it, some call it ''Khowada'' people call it ''Tmreya'' some others call it ''mafrukeh'' which is grinded dates, It's so simple, you know if I went to low quality restaurant , closed restaurants, and when you are on a long journey bus You mean snack, a snake without preservatives, available with you in winter or summer ,in a bus or in desert, a planned trip, or an unplanned trip, of course unplanned I'm talking about myself, I'm not talking about someone who goes with a family ,with family you must know everything before you go to know your budget but me as a tourist I like there to be unknown and to enjoy each and every stage you come to The city that lives in this area reveals this path that the supporters take you last experience Taking you to Family, tribes , forests , villages. a fourth language You want to master it.

currently I don't, but I want to improve the Spanish for a little while, what is the city do you want to live your rest life, I do not want to say and people say why? But frankly, I want to come to Saudi Arabia, a city in Saudi Arabia Saudi. Saudi Arabia generally, where is the next trip, a long trip in Latin America the closest trip to you is this tomorrow, to NewYork then that country I hope the best for you, may God give you wellness, Abu Zain, like This month ten years ago in 2011. Fahd was on a trip to Germany and boarded one of the ships that carried tourists from all countries he saw a painting says everyone smile with common language, he did not forget Fahad That painting, but alerted him that there is a lot in common between the world in art The common thing that will take place everywhere is graffiti and graffiti The common animal you see everywhere in this world is the gray pigeon The common food that you will find everywhere in this world are pizza and burger This is part of one of the articles of Fahd bin Amer Al-Ahmadi in his book A Journey Around the World in 80 articles, as usual, in every episode of a thousand steps, we recommend one of the books to you The link in the episode, which you can listen to through the storytell application, is one of the The advantages of this app is that it's all books are divided. You can go to the first, second, third, chapter, return to the fifth, in easy You have the opportunity to return to the part, because the book is already divided or a rule says that you do not have to listen to the full book if I reach one of the chapters that was not convenient for you. You can move from one chapter to another because reading is knowledge-based experience you as well An enjoyable experience. I really hope that yours will be good. As this episode, you will find links

For everything we talked about in the episode, the link to the application of storytell, as well as the charity link A way we can rehabilitate the needy and orphans for the real labor market as well The audio episode that as usual in every episode of a thousand steps, you can listen to it by podcasts I hope we didn't take long time, even if it was an episode worth listening And watching until this moment will always be fine and good. I wish I will meet you in The next step, God willing, subscribe in the channel. To accompany us in the next steps, good bye

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