ಮಳೆ ಮಳೆ ಮಳೆಯೇ.. - Wettest Ride Of This Monsoon!! Ft @SHUTTERBOX FILMS - AnnyArun

ಮಳೆ ಮಳೆ ಮಳೆಯೇ.. - Wettest Ride Of This Monsoon!! Ft @SHUTTERBOX FILMS - AnnyArun

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We are going on another trial today. We have a special guest with us today.. Mangalore's famous moto vlogger, vlogger, cinematographer... the list goes on... Sachin aka Shutterbox films He said he will reach by 7:30 He has to come from Udupi, about 2 hours.. He said he will start at 5:30 Weather is nice. Looks like it will rain. Sai is joining for the trails as well. Plan is to go to Madikeri via Subrahmanya, bisle ghat and find a stay And then explore a bit tomorrow and return back You might have seen my issue with oneplus phone..

That's why I don't have a proper phone to put out stories. So stories will be less but everything will be captured on GoPro "You came early?" "No just reached 2 min back" Our ride will start from here. This is our Kalthappa hotel Whatta a traffic right? That lady who came on the road! I thought it was a crash. This is our Kalthappa Hotel In Uppinangadi. Wont miss at all How is it? Super. We also ordered fish fry. Early morning.

If mangaloreans get together, there will be fish fry for sure. I dont usually eat fish in the early morning. But Sachin is at next level. I usually like the only fish gravy in the morning.

Highways are over. We will be taking the Koila route. There wont be much traffic in that route, nice roads and scenic both sides. We will do proper recording from there. To tell about Sachin.. Sachin has too many titles.. He is an amazing cinematographer.. He has done several Kannada and Tulu movie cinematography..

He has all the gears required for movie shooting You should check out his Drone shots and cinematic shots.. Its all there in his channel Shutterbox films How many months since you reached 1 lakh subscribers? Yeah one month and he has about 1.12 lakh subscribers now. Especially in Dakshina Kannada/ Mangalore he is well known While we were waiting in Mangalore, everyone would come and speak He records his vlogs as it is without any show off though he has a huge following.

Do subscribe to him. Link in the description. I think if you search Shutterbox films you should get his channel right away. He has few bikes. Himalayan, Hayabusa... On Himalayan he has travelled Leh, Spiti, Bhutan around.. Big ride plan coming as well.

He also has Yezdi and Lambi as well Lambi is restored so well that its been used in movies and all Thank you. Will meet again Thanks to Abhi who paid for our breakfast today. His treat. Its raining now. Our ride will also start now. I expected it should rain especially since Sachin joined our ride. It would be nice to ride in the rain. That was so much rain The rain was so much that I couldn't see anything.

Its like someone left the tap open! It was spreading like this.. In this monsoon, this is the heaviest of rain I have come across. so much rain.. so much rain This one for Sachin who joined us. I was expecting it to rain like this If GoPro Man comes to the ride, it will rain for sure That was a hell of a rain when we came riding till here. True

That's why I usually say to my Bengaluru friends.. Bengaluru it usually drizzles after 5pm.. Very rarely it will rain heavily To experience the rain, you should come to the western ghats Western ghats or towards Mangalore. Since the clouds come from this side. This is nice Its not that cold today. So not wearing my raincoat as of now. But it might get cold from here.

You dont realise while riding But if you stop for 5 min, then you will feel cold. You be on the centre. We will be around you. It may not fall I guess. Hope I will manage. Ridge Point.

So nice weather right? RIdge point is a point in the western ghats.. All the rain that falls on the left side of this stone, will go to Arabian sea.. Rain from the other side, will go to Bay of Bengal The name is Ridge Point. I guess the British put this up here. Have you heard of Ridge point? This is so heavy rain. My hands are shivering due to cold.

This is beautiful. Nice lake here.. and.. this tree as well. Heavenly Been on this road back when it was an offroad. It connects to Kaginahare. Now its concrete road all the way. We are going on a different route.

Rain not stopping at all. We also want the same. We are at the ridge point after the Bisle ghat. There is a nice tree over here. Many of you already know how much I love random trees This tree is really beautiful. Like a tree of life from Avatar In our childhood, we used to clean our slates using this tiny plants..

It is filled with water..(Neerkaddi) Have an amazing company of people as well With Sachin and Sai Kiran How is the rain? Will start getting cold from now on In Mangalore you wont get cold if you get drenched in rain. But in western ghats, you will feel cold. I have come to this place several times. But experiencing it in rain is whole different level of beauty Here is the Leech I am sure already few gone inside by now So much rain Not stopping at all Our trails will start from here.

Not sure if we can do this in rain. But we will give a try It seems too tough!! You shouldnt stop anywhere Accelerate Keep accelerating Dont leave the throttle at all You shouldn't in middle of the incline at all. Wear your gloves I think he needs to reduce his rear tyre presure. This is bit tricky I got stuck in a ditch there.

Bike was upright Custom Suspension is really working great. I thought it will jump at several places but it took it smoothly His tyre pressure is already low. Villagers will be scolding us thinking we are mad to come to this hill in this rain.

What can you see if it is clear here? You will see nice hill ranges Its like we are on top of a ridge here. On both side its declining hills There is a road on top of this hill Not sure where this place is. Sai took us here. We just followed him. Looks like a foggy forest on this side.

Deep down on both sides It would be nice to fly the drone here. But we cannot due to this rain. Has it drunk too much blood? I think it just started Dont peel my skin Its not leaving It loves you Just snap it off You guys will take till evening it seems Hope half of the leech not left inside Look at the hero 9 in rain Its inside display too Rain isnt going to stop today It fell while turning? Can you do it? Should I come? Side stand is not ON Where does this go? Let me check first Can go Yep.there is road. The road keep on going Not sure it goes till where. If it is clear, we would have got some nice views. Neelakurinji is all famous nowadays Lot of people come to see as it blooms every 12 years once. They are still behind Turning this bike is lot of work Did the bike fell? "We honked" "I didnt hear at all" Falling is part and parcel of adventure.

Which side you want to go? Down the hill? Cant change the lane too here now I think it is bit shallow This is a big well This rain is coming for us only The trail comes all the way till here. On top a mountain ridge. We were riding on top of that ridge. We are at the top of a hill now. This is the end of the trail. There is a leech We didnt had a proper plan for today From here we will start looking for homestays And tomorrow we will explore a bit and then ride back to Mangalore. Thanks Sachin for riding with us. Sachin is an amazing cinematographer..

Its very nice to see his edits. Do check it out. You can search with Shutterbox films We could have flew the drone here. However cant do it due to continuous rain. However it was still a great ride all the way here. More circus awaits while getting down If you stop at the incline, you wont get grip again.

Cant make out from the video, but this is very steep We struggled while going up. Now there is a challenge of going down. We will roll and go! However we ride, we will go down anyway lol Arun is going now If I fall, dont put it on youtube He fell too down there Luckily no damage. It fell while putting stand? Yeah.

Hurry up. 2 litre petrol gone now I guess He losts some petrol Sachin is coming now Sit and ride Let him stand. He can balance better First aid by Arun Will it work ? Yes. See its falling now I had kept my bike here. It fell on the bench and handle bar is twisted now. Looks like cafe racer now Should fix it now. Got the allen keys Nice concept of this hotel This nice water stream and that hanging bridge..

But if a family come to this hotel, elders wont dare to go on that bridge. We took some homemade wine. Weather is cold here. and this is how Coorg people keep themselves warm

First time trying coorg wine. This homestay on the side of the road. Long back I saved this place on maps. Not sure when. Looks nice.

Like a proper home Even the homestay owner said its been raining so much from morning This is the homestay This is our room. 3 bed is there. Our food is ready here. Veg food and about 25 sardine fry Name is Swastik Canteen right? They make really good food. I will give their contact in the description. If you call them up and inform, they will prepare food beforehand. You will also find them on google maps - Swastik Canteen Thank you so much We just got the food. We also took some wine on the way.

Dont drink yet There are two types of wine here. Rice and Beetle leaves. We just wanted to taste it. It might look like big bottles, but its as good as two beers. Swastik canteen guys requested us to shoutout. If you are on the way to Mallalli falls, you can call them for food and have it on the way or on your way back.

Small busines, so it will help them. We should help them since this is home made food, With that, bye bye and good night. Should sprinkle a bit for the devils.

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