[#110] Auf den Spuren des sibirischen Tigers im fernen Osten Russlands

[#110] Auf den Spuren des sibirischen Tigers im fernen Osten Russlands

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That was it. That's where the asphalt ends. I think, nevertheless, it's gonna be pretty cool. The stage we're continuing right now. Complete wilderness. Awesome! Shit! Shit! Oh my dear! Oh my dear! It's soaking wet.

First time I don't get off my bike! And that's the result. That was quite deep. Looks a bit ... wild ... this road. Yes, especially pretty wet. But later it's slowly gonna go uphill. That may save us.

Well, we've now left the main road. And ... what's that? Well, okay ... yeah, I think there's a bridge, isn't it? -- Yeah. And ... well ... we're now on a small road heading westbound ... back to the main road. And yeah, it's a really small road. not really much traffic here obviously.

And there's a river. But luckily there's a bridge ... which looks rather wild. That's the bridge ... But ... that's okay. In about 20km we'll arrive in the first village.

It's gonna be a bit larger. And from there we have to go another ... another ... 150km I think ... until we reach the main road. And in that village there will also be some shops etc. Therefore, we suppose the road will be quite acceptable ...

because the village has to be supplied somehow - with food etc. So trucks etc. must be able to pass. therefore ... yes now for a short distance, 20 kilometers, a little more adventurous but then it gets better, I think. maybe ... the road is worse than expected yes ... it should go uphill soon and then we'll reach the village the residents of the last village warned us about the many bears here although, that's what people say everywhere here there are siberian tigers here Sign: "tiger: hunting prohibited. nature reserve"

I think we told that huge tigers! the biggest cats of the world - siberian tigers bigger than any other tiger in a tropical jungle etc. they can be up to 4 meters long, 300 kg but extremely shy the team from planet earth (bbc) has succeeded in filming siberian tigers here it took them 2 years to film them, because these tigers are so rare and shy crazy! for 2 years a man sat in a hut to film, set up a couple of video traps, and someday the tiger passed and activated the video traps and he could film it - after 2 years! crazy! So I'm not assuming that we will see a siberian tiger uh, there's one! there is a siberian tiger in front I only saw a squirrel uh ... yes, you're right! it was a squirrel 300 m very good! phew! is this the shop? very good you're about to continue? sorry? you continue cycling to Luchegorks? yes that's 120km away from here how many km? 120km will the roads stay like here or is there more asphalt? a little better but more mountainous to the town of Verkhniy Perewal? yes, that's the next village then the roads will be better? after 45 km comes the village of Fedosjewka that's the main street M60 now it's called A320, but earlier M60 turn left after the village Fedosjewka and then 8km to Luchegorks these are all paved roads but I think you know how to get there yes ... GPS, map okay, then don't worry about it as long as it is still warm ... a typhoon is coming soon

you have to hurry on friday or saturday: snow with rain and it's getting colder Michel: did you buy something? Olga: yes I don't understand what he said. it should snow from friday to saturday? he said something about a typhoon. I didn't understand it too where are we on friday? on friday we want to arrive in "?" yes Michel: oh, a slide rule Olga: I've seen that many times two bananas really brilliant thing. was invented a long time ago ... ... to this day there is nothing more precise than a slide rule yesterday in the village we were warned that it'll be cold tonight and tomorrow there will be snow with rain means, winter is coming! this morning it was 19 degrees celsius and now it's only 9 degrees celsius it's getting colder ... let's see!

yeah, winter's coming. today is ... october 3rd exactly it's slowly getting time for winter in Russia we've just asked a driver if he knows what the weather will be like tomorrow he said: snow ! that was his only answer yes, I forgot to say that Michel was swimming this morning because it was so warm how warm was the water? was nice and refreshing. it was 19 degrees celsius this morning, so I had to freshen up. it was way too hot uff ! shit ! phew ! Olga: everything okay? Michel: yes, everything's alright damn ! it's so slippery we have the video evidence now shit ! where are we? uhm, it's called Perewal Verkhniy Perewal yesterday we arrived in the dark at 8 o'clock pm how many hours did we cycle? a full working day 78.5 km - 7 hours 45 minutes on the bike and 1100 meters in altitude towards the end the street was really bad 3 km before the village we decided to cycle into the village and asked people if there's a hotel. there is one. so we cycled through

was very slippery and muddy. but we did it we bought some food. bread and canned goods, beer, chips ... then we went straight to sleep. 20 euros per night for this strange room shower without light, we haven't tried it yesterday and I'll show you the toilet in a moment this is what our bikes look like I don't know how it was possible to cycle with it, but we made it good. all stuff packed? Olga: yes Michel: very good I go to the toilet. good ... here is the back exit of our hotel and now let's go to the toilet it is outside ...

20 euros and here are the toilets - crazy ! here you can see how we spent our first nights in Thailand in a resort with swimming pool and breakfast buffet for 16 euros for us together with a private bungalow, shower and a toilet in our bungalow ;) and yes, I don't know ... this is crazy ! 20 euros ... the average salary in Russia is 300 euros or so and this hotel costs 20 euros no idea ! hello? you want to check out? here is our key come with me to check out where's your wife? get your wife I should get my wife, she said I guess I don't speak Russian well enough you're supposed to go in, no idea I don't know what that is about good, luckily there's no snow and no rain a bit cloudy but looks okay let's see how the road will be like it rained that night let's hope the road isn't too soft so that we can cycle well we are now ... how many km? 40? 40 km to the main road from there we have asphalt good, we'll make it what's going on? the chain is broken chain is broken a link in the chain is broken, here you can see it one-sided broken I try to fix it with the chain tool Open the chain, remove the link and insert a new on luckily we have replacement links with us okay, we're in a car wash now and were allowed to wash our bikes now my bike's squeaky clean again and so is Olga's bike. very nice okay, good ... we stayed in Luchegorks for a few days

in this apartement behind us (10 euros) let's see if we can still ride a bike just a little bit yes, we don't want to overdo it we don't want to overdo it, no 2-3 km to the main road to the end of town do we want to go? yes very good we try to hitchhike there because we don't want to cycle on the crazy main road there are still 500 km to Vladivostok yes, let's see we hitchhike ...

2021-01-25 19:29

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