Первые иностранные туристы во Вьетнаме, вакцинация во Вьетнаме | Новости из Вьетнама (15.11.2021)

Первые иностранные туристы во Вьетнаме, вакцинация во Вьетнаме | Новости из Вьетнама (15.11.2021)

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Hello everyone from Vietnam, this is the resort town of Nha Trang. My name is Ilya. Today I want to tell you what is happening here. What is Vietnam's progress in terms of organizing international tourism? And what exactly is happening here in Nha Trang? What about the coronavirus, the infected, the vaccination? We are now on the northern beach of Nha Trang. Here are the winter waves, the sand is damp. The weather has really not been pampering lately. It rains here in the last days. It has been written in the news for a long time that the winter will be rainy this time.

Last year there was no such amount of rain, at this time it was sunny, beautiful, wonderful. But now it's the weather. I even filmed it raining from the balcony. You can walk right like such a wall, it's also very epic.

But, most importantly, during this period of time to live somewhere in a convenient place. If you live somewhere in the lowlands, where water accumulates and floods, then, of course, not very good. We live on a small hill, in a large multi-storey building, where it is not flooded at all and all this is not felt.

Only epic views of the rains, which can be seen from the balcony, from the window, as the rain is coming. We have now opened good deals on Vinpearl with big discounts, you can go with an overnight stay, with three meals a day and a ticket for attractions. That is, it is there that you can be on the rides for two days and between these days spend the night there at the hotel and three more meals a day are included in the price, which is even cheaper than just a one-time ticket for Vinpearl for one day. Well, now who has gone, some go and get there in the rain, the downpour was both day and night. Also, of course, an awkward situation. Albeit at a discount, but what's the point? Of course, I would not like to get into the rain.

But, in principle, it's warm, good, I'm standing now - it's even hot, in principle, not to say that there is some kind of discomfort. If there was tourism now, it would be possible to sit somewhere in a cafe calmly. The sea is also warm, good. Here children swim here, teenagers, play with a ball, all without problems. At this time, you can even sunbathe, the ultraviolet rays still pass through the clouds. Incidentally, I was in Thailand in the same weather in 2019. Went there for 4 days, it was in early January, rainy period of time.

And so, everything is fine, palm trees, beauty, warm sea. So what is happening now with the preparation of international tourism? In Vietnam, even domestic tourism is going tight. Many cities and places are still closed. Now an incomprehensible situation is going on, although they are being vaccinated. Tourists from Ho Chi Minh City began to travel and it turns out that since there are the most infected people there, they still spread the coronavirus to the places where they come. Recently, the outbreak was in Phan Thiet, where the resort village of Mui Ne is located. A group of tourists brought the coronavirus there from Ho Chi Minh City and an outbreak began there, the city was blocked.

They began to restrict everything, movement. Up to the point that, passing by this city, there was a risk that they might somehow be detained there, not let go. For example, we also had a case in a large residential complex Muong Thanh. There are several buildings, large buildings. Tourists from Ho Chi Minh City also came here and they were diagnosed with a coronavirus. They blocked these two large buildings for testing and until the coronavirus was detected in everyone who could have it, they did not open it.

One building was closed for 2-3 days, and the other building was even closed for 5 days. But after that, only certain floors were blocked, where cases of coronavirus were revealed. It was just recently from the moment I am recording the video now, they opened it a couple of days ago. The same case happened in our house, in the Napoleon Castle building. Those who watched the video also noticed that we were locked up for a whole week in this building and we were locked up there. It is also an unpleasant state of affairs when everything is free around, the city is open, you can move everywhere, and your building is quarantined and do not even allow you to leave there. And the same situation was in the resort town of Vung Tau, which is located near Ho Chi Minh City. The residents of Ho Chi Minh City also brought the coronavirus there, and there, too, there were cases, some kind of spread.

That is, the distribution is still preserved. In Vietnam, the number of infected people has already exceeded one million, namely, cases of transmission of coronavirus. Well, a million cases, in comparison with other countries, of course, this is not much, but there is an active calculation. A lot of people are testing, due to this, a lot of people are being identified. Perhaps, if they had not tested very actively, then people themselves would simply be sick and it would not be clear either the sources of infection, or the number of infected, in general, everything would be out of control. That is, we see the result, in principle, the situation is under control.

Mass vaccination is not over yet, people continue to vaccinate in Nha Trang and in other cities. The second dose is administered, the first dose is administered to people, many have already received vaccines. Phu Quoc resort island is almost completely vaccinated already. Ho Chi Minh City too, most of the people have already received two vaccines, in Hanoi as well. And resort areas, resort places: Khanh Hoa province, where the city of Nha Trang, Da Nang city, Hoi An and Phu Quoc city are fully vaccinated and other cities. The village of Mui Ne was vaccinated, Vung Tau is the resort town where Vietsovpetro is located, where the oil production is located, people were also vaccinated there for a long time.

Oil workers were vaccinated even earlier than others, faster than even in Nha Trang. Regarding the fact that here the numbers for the infected have increased again now, but the difference is that the number of deaths has now become three times less. Well, as it was supposed according to the plan, in November the planes with foreign tourists in the test mode are beginning to arrive. Two planes flew to Cam Ranh on November 11 from Japan and from Korea. In total, over 400 people flew to Cam Ranh.

All of them checked into the closed Vinpearl hotel, which is also located in Cam Ranh. In addition, the first tourists begin to arrive on the island of Phu Quoc. In addition to South Korea and Japan, the planes will be from Taiwan, Thailand, and other nearby countries.

There should be tourists from Europe, and there should be tourists from Australia and the USA too. Two flights from the United States have already been scheduled, which will bring more than 400 American tourists to the resort town of Hoi An. They will come on a special tour to this city. These will be the first foreign tourists to be welcomed by the city of Hoi An. In general, in general, foreign tourists will be in Cam Ranh, in the city of Da Nang, which is located next to Hoi An and the island of Phu Quoc. These areas will now start working in test mode.

From Russia, most likely, tourists will be able to go to the Phu Quoc island, also in limited numbers. I don’t know what offers tour operators and travel agencies already have in Russia, but some moves are already starting in this regard. All tourists arriving in Vietnam must be fully vaccinated or have a certificate that they have been ill. Also, have a test with you, which was performed within 72 hours before arrival. In addition, there must still be insurance covering the cost of $ 50,000 or more for treatment if something happens.

You can fly on a special tourist voucher, it is in a group, you must be organized and have with you also an application downloaded to your smartphone, where a QR code is indicated and confirming a normal state of health. Well, the mandatory quarantine for those arriving in Vietnam has now been canceled. That is, having all these certificates and documents with you, you can stay here in the appropriate group and in a closed hotel without any quarantine. Well, there will already be tourist events organized in a certain group, that is, you cannot move on your own.

Now we will talk with the locals again. We will contact Alexey from Ho Chi Minh City. He recently came to Nha Trang and as a tourist felt the opportunity to move between cities. Came from Ho Chi Minh City, but not in a group, but on his own motorcycle. And we will also contact Azat, who lives in the resort town of Vung Tau, he will also comment on the situation, add something.

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